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UK Charities >1 year old, with income >£25k and <£1m

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Over the last five years they've made 1837 significant donations totalling £78,123,235

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
14/12/2018 £20,000 THE BARROW CADBURY TRUST To fund the costs of a secretariat for the Funders for Race Equality Alliance. The alliance was formed in recognition that addressing race inquality is a common thread through the work of the funders involved.
10/12/2018 £75,000 BONNY DOWNS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The charity provides a range of community based services for people in Newham. Its existing Purpose and Belonging project offers support to homeless and vulnerably housed people and enables them to access new opportunities including securing work.
10/12/2018 £74,727 SUSSEX PATHWAYS LIMITED providing support and rehabilitation to offenders. The grant will fund staff, volunteer costs, project delivery and overheads to deliver the 'Yoga Hub' project supporting ex-offenders in the community.
26/11/2018 £45,492 NORTHERN LEARNING TRUST To fund the salary costs of a 0.4 FTE Project co-ordinator and towards the costs of delivering a mentoring programme for ex-offenders in Tyne and Wear.
22/11/2018 £20,000 ASSOCN OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOL ORGS - ACEVO To fund core costs to enable ACEVO to continue their core work of supporting civil society leaders, whilst working towards the longer term sustainability of the organisation.
19/11/2018 £71,239 YOUTH CONCERN the Aylesbury Night Stop service supporting young people who are homeless to secure and maintain accommodation and to move forward positively. Costs include salaries, host family recruitment costs and expenses, training and project running costs.
14/11/2018 £14,985 ADVOCACY WEST WALES Towards the salary of a part-time Information Officer to lead on developing a digital and technology based programme of work supporting this West Wales CIO to deliver services more effectively and become more sustainable.
14/11/2018 £14,870 AFRO-INNOVATION GROUP The grant will support this small refugee charity to improve its personnel and monitoring systems and commission a feasibility study around accommodation provision to inform and develop work with the City Council.
14/11/2018 £15,000 THE OASIS CENTRE COMMUNITY PROJECT-EAST MANCHESTER The additional staff hours for expert development support & advice and mentoring to help the charity with the build and set up of a new centre.
14/11/2018 £11,962 VINEYARD COMMUNITY CENTRE The Vineyard Community Centre provides a range of practical support for people who are homeless and/or vulnerable in Richmond. It is seeking funding for the Inform CRM system, a new integrated telephone system and related items.
09/11/2018 £73,500 STEPPING OUT THEATRE COMPANY supporting members to better manage their mental health through creative and therapeutic activities, a social network and training and volunteering; it is a user led mental health theatre group. The grant will fund the Project Co-ordinator.
09/11/2018 £57,302 STREETS2HOMES The charity provides non residential day care support for homeless, vulnerably housed people and those at risk of being made homeless in Harlow and the surrounding areas
09/11/2018 £14,000 INSTITUTE FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION RESEARCH To fund 2 research projects around digital and advocacy for small charities to further the sector's knowledge of challenges and opportunities facing small charities
06/11/2018 £47,504 QUETZAL The salary of the Service Manager to support women victims of childhood sexual violence.
18/10/2018 £75,000 GLOUCESTERSHIRE RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE CENTRE Gloucestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC) are requesting core costs to support women to cope and recover from the traumatic effects of rape and historical childhood sexual abuse.
18/10/2018 £73,766 HONICKNOWLE COMMNET LIMITED To fund Bump and Beyond - tailored programme of support for young parents.
18/10/2018 £75,000 JIGSAW4U LIMITED Jigsaw4U are seeking funding for the salary and related costs of a tenancy support practitioner to provide holistic support to young people as they leave care and move into independent living to help them sustain their accommodation and move forward
18/10/2018 £63,270 MILTON KEYNES CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION LIMITED Milton Keynes Christian Foundation will support the establishment and development of two social enterprises targeting young people with complex needs aged 17-25 years who are not in Employment, Education or Training.
18/10/2018 £75,000 SHPRESA PROGRAMME The funding will support the salary of the URAS Transition Advocate which will enable the charity to focus on dedicated advocacy support for URAS as well as increase their influencing and awareness raising of the issues facing URAS.
18/10/2018 £75,000 TRUST LINKS LIMITED This mental health charity in Southend provides a range of therapeutic and peer activities as part of their recovery focussed support. The REACH Recovery College aims to support recovery from secondary services and promote independent living.
18/10/2018 £69,011 BOSTON WOMEN'S AID The grant would support the salaries of the Complex Needs Worker and Refuge Support Worker to support victims flee domestic violence at the hostels in South Lincolnshire
18/10/2018 £75,000 IRANIAN AND KURDISH WOMEN'S RIGHTS ORGANISATION The grant will support the salaries of First Contact Administrator & Finance Officer to enable the core function of charity to run smoothly. The roles enable the charity to support MENA women who have experienced domestic abuse, violence and exploitation.
18/10/2018 £75,000 LANDWORKS To fund the woodwork Trainer role providing practical skills training and coaching as part of a resettlement programme for ex-offenders.
18/10/2018 £75,000 THURROCK OPEN DOOR The charity supports young people, vulnerable adults and families including care leavers primarily in Thurrock but also across Essex. Funding will cover the costs of the Social Isolation Project for Care Leavers that was piloted under an Enable grant.
18/10/2018 £74,095 VOICES To fund specialist 1:1 support to complement group recovery programmes and peer-led support for women who have experienced domestic abuse.
18/10/2018 £75,000 WINTERCOMFORT FOR THE HOMELESS This homeless charity in Cambridge provides paid employment opportunities in its cleaning social enterprise, Overstream Clean, for people who have experienced homelessness.
18/10/2018 £74,950 THE C.R.U.M.B.S. PROJECT To fund a Work Placement Supervisor to support trainees with learning disabilities.
18/10/2018 £71,190 GLOUCESTERSHIRE YOUNG CARERS PROJECT Gloucestershire Young Carers support young carers aged 17 - 24 to make a successful transition into adulthood despite their caring responsibilities.
18/10/2018 £66,186 MINDOUT LGB&T MENTAL HEALTH PROJECT The funding will fund the salary of the Advocacy Worker whose role is support the mental health needs and associated compounding issues of people from the LGBTQ+ community. The focus of the work is also to support housing issues.
18/10/2018 £48,575 STREETLIGHT UK The grant will support the costs of the Project Manager who is responsible for leading Streetlight UK on their strategic and operational vision to support women working in prostitution.
18/10/2018 £75,000 ISLINGTON MUSIC FORUM LTD Key Changes wishes to provide a structured programme of music making, volunteering and learning supporting people leaving residential psychiatric support after extended stays to return to the community and to move forward positively
18/10/2018 £75,000 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE RAPE CRISIS (NRC) The grant will support the costs of the Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) to support victims of sexual violence across Northamptonshire
18/10/2018 £63,952 OAKLEAF ENTERPRISE Oakleaf Enterprises is requesting funding towards the salary of its IT Trainer providing IT training to people with mental health issues as part of its wider holistic and vocational support programmes
18/10/2018 £60,580 RELEASE LEGAL EMERGENCY AND DRUGS SERVICE LIMITED Release is seeking funding for its community legal service programme to increase its fortnightly services in Brent and Ealing to weekly and to extend them from women with dependency histories to anyone affected by substance misuse
18/10/2018 £74,794 SUFFOLK REFUGEE SUPPORT The charity supports newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers incl UASCs and those with right to remain status in Suffolk through a range of interventions aimed at building up confidence and skills so they are able to fully integrate into the community.
18/10/2018 £72,536 WYCOMBE WOMEN'S AID LIMITED Wycombe Women's Aid is seeking funding for an additional Outreach Worker providing direct support to women experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence living in High Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks.
18/10/2018 £74,559 ALL CHANGE ARTS LIMITED Funding is requested to provide a weekly young parents programme providing access to emotional and practical support, learning activities and skills development including support from peer leaders and a complementary programme of 1:1 support
18/10/2018 £74,745 BARNET REFUGEE SERVICE Barnet Refugee Service supports asylum seekers and refugees in and around Barnet through their holistic package of support including a drop in, advice and advocacy service, counselling, ESOL, psycho-social activities, volunteering and employment.
18/10/2018 £75,000 BROXTOWE WOMEN'S PROJECT LIMITED The grant will support this Nottinghamshire domestic violence charity with staffing and core costs to support the safety of women in violent relationships.
18/10/2018 £72,641 CITIZENS ADVICE ELMBRIDGE (WEST) The charity is requesting funding for the salary of a domestic abuse support hub coordinator to improve its efficiency in triaging and supporting clients initially, improve referral routes to other support and to develop additional support services
18/10/2018 £75,000 FAITHWORKS WESSEX To fund project worker and workshop coach and associated project costs of Second Half - a skills-based training programme for ex-rough sleepers.
18/10/2018 £75,000 NORTH DEVON AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE LIMITED To fund a part-time Refuge Manager to manage refuge provision.
18/10/2018 £74,499 NOTTINGHAM CENTRAL WOMENS AID The grant will support the salary of the Complex Needs Worker at Nottingham Central Women's Aid. The role is a specialist in supporting women with multiple issues to flee domestic violence and access holistic services to improve their chances.
18/10/2018 £75,000 REFUGEE RESOURCE Refugee Resource request core costs to support refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants to settle and establish themselves in Oxford, focusing on holistic support to promote their mental health and emotional well-being, and their integration.
18/10/2018 £75,000 WORTHING WOMEN'S AID The funding will support the salary of the Refuges Manager who is responsible for overseeing the three refuges across West Sussex.
16/10/2018 £73,380 ABERCONWY MIND To employ a Day Services Modernisation Officer to lead on the delivery of this Llandudno based charities Wellbeing programme of support, helping individuals on their mental health recovery.
16/10/2018 £75,000 THE HINGE CENTRE LIMITED The purpose of the grant is to cover the majority of the salary costs to fund a Resettlement Manager to support those aged over 17 and are homeless or facing homelessness.
16/10/2018 £74,440 LIFESHARE LIMITED Request for funding of a Homeless Team Leader to support the work with hard to engage, homeless young people (17+) in the Manchester area.
16/10/2018 £75,000 Refugee Women Connect Core management and running costs to support women who are claiming asylum or have been granted refugee status, and have experienced traumatic events that include, trafficking, sexual violence and abuse.
16/10/2018 £75,000 ROCHDALE CONNECTIONS TRUST Core funding to deliver their services to women survivors of domestic abuse, including the Freedom & Freedom Forever programme, 1-2-1- casework, support groups and counselling.
16/10/2018 £73,640 AGE CONCERN TORFAEN Funding for a specialist Dementia Advocacy Caseworker to support younger older people (aged under 65) remain as independent as possible after being diagnosed within the county borough of Torfaen.
16/10/2018 £15,000 THE SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION To fund their Social Change Project in its second year with key objectives around convening, advocating and capacity-building
16/10/2018 £73,581 STOCKPORT PROGRESS AND RECOVERY CENTRE Funding for a qualified, part-time CBT therapist to enhance the charity's activities in the Stockport area for people with mental health issues.
16/10/2018 £75,000 HEALTH ENERGY ADVICE TEAM LIMITED HEAT provides support services to women affected by domestic abused in the Liverpool area, helping them to stay safe, rebuild their lives and reduce isolation. The grant will part fund the Manager's salary.
16/10/2018 £62,674 RUSH HOUSE LTD The grant will fund the employment of a Tenancy Development Worker to develop a training package to support care leavers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
16/10/2018 £74,310 SOLACE SURVIVING EXILE AND PERSECUTION Towards salary costs of Senior Therapist to provide clinical supervision and administrator, to build capacity of mental health services to refugees and asylum seekers.
16/10/2018 £73,964 SUTTON COLDFIELD YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Birmingham charity will appointed a Support Worker to provide a package of intensive one-to-one support to Young Care Leavers accessing their hostel accommodation,to help address the complex issues they face during their transition to independent living
16/10/2018 £75,000 TOOGOODTOWASTE LIMITED Funding the salary of the Volunteer/Training Co-ordinator post for this Rhondda based charity will enable it to provide direct support to up to 300 volunteers per year to acquire new skills and potentially leading to a number securing employment.
16/10/2018 £70,389 WHITEHAVEN COMMUNITY TRUST LIMITED Increased hours for a converted hostel that providing safe and secure accommodation to vulnerable young pregnant women and young victims of domestic violence. To access a holistic support service that enables them to become independent parents.
16/10/2018 £75,000 NORTH WORCESTERSHIRE BASEMENT PROJECTS LTD Floating Support for homeless for vulnerably housed young people in North Worcestershire to enable them to maintain their tenancy, transition to full independent living and address/overcome the other issues they face such as mental health issues.
16/10/2018 £75,000 HALTON CARERS CENTRE Part funded Carers Support Workers to identify people new to caring offering support on a 1-2-1 basis and in group and social settings to reduce isolation increase confidence, skills and wellbeing to help them cope better in their caring role.
16/10/2018 £68,457 SANDWELL CITIZENS ADVOCACY To ensure that older people wishing to remain/maintain living independently in their own homes with appropriate support are able to do so. Also Advocacy when considering moving into residential care, ensuring they understand their options.
16/10/2018 £75,000 A WAY OUT Core cost investment will enable this Stockton on Tees based charity to continue and develop support for vulnerable women through their Liberty Project.
16/10/2018 £68,600 YOUNG WOMENS OUTREACH PROJECT Towards core costs, including part funding the salary of the Senior Project Manager and a part-time Finance Administrator to enable this Gateshead based charity to deliver much needed services to young parents in the area.
16/10/2018 £75,000 BRADFORD RAPE CRISIS AND SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS SERVICE To provide in-depth and holistic specialist sexual violence support to 30 Refugees and Asylum Seeker and Trafficked Women per year.
16/10/2018 £74,829 YMDDIRIEDOLAETH GOFALWYR GOGLEDD CYMRU - GWASANAETHAU GOFAL CROESFFYRDD CARERS TRUST NORTH WALES - CROSSROADS CARE SERVICES Towards the salary and on costs of the Young Adult Carer Project Officer delivering the Young Adult Carers (16-25) service in Anglesey and Conwy.
16/10/2018 £72,000 DOORWAY With a focus of support in Nuneaton the grant will fund an Advice Services Manager to ensure that young people can access safe and stable accommodation, suitable to their needs and support to ensure they are able to manage their tenancies successfully.
16/10/2018 £49,824 FREE THE WAY Funding the salary of a full-time (job share) 12-Step Specialist Recovery Support Lead, helping individuals in East Durham through the 6-month 12-Step recovery programme.
16/10/2018 £68,779 ST ANNE'S HOSTEL A Resettlement worker providing holistic support to homeless men in Birmingham focusing on moving from a hostel into a safe and secure environment. Providing them with a tailored support structure addressing underlying complex issues.
16/10/2018 £75,000 ST GEORGE'S HOUSE CHARITY This grant will fund a Staff & Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train and support a team of volunteer to provide a holistic package of support to homeless and vulnerable men in Wolverhampton.
16/10/2018 £73,266 STAFFORDSHIRE WOMEN'S AID Staffordshire charity supporting women and their children fleeing domestic violence. Support is wide ranging from help at their refuge to outreach support to build confidence, offer practical support and mentoring and rebuild an independent life.
16/10/2018 £72,000 STEPPING STONES Core running costs to support this Wrexham based specialist charity to deliver support services across North Wales to individuals that have experienced sexual violence and/or abuse.
16/10/2018 £72,360 VOICES FROM CARE Funding for the rental costs of the charities main office in Cardiff enabling them to continue to deliver services for looked after children and care leavers.
10/10/2018 £64,590 MANCHESTER CARERS CENTRE providing support to young adult carers aged 16-26 as they transition from Young Carers to Adult Carers services. The grant will fund the salary of the Young Adult Carers Development Worker and project costs.
10/10/2018 £75,000 MIGRANTS ORGANISE LTD Migrants Organise is requesting funding to support local residents affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy to access appropriate housing, health and other community support services to enable them to move forward positively
10/10/2018 £75,000 THE MANCHESTER MEN'S ROOM the salary of the Head of Health and Social Care
26/09/2018 £35,834 ONE TO ONE PROJECT The costs of rent and utilities so the charity can continue to provide its counselling and mentoring support to people with mental health issues
26/09/2018 £62,130 TURNING THE RED LIGHTS GREEN supporting people with learning disabilities and people with poor mental health by increasing confidence, reducing isolation and helping them better manage their mental health. The grant will fund the salary of the Development Manager.
26/09/2018 £50,000 FUTURE LIVING HERTFORD The charity provides programmes of support to adults who have experienced addiction or abuse so they can address the issues they face and move on in a positive way.
07/09/2018 £66,279 THE PORCH The Porch provides support to homeless and vulnerably housed people that helps them address their housing, health, education, employment and wellbeing issues.
04/09/2018 £45,556 THE INSPIRE AND ACHIEVE FOUNDATION Helping disadvantaged young people progress into employment and education. The charity supports over 200 people per year with a wide range of issues. The grant will fund the Directors salary.
04/09/2018 £65,700 WOMENS WORK (DERBYSHIRE) LIMITED supporting women with multiple and complex needs. The grant will fund rent and the salaries of the Project Administrator and the Finance Manager.
03/09/2018 £72,133 ACTION ON ELDER ABUSE The charity supports elderly victims of abuse. The funding will support their Peer Volunteer programme to help engage older people to address issues of abuse, make them safe and free from exploitation.
31/08/2018 £48,171 RESPECT The grant will pay for orgs. to receive accreditation with RESPECT
22/08/2018 £26,674 SEXUAL AND DOMESTIC ABUSE & RAPE ADVICE CENTRE (BURTON & DISTRICT) providing face to face support for adults recovering from rape or sexual abuse. The grant will fund the salary costs of the Volunteer Coordinator and associated core costs
20/08/2018 £50,000 JUSTICE FIRST LIMITED supporting people in the Tees Valley, who are seeking asylum and whose appeals have been rejected, to re-engage with the legal system, and avoid destitution. The grant will fund the salary costs of the Senior Caseworker
16/08/2018 £70,193 THE BOND BOARD LIMITED supporting homeless people to both access and sustain accommodation in Bolton also acting as a mediator between tenants and landlords. The grant will fund the salary of the Private Tenant Advocacy Worker.
16/08/2018 £49,813 DISABILITY INFORMATION BUREAU A project to support disabled and other vulnerable people who are furthest away from the labour market, to address the barriers to employment . The grant will fund the project running costs.
16/08/2018 £47,873 THE EAST MANCHESTER COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The aim of this charity is to meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers during the asylum / refugee process. This grant will pay the salary costs of a Drop-in Service and Volunteer Coordinator and training costs.
07/08/2018 £64,000 ELMBRIDGE RENTSTART (UK) LIMITED Elmbridge Rentstart supports homeless people in North Surrey to secure safe, suitable accommodation, then providing move on support to help them to maintain the accommodation and move forward positively. It is seeking funding for its training officer
06/08/2018 £62,061 QUEEN'S HALL ACTION ON POVERTY providing a wide range of support to homeless and vulnerable people by supporting them to move into accommodation and developing skills for rebuilding their lives. The grant will fund the salary and on costs of the Support Services Manager.
06/08/2018 £34,200 NORTHAMPTON HOPE CENTRE The charity provides support for those homeless and unemployed. The grant will support half of the salary of the Client Engagement Co-Ordinator supporting individuals with positive activities to enable them to gain skills, employment and independence
03/08/2018 £75,000 THE SPIRES CENTRE supporting volunteers - 50% of whom have been unemployed for 6 months or more - who are gaining employability skills and accreditations whilst providing front line services for the charity. The grant will fund salary, management and overhead costs.
01/08/2018 £74,730 THE WOMEN'S CENTRE CORNWALL LTD the salary of an Administrator and Line Management, office running costs and staff training
30/07/2018 £52,489 LITTLE GATE FARM The grant will support young adults with learning disabilities to gain meaningful employment through a programme of skills training and support once employment has been established.
30/07/2018 £50,000 THE BRIDGE TRUST CORPORATION Providing homeless services to single, homeless adults. The grant will fund core costs.
30/07/2018 £50,000 KENT REFUGEE ACTION NETWORK Providing refugees with life skills and basic education necessary to enter college or obtain an ADSAN qualification. The grant will contribute towards a full time Executive Officer post.
25/07/2018 £15,000 ADVOCACY IN GREENWICH The funding will support the delivery of a pilot project to support prisoners with a learning disability pre & post release. The focus of the work is to provide advocacy and reintegration into the community.
25/07/2018 £14,973 CHESTERFIELD CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU The grant will support this CABx in developing pilot work in the local mental health unit ensuring support is available for individuals prior to discharge ensuring a more secure transition back into the community
25/07/2018 £15,000 SPITFIRE ADVICE AND SUPPORT SERVICES LTD Birmingham based charity providing support for long term unemployed in its community. They are seeking funding for a new post to establish a clear process of referral, tracking, monitoring and reporting which takes into account wider outcomes for clients.
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