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Our mission is to help donors find really effective charities that can't afford to spend millions of pounds on marketing and make it easier for these charities to raise funds.
For Donors
We help you find the most effective charities based on factors such as -->
  • Evidence of impact
  • Support from grant makers
  • Financial controls
For Charities
We want to reduce your fundraising costs -->
  • See how your peers are being funded
  • Find potential grant makers
  • Check our analysis page

An incredibly useful resource

Emily Collins-Ellis, Managing Director, I.G. Advisors

How to choose effective charities

Of course you want to support causes that tug your heart strings.

But you also need to be sure they will have a real impact, are well managed and will still be around in the future.

Stop worrying about the amount spent on overheads, start focusing on what really matters.

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Best thing I’ve ever seen in this field

Andy Cook, chief executive, Centre for Social Justice & founder of Twenty Twenty

Avoiding pitfalls

Our free guide to making your giving great

  • Essential principles
  • Common misconceptions
  • Make full use of tax incentives

Measuring your Impact

Check out our comprehensive Grants & Impact Statements. Then create your own by registering and loading your donations

Who's using Giving is Great?

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