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Total grants made: £161,068
Main Charities supported
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Growth in spending per annum (5 years)
UN Sustainable Development Goals supported
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Action for Conservation work with young people from diverse backgrounds through environmental workshop activities in schools that enable students to take conservation actions in their communities. They provide learning materials, organise work experience placements, and build online networks to develop a proactive youth conservation movement in the UK with a culture of greater awareness and participation. 14/01/2018 £20,000
Comment: The programmes run in the final school term of 2020 were effected by the pandemic and led to lower impact than predicted. This was combined with changes in what was measured in hopes to benefit long term growth of programmes and they now only capture their Ambassadors actions taken rather than projects complete. Furthermore, they are now more stringent in outcome thresholds that also led to a slight drop in these numbers relative to actions taken. High quality educational workshops in their main programme have given students an in-depth awareness of environmental issues teachers may be unable to provide, and which they can share with friends and family. Core behavioural changes in young people are where they primarily measure impact and their hopes are that by instilling values in nature and conservation, young people will cause systematic change in the long term. The number of students continuing to attend group camps and volunteering activities highlights the enthusiasm the programme infuses, and partner charities providing practical, real-life experiences drive home the effects humans are having on nature.Outputs:
Youth Ambassador projects delivered: 17
24 Individual actions that help the environment in local communities
5 Schools participating in WildED Workshops
15 Workshops delivered
<1 Residential Camps held
6 Students attending
14 Individual actions that demonstrate key skills attainment by participants
19 Individual actions demonstrating learning about environmental issues
19 Student-led environmental change projects complete
73 Participants now aware how their behaviour impacts the environment
58% Participants developing skills they need to tackle environmental issues
65 Participants with increased knowledge of career opportunities in the environmental sector
Birth Companions support women experiencing severe disadvantages in the period before, during and after the birth of their babies. They run groups and give one to one support to women in four prisons and in the community in London. They have a national remit to improve the experiences and care of women facing health and social inequalities in the perinatal period through training, research and influencing change. Multiple dates £16,912
Comment: Pregnant women in the prison system and community groups that use Birth Companions services may have to deal with multiple issues, coming from a range of disadvantaged backgrounds. Though these challenges are significant, data collected through surveys consistently indicates the charity is providing high levels of practical support and guidance to a growing number of women. This not only adds ease to the birthing process but improves the mental health and wellbeing of the women they work with, which will have a knock-on effect to their babies lives.Outputs:
11 Women supported in prisons and the community
5 Women supported in London
5 Women supported in prisons around England
<1 Women supported during the birth of their babies
<1 Women supported during separation from their babies
1 Women attending antenatal classes in the community
3 Women receiving essential practical items for pregnancy and their babies
City Harvest collects surplus food from food manufacturers and retailers, then distributes it to organisations that feed the hungry in London. There is strict control over food quality, trying to ensure that recipients have healthy diets. Much of it consists of fresh food and vegetables. 06/05/2016 £23,456
Comment: On average it costs City Harvest about 26p to deliver the food needed for a nutritious meal, about one tenth the typical cost of an NHS meal. In addition, more than 3,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses are prevented from release to the atmosphere by avoiding the need for landfill. Bain and Co completed a pro-bono project to quantify the impact of food redistribution activities on society and concluded City Harvest’s social return on investment was £8 for every £1 of expenditure.Outputs:
38 Tonnes of food redistributed
87200 Meals served
143 Tonnes of greenhouse gases prevented from being released
£110,934 Retail food value saved from redistribution
Excellent Development supports rural dryland communities to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Working with local partners, they support rural communities to gain access to clean water close to their homes and invest in climate-smart agriculture. 05/07/2019 £13,455
Comment: Continuing studies conducted by Cranfield and Oxford University to measure sand dam water yield have been impressive, with one community abstracting over 90,000 litres from one sand dam in a month. This has huge potential to change lives as the overall cost across programmes to provide just one person with clean, safe and sustainable water is £13.34.Outputs:
<1 New sand dams built
<1 New school water tanks
The principal activities of the charity in 2018 related to Spear, a six week programme equipping unemployed 16-24 year olds to enter employment or progress into further training and education, Resurgo Ventures, an initiative to support emerging entrepreneurs to make a sustainable, positive social impact, and Resurgo Consulting, a coaching and recruitment consultancy service to employers. Multiple dates £30,956
Comment: Data for Spear is encouraging with typically 75% of those completing the courses ceasing to be NEET 12 months after completing courses, at a typical cost of £4,000 per person. Resurgo's impact has been extensively evaluated by external research organisations.Outputs:
10 People enrolling
80% Complete the course
6 Cease to be NEET
The relief of need in areas of social and economic deprivation in India, by the provision of financial and technical assistance and the advancement of education and training. 06/12/2018 £14,500
Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife. 05/01/2019 £16,789
Comment: Volunteering efforts to recycle plastic pollution from beaches have enabled them to increase the amount of recycled waste per tonne year-on-year. This core outcome is the basis for growth in their other positive outcomes including the momentum to engage with parliament that saw a reduction of plastic use in Westminster and their movement into urban communities.Outputs:
<1 Ocean School sessions delivered
34 Beach cleans
2789 Volunteers
34 Cleaning events organised
30 Schools working towards going single use plastic free
23 Pupils directly engaged
2 Tonnes of plastic and litter removed
2 Tonnes of plastic pollution removed from beaches and communities
Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders who want to change their lives by stopping the cycle of crime. Tempus Novo has a unique strength; it’s understanding and direct links into the British prison system. Founded in 2014 by two serving Senior Prison Officers at HMP Leeds, Tempus Novo operates within the prisons to identify offenders committed to transforming their lives. Upon release, these prisoners continue to work with Tempus Novo to gain employment whilst also receiving hands on mentorship and support for a minimum of 6 months. 05/02/2017 £15,000
Comment: Interventions meant 26 of the 103 ex-offenders who reached employment in 2018 were priority prolific offenders (those most embedded into the cycle of crime). Employment opportunities for those 103 beneficiaries significantly changed a large proportion of their lives, with 79 still in work after 6 months and only 1 returning to custody.Outputs:
32 Interviews & assessments
9 Ex-offenders placed in employment
7 Still in work after 6 months
We help motivated students from disadvantaged backgrounds win places at top universities. 14/01/2018 £10,000
Comment: An evaluation performed by Impetus and UCAS in 2017 showed that 90% of students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and that they are significantly more likely to apply and receive offers from top third most selective universities, than if they had not accessed the programme.Outputs:
8 Students receiving tutorials and application support
7 Volunteer tutors
1 Students going to selective universities
57 Of Y13 students go to selective universities

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