Donor Directory

On this page we list some service providers that may be useful for donors.

Donor Advisers
Charities Aid Foundation: - the largest provider of charity accounts in the UK including Donor Advised Funds
I.G.Advisors: - consultancy that bridges the gap between fundraisers, businesses and philanthropists
Philanthropy Impact: - useful online resources mainly aimed at helping financial advisers
Prism the Gift Fund: - providers of Donor Advised Funds, can also advise on charity selection and administer foundations.
The Giving Department: - founded by Steve Wickham, advises family offices and several major grant makers and corporates on philanthropy selection
The Life You Can Save: Peter Singer's website with recommendations for charities with effective programmes (US focus). Also see book & TED talk).
Donor Platforms
Global Returns Project: - curated list of environmental charities
The Big Give: - UK leaders for online matched giving campaigns
The Funding Network: - hold regular group meetings (virtual or physical) at which three small charities pitch for funding. Founded by Fred Mulder CBE
Tythe: - curated portfolio of charities with focus on the environment and climate change
WhatImpact: - knowledge sharing, resource sharing and connectivity between donors and charities or social enterprises
Investors in Community: Site with UK volunteering opportunities
NCVO: This NCVO webpage has some useful information and links to external sources of volunteering opportunities.
Reach Volunteering: - UK based site that connects people with at least 3 years professional experience.
Volunteer Match: - Site that facilitates micro volunteering.
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