External Resources

Giving is driven by intensely personal attitudes. In the digital age we are blessed with access to vast amounts of information. On this page we list some resources that we have found helpful. Please let us know your favourites.


The Centre for Effective Altruism
CEA is a registered UK charity founded by Will McAskill and others to help disseminate the ideas expounded in his excellent book.

Financial Tracking Service – provides data on the current state of funding of international humanitarian projects.

Givewell – US site with short list of charities mainly in the developing world with evidence of impact.

The Life you can save – Peter Singer’s (also see book & TED talk) website with recommendations for charities with effective programmes.



Better Giving Studio – A US resource funded by the Bill & Melinda Gastes Foundation to help drive better giving.

Advice for Donors

Charities Aid Foundation – the major provider of charity accounts in the UK.

I.G. Advisors – B Corporation providing independent advice for charities and donors.

The Funding Network – hold regular group meetings at which three small charities pitch for funding. Founded by Fred Mulder CBE

The Giving Department – founded by Steve Wickham, acts for several family offices, major grant makers and corporates.

Philanthropy Impact – Guide to Giving – lots of useful content for donors plus personalised advice if required.

The Big Give – experts on matched giving but they can also help donors search for effective charities.


Matchmaking websites for volunteers

Reach volunteering:
UK based site that connects people with at least 3 years professional experience.

Volunteer match:
Site that facilitates micro volunteering.

Universal Giving:
The site to use if you want to travel and volunteer overseas.


What makes a good charity? by New Philanthropy Capital

Charities & Administration costs – report by Caroline Fiennes which suggests that charities spending more on overheads achieve more

Impact analysis

Driving Impact by Impetus Private Equity Foundation

Center for Theory of Change – explanation about theory of change.

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