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Esmee Fairbairn

(Registered Charity No: 200051)
Charity Commission for England and Wales
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UK charities and social enterprises with annual revenue >£50k in the following sectors: Arts, Children & Young People, Environment, Food, Social Change . The average annual spending of grantees has been £6,130,387 . The average age of charities supported has been 19 years, with a typical range of 5-33 years.

Grant criteria

They do not fund capital costs or individual salaries or research. Grants <£60k for one-off projects

Grant details

£2k-£1.5m but usually over £50,000

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Grants made
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Over the last five years they've made 1148 significant donations to registered charities totalling

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
18/12/2019 £20,000 ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE 1 Towards core costs to develop the organisation towards long-term resilience and support the organisation to make the most of its platform for arts in education.
17/12/2019 £119,253 GLOUCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST 2 Towards project costs to support scaling a model which enables building developments to work better for nature and climate interventions.
17/12/2019 £250,000 JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS 5 Towards unrestricted core costs to support migrants and refugees to navigate the immigration system, and to influence policy and practice to ensure it is fair and just.
09/12/2019 £60,000 CHEM TRUST 1 Towards core costs support for the UK to remain in alignment with European Union chemical laws post-Brexit, as a means to protect high standards of human and ecosystem health in the UK.
09/12/2019 £28,000 CDP WORLDWIDE 1 Towards upskilling the environment sector in engaging the finance sector.
06/12/2019 £30,000 SHIFT FOUNDATION 3 Towards the costs of a project that seeks to embed 'relationship design' into the delivery of voluntary and public services.
04/12/2019 £150,000 WELSH WOMEN'S AID 4 Towards core unrestricted costs to continue to support specialist violence against women services across Wales and work towards policy and practice which better supports victims/survivors.
04/12/2019 £164,916 THE HAMPTON TRUST (HAMPSHIRE AND THE ISLE OF WIGHT) 4 Towards project costs for further expansion and delivery of the CARA project - an early intervention model for domestic abuse.
04/12/2019 £90,000 FROZEN LIGHT 2 Towards core costs to enable the organisation to create more opportunities for people with PMLD to engage with high-quality, meaningful art and cultural activity across the UK.
04/12/2019 £180,000 GRANDPARENTS PLUS 7 Towards unrestricted core costs to transform children and young people’s experience of kinship care.
04/12/2019 £150,000 NACCOM 5 Towards unrestricted core costs to support organisations providing accommodation for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, highlighting the injustices they face, and influencing policy to end practices which make them destitute.
04/12/2019 £120,000 THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE LIMITED 5 Towards project costs for the last phase of LIFT Tottenham; a 7-year intervention into the area’s arts and culture ecosystem.
05/11/2019 £553,652 THE SOIL ASSOCIATION LIMITED 6 Towards the continuation and development of the Sustainable Food Cities programme over a further 12 months.
05/11/2019 £270,000 TEMPO TIME CREDITS LIMITED 5 Towards unrestricted core costs to enable the organisation to expand the reach and impact of Time Credits.
05/11/2019 £295,000 DATAKIND (UK) LIMITED 3 Towards core costs to support Datakind to encourage the intelligent use of data within the UK charities in order to increase impact across the sector.
31/10/2019 £20,000 SHIFT FOUNDATION 3 Supporting a piece of research into the use of different financial instruments at the early stage social investment sector
22/10/2019 £84,000 THE BRITISH FEDERATION OF FILM SOCIETIES 1 Towards core costs to support the organisation’s strategic work building the capacity of communities to run their own cinemas in underserved locations.
22/10/2019 £90,000 FUEL PRODUCTIONS LTD 3 Towards core costs to support an organisational step-change as Fuel seeks to increase its production and touring capacity.
22/10/2019 £198,450 RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) 6 Towards the cost of retaining/maintaining the Commission on Food, Farming and the Countryside's delivery team, to enable consultation, planning and early-stage development of work flowing from the Commission's recommendations.
22/10/2019 £180,000 IMKAAN 2 Towards unrestricted core costs to support BME-led specialist services with sustainability, good practice and influencing policy.
22/10/2019 £149,027 THE SPORTING MEMORIES FOUNDATION 4 Towards project costs for the establishment of 10 new weekly Sporting Memory clubs for isolated older people in Plymouth, trialling a new social licence model with a partner organisation.
22/10/2019 £180,000 AFRICANS UNITE AGAINST CHILD ABUSE 7 Towards core costs for a BME led network for community organisations working on trafficking and modern slavery to improve outcomes for child victims
15/10/2019 £395,000 WORCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST 3 An investment towards the purchase of 23 hectares of land at Green Farm, Monkwood, as part of our Land Purchase Facility
07/10/2019 £190,000 WORCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST 3 An investment in Romsley Manor Farm Meadows as part of our Land Purchase Facility
23/09/2019 £10,000 REAL FARMING TRUST 4 towards continued support for the Oxford Real Farming Conference in 2020.
31/08/2019 £200,000 The Involve Foundation 5 Towards the costs of running a citizens’ assembly to engage people to formulate recommendations for decision-makers to secure a pathway to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
31/08/2019 £225,000 Ulster Wildlife Trust 2 Towards unrestricted core funding to support Ulster Wildlife’s work on land and sea
31/08/2019 £199,800 Blackpool Grand Theatre (Arts and Entertainment) Ltd 1 Towards project costs to develop Story-led Resilience, the theatre’s creative social change model to strengthen the personal capacity and wellbeing of young people.
31/08/2019 £120,000 The Jo Cox Foundation 4 Towards project costs to support diversity of participation and reach into marginalised communities nationally, and providing evidence of best practice, impact and learning from a growth in year-round community-building initiatives.
31/08/2019 £120,000 The Aloud Charity 3 Towards core costs of the Aloud Charity over three years as it develops new areas of activity and increases its financial resilience.
31/08/2019 £133,150 IMiX 2 Towards unrestricted core costs to support and build the communications capacity of the migration and refugee sector.
31/08/2019 £60,000 Chefs in Schools 2 Towards the core costs of Chefs in Schools during its formative stages, enabling it to become self-financing.
31/08/2019 £152,500 The Open Seas Trust 1 Towards the costs of work to restore the health of UK seas and coastal communities through campaigns and collaboration with the seafood industry.
31/08/2019 £122,000 Learning Disability England 2 Towards core costs to ensure that the needs and wishes of learning disabled people are represented in policy and decision making at national and local level.
31/08/2019 £10,000 National Theatre of Scotland 4 Towards project costs for designing and developing a tool to map performing arts provision in Scotland.
31/08/2019 £125,000 Heart of England Community Foundation Towards the cost of an initiative to stimulate and support community arts organisations in and around Coventry to develop work to enable them to participate in Coventry City of Culture 2021.
31/07/2019 £160,000 Buglife 3 Towards core costs in making B-Lines the foundation and framework for the restoration of the UK's populations of pollinating insects.
31/07/2019 £150,000 The Story Museum 4 Towards core costs to offer immersive exhibitions, events and outreach work to celebrate storytelling in all forms as the organisation completes a capital redevelopment.
31/07/2019 £120,000 The Advocacy Academy 5 Towards the future sustainability of an organisation that supports marginalised young people to tackle the social challenges of the 21st century.
31/07/2019 £105,000 Criminal Justice Alliance 2 Towards unrestricted core costs to convene experts and influence practice within the criminal justice system for offenders and victims by improving accountability, workforce diversity and promoting restorative practices.
31/07/2019 £102,000 BTEG 8 Towards core costs for EQUAL, to work with Ministry of Justice and HMPPS to improve outcomes for Black and/or Muslim offenders.
31/07/2019 £32,580 Yellow Earth Theatre Limited 2 Towards project costs for developing early career British East Asian writers.
31/07/2019 £195,000 New Horizon Youth Centre Ltd 13 Towards unrestricted core costs for an organisation addressing youth homelessness, enabling it to broker more solutions for young people experiencing homelessness and to develop the partnerships to address this in the long-term.
31/07/2019 £10,000 Common Purpose UK 2 Towards UK101, an online leadership resource, connecting young people across different locations and youth programmes
02/07/2019 £587,000 BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE 6 Towards a programme that champions the co-creation of creative projects by participants and professional artists, working in five locations and developing a model of how to tour co-created work.
30/06/2019 £300,000 The Climate Coalition 2 Towards unrestricted core costs to shift the political discourse on climate change.
30/06/2019 £120,000 One Voice 4 Travellers Limited 2 Towards core costs to continue to support victims of domestic abuse in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities and develop a national third-party reporting project.
30/06/2019 £200,000 UK Citizens Online Democracy (mySociety) 4 Towards core costs to investigate how organisations use tech to influence government, empower people to engage and challenge democratically and improve non-profit use of tech to promote inclusion and challenge injustice.
30/06/2019 £310,000 Teach First 2 Towards core costs of The Difference (hosted by Teach First) to improve outcomes for young people excluded from school and ensure fewer are excluded in the future by addressing policy and promoting inclusive practice.
30/06/2019 £180,000 Environmental Funders Network 1 Towards unrestricted core costs to improve the effectiveness of the UK environment sector and environmental philanthropy and encourage new high-level donors to support environmental causes.
30/06/2019 £109,089 The Traveller Movement 5 Towards core costs associated with addressing widespread inequality in accessing and participating in education for GRT children, particularly the issue of high rates of exclusions.
30/06/2019 £200,000 Full Fact 3 Towards unrestricted core costs to tackle misinformation and improve the quality of public debate.
30/06/2019 £375,000 National Biodiversity Network 2 Towards core costs to transform the NBN Atlas into a world-leading source of environmental data
30/06/2019 £149,999 WEvolution 3 Towards core costs associated with overseeing the transition to a new partnership model of SRG expansion.
30/06/2019 £196,500 Déda 4 Towards core costs to support audience engagement with dance, outdoor work and contemporary circus to support Derby's wider strategic agenda.
30/06/2019 £19,805 NUS Students' Union Charitable Services 1 Towards externally verified research into the appetite among NUS member students for the provision of more sustainable food on campus.
30/06/2019 £230,000 TCV - The Conservation Volunteers Towards project costs delivering Green Health Areas in Scotland that strategically link environmental and health benefits, delivering improvements to urban green spaces and connecting people in deprived communities to nature.
30/06/2019 £138,606 Drake Music 6 Towards project costs turning the large-scale ideas of emergent professional disabled musicians into reality, ensuring that ground-breaking artists become self-sufficient and established, reaching mainstream music audiences.
30/06/2019 £200,000 The Courtauld Institute of Art 2 Towards project costs of 'Courtauld National', a programme of projects and partnerships across the UK.
30/06/2019 £200,000 Include Youth Towards core costs for transitional employment support, ensuring more care experienced young people sustain employment and can use their experiences to influence mainstream programmes.
30/06/2019 £200,000 Hijinx Theatre 6 Towards unrestricted core costs to facilitate Hijinx’s transition from a small to mid-scale theatre company to impact the lives of more learning disabled people.
30/06/2019 £60,000 Rifco Theatre Company 1 Towards Rifco Associates, a programme working with emerging British Asian artists to develop their skills and networks to support a successful career in the arts
30/06/2019 £30,000 The Social Mobility Foundation 2 Towards core costs to help develop the Social Mobility Institute as an organisation that mobilises a coalition of employers, charities, councils, schools etc, to take action to improve social mobility.
30/06/2019 £200,000 Community Law Advice Network 5 Towards unrestricted core costs of an organisation providing legal help to the most vulnerable children and young people in Scotland, including developing a new service for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.
30/06/2019 £180,000 Off the Record (Bristol) 9 Towards project costs associated with improving the mental health of excluded young people and shifting the mental health system from a therapeutic model to one that addresses social factors that influence mental health.
30/06/2019 £60,000 Global Dialogue 7 Towards the co-ordination and activity costs of the Migration Exchange network and developing a migrant and refugee leadership programme.
30/06/2019 £50,000 Afonydd Cymru 1 Towards core funding to continue to press the Welsh Government for controls on pollution from agriculture, represent the 6 rivers trusts in Wales and free staff time to secure funding for river restoration
30/06/2019 £250,000 Coram Children's Legal Centre 5 Towards core costs of the Migrant Children's Project, which works to protect the rights of migrant children and helps empower young people and their families to take steps to secure their futures.
30/06/2019 £750,000 Charities Aid Foundation 6 Community Land Trust Fund III
30/06/2019 £23,000 10:10 Climate Action 4 Towards a diverse gathering of climate change campaigners sharing what they see as priorities for climate action, learning from each other and agreeing how they should support each other’s work
30/06/2019 £50,000 Lyric Theatre Hammersmith Ltd 4 An investment in the transfer of Noises Off to the West End, as part of our arts transfer facility
30/06/2019 £30,000 Froglife 6 Towards the development costs of the plan for a new ecology centre to be built in Peterborough.
30/06/2019 £165,867 Donnington Doorstep 6 Towards core costs for the development of the Step Out project to broaden its remit to respond to child criminal exploitation and ensuring a contextual safeguarding approach is applied.
30/06/2019 £150,000 Friends, Families and Travellers 8 Towards Gypsy, Roma & Traveller (GRT) anti-bullying initiatives so that GRT children are culturally affirmed, feel safer in school, and the harm of anti-gypsyism is understood and addressed.
30/06/2019 £180,000 Praxis Community Projects 8 Towards unrestricted core costs to support excluded migrants to access their rights, have a voice and influence policy with a focus on migrant destitution and homelessness.
30/06/2019 £6,000 INSTITUTE FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION RESEARCH 9 Towards the project costs of a study into case studies of the use of technology by small organisations in the charity sector.
31/05/2019 £105,000 Candoco Dance Company 1 Towards unrestricted core costs to support a programme of work developing stronger progression routes and performance opportunities for diverse dancers.
31/05/2019 £150,000 Bail for Immigration Detainees 6 Towards unrestricted core costs to provide advice, research, advocacy and strategic litigation to secure people's release from detention and influence policy and practice.
31/05/2019 £90,000 Respond 9 Towards core costs to support further development and consolidation of Respond's Circles of Support and Accountability model to enable sex offenders with learning disabilities, autism or both, to live safe and purposeful lives.
31/05/2019 £200,000 Migrants Organise Ltd 10 Towards unrestricted core costs to support grassroots organising, advocacy, and leadership in the migrant and refugee sector leading to better integration and a coherent national campaign for fair immigration reform.
31/05/2019 £60,000 Eco Drama 3 Towards the final two years of the four year ‘Out to Play’ programme, connecting children in areas of disadvantage to nature using arts-based outdoor learning and nature-themed theatre productions, and leaving a lasting legacy by upskilling teachers
31/05/2019 £195,000 Clinks 7 Towards unrestricted core costs to support the voluntary sector’s role within the criminal justice system ensuring members are represented at a strategic level and their experience and expertise can influence policy and practice.
31/05/2019 £200,000 Transform Drug Policy Foundation 2 Towards core costs to support changes to drug policy in the UK.
31/05/2019 £60,000 ONCA Trust Limited 2 Towards the Barge manager salary costs, supporting work on inclusive practice in environmental education.
31/05/2019 £200,000 The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland 0 Towards a collaborative funding programme seeking to support transformative work in Northern Ireland.
31/05/2019 £20,000 Oxford Youth Lab (operating as Right To Succeed) 5 Towards the Project Place partnership, scoping how Government, funders and the social sector can better work together to deliver place-based change.
31/05/2019 £120,000 In Control Partnerships 1 Towards core costs to develop and achieve sustainability of the developed National Network for people who need support due to age, ill health or disability
31/05/2019 £60,000 Feeding Britain 5 Towards the revenue costs associated with a new Community Food Bus project, operating across Southwark and Wandsworth, until it becomes financially self supporting.
31/05/2019 £197,185 Nourish Scotland 2 Towards core costs enabling the organisation to continue to influence Scottish food policy and practice to create a more sustainable food system for Scotland.
30/04/2019 £180,000 Counterpoints Arts 3 Towards core costs supporting artists from migrant backgrounds and utilising arts and culture to strengthen civic alliances and tackle community divisions and attitudes towards migration.
30/04/2019 £37,500 The Rank Foundation 2 towards sustaining the impact of the Rank Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn partnership and to build on future opportunities.
30/04/2019 £198,000 National Survivor User Network (NSUN) 5 Towards unrestricted core costs to continue work to strengthen the user-voice in mental health policy and practice.
30/04/2019 £75,071 Goodwin Development Trust 5 Towards a community engagement manager post for Back to Ours, developing a sustainable model for community-led neighbourhood arts programming and participation in Hull.
30/04/2019 £150,000 The Salmon & Trout Association 1 Towards the development of the SmartRivers initiative, using a network of volunteers to assess invertebrate diversity in order to identify ecological pressures and support action to improve water quality in rivers.
30/04/2019 £100,000 Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Royal Trust Ltd 4 A transfer of Touching the Void to the West End, as part of our Arts Transfer Facility.
30/04/2019 £200,000 Circles South East 6 Towards unrestricted core costs to support the development of services to support those affected by sexual abuse.
31/03/2019 £11,962 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 3 Towards bespoke IT costs related to currently funded work
31/03/2019 £200,000 Children England 5 Towards unrestricted core costs of an organisation campaigning to improve outcomes for children, drawing on the expertise of its member children charities, and growing youth leadership in the sector.
31/03/2019 £90,000 Wales Environment Link 1 Towards core costs facilitating collaborative work on strong post-Brexit environmental policy, legislation and governance mechanisms for Wales, as part of an environmentally connected UK.
31/03/2019 £103,195 Quaker Social Action 5 Towards core costs to support UK-wide strategic work to further reduce the inequalities and injustices of funeral poverty by influencing government and the funeral industry
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