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UK charities and social enterprises with annual revenue >£50k in the following sectors: Arts, Children & Young People, Environment, Food, Social Change

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They do not fund capital costs or individual salaries or research. Grants <£60k for one-off projects

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£2k-£1.5m but usually over £50,000

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Over the last five years they've made 1330 significant donations totalling £193,770,498

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/03/2019 £11,962 HEARING DOGS FOR DEAF PEOPLE Towards bespoke IT costs related to currently funded work
31/03/2019 £200,000 CHILDREN ENGLAND Towards unrestricted core costs of an organisation campaigning to improve outcomes for children, drawing on the expertise of its member children charities, and growing youth leadership in the sector.
31/03/2019 £90,000 WALES ENVIRONMENT LINK Towards core costs facilitating collaborative work on strong post-Brexit environmental policy, legislation and governance mechanisms for Wales, as part of an environmentally connected UK.
31/03/2019 £103,195 QUAKER SOCIAL ACTION Towards core costs to support UK-wide strategic work to further reduce the inequalities and injustices of funeral poverty by influencing government and the funeral industry
31/03/2019 £182,535 SCHOOL FOOD MATTERS Towards unrestricted core funding to develop School Food Matters campaign and advocacy work on school food and food education.
31/03/2019 £137,933 Action on Empty Homes Towards the development and launch of a toolkit on community-based approaches to bringing empty homes back into use, aimed at local authorities and community organisations.
31/03/2019 £60,000 VALLEYS KIDS Towards the Artworks programme, providing further progression routes and opportunities for young people from the Valleys through partnerships with cultural organisations
31/03/2019 £150,000 THE ALBANY 2001 COMPANY Towards a regional ambassador programme to support already established regional Family Arts Networks to create a more effective, joined-up and sustainable model of engaging diverse families in arts and culture.
31/03/2019 £60,000 PRISM ARTS Towards development of a new model, in partnership with the University of Cumbria, working with emerging young artists with learning disabilities to develop their practice, enable progression and support them into mainstream arts opportunities.
31/03/2019 £120,000 CHINEKE FOUNDATION Towards organisational development, including new staff posts, in order to secure and deliver a greatly increased programme of work from 2019 onwards.
31/03/2019 £20,000 REAL FARMING TRUST towards investment readiness mentoring and support for community food and farming businesses outside England which allows them to unlock social investment from the Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme (LEAP)
31/03/2019 £142,500 HUMAN TRAFFICKING FOUNDATION Towards the core costs of supporting those working directly with victims of human trafficking, understanding challenges, developing policy solutions and bringing these to policy-makers and parliamentarians.
31/03/2019 £130,000 RECOOP Towards unrestricted core costs to improve provision for older people both in, and on release from prison and to increase the financial sustainability of the organisation.
31/03/2019 £100,000 PORTSMOUTH AREA REGENERATION TRUST Follow on Investment
28/02/2019 £167,827 ADVICE ON INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS IN EUROPE (THE AIRE CENTRE) Towards unrestricted core costs to support victims of trafficking and gender based violence through the provision of legal assistance and knowledge of rights under European law.
28/02/2019 £20,000 RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) to test practical, local solutions that both individual schools and the education system can take to support the most vulnerable children before they reach the point of exclusion.
28/02/2019 £160,000 LINCOLN ARTS TRUST LIMITED Towards core costs, while the organisation develops significant new partnerships to support its long-term resilience.
28/02/2019 £85,000 DANCE UNITED YORKSHIRE CIO Towards core costs supporting the organisation’s work using dance as a catalyst for social inclusion.
28/02/2019 £200,000 FOUNDATION FOR COMMON LAND Towards core costs in delivering the Our Common Cause project working to benefit wildlife and communities working as commoners in Dartmoor, Shropshire, Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District
28/02/2019 £60,000 DOTEVERYONE Towards project costs to prototype financial safety nets and access to training in order to improve financial and social resilience of digital platform, or gig-economy, workers.
28/02/2019 £90,000 LIBERDADE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST Towards core funding which will enable the organisation to further develop and share a model that shows how a cultural building can create long-term and sustainable change in a community.
28/02/2019 £148,000 NATIONAL NETWORK FOR THE EDUCATION OF CARE LEAVERS Towards core costs of an organisation seeking to improve the progression of care experienced young people into and through further and higher education.
28/02/2019 £183,655 EMPIRE FIGHTING CHANCE Towards core costs to scale a programme of non-contact boxing, personal development and education working with young people from disadvantaged communities.
28/02/2019 £198,000 FOOTBALL BEYOND BORDERS Towards unrestricted core costs of an organisation using football to tackle the barriers which prevent young people achieving their potential, working to reduce school exclusion and support young people to achieve their goals.
28/02/2019 £50,000 Peeple Towards the sustainability of an organsiation working to support the home learning environment
28/02/2019 £120,000 INTEGRATE UK Towards core costs to enable young leaders to tackle gender and racial inequalities with direct work and advocacy.
28/02/2019 £200,000 ARTICLE 39 Towards unrestricted core costs of a charity aiming to promote and protect the rights of children living in state and privately-run institutional settings.
28/02/2019 £124,000 ACTION TRANSPORT THEATRE Towards core costs associated with transitioning and embedding a new business model, resulting in a more sustainable company and better experiences for participants and audiences
28/02/2019 £60,000 DANCE UMBRELLA LIMITED Towards a programme of work which will reach more children and young people in outer London boroughs and enable them to access contemporary dance through performances and creative learning activity.
28/02/2019 £60,000 NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION Towards supporting economic transformation in Plymouth
28/02/2019 £180,000 STOPWATCH Towards unrestricted core costs of a national coalition that provides support and legal advice, identifies best practice and advocates for improved policy related to stop and search.
28/02/2019 £60,000 LOCAL TRUST Towards the costs of an enhanced external evaluation of the Creative Civic Change programme.
28/02/2019 £120,000 HOFESH SHECHTER COMPANY LTD Towards core costs to support a new programming model to develop and grow UK audiences for mid-scale dance touring
28/02/2019 £22,500 MULTI-STORY MUSIC Towards core funding to support a larger programme of work with partners to build diverse new audiences for classical music in areas with limited access.
28/02/2019 £90,000 THE LAWNMOWERS INDEPENDENT THEATRE COMPANY Towards unrestricted core costs for the strategic development of an arts programme led by and for people with learning difficulties.
28/02/2019 £200,000 CENTRAL ENGLAND LAW CENTRE LIMITED Towards Kids in Need of Defence UK, supporting undocumented children with pro bono legal representation to regularise their immigration statuses and lead more stable lives.
28/02/2019 £200,000 THE BARING FOUNDATION Towards the next phase of a joint grants programme supporting the effective use of the law and human rights based approaches to address systemic injustice.
28/02/2019 £85,000 BROGDALE COLLECTIONS towards the salaries and associated costs of Brogdale Collection's Education Officer, Social Media Officer and new Events and Projects Co-ordinator, as described in your proposal.
28/02/2019 £120,000 STAR (STUDENT ACTION FOR REFUGEES) Towards unrestricted core costs for work mobilising students to create a welcoming society for refugees in the UK, influencing policy that impacts on refugees and increasing equal access to university and further education.
31/01/2019 £60,000 FAMILY LIVES Towards the roll out of the Parent Child Home Programme, working with families who are not accessing any other services to support the home learning environment.
31/01/2019 £500,000 HUBBUB FOUNDATION UK Towards unrestricted core costs to develop innovative campaigns tacking all forms of waste, bringing communities together and promoting more sustainable living.
31/01/2019 £1,800,000 THE RIVERS TRUST Towards a bridging loan facility for Rivers Trust organisations seeking to fund work under the Government's Water Environment Grant
31/01/2019 £20,000 ARTS AT THE OLD FIRE STATION Towards facilitating fruitful collaborations in Oxford during the Skoll World Forum, between people with power and people whose voices are not normally heard through the free and open-access fringe event, Marmalade.
31/01/2019 £210,000 THE LANCASHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST Towards core costs enabling work on peatland opportunities in Lancashire including linking lowland and upland conservation initiatives in the area
31/01/2019 £55,000 THE OTHER ROOM Towards continuation core costs for a small venue championing new writing and fringe scene in Wales.
31/01/2019 £25,000 DONMAR WAREHOUSE PROJECTS LIMITED Donmar Warehouse/Sweat Arts Transfer
31/01/2019 £18,233 BIRMINGHAM OPEN SPACES FORUM towards the short-term cost of operations (over four months or so) and to enable BOSF to undertake a strategic review and explore alternative theories of change.
31/01/2019 £250,000 CORAM VOICE (FORMERLY VOICE FOR THE CHILD IN CARE) Towards the next phase of the New Belongings project, supporting local authorities to adapt services on the basis of feedback from care leavers.
31/01/2019 £1,250,000 FARESHARE towards unrestricted core costs that will enable FareShare to almost double the volume of usable surplus food that it distributes to the voluntary and community sector over the next five years.
31/01/2019 £60,000 THE RIVERS TRUST Towards core costs to enable the development of a new strategy that will set out the priorities and ambition of the rivers trust movement, build public support for the cause and secure new, sustainable income.
31/01/2019 £215,827 THE ORCHARD PROJECT (CAUSE) LTD Towards unrestricted core costs for the creation, restoration and celebration of urban community orchards.
31/01/2019 £14,500 RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) towards the cost of an event to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the Commission to date, and in support of an associated publication.
31/12/2018 £200,000 GINGERBREAD, THE CHARITY FOR SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES Towards unrestricted core costs to support positive change for single parent families.
31/12/2018 £90,000 THE CLORE DUFFIELD FOUNDATION Towards core costs of the Cultural Learning Alliance for advocacy, policy-making and evidence sharing to ensure that all children and young people have access to arts and culture.
31/12/2018 £60,000 ECONOMY An investment in growing the delivery of a community crash course in economics to engage those who do not typically engage with economics and improve understanding, confidence and encourage social action.
31/12/2018 £155,589 THE READER ORGANISATION Towards volunteer manager, programme co-ordinator and partnership manager roles which together will increase participation in literature based cultural activities for individuals experiencing mental health challenges or social isolation.
31/12/2018 £16,999 NATIONAL COMMUNITY LAND TRUST NETWORK Towards a final contribution to the CLT Start-Up fund to enable it to meet its funding committments to the CLT sector.
31/12/2018 £99,971 DANCE NORTH Towards the development of a network of dance receptive venues in the North East.
31/12/2018 £174,108 AGE UK OXFORDSHIRE Towards the consolidation of work enabling more older people to take part in creative and cultural activities.
31/12/2018 £191,000 SOCIAL FARMS AND GARDENS Towards unrestricted core costs that support the practical implementation of the merger to form Social Farms and Gardens.
31/12/2018 £90,000 CREATE LONDON Towards 'A House for Artists’ and its pilot public programme, providing year-round arts, education and community activities and a template for sustainable community centres and affordable, long-term housing for artists.
31/12/2018 £870,000 WORCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST An investment in the purchase of Dropping Well Farm to create heathland habitat, as part of our land purchase facility
30/11/2018 £19,990 Durham Community Action providing additional support to the innovative business-to-business local food hub, to cover the projected financial shortfall while the project moves towards becoming financially self-supporting.
30/11/2018 £165,000 Serious Trust Ltd Towards talent development programmes and progression routes for diverse musicians to grow sustainable careers in jazz and international music in the UK.
30/11/2018 £142,560 Playlist for Life Towards the salary of a Head of Operations to help scale the charity's work nationally and increase awareness of personlised playlists in helping people with dementia.
30/11/2018 £189,881 Scottish Refugee Council Towards unrestricted core costs supporting refugees in Scotland to access their rights, influence policy and practice and improve public attitudes towards refugees.
30/11/2018 £156,000 Grimm & Co Towards the costs of an operations manager to support the organisation to expand its programmes to reach the most vulnerable children in Rotherham.
30/11/2018 £186,000 Stand Alone Towards unrestricted core costs of an organisation that supports vulnerable young people who are estranged or disowned from their family to ensure they can more easily access education, finance and housing.
30/11/2018 £150,000 Children's Legal Centre (Wales) Towards the development of the Children’s Legal Centre Wales, providing reliable accessible information, advice and representation for children and young people in Wales.
30/11/2018 £105,000 Spread the Word Towards a talent development programme for emerging writers from backgrounds that are underrepresented within professional writing careers.
30/11/2018 £90,000 Theatr Clwyd Trust Towards the transfer of Darling, I'm Home to the West End, as part of our arts transfer facility.
30/11/2018 £88,500 Alchemy Film & Arts Towards a community engagement coordinator post and creative learning programme, providing opportunities for local people to get involved in community filmmaking and develop their skills and potential.
30/11/2018 £90,000 Articulate Cultural Trust Towards core costs including the salary of the engagement and empowerment co-ordinator to use creativity as a vehicle for supporting care experienced young people and enabling them to engage with and shape practice in the care system.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Centre for Justice Innovation Towards a programme that improves practice and roll out of youth arrest diversion schemes, and investigates whether BAME young people are equally supported through these schemes.
30/11/2018 £400,000 CAST Towards unrestricted core costs to build a co-ordinated approach to digital in the charitable sector, with charities better able to identify issues and opportunities and implement changes.
30/11/2018 £90,000 Artangel Trust Towards the continuation of a programme that supports the touring of Artangel's Collection.
30/11/2018 £40,000 Royal Society for Public Health Towards the development costs of a new type of social investment fund focused on Birmingham.
30/11/2018 £120,000 Karma Nirvana Towards unrestricted core costs to tackle honour based abuse and forced marriage by supporting survivors, professionals and influencing policy and practice.
30/11/2018 £121,837 Fylde Coast Women's Aid Towards the Stalking and Harassment Project, supporting victims in the North West of England and influencing wider change both locally and nationally
31/10/2018 £280,000 The Open University Towards core costs of the Floodplain Meadow Partnership to further interest and protection of floodplain meadows and to better understand their role as a natural flood defence and other benefits.
31/10/2018 £40,000 The Involve Foundation Towards the costs of a programme that promotes the merits of stronger participative democracy in the form of citizen juries and assemblies.
31/10/2018 £300,000 Refugee Action Towards systemic change and improvements for people seeking asylum by strengthening local organisations, sharing innovations and securing changes in government policy.
31/10/2018 £400,000 Comic Relief Towards a joint funding programme Tech Vs Abuse which supports organisations tackling violence against women and girls to develop tech solutions.
31/10/2018 £300,000 British Trust for Ornithology Towards core costs as the organisation implements a more progressive way of working, supporting the wider conservation sector and taking on greater responsibility for tracking UK seabirds.
31/10/2018 £148,500 Staffordshire Wildlife Trust An investment in the purchase of Gun Hill, a moorland habitat, as part of our land purchase facility
31/10/2018 £331,752 Wildlife and Countryside Link Towards the cost of key staff to establish consensus amongst the environment NGO community in England, delivering effective, collaborative campaigns and influencing policy
31/10/2018 £360,000 Drive Forward Foundation Towards the core costs of an organisation that works to support care leavers into sustained employment.
31/10/2018 £300,000 Sustainable Food Trust Towards the costs associated with work that will inform and support the transition to more sustainable forms of agriculture.
31/10/2018 £328,362 PAUSE Towards core costs to develop a post ‘Pause’ support for women who have had children removed and taken into care and to ensure that their voices are heard in shaping the systems they encounter.
31/10/2018 £12,274 Community Catalysts CIC Towards the costs of the design and development phase of the Embracing Ageing project which takes a place-based approach to the issues of an ageing society.
31/10/2018 £240,000 Marine Conservation Society Towards the salary and other costs of the Chief Executive during the first phase of a new strategy to place the organisation at the centre of conservation efforts to restore UK seas.
31/10/2018 £60,000 Age UK Gloucestershire Towards the Community Activators, Community Conversers project - increasing conversations with older people in their neighbourhoods and establishing new well-being opportunities
31/10/2018 £302,224 Church Action on Poverty Towards continuation funding for the End Hunger UK campaign - bringing together a coalition of partners to tackle food poverty in the UK
31/10/2018 £100,000 Association of Chairs Towards core costs to deepen and extend support for Chairs, develop the organisation’s membership and built its sustainability
30/09/2018 £20,000 Arts & Business NI Towards project costs for developing financial resilience of arts organisations in Northern Ireland.
30/09/2018 £183,000 The Civic, Barnsley Towards the costs of a community engagement programme to develop new audiences.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Leith Community Crops in Pots towards the continued development the Crops in Pots food growing social enterprise in Leith during a period of change and development of new capital assets.
30/09/2018 £58,883 Oily Cart Company Ltd Towards artistic and strategic transition costs for creative work with children with profound and multiple learning disabilities nationally.
30/09/2018 £150,000 The Trent River Trust Towards core costs to continue The River Starts Here to improve the water quality of brooks and engage communities and local business in their care.
30/09/2018 £166,395 PhotoVoice Towards the costs of a participatory photography project, enabling young people to share their experiences to influence the design of services.
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