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Over the last five years they've made 521 significant donations to registered charities totalling

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
28/02/2019 £125,000 The Forge 3 The Forge, a participatory arts commissioning and producing agency and Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, will partner with seven schools, two of which are special educational needs and disabilities settings. This project will develop teachers’ knowledge, skills and experience in using photography to support children’s progress in creative writing.
28/02/2019 £145,000 Prime Theatre 4 Prime Theatre, a professional children and young people’s theatre company working in Swindon and Wiltshire, and an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, will work in partnership with seven schools from the White Horse Federation and Swindon Teaching School. Building on an existing relationship with Drove Primary, the lead school in the project, theatre practitioners will collaborate with teachers to explore how drama and performance poetry can support the acquisition and understanding of language and empower teachers to develop and embed these arts-based approaches in their practice. The project aims to support children’s progress in speaking and listening, reading and writing.
28/02/2019 £252,000 South East Dance Ltd 3 Delivered in partnership with three arts organisations across the UK, this programme aims to increase access to dance for early years aged children as participants and audiences and to support artists’ development and the commissioning and touring of new work.
28/02/2019 £290,000 Streetwise Opera 6 Streetwise Opera is a performing arts charity that supports people with experience of homelessness. This grant will help Streetwise Opera to reach more people, build organisational capacity and develop cross-sector partnerships through regional hubs.
28/02/2019 £322,000 42nd Street 8 42nd Street is a Manchester based charity that supports young people with their mental health and wellbeing. This grant will support the organisation to develop the Horsfall arts programme and to integrate this initiative into 42nd Street’s wider offer.
28/02/2019 £150,000 CAST Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology 6 Catalyst aims to build the digital capacity of UK civil society. The programme act as a sustained focal point for advocacy, action and accountability; leverage the resources and networks of founders and delivery partners; and scale up and build on tested assets and approaches.
28/02/2019 £20,000 Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath Fuel 3 This grant provides support for Fly the Flag, a cross-sector campaign marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that aims to empower people to understand, embrace and uphold human rights.
28/02/2019 £40,000 Just for Kids Law 13 Just for Kids Law is a legal charity working with young people, supporting them to understand their rights and providing specialist advocacy and representation through their youth-led service model. This grant will support organisational growth and development as part of the Growth Fund annual package of support.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Young Harrow Foundation 2 Young Harrow Foundation is a youth sector membership and infrastructure body working exclusively in Harrow. YHF will pilot a youth-led partnership model focused on five thematic areas: mental health, youth violence, employment, inequalities and physical activity. This project aims to connect young people with lived experience of these issues, local delivery specialists and expert voices from outside the sector to create new ideas and trial programmes.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum 1 Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth-led voluntary organisation delivering projects across Northern Ireland and promoting youth voice in decision making. Funding will support an asset-based approach to practice development and strategic planning.
28/02/2019 £40,000 Bedford Creative Arts 1 Bedford Creative Arts is a contemporary arts charity dedicated to commissioning high quality art with communities and working with artists to explore new developments in socially engaged art practice. This grant will support Bedford Creative Arts to expand a successful pilot approach of co-creation with residents across a larger geographic area, test different methods of engagement, share skills and knowledge with key partners and develop a deeper understanding of the work's social impact.
28/02/2019 £500,000 Sheffield Young Carers Project 5 Sheffield Young Carers supports local young people aged 8 to 25 who provide care for one or more family members who have disabilities, long-term physical illnesses, mental health difficulties and/or a problem with drugs or alcohol. Core funding will underpin strategic and operational growth. This grant will support the organisation to influence policy, raise awareness and replicate good practice regionally and nationally.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Hideaway Youth Project 3 Hideaway Youth Project helps young people aged 11–25 in the Moss Side area of Manchester to realise their potential, build their self-esteem and feel accepted and confident about the future. This grant will support a Senior Youth Worker to develop a new street outreach approach. Manchester Metropolitan University will evaluate this new strand of work, and Hideaway will share learning through regional and national networks.
28/02/2019 £110,000 Voluntary Action Sheffield 3 Voluntary Action Sheffield supports voluntary communities and organisations in Sheffield at all stages of development. This grant will support the organisation to develop and grow Cohesion Sheffield, which delivers the Citywide Cohesion Strategy Framework for Action and promotes cross-sector partnerships to support integration.
28/02/2019 £59,000 The Spark Children's Arts Festival 3 Spark Arts for Children runs performing and visual arts education projects to support children to discover, enjoy and celebrate the arts. Through this grant, Spark Arts will explore and test a programme of experiential learning and teaching strategies built around an annual children's festival. The initiative aims to develop teacher’s skills and confidence in arts-based learning and to give children high quality theatre experiences to enhance their learning and development.
28/02/2019 £60,000 in2scienceUK 4 in2scienceUK empowers students experiencing disadvantage to achieve their potential and progress to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through work placements and careers guidance. This grant will support the programme’s expansion across the South East, South West and North West.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Heart of Glass St Helens Ltd 1 Heart of Glass delivers socially engaged contemporary arts programmes in St Helens, Merseyside. Through this grant, Heart of Glass will explore how best to support working-class young women to develop the self-confidence and skills to create new artwork and to produce and promote cultural activity for their peers.
28/02/2019 £500,000 The Jericho Foundation 5 The Jericho Foundation supports people experiencing disadvantage to gain skills to secure sustainable employment. Core funding will support strategic and operational growth, and allow the Foundation to scale and replicate social enterprises that equip and empower young people to become financially independent.
28/02/2019 £9,000 PAINES PLOUGH LIMITED 2 Touring company Paines Plough specialises in commissioning and producing new plays and helping playwrights to develop their craft. This grant will support Paines Plough to transform a small scale touring network into a resilient circuit that sustains the wider touring sector, to connect with young audiences and to train a new and diverse generation of artists and touring companies.
31/01/2019 £50,000 Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales 4 This grant provides support for a placed-based funders' consortium with Lloyds Bank Foundation, Tudor Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, City Bridge Trust and Lankelly Chase Foundation.
31/01/2019 £10,000 Catch22 10 This grant will fund the pilot of a project that supports people in employability programmes to take the next step in their careers through building relationships with Livery members.
31/12/2018 £12,650 Transform Justice 2 Transform Justice is a national charity working for a fair, humane, open and effective justice system. This grant will support the development of a movement to advocate for criminal records reform.
31/12/2018 £80,000 women at the well 6 Women at the Well supports women whose lives are affected by, or at risk of being affected by prostitution. Established in 2007, the organisation has supported communities in Camden, Islington and Haringey for the last ten years. Services are provided to people who have multiple and complex needs including drug and alcohol abuse, mental health difficulties, experience of homelessness and trafficking. A core programme at a women-only building in Kings Cross building helps to meet basic needs including food, laundry, as well as advocacy and support services.
31/12/2018 £1,200,000 Comic Relief 7 Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation are working in partnership to deliver the Tech for Good for three years, from 2019 through 2021. This programme supports charity organisations who are using technology to deliver new ideas and make services more effective.
31/12/2018 £15,735 Kieran Rose hosted by North East Autism Society 4 Keiran Rose is a blogger and campaigner who advocates for greater understanding of the rights and needs of autistic people. Through this grant, Keiran will co-develop a neurodiversity think tank with the North East Autism Society to review and feedback on local service provision and to engage in ongoing public debates through social media, events and other channels.
31/12/2018 £10,400 fanSHEN 2 The Intelligence Collective is an experience combining playable theatre, technology, and neuroscience to build young people’s capacity for thinking together, improving emotional resilience and ability to disagree civilly. This grant will support the co-development of an interactive digital story based on a popular Young Adult novel with a group of young people to improve emotional resilience and capacity for thinking together.
31/12/2018 £75,000 360Giving 1 360Giving publishes data from the grant-making sector in a searchable format. This funding will enable 360Giving to expand the number of funders publishing data and to support the use of the data by grant seekers and grant makers in their decisions and research.
30/11/2018 £60,000 My Life My Say 4 MLMS is a youth-led charity that aims to empower young people to participate in democracy. MLMS will expand the scope and nature of their democratic engagement activities by increasing Democracy Cafes, establishing a Common Futures Forum and developing a Social Inclusion Unit.
30/11/2018 £57,000 Cambridge Junction 3 Access Technology Scotland aims to widen access to high quality digital skills education, training and facilities, particularly amongst groups experiencing disadvantage. Through this project, the organisation will work with three primary schools in North Ayrshire to deliver a music with technology project and evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.
30/11/2018 £198,000 Collective Encounters 3 Collective Encounters is an arts organisation focusing on theatre for social change through collaborative practice. This grant will fund a four-year programme to engage adults and young people living in areas affected by economic deprivation and to support artist development and sharing of best practice.
30/11/2018 £210,000 Open Eye Gallery 2 Open Eye Gallery will further develop its programme of community-based participation and embed this in its core offer, building its understanding of co-authored and socially engaged photography practice. Over 3 years it will broaden its reach via a larger programme of photographers in residence in partnership with target groups in Liverpool who face inequalities of opportunity, and open up its resources to wider use.
30/11/2018 £317,000 Sherman Theatre 4 Through this grant, Sherman Theatre aims to increase the social impact of the Sherman 5 audience development programme, created with support from a Paul Hamlyn Club Award. Over the next four years, the theatre will develop an enhanced community volunteer programme, supported by greater partnership working and use of Time Credits.
30/11/2018 £20,000 Copenhagen Youth Project CYP 7 Copenhagen Youth Project provides a safe, youth-led space for young people in the Caledonian Road and Barnsbury area – an area which is amongst the 20% most deprived areas nationally. The organisation runs a range of events and activities to help young people experiencing disadvantage to learn, develop and build a positive future.
30/11/2018 £239,000 Writing on the Wall 3 Writing on the Wall is a Liverpool-based community charity that promotes and celebrates writing in all its forms through a month-long annual festival and year-round projects. This grant will support the organisation to develop the Super Heroes creative writing project with eight primary schools, working with professional writers and artists to facilitate workshops for pupils in Years 3-6 and to deliver continuing professional development for teachers.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Allsorts Youth Project 6 Allsorts Youth Project supports children and young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender (LGBT) or unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBTU). The organisation aims to extend training, consultancy and partnership work with Brighton and Hove local authority, and work in East and West Sussex schools, colleges and community organisations to ensure the provision of LGBT youth inclusive and safe services.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Empire Fighting Chance 13 Empire Fighting Chance aims to transform young lives through boxing. This grant will support the organisation to scale the ‘Inspiring Champions’ programme, which integrates boxing, mentoring and psychological education, across the South West.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Football Beyond Borders 5 Football Beyond Borders (FBB) is an education charity which uses football to support young people experiencing disadvantage. Follow-on funding will support FBB to scale the programme nationally to reach 1,120 young people across 70 schools and develop the learning hubs to include Coach Educator accreditation. Over the next two years, the organisation will work with an independent evaluator to develop robust evidence of programme impact.
30/11/2018 £60,000 ThinkForward UK 7 ThinkForward provides long-term coaching to young people at risk of unemployment, supporting their transition into further study and employment. Through this grant, the organisation will develop a digital coaching toolkit to enhance delivery and consistency across the East Midlands, London and South East.
30/11/2018 £60,000 The Bulldogs 6 The Bulldogs is a boxing charity based in Port Talbot in Wales. This grant will support the organisation to maximise income generation opportunities afforded by a new community venue to increase long term sustainability, develop new partnerships and invest in impact measurement.
30/11/2018 £100,000 New Philanthropy Capital 8 New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) works with charities, philanthropists, funders and social enterprises to maximise their social impact. This grant will support NPC to collectively develop digital solutions and useful tools to support young people and the youth sector to reach their potential.
30/11/2018 £50,000 PEER UK Ltd 1 Through this grant PEER will explore a youth-led model of community engagement aimed at increasing audiences from BAME groups and participation among people experiencing disadvantage. Funding will support programme delivery and robust evaluation of the programme’s impact.
30/11/2018 £500,000 Snape Maltings 3 An international performance venue with artist development and education at heart, Snape Maltings aims to bring the benefits of music to all. This grant will support Snape’s vision to establish a Creative Campus - a national centre for music, health and wellbeing.
30/11/2018 £500,000 Film Nation UK 2 Through this grant Film Nation aims to develop and embed arts-based learning through film in literacy and other areas of the curriculum in primary schools in Bradford, Bristol and Belfast, by developing and delivering teacher continuing professional development and learning.
30/11/2018 £60,000 YMCA Crewe 4 YMCA Crewe supports young people experiencing disadvantage to improve wellbeing, employability and independent living. Funding will support YMCE Crewe to scale their GLOscape programme supporting young people experiencing homelessness.
30/11/2018 £60,000 abandofbrothers ABOB 9 ABOB provides a unique rites-of-passage mentoring programme for young men aged 18-25 who have experience of the criminal justice system. Through this grant ABOB aims to set-up eight new franchises and develop volunteer communities to work with over 840 young men over the next two years.
30/11/2018 £60,000 YWCA Scotland YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement is a feminist organisation that creates transformational spaces to enable young women to lead personal, community and institutional change. YWCA runs safe spaces for young women aged 14 to 30 to participate in thematic activities of personal development, leadership, democracy and parliamentary system. This grant will support the organisation to strengthen the voice and influence of young women in Scotland to reduce gender inequality.
30/11/2018 £99,000 Asylum Research Centre Foundation ARC Foundation 2 Asylum Research Centre Foundation works to improve standards in the refugee status determination processes. This grant will support the organisation to provide expert input on policy documents used by government to make decisions on applications for asylum.
30/11/2018 £105,000 Migrant Voice 4 Through this grant Migrant Voice will build on their core work, linking high impact stories and people with lived experience to campaigns on emerging migration issues, through their networks in London, Birmingham and Glasgow and partnerships across the immigration sector.
30/11/2018 £4,000,000 Coram Childrens Legal Centre Ltd 5 Founded in 1739, Coram has a vision for every child to have the best possible chance to live a fulfilling life. The organisation supports children and young people from their earliest days to make often difficult transitions to adulthood. Their work focuses on children whose rights are jeopardised, children who are without their birth parents because they were abused or neglected; and children who have fled conflict to seek safe haven in our communities. This contribution to Coram’s existing endowment fund will support work on children’s rights and children’s voice.
30/11/2018 £60,000 New Vic Theatre 4 Through this grant the New Vic will evaluate how and whether a programme of work with older people, including a theatre company and annual arts festival, is making a difference to this group’s ongoing engagement with the arts.
30/11/2018 £40,000 New Horizon Youth Centre 13 New Horizon Youth Centre provides a support network for 16-21 year olds experiencing homelessness. They provide hot food, showers, laundry, help in finding accommodation, training and employment. They also offer counselling and a range of workshops in life skills to help young people at a pivotal moment.
30/11/2018 £150,000 Islington Giving (through Cripplegate Foundation) 3 The Cripplegate Foundation work to transform the lives of Islington’s most disadvantaged residents, by developing effective partnerships with local and national organisations to bring more resources into the area. Islington Giving works closely with local people and organisations to change lives for the better. They give grants to local voluntary organisations to provide support and activities to residents, shining a light on the issues of poverty and inequality and harnessing resources to address them.
30/11/2018 £1,500,000 The Koestler Trust 10 The Koestler Trust is a national organisation which plays a unique role in motivating offenders to take part and achieve in the arts, and in showcasing this art to the public. They encourage ex-offenders to change their lives through taking part in the arts, and challenge negative preconceptions of what ex-offenders are capable of. In recent years, they have significantly increased the range, reach and impact of their activities, ensuring that creativity remains present across the British criminal justice system. A ten year grant, index-linked to mitigate the impact of inflation, will underpin the national work of the organisation with prisoners and their families.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Equality and Diversity Forum 6 Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) brings together people and organisations to join up research, policy and communications to shift public opinion and policy in positive ways. EDF will run a values-led attitudinal change campaign to explore how to increase public support for a human rights based approach to migration.
30/11/2018 £100,000 YouthNet - T/A The Mix 8 The Mix provides holistic support for young people’s wellbeing using digital and mobile channels. This grant will help The Mix to extend reach, produce more youth-led content and create pathways of support from digital to local in-person services for young people.
31/10/2018 £249,000 Live Music Now 4 Live Music Now is a UK-wide initiative that delivers interactive music programmes in care homes and hospitals, and a range of community and healthcare settings. Through this grant, the organisation will extend and develop a Musicians in Residence programme in special schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting musicians and school staff to work together to devise and facilitate high quality music sessions for pupils aged 5 to 16 years.
31/10/2018 £100,000 The Warren of Hull Ltd 3 The Warren of Hull offers free support, guidance, training, music, education and counselling services to young people in Hull. This grant will fund the development of The Thing, the youth-led empowerment and governance structure at the heart of The Warren. Funding will go towards the salary of an Empowerment Support Worker and a Digital Media Campaign Facilitator as well as digital media and marketing resources, film-making facilities, workshops, publishing, and a contribution to mental health support.
31/10/2018 £190,000 The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain 3 Through this grant, the National Youth Orchestra will deliver a participation programme which empowers young people to co-produce and promote NYO concerts in schools and at regional arts venues. Over the next four years, NYO will work to further embed peer-engagement and youth-led decision making across its programmes.
31/10/2018 £100,000 UpRising 8 UpRising supports young people from diverse backgrounds to take up leadership positions across politics, business, and the public and voluntary sectors. This grant will fund a Campaigns and Engagement Officer to develop UpRising’s alumni networks in ongoing social action once its leadership programmes end.
31/10/2018 £59,000 The Little Angel Theatre 2 Little Angel Theatre plans to explore and test an arts/puppetry based approach to helping schools deliver their strategic aims. Artist practitioners will work collaboratively with teachers in four Islington schools, using puppetry, visual arts, drama and performance to bring whole-school improvement goals alive for pupils and families.
31/10/2018 £120,000 OpenUp Music 2 Open Up Music’s mission is to make orchestras accessible to young disabled people. Through this grant, OpenUp Music will deliver the National Open Youth Orchestra, a new inclusive national ensemble. In partnership with leading arts organisations and conservatoires in London, Bristol and the West Midlands, OpenUp Music will launch regional training centres providing a programme of musical development and personal development, rehearsal and performance opportunities for disabled young people and their peers.
31/10/2018 £100,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum 1 Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth-led charity that represents the voices of young people to government and other decision makers. This grant will go towards the development of a Leadership Studio for young activists in central Belfast. The grant will also fund the employment of a ‘Relentless Youth Worker’ who will deliver programmes to young people experiencing disadvantage, enabling them to become catalysts for change in their own communities and nationally.
31/10/2018 £10,075 Fat Macys 3 Fat Macy's is a catering social enterprise that works with people experiencing homelessness living in temporary accommodation. This grant will support a feasibility study exploring innovative solutions to the challenges around temporary accomodation.
31/10/2018 £15,000 Barrow Cadbury Trust 8 The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, charitable foundation, committed to bringing about socially just change. This grant was a contribution to the secretariat for the Funders for Race Equality to build capacity and change practice.
31/10/2018 £87,200 Just for Kids Law 13 Just for Kids Law works with and for children and young people to fight for the wider reform needed to secure their legal rights and entitlements. This grant will fund a Youth Engagement Officer to bring together young people who have been excluded from school to organise and undertake social action that will campaign around the educational, emotional and psychological impact of school exclusion.
31/10/2018 £100,000 Youth Access 4 Youth Access is a representative body that champions young people’s right to access local, high quality, evidence-informed advice, counselling and support services. This grant will go towards improving the charity’s Rights Advocates Training Programme and linking young people with those in power in an effort to increase the reach and impact of the Our Minds, Our Future mental health campaign.
31/10/2018 £100,000 The Advocacy Academy 5 The Advocacy Academy runs a six-month Social Justice Fellowship for young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. This grant will support the organisation to hire a Programme Director to focus on developing its model and deepening impact.
31/10/2018 £10,200 SPUD 3 SPUD delivers participatory projects that enable audiences to engage with art, the environment and architecture. Through this grant, SPUD will develop a mobile workshop space that offers people with dementia and their families the opportunity to explore their creativity and self-expression with professional artists.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Getaway Girls 7 Getaway Girls empowers girls and young women aged 11–25 to build confidence, develop new skills and take positive risks in an environment that offers cooperation and support. Follow-on funding will help the organisation to develop a strength-based approach to supporting more young women from diverse communities.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Fitzrovia Youth in Action 5 Fitzrovia Youth in Action is a central London youth organisation that works closely with partners to enable young people to develop youth-led social action and community development projects. Funding will support FYA to open a new indoor activity centre, co-designed and co-managed by young people, and to support young leaders to influence policy.
30/09/2018 £130,000 JustRight Scotland 2 JustRight Scotland is a charitable group of human rights lawyers based in Scotland working towards a new model of collaborative social justice. Through this grant, JustRight Scotland will build a legal advice, policy and research hub, bringing together migration expertise and analysis to inform individuals, organisations and policymakers during the Brexit transition.
30/09/2018 £190,000 MiCLU The Migrant and Refugee Childrens Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre 9 MiCLU seeks to achieve social justice by changing policy and practice to ensure respect for the rights, and improve the lives, of children who have migrated to the UK. Through this grant, MiCLU will work to improve legal representation for Albanian children and young people who are seeking asylum, and to support young people to develop resources to raise awareness of their needs, in partnership with Shpresa.
30/09/2018 £169,000 Scarabeus Theatre 3 Flying into Physics is an innovative and engaging approach to teaching KS2 physics, using aerial arts to enable children to experience science in action, seeing and feeling the physics principles behind forces. Scarabeus Theatre will extend this work to more schools in Leicester, London and Kent, and improve teacher training and support to enable them to reinforce learning back in the classroom.
30/09/2018 £60,000 YouthNet TA The Mix 8 The Mix is the UK’s leading digital charity providing holistic multi-channel support for young people’s well-being using digital and mobile channels. This grant will help The Mix to develop a youth-led approach to support young European Economic Area citizens in the UK through the process of applying for pre-settled or settled status between 2019 and 2021.
30/09/2018 £60,000 User Voice 5 User Voice aims to make the criminal justice system work for individuals, providers and society as a whole. This grant will support the organisation to relaunch a Youth Council model, giving young people in the criminal justice system the chance to self-advocate and push for service improvement.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Youth Initiatives 1 Youth Initiatives specialises in long term, relationship based, preventative youth work in areas of high social need in Northern Ireland. Funding will support its transition to a new leadership team and strategic plan. It will focus on collaboration to increase impact for young people, and implement its Hub model in Derry/ Londonderry, gathering learning to inform future replication.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Allsorts Gloucestershire 4 Allsorts works with disabled young people and their families from across Gloucestershire. This grant will support the organisation to create a range of new employment and personal development pathways for disabled young people across the area.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Street Teams 8 Street Teams supports young people at risk of, and affected by, sexual exploitation, grooming and trafficking. Through this grant, Street Teams will develop early intervention and prevention services to support families, children and young people at risk of grooming for criminal exploitation and extremism.
30/09/2018 £60,000 The Limes Community and Childrens Centre 8 The Limes provides activities for children and young people with disabilities or learning difficulties and their families. The organisation aims to build on its current activities and create a replicable model of inclusive and shared space for learning and development focused on transitions to adulthood.
30/09/2018 £250,000 Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) 8 Through this grant, IPPR will use research to set out the case for a programme of investment in integration, and to assess how government immigration policies impact on integration outcomes, working alongside key regional and city bodies.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Power2 8 Power2 works with young people aged 13-21 across England. Its flagship programme is ‘Teens and Toddlers’, where young people who are struggling in school mentor children in a nursery setting for 18 weeks. Building on its work to date, Power2 aims to play a greater role in preventing school exclusions. It will significantly expand its offer across North West England. Funding would support a significant growth in scale.
30/09/2018 £60,000 TwentyTwenty 13 TwentyTwenty aims to empower young people experiencing disadvantage who are not in education, employment or training. This grant will support the organisation to train staff, open new centres and grow impact as part of a five-year expansion strategy.
30/09/2018 £160,000 Latin American Women's Rights Service 8 No Limits (Sin Fronteras) is a safe space for Latin American young women aged 14 to 21 who are experiencing severe disadvantage due to intersectional inequalities. This holistic programme will provide support to address needs and overcome barriers and offer opportunities for developing existing and new skills, as well as exercising critical thinking on issues that matter to them through the use of arts and campaigning work.
30/09/2018 £53,000 Studio 3 Arts S3A 7 Studio 3 Arts are the lead partner for Creative Barking and Dagenham, a Creative People and Places funded programme. Creative Barking and Dagenham catalyses creative opportunities within the borough, enabling local people to create, commission and curate activities in their local area. Building on its Cultural Connectors network of volunteers, Creative Barking and Dagenham will explore and test what conditions are needed to create a strong and sustainable pipeline of locally-led arts engagement activity for adults in the area.
30/09/2018 £203,000 Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture 1 Shubbak is Europe’s largest festival of contemporary Arab culture. This programme aims to develop and embed a community engagement programme, supporting Arab communities to take part as audience members and decision-makers.
31/08/2018 £200,000 The Sheila McKechnie Foundation 9 SMK provides training and support to those seeking to bring about positive social change. SMK is a powerful voice for this community, working to influence public offices and provide opportunities for smaller organisations and individuals to access the resources they need to be heard. This funding will enable SMK to further develop advocacy efforts with and for civil society, and support the organisation’s future development.
31/08/2018 £150,000 Charity Finance Group (CFG) 2 CFG is a membership organisation, inspiring a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector. At a challenging time for charity funding, CFG acts as a voice for the charity sector, advocating for a better operating environment for the not-for-profit sector. Through championing best practice, nurturing leadership and influencing policy makers, CFG will use the grant through the Backbone Fund to continue to support the financial health of the voluntary sector, working with over 1,400 charities across the UK.
31/08/2018 £200,000 One Dance UK 3 One Dance UK is the sector support organisation leading the way to a stronger, more vibrant and more diverse dance sector. The organisation works to promote one clear voice to support, advocate, enhance and give profile to dance in the UK. They provide information, resources and opportunities for a workforce that is well equipped to secure dance’s prominence in the cultural landscape of the future. Core funding will help the organisation to increase capacity, to fund research to demonstrate impact and to advocate for the sector.
31/08/2018 £200,000 British Future 5 British Future is an independent non-partisan think tank, seeking to involve people in an open conversation that addresses hopes and fears about integration, immigration and identity. Through their communications, strategic advice and activities, British Future seeks to engage those who are anxious about cultural identity and economic opportunity in the UK, as well as those who already feel confident in society, to identify workable solutions. This grant through the Backbone Fund marks a timely, vital contribution to valuable work to strengthen voice in the migration and integration field.
31/08/2018 £20,000 ACEVO the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation 6 The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation (ACEVO) a network of leaders for civil society organisations, will use this funding to meet their current commitment to their membership base and to ensure that the organisation is fit for the future.
31/08/2018 £200,000 British Youth Council 4 BYC empowers young people aged 25 and under to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. BYC supports young people to get involved in their communities and democracy locally, nationally and internationally. Their flagship programmes include UK Youth Parliament, Young Mayor Network, NHS Youth Forum, Youth Select Committee and UK Young Ambassadors. This Backbone Fund grant will support core services and posts, providing stability in a challenging funding landscape for youth voice.
31/08/2018 £175,000 Global Dialogue 7 Global Dialogue promotes human rights and social change through innovative and collaborative philanthropy. From initiating exploratory conversations on emerging issues to managing large collaborative grant-making programmes, the organisation helps funders, activists and influencers to work together to bring about real change. This grant will allow them to strengthen organisational capacity and in doing so continue to support collaborative practice exchange, connecting funders and organisations.
31/08/2018 £175,000 Who Cares Scotland 7 Who Cares? Scotland works with children and young people with experience of the care system in Scotland to help them to speak out and access the rights to which they are entitled. The organisation focuses on influencing the people, cultures and systems that will positively affect the quality of life for care-experienced people. This grant will provide core funding to help them build on their advocacy work, ahead of the root and branch review of the care system in Scotland.
31/08/2018 £175,000 5Rights Foundation 1 This grant will fund the set-up and establishment of the 5Rights Foundation, supporting children’s rights in the digital environment. The grant will contribute to the Director’s salary for the first two years and the creation of a 5Rights Children’s Commission.
31/08/2018 £10,000 The Childrens Society 11 The funding will support an independent evaluation of The Children’s Society’s five-year litigation/influencing campaign to reinstate legal aid for separated children’s immigration cases. This will record approaches taken, capture learning, analyse what could have been done better, whilst building confidence and capability in using different influencing approaches.
31/07/2018 £250,000 Battersea Arts Centre 6 Battersea Arts Centre will bring together a new network of interdisciplinary cultural organisations, individuals and social sector bodies to develop, promote and share models of outstanding co-created artistic practice – work developed in equal partnerships with communities. Through commissions, partnerships and sharing, the network will support the cultural sector to rethink traditional models of artistic creation and participation to make it relevant and accessible to more people.
31/07/2018 £15,000 City of Sanctuary 6 City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. This grant supports the development of joint creative communications content for the Lift the Ban coalition and campaign to give people seeking asylum the right to work.
31/07/2018 £40,000 The Centre for Youth Impact 2 Support for the transition for Project Oracle to become part of the Centre for Youth Impact.
31/07/2018 £60,000 Derby QUAD Ltd 3 QUAD is an international centre for engagement in contemporary art and film. Through this programme QUAD will collaborate with five secondary schools to explore how visual and digital literacy can support skills development. Focusing on visual art, photography and digital media, the initiative will examine how these approaches can be applied across the curriculum and beyond the classroom.
31/07/2018 £38,000 Young Peoples Puppet Theatre 2 Young People’s Puppet Theatre (YPPT) offers year-long creative puppetry workshops to schools. Through this grant, YPPT will work with Year 6 pupils in four primary schools in Watford and Cambridge to enable them to design and make puppets and create shows for parents, their school and local community. YPPT will evaluate the projects’ impact on young people’s wellbeing, confidence, resilience, communication and collaboration skills, and engagement with learning.
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