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Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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Charity Commission for England and Wales
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In this period they've made 520 significant donations to registered charities totalling £62,047,234

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28/02/2019 £125,000 The Forge 3? The Forge, a participatory arts commissioning and producing agency and Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, will partner with seven schools, two of which are special educational needs and disabilities settings. This project will develop teachers’ knowledge, skills and experience in using photography to support children’s progress in creative writing.
28/02/2019 £145,000 Prime Theatre 3? Prime Theatre, a professional children and young people’s theatre company working in Swindon and Wiltshire, and an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, will work in partnership with seven schools from the White Horse Federation and Swindon Teaching School. Building on an existing relationship with Drove Primary, the lead school in the project, theatre practitioners will collaborate with teachers to explore how drama and performance poetry can support the acquisition and understanding of language and empower teachers to develop and embed these arts-based approaches in their practice. The project aims to support children’s progress in speaking and listening, reading and writing.
28/02/2019 £252,000 South East Dance Ltd 3? Delivered in partnership with three arts organisations across the UK, this programme aims to increase access to dance for early years aged children as participants and audiences and to support artists’ development and the commissioning and touring of new work.
28/02/2019 £290,000 Streetwise Opera 6? Streetwise Opera is a performing arts charity that supports people with experience of homelessness. This grant will help Streetwise Opera to reach more people, build organisational capacity and develop cross-sector partnerships through regional hubs.
28/02/2019 £322,000 42nd Street 9? 42nd Street is a Manchester based charity that supports young people with their mental health and wellbeing. This grant will support the organisation to develop the Horsfall arts programme and to integrate this initiative into 42nd Street’s wider offer.
28/02/2019 £150,000 CAST Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology 7? Catalyst aims to build the digital capacity of UK civil society. The programme act as a sustained focal point for advocacy, action and accountability; leverage the resources and networks of founders and delivery partners; and scale up and build on tested assets and approaches.
28/02/2019 £20,000 Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath Fuel 3? This grant provides support for Fly the Flag, a cross-sector campaign marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that aims to empower people to understand, embrace and uphold human rights.
28/02/2019 £40,000 Just for Kids Law 15? Just for Kids Law is a legal charity working with young people, supporting them to understand their rights and providing specialist advocacy and representation through their youth-led service model. This grant will support organisational growth and development as part of the Growth Fund annual package of support.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Young Harrow Foundation 2? Young Harrow Foundation is a youth sector membership and infrastructure body working exclusively in Harrow. YHF will pilot a youth-led partnership model focused on five thematic areas: mental health, youth violence, employment, inequalities and physical activity. This project aims to connect young people with lived experience of these issues, local delivery specialists and expert voices from outside the sector to create new ideas and trial programmes.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum 3? Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth-led voluntary organisation delivering projects across Northern Ireland and promoting youth voice in decision making. Funding will support an asset-based approach to practice development and strategic planning.
28/02/2019 £40,000 Bedford Creative Arts 1? Bedford Creative Arts is a contemporary arts charity dedicated to commissioning high quality art with communities and working with artists to explore new developments in socially engaged art practice. This grant will support Bedford Creative Arts to expand a successful pilot approach of co-creation with residents across a larger geographic area, test different methods of engagement, share skills and knowledge with key partners and develop a deeper understanding of the work's social impact.
28/02/2019 £500,000 Sheffield Young Carers Project 4? Sheffield Young Carers supports local young people aged 8 to 25 who provide care for one or more family members who have disabilities, long-term physical illnesses, mental health difficulties and/or a problem with drugs or alcohol. Core funding will underpin strategic and operational growth. This grant will support the organisation to influence policy, raise awareness and replicate good practice regionally and nationally.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Hideaway Youth Project 4? Hideaway Youth Project helps young people aged 11–25 in the Moss Side area of Manchester to realise their potential, build their self-esteem and feel accepted and confident about the future. This grant will support a Senior Youth Worker to develop a new street outreach approach. Manchester Metropolitan University will evaluate this new strand of work, and Hideaway will share learning through regional and national networks.
28/02/2019 £110,000 Voluntary Action Sheffield 2? Voluntary Action Sheffield supports voluntary communities and organisations in Sheffield at all stages of development. This grant will support the organisation to develop and grow Cohesion Sheffield, which delivers the Citywide Cohesion Strategy Framework for Action and promotes cross-sector partnerships to support integration.
28/02/2019 £59,000 The Spark Children's Arts Festival 2? Spark Arts for Children runs performing and visual arts education projects to support children to discover, enjoy and celebrate the arts. Through this grant, Spark Arts will explore and test a programme of experiential learning and teaching strategies built around an annual children's festival. The initiative aims to develop teacher’s skills and confidence in arts-based learning and to give children high quality theatre experiences to enhance their learning and development.
28/02/2019 £60,000 in2scienceUK 4? in2scienceUK empowers students experiencing disadvantage to achieve their potential and progress to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through work placements and careers guidance. This grant will support the programme’s expansion across the South East, South West and North West.
28/02/2019 £60,000 Heart of Glass St Helens Ltd 1? Heart of Glass delivers socially engaged contemporary arts programmes in St Helens, Merseyside. Through this grant, Heart of Glass will explore how best to support working-class young women to develop the self-confidence and skills to create new artwork and to produce and promote cultural activity for their peers.
28/02/2019 £500,000 The Jericho Foundation 5? The Jericho Foundation supports people experiencing disadvantage to gain skills to secure sustainable employment. Core funding will support strategic and operational growth, and allow the Foundation to scale and replicate social enterprises that equip and empower young people to become financially independent.
28/02/2019 £9,000 PAINES PLOUGH LIMITED 2? Touring company Paines Plough specialises in commissioning and producing new plays and helping playwrights to develop their craft. This grant will support Paines Plough to transform a small scale touring network into a resilient circuit that sustains the wider touring sector, to connect with young audiences and to train a new and diverse generation of artists and touring companies.
31/01/2019 £50,000 Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales 3? This grant provides support for a placed-based funders' consortium with Lloyds Bank Foundation, Tudor Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, City Bridge Trust and Lankelly Chase Foundation.
31/01/2019 £10,000 Catch22 10? This grant will fund the pilot of a project that supports people in employability programmes to take the next step in their careers through building relationships with Livery members.
31/12/2018 £12,650 Transform Justice 2? Transform Justice is a national charity working for a fair, humane, open and effective justice system. This grant will support the development of a movement to advocate for criminal records reform.
31/12/2018 £80,000 women at the well 5? Women at the Well supports women whose lives are affected by, or at risk of being affected by prostitution. Established in 2007, the organisation has supported communities in Camden, Islington and Haringey for the last ten years. Services are provided to people who have multiple and complex needs including drug and alcohol abuse, mental health difficulties, experience of homelessness and trafficking. A core programme at a women-only building in Kings Cross building helps to meet basic needs including food, laundry, as well as advocacy and support services.
31/12/2018 £1,200,000 Comic Relief 8? Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation are working in partnership to deliver the Tech for Good for three years, from 2019 through 2021. This programme supports charity organisations who are using technology to deliver new ideas and make services more effective.
31/12/2018 £15,735 Kieran Rose hosted by North East Autism Society 4? Keiran Rose is a blogger and campaigner who advocates for greater understanding of the rights and needs of autistic people. Through this grant, Keiran will co-develop a neurodiversity think tank with the North East Autism Society to review and feedback on local service provision and to engage in ongoing public debates through social media, events and other channels.
31/12/2018 £10,400 fanSHEN 2? The Intelligence Collective is an experience combining playable theatre, technology, and neuroscience to build young people’s capacity for thinking together, improving emotional resilience and ability to disagree civilly. This grant will support the co-development of an interactive digital story based on a popular Young Adult novel with a group of young people to improve emotional resilience and capacity for thinking together.
31/12/2018 £75,000 360Giving 1? 360Giving publishes data from the grant-making sector in a searchable format. This funding will enable 360Giving to expand the number of funders publishing data and to support the use of the data by grant seekers and grant makers in their decisions and research.
30/11/2018 £60,000 My Life My Say 4? MLMS is a youth-led charity that aims to empower young people to participate in democracy. MLMS will expand the scope and nature of their democratic engagement activities by increasing Democracy Cafes, establishing a Common Futures Forum and developing a Social Inclusion Unit.
30/11/2018 £57,000 Cambridge Junction 3? Access Technology Scotland aims to widen access to high quality digital skills education, training and facilities, particularly amongst groups experiencing disadvantage. Through this project, the organisation will work with three primary schools in North Ayrshire to deliver a music with technology project and evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.
30/11/2018 £198,000 Collective Encounters 4? Collective Encounters is an arts organisation focusing on theatre for social change through collaborative practice. This grant will fund a four-year programme to engage adults and young people living in areas affected by economic deprivation and to support artist development and sharing of best practice.
30/11/2018 £210,000 Open Eye Gallery 2? Open Eye Gallery will further develop its programme of community-based participation and embed this in its core offer, building its understanding of co-authored and socially engaged photography practice. Over 3 years it will broaden its reach via a larger programme of photographers in residence in partnership with target groups in Liverpool who face inequalities of opportunity, and open up its resources to wider use.
30/11/2018 £317,000 Sherman Theatre 4? Through this grant, Sherman Theatre aims to increase the social impact of the Sherman 5 audience development programme, created with support from a Paul Hamlyn Club Award. Over the next four years, the theatre will develop an enhanced community volunteer programme, supported by greater partnership working and use of Time Credits.
30/11/2018 £20,000 Copenhagen Youth Project CYP 8? Copenhagen Youth Project provides a safe, youth-led space for young people in the Caledonian Road and Barnsbury area – an area which is amongst the 20% most deprived areas nationally. The organisation runs a range of events and activities to help young people experiencing disadvantage to learn, develop and build a positive future.
30/11/2018 £239,000 Writing on the Wall 3? Writing on the Wall is a Liverpool-based community charity that promotes and celebrates writing in all its forms through a month-long annual festival and year-round projects. This grant will support the organisation to develop the Super Heroes creative writing project with eight primary schools, working with professional writers and artists to facilitate workshops for pupils in Years 3-6 and to deliver continuing professional development for teachers.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Allsorts Youth Project 6? Allsorts Youth Project supports children and young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender (LGBT) or unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBTU). The organisation aims to extend training, consultancy and partnership work with Brighton and Hove local authority, and work in East and West Sussex schools, colleges and community organisations to ensure the provision of LGBT youth inclusive and safe services.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Empire Fighting Chance 16? Empire Fighting Chance aims to transform young lives through boxing. This grant will support the organisation to scale the ‘Inspiring Champions’ programme, which integrates boxing, mentoring and psychological education, across the South West.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Football Beyond Borders 7? Football Beyond Borders (FBB) is an education charity which uses football to support young people experiencing disadvantage. Follow-on funding will support FBB to scale the programme nationally to reach 1,120 young people across 70 schools and develop the learning hubs to include Coach Educator accreditation. Over the next two years, the organisation will work with an independent evaluator to develop robust evidence of programme impact.
30/11/2018 £60,000 ThinkForward UK 8? ThinkForward provides long-term coaching to young people at risk of unemployment, supporting their transition into further study and employment. Through this grant, the organisation will develop a digital coaching toolkit to enhance delivery and consistency across the East Midlands, London and South East.
30/11/2018 £60,000 The Bulldogs 6? The Bulldogs is a boxing charity based in Port Talbot in Wales. This grant will support the organisation to maximise income generation opportunities afforded by a new community venue to increase long term sustainability, develop new partnerships and invest in impact measurement.
30/11/2018 £100,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) works with charities, philanthropists, funders and social enterprises to maximise their social impact. This grant will support NPC to collectively develop digital solutions and useful tools to support young people and the youth sector to reach their potential.
30/11/2018 £50,000 PEER UK Ltd 1? Through this grant PEER will explore a youth-led model of community engagement aimed at increasing audiences from BAME groups and participation among people experiencing disadvantage. Funding will support programme delivery and robust evaluation of the programme’s impact.
30/11/2018 £500,000 Snape Maltings 3? An international performance venue with artist development and education at heart, Snape Maltings aims to bring the benefits of music to all. This grant will support Snape’s vision to establish a Creative Campus - a national centre for music, health and wellbeing.
30/11/2018 £500,000 Film Nation UK 3? Through this grant Film Nation aims to develop and embed arts-based learning through film in literacy and other areas of the curriculum in primary schools in Bradford, Bristol and Belfast, by developing and delivering teacher continuing professional development and learning.
30/11/2018 £60,000 YMCA Crewe 5? YMCA Crewe supports young people experiencing disadvantage to improve wellbeing, employability and independent living. Funding will support YMCE Crewe to scale their GLOscape programme supporting young people experiencing homelessness.
30/11/2018 £60,000 abandofbrothers ABOB 9? ABOB provides a unique rites-of-passage mentoring programme for young men aged 18-25 who have experience of the criminal justice system. Through this grant ABOB aims to set-up eight new franchises and develop volunteer communities to work with over 840 young men over the next two years.
30/11/2018 £60,000 YWCA Scotland YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement is a feminist organisation that creates transformational spaces to enable young women to lead personal, community and institutional change. YWCA runs safe spaces for young women aged 14 to 30 to participate in thematic activities of personal development, leadership, democracy and parliamentary system. This grant will support the organisation to strengthen the voice and influence of young women in Scotland to reduce gender inequality.
30/11/2018 £99,000 Asylum Research Centre Foundation ARC Foundation 2? Asylum Research Centre Foundation works to improve standards in the refugee status determination processes. This grant will support the organisation to provide expert input on policy documents used by government to make decisions on applications for asylum.
30/11/2018 £105,000 Migrant Voice 4? Through this grant Migrant Voice will build on their core work, linking high impact stories and people with lived experience to campaigns on emerging migration issues, through their networks in London, Birmingham and Glasgow and partnerships across the immigration sector.
30/11/2018 £4,000,000 Coram Childrens Legal Centre Ltd 5? Founded in 1739, Coram has a vision for every child to have the best possible chance to live a fulfilling life. The organisation supports children and young people from their earliest days to make often difficult transitions to adulthood. Their work focuses on children whose rights are jeopardised, children who are without their birth parents because they were abused or neglected; and children who have fled conflict to seek safe haven in our communities. This contribution to Coram’s existing endowment fund will support work on children’s rights and children’s voice.
30/11/2018 £60,000 New Vic Theatre 3? Through this grant the New Vic will evaluate how and whether a programme of work with older people, including a theatre company and annual arts festival, is making a difference to this group’s ongoing engagement with the arts.
30/11/2018 £40,000 New Horizon Youth Centre 12? New Horizon Youth Centre provides a support network for 16-21 year olds experiencing homelessness. They provide hot food, showers, laundry, help in finding accommodation, training and employment. They also offer counselling and a range of workshops in life skills to help young people at a pivotal moment.
30/11/2018 £150,000 Islington Giving (through Cripplegate Foundation) 3? The Cripplegate Foundation work to transform the lives of Islington’s most disadvantaged residents, by developing effective partnerships with local and national organisations to bring more resources into the area. Islington Giving works closely with local people and organisations to change lives for the better. They give grants to local voluntary organisations to provide support and activities to residents, shining a light on the issues of poverty and inequality and harnessing resources to address them.
30/11/2018 £1,500,000 The Koestler Trust 10? The Koestler Trust is a national organisation which plays a unique role in motivating offenders to take part and achieve in the arts, and in showcasing this art to the public. They encourage ex-offenders to change their lives through taking part in the arts, and challenge negative preconceptions of what ex-offenders are capable of. In recent years, they have significantly increased the range, reach and impact of their activities, ensuring that creativity remains present across the British criminal justice system. A ten year grant, index-linked to mitigate the impact of inflation, will underpin the national work of the organisation with prisoners and their families.
30/11/2018 £60,000 Equality and Diversity Forum 6? Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) brings together people and organisations to join up research, policy and communications to shift public opinion and policy in positive ways. EDF will run a values-led attitudinal change campaign to explore how to increase public support for a human rights based approach to migration.
30/11/2018 £100,000 YouthNet - T/A The Mix 9? The Mix provides holistic support for young people’s wellbeing using digital and mobile channels. This grant will help The Mix to extend reach, produce more youth-led content and create pathways of support from digital to local in-person services for young people.
31/10/2018 £249,000 Live Music Now 3? Live Music Now is a UK-wide initiative that delivers interactive music programmes in care homes and hospitals, and a range of community and healthcare settings. Through this grant, the organisation will extend and develop a Musicians in Residence programme in special schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supporting musicians and school staff to work together to devise and facilitate high quality music sessions for pupils aged 5 to 16 years.
31/10/2018 £100,000 The Warren of Hull Ltd 2? The Warren of Hull offers free support, guidance, training, music, education and counselling services to young people in Hull. This grant will fund the development of The Thing, the youth-led empowerment and governance structure at the heart of The Warren. Funding will go towards the salary of an Empowerment Support Worker and a Digital Media Campaign Facilitator as well as digital media and marketing resources, film-making facilities, workshops, publishing, and a contribution to mental health support.
31/10/2018 £190,000 The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain 3? Through this grant, the National Youth Orchestra will deliver a participation programme which empowers young people to co-produce and promote NYO concerts in schools and at regional arts venues. Over the next four years, NYO will work to further embed peer-engagement and youth-led decision making across its programmes.
31/10/2018 £100,000 UpRising 8? UpRising supports young people from diverse backgrounds to take up leadership positions across politics, business, and the public and voluntary sectors. This grant will fund a Campaigns and Engagement Officer to develop UpRising’s alumni networks in ongoing social action once its leadership programmes end.
31/10/2018 £59,000 The Little Angel Theatre 4? Little Angel Theatre plans to explore and test an arts/puppetry based approach to helping schools deliver their strategic aims. Artist practitioners will work collaboratively with teachers in four Islington schools, using puppetry, visual arts, drama and performance to bring whole-school improvement goals alive for pupils and families.
31/10/2018 £120,000 OpenUp Music 3? Open Up Music’s mission is to make orchestras accessible to young disabled people. Through this grant, OpenUp Music will deliver the National Open Youth Orchestra, a new inclusive national ensemble. In partnership with leading arts organisations and conservatoires in London, Bristol and the West Midlands, OpenUp Music will launch regional training centres providing a programme of musical development and personal development, rehearsal and performance opportunities for disabled young people and their peers.
31/10/2018 £100,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum 3? Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth-led charity that represents the voices of young people to government and other decision makers. This grant will go towards the development of a Leadership Studio for young activists in central Belfast. The grant will also fund the employment of a ‘Relentless Youth Worker’ who will deliver programmes to young people experiencing disadvantage, enabling them to become catalysts for change in their own communities and nationally.
31/10/2018 £10,075 Fat Macys 4? Fat Macy's is a catering social enterprise that works with people experiencing homelessness living in temporary accommodation. This grant will support a feasibility study exploring innovative solutions to the challenges around temporary accomodation.
31/10/2018 £15,000 Barrow Cadbury Trust 8? The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, charitable foundation, committed to bringing about socially just change. This grant was a contribution to the secretariat for the Funders for Race Equality to build capacity and change practice.
31/10/2018 £87,200 Just for Kids Law 15? Just for Kids Law works with and for children and young people to fight for the wider reform needed to secure their legal rights and entitlements. This grant will fund a Youth Engagement Officer to bring together young people who have been excluded from school to organise and undertake social action that will campaign around the educational, emotional and psychological impact of school exclusion.
31/10/2018 £100,000 Youth Access 4? Youth Access is a representative body that champions young people’s right to access local, high quality, evidence-informed advice, counselling and support services. This grant will go towards improving the charity’s Rights Advocates Training Programme and linking young people with those in power in an effort to increase the reach and impact of the Our Minds, Our Future mental health campaign.
31/10/2018 £100,000 The Advocacy Academy 6? The Advocacy Academy runs a six-month Social Justice Fellowship for young people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. This grant will support the organisation to hire a Programme Director to focus on developing its model and deepening impact.
31/10/2018 £10,200 SPUD 3? SPUD delivers participatory projects that enable audiences to engage with art, the environment and architecture. Through this grant, SPUD will develop a mobile workshop space that offers people with dementia and their families the opportunity to explore their creativity and self-expression with professional artists.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Getaway Girls 9? Getaway Girls empowers girls and young women aged 11–25 to build confidence, develop new skills and take positive risks in an environment that offers cooperation and support. Follow-on funding will help the organisation to develop a strength-based approach to supporting more young women from diverse communities.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Fitzrovia Youth in Action 7? Fitzrovia Youth in Action is a central London youth organisation that works closely with partners to enable young people to develop youth-led social action and community development projects. Funding will support FYA to open a new indoor activity centre, co-designed and co-managed by young people, and to support young leaders to influence policy.
30/09/2018 £130,000 JustRight Scotland 2? JustRight Scotland is a charitable group of human rights lawyers based in Scotland working towards a new model of collaborative social justice. Through this grant, JustRight Scotland will build a legal advice, policy and research hub, bringing together migration expertise and analysis to inform individuals, organisations and policymakers during the Brexit transition.
30/09/2018 £190,000 MiCLU The Migrant and Refugee Childrens Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre 9? MiCLU seeks to achieve social justice by changing policy and practice to ensure respect for the rights, and improve the lives, of children who have migrated to the UK. Through this grant, MiCLU will work to improve legal representation for Albanian children and young people who are seeking asylum, and to support young people to develop resources to raise awareness of their needs, in partnership with Shpresa.
30/09/2018 £169,000 Scarabeus Theatre 2? Flying into Physics is an innovative and engaging approach to teaching KS2 physics, using aerial arts to enable children to experience science in action, seeing and feeling the physics principles behind forces. Scarabeus Theatre will extend this work to more schools in Leicester, London and Kent, and improve teacher training and support to enable them to reinforce learning back in the classroom.
30/09/2018 £60,000 YouthNet TA The Mix 9? The Mix is the UK’s leading digital charity providing holistic multi-channel support for young people’s well-being using digital and mobile channels. This grant will help The Mix to develop a youth-led approach to support young European Economic Area citizens in the UK through the process of applying for pre-settled or settled status between 2019 and 2021.
30/09/2018 £60,000 User Voice 5? User Voice aims to make the criminal justice system work for individuals, providers and society as a whole. This grant will support the organisation to relaunch a Youth Council model, giving young people in the criminal justice system the chance to self-advocate and push for service improvement.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Youth Initiatives 4? Youth Initiatives specialises in long term, relationship based, preventative youth work in areas of high social need in Northern Ireland. Funding will support its transition to a new leadership team and strategic plan. It will focus on collaboration to increase impact for young people, and implement its Hub model in Derry/ Londonderry, gathering learning to inform future replication.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Allsorts Gloucestershire 4? Allsorts works with disabled young people and their families from across Gloucestershire. This grant will support the organisation to create a range of new employment and personal development pathways for disabled young people across the area.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Street Teams 9? Street Teams supports young people at risk of, and affected by, sexual exploitation, grooming and trafficking. Through this grant, Street Teams will develop early intervention and prevention services to support families, children and young people at risk of grooming for criminal exploitation and extremism.
30/09/2018 £60,000 The Limes Community and Childrens Centre 8? The Limes provides activities for children and young people with disabilities or learning difficulties and their families. The organisation aims to build on its current activities and create a replicable model of inclusive and shared space for learning and development focused on transitions to adulthood.
30/09/2018 £250,000 Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) 8? Through this grant, IPPR will use research to set out the case for a programme of investment in integration, and to assess how government immigration policies impact on integration outcomes, working alongside key regional and city bodies.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Power2 9? Power2 works with young people aged 13-21 across England. Its flagship programme is ‘Teens and Toddlers’, where young people who are struggling in school mentor children in a nursery setting for 18 weeks. Building on its work to date, Power2 aims to play a greater role in preventing school exclusions. It will significantly expand its offer across North West England. Funding would support a significant growth in scale.
30/09/2018 £60,000 TwentyTwenty 13? TwentyTwenty aims to empower young people experiencing disadvantage who are not in education, employment or training. This grant will support the organisation to train staff, open new centres and grow impact as part of a five-year expansion strategy.
30/09/2018 £160,000 Latin American Women's Rights Service 9? No Limits (Sin Fronteras) is a safe space for Latin American young women aged 14 to 21 who are experiencing severe disadvantage due to intersectional inequalities. This holistic programme will provide support to address needs and overcome barriers and offer opportunities for developing existing and new skills, as well as exercising critical thinking on issues that matter to them through the use of arts and campaigning work.
30/09/2018 £53,000 Studio 3 Arts S3A 7? Studio 3 Arts are the lead partner for Creative Barking and Dagenham, a Creative People and Places funded programme. Creative Barking and Dagenham catalyses creative opportunities within the borough, enabling local people to create, commission and curate activities in their local area. Building on its Cultural Connectors network of volunteers, Creative Barking and Dagenham will explore and test what conditions are needed to create a strong and sustainable pipeline of locally-led arts engagement activity for adults in the area.
30/09/2018 £203,000 Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture 1? Shubbak is Europe’s largest festival of contemporary Arab culture. This programme aims to develop and embed a community engagement programme, supporting Arab communities to take part as audience members and decision-makers.
31/08/2018 £200,000 The Sheila McKechnie Foundation 9? SMK provides training and support to those seeking to bring about positive social change. SMK is a powerful voice for this community, working to influence public offices and provide opportunities for smaller organisations and individuals to access the resources they need to be heard. This funding will enable SMK to further develop advocacy efforts with and for civil society, and support the organisation’s future development.
31/08/2018 £150,000 Charity Finance Group (CFG) 2? CFG is a membership organisation, inspiring a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector. At a challenging time for charity funding, CFG acts as a voice for the charity sector, advocating for a better operating environment for the not-for-profit sector. Through championing best practice, nurturing leadership and influencing policy makers, CFG will use the grant through the Backbone Fund to continue to support the financial health of the voluntary sector, working with over 1,400 charities across the UK.
31/08/2018 £200,000 One Dance UK 3? One Dance UK is the sector support organisation leading the way to a stronger, more vibrant and more diverse dance sector. The organisation works to promote one clear voice to support, advocate, enhance and give profile to dance in the UK. They provide information, resources and opportunities for a workforce that is well equipped to secure dance’s prominence in the cultural landscape of the future. Core funding will help the organisation to increase capacity, to fund research to demonstrate impact and to advocate for the sector.
31/08/2018 £200,000 British Future 5? British Future is an independent non-partisan think tank, seeking to involve people in an open conversation that addresses hopes and fears about integration, immigration and identity. Through their communications, strategic advice and activities, British Future seeks to engage those who are anxious about cultural identity and economic opportunity in the UK, as well as those who already feel confident in society, to identify workable solutions. This grant through the Backbone Fund marks a timely, vital contribution to valuable work to strengthen voice in the migration and integration field.
31/08/2018 £20,000 ACEVO the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation 7? The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation (ACEVO) a network of leaders for civil society organisations, will use this funding to meet their current commitment to their membership base and to ensure that the organisation is fit for the future.
31/08/2018 £200,000 British Youth Council 3? BYC empowers young people aged 25 and under to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. BYC supports young people to get involved in their communities and democracy locally, nationally and internationally. Their flagship programmes include UK Youth Parliament, Young Mayor Network, NHS Youth Forum, Youth Select Committee and UK Young Ambassadors. This Backbone Fund grant will support core services and posts, providing stability in a challenging funding landscape for youth voice.
31/08/2018 £175,000 Global Dialogue 8? Global Dialogue promotes human rights and social change through innovative and collaborative philanthropy. From initiating exploratory conversations on emerging issues to managing large collaborative grant-making programmes, the organisation helps funders, activists and influencers to work together to bring about real change. This grant will allow them to strengthen organisational capacity and in doing so continue to support collaborative practice exchange, connecting funders and organisations.
31/08/2018 £175,000 Who Cares Scotland 7? Who Cares? Scotland works with children and young people with experience of the care system in Scotland to help them to speak out and access the rights to which they are entitled. The organisation focuses on influencing the people, cultures and systems that will positively affect the quality of life for care-experienced people. This grant will provide core funding to help them build on their advocacy work, ahead of the root and branch review of the care system in Scotland.
31/08/2018 £175,000 5Rights Foundation 1? This grant will fund the set-up and establishment of the 5Rights Foundation, supporting children’s rights in the digital environment. The grant will contribute to the Director’s salary for the first two years and the creation of a 5Rights Children’s Commission.
31/08/2018 £10,000 The Childrens Society 11? The funding will support an independent evaluation of The Children’s Society’s five-year litigation/influencing campaign to reinstate legal aid for separated children’s immigration cases. This will record approaches taken, capture learning, analyse what could have been done better, whilst building confidence and capability in using different influencing approaches.
29/08/2018 £7,000 The Advocacy Academy 6? The Advocacy Academy is a charity based in London which supports marginalised young people to understand and tackle the social issues that directly affect them. This grant will support the opening of the first youth organising centre in the UK. From meals and community meetings to round-the-clock youth programmes, this centre will be a unique and inclusive space where young people from across South London can come together.
29/08/2018 £6,000 Arts Active Trust 2? ArtWorks Cymru aims to bring the Teaching Artist Pathways Model from the New Victory Theatre in New York, adapt it for the Welsh context and test a coaching offer for freelance participatory artists based around it.
13/08/2018 £5,000 North East Together through Meadow Well Connected 8? Meadow Well Connected is a community hub based in North Shields, Tyneside that aims to provide a safe, welcoming place where local residents can meet new people, make new friends and learn new skills to help their community thrive. This grant will support the North East Collaboration Working Group in the design, development and delivery of a conference to promote cross sector collaboration across the North East.
03/08/2018 £7,000 Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) 8? IVAR is an independent charity that works closely with people and organisations striving for social change. This grant will support an exploratory study on how tech can be used to help make services relevant, accessible and efficient for small, voluntary organisations.
31/07/2018 £250,000 Battersea Arts Centre 6? Battersea Arts Centre will bring together a new network of interdisciplinary cultural organisations, individuals and social sector bodies to develop, promote and share models of outstanding co-created artistic practice – work developed in equal partnerships with communities. Through commissions, partnerships and sharing, the network will support the cultural sector to rethink traditional models of artistic creation and participation to make it relevant and accessible to more people.
31/07/2018 £15,000 City of Sanctuary 6? City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. This grant supports the development of joint creative communications content for the Lift the Ban coalition and campaign to give people seeking asylum the right to work.
31/07/2018 £40,000 The Centre for Youth Impact 2? Support for the transition for Project Oracle to become part of the Centre for Youth Impact.
31/07/2018 £60,000 Derby QUAD Ltd 3? QUAD is an international centre for engagement in contemporary art and film. Through this programme QUAD will collaborate with five secondary schools to explore how visual and digital literacy can support skills development. Focusing on visual art, photography and digital media, the initiative will examine how these approaches can be applied across the curriculum and beyond the classroom.
31/07/2018 £38,000 Young Peoples Puppet Theatre 3? Young People’s Puppet Theatre (YPPT) offers year-long creative puppetry workshops to schools. Through this grant, YPPT will work with Year 6 pupils in four primary schools in Watford and Cambridge to enable them to design and make puppets and create shows for parents, their school and local community. YPPT will evaluate the projects’ impact on young people’s wellbeing, confidence, resilience, communication and collaboration skills, and engagement with learning.
31/07/2018 £20,000 MiCLU The Migrant and Refugee Childrens Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre 9? MiCLU seeks to achieve social justice by changing policy and practice to ensure respect for the rights, and improve the lives, of children who have migrated to the UK. Through this grant, MiCLU will work to improve legal representation for Albanian children and young people who are seeking asylum, and to support young people to develop resources to raise awareness of their needs, in partnership with Shpresa.
04/07/2018 £7,500 The Legal Education Foundation 5? The overarching goal of the conference is to promote understanding of the constitution, rule of law principles, and legislative frameworks and processes in the UK during and after exit from the EU. The conference will involve civil society organisations from a range of sectors, academic experts, think tanks, and parliamentarians.
30/06/2018 £20,000 Involve 5? Involve is a public participation charity that aims to put people at the heart of decision-making. This grant will support Involve to establish a Citizens’ Assembly for Northern Ireland to help break the stalemate on contested policy issues and provide a model for addressing similar situations in future.
30/06/2018 £60,000 Tender Education and Arts 10? Tender is a charity that uses the theatre to engage young people in the prevention of domestic and sexual abuse. This grant will support the salary of the Finance and Programme Managers, enabling the organisation to develop new targeted approaches, expand a National Partnership Programme and enhance policy and influence work.
30/06/2018 £140,000 South London Refugee Association 8? South London Refugee Association provides expert advice, specialist services and effective support to refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in South London. This grant will support the organisation to explore a collaborative service model for care leavers with insecure immigration status.
30/06/2018 £43,000 The Renewal Trust 3? The Renewal Trust is a community development and regeneration organisation providing targeted and universal support in the St Ann’s and Sneinton areas of Nottingham. Through this grant it will explore its role as a ‘connector’ for arts organisations to work with local people by co-delivering arts projects, commissions and residences in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.
30/06/2018 £60,000 Gasworks 2? Gasworks is a visual arts organisation based in Vauxhall, South London. It delivers a programme of international artist residences, runs artist studios and commissions new work. Through this grant, Gasworks will run a two-year programme of participatory artist residencies working with migrant-led community organisations in Lambeth and Southwark. It will develop a framework of evaluation to better understand the impact of artist-led approaches on participants, artists and the organisation.
30/06/2018 £60,000 London Youth Support Trust (LYST) 5? LYST is a youth enterprise charity that aims to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to start their own businesses. Through this grant LYST plans to expand its business incubation and support programme nationally, opening two enterprise centres out of London, in locations where youth unemployment is an issue. Funding would enable the team to focus on fundraising, build relationships with potential partners, and research and formalise an appropriate structure moving forward.
30/06/2018 £131,500 Asylos 1? Asylos is a pan-European volunteer network that trains and support volunteers to research vital country of origin information to help refugees fleeing war, violence, and persecution to claim their right to asylum. This project addresses the lack of high-quality, publicly available and relevant evidence for the asylum claims of children and young people in the UK. By producing case-based and broader country of origin information reports and by training and widening access to its research by legal advisors, caseworkers, and social workers, Asylos will contribute to ensuring that children and young people in need of protection enjoy equal access to justice.
30/06/2018 £199,000 The Childrens Society 11? This grant will support the organisation to explore a collaborative service model for care leavers with insecure immigration status.
30/06/2018 £210,000 Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants 5? Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) provides legal support for people who have migrated to the UK and their families, specialising in immigration and asylum law and policy. Through this grant, JCWI will increase public and political support for immigration reform through two related activities: public affairs and parliamentary work and a membership programme to build a national movement of those with lived experience and their allies.
30/06/2018 £150,000 Royal Opera House Foundation 3? This grant will support the refurbishment of the Paul Hamlyn Hall over Summer 2018.
30/06/2018 £149,000 FACT 2? This programme will develop FACT’s work within prisons in Liverpool. It aims to widen and deepen cultural engagement and change attitudes within the criminal justice system. Led by artists, it will produce a series of collaborative projects with people with experience of the criminal justice system, share the resulting artworks within prisons and in FACT’s public programmes, and evaluate the impact of the programme.
30/06/2018 £40,000 Museums Association 2? This grant will support the development of the Transformers mid-career programme, and embedding participatory and inclusive practice – drawing on the lessons from Our Museum. To include the development and dissemination of the planned ‘Self-assessment and Improvement Framework for Participatory Practice’.
30/06/2018 £60,000 Off the Record (OTR) 10? Off The Record is a mental health charity working in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with young people. It wants to transition from a ‘mental health service provider’ to ‘mental health social movement.’ It plans to establish ‘Diffusion’, a trading arm, to support this vision. It will offer a range of products designed to equip young people and communities with the confidence, knowledge and skills to support their own mental health as active agents, rather than passive consumers.
30/06/2018 £150,000 Bristol Refugee Rights 8? This grant will support the organisation to explore a collaborative service model for care leavers with insecure immigration status.
30/06/2018 £334,000 20 Stories High 3? 20 Stories High is a theatre company and charity based in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. It aims to empower and improve aspirations and skills for young people, targeting the most marginalised groups. Through a four year programme of outreach, training, collaboration and evaluation, 20 Stories High will deepen its understanding of how access to and participation in the arts can impact positively on young people’s mental health.
30/06/2018 £40,000 Sport 4 Life UK 10? Funding will support Sport 4 Life to increase the capacity of its Research and Impact Manager, allowing the organisation to create a new impact strategy, improve its delivery model and diversify income.
30/06/2018 £60,000 The Proud Trust 15? The Proud Trust is a youth organisation in Manchester supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and other gender or sexual identities. Through this grant, it aims to enhance its infrastructure to better meet demand for its services, rebuild its community centre, and undertake more influencing work to help shape a more inclusive community.
30/06/2018 £248,000 DaDaFest 4? DaDaFest develops and showcases disability and d/Deaf arts through a multi-artform artistic programme. This programme aims to address systemic barriers to engagement in the arts faced by young disabled people. This will embed inclusive practice in the core programmes of major regional venues via long-term, formal partnerships, supported by academic research into the conditions for successful organisational development in this area.
30/06/2018 £60,000 Cove Park 4? International artist residency Cove Park will test a community outreach programme featuring off-site creative taster sessions delivered in and with community partner venues alongside an extended offer onsite to provide progression opportunities for young people experiencing disadvantage and existing participants.
30/06/2018 £60,000 Henry Moore Foundation 1? This programme will test a joined-up approach to delivering community engagement by the four arts partners involved in Yorkshire Sculpture International (Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds Art Gallery, The Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire Sculpture Park). The initiative will explore different strategies to engaging migrant communities, working with local support services. It aims to create sustainable relationships between these groups and the partners’ core programmes.
30/06/2018 £20,000 Arts & Business Northern Ireland 1? Funding for a series of strategic interventions that will support the establishment of the Pathway to Blueprint initiative, a capacity building scheme for arts organisations in Northern Ireland.
30/06/2018 £123,000 Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) 9? This grant will support the organisation to explore a collaborative service model for care leavers with insecure immigration status.
25/06/2018 £9,591 Toynbee Hall 10? Toynbe Hall works to support people and communities experiencing economic disadvantage. This grant will support the organisation to review their Make it! youth project, which has positively supported the lives of hundreds of young people in East London, and to develop a new youth programme to be implemented in 2019.
31/05/2018 £150,000 The Voices Foundation 2? The Voices Foundation is a national charity which uses the power of singing to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK. Through this initiative The Voices Foundation and David Ross Education Trust, a multi-academy trust, will empower teachers and harness the power of singing to bring about sustainable change for whole schools where a significant number of pupils experience disadvantage. The programme aims to improve outcomes in literacy, language and communication, cognitive development and behaviour, by developing a whole-school singing culture.
31/05/2018 £50,000 Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art Ltd 1? Through this project, Liverpool Biennial will work with local schoolchildren to produce artworks for an exhibition at Bluecoat, five bench-like sculptures at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, a family programme and digital curriculum resource. Workshops, family days and talks aim to engage over 1500 young people. Hundreds of thousands of people will experience the public artworks and exhibition, inspiring families, young people and schools to engage with contemporary visual art in the long-term.
31/05/2018 £10,100 Ministry of Stories 1? The Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring charity for children in East London. They work to build confidence, self-respect and communication skills in our young writers through a range of programmes and workshops. This grant will help the children’s creative writing sector to improve its evidence base and evaluation practices.
31/05/2018 £17,300 Safe Passage 13? Safe Passage works to help refugees find safe, legal routes to sanctuary. On the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport, this campaign aims to secure pledges from local authorities to take in at-risk child refugees. This grant will fund a series of cultural events designed to gain public support and commitments from local authorities.
11/05/2018 £5,000 Opera North 3? This grant will provide additional support for Opera North as part of the Paul Hamlyn Clubs.
11/05/2018 £5,000 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society 3? This grant will provide additional support for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society for the Paul Hamlyn Club programme.
11/05/2018 £4,470 The Hall for Cornwall Trust 2? This grant will provide additional support to the Hall for Cornwall Trust to disseminate learning from Paul Hamlyn Clubs.
08/05/2018 £5,000 Sherman Cymru 4? This grant will provide additional support to Sherman Cymru as part of Paul Hamlyn Clubs.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Barrow Cadbury Trust 8? Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, charitable foundation committed to bringing about socially just change. This project will test a new coordination and communications model to promote a positive integration agenda in Birmingham and the Black Country, and to support the effective settlement of people who have migrated to the UK. The project aims to bring together local evidence and experience to influence policy.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Transform 1? Transform is a producing company based in Leeds. Its programme includes large-scale participation projects made in collaboration with a range of individuals and communities, and its biennial festival presents work that spans performance, live and digital art. This grant will allow Transform to pilot a youth theatre programme that culminates in a youth takeover as part of its 2019 festival. It aims to create a more empowering, collaborative and diverse offer for young people that increases access and participation in theatre, whilst engaging young people to inform the organisation’s thinking, programming and priorities.
30/04/2018 £60,000 LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) 6? This grant will help LIFT Festival to test different approaches to overcoming identified barriers to engagement, and to better evaluate and understand the impact of its LIFT Tottenham programme.
30/04/2018 £40,000 Rochdale Connections Trust 9? Rochdale Connections Trust provides a range of services and early interventions for young people, including mentoring, coaching, one-to-one work and counselling. This grant will fund the CEO’s salary, enabling the organisation to develop and expand its services, whilst building organisational sustainability.
30/04/2018 £150,000 Focus on Labour Exploitation FLEX 4? Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) works to end human trafficking for labour exploitation. Following the Brexit vote, young workers from European Economic Area countries are at increased risk of exploitation in the UK. This funding will support FLEX to gather and use evidence of labour exploitation to inform advocacy and strategic communications work to protect existing and future rights.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Credu Ltd 1? SeaQuest will develop and test a marine-themed, arts-based teaching programme for Keystage 2 and 3 pupils. Delivered on the beach and in the classroom, the initiative will also explore the impact on children’s creativity, attainment, well-being and confidence.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Architecture Centre Bristol 3? The Architecture Centre works across the South West to engage people in design, architecture and place-making. Through this grant, the centre will test a model of long-term partnership working in early years settings in areas of multiple deprivation. The project aims to engage young audiences with place-based learning activities, including sensory walks and visits to local cultural venues.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Trelya 10? Based in Penzance, Treyla supports young people experiencing disadvantage to build confidence and self-esteem. Through this grant, it plans to replicate its long term, one-to-one mentoring programme throughout the organisation and across Cornwall. It will also use emerging evidence and learning to shape and inform local and regional policy.
30/04/2018 £60,000 On Road Media 8? On Road is a national charity that aims to improve media coverage of misrepresented groups and issues, improving people’s lives and the way they are treated by society. The grant would fund the salary of a new Press and Interactions Officer and enable On Road Media to pilot the role on its long-standing All About Trans project to increase impact.
30/04/2018 £239,000 Hackney Music Development Trust 5? Hackney Music Development Trust (HMDT Music) will support six primary schools in Lancashire to integrate the arts across the curriculum through musical theatre. The programme aims to increase teachers’ skills and confidence to use the arts in the classroom by delivering a structured programme of continuing professional development and by building an online resource bank.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Our Time 1? Our Time Foundation will employ a Chief Executive Officer to increase the reach and impact of support for young people affected by parental mental problems.
30/04/2018 £12,400 Local Welcome 1? Local Welcome facilitates events centred around the cooking and eating of meals, which bring together small groups comprising both local residents and people who are at risk of being socially excluded. This grant enables Local Welcome to explore how it can become more sustainable by enabling groups to cook unsold supermarket food.
30/04/2018 £40,000 Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) 8? IVAR is an independent charity that works closely with people and organisations striving for social change. This grant will support an exploratory study on how tech can be used to help make services relevant, accessible and efficient for small, voluntary organisations.
30/04/2018 £30,000 Scottish Refugee Council 8? Scottish Refugee Council provides advice and support, and campaigns for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum in Scotland. This project will research the educational and well-being needs of separated young people (aged 16-18) in Scotland. It will also consider how to improve and share Glasgow Clyde College’s innovative “16+English for Speakers of Other Languages” programme model with other education providers.
30/04/2018 £39,000 Project 17 6? Project 17 works to end destitution among children with unsettled immigration status. This grant will support the organisation to explore scaling its advice and advocacy model and to increase the impact of its policy and campaigns work.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Isle of Wight Youth Trust 4? The Isle of Wight Youth Trust provides counselling and programmes focusing on mental health and youth advocacy. This grant will help the organisation to increase capacity, move to a more suitable space and to influence policy and practice across the island.
30/04/2018 £60,000 Barrowland Ballet 1? Barrowland Ballet is a contemporary dance theatre company based in Glasgow. Working with participants in three Additional Support Needs schools and eight venues, the organisation will explore ways that sound and movement can provide authentic artistic participatory experiences for children and young people with complex support needs. The process will inform the narrative and structure of upcoming productions.
31/03/2018 £2,000,000 The Helen Hamlyn Trust 1? The Helen Hamlyn Trust is an independent grant-making trust focusing on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn. The Trust’s core ethos is to develop innovative projects, which aim to effect lasting change, improve quality of life and create opportunity for the benefit of the public. The Trust’s grant-making is in the fields of medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs and heritage and conservation in India.
31/03/2018 £60,000 Museums Association 2? This grant will support a series of pilot networking events for museums, community groups and third sector organisations, to stimulate partnerships that build social value in communities and to assess the potential for a national programme.
28/02/2018 £295,000 Dance Base This grant will support Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance, to deliver a nation-wide Dance for Parkinson’s programme. The organisation will create a network of hubs in partnership with Scottish Ballet.
28/02/2018 £60,000 Generation Change 4? Generation Change is a partnership of 18 UK youth social action providers that support young people to create social change in their community. This grant will support the launch of the Impact Accelerator, a pathway for delivery organisations to join Generation Change by completing a rigorous evaluation and improvement scheme. This scheme will help practitioners to adopt a shared impact framework to drive learning about their outcomes.
28/02/2018 £60,000 The Egg Theatre 1? Working in partnership with 5x5x5=Creativity and Bath Festivals, The Egg Theatre will test whether School Without Walls’ enquiry-based model of experiential and creative learning can be used to achieve specific school improvement objectives and to narrow the attainment gap for pupils experiencing disadvantage.
28/02/2018 £500,000 StreetDoctors 6? StreetDoctors is a volunteer-led movement of young people tackling youth violence. StreetDoctors aims to reduce the harm caused by youth violence by recruiting medical student volunteers to teach targeted groups of young people emergency life-saving skills and encouraging them to make informed choices. This grant will provide core funding alongside an annual package of support towards organisational development and growth plans. Investment will achieve a transformational change to scale up work and achieve sustainable growth.
28/02/2018 £31,725 Arts and Health South West 2? Creative Health Next Steps describes the programme of activity for the APPG on Arts, Health and Wellbeing during 2018. The APPG aims to catalyse, support, monitor and evaluate progress on the ten recommendations set out in the Creative Health report, which was published in 2017 and has a particular emphasis on influencing the health sector.
28/02/2018 £60,000 Artichoke Trust 5? PROCESSIONS led a UK-wide programme of banner-making workshops that formed part of the largest participatory textile project ever organised in the UK. The project helped to mark historic rallies led by the suffragettes. It culminated with a mass-participation artwork taking place across Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London to mark 100 years of women having the right to vote in the UK.
28/02/2018 £500,000 YoungMinds Trust 8? YoungMinds has been working to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people for 25 years. It aims to empower young people and parents to be a force for change by championing their voices to influence policy and practice, provides advice and guidance, supports and trains professionals, and fosters innovation and inspires excellence in practice to achieve transformed and integrated services. This grant will provide core funding alongside an annual package of support towards strategic and operational development and growth, in particular to consolidate and invest in infrastructure and capacity to ensure sustainability.
28/02/2018 £25,000 Cambridgeshire Culture Foundation 1? This grant will contribute to the feasibility phase of the Cambridgeshire Culture Card. This programme intends to provide children and young people with a mechanism to access cultural opportunities, track their participation and monitor outcomes.
28/02/2018 £65,000 Afghan Association Paiwand 8? Afghan Association Paiwand helps refugees, asylum seekers and people who migrate to the UK to settle and thrive in their new home. This grant will provide the organisation with core funding to support their work.
28/02/2018 £163,000 Replay Theatre Company 1? Based in Northern Ireland, Replay Theatre specialises in producing work for young audiences. This grant will support them to further develop and evaluate their programme of inclusive performance for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
28/02/2018 £33,375 Liberty Consortium 4? Project Sparks aims to develop a new and innovative learning model in the creative arts where learning-disabled people teach percussion, singing and dance to young children and higher-need learners. This approach alters the traditional relationship between educator and student, by transforming disabled learners from passive recipients to active role-models. This grant will allow the organisation to explore how the model will operate and generate key learning to form an evidence base.
28/02/2018 £10,000 Fixers 8? Fixers are young people sharing their stories to create change. The organisation gives young people aged 16-25 years old a voice on any issue that matter to them. This grant will support sustainability and programme delivery.
28/02/2018 £500,000 MAP (Mancroft Advice Project 6? MAP supports 11-25 year olds across Norfolk to make a successful transition to adulthood, through advice, counselling and youth work. This grant will provide core funding alongside an annual package of support towards organisational innovation, development and growth. Investment will achieve youth driven and led growth in service delivery and influence.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Youth Access 4? Youth Access is the representative body for a UK wide network of 187 Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Services. Through this grant, the organisation will test new methods of engagement with its members and young people and invest in its core functions to increase capacity to influence policy, practice and provision.
31/01/2018 £40,000 Just for Kids Law 15? Just for Kids Law is a legal charity working with vulnerable young people, supporting them to understand their rights and providing specialist advocacy and representation through their youth-led service model. This grant will support organisational growth and development as part of the Growth Fund annual package of support.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Arcola Theatre 2? Arcola Theatre is renowned for presenting diverse and accessible work. Through this grant, it will develop a robust evidence base for the impact of its community theatre group and create a framework to support current groups to establish independent practice.
31/01/2018 £26,000 Ilkley Literature Festival 1? Ilkley Literature Festival is the north of England’s largest literary festival and runs a year-round programme with community groups, families and young people. This project will explore how combining creative-writing techniques, visual arts and digital technology in four secondary schools around Leeds and Bradford can deepen and enhance engagement in and expression through creative writing for newly-arrived young people who are new to the English language.
31/01/2018 £50,000 Redthread Youth Limited 11? Redthread is a youth work charity focused on well-being and delivering pioneering work in youth violence intervention. This grant will support the organisation to create capacity for development, explore their potential as a change agent focused on violence as a public health issue, and build readiness for investment.
31/01/2018 £50,000 Clan Childlaw Ltd 6? Clan Childlaw is a law centre for children and young people in Scotland providing free legal representation outreach services, training and policy work. This grant will support core operational capacity and maximise the opportunity of recent investment by developing strategic and growth ambitions.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Promo Cymru 2? ProMo-Cymru specialises in using digital technology to build positive change with young people their families and their communities. Through this grant, it will research, develop, and share a comprehensive model for digital youth work across its networks in Wales and throughout the UK.
31/01/2018 £60,000 YMCA Derbyshire YMCAD 3? YMCA Derbyshire supports young people who are at risk of homelessness, or who have struggled to engage effectively with mainstream education. The organisation will roll out its strengths-based iMatter framework across its eight housing services. Learning will be used to influence commissioners and support other local and national service providers to replicate the approach.
31/01/2018 £60,000 MakeBelieve Arts 1? MakeBelieve Arts is a theatre and education charity, offering programmes to develop the creative, communication and literacy skills of children. This project will saturate one school with a myriad of arts-based, storytelling activities to explore the impact on communication, language, comprehension and writing, particularly among pupils experiencing disadvantage.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Ditch the Label 3? Ditch the Label supports young people in the UK, USA and Mexico who have been affected by bullying and prejudice. The grant will allow the CEO to focus on growing the organisation’s influence on policy and practice. It will also support the development of its internal systems.
31/01/2018 £60,000 The Welcoming 5? The Welcoming supports people who have migrated to the UK or are seeking refuge, to achieve their potential. The grant will enable the exploration and testing of new approaches to embed arts within the organisation’s core programme. The Welcoming will work in partnership with arts and cultural organisations to find new opportunities for people to contribute to the social, cultural and economic life of Scotland.
31/01/2018 £100,000 Keyfund 10? The Keyfund supports young people who face complex barriers to progression to find their passion and unlock potential. It focuses on helping young people by working in teams to develop their skills and confidence to drive success. This grant will support Keyfund to work towards longer-term sustainability.
31/01/2018 £150,000 RECLAIM 6? Based in Manchester, RECLAIM supports working-class young people to be seen, be heard and lead meaningful social change. The programme ensures young people develop confidence and are self-reflective and critical thinkers. This grant will support leadership transition, and contribute to continued core delivery and organisational stability and sustainability.
31/01/2018 £250,000 Creative Futures UK Limited 3? Music for Change aims to improve the speech, language and communication skills of children aged 3 to 5. This initiative is directed towards children experiencing disadvantage, with English as an additional language and/or with speech and language delay. The programme will run in clusters of nurseries and offer training for early years practitioners in Hastings, Luton, Essex and London Borough of Harrow.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Young Womens Trust YWT 6? The Young Women’s Trust (YWT) supports young women in England and Wales facing poverty due to unemployment or low paid work. By 2020, YWT expects to support 3,000 young women a year. To support the growth of their coaching service, the grant will help YWT to invest in its infrastructure, focusing in particular administration, volunteer management and evaluation and learning functions.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Circle Community 7? Circle Community supports young people in London who are unemployed through a tailored five week work experience programme. This grant will support the salary of a new Director of Operations and Programmes, allowing the CEO to focus on strategic planning.
31/01/2018 £150,000 Women for Refugee Women 6? Women for Refugee Women will work in partnership with Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) Manchester to deliver a programme to build the capacity of refugee women in London, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Coventry to tell their own stories. The project aims to empower refugee women to take a leading role in campaigns to address the issue of destitution, engage with new audiences through public events and influence the media, increasing support for changes to asylum policy and practice.
31/01/2018 £175,000 Project Art Works 4? Based in Hastings, Project Art Works is an artist-led organisation that explores and promotes new practical and philosophical approaches to the meaningful involvement of people who have complex impairments in visual art activity. Strengthen & Sustain is a programme of rights-based collaborations with visual arts organisations and people with complex needs that will lead to a new inclusive exhibition space in Hastings dedicated to showcasing visual art by neuro-diverse artists and makers.
31/01/2018 £30,000 Youth Focus North East 5? Youth Focus: North East is a regional youth charity, providing support to the youth sector across the North East, and working directly with young people. This grant will support the organisation to explore options for working differently to provide robust regional infrastructure and support investment in youth services in the North East.
31/01/2018 £36,000 Leap Confronting Conflict 11? Leap Confronting Conflict empowers vulnerable young people to make changes in their lives by supporting them to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship with conflict. Leap designs and delivers training programmes for young people, organisations and professionals working with them and supports policy and practice changes that respond to young people’s needs. This grant will support organisational growth and development as part of the Growth Fund annual package of support.
31/01/2018 £40,000 Berwick Visual Arts 3? Berwick Visual Arts offers a programme of exhibitions, artist residencies and projects. Working with two schools in the North Northumberland Creative Schools Cluster, this programme will explore how a programme of visual-arts focused continuing professional development and an artist-led residency can facilitate teachers’ leadership and commitment to prioritising cultural education. The programme aims to raise attainment in literacy, language and communication, particularly for pupils experiencing disadvantage.
31/01/2018 £50,000 Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology 7? Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) works to create a more responsive, resilient and digitally-enabled social sector, supporting non-profits to embed digital, research and design-led approaches and working with sector leaders, funders and government. This programme will see CAST partner with the Cardinal Hume Centre to develop a digital service that provides scalable and transparent immigration advice.
31/01/2018 £60,000 Dance Umbrella 3? Dance Umbrella is a London-based international festival with a mission to engage new audiences through contemporary dance. Dance Umbrella will partner with London Borough of Croydon, local young people and organisations to test how to overcome barriers to dance. A new model of grassroots dance will be developed and delivered within its touring framework, founded on learning with participants.
08/01/2018 £7,000 TAG The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work 1? The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work is a member organisation that represents the interests of academics, educators and researchers in the sector. This grant will support the delivery of a series of seminars to profile current responses involving youth and community work and to encourage collaboration between universities and practice agencies across the UK.
31/12/2017 £10,500 Just for Kids Law 15? Just for Kids Law delivers holistic, client-led support to children and young people through innovative, community-based legal representation, advocacy and opportunities programme. The organisation drives systemic change through strategic litigation and policy reform. This grant supported the creation of three new films that demonstrate how the law can be used as a tool for social justice. The series reflects on lessons from a legal case concerning young people whose immigration status prevented access to student loans.
30/11/2017 £58,000 Gloucestershire Young Carers Gloucestershire Young Carers (GYC) works with almost 1,200 young people aged 5-25 with caring responsibility for a family member. Members of ‘yCHIPS’, its specialist forum for young people affected by parental substance misuse or mental ill health, will be supported to influence professionals and practitioners. They will design and lead sessions with staff from the police, social services, and substance misuse services, to influence systemic change and help them provide better support for young carers.
30/11/2017 £60,000 Refugee Youth 4? RefugeeYouth is a grassroots charity dedicated to bettering the life chances of young refugees and newly arrived asylum seekers aged 14 to 20. In partnership with its members, the organisation will pilot a new Youth Leadership Programme that builds on and codifies its approach to youth participation. Learning from this pilot will inform the development of a toolkit, which will be used for wider dissemination and to support future replication.
30/11/2017 £60,000 The Black Box Trust 2? Based in Belfast, the Black Box is an alternative culture and entertainment venue, which runs creative activities for learning-disabled young adults in collaboration with local artists and arts organisations. This grant will pilot the creation of an accessible, public space in Belfast City Centre offering daily creative programmes for learning disabled individuals across all age groups.
30/11/2017 £200,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? New Philanthropy Capital will run a pooled fund, which will make grants to civil society organisations across the UK to help secure the rights of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals to remain in the UK. The grants will focus on supporting the policy capacity of civil society to advocate for EEA citizens and providing information about the process.
30/11/2017 £250,000 Clinks 7? Clinks is a membership organisation that supports, represents and campaigns for the voluntary sector working with people in or at risk of entering the criminal justice system. This grant will support the core services of the organisation.
30/11/2017 £50,000 The Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah 1? The Blahs will explore and test an integrated model involving participatory theatre and digital learning to support social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning in six Leeds primary schools. A performance of The Vultures’ Song about the Partition of India, will enable pupils to engage with concepts of homeland, belonging, cultural/faith identity and citizenship.
30/11/2017 £54,500 Artsplay Highland 2? Artsplay Highland will test the impact of music and arts-based approaches to improving attainment in literacy (in English and Gaelic) for children in Primary One classes, in areas experiencing economic disadvantage in the Highlands.
30/11/2017 £21,000 Baraka Community Association 3? Baraka Community Association is a long standing local community group in North Kensington working with Somali and East African groups. This application is to support the community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. It will recruit a children’s participation worker, organise trips out of the area, family short breaks, a mentoring programme and youth activities.
30/11/2017 £50,000 On Road Media 8? Media Movers is a pilot programme to test On Road Media’s “interaction” method to improve coverage of media relating to young people who migrate. The programme will identify and introduce activists with lived experience directly to journalists. On Road will also design a bespoke media and self-care training course for the network of young activists.
30/11/2017 £60,000 The Warren of Hull Ltd 2? Three Minute Heroes links the writing of young people aged 11-25 about their mental health to singers/musicians and performance poets, who then set these words to music and perform them. The Warren plans to evaluate the impact of this project to understand its effect on participants and explore the potential for social franchise.
30/11/2017 £60,000 Integrate UK 5? Integrate UK is a youth led charity based in Bristol that promotes gender and racial equality, integration and community cohesion. Over the past year it has seen an 80% increase in demand from schools for its youth led sessions. In response, it plans to invest in infrastructure and expand its offer in Wales and the West Midlands.
30/11/2017 £180,000 Campaign Bootcamp 4? Campaign Bootcamp work to develop and deliver training programmes that give people the skills, network and resilience to tackle important social issues. Campaign Bootcamp plan to focus their future work on three priority areas over the next three years: migration, mental health and disability rights. Through this grant, they seek to embed the migration stream in their training by adapting the programme’s syllabus, structure and outreach to potential participants.
30/11/2017 £240,000 Cardboard Citizens 8? Following 25 years of successful arts engagement with those affected by homelessness, Cardboard Citizens seeks to develop its ‘wraparound model’ to meet the increasing demand and complex needs of members. It will further enhance recruitment, induction and progression routes as well as improving evaluation of its long-term impact.
30/11/2017 £100,000 West London Zone 8? West London Zone (WLZ) helps children and young people grow up safe, happy and healthy. They support local organisations to work well together so that young people experiencing disadvantage get the support they need. This grant will support the development of data systems and their use by partner organisations, allowing WLZ to monitor progress and evaluate impact.
30/11/2017 £60,000 Bevan Foundation 3? This project will provide a new approach to integration and migration to Wales. It aims to reflect the circumstances of people who migrate, to examine migration of all kinds, and to sit within the context of wider economic and social trends. The project will help to inform debate, framing it positively, and aims to increase capacity and understanding in civil society and amongst policy-makers.
30/11/2017 £250,000 The Centre for Youth Impact 2? The Centre for Youth Impact supports all those involved in the design, delivery, funding and evaluation of provision for young people to understand and improve the impact of their work. The Centre works with a community of organisations across the UK to advance thinking and practice in evaluation and impact measurement, and empower them to build a movement of peer support and shared interests, creating positive change in the lives of young people. This core support will strengthen the executive function of the organisation and allow the Centre to focus on embedding good practice and actively changing behaviour.
30/11/2017 £56,000 Manchester Camerata Limited 4? Manchester Camerata will explore and test how song writing can be used to support engagement across the curriculum and key stages in four inner-city primary schools. The organisation will also explore how best to support schools to commission arts interventions and continuing professional development.
30/11/2017 £235,000 Philharmonia Limited 6? Building on Philharmonia’s existing digital audience engagement work The Virtual Orchestra aims to increase and diversify audiences in its Leicester, Bedford, Canterbury and Basingstoke residencies through a tailored series of digital walk-through installations, virtual reality experiences, live performances and an audience development plan integrated into its offer. The impact of the programme will be tracked over the four years of the grant.
30/11/2017 £60,000 TADS Therapies for anxiety depression and stress 3? TADS is a charity based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which supports young people experiencing mental health distress through mentoring, befriending, counselling and group work. The grant would provide rent for a new larger building for TADS. This would allow it to extend provision, generate income and support local voluntary sector organisations.
30/11/2017 £200,000 Wales Millennium Centre 3? Together Stronger aims to give young people in the Rhonnda Cynon Taf area more opportunities to participate in and develop through high quality arts experiences, by consolidating and developing a partnership between the Wales Millennium Centre and charity Valleys Kids. Both organisations will share and learn from each other and facilitate a robust evaluation process, enabling them to extend the reach and impact.
30/11/2017 £180,000 Chol Theatre 1? Chol Theatre will extend the reach of its ‘Imaginary Communities’ drama-based approach to learning to schools across the North of England. It aims to improve children’s well-being, enjoyment and engagement with learning. Chol also plans to develop its CPDL model, enabling teachers and artists to become practitioner/researchers.
30/11/2017 £36,000 The Nucleo Project 3? The Nucleo Project provides free, inclusive music making opportunities to children and young people aged 2-18 in North Kensington. This grant will support the organisation to run an additional orchestra involving children and young people living in the area affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.
30/11/2017 £35,000 My Life My Say 4? This project seeks to represent the voices of young EU citizens who are at risk of being overlooked as Britain exits the EU. Working with local communities, the project will deliver a number of targeted workshops that inform young EU citizens on their rights and protections, while giving them a voice in the process. The research will be used to help ensure that UK and EU decision-makers prioritise these safeguards in the negotiations.
30/11/2017 £60,000 Become 9? Become provides support and advice to care-experienced children and young people across England, to help them realise their potential and understand their rights. Through the grant, a new coaching programme will be piloted with 190 young people in London. The pilot will use evidence and learning to inform replication of the programme in other regions. It will also develop and implement an income diversification strategy to enhance organisational sustainability and capacity.
30/11/2017 £20,000 ShareAction 9? ShareAction is a charity focusing on achieving social and environmental change through investments. This grant will support core activities to contribute towards sustainable growth and to build an investment system that serves communities and protects the environment.
30/11/2017 £150,000 Sadlers Wells applying on behalf of What Next 2? What Next? Is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations across the UK, to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society. We work together and seek alliances beyond the cultural sector to become a catalyst for fresh thinking and new policy ideas. Through advocacy, campaigning and collaboration we engage people in different conversations about how and why arts and culture are important.
30/11/2017 £200,000 Clore Social Leadership 8? Clore Social Leadership works to develop leaders with a social purpose to enable them to transform their communities, organisations and the world around them. This grant will fund the core work of the programme and support the organisation in developing a membership offer, enabling a digital transformation and increasing reach.
30/11/2017 £20,500 Colville Primary School 1? Colville Primary School and Fresh Arts have run an arts project for children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, since September 2017. This grant will cover costs to continue delivery of the project for a further year.
31/10/2017 £13,887 AzuKo 1? AzuKo are a small architecture charity, which seeks to improve lives in areas with limited assets through community driven, research-based design initiatives that are sensitive to local contexts. With this grant it aims to address tenancy insecurity and homelessness. AzuKo will use predictive data analytics to understand the types of individuals at risk of tenancy failure. This information can then help organisations like housing associations and voluntary organisations to strengthen service design to prevent homelessness.
30/09/2017 £60,000 Hijinx Theatre 8? This grant will support Hijinx Theatre to promote and broaden the reach of their online directory of learning disabled actors in the UK. This initiative aims to increase professional opportunities for performers, to inspire other learning disabled people to participate in the arts and to raise the profile of inclusivity on stage and on screen.
31/08/2017 £55,000 Tros Gynnal 2? Tros Gynnal is a charity working across Wales to promote and realise children and young people’s rights and enable them to have a voice. The grant will contribute to the salary of the CEO to support Tros Gynnal to broaden access to its services across Wales to reach more people. It will also support the CEO to develop her role as a spokesperson for the organisation and the advocacy sector.
31/08/2017 £59,000 The National Holocaust Centre and Museum 5? The museum wants to test two versions of Be Inspired, a creative writing programme for primary school children that draws on refugees’ stories and survivors’ testimony. The project educator will also conduct transition activities at the four secondary schools with links to the primary schools involved.
31/08/2017 £60,000 London Youth 7? London Youth supports a network of 322 diverse community youth organisations serving over 45,000 young people across the capital. Following on from a three year pilot, it will expand and evolve its communities of practice model whereby member organisations meet regularly to focus on learning and quality. It will test new approaches to share the learning and benefits from this approach across its network.
31/08/2017 £60,000 National Institute of Economic and Social Research 1? Schools are potentially natural places for integration where the needs of migrant children and families can be identified and addressed and where equal participation in society can be facilitated. This project will engage schools and a wide range of stakeholders in education and in integration in order to identify good and promising practice towards successful integration of migrant children and their families, across all areas of learning and school life.
31/08/2017 £60,000 Safer London 7? Safer London works to prevent violence, sexual exploitation and vulnerability amongst young people across London. The grant will contribute to the salaries of the Director of Operations, Director of Development and the Chief Executive. It will increase the capacity of the senior leadership team, allowing Safer London to grow unrestricted income, capitalise on available opportunities and build a solid base for future growth and widening of impact.
31/08/2017 £60,000 Bristol Early Years Training Consortium 2? This programme aims to promote intercultural understanding and to strengthen integration by deepening connections between parents from families who have recently migrated and their local communities. Parents will be supported to volunteer in local Children’s Centres and primary schools, gaining crucial skills for employment and community action as the organisations gain additional capacity to support outreach activities, learning and governance processes that represent and reflect the community.
31/08/2017 £60,000 Mermaids 5? Mermaids works with and on behalf of transgender and gender variant children and young people in England, Scotland and Wales. It plans to recruit a Volunteer and Events Manager to expand its volunteer team, develop a peer mentoring scheme, extend delivery and significantly enhance its external profile and influence.
31/08/2017 £350,000 Comic Relief 8? Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation are working in partnership to deliver the Tech for Good funding programme in 2018. The programme will back 12 digital projects each with grants of up to £47,000 over 9 months, alongside access to dedicated technical expertise and an intensive support programme.
31/08/2017 £50,000 Heart and Sound 4? Operating from a former nightclub in Dunfermline, Heart and Sound offers a range of creative and youth work activities. Working in partnership with young people and local organisations, Heart and Sound will develop a new youth work hub in the city. The hub will house multiple charities offering sporting and creative opportunities, and give Heart and Sound the space required to meet the increasing demand for its services.
31/08/2017 £360,000 Royal Shakespeare Company 4? This grant will help the Royal Shakespeare Company to expand a national partnership programme with schools and regional theatres across England. Local partnerships will develop communities of research and practice to create programmes that respond to local needs and to make children’s first encounters with Shakespeare vivid and accessible.
31/08/2017 £400,000 National Theatre Wales 2? In the next phase of National Theatre Wales’ engagement model – TEAM will use their expertise to engage communities in Wrexham and Pembrokeshire through a bespoke programme of empowerment, leadership, creative activism and peer learning.
31/08/2017 £59,000 Museum of Homelessness 2? Museum of Homelessness works collaboratively with its members to explore the art, history and culture of homelessness in order to make a difference for homeless people today, and was originally developed through the support of PHF’s Ideas & Pioneers Fund. This grant enables the organisation to explore and test a delivery model where people with lived experience of homelessness are trained and supported to be creative facilitators; develop an evaluation framework; and collect evidence of the impact of this approach. This will inform its developing practice, organisational model and ability to influence the wider heritage sector.
31/08/2017 £168,000 Create London 7? This grant will support Create London to establish the White House, located within the Becontree Estate in Dagenham, as a permanent space for artist-led social practice in collaboration with local communities. More and better funding will expand both the number of residencies and activities programmed in the House; formalise local people’s role in governance and programming; and increase Create London’s evidence base of its long-term social impact on communities and individuals.
31/08/2017 £30,000 Global Dialogue 8? Migration Exchange aims to inform, connect and strengthen work in support of a fair and welcoming immigration system in the United Kingdom. It supports an informal network of independent funders to share information, address knowledge gaps and create opportunities to align funding where this increases impact.
31/08/2017 £58,000 National Working Group 2? National Working Group aims to stop the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young people, and to improve support for those affected. It will grow its Youth Advisory Board from a centralised UK board to three regional boards. This will lead to enhanced youth advocacy within the child sexual exploitation sector and inform the organisation’s research, policy and campaigns. Learning will be disseminated across its network.
31/08/2017 £150,000 The Runnymede Trust 7? Runnymede Trust is the UK’s leading race equality think tank, which seeks to inform public and policy debates on race equality, migration and integration. This core grant will contribute to the salaries of its director and policy and communications officers. Through this grant, Runnymede will foster collaboration between the migration and race equality sectors to inform and drive forward migration and integration debates. It also aims to improve framing and messaging for different audiences; develop and expand partnerships; and to work with an external evaluator to identify ways in which they can grow their impact.
31/08/2017 £215,000 The Hepworth Wakefield 2? This grant will enable the Hepworth Wakefield to develop its youth programme, which targets 11 to 25 year-olds who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training or at risk of becoming so. The programme will respond to local youth priorities around mental health, building skills, independence and improving wellbeing. It will also further embed the gallery within local youth provision through strategic partnerships and a new Creative Learning Network for youth/arts professionals.
31/08/2017 £266,000 Migrants Resource Centre MRC 6? Migrants Resource Centre aims to enable refugees, people who migrate and asylum seekers to better integrate into UK society. This grant will back a programme to encourage increased civic participation by these new arrivals to London. It will also support The Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens to develop its specialist legal and advocacy work to increase citizenship registration by undocumented young people.
31/07/2017 £75,000 Film Nation UK 3? This grant supports a programme to build teachers’ skills and confidence in using film to raise attainment in literacy and numeracy
31/07/2017 £273,000 NYMAZ 2? Connect: Resound is a model of music education that combines online delivery of specialist musical instrument tuition and live performances with a programme of Continuing Professional Development and Learning for teachers. NYMAZ wants to scale up and embed this approach to enable other music and arts organisations to create their own bespoke online music education offers that respond to local needs.
31/07/2017 £80,000 IVE 2? This grant will fund continued support for teachers in the use of rehearsal-room pedagogy, both in the teaching of Shakespeare and across the wider primary-school curriculum.
31/07/2017 £80,000 The British Council 4? This grant will support continued training for teachers in using music to teach modern foreign languages in the primary-school classroom.
31/07/2017 £20,000 ACEVO the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation 7? The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation (ACEVO) a network of leaders for civil society organisations, will use this funding to stabilise the business, meet their current commitment to their membership base and to explore how the organisation can be revitalised and made fit for the future. This will help ACEVO remain a vital and vibrant network supporting, developing, connecting and championing civil society leaders in their determination to make a difference.
31/07/2017 £75,000 Royal Society of Arts 6? This grant will support continued collaborations between artist practitioners, teachers and senior leaders to co-design drama-based interventions to improve pupils’ writing.
30/06/2017 £45,000 New Horizons in British Islam 2? New Horizons in British Islam engages in critical discussions around Muslim identity, tradition and reform to provide a positive vision of what it means to be Muslim today. To strengthen integration so that communities can live well together, the organisation seeks to use arts and culture to cultivate different perspectives of Islam in Britain. This grant will support a part-time Art Co-ordinator to explore this idea and will fund an activities budget.
30/06/2017 £45,000 Positive Negatives 1? This grant will support education charity, Why Comics?, to develop a bespoke comic addressing issues faced by young people without permanent status, in collaboration with Central England Law Centre project Kids in Need of Defense UK. This initiative will explore and test whether comics can help to raise awareness around legal status and legal aid and to build trust with young people and families so that they are better able to access available support.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Migrants Organise Ltd 11? To provide additional support to migrant and refugee communities, leaders and local residents in the aftermath of Grenfell Tower fire.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Kazzum 5? Kazzum – the only professional theatre company in the UK purely focusing on outdoor and site-specific work for children and young people – wants to test its established participatory approach in a new context. Through co-creation with professional artists, Kazzum seeks to engage children with behavioural and emotional needs with the arts. They plan to measure the impact of the programme on students’ self-esteem as well as their engagement with school and the school culture.
30/06/2017 £160,000 In Between Time 2? This year round participatory programme will introduce socially engaged artists to resident-led forums and support the delivery of collaborative projects in three Bristol neighbourhoods and as part of In Between Time Festival 2019 and 2021. The organisation will also undertake a longitudinal evaluation of the social impact of live art.
30/06/2017 £44,000 The Creative Foundation 2? The Creative Foundation is an established arts charity that aims to transform Folkestone through creative activity. The organisation coordinates a number of learning initiatives with the aim of bringing about personal and social change for local people. This grant will support the foundation to establish an evaluation framework and to test new ways of reaching local communities.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Khulisa 11? Khulisa works nationwide to support young people to break the cycle of exclusion and crime and transform their lives. A grant will contribute to the salaries of the Development Director, a new Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and an additional facilitator. This grant will enable the organisation to both scale and deepen impact for young people, to strengthen its evidence base and increase its influence on policy and practice in the education and the criminal justice sectors.
30/06/2017 £60,000 The Advocacy Academy 6? The Advocacy Academy is a charity based in London which supports marginalised young people to understand and tackle the social issues that directly affect them. A grant will enable the organisation to employ a Commercial Director to focus on income generation and secure a sustainable strategy for growth. It will also free up the CEO to focus on future organisational strategy and strengthening partnership working.
30/06/2017 £156,000 Praxis Community Projects 7? Brighter Futures is an established community of young migrants taking action to make the UK a better place for young people whose immigration status is irregular. Building on mutual support and strong community ties, Brighter Futures will deliver external targeted interventions and encounters that challenge discrimination and influence public debate. The project will provide the necessary infrastructure, resources and partnerships to enable the group to develop their own agenda and have the widest/strongest possible impact.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Cast (Doncaster Performance Venue Ltd) 3? Working in Doncaster, this project will explore the complex barriers which prevent people from accessing Cast’s arts programme and will test ways to overcome these obstacles.
30/06/2017 £35,000 Ballet Cymru 2? This grant will help Ballet Cymru to evaluate the impact of the DUETS programme in addressing inequality in access to and participation in dance in South East Wales and to analyse its potential to become a national model.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Childrens Law Centre CLC 3? Children’s Law Centre (CLC) is a national charity based in Belfast which empowers young people to advocate for their rights and protects these through free legal services, training and policy work. This grant will contribute to the salary of the Director who will focus on diversifying funding and on developing the organisation’s building as an income generating asset and support the development of online services to engage more young people seeking advice and advocacy.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Who Cares Scotland 7? Who Cares? Scotland supports the voice of care experienced people across Scotland through individual advocacy support, group participation activities and campaigning. A new Director of Operations will enhance the capacity of the senior leadership team, allowing the organisation to effectively manage the 1000 Voices campaign and influence the upcoming ‘Root and Branch’ review of the care system in Scotland.
30/06/2017 £150,000 NACCOM 5? NACCOM seeks to prevent migrant destitution by increasing accommodation provision, and by fostering systemic change. Funding will support the organisation as it develops into a strategic national charity promoting an end to migrant destitution.
30/06/2017 £20,000 London Emergencies Trust 2? This grant will support London Emergencies Trust to temporarily increase its administrative and casework capacity to deal with the scale and complexity of work involved in providing financial assistance to the injured and bereaved at Grenfell.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Action Foundation 12? Action Foundation’s initiative, Learning English Together (LET), will equip churches and other community groups to provide English language support for migrants who face barriers to accessing formal ESOL provision. Action Foundation will develop a social franchise model, providing training, support and resources for small volunteer-run groups to enable them to help migrants and refugees to learn English through practical activities facilitating integration.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Voice of Young People in Care VOYPIC 4? Working across Northern Ireland, Voice of Young People in Care supports care experienced children and young people. It will pilot a new practice methodology designed to enhance youth voice and leadership. A new youth leadership and voice strategy will be informed by young Care Leaders, which will influence the development of the organisation’s structure, programmes, campaigns and policy function.
30/06/2017 £60,000 Gaslight Media Trust 1? Gaslight Media Trust is a conflict resolution and social justice charity based in Derry. This grant will support the strategic rollout of the educational programme, JustUs, across Northern Ireland, which will train and support 36 practitioners in three cohorts, significantly enhancing its reach.
30/06/2017 £10,000 Muslim YouthWork Foundation 1? The Muslim Youthwork Foundation (MYWF) was established to inform work with Muslim young people and brings together a range of experience and expertise to influence the development of Muslim youth work approaches. This grant will support a series of events, conversations and develop resources and other activities to mark the twentieth anniversary of the report, Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All.
30/06/2017 £247,000 Mind the Gap 5? Delivered in partnership with seven theatre venues, this initiative seeks to increase arts access and participation by learning disabled people as participants, artists and audiences. The programme aims to embed inclusive practice within each venue and strengthen local networks of provision.
31/05/2017 £15,075 HostNation 5? Anneke Elwes’ extensive experience in market research and as a volunteer in the refugee sector has led her to set up HostNation. This digital befriending scheme aims to connect refugees, people who have migrated to the UK and asylum seekers with British citizens who would like to offer them support and friendship. She is supported by a team of volunteers with professional and lived experience within the sector.
31/05/2017 £15,035 TrustYouth Alliance 6? TrustYouth is a coalition made up of London Youth, Youth at Risk, Khulisa UK, NUS, TACT, Prospectus, The Foyer Federation and Three Point Zero. Collectively, their networks span housing, youth justice, youth work, fostering and adoption, further/higher education and recruitment to the sector. TrustYouth’s vision is for all young people across the UK, particularly those experiencing challenges, to be able to harness the experiences they have had and use them to shape services that really work for them. This grant will support the coalition to research, plan and begin to deliver a campaign to further this vision.
30/04/2017 £34,000 Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) 2? Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) supports people in recovery from addiction to transform their lives and to share recovery stories with the wider public through dance, performance and creativity. Through this grant, FADT will explore a new approach to enable people with complex needs to participate in the entire process of creating and publicly performing a dance theatre piece and will test how to increase interaction with audiences.
30/04/2017 £57,575 Space Unlimited 4? Based in Glasgow, Space Unlimited is a social enterprise and charity with a mission to build young people’s confidence and capacity to influence change. This grant contributes to the two Joint Managing Partner salaries, an Office Manager and improvements to digital resources. It will enable Space Unlimited to diversify its income and deepen its impact for young people and communities by sustaining and spreading its approach. Space Unlimited also seeks to influence more decision makers to genuinely shape services alongside young people.
30/04/2017 £60,000 UK Youth 11? UK Youth provides infrastructure support to an extensive network of regional youth organisations and umbrella groups across England. Over the next three years, UK Youth will radically revamp its Youth Voice function to develop a new peer led model and complementary online platform offering a range of participation and leadership opportunities to 70,000 young people. The learning and content generated from this activity will be used to influence the organisation’s practice, develop campaigns and influence policy at local and national levels.
30/04/2017 £60,000 The Touring Network 2? Supporting live performance in small-scale venues across Scotland’s highlands and islands, the Touring Network will bring together promoters, artists and communities to explore current practices within rural touring and develop a scalable model for touring that is relevant to and has an authentic connection with rural audiences.
30/04/2017 £150,000 Immigration Law Practitioners Association 5? Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) will host the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants, a small grants programme that has been in operation since 2011 aiming to support voluntary sector organisations and legal agencies to take strategic legal action in areas affecting children and young people who have migrated. They will administer the applications process, make grants and monitor and evaluate their outcomes, as well as lead the strategic direction of the Fund.
30/04/2017 £180,000 Music in Detention 3? Music in Detention brings immigration detainees and communities together to create and perform music, increase wellbeing and change attitudes to people who migrate. This grant will provide core funding to support the organisation’s strategic development, including audience development work, performance practice and collaborations, and the development of artistic infrastructure and financial stability.
30/04/2017 £238,000 Bow Arts Trust 2? Bow Arts will expand their schools consortium model, which addresses the need for creative school improvement by combining needs-led school interventions and continuous professional development for teachers. This funding will help to create five new consortia of ten schools each over three years. Bow Arts will also commission support to refine their internal evaluation systems and deliver a funded programme for the artist educator workforce.
30/04/2017 £15,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) will work with partners to map young people’s journeys through multiple products and services, and their experience of navigating their own personal issues, challenges and situations. Their goal is to use these maps to identify opportunities for digital technology to improve the outcomes young people achieve.
30/04/2017 £50,000 Voices from Care 6? Voices From Care is a charity which represents the views, rights and experiences of young people who are or have been looked after in Wales. This grant contributes to the salary of the CEO, who will focus on organisational strategy and programme development. It also supports Voices from Care to strengthen core processes, develop its youth-led training and to continue its drive for policy and practice to be better informed by young people and their experience.
30/04/2017 £128,000 MK Gallery 1? Inclusive Practice in the Arts proposes developing the expertise, confidence and capacity of the MK Gallery learning team and associate artists to deliver a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable programme of art explorations, visits and activities to engage families with disabled children.
30/04/2017 £198,000 Heart n Soul 9? Heart n Soul works across a range of arts practice to support the creative development of learning disabled people and to showcase their talents. This grant will enable the company to deepen engagement, create more progression routes and visibility for learning disabled participants and artists, and deliver a programme of immersive placements for professionals to improve sector practice.
30/04/2017 £60,000 RightsInfo 3? RightsInfo will test and evaluate a targeted digital media approach to public education and engagement on human rights, with a focus on migrants’ rights. Translating methods used in private sector marketing, they will test the effectiveness of a behaviour change model that is designed to shift views amongst ‘neutral but persuadable’ groups. It will be tested in two cities that voted leave and remain in the European Union referendum.
30/04/2017 £210,000 Arts at the Old Fire Station 7? Arts at the Old Fire Station in Oxford is a thriving arts centre that combines high quality art for the public and professional development of artists with building confidence and skills of those experiencing homelessness – offering a new kind of inclusive public space. This grant will provide core funding to increase the amount and quality of support available and to build a better evidence base through improved evaluation methods.
30/04/2017 £13,150 Institute for Youth Work 1? Institute for Youth Work is a membership organisation for youth workers and those that are interested in youth work methodologies. This grant will support Institute for Youth Work to build a business and marketing plan and enable exploration of research relevant to current youth work.
30/04/2017 £36,000 Red Ladder Theatre Company 1? Red Ladder Theatre Company (RL) based in Leeds, is developing a Northern Social Circuit to bring small-scale theatre to 15 areas with limited opportunities for cultural engagement. RL seek to address the under-representation of people from low socio economic backgrounds both in audiences and in cultural programming in these communities. The organisation will empower individuals through a skills development scheme as a part of their programme of work.
30/04/2017 £58,000 Orchestras for All 3? This work builds on the Conductors for Change programme, a small pilot with Teach First music teachers, which successfully initiated and sustained mixed-ability ensembles in secondary schools. Orchestras for All wants to explore whether the continuing professional development and learning programme can be adapted into a blended model (delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face elements) in order to broaden its reach.
30/04/2017 £60,000 Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services 1? Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services (CWVYS) is the independent representative body for the voluntary youth work sector in Wales. This grant will contribute to the salaries of the CEO and Regional Coordinators to enable CWVYS to maintain its support and advocacy role for the Welsh voluntary youth sector. CWVYS also aims to grow its membership and to work towards financial sustainability.
30/04/2017 £100,000 JUSTICE 3? Through this grant, JUSTICE – a law reform and human rights organisation – will establish a working group on immigration and asylum to make recommendations to government as it seeks to modernise the justice system as part of a £1bn digital reform programme. The working group will research, generate, and evaluate proposals for a complete re-think of how the immigration and asylum determination process works in the UK.
30/04/2017 £142,000 Detention Action 9? The Community Support Project will continue to work with the Home Office to enable the release from indefinite detention of young ex-offender migrants, and will provide intensive one-to-one case management to support them to reintegrate into the community. This second phase of the project will share learning from the model to engage and support NGOs, institutions and policy-makers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to develop similar ‘alternatives’ projects, working towards reducing reliance on detention.
30/04/2017 £40,000 The Centre for Youth Impact 2? The Centre for Youth Impact is a community of organisations working together to progress thinking and practice around impact measurement in work with young people. This grant will support the organisation to build stronger and closer relationships with the funding community and to create meaningful opportunities for funders to shape the Centre’s work and areas of focus.
30/04/2017 £59,000 Project Ability 6? Project Ability is a visual arts charity working with disabled children, and learning disabled adults and those with mental health problems, at its central Glasgow studio. Through a programme of artist-led activities and exhibitions, it aims to develop participants’ creative skills, to improve their wellbeing and confidence and to support their development as artists – bringing their work to wider audiences. Project Ability seeks to pilot and evaluate satellite versions of its studio in different communities, to improve the evidence base for its work and to understand how best to extend its model.
30/04/2017 £60,000 Gendered Intelligence 2? Gendered Intelligence is a Community Interest Company supporting young transgender people and their support networks. The grant will contribute to the salaries of the CEO and two facilitators and will enable Gendered Intelligence to strengthen its internal processes and ensure robust quality assurance across its three locations.
30/04/2017 £100,000 Trust for London 4? The new Citizenship and Integration Initiative (CII) aims to bring together funding from a number of independent foundations, to work closely with the Mayor of London to advance the shared goals of encouraging active citizenship and participation, celebrating diversity and building inclusive shared identity in London. With this grant, an independent learning and evaluation partner will support the delivery of this initiative, and share the learning with other UK cities and wider civil society.
30/04/2017 £150,000 National Theatre 3? The National Theatre wants to build on the pilot of its Let’s Play programme by addressing the need for quality plays suitable for primary school productions and support for teachers to produce them. This grant will enable them to commission and develop seven original plays and music from leading writers and composers, deliver teacher continuing professional development and learning and support, commission a detailed, independent evaluation and advocate for theatre making in schools.
31/03/2017 £150,000 Coram Childrens Legal Centre Ltd 5? This grant supports policy and core work on the regularisation of children who have migrated to the UK.
31/03/2017 £2,000,000 The Helen Hamlyn Trust 1? The Helen Hamlyn Trust is an independent grant-making trust focusing on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn. The Trust’s core ethos is to develop innovative projects, which aim to effect lasting change, improve quality of life and create opportunity for the benefit of the public. The Trust’s grant-making is in the fields of medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs and heritage and conservation in India.
28/02/2017 £30,000 an talla solais (Ullapool Visual Arts) 2? An Talla Solias will test a new curatorial framework designed to better reach local audiences including families, people with lower incomes, and the elderly. It will use this experience to embed a culture of reflective practice and develop a new engagement strategy tailored to its local context.
28/02/2017 £60,000 Oily Cart Company Ltd 5? Oily Cart create and tour original, high quality, multi-sensory theatre for children and young people with complex disabilities, including profound learning disabilities, across the UK. This two-year project will enable the company to work with a range of expert partners to research, pilot and evaluate performance approaches to better engage with deafblind children (who may or may not have cognitive disabilities).
28/02/2017 £60,000 Arnolfini 2? Arnolfini will provide two Artist Fellowships for community-based emerging artists to deliver a yearlong artist led action research and co-creation programme with participants from two community groups. Participants will develop skills in a variety of art forms alongside exploring ideas of agency, rights and voice. It will culminate in a showcase event (Festival of New Ideas) bringing together communities and key decision makers. A Researcher in Residence will create a critical framework to connect and embed activity and learning across the organisation. Arnolfini aims to increase engagement in the arts from across diverse communities in Bristol. Through this pilot it wants to understand what a genuinely socially-focused arts organisation looks like and how it can be rooted in and shaped by the community. It is also looking to explore its role in sharing skills and expertise with local artists and communities.
28/02/2017 £500,000 Just for Kids Law 15? Just For Kids Law plans to grow impact through its policy and influencing work, by building on success of recent campaigns, and by advocating for a new Youth Justice Legal Centre. It aims to set up an office in East London to respond to increasing demand from the area and will pilot the Advocacy Year programme that will increase local level support for young people.
28/02/2017 £500,000 Leap Confronting Conflict 11? Leap aims to widen and deepen its impact, clarifying purpose and expanding reach. It also aims to grow its influence through professional training for those starting their careers and spread their approach through a digital training offer.
31/01/2017 £10,000 Fixers 8? Fixers have a clear impact framework and ambition for change; to position their approach at the heart of society, to encourage people and organisations to value voice such that it brings people together for social good, encourages people to share their stories and helps to establish an architecture for people to listen to them, so that conversations start that lay the foundations for a new approach to social change.
31/01/2017 £30,000 Move On Limited 8? Move On’s growth plans include diversifying income and developing their offer to include establishing a Centre of Excellency for Mentoring. They aim to increase the number of young people they work with, develop new approached to meet their needs and increase organisational resilience.
31/01/2017 £60,000 Ministry of Stories 1? Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring centre for children and young people based in east London. This support will underpin the role and work of the Ministry's National Producer to extend its methodology nationally. Building from the success of its work in east London, the National Producer will create new partnerships and sustainable ways of supporting and developing writing by more children and young people across the country.
31/01/2017 £60,000 YouthAction Northern Ireland 4? YouthAction NI will develop and pilot a ‘Critical Youth Research Hub’ which will provide a space for youth workers, researchers and activists to present and exchange research and recommend policy and practice solutions. Young people will be trained as ‘peer researchers’ and will co-design the Hub’s strategy and outcomes framework. It hopes to strengthen youth sector collaboration across the region, improve outcomes for young people, and increase youth participation and engagement.
31/01/2017 £60,000 Oxfordshire Youth 4? Oxfordshire Youth (OY) is a charity providing infrastructure support to youth clubs as well as working directly with young people across Oxfordshire. A grant will contribute to the existing Training Manager’s salary and towards a new part-time Training and Participation Coordinator. This will facilitate the roll out of an income generating strand of OY’s Young Leaders programme enabling it to subsidise its targeted work with the long-term aim of becoming self-sustaining by 2020.
31/01/2017 £80,000 YouthNet TA The Mix 9? The Mix is the UK’s leading digital charity providing holistic multi-channel support for young people’s well-being using digital and mobile channels. As experts in digital engagement and provision for young people, they aim to be the ‘go to’ platform for all young people, reaching 3 million by 2018/19. This funding will support their growth plans.
31/01/2017 £96,500 British Future 5? A National Conversation delivered by British Future in partnership with HOPE not Hate and the parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC). Drawing on their previous experience in the UK, and deploying public engagement methodologies, British Future and HOPE not Hate want to involve the public in the debate on immigration, through a National Conversation on Immigration. The project has been invited to work alongside the parliamentary HASC, who are undertaking an 18 month-long inquiry on the future direction of immigration policy. This inquiry has invited written evidence and MPs will also visit 12 locations in all regions and nations of the UK to hear evidence from local stakeholders. Feeding into the HASC inquiry, British Future and HOPE Not Hate will ensure that a cross-section of the public are engaged in the HASC inquiry and contribute to emerging policy recommendations. This will comprise an open online survey, nationally representative polling, 60 citizens’ panels and 60 stakeholder meetings in different parts of the UK. This work will include a specific focus on engaging young people, both in the citizens’ panels and the polling.
31/01/2017 £126,000 Outside In 4? Founded as a project of the Pallant House Gallery in 2006, Outside In supports the engagement of marginalised people across the UK who find it hard to access the mainstream visual arts world due to disability, health or social circumstance. It provides a vital platform for marginalised artists' work via high profile exhibitions, and addresses wider barriers to inclusion via training, advocacy and partnerships. This grant supports the first two years of Outside In's operation as an independent charitable body, to help it develop its long-term sustainability as it grows its reach, impact and profile.
31/01/2017 £12,920 REIGN Pioneers 6? Reign Pioneers are a group of young women (19-25) from Manchester who are survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE). They plan to provide front line staff (social workers, police, teachers etc.) with effective, honest, survivor-led training about the realities of CSE. Based on their own experiences, they know what questions staff should ask young survivors, how to build trust, what works and what doesn't. They will use their insider knowledge and experience, passion, and credibility with young people and within their communities, to ensure that survivors no longer feel alone or are made to feel ashamed - harbouring a dirty secret. They want to ensure that services are led and informed by young people who have lived through the experience of CSE.
31/01/2017 £10,000 MAC UK 3? Strongly youth-led, MAC UK aims to support other agencies and organisations to adopt their evidence based approach which they have developed over the last eight years. It does not wish to grow direct provision but aims to build capacity, more than doubling what it has achieved to date. MAC UK also aims to influence the national narrative and policy context though this work.
31/01/2017 £10,000 Fight for Peace UK 3? FFP have already scaled through their Alumni Programme which provides training to other organisations in their methodology - this has created a network of 25 organisations in the UK. It aims to harness this network to scale innovative approaches to youth crime and violence reduction. They requested funding to utilise this ‘innovate and scale’ approach to deliver an intensive programme targeting young people in prisons and young offender institutions in partnership with Second Chance.
31/01/2017 £60,000 Partnership for Young London 6? Having developed the ‘Vision for Young Londoners’ agenda, the Partnership would like to increase its capacity to drive the identified priorities forward. It will support the coalition logistically, and invest in strategy, evaluation and wider dissemination. It hopes to increase the profile, impact, and reach of both the Vision and the network of coalition members.
31/01/2017 £189,000 Paines Plough 2? Paines Plough are committed to developing UK playwrights and touring high quality new shows to reach as many people across the country as possible through small and medium-scale touring. This grant will support Plaines Ploughs’ continued work with 30 venues in a small-scale touring circuit with an increased focus on building young audiences and a more sustainable touring model. Paines Plough will dissemination learning to the sector and broker relationships between other touring companies and circuit venues.
31/01/2017 £347,000 Oh Yeah Music Centre 2? This grant will expand the Centre’s live music events mentoring programme, Volume Control, beyond their venue to young people in areas of social disadvantage.
31/01/2017 £20,000 The Sheila McKechnie Foundation 9? Understanding Social Change will convene a new community of interest aimed at building knowledge and tools that can support campaign effectiveness; build greater legitimacy for campaigning and help develop the right competencies and cultures that can help campaigners thrive.
31/01/2017 £40,000 GASP Motor Project 6? GASP Motor Project is a charity based in Surrey which delivers hands-on learning and alternative education programmes in mechanics and engineering for young people who are not in education, employment or training. A grant will contribute to the salaries of the CEO and the Programme Coordinator. This will enable GASP to develop and professionalise its programme, invest in impact measurement and build new partnerships with employers in preparation for scaling its work further.
31/01/2017 £60,000 The Warren of Hull Ltd 2? The Warren is a well-established youth charity, based in Hull. It offers a variety of services including an open access youth space and snack bar, counselling, music service with associated record label, active LGBTQ and young women’s groups and sexual health advice. This grant will contribute to new part-time Development Manager salary and to building operation costs. It will enable The Warren to establish and grow its social enterprise. This would generate trading income strengthening the organisations sustainability and ensuring it can continue to support young people in Hull.
31/01/2017 £189,000 Community Music Wales 6? Community Music Wales are Wales’s leading music charity whose mission is to empower disadvantaged groups and individuals through participation in music-making. This grant will support Community Music Wales to deliver a four year professional development and training programme for community music practitioners with the aim to enhance both the quality of practice and the amount of activity being offered to participants across Wales.
31/01/2017 £14,640 Liberty Consortium 4? Eamonn McCarron is a trained musician and special education supervisor based in Northern Ireland, who has a passion for maximising teacher and learner potential by establishing cultures of collaboration, shared educational values and mutual accountability. His idea, Project Sparks, is to develop a new and innovative learning model in the creative arts where people with learning disabilities teach percussion, singing and dance to young children and higher-need learners. The model alters the traditional relationship between educator and student, by transforming learners who have learning disablities from passive recipients to become active role-models, harnessing their aspirations, interests and abilities. With PHF funding, Eamonn will explore how the model could work and will generate key learning which he hopes will provide an evidence basis for future expansion.
31/01/2017 £60,000 Wac Arts 4? Wac Arts is an arts and media charity based in North London. It provides a range of activities and professional training in the arts for young people facing various challenges. This grant will fund a contribution to a new Director of Finance and Commercial Operations salary and training for staff. It will enable Wac to focus on income generation and growing sustainability. It will also support dissemination of its learning and expertise in the use of interactive assistive technology.
31/01/2017 £60,000 Grit 8? Youth at Risk is a national charity working to create lasting transformation for young people and the adults and communities around them through a rigorous, strengths-based coaching model. Funding will support delivery of community based programmes and training to professionals to transform individuals, organisations and systems.
31/01/2017 £60,000 The Wharton Trust 4? The Wharton Trust is a charity delivering community support services in Hartlepool, County Durham. This application focuses on the establishment of Hartlepool Young People’s Foundation, which is being led by a consortium of voluntary sector organisations and Hartlepool Borough Council. This grant will fund a 50% contribution to the CEO salary and 50% to the Fundraiser salary. This would support the establishment and initial development of the Foundation, including employing lead staff, building membership and growing sector collaboration. The Foundation will create a stronger combined voice to lobby for a sustained high quality offer for young people in the region.
31/01/2017 £80,000 RECLAIM 6? With a vision of a society in which working class young people are positively seen, authentically heard and can lead meaningful social change, RECLAIM supports non-traditional and disruptive leaders from pressurized communities. The methodology of the programme ensures young people develop confidence and are self-reflective and critical thinkers. Funding will support strategic planning and operational development to support growth ambitions.
31/01/2017 £200,000 British Red Cross 9? The Families Together Initiative aims to develop a collaborative and co-ordinated response to the increasingly restrictive policies and practice relating to refugee and migrant family reunion. It will increase provision of high quality advice and support and through advocacy and lobbying, work towards improving family reunion rules and procedures, ensuring they are fairer, less complex, safer and more affordable.
31/12/2016 £60,000 Voluntary Action Sheffield 2? VAS aim to test whether a city-led cohesion strategy and cross-sector partnership can influence policy across a range of statutory and non-statutory agencies, helping them to incorporate welcoming approach to migration in Sheffield, as well as evaluate the impact of their approach.
31/12/2016 £250,000 Royal Society of Arts 6? This programme, which is a collaboration between the RSA and the Education Endowment Foundation, will evaluate the impact of cultural learning on young people's academic and non-cognitive development. The aim is to develop an evidence base that will help to ensure that young people, particularly from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, have the opportunity through cultural learning to develop the knowledge, skills and cultural capital to lead fulfilled lives.
31/12/2016 £42,425 Praxis Community Projects 7? Continued delivery of Brighter Futures and WINGS as well as development of a Learning Journey/Plan and refinement of Praxis's group-work strategy to inform future direction and potential applications.
31/12/2016 £53,815 Akademi South Asian Dance UK 5? Akademi wants to deliver a programme in two schools for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), exploring how dance can be more successfully delivered for ASC pupils and how the movement vocabulary of South Asian Dance, such as hand gesture and facial expression, might particularly support pupils’ communication and physical needs.
31/12/2016 £60,000 Horniman Museum & Gardens This project will co-develop a new participatory programme with community partners and artists as the museum works towards redisplaying its Anthropology collection and the opening of a new gallery. It will trial co-production working groups for 10 months with community and museum group members, which will be peer reviewed by wider community groups and visitor responses. An external evaluator will develop an evaluation framework based on the key points of enquiry.
31/12/2016 £46,000 Scarabeus Theatre 2? Scarabeus wants to work with teachers and scientists to explore teaching physics through aerial dance. They will work with 120 Year 5 children in four primary schools: one in London and three in Leicester.
31/12/2016 £20,000 Museums Association 2? A grant towards Transformers, a workforce development initiative aimed at people in mid-career, working in any Museum Association accredited museum (or museum working towards accreditation), looking to change the way they work. Participants are challenged to develop new ways of thinking and supported to engage with experimental ideas, fresh thinking and new learning.
31/12/2016 £41,500 Camden People's Theatre 3? CPT will test whether an artist-led approach to audience diversity can motivate audiences from BAME backgrounds currently underrepresented to attend. Further, they aim to gain better understanding of the barriers preventing emerging artists from BAME background entering the field of contemporary theatre making. They intend to use this learning to inform their wider organisational policy and practice.
31/12/2016 £59,817 The Irene Taylor Trust 10? The project will pilot ‘Making Tracks’ in Manchester alongside a programme of practitioner training for the musical workforce in partnership with Theatre in Prisons and Probation. Four projects will engage 10 – 15 young people who are NEET or marginalised in a creative programme structured over 4 -6 weeks.
31/12/2016 £15,243 Terry Manyeh (through Reclaim) 6? Martha and Terry are two young graduates from Manchester who are Reclaim Young Leaders and alumni. Educating All stemmed from their experiences of a shared sense of alienation at University coupled with a lack of support. It is a youth led research study that aims to explore the institutional and personal barriers faced by working class students at the top universities in the UK. Research has been conducted and was published in November 2016 and stimulated a great deal of interest. Universities have asked the team to flesh-out the research recommendations to improve recruitment and retention of working class students. Educating All will also widen the dissemination of their report and develop a 'toolkit' for access officers at universities to use when working class students join their institutions.
30/11/2016 £15,000 Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) 8? Background research; coordination of convening for staff from 30-35 UK foundations; follow up support work and production of a practical resource to improve approaches to, and systems for, strategic learning within UK foundations and across their work with each other and grantees.
30/11/2016 £60,000 THE COLLEGE OR HALL OF VALENCE MARY COMMONLY PEMBROKE COLLEGE IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE 1? To establish a fully funded PhD studentship Refugee and Migration Studies, in memory of the late Jo Cox after whom the studentship will be named.
31/10/2016 £60,000 Empire Fighting Chance 16? This Bristol-based charity uses non-contact boxing and intensive individual support to inspire vulnerable young people to make positive changes in their lives and improve their mental health. It will grow its impact by replicating its approach (starting in Wales); raising awareness and spreading learning, especially around the power of sports and coaching to address mental health needs; and diversifying income streams for greater sustainability.
31/10/2016 £60,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum 3? Northern Ireland Youth Forum is a youth-led voluntary organisation delivering projects across Northern Ireland whilst also promoting youth voice in decision making. It has a membership of over 4,000 young people, aged 11-25. This grant will fund the Director to fundraise for and develop existing and new collaborations and programmes. It will also enable NIYF to increase its representation on decision making forums, grow its social enterprise and establish a NI Youth Congress.
31/10/2016 £28,000 Scene &Heard 1? Scene & Heard work in Somers Town in London, an area of high deprivation, providing one-to-one, creative mentoring for children aged 9+. They will test a new style of project for older participants enabling them to deepen relationships with returning members aged 14-16 and explore how local partnerships enhance project delivery.
31/10/2016 £60,000 Mental Health Foundation 7? This grant focuses on the Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition, which is a leading campaigning and policy body connecting over 100 organisations. It supports the existing Coalition Coordinator and Policy Lead to increase the Coalition's influence in shaping children and young people's mental health support nationally and locally.
31/10/2016 £60,000 UpRising 8? UpRising is a youth leadership charity opening pathways to power for talented young people from diverse and under-represented backgrounds. The grant was for increasing the central capacity in preparation for further growth in reach, rolling out of the ‘Find Your Power’ programme and social franchising of the model.
31/10/2016 £194,000 Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) 8? IPPR will work with local authorities and other actors in three areas to co-produce strategies to shore up resilience. IPPR will carry out a community research programme aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the dynamics that drive local concerns about migration in these areas and which factors enable or block the process of integration for migrants. IPPR will work with local actors to map key assets within the local community that can be mobilised by local policymakers, and will co-host a series of deliberative workshops with residents aimed at engaging local actors to build strategies that can have local support. Finally, IPPR will provide sources of good international and domestic practice, and will give them access to an exchange network to enable them to share experience and learn from others facing similar challenges, including via a trans-Atlantic learning exchange with the ‘Welcoming Cities’ programme in the US.
31/10/2016 £215,000 Geese Theatre Company 5? Geese Theatre Company will deliver 3 years of activity developing each participants theatrical and personal skills, with the aim of raising self-esteem and confidence, increasing well-being and motivation to change. Every year, the ensemble will present their work at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and in community spaces reaching a wide audience of friends, peers and professionals.
31/10/2016 £279,000 Attitude is Everything 2? Attitude is Everything supports the music industry to improve deaf and disabled people's access at music venues and festivals. This grant enables the organisation to develop and expand its programmes, increasing its evidence base and ability to influence the industry and policy. Attitude is Everything will grow and diversify its team of 'Mystery Shoppers' who rate music events for accessibility, increase relationships with smaller and grassroots venues and increase sign ups to its 'Charter Programme' which recognises good practice around arts access.
31/10/2016 £295,000 Imagineer Productions Ltd 1? Over 3 years, Imagineer, their partners and 40 practitioners will work with 450 children and 30 teachers and senior leaders in 15 Coventry primary schools. The Imagineerium, is both a ‘maker space’ within the Daimler Powerhouse and a teaching approach, which creates an engaging dramatic frame and motivating real-world context for children’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) learning. Costumed Imagineers will commission the children to design and prototype mechanical milestones for a new city-wide cycle trail to celebrate Coventry’s history of bicycle manufacture.
31/10/2016 £60,000 Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) 9? GMIAU will co-design an advocacy service model with unaccompanied migrant children and young people and with service providers in Manchester and Sheffield. This will involve a comprehensive mapping exercise of services in these cities, primary research with young people and service providers, and a learning exchange with organisations that developed a similar model in Scotland. They will produce a report and options paper, which will be disseminated via a national conference.
31/10/2016 £60,000 STOCKTON ARTS CENTRE 4? ARC, in partnership with The Albany (Deptford), will explore whether a free ticket scheme for primary aged schoolchildren, which removes the cost barriers for schools and parents, can provide every child with the same early access to the arts, regardless of background. As part of this they will test a new model of fundraising, using philanthropic giving, across both venues as a potentially sustainable means to support an ongoing free ticket scheme.
31/10/2016 £60,000 SYLFAEN CYMUNEDOL CYF 3? Sylfaen Cymunedol Cyf is a bilingual community development organisation specialising in the Sustainable Livelihoods approach to supporting young people in North West Wales. Funding supports work with young people in Bangor and Caernarfon, to replicate the programme and raise awareness of the approach locally and nationally. Sylfaen will improve evidence of its impact and build income generation to support sustainability.
31/10/2016 £60,000 ONLY CONNECT UK 4? Only Connect works with Londoners aged over 16 who are currently in or leaving custody. It will develop a more sustainable business model. It will convert its 4000-square-foot head office into a local hub with hot-desking, room hire and catering to generate revenue and provide opportunities for members. It will also seek to inform national policy and practice, and encourage replication of its model outside London.
31/10/2016 £150,000 CITY OF SANCTUARY 6? OPEL will bring together two existing advocacy/campaigning projects, Still Human Still Here and Regional Asylum Activism, building on the successes of both. OPEL will be hosted by City of Sanctuary and will take forward the eight advocacy priorities identified at the Sanctuary Summit in November 2014 and endorsed by some 320 organisations. The project will work at local, regional and national levels to secure concrete improvements in both policy and practice towards asylum seekers and refugees.
31/10/2016 £200,000 MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2? To support a step-change in the nature and scale of Manchester International Festival's (MIF) local engagement, under the leadership of Artistic Director John McGrath. MI:Festival is a new a year round programme that builds upon elements of MIF and John's existing practice to broaden local participation and audiences. Central to this is a city-wide network of MI:Festival community advocates engaged in festival development and delivery alongside a programme of exciting neighbourhood and public realm participatory commissions.
31/10/2016 £20,000 FAIRSHARE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 9? ShareAction is a charity focused on achieving social and environmental change through the investment system, notably by using the rights and opportunities shareholders have to encourage responsible business practice. The grant application has requested support for core activities including shareholder activism and collaborative investor engagement with companies.
31/10/2016 £10,000 THE MANCHESTER YOUNG PEOPLE'S THEATRE LIMITED 5? To work with an external consultant to explore the business development opportunities for the Future Fires programme.
31/10/2016 £20,000 VOLUNTARY ACTION LEICESTER 2? A grant will support a core team to progress a collective impact initiative for organisations working with young people. The aim is to bring a group of organisations together to explore how they may pursue transformative change for young people.
31/10/2016 £60,000 BOLTON LADS AND GIRLS CLUB LIMITED 6? Bolton Lads and Girls Club is one of the largest youth centres in the UK. It plans to trial a new approach to supporting and integrating young refugees, in partnership with local organisations working with refugees/migrants. It aims to better meet the social and emotional needs of young refugees and improve relationships between them and young people who have lived in Bolton all their lives, reducing potential tensions. Learning about the role of youth organisations in supporting the integration of young refugees and migrants will be shared widely in the youth and refugee/migrant sectors.
30/09/2016 £20,000 Center for Global Development (CGD) 2? CGD will explore bold, new migration and integration policy options for the UK government in light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, in consultation with expert stakeholders. These will be presented to government officials and others in positions of influence to inform progressive change in migration and integration policy.
30/09/2016 £52,360 Ulster Orchestra Society Ltd 2? The project is seeking to explore and test the impact of a ‘relaxed’ approach to delivering music workshops and concerts for people with autism and learning disabilities and their families. It will deliver a series of Ulster Orchestra inspirational workshops and concerts which are specifically designed to maximise access and participation by people with autism and learning disabilities.
30/09/2016 £59,500 Counterpoints Arts 3? Counterpoints Arts supports and produces arts by and about refugees and migrants, and aims to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed in the UK. Counterpoints Arts aims to explore, test and evaluate new place-based, arts-led approaches to bringing people together and fostering integration in areas experiencing high levels of inward migration (Blackburn, Halifax, Wakefield, Nottingham and Newcastle.
30/09/2016 £60,000 DanceEast 1? DanceEast wants to explore whether it can maintain quality (via specialist dance artist input) in blended learning models (those that combine digital and face-to-face delivery) for primary schools. It wants to test which elements are practical and their impact on children’s progression in dance, teachers’ confidence and dance’s place within the curriculum. DanceEast will work with the Northgate Pyramid – a consortium of 7 primaries that feeds Northgate High School in Ipswich.
30/09/2016 £60,000 Vortex Jazz Foundation 1? Vortex Jazz Foundation will explore how it can utilise its social, physical and artistic capital more effectively and best support disadvantaged local communities to access its artistic activities. The work will focus on three key questions: which communities and partners they can most effectively support, which methodologies can best engage these audiences and how the resources of the Vortex’s artistic community can be most effectively used to deliver the programme.
30/09/2016 £15,650 Little Village 4? Mum of three Sophia Parker believes that it takes a village to raise a child and set up Little Village in early 2016 to support to local families in need. It uses a model similar to a foodbank, providing clothes, toys and equipment for children aged 0-5. Sophia is an experienced social policy professional, and completed a Clore Fellowship in 2015. She would like to use her professional skills to evolve the Little Village offer, developing the model, expanding into other areas and growing its network of volunteers to create small, warm communities of families supporting each other.
30/09/2016 £20,000 THE BRITISH ACADEMY FOR THE PROMOTION OF HISTORICAL PHILOSOPHICAL AND PHILOLOGICAL STUDIES 2? The British Academy will produce a collection of essays exploring different elements of social integration. The collection would bring academic viewpoints and research on social integration together with examples of practical interventions and activities that have been shown to make significant positive impact. The British Academy will be working with a range of stakeholders to look for solutions that can be implemented at a local level by local councils, businesses or voluntary sector organisations to promote integration.
30/09/2016 £10,000 CITIZENS UK CHARITY 13? To support DBS checked volunteers to accompany refugee children through the transfer and relocation process.
30/09/2016 £15,146 RECLAIM PROJECT LTD 6? Rachael Gibbons is a young person from Manchester who is a Reclaim Young Leader and alumni member. Rachel’s idea, Power at the Periphery, is a leadership development programme for working class young pioneers, aiming to develop ethical, authentic, self-assured leaders. The programme will enable participants to develop and maintain effective social change leadership, through an intense programme of personal development and a 'disruptive leader toolkit'. Rachael will co-design the programme with young people, then deliver a challenging six month course in partnership with RECLAIM staff and The Oasis School of Human Relations, followed by a three-month evaluation of the programme.
30/09/2016 £199,775 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES 3? To change the delivery of exhibitions to break down barriers experienced by those facing disadvantage.
31/08/2016 £300,000 Inspiring Scotland 2? Award to support work of 14-19 Fund. The Fund aims to reduce the number of young people who struggle to make a successful transition between school and further education, training or work.
31/07/2016 £20,000 Sadler's Wells applying on behalf of What Next? 2? In addition to the core support of this national movement, our grant will enable bursaries towards attendance and travel for the National Event in October 2016.
30/06/2016 £50,000 Sistema Scotland 5? This application relates solely to the continued evaluation of Big Noise Raploch. Sistema Scotland wants to improve the quality and quantity of longitudinal evidence around their approach. The continued evaluation, carried out by Glasgow Centre for Public Health, will include: • Longitudinal analysis of children’s progress from the ages of 6-18 • Data collection of the post-school destinations of the first cohort of Raploch children • Collection of social behavioural, health and well-being data. • A Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) comparing these data sets to control groups to establish the financial impact of the SS programme in this area
30/06/2016 £60,000 Xplode Magazine 6? Xplode is a youth-led charity, based in Bolton, which works to upskill 12-22 year olds through a magazine, website and vlog (video blog). This grant will provide core funding for the organisation, as it begins to plan its expansion across Greater Manchester. It aims to support young people into education, employment and training, and to positively influence the way young people are portrayed.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Phoenix Dance Company 4? The project will provide weekly after-school dance classes, performances and opportunities to participate in more intensive programmes for around 80 - 120 boys aged 8 - 19 from diverse backgrounds across Leeds and Bradford.
30/06/2016 £150,000 Refugee Action 10? The Frontline Immigration Advice Project will offer a tailored capacity development programme for frontline destitution support organisations enabling them to provide OISC advice. This will grow the number of organisations outside London providing general immigration legal advice, enabling specialists operating at Level 2 & 3 to work more effectively. The project will build on work RA has been operating since December 2015 and will address the fragmentation of immigration advice provision. It will link immigration advice providers and refugee and migrant support organisations, to facilitate cross sector collaboration through improved signposting, referral pathways and immigration advice skill development.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Family and Childcare Trust 5? The Family and Childcare Trust will adapt their successful Parent Champions programme to explore whether this model can support children and parents from new migrant communities to integrate. Partnering with The Parent House, a community based organisation in Islington, FCT will recruit and train a minimum of 10 Integration Champions who will provide peer-to-peer information, advice and support to 400 migrant and refugee families. An external evaluation will be commissioned to capture learning on the integration pathways of each of the parents involved over an 18 month period.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Bristol Music Trust (BMT) 4? BPM wants to investigate how, in a post-local education authority environment, schools can work together to commission a coherent, quality local cultural curriculum. Via their partnership with UWE (University of the West of England), they also want to explore how initial teacher education can engage with school partners and cultural specialists in order to embed cultural education into teacher training. BPM will work with Bristol Old Vic Theatre, BCEP and a cluster of four E-ACT primary schools in Bristol. The project will work directly with 12 teachers, 4 head teachers and 360 children.
30/06/2016 £60,000 YMCA Crewe 5? YMCA Crewe is a 55-bed foyer (a form of supported housing for young people at risk of homelessness) which enables 150 young people annually to work towards improved employability, health and wellbeing and independent living through a comprehensive “Life Academy” model. Our grant will enable it to develop systems and procedures to prepare to replicate the model more widely. This follows a successful pilot working with a large London YMCA. The organisation was described as a "beacon" regionally in its approach to working with and involving young people, and the range of activities and courses it offers.
30/06/2016 £220,000 Comic Relief 8? To co-fund the Comic Relief Tech for Good grants programme in 2017. This funding will support 4 of the 10 grants made.
30/06/2016 £155,000 ACTA Community Theatre Limited 4? Acta is a community theatre which engages people from marginalised communities from across Bristol in the creation and performance of their own original theatre. This grant will support acta's core programme and Foundation initiative. This includes supporting acta to deliver participatory theatre activities with new community groups, training and mentoring a new generation of Community Theatre facilitators and contribute to sector development through CPD sessions and quarterly seminars.
30/06/2016 £60,000 StreetDoctors 6? StreetDoctors aims to reduce the harm caused by youth violence by recruiting medical student volunteers to teach targeted groups of young people emergency life-saving skills. Our grant will support the organisation's growth to be active in 18 cities by 2018, through supporting the salary of the Medical Director sabbatical position. The work enables young people to intervene if first aid is needed, and to understand the consequences of violence.
30/06/2016 £49,200 Football Beyond Borders 7? PHF support will part-fund the salary of the Head of Delivery to double the reach of the FBB Schools Programme in London and widen FBB’s reach outside London by developing work in Cardiff and Birmingham.
30/06/2016 £180,000 Migrants Organise Ltd 11? Migrants Organise aims to trial its new model of community organising in four regions of the UK. It will identify, train and mentor 100 migrant and refugee leaders in community organising and movement building for social justice. The project will support greater civic engagement by refugees and migrants and meaningful integration in British society, through alliances with other local organisations and institutions working together to take action on issues of mutual concern.
30/06/2016 £150,000 Cardinal Hume Centre 9? The Immigration Advice Capacity Network will build a network of London organisations providing OISC advice, to facilitate cross sector collaboration through improved signposting, referral pathways and immigration advice skill development. Through the network CHC will establish a more effective system for immigration casework referrals across the network to ensure those with the most complex cases are able to access specialist advice.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Project 17 6? Project 17 in partnership with Southwark Law Centre are seeking to test an integrated model of crisis intervention. Project 17 and Southwark Law Centre will work together to offer a combined service to destitute families and children, combining support, advocacy and immigration representation. This is in response to new provisions within the Immigration Act 2016 which is likely to increase demand for P17’s services. A partnership with SLC will help them to meet this demand.
30/06/2016 £15,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? A contribution to the costs of year 4 of Inspiring Impact, the programme to help charities increase their impact through improvements in their use of evidence and evaluation.
30/06/2016 £150,000 People United 2? Core support to enable People United to build on their extensive knowledge around arts participation, to test new ways of working, to expand their impact nationally and to continue to evaluate and share what they learn about how the arts can create the conditions for kindness and social change.
30/06/2016 £298,000 YDance 4? YDance aims to increase engagement with learning, attainment and wellbeing of over 2000 of Scotland's poorest children from 12 primary schools in 4 areas of deprivation over a period of four years. Two professional dance workers will work in close partnership with teachers to plan and deliver dance activities as a means to teach a range of academic subjects. YDance aims to ensure that learning through dance is sustained by involving the whole school in the process, training and supporting teachers to gain skills and confidence to use dance practice independently.
30/06/2016 £60,000 The Big House 9? PHF support will fund a new post of Operations Manager enabling TBH to maintain the quality of its core offer whilst developing new projects, including TBH Means Business (an income generation scheme) and a 2017 tour of its work around the UK. This will also allow the Artistic Director to focus on the artistic elements of programme development and delivery.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Kidscape Campaign For Children's Safety 3? Kidscape is aiming to reach 15,000 young people in the North West, working in partnership to deliver the PACS (Positive Assertive Confidence Skills) programme into existing provision. It will target young people who have disengaged from school, who are exhibiting challenging behaviour and who are particularly vulnerable; young carers and looked after children. PHF funding will support a Director of Services post to implement this work.
30/06/2016 £20,000 West London Zone 8? Funding will support the development of a data system for WLZ. This will ensure collection and analysis of monitoring and impact data, enable them to identify children who will most benefit from support, build individual level data for each child, provide aggregated data to partner organisations and inform their work to ensure it is targeted and appropriate.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Freedom Festival Arts Trust 1? Freedom Festival was founded in 2008 in celebration of the Hull-born MP William Wilberforce, the leader of the movement to abolish slavery. It is an annual cross artform festival with the concept of freedom at its heart. Freedom Festival will test ways of working with new communities in Hull through two engagement projects exploring cultural identity. The resulting work will be presented at the Freedom Festival in 2016.
30/06/2016 £55,200 The Winch 10? The Winch is a North Camden charity which offers a “cradle to career” pipeline of group and intensive one-to-one activities for children and young people aged 0-25 and their parents. Our grant will part-fund the salary of the Chief Executive as The Winch seeks to consolidate good practice following a period of rapid growth. In particular it will free him to further develop The North Camden Zone, a collective impact approach to working with children and young people, and to plan the charity's move to a major new youth community venue in the area. This builds on the organisation's work as a leader in applying impact measurement to open-access youth work, working with approximately 450 young people aged 11-25 last year.
30/06/2016 £56,600 Action Transport Theatre Company Ltd 2? The proposal is to develop a digital arts outreach programme, initially in a light-touch wayusing technology such as mobile phones and tablets. This will form the basis to build more engagement and drama based approaches supported by a youth and community artist. Activities wil take place in community venues and public places such as parks. An additional dimension to the project is around creating a 'story' or narrative which will link the different pieces of work undertaken.
30/06/2016 £80,000 International Centre for Social Franchising 6? The Scale Accelerator is ICSFs structured programme to support replication, helping partners choose from a spectrum of replication or growth models. Working alongside delivery partners The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), the Scale Accelerator enables organisations to assess their readiness for replication, analyse their business model, plan for scale, improve evidence, build a support network and engage in wider learning. Funding will support several grantees to develop clear plans on how they can scale and measure impact.
31/05/2016 £25,000 Royal Court Theatre 4? Support for a three week programme of plays, workshops and special events curated, conceived, produced, budgeted and executed by young people, for young people.
31/05/2016 £41,100 The Forge 3? Co-created by artists and teachers, the 2-year project will work with one year 6 class bridging the crucial period as they transition into year 7. A photographer and writer will explore narrative choices with the pupils and encourage them to transform their photographic artistry into creative written pieces. The work will take place in a deprived socio-economic area north of Newcastle.
31/05/2016 £10,000 Clore Leadership Programme 2? Co-funding, alongside other grant-making Foundations, of a review of the governance development needs of arts organisations and museums. The aim of the review is to strengthen the governance of arts and museums by identifying (a) resources which are currently available and (b) gaps in provision which might be addressed through a governance development programme, tailored to the needs of arts and museums.
31/05/2016 £31,400 The Customs House Trust Limited 2? Customs House in South Tyneside will pilot a sustained visual arts offer for 14-19 year olds, exploring how best to engage local young people in the gallery programme. A core youth-led Cultural Interpretation Team will be ambassadors for the gallery, in turn inspiring other young people and the wider community to engage with the visual arts
30/04/2016 £210,000 Fun Palaces c/o The Albany 3? Fun Palaces is a centrally organised year-round campaign for cultural democracy with a weekend of action, where individual Fun Palaces are created by, for and with local people all over the UK. This grant will support the organisation to deliver their core campaign and annual weekend of action; refine the best parts of their delivery model and explore their future sustainability. As part of this Fun Palaces will roll out an Ambassadors Programme, with five partner organisations, to increase the number and depth of engagement of local community-led Fun Palaces and apply the learning to their overall campaign.
30/04/2016 £59,169 Sheffield Young Carers Project 4? Sheffield Young Carers (SYC) works with 200 children and young people per year giving significant unpaid support to a family member. The grant will fund the time of two senior staff members to develop SYC's training offer for statutory organisations. The training will equip them with skills and tools to identify, support and help young carers reach their full potential. This will enable SYC to focus its support on those young people with the greatest caring load.
30/04/2016 £123,000 5x5x5 - Creativity 1? School Without Walls is an enquiry based model of experiential and creative learning that transforms both the curriculum and the learning culture in schools. Transposing 'school' to an arts environment, invites teachers and children to interrogate and reshape teaching and learning in and through the arts. Artists and mentors from 5x5x5=creativity, egg theatre, Mentoring Plus and Bath Festivals will learn alongside teachers and children to pioneer approaches to embedding learning in and through the arts in the primary curriculum. We will expand the innovative methodologies of SWW to build a model together with 10 schools that could be replicated nationally.
30/04/2016 £111,000 The British Council 4? We believe that learning through music is a powerful way to inspire and enhance children's language learning. We believe that sharing musical and artistic traditions between cultures develops children's understanding of their place in the world and can boost aspiration. Traditional language teaching is preoccupied with memorising and matching vocabulary. By bringing music to the sound components of language (i.e. rhyme, repetition and rhythm), we will support teachers to overcome the barriers that hinder them from becoming confident leaders of language learning. Using evidence-informed models of CPDL, we will develop new learning partnerships between teachers, music animateurs, and linguists.
30/04/2016 £125,000 Film Nation UK 3? Into Film and Nerve Centre will deliver a literacy and numeracy intervention based around the deconstruction and critical analysis of film and the use of filmmaking as a tool for engagement, project production, presentation and assessment. The project will partner with 10 primary schools based in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry and will be designed to suit the needs of KS2 pupils. Participating Senior Leaders and teachers will be equipped with the understanding, tools, skills, inspiration, and support necessary for them to take full advantage of the medium of film.
30/04/2016 £200,000 Overseas Development Institute 3? ODI has an unparalleled reputation for producing high quality research which enables it to influence policy and practice through its high calibre networks and partnerships. Since 2015, ODI has been building a portfolio of research and policy work focused on migration. This funding would provide core support enabling migration to remain a central strategic focus within the organisation and allow it to respond flexibly to issues within the migration debate. With this grant ODI aims to: • Expand its communications reach • Invest in in-depth and innovative communications • Build on its networks and partnerships • Maximise on its ability to convene and discuss migration issues/solutions with un-usual stakeholders
30/04/2016 £154,000 Multi-Story Music 3? Developing and implementing a new organisational structure, enabling Multi-Story to expand outside London and focus on the longer-term development of their work.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Young Scot 3? Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship agency for young people in Scotland aged 11-26. Our funding will strengthen its capacity around co-design in three localities, as it develops targeted and bespoke work with young people in those areas. This builds on Young Scot's existing offer to young people including an information and advice website portal which received 2 million page views last year, and the Young Scot smart card, which is held by 620,000 young people. The charity aims to support young people to make informed decisions, play an active part in communities and be involved in decision making.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Mancroft Advice Project MAP 6? PHF support will enable the CEO and Development Manager to step away from operational delivery and focus on growing MAP’s role as an influencer. Key to this project is a plan to establish and grow a young people’s social movement to influence local decision making on issues that affect them, changing systems, strategies and cultures so they better support young people’s emotional wellbeing and social mobility.
30/04/2016 £165,000 Migration Museum Project 2? The Migration Museum Project aims to tell the story of migration in the UK and contribute to a better understanding, tolerance and a reasoned response to migration issues. This grant will enable the Migration Museum to employ a curator to develop its exhibitions and events outside of London, while building towards the establishment of a permanent museum.
30/04/2016 £237,000 Royal Opera House Foundation 3? ROHB will expand an existing and successful Creative Writing through the Arts (CWtA) programme to cover a three year period, reaching 1350 children, 45 teachers and 45 school leaders in 45 schools, via collaborations with 18 arts practitioners in five art forms. 15 teachers will join the programme each September for an intensive year of support. Deeper formative and summative evaluation will allow ongoing refinement of the work and potentially deliver useful longitudinal evidence, as the progress in writing of a targeted group of children from each cohort will be tracked throughout the three years.
30/04/2016 £220,000 Young Vic 5? Opened in 1970, the Young Vic is one of London's most innovative and inclusive producing theatres. PHF is supporting Growing Communities, a new progrmme which will see the Young Vic engaging with the most hard to reach communities in Lambeth and Southwark. Groups such as full-time carers, refugees and homeless people will have the opportunity to become deeply involved in the theatre, including making work for the main stage. Growing Communities will provide access to the arts for those who face significant barriers and the Young Vic stage will provide a platform for their voices to be heard.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Clore Social Leadership Programme 8? The youth sector has identified a need for leadership development and greater collaboration within the sector. In response, Clore Social Leadership will develop a leadership development programme to equip emerging leaders with the necessary skills and network opportunities and create a pipeline of future leaders capable of providing the resilient leadership the youth sector will need in coming years.
30/04/2016 £15,000 UK Youth 11? UK Youth in partnership with Bite the Ballot will drive engagement of young people in the EU referendum through their UK wide network of members and youth clubs.
30/04/2016 £125,000 Cape UK 2? This programme uses rehearsal room approaches and theatre making to teach Shakespeare in the primary school, and examines how this process can develop teachers' skill, confidence and ambition, and in turn impact on children's language and literacy. We will use reflective practice and action research to encourage teachers to consider how to apply their new-found approaches across their school's curriculum. The research will focus on identifying the approaches and processes that make teachers' professional development in these areas most effective, and how an action research informed approach can effectively support this.
31/03/2016 £322,000 Site Gallery 2? Site Gallery is Sheffield’s leading centre for contemporary art, supporting new work, community access and nurturing artistic talent with a focus on moving image, new media and performance. This grant will support Site Gallery to deliver On the Road - a four year programme to significantly grow their youth audiences and significantly expand their work connecting local young people with art and artists.
31/03/2016 £59,801 Young Roots 8? Young Roots has secured funding to expand into a third London borough and to recruit case workers who will enhance its support to young people. It is seeking PHF support to recruit a new, part-time Director to develop the organisation's capacity for fundraising and working with young people to advocate for policy change.
31/03/2016 £60,000 The Centre for Youth Impact 2? Funding to enable CYI to engage with a new wave of early adopters, provide training and diagnostic support as well as maintain the current cohort. Funding would contribute to high level research expertise enabling CYI to provide dedicated support to organisations working with young people and will support the development of new income-generating projects.
31/03/2016 £329,000 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society 3? Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s In Harmony Liverpool programme uses orchestral music making to improve the health, education and aspirations of young people aged 0-18 and their families in Everton. This is the third grant from PHF, supporting an ambitious proposal that includes expansion in the early years, musical progression for hundreds of young people and an increased focus on training for teachers.
31/03/2016 £30,000 The Open Door Centre 3? The Open Door Centre in Merseyside, provides therapeutic support, volunteering and creative activities for young people with mental health needs aged 13-25. It incorporates therapy into a peer-supported, friendly and creative environment rather than the traditional clinical domain. This grant will fund the Centre Manager salary to become full time (currently 24 hrs/per week). This post oversees the day-to-day care of service users and volunteer management. This will free up the Director to devote more time to the growth of the organisation, expanding the Corporate Community Membership Programme and building key relationships.
31/03/2016 £52,000 The Bush Theatre 5? Two local community organisations will become "Associates" at the Bush, forming an artistic partnership to create work and offer a depth of experience for participants.
31/03/2016 £170,000 The Refugee and Migrant Centre Ltd 10? RMC wish to address the widening gap in Birmingham in comprehensive advice and support for asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants. RMC aim to build a broad remit, sustainable service offering professional, timely advice to a wide, inclusive client group. Beneficiaries will access free, face to face, seamless, wrap around advice and support at crucial times in their lives. Initially priority will be given to immigration, destitution/homelessness, health and welfare related issues. When the service is established, RMC aim to offer wider services including health, education and employment services.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Project Oracle 3? Project Oracle is an important part of the infrastructure that enables organisations working with young peopel to collect better evidence of impact and improve their capability in using it. Having appointed its first Managing Director, it is transitioning to become an independent charity, and exploring opportunities to work outside London and with organisations working with young people in other sectors such as the arts.
31/03/2016 £50,500 Darts Doncaster Community Arts 3? darts wishes to test whether creative techniques, which were developed through its work in primary PRUs, can be applied in mainstream settings to benefit pupils at risk of exclusion. Two multi-disciplinary artists will deliver weekly sessions in three primary schools using sculpture, circus arts, music and visual arts, working towards end-of-year sharing events. Pupil outcomes may include increased engagement, self-esteem and aspiration, coping strategies and decreased likelihood of exclusion. The team will create a practical toolbox of creative approaches to support teacher CPD.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Youth Focus North East 5? YFNE is seeking to build on its successful co-produced mental health and employability initiatives to spread co-production more widely. It plans both to grow these programmes and apply the learning into other areas of work, such as with young people with additional needs. PHF support will part-fund the existing post of Programme Director, who will take these initiatives forward.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Prison Arts Foundation 2? Founded in 1996, Prison Arts Foundation is dedicated to providing access to the arts for all prisoners, ex-prisoners, young offenders and ex-young offenders in Northern Ireland. It will pilot a project to address the transition from custody into the community through an arts-mentoring scheme, which will support ex-offenders to re-integrate back into the community.
31/03/2016 £53,000 Sistema Cymru 3? Working in two Welsh-speaking primary schools in North Wales, Sistema Cymru provides opportunities for pupils to learn through music. This grant will provide support for the development and growth of this relatively new organisation.
31/03/2016 £70,000 The Lightbox 3? A grant to secure the legacy of the Our Museum initiative and help to strengthen and widen both the community ownership and access to the gallery.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Spark Inside 10? This grant will fund the salary of the CEO. This would provide stability and security to enable Spark Inside to work with more young people (300 a year), effect widespread systemic change influencing the culture in prisons, develop new ideas and share learning and best practice.
31/03/2016 £50,000 Release 6? The grant will fund the salaries of the Advocacy Manager, Youth Peer Trainers, resources and publication costs, for Release to develop and roll out the Y-Stop campaign to young people around the UK. Y-Stop will benefit young people affected by police stop and search policy and practice. Release will also work with young people to influence policy makers and police on the issue of stop and search.
31/03/2016 £60,000 The Junction - Young People Health & Wellbeing 6? The grant will fund the salary costs of the Director to enable focus on further defining, evidencing and sharing The Junction’s well-regarded model of ‘nested service provision’ and move towards its replication. The organisation also wants to challenge current reactive systems of service provision and enable young people to be heard in these conversations.
31/03/2016 £150,000 Islington Law Centre 9? Under ‘best interests’ requirements, both the UK and French governments have legal obligations to young people which they are failing to comply with. This application builds on the success already achieved by MLP (with Citizens UK and partners) through its landmark court case which has allowed unaccompanied children/young people from the Calais ‘Jungle’ to join relatives settled in the UK. This funding would build on these cases and seek to expand the model tested across Europe. It would do this in three ways: 1. Defending and developing the strategic legal case 2. Supporting work to reunite young people with their families 3. Supporting policy work
31/03/2016 £2,000,000 The Helen Hamlyn Trust 1? PHF is again pleased to support the Helen Hamlyn Trust, an independent grant-making trust focusing on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn. The Trust’s grant-making is centred on medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs, heritage and conservation in India.
29/02/2016 £350,000 Hampshire Cultural Trust 2? Horizon 20:20 aims to change the culture in Hampshire's PRUs so that arts-based learning, including trips to cultural destinations, becomes central to their work. The hope to see an impact on children's self-esteem and motivation to learn and teachers' professional confidence.This will be achieved through a four year programmes of artists' residencies, teacher training and Arts Awards for children.
29/02/2016 £29,632 AJP Dreams 4? AJP Dreams’ tagline is “If I can, you can, we can!” Alexander Warren is a young man who has overcome obstacles to become a conference speaker, businessman and entrepreneur, using his experiences to inspire and motivate others to improve care and support for people with learning disabilities. Alexander plans to work with Edinburgh Development Group, an academic from Edinburgh University and drama experts to research, develop, test and pilot an empathy training programme for support workers, which will help them to listen to and empathise with their clients’ dreams, no matter how flamboyant. PHF funding will pay Alexander, his support team and these experts for 18 months to create a training product that can be delivered more widely and become commercially sustainable.
29/02/2016 £255,000 PRS Foundation 2? Support to embed the New Music Biennial 2017 in a deeper and more durable way in Hull, adding composer residencies to their usual Biennial delivery model and developing a tailor-made listening scheme to offer new experiences and skills to local communities and schools.
29/02/2016 £60,000 MyBnk 8? MyBnk designs and delivers financial and enterprise workshops to young people aged 11-25 in schools and youth organisations. The grant is to fund the Quality and Training Director who leads on operations, monitoring and evaluation. MyBnk is expanding into the South West currently and plans to expand further to the Midlands and North over the next couple of years. It also wants to grow its work focusing on the most vulnerable young people and to evidence its impact and the social return on investment it achieves, so that it can attract funding from new sources.
29/02/2016 £59,824 Autograph ABP 3? Autograph wants to explore and test ideas for increasing access opportunities for young refugees at the National Gallery and develop a potentially scalable methodology to improve access and participation practice that can be shared across the cultural sector.
29/02/2016 £29,300 Fabrica 3? Fabrica and PAW want to understand more about people with severe intellectual disabilities as both creative participants, and as a gallery audience. They also want to understand the challenges and opportunities of co-production, co-commissioning and cross-sector collaboration. They hope to do this by commissioning an immersive and interactive exhibition that will resonate with audiences with a range of intellectual capacities.
29/02/2016 £300,000 A New Direction 5? My Creative School offers a new model for relationships between arts organisations and schools. Facilitated and supported by A New Direction (an Arts Council Bridge Organisation) this project will see schools choose to work with arts organisations based on how those organisations respond to priority areas identified in School Improvement Plans (SIPs). The focus of activity will be using the arts to teach non-arts subjects in primary schools across three outer London boroughs and various locations within Kent.
29/02/2016 £59,712 Hackney Music Development Trust 5? Hackney Music Development Trust will trial a new model of working with schools using performance arts, and assist staff at Queen Eleanor Primary school to develop arts based teaching and learning activities.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Clan Childlaw Ltd 6? Clan Childlaw proposes to develop its services to extend access to legal representation for children and young people in Scotland into new policy areas, advance policy and enhance implementation of children's rights, particularly children involved with the care and criminal justice systems. PHF support will contribute to senior staff salaries as well as help to pay for a consultant fundraiser.
29/02/2016 £100,000 The Robertson Trust 1? The grant will contribute to the development and evaluation of two Women Centres in Scotland (Fort William and Cumnock) that will meet the needs and aspirations of all women, girls and families. These centres will help the most vulnerable women, girls and their families to be safer, happier, healthier and more achieving.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Asylum Aid 7? This application is for the incubation of the Project for the Registration of Children as British Children (PRCBC) which is being hosted by Asylum Aid. PRCBC want to explore whether policy change relating to the registration of undocumented young people as British citizens can be secured by filtering out test cases which can be used in strategic litigation proceedings. A focus on strategic litigation has the potential to set precedent for other undocumented young people to register as citizens by remedying unlawful and poor practice. In addition, Asylum Aid will test whether hosting projects in early stages, can allow them to incubate and grow steadily before being established as independent entities.
29/02/2016 £50,000 The Baring Foundation 4? Commission for the Future of the Voluntary Sector
29/02/2016 £388,000 Kids Own Publishing Partnership CLG Virtually There aims to increase children's problem-solving skills and teachers' confidence through enquiry-based learning with an artist in vitual residence. The project takes place in a range of schools in Northern Ireland using standard classroom technology. Participants reflect on their experiences in an online journal that combines children's, artists' and teachers' perspectives to give the wider community a window into the project.
29/02/2016 £44,996 Beaford Arts 2? 8 rural primary schools will work with artists, a cartographer, Devon Wildlife Trust and older people within their community to create a walking trail and map about the local area. The project will explore how a local arts organisation can support rural schools to deliver arts-based learning.
29/02/2016 £60,000 The Foyer Federation 6? Foyer Federation plans to develop, test and roll out a refreshed model for UK-wide foyers, which will embed the 'advantaged thinking' strengths-based approach to working with young people across its 100-strong member network. The work includes creating and piloting a foyer 'developers' guide', a new accreditation framework, a business model and review of the international literature around advantaged thinking. Foyer Feneration is seeking core support for its work.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants 5? JCWI will test a new internal structure and model of delivery to maximise their resources and increase their impact. This includes a more joined-up approach to casework, campaigns and training. This coordinated approach has the potential to drive forward focused policy change through a coordinated approach of identifying relevant potential test cases which JCWI will bring forward as strategic litigation cases, while also running related campaigns alongside to raise awareness of key issues, engaging MPs and tabling parliamentary questions and policy amendments, and finally engaging and training relevant professions responsible for policy implementation.
31/01/2016 £242,000 Big Brum Theatre in Education 3? By improving its approach to evaluation and promotion of its work, BB plans to strengthen the case for theatre in education in response to the current challenging educational context. It will also deliver and evaluate its ‘End of Reason’ programme (focusing on World War One) to 90-100 schools and Pupil Referral Units.
31/01/2016 £40,000 The Jericho Foundation 5? Jericho is a leading regional social enterprise and employability charity, which works with 65 young people aged 16-24 per year through targeted, year-long employability placements and wrap-around support, and shares its practice via national and international social enterprise networks. PHF support will part-fund the salary of the Social Enterprise Manager as Jericho expands the Reusers business to a second and potentially third site.
31/01/2016 £60,000 British Youth Council 3? BYC is the national youth council for the UK; each year it supports up to 2,000 young people to participate in local youth councils or national networks such as the UK Youth Parliament and Make Your Mark referendum campaign. PHF support will develop its income generation capability and enable BYC to offer participation training to frontline staff.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Fitzrovia Youth in Action 7? FYA is seeking core support as it seeks to build on its record as a leading Camden youth organisation with a strong model of youth-led community development that has influenced statutory provision and been copied by others. Following two years of planning, it is moving into income generation, through taking over responsibility for a local all-weather pitch and multi-purpose building. PHF support will free up senior staff to manage this transition as well as share its practice more widely.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Live Music Now 3? This project will deliver a SEND Music Fellowship Programme equipping early career professional musicians from Live Music Now to become Musicians in Residence in special schools. They are seeking to fully evaluate the Musicians in Residence model and collect evidence of the effectiveness of the programme.
31/01/2016 £38,000 Signals Media Arts Centre 3? Signals Media Arts Centre will work with three primary schools in Essex to support children to improve engagement and learning in literacy, numeracy and coding skills through film and digital media approaches. They are seeking to explore partnership working with schools and demonstrate the benefits that arts and cultural organisations can bring to teaching and learning.
31/01/2016 £59,317 Migrants Rights Network 4? MRN will work with over 100 migrant organisations as well as service providers to collate evidence of discriminatory practices and policies targeted against migrant communities in three regions (London and South East, Midlands and North England). This information will be used to raise awareness about widespread misunderstanding and misapplication of new immigration rules.
31/01/2016 £240,000 Citizens UK Charity 13? This project will support Citizens UK to expand their ‘New Communities’ work campaigning on migrant, asylum and integration related issues. Support from PHF will allow Citizens to target, engage and mobilise new demographics (including young migrants) in new geographic locations, and build alliances with institutions which have not engaged on migration issues before.
31/01/2016 £25,721 Circles South West 8? Circles South West plans to carry out research and develop a concept for a new service supporting un-convicted men who acknowledge a sexual attraction to children to prevent them from acting on that attraction. In particular the project will explore whether Germany’s successful Prevention Project Dunkelfeld could be replicated in the UK. Led by an experienced practitioner with the support of the Circles South West team, the Centre for Justice Innovation, and with strong networks in the field, the project aims to reach a costed project proposal, including introductory marketing literature, by the end of six months. PHF funding will pay for the salary of the lead worker, travel costs, consultancy and associated support costs to enable the team to develop their idea.
31/01/2016 £33,202 Street Teams 9? This Youth Fund grant will increase the hours of the currently part-time Head of Service post for two years, which will allow Street Teams to further focus on strengthening the fundraising strategy and developing a number of key project initiatives. The learning from these will inform the wider child sexual exploitation prevention agenda locally and potentially nationally.
31/01/2016 £41,801 Theatre Centre Limited 3? Theatre Centre will work with five primary schools across England to tackle the issue of gender stereotyping in schools. They will explore and test a model that integrates creative writing, interactive theatre and performance, placing children at the heart of the process. The performance will be toured to an additional five schools, where Year 5 and 6 children will also engage with the theme.
31/01/2016 £51,585 QED Foundation Ltd 1? 'My Journey' will facilitate dialogue between young migrants and settled communities about the issues they face to increase mutual understanding and cohesion. Through a series of presentations led by newly arrived migrants to established communities, these sessions will promote understanding of migrants’ needs and underlying causes of tensions, leading to action plans to facilitate their integration which will be shared with decision makers locally and nationally.
31/01/2016 £10,000 The Michael Sieff Foundation 1? Improving policy and practice for the well-being of young people
31/01/2016 £15,000 Almeida Theatre Company Ltd 4? Support to underpin the collaboration between Almeida Projects and Arsenal in the Community’s Positive Future around the main stage production of “Boy”, by Leo Butler - a play that focuses on social exclusion. Performance pieces will be written by young people across four different settings, with a film-maker documenting the process and Arsenal players reading the finished works alongside actors.
31/01/2016 £170,000 Intoart 1? Core investment and capacity building at Intoart to help realise 'Design by Intoart'; new project-based design studio and leadership programme by artists with learning disabilities that will also support wider dissemination across the sector.
31/01/2016 £54,676 Startup and Startup Now Projects 4? The organisation is seeking funding for a Training Director to scale up Startup’s peer mentor training and to expand its work with ‘at risk’ young women aged 16-24. This will strengthen Startup’s expertise in working further upstream with a younger age group. Startup are well-networked within the women-centred services field and in refining this model there is potential for cross-learning about approaches to working with young women.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Reclaim Project Ltd 6? Since its beginning eight years ago as a PHF-funded museum project, Reclaim has supported 750 Greater Manchester 12-15 year olds to develop and implement manifestos for social change in their communities. The original programme graduates are now in their 20s and becoming the next generation of leaders for the organisation. Reclaim is seeking to develop an alumni network, and support young people to continue to campaign for social change on the issues affecting them.
31/01/2016 £233,000 Fevered Sleep 1? Fevered Sleep will create, in collaboration with its partners and with participants, three participatory arts projects to be presented at 20 venues across England over four years. FS will extend the approaches developed through Future Play and apply them to work for adult as well as child audiences. They will focus on gathering evidence in order to understand the impact on participants who engage in making, presenting and promoting their work.
31/01/2016 £36,972 Creativity Culture and Education 1? Working in partnership with CEDETI (a research institute based in Chile) CCE will develop an arts-rich primary curriculum in consultation with teachers. This is part of a longer project exploring whether such a curriculum can help children from poorer backgrounds improve certain functions of the brain, and thus help close the gap with more affluent peers.
31/01/2016 £59,300 Grimm & Co 3? This project builds on approaches to creative writing developed by Ministry of Stories and will trial them with children from eight primary schools and one secondary school in Rotherham. Grimm & Co aims to address barriers to learning and increase children’s self-confidence, positive attitudes to writing and aspirations using a range of creative activities.
31/01/2016 £29,847 Attik Dance Ltd 1? Benjamin Dunks, AD’s artistic director, is an honorary fellow of Exeter Medical School. He has developed Leap, a whole class approach to teaching dance in primary schools, based on current academic research linking motor skills to the development of working memory. AD wants to test if the Leap programme can increase teachers’ confidence in teaching dance and improve improve children’s working memory.
31/01/2016 £100,000 Tyneside Cinema 3? Building on the success of the PHF-funded 'Young Tyneside' project, Tyneside Cinema will deliver a 3 year Access and Participation programme for 8,500 children and young people which involves new audiences in film and filmmaking, addresses social, economic and educational need and develops important new models of engagement of significance to the wider film sector.
31/01/2016 £59,891 Focus on Labour Exploitation FLEX 4? FLEX want to research why and how migrant workers are being exploited across three UK labour sectors, as well as exploring social attitudes towards migrant workers in locations relevant to each sector. This project aims to change attitudes towards migrants and exploitation in the UK and improve mechanisms for prevention and redress.
31/01/2016 £150,000 Artichoke Trust 5? Support to underpin the participation and engagement strand of work for this large scale public event across the river Thames, enouraging disadvantaged young people from five London boroughs to take an actiove part in designing and building an ephemeral art installation to commemorate the anniversary of the Great Fire of London.
31/12/2015 £15,000 Citizens UK Charity 13? Grant made under the PHF Supported Options Initiative to support young people with irregular immigration status to campaign on relevant issues.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Valley and Vale Community Arts 2? This project will deliver a 23 month drama programme, for girls from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4, with diagnosed, non-diagnosed or with late diagnised Autism, focusing on creative approaches to develop their learning, life skills and coping strategies, including role playing social behaviours. Outcomes for the girls are linked to the drama activities and are around confidence, developing social skills and communication with the aim of reintegration in mainstream and further education. Based in Bridgend and Betws, Wales, Valley and Vale Community Arts delivers a range of creative work focusing on enhancing wellbeing for the local community. This project will offer drama-based learning workshops for girls with late diagnosed autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), many of whom attend an Alternative Provision Centre. This initiative seeks to develop both their own and the Centre’s understanding and use of drama as a helpful teaching method.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Theatre de Complicite 2? Following a small-scale pilot with Sheffield Hallam University in 2014, Complicite want to evaluate a drama-based, whole class approach to maths, to see if it improves children’s attainment.
30/11/2015 £35,100 Collar and Tie Ltd 1? Based in Worcester, Collar & Tie (C&T) develops new creative techniques that mix participatory drama, learning, digital and social media in order to improve learning experiences and teaching methods. C&T will test the pedagogic potential of its online theatre education platform, Prospero, over one school year with four demographically different primary schools in Worcestershire. This will enable teachers to develop new ways of deploying Drama and ICT across the curriculum.
30/11/2015 £350,000 Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Ltd 5? The grant will underpin public engagement throughout 2017, with a particular focus on the lead up to the year of culture and creating a lasting legacy. This will be achieved by Hull 2017 commissioning world class performances, residencies and through schools and community engagement.
30/11/2015 £215,000 Council for Learning Outside the Classroom 1? Support towards a consortium of organisations that have come together to carry out the learning from the Learning Away initiative to promote "Brilliant Residentials" - i.e. school trips with an overnight stay, which are led by teachers, co-designed with students and fully integrated into the curriculum.
30/11/2015 £100,000 UK Community Foundations 8? A pooled fund set up by PHF, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Comic Relief and administered by UK Community Foundations, New Beginnings will support local groups working to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into their local communities.
30/11/2015 £20,000 Overseas Development Institute 3? The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. This project will allow ODI to produce a comic to help tell the stories emerging from migrants making dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean. This will enable their research to reach a wider audience.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Redthread Youth Limited 11? Redthread is a charity engaging in youth work, health and education to provide vital support for young people in their physical, mental and social development. This grant will allow the Youth Work Team to focus on direct work with young people and the CEO and Head of Operations on strategic and organisational development, including fundraising.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Stopgap Dance Company 4? This project will pilot an inclusive dance syllabus aimed at disabled children and young people, to run pilot classes and collect evidence with the aim of publishing a tool-kit to advocate its potential for sector-wide impact. Stopgap Dance Company, resident company of Farnham Maltings (University of Surrey) is the UK’s top integrated professional contemporary dance company, working with dancers with and without disabilities, on small to mid-scale work. This project will trial an inclusive dance syllabus aimed at disabled children and young people. It will run pilot classes and collect evidence with the aim of publishing a tool-kit to advocate its potential for sector-wide impact.
30/11/2015 £53,153 Keyfund 10? The Keyfund seeks to engage young people who are vulnerable and facing complex barriers to progression and social mobility. It focuses on helping young people identify their passions and practically developing their skills and strengths for success. Keyfund plans to use 2015/16 to reflect, innovate and transition. This grant will support the CEO’s salary and contribute to two new posts. This will enable the organisation to focus on business development, marketing and promotions to build resilience for the future.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Mind in Camden 6? Mind in Camden is an independent mental health charity set up in 1985 and affiliated to National Mind. Mind in Camden will set up a network of 15 peer support groups for young refugees and asylum seekers with mental health problems, in partnership with refugee organisations across London. Mind will provide training and coaching for staff in each of the partner organisations: developing their capacity to address the mental health needs of their clients.
30/11/2015 £200,000 Global Dialogue 8? This project is part of a new initiative hosted by Global Dialogue which aims to increase the strategic communications capacity in the migration and integration sector by establishing a Communications Hub. The Hub will strengthen the ability of civil society organisations to contribute effectively to key regional and national conversations relevant to migration and integration, improve the use of existing public opinion research to frame organisational responses to discreet policy issues relating to migration, and increase the range of perspectives on migration and integration in media and public debate. PHF will fund a communication post, one of five to be embedded within existing migration organisations, and make a contribution towards the central Communications Hub which will support the wider sector with support and media training.
30/11/2015 £59,930 Writing on the Wall 3? Writing on the Wall is a Liverpool-based community charity that promotes and celebrates writing in all its forms through a month-long annual festival and year-round projects. It will test whether working with schools to create a programme of creative writing and illustration workshops, with a super hero theme, can increase children’s attainment in literacy, their social skills, self-esteem and aspirations.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Citizens UK Charity 13? Citizens UK organises communities across the UK to act together on social justice issues. This project is a partnership between Citizens UK, the Migrants' Law Project at Islington Law Centre and Bhatt Murphy Solicitors which will support individuals trapped in the ‘Jungle’ in Calais and further afied in Europe, who have settled family in the UK to apply for their asylum claims to be heard by the UK.
30/11/2015 £50,000 Zahid Mubarek Trust 5? The Zahid Mubarek Trust (ZMT) advocates for a just and humane criminal justice system to ensure the successful rehabilitation of young and vulnerable prisoners. It focuses particularly on prisoners from black, asian and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME). ZMT aims to build on experience to deliver a new programme of workshops in ten prisons, where they currently work, and build links with existing appropriate services on release. They will recruit two qualified facilitators and aim for the programme to be integral to the organisation going forward.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Peckham Platform 2? This programme consists of 45 bi-weekly sessions reaching up to 25 disadvantaged young people in Southwark. These sessions will include 2 annual artist residencies, 2 degree show visits and mentoring opportunities through the University of the Arts. The artist residencies will be selected by Youth Platform participants, in which they help to co-create 2 month-long exhibitions together with a resident artist in 2016 and 2017. This programme will give these young people the tools to become active cultural producers.
30/11/2015 £60,000 HOPE not Hate Educational Ltd 3? HNH will test whether a regional programme of leadership development can both affect change on local issues identified by young migrants as well as lead to a national network of young migrant leaders with common identity despite differing experiences of migration. To do this they will employ a Community Organiser to work in eight localities around the UK to engage young migrants in a programme of training, capacity building and local action to address issues they have identified. Hope not hate undertakes community action and engagement, research, training and educational services. It operates via a network of 40 active groups around the country engaging over 220,000 people. Through this grant, the organisation will deliver a regional programme of leadership development for young migrants. It will support them to work on local issues with the aim of creating a UK network of young migrant leaders, who can collectively campaign at a national level.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Fenham Association of Residents 7? Fenham Association of Residents (FAR) is a leading community organisation in the West End of Newcastle. It works with young people to strengthen community cohesion, help them to overcome the challenges they face and to achieve their goals. This grant will go towards the salary of the Children and Young People’s Lead Worker. This will enable FAR to develop its work with young people further around its priority areas, whilst taking advantage of a newly renovated building. These priorities include: mental health, sexual health, education and training and diversity.
30/11/2015 £60,000 Attenborough Arts Centre The University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre is the largest contemporary art gallery in Leicester and one of the largest in the East Midlands area. Attenborough Arts Centre will create a sensory workshop space designed specifically for children with special educational needs and disabilities. It will work with two special educational needs (SEN) schools to explore new ways to deliver the curriculum to these children using multisensory and kinaesthetic approaches to learning.
30/11/2015 £30,000 Hartlepool Art Studio Limited 1? The Artrium provides arts and crafts activities and support for people with mental health problems or learning disabilities. It is a safe ‘haven’ for many of its members. This project will train and support long-term members to facilitate arts workshops in the wider community, challenging them to develop new skills and move out of their comfort zone. PHF funding will pay for artists’ fees, materials, and management and admin costs.
30/11/2015 £35,570 Oswestry Community Action 3? The project will deliver an integrated programme of participatory and collaborative art, craft and dance activities to tackle rural isolation by offering activities in low key community venues.
30/11/2015 £35,000 The Tetley 4? The Tetley will provide ongoing, in-depth arts programming to young people who have previously had limited opportunities to engage in extra-curricular creative activities. They will get regular access to a significant contemporary art venue, where they will be working alongside professional artists, and be given opportunities to consider further education or careers within the arts and creative industries.
30/11/2015 £250,000 Battersea Arts Centre 6? To support BAC in the aftermath of the fire that destroyed their Grand Hall, in order to maintain activities which achieve their mission ‘to inspire people to take creative risks to shape the future'.
31/10/2015 £60,000 Step by Step 4? Step by Step would like to reduce its reliance on local authority contracts and increase commercial and individual donor income. This would enable the charity to meet the growing demand for its services for young people who are homeless or facing homelessness. The grant will contribute to salary costs for two new posts: Business Services Manager and Head of Income Generation.
31/10/2015 £30,000 Essex Book Festival 1? New creative leadership of Essex Book Festival has seen the introduction of a Human Rights Strand into its programme, leading to an increased focus on diversity. PHF funding will enable the piloting of new ways of working with young people aged 14-25 in marginalised communities. It will also help to develop community links, as well as deepen understanding of the barriers currently impeding access to arts, particularly those focussed on the spoken and written word.
31/10/2015 £60,000 The OHMI Trust 5? This grant supports a teaching pilot of specially adapted musical instruments to 7-11yr olds and 18-24yr olds who have only one arm or hand. The project will take place in the South East and West Midlands, ensuring these groups can participate in music making, test the instruments and the teaching methods. Results from the pilot will be shared widely to improve practice.
31/10/2015 £54,318 Plymouth & District Mind Association 5? ALC will create an outlet for the disadvantaged to explore and enjoy audio, visual, kinetic, tactile expression to overcome feelings of anxiety and isolation.
31/10/2015 £60,000 Daily Life Ltd 1? Daily Life is an arts and mental health advocacy charity based in Stratford, East London with a mission to change the way that people think about mental health and a strong track record of producing provocative work. They will develop and test the Roving Diagnostic Unit, where people with lived experience of mental distress co-produce participatory adventures to 'diagnose' local cultural centres including the William Morris Gallery and Vestry House Museum. These interactive performances will explore mental health and the history of psychiatric diagnosis.
31/10/2015 £60,000 YoungMinds Trust 8? The charity plans to campaign to keep young people’s mental health on the agenda and keep young people’s experiences and voices at the centre of discussions, through making its Vs young activist group a core part of the charity’s work. Our grant would support this by part-funding the salary of the Youth Engagement Manager, a core post under the new strategy.
31/10/2015 £58,240 People Around Here 2? Working in partnership with a local community centre, this programme will engage professional artists to lead participatory projects in Ely/Caerau, a deprived area of Cardiff, exploring sculpture as an art form and its potential for the creative use of construction skills. Much of the activity will be accredited through the Open College Network; the initiative has a special focus on providing support and mentoring to those in the area who are unemployed or in unsecure employment.
31/10/2015 £60,000 Cove Park 4? Based on Argyll and Bute, Cove Park hosts residencies for nationally and internationally acclaimed artists in all disciplines. They will develop a new year-round programme, Hands-On, offering arts activities to these remote island communities.
31/10/2015 £30,333 Friends of Williamson Art Gallery & Wirral Museums This programme of quality participatory art workshops for pre-school children, inspired by the collections, aims to build confidence amongst parents/carers facing disadvantage, helping to raise participants' aspirations and improve access to the arts.
31/10/2015 £57,275 Royal Exchange Theatre Company Limited 4? The Royal Exchange(RET), a theatre in central Manchester, has developed its work with young people and older people over the last five years. They will now pilot RET Local - a mobile theatre and engagement programme particularly targeting these age groups. They will create two, six-month community residencies in the low-engagement areas of Rochdale and Cheetham Hill, delivered in partnership with local agencies.
31/10/2015 £21,250 The Albert Kennedy Trust 6? They will expand and consider franchising their successfully piloted e-mentoring scheme, providing online access to support, training and advice to LGBT young people. Alongside expanding and refining service delivery the charity aims to influence policy, mainstream homeless provision and raise awareness in wider society. Young people will lead the first national conference on LGBT youth homelessness in 2016.
31/10/2015 £59,259 Heads On 2? Recovery Colleges support people with mental health problems on their journey to recovery through education in a non-stigmatising college environment. Working with Sussex Recovery College, Heads On will pilot and evaluate seven arts-based courses to co-produce and co-deliver a programme of arts courses at cultural venues.
31/10/2015 £60,000 Asylos 1? Asylos is a pan-European volunteer network that that trains and support volunteers to research vital information to help refugees fleeing war, violence, and persecution to claim their right to asylum. This grant will fund Asylos to trial their model, well tested in France, Belgium and Greece, in the UK. Asylos will support refugee community organisations and lawyers to research country of origin information for young asylum seekers, helping them claim their right to asylum.
31/10/2015 £25,000 The Childrens Sleep Charity 3? The Children’s Sleep Charity plans to work with schools in Yorkshire and Humberside to provide information and support for teenagers who are sleep deprived. By increasing good quality sleep, the project aims to improve young people’s health and wellbeing. Support will be delivered by trained sleep practitioners through workshops, drop-in sessions or one-to-one. This will include support for parents and carers. PHF funding will pay for staff cost and production of materials.
31/10/2015 £55,253 Create London 7? Create London is an independent charity, principally funded by ACE and Legacy Trust UK, with a strong track record of bringing art to communities in East London. They will bring the Grade II-listed White House in Becontree back into use to provide artists’ live/work spaces, communal public spaces and a public engagement programme. The White House is located within the Becontree Estate, an area of high social and economic deprivation within Barking and Dagenham, which is in the top 3% of most deprived authorities in England.
30/09/2015 £60,000 Generation Change 4? The organisation plans, with support from the Dartington Social Research Unit, to pilot a shared approach to evaluation and learning across six diverse member organisations. This will provide evidence of impact to funders and commissioners, as well as to establish a set of quality standards for the sector.
30/09/2015 £59,009 Action Space London Events Limited 3? Action Space London supports the development of artists with learning disabilities. It plans to trial half-day workshops in public spaces across London. These will be faciliated by people with learning disabilities to enable their peers to explore their creativity and enjoyment of visual arts.
30/09/2015 £100,000 Just for Kids Law 15? Grant towards towards a youth-led campaign (Let us Learn) to develop a movement around migrants’ rights in the UK, focusing on equal access to higher education for young people with immigration status issues in England and Wales.
30/09/2015 £25,986 Seacourt Print Workshop Ltd Bangor-based Seacourt Print Workshop and key partners, including the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health and Comber Autism Support, want to test whether print-making can help people with illnesses and disabilities form new positive identities as artists and increase their wellbeing –using the New Economics Foundation’s Wellbeing evaluation model to understand the impact of the work.
30/09/2015 £47,540 Action For Kids 4? A4K plans to work with schools across eight North London boroughs, encouraging them to make the voice of young people with learning disabilities central to planning for their future. The charity sought part-funding for senior staff salaries, for them to spend time influencing school leaders and spread good practice.
30/09/2015 £56,000 Sound and Music 2? Sound and Music will investigate how to address inequalities of development opportunity for composers – and how to ensure that, once on a programme, individuals from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds do not drop off before completion. Our grant will support the testing of more diverse residencies; a mentoring scheme; and a pilot course in East London for young composers/music creators.
30/09/2015 £60,000 Hull Truck Theatre 1? Following extensive consultation, Hull Truck will provide through our grant local, free and family-friendly activities in a defined geographical area of the city – focusing on entertainment and fun – to reach people who think they don’t belong in the theatre.
30/09/2015 £55,917 De La Warr Pavilion Charitable Trust 2? De La Warr Pavilion is a Grade One listed modernist building on the South Coast in East Sussex, which hosts high quality exhibitions and live events. De La Warr Pavilion’s new programme will embed a culture of access across the organisation, designing tailor-made interventions to connect adults with learning disabilities, marginalised young people and over 65s as well as migrants and refugees to their artistic programme.
30/09/2015 £47,416 Getaway Girls 9? The charity plans to strengthen its stability and sustainability through core funding for key posts, as well as further developing income generation and relationships with key businesses. This will enable it to expand its services in Leeds to reach new groups of young women, build new partnerships to expand its offer geographically across the city and share good practice with other organisations locally and nationally.
30/09/2015 £27,280 The Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust 4? A collaboration between NMPAT, the Computer Music Department of Goldsmiths University and local partners to design, develop and build bespoke musical instruments for children with special needs and disabilities.
31/08/2015 £20,000 The Lightbox 3? 6-month transition period as a development of the Our Museum programme, to run from October 2015 to the end of March 2016.
31/08/2015 £19,925 National Museum Wales 3? Transition funding to support the extension of the Our Museum coordinator post from October 2015 - March 2016
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