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Over the last five years they've made 182 significant donations totalling £21,167,295

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31/08/2016 £300,000 Inspiring Scotland Award to support work of 14-19 Fund. The Fund aims to reduce the number of young people who struggle to make a successful transition between school and further education, training or work.
31/07/2016 £20,000 Sadler's Wells applying on behalf of What Next? In addition to the core support of this national movement, our grant will enable bursaries towards attendance and travel for the National Event in October 2016.
30/06/2016 £50,000 Sistema Scotland This application relates solely to the continued evaluation of Big Noise Raploch. Sistema Scotland wants to improve the quality and quantity of longitudinal evidence around their approach. The continued evaluation, carried out by Glasgow Centre for Public Health, will include: • Longitudinal analysis of children’s progress from the ages of 6-18 • Data collection of the post-school destinations of the first cohort of Raploch children • Collection of social behavioural, health and well-being data. • A Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) comparing these data sets to control groups to establish the financial impact of the SS programme in this area
30/06/2016 £60,000 Xplode Magazine Xplode is a youth-led charity, based in Bolton, which works to upskill 12-22 year olds through a magazine, website and vlog (video blog). This grant will provide core funding for the organisation, as it begins to plan its expansion across Greater Manchester. It aims to support young people into education, employment and training, and to positively influence the way young people are portrayed.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Phoenix Dance Company The project will provide weekly after-school dance classes, performances and opportunities to participate in more intensive programmes for around 80 - 120 boys aged 8 - 19 from diverse backgrounds across Leeds and Bradford.
30/06/2016 £150,000 Refugee Action The Frontline Immigration Advice Project will offer a tailored capacity development programme for frontline destitution support organisations enabling them to provide OISC advice. This will grow the number of organisations outside London providing general immigration legal advice, enabling specialists operating at Level 2 & 3 to work more effectively. The project will build on work RA has been operating since December 2015 and will address the fragmentation of immigration advice provision. It will link immigration advice providers and refugee and migrant support organisations, to facilitate cross sector collaboration through improved signposting, referral pathways and immigration advice skill development.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Family and Childcare Trust The Family and Childcare Trust will adapt their successful Parent Champions programme to explore whether this model can support children and parents from new migrant communities to integrate. Partnering with The Parent House, a community based organisation in Islington, FCT will recruit and train a minimum of 10 Integration Champions who will provide peer-to-peer information, advice and support to 400 migrant and refugee families. An external evaluation will be commissioned to capture learning on the integration pathways of each of the parents involved over an 18 month period.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Bristol Music Trust (BMT) BPM wants to investigate how, in a post-local education authority environment, schools can work together to commission a coherent, quality local cultural curriculum. Via their partnership with UWE (University of the West of England), they also want to explore how initial teacher education can engage with school partners and cultural specialists in order to embed cultural education into teacher training. BPM will work with Bristol Old Vic Theatre, BCEP and a cluster of four E-ACT primary schools in Bristol. The project will work directly with 12 teachers, 4 head teachers and 360 children.
30/06/2016 £60,000 YMCA Crewe YMCA Crewe is a 55-bed foyer (a form of supported housing for young people at risk of homelessness) which enables 150 young people annually to work towards improved employability, health and wellbeing and independent living through a comprehensive “Life Academy” model. Our grant will enable it to develop systems and procedures to prepare to replicate the model more widely. This follows a successful pilot working with a large London YMCA. The organisation was described as a "beacon" regionally in its approach to working with and involving young people, and the range of activities and courses it offers.
30/06/2016 £220,000 Comic Relief To co-fund the Comic Relief Tech for Good grants programme in 2017. This funding will support 4 of the 10 grants made.
30/06/2016 £155,000 ACTA Community Theatre Limited Acta is a community theatre which engages people from marginalised communities from across Bristol in the creation and performance of their own original theatre. This grant will support acta's core programme and Foundation initiative. This includes supporting acta to deliver participatory theatre activities with new community groups, training and mentoring a new generation of Community Theatre facilitators and contribute to sector development through CPD sessions and quarterly seminars.
30/06/2016 £60,000 StreetDoctors StreetDoctors aims to reduce the harm caused by youth violence by recruiting medical student volunteers to teach targeted groups of young people emergency life-saving skills. Our grant will support the organisation's growth to be active in 18 cities by 2018, through supporting the salary of the Medical Director sabbatical position. The work enables young people to intervene if first aid is needed, and to understand the consequences of violence.
30/06/2016 £49,200 Football Beyond Borders PHF support will part-fund the salary of the Head of Delivery to double the reach of the FBB Schools Programme in London and widen FBB’s reach outside London by developing work in Cardiff and Birmingham.
30/06/2016 £180,000 Migrants Organise Ltd Migrants Organise aims to trial its new model of community organising in four regions of the UK. It will identify, train and mentor 100 migrant and refugee leaders in community organising and movement building for social justice. The project will support greater civic engagement by refugees and migrants and meaningful integration in British society, through alliances with other local organisations and institutions working together to take action on issues of mutual concern.
30/06/2016 £150,000 Cardinal Hume Centre The Immigration Advice Capacity Network will build a network of London organisations providing OISC advice, to facilitate cross sector collaboration through improved signposting, referral pathways and immigration advice skill development. Through the network CHC will establish a more effective system for immigration casework referrals across the network to ensure those with the most complex cases are able to access specialist advice.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Project 17 Project 17 in partnership with Southwark Law Centre are seeking to test an integrated model of crisis intervention. Project 17 and Southwark Law Centre will work together to offer a combined service to destitute families and children, combining support, advocacy and immigration representation. This is in response to new provisions within the Immigration Act 2016 which is likely to increase demand for P17’s services. A partnership with SLC will help them to meet this demand.
30/06/2016 £15,000 New Philanthropy Capital A contribution to the costs of year 4 of Inspiring Impact, the programme to help charities increase their impact through improvements in their use of evidence and evaluation.
30/06/2016 £150,000 People United Core support to enable People United to build on their extensive knowledge around arts participation, to test new ways of working, to expand their impact nationally and to continue to evaluate and share what they learn about how the arts can create the conditions for kindness and social change.
30/06/2016 £298,000 YDance YDance aims to increase engagement with learning, attainment and wellbeing of over 2000 of Scotland's poorest children from 12 primary schools in 4 areas of deprivation over a period of four years. Two professional dance workers will work in close partnership with teachers to plan and deliver dance activities as a means to teach a range of academic subjects. YDance aims to ensure that learning through dance is sustained by involving the whole school in the process, training and supporting teachers to gain skills and confidence to use dance practice independently.
30/06/2016 £60,000 The Big House PHF support will fund a new post of Operations Manager enabling TBH to maintain the quality of its core offer whilst developing new projects, including TBH Means Business (an income generation scheme) and a 2017 tour of its work around the UK. This will also allow the Artistic Director to focus on the artistic elements of programme development and delivery.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Kidscape Campaign For Children's Safety Kidscape is aiming to reach 15,000 young people in the North West, working in partnership to deliver the PACS (Positive Assertive Confidence Skills) programme into existing provision. It will target young people who have disengaged from school, who are exhibiting challenging behaviour and who are particularly vulnerable; young carers and looked after children. PHF funding will support a Director of Services post to implement this work.
30/06/2016 £20,000 West London Zone Funding will support the development of a data system for WLZ. This will ensure collection and analysis of monitoring and impact data, enable them to identify children who will most benefit from support, build individual level data for each child, provide aggregated data to partner organisations and inform their work to ensure it is targeted and appropriate.
30/06/2016 £60,000 Freedom Festival Arts Trust Freedom Festival was founded in 2008 in celebration of the Hull-born MP William Wilberforce, the leader of the movement to abolish slavery. It is an annual cross artform festival with the concept of freedom at its heart. Freedom Festival will test ways of working with new communities in Hull through two engagement projects exploring cultural identity. The resulting work will be presented at the Freedom Festival in 2016.
30/06/2016 £55,200 The Winch The Winch is a North Camden charity which offers a “cradle to career” pipeline of group and intensive one-to-one activities for children and young people aged 0-25 and their parents. Our grant will part-fund the salary of the Chief Executive as The Winch seeks to consolidate good practice following a period of rapid growth. In particular it will free him to further develop The North Camden Zone, a collective impact approach to working with children and young people, and to plan the charity's move to a major new youth community venue in the area. This builds on the organisation's work as a leader in applying impact measurement to open-access youth work, working with approximately 450 young people aged 11-25 last year.
30/06/2016 £56,600 Action Transport Theatre Company Ltd The proposal is to develop a digital arts outreach programme, initially in a light-touch wayusing technology such as mobile phones and tablets. This will form the basis to build more engagement and drama based approaches supported by a youth and community artist. Activities wil take place in community venues and public places such as parks. An additional dimension to the project is around creating a 'story' or narrative which will link the different pieces of work undertaken.
30/06/2016 £80,000 International Centre for Social Franchising The Scale Accelerator is ICSFs structured programme to support replication, helping partners choose from a spectrum of replication or growth models. Working alongside delivery partners The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), the Scale Accelerator enables organisations to assess their readiness for replication, analyse their business model, plan for scale, improve evidence, build a support network and engage in wider learning. Funding will support several grantees to develop clear plans on how they can scale and measure impact.
31/05/2016 £25,000 Royal Court Theatre Support for a three week programme of plays, workshops and special events curated, conceived, produced, budgeted and executed by young people, for young people.
31/05/2016 £41,100 The Forge Co-created by artists and teachers, the 2-year project will work with one year 6 class bridging the crucial period as they transition into year 7. A photographer and writer will explore narrative choices with the pupils and encourage them to transform their photographic artistry into creative written pieces. The work will take place in a deprived socio-economic area north of Newcastle.
31/05/2016 £10,000 Clore Leadership Programme Co-funding, alongside other grant-making Foundations, of a review of the governance development needs of arts organisations and museums. The aim of the review is to strengthen the governance of arts and museums by identifying (a) resources which are currently available and (b) gaps in provision which might be addressed through a governance development programme, tailored to the needs of arts and museums.
31/05/2016 £31,400 The Customs House Trust Limited Customs House in South Tyneside will pilot a sustained visual arts offer for 14-19 year olds, exploring how best to engage local young people in the gallery programme. A core youth-led Cultural Interpretation Team will be ambassadors for the gallery, in turn inspiring other young people and the wider community to engage with the visual arts
30/04/2016 £210,000 Fun Palaces c/o The Albany Fun Palaces is a centrally organised year-round campaign for cultural democracy with a weekend of action, where individual Fun Palaces are created by, for and with local people all over the UK. This grant will support the organisation to deliver their core campaign and annual weekend of action; refine the best parts of their delivery model and explore their future sustainability. As part of this Fun Palaces will roll out an Ambassadors Programme, with five partner organisations, to increase the number and depth of engagement of local community-led Fun Palaces and apply the learning to their overall campaign.
30/04/2016 £59,169 Sheffield Young Carers Project Sheffield Young Carers (SYC) works with 200 children and young people per year giving significant unpaid support to a family member. The grant will fund the time of two senior staff members to develop SYC's training offer for statutory organisations. The training will equip them with skills and tools to identify, support and help young carers reach their full potential. This will enable SYC to focus its support on those young people with the greatest caring load.
30/04/2016 £123,000 5x5x5 - Creativity School Without Walls is an enquiry based model of experiential and creative learning that transforms both the curriculum and the learning culture in schools. Transposing 'school' to an arts environment, invites teachers and children to interrogate and reshape teaching and learning in and through the arts. Artists and mentors from 5x5x5=creativity, egg theatre, Mentoring Plus and Bath Festivals will learn alongside teachers and children to pioneer approaches to embedding learning in and through the arts in the primary curriculum. We will expand the innovative methodologies of SWW to build a model together with 10 schools that could be replicated nationally.
30/04/2016 £111,000 The British Council We believe that learning through music is a powerful way to inspire and enhance children's language learning. We believe that sharing musical and artistic traditions between cultures develops children's understanding of their place in the world and can boost aspiration. Traditional language teaching is preoccupied with memorising and matching vocabulary. By bringing music to the sound components of language (i.e. rhyme, repetition and rhythm), we will support teachers to overcome the barriers that hinder them from becoming confident leaders of language learning. Using evidence-informed models of CPDL, we will develop new learning partnerships between teachers, music animateurs, and linguists.
30/04/2016 £125,000 Film Nation UK Into Film and Nerve Centre will deliver a literacy and numeracy intervention based around the deconstruction and critical analysis of film and the use of filmmaking as a tool for engagement, project production, presentation and assessment. The project will partner with 10 primary schools based in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry and will be designed to suit the needs of KS2 pupils. Participating Senior Leaders and teachers will be equipped with the understanding, tools, skills, inspiration, and support necessary for them to take full advantage of the medium of film.
30/04/2016 £200,000 Overseas Development Institute ODI has an unparalleled reputation for producing high quality research which enables it to influence policy and practice through its high calibre networks and partnerships. Since 2015, ODI has been building a portfolio of research and policy work focused on migration. This funding would provide core support enabling migration to remain a central strategic focus within the organisation and allow it to respond flexibly to issues within the migration debate. With this grant ODI aims to: • Expand its communications reach • Invest in in-depth and innovative communications • Build on its networks and partnerships • Maximise on its ability to convene and discuss migration issues/solutions with un-usual stakeholders
30/04/2016 £154,000 Multi-Story Music Developing and implementing a new organisational structure, enabling Multi-Story to expand outside London and focus on the longer-term development of their work.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Young Scot Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship agency for young people in Scotland aged 11-26. Our funding will strengthen its capacity around co-design in three localities, as it develops targeted and bespoke work with young people in those areas. This builds on Young Scot's existing offer to young people including an information and advice website portal which received 2 million page views last year, and the Young Scot smart card, which is held by 620,000 young people. The charity aims to support young people to make informed decisions, play an active part in communities and be involved in decision making.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Mancroft Advice Project MAP PHF support will enable the CEO and Development Manager to step away from operational delivery and focus on growing MAP’s role as an influencer. Key to this project is a plan to establish and grow a young people’s social movement to influence local decision making on issues that affect them, changing systems, strategies and cultures so they better support young people’s emotional wellbeing and social mobility.
30/04/2016 £165,000 Migration Museum Project The Migration Museum Project aims to tell the story of migration in the UK and contribute to a better understanding, tolerance and a reasoned response to migration issues. This grant will enable the Migration Museum to employ a curator to develop its exhibitions and events outside of London, while building towards the establishment of a permanent museum.
30/04/2016 £237,000 Royal Opera House Foundation ROHB will expand an existing and successful Creative Writing through the Arts (CWtA) programme to cover a three year period, reaching 1350 children, 45 teachers and 45 school leaders in 45 schools, via collaborations with 18 arts practitioners in five art forms. 15 teachers will join the programme each September for an intensive year of support. Deeper formative and summative evaluation will allow ongoing refinement of the work and potentially deliver useful longitudinal evidence, as the progress in writing of a targeted group of children from each cohort will be tracked throughout the three years.
30/04/2016 £220,000 Young Vic Opened in 1970, the Young Vic is one of London's most innovative and inclusive producing theatres. PHF is supporting Growing Communities, a new progrmme which will see the Young Vic engaging with the most hard to reach communities in Lambeth and Southwark. Groups such as full-time carers, refugees and homeless people will have the opportunity to become deeply involved in the theatre, including making work for the main stage. Growing Communities will provide access to the arts for those who face significant barriers and the Young Vic stage will provide a platform for their voices to be heard.
30/04/2016 £60,000 Clore Social Leadership Programme The youth sector has identified a need for leadership development and greater collaboration within the sector. In response, Clore Social Leadership will develop a leadership development programme to equip emerging leaders with the necessary skills and network opportunities and create a pipeline of future leaders capable of providing the resilient leadership the youth sector will need in coming years.
30/04/2016 £15,000 UK Youth UK Youth in partnership with Bite the Ballot will drive engagement of young people in the EU referendum through their UK wide network of members and youth clubs.
30/04/2016 £125,000 Cape UK This programme uses rehearsal room approaches and theatre making to teach Shakespeare in the primary school, and examines how this process can develop teachers' skill, confidence and ambition, and in turn impact on children's language and literacy. We will use reflective practice and action research to encourage teachers to consider how to apply their new-found approaches across their school's curriculum. The research will focus on identifying the approaches and processes that make teachers' professional development in these areas most effective, and how an action research informed approach can effectively support this.
31/03/2016 £322,000 Site Gallery Site Gallery is Sheffield’s leading centre for contemporary art, supporting new work, community access and nurturing artistic talent with a focus on moving image, new media and performance. This grant will support Site Gallery to deliver On the Road - a four year programme to significantly grow their youth audiences and significantly expand their work connecting local young people with art and artists.
31/03/2016 £59,801 Young Roots Young Roots has secured funding to expand into a third London borough and to recruit case workers who will enhance its support to young people. It is seeking PHF support to recruit a new, part-time Director to develop the organisation's capacity for fundraising and working with young people to advocate for policy change.
31/03/2016 £60,000 The Centre for Youth Impact Funding to enable CYI to engage with a new wave of early adopters, provide training and diagnostic support as well as maintain the current cohort. Funding would contribute to high level research expertise enabling CYI to provide dedicated support to organisations working with young people and will support the development of new income-generating projects.
31/03/2016 £329,000 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s In Harmony Liverpool programme uses orchestral music making to improve the health, education and aspirations of young people aged 0-18 and their families in Everton. This is the third grant from PHF, supporting an ambitious proposal that includes expansion in the early years, musical progression for hundreds of young people and an increased focus on training for teachers.
31/03/2016 £30,000 The Open Door Centre The Open Door Centre in Merseyside, provides therapeutic support, volunteering and creative activities for young people with mental health needs aged 13-25. It incorporates therapy into a peer-supported, friendly and creative environment rather than the traditional clinical domain. This grant will fund the Centre Manager salary to become full time (currently 24 hrs/per week). This post oversees the day-to-day care of service users and volunteer management. This will free up the Director to devote more time to the growth of the organisation, expanding the Corporate Community Membership Programme and building key relationships.
31/03/2016 £52,000 The Bush Theatre Two local community organisations will become "Associates" at the Bush, forming an artistic partnership to create work and offer a depth of experience for participants.
31/03/2016 £170,000 The Refugee and Migrant Centre Ltd RMC wish to address the widening gap in Birmingham in comprehensive advice and support for asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants. RMC aim to build a broad remit, sustainable service offering professional, timely advice to a wide, inclusive client group. Beneficiaries will access free, face to face, seamless, wrap around advice and support at crucial times in their lives. Initially priority will be given to immigration, destitution/homelessness, health and welfare related issues. When the service is established, RMC aim to offer wider services including health, education and employment services.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Project Oracle Project Oracle is an important part of the infrastructure that enables organisations working with young peopel to collect better evidence of impact and improve their capability in using it. Having appointed its first Managing Director, it is transitioning to become an independent charity, and exploring opportunities to work outside London and with organisations working with young people in other sectors such as the arts.
31/03/2016 £50,500 Darts Doncaster Community Arts darts wishes to test whether creative techniques, which were developed through its work in primary PRUs, can be applied in mainstream settings to benefit pupils at risk of exclusion. Two multi-disciplinary artists will deliver weekly sessions in three primary schools using sculpture, circus arts, music and visual arts, working towards end-of-year sharing events. Pupil outcomes may include increased engagement, self-esteem and aspiration, coping strategies and decreased likelihood of exclusion. The team will create a practical toolbox of creative approaches to support teacher CPD.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Youth Focus North East YFNE is seeking to build on its successful co-produced mental health and employability initiatives to spread co-production more widely. It plans both to grow these programmes and apply the learning into other areas of work, such as with young people with additional needs. PHF support will part-fund the existing post of Programme Director, who will take these initiatives forward.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Prison Arts Foundation Founded in 1996, Prison Arts Foundation is dedicated to providing access to the arts for all prisoners, ex-prisoners, young offenders and ex-young offenders in Northern Ireland. It will pilot a project to address the transition from custody into the community through an arts-mentoring scheme, which will support ex-offenders to re-integrate back into the community.
31/03/2016 £53,000 Sistema Cymru Working in two Welsh-speaking primary schools in North Wales, Sistema Cymru provides opportunities for pupils to learn through music. This grant will provide support for the development and growth of this relatively new organisation.
31/03/2016 £70,000 The Lightbox A grant to secure the legacy of the Our Museum initiative and help to strengthen and widen both the community ownership and access to the gallery.
31/03/2016 £60,000 Spark Inside This grant will fund the salary of the CEO. This would provide stability and security to enable Spark Inside to work with more young people (300 a year), effect widespread systemic change influencing the culture in prisons, develop new ideas and share learning and best practice.
31/03/2016 £50,000 Release The grant will fund the salaries of the Advocacy Manager, Youth Peer Trainers, resources and publication costs, for Release to develop and roll out the Y-Stop campaign to young people around the UK. Y-Stop will benefit young people affected by police stop and search policy and practice. Release will also work with young people to influence policy makers and police on the issue of stop and search.
31/03/2016 £60,000 The Junction - Young People Health & Wellbeing The grant will fund the salary costs of the Director to enable focus on further defining, evidencing and sharing The Junction’s well-regarded model of ‘nested service provision’ and move towards its replication. The organisation also wants to challenge current reactive systems of service provision and enable young people to be heard in these conversations.
31/03/2016 £150,000 Islington Law Centre Under ‘best interests’ requirements, both the UK and French governments have legal obligations to young people which they are failing to comply with. This application builds on the success already achieved by MLP (with Citizens UK and partners) through its landmark court case which has allowed unaccompanied children/young people from the Calais ‘Jungle’ to join relatives settled in the UK. This funding would build on these cases and seek to expand the model tested across Europe. It would do this in three ways: 1. Defending and developing the strategic legal case 2. Supporting work to reunite young people with their families 3. Supporting policy work
31/03/2016 £2,000,000 The Helen Hamlyn Trust PHF is again pleased to support the Helen Hamlyn Trust, an independent grant-making trust focusing on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn. The Trust’s grant-making is centred on medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs, heritage and conservation in India.
29/02/2016 £350,000 Hampshire Cultural Trust Horizon 20:20 aims to change the culture in Hampshire's PRUs so that arts-based learning, including trips to cultural destinations, becomes central to their work. The hope to see an impact on children's self-esteem and motivation to learn and teachers' professional confidence.This will be achieved through a four year programmes of artists' residencies, teacher training and Arts Awards for children.
29/02/2016 £29,632 AJP Dreams AJP Dreams’ tagline is “If I can, you can, we can!” Alexander Warren is a young man who has overcome obstacles to become a conference speaker, businessman and entrepreneur, using his experiences to inspire and motivate others to improve care and support for people with learning disabilities. Alexander plans to work with Edinburgh Development Group, an academic from Edinburgh University and drama experts to research, develop, test and pilot an empathy training programme for support workers, which will help them to listen to and empathise with their clients’ dreams, no matter how flamboyant. PHF funding will pay Alexander, his support team and these experts for 18 months to create a training product that can be delivered more widely and become commercially sustainable.
29/02/2016 £255,000 PRS Foundation Support to embed the New Music Biennial 2017 in a deeper and more durable way in Hull, adding composer residencies to their usual Biennial delivery model and developing a tailor-made listening scheme to offer new experiences and skills to local communities and schools.
29/02/2016 £60,000 MyBnk MyBnk designs and delivers financial and enterprise workshops to young people aged 11-25 in schools and youth organisations. The grant is to fund the Quality and Training Director who leads on operations, monitoring and evaluation. MyBnk is expanding into the South West currently and plans to expand further to the Midlands and North over the next couple of years. It also wants to grow its work focusing on the most vulnerable young people and to evidence its impact and the social return on investment it achieves, so that it can attract funding from new sources.
29/02/2016 £59,824 Autograph ABP Autograph wants to explore and test ideas for increasing access opportunities for young refugees at the National Gallery and develop a potentially scalable methodology to improve access and participation practice that can be shared across the cultural sector.
29/02/2016 £29,300 Fabrica Fabrica and PAW want to understand more about people with severe intellectual disabilities as both creative participants, and as a gallery audience. They also want to understand the challenges and opportunities of co-production, co-commissioning and cross-sector collaboration. They hope to do this by commissioning an immersive and interactive exhibition that will resonate with audiences with a range of intellectual capacities.
29/02/2016 £300,000 A New Direction My Creative School offers a new model for relationships between arts organisations and schools. Facilitated and supported by A New Direction (an Arts Council Bridge Organisation) this project will see schools choose to work with arts organisations based on how those organisations respond to priority areas identified in School Improvement Plans (SIPs). The focus of activity will be using the arts to teach non-arts subjects in primary schools across three outer London boroughs and various locations within Kent.
29/02/2016 £59,712 Hackney Music Development Trust Hackney Music Development Trust will trial a new model of working with schools using performance arts, and assist staff at Queen Eleanor Primary school to develop arts based teaching and learning activities.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Clan Childlaw Ltd Clan Childlaw proposes to develop its services to extend access to legal representation for children and young people in Scotland into new policy areas, advance policy and enhance implementation of children's rights, particularly children involved with the care and criminal justice systems. PHF support will contribute to senior staff salaries as well as help to pay for a consultant fundraiser.
29/02/2016 £100,000 The Robertson Trust The grant will contribute to the development and evaluation of two Women Centres in Scotland (Fort William and Cumnock) that will meet the needs and aspirations of all women, girls and families. These centres will help the most vulnerable women, girls and their families to be safer, happier, healthier and more achieving.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Asylum Aid This application is for the incubation of the Project for the Registration of Children as British Children (PRCBC) which is being hosted by Asylum Aid. PRCBC want to explore whether policy change relating to the registration of undocumented young people as British citizens can be secured by filtering out test cases which can be used in strategic litigation proceedings. A focus on strategic litigation has the potential to set precedent for other undocumented young people to register as citizens by remedying unlawful and poor practice. In addition, Asylum Aid will test whether hosting projects in early stages, can allow them to incubate and grow steadily before being established as independent entities.
29/02/2016 £50,000 The Baring Foundation Commission for the Future of the Voluntary Sector
29/02/2016 £388,000 Kids Own Publishing Partnership CLG Virtually There aims to increase children's problem-solving skills and teachers' confidence through enquiry-based learning with an artist in vitual residence. The project takes place in a range of schools in Northern Ireland using standard classroom technology. Participants reflect on their experiences in an online journal that combines children's, artists' and teachers' perspectives to give the wider community a window into the project.
29/02/2016 £44,996 Beaford Arts 8 rural primary schools will work with artists, a cartographer, Devon Wildlife Trust and older people within their community to create a walking trail and map about the local area. The project will explore how a local arts organisation can support rural schools to deliver arts-based learning.
29/02/2016 £60,000 The Foyer Federation Foyer Federation plans to develop, test and roll out a refreshed model for UK-wide foyers, which will embed the 'advantaged thinking' strengths-based approach to working with young people across its 100-strong member network. The work includes creating and piloting a foyer 'developers' guide', a new accreditation framework, a business model and review of the international literature around advantaged thinking. Foyer Feneration is seeking core support for its work.
29/02/2016 £60,000 Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants JCWI will test a new internal structure and model of delivery to maximise their resources and increase their impact. This includes a more joined-up approach to casework, campaigns and training. This coordinated approach has the potential to drive forward focused policy change through a coordinated approach of identifying relevant potential test cases which JCWI will bring forward as strategic litigation cases, while also running related campaigns alongside to raise awareness of key issues, engaging MPs and tabling parliamentary questions and policy amendments, and finally engaging and training relevant professions responsible for policy implementation.
31/01/2016 £242,000 Big Brum Theatre in Education By improving its approach to evaluation and promotion of its work, BB plans to strengthen the case for theatre in education in response to the current challenging educational context. It will also deliver and evaluate its ‘End of Reason’ programme (focusing on World War One) to 90-100 schools and Pupil Referral Units.
31/01/2016 £40,000 The Jericho Foundation Jericho is a leading regional social enterprise and employability charity, which works with 65 young people aged 16-24 per year through targeted, year-long employability placements and wrap-around support, and shares its practice via national and international social enterprise networks. PHF support will part-fund the salary of the Social Enterprise Manager as Jericho expands the Reusers business to a second and potentially third site.
31/01/2016 £60,000 British Youth Council BYC is the national youth council for the UK; each year it supports up to 2,000 young people to participate in local youth councils or national networks such as the UK Youth Parliament and Make Your Mark referendum campaign. PHF support will develop its income generation capability and enable BYC to offer participation training to frontline staff.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Fitzrovia Youth in Action FYA is seeking core support as it seeks to build on its record as a leading Camden youth organisation with a strong model of youth-led community development that has influenced statutory provision and been copied by others. Following two years of planning, it is moving into income generation, through taking over responsibility for a local all-weather pitch and multi-purpose building. PHF support will free up senior staff to manage this transition as well as share its practice more widely.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Live Music Now This project will deliver a SEND Music Fellowship Programme equipping early career professional musicians from Live Music Now to become Musicians in Residence in special schools. They are seeking to fully evaluate the Musicians in Residence model and collect evidence of the effectiveness of the programme.
31/01/2016 £38,000 Signals Media Arts Centre Signals Media Arts Centre will work with three primary schools in Essex to support children to improve engagement and learning in literacy, numeracy and coding skills through film and digital media approaches. They are seeking to explore partnership working with schools and demonstrate the benefits that arts and cultural organisations can bring to teaching and learning.
31/01/2016 £59,317 Migrants Rights Network MRN will work with over 100 migrant organisations as well as service providers to collate evidence of discriminatory practices and policies targeted against migrant communities in three regions (London and South East, Midlands and North England). This information will be used to raise awareness about widespread misunderstanding and misapplication of new immigration rules.
31/01/2016 £240,000 Citizens UK Charity This project will support Citizens UK to expand their ‘New Communities’ work campaigning on migrant, asylum and integration related issues. Support from PHF will allow Citizens to target, engage and mobilise new demographics (including young migrants) in new geographic locations, and build alliances with institutions which have not engaged on migration issues before.
31/01/2016 £25,721 Circles South West Circles South West plans to carry out research and develop a concept for a new service supporting un-convicted men who acknowledge a sexual attraction to children to prevent them from acting on that attraction. In particular the project will explore whether Germany’s successful Prevention Project Dunkelfeld could be replicated in the UK. Led by an experienced practitioner with the support of the Circles South West team, the Centre for Justice Innovation, and with strong networks in the field, the project aims to reach a costed project proposal, including introductory marketing literature, by the end of six months. PHF funding will pay for the salary of the lead worker, travel costs, consultancy and associated support costs to enable the team to develop their idea.
31/01/2016 £33,202 Street Teams This Youth Fund grant will increase the hours of the currently part-time Head of Service post for two years, which will allow Street Teams to further focus on strengthening the fundraising strategy and developing a number of key project initiatives. The learning from these will inform the wider child sexual exploitation prevention agenda locally and potentially nationally.
31/01/2016 £41,801 Theatre Centre Limited Theatre Centre will work with five primary schools across England to tackle the issue of gender stereotyping in schools. They will explore and test a model that integrates creative writing, interactive theatre and performance, placing children at the heart of the process. The performance will be toured to an additional five schools, where Year 5 and 6 children will also engage with the theme.
31/01/2016 £51,585 QED Foundation Ltd 'My Journey' will facilitate dialogue between young migrants and settled communities about the issues they face to increase mutual understanding and cohesion. Through a series of presentations led by newly arrived migrants to established communities, these sessions will promote understanding of migrants’ needs and underlying causes of tensions, leading to action plans to facilitate their integration which will be shared with decision makers locally and nationally.
31/01/2016 £10,000 The Michael Sieff Foundation Improving policy and practice for the well-being of young people
31/01/2016 £15,000 Almeida Theatre Company Ltd Support to underpin the collaboration between Almeida Projects and Arsenal in the Community’s Positive Future around the main stage production of “Boy”, by Leo Butler - a play that focuses on social exclusion. Performance pieces will be written by young people across four different settings, with a film-maker documenting the process and Arsenal players reading the finished works alongside actors.
31/01/2016 £170,000 Intoart Core investment and capacity building at Intoart to help realise 'Design by Intoart'; new project-based design studio and leadership programme by artists with learning disabilities that will also support wider dissemination across the sector.
31/01/2016 £54,676 Startup and Startup Now Projects The organisation is seeking funding for a Training Director to scale up Startup’s peer mentor training and to expand its work with ‘at risk’ young women aged 16-24. This will strengthen Startup’s expertise in working further upstream with a younger age group. Startup are well-networked within the women-centred services field and in refining this model there is potential for cross-learning about approaches to working with young women.
31/01/2016 £60,000 Reclaim Project Ltd Since its beginning eight years ago as a PHF-funded museum project, Reclaim has supported 750 Greater Manchester 12-15 year olds to develop and implement manifestos for social change in their communities. The original programme graduates are now in their 20s and becoming the next generation of leaders for the organisation. Reclaim is seeking to develop an alumni network, and support young people to continue to campaign for social change on the issues affecting them.
31/01/2016 £233,000 Fevered Sleep Fevered Sleep will create, in collaboration with its partners and with participants, three participatory arts projects to be presented at 20 venues across England over four years. FS will extend the approaches developed through Future Play and apply them to work for adult as well as child audiences. They will focus on gathering evidence in order to understand the impact on participants who engage in making, presenting and promoting their work.
31/01/2016 £36,972 Creativity Culture and Education Working in partnership with CEDETI (a research institute based in Chile) CCE will develop an arts-rich primary curriculum in consultation with teachers. This is part of a longer project exploring whether such a curriculum can help children from poorer backgrounds improve certain functions of the brain, and thus help close the gap with more affluent peers.
31/01/2016 £59,300 Grimm & Co This project builds on approaches to creative writing developed by Ministry of Stories and will trial them with children from eight primary schools and one secondary school in Rotherham. Grimm & Co aims to address barriers to learning and increase children’s self-confidence, positive attitudes to writing and aspirations using a range of creative activities.
31/01/2016 £29,847 Attik Dance Ltd Benjamin Dunks, AD’s artistic director, is an honorary fellow of Exeter Medical School. He has developed Leap, a whole class approach to teaching dance in primary schools, based on current academic research linking motor skills to the development of working memory. AD wants to test if the Leap programme can increase teachers’ confidence in teaching dance and improve improve children’s working memory.
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