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Over the last five years they've made 195 significant donations totalling £28,633,689

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/12/2018 £240,000 A NEW DIRECTION LONDON LIMITED To enable young people to be trained in the essential technical and soft skills required for the delivery of a successful tech startup
31/12/2018 £240,000 A NEW DIRECTION LONDON LIMITED To enable young people to be trained in the essential technical and soft skills required for the delivery of a successful tech startup
30/11/2018 £11,950 THE BROMLEY BY BOW CENTRE BBBC Community Solar
31/10/2018 £64,253 THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR BLIND CHILDREN We will use sport to address the exclusion & disadvantage faced by visually impaired (VI) young people (YP), piloting a model that will reduce isolation, increase community engagement by enhancing the capacity of local youth organisations to include VI YP in their wider provision.
31/10/2018 £64,352 THE HOLLOWAY NEIGHBOURHOOD GROUP In partnership with 5 grassroots women's organisations in north Islington, we will use sporting activities in community venues to bring Black Asian Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) women together. They will be supported to access mainstream services, and community cohesion will be facilitated through social activities and events.
31/10/2018 £10,000 SEEDS FOR GROWTH Volunteers from across the Isle of Dogs will improve and maintain front gardens for elderly tennants and residents
31/10/2018 £30,000 LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS Research to support development of a proposal for introducing negotiated stopping in London. This should help to manage unauthorised developments in London.
31/10/2018 £10,000 FAITHS FORUM FOR LONDON Young people aged 13-18 from faith communities in 6 London Boroughs who want to help improve the local green environment are matched with a volunteer aged 60+ from a different faith background
31/10/2018 £10,000 FAITHS FORUM FOR LONDON Young people aged 13-18 from faith communities in 6 London Boroughs who want to help improve the local green environment are matched with a volunteer aged 60+ from a different faith background
31/10/2018 £10,000 SEEDS FOR GROWTH Volunteers from across the Isle of Dogs will improve and maintain front gardens for elderly tennants and residents
31/10/2018 £104,920 THE CHANGE FOUNDATION London Futures is an employability programme for young Londoners with learning disabilities & mental health problems, facing loneliness & social isolation. Using sport & specialised mentoring, these young Londoners unite to compete in employability challenges to improve their career aspirations & become more integrated in their communities.
31/10/2018 £131,088 GROUNDWORK LONDON TOTTENHAM SILVER SPORTS: We will create activity hubs in Sheltered Housing Schemes in Tottenham bringing residents and non-residents together through sports in order to reduce isolation, improve health & happiness. The project will be co-produced with beneficiaries. Peer support and training will ensure its sustainability.
30/09/2018 £139,130 CROYDON VOLUNTARY ACTION This project releases the untapped potential of sport as a driver for change in refugee communities. Participants will be equipped with key life-skills through volunteering and trained in community outreach to engage people from their community in partnerships between refugee organisations and mainstream sports providers that aid social integration
30/09/2018 £90,000 SNOW-CAMP Snow-Camp was founded in 2003 by Dan Charlish whilst working for a community development project in Stockwell, South London. Recognising the potential of using an alternative environment as a means to challenge and support the young people he was working with. Dan, with a passionate and skilled staff team have driven the charity forward to support more than 9,000 youth-at-risk to date. Programmes have developed from an annual ski trip to an accredited journey of courses held at UK Snow Centres including the First Tracks, Graduate, Excel and Apprenticeship Programmes incorporating life-skills training, accredited qualifications, work placements and employment opportunities.
30/09/2018 £124,750 The Tech Partnership ???? Email to Aisha Khan
30/09/2018 £88,917 ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL FOUNDATION To help children and young people fulfil their potential, particularly those at risk of getting caught up in crime.
30/09/2018 £79,753 THE KNIGHTS YOUTH CENTRE To help children and young people fulfil their potential, particularly those at risk of getting caught up in crime.
30/09/2018 £90,000 SKYWAY CHARITY The key aim of our project is to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children and young people in Hackney - with a focus on supporting those identified as being ‘at risk’ of becoming involved in anti -social behaviour or crime. Young people aged 15+ will receive training and qualifications in multi-sports and facilitation so that they can become independent Community Sports Coaches who arrange and deliver sports activities in the local community for young people aged 10-21 years old
30/09/2018 £30,000 ARCA GENERATION Through the provision of recreational and educational activities, the support of qualified professionals and a relationship with the local police, this project will support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who are at risk, or involved in gangs. We have been working with a large group of young people for 5 years, we have identified their passions and struggles, and we are now better equipped and connected to be able to meet their needs. Activities will include: football (both recreational and competitive), singing, employability training, tutoring, educational workshops and trips, mentoring, counselling, leadership training, volunteering and police collaboration.
30/09/2018 £905,000 LONDON SPORT To enable London Sport to recruit Commuity Engagement Officer and deliver Community Engagement Programme
30/09/2018 £90,000 LEWISHAM YOUTH THEATRE LTD To help children and young people fulfil their potential, particularly those at risk of getting caught up in crime.
30/09/2018 £72,000 FREE TO BE KIDS To help children and young people fulfil their potential, particularly those at risk of getting caught up in crime.
30/09/2018 £62,075 ISLINGTON SOMALI COMMUNITY ISC Links will engage with young Somalis at risk living in Islington. Many will have dropped out of education and none will be participating in any kind of sport. The project offer positive opportunities to take part in weekly sports activities as a way of divert them from anti-social activities including gangs and drug use. The project will show the young people how to use their time productively. ISC Links will boost fitness, teamwork and leadership skills. The project will include a Job Club with mentoring support from other young people in order that participants progress into training and employment.
30/09/2018 £86,875 GET HOOKED ON FISHING Our project will use angling as a positive diversionary and preventative activity through which to help 242 young people aged 11-15 years-old from across West London whom are at-risk of becoming involved in crime develop their ability to make positive choices and reach their potential. Flying Fish will raise their aspirations, develop their confidence and self-esteem, decrease any anti-social behaviour and help them engage positively with their local community through volunteering. Our focus will be on young people at risk of or already excluded from mainstream schooling supporting them to re-engage in learning and develop plans aiming for brighter futures.
31/08/2018 £20,000 THE MAYOR'S FUND FOR LONDON Kitchen Social is a holiday hunger programme that will support 100 Kitchen Social Clubs offering a healthy meal to children and young people from low income households, providing 35,000 meals to 8,000 children
31/08/2018 £450,000 HOUSING JUSTICE To fund activities which increase London's winter night shelter capacity and improve the casework which shelter guests receive
31/08/2018 £153,421 THE WOODLAND TRUST To deliver the London QCC project which will deliver 24000 trees to 12000 households across London in November 2018.
31/08/2018 £79,500 THE CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS Funding for community tree packs and individual trees
31/08/2018 £100,000 MUSEUM OF LONDON To deliver dementia friendly outreach programme to care homes and hospitals
31/07/2018 £13,125 TREES FOR CITIES Beckenham Place Park Community Edible Woodland
31/07/2018 £10,000 Ignite Trust A 5 to 6 week program that will provide opportunities for young people to engage with a range of multi-sports. The sports sessions will be a mixture of organised sessions in a specific location (Football in a sports hall) and pop up sessions in various locations around Harrow where young people congregate i.e. public parks. In addition, 1:1 Boxing or gym sessions for our more at risk young people will be offered.
31/07/2018 £95,000 THE CHANGE FOUNDATION The Recipient will deliver three (3) projects across a 12-month period. The key elements of the programme that will be delivered include: Street Elite, Generation Storm and Team Habana
31/07/2018 £149,296 THE AHOY CENTRE Since 2003, the AHOY Centre has transformed the lives of 4,500+ disadvantaged young people (YP) in SE London using the medium of watersports to empower them to flourish both on and off the water. “All Aboard” builds on this experience to provide a programme of activities that will help 84 YP in Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark at risk of exclusion/offending make positive life choices. Attending once a week on Saturday for up to two years, YP will participate in water-side and dry-side sporting and creative activities; Personal Development/Employability Training workshops; one-to-one mentoring support and a fortnightly Peer Support Group
31/07/2018 £22,295 TREES FOR CITIES Seven Kings Park
31/07/2018 £40,500 TREES FOR CITIES Forest Road Woodland
31/07/2018 £15,000 KEY4LIFE CIO Targeted 8-week program for young men who are at risk of offending (identified by police, leaving care workers, probation and networks) and young men released from HMP Brixton. Program involves Monthly support meetings, 1: 1 employment search support, 1:1 mentoring, a 2day rural residential trip and a series of boxing and football workshops
31/07/2018 £10,000 XLP A 4 to 6 week programme involving sports; specifically coaching/training sessions, swimming activities, healthy eating and life skills sessions. Two weeks will be solely dedicated to sports. The programme will reach up to an additional 40 young people and be delivered in lower socio-economic and disadvantaged areas in London.
31/07/2018 £120,000 STREETGAMES UK Working with five locally trusted organisations (LTOs) across London, The Recipient will use Doorstep Sport to engage and retain vulnerable young people to prevent and deter them from getting involved in youth crime, gangs and entering the youth justice system. Training opportunities will also be offered to these young people to increase their skills, confidence and knowledge so that they can progress into volunteering and employment in their own communities
31/07/2018 £43,500 FAITHS FORUM FOR LONDON Interfaith Tree Planting
31/07/2018 £43,904 TREES FOR CITIES Big Green Estate Project
31/07/2018 £149,515 THE ACCESS TO SPORTS PROJECT The programme of estate-based community engagement activities will support young people at risk of criminal activity and exclusion to improve skills, qualifications and help them to make better, positive life choices. Our project is aimed at young people living on 3 large ‘hotspot’, housing estates Andover, Marquess and Mayville. Led by Access to Sports with Isledon, Islington Council, Metropolitan Police, Targeted Youth Support and Community Safety Teams will deliver a targeted/comprehensive programme of youth-work, sporting activities, training/education to support young people at risk of criminal activity to achieve positive outcomes, engage better with existing services and reduce community tension.
31/07/2018 £350,000 BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE To develop and deliver a creative entrepreneurship programme for the London Borough of Culture
31/07/2018 £700,000 SOUTHBANK CENTRE To deliver the restoration and improvements of Southbank Centre skate space and the creation of an education headquarters at Southbank Centre
31/07/2018 £148,800 KEY4LIFE CIO Key4Life will unlock the potential of young Londoners through a range of interventions: 1. Key4Life core: intensive, weekly support for up to 40 young males aged 16-21, released from HMP Feltham, HMP Brixton and those who are at risk in the community. Participants are matched with trained mentors, gain employability skills, develop emotional resilience and broaden horizons through activities including horse-riding. 2. Key4Life ‘White Flag’ anti-knife crime initiative: engage communities, train ex-offender role models, and broker positive discussions between young people and the police. 3. Key4Life outreach pilot: delivering youth-led assemblies and workshops at London schools, incorporating music and sport.
31/07/2018 £149,601 QPR IN THE COMMUNITY TRUST We will work with young people aged 10-21 who have a parent currently in Wormwood Scrubs prison. We will provide a mentoring programme for the young people and signpost them onto sports participation, qualifications, employment opportunities, volunteering and local services. We aim to work with each child over a year setting up a personal plan with individual goals. Within this year we will deliver a 12-week Parents On the Ball session within Wormwood Scrubs in partnership with Action for Children, although dad’s and their child(ren) are separated, this course facilitates empowerment of a positive contribution to their parenting skills/child's well-being
31/07/2018 £120,000 Ignite Trust Our project will provide support and guidance to vulnerable young men in Harrow aged 15-21 who are involved in the criminal justice system or affiliated with gangs. An additional specialist gangs’ worker will engage some of the hardest to reach young people through detached youth work and 1:1 prison mentoring, helping them to make positive choices and transform their lives for the better. Our project will engage some of the hardest to reach young people both in prison and on the streets, bridging the gap between youth services in Harrow and vulnerable young men.
31/07/2018 £10,900 PADI Raising green awareness in children: tree planting in 3 London schools
31/07/2018 £17,000 TREES FOR CITIES Montagu Whip Planting Project
30/06/2018 £100,000 CHANCE TO SHINE FOUNDATION LTD The Recipient’s Projects aim is to inspire all young people to play and learn through cricket. For more than a decade, the Recipient has used cricket as a vehicle to raise aspiration, promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse and disadvantaged communities. The Street cricket model has also proved particularly successful in engaging hard to reach communities and young people who may otherwise not have access to the social benefits of sports participation
30/06/2018 £95,000 FIGHT FOR PEACE (UK) The Recipient a violence prevention organisation which exists to enable young people from communities affected by crime and violence to realise their full potential by providing them with the opportunities and positive influences they need to thrive. The Recipient delivers a sport-based Five Pillar model which consists of: sports, formal education courses, increasing employability skills, mentoring and access to psycho-social support and leadership opportunities. The Five Pillars are configured in different ways to create a range of programmes that follow a public health approach to violence prevention at primary / prevention level, secondary / intervention level, and tertiary / rehabilitation level.
30/06/2018 £15,000 SUSTAIN: THE ALLIANCE FOR BETTER FOOD & FARMING To support Captial Growth Programme - including the jobs and skills elements
31/05/2018 £500,000 LAUREUS SPORT FOR GOOD FOUNDATION To support delivery of three pilot projects using sport to improve social integration in communities
31/05/2018 £33,263 HOUSING JUSTICE More than Shelters
30/04/2018 £148,000 CHALLENGE PARTNERS Continuation of the successful Getting Ahead London programme for 2018/19
30/04/2018 £100,000 Sportsaid Sports grant
31/03/2018 £1,993,792 Poplar HARCA To support the capital delivery of The Makery at Fashioning Poplar, Monier Road, Hackney Wick and to capitalise the London Fashion Fund
31/03/2018 £848,543 MOUNTVIEW ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS LIMITED The project will create a permanent year-round cultural resource for artists, young people, the local community and the theatre industry in the Peckham Town Centre
31/03/2018 £475,000 198 CONTEMPORARY ARTS AND LEARNING LTD Undertake the capital works to refurbish and expand 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning Building
28/02/2018 £501,000 SOMERSET HOUSE TRUST To deliver the Good Growth Fund Somerset House
31/12/2017 £14,350 THE CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS Richmond Green Gym at Kneller Gardens
31/12/2017 £40,000 CORE ARTS Core Landscape -Whitechapel Healthy Garden
31/12/2017 £49,649 THE FROGLIFE TRUST London Tails of Amphibian Discovery (T.O.A.D.)
31/12/2017 £13,550 THE ORCHARD PROJECT (CAUSE) LTD Capital Orchard City
31/12/2017 £15,229 OCTOPUS COMMUNITY NETWORK Market Road Wild and Green Nature Garden
31/12/2017 £10,297 BROCKWELL PARK COMMUNITY GREENHOUSES Greenhouse Renovate
31/12/2017 £50,000 THE LONDON WILDLIFE TRUST Pymmes Brook enhancements
31/12/2017 £35,000 THE LONDON WILDLIFE TRUST Thamesmead Canal Habitat Improvement Project
31/12/2017 £18,500 THE SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Orchard Project
31/12/2017 £17,660 THE HARINGTON SCHEME LIMITED Learning from Nature
31/12/2017 £30,000 THAMES21 LIMITED A Greener Future for Trent Park
31/12/2017 £50,000 TREES FOR CITIES Planting Healthy Air in Schools
31/12/2017 £15,000 TREES FOR CITIES St Patrick's Edible Playground
31/12/2017 £45,000 THAMES21 LIMITED Limehouse Adoption Group Reedbeds
31/12/2017 £18,370 THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON Community Engagement in the River Brent, a Critical River for Eels
31/12/2017 £15,000 SUSTRANS LIMITED Hogsmill Open Space Nature Trail
31/12/2017 £10,305 FRIENDS OF RUSKIN PARK Ruskin Park Wildlife Area
31/12/2017 £17,500 ROYAL DOCKS LEARNING AND ACTIVITY CENTRE Mini Grass Routes
31/12/2017 £12,000 THAMES21 LIMITED Thamesmead Greening the Grey Project
31/12/2017 £50,000 PEABODY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Claridge Way Play
31/12/2017 £35,000 CREATE LONDON The Green Station
31/12/2017 £27,000 WESTWAY TRUST Maxilla Community Gardens
31/12/2017 £20,000 THE ORCHARD PROJECT (CAUSE) LTD Community Orchard Green Spaces
31/12/2017 £20,000 SEEDS FOR GROWTH Isle of Dogs Community Gardens
30/11/2017 £352,000 RFEA LIMITED The project aims to support veterans and ESL’s who face such barriers to secure meaningful and sustained employment, training or education
31/10/2017 £25,000 THE JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL To install the Menorah on Trafalgar Square in 2017 to celebrate Chanukah
31/10/2017 £833,984 PEABODY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION NEET young people onto the programme and support them into sustained employment, education or training opportunities
31/10/2017 £175,000 United St Saviours Charity Will be used to mitigate the immediate impacts of the London Bridge Terrorist attack and help those individuals and businesses whose business viability continues to be threatende as a result of the losses incurred during the 10 day period of Borough Market's closure in June and who have no other means of support.
30/09/2017 £10,000 THE CAMDEN SOCIETY A project to transform a car park into a beautiful garden and art studio for people with a learning disability. It will be maintained and used by local people who are supported by the Camden Society to learn new skills. The new spacke will replace part of the existing centre car park and provide a social hub, and learning space to around 60 daily users.
30/09/2017 £11,475 PADI Raising Green-Awareness with Tree Planting and Tree Adoption Schemes in Primary London Schools
30/09/2017 £15,000 THE SOMERS TOWN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (CAMDEN) Chalton Street Market will be the hub of the community a vibrant place for people to shop, work an dsocialise. We will support local people to run healthy stalls and develop business skills.
30/09/2017 £40,000 FRIENDS OF CRICKLEWOOD LIBRARY phase 1 of an ambitious project to create a new library and community hub in the ground floor of a new housing development. The first phase will fit-out the empty shell to create a space that meets the needs of a modern, multi-purpose library and allow the group to make crucial progregress on a longer journey.
30/09/2017 £15,000 TREES FOR CITIES Isleworth Orchards
30/09/2017 £15,000 TREES FOR CITIES Racecourse Estate Greening Project
30/09/2017 £19,940 FAITHS FORUM FOR LONDON Inter-Faith Tree Planting
30/09/2017 £10,000 THAMES CHASE TRUST Cely Woods Community Orchard
30/09/2017 £10,190 TREES FOR CITIES Sutcliffe Park: Planting a Leafy Legacy
30/09/2017 £25,000 TREES FOR CITIES Horsenden Hill Working Woodland
30/09/2017 £15,000 TREES FOR CITIES Loxford Park: Community Tree Planting
30/09/2017 £25,000 LIVING UNDER ONE SUN Creating a new mult-purpose community hub and café by refubishing a disused bowling club building. The space will allow for flexible activities with the aim of connecting pople and reducing social isolation by delivering new skills for life and employment alongside food growing.
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