What it does
    We are a multi-purpose charity working to eradicate poverty and disadvantage. We deliver a range of community services in advice, financial inclusion, learning and wellbeing. We share our experience of local action to influence national policy. We are also a residential community, conference and venue hire centre. More information can be found at
Who works here
  • 61 employees and 334 volunteers.
Who it helps
  • Children/young People
  • Elderly/old People
  • People Of A Particular Ethnic Or Racial Origin
Sector(s) covered
  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Education/training
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
  • Accommodation/housing
  • Arts/culture/heritage/science
Where it operates
  • Throughout London
Financial Data ?
Y/E Income Expenditure Surplus/
Assets Months
Employees Volunteers Filed on
31/03/2018 £9,079,000 £7,658,000 £1,421,000 4 61 334 16/01/2019
31/03/2017 £7,730,000 £8,515,000 -£785,000 £10,543,000 11 62 335 01/11/2017
31/03/2016 £14,124,000 £8,445,000 £5,679,000 £11,324,000 16 66 341 22/11/2016
31/03/2015 £6,770,000 £6,758,000 £12,000 £5,647,000 2 59 300 29/01/2016
31/03/2014 £6,734,000 £6,390,000 £344,000 £4,171,000 63 393 02/12/2014
31/03/2013 £6,530,000 £6,328,000 £202,000 £3,000,000 60 118 17/12/2013
31/03/2012 £6,347,000 £6,315,000 £32,000 £2,841,000 1 73 0 25/10/2012
31/03/2011 £6,122,000 £6,096,000 £26,000 £2,812,000 2 75 127 05/12/2011
Donations received ?

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 9 grant making charities totalling £1,822,328

Donor To be used for
National Lottery Community Fund The funding will be used to deliver creative sessions, debt and legal advice. The project aims to bring the local community together and make positive changes.
Trust for London The funding is for a project aimed at improving the quality of rented housing through a community-lead programme, addressing concerns around perceptions of unsafe neighbourhood environments preventing engagement and participation. We will empower social and private tenants as peer organisers to campaign for change, trial community-based solutions, share the results and create replicable models
City Bridge Trust £30,040 to contribute towards the costs of a pilot year to develop an Innovation Hub.
Tudor Trust over two years towards core costs to support and strengthen community engagement at a newly renovated settlement in Tower Hamlets, London
National Lottery Heritage Fund This group will develop their project which supports people to overcome financial issues. The project will develop a Community Money Mentors hub in North, East, South and West London to train 440 people as Mentors, giving further training to 40 people to deliver courses in their own communities. Those being supported will be trained in budgeting, setting up bank services and identifying the best deals and products, empowering them to better manage their own finances and share this with others.
Nesta Savers Support Fund programme grant to Toynbee Hall Grant Ref AC00672
City Bridge Trust £98,600 over 2 years (£49,100; £49,500) to contribute to the salary costs of the P/T Wellbeing Centre and Volunteer Coordinator (3dpw) and associated running costs for the Centre for Wellbeing project.
Dunhill Medical Trust Building grant: to develop a Centre for Wellbeing, a unique space dedicated to improving the wellbeing of our community, including older people
National Lottery Heritage Fund Udbhabakadera - a Toynbee Hall oral history project
National Lottery Heritage Fund The new Wellbeing Centre in Tower Hamlets will provide a central place for the organisation’s community services and enable them to provide a one stop shop in a better location for local residents. There will be a focus on support for over 65s, older working people and young people and parents with the services available being designed to meet their needs.
Clothworkers Foundation Building reconstruction for a charity providing free advice and support services to deprived communities in London's East End
Comic Relief Digital Money Mentors
Tudor Trust over two years towards establishing the London Fairness Commission
Tudor Trust towards the redevelopment of the Toynbee Hall site to provide a modern and accessible resource centre for local people in East London
Trustees (10)
  • Ms Kate Swade
  • Annette Ruth Zera
  • Emma Jane Elizabeth Davies
  • Julian Edward Corner
  • Sarah Janet Squires
  • David Timothy Warner (3 trusteeships)
  • Kawsar Zaman
  • Husna Mortuza
  • Tahera Rouf
  • Maysam Rizvi
Main office

E1 6LS

Legal constitution
  • UK Charity, number: 211850
  • First registered on