Comic Relief

Who they support

Predominantly UK charities with income of £250k>£10m (Or £75k in other countries). Small or start-up organisations are funded via local partners.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £10 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been 18 years.

Grant criteria

Priority for organisations seeking long term funding to scale up proven solutions. There are four core themes: Children Survive & Thrive, Global Mental Health Matters, Fighting for Gender Justice, A Safe Place to Be.

Regional preferences: 50% UK, 50% Africa & Asia

Grant details

Typically from £50k-£1m.

Application procedure

Initially submit a Concept Note via the online grant management system


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In this period 574 donations have been made totalling £141,876,302 to 461 organisations

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44% 56%
28% 23%
25% 30%
19% 15%
18% 32%
15% 21%
15% 27%
14% 26%
13% 23%
11% 14%
Sole supporter: 31% by number, 42% by value.
Individual Grants Made
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08/03/2022 £249,632 £6,492,000 BUTTLE UK Chances for Children grants pay for things that families could not otherwise afford, things that most of us take for granted. They can be for up to £2000 and there is a wide range of items, activities and costs that they can pay for. Each grant is tailored to individual needs of the children or young person they are for. Applications are made by frontline support services working directly with the child or young person, therefore ensuring that the funding is working in tandem with this support, and helping to improve the outcomes that these services are aiming to achieve. The items and costs they pay for are designed to remove the barriers to a child achieving their potential.
08/03/2022 £190,000 FOR THE CULTURE AND COMMUNITY We are looking to create sustainable foundations for a fully operational FOR THE CULTURE AND COMMUNITY organisation. This funding is essential for achieving our vision, and would be used for 1) hiring a full time Head of Culture and Community to run our Not For Profit arm and 2) core funding for operational and set up costs.
08/03/2022 £183,000 SKIN DEEP MEDIA CIC With funding from PoP, Skin Deep will deliver work that contributes to a different kind of scaffolding and support for our communities; building capacity, redistributing resources and creating a legacy of hope, justice and creativity. We will grow audiences, increase our stories? reach and impact, and raise their ambition to match our imagination.
08/03/2022 £150,000 WE ARE BRIDGE Core funding will help We Are Bridge (WAB) establish and formalise the practices developed during our work on the BAFTA award-winning film, ROCKS, of which our inaugural cohort of talent starred in. Funding will sustain us so that we can grow and train further, filling a much-needed vacuum in the industry.
25/01/2022 £216,045 £3,784,345 MIDDLESBROUGH AND STOCKTON MIND LIMITED Our communities of Middlesbrough & Stockton-on-Tees have been amongst the worst affected by COVID-19. Demand for mental health support is at an all-time high. Over 24 months, we?ll support 150 people with emerging mental health problems (mild/moderate) to improve their wellbeing, self-esteem and social connections through user-led arts activities.
25/01/2022 £142,050 PLATFORM THIRTY1 LIMITED At The Kitchen Table works with women living in domestic abuse refuges to bring about a more positive sense of self and sense of belonging, impacting their mental health and wellbeing. It uses an engagement model (participation, leadership, co-design, co-creation) to empower women within participatory arts workshops that explore process and product
25/01/2022 £291,293 £421,844 CREATE UK LIMITED Continuation of the expansion of creative:voices (CV): high-quality multi-artform workshops with isolated unpaid adult carers, led by Create?s professional practicing artists. CV will enrich the provision of UK carer services, enabling carers to take a break from caring to focus on their own wellbeing by exploring their creativity collaboratively.
25/01/2022 £228,595 GREEN SHOES ARTS CIO Creative 4 Life (C4L) is an ongoing programme over 30 months of early intervention arts activity for adults experiencing Mental Health (MH) difficulties in Barking & Dagenham. We intend to improve mental wellbeing and reduce social isolation through a programme of community-based arts activities, volunteering opportunities and skills development.
25/01/2022 £213,567 £16,834 INSPIRED NEIGHBOURHOODS CHARITABLE TRUST Through culturally sensitive art therapies we will improve mental health of people most affected by the pandemic. These individuals will be empowered to curate their own exhibitions to also challenge stigma, raise awareness of emerging signs of mental health challenges and open dialogue about mental health in our communities. .
25/01/2022 £249,565 £375,614 LIVERPOOL LIGHTHOUSE LIMITED Building on our extensive experience co-creating effective, arts-based wellbeing projects in the community with groups experiencing mild or moderate mental health challenges, this project will use well-evidenced practice to help people facing prolonged discrimination and disadvantage address factors that contribute to developing poor mental health.
25/01/2022 £117,052 £5,630,941 CITIZENS UK CHARITY Transfer of Lead Partner
25/01/2022 £164,022 £616,716 WILD YOUNG PARENTS PROJECT Rant Club is about young mums, dads and parents holding a comedic mirror up to their lives. It is about improving young parents? mental health and wellbeing, about preventing suicide, and its about young parents being able to laugh through the grimmest of times. Rant Club is a ridiculous ?WILD Trifle?; a partnership of talent, stories, and emotion
25/01/2022 £141,806 £829,952 THE WARREN OF HULL LIMITED The Project will support 60 people to participate in creative writing sessions and wrap-around support, creating a safe space for self-expression and exploration of mental health issues. Creative output will be anonymised and shared with local professional creatives who will develop original, engaging material that will be professionally produced.
25/01/2022 £250,000 DO IT NOW NOW Through a training programme, mentorship and peer-to-peer support, we are working with long-term unemployed young Black people aged 18-24 in England and Scotland to co-create and co-produce arts projects, in the form of short films, podcasts and visual arts, that empower them to share their stories, passions and ideas with their local community.
25/01/2022 £198,750 £404,538 SYNERGY THEATRE PROJECT Synergy Theatre Project will run COMEBACK: a two-year programme of comedy-focussed theatre productions, competitions and courses for prisoners and ex-prisoners in and near London, improving mental wellbeing, building resilience and nurturing creative talent for disadvantaged adults who have been some of the most isolated during the pandemic.
08/09/2021 £23,660 £413,923 STAY SAFE EAST At this point, our online website is quite old and basic. It was designed around 12 years ago. As a user-led disability organisation, we are aiming to have a new re-designed website that is easy to use, fully accessible, colorful and attractive. We want to offer our beneficiaries an unique experience of exploring a fully accessible website where they can find out information on support available, the work we do and how to self-refer by using the website. In the construction of the website particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring that it is easy to use and accessible to the widest possible audience. Existing good practice guidelines will be followed whenever possible. The website will provide an online referral function for both service users and external organisations. In addition the the use of contact forms, we will provide a way for visitors to send voice messages that can then be turned into text to be forwarded to the appropriate organisation. ?We will integrate social media feed(s). For example, we can integrate the Stay Safe East Twitter feed into the website. ? Appropriate forms will be set up on the site (for example, to report an incident). It will be possible to easily add additional forms at any time (i.e. even after the initial development phase is complete) using a WordPress plugin. Email addresses will be added in a way that ensures they cannot be picked up by spammers. ? A safety button could be added to the site, i.e: ?Exit here Quickly? button ? A search facility will be developed to make it easier for visitors to find the content they are looking for. ?Depending on what software we are using we can integrate our mailing list form into the website so that we can build our mailing list. For example, Mailchimp can be integrated into WordPress allowing visitors to add themselves to our mailing list. ? We will consider adding BSL videos for key content on - Image and video gallery plugins will be installed to make it easy to add new images and videos to the site.
08/09/2021 £112,960 LONDON BLACK WOMEN'S PROJECT Since March 2020, with the massive impact of C19 on our service, we have successfully embedded measures to improve our digital capacity. We rapidly purchased refurbished staff laptops and installed Wi-Fi into all of our refuges for service users to maintain their support and children?s online learning. Staff and users are eager to continue to use online communication and have reduced resistance to using technology. But our current digital infrastructure is woefully inadequate to achieve our digital aspirations. A robust digital infrastructure would help us: 1 Develop an intranet for staff to improve the quality of inter-services working and communication; and a separate platform for service users to access outside support education, housing, jobs and benefits. 2. Use the intranet for staff in-house training and sharing of changes in the DV field to better serve their clients in the refuges, legal and counselling services. 3. Overhaul LBWP?s website to improve the quality of referral pathways with other services and promote LBWP?s work to a wider audience. We will use the funding and mentor support to: ? Engage expertise to consult with staff and users to redesign the website ? Get advice and improve our cloud-based office telephone system that supports office and remote working ? Develop a platform to maximise users? input and co-production on LBWP?s work ? Incorporate staff training on software packages, cybersecurity, digital safeguarding, and best practices ? Upskill our ICT/digital support manager to sustain this work ? Secure digital platforms to provide better continuity of support when users move on (legal advice, counselling) ? Incorporate Translation Software for users who need it ? Ensure that we have the correct level of Cybersecurity software to protect clients? sensitive data across all platforms We need advice and resources to upgrade our current digital infrastructure to achieve these aspirations. We are cognizant of the need to super-secure our intranet due to the extremely sensitive nature of our work.
08/09/2021 £118,836 STONEWALL HOUSING ASSOCIATION Salesforce CRM was set up 8 years ago and whilst it revolutionised things then, it has now become quite the hindrance. The interface is not user friendly and our front line staff spend a lot of time managing the recording of information in order to ensure reporting is accurate. Similarly the team manager often has to manually review case work to ensure accurate reporting. Our Donorfy CRM for fundraisers and supporters is new to the organisation and requires expertise in terms of mapping the supporter journey and ensuring we are capturing accurate information. Integrations with our website are clunky and difficult to manage and we don't have confidence in the systems that were set up many years before the current senior management team was in post. Up to date CRM software that makes sense for our service users, practitioners and team manager would free up time from managing information to allow us to work with more LGBTQ+ people, provide confident, accurate reporting and evidence of need to help us build and grow our services. Our training offer is well used, however we are not able to reach the number of people we would wish to with our current resource. We are missing the opportunity to reach more providers and organisations. If successful we would commission a complete overhaul of the Salesforce and Donorfy CRM systems ensuring all website integrations were slick, user friendly and helpful to our service users and staff. In addition we would develop a self-serve tool for the website in order to triage our service users, getting them to the information and advice they need as quickly and easily as possible, allowing our front line practitioners to focus on those who need the most help. We would also commission an e-learning section to our website where we could get some of our training module online to reach more organisations nationwide. We see this as a sustainable funding stream. These improvements to our digital infrastructure will help us become more sustainable, efficient, secure and resilient whilst reaching more people.
08/09/2021 £69,384 £110,286 THE HALO PROJECT We have identified two key areas of our VAWG BME Victim service delivery model we wish to improve by building upon our digital infrastructure foundations, they include 1. Improvements to our online Case Management System by digitalising GDPR agreements, victim individual support plans and all risk assessments, to replace paper copies being manually completed , scanned and uploaded. Both desk top and app versions. 2. Creation of a digitalised impact measurement tool to be used to track and capture distance travelled by our victims from crisis to independent living. Both desk top and app versions Both improvements will save vital front line case worker time that is spent on administration allowing more time to be focussed upon victim support and recovery. To improve performance and identify needs, trends and to provide a breadth of victim data has always been challenging. In doing so, this has meant we have been unable to demonstrate the real needs of victims, highlight prevalence and thereby being limited to what we can ask for in terms of funding to a range of commissioners. It is also challenging when we are "fire fighting" and unable to provide adequate resource and time to invest in our CRM system. This funding will provide us with a platform which can extrapolate a range of evidence and data and highlight the importance of soft and hard outcomes to commissioners and policy makers.
08/09/2021 £83,882 £275,192 DIVERSITY MATTERS NORTH WEST LTD DMNW works predominantly but not exclusively with women from the south Asian community. Our core work includes support for women who are suffering from domestic abuse and mental health. We support many beneficiaries where English is not their first language. We want to improve our digital platforms so that we can: a) connect better with our audience b) have a better digital infrastructure so that our team can work routed within these communities and not from 1 office location c) have a website which includes translation, videos and all-round accessible content for our service users. d) have a database which allows us to set up data analysis systems so that we can provide more quantitative, tangible evidence for our funders- providing a better picture of the social landscape and need for beneficiaries from the community that we are striving to serve e) have a CRM which allows us to capture who we are working with. Not only will this allow us to understand our reach and what areas we need to focus on moving forwards, it will allow us to provide intelligence for local commissioners so that they are able to build services which are suitable to all residents who are currently only accessing VCSE support services. We hope that this provide the foundations for our work to be funded by the local authority. These are discussions that are currently being held. f) provide women with safety online training, specifically our clients within the domestic abuse programmes. We want to be able to advise women on how to use technology whilst remain safe. For example, 55% of women who we asked didn't know how to clear their browsing history and 70% didn't even know what this meant. g) we would like to understand how we can improve our digital fundraising so that we can take away some sustainability embed our learning into our finance strategy moving forwards. We feel that we would need to bring in consultants to support us with staff training and implement these changes effectively. h) a have translation package/service- for internal use and for income generation.
08/09/2021 £57,072 SOMALI DEVELOPMENT SERVICES We have experienced increasing demand from disadvantaged families/women affected by domestic abusive behaviour and sexual violence. Prior to receiving a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner for domestic violence support we supported 164 BAME victims? during the pandemic at a cost of £8,200 (from reserves). We secured a small grant from the PCC to help us to meet the extra demand. We could provide faster support to more people for less time/ cost if our systems were more inefficient. Our case management system is paper-based system and we use a spreadsheet database. We need more lean thinking and a digitalised case management system to reach more people improve our performance and provide a quicker response to service-users. We lack the internal expertise (training) in technology, what to use and how to use it. This means that we are missing out on opportunities to help more people and save money. Referrals are taken over the telephone, via our drop ins & in the community eg in the mosques. We do not have an online facility for people to connect with us online eg a chat bot which would increase our reach. Our website is out of date & does not offer an interactive process through which women can contact us and connect with us. If we had a digital TV in our reception area with information & sign posting we would reach more of our service-users as many suffer in silence. Our staff largely use paper based systems which is time consuming and we do not have a centralised cloud based administrative platform. Staff need iPads and iPhones with cloud based technology to take with them into the community - to log information and connect clients to local services quickly and efficiently. We provide group training to clients using out of date technology. This slows down the learning process and limits our reach. Impact data is currently collected through Survey Monkey. We need a better integrated digital system to collect output & outcomes data that can be used to develop the right targeted response & for marketing and fund-raising.
08/09/2021 £90,000 CHAYN Chayn is a survivor-led nonprofit addressing gender-based abuse through open source, intersectional digital services. Chayn was set up by Hera Hussain, a young Pakistani studying in the UK, wanting to make it easier for migrant survivors to find feminist information in their own language - online. Chayn was one of the first organisations in the world to use digital technology to provide culturally aware support to survivors. In the past, we operated on a volunteer-only model, which due to funding has gradually changed. We have a proven track record in delivering inclusive digital services and transformative information but we?re lacking the core funding to allow us to invest in digital infrastructure. To scale and improve the quality of our interventions and services for survivors, especially migrants. Here are some ideas: User research to improve our digital services: To get a better understanding of the gaps in our services and map user needs to increase our reach to more survivors Website updates: 400,000 people have visited Chayn?s resources since 2013. This could be in millions. We want to improve our SEO to integrate it to what survivors are searching for more. We want to link to resources by other organisations, connect our chatbot seamlessly as well as to provide a better and multilingual user experience for survivors to find resources they need, and provide frictionless referral pathways. Digital capacity: Effective documentation, and database management for funder relationship management, partnership building, communications and outreach and impact measurement. Additionally, audit and review of our data processing agreements and compliance under GDPR with a lens to safeguarding survivors data. Software upgrades: to give us more fire power to serve more survivors. Increase staff training: trauma-informed care, product management and media to improve quality of our services to survivors. Digital devices: to allow staff and volunteers to work remotely. These are what we believe our needs are but we are very open to receiving digital coaching.
08/09/2021 £108,000 £558,957 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS TRUST The existing digital divide (amplifying inequalities in access to opportunities, knowledge, services) has been brought into sharper focus during the pandemic. 58% of non-internet users are women (disproportionately BME), with 61% having zero digital skills (ONS 2019). 20-30% of our users do not have access to a smartphone. As a by-and-for-led specialist charity, when community/drop-in routes to safety became unavailable, we had to completely overhaul and adapt every aspect of our services to ensure access to safety and support for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged users (particularly those with overlapping vulnerabilities, poor digital competencies/IT skills, disabilities, insecure immigration, language barriers). We continue to face significant operational and resourcing challenges in digitally upscaling our service model, with fundraising falling short of budgetary needs, most critical of which are: (a) improved digital data collection/MEL returns framework corresponding with an improved CRM system. Due to exponential rise in demand existing data collection systems are ineffective and redundant. We need to urgently shift away from manual to automated data collection and reporting that can withstand pressures of high caseload numbers; (b) upgrading hardware to support mass scale remote working and purchasing equipment for staff who wish to continue working from home even after planned return to work measures are implemented. This is critical to ensuring continued staff well-being and productivity following a most challenging year for the sector. Equipment for users continues to remain a priority as remote group sessions have proved more successful in engaging women than in-person sessions, due to flexible timings and savings made on childcare and travel costs; (c) remodelling our website and improving digital outreach. Our online referral routes including website, webchat and social media channels have served as a critical alternate route to support in absence of walk-in appointments, with demographics traditionally not served by SBS reaching out to us.
08/09/2021 £84,000 £299,911 MUSLIM WOMEN'S NETWORK UK PROBLEM 1 Helpline and Counselling service user information is collected (over 70 indicators) e.g demographic information (age, location, immigration status, ethnicity, gender, disability, language spoken etc) as well as other important information such issues, time spent, method of contact (email, text or phone, webchat etc) and outcomes, safeguarding level etc. Currently the data is downloaded annually and is a lengthy process with each sub category of information downloaded separately. Data also needs to be cleaned e.g adding missing information. This data is then compiled into excel sheets and given to an external consultant to evaluate and identify trends and gaps etc. However, there are problems with this approach: 1) As downloading data is time consuming, it is only done annually. 2) As data analysis is done retrospectively, trends and gaps are identified a year later and services adapted accordingly To address this will want to upgrade systems to include 3 dashboards that display database information for helpline, counselling & DV App service users instantly as line / bar / graphs / piechart to allow real time analysis according to dates chosen. PROBLEM 2 The is currently no shared central system for storing important and confidential documents / notes (not directly related to service users) which means we rely on staff handing over when they leave, which includes: 1) HR documents e.g. helpline staff / counsellors appraisal / supervision notes, contracts, minutes of internal meetings, sickness, rotas, annual leave, references, DBS documents, training and other performance indicators 2) Meetings notes with relevant partners stakeholders in domestic abuse sector 3) Tasks /progress lists e.g. helpline promotion e.g. contacting police, health bodies and third sector organisations ? particularly targeting under represented groups e.g. Muslim LGBT, new migrant women. To address this we want to create a new secure and confidential document portal which includes hosting and back ups.
08/09/2021 £89,004 £405,468 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID LTD Our pain points are: increasing accessibility, safeguarding, Digital Expertise, Financial capability. Increase accessibility for diverse user capabilities, have finance and experts to implement changes. Create our own CRM system - bringing new technology that better serves our users, such as language barriers,disability, neurodiversity. We want to 1)have multi-lingual website content. 2)Improve the functions of our IMATTER APP. Developer: RECITE Multi-lingual website content translation, helping those with a disability, neurodiversity, English as a second language, consuming content that works for our users. Build CRM system. Stats and reporting to measure the ROI of the toolkit across our content, monthly reports with stats on unique launches, the total number of pages viewed using the tools, and session lengths to help track and measure ongoing success of web pages. Developer: BUBBL I MATTER App is currently a basic product connecting with and supporting service users, engaging them in well being, and training to facilitate mental health through our simple Chai Chat, a tool to bring together women for a virtual coffee session, and through driving traffic to our training and one to one support, send users affirmation notifications mornings and evenings. The mobile app has technology within it that can use geofencing and specific mobile marketing tools to engage our app users, with very hyper local connections and support. Our needs: To enable location based content distribution in specific languages To enhance accessibility features in the design of both the app and website To create a safe place to journal, with a hidden vault to store memories and photos relating to domestic abuse To drive users to our education tools To drive users to our GP support tools To add safety features to the app including the ability to; Shake the phone to automatically call police or named emergency contact Automatically hide the content on the app with a click Services users will be involved in all building and testing processes.
08/09/2021 £21,419 £2,720,918 LGBT FOUNDATION LTD Since the start of the COVID pandemic, LGBT Foundation have been a remote service delivery organisation, moving provision online to continue supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans service users during the changing lockdown restrictions of the past year. The pandemic has led to increased pressure on our domestic abuse service, with a 38% increase in the number of people referred to us for support. Even as face-to-face delivery returns, we anticipate a continued high demand for remote provision, requiring an improvement in our digital capacity, to ensure we can be there for LGBTQ victims of domestic abuse. We will purchase new laptops for our growing team, to make sure each member of staff is appropriately equipped to deliver one-to-one support. This will provide a better experience for service users even after the pandemic, as every victim will have a choice of face-to-face or remote access to our support service. In addition, we will purchase additional access licences to our CRM system, allowing us to record our interactions with services users as they engage with us, supporting their journey through services, enabling referral into other areas of LGBT Foundation support where appropriate. We recognise that many of our service users may want to access digital support, but lack access to suitable technology for making video calls. We intend to purchase a small bank of tablets for service users. These tablets will be available for short-term loan by our service users, enabling them to access remote video-call support for the duration of their support with us, ensuring that there is no financial barrier to accessing digital support. We will also update the Domestic Abuse section of our website, containing info & support, allowing us to signpost & market this to potential service users. Finally, we will work with Comic Relief?s coaching & support offer, to identify any novel solutions to better meeting the needs of our service users, ensuring LGBTQ victims of domestic abuse can continue to access timely, effective support in a way that works for them.
08/09/2021 £20,525 £263,220 SWITCHBOARD LGBT+ We're launching our Domestic Abuse service later this summer. There are a number of digital hurdles we are yet to overcome in order to make the service the best it can be, and to keep our commitment of a blended offer across all our services. This is a totally new area of delivery for us and a new way of working, so a number of digital adaptations are needed. In our first year we are focusing on the city of Brighton & Hove but our plan is to be a Sussex-wide service by year two - covering a large area and therefore in need of digital solutions around reach. 1. Our new team will be co-designing a service from scratch - this will require us to adapt and strengthen our current CRM, and ensure our staff are trained to use effectively. 2. We would like to invest in high quality webcam equipment and test remote IDVA drop ins for people who may be unable to travel or feel worried about travelling to our location/s. Our disability project has over 400 members - many of whom would be unable to access an in-person service. 3. Our helpline acts as a hub for all of our frontline services, we are currently preparing our listeners with domestic violence training, and exploring offering domestic abuse specific hours. In order to make our helpline more accessible to people feeling unsafe we would like to move from having separate channels (phone, email, webchat) to a single omnichannel platform that also allows our listeners to use text and whatsapp. 4. We have recently added a 'get out now' button to our website in preparedness, and would like to keep our digital designer on hand to develop our Domestic Abuse page in line with our service scoping/consultation. 5. We want to establish a community of practice with other providers across Sussex, and run a campaign specifically around LGBTQ domestic violence - messaging around domestic violence aimed at LGBTQ people is very rare and so this is an important element of our success. We feel the digital element of this campaign is by far the most important, and so we would really like to work with digital designer.
08/09/2021 £83,958 £69,692 THE EMILY DAVISON CENTRE Whilst there are a handful of domestic abuse services across England that provide specialist support for the LGBT+ community, there are no specific services that provide support to the trans and non binary communities. The trans and non binary community are very active online, with many social and support groups being set up on Facebook, with the predominant aim of providing identify and transition support. The trans community is not as many like to think a homogenous group and within it are diverse communities of people with differing and intersectional needs and issues. Trans Masculine social support groups are different to Trans Feminine or Non Binary groups. As a queer, non binary identifying human who has worked in the domestic abuse sector for over 25 years, I have been able to identify some key trends. (learning from recent consultation with the trans community). 1. The domestic abuse specialist sector does not cater specifically for the trans communities (i.e single sex provision policies) 2. The trans community have very little / no trust in the domestic abuse sector, largely down to the political climate around gender politics that currently exists. 3. Many trans people associate DA organisations as TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Feminists) when in reality it is the opposite, many DA services are open to supporting the trans community and are Trans Inclusive. 4. Domestic Abuse is prevalent in trans relationships, there is some research that indicates that trans women are more vulnerable to male perpetration of violence. There is a huge need to provide awareness and support to the trans community and as the largest platform for us is the internet and social media it makes sense that any service should be Digital. Improving our Digital capacity would have enormous benefits for trans / non binary people who are suffering from abuse. In order to achieve this, this funding would enable us to purchase hardware and software and pay for staff members to implement the project over the next five months.
08/09/2021 £67,177 £115,777 MAA SHANTI LTD Maa Shanti supports single Asian mothers who are fleeing domestic abuse. Our vision is ?empowering single Asian mums?. We provide advocacy, emotional support, signposting and activities that reduce isolation, promote peer support and enable women to access opportunities for themselves and their children. We run services remotely with some in-person working where possible. For us it would be extremely beneficial to purchase a new CRM that is fit for our needs. We have already undertaken some research into this area but feel that the next steps will be linked to further specialist support, to identify what we need. We would really value access to digital-specific coaching and support. In recent months we have been successful in fundraising which has enabled us to provide tablets and other devices for families, this has enabled clients to access our support services, attend activities and reduce isolation. Continuing to provide more tech to families will be critical as we are experiencing increased numbers of referrals and complex cases. For example, children who are placed in temporary accommodation as they flee domestic abuse need access to devices so they can continue to learn via google classrooms whilst they wait to get a place in a new school. All our staff now work remotely with a hybrid approach so need to continue to be set up at home, in the community and at hot desks at the office. Supporting these costs involves paying for zoom licences, utilities, stationery, devices, data bundles other staff expenses such as travel. We are also providing food to clients via online grocery vouchers and are seeing an increase in demand from clients with no recourse to public funds. We are looking to increase our remote capacity as much as we can, whilst also increasing online support to client via online services, supporting clients to access the online world and crucially provide them with much needed tech. We are looking for funding towards our core costs to support increasing our capacity, enabling us to reach more platforms and raise tech capabilities.
08/09/2021 £72,492 £164,000 PHOEBE Our internal service delivery digital needs are as follows: 1. We require website design and update to meet current standards and attract new clients, plus we need ensure vital information is available on our website for women seeking safety. 2. We need help to create mail chimp newsletters for women and one for girls to go out with regular event updates, this is also an opportunity for volunteers to gain skills. All our work requires online presence 3. We need to subscribe to Google and TEAMS and help using them effectively to aid our monitoring and evaluation processes. These platforms will also be used for essential communication with partners. 4.We enable women volunteers to seek online training to allow then to gain employment and we need laptops and software for this work. Communication via mobile for our volunteers has been 5. We need a colour printer to print our leaflets because our clients need information in their own language and we find the women in shops, churches or the street leafleting and this is our main outreach exercise
08/09/2021 £101,671 GALOP We are seeking support to improve two areas of our digital infrastructure. 1) We have a fully automated Chatbot on our website which can explain what constitutes domestic abuse, signpost LGBT+ people to resources and/or relevant support services, give guidance on healthy relationships and provide information on options. The Chatbot was set-up with Home Office funding specifically to support LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse. The ?by, with and for? LGBT+ sector however works across all forms of abuse and most clients experience multiple issues, including sexual violence. We aim to provide holistic support but the Chatbot doesn?t enable this. Moreover, part of the Chatbot?s functionality is to provide links to resources and there are currently no/fewer resources for some forms of abuse (eg conversion therapies). We want to extend the Chatbot?s functionality and resources. Demand for our support is increasing. We received 6,600 Helpline calls in 2020/21, a 32% increase on the previous year. Our helplines are open during weekdays only, and because our Chatbot is fully automated, it is an ideal way of supporting people when helplines are closed. Widening the scope of the Chatbot will enable us to better support LGBT+ victims of abuse and violence and make it a more useable resource for clients who are unable to identify the forms of abuse they are experiencing. 2) In December 2021, we transferred our CRM to a new system (from AdvicePro to Salesforce). We use the system to record contacts of the 8,000+ people we support annually, track advocacy cases and provide wider information including tracking perpetrators. The system is set up and working, but we have identified a number of improvements we need in order to best support individual clients and enhance the user experience for staff. For example, the safeguarding flagging system is unable to ?unflag? cases once dealt with, the current setup works better for advocacy than the helplines and the topline information on the dashboard is not quickly accessible.
08/09/2021 £91,200 £3,628,010 BAWSO LTD Bawso?s current IT system is based on a single terminal server, setup is limited both in performance and redundancy and sits on shared rack. It also has Insufficient memory to meet current service demands hindering the project for Information security relating to Data Loss Prevention; Website is static and not cross-platform compatible. This IT infrastructure digital transformation will provide a robust, secure, high performing platform for delivery of safe and secure services. To improve the performance, security, and resilience of our infrastructure we will migrate physical hardware into our own private cloud environment and implementing a remote access solution for our end users resulting in 2 positive outcomes ? Improve the service delivery to our staff through increased efficiency, therefore by extension our service users ? Improve our cyber security posture by mitigating the increased security risks brought about by the COVID induced move to remote working Bawso operates a pan Wales service, with staff based across the length and breadth of the country. As a result, we plan to implement a secure cloud-based intranet that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. This will result in 4 positive outcomes ? Improve internal communication ? Streamline key operating processes ? Reduce operating expenses ? Improve compliance and governance As a progressive employer we also believe in enhancing our employees? digital skills, and plan to implement a comprehensive on-line training programme to upskill staff and increase our cyber awareness capabilities. We intend to build and redesign the website based on the new logo colour scheme. This will result in 4 positive outcomes: ? Website will be a responsive, mobile-first website ? Training modules will be implemented, so the site becomes an interactive online experience for our service users ? Content management system will ensure that information is updated quicker on the website ? A security strategy that secures the organisation and users information online To facilitate this, we require external IT consultants.
08/09/2021 £84,000 ROSHNI SHEFFIELD ASIAN WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE Roshni brought in a new CRM system to help with record-keeping and monitoring approximately four years ago, which enabled us to shift all our client records and case notes onto a digital platform and to do away with our manual client case recording system. The new CRM also enabled us to collate statistical data effectively and enabled the collection of data and measure against required outputs. A pain point with our existing CRM system is that it has not been as effective for outcome monitoring. We have relied on case studies and struggled with (a) finding culturally suitable measures ? e.g. the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing questionnaires posed problems for our clients, 60% of whom are not literate, (2) analysing the data using the CRM has not been straight forward or effective. Your funding will enable us to incorporate more suitable online tools to measure client progress and distances travelled and to track client destinations effectively. This will help with reporting back to funders as well as help with the internal monitoring needed to develop our own services. We are also ready for an infrastructure upgrade in the office. All our computers/laptops in the office are over 10 years old and are ready to be replaced both for staff and clients. We need to upgrade the computer network within the office by transferring data from our shared hard drive in the office to online Share Point on Office 365, alongside training for staff to use Office 365 and shared online calendars confidently. Another pain point for us is that we do not currently have the resources or capacity to undertake a website upgrade, to have a bigger social media presence, to effectively market our new community café business and for others to submit a referral to our service through our website. An improved digital infrastructure would enable us to have more interaction with the community as well as developing our social media presence, and to achieve our empowerment aims through digital means such a regular blog on cultural topics.
08/09/2021 £55,888 £494,601 ROSHNI (BIRMINGHAM) Roshni uses a basic Lamplight case management system. With most staff working from home, we require additional modules to enhance the system and ensure that paper copies are no longer required. This will reduce the risks of passing on the virus via paper. Roshni holds a contract with the PCC for a consortium of 3 domestic violence organisations who together operate a helpline for forced marriages and honour-based violence. Using our existing lamplight system for this work is problematic as it risks breaches of GDPR across the consortium. We urgently need a separate system to operate this helpline. The main office uses a VOIP telephone system, but we have only one handset making it difficult for us to transfer calls to different helplines: 2 extra handsets would revolutionise our ability to handle calls at busy times. Our staff work in bubbles whilst in the office. We desperately need 2 additional computers that are compatible with all the new systems so they don't have to hot desk. With more activities taking place online, our service users need laptops with Microsoft installed. The women have expressed an interest in personal fitness training to help them overcome the effects of lockdown. We currently have 13 users and expect more over the coming months. We have budgeted for 13 laptops. We want to instigate a digital media campaign in south Asian languages to reach women at risk of honour-based abuse. We will produce 8 short videos using actors, to be shown on our website and Facebook page. To reach as many women as possible, we will require Facebook credits. We will also produce a series of digital posters in different languages for use online and on Facebook. To ensure their safety, our staff require social media training on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They will learn professional media ethics and gain an understanding of what to do and not do on social media. Likewise, our service users also need further online safety training. There is a high-risk of online grooming, especially amongst children, and we must mitigate this risk.
08/09/2021 £117,900 £778,636 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION SAFE ComHub is a digital platform designed to transform service delivery for black women and girls who are at risk or experiencing violence including those living with HIV, survivors of FGM, undocumented migrants, NRPF and asylum seekers. The Hub will specifically bring strength and unity to a community that is currently impacted by the disproportionate Covid-19 deaths, domestic violence, anxiety, isolation, effects of the lockdown and lack of appropriate support. One of the many lessons we have learned from Covid-19 is just how fragile our crucial community services can be in times like these and especially when those services are centered around outreach programs and face-to-face support networks. There is need to build our capacity to implement an online, digital alternative to complement the traditional offline, analog solutions AAF has been reliant upon pre the pandemic. That is why our Safe ComHub is such an important new phase for our VAWG services. Over the past 16 months AAF has implemented remote service delivery using digital platforms e.g zoom to ensure our services users remain supported. However, this has not been without challenges mainly digital exclusion due to; ?Lack of equipment and connectivity ?Privacy concerns especially for women affected by violence and those that have not disclosed their HIV status ?Lack of skills and support to effectively engage on digital platforms and services ?Language difficulties, cultural barriers and faith sensitivities As a service provider AAF does not currently have well-developed digital solutions to cater for the presenting needs of our diverse services users, particularly women and girls experiencing or at risk of violence. SAFE ComHub is a private digital support platform that will develop; ?AAF digital infrastructures to deliver accessible, safe and secure digital services. ?A bespoke VAWG specific private digital social network, peer support, mentoring, group activities. ?Digital poetry, music, art, photography and video-based storytelling activities, webinars, workshops
08/09/2021 £27,600 COHORT 4 As a service user led, peer support organisation for disabled women we have gently grown and developed over the past 7 years. We now offer a range of groups and 1:1 support to women with multiple disadvantage in our community. One of the fundamentally important issue that we need to address is a secure, logical and affordable case management system. An online case management system would enable our small operational team to maintain essential safeguarding and care records for our women. This would enable us to be compliant with GDPR, whilst also being able to share and update individual care records for the women we are supporting. Especially important where there are ongoing safeguarding issues to consider and where we need to be able to appropriately and securely share information between ourselves as a small operational team. This case management system might form part of a Customer Management System where all Cohort 4 data, policy, customer and training information is stored securely and this would enable us to move into the 21st Century as a grassroots community level women's organisation. We are in real need of support in this area to assist us in organisational delivery of our aims. This support would enhance our capacity to be effective and practical. Especially important given the flexible nature of our working practice and being able to offer continuity of support when working more remotely (especially important during COVI-19) and linked up information sharing between us as an operational team. Funding would enable us to improve our hardware and software. We'd greatly appreciate expert IT support as well as funding to enable this to occur in a sustainable and future proof way. We are in need of advice to secure what we need moving forward into our future.
08/09/2021 £60,000 £163,298 SISTAH SPACE (SANCTUARY) We have a core of service user and volunteers who are between 40 - 86 years old. Our older service users, volunteers seem to have challenges understanding how to negotiate the internet and access online support or access banking or application forms. As more and more DV related service require online access to apply for various court orders, we need to have systems in place to make the access and use of these services easier. Further examples are the increasing Social Services requirements for staff, volunteers and service users to attend multi-agency meetings online such as Zoom, Teams meetings. The pain points are many and some are specific to African and Caribbean heritage victims such as being vary wary of the 'system' and ? lack of trust? in online services. We aim to remedy this by increasing their capability, confidance and therfeore trust by gently bringing everyone into the digital age. This will greatly increase our outreach to victims of domestic abuse especially in the Black community by at least 60%. This fund will also help us to create an interactive, user friendly website.
08/09/2021 £112,470 £695,365 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The COVID-19 pandemic and national lock down in March 2020 forced our organization to transition within a very short time frame, from in-person support services and training to online delivery. Our transition was accomplished at a great speed, under intense pressure and with limited technical support or equipment, but this enabled us to learn rapidly. However, the level of competency amongst our staff team to effectively utilize technology services is varied, majority have basic level of competency in delivering online services. Since FORWARD already outsources IT support, it was easier to shift to remote working. Therefore, as our current strategy focuses on training and development as a central part of our interventions, it is important that staff feel empowered to develop greater competency in more interactive, engaging digital training and services. We also experience a huge gap in digital access for our community champions who are recruited from local communities and trained to support a range of outreach work including befriending and peer to peer support. We quickly realized they lacked access to laptops and data to conduct this work and needed to strengthen their digital support service skills. Thus, we have switched our training to online but need to ensure that these advocates have the equipment to utilise the training and reach women at the community level. We currently work with 20 community advocates and will need to purchase laptops as well as train them to work more effectively online. The digital delivery of our support services will continue as we move gradually to a hybrid-service provision as this has increased our services to women. We therefore need to improve our IT systems, replace faulty laptops and our server which is over five years old and requires frequent software changes. Most importantly, we need to develop a clearer policy, tools and resources to guide our digital work with the support of external digital experts.
22/06/2021 £33,333 £827,623 BEXLEY VOLUNTARY SERVICE COUNCIL LIMITED We propose to co-ordinate a network which brings together different sport providers to increase activity, increase inclusivity, and build strong partnerships across different sectors ? ensuring that sport/activities are a part of the wider wellbeing conversation
22/06/2021 £33,333 £1,304,291 ACCESS SPORT CIO SISPAN is a network of disability inclusive organisations using sport for change, encouraging deaf & disabled people across Southwark to be active in their community. Organisation will provide sustainable opportunities to improve mental wellbeing & social integration following a long period of isolation & inactivity from the COVID-19 pandemic.
22/06/2021 £32,634 £521,781 SUTTON BOROUGH VOLUNTEER BUREAU The Sports Inclusion Group is seeking to develop a Sports Buddy Scheme, aimed at developing relationships between disabled people and community volunteers, which will enable participation in local sports clubs and activities. The project will be targeted at all disabled adults in Sutton who experience social isolation, regardless of impairment.
22/06/2021 £66,335 LONDON BLACK WOMEN'S PROJECT To improve access to high quality counselling for Black and minoritised (BM) women, who are experiencing mental and emotional issues as a result of domestic and other forms of gendered violence, due to an increase in demand for counselling during 2020/1. To improve the understanding of BM needs in the counselling sector through providing training.
22/06/2021 £60,941 £1,066,949 LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN'S AID REFUGE We aim to improve access to specialist services to Latin American & other BME women survivors of gender based violence whose cases are assessed as more complex due to their immigration status, especially to those who are classified as No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). The approach is holistical and includes also emotional support offer.
22/06/2021 £49,300 £164,000 PHOEBE Through this funding we will support women coming from BME and migrant backgrounds to leave abusive, violent relationships, by assisting them in accessing services, housing, hardship funds, & applying for visa's in their own name. PHOEBE also runs counselling sessions, offers legal advice, information, classes, workshops and welfare support.
22/06/2021 £212,311 £684,350 SAHELI Champa Champions provides user led, specialist aid for cultural, immigration & intersectional needs; through support & advocacy empowering black/minoritised women & girls facing violence & abuse; build resilience, challenge discrimination & systemic racism that creates trauma of leaving abusive situation & ensure access to safety, support & justice
22/06/2021 £132,128 £778,636 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION Hidden Voices will provide culturally, language and faith appropriate support services to empower and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of 80 black African migrant women and girls in London who are undocumented, on spousal visas and/or have no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and are at risk or experiencing domestic violence and abuse.
22/06/2021 £212,500 £558,957 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS TRUST Using co-production/collaborative approach the project delivers bespoke holistic support to NRPF VAWG survivors that best addresses their multiple/intersecting needs and re-engineer/co-opt models operational regionally/locally with the aim of increasing access to and levels of support provision through sharing/optimising existing resources/learning
22/06/2021 £114,113 £652,548 IMECE WOMEN'S CENTRE This project will work with Black, Minority Ethnic, Refugee (BMER) women survivors of VAWG aged 16+. It will enable survivors receive immediate crises intervention for reaching safety and therapeutic services for Recovery. It will provide this support via 1-1 advocacy working with all levels of risk, 1-1 counselling and confidence building groups.
22/06/2021 £72,117 £403,157 ANAH PROJECT LTD Anah Project provides safe refuge accommodation for women fleeing domestic abuse and violence, forced marriage, so-called honour based violence and Female Genital Mutilation. We provided one-to-one support, education & training in-house, we support women to increase their personal and financial autonomy, build resilience and regain control.
22/06/2021 £201,933 £695,365 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT To tackle trauma, vulnerability and abuse of African women and girls by providing early prevention, culturally appropriate community support services and shape professional responses. This will enhance well-being, empowerment and rights of 500 women and girls, build partnerships, leadership development of community champions and youth advocates.
22/06/2021 £53,298 £127,252 APNA GHAR Women Together Partnership: a collective of the region's grassroots black-led women?s organisations, supporting each other to create sustainability outcomes, vital to the communities in the region, and to engage in key work that promotes and retains the specialism of our sector serving minoritised women* affected by VAWG issues (*inclusive)
10/06/2021 £37,754 £1,430,044 CHILDHOPE (UK) Children on the streets of India?s cities do not have safe places to live. Those in poor rural tribal areas risk ending up the same way. They live in awful conditions, often miss out on school and suffer poor physical and mental health. This project brings children together in jointly-led health groups in six states. They learn skills to manage life and take joint action to improve things and get others, like government, to play their part. Parents learn how to support their children better. Everyone comes together in annual sport events. As a result, children have a safe space to share and tackle concerns. They improve their health, confidence, relationships and family life.
25/05/2021 £600,000 £1,386,781 CENTRE FOR HOMELESSNESS IMPACT End It With Evidence: Building a movement to end homelessness sustainably. The Centre is a catalyst for the evidence-informed transformation of the homelessness sector. Our bid seeks funding of £600k over three years for a UK-wide programme to change the sector?s culture by scaling our network of leaders, practitioners and people with lived experience (hereafter referred to as ?communities?) who are committed to evidence-based ways of working. The proposed programme includes: a campaign (?End it with evidence?) to help grow the ?what works? movement in homelessness, including a bi-annual UK-wide learning festival. an expanded Capability Building Programme: extending our What Works Community Initiative, currently focused on local government staff, to VCS practitioners and experts by experience, and helping them develop and test new approaches, that will be managed through locality-based Impact Chapters. a What Works Media Programme, led by experts by experience, to harness the power of non-fiction storytelling and filmmaking to showcase effective change. It will include an annual Impact Prize for the best piece of written or video-based reportage ? whether by a journalist, practitioner or person with lived experience - on what works in homelessness. an Ambassadors Network: a group of senior practitioners and influencers who support the vision and can help us build more momentum for the programme through publications and speaking engagements, and also through assisting us with the delivery of the other activities listed above. This work matters because we know that simply disseminating evidence is not sufficient to bring about change: we also need to build a network of people who are committed to real lasting change. Your money would help us take our network-building and cultural-change activity to the next level - and will thereby help to improve the lives of people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness.
25/05/2021 £500,000 WOMEN'S BUDGET GROUP The Women?s Budget Group is a membership network of women?s voluntary organisations, academics and policy experts that works to promote a gender equal economy. We do this through conducting cutting-edge innovative analysis, influencing policy debates and building the capacity of women?s organisations and other equalities groups to influence debates on their own behalf. Our approach is based upon recognition that women in the UK face structural gendered inequalities throughout their lives. This means that even seemingly gender-neutral economic policies impact differently on women and men. Inequalities based on gender intersect with other forms of inequality based on race, disability, income and so on, meaning that some groups of women, particularly poor women, BME women, migrant women and disabled women face multiple disadvantages. WBG is unique in providing reliable data highlighting the current position of women, conducting robust analysis of the likely and actual impact of policies and proposed policies, and offering concrete proposals for policies to promote equality and improve the lives of women, especially the poorest and most marginalised. We influence policymakers and we provide data and analysis to inform campaigning and advocacy work across the women?s sector. We are applying for a combination of core funding for the organisation and co-funding for our Local Data Project. Core funding will enable us to respond strategically, rapidly and flexibly to a changing policy environment, including on areas where project funding is difficult to secure. The Local Data Project will build the capacity of local women?s and equalities organisations to undertake their own analysis to support their advocacy and campaigning work. This will improve their ability to influence local and national policymaking and hold decisionmakers to account. Partial funding is secured from the Smallwood Trust and from Trust for London.
25/05/2021 £459,994 CENTRE FOR KNOWLEDGE EQUITY CIC The Centre for Knowledge Equity was founded in 2019 by a coalition of lived experience leaders (LEx leaders), innovators and change-makers to elevate the fields of social innovation and systems change. We are here to overturn the continued marginalisation of LEx leaders, their outsider status, the ?sympathetic gaze? and ?vulnerable? theories of social change. We move knowledge equity into action by centring the power of LEx leadership to generate pioneering and innovative funding, learning, partnership and network development activities that meaningfully and equitably value all forms of human wisdom to tackle the pressing issues of our time. We are home to the UK-wide Lived Experience Leaders Movement (LEx Movement), with almost 900 members working across the social justice sector (including individual LEx leaders, LEx-led organisations, groups, coalitions and networks). A Movement led by and for LEx leaders. As part of the Movement, we have a vibrant and culturally diverse network of 142 active LEx leaders from the migrant and refugee sector working across the public, private and non-profit sectors that urgently need support to elevate their social change interventions and innovations. Leaders activating and integrating their lived, learned and practice expertise to address social issues faced by the communities they represent and serve. We propose three interconnected projects that together will provide a bold and innovative platform for initiating positive change-making activities at multiple levels: in migrant and refugee communities as LEx leaders move from labels of ?vulnerable? to leadership across spaces, industries and sectors; in this sector as the expertise of LEx leaders is elevated, and in society more broadly through shifts in public attitudes, policy, and legislation. Ultimately, they aim to fundamentally shift thinking from a 'saviour complex' to a wisdom complex ? seeing existing migrant communities and new arrivals to the UK not as burdens, but as vital members of society with untapped leadership and wisdom. Firstly, the UK Migrant and Refugee Research Unit will elevate the knowledge of migrant and refugee LEx leaders by connecting academics who are themselves migrant and refugee LEx leaders, migrant and refugee LEx leaders working in frontline organisations, and like-minded academic activists and allies committed to elevating LEx knowledge in an academic network inspired by the Convict Criminology movement. Secondly, the Migrant and Refugee Innovation Incubator will curate equity-centred design projects that connect migrant and refugee LEx leaders with technical experts to integrate their expertise and innovate together. We will connect LEx leaders who complete an intensive Innovation Foundations program with technical experts in carefully curated spaces that emphasize equity-centred design principles open new innovation frontiers. Finally, the Migrant and Refugee Knowledge Equity Fellowship at the University of Oxford?s Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship will disrupt a systems change field dominated by knowledge from those who hold power and work from positions of privilege. It will enable migrant and refugee LEx leaders to walk alongside the Oxford University community to exchange knowledge, build networks and share practice and learning to address the critical social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.
25/05/2021 £1,500,000 £190,919 SUMERIAN FOUNDATION Bespoke support and equity-like flexible finance to 20 early stage charities and social enterprises
25/05/2021 £317,798 £471,059 WOMEN'S HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES WHFS is a BAME and women led, trusted, community charity supporting 100?s of marginalised, vulnerable women/babies in disadvantaged East London communities using innovative peer support programmes to improve health, wellbeing, early childhood development. We believe we have an innovative way of connecting the aspects of early childhood development, of allowing love -better relationships between mum and her peer supporter (maternity mate), and better sensitivity between mum and child- to generate more play and learn, give mother?s more security and allow children to grow to their potential. We propose to demonstrate this work in a way that encourages local maternity/health visiting systems to evolve and embrace our relational approach. The current maternity/health visiting system, isn?t working. Our work can no longer be viewed as an ?optional extra? or a sticking plaster for a broken system. Being overwhelmed by the stress of abuse, poverty, destitution and social isolation completely alone, disconnects pregnant women from public services. Early months of a baby?s life are fundamental to their future, ?critical?..optimal brain development throughout them gives a baby the best possible start in life? (Cross Party Manifesto, 1,001 Critical days (2009)). A cycle of inequality and adversity is perpetuated by this broken system which fails to protect the rights of babies. We want to support maternity/health visiting services to radically transform, improving Early Childhood Development outcomes for babies born to vulnerable, marginalised women. We want to initiate a collaboration with our partners across the Maternity/Health Visiting system, using evidence-base and learning, combined with lived-experience: ? Facilitate focussed learning sessions, fundamentally changing how these services learn ? Achieve system transformation by embedding the community relational approach ? Create a service model with wide application: fully integrates community services, enables beneficiaries to more easily benefit from this system, enables health professionals/volunteers to have greater satisfaction providing support.
25/05/2021 £188,338 £279,785 GATWICK DETAINEES WELFARE GROUP We are an advice, befriending and influencing organisation working for the past 25 years with people detained in Brook House and Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centres at Gatwick Airport. We offer advice, casework on health and legal issues and give emotionally-intelligent volunteer befriending. We provide practical help with clothes and phone costs for people in detention and emergency food and accommodation for those released to destitution. We are a registered charity governed by a Board of ten people with a staff team of seven with 70 visiting volunteers. People with lived experience of detention are engaged with us in improving wellbeing and influencing to create systemic change. We are officially engaged as Core Participants in the current Public Inquiry over verbal and physical abuse at Brook House as exposed by Panorama in 2017. The Inquiry includes an examination of health provision. We are also working with Warwick University producing evidence of the lack of access to health care, and the lack of belief in mental distress shown by those working in the detention centres. The Step Change project, our Walking Inquiry, centres on those with lived experience of detention. It is our response to the Public Inquiry and aims to look at the damaging effects of detention on mental health as a whole rather than the narrower terms of reference of the official inquiry. The UK?s migration system creates marginalisation, most obviously by locking people up after they have sought asylum or, when on their regular reporting visits. They are hidden from mainstream society in centres tucked away, as is the case at Gatwick. The centres are run by private companies, such as Serco which runs Brook House. Our caseworkers ensure that those who are in many ways invisible, get access to justice and health care and, on release, help to work for change. The effect of being marginalised is to feel of no account and unworthy. Our volunteer befriending counters this through respectful, non-judgemental, friendly contact. Mental health is a serious concern for those in immigration detention. Of those we supported in 2020, 46% of the people held in Brook House had some vulnerability. Even for those who have not previously had poor mental health, detention is an isolating and anxiety-inducing experience. For example, in August and September 2020 there were 80 incidents of self-harm requiring medical attention and 161 hunger strikes compared to 5 in and 9 in the same period in the previous year. For 20 years we worked for legal change and for the past 5 years we have experimented with different, people-centred ways to bring humanity into the UK?s migrant detention system. This work is of the utmost importance. We must call for change in a new way in order to mitigate the assault on the mental health of the asylum seekers and migrants caught up in our detention system. We will use and take further our experiences of influencing change through walking and talking.
25/05/2021 £545,789 £851,879 DINGLEY FAMILY AND SPECIALIST EARLY YEARS CENTRES In this project, we tackle the UK?s dire shortage of early years SEND places. We want to drive widespread change in a sector that, while universally recognised as key for children?s development and reducing inequality, suffers from a lack of national strategy and ambition. While sufficiency of places in the early years is a statutory requirement, there is no specific requirement for children with SEND, so it is not prioritised locally. Currently 81% of local authorities do not have enough SEND places to meet local demand. In this project we will: Deliver training in inclusive practices to a minimum of 31,000 practitioners across 2,800 settings in 30 local authority areas, which include a mix of rural, urban, northern and southern authorities. The practitioner reach number is based on an average of 11 practitioners per setting (DfE Survey of Childcare 2019) Create a hub of resources online and work with partners like the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) and Disabled Children's Partnership (DCP) to share the resources through their own nationally recognised sites Work with partner local authorities to gain their commitment to improving inclusion. 22 of the 36 local authorities we've approached so far have expressed a firm commitment to participate in the project. They represent 6,300 settings and 69,300 practitioners, so we're confident of achieving our participation targets of 2,800 settings and 30,800 practitioners. Work with CDC and DCP, members of the project Steering Committee, and the APPG on Early Years to lobby for wider change. The project will empower early years practitioners to deliver inclusive practices, and upskill them through training and shared information/learning resources, and create an additional 6,900 early years SEND places. Each year, two new training modules will be created and delivered in response to feedback and demand. It?s important because: I honestly don't think anyone else will do it! This project offers a permanent ,affordable, easy to implement solution, and an easy to replicate model that other areas within the UK and other countries can copy; we just need the funding to implement it! . The shortage of early years SEND places holds back thousands of young children every year, needlessly condemning them to special education and potentially adult care, failing to integrate them into mainstream society, failing to ensure they lead fulfilled and independent lives, and costing the country millions of wasted pounds. Research evidences a lack of training and support, and low staff confidence, as the main causal factors. The UN defines access to quality education is a child?s right. Yet, currently in the UK most children under 5 with SEND cannot access quality education and the situation is worsening - in 2020 81% of local authorities state they have insufficient local early years SEND places, an increase of 3% from the 78% in 2019. And only 25% of 3 & 4 year olds with SEND currently access the 30 hours government-funded free early education, compared to 75% of non-SEND children. And I fear the pandemic will worsen all these statistics!
25/05/2021 £214,174 GRASSROOT SOCCER ZAMBIA With a sport- and human rights-based approach, this project will equip adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) at risk or survivors of violence in 3 rural districts in Zambia to: realise their right to safety, equality and respect; challenge existing socio-cultural norms that perpetuate violence and poor health outcomes; and serve as gender equality advocates. We propose a girl-centered package to address factors at multiple levels that put AGYW at risk of adverse sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) outcomes, prevent equitable participation in sport and communities, and limit access to life saving health and social services, stipulating: - IF AGYW build health and life skills assets, including gender equitable norms and comprehensive SRHR knowledge and the confidence to use it; -IF girls, their male peers and communities have access to SRHR information and services along with youth-friendly referral pathways; -IF AGYW have opportunities to lead sustainable sport-based peer support networks and mobilise human rights-based advocacy; -IF AGYW are empowered to engage with key stakeholders in community, government and the health system to improve GBV response mechanisms and inform actualisation of national policies in their communities; -THEN AGYW will be empowered to equitably and fully participate in society, access services to meet their SRHR needs and experience improved health and life outcomes as they transition to adulthood, including reduced incidence of GBV, HIV, early pregnancy, and child marriage. We will build on momentum achieved through project Phase 1 while prioritising AGYW involvement in defining their own challenges, desired changes and solutions to shape Phase 2. With the addition of two community-based partners, Muchinga Corridors (MC) and Adolescent Reproductive Health Advocates (ARHA), Grassroot Soccer Zambia (GRS) and partners will collaborate to build capacity in the successful sport for change and human right-based model at the regional level while enhancing project sustainability and geographic reach via a localised approach.
25/05/2021 £600,000 ASHLEY COMMUNITY & HOUSING LTD - TRADING AS ACH ACH is a user-led provider of accommodation and integration support and training for refugees and newly arrived communities. ACH applies its in-house lived experience and community access to the exploration of new operational approaches to social, civic and economic integration, with a particular focus upon supporting refugees to achieve their economic potential. The Refugee, Asylum and Migration Policy (RAMP) Project seeks to reimagine a world-class migration system for a successful and integrated Britain, by seconding expert advisers to work for a range of key political leaders including the Mayor of Bristol. 'Refugee Integration: Connecting Innovation to Policy in Bristol and Beyond' is designed to bring together policy and support practitioners to work within a structured, replicable framework which bridges the current gaps between grassroots integration work and policymakers to catalyse refugee integration policy change. Through close collaboration, ACH and the RAMP Project will deliver a high-quality, two-way dialogue between practice and policy which overcomes these gaps by creating a virtuous circle where strategy and policy is informed directly by knowledge of what works, whilst the Bristol refugee sector gains insight and access to the latest strategic thinking and resources from the city and regional level. The project will drive and accelerate change by; ? Developing a strengthened evidence base to better inform the development of city and regional policies & initiatives aimed at the integration of refugees. ? Producing regular ?State of the City? reports to examine local and regional policy effects and identify opportunities for positive change. ? Generating sector-wide discussion and promoting collective impact approaches to driving up refugee support quality and effectiveness. ? Utilising new data to engage the private sector through perception change and increased refugee sector alignment with employer needs. ? Working directly within the policy sphere to amplify innovative perspectives and solutions.
25/05/2021 £600,000 UK YOUTH A note on language: The name #YoungAndBlack Changemakers grew out of a successful youth-led campaign to amplify the voices of young Black people in the UK. The campaign was a response to the widespread calls from young Black people, and young people from racialised communities, for action against racism. The #YoungAndBlack campaign, and its name, built upon the momentum of the global Black Lives Matter movement. This project #YoungAndBlack Changemakers will tackle the shameful racial inequalities that exist in the access to, and quality of, mental health support for young people from all racialised communities, not only young Black people. We avoid use of the acronym BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) due to problems with its specificity, its focus on skin colour, and the fact that few young people from racialised communities relate to the term. Our dynamic partnership sees UK Youth, Centre for Mental Health (CMH) and The Diana Award collaborating to bring together expertise from the mental health sector, youth services and formal education. We will work together with young people from racialised communities to reimagine the culturally competent mental health support they need. The project will work with young people from racialised communities aged 16-25 to: 1. Build upon an empirical understanding of the mental health inequalities experienced by young people from racialised communities. 2. Improve the quality of and access to mental health care for young people from racialised communities, in learning and community environments, through the design and dissemination of professional training, quality frameworks and use of digital media. 3. Promote positive mental health in young people from racialised communities, through programmes that focus on socio-emotional development and resilience, whilst also upskilling practitioners. 4. Inform and shape national and local policy that impacts both clinical and non-clinical mental health settings. The respective reach of the partnership will enable the project to actively engage young people, teachers, youth workers, education stakeholders, parents and carers, civil society and industry; taking a holistic approach to the ecosystem of support needed. We can influence both practice and policy, feeding project findings into Select Committee inquiries, and through Ministers at DHSC via the Mental Health Policy Group. We will seek to build a working relationship with the recently announced government Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr. Alex George. The project will seek to understand the current picture and rapidly test innovative new approaches to scale. By sharing what works and harnessing the influence of nationally positioned organisations we will campaign for a paradigm shift across sectors to effectively engage with and support the mental health of young people from racialised communities.
25/05/2021 £424,436 £1,938,709 ADVONET Advonet are an advocacy organisation supporting innovative approaches to enabling the voice of the most disadvantaged to be heard and their rights to be met. Leeds Autism AIM is part of Advonet and has developed user led services for autistic adults with little or no formal support. It has a focus on increasing access to services and ensuring autistic adults are heard . The AIM service has proven the effectiveness of enabling autistic developed and led services: peer support, post diagnostic support, resources to put forward needs , training for mental health /wider services and facilitating an autistic voice in health/ mental health planning or consultations to facilitate lasting change locally. Regional services have expressed interest in similar models of autistic led support, particularly around addressing necessary changes in mental health provision. This is a priority area identified in local/ national consultations with autistic people . We know that autistic people have higher mental ill health ,with over half reporting at least one comorbid disorder. Autistic adults without learning disabilities still often fall through gaps in services. This has not improved over 10 years of the Autism Act and new approaches are needed to take action on creating positive change, particularly in this post Covid-19 period. We will further develop innovative approaches to meet regional needs : ? Enabling engagement with local autistic communities: building skills/ empowering to have a stronger voice influencing necessary changes . ? Seconded health role to follow up consultation routes, ensuring suggested changes are heard/ acted on, linking to the WYHHCP #autismallies work ? Peer support adapted to autistic needs to empower autistic adults with self -management/ self- advocacy strategies. ? Testing/ developing personalised resources to enable autistic adults to put forward their needs. ? User led autism training for social prescribing/ local advocacy services
25/05/2021 £599,856 £903,621 HOUSING JUSTICE Housing Justice Cymru (HJC) is the Welsh arm of the national organisation, Housing Justice, a registered charity that works to mobilise faith-based groups, communities and stakeholders to take action to address homelessness. Housing Justice Cymru works with a wide range of organisations and faith groups in Wales, with projects supporting people experiencing homelessness to access safe and stable accommodation. This project will take a joined-up approach to build provision across Wales for People Seeking Sanctuary and People with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). Participant groups throughout this proposal are referred to as either ?People Seeking Sanctuary? or ?People with NRPF?: ? People Seeking Sanctuary refers to refugees or asylum seekers including individuals not recognised as refugees but who have been granted indefinite leave to remain, offered humanitarian protections, provided with discretionary leave following their asylum claim as defined by Welsh Government?s ?Nation of Sanctuary Plan.? ? People with NRPF refers to people who cannot access mainstream housing or benefits due to their immigration status. This includes both People Seeking Sanctuary and EU and other EEA, Swiss citizens with their NRPF condition imposed. Working in partnership with Tai Pawb, The Wallich, Welsh Refugee Council and Oasis Cardiff we will: 1. Help increase hosting provision across Wales through the recruitment of volunteer?hosts who will provide a safe, and secure place for guests with NRPF, giving the stability they need to overcome trauma and engage with their immigration case. 2. Involve participants and people with lived experience in every aspect of project design and development, adapting and responding to the needs of the people we support. With the aim of increasing and influencing the existing levels of involvement by the sector and Welsh Government 3. Gather evidence to support future policy and practice for people in Wales. Refused asylum seekers with NRPF are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society and have a high risk of becoming homeless or destitute. This group has been identified by the Welsh Refugee Coalition and are working with Welsh Government to boost temporary accommodation to avoid destitution. We recognise the organisations working within this sector and will continue to work with them to provide additional capacity and complement existing work. It is important to note recent changes in legislation for EU EEA citizens, following Britain?s exit from the EU, this project will provide support for EU and other EEA citizens and their families through referrals and support to apply for EU Settlement Scheme and secure training and employment opportunities.
25/05/2021 £500,000 £1,476,850 WEARSIDE WOMEN IN NEED WWiN is a women-led, specialist domestic abuse service established in 1983. We deliver a range of direct services to victims and children (see below) and have a strong community footprint across Wearside covering Sunderland, Washington and the Coalfields area; a population of 350,000. We want to test and implement an early intervention and prevention approach to domestic abuse which equips family, friends and the wider community to actively support and protect victims. We will build the knowledge and resilience of families, friends and communities, increasing their ability to recognise and respond to victims of violence and abuse at the earliest opportunity, preventing harm (including homicide) and ultimately kick-starting generational change towards a rejection of all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). Covid 19 has shone a light on a pre-existing, but major gap in provision, highlighting both the reliance on access to victims through self or agency referral pathways that were disrupted and reduced during lockdown, and the absence of any support for concerned family and friends aware of potential abuse with no idea how to act. Having explored this further through a small study of our own, it is clear the gap in provision is a wide one and we have worked closely with survivors, their families, Northumbria Police, Sunderland Council, voluntary sector partners, Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse (AAFDA) and Alice Ruggles Trust (ART) in developing this proposal. There is significant support from all parties to this approach and a recognition that it addresses the missing link between victims and services as we currently have no pathways for third-party information sharing, or support networks for family and friends who are trying to support loved ones on their own. Some funding already supports 'champions/ ambassadors' training which is of value in (mostly) training other professionals and we already run a very popular programme. However, there is evidence to demonstrate it is family and friends, not professionals who are the first line of defence in tackling this endemic problem. We draw on evidence from our own research, and Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs), to demonstrate the need for this approach. A survey of survivors via our social media revealed over 60% had initially told family and friends about the abuse - by far the highest field (with only 11% telling the police and 4% telling a specialist service). Time and again, evidence from DHRs show that families and friends knew about, or suspected, abuse but didn't know how to intervene or offer support safely and effectively. Our proposed focus on family and friends is not being systematically applied at scale anywhere else: we want to test and refine this approach, developing a replicable model that can be used in other areas, by other services. Over the last 15 years we and other specialist organisations across the country have been providing crisis services to the best of our abilities but the murder rate for victims of domestic abuse is unchanged. It's time to try a new approach.
25/05/2021 £300,000 £4,134,609 SCOTTISH REFUGEE COUNCIL Within Europe the discourse around forcibly displaced people remains focussed on prevention or crisis management, with examples of criminalisation of solidarity. The future political context is uncertain, including the impact of Brexit and an increasingly hostile environment for refugee and migrant communities in the UK. We are year one into a global pandemic and we have refugee camps on our soil. We must be proactive in supporting people seeking safety and protection. This includes addressing holistic integration needs and not just emergency response. Arts and culture play a powerful role in helping people settle into new environments, nurturing communities and building a society where everyone feels welcome, included and able to lead rich and fulfilling lives. We want to create a three year programme and platform for artists, cultural activists and workers from refugee and migrant backgrounds (including people currently seeking protection) so that they are fully enabled and supported to access their rights and actively participate and play a meaningful role in shaping Scottish cultural and social life. We want to make Scotland ?a safe place to and thrive?. Cross Borders is programme of arts and cultural activism, thematic events, workshops, mentoring, training, grants and collaborations which will create a collective voice and platform to influence long term social change, increase professional and social connections, increase public awareness of, and counter negative narratives around refugees and migrants. The programme has been informed by, and will be co-curated and produced with practitioners from refugee and migrant backgrounds, centring refugee and migrant experiences, providing professional and talent development opportunities and building a peer solidarity network throughout the programme. ?The arts and culture can provide a welcome space ? both physical and ideological ? for people with different perspectives on divisive issues to interact, engage in dialogue, negotiate difference, and foster mutual understanding. Through the respectful exchange of values, knowledge and experience, inclusive groups can develop bridging capital, establish trust and develop cooperative capabilities to realise cultures of belonging. In so doing, cultural leaders are integral at the vanguard of social change.? (IFACCA, 2019)
25/05/2021 £334,620 £429,585 RECLAIM PROJECT LTD Young working-class women, especially those further marginalised by race, sexuality or disability, are often sidelined by the very social movements meant to have their backs. Work on class too often centres on working-class men?s experiences. The women?s movement too often doesn?t give enough space to working-class women?s concerns. Both movements can be guilty of overlooking young people?s perspectives. Combined we lose the chance to win change on issues vital to young working-class women today and to create a more diverse talent pipeline for our social change movements tomorrow. This is especially vital now. Young working-class women - especially those who are of colour or disabled - are paying some of the biggest costs due to COVID19. Their voice is vital in the recovery, but is too often missing. Full Time Fierce* is an answer to this problem. The programme is a partnership between RECLAIM, the Manchester based working-class charity run by working-class people for working-class people, and the city?s leading women?s organisation, the Pankhurst Trust. It has three interlocking aims: To equip diverse cohorts of young working-class women with campaign skills To support them to run change-winning campaigns on the issues that matter to them To plug them into wider social movements to make them more diverse In three annual cohorts of 25, this programme will train and support 75 young women (aged 15-21) from across Greater Manchester. They will receive 3 months of intensive campaigns training, followed by 6 months of support to run campaigns on the issues most important to them to secure policy or practice change for them and their peers. Supported by mentors, the young women will conclude the programme by being supported to get involved in wider social movements to deliver even more lasting change. *Name chosen by working-class young women on current RECLAIM projects.
25/05/2021 £252,563 £2,007,549 JUSTICE & CARE For the last 10 years, Justice and Care has rescued and supported victims of modern slavery and human trafficking to rebuild their lives. Working in South Asia and more recently in Europe and the UK, we work alongside law enforcement agencies to dismantle criminal networks and bring abusers to justice. We protect communities at risk from traffickers and work with governments and others to achieve systemic change. In the UK our Victim Navigator Programme sees specialists embedded within the heart of police forces, helping police identify victims of slavery, providing support to those rescued and helping bring to justice those responsible. Our UK operational team has recently been invited by the Police to help establish a multiagency group based in Tilbury, Essex, set up by the Home Office to focus on organised immigration crime and human trafficking. This is a national pilot project that, if successful, has the potential to roll out across the UK. Through this pilot we plan to deploy a specialist ?Organised Immigration Crime (OIC) Navigator?, who will support Border Police and immigration partners at ports in Essex and Dover as they assess lorries to identify migrants and victims of trafficking and provide tailored support. The OIC Navigator will provide victim-focused care and protection, preventing migrants from falling prey to traffickers or being exploited further. They will provide victims with information about how to protect themselves, help them process their trauma and secure them safe accommodation and legal support. By directly engaging with migrants, they will also be able to gather intelligence and build a picture of the trafficking networks operating across borders. Furthermore, they will provide training to key stakeholders involved in victim identification and care and ensure change is embedded at a systemic level. Critically, the Navigator will be independent from the police and other authorities - providing the support and advice that vulnerable migrants and victims of trafficking need to rebuild their lives.
25/05/2021 £428,907 £636,593 MIDAYE SOMALI DEVELOPMENT NETWORK Midaye is a BME migrant organisation that?s deeply embedded in, and led by, our community, who feel ownership and pride in what we collectively create. Our services are delivered in a way that empowers ?participants drive change for themselves and their communities, which encourages them to engage. Mental health problems are dangerously high in our communities. Migrant women carry deep scars of war, forced migration and FGM, now combined with the strain of extreme poverty and isolation, day-to-day experience of systemic racism, and fear for their children?s future. But the subject of mental health carries many taboos. Acknowledging problems and seeking help are acts of great bravery, which come to nothing when services are inaccessible or inappropriate in their response. Our community approach to mental health is client-led and uses culturally appropriate solutions, which greatly improves outcomes. We support women to prioritise emotional wellbeing; tackling mental health stigmas to join our helping community of peer support. Through a virtuous circle, women who were isolated, afraid and held hostage by mental ill-health are now volunteering on mental health, speaking in public meetings, and voicing how to support the mental health of their community. We have earned the trust of our community because we deliver. And we have built a strong reputation with a range of partners -statutory and VCS alike -for our experienced staff, effective model and unparalleled reach into vulnerable BME migrant groups ? and our effective advocacy for their needs. We want to transform the effectiveness of mental health services for BME migrant women by action on three connected fronts. We will refine and evidence our community counselling model; influence our community to develop new attitudes to mental health; and work with statutory and VCS providers and commissioners to support them in developing good practice through rethinking their approach.
25/05/2021 £500,000 £1,809,600 GRANDPARENTS PLUS Grandparents Plus is the kinship care charity in England and Wales and leading provider of kinship family support. Kinship carers are relatives and friends who step in to raise someone else?s child. Rising numbers of children are entering kinship care, especially children aged 0-4 years. This is fueled, in part, by local authorities placing vulnerable children who have frequently experienced parental abuse and neglect in the care of relatives rather than foster care. Three times more children are in kinship care than in the care system, but they are relatively invisible and poorly supported. Research shows the benefits of kinship care over local authority care: continuity, commitment, stability and remaining with siblings contribute to better outcomes for children. Our project is important because kinship carers are under strain: without more support, 32% say they may not be able to continue. There is a risk that placements will breakdown and more children will enter care. Our project, Kinship Campaigners, will build a powerful movement of kinship carers across England and Wales. They will raise awareness, influence policy change and campaign for rights, enshrined in legislation - a Kinship Care Act. Key activities include: - Co-developing and implementing a campaign strategy and plans using a social action approach. - Building a powerful campaigning community, bringing together networks of kinship carers and peer support groups to catalyse change locally and nationally. - Campaign bootcamps and resources, co-developed with kinship carers. - ?Campaign Champions? ? kinship carers in new paid roles who will contribute lived experience, empower peers to engage in campaigns, celebrate successes and sustain momentum. - Lobbying Westminster and the Welsh Assembly. The project will be supported by a powerful communications strategy, with storytelling at its heart, raising the profile of kinship care and making it an issue that cannot be ignored.
25/05/2021 £597,451 £1,833,285 GROUNDSWELL NETWORK SUPPORT UK The aim of Listen Up! is to end homelessness by tackling the health inequalities experienced by people who are homeless. This will be achieved by gathering and amplifying peoples experience of homelessness (insight) and bringing this to key decision makers, so they collaborate in creating change in policy and practice leading to equal access to healthcare and the opportunity to move out of homelessness for good. Groundswell is dedicated to using participation to help people move out of homelessness. We have increased our national reach and influence yet recognise that how homelessness is experienced varies depending on geography; therefore, we are focused on increased local insight, partnership and action to lead national change. We want to increase our capacity to give people experiencing homelessness a platform to hold decision makers to account and contribute to the change that is needed in policy, systems, and commissioning to tackle health inequalities. Listen Up! will further develop our network of people experiencing homelessness who will research and report on issues impacting their community using digital storytelling technology through partner On Our Radar. Training and support will be given to this network to increase their ability to communicate the issues, advocate for their rights and hold people to account for the decisions they make. We will facilitate opportunities for this insight to be shared with decision makers through peer led platforms such as steering groups and a live action hub; bridging the divide between those who experience homelessness and those with the power to influence and create change. Decision makers will be able to set ?assignments? for the peer network, who will gather rapid insight on an issue they would like to further explore, creating a collaborative relationship that benefits both parties. We want to do this because everyone has the right to a safe, secure home and the right to good health through equal access to healthcare. People who are homeless have much higher physical and mental health issues and are admitted to emergency hospital care four times more than the housed population; by addressing these health inequalities we can help people move out of and stay out of homelessness. At Groundswell we believe that people have the right to be involved in decisions that affect their lives as this leads to better insight and better decisions. By equipping people with the confidence, knowledge and platforms to Speak Up! they will be in a strong position to work alongside people and organisations making decisions around homelessness and health, encouraging them to Listen Up! We will also place great emphasis on an individual volunteer?s progression out of homelessness into a fulfilling life where they contribute to society. We will provide advice and support on issues relating to their homelessness (e.g., benefits, debt, housing), training and coaching to complement their practical experience, ensuring people have opportunities live fulfilling lives by moving into further training, education or work.
25/05/2021 £598,756 £558,957 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS TRUST Change the Narrative & Evidence the Prevalence and Impact of the No Recourse to Public Funds Rule on Migrant BME Women Facing Gender Based Violence in the UK ?it?s all just too crippling, I have no recourse to funds... it?s all still emotionally daunting. The government says ?alone, together? but some of us, including, myself, feel that society has forgotten us. The government has forgotten vulnerable women.? Survivor Testimony, House of Lords, June 2020 Southall Black Sisters (SBS) has been supporting and campaigning for the rights of BME women and children for over 4 decades, our work has always been focused on the rights of migrant women and children, particularly those with no recourse to public funds (NRPF). We have been at the forefront of the struggle to end violence against women and girls (VAWG) in the UK, raising public and social awareness around women?s rights whilst ensuring that we amplify the voices of survivors. We urgently need support to challenge and end the widespread violation of NRPF women?s rights which puts women at risk of violence, abuse and death. The Change Makers grant would address this by: ? Qualifying the Evidence: Production of reflective national NRPF data and the BME women?s sector?s first Social Value/Economic Gains Model in 3 areas; Advocacy, Mental Health and Accommodation; ? Shifting the Narrative: Amplification of the voice of NRPF survivors through the centralized inclusion of Women?s Voices and ?storywork methodology? to inform campaigning, policy and models of change; ? Strengthening Networks: Improved national networks from diverse community engagement through to local authority partnerships and commissioners via regionalized networks led by the national partnership; ? Sustaining Solutions: Building capacity and resources, activating policy change, embedded knowledge networks and socio-political/cultural shifts to positively influence legislation and higher level strategic decision making locally, regionally and nationally.
25/05/2021 £600,000 £753,458 NORTHERN IRELAND WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION LIMITED Thousands of children and young people (C&YP) in NI are experiencing domestic violence and abuse (DVA) on a daily basis. Women?s Aid NI is seeking funding to enable us to bring about positive change, internally and externally, to ensure these children (and their mums) are supported to survive and thrive. Internally we want to build upon and embed models of excellence across all Women?s Aid groups and develop a network of champions to advocate for and on behalf of children and mums. Externally we will share our learning with professionals, through quality training, to increase understanding of C&YPs experiences of DVA and highlight support needs. Through this funding we will also seek to influence a shift in policy and practice to create better understanding and improve service provision to enable C&YP to survive and thrive. Women's Aid NI is made up of a Federation body (WAFNI) and 8 member groups. We are the expert voluntary organisation in Northern Ireland, addressing DVA. We are seeking funding to deliver elements of our 10-year C&YP strategy, "See, Hear, Act?. This strategy was informed by extensive consultation, over a three-year period with C&YP in our services (experts by experience). These C&YP shared their experiences and talked about what support they need to survive and thrive. We want to amplify these voices to create social change. We want to use these voices to influence policy and practice. We want these voices to be heard and acted upon. Often the biggest victims of domestic violence are the smallest, yet these victims are often overlooked or forgotten. At Women's Aid we SEE C&YP, we HEAR them, and we ACT for them. We will develop our services for and with CYP to ensure we are being the best we can be. We will also create a nation of champions to do the same by educating and informing others, utilising C&YPs voices and building upon current understanding of trauma informed approaches. We want to encourage all professionals working with families to develop support pathways and early interventions to build C&YPs capacity to survive and strive. A consultation report based upon responses from 43 mums in our services highlighted the need to develop work with young children (0-5). These early years build strong foundations for safe happy futures and we strongly believe in implementing models of early intervention and prevention to prevent risk and promote safety. We also want to work with young mums to promote trauma informed understanding, provide practical strategies and equip them with lifelong parenting skills. Our consultation with mums has highlighted gaps in this area. We want to build on their ideas and develop areas such as play and creative arts and we want to look at programmes and activities that bring mums and children together to play and learn. We have two excellent programmes already in place for mums, 'Journey to Freedom' and 'You and me, Mum' which we will build upon as well as developing new support programmes and initiatives to bring families together.
25/05/2021 £195,000 £163,443 POWER THE FIGHT Power The Fight was launched in 2019 in response to the UK?s rapid increase in serious youth violence and its disproportionate impact on people of colour. Our vision is a society in which no young person is the victim or perpetrator of violence. This translates to a just world in which no child or young person experiences racial injustice, social inequality or developmental trauma, requiring all community members and service providers to acknowledge and challenge the root causes of these interrelated factors. We want to implement ?Therapeutic Intervention For Peace? (TIP) in multiple London Boroughs over three years, working with schools, youth service providers and educational and health professionals. TIP will deliver an innovative, evidence-based model to address the lack of relevant and accessible therapeutic support available in the aftermath of traumatic loss resulting from youth violence, as well as to young people at risk of involvement in violence before such an event occurs. By providing a new approach to psychological support for individuals and families affected, TIP will forge new ways to improve mental health and reduce youth violence in BAME communities. We aim to show the positive impact of a culturally competent, co-designed therapeutic service on the mental health of communities of colour, its potential for indirect social and economic benefits, and the possibility to interrupt cycles of youth violence for lasting change. This is particularly important at the present time, given the acknowledged systemic inequalities and injustices experienced by communities of colour, which have been further exposed and exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic. As Comic Relief recognises, poor mental health is a major global problem. For individuals and families in minoritized communities, services which could help following trauma often seem to neither understand nor reflect them. Combined with deep-rooted cultural stigmas around psychological help, accessing mental health services is effectively unavailable to this group. Structural inequalities and barriers continue even when it comes to getting much-needed support. Our intention over three years is to develop and refine an effective culturally competent therapeutic model, with a longer-term vision for Power The Fight to share TIP's strategies and learning with organisations beyond London and to equip them to deliver similar services across the UK. We aim, therefore, to contribute to a national reduction in racial inequalities and associated poor mental health outcomes for communities of colour.
28/04/2021 £69,874 £1,348,880 TENDER EDUCATION AND ARTS We are seeking funding to pilot and develop the Minimum Viable Product of an online game designed to support young people?s understanding and practice of healthy relationships: titled Relationship Goals. Domestic and gender-based abuse are critical issues in young people?s lives. 16-25 year olds are the age group most likely to experience an abusive relationship (ONS, 2018), yet often the least likely to identify themselves as such. Teenagers with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are twice as likely to be victims of abuse as their non-disabled peers, with disabled girls the most affected (Public Health, 2015). Infantilising stereotypes of disability and autism only increase their isolation and vulnerability. In 2019, a Sex Education Forum survey of teachers revealed a staggering 99% wanted more help educating pupils with SEND. Caregivers consulted by Tender also told us they are keen for their children to have fulfilling relationships but felt underconfident about how to support them. Young people are frequent consumers of online games and their expectations of relationships are often influenced by media they consume (FPA, 2018). Sadly, these often contain confusing messages around relationships, or condone unhealthy behavior. However, research also shows that games can provide a space where neurodiverse children feel safe, engaged and develop confidence and communication. Since 2019, Tender has worked with gaming experts to create a game with positive impacts on players? awareness and adoption of healthy relationships. Co-designed with 15 young people with SEND, our MVP is a fun, accessible resource for teaching Relationships Education: promoting kind, equal relationships as aspirational and exciting. ?I think playing this game would help me get more confident trying to have a relationship in the real world? - Young person, testing group, 2020 We propose to pilot this resource through monitored use in multiple contexts - including schools/families ? and develop it further to become an effective, sharable resource within our sector.
28/04/2021 £69,050 £1,769,487 FAMILY SOCIETY We want to use technology to bring outstanding support to an increasing number of adopters and potential adopters, located across a wide geographic area. In expanding our area of operation, we aim to significantly increase the choice of adoptive homes for some of the country?s most vulnerable children, enabling them to find the best match possible for their unique needs and circumstances. Adoption Focus has a tremendous track record of helping children to survive and thrive. Founded in 2009, we have successfully placed over 500 children with our amazing adopters. Rapidly moving to remote digital delivery in 2020, we have continued to recruit, train, assess and approve adopters who can provide stable homes for a range of children who?ve had a very difficult start in life. Major growth will involve expansion of our services into the East Midlands and South East. Listening and responding to our community, need to make it possible and easy for parents of adopted children to connect across this larger area. We need to help adopters find peers from across the country with similar experiences, views and challenges, so they can develop close relationships and an even stronger network. By facilitating these connections, our expansion to new areas will better prepare and support parents to provide secure homes for adoptive children, now and into the future. The approach suggested by our tech partner involves: review of existing research; agree success criteria; design and test prototype; build prototype to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP); review success of MVP and refine. Without in any way compromising the quality of our services, we want to re-purpose existing technology to: ? Ensure all of our adopters can connect easily, meaningfully and securely with each other ? Equip and empower our families to build a powerful and complex network of support, based on a self-defined range of interests Together, we can find a way to mobilise this vast and untapped support network for the benefit of vulnerable children and their families.
28/04/2021 £62,264 £1,722,492 STANDING TOGETHER AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE Domestic abuse is an endemic social issue that is disproportionately perpetrated by men against women. Survivors frequently have both physical and mental health problems as a result of the abuse which means the NHS spending more time and money responding to the issue than any other service. Research suggests that despite this, health services frequently respond poorly to the issue. Standing Together is a domestic abuse organisation that specialises in implementing the Coordinated Community Response (CCR) across a range of services. We have been working with local healthcare services for 20 years and as a result, we have an in-depth knowledge of the political, strategic and operational issues that NHS services need to overcome in order to implement best practice. We recently finished a national project where, along with 4 partners, we created a toolkit synthesising the 'gold standard' healthcare response to domestic abuse and piloted its implementation across 8 sites in England. We want to build on this progress by creating an accreditation scheme that NHS Trusts can sign up to to plug the 'implementation gap'. One key part of the accreditation process will be access to an interactive version of our toolkit. It currently exists in a PDF document that is over 200 pages long and, although it contains all the resources a health Trust might need, health staff rarely have time to work through it. Through accreditation, we can offer ongoing support in addition to an interactive portal that breaks the toolkit down into manageable steps. The other key part of the accreditation process will be access to an online forum, monitored by us, where health professionals can connect, problem solve and exchange advice and resources. This we have decided to develop in response to many health contacts who told us throughout the project that they would value a space where they can connect directly to others doing this work. A recent survey completed by health professionals nationwide has confirmed a unanimous desire for this platform, which we hope to also make available as an app.
28/04/2021 £70,000 CHAYN Chayn is a survivor-led nonprofit addressing gender-based abuse through a variety of intersectional resources and digital services. Mental health and trauma recovery is a critical obstacle for survivors to live happy, full lives. Bloom is an online trauma support service for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Last year, we ran 5 courses on recovery from sexual violence, coping with domestic abuse, trauma resilience, managing anxiety, and creating boundaries. During these courses (4-8 weeks) users received biweekly videos, daily prompts, and the option to message facilitators directly for 1-on-1 support. 700 survivors participated in multiple courses, resulting in 1500+ sign-ups. 88% said they would recommend Bloom. We know Bloom works, but before we can grow and market, we need to do further research on unmet needs - with a particular focus on factors that contribute to user dropout and how our service can be more impactful or tailored for each survivor. Feedback indicated this could be because of the rigid structure of our course and prompt schedule, preventing users from engaging in different ways or in their own time. Our daily prompts create mutual accountability and the support of an in-person group; however, we need to test how self-paced learning can interact with the live chat. We want to ask our users: How can we facilitate online support, build community, and give survivors the tools or flexibility to meet their trauma recovery goals? We want to research, design, and test a platform that can meet these user needs. Our user research will focus on the following issues: how our survivor community uses mental health services, concerns and barriers for digital access, and the value and challenges of participating in a remote community with strangers. We approach this discovery research with an open mind. Funding will be used for user research and designing a digital platform. We will hire a product manager, developer, and UX designer. This will be complemented by the expertise of our staff and volunteers as survivors and abuse experts.
28/04/2021 £70,000 £1,763,360 THE BIKE PROJECT Refugees arrive in this country alone leaving their family and friends behind, not knowing if or when they will see them again. In a study by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, 58% of refugees reported that loneliness was the single biggest challenge they face. According to Mind, loneliness is strongly linked to mental health conditions, particularly depression and anxiety. To date, we have donated over 7,500 refurbished bikes to refugees across London and Birmingham and plan to donate a further 2,000 this year. Despite having this huge network, there is no way for refugees to meet up locally and go on rides together. We know that there is a demand for social rides and that they have an impact on a refugee?s mental health. Two years ago, we launched a project called ?Bike Buddies? where we matched volunteers with refugees to go on rides together. This has been very successful as there has been significant demand from refugees and volunteers. However, it is hugely time consuming as our team have to match people manually based on where they live and then arrange a first meetup. This is why we want to create cyber cyclists: an online platform where refugees can go for rides together with other in their local area. In this platform they will be able to: 1) Find refugees in their local area to go on a ride 2) Match with one of our volunteer bike buddies 3) Book a lesson with a cycle instructor to either learn to cycle or improve their skills. 4) Attend our weekly online sessions such as fitness classes, yoga, and regular talks. The front end of Cyber Cyclists will be powered by ?Smart Match App? (SMA). This is a flexible, off the shelf platform that has all the functionality that we need including proximity matching, the ability to book appointments with instructors, and it has a ?white-label? option (which allows us to give it our own branding and add it to our domain). SMA integrates with our own CRM, Salesforce, where the data is stored. We have some of the functionality already built within Salesforce but will need further development.
28/04/2021 £70,000 INNOVATING MINDS CIC 10% of young people (5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, yet 70% of children who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficient early stage (Mental Health Foundation). Schools and unqualified healthcare workers (i.e. early help workers, keyworkers) do not have access to the resources, training or clinical support to deliver early interventions for emotional and mental health difficulties. Therefore, they are creating their own and/or utilising old manuals that have not been updated to incorporate the new research. As a result, children are not able to access evidence based early interventions and they do not meet the threshold to access professional services in CAMHS. Our proposal is to adapt our online platform ?Healing Together? (existing technology- Kartra integrated with Jotform) to enable educational (i.e. pastoral workers, family liaison) and health care workers (social workers, early help teams, victim support) to access a library of evidence based psychological interventions to deliver with the children and families they are working with. Our discovery work informs us that the most ?common? difficulties that children face are related to anxiety, depression, bereavement and disordered eating.Therefore, we will initially focus on these areas for this project. Our current MVP (Healing Together) is based upon pastoral and early help workers accessing trauma informed resources to provide early interventions to support children impacted by domestic abuse. By adapting the platform, we will be able to equip educational and early help workers to safely provide evidence based interventions so more children can access psychological interventions earlier. This model has longevity as schools and local authorities do not have the resources to financial additional workforce to meet this unmet need, therefore by upskilling the existing workforce we are able to create sustainability and enable more children to access early help. The online portal will house all of the resources they require to deliver the programmes. We will provide online training and ongoing support to ensure they are trained to deliver psychological support with children experiencing a range of mental health difficulties. As a team of clinicians, we are able to ensure this is done safely. This platform does not replace specialise mental health services. The feedback from over 300 people we have recently worked via Healing Together has led us to this proposal. Between August 2020 to March, we will have trained 205 people to become accredited facilitators for the Healing Together programme, and we have engaged with 187 local authorities during the discovery phase. Adapting our online platform will enable us to grant access to a library resources to thousands of facilitators and we will be able to continue to update the content instantly. The feedback demonstrated that our users are extremely time pressured, do not have access to quality training or resources. This solution will give them resources they need instantly to deliver early interventions and the confidence they need to support children. This digital solution meets the ?global mental health matters? core issue as we will enable children nationally to access early interventions for a range of mental health difficulties by training the current workforce using technology to gain a UK wide reach.
28/04/2021 £69,481 £629,744 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) Helping Hand digital tool is a progressive web application (both as website & app) that will support children & young people who have experienced domestic abuse with managing their trauma & mental health. The tool is designed with & for these children so that it is tailored to their needs. We would use the grant to build a working prototype & pilot it. Our digital tool will provide children with trauma informed interactive support designed to support them in the long term around their mental health & wellbeing. This part of the project aims to convert our existing wireframe prototype into a working product that can be piloted in real life settings & prepare the tool for national roll out. The main output of this project is the development of the Beta version of the tool from the wireframe prototype. We identified 3 key elements of digital infrastructure that need to be built: >Frontend of the tool for Children (already designed through wireframes) >?Trust adult? portal & organisational portal to administer the use of the tool safely to children >Easy to use developer backend for AVA to manage the tool Activities to be carried out: >Develop the first iteration from the co-produced wireframe prototype >Undertake 2-3 development sprints to build digital infrastructure for the tool >Conduct co-production workshops to develop & design content of the tool (inc videos, scripts, graphics) >Create all the content >Conduct user testing with both children & professionals We want to test this working tool in real-life settings via a beta trial with 5-10 organisations supporting children. This will enable us to collect data on how the tool is used in real life settings & adjust the tool accordingly to the needs of both children & professionals. This approach will also help get buy-in from the wider sector. We will conduct the following: Recruit & brief 5-10 beta sites Develop training & resources for professionals on how to use the tool & ensure safeguarding Collect & analyse sites feedback & analytics data to inform final stage of tool development.
28/04/2021 £70,000 ACCESS SOCIAL CARE Access Social Care provides free legal support to disabled people with social care needs. We support helplines and community organisations to give more expert advice. Everyday millions of older and disabled people go without the care they have a right to. Demand for advice is growing. But specialist advice funded through legal aid is reducing. Helplines and community organisations are overwhelmed and under-resourced, advisors can lack specialist expertise. Charity websites are hard to navigate. There is no obvious place for people to turn. We realised that disabled people, their families and supporters need clear, accurate, timely and accessible advice, available 24/7. Advice needs to be in small chunks and in a reassuring tone. Users with urgent and complex queries must be filtered through to an expert quickly. Our digital solution is a legal information chatbot. Developed on an open-source platform, white-labelled, co-designed and developed with key stakeholders, it can be cheaply hosted on charity websites. It will be the go-to online portal for social care advice. Digital inclusion is central to our solution. Disabled, older and people from BAME communities are partners in design, development, and testing, helping us learn and improve. Research tells us we need us to develop the next stage of the user journey. Through this fund we will auto-fill template letters for printing and sending to public bodies; generate automated emails to remind people to get back in touch if their problem persists; and develop and improve the handoff to our legal team and local agencies.
28/04/2021 £70,000 £1,600,931 WELLCHILD WellChild is seeking to create a UK wide Wiki of local services for children with exceptional health needs. It will rapidly and easily connect parents to services in their local areas. It will also enable parents and healthcare professionals to share their collective knowledge and experience of support available in the local area. Our 2020 scoping exercise consulted over 250 parents and carers and found an urgent need for up-to-date, accurate and readily accessible information especially about local services. 74% of respondents said getting information and guidance was one of the reasons they used our existing Facebook based Family Tree Network, whilst 66% said they used it to find additional sources of support, 59% said their experience would be improved by having access to information about local services. The concept of a crowd-curated database of local services was suggested by parents we consulted. We created a Covid-19 information hub and an archive of wellbeing resources on our website. We will build on this by creating the user-driven Wiki of local services. Whilst much information about local services does exist in the public domain, it is very difficult for families to find. One parent told us: ?things need to be simplified for tired parents. Information needs to be available on an easy interface, something that?s accessible. [?] [Sometimes] I find I give up searching for things on sites because it?s so hard to find them.? Families will be able to add new services, edit information, and leave comments or reviews to let others know about their experiences with a particular service. All information will be moderated by WellChild?s existing Families Team to ensure accuracy. We will involve parents on the development and design of the new wiki before and after it launches. The combination of our ongoing research, and input from WellChild Parent Ambassadors and above all users will help ensure the service has a long lifespan and continues to be an effective tool for families that grows organically as more users contribute to its development.
28/04/2021 £68,981 £3,728,486 WELSH HOUSING AID LIMITED Shelter Cymru provides free information and advice for people in poor housing, or facing/ experiencing homelessness. Nearly 50% of calls to our helpline, Shelter Cymru Live, go unanswered due to high demand on the service. Around 86% of those answered are resolved in a single call. The increasing importance of our digital advice resource is demonstrated by last year?s 418,000 unique page views. People need easy access to online resources that provide a clear understanding of their situation, so they only contact our helpline if urgent or ongoing help is needed. Through this fund, we want to further develop our existing digital advice resource, Advice Online, by enhancing our capability to analyse existing data and providing personalised advice, tailored to individual user needs. A solution which assists users to find tailored answers online will make best use of our existing digital content, and empower people to use self-help tools to resolve their housing problem or be directed to an adviser when further help is needed. The resulting decrease in calls to our helpline will reduce waiting times and increase advisers? capacity to provide urgent or complex support. In short, we will help more people, more effectively. By integrating digital and in-person advice services, we want to give people the most appropriate help without losing any of the quality of advice we are known for. Our ambition is to get better at understanding our users? needs through data analysis and connecting them to help that is the best fit for their individual circumstances. This is more than prioritising access to our helpline or moving people online. To make a meaningful difference, people must feel confident and reassured that our digital advice is providing them with the right information and they are applying it correctly to their circumstances. We?ve started exploratory work on a chatbot, and that is showing early promise, and with tech input/expertise could meet our users? needs, but we?re open-minded about the direction this may take and other opportunities we?ve yet to explore
28/04/2021 £69,945 ON OUR RADAR LTD Good community development depends on understanding and evidencing community needs. But traditional models of research and journalism too often fail to capture the complexities of community experiences or the breadth and depth of community voices. At best focus groups and comms trips gather a snapshot, and too often overlook those who are deemed hard to reach. But it?s not communities that are hard to reach, it?s the head offices, services and governance departments that can be so difficult to access, especially when a crisis is unfolding. Technology plays a huge role in connecting communities. But while it is the carrier, the catalyst is the need to address unhelpful power dynamics that sit at the centre of current communication models. At the start of the Covid pandemic, we started working with housing and homelessness charities to help them urgently find a better way to remain remotely connected with their communities and capture the unfolding experience of those facing homelessness. Like so many UK organisations, they are supporting a fragmented network of individuals, many of whom have barriers to digital engagement. By devolving reporter or researcher roles back into the communities, we can gather valuable insight from those that are living on the frontlines of some of society?s biggest challenges. The digital platform - Radius - that we have prototyped places conversation at the heart of these interactions, it is not extractive nor prescriptive. Unlike a traditional CRM system, our tool responds to the different layers of conversation between communities and organisations, and enables organisations to meet communities where they are. It helps to build the capacity of communities to tell their own stories; receiving and holding their insight, capturing their consent and feeding back to them. We would use this fund to; expand our pilot; incorporate a wider network of partners working to end homelessness; improve our ability to provision dashboards for other organisations and commit to an open license to ensure the wider sector can benefit.
28/04/2021 £69,862 £4,424,990 LAW CENTRES FEDERATION When Jimmy* was referred to his third advice agency after calling up yet another number, he gave up even though the local Council was threatening eviction. It was just too much; all this stress being sent from pillar to post. At the food-bank, he found someone (a community navigator) by chance who finally understood, set up an appointment with a housing lawyer and passed on the details he had told her, so he did not have to relive what happened to him yet again. Access to social justice relies on the ability to receive timely legal support that is tailored to the needs of the individual. Luckily, community navigators who operate out of food-banks and other community hubs are providing this crucial service, alleviating the chaos of homelessness by identifying, triaging, and getting people the right help at the right time. Yet they lack a way of accurately recording this information when they are mobile or sharing this with other partner organisations. Our collaborative project, working with our members Greater Manchester Law Centre (GMLC) and their partners, will combine the hyper-local know-how of GMLC with the national infrastructure of LCN. With this funding, we plan to co-design the ?front-end? of our enquiry management system, working closely with GMLC, their partners and people affected by homelessness and housing insecurity, to ensure the solution is usable, useful, and valuable. This will build on work we have already done helping advice charities better manage enquiries, ensuring distributed teams can keep track of an individual?s enquiry across different channels. We have scanned the market and have plans to use off-the-shelf tech (survey software) to build an MVP that can be tested and refined, before developing the referral channel using no-code and low code tech designed so that it can speak to our robust enquiry management system via APIs. If the MVP is successful, as a national body, we have the infrastructure to scale and in so doing, improve the data being collected about homelessness and related social welfare issues across UK.
28/04/2021 £69,000 £198,884 FUTURE LIVING HERTFORD Adapting an existing app tool that has been piloted over two years, undertaking the discovery work necessary, on a user friendly platform and includes at least two new projects surrounding children and young peoples mental health and COVID 19 lockdown. Provide a link to the planning boxing game below. Develop and launch a game app for young people in response to data collected from them. The aims set out for the game to improve their mental health and wellbeing as a digital solution and to ensure engagement at any time, and some of the ideas presented are as follows: COACH - voice of the therapist The 'coach' is the supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental voice that they otherwise may not have in their life. TRAINING PROGRAMME that has to be done before the 'fight/round/game' can be played. How do boxers get ready to get in the ring? We can take the same approach in life - breathing exercises/distraction techniques/mindfulness/positive mantras. Choose your opponent in the ring, one of the following: Anxiety/Fear Loneliness Guilt/Shame Depression Play 'rounds' of the game (the fun bit)' and the 'mental health advice' comes in the form of the short time-outs with boxing coach in the corner. Weigh in: self check up on feelings Boxers take what they do in the ring/out into life Channel the anger Marketing approach We will share the details of the game with our professional partners, other service providers working with children, schools, colleges, universities and all our contacts. We will include a comprehensive and detailed marketing strategy within our business plan We will also target the game at adults/caregivers/other professionals who work with children and young people to encourage them to have the game on their device/to download it onto their device for them as a digital 'Coach in their corner' - so even if there isn't a clear need for it immediately, the resource is always at their fingertips should they/a friend need it. Both platforms will have an element of AI learning, sharing and a chat facility.
28/04/2021 £69,975 £4,108,980 SOUTH WEST GRID FOR LEARNING TRUST We are a charity that operates three sister helplines. The Revenge Porn (RP) Helpline and Report Harmful Content (RHC) help victims, more often than not, female aged 18 to 55 (85%) who are subjected to criminal offences of Intimate Image Abuse (IIA), stalking and harassment online. Although criminal offences, 54% of our victims noted that they have received a negative response from the police when reporting their case. There are low arrest and prosecution rates just 2.26% and 0% respectively (2018 FOI). The common intersection between on and offline harms are not picked up on, patterns of negative behaviour are missed. For many (85%) women, online abuse, including IIA, goes hand-in-hand with other violence, harassment, stalking, coercive control and domestic violence. The research on our sister helplines; RHC and RP Helpline show that two thirds of contact from victims is outside of operational hours. Survey feedback from victims demonstrates the need to receive this support via additional channels and the desire to obtain this information anonymously. Our helplines aren?'t available 24/7, but we want them to be , so people get the advice and support they need around the clock and can confidentially report abuse or discuss their problems. We are looking to technology to help solve this. We will create 'Shh', a bespoke chatbot, to help victims of online harms regain control of the situation any hour of the day, providing another channel of support for those who don?t want to liaise directly with a practitioner. Using intelligent, supportive questioning, 'Shh' will ascertain pertinent information about the types of abuse suffered; giving women the tools they need to help remove intimate content, report crimes and assert legal rights and regain/ secure hacked email and social network accounts. Shh: Support - Support and Understanding, Providing Practical Online Reporting Tips Hear - Helping Everyone experiencing Abuse seek Resolution Hope - Humanising Ongoing Prevention and Education
28/04/2021 £70,000 £2,245,878 UNSEEN (UK) It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 victims of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK (CSJ, It Still Happens Here, 2020). Unseen?s vision is a world without slavery. We operate the Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline, a confidential and independent service that provides support, advice, and guidance to victims across the UK. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and since its launch in 2016, has received over 27,000 contacts, indicating more than 20,000 potential victims. These are men, women and children who were previously unknown to the system and are now being supported to freedom. As well as being a vital resource for victims, the Helpline has become the central hub for information on modern slavery in the UK. Each call that we receive offers unique insights into the crime. For example, a location of exploitation or key transport hub. When collated and shared, this data provides powerful evidence that can be used to disrupt and prevent modern slavery. Ultimately this will lead to more victims escaping the grasps of exploitation and accessing a safe and secure place to call home. However, we are currently facing two important technical challenges that are preventing us from fully realising the potential of Helpline data. 1. The raw data from the Helpline is very sensitive and incredibly difficult to anonymise. This limits our ability to share it with key collaborators in the sector. 2. Much of the data we collect is in an unstructured format. Human involvement is therefore required to identify key themes and trends in the data, meaning that important learnings are likely being missed. With your support, we would like to: 1. Create a Secure Data Analysis Environment where Helpline data can be securely stored and accessed by our partners. 2. Create a synthetic data set (a sophisticated technical approach for anonymising data), so that we can share records without the risk of divulging sensitive information. 3. Develop tools to identify case clusters, themes, and patterns within our unstructured data.
28/04/2021 £38,218 £1,998,197 CHILDREN NORTH EAST Children North East is a registered charity who works with children, young people and their families, schools and communities to ensure they grow up to be healthy and happy. Our young peoples counselling and youth work service provide therapeutic support, early intervention and issue based youth provision. As a service we work with a number of hard to reach young people who find main stream approaches do not meet their specific needs. We would like to explore our current use of practice delivery by using the experience we have working over a complete virtual platform. Our proposal is to purchase and set up our own discreet server to support the use of software (i.e. Minecraft) to create a virtual environment through which we can interact with young people. This will also include providing participants with access to the resources they need to engage fully and remove any barriers.
28/04/2021 £67,000 £405,812 UN WOMEN NATIONAL COMMITTEE UK We are applying for funds to create an activist hub, which will be mobile-first and web-based. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we were running in-person training events for campaigners and activist meet-ups, which had to move online. We released there was a need for a safe space where women, girls and marginalized groups could log in, access various educational materials and opportunities to take action, and track their activist journey over time. We spent 2020 doing user interviews, designing and testing the platform. As you will see from our video we are now ready to build the platform itself, and have built the network and knowledge to create a powerful web area allowing people to access activism digitally, which is more accessible for all.
28/04/2021 £69,375 YOUTHLINK SCOTLAND YouthLink Scotland and Passion4Fusion are partnering to help address the mental health issues which are a growing concern among young people in Scotland. The problem "As a young person from a BME community in Scotland when I meet everyday challenges that can have an impact on my mental health or wellbeing I need to know how to connect with the right help and support so that I develop the resilience to deal with the challenges in a positive way." Our solution We will enable young people from the BME community to take part in the creation of a mobile game app, using interactive storytelling. That way we will create a culturally relevant resource to help to overcome the stigma attached to discussing mental health issues that?s common in BME communities. The app will be designed to enhance youth work practice, increasing young people's ability to engage in conversations about difficult topics in a way that makes sense to them. Why digital? - A digital approach will increase our reach. - Young people are saying clearly that an app would help them and their peers to engage. - Our previous experience of developing an interactive digital game to address a social issue supports the view that this approach is relevant. Why co-creation? We will work with young people to understand our users needs and design a story with characters and scenarios that make sense to them. We will involve young people at every stage to help us design a resource that meets their real needs. Co-creation is a core principle of youth work. Why it's needed BME young people are particularly at risk, and under-represented in many projects. Our previous work has shown that existing services do not offer culturally appropriate mental health support for specific communities that require cultural approaches to deal with and respond better to people?s mental health issues. Passion4Fusion have been working locally to include not just young people but family members and the community in the conversation about mental health. YouthLink are working across the country.
28/04/2021 £66,328 1625 INDEPENDENT PEOPLE We work with young people (YP) aged 16-25 who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or leaving care. All have experienced disadvantage and multiple adverse childhood experiences, many have experienced trauma. In 2020 covid-19 pushed YP further away from support networks, with significant increases in loneliness (+55%), mental health issues (+97%) and self-harm/suicidal thoughts (+38.5%) in the South West (Kooth Data Release, Aug 2020). ?Loneliness and Isolation? was chosen by our Youth Board as the year?s strategic priority. In CAST Explore we learned how technology can bridge gaps in communication and prevent YP becoming disengaged. However, adopted technologies bring their own challenges, and alone they're not enough. In CAST Definition we?re learning how to tailor our remote communication, reflecting our diversity of service and YP?s complex needs. We plan to build on this using a research framework created for 1625ip (Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded). We learned that we need to offer a hybrid service (in-person and virtual) with the flexibility to change with the needs of the YP and our organisation e.g. from different locations or at different times. This means providing access to wraparound support in new ways, maximising uptake and impact as circumstances change. Complementing this we need digital solutions to be YP-centred. Each YP is different and facing multiple challenges (e.g. around accommodation, employment, education or training, money, relationships, health and wellbeing, and skills). Solutions must give YP autonomy to decide how to participate (1:1 & group) and build relationships with peers and adults. Through unique access to and understanding of YP, we will create a replicable set of digital adaptations to promote engagement with relationship-based support. The solution will: ? Be co-produced by service users ? Be flexible, designed to build relationships and respond to changes in need ? Be YP-centred, with service users choosing they engage ? Allow for consistent use ? Help YP develop skills & confidence with digital
28/04/2021 £70,000 £816,054 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE THE PROBLEM People who are trans, non-binary or gender diverse experience? ? Higher levels of social isolation, exclusion & loneliness ? Higher levels of discrimination, shame, abuse & violence ? Greater inequalities in health & wellbeing, especially mental health ? Less opportunity in terms of education, training & employment The causes of these inequalities are complex but are ultimately underpinned by poor understandings of gender; the reductive thinking & reinforcement of the ?gender binary? & social pressures to conform to gender norms (& the consequences experienced if you don?t). One of the main risk factors for trans people is social isolation & loneliness. In 2020, 4 out of 5 trans people reported that they had experienced hate crime, so it?s understandable that trans people are wary of taking risks. Trans people tell us that fear of experiencing transphobia is a deterrent to socializing. The events listings that exist are incomplete & maintained by single organisations, lacking outreach & community ownership. Every organisation builds tech systems that reflect their own internal structures. This means that, to find an event, you have to go to each website individually, & know where to look in the first place. These barriers prevent trans people from meeting each other, developing friendships & building a strong, supportive community. THE SOLUTION TransCal ? an online community hub which makes it easy to find safe, trans-friendly events near you. TransCal is based on a tried & tested model called PlaceCal which has helped older people to connect & build communities. TransCal will be a shared, community owned system that can be contributed to by many providers. It will help people find trans-friendly events & build community. TransCal will enable even the smallest community groups to have an online presence & advertise events. Listings will be moderated centrally. After nine months, we will have launched the first TransCal pilot sites in London and will be developing a plan to bring TransCal to other areas of the UK.
23/03/2021 £80,000 £267,758 THE CHOIR WITH NO NAME We are requesting core cost funding (central team salaries) to support the development and implementation of our 2021-2024 strategy. The Choir with No Name is a diverse community of people who support each other to thrive, musically and personally. 
23/03/2021 £50,000 £3,733,230 BRITISH OVERSEAS NGOS FOR DEVELOPMENT (BOND) Bond will develop an anti-racism programme for senior leadership (CEOs and Board members), with hopes that the remaining pieces of work can be scaled up with further funding.
23/03/2021 £206,744 AMREF HEALTH AFRICA MALAWI By delivering a participatory music and dance programme to 6,400 boys and girls in Mangochi, Malawi, this project will increase knowledge of, and access to youth SRHR topics and services, in turn helping to reduce cases of teenage pregnancy, early marriage and sexual and gender-based violence among teenage girls.
23/03/2021 £210,205 £1,015,359 CHANCE FOR CHILDHOOD Natwe Turashoboye meaning 'we can also' in Kinyarwanda aims to improve inclusion, participation & protection of D/deaf girls in Rwanda at 3 levels. Individual: dance therapy, safe spaces, agency building, girls? participation in local decision-making; Community: shift values that perpetuate exclusion & violence; Institutional: strengthen accessible referral pathways.
23/03/2021 £214,960 GIRLS EMPOWERMENT NETWORK-GENET The project will empower 400 adolescent girls to enjoy their rights in an equitable society where there are no limits, no stereotypes and no impossibilities for them to reach to their fullest potential. Through the use of sports girls from Mulanje and Blantyre rural, will play, learn and develop cycling skills for physical and emotional well-being to achieve independence and thrive. Empowered girls with improved life skills will be able to take charge of decisions that affect their lives.
23/03/2021 £233,660 NATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR WOMEN IN SPORTS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND RECREATION-NOWSPAR R2E aims to disrupt the sports sector in Zambia, closing the gap on gender and economic inequality. By providing bespoke training pathways and galvanising a movement for women passionate about sport, as well as driving change within the sport sector to champion these women, R2E will foster their resilience, agency and inclusion in society.
23/03/2021 £209,960 MARIE STOPES ZAMBIA This project will directly improve the SRH of adolescents and youth in Lusaka by combining the power and popularity of football to deliver sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information with pitch-side, high-quality, comprehensive, and adolescent- and youth friendly sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service delivery.
23/03/2021 £212,252 THE SCHOOL CLUB ZAMBIA ?Own your destiny? Girls? Football League of Sinazongwe, is based on a belief that girls should be in charge of their own life choices. It is a 3-year programme designed to provide 750 adolescent girls who have dropped out of the education system in rural Zambia, with the skills, financial resources and confidence to return to school.
23/03/2021 £209,960 LINK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MALAWI Reaching Our Goals will better enable marginalised adolescent girls in Dedza, Malawi to make decisions about their future and lead the lives they choose. The project participants, who were selected due to barriers including pregnancy, marriage, and disability, will be supported to complete an accelerated learning programme and transition into mainstream education, vocational training, or employment. Through a netball-based Empowerment Curriculum, girls will have improved capacity to make their own life choices. Delivered to girls and their male peers through netball drills, activities, and games, the Empowerment Curriculum will strengthen girls? sense of self-worth and their value, improve sexual/reproductive health and family planning knowledge, enhance understanding of gender norms, gender-based violence, and how to safely challenge gender stereotypes and negotiate roles in the household and wider community. Participants will be empowered to report gender-based violence and know how to access key services. They will be able to identify their ambitions and the necessary steps to achieve these. Training and induction to Village Savings and Loan groups, cooperatives, entrepreneurship, and income-generating activities will expand girls? knowledge of and access to education, training and work opportunities. Girls and key allies such as headteachers, Mother Groups, and community leaders will be supported to work together to promote marginalised girls? rights and choices. Girls? immediate families (parents, husbands and parents-in-law) will have a broader understanding of suitable activities, including for those who are head of household, married, and have caring responsibilities. Netball tournaments will enhance girls? capacities and community support, while community and district government leaders will develop skills in Sport for Change. Working through established community and government structures, with project participants at the forefront of strategy development and delivery, will bring about longer-term change.
23/03/2021 £500,000 GIVEDIRECTLY Reach 2,035 urban Rwandans affected by COVID-19. The economic impacts of COVID-19 in Rwanda are severe, long-term, and disproportionately affect those living in poverty. Only a few days ago, on 1/19/2021, Kigali went back into lockdown as cases spiked. We?re working closely with the government to target low-income Rwandan street/market vendors that qualify for social protection, but aren?t covered due to national budget constraints. Most (89%) of recipients are women, supporting an average household of 5. We expect the program to continue through summer ?21 to address the ongoing need. Further details: ? Expected efficiency: 89% ? Transfer size: $150 (~£110) ? Donation impact: 2,035 recipients
23/03/2021 £160,448 CIRCUS ZAMBIA In this project 60 young women from marginalized urban communities in Lusaka become change makers. Their intense, creative journey with Circus Zambia will ensure they learn about gender equality, SRHR and advocacy, and for part of this journey they will work together with 60 young men from their communities. They use their circus and dance talent to share this knowledge with their community, including parents and peers, and community leaders. Like this we achieve that the community and its leaders recognize and support the young women and they can become positive role models in their worlds.
23/03/2021 £1,000,000 £10,926,243 THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND CFNI #EmpoweringChange Intermediary Funding Programme 2021-23
23/03/2021 £2,000,000 £38,238,000 THE CORRA FOUNDATION Corra Foundation Intermediary funding programme 2021-23
23/03/2021 £3,000,000 £22,432,320 THE FEDERATION OF GROUNDWORK TRUSTS Groundwork UK Intermediary Partner England. 2021-2023 Local communities funding via Groundwork UK
23/03/2021 £1,000,000 £49,662,968 WALES COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION WCVA Intermediary funding programme 2021-23
23/02/2021 £200,000 £33,560,291 THE PREMIER LEAGUE CHARITABLE FUND PL Changemakers will support girls and young women to develop personal skills, leadership qualities and self-awareness around gender equality and mental health. From April ?21 to ?22, up to 40 football Club Community Organisations (CCOs) will deliver sport, workshops, mentoring and training to create a network of female young leaders.
26/01/2021 £288,000 £796,812 LANCASHIRE BME NETWORK LTD COVID19 - Lancashire BME Network (LBN) formed in 2014 following a merger between Lancashire Women’s Network (est. 1996) & Lancashire BME Pact (est. 2003) both had worked closely & merged in recognition of their complementary aims, objectives & goals to support marginalised BME communities across Lancashire. We continue to address multiple disadvantages that BME groups & communities face in employment, education, wellbeing and justice. This feeds in to the programmes we deliver at a community level. We are an infrastructure organisation & our membership (it’s offering) & services are open to any minoritised groups*, specifically those minoritised due to ethnicity & colour. Our membership is diverse in many ways including; ethnicity, location, type of activity delivered & size. Under our infrastructure service offer we deliver a number key strands primarily: capacity building activities to our members; convening & facilitate discussions in a safe space for dialogue & discussion; representation at strategic local, regional & national level and advocacy. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £318,000 £461,120 RACE COUNCIL CYMRU COVID19 - Race Council Cymru (RCC) was established in 2010 with the intention of bringing a fresh pan-Wales approach to issues around race a and exploit emerging opportunities for grassroots involvement in shaping the policies and services of government and Welsh institutions towards communities facing racial inequality (CfRI). RCC has grown and progressed steadily with innovative projects and schemes. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £249,107.78)
26/01/2021 £288,000 MUSLIM CHARITIES FORUM (MCF) COVID19 - The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) is the network of British Muslim charities working for social good at home and abroad, established in 2007. Our purpose is to contribute to a more just and sustainable world by improving the impact, effectiveness, and coordination of the British Muslim charitable sector. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £288,000 CARIBBEAN & AFRICAN HEALTH NETWORK GREATER MANCHESTER CIC COVID19 - CAHN is a Black-led organisation set up to address the wider social determinants of health and to reduce health inequalities for people of Caribbean & African descent living in Greater Manchester (GM). We work with the Black community and cross-sector organisations to build community resilience. CAHN’s vision is to eradicate health inequalities within a generation by building community resilience and a social movement. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £360,000 DO IT NOW NOW COVID19 - Common Call is a grant fund for Black-led charities and social enterprises across the UK, where over 51% of the leadership are people with lived experience and whose beneficiaries are over 51% Black. The specificity of our call allows us to tap into an extremely underfunded community. In the history of our fund we have had to turn great organisations away due to a lack of available funding. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £282,008.81)
26/01/2021 £288,000 £223,988 THE HEALTH FORUM COVID19 - We will fund community organisations to work with first generation migrants, asylum seekers and refugees from North Africa, East Africa and French Speaking Africa, China, Iran and the Middle East. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £288,000 £369,408 COALITION FOR RACIAL EQUALITY AND RIGHTS COVID19 - We would distribute funding to organisations whose main beneficiaries/members are from racialised groups. Organisations should be based in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area. We would open up the application process to members of the Glasgow Voluntary Sector Race Equality Network and also to nonmembers. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £276,000 £642,256 WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE COVID19 - We will prioritise organisations led by and for women of African descent, but the programme will be open to all women's organisations who are led by and for communities experiencing racial inequality. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £216,206.75)
26/01/2021 £288,000 £778,636 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION COVID19 - Community React Fund will work with community groups supporting African and Caribbean communities experiencing barriers in accessing services and most affected by Covid-19. The grant will fund initiatives addressing isolation, mental health, disability, violence against women and girls, poverty, digital exclusion, no recourse to public funds and those with chronic or long-term health conditions. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £225,607.05)
26/01/2021 £179,400 £408,031 MIGRANT CENTRE NI COVID19 - Intermediary Fund: Communities Experience Racial Inequality. At the moment, we know that organisations need digital resources, especially with the advent of increased remote working, funding for core costs (i.e. rent, phone and internet costs, etc), PPE equipment to safely resume some level of services, and funding for interpreting to implement multi-lingual support services. Journey of funds: National Emergencies Trust and The Clothworkers’ Foundation funds to Comic Relief, Comic Relief to intermediary partners, and intermediary partners to grassroots organisations. Co-funded by National Emergencies Trust, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and The Clothworkers’ Foundation (with the amount of £140,534.36)
26/01/2021 £4,000,000 £47,650,945 ASSOCIATION OF NHS CHARITIES COVID19 NHS Charities Together Covid 19 Emergency Appeal. Donation from Premiere League for Big Night In. Funding will contribute to stage 3 grants to local NHS trusts and be used to support NHS staff and patients with their mental health and wellbeing.
26/01/2021 £30,000 £11,506,000 THE BARROW CADBURY TRUST The Funders for Race Equality Alliance is a network of charitable foundations working together to achieve race equality in the UK. Established informally in 2015, the Alliance is facilitated and hosted by Equally Ours, a charity that work with public bodies, think tanks and the private sector to increase public and political support on equality and human rights, strengthen civil societies progress and create solutions to advance and equal and diverse society. Whilst Equally Ours have acted as the secretariat of the Alliance (since 2017), Barrow Cadbury pool and route the funds to the secretariat. This funding will contribute to salary costs for Equally Ours, enabling them to act as the Secretariat to the Alliance for a further 2 years.
26/01/2021 £98,613 PSYCHIATRIC DISABILITY ORGANIZATION Pepea is a #QualityRights compliant user-led youth initiative that seeks to increase access to and uptake of evidence-based youth-friendly services in Nakuru. Services are delivered in a stepped-care approach by trained peers (supervised by specialists) who also lead efforts to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination in their community.
26/01/2021 £206,893 KENYA ASSOCIATION FOR THE INTELLECTUALLY HANDICAPPED This project seeks to raise awareness and strengthen knowledge on the high prevalence rates on mental health concerns of persons with intellectual disabilities which goes unnoticed and undetected due to limited knowledge, skills and understanding on the comorbidity between intellectual disability and mental health conditions. Even in situations wh
10/12/2020 £40,000 £1,663,105 THE ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST We request funding towards our core services to provide safe homes and ensure better futures for young LGBTQ+ people aged 16-25 who are facing homelessness. This programme is managed by our Services team with staff based in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol. akt provides a wrap -around service for young LGBTQ young people who are facing homelessness or living in an abusive environment. We provide safe accommodation and support from our dedicated caseworkers and other volunteers until the young person can move to independent living.
08/12/2020 £158,778 £3,084,830 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE This proposal aims to research, co-design and establish a new type of foundation that will support, grow and strengthen Black and Ethnic Minority communities and community organisations who are led by Black and Ethnic Minority people. This Foundation will be unique because it will be led by the community organisations it supports - it will support a range of thematic issues based on needs and priorities identified by these groups and organisations over the research phase. This proposal outlines the activities and costs associated with the design, development, and set up of the foundation. Comic Relief is asked to provide a single investment to the total costs, the remainder of which will be covered by other funders participating in this initiative.
08/12/2020 £250,000 WOMEN IN SAFE HOUSES (WISH) FUND The WISH housing fund will purchase and supply suitable properties for lease by Women's Sector Organisations, enabling them to provide transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence.
08/12/2020 £662,950 UAF-AFRICA UAF-Africa is requesting funds for onward grant making to support feminist and women?s rights initiatives that respond to GBV as well as bolstering women?s leadership as explained below.
08/12/2020 £662,950 WOMEN FUND TANZANIA Women Fund Tanzania Trust (WFT-T) is requesting funding from Maanda Initiative for deepening its work of supporting Women Rights Organisations (WROs), grassroots women organizations and the women and girl?s movement/s whose work is focused on addressing and preventing violence against women and girls and advocating and championing for women and girl?s voice, agency and leadership rights in the country.
08/12/2020 £662,950 AFRICAN WOMEN'S DEVELOPMENT FUND AWDF is seeking a grant of £1,000.000.00 for 3 years under Comic Relief?s Maanda Phase 2 for Women?s funds to support its entire strategic plan Shaping Africa?s Future SFIV, 2017-2021 and specifically for work on Violence Against Women and Women?s Leadership.
10/11/2020 £498,399 MEDICA MONDIALE E.V. Medica Mondiale will partner with three Sierra Leonean women?s rights organizations: Girl2Girl Empowerment Movement (G2G), Women Against Violence and Exploitation in Society (WAVES), & Choices and Voices Foundation for Women and Girls (CVF). They will expand prevention providing improved community awareness and mechanisms to prevent s/gbv and to protect women and girls; improve responses - improved response mechanisms and approaches to adequately respond to incidents of s/gbv and to provide justice to survivors; and amplify feminist action - feminist actors have improved organisational strength, to amplify women?s voices, to transform public opinion and social practice.
10/11/2020 £200,000 £695,365 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FORWARD is requesting £200,000 over three years? for strengthen organisational capacity and long-term sustainability of the organisation. This will include improve organisational systems, fundraising capacity and develop our strategic plan, strengthen programme evidence, theory of change and documentation of our work in tackling violence against women and girls, gender equality, leadership development and partnership support. The funding will further benefit FORWARD?s partner organisations that receive capacity building support from FORWARD.
13/10/2020 £30,000 SANGATH Our proposal aims to work with young people aged 16-24 years in New Delhi and Maharashtra, India to develop an accessible youth mental health advocacy toolkit to equip young people with the skills and capacities to address mental health problems, engage in dialogue and advocate for better mental health. The toolkit will be developed in two languages (Hindi and English) as a printed resource and interactive website and will be piloted with 20 young mental health leaders.
13/10/2020 £240,000 £2,867,524 THE GLOBAL FUND FOR CHILDREN UK TRUST Funder Safeguarding Collaborative to be managed by the Global Fund for Children (GFC) on behalf of the founding donors; Comic Relief, Oak Foundation, Porticus, Global Fund for Children and Big Lottery Community Fund (NLCF). The vision of the Safeguarding Consortium is to increase collaboration amongst funders to advance global safeguarding approaches and practice and will focus on three key areas of delivery: 1. Piloting a small grants programme in the global south (Uganda initially) through a pooled fund. This will be delivered through a locally based intermediary organisation to organisations identifying locally rooted safeguarding needs 2. Policy to Practice Exchange through effective collaboration, learning and strategic alignment 3. Capacity building through training and support packages for funders that can be bought in. This proposal is towards core costs and the pooled fund for small grants pilot
13/10/2020 £30,000 £1,623,689 GLOBAL DIALOGUE We would like to request support from Comic Relief of £30,000 over two years towards the learning activities and running costs of the Migration Exchange funder network, hosted at the charity Global Dialogue. Our request to Comic Relief would support the development of an effective network of independent funders and migration and refugee sector organisations. It will support events, briefings, commissions and small grants to strengthen sector and funder effectiveness and collaboration, to benefit people who migrate to and seek refuge in the UK. This proposal will also support our learning activities for the benefit of charities and funders with an interest in these issues. Our learning activities and events will focus on the policy context, state and scope of charities and funding to support refugees and migrants, or secure immigration and integration reform. They will draw on the findings of our review research, ?Taking Stock and Facing the Future; the Infrastructure and resources of the UK migration and refugee sector? which was published in April 2020. The MEX review provides a ?health check? on the infrastructure and resources of the sector as well as helpful context for action on the current crisis and future recovery of the sector, and a baseline for assessing the situation after this pandemic. Building on this work we are planning to commission second phase of the review to keep track of the sector and foundations? response to the pandemic, and in the long-term to evaluate the health and shape of the sector post-pandemic. In addition, our learning activities will build on our Impact Assessment Framework, which we commissioned from IPPR, Migration Observatory, and independent consultants who are public health experts to understand the impact of the pandemic on people in different parts of the immigration system.
13/10/2020 £9,750,000 £19,012,596 THE FOUNDATION FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS COVID 19 - UnLtd would begin with intensive grant making (Oct 2020-Mar 2021) to support 100-150 social enterprises through the initial recovery phase as communities rebuild and trading conditions slowly pick up.
15/09/2020 £208,155 UNYPA Young people living with or affected by HIV in Uganda experience higher rates of suicide, depression and anxiety than the rest of the population owing to the many challenges they face. There are few youth-friendly mental health support services for them to get the help they need. This project will deliver a tailored football curriculum that creates a safe space to discuss sensitive mental health issues in a relaxed environment, builds the resilience of participants and enables referrals to mental health service providers. It will train a cohort of coaches to be part of the service response and also work with providers to improve the quality of the service they offer.
15/09/2020 £129,997 THRIVE GULU Thrive Gulu will integrate dance with Mental Health & Psychosocial Support services to effect measurable reduction in depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts among youth and adults, in Northern Uganda. Their Dance and Therapy programme will improve confidence, productivity and positive outlook in survivors of war and second generation trauma. Dance4Life will support Thrive in the curriculum design and training of staff to use dance therapy.
15/09/2020 £65,000 HIVOS EAST AFRICA The project seeks to undertake activities of Gender and Generational Empowerment programme that will lead to a structured closeout process that will ensure that stakeholders are engaged in the process, learnings are documented, and that relevant project activities can continue after the close out phase.
15/09/2020 £119,744 COMMUNITY CONSORTIUM UGANDA Community Consortium Uganda are a Ugandan NGO that use sport and theatre for change approaches to support people with mental health problems. Their programme, Obstacle Race Against Stigma and Shame (ORASS) is an learning sports programme combining mental health education and physical exercise for children and young people, with the aim of reducing mental health stigma and shame, and also providing safe and effective ways to manage good mental health. In four phases, ORASS will deliver a classroom and obstacle course based curriculum to 10-24 yr olds in schools both in the Kyaka II refugee settlement and the wider Kyegegwa district. CCU will also develop a "mental health self help app".
15/09/2020 £180,000 KIDS PLAY RWANDA KPR aims to improve MH provision among young people by delivering a curriculum of trauma-informed sport-based activities. Coaches, parents and teachers will be trained as counsellors to provide quality 1:1 sessions to youth in rural Rwanda; reducing distress/stigma, improving self-esteem/wellbeing, & enhancing support systems in the community. The programme uses sport as a vehicle to deliver MH messaging and to create a safe space where multiple generations can come together to talk about MH and to build collective tools and strategies to build resilience and promote self care.
15/09/2020 £199,999 SHOOTING TOUCH Shooting Touch, in collaboration with community-based partners, will use the power of sport (basketball) to improve Rwandan individuals? knowledge and management of mental health. Shooting Touch will also strive to reduce the existing stigmas, on an individual, family, and community level, around the understanding and treatment of people with poor mental health.
15/09/2020 £174,744 £1,202 WOMEN WIN LIMITED Using a proven combination of sport, psycho-social education, community engagement and livelihood activities, Women Win and CPSO will work to promote well-being, build coping strategies, ignite conversations around mental health, disrupt stigma and improve economic opportunity. They will strengthen the leadership of girls, women and children and build the resilience that they need to keep their Heads Up.
15/09/2020 £159,068 £4,915,632 SPEAR HOUSING ASSOCIATION LIMITED SPEAR seeks funding to support young people experiencing homelessness with its Springboard programme. Springboard will help 150 young people over three years develop skills to enable them to live independently. Every week, across five locations in the Borough of Richmond, groups of young people will experience a range of classes that include tenancy management, independent living skills like budgeting and cooking, community involvement, and emotional wellbeing. Beneficiaries also receive one to one support as they steer themselves towards their own self-identified goals. Career guidance and links to businesses will boost their employability. Springboard will enable long-term change.
15/09/2020 £174,300 £567,181 THE STREETLIFE TRUST LIMITED Streetlife's Looking Forward project will provide a dedicated youth worker to help homeless young people in Blackpool to make a stable home and find their feet so they can think about their future and take steps towards it. The worker will provide intensive support to young people who have the greatest vulnerability e.g. care experienced, involved with criminal justice system. They will act as a coach, mentor and advocate providing practical support e.g. going with the young person to appointments, finding furniture for their new home; and emotional support e.g. confidence building sessions and connecting the young person with other help available e.g. counselling, life skills classes.
15/09/2020 £175,765 £2,285,279 ST. MICHAEL'S FELLOWSHIP The project will expand work with marginalised young fathers in South London who face a range of issues such as mental health issues, being care leavers, learning disabilities and involvement in the Criminal Justice System. It will offer emotional and practical support, including practical parenting support/advice, help accessing grants and support with housing, jobs and education. Alongside 1:1 support, the project will pilot ?Being Dads?, a group programme. Young men will be supported to build communication and life skills whilst becoming better parents. The grant will pay for the Fathers Worker?s salary, activity costs and contribute to organisational running costs.
15/09/2020 £199,185 £884,036 SUTTON COLDFIELD YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Release Young Carer's Project will provide targeted support to 216 young carers aged 14-18 years old across Birmingham. Support will include 1-2-1 Life Coaching that will be tailored to meet the young carers needs, helping them to set life and career goals, to develop coping strategies, and to help the overcome barriers to their ambitions. The project will also work with 27 schools to to raise awareness of young carers needs, helping schools to better identify young carers and provide earlier intervention. The majority of Young Carers are living in poverty, and 'hidden' from services. A grant will support the salaries of 3 Specialist Youth Workers, plus delivery and organisational costs.
15/09/2020 £199,919 £329,632 HEALTH ENERGY ADVICE TEAM LIMITED Bridge Project is a new project to support young women in Liverpool to access their own home and give them the tools to make it a happy space where they feel safe and secure. The beneficiaries will be survivors of domestic abuse aged 16-25 who are either; homeless/living in insecure housing, care leavers or young mothers. The project will provide 1:1 and group support to the young women, mentoring them, helping them to access support and developing their skills and independence. The grant will pay for the costs of staff and volunteers and contribute to the project?s overheads.
15/09/2020 £181,798 £683,657 THE CLOCK TOWER SANCTUARY This project involves working with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness or insecure housing, in Brighton. They provide a safe space at the youth only drop in centre 6 days a week, with food and washing facilities, and a variety of life skills and wellbeing sessions on site. The project will fund Support Coordinators for c.360 young people over 2 years, with additional intensive support provided (and referrals made) for those presenting with mental health concerns. A smaller group of c.60 young people will be offered a Tenancy and Independent Living Skills (TILS+) course run by Your Own Place, designed to prepare young people for independent living.
15/09/2020 £68,400 £1,722,321 ACTIVE COMMUNITIES NETWORK LIMITED This project will work in four areas of Southwark, taking in estates that all lack cohesion. Some divisions exist because of the silos in which Latin, West African, Bangladeshi, Somali, Caribbean and European communities live and socialise; some tensions exist because regeneration has brought in new professional communities alongside established residents. On this initiative, Active Communities Network will work alongside Millwall Community Trust; each will deliver a programme of open access sports-sessions for community members to increase trust and co-operation between residents. Alongside this will be work with leaders from ten grassroots sporting groups, to build their integration.
15/09/2020 £165,000 £2,202,879 CORAM VOICE (FORMERLY VOICE FOR THE CHILD IN CARE) Many care leavers are not told about their full entitlements (housing, bursaries etc) - they often don't realise they can access Social Care Support, or that Pathway Planning should be part of their transition out of care. Coram Voice already runs a successful Care Leavers Advocacy Service in London, and will replicate this in Manchester where it has a growing project hub. Care experienced young people aged 16-25 years will be able to access a specialist Advocate who will work in an enabling and holistic way to remove them from a point of crisis (homelessness, debt, food poverty etc) by educating them about their rights, and support pathways. The goal is for care leavers to flourish.
15/09/2020 £180,000 £612,981 THE SWITCHBACK INITIATIVE Switchback charity are requesting funding to support young men aged 18 to 25 with experience of the criminal justice system, through mentor support and practical interventions. Support begins in prison and continues for 16 months after release with the option of young men returning to service if they need support later. Funding will mainly support the salaries of 5 mentors who will support 75 trainees over 5 years with a work placement and ongoing holistic one-to-ones in a range of areas. A further 300 young men will be engaged through motivation interviewing preparing them for release. The organisation has a long history of success based in its established model with proven impact.
15/09/2020 £177,690 £289,899 YOUTH COMMUNITY SUPPORT AGENCY YCSA's Safe, Happy and Confident project will work with Black and Minority Ethnic young people from Glasgow, aged 16 to 25, and who are experiencing homelessness or insecure housing or who are young offenders or at risk of offending. The young people will receive 1:1 support and group activities e.g. film club, English language classes. The aim is to provide a safe nurturing space and support that will enable these disadvantaged young people to develop and achieve their potential, reaching positive destinations such as a stable home, college or employment.
15/09/2020 £103,000 £146,594 FIGHT FOR CHANGE FOUNDATION LTD This project will support 60 Londoners aged approx. 18-35 to overcome mental health challenges that are affecting their ability to socially integrate. Using a combination of boxing sessions with inbuilt mental health messaging, reflective group sessions run by a clinical psychiatrists, and access to training and volunteering opportunities, participants will also benefit from a peer-buddying system to help overcome isolation. The project will take place at the Black Prince Youth Hub in Vauxhall/Kennington, and serve residents from Lambeth and Southwark. Referring agencies will include local GP networks, Lambeth Healthy Living Network, Mind and other voluntary sector groups
15/09/2020 £83,025 £671,593 AFGHANISTAN & CENTRAL ASIAN ASSOCIATION This project will create a safe space for Muslim refugee girls, 11-16, often excluded from mainstream sport, to play football. The project will develop key life skills and improve health and wellbeing. Additionally, the project aims to strengthen connections and links to other communities in Hounslow and Ealing and challenge stereotypes and under-representation of Muslim girls in community sport. Through this project, ACAA will create opportunities for local Muslim girls to play football in public spaces in West London.
15/09/2020 £41,219 £1,763,360 THE BIKE PROJECT This project, Pedal Power, will support female refugees to develop cycling skills in London. With the high cost of transport, refugees and asylum seekers are unable to access the services/amenities they need to build a new life e.g. legal & medical assistance, Home Office appointments, charity services, social support network. Through cycling lessons and having a recycled bicycle, refugee women will increase their social mobility and thus their ability to access services, explore their local community, whilst improving their mental and physical health. In addition, a virtual 'Cyber Cyclists' provision will enable online training, community spaces online and meaningful progression paths.
15/09/2020 £42,995 £274,886 ABBEY COMMUNITY CENTRE The primary beneficiaries of the Fitness for Friendship programme will be older Londoners who are isolated, lonely and disconnected from community life. In particular, people aged 60+ living near the community centre located in Kilburn. Through the project?s ongoing targeted and tailored sports/physical activities programme and 1:1 support, participants will develop friendships, community belonging, confidence, better access to other care, and will improve their physical and mental health.
15/09/2020 £141,123 £629,480 YOUNG ROOTS Our weekly Sports and Advice Hub in Brent integrates sporting and youth activities with access to in-depth one-one casework support, and expert legal and therapeutic support. The holistic nature of our Hub provision allows young refugees and asylum seekers aged 11-25 to positively address complex issues, enabling them to cope, adapt and thrive.
15/09/2020 £113,625 £1,501,011 XLP This project will help children and young people in the 9 most impoverished inner-city boroughs of London. CYP who live in these neighbourhoods face the symptoms of structural poverty including low educational outcomes, poor physical/mental health, and the risk of falling victim to or getting recruited by criminal gangs both outside and within their communities. CYP will take part in weekly after-school football and fitness sessions in their local community areas in which they will learn key life skills around leadership and confidence-building, interacting with others in a safe space, and will gain mentorship through positive role models.
15/09/2020 £93,582 £498,510 EFA LONDON Migrants and refugees, particularly those with English as an additional language, suffer disproportionately from the impact of poverty and inequality. These socio-economic circumstances negatively impact on wellbeing and health and exacerbate social isolation. The programme will combine language learning with sport/physical activity sessions and support adult migrants and refugees to feel part of the London communities they live in. Through joining a series of weekly walking, cycling and language sessions, 80 people will build relationships across cultures and nationalities. The programme will be based in Tower Hamlets in parks, schools and community centres.
15/09/2020 £106,142 £843,251 SOCIAL ACTION FOR HEALTH Social Action for Health (SAH) are a health charity that work in East London, predominantly Tower Hamlets. They are proposing My Moves, a project that aims to increase uptake of physical activity in marginalised and underserved groups. My Moves develops culturally-accessible low impact exercise (dance) with people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. By combining traditional dances with ESOL lessons, and then the opportunity to get together through food, SAH aim to increase social integration, foster a sense of community and provide accessible exercise for communites excluded from (culturally inappropriate/ inaccessible) mainstream sport services.
15/09/2020 £49,600 £2,895,193 NEW PHILANTHROPY CAPITAL My Best Life is NPC?s collaborative project, partnering with youth charities (UK Youth, The Mix, Leap Confronting Conflict, and Founders & Coders), digital agency, and a local authority to test and build a digital tool for young people. NPC is now looking to raise a further £49,600 from Comic Relief for this stage of the project (Phase II), having secured £115,000 elsewhere. In Phase III, after a completed discovery phase, the aim is to design and develop an MVP to be tested in the market (through testing this proof of concept in a specific locality working with a local authority). which helps young people to discover what services are available to them that meet their needs and preferences, and inspire a shift in the charity sector towards a more open, collaborative and iterative way of working.
18/08/2020 £200,000 FSD ZAMBIA The proposal will have two main components: 1. Research on how Covid-19 has affected saving groups (some of them already supported through previous Branching Out initiatives). 2. Project distributing mobile phones, and solar chargers to facilitate phone banking and information dissemination on Covid-19 The project will feed into the overarching academic dialogue on COvid-19 and, crucially for Branching Out, will be translateable to proactive work in adapting savings group models to future disasters. The project will also continue and expand support of savings groups, bringing further access to both finance and health information to communities.
18/08/2020 £200,000 TORONTO LEADERSHIP CENTRE The Toronto Leadership Centre will continue its work with Comic Relief and Jersey Overseas Aid to support the Bank of Zambia in strengthening its social safety net programme, enacted in part in response to Covid-19. It will do this by building a risk-based supervisory Framework with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zambia. The goal is to future-proof safety nets and ensure that there are fewer vulnerable individuals slipping through the net. Additionally, the Toronto Leadership Centre will also undertake a large multi-country research study which seeks to determine how Covid-19 and policies have affected delivery of financial services and financial inclusion efforts.
18/08/2020 £200,152 GOOD NATURE AGRO This project proposes three key interventions to improve access to financial services and strengthen the resilience of 9,500 farmers in rural Zambia, facing instability due to Covid-19: 1. Facilitate access to offline and affordable transaction accounts and savings facilities; 2. Financial literacy training and tools to allow farmers to make better investments into their crops, land, and futures. 3. Provision of weather-based crop insurance and funeral insurance to withstand economic shocks. Programming will embed health messaging to challenge misinformation concerning Covid-19, provide farmers with up-to-date health information and influence behavior e.g. mask wearing.
18/08/2020 £200,000 ACCION INTERNATIONAL COVID 19 - Accion proposes a longitudinal quantitative survey, conducted once a quarter for three quarters to understand trends in the FinTech landscape in the aftermath of Covid's social and economic impacts, and to identify primary factors that contributed to successful adaptations in the midst of the crisis globally. The work will be solely funded by Branching Out and will build upon initial surveys conducted by Accion within the remit of "Inclusive Fintech 50" an other Branching Out-funded programme. The results of the research will be shared publicly, helping improve FinTech resilience, encouraging investors to return to markets, and further contributing to the academic dialogue on Covid-19.
18/08/2020 £12,596,800 THE GLOBAL FUND TO FIGHT AIDS, TUBERCULOSIS AND MALARIA The COVID 19 pandemic has profoundly affected our world and continues to rapidly escalate with 150 000 new cases a day, disproportionally affecting the countries the Global Fund serves. The impact of COVID 19 could eliminate 10 years of progress on HIV and TB and 20 years of progress on malaria and a swift response remains critical.
14/07/2020 £160,000 ROCKEFELLER PHILANTHROPY ADVISORS Africa No Filter is a donor collaborative that supports the development of progressive stories that shift negative narratives about Africa. Through research, grant making and advocacy they aim to build the field of narrative change makers in Africa by supporting storytellers , investing in media platforms and driving disruption campaigns.
14/07/2020 £160,000 CHANGE PLEASE CIC Change Please are applying for £240,000 over 3 years to allow them to scale up their retail sites and further their impact
26/06/2020 £500,000 £52,560,864 PRISM THE GIFT FUND COVID19 - This investment will enable Help Refugees to flow funds to those on the frontline of responding to the crisis on migration routes from the Middle East to Europe.
26/06/2020 £500,000 WOMEN'S FUND ASIA COVID19 - The funding from Comic Relief will go towards the Kaagapay: Fund to Support Feminist Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 & focus on allocation towards WFA's current and former partners from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Through this fund, WFA affirm its commitment as a feminist funder working towards resourcing groups led by women, girls, trans, and intersex people as they respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and help fuel the resilience of feminist movements in the region, as well as adapt to new challenges in the aftermath of COVID 19. Kaagapay is a Filipino word, which means "to stand by one's side" or "to go hand in hand in support".
26/06/2020 £500,000 UHAI EASHRI COVID19 - This grant will be used to support Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer women, transgender and intersex (LBQTI) and female sex worker (FSW) communities in Comic Relief's focus countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Grants to peer-led organisations will enable them to facilitate community-driven responses to the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 crisis on LBQTI and FSW communities, alongside capacity development support and broader movement building facilitated by Uhai Eashri.
26/06/2020 £500,000 UAF-AFRICA COVID19 -UAF-Africa is a pan-African feminist and women's rights fund with a footprint in 49 African countries. As a rapid-response funder, this proposal is to provide funds to existing, and new, individuals and groups addressing a variety of needs informed by the complex and intersectional nature of women's lives. a hybrid approach, providing both practical/humanitarian support alongside strategic advocacy support. UAF are adopting a hybrid approach, providing both practical/humanitarian support alongside strategic advocacy support to advocate for structural and systemic changes that have led to the intersectional gendered impact of Covid-19.
26/06/2020 £500,000 KENYA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION COVID19 - Focusing initially on 12 counties in Kenya most-affected by Covid-19, Kenya Community Development Foundation will invest in activities that enable local organizations to meet the immediate needs of the groups and the communities they serve ('emergency') whilst also considering medium-term interventions that support community recovery and increased resilience. In addition, KCDF (as a key actor in the #ShiftThePower movement in Africa) will invest in capacity building support for partner grantees and communities. This will include joint advocacy efforts and investment in their ability to adapt to the changing context for civil society in Kenya.
26/06/2020 £200,000 £69,386,612 MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (UK) COVID19 - Funding requested for MSF's medical humanitarian work with refugees and migrants.
23/06/2020 £650,000 £5,448,357 THE METRO CENTRE LTD COVID19 - METRO Charity's purpose is to promote health and wellbeing through transformative services to anyone experiencing issues relating to sexuality, gender, equality, diversity and identity, and use their unique insight from these transformative services and their diverse heritage to influence decision-makers and to effect positive change. METRO's LGBTQ+ network of local and regional partners/allies throughout England informs all of their work and their comprehensive external communications' activity as a key player nationally in the LGBTQ+ sector. METRO is bringing together Partners Yorkshire Mesmac, Birmingham LGBT and NAZ to deliver funding to local LGBTQ+ groups across the UK.
23/06/2020 £440,000 £458,799 ANTI TRIBALISM MOVEMENT COVID19 - The ATM-The Anti-Tribalism Movement is a non-profit organisation committed to tackling tribal discrimination and promoting fairer and more equitable societies.-They-work towards this mission through-five thematic priorities:-fostering tolerance, encouraging dialogue, producing leaders, and undertaking-community research-to influence-institutional policies and practice. They work closely with the Somali and East African community, and have strong links nationwide.- They have varied grant making experience, including in partnership with US embassy awarding grants to organisations in Somalia, and making-micro grants for young people in the UK, with a focus on social action.
23/06/2020 £440,000 £626,688 SPORTING EQUALS COVID19 - Sporting Equals-vision is an equal, ethnically diverse sport, health and physical activity sector, and we are the only organisation in the UK that exists for this purpose. Originally formed in 1998 through a partnership between Sport England and the Commission for Racial Equality, we incorporated as an independent entity in 2006 and have set about fighting inequality and challenging attitudes ever since. Their 5000 strong membership spans across England, Wales and Scotland and Christine Ohuruogu MBE, and Kriss Akabusi MBE are some of their ambassadors.- Sporting Equals will distribute Comic Relief funding to BAME led and serving community organisations delivering sport for change.
23/06/2020 £275,000 £408,031 MIGRANT CENTRE NI COVID19 - Migrant Centre Northern Ireland--overall aim is to tackle racism and eliminate barriers against new and settled migrant communities in NI. We work across the region of Northern Ireland and have three offices across Northern Ireland.-We aim to support the capacity of migrants to work within their communities and to empower people to respond to discrimination and prejudice.Reaching grassroots organisations with a good geographical spread throughout NI. Migrant Centre NI will distribute funding to BAME led and serving community organisations across Northern Ireland on Comic Relief's behalf.
23/06/2020 £357,500 £367,669 NEXT STEP INITIATIVE COVID19 - Next Step Initiative are an organisation that works to empower and transform the quality of life of African communities in Scotland,--and to help train and empower young people in African emerging nations. They have partnered and successfully supported and enhanced the capacity and sustainability of 23 Organisations and 13 Social Enterprises from Black African and West Indian communities. Next Step will distribute funding to BAME led and serving organisations across Scotland.
23/06/2020 £275,000 £612,925 ACTION FOR RACE EQUALITY COVID19 - BTEG is a national BAME charity that reaches a network of over 1000 community based organisations. BTEG has supported frontline organisations for 29 years and has built up expertise working in, with and for BAME organisations. BTEG is an Intermediary partner for Comic Relief and makes grants to local BAME organisations on our behalf.
23/06/2020 £440,000 £1,343,782 IMKAAN COVID19 - Imkaan is a second-tier infrastructure organisation serving the black minoritised and migrant women's community.-Established in 1998, the idea for Imkaan was to create a federation for the specialist BAME women's sector. At the time, BAME organisations did not have a nationally representative body that could advocate on their behalf. BAME women's organisations raised concerns about justice issues, the need for greater equality and representation, and the disproportionate impact of funding and resourcing they experienced. Their voices were seldom heard in shaping policy and strategy and that they lacked local presence in strategic decision making.
23/06/2020 £357,500 £3,628,010 BAWSO LTD COVID19 - BAWSO-delivers -support -to -people -from -Black -and -Minority -Ethnic -(BAME) -backgrounds -affected -by -all forms -of -harmful -traditional -practice,- -including -sexual -violence, -domestic -violence, -female -genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, honour-based violence,and modern day slavery and human trafficking. They also support refugees and their families who have fled violence and abuse and have moved to Wales to settle free from harm.- They currently deliver a range of services to 6000 people across Wales, including refuges, domestic abuse service, child services and out reach projects.
23/06/2020 £440,000 £992,287 VOICE4CHANGE ENGLAND LIMITED COVID19 - V4CE is uniquely well placed to act as a funding partner for Comic Relief. V4CE is a national membership organisation helping BAME groups and communities since 2006 and has expertise and a track record of success in reaching BAME groups. V4CE is connected to both larger organisations and grassroots groups, and helps them with infrastructure and income development, with specialist expertise which will be core to effective delivery of grants to BAME groups. V4CE has a a longstanding role of representation built on trust and good relationships with its members. V4CE has a high profile as a national advocate for the BAME sector, and the networks to distribute funds effectively.
23/06/2020 £275,000 £3,007,927 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION COVID19 - Greater Manchester BAME Network were established in 2009, to inform, support and connect BAME-led VCSE organisations and BAME individuals living and working in Greater Manchester, and the North West. Working with 1300 members, they provide regular news about policy, funding, best practice, and opportunities for members to network, hear high-profile speakers, and learn from each other. It also facilitate space for networking , partnership development and capacity building especially around funding and sustainability. GM BAME Network is working with GMCVO as a technical to deliver funding to BAME led and serving grassroots groups across Greater Manchester.
23/06/2020 £35,753 £3,180,165 42ND STREET - COMMUNITY BASED RESOURCE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER STRESS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,817 £405,468 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £328,620 ACE OF CLUBS (CLAPHAM) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £21,302 £323,895 ACTION ON POSTPARTUM PSYCHOSIS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,607,513 ISLINGTON LAW CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £314,460 LONDON COMMUNITY BOXING LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £10,000 £19,666,000 ABERLOUR CHILD CARE TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,000 £204,671 ART ANGEL (SCOTLAND) LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £3,182,619 ASHIANA SHEFFIELD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £474,092 AUDIOACTIVE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £32,000 £110,872 FOOTBALL FOR PEACE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £5,074,325 BELFAST CENTRAL MISSION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £338,738 BIGKID FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £7,088,639 BIRMINGHAM AND SOLIHULL WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,998 £772,216 BIRMINGHAM LGBT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £556,427 BLUEBELL CARE TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,483 £629,744 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,241,987 BRENT ADOLESCENT CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £11,551,000 BRITISH REFUGEE COUNCIL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £15,716 £202,201 BUILD UP FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £4,820,159 CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £231,798 CAMBRIDGE WOMENS RESOURCES CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £306,282 CARA-FRIEND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,000 £1,051,013 CARDBOARD CITIZENS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £37,927,000 CENTREPOINT SOHO COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,850 CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £9,971,588 CHILDREN 1ST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £34,860 £843,453 CIRCLES SOUTH EAST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £982,965 THE CLORE SOCIAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £780,773 COMMUNITY ACTION NORFOLK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £17,420 £249,112 COMMUNITY RECORDING STUDIO COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,789,319 CORAM'S FIELDS AND THE HARMSWORTH MEMORIAL PLAYGROUND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £862,744 CORE ARTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £663,593 TIME AND TALENTS ASSOCIATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £703,518 BIPOLAR UK LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £3,469,263 CENTRAL ENGLAND LAW CENTRE LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £4,232,335 CREATIVE YOUTH NETWORK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £24,400 £1,436,094 CROYDON VOLUNTARY ACTION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,900 £547,538 DEAFKIDZ INTERNATIONAL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,544 £120,232,000 PRIFYSGOL ABERYSTWYTH COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,685 £636,593 MIDAYE SOMALI DEVELOPMENT NETWORK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £19,571 £250,776 DIVERSITY MATTERS NORTH WEST LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £599,194 DEVON RAPE CRISIS AND SEXUAL ABUSE SERVICES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,135 £1,043,623 LEEDS MENCAP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,757 £706,540 EDINBURGH RAPE CRISIS CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £687,322 EDUCATION FUTURES TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £752,458 THE ELIZABETH FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,700 £792,455 NATIONAL UGLY MUGS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £904,911 EMPIRE FIGHTING CHANCE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,234,244 FOYLE WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,813 £265,922 ENGAGE WITH AGE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £26,000 £765,925 COLAB EXETER COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £33,860 £4,487,606 HARBOUR SUPPORT SERVICES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £34,908 £1,026,196 THE FAWCETT SOCIETY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £2,655,404 CELTIC FC FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £641,214 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,599 MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,859 £980,139 THE WOMEN'S CENTRE CORNWALL LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £15,000 £700,762 GLASGOW EAST WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,830 HARMLESS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £10,540 £2,325,823 WOMEN IN PRISON LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £13,080 THURLASTON FOOTBALL CLUB COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £358,501 THE HOLLOWAY NEIGHBOURHOOD GROUP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £1,020,624 HOME-START HOST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £8,079,178 HOUSING FOR WOMEN COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £24,000 £156,087 IMIX COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £10,000 £736,734 RAPE CRISIS TYNESIDE AND NORTHUMBERLAND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £2,233,370 INCLUDE YOUTH COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £274,606 INTEGRATE UK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £15,902 £71,847 NURTURE THE BORDERS C.I.C COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £907,444 JEWISH WOMENS AID LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £2,337,689 JUST FOR KIDS LAW LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £489,985 KIRAN SUPPORT SERVICES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,116 £2,697,113 LEEDS WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £631,138 BAIL FOR IMMIGRATION DETAINEES ( BID ) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,339 LEONARD CHESHIRE DISABILITY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,860 £448,721 MIDLOTHIAN YOUNG PEOPLE'S ADVICE SERVICE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £500,767 THE MAGDALENE GROUP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £611,331 MANCHESTER ACTION ON STREET HEALTH COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £2,148,594 MANCROFT ADVICE PROJECT (MAP) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,250 £353,282 MASLAHA COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £371,155 MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH ALLIANCE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £3,175,237 MAYDAY TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,000 £992,189 OASIS CARDIFF COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,885 £5,448,357 THE METRO CENTRE LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £17,220 £3,784,345 MIDDLESBROUGH AND STOCKTON MIND LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,452,318 MIND IN HARROW COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £299,911 MUSLIM WOMEN'S NETWORK UK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £31,100 £475,792 NETHERTON FEELGOOD FACTORY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,543 £813,386 THE NORTH TYNESIDE CARERS CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £11,043,895 YMCA ROBIN HOOD GROUP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,696,581 OFF THE RECORD (BRISTOL) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £31,630 £520,080 WEST WALES DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICE LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,447,055 ONE25 LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £21,000 £1,980,713 THE ASSOCIATION FOR REAL CHANGE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £28,467 £5,630,941 CITIZENS UK CHARITY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £15,800 £384,515 PAWS FOR KIDS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £620,731 POSITIVE ACTION IN HOUSING LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £24,720 £503,699 POSITIVE FUTURES NORTH LIVERPOOL LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,995 £815,857 POSITIVE YOUTH FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,150,930 POWER2 LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,633,325 PRISONERS ABROAD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £6,453,000 PRISON ADVICE AND CARE TRUST (PACT) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £19,923 £500,105 GOVAN COMMUNITY PROJECT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £8,875 £158,251 QUETZAL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 UNILEVER FOODS & REFRESHMENTS BV (TRADING AS BEN & JERRY'S) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,643 £505,728 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS IN EXILE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £16,896 £875,828 SCOTTISH SPORTS FUTURES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £1,092,139 MIND IN HARINGEY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £26,500 £449,070 REFUGEE RESOURCE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £456,964 REFUGEE WOMEN CONNECT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £27,090 £22,306,658 REFUGE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,079 £2,324,874 RESPECT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £973,241 RISING SUN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & ABUSE SERVICE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £33,623 £1,002,548 ROMSEY MILL TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £730,205 ALEXANDRA ROSE CHARITY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,939 £3,689,000 THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR BLIND CHILDREN COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £7,594 £1,215,994 RUILS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £6,067,052 SAFELIVES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £654,437 THE BOAZ TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,223,708 SAHELIYA STEERING GROUP COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £17,994,287 SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £27,365 £424,691 SENSORY TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £4,983,328 PAUSE CREATING SPACE FOR CHANGE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,500 £828,022 SALE SHARKS FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £3,603,036 WELSH HOUSING AID LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £488,041 SMALL GREEN SHOOTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £5,782,147 THE SOCIAL BITE FUND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 SOCIAL FINANCE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,277,842 SOMERSET AND AVON RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE SUPPORT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £558,957 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £1,283,310 SCOTTISH SPINA BIFIDA ASSOCIATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,000 £289,078 ISLINGTON CENTRE FOR REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 SPORTING MEMORIES NETWORK CIC COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,200 £1,722,492 STANDING TOGETHER AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £31,909 £1,637,982 EARLY YEARS SCOTLAND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £318,289 STEM4 COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,000 £567,181 THE STREETLIFE TRUST LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,614 £790,841 STREETWISE YOUNG PEOPLE'S PROJECT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,329,647 BODY AND SOUL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £713,702 STOP THE TRAFFIK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £533,046 STUDENT MINDS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £513,359 COUNTERPOINTS ARTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,641 £1,018,397 SURVIVING ECONOMIC ABUSE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,638 £884,036 SUTTON COLDFIELD YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £22,568 SWANSEA WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £20,870 £267,758 THE CHOIR WITH NO NAME COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,500 £1,155,589 TENDER EDUCATION AND ARTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £26,372 £1,613,208 THE BIRMINGHAM SETTLEMENT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,200 £1,138,182 THE BOOTH CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £26,025 £235,488 THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £35,000 £1,063,633 THE CHANGE FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,285,982 PORT TALBOT AND AFAN WOMENS AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £28,934 £2,434,059 THE HAVEN WOLVERHAMPTON COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £824,322 THE ANGELOU CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £3,356,641 REDTHREAD YOUTH LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £38,000 £2,074,685 SCOTLAND YARD ADVENTURE CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £28,500 £978,994 SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £1,542,449 TOGETHER WOMEN PROJECTS (YORKSHIRE AND HUMBERSIDE) COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £33,294 TONIC HOUSING ASSOCIATION LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £624,150 TRELYA COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £2,018,274 TREVI WOMEN LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,700 TUNTUM HOUSING ASSOCIATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £37,855 VENTURE TRUST COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £715,924 VINEYARD COMPASSION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £29,500 £1,273,175 THE BROOMHOUSE CENTRE COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £12,000 £14,365,833 LOCAL SOLUTIONS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,960 £1,246,841 FOOTBALL BEYOND BORDERS COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £328,324 VULCAN BOXING CLUB COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £18,270 £167,903 WHEATLEY HILL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £29,918 £4,841,097 WHO CARES? SCOTLAND COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,552 £559,294 WILD YOUNG PARENTS PROJECT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £39,046 £525,985 WINNER THE PRESTON ROAD WOMENS CENTRE LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £804,364 WOMEN'S COUNSELLING AND THERAPY SERVICE LTD COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £33,859 £1,031,539 STAFFORDSHIRE WOMEN'S AID COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £23,461 £754,968 WOMEN@THEWELL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £24,000 £1,034,174 WOMEN IN SPORT COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £28,000 WYRE FOREST NIGHTSTOP & MEDIATION SCHEME COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £10,000 £3,818,821 YMCA EAST SURREY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,637 £1,544,957 YORKSHIRE MESMAC COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £29,600 £2,355,569 YORKSHIRE SPORT FOUNDATION COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £9,644,556 HAFAL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £36,292 £1,367,405 YOUNG PEOPLE CORNWALL COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £2,548,000 YWCA ENGLAND & WALES COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £30,000 £2,943,177 YOUTH ACTION NORTHERN IRELAND LIMITED COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £10,000 £289,899 YOUTH COMMUNITY SUPPORT AGENCY COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £40,000 £2,009,837 YOUTHNET UK COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £25,000 £619,766 SCOTTISH NATIONAL COUNCIL YMCA COVID19 Recovery funding
23/06/2020 £440,000 £448,135 AFRICAN HEALTH POLICY NETWORK COVID19 - African Health Policy Network aims to improve the health and well-being of BAME people living in the UK who are disproportionately affected by long term health conditions such as HIV, mental health issues, diabetes and Cancer and others. We work with BAME communities to lessen the impacts of these inequalities and challenge intersecting issues of stigma, marginalisation, isolation, poverty and discrimination and racism-which in turn impact health outcomes. They will deliver funding in partnership with partners including House of Rainbow a Black LGBTQ organisation and French African Welfare Association a charity supporting Black Africans from French speaking countries.
23/06/2020 £20,000 £338,261 SOCIAL INNOVATION EXCHANGE Year on Power
23/06/2020 £11,174 £713,204 CHANGING FUTURES NORTH EAST COVID 19 - Staff time, small core cost amount to support us because of lost mediation sales, adaptations to the premises we are based in and related hardware upgrades to let us: â?¢Work with people in the community socially distanced whilst on our premises â?¢Staff to work from the building effectively socially distanced from each other and people who access our services. â?¢Recruit more volunteers & support people at risk of violence or abuse The things we need the funding for, to let us do this, are: â?¢Modifications to doors to enable a one way in/out system (£1,000) â?¢Installation of cabling and wi-fi to enable staff to work on site socially distanced across three floors (£2,100), and 6 new desks (£1,074) - currently people hot desk on fixed workstations) â?¢Pay for extra volunteer recruitment time & marketing costs (£3,000) to meet increased demand for support for children in foster or residential care â?¢Pay for some of our mediatorsâ?? time and associated loss of core cost revenue â?? as we are dealing with complex referrals without us getting paid (circa £4,000). We are rejecting more referrals due to domestic violence and have had a drop in enquiries of 25% - surplus from this service helps sustain our other services) We havenâ??t asked for money to cover a possible substantial shortfall in overheads and key staffing that would create large problems for us. This is because the department for work and pensions who we have our largest contract with havenâ??t told us yet what they are doing with that contract. It could amount to over £30,000 over 6mnths. We detail this more in the next section.
23/06/2020 £5,980 ISLINGTON MIND COVID19 - Our funding request is to adapt and improve support provision for Islington Mind?s LGBTQ+ service users in response to the Covid19 crisis. These extremely vulnerable adults normally access Outcome, our specialist LGBTQ+ service. Outcome offers one day a week community-based support to individuals who face multiple disadvantages in combination with complex, ongoing mental health problems. Outcome has been shown to increase social inclusion, prevent mental health crises and hospitalisation, and reduce poverty and the risk of destitution. The service offers opportunities to socialise within a safe, LGBTQ+ only therapeutic space supported by mental health professionals who are themselves LGBTQ+ individuals. Outcome also provides peer support (for example, through our LBT women only group, MindScape ? peer support for LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing paranoia and unusual beliefs, and an ?Expert By Experience? Move On group), activities to improve wellbeing and enhance skills, ad-hoc one-to-one mental health therapeutic support. Islington Mind is also dedicated to supporting this highly disadvantaged demographic through our Freedom From Fear To Love initiative. FFFTL offers specialist support to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees, successfully supporting them with complex asylum applications and the challenging? Move On? period once granted asylum. The RainbowSport@Mind project, supported by Comic Relief (London Together Program) is delivered as part of Outcome. The outbreak of Covid19 and the subsequent lockdown and social distancing measures have altered not only the way we work and the platforms we use (providing mental health support remotely for instance), but also the level of need and appropriate Covid19 emergency support required for this vulnerable group. We have identified that our LGBTQ+ service users are presented with complex challenges owing to their sexual/gender orientation, in combination with other protected characteristics. Many struggle to access food, shelter, fuel and other basic good due to their multiple disadvantages, including financial disadvantage, social exclusion, language and culture barriers, and complex mental health problems. The specialist LGBTQ+ team?s community-based support has been modified to provide remote support with complex one-to-one case work, in response to the increased level of need. This is why we are asking for Comic Relief?s support to help make up the shortfall in both capacity and resources. Therefore, our funding request is to cover: ? Salaries ? currently 4 support workers are employed two days a week each (a total of 56 hours). As described above, they are overstretched with case load, resulting in a risk of an inadequate response to the urgent need for this support. We would like to offer each member of the team at least an added day to support the Covid19 Crisis and Recovery periods ? increasing weekly capacity by 28 hours at a total of £14,000 over six months ? Added training, supervision and emotional support sessions to staff who are required to respond to increasing and more complex needs during times of increased anxiety levels in everyone?s lives - service users and staff alike - a total of £4,000 over the next 6 weeks ? 2-days a week admin support over 6 month ? we find that added admin support is required to arrange meetings, allocate users to staff members, divert the telephone line in a rota, record support and outcomes in our ?CharityLog? data management system etc. as well as to collate a comprehensive London-Wide LGBTQ+ related Covid-19 support resources, to design our LGBTQ+ website - at £6,000 for 6 months ? Improve IT capacity for service users who don?t have means of communication and therefore are excluded from crucial support during Covid19 crisis (ie smartphones and mobile data) - 40 individuals X £160 (£100 for smartphone + £20 per month for data X 3 month) - a total of £4,800 ? ICT training and support for service users who lack ICT / digital literacy - £1,200 ? Management and admin for the enhanced Covid19 provision - £3,000 Total funding requested - £33,000
23/06/2020 £7,249 £558,323 MEDICAL JUSTICE NETWORK LIMITED COVID19 - Medical Justice needs additional funding to adapt its activities to meet increased need whilst contending with more challenging circumstances due to Covid19. We believe that the measures will make Medical Justice more robust and effective longer-term, post Covid19.Medical Justice volunteer doctors document immigration detainees? scars of torture, serious medical conditions, injuries sustained during deportation attempts, deterioration of mental and physical health while detained indefinitely. We expose and challenge medical mistreatment in immigration detention. Our medico-legal reports are used to support detainees? substantive immigration cases and unlawful detention claims. Medical Justice uses its medical evidence to secure lasting change through policy work, strategic litigation, galvanising medical professional organisations, parliamentary channels, and the media.Looking at the Comic Relief criteria for this Covid Recovery grant, we feel we fit ;1. Experiencing an increased demand ? though many immigration detainees have been released, hundreds remain detained and the Home Office is fighting ?tooth and nail? to keep them detained indefinitely. Detainees typically need even more medical evidence than before to get released. In the courts, medical evidence is proving more pivotal than the fact that there are no flight to the detainee?s country due to the global Covid19 lockdown, how long the detainee has been in detention and other factors.2. Working with vulnerable groups ? immigration detention removal centres (IRCs) are congregate settings which risk acting as ?epidemiological pumps? with staff acting as conduits to and from the community. Covid19 has spread in IRCs. The vast majority of detainee are BAME men (both Covid19 risk factors), many of whom have co-morbidities that put them at high risk of sever illness following Covid19 infection. 3. Delivering an unmet need ? Those currently detained have an immediate and urgent need for medical evidence of their Covid19 co-morbidities. As they are being held for longer, their mental and physical health is more likely to deteriorate, and more severely so. Medical Justice is the only organisation in the UK that provides independent medical help for immigration detainees, and the only organisation that is expert at documenting deterioration caused by indefinite immigration detention.Medical Justice needs resulting from Covid19 include ;1. Additional caseworker resources ; --- To address urgent need for documenting Covid19 co-morbidities and hooking detainees up with legal representation for unlawful detention cases.--- To monitor casework and collate evidence with a view to potential strategic litigation challenging the Home Office?s failure to implement its own Covid19 policies, obstruct access to legal advice and independent medical advice, and failure to carry out correct individual risk assessments.2. Systems developmentTo strengthen our ability to make use of our medical evidence we need an IT solution to integrate our existing casework datasystem with non-casework data, such as litigation files, policy documents, and Home Office correspondence.Website overhaul ? as Covid19 is restricting our ability to hold training events, we need to bring more of our training and supervision online for our team of 100 volunteer interpreters and 85 clinicians, accessible via our website which is currently inadequate.3. Communications consultancy ? we do not have any Communications resource. We need some Comms expertise to operate more effectively in these unchartered waters, in terms of reaching detainees, volunteers, lawyers, journalists and parliamentarians.4. An extra office room ? we currently operate out of 33m2 office space in a shared building. When we are able to return to the office from working at home, we will need to rent an extra room to ensure we can practice social distancing and for possible medical assessments of released clients in order to complete medico-legal reports.We forecast a nearly £60,000 drop in income this financial year due to a reduction in medico-legal report fee income, associated donations (many volunteer doctors donate their fees back to Medical Justice in the minority of cases that get legal aid funding) and training fee income. We don?t think that income will grow back for perhaps a year or two.
23/06/2020 £6,717 £8,538,000 REFUGEE ACTION COVID19 - Refugee Action is requesting support for its Navigating Asylum Programme partners to engage and support people seeking asylum during the C19 crisis. To provide the vital information and support that people need to understand the asylum system and to navigate it effectively during this crisis, people need access to data enabled phones, the internet and Wi-Fi, and the skills to access services digitally. The seven frontline organisations who will provide people seeking asylum with this information and support lack the digital equipment that their staff and volunteers need to redesign their delivery during the C19 crisis, and to provide the accessible, holistic and vital service that people seeking asylum in their local area need to secure their safety and dignity. We have revised our budget to reallocate in-person delivery costs and some indirect costs (office costs for Refugee Action) to enable our partners to meet some of these costs from within the existing budget. We have identified that they need additional funding to meet the following costs in the next six months: ? Data and data-enabled phones for 30 clients (210 people); ? Smart phone, dongle, tablet and phone contract for 5 volunteers (35 people). Our volunteers are experts by experience who will be trained to guide people through the asylum process and to provide vital information on the system to our campaigns team; ? Smart phone, dongle, tablet and phone contract for 1 staff member (7 people); ? A half day per week of additional management time to redesign their programme for provision remotely and safely in the C19 context and to support staff and volunteers to deliver effectively in this environment (7 people).
23/06/2020 £3,171 SALAAM PEACE COVID19 - The funding is to transition our community sports programmes from face-to-face to online. We will develop a virtual sports programme, including group and 1-2-1 football, fitness and athletics sessions. This will enhance the physical/mental wellbeing of young people, reduce social isolation and sustain relationships between staff and young people.
23/06/2020 £6,343 £821,836 SHAKTI WOMEN'S AID COVID19 - We are requesting funding 1. To allow us to extend the contract to one of our LGBT+ staff to cope with increased work load and current COVID 19 situation. 2. To purchase 1 laptop3. To Purchase 3 mobile phones and mobile/Wi-Fi vouchers 4. To purchase basic clothing 5. To purchase food and or food vouchers6. Travel costs for clients struggling financially and or at higher risk1 (funding to extend the current staff contract) ? help us meet the increased referrals of women experiencing domestic abuse. There has been a high increase in women with no recourse to public funds, some of them are thrown out of the house by their partners.Shakti?s Maitri project (LGBTI+ is funded by Comic Relief (tampon tax fund) the project supports BME LGBT+ and also outreach women. Initially we applied for one full time staff. There were delays in appointing the staff due to not finding the suitable person for the post. It was crucial for us to appoint a suitable person with right attitude and beliefs about sexuality to deliver the service to BME LGBT+ persons, therefore we were over cautious in recruiting. Therefore, it took us 7 months to have someone in the post. Shakti was successful in negotiating with Comic Relief to use the surplus from year 1 funding to appoint a part time until June 2020 post to kick start the project ? this has worked to the project?s advantage.We now realise that we underestimated the potential demand and resources we needed for the project. The project receives referrals from other cities in Scotland and is currently supporting referrals from Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee and Glasgow. Although the numbers of LGBT+ person are small they are spread across Scotland, therefore takes the staff lot more time to support them ( travel time and also multi agency work is more complicated). The staff also support women fleeing domestic abuse who are living with the perpetrators.We have agencies from Aberdeen and Fife enquiring about the support we can offer to the BME LGBT+ persons. Supporting LGBT+ service users/referrals was difficult due to the confidentiality and risk to the persons, and this has been exacerbated by the COVID 19. COVID 19 has put breaks to our planned work, the project staff are unable to do the awareness raising work as well as struggling to support the LGBT+ clients who are placed in cities out with Edinburgh and or living with their families as well as dealing with the increase in new referrals.Not having the appropriate and most needed support will put these women/persons at higher risk and they may potentially lose trust in any agencies in future. Therefore, it is vital to the well-being of the BME LGBT+ persons and women who are living with the perpetrators that we continue to offer the current level of support.2 and 3 (laptop, mobiles/Wi-Fi and Vouchers)Due to lockdown and the safety of its staff and service users, Shakti stopped face to face support and is contacting its service users using technology (virtual meetings/chats), however not all service users have access to laptops and or smart phones, therefore creating a barrier in reaching to them, causing distress and frustration to both the service users and the staff. Some of the service users are young people or women with no recourse to public funds and or on very low income. Therefore we would like to purchase one laptop, mobiles and vouchers)4 and 5 (Basic clothing and food)Most of our service users are struggling with food purchase. We are receiving food from local food banks but some of the food available doesn?t meet the cultural/religious food requirements of our clients like vegetarian and halal food. With the funds received from CR we will buy appropriate food or food vouchers. We have women and their children (if any) leaving their homes with nothing and needing basic clothing and toiletries, especially this is so much difficult for women with no recourse to public funds.6 (travel)As mention above women with children and single women/ young girls are struggling with their finances and travelling to buy food and other essentials is expensive, especially when you have children; also when the lockdown rules are relaxed, we are planning to start our face to face meetings. It will be beneficial to the young persons, if we could pay their travel expenses to attend group activities. The project started a young women?s group, just now not specific to LGBT+ but the idea behind the group is to gradually build it to be specific to BAME LGBT+. What the staff have realised is that the LGBT+ they are supporting have multiple added risks compared to non LGBT+ BAME persons. This is an example to illustrate some of the challenges the staff are facing due to COVID 19The staff is supporting a young Trans person who is living with her/his mum. Due to lockdown mum allowed dad back into her home and as a result the young person got unwell and suicidal. The perpetrator is a stepdad to the young person and has been very abusive (sexually abused) towards her/him. Mother is not a protective factor in this young person?s life; she is a strict Muslim, encouraging the child to forget about the sexual abuse and doesn?t support the young person. The young person is not looked after by her/his mum ? no proper clothes and hygiene, lacks confidence. The COVID 19 has made things worse for the young person and the support she/he was receiving from us and the school. Our staff referred the young person to social work to get support, after nearly 4 weeks the social worker got back to our worker. They arranged to have a meeting with the mother and the child to discuss the safety of mother (not acknowledging the abuse suffered by the young person). Our young person requested the social worker to invite our staff to the virtual meeting but social work ignored the request. It is our staff the young person trusts and has been open with about her/his problems but still social worker seem to ignore the request. This is one of the challenges our staff face when statutory agencies undermine the support and views given by the third sector. In this difficult times the young person has only one support line which is our staff. Our staff did a very good job with the young person and continues to support her/him. The school are involved in this case but it is closed now. There is lot more to this case which I can discuss it with you in detail if you wish to.
23/06/2020 £7,249 £20,957,459 THAMES REACH CHARITY COVID19 - Our IAG and Employment and Skills-services pre-COVID-19 were delivered from our day-centres, hostels and community-settings, developed specifically for adults who have felt excluded from their community. There has never been a greater demand for our IAG and Employment and Skills services, which now must be delivered against the current context of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and incorporates social-distancing rules to protect both staff and service users and utilises hardware, and software technologies to effectively work with those seeking our support. Our funding request is so we can continue to provide our service users with essential IAG support fully utilising-current-technologies so that they can continue to receive IAG and employment and skills support during the current lockdown.
23/06/2020 £7,249 £2,447,361 THE NIA PROJECT COVID19 - We are requesting funds to enable the continued smooth running of the organisation, supporting our ability to deliver effectively to the women and girls who need us the most. We are asking for a contribution to an administrator post which will release pressure on senior management and service delivery staff.We currently have an overstretched senior management team who are answering all calls to the mainline nia number. Since the lockdown the number has been diverted to SMT mobiles. As we are unable to transfer calls directly to frontline staff this has been especially resource intensive and impacts on our ability to complete other tasks. We have two staff at a senior level responsible for HR and Finance and their time is taken up with tasks that could be completed by an administrator. We have seen an increase in calls from women requiring support since lockdown.In relation to our Comic Relief BME ISVA funded post we work with minoritised women, many of whom have no recourse to public funds or are experiencing poverty due to multiple disadvantage. To enable us to book/pay for access to emergency accommodation, food vouchers etc there are numerous administrative processes that need to be completed, these tasks are currently completed by the Advocate and Director of Finance. These tasks could be assisted by the administrator post referenced above. We are also requesting funding towards staff and service user contingency. For example, to arrange safe travel to key appointments- this is particularly relevant for women having to attend benefit tribunals, court cases, immigration related meetings and meetings with social services- involving travel across London during peak times. We would like to ensure a core cost contribution as some projects have been unable to start due to Covid 19, which has had an impact on our ability to recoup core costsThe management accounts submitted are from December, this again is an indication of stretched capacity at a senior management level. Please note the surplus relates to restricted funding and this year's deficit is in core costs.
23/06/2020 £4,748 £2,116,290 WEST MERCIA WOMEN'S AID COVID19 - The development of online training materials to support the work that we are doing to promote a greater understanding of the impact of domestic abuse in relation to women's offending behaviour. The training will be primarily for magistrates and professionals working with female offenders in the four authorities of West Mercia. This will support the delivery of the Soteria Project, also funded by Comic Relief, by enabling us to use content - illustrated by local case studies and shaped by our service users - that we have developed with our partners Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service. The restrictions on travel and gatherings in person due to the COVID-19 crisis is preventing us from delivering face-to-face training to promote understanding of the impact of domestic abuse at a time when women's experience of domestic abuse is amplified. We need to do this now more than ever.
26/05/2020 £62,500 £581,514 TACKLE AFRICA COVID19 - Tackle Africa are seeking funding to cover core costs of the organisation in light of disruption to unrestricted funding activities
26/05/2020 £62,500 £273,711 KICK4LIFE COVID19 - Kick4Life are seeking funding to contribute to the core costs of both the UK entity and the Lesotho based partner - as well as covid19 related response work.
26/05/2020 £400,000 £1,405,619 SCOTTISH WOMEN'S AID LIMITED COVID19 - Support for members
26/05/2020 £400,000 £2,910,459 WELSH WOMEN'S AID COVID19 - Welsh Women's Aid will receive and distribute a grant, from funds raised through The Big Night In, to support them & their 20 members to respond to the impacts of Covid-19 on women & children facing domestic abuse across Wales.
26/05/2020 £800,000 £6,174,303 WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION OF ENGLAND COVID19 - A. Part of the funding will go to the direct services that the Federation provides to survivors across England: 1. Online webchat support. Demand tripled during the first 3 weeks of lockdown (likely due to greater accessibility than phone calls for survivors). Funding will help to increase human resource & hours of webchat availability. 2. Comms for survivors. WAFE will continue to coordinate the sector's response to Covid-19, including developing & publishing safety guidance for survivors affected by Covid-19. B. WAFE will also then act as an onward grant maker to flow part of the fund to their 170 (approx.) members to enable them to respond to localised impacts of Covid-19.
26/05/2020 £200,000 £322,416 BEYOND SPORT FOUNDATION COVID19 - The request is for the Sport for Good Fund a collaborative response to support the sport for change sector during and beyond the Coronavirus crisis. There are three strands to the fund: 1 Funding of up to £10,000 for organisations using sport as a tool for development who are responding to covid-19, 2 Group sessions to support organisations through a challenge they have identified, 3 strategic support for organisations when thinking about the longer term. The application process and all grants awarded under strand one will be managed by Laureus Sport for Good.
26/05/2020 £650,000 £125,143,000 AGE UK COVID19 - Funding will go towards Age UKs emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK. Age UK are the UK's largest and most widespread charity provider for older people, and a critical service to the most vulnerable during this national emergency. As a result of the pandemic, Age UK have seen a steep rise in calls (more than a 40% increase) to their national advice line and national telephone friendship services. Likewise, the 130+ local branches of Age UK are stretched to capacity undertaking emergency response activities such as delivering food parcels and medicines to isolated older people, whilst also keeping vital front line services going where possible.
26/05/2020 £150,000 £3,607,905 FIGHT FOR PEACE INTERNATIONAL Fight for Peace International
26/05/2020 £650,000 £295,300,000 THE BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY COVID19 - Our planning to support the most vulnerable people in our communities is evolving daily. In the UK, our response to the coronavirus outbreak is focused on providing practical and psychosocial support to the most vulnerable. This includes 80,000 older people who are already accessing our 'Independent Living' services each year and 32,000 refugees and asylum seekers, all of whom are already vulnerable and for whom the impacts of the current crisis will be felt deeply.
26/05/2020 £1,500,000 JUSTICE COLLABORATIONS Justice Together is a unique collaboration by independent funders. It will invest in free legal advice and national policy advocacy to support the lawful and fair functioning of immigration, nationality and asylum processes. The initiative responds to the challenges faced by the legal advice sector, and evidence that people in communities around the UK are struggling to access justice. Justice Together will help people access legal advice and representation, strengthen sector organisations over the long term, and coordinate to achieve wider improvements so that advice is accessible, effective and sustainably resourced.
26/05/2020 £494,814 LITERACY AND ADULT BASIC EDUCATION Most children in conflict-affected communities in northern Uganda don't have access to formal pre-school education, despite a national policy being in place. For the last 10 years LABE has been modelling non-formal early childhood development provision using home learning centres. This project aims to strengthen the model, and help school readiness, by using a Child to Child approach where older primary school children and their teachers will support younger children in the transition year at the centres and during the first years of school. As a result, disabled and other vulnerable children are more likely to enrol in school, stay in school, and do well supported by their older peers.
26/05/2020 £450,000 HEALTHRIGHT KENYA Women living in Nairobi’s informal settlements (slums) face situations during pregnancy and after birth that put their mental health at risk. Their pregnancy may be unwanted. Lack of partner support, sexual and gender-based violence, and poverty are common. These can lead to maternal anxiety and/or depression and result in poor health for their children. This project will educate communities about common mental health conditions in women during pregnancy and after birth. It will help detect women with these conditions early and refer them to the care and support they need. This will result in better health of women and their babies.
26/05/2020 £490,804 COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT (CEFORD) This project will work in two remote communities in northern Uganda which have some of the worst primary education indicators and where a tiny minority of children have access to early childhood education. The project will establish two model community-led centres for children to play, learn and socialise. These will link to a cluster of other non-formal groups in communities and local primary schools. Parents, community members and local government will be engaged to deliver on government's early childhood development policy. There is a strong focus on nutrition and family learning. As a result of the project, children will have the best possible start to early childhood learning and care.
26/05/2020 £500,000 £1,524,492 FUND FOR GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS UK COVID19 - Over the coming year the Fund will significantly increase its grantmaking under its Migrants' Rights programme in the EuroMed region through: (i) increased general support grants so groups can sustain and adapt their work to changing needs in response to COVID-19; and (ii) additional emergency grants in times of urgent need. This support will enable groups to support people on the move that others would struggle to reach, such as public health services and humanitarian/relief agencies, with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable migrants, including unaccompanied children, women, and those without safe shelter.
26/05/2020 £456,682 SENSE INTERNATIONAL UGANDA 300 children with complex disabilities in Central and Eastern Uganda, will benefit from holistic Early Childhood Development (ECD), addressing their health, nutrition, safety, protection, stimulation and care needs. They will also be supported to attend local pre-primary educational settings to prepare them for inclusive primary school. Evidence collected will help strengthen government policy in Early Childhood Development to increase access and sustain the inclusion of children with complex disabilities who are some of the most marginalised.
26/05/2020 £337,130 REFUGEE LAW PROJECT,SCHOOL OF LAW, MAKERERE UNIVERSITY Persons with disabilities are among the most vulnerable refugees in Uganda, and their living conditions are made worse by displacement. Most have fled conflict, war and natural disasters, which also contribute to a higher disability burden among refugees. Among them children with disability are typically hidden, neglected and socially excluded. RLP will work with a range of parents, caregivers, teachers, refugee services and duty bearers to promote the rights of children with disability, and increase their access to education and other support in two zones ? Nakivale, a large refugee settlement in the southwest of Uganda, and in Kampala.
26/05/2020 £321,404 XAVIER PROJECT UGANDA In Uganda roughly 9% of boys and girls with disabilities go to primary school and only 6% continue to secondary school. This situation is worse for refugees. Xavier Project and the Cerebral Palsy & Autism Renaissance Organisation will support refugee children with disabilities, their families, schools and other local people to help achieve inclusive quality education. They will address issues regarding children?s physical and intellectual abilities, access to supportive tools and services, capability of parents and carers to improve children?s daily living and to take up educational opportunities, and inclusiveness of schools for children with and without disabilities.
26/05/2020 £300,000 KENYA AIDS NGOS CONSORTIUM Many children in Kenya don't reach their full potential due to poor diet, poor health, and lack of early stimulation and play. Parents may not know about the developmental needs of their children. The standards at early childhood development (ECD) centres are often low. This project will help young children get a better start in life by giving ECD centre staff and parents the skills to nurture young children. It will also work with local media to build more knowledge about the health, diet, learning, safety and caregiving needs of young children and promote the use of ECD centres. The project will engage stakeholders to set policy and will share good practice on ECD.
26/05/2020 £280,000 AFRICAN PARTNERS FOR CHILD POVERTY - APPCO This project will work with children and families affected by conflict close to the border of South Sudan. There are a high number of single parent households, children with disabilities and families affected by psychological trauma. Families don't plan for ECD - prioritising primary school instead - but many children (including disabled children) struggle with transition to school and/or drop out early. This project uses a holistic approach including sport and play to create an environment among children, parents and others that is caring, protective and stimulating. As a result, all children will have the chance to achieve their full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential.
26/05/2020 £498,388 CHESHIRE SERVICES UGANDA This project will work in Amolatar District to improve access to inclusive pre-school education for disabled children. It will also work to ensure retention, learning and transition by these children into primary education supporting their future education prospects. The project will include holistic support including rehabilitation, assistive devices and nutrition to support children to thrive in the pre-school environment and work alongside the district authorities to promote the impact of this being sustained and expanded in future.
07/05/2020 £700,000 £21,648,751 HOMELESS LINK COVID19 - Emergency Response - Homeless Link is requesting this emergency funding towards a grant funding programme for the homelessness sector to develop permanent housing solutions for those temporarily accommodated during the Covid-19 outbreak. Homeless Link propose establishing a ‘Respond and Rebuild’ grant funding programme that provides a cohesive, single-point application and grant management process, to support and focus the sector on developing the ‘what next’ response. This will complement the Crisis emergency fund. This fund will be specifically focused on looking to the longer term. It will support the homelessness sector to strategically and creatively develop and establish the next stage of support and deliver viable, on-going programmes that ensure those housed through ‘Everyone In’ do not find themselves back on the streets once the hotels and accommodation they are using reverts to its original use.
07/05/2020 £800,000 £10,926,243 THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND COVID19 - Emergency Response - £650,000 are for Covid-19 emergency response work and £150,000 addtitional contribution ring frenced to support mental health Covid-19 responses.
07/05/2020 £800,000 £58,528,000 THE CORRA FOUNDATION COVID19 - Emergency Response - £650,000 are for Covid-19 emergency response work and £150,000 addtitional contribution ring frenced to support mental health Covid-19 responses.
07/05/2020 £650,000 £49,662,968 WALES COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION COVID19 - Emergency Response - This emergency funding will contribute towards the Voluntary Services Emergency Response Fund supporting communities across Wales with their response to and the impact of Coronavirus. This emergency funding will be distributed to groups through the existing grant giving mechanisms at a county level. Grants are currently enabling the voluntary sector in Wales to expand and adapt their services and activity during the COVID_19 pandemic. For example, food distribution to vulnerable people, increased counselling services for those that are struggling with poor mental health, befriending services adapting to online working, adapting and increasing domestic violence/women’s aid services, sharing knowledge and information with BME communities. TSSW will utilise this funding to help meet the demand they are currently dealing with. As the situation progresses, WCVA will consider how they move from crisis response to recovery funding.
07/05/2020 £800,000 £22,432,320 THE FEDERATION OF GROUNDWORK TRUSTS COVID19 - Emergency Response - This emergency funding is to enable further support to grassroots organisations across England support communities with Covid 19 response in two ways: 1.To increase the amount of funding awarded through their existing Comic Relief funded capacity building strand, in order to support longer term organisational resilience. 2. To provide a new strand of funding which will support grass roots organisations to Respond and Change their delivery methods in the short to medium term.
07/05/2020 £800,000 £2,118,687 ROSA FUND COVID19 - Rosa will leverage funding from Comic Relief into existing commitments we have from other funders to support organisations with emergency funds to survive and continue operations for small women’s organisations. We are currently focusing our emergency response on: • Specialist BAME women’s VAWG services (including refuge services) • BAME services that are not VAWG • Small wider women’s sector organisations that are in need of emergency funding.
07/05/2020 £400,000 £753,458 NORTHERN IRELAND WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION LIMITED COVID19 - The emergency funding will be used to support Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation (WAFNI) and its nine member organisations to adapt their services to respond to the impacts of Covid-19. WAFNI will distribute the grant in two parts: 1. Provide a set-amount to each of the nine local member organisations; and 2. The remaining funds will be portioned out to local members, to meet specific/more costly responses/needs.
07/05/2020 £800,000 £8,538,000 REFUGEE ACTION COVID19 - This funding is requested for an aligned collaborative grant programme to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. The funding will support for front line organisations around the UK to protect lives of people in the immigration system, adapt their services to the new context of the pandemic, and inform the influencing and communications work of the wider sector.
28/04/2020 £130,000 £539,559 CHANCE FOR CHANGE Pioneers of Change is a trafficking prevention programme which aims to reduce the number of Malawian girls who end up in sex work, forced labour or as slaves as a result of trafficking. The programme provides a safe space for girls through the use of sport to break down barriers, promote the learning of life skills and create trust and openness between the young people and staff. Victim support is offered through counselling, as well as health check-ups and psycho-social support.
28/04/2020 £250,000 £5,794,910 CENTRE FOR THE ACCELERATION OF SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY Organisations will receive structured support from tech experts over a 12 week period, and a small grant of up to £5,000 for individual organisations or £7,500 for collaborations to cover the costs of participation. Grants will be made to up to around 40 organisations. The funding will include the costs of administration of the grants that will be awarded to charities throughout the Explore programme. The funding will exclude the design and delivery of the support programme itself which will be covered by a separate service fee.
28/04/2020 £942,500 £50,157,000 FARESHARE COVID19 - Funding from the Big Night In for emergency CV19 response is £650,000. This will contribute to FareShare's national operations to help people who struggle to get food because they can't afford it, or they can't get access to it for instance if they are ill or elderly and self-isolating. An additional donation of £292,500 to Fareshare is for use in East Anglia as part of the CV19 response. The Fundraising and Partnerships team were in contact with donors and individuals & as a result a donation has been made and restricted to East Anglia to benefit local organisations. This donation to FareShare's central office will be ringfenced for expenses of the East Anglia operations.
28/04/2020 £100,000 £273,008 LUMINARY LIMITED Luminary Bakery Ltd is looking for a credit facility from Red Shed to support it during a period where the business faces challenges due to Covid-19. The facility will be available for drawdown for a period of 12 months and any funds that are drawn down will convert to an unsecured loan that Luminary Bakery Ltd will pay back over 72 months with an initial 12 month repayment holiday followed by a 60-month repayment structure.
09/04/2020 £650,000 £6,492,000 BUTTLE UK COVID19 - The funding will be used to provide direct financial support of up to £2,000 through their Chances for Children grants. Grant applications are received via a network of referral organisations such as local charities, social services and health centres. These organisations ensure that they are getting the funds to those that need them most and through them they can ensure appropriate due diligence on the spend of the funds themselves. They will still continue to focus on the key outcome of the grants (the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people and their capacity to engage in education and learning), but tailor support to meet their current and changing needs as the immediate, and longer-term, impact of the crisis becomes clear.
09/04/2020 £400,000 £61,969,000 MIND (THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH) COVID19 - Mind was recently awarded funding from DHSC to provide a grants fund to help the mental health sector in England to quickly scale up their response to COVID-19. Funding from Comic Relief would extend this Rapid Response Fund, and enable us to provide funding for organisations in Wales. This approach will allow organisations on the ground to either expand existing support or rapidly develop new approaches to an unprecedented crisis. We will adapt our existing Rapid Response Fund, enabling us to get funding out to local Minds and other community mental health charities on a rolling basis, with Mind providing support around issues such as safeguarding and risk assessment.
09/04/2020 £500,000 £54,000,000 CRISIS UK COVID19 - Crisis has set up a UK-wide "In this together: Emergency grants fund" in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The fund draws on sector expertise from Homeless Link (in England), Homeless Network Scotland, Cymorth Cymru (Wales) and the Simon Community in Northern Ireland. There are two grant streams, one for grants of up to £5,000 to support immediate responses, and the other for grants addressing longer-term needs of up to £50,000.
17/03/2020 £400,000 £5,547,180 UNITED KINGDOM FOR UNHCR Thousands of refugee children and families continue to take desperate journeys to Europe. Many unaccompanied and separated children who have escaped persecution and conflict in countries such as Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan now find themselves in cities and detention centres in transit countries such as Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Sudan. With this investment UNHCR, with its partners International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and RefugePoint, will deliver ‘A Safe Journey Home’ project to provide legal pathways for child and youth in Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Sudan so that they can be safely reunited with their families and to reduce the need for them to take dangerous routes to Europe.
17/03/2020 £700,000 £1,524,492 FUND FOR GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS UK Refugee and migrants ‘rights groups working at grassroots level are usually under-resourced and isolated from each other. Funding tends to focus largely on humanitarian aid or integration projects in Europe with little or no funding to reach vulnerable people during their migration journey, particularly with a human rights lens. With this investment, The Fund for Global Human Rights will make grants to 8-10 small groups in the Euro Mediterranean region, mainly Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla, who are working to promote and protect refugee and migrants’ rights. It will also help the groups to build their capacity, work collaboratively and share learning with each other.
17/03/2020 £444,465 £1,014,573 EQUALITY NOW This programme will address multiple & acute forms of violence experienced by girls in & around primary schools Sierra Leone, with a particular focus on Sexual Violence. It will be delivered in three areas: Bo, Kenema & Freetown & will work at multiple levels to address structural violence & gender inequality. It will: strengthen & enforce relevant national laws & regional agreements; deliver a media & advocacy campaign; train statutory service providers, particularly teachers & police; strengthen referral systems & support girls to access justice; establish safe spaces for girls & support them to know & claim their right to a life free from violence; & sensitize communities & families.
17/03/2020 £250,000 £322,416 BEYOND SPORT FOUNDATION BSF will bring together a group of three best-in-class organizations, all working to address the same UN Global Goal through sport, in the Collective Impact Awards programme. In a unique approach to achieve the SDGs through sport for change approaches, BSF will utilise a collective impact approach, providing expertise & resources in addition to funding, in order to achieve greater impact through collaboration.
17/03/2020 £363,711 £360,642 EUROPEAN NETWORK ON STATELESSNESS To be stateless is not to be recognised as a national by any country in the world. Caused by state succession, gaps in nationality laws, discrimination, displacement, and nationality stripping, statelessness is a legal anomaly with devastating impact on access to rights, safety and belonging. With this investment, European Network on Stateless will work to protect the rights of stateless refugees and prevent children being born stateless in Europe. It will gather evidence of the impact of statelessness, build the capacity of civil society and relevant authorities and run a campaign to mobilise and inspire action.
17/03/2020 £400,000 £738,075 GOOD CHANCE THEATRE Good Chance Theatre uses arts as a means of welcome and integration, empower refugee artists, strengthen communities and tell the human stories behind global migration. With this investment, it will develop a new production, The Walk, which involves a 12-foot-high puppet representing a refugee child, Little Amal, to take the so-called Western Balkan route, starting in Syria and moving through Turkey, Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and finally the UK. Along the way it will engage local communities, refugees and artists to come together. This will help break down barriers, connect communities and positively influence public attitudes towards people on the move
17/03/2020 £400,000 £52,560,864 PRISM THE GIFT FUND Help Refugees will build on their existing advocacy work in both the UK, in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries to impact wider systemic change to the refugee crisis in Europe, as well as shift negative public attitudes, through strategic litigation and grassroots advocacy funding. They will also provide small emergency funds to grassroots organisations who are providing front line services to refugees and asylum seekers in European and MENA refugee camps. Working with the organisations they fund, they will enhance the voice of those who have been affected by the refugee crisis in considered media campaigns.
17/03/2020 £399,950 £52,560,864 PRISM THE GIFT FUND RYS is applying for core funds to further its rights-based work improving the safety and wellbeing of unaccompanied minors and youth on the move. In Northern France (Calais and Dunkirk), they will empower locally registered organisations to carry the current work forward, and strengthen the coordination between key child protection actors to uphold childrens' rights. RYS is expanding and diversifying its governance structure to better guide and support current and future operations. In Athens, they will continue through their partner Velos Youth to run a youth centre focused on supporting young people's long term holistic needs, including finding long term accommodation.
17/03/2020 £399,500 £533,249 COUNTERPOINTS ARTS Based on the highly successful Refugee Week model, Counterpoints Arts will commission artists from refugee communities in UK, Greece and Germany to produce public works of art that spark interest, discussion and engagement by the public about perceptions and realities of being a refugee in 2020 Europe. The project will support individuals from refugee backgrounds though a leadership programme, develop a network of arts based organisations across Europe to increase representation and inclusion of refugee artists and shift public opinion, understanding and attitudes though engagement with a range of different art works and storytelling.
17/03/2020 £399,600 £52,560,864 PRISM THE GIFT FUND Refugee Trauma Initiative will run their two main programmes for young people and children (with their parents) of refugee and asylum seeker status. Funding will cover 3 years of a proportion of their core costs in Greece, where they operate in 6 regions. RTI works with refugees and asylum seekers, as well as young people from the local communities to provide psycho-social care through its community based approach in it's Baytna early childhood development model. RTI also runs skills training through the use of media and arts for young people between 15-24 (Dinami), to help them build a community network and support them as they transition to adulthood, through a trauma informed approach.
17/03/2020 £399,999 £713,702 STOP THE TRAFFIK Syrian refugees and asylum seekers are at high risk of human trafficking in areas of Greece and Turkey. Stop the Traffik will use their tested methodology to influence a change in awareness, knowledge and behaviours to reduce trafficking. Social media initiatives are collaboratively created and locally-led, engaging international stakeholders to raise awareness of specific types of exploitation of Syrian refugees & asylum seekers, keeping them safe of human trafficking while making the environment high risk & low profit for traffickers. Local community partners will be identified, worked with, and also trained to recognise potential trafficking situations and how to prevent them.
17/03/2020 £367,981 £3,788,893 FAMILY FOR EVERY CHILD Children on the move in Northern Europe, Turkey, Greece and Lebanon are at increased risk of family separation as they make the often-perilous journey from their home country to countries where they can be safe. It leaves them at risk of exploitation, abuse, violence, trafficking and death. Family for Every Child supports children to grow up in safe and caring families or appropriate alternative care where this is not possible. With this investment, it will carry out research, generate learning and develop tools so that agencies can help children reintegrate with their families in a safe way. The tools will also provide guidance to help children integrate into their host communities.
17/03/2020 £267,000 £1,105,001 SAFE PASSAGE INTERNATIONAL Safe Passage carries out casework to help around 1600 refugees, mainly children, to navigate European legal frameworks to secure asylum in the UK each year. It also carries out advocacy and strategic litigation to influence wider systemic, policy and legal change and delivers training to build capacity of lawyers and caseworkers supporting children and others on route to the UK. It began work to respond to the high numbers of unaccompanied and other child asylum seekers seeking to enter Britain from the Calais \"jungle\" camp, and now has operations in France and Greece. This investment will contribute to key areas of work in Greece, France and the UK, and core costs of the organisation
17/03/2020 £220,000 £156,087 IMIX Media narrative of people crossing the Channel seeking sanctuary are inaccurate and harmful to all refugees and migrants living in the UK and create fear within the general public. IMIX will change the narrative around 'clandestined' refugees seeking to reach the UK that is grounded in the lived experience of refugees, by working with experts by experience (lived and learnt) and their advocates so that they are better equipped to engage with a range of different media, and improve understanding of journalists to report a more balanced narrative on refugees that want to settle in the UK. The grant covers a full time salary, research and dissemination and associate project costs.
17/03/2020 £797,202 £6,545,000 REFUGEE ACTION Currently many asylum seekers struggle to understand their rights around how to navigate through the UK's complex immigration system. The Navigating Asylum partnership will work to ensure that people can access justice and support at an early point to move through the system (whatever their outcome) effectively. The partnership of 7 regional charities across England and Wales will empower people by providing a structured legal literacy programme. The proposal will also seek to persuade decision makers to support a fair and effective asylum system.
17/03/2020 £249,983 £558,323 MEDICAL JUSTICE NETWORK LIMITED Around 25,000 people are detained in mainstream prisons and seven 'immigration removal centres' around the UK. They have not been accused of any crime, but are placed here for 'administrative convenience'. These people can be detained indefinitely as there is no automatic judicial oversight. Medical Justice sends volunteer clinicians to visit immigration detainees to document torture scars in support of their asylum claims and legal status in the UK. The investment will cover core costs of the organisation so that they can provide direct support to individuals to access their rights, advocate to end detentions, and sway public opinion through positive representation of immigrants in media.
17/03/2020 £250,000 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Helen Bamber Foundation will support refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, who have experienced torture, trafficking and other acts of human cruelty resulting in trauma. It will provide an integrated model of care including mental & physical health, legal protection, and housing/welfare support. Funding will contribute to management costs, organisational overheads, travel and interpreter costs, staff training and evaluation activity. The beneficiaries will show improved mental health and be protected for further harm, whilst the organisation will also share best practice and contribute to system and attitudinal change to providing support for survivors of human trafficking and torture.
17/03/2020 £150,000 £570,836 THE BOAZ TRUST Adults in Greater Manchester who claim asylum often face destitution and become homeless after both negative and positive decisions about their claims. The Boaz Trust will provide accommodation and holistic support so that these people are safe and able to thrive, whilst also working to support positive changes to the asylum system. The funding will pay for a Housing Manager, other staff, interpreters, service users' travel costs, training for staff and a contribution to maintaining the organisation's database. The funding will provide accommodation and support which prevents people becoming homeless and destitute and enables them to pursue positive next steps in their lives.
17/03/2020 £155,000 £500,105 GOVAN COMMUNITY PROJECT Glasgow is currently the biggest dispersal city for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK with the highest number of asylum seekers in any UK local authority area. Govan Community Project (GCP) is seeking core funding over 5 years to continue working towards building a strong community based on equality, respect, and mutual integration, delivering key anti-destitution and community development activities to support 'New Scots' from asylum seeking and refugee backgrounds in Glasgow.
17/03/2020 £50,000 THE SPORT AND RECREATION ALLIANCE The Sport and Recreation Alliance
17/03/2020 £199,258 £10,926,243 THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND The Techies in Residence programme brings together social challenges from charities and social enterprises, with digital technology professionals to produce innovative digital solutions, products and services that have potential for scalable social impact. In addition to the direct social impact the programme enables, it aims to build the capacity of participating organisations and demonstrate to the wider voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector the benefits of harnessing technology for social purpose.
17/03/2020 £399,997 SAINT ANDREW'S REFUGEE SERVICES This project will provide education services to refugee children and youth in Cairo in Egypt while providing other essential support that contributes to a meaningful learning environment in an unstable context. StARS will integrate five types of support to education, namely financial, legal, psychosocial, medical, and mental health support. They provide technical expertise, training and financial support to community schools and hubs set up and run by refugees in communities throughout the city, developing an essential infrastructure of support. Finally they work in partnership with the refugee communities and key partner organisations to advocate for change and improved service provision
17/03/2020 £604,932 BASIC NEEDS BASIC RIGHTS KENYA Young people in Nairobi face challenges to their mental health. Urban life, changes in the traditional family structure, and poverty can lead to alcohol and drug misuse or other problems. The media portrays people with mental health disorders as violent, mad, or spiritually possessed. Stigma associated with mental health problems is both a cause and an effect of limited access to treatment. This project will replicate Time To Change, a programme that has helped reduce mental health-related stigma in England. It will support young people with experience of mental health problems to talk to members of the public, alongside a campaign to challenge stigma and discrimination in Nairobi.
17/03/2020 £570,556 GIRLS EMPOWERMENT NETWORK MALAWI (GENET) Using learning generated through a Comic Relief All In, All Learning grant, GENET (in partnership with CAVWOC and Oxfam Malawi) aim to support 3000 girls & young women to understand their rights and to work with their communities to ensure these rights are upheld. Existing girls & women’s groups in Phalombe & Dowa will be connected to work collectively into the long-term and will raise awareness of gender-related laws and policies, track (and lobby for) resource allocation from district to national level for policy implementation, strengthen community and district structures & processes to uphold girls’ rights and improve access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence & abuse.
17/03/2020 £417,080 HEALTH RIGHTS ADVOCACY FORUM HERAF will influence the reform of the health legal framework and mental health system-strengthening with the intent of improving access to quality mental health services in Kenya. They will lobby the government to ensure that mental health plans are resourced appropriately, engaging the Ministry of Health in the development of a human rights-based mental health financing strategy. CSOs will be trained and mobilised to participate in Annual Work Plans and budget-making processes; support to primary health care facilities will be offered to develop, review and disseminate mental health service charters ad community volunteers will use scorecards to monitor services and promote accountability.
17/03/2020 £460,800 PLAN INTERNATIONAL SIERRALEONE Sexual violence in Sierra Leone is widespread, impacting the ability of girls to attend school and advance their education. Plan Sierra Leone and Amazonian Initiative Movement will work to reduce school related gender-based violence against girls in primary schools in the Koinadugu District. The project will take a multi-level approach, focusing on (1) increasing girls/boys understanding of gender-based violence, (2) ensuring schools offer a safer environment for girls, (3) shifting community members attitudes and practices, (4) improving survivors access to services/support, and (5) working with the Government of Sierra Leone to adopt and implement policies that enhances girls’ safety.
17/03/2020 £400,000 EUROPEAN LAWYERS IN LESVOS GGMBH European Lawyers in Lesvos wish to replicate their model of access to free legal assistance for asylum seekers and refugees on the Greek Island of Samos. Support will operate close to the refugee camp the team is made up of full time staff and volunteers, who are specilaist lawyers and interpreters able to deliver this service to those needing assistance for their asylum and refugee claims. \r European Lawyers will also work in partnership with KIND (kids in need of defence) to advocate for legal and policy reform at the EU level, as well as use bespoke technology implemented by KIND to facilitate remote access to legal assistance for refugees and asylum seekers who are on the move.
17/03/2020 £238,457 KAMILI ORGANISATION Kamili will diagnose and treat 12,000 people with mental health issues through existing Kamili clinics and an additional six government nurses and two community health workers, who they will provide with training, work experience and supportive supervision. Nurses will deliver mental health outreach. Kamili will run awareness raising events to reduce stigma, and provide life skills training, savings and loans to beneficiaries, and help them return to their communities after treatment. Kamili will lobby Government to roll out the Kamili community mental health model across Kenya. They will invest in patient management software, to enable easier sharing of mental health data with Government.
17/03/2020 £306,055 PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS 47% of women and girls in Kenya have suffered physical or sexual violence, a figure that rises in times of conflict. At least 900 people were sexually violated in the unrest following Kenya’s 2007 national election. Victims faced stigma, a lack of mental health services, and weak police and justice systems. Many crimes were not reported. Cases that made it to court often failed due to lack of robust evidence. PHR Kenya works to improve the collection and use of forensic evidence to better support victims of sexual crimes. This project will extend their work to improve collection of psychological evidence to support legal cases, and help survivors of sexual violence get mental health care.
17/03/2020 £253,023 TINADA YOUTH ORGANIZATION A third of Kenyans under the age of 30 experience mental health problems and most mental illnesses start before the age of 18. There are few services for people with mental health problems, and high levels of stigma. This project will promote mental health and wellbeing in schools and communities, train health workers on quality care for and rights of people with mental health problems, and train and support mental health champions to identify people with mental health problems and refer them to care. The project will press for greater levels of funding for mental health services. The project will take place in Kisumu and Vihiga counties.
17/03/2020 £245,280 ISRAAID KENYA IsraAID are proposing to set up mobile child friendly spaces (CFS) so they can deliver health and wellbeing activities to underserved children in refugee camp and settlement areas; strengthen the capacity of children as agents of their own protection by mentoring and building the capacity of child champions focused on public speaking, child rights and mental health; strengthen the capacity of parents, caregivers and community members to respond to child protection issues; raise awareness of the availability of mental health services; and refer patients experiencing mental health issues to services which can help, in Turkana county.
17/03/2020 £465,818 RAINBO INITIATIVE SL is one of the poorest countries globally. 45% of women experience Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV), 39% of girls are married before 18, 13% are married before 15, 88% of girls & women have undergone FGM. RAINBO will work to address these challenges by working with teachers & young people in primary schools in Freetown & Kenema, providing medical & psycho-social support to survivors, strengthening referral pathways, sensitising families & communities to improve their responses to violence & working to strengthen the policy framework at all levels. They will also conduct research to improve understanding of the attitudes which enable violence & to determine what works to end violence.
17/03/2020 £424,000 CHILDREN'S DIGNITY FORUM (CDF) This project seeks to address multiple forms of violence against women and girls living in rural areas in three districts in Tanzania (Mpwepwa, Tarime and llemela) by empowering and enabling them to lead social change and mobilising key community actors and local decision-makers to address gender equality, rights, social norms and barriers that face girls through improved local responses. CDF will take over from FORWARD as lead partner in the initiative building on a previous phase of the project in which FORWARD was the lead partner managing this work.
17/03/2020 £415,000 MEMPROW: MENTORING AND EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME FOR YOUNG WOMEN This project will deepen previous activities with in-school Girls Peer Mentoring Clubs, and training and a peer-mentoring programme in Universities alongside training and advocacy work with teachers and other community support structures to build the agency of girls and young women and support the building of a violence free learning environments in institutions of learning,
17/03/2020 £400,000 AFRICAN WOMEN'S DEVELOPMENT FUND Africa Women's Development Fund (AWDF) will continue their work from phase 1 of the Comic Relief grant, this will see 8 women's rights organisations in East and Southern Africa supported to strengthen their governance and organisational capacity and 16 women coached to further their leadership skills. Initially set out as a grant maker, AWDF soon realised that grants cannot be given in isolation, as capacity and leadership building is invaluable in ensuring organisations are sustainable, and have the intended impact. Through this investment, leaders and organisations supported will be more resilient, agile and strategic, and thus able to drive effective change in difficult environments.
18/02/2020 £115,000 UNILEVER FOODS & REFRESHMENTS BV (TRADING AS BEN & JERRY'S) Over the last 3 years Ben & Jerry’s has developed and run a programme working with refugee entrepreneurs. The Ice Academy combines a 4 month early stage start-up programme with part time employment. B&J are now looking to grow the programme, including through working with a small group of businesses to diversify the employment offer and demonstrate the impact of a collective business approach to programmatic support to refugee entrepreneurs.
18/02/2020 £100,000 TONIC HOUSING ASSOCIATION LIMITED Tonic is developing the first LGBT+ affirming retirement community in the UK. With a Greater London Authority loan they will buy 19 apartments in Bankhouse, an existing retirement community in the London borough of Lambeth. The flats will be sold to older LGBT+ people through the Older Persons Shared Ownership Scheme (OPSO) and Tonic will work with One Housing Group to make the community as a whole LGBT+ affirming. Comic Relief funding is supporting a Communications and Marketing Manager for two years, to help realise Tonic's vision and pave the way for further such retirement communities in the UK.
18/02/2020 £300,000 £2,872,676 THE MOTIVATION CHARITABLE TRUST Disabled children in Malawi, aged 0-3, are often hidden or abandoned and at high risk of abuse. Their families may not know how to care for them. Those around shun them. The project trains local workers how to identify and link them to help quickly. It sets up and trains parent groups so they can care for their children?s needs; and visits others still hidden in their homes. It also trains services that provide wheelchairs. It helps communities understand disability and how they can help. As a result, young children will develop better with improved feeding, posture and play so they can take part in normal life. Families will look after them better and be more accepted.
31/01/2020 £468,425 GRASSROOT SOCCER EDUCATION LIMITED (ZAMBIA) Young people living with HIV represent an underserved population that face complex health challenges, barriers to services as well as stigma and social exclusion, all of which has an impact on their mental health. Grassroot Soccer Zambia, in partnership with Strong Minds, will pilot an integrated, youth friendly programme of support to young people living with HIV. The model will train young coaches and community based young adult mentors who are openly living with HIV and well-versed in using sport-based programmes, to begin to use mental health psychosocial support using Interpersonal Group Therapy (IPT-G).
21/01/2020 £132,479 £827,368 THE WOMEN'S CENTRE CORNWALL LTD This project will train and support peer mentors to support women with multiple and complex needs who are involved in the Criminal Justice System. The women supported will be helped to address the issues behind their offending and take steps towards a positive future. Mentors will gain in confidence and skills and will be empowered through giving back to help others.
21/01/2020 £424,457 £2,103,144 BIRMINGHAM SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY TRUST A sport-based social recovery project for over 25s in Birmingham who access Community Mental Health Services diagnosed with severe and enduring mental illness. The 3-way partnership will develop a sustainable local network based on peer support and co-production to improve mental wellbeing and access into appealing, high quality community activity.
21/01/2020 £31,000 £809,627 STAFFORDSHIRE WOMEN'S AID There is a lack of information and understanding around violence and abuse experienced by older women. As a result, many older women are not identified as needing support or do not seek help themselves. Building on the success of their existing project, Staffordshire Women’s Aid will give older women a voice and build community awareness of violence against older women (VAOW) by expanding community groups, recruiting more ambassadors, and running social media campaigns and events. They will also train staff from other agencies in supporting and identifying older women, and produce a simple toolkit for distribution.
21/01/2020 £38,431 £5,506,586 BIRMINGHAM AND SOLIHULL WOMEN'S AID Older women experiencing domestic violence find it harder to leave home; they may feel a duty of care to the perpetrator, have specific health or mobility needs, and feel undeserving of a place in a refuge that would otherwise go to a young mother. In the early stages of support they are resigned to putting up with abuse, but as support goes on they begin to talk about housing options. Traditional women’s refuges are not where older women want to be, and have limited spaces.This project will provide direct support to 75 older women in Birmingham & Solihull experiencing domestic abuse, & target training at housing providers to find solutions to the unique challenges facing this group.
21/01/2020 £355,293 £1,246,841 FOOTBALL BEYOND BORDERS Football Beyond Borders work with young people excluded or at risk of exclusion, with this proposal integrating their existing football therapy based intervention that operates in over 45 schools, with qualified therapists. Young people will have access to 1:1 therapy, group support, and on and off the pitch football learning which will support them in developing emotional resilience, team working skills and more, as well as the tools to manage and process trauma, and mental health challenges.
21/01/2020 £373,302 £1,259,085 MIND IN HARROW Heads Up aims to provide tailored therapeutic support to the most marginalised young people aged 11-24 in Harrow. The project will also provide mental health schools-based education and support to reduce stigma so more young people and families reach out and access help. With the right support at the right time the young people involved in the project will recover from their mental health problems and thrive as they move into adulthood.
21/01/2020 £60,000 £754,968 WOMEN@THEWELL Women at the Well (W@TW) will build capacity across the system of services that surround women affected by trafficking, street-based prostitution & sexual violence. Current practices marginalise these women from mainstream provisions so, based on insight gained through their unique reach to survivors, W@TW will develop a training & consultancy package to support partners to build & embed intra- & inter-organisational infrastructures to identify survivors, offer help & join-up responses: organisations will be better equipped to engage & safeguard; professionals will be more capable & confident to implement safe, trauma-informed practices; women will feel supported & informed.
21/01/2020 £39,982 £11,626,761 SOLACE WOMEN'S AID Solace continue to provide clear insights into why older women with more complex needs do not access services or disclose abuse, & improvements in knowledge & understanding needed in both statutory and non-statutory service provision to enhance outcomes for older women who experience domestic violence and abuse. The project will continue to employ a specialist Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) and associated costs to increase understanding and knowledge of violence and abuse through a training programme; develop a toolkit to improve professional standards and practices, and support an older women’s survivors group to influence cultural change on how help is sought and received
21/01/2020 £31,241 £695,064 RAPE CRISIS TYNESIDE AND NORTHUMBERLAND The current project uses older women’s lived experience of sexual violence and abuse, to dispel myths and inform awareness raising workshops and resources to build the confidence of professionals to share their lack of awareness and misconceptions. This proposal will build upon this growing awareness of Gateshead professionals by providing more in depth training to improve knowledge, skills and capacity to respond more effectively to the needs of older women; improve cross-sector service collaboration informed by older women’s lived experience, and share new ways of work more widely across the NE. The grant will cover project salary, associated project costs and learning event.
21/01/2020 £40,000 £943,740 SOMERSET AND AVON RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE SUPPORT Evidence of historical sexual abuse of older women is growing, but recent experience of sexual abuse is still quite hidden, with women less willing to disclose. Older adult support services staff lack knowledge on how to identify women survivors. Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS) and 3 local rape crisis centres will increase therapeutic support to older women; train and coach front-line professionals with peer support to respond to disclosure and improve referral pathways; learning will be shared through the regional network, so that survivors' access to specialist services improves. A grant covers a part time salary, therapeutic support, and associate project costs.
21/01/2020 £70,000 £1,397,163 TOGETHER WOMEN PROJECTS (YORKSHIRE AND HUMBERSIDE) The Restore Project has been designed to meet the needs of women experiencing multiple disadvantage. It will offer two new dedicated Caseworkers to support women referred for help through the statutory Liaison & Diversion pathway of the criminal justice system. Individualised, trauma-informed packages of support will be offered for up to 9-months, within an established, safe, women-only environment to overcome the detrimental effects of domestic / sexual abuse, low level crime & poverty.
21/01/2020 £172,418 £753,458 NORTHERN IRELAND WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION LIMITED Women's Aid Federation Northern Ireland (WAFNI) will work with its 9 member groups to undertake a comprehensive consultation with survivors of domestic abuse. They will gather insight & data to inform a comprehensive understanding of their needs & experiences; integrate learning into organisational infrastructure & activities including strategy, policies, advocacy & influencing. The overarching aim is to ensure that there is a shared understanding of survivors' current needs across the whole system in NI & to build better intra- & inter-organisational infrastructure to effectively respond to these.
21/01/2020 £241,800 £371,323 STABLE LIFE Working with the local CAMH's team and a fitness trainer, the project will deliver a programme of support for young people in the Scottish borders with mental health issues. The project will combine equestrian sport and therapy, psychotherapy and fitness to build resilience, core strength, social skills and confidence. This will increase mental well-being and self-belief amongst the young people and strengthen the local support offer to young people. The grant will pay for staff to work with the young people, a contribution to the stable running costs and direct activity costs.
21/01/2020 £414,005 £875,828 SCOTTISH SPORTS FUTURES A community-based, person centred, multi-sport & physical activity programme will support referred young people from areas of deprivation with mental health problems. It introduces peer mentors, builds trust, confidence, connections, resilience & life skills. Young people will feel better about themselves & their wellbeing through participation.
21/01/2020 £318,717 £289,899 YOUTH COMMUNITY SUPPORT AGENCY The project will work in South Glasgow with BAME/asylum/refugee young people aged 10 -16. Schools have identified people in need of support with mental health issues, with the needs often compounded by barriers to accessing services, poverty and lack of understanding. The project will provide counselling, play/art therapy and groupwork for young people as well as offering counselling for parents. The project will also do some whole class work in schools addressing stigma. It will therefore improve the mental health and resilience of individuals and tackle stigma and discrimination in the community. The grant will pay for therapists, resources and an external evaluation.
21/01/2020 £399,588 £1,315,390 SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Reaching Your Potential (RYP) is a targeted health and wellbeing intervention for those with diagnosed or self-diagnosed mental health problems (mild to moderate mental health problems). RYP aims to improve individuals’ mental and physical health through sport (rugby, boxing and team games), a structured curriculum and counselling from expert psychologists. RYP will take place in two communities in Wales (Cardiff and Ebbw Vale), for 240 adults across three years.
21/01/2020 £34,816 £490,305 WEST WALES DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICE LTD Older women are less likely to leave an abusive relationship than younger women. They fear there will be negative family consequences and will experience isolation. West Wales Domestic Abuse Service supports people who are affected by domestic abuse in the Ceredigion area in mid Wales. With this investment it will help older women through long term one to one support as well as reaching out to women in the community through drop-in services. It will work with agencies that support older people to raise their awareness of violence against older women and develop pathways to its service. Older women will have access to a volunteer buddy to help them rebuild their lives and avoid isolation.
21/01/2020 £295,782 £10,296,917 YMCA ROBIN HOOD GROUP The project will support young homeless people from Mansfield with mental health conditions including anxiety/depression. The young people will develop resilient, transferable life skills through support from a behavioural psychologist and engaging in weekly outdoor sports activities. The grant will pay for the behavioural psychologist, coaching fees, a contribution to organisational overheads, direct project costs, equipment and an external evaluation. The project improve the young people’s mental health, increase their engagement and support them with transitions whilst also ensuring that the homeless accommodation becomes a more supportive psychologically informed environment.
21/01/2020 £330,908 £2,654,724 WATFORD FC'S COMMUNITY SPORTS & EDUCATION TRUST The Trust will provide sport and therapy sessions for children aged 9-12 years old in the most disadvantaged areas of West Hertfordshire. Empower supports children with mild to moderate mental health issues by combining sport with the fundamentals of play therapy, and group CBT to develop resilience, self esteem and effective coping strategies.The intervention lasts for a year meeting weekly for 12 weeks, bi-weekly for 24 weeks and monthly for 12 weeks. Each session last 90 minutes with a 30 minute Mental health session and 60 minutes of sport.
21/01/2020 £444,587 £904,911 EMPIRE FIGHTING CHANCE Empire Fighting Chance will take mental health services out of clinics and into boxing gyms in deprived neighbourhoods in Bristol and South Wales. They will provide high quality mental health support in the form of a flexible, needs based programme of boxing, mentoring and psychological education combined with a deeper programme of intensive boxing therapy delivered by professional psychotherapist.
21/01/2020 £136,000 £455,318 CAMBRIDGE WOMENS RESOURCES CENTRE The project aims to reduce serious harm for up to 60 women who are: involved in street-based prostitution in Peterborough, have mental and physical health problems, involved in serious substance and alcohol misuse, homeless and experience ongoing violence, abuse and exploitation. The project will provide trauma-focused support to: help them to reduce harm from drug and alcohol abuse, minimise harm from / stop street based sex working, and start to access other services to build a safer future.
21/01/2020 £335,617 £916,366 THE INTERLINK FOUNDATION The project will bring together 4 organisations to provide mental health support to children and young people within the Charedi Jewish community who are currently struggle to access mainstream services, this will include both preventative and higher level clinical support. The project also aims to reduce the stigma of mental health within the community, through support and awareness raising with parents, schools and the wider community, along with influencing local commissioners to provide more suitable mental health services. The project will be delivered in Hackney and Barnet where there are larger Charedi communities, and will support both delivery and overheads costs across the partners
21/01/2020 £250,000 £824,322 THE ANGELOU CENTRE The Positive Change Partnership, a specialist black led feminist consortium, will address a critical gap in sexual violence provision and will provide critical trauma informed intensive support from crisis to recovery for black and minority victims/survivors of sexual violence and exploitation with complex and often unheard or unmet needs. Their particular focus is black women and the experience of sexual violence, but their work will address the needs of women with multiple needs as defined in the call for funding.
21/01/2020 £172,418 £706,540 EDINBURGH RAPE CRISIS CENTRE Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre will support 750 women survivors of sexual violence in Edinburgh, East & Midlothian to improve well-being, resilience, safety and life opportunities in the aftermath of rape and sexual abuse, through the provision of specialist emotional and practical support, advocacy, outreach and information. The grant will fund additional capacity for its existing trauma focused service, helping to meet high demand, and will particularly target women who face greater difficulties accessing support due to living in poverty, or are from Black and Minority Ethnic communities and/or are experiencing high levels of mental ill health due to the trauma they have experienced.
21/01/2020 £76,678 £120,232,000 PRIFYSGOL ABERYSTWYTH This project will address the hidden, complex challenges faced by older women who are affected both by dementia and domestic violence and abuse (DVA) in Wales. Evidence suggests that DVA can escalate significantly after a dementia diagnosis, and that dementia services are not trained to recognise DVA which increases the likelihood that trust and power is placed in the hands of an abusive caregiver.Dewis Choice is part of Aberystwyth University and, building on its existing project, will provide direct support to women, train professionals from across sectors, and design & disseminate new practice guidance on legal protection, risk assment tools & wellbeing measures.
21/01/2020 £510,000 £7,680,630 THE LEPROSY MISSION ENGLAND, WALES, THE CHANNEL ISLANDS AND THE ISLE OF MAN This proposal is a partnership between The Leprosy Mission England, The Leprosy Mission Nigeria and Gede Foundation. Working together, they aim to support children and young people(CYP) living with leprosy and neglected tropical diseases (NTD) with their mental health problems. Depression is reported in up to 50% of leprosy patients (Mangeard-Lourme J, 2018) and 20% of lymphatic filariasis patients in Nigeria (Obindo et al., 2017). The project will work with controlled peer support groups, where CYP can discuss their mental health and NTDs, and access professional mental health support with Gede Foundation referring on those that need specialist support.
21/01/2020 £627,899 £2,927,776 ACTION ON DISABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT The project will be focusing on the provision of Mental Health (MH) support to children, adolescents and youth (5-30 yr olds) in under-served, remote and disaster-prone communities. A quality and inclusive community-based MH support system will be developed to strengthen MH health knowledge and skills of families, DPOs, local government representatives, health providers and teachers. This training will be rooted in stigma reduction with different stakeholders; strengthening community networks to support individuals with MH, signposting them to quality support and advocating for adequate resources to support implementation of the MH Act 2018 (0.5%< of the health budget is allocated for MH).
21/01/2020 £662,203 £9,426,497 CHRISTIAN BLIND MISSION (UNITED KINGDOM) LIMITED Young people (aged 6-25) experience mental health problems across Nigeria. CBM will partner with MANI (Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative) who work to reduce stigma and increase/improve access to mental health services across Nigeria. MANI, a user led organisation will work with secondary schools and universities to deliver workshops on mental health in the hope of normalising conversations around mental health. They will also develop an online \"crisis intervention\" platform that allows users to get information and find out where they can access mental health support.
21/01/2020 £178,898 SWANSEA WOMEN'S AID Following a successful first year delivering outreach services to female street-based 'sex workers', Swansea Women's Aid (SWA) seeks funding to continue & increase the frequency of the service. This will be achieved through the continuation of 2.5 support worker posts, recruitment & training of a large pool of volunteers and the introduction of a formal Volunteer Coordinator post. This direct work will be complemented by institutional advocacy for the needs & rights of these women across Swansea's multi-agency forums.
21/01/2020 £418,411 TUNTUM HOUSING ASSOCIATION The project will provide mental health support to BAME young people in deprived areas of Nottingham city. The project partners include Tuntum Housing, BAC-IN and Chayah all of whom are community focused and led. It also includes Nottingham Counselling Service, who will provide additional support to staff and those young people needing more formal counselling support. The partnership will use a range of activities and sessions to engage young people and through this, not only increase access to mental health support, but also help to reduce the stigma of mental health within BAME communities. Funding will support salary costs, overheads, project activity and delivery costs, and evaluation.
21/01/2020 £150,000 £641,214 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE Young people who identify as transgender, non-binary or are questioning their gender often face mental health issues including suicidal ideation, self-harm, social anxiety and depression. Gendered Intelligence (GI) will provide early stage interventions to improve the mental health of young people across the UK at a critical time whilst they wait to be seen by the statutory gender service. GI will support the needs of young people through a telephone based triage service, one to one mentoring and therapy sessions. GI will also provide training for adults who influence the lives of young people to increase their understanding thereby increasing support.
21/01/2020 £324,850 £439,759 AUDIOACTIVE This proposal will see AudioActive and the YMCA Downslink Group work together to engage homeless young men aged 13-24 in a combined creative and therapeutic response to mental health challenges. Creative rap/music/spoken word workshops will be delivered by artist/practitioners and specialist mental health workers across 4 YMCA Downslink Group venues in Sussex, alongside performance and sharing events.
21/01/2020 £321,290 £1,743,656 THE ROCK TRUST This project will increase access to quality mental health service provision for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Edinburgh. It will also work with different stakeholders to improve mental health service provision for young people in Edinburgh and Scotland-wide. The project will provide a range of therapeutic support for young people and signpost them to appropriate support. The grant will pay for trained staff to support the young people, project overheads, some activity costs and an external evaluation. The project will support better mental health for young people who are not currently accessing support and improve systemic approaches to meeting local needs.
21/01/2020 £501,094 £1,555,319 NEWPORT MIND ASSOCIATION This project will provide support to young people in Newport who have mental health problems and their families. The focus is on those experiencing multiple disadvantages including poverty, experiencing trauma and those from the BAME community. The project will address the barriers to accessing mental health support including long waits, high thresholds and stigma and the inadequacy of existing services which take a medical approach and where only short-term interventions are available. The partners will work together to intervene early and provide a range of support. Young people will also become ambassadors to change attitudes about mental health and take action to improve services.
21/01/2020 £279,517 £1,444,738 THE RESURGAM COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST The Resurgam Trust in Lisburn will address poor mental health in some of the most deprived wards in the Lisburn local authority area. Lisburn has some of the most challenging levels of deprivation, educational attainment and child poverty in Northern Ireland. Local surveying highlights high levels of poor youth mental health, access to services, and trans-generational trauma associated with the Troubles. Resurgam's 'Lisburn Approach' harnesses the community to train young peer mentors, create mental health champions, train professionals, and target parents. The overall aim is to make sustained positive changes in the lives of young people so they have a brighter future.
21/01/2020 £667,977 SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGES ZAMBIA It is estimated that around 20% of the population of Zambia experience mental disorders and 3% of will experience severe disorder. There is stigma associated with having a mental illness and children and young people experiencing problems are often feared, marginalised and labelled. Provision of mental health support is patchy and there are barriers in seeking help. SOS Children’s Villages Zambia, in partnership with REPSSI, will deliver psychosocial training programmes in schools and communities so that they have the skills and confidence to identify and intervene early so children and young people who are experiencing or at risk of developing mental health problems can access support.
21/01/2020 £324,470 AGRAJATTRA This project aims to build the individual and collective resilience of 1470 Rohingya children (6-12) and 1470 adolescent refugees (13-24) in refugee camps through addressing the stigma surrounding Mental Health (MH) amongst young people and their communities through the provision of safe spaces, and community education. MH services will be integrated in the approach to respond to their urgent psychosocial needs. The proposal aims to target 735 Rohingya adolescent girls, recognising social norms often leads to their reduced mobility and thus, being excluded from interventions and 735 boys who often use negative coping mechanisms such as drug taking in lieu of access to quality MH provision.
21/01/2020 £310,000 POPULATION COUNCIL - KENYA The project will pilot and evaluate mental health training into an evidence-based social, health and economic asset building program (safe spaces) and work with out-of-school girls and boys aged 15-18 living in informal settlements and are living in extreme poverty, have limited access to services and increased risk of violence. The project will work in Rhonda in Nakru and Kariobangi to address stigmatisation of mental health in adolescents, increase awareness on warning signs of mental illness and provide basic counselling.
21/01/2020 £317,087 WE ACTX FOR HOPE The project in Kigali will establish a yoga and mental health programme for youth at risk/experiencing mental distress. Target groups include young people living with HIV, sex workers, and LGBTQ young people. The programme will also improve livelihoods and reduce social stigma. Partnerships with Amahoro Respect and United Purpose will expand the project’s reach, impact and learning in the wider sector.
21/01/2020 £502,322 JAN SAHAS SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Children survivors of sexual abuse and those from marginalised castes and communities will experience mental health problems as a result of the hardship, trauma and prejudices they face. In some communities children may be ostracised or blamed if they speak up about the sexual abuse they have experienced. Jan Sahas are training up 'barefoot counsellors' (non professionals given training) to provide mental health support in these marginalised communities. They will create counselling hubs led by psychologists to provide professional support, raise awareness within the communities, and train staff working in this space to provide a more trauma informed approach to these groups
21/01/2020 £636,408 INDIAN LAW SOCIETY In 2016, India accounted for 36.6% in women and 24.4% in men of world suicides (Dandona, 2018). This proposal is a partnership between a mental health organisation, a law college and a tech company to deliver a three pronged rights based approach to fill the gaps in mental health awareness and services: - Youth engagement campaign to raise awareness. - Peer counselling service through a digitally assisted programme. - Young People advocating for mental health policy change The project will address mental health stigma, encourage help-seeking behaviour, provide much needed support to those experiencing distress and campaign for better service provisions from the state.
06/11/2019 £98,053 £36,477,000 ODI ODI are looking to place two junior economists within the Central Banks of Branching Out's focus countries Rwanda, and Zambia on two year secondments with a remit to advancing Financial Inclusion.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £7,776,530 HOUSING FOR WOMEN The biggest victims of domestic abuse are often the smallest. Thousands of children are exposed in London each year to domestic abuse. This funding is requested for a specialist early years worker to work with children aged 0-5 who come into refuges with their mothers. This age group is currently under-served. Getting help early can help off-set issues relating to anxiety, low self-esteem, withdrawal, late development, and difficulties forming relationships. The early years worker will provide intensive support to help children overcome trauma, enrol in playgroup/school, access specialist services and take part in activities and outings to replace negative memories with positive ones.
06/11/2019 £148,739 £7,293,000 PRISON ADVICE AND CARE TRUST Visiting Mum is a unique initiative aimed at maintaining the critical attachment bond between mother & child in the potentially catastrophic separation imposed by a mother’s imprisonment. Targeted at families affected by incarceration at HMP Downview (Surrey), this project addresses the trauma of separation & responds to the multiple harms to mother, child (age 0-5) & carer. By building sustainable structures of family support that bridge prison & community, implementing practical solutions to visiting barriers & advocating for institutional change, this project creates the conditions to preserve the early development of some of the most vulnerable & invisible children.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £1,637,982 EARLY YEARS SCOTLAND The Stay, Play and Learn project will deliver intensive intervention support to 350 families per year in deprived areas of Renfrewshire. Weekly play sessions will build links between parents and their child / children, and help address child development concerns and attainment gaps. The sessions will be delivered in 8-week blocks, at the end of which parents will be supported to join Parent and Toddler groups. Learning from the project will be used to help influence national policy and practice through the organisation’s membership and links to statutory bodies. A grant will contribute to the salaries of two Early Years Practitioners, a Project Lead and Administrator, and travel expenses.
06/11/2019 £151,063 £1,374,248 TREVI HOUSE The project will support children from birth to 5 years old whose mothers have multiple and complex needs and have primarily come through substance and/or alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. Trevi House will develop their nursery in Plymouth to become a specialist trauma-informed nursery, delivering supportive play and activities to help children develop important building blocks for future life, whilst also addressing the issues they have faced and witnessed. The project will be a combination of individual, group and mum and child sessions. Funding will support the salaries of 2 specialist Attachment Practitioners, training costs, nursery equipment, and a contribution to overheads.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £4,008,778 HARBOUR SUPPORT SERVICES The project will provide a Family Support Team to work across six refuges in North East England, supporting women who are pregnant or with children under school age. The team will provide 1-to-1 and group support to mums and babies/children to mitigate the impacts of domestic abuse and enable mums to provide effective nurturing care so their children can thrive. The grant will pay for staff to work with the families, travel costs, the organisational costs to support the project and staff training. The project will support mums through a very difficult time, helping them make a positive changes at a time when they lack support and stability.
06/11/2019 £152,006 £1,641,318 BODY AND SOUL HIV+ parents/pregnant women face a range of contextual challenges, including trauma, deprivation, isolation and stigma – which are compounded by the stress and anxiety of having a child. Infants are separated from their mothers at birth to reduce the risk of infection and many never fully re-establish a bond. Parents lack skills, HIV knowledge, support and resilience. Children face an uphill battle to achieve age-appropriate ECD levels with potentially lifelong consequences.This project will provide parenting support, guidance, networks and access to holistic support for HIV+ pregnant women and parents/carers, and emotional, social and communication therapy for their 0-3 year olds
06/11/2019 £150,783 £1,262,680 ROMSEY MILL TRUST Romsey Mill will provide support to young parents aged 16-25 in Cambridgeshire with children aged 12-24 months who are facing disadvantage and difficulties, helping to ensure that they develop their skills and confidence to be able to provide the best start for their child. The project includes specific support to young fathers, with a dedicated worker providing tailored 1-to-1 and group support to help improve their parenting and life skills and confidence, whilst also addressing issues around domestic violence, relationships and the father's own education and employment prospects. Funding will support a Family Worker and Young Fathers Worker, plus support, delivery and organisational costs
06/11/2019 £180,000 £4,921,587 CITIZENS UK Comic Relief funding will help the Living Wage Foundation to continue strengthening the case for paying the real living wage and attract further UK employers to sign up, to embed campaigns such as “Living Hours” (which tackles zero-hour contracts and employment instability), to scope new areas of work (for example, around pensions and sick pay), and to advance their work on the Global Living Wage movement.
06/11/2019 £151,843 £4,921,587 CITIZENS UK The impact of social adversity can have a devastating effect on young children's emotional, behavioural and cognitive development. The needs of parents – as well as children – are often overlooked. This funding will extend a pilot in Leeds and Tyne and Wear called Parents and Communities Working Together (PACT). The project helps parents articulate and create the support they need to bring up their 0-3 year old. Funds will be used for community MumSpace Groups and a book sharing initiative. As a result of the project, parents (and infants) will be less isolated, have good support networks and be able to influence services – resulting in better long-term outcomes for children.
06/11/2019 £122,490 £1,053,753 HOME-START OLDHAM, STOCKPORT & TAMESIDE The project will support BAME families with children aged 0-2 living in diverse, deprived communities in Tameside and Oldham. Services are often not successful in supporting BAME families and this project will support fathers to be more involved in their child’s development, support parents to have better relationships with their infants and help them to understand the vital role they play in their child’s learning and development. A co-ordinator will support a team of volunteers to provide a weekly tailored support package for the families. The grant will pay for the project co-ordinator, volunteer expenses, organisational costs to support the project and resources.
06/11/2019 £131,497 £598,380 MARKFIELD In the London borough of Haringey the number of children with disabilities is rising, particularly those with autism/complex needs. More than half of the children in the borough have delayed language skills by the time they start school. This project will empower parents to support their children’s development through play, particularly addressing the needs of children with communication & behavioural difficulties. It will provide a child-centred training programme for parents, run play sessions, and offer much needed emotional support for parents. There will also be training and support to early years professionals working in children’s centres, to improve provision across the borough.
06/11/2019 £152,356 £20,819,680 CORAM 14,000 children a year are the subject of care proceedings due to actual cases or risk of abuse and neglect. This trauma causes a range of evidenced developmental problems that are compounded by challenges with parenting and care, and can result in physical disruption to brain architecture and permanent relational problems. Intervening early is key as 90% of brain development happens before the 5th birthday. This project will provide Creative Therapy (Art and Music) delivered by highly qualified therapists to 75 children aged 0-5 and their parents/carers to improve bonds, overcome trauma and equip children with the skills and functions to succeed at school and relate positively with peers.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £3,773,000 BUTTLE UK Young children can be affected by trauma caused by a range of adverse childhood experiences. Buttle UK have created an innovative new approach to direct financial support called Chances for Children grants. The evaluation of these has shown impressive results. There is also a need to gain a better understanding of how the grants can improve outcomes specifically for children aged 0-5 years. Funds will be used to provide targeted support (small grants) for very young children impacted by trauma and for external evaluation to assess the approach. Learning will be shared within the sector.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £1,283,310 SPINA BIFIDA HYDROCEPHALUS SCOTLAND Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland will provide tailored support to families with children affected by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. This will include 1-to-1 and group support to help families improve their understanding of the condition, and to develop self-management skills. The project will be delivered across the whole of Scotland supporting 64 families, including parent/carers and siblings, to help create a nurturing family environment. They will also link families through local activities and events, helping to reduce their isolation. Funding would contribute to the salaries of Family Support Workers and Early Years Workers, project delivery costs and organisational overheads.
06/11/2019 £151,910 £9,971,588 CHILDREN 1ST Bourtree Hill & Beyond will provide trauma-sensitive, child-centred support to vulnerable pre-school children and their families in North Ayrshire. The project will support children who are vulnerable due to trauma, neglect and/or abuse. The project will offer advice, guidance, and emotional and practical support to children and their families through individual support and weekly group sessions. Funding will pay for project staff salaries, organisational management & support costs and staff training. The children will be supported to develop as happy, healthy, confident individuals. Parents will be supported to offer more attuned care and better meet the needs of their children.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £758,060 THE ELIZABETH FOUNDATION The first five years of life are the most important period in which a child’s brain develops. For deaf children, without an early diagnosis and expert support, this development is detrimentally impacted. The Elizabeth Foundation works with families across the UK through education sessions for parents and deaf children up to 5 yrs, monthly sessions with children who are deaf and have Down syndrome, and support to children to transition into mainstream education. With core running costs support from Comic Relief, deaf children will reach their developmental milestones, experience improved communication and reduce risk of isolation, and parents will be better equipped to support their child.
06/11/2019 £132,425 £5,074,325 BELFAST CENTRAL MISSION Belfast Central Mission (BCM) will support the children of young families and parents who have been part of the care system, to reach key early years development milestones and escape the likelihood of entering the care and/ or social services system themselves. This programme in the North Down and Ards council area highlights that children of parents who have been in care are vulnerable to chaotic home lives and their parents often lack basic parenting skills and knowledge. This programme supports children aged 0-5 years of age, in parallel to other support provided to the parents. As a result children will live healthier lives, be safe and nurtured, and have a better start.
06/11/2019 £152,444 £2,074,685 THE YARD The proposal will extend the provision of early years services for children age 0-5 and their families in Edinburgh, targeting those who are disabled and facing the disadvantages of living in areas of high deprivation. Funding will support play team leaders and other play staff, organisational admin and management costs, and specialist equipment and resources that will support the project. The project will increase disabled young children’s self-esteem, and give them opportunities to play in their community. It will also create informal community support networks and disabled-friendly hubs for families who wouldn’t otherwise access support.
06/11/2019 £152,439 £785,809 EDUCATION FUTURES TRUST The children who will benefit from the project are living in an area ranked as within the 30% most deprived in England. The focus will be on families where parents are isolated, lonely or suffering from stress, anxiety or poor mental health and who are not eligible for specialist support. An early years coach will provide advice, guidance and practical support to families in Hastings with children up to 3 years old. Parents will be coached and enabled to nurture their children to improve their outcomes in a 15-week cycle, during which they can get help through a mixture of telephone, 1-to-1 support, and group discussion.
06/11/2019 £110,458 £487,889 TRELYA The Skylar 3-5 project will support children aged 3-5 years from deprived communities in Penzance who are experiencing or at high risk of adverse childhood experiences.Skylar 3-5 will provide tailored support to families to help them improve parenting skills and support to children directly, linking them to their nursery, which is based at the community venue. Support will include home visits, 1-to-1 and group work, and training to improve parenting and family bonds, and to help children develop their Early Years Foundation stage. Funding will support the salaries of a Coordinator and Family Worker, plus sessional Early Years Educator fees and a contribution to overheads.
06/11/2019 £152,439 £1,563,940 LEEDS MENCAP The Early Years Support Project will offer specialist support, advice and care to families in Leeds who have a young child with a learning disability aged 0-5. Around the time of diagnosis families often suffer anxiety, denial, grief and anger. This project will provide individualised early support to children and their parents. Funding will pay for a family support worker and manager salaries, some of the organisation’s costs to support the project, travel expenses and staff training. The project will mean families are less isolated and more knowledgeable, resilient and confident. It will support the child to access services and get the best possible start in life.
06/11/2019 £300,000 £2,460,863 UNITED FOR GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH NULL
06/11/2019 £152,444 RAINBOW CHILD AND FAMILY CENTRE In the Outer North area of Derry, the project will develop work with parents and young children in some of the most disadvantaged wards in Northern Ireland to enable them to break the cycle of disadvantage and reach their full potential. The project will provide a range of support groups and advice, training, and programmes for pre-school children and their parents. Funding will pay for staff to work with parents and children, training for parents, family activities and the project’s running costs. The project will connect families to community support, enhance children’s development, and improve parents’ ability to successfully raise their children.
06/11/2019 £121,890 MICROFINANCE INFORMATION EXCHANGE, INC. Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) recognizes promising early-stage fintechs driving financial inclusion. The goal of IF50 is to make these fintechs more visible to investors and to provide the industry with better data, thus promoting greater and more impactful investment in inclusive fintechs that are reaching the un/underbanked.
06/11/2019 £420,000 TERRE DES HOMMES FOUNDATION KENYA Korogocho slum is home to 150,000 people (60,000 children) living in 1.5 square kilometres next to one of Nairobi’s rubbish dumps. Unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, and crime contribute to risks for children who face neglect, malnutrition, abuse, and poor health. This project will help young children get a better start in life through actions to improve the quality of early childhood development (ECD) services. Parent groups will be set up, and social workers will refer families so they get the help they need. The project will play a role in setting guidelines and standards for ECD so that more children have access to better ECD services in the future.
06/11/2019 £299,825 BUILD AFRICA KENYA (BAK) Young children’s enrolment in early childhood development (ECD) centres in Gilgil sub-county is low. Children with disabilities often do not attend. Most public ECD centres are attached to primary schools, and focus on reading and numeracy rather than play-based learning. This project will help young children get a better start in life through actions to improve ECD services. Volunteers will help parents develop skills to provide good care for their children. ECD centres will get educational play equipment, and will get help to make their ECD centre accessible for disabled children. The project will link health services with ECD centres so that young children get routine health care.
06/11/2019 £250,000 AFRICAN LEADERS MALARIA ALLIANCE (ALMA) The project has three main components:1) Create End Malaria Council and Fund Support to help building political will. A project manager will be recruited to support the implementation of the Fund, and sector-by-sector engagement through trade organisations and Civil Society groups;2) Private sector resource mobilisation, through the design and launch of a Fund. ALMA has conducted mapping of the private sector in Mozambique, and has started to generate financial and in-kind commitments for malaria;3) Map CSOs and identify potential champions to support in-country malaria advocacy and enhance accountability. If a suitable partner is identified, a 1 year sub-grant of 50K will be awarded.
06/11/2019 £750,000 MADRASA EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMME-KENYA Informed by 33 years of delivering impactful ECD programmes, MECP-K will partner with county governments, teachers, and parents to improve the quality of pre-primary education. Preschool teachers and school leadership will identify common problems and solutions in order to address critical aspects of pre-primary education and primary-school readiness of boys and girls. These solutions will be first tested in “incubation” preschools, then tested in “adoption” schools before successful solutions are scaled through the system. MECP-K will also implement a two-year professional plan with County Governments to develop ECD technical skills, decision making and planning of ECD services
06/11/2019 £148,525 ALLIANCE FOR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGHTS Malaria accounts for 38% of all health service visits in Ghana. Through a current project, communities learn to prevent malaria and seek treatment, but also about the health services they are entitled to and the quality of care they should expect. Using methods that foster an honest exchange of ideas between communities and health providers, the project has helped improve local health services. This project will record these experiences so that they can be used to influence communities, Ghana Health Service, parliamentarians and others to change business as usual. The project will push for better health systems and greater resources for malaria leading to better health care for all.
06/11/2019 £7,542,580 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The Challenge Initiative (TCI), is a bold, “business unusual” platform primarily funded for rapidly scaling proven reproductive health and family planning solutions for women and girls living in urban slums. TCI places cities directly in the driver’s seat – by having them contribute their own resources – to implement TCI’s proven approaches, with ongoing technical support and coaching from TCI, to achieve sustainable impact. This project builds on existing support from Comic Relief to expand the work to additional cities in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria.
06/11/2019 £30,000 MENTALLY AWARE NIGERIA INITIATIVE This project will carry out a national mental health campaign targeted at improving the Nigerian government’s focus on Mental Health as an issue of National importance. The campaign will ensure that key messages are appropriate for the Nigerian context achieve cut through and result in positive action by empowering lived experience voices to lead/deliver the project. They will ensure the mental health conversation is being heard from a very informed perspective by conducting media tours and training and demand accountability for current spending on mental health by tracking where and what it’s currently being spent on and and developing an economic argument for increased investment.
04/09/2019 £67,770 £1,024,457 SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION Young Offenders have often lived complicated & chaotic lives. They represent some of the most socially excluded, vulnerable & disadvantaged young people in England. The Get Onside project provides sport, education and life skills within Feltham Young Offenders Institute, with the aim of reducing reoffending and creating positive members of local communities. This investment will part fund the Get Onside project to work with 80 young offenders over two years.
04/09/2019 £47,590 £221,708 THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS BIHR are planning an offline app to support women to know their human rights and the duties of public services to respect and protect these, not only to keep them safe (which is vital) but to also help rebuild their lives. Too few public services (and their frontline staff) know what their legal duties are to meet people's human rights, including to choice, to be heard, to well-being, participation in the community, to be able to enjoy their home, to not be discriminated against. These rights are all vital to enable women to rebuild their lives following domestic abuse in recovery, useful information for meetings with housing staff, education, social workers, police and others.
04/09/2019 £46,693 £981,623 CIRCLES SOUTH EAST A ’Circle of Support and Accountability’ is a group of volunteers from a local community which forms a Circle around a previously convicted offender. It aims to provide a supportive social network that also requires the offender to take responsibility (be ‘accountable’) for his/her ongoing risk management. The Keepsafe App will reflect this and provide an online support network to individuals who have been convicted of perpetrating sexual and violent harm. The app will enable volunteers, professionals and peer mentors to support an individual in real time, building on the existing face-to-face Circles support offered in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.
04/09/2019 £72,290 £245,220 ISLINGTON CENTRE FOR REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS Refugees and asylum seekers are often cut-off from the community because of barriers including: language, destitution, and a lack of networks. Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants helps to integrate this vulnerable group into community life. It has already trialled the use of sport; now - in partnership with Mary's Community Centre (MCC) - this project will run weekly sports sessions including boxing and yoga. Sport will be a pathway to help this isolated group to access MCC's 'community hub'; building connections with local residents and linking them with MCC's Community Development Worker. Sport will also be a vehicle for 'community language learning' to build English skills.
04/09/2019 £49,990 £5,239,978 WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION OF ENGLAND The information available on domestic abuse is fragmented and hard to find. Women who do not recognise they are in an abusive relationship do not search for information in a way that leads them to the right information. WAFE's survivors handbook is online but it is not found by those who need it and, when found, the format and language do not resonate with women who have a preference for video, audio and bitesize information that they can access on their phone. This grant will support WAFE to develop a prototype of a new resource which is interactive, accessible and optimised for digital use, in order to reach more women, more effectively at an earlier stage.
04/09/2019 £39,765 £1,150,237 TENDER EDUCATION & ARTS Young people aged 16-25 with learning disabilities and special needs are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. This community has few resources to educate and explain about healthy relationships, safety, and recognising signs of abuse. Tender Arts and Education’s research shows that this group is well disposed to digital engagement and gaming. Tender is drawing on its arts and theatre work with young people to create a gaming digital tool to enable young people with disabilities to learn and understand more about healthy relationships and how to keep safe. The tool will initially work in partnership with Tenders existing education programmes,with scope for future development.
04/09/2019 £49,984 £362,118 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID The 'Resilience' digital platform is designed to provide an online package of support for DV survivors by providing professional advice, educating and connecting women with peers. Initial research indicates women experience extreme isolation, (due to lack of knowledge about their rights, financial & practical skills, loneliness, & lack of confidence), in recovery which can lead to risk depression, anxiety and a return to perpetrators . The platform enables women to access legal & financial advice; support women to improve their mental well being; connecting them with peers to share advice to reduce isolation and build esteem and access education and skill development opportunities
04/09/2019 £40,000 £581,848 TIME AND TALENTS In Rotherhithe, South London, there has been a rapid influx of new residents who have little knowledge of the local community or connection to it. There is a presumption that this group is self-sufficient and independent, but they can lack friendships and long term connections regardless of their achievements in their professional lives. There is also an ongoing problem around isolated vulnerable/older people. Team Up Take Part will bring people together from all backgrounds through a sport-based befriending programme that will encourage socially isolated people to build connections with their local community and make use out of local green/open spaces and other community assets.
04/09/2019 £74,970 £669,453 SURVIVING ECONOMIC ABUSE SEA/MAP have identified the problem that people don't know what economic abuse is, or that help is available. There is a lack of knowledge and support and some of the generic advice available does not take safety into account. SEA have already created a screening tool to identify economic abuse. They want to transform this into a digital tool that will analyse responses and direct people to the resources they need and which are tailored to their situation. This will provide safe and up to date information to survivors of economic abuse as well as to professionals supporting them. It will also be found easily, even when the person does not know what they are experiencing is economic abuse.
04/09/2019 £136,635 £918,045 CORE ARTS People with mental health problems often experience social isolation. The Core Sports programme provides access to a wide range of sport and physical activity sessions, social events and art activities/qualifications to adults with mild to severe mental health needs. The programme will build social networks, and clients will see an improvement in their mental and physical health. Over 2 years the programme will work with 500+ adults from across London from their creative education centre in Hackney.
04/09/2019 £49,968 £2,083,493 THE HAVEN WOLVERHAMPTON The idea is to create a women's portal, enabling women to access their own user area, managing and increasing their control over their journey when they are accessing The Haven's services. This will give them greater control on both the type of support they access, and how and when they access it. The focus will be on women staying safe, accessing the right advice and information whenever they need it. At the core of this grant is a user-centered design approach.
04/09/2019 £50,000 £1,610,337 RESPECT The Change! app project will test the concept for an app which can be used by specialist Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Services as a tool to support behaviour change. They will consult with perpetrators who attend specialist services or call their Respect Phoneline, and with the specialist workers running these services to find out how useful this could be. They want to explore ways to use an app to capture and consolidate learning which perpetrators can use at home, to develop and maintain non-abusive ways of relating.
04/09/2019 £105,726 £1,379,817 ISLINGTON MIND Rainbow Sports@Mind will gather London’s diverse LGBTQ+ community within a safe supportive mental health focused environment. The service will run twice weekly with user selected activities including dance, yoga, walking, boxing and football, offering users a chance to get together and collectively work towards goals of improved mental health. Following sessions, users will be signposted to other Mind services, and will also have the opportunity to be trained as volunteers, so they can facilitate the sessions beyond the programme.
04/09/2019 £49,985 £626,450 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) Research has highlighted concerns over the emotional wellbeing of children who have experienced abuse with many young people believing the abuse was their fault. There is limited support for young people and particularly a lack of age appropriate and trauma-informed support.AVA will co-produce a digital product with young people who have experienced abuse. The product will be available to young people throughout the country to support them to recover from their experiences, help them rebuild their lives and address mental health issues. The grant will pay for staff to work with the young people on co-production and technical support to develop the product.
04/09/2019 £116,075 £150,432 FOOTBALL FOR PEACE This project will train young adults in Newham, London as Peace Leaders, using the power of football to bring disparate communities together and offer targeted integration activities for children and young adults in the Borough. Using a peer mentor approach, the programme will help youth in Newham come together and aims to help overcome challenges such as rising crime, drug use, racial division and religious extremism. Peace Leaders are identified by peers, schools and community structures and are provided with an assessed 12 week training course before being supported to design and run social football tournaments with children and young adults in their communities.
04/09/2019 £70,000 £1,620,394 CONSONANT Stepping out will provide structured sporting activities (football and walking) for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. These activities will integrate ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and sport, in an engaging way, with participants learning the key words related to the activity. Participants can attend the weekly walk and talk club at Walthamstow Wetlands, or football at Tottenham FC, with the activity followed by a debrief at Consonant HQ. This project targets communities who are increasingly isolated, due to the hostile society, barriers to work and limited English, the intervention will allow them to integrate in a more natural environment, whilst improving English.
04/09/2019 £299,973 £774,937 ABLECHILDAFRICA A significant proportion of children with disabilities are not accessing pre-primary education in Kenya, despite it being critical in laying the foundation for their development, inclusion, and quality of life. This project will take a multi-faceted approach which includes the development of effective early identification systems and will build the capacity of key community-level staff, so that they more effectively support children and their families. There will be an innovative Inclusive Play Programme which is core to their approach. As a result, this project will improve access to good quality and inclusive early childhood education for children with disabilities.
04/09/2019 £136,679 SPORTING MEMORIES NETWORK CIC Sporting Memories will increase the mental & physical wellbeing of 250 people over the age of 50, using the power of sport as a focus to engage those who are living with dementia, depression or are socially isolated in sports reminiscence & physical exercise in 6 weekly clubs across London. The six clubs will focus on engaging members of the Irish, Jewish and BAME communities. In addition to weekly sessions, young people from across schools and colleges will support the delivery of the reminiscence sessions and carry out interviews, which will be used to create artwork to be displayed in the schools and clubs. Young and older people will come together for the 'London Together Games'.
04/09/2019 £149,650 £130,860 UK DEAF SPORT Deaf people often face barriers in accessing services and support. This includes sport and physical activity, with only 10% of the deaf and hard of hearing population physically active. UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) will recruit and train deaf activator champions to support deaf people to access sporting and non sporting activities in their community, increasing access opportunities and reducing isolation.
04/09/2019 £50,000 DEAF-INITELY WOMEN Deaf Women are particularly vulnerable to abuse, with many deaf women believing it is normal. Deaf-initely Women will develop a “digi-hub” to educate deaf women and make them safer. Peer-designed resources and role play films will be presented in a safe online environment, reach this community, and filling the gap in accessible services. 7,500 women in the Derbyshire area will benefit from better self-awareness of abuse, the culture of abuse will be addressed, and deaf women will be safer. Partnerships with local and national agencies offer potential to extend this digi-hub beyond the midlands community.
04/09/2019 £75,000 RADAR Through the power of storytellying, My Story Matters will help young people to recongise the early signs of domestic abuse in their relationships. Current support service provision does not reach young people, leaving them hidden, isolated and blaming themselves for the abuse. Through a digital platform employing a range of comms methods that work for them, young survivors will be able to safely tell their stories and connect with peers to share and validate experiences. Informed and empowered, users can connect with sources of help, help others and use their collective voice to influence and advocate for positive change in attitudes and services.
04/09/2019 £160,001 THE ACTION FOUNDATION Children with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable due to discrimination, poor parent-child interactions, and lack of support and services. They are more likely to experience violence, and less likely to be enrolled in school. This project will improve enrolment, and retention, in early childhood centres education for children with disabilities living in extreme poverty in Nairobi's slums. It will work with teachers, parents and children to improve early childhood development, positive parenting, and support for inclusion of disabled children in both the pre-school and home environment. It will also improve referrals to other services.
04/09/2019 £300,000 HELP A CHILD MALAWI In northern Malawi’s Rumphi District, one in three children are stunted and the under-5s mortality rate is 15 times higher than in the UK. Help a Child Malawi and the Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme will support 4,600 young children and their carers in Mwahenga Traditional Authority, identified as an underserved area by District authorities. Children will benefit along with their parents, child care centre volunteers and other community members. The effort aims to improve health, nutrition, stimulation and early learning, and nurturing care for young children at different stages, from birth through the successful transition to primary school.
04/09/2019 £300,000 REGIONAL PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT INITIATIVE Teenage mothers in Malawi are isolated, shunned and at high risk of violence. Many suffer stress as they do not know how to care for their baby and the fathers do not help. The children end up malnourished, stunted, sick and do not develop well. The project trains some young mothers as leaders. They run a weekly group for other mums and their under-five children in the local childcare centre. They also run monthly sessions for mums, dads and other carers. The project improves the childcare centres. As a result, young mums take care of their children well and get more support from the dads and others. The children grow up with better all-round health and learning, and adjust to school.
04/09/2019 £300,000 CENTER FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT-CEGIWE Young children in rural Malawi, especially with a disability, grow up sick, poorly fed, without proper care and failing in school. Many are HIV/AIDS orphans. This project supports childcare centres for under-fives, training their caregivers and linking them to other services. Parents and guardians learn in clubs how to look after their children. They join savings groups and link to banks so they can run small businesses. As a result, more children in great need get an early education and move on to school. Community and government support them more. Families feed and look after children better. Pregnant mothers access health services so they can protect their children’s health.
04/09/2019 £300,000 WORLD RELIEF MALAWI Teenage mothers in Malawi face stigma and struggle to care for their babies. The fathers rarely help. The children grow up malnourished, stunted and get sick. Few of them get an education. The project runs weekly groups, where young mums learn to care for their children and basic business skills so they can raise pigs and save money. It links them to government support. It strengthens community childcare centres for the under-fives. It helps communities – especially men – to support them. As a result, the mums care for their children well; are better off financially; and their children get an early education and go on to primary school. Families and community help them more.
04/09/2019 £290,000 ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM (AMURT) 39% of children in Kilifi County are stunted and 19% are low weight-for-height. Immunisation rates are low. Many parents do not value education for young children. Child neglect and abuse due to poverty is common. This project will train and support health and child welfare volunteers to educate communities and parents on child development, caregiving, nutrition, and child protection. Young mothers will get skills training to help them earn an income to support their children. Teachers in pre-primary schools will learn to make low cost learning toys. Parents and communities will better respond to the development needs of young children, so children have a strong foundation on which to grow.
04/09/2019 £385,525 LWALA COMMUNITY ALLIANCE Community Health Workers and allies at Lwala will join forces to create parenting groups within a child-focused safe space for learning and engagement. Families will be equipped with best practices for breastfeeding, nutrition, sanitation, and life-changing childhood development needs in an environment that fosters play and education stimulation.
04/09/2019 £30,000 SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH The South African Speak Your Mind (SYM) Campaign targets the general public, government and key role players as well as communities at grassroots level to ensure the most comprehensive impact possible. This proposal is aimed at (a) producing SYM information and (b) promotional materials, to be utilised and disseminated during (c) provincial community engagement events. We would also like to (d) document the ‘evolution’ of the campaign through short but informative, professionally produced videos.
04/09/2019 £30,000 BASICNEEDS-GHANA The “‘Speak Your Mind!’ for Mental Health in Ghana” is a national campaign to increase the prioritisation of mental health in Ghana. The project combines mass mobilisation with targeted engagements to build an advocacy platform that will (1) enhance public knowledge and awareness on mental health and amplify the voice of mental health service users and carers advocating for their needs and rights; (2) To ensure decision-makers in Ghana increase funding for mental health; and (3) have the Legislative Instrument of the Mental Health Law (Act 846, 2012) approved and implemented in the country.
04/09/2019 £29,587 KOSHISH The project is designed to influence policy level intervention for suicide prevention in Nepal and contribute to the development of National Strategy on Suicide Prevention appropriate for the current context. The project will be implemented form October 2019 to September 2020. The project will be jointly implemented by KOSHISH and TPO Nepal, complementing each other to achieve the results set forward by the project. The project will prioritize the multisectoral involvement in suicide prevention through involvement of various social organizations and governments for the cause.
04/09/2019 £30,000 MENTAL HEALTH COALITION (SL) Funding will support the Mental Health Coalition Sierra Leone to influence the Government’s commitment and political will for the prioritization of Mental Health financing and implementing workable Mental Health policy. The MHC will advocate for the review of existing outdated legislation and will provide capacity building and awareness raising to challenge stigma and discrimination via its network of people with lived experience who will work with family members, service providers and other stake holders including faith based groups and traditional leaders that will uphold people’s rights and promote inclusion, equal and non - discriminatory participation for people.
24/07/2019 £10,000 THE SOCIAL CHANGE AGENCY This grant will enable the development of the Women’s March London to unite, empower and mobilise the next generation of intersectional feminists in the UK. We will work with members, partners and supporters to create a visionary democratic structure that represents and supports women from the grassroots to challenge power, create change and heal.
24/07/2019 £307,671 UAF-AFRICA UAF-Africa (UAF-A) will support Women Human Rights' Defenders (WHRD) and gender non-conforming activists to counter repression, bolstering their resilience as well as supporting the growth of movements in responsive and agile ways. This will be primarily through contributing to their Rapid Response Grantmaking fund, as well as the development of the African Women Human Rights' Defenders Platform (AWHRDP), which will provide virtual and physical support structures for activists who face severe levels of threat both on and offline.
24/07/2019 £510,000 ASTRAEA LESBIAN FOUNDATION FOR JUSTICE LBTQI women and non binary people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal experience high levels of gender based violence from family, community, police and Healthcare providers and face discrimination and social exclusion. Additional factors such as religion, caste, class, disability and involvement in sex work mean many women face huge barriers to living free, productive, violence free lives. Astraea Foundation and their partners Point of View and Sappho for Equality will support grass roots movements to build capacity and leadership, create alliances with other feminist movements, identify areas for collective action and advocacy, tell their own stories and mobilise digital activism safely.
24/07/2019 £260,000 CREATING RESOURCES FOR EMPOWERMENT IN ACTION (CREA) In the five years of (core) funding from Comic Relief, CREA will increase leadership, voice and power of rural women and girls, lesbian women, disabled women, sex workers and trans people to challenge hierarchy and exclusion within the Women’s Movement in India. This intersectional approach will focus in three of the poorest regions in India. CREA will work with these women to increase their autonomy, rights and decision making to confront the overlapping discrimination they face.
24/07/2019 £510,000 UHAI EASHRI UHAI and RUF are requesting funds to resource women sex workers in East and Southern Africa, South Asia and the UK. They want to utilise their participatory grant making approaches and mobilise their resources to build strong, collaborative movements that are guided and led by sex workers, enabling them to advocate for their rights and enact change. They will do this by providing grants and facilitating capacity development to sex worker led organisations in these regions. The grants will address inequality, injustice and violence, ensure access to social and economic development opportunities and protect freedoms of assembly and association, particularly in restrictive settings.
24/07/2019 £500,000 WOMIN, AFRICAN GENDER AND EXTRACTIVES ALLIANCE With Kebetkache in Nigeria, the Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG) in Zimbabwe, and women’s formations in 6 local sites, the WoMin African Alliance will support women claim their right to say NO to large-scale extractives and articulate a just development agenda, amplified through women-led national and Pan African Campaigning
24/07/2019 £47,525 £91,739 LUMINARY BAKERY LTD Luminary Bakery is looking to expand its successful bakery service which works with vulnerable women and provides them with employment and support. They have identified a new site in London to expand into and have raised 75% of the funding required for the move (the investment will go towards refurbishing the site, hiring staff, getting equipment and providing funds for the launch). The new bakery will enable Luminary to further grow its income and to work with more vulnerable women by offering them employment.
24/07/2019 £210,000 CREATING RESOURCES FOR EMPOWERMENT AND ACTION - US (CREA) In the five years of (core) funding from Comic Relief, CREA will increase leadership, voice and power of rural women and girls, lesbian women, disabled women, sex workers and trans people to challenge hierarchy and exclusion within the Women?s Movement in India. This intersectional approach will focus in three of the poorest regions in India. CREA will work with these women to increase their autonomy, rights and decision making to confront the overlapping discrimination they face.
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Cumulative Grants
Amount Grantee
£1,052,076 BUTTLE UK
£1,010,000 UHAI EASHRI
£942,500 FARESHARE
£807,671 UAF-AFRICA
£800,000 ROSA FUND
£662,950 UAF-AFRICA
£650,000 AGE UK
£610,000 DO IT NOW NOW
£600,000 UK YOUTH
£500,000 CRISIS UK
£448,700 BAWSO LTD
£440,000 IMKAAN
£424,436 ADVONET
£252,563 JUSTICE & CARE
£244,000 IMIX
£241,800 STABLE LIFE
£212,311 SAHELI
£208,155 UNYPA
£200,000 FSD ZAMBIA
£192,006 BODY AND SOUL
£191,910 CHILDREN 1ST
£176,635 CORE ARTS
£150,458 TRELYA
£150,000 WE ARE BRIDGE
£149,650 UK DEAF SPORT
£141,123 YOUNG ROOTS
£131,497 MARKFIELD
£129,997 THRIVE GULU
£121,792 PHOEBE
£113,625 XLP
£101,671 GALOP
£98,053 ODI
£93,582 EFA LONDON
£90,000 CHAYN
£86,079 RESPECT
£75,000 RADAR
£70,000 UNSEEN (UK)
£70,000 CHAYN
£62,500 KICK4LIFE
£53,298 APNA GHAR
£40,000 STEM4
£40,000 POWER2 LTD
£40,000 ONE25 LIMITED
£39,250 MASLAHA
£38,830 HARMLESS
£37,754 CHILDHOPE (UK)
£30,000 SANGATH
£30,000 HAFAL
£29,587 KOSHISH
£27,600 COHORT 4
£27,090 REFUGE
£8,875 QUETZAL
£7,594 RUILS
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