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Comic Relief

(Registered Charity No: 326568)
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Who they support

Predominantly UK charities with income of £250k>£10m (Or £75k in other countries). Small or start-up organisations are funded via local partners. . The average annual spending of grantees has been £4,146,487 . The average age of charities supported has been 19 years, with a typical range of 6-32 years.

Grant criteria

Priority for organisations seeking long term funding to scale up proven solutions. There are four core themes: Children Survive & Thrive, Global Mental Health Matters, Fighting for Gender Justice, A Safe Place to Be. 50% UK, 50% Africa & Asia.

Grant details

Typically from £50k-£1m.

Application procedure

Initially submit a Concept Note via the online grant management system

Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers
Sole supporter: 16% by number, 20% by value.
By ValueBy Number
National Lottery48%53%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation20%19%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation13%10%
Garfield Weston Foundation12%20%
City Bridge Trust11%15%
Barrow Cadbury Trust11%7%
Lloyds Bank Foundation10%22%
The Tudor Trust9%15%
Spirit of 20129%2%
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In this period they've made 908 significant donations to registered charities totalling £196,311,152

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
06/11/2019 £98,053 THE OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE 3? ODI are looking to place two junior economists within the Central Banks of Branching Out's focus countries Rwanda, and Zambia on two year secondments with a remit to advancing Financial Inclusion.
06/11/2019 £152,444 HOUSING FOR WOMEN 5? The biggest victims of domestic abuse are often the smallest. Thousands of children are exposed in London each year to domestic abuse. This funding is requested for a specialist early years worker to work with children aged 0-5 who come into refuges with their mothers. This age group is currently under-served. Getting help early can help off-set issues relating to anxiety, low self-esteem, withdrawal, late development, and difficulties forming relationships. The early years worker will provide intensive support to help children overcome trauma, enrol in playgroup/school, access specialist services and take part in activities and outings to replace negative memories with positive ones.
06/11/2019 £148,739 PRISON ADVICE AND CARE TRUST (PACT) 10? Visiting Mum is a unique initiative aimed at maintaining the critical attachment bond between mother & child in the potentially catastrophic separation imposed by a mother’s imprisonment. Targeted at families affected by incarceration at HMP Downview (Surrey), this project addresses the trauma of separation & responds to the multiple harms to mother, child (age 0-5) & carer. By building sustainable structures of family support that bridge prison & community, implementing practical solutions to visiting barriers & advocating for institutional change, this project creates the conditions to preserve the early development of some of the most vulnerable & invisible children.
06/11/2019 £152,444 Early Years Scotland 6? The Stay, Play and Learn project will deliver intensive intervention support to 350 families per year in deprived areas of Renfrewshire. Weekly play sessions will build links between parents and their child / children, and help address child development concerns and attainment gaps. The sessions will be delivered in 8-week blocks, at the end of which parents will be supported to join Parent and Toddler groups. Learning from the project will be used to help influence national policy and practice through the organisation’s membership and links to statutory bodies. A grant will contribute to the salaries of two Early Years Practitioners, a Project Lead and Administrator, and travel expenses.
06/11/2019 £151,063 TREVI HOUSE LIMITED 6? The project will support children from birth to 5 years old whose mothers have multiple and complex needs and have primarily come through substance and/or alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. Trevi House will develop their nursery in Plymouth to become a specialist trauma-informed nursery, delivering supportive play and activities to help children develop important building blocks for future life, whilst also addressing the issues they have faced and witnessed. The project will be a combination of individual, group and mum and child sessions. Funding will support the salaries of 2 specialist Attachment Practitioners, training costs, nursery equipment, and a contribution to overheads.
06/11/2019 £152,444 HARBOUR SUPPORT SERVICES 3? The project will provide a Family Support Team to work across six refuges in North East England, supporting women who are pregnant or with children under school age. The team will provide 1-to-1 and group support to mums and babies/children to mitigate the impacts of domestic abuse and enable mums to provide effective nurturing care so their children can thrive. The grant will pay for staff to work with the families, travel costs, the organisational costs to support the project and staff training. The project will support mums through a very difficult time, helping them make a positive changes at a time when they lack support and stability.
06/11/2019 £152,006 BODY AND SOUL 8? HIV+ parents/pregnant women face a range of contextual challenges, including trauma, deprivation, isolation and stigma – which are compounded by the stress and anxiety of having a child. Infants are separated from their mothers at birth to reduce the risk of infection and many never fully re-establish a bond. Parents lack skills, HIV knowledge, support and resilience. Children face an uphill battle to achieve age-appropriate ECD levels with potentially lifelong consequences._x000D_ _x000D_ This project will provide parenting support, guidance, networks and access to holistic support for HIV+ pregnant women and parents/carers, and emotional, social and communication therapy for their 0-3 year olds
06/11/2019 £150,783 ROMSEY MILL TRUST 3? Romsey Mill will provide support to young parents aged 16-25 in Cambridgeshire with children aged 12-24 months who are facing disadvantage and difficulties, helping to ensure that they develop their skills and confidence to be able to provide the best start for their child. The project includes specific support to young fathers, with a dedicated worker providing tailored 1-to-1 and group support to help improve their parenting and life skills and confidence, whilst also addressing issues around domestic violence, relationships and the father's own education and employment prospects. Funding will support a Family Worker and Young Fathers Worker, plus support, delivery and organisational costs
06/11/2019 £180,000 CITIZENS UK CHARITY 13? Comic Relief funding will help the Living Wage Foundation to continue strengthening the case for paying the real living wage and attract further UK employers to sign up, to embed campaigns such as “Living Hours” (which tackles zero-hour contracts and employment instability), to scope new areas of work (for example, around pensions and sick pay), and to advance their work on the Global Living Wage movement.
06/11/2019 £151,843 CITIZENS UK CHARITY 13? The impact of social adversity can have a devastating effect on young children's emotional, behavioural and cognitive development. The needs of parents – as well as children – are often overlooked. This funding will extend a pilot in Leeds and Tyne and Wear called Parents and Communities Working Together (PACT). The project helps parents articulate and create the support they need to bring up their 0-3 year old. Funds will be used for community MumSpace Groups and a book sharing initiative. As a result of the project, parents (and infants) will be less isolated, have good support networks and be able to influence services – resulting in better long-term outcomes for children.
06/11/2019 £122,490 HOME-START OLDHAM STOCKPORT AND TAMESIDE 3? The project will support BAME families with children aged 0-2 living in diverse, deprived communities in Tameside and Oldham. Services are often not successful in supporting BAME families and this project will support fathers to be more involved in their child’s development, support parents to have better relationships with their infants and help them to understand the vital role they play in their child’s learning and development. A co-ordinator will support a team of volunteers to provide a weekly tailored support package for the families. The grant will pay for the project co-ordinator, volunteer expenses, organisational costs to support the project and resources.
06/11/2019 £131,497 THE MARKFIELD PROJECT LIMITED 5? In the London borough of Haringey the number of children with disabilities is rising, particularly those with autism/complex needs. More than half of the children in the borough have delayed language skills by the time they start school. This project will empower parents to support their children’s development through play, particularly addressing the needs of children with communication & behavioural difficulties. It will provide a child-centred training programme for parents, run play sessions, and offer much needed emotional support for parents. There will also be training and support to early years professionals working in children’s centres, to improve provision across the borough.
06/11/2019 £152,356 THOMAS CORAM FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN (FORMERLY FOUNDLING HOSPITAL) 7? 14,000 children a year are the subject of care proceedings due to actual cases or risk of abuse and neglect. This trauma causes a range of evidenced developmental problems that are compounded by challenges with parenting and care, and can result in physical disruption to brain architecture and permanent relational problems. _x000D_ _x000D_ Intervening early is key as 90% of brain development happens before the 5th birthday. This project will provide Creative Therapy (Art and Music) delivered by highly qualified therapists to 75 children aged 0-5 and their parents/carers to improve bonds, overcome trauma and equip children with the skills and functions to succeed at school and relate positively with peers.
06/11/2019 £152,444 BUTTLE UK 7? Young children can be affected by trauma caused by a range of adverse childhood experiences. Buttle UK have created an innovative new approach to direct financial support called Chances for Children grants. The evaluation of these has shown impressive results. There is also a need to gain a better understanding of how the grants can improve outcomes specifically for children aged 0-5 years. Funds will be used to provide targeted support (small grants) for very young children impacted by trauma and for external evaluation to assess the approach. Learning will be shared within the sector.
06/11/2019 £152,444 Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland 6? Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland will provide tailored support to families with children affected by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. This will include 1-to-1 and group support to help families improve their understanding of the condition, and to develop self-management skills. The project will be delivered across the whole of Scotland supporting 64 families, including parent/carers and siblings, to help create a nurturing family environment. They will also link families through local activities and events, helping to reduce their isolation. Funding would contribute to the salaries of Family Support Workers and Early Years Workers, project delivery costs and organisational overheads.
06/11/2019 £151,910 CHILDREN 1ST 6? Bourtree Hill & Beyond will provide trauma-sensitive, child-centred support to vulnerable pre-school children and their families in North Ayrshire. The project will support children who are vulnerable due to trauma, neglect and/or abuse. The project will offer advice, guidance, and emotional and practical support to children and their families through individual support and weekly group sessions. Funding will pay for project staff salaries, organisational management & support costs and staff training. The children will be supported to develop as happy, healthy, confident individuals. Parents will be supported to offer more attuned care and better meet the needs of their children.
06/11/2019 £152,444 THE ELIZABETH FOUNDATION 5? The first five years of life are the most important period in which a child’s brain develops. For deaf children, without an early diagnosis and expert support, this development is detrimentally impacted. The Elizabeth Foundation works with families across the UK through education sessions for parents and deaf children up to 5 yrs, monthly sessions with children who are deaf and have Down syndrome, and support to children to transition into mainstream education. With core running costs support from Comic Relief, deaf children will reach their developmental milestones, experience improved communication and reduce risk of isolation, and parents will be better equipped to support their child.
06/11/2019 £132,425 Belfast Central Mission 1? Belfast Central Mission (BCM) will support the children of young families and parents who have been part of the care system, to reach key early years development milestones and escape the likelihood of entering the care and/ or social services system themselves. This programme in the North Down and Ards council area highlights that children of parents who have been in care are vulnerable to chaotic home lives and their parents often lack basic parenting skills and knowledge. This programme supports children aged 0-5 years of age, in parallel to other support provided to the parents. As a result children will live healthier lives, be safe and nurtured, and have a better start.
06/11/2019 £152,444 The Yard 6? The proposal will extend the provision of early years services for children age 0-5 and their families in Edinburgh, targeting those who are disabled and facing the disadvantages of living in areas of high deprivation. Funding will support play team leaders and other play staff, organisational admin and management costs, and specialist equipment and resources that will support the project. The project will increase disabled young children’s self-esteem, and give them opportunities to play in their community. It will also create informal community support networks and disabled-friendly hubs for families who wouldn’t otherwise access support.
06/11/2019 £152,439 EDUCATION FUTURES TRUST 4? The children who will benefit from the project are living in an area ranked as within the 30% most deprived in England. The focus will be on families where parents are isolated, lonely or suffering from stress, anxiety or poor mental health and who are not eligible for specialist support. An early years coach will provide advice, guidance and practical support to families in Hastings with children up to 3 years old. Parents will be coached and enabled to nurture their children to improve their outcomes in a 15-week cycle, during which they can get help through a mixture of telephone, 1-to-1 support, and group discussion.
06/11/2019 £110,458 TRELYA 10? The Skylar 3-5 project will support children aged 3-5 years from deprived communities in Penzance who are experiencing or at high risk of adverse childhood experiences._x000D_ _x000D_ Skylar 3-5 will provide tailored support to families to help them improve parenting skills and support to children directly, linking them to their nursery, which is based at the community venue. Support will include home visits, 1-to-1 and group work, and training to improve parenting and family bonds, and to help children develop their Early Years Foundation stage. _x000D_ _x000D_ Funding will support the salaries of a Coordinator and Family Worker, plus sessional Early Years Educator fees and a contribution to overheads.
06/11/2019 £152,439 LEEDS MENCAP 5? The Early Years Support Project will offer specialist support, advice and care to families in Leeds who have a young child with a learning disability aged 0-5. Around the time of diagnosis families often suffer anxiety, denial, grief and anger. This project will provide individualised early support to children and their parents. Funding will pay for a family support worker and manager salaries, some of the organisation’s costs to support the project, travel expenses and staff training. The project will mean families are less isolated and more knowledgeable, resilient and confident. It will support the child to access services and get the best possible start in life.
06/11/2019 £300,000 United for Global Mental Health 1? NULL
04/09/2019 £67,770 SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION 3? Young Offenders have often lived complicated & chaotic lives. They represent some of the most socially excluded, vulnerable & disadvantaged young people in England. The Get Onside project provides sport, education and life skills within Feltham Young Offenders Institute, with the aim of reducing reoffending and creating positive members of local communities. This investment will part fund the Get Onside project to work with 80 young offenders over two years.
04/09/2019 £47,590 THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS 3? BIHR are planning an offline app to support women to know their human rights and the duties of public services to respect and protect these, not only to keep them safe (which is vital) but to also help rebuild their lives. Too few public services (and their frontline staff) know what their legal duties are to meet people's human rights, including to choice, to be heard, to well-being, participation in the community, to be able to enjoy their home, to not be discriminated against. These rights are all vital to enable women to rebuild their lives following domestic abuse in recovery, useful information for meetings with housing staff, education, social workers, police and others.
04/09/2019 £46,693 CIRCLES SOUTH EAST 8? A ’Circle of Support and Accountability’ is a group of volunteers from a local community which forms a Circle around a previously convicted offender. It aims to provide a supportive social network that also requires the offender to take responsibility (be ‘accountable’) for his/her ongoing risk management. The Keepsafe App will reflect this and provide an online support network to individuals who have been convicted of perpetrating sexual and violent harm. The app will enable volunteers, professionals and peer mentors to support an individual in real time, building on the existing face-to-face Circles support offered in London, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.
04/09/2019 £72,290 ISLINGTON CENTRE FOR REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS 9? Refugees and asylum seekers are often cut-off from the community because of barriers including: language, destitution, and a lack of networks. Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants helps to integrate this vulnerable group into community life. It has already trialled the use of sport; now - in partnership with Mary's Community Centre (MCC) - this project will run weekly sports sessions including boxing and yoga. Sport will be a pathway to help this isolated group to access MCC's 'community hub'; building connections with local residents and linking them with MCC's Community Development Worker. Sport will also be a vehicle for 'community language learning' to build English skills.
04/09/2019 £49,990 WOMEN'S AID FEDERATION OF ENGLAND 9? The information available on domestic abuse is fragmented and hard to find. Women who do not recognise they are in an abusive relationship do not search for information in a way that leads them to the right information. WAFE's survivors handbook is online but it is not found by those who need it and, when found, the format and language do not resonate with women who have a preference for video, audio and bitesize information that they can access on their phone. This grant will support WAFE to develop a prototype of a new resource which is interactive, accessible and optimised for digital use, in order to reach more women, more effectively at an earlier stage.
04/09/2019 £39,765 TENDER EDUCATION AND ARTS 10? Young people aged 16-25 with learning disabilities and special needs are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. This community has few resources to educate and explain about healthy relationships, safety, and recognising signs of abuse. Tender Arts and Education’s research shows that this group is well disposed to digital engagement and gaming. Tender is drawing on its arts and theatre work with young people to create a gaming digital tool to enable young people with disabilities to learn and understand more about healthy relationships and how to keep safe. The tool will initially work in partnership with Tenders existing education programmes,with scope for future development.
04/09/2019 £49,984 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID LTD 4? The 'Resilience' digital platform is designed to provide an online package of support for DV survivors by providing professional advice, educating and connecting women with peers. Initial research indicates women experience extreme isolation, (due to lack of knowledge about their rights, financial & practical skills, loneliness, & lack of confidence), in recovery which can lead to risk depression, anxiety and a return to perpetrators . The platform enables women to access legal & financial advice; support women to improve their mental well being; connecting them with peers to share advice to reduce isolation and build esteem and access education and skill development opportunities
04/09/2019 £40,000 TIME AND TALENTS ASSOCIATION 6? In Rotherhithe, South London, there has been a rapid influx of new residents who have little knowledge of the local community or connection to it. There is a presumption that this group is self-sufficient and independent, but they can lack friendships and long term connections regardless of their achievements in their professional lives. There is also an ongoing problem around isolated vulnerable/older people. Team Up Take Part will bring people together from all backgrounds through a sport-based befriending programme that will encourage socially isolated people to build connections with their local community and make use out of local green/open spaces and other community assets.
04/09/2019 £74,970 SURVIVING ECONOMIC ABUSE 2? SEA/MAP have identified the problem that people don't know what economic abuse is, or that help is available. There is a lack of knowledge and support and some of the generic advice available does not take safety into account. SEA have already created a screening tool to identify economic abuse. They want to transform this into a digital tool that will analyse responses and direct people to the resources they need and which are tailored to their situation. This will provide safe and up to date information to survivors of economic abuse as well as to professionals supporting them. It will also be found easily, even when the person does not know what they are experiencing is economic abuse.
04/09/2019 £136,635 CORE ARTS 6? People with mental health problems often experience social isolation. The Core Sports programme provides access to a wide range of sport and physical activity sessions, social events and art activities/qualifications to adults with mild to severe mental health needs. The programme will build social networks, and clients will see an improvement in their mental and physical health. Over 2 years the programme will work with 500+ adults from across London from their creative education centre in Hackney.
04/09/2019 £49,968 THE HAVEN WOLVERHAMPTON 2? The idea is to create a women's portal, enabling women to access their own user area, managing and increasing their control over their journey when they are accessing The Haven's services. This will give them greater control on both the type of support they access, and how and when they access it. The focus will be on women staying safe, accessing the right advice and information whenever they need it. At the core of this grant is a user-centered design approach.
04/09/2019 £50,000 RESPECT 4? The Change! app project will test the concept for an app which can be used by specialist Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Services as a tool to support behaviour change. They will consult with perpetrators who attend specialist services or call their Respect Phoneline, and with the specialist workers running these services to find out how useful this could be. They want to explore ways to use an app to capture and consolidate learning which perpetrators can use at home, to develop and maintain non-abusive ways of relating.
04/09/2019 £105,726 ISLINGTON MIND 5? Rainbow Sports@Mind will gather London’s diverse LGBTQ+ community within a safe supportive mental health focused environment. The service will run twice weekly with user selected activities including dance, yoga, walking, boxing and football, offering users a chance to get together and collectively work towards goals of improved mental health. Following sessions, users will be signposted to other Mind services, and will also have the opportunity to be trained as volunteers, so they can facilitate the sessions beyond the programme.
04/09/2019 £49,985 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) 5? Research has highlighted concerns over the emotional wellbeing of children who have experienced abuse with many young people believing the abuse was their fault. There is limited support for young people and particularly a lack of age appropriate and trauma-informed support._x000D_ AVA will co-produce a digital product with young people who have experienced abuse. The product will be available to young people throughout the country to support them to recover from their experiences, help them rebuild their lives and address mental health issues. The grant will pay for staff to work with the young people on co-production and technical support to develop the product.
04/09/2019 £116,075 FOOTBALL FOR PEACE 1? This project will train young adults in Newham, London as Peace Leaders, using the power of football to bring disparate communities together and offer targeted integration activities for children and young adults in the Borough. Using a peer mentor approach, the programme will help youth in Newham come together and aims to help overcome challenges such as rising crime, drug use, racial division and religious extremism. _x000D_ _x000D_ Peace Leaders are identified by peers, schools and community structures and are provided with an assessed 12 week training course before being supported to design and run social football tournaments with children and young adults in their communities.
04/09/2019 £70,000 CONSONANT LTD 6? Stepping out will provide structured sporting activities (football and walking) for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. These activities will integrate ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and sport, in an engaging way, with participants learning the key words related to the activity. Participants can attend the weekly walk and talk club at Walthamstow Wetlands, or football at Tottenham FC, with the activity followed by a debrief at Consonant HQ. This project targets communities who are increasingly isolated, due to the hostile society, barriers to work and limited English, the intervention will allow them to integrate in a more natural environment, whilst improving English.
04/09/2019 £299,973 ABLECHILDAFRICA 1? A significant proportion of children with disabilities are not accessing pre-primary education in Kenya, despite it being critical in laying the foundation for their development, inclusion, and quality of life. This project will take a multi-faceted approach which includes the development of effective early identification systems and will build the capacity of key community-level staff, so that they more effectively support children and their families. There will be an innovative Inclusive Play Programme which is core to their approach. As a result, this project will improve access to good quality and inclusive early childhood education for children with disabilities.
03/07/2019 £47,743 POSITIVE YOUTH FOUNDATION 6? This project will target young people in Coventry who are newly arrived, in care, or have faced gender violence - the common thread is that these young people often find it hard to feel part of a community. This grant will fill a gap within Positive Youth Foundation for a move-on stage (from the first #iwill grant) for graduates from these target groups. Graduates will be able to apply to undertake a Youth Achievement Bronze Award. Participants will then utilise this training by working in groups as 'Youth Consultants' for local youth providers; they will do this by undertaking social research and action planning with their young service users to help improve youth services.
03/07/2019 £52,400 DEAFKIDZ INTERNATIONAL 2? DeafKidz International (DKI) is a young organisation working to address the safeguarding and protection needs of Deaf, hard of D/deaf CYP, and are emerging as leaders in this space. They are proposing to develop DeafKidz Defender, an interactive digital game concept that will empower Deaf children aged 7-11 to reduce their risk and vulnerability to abuse and exploitation. There is currently no dedicated digital safeguarding and protection provision specifically aimed at Deaf children of this age in the UK or worldwide.
03/07/2019 £310,000 END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN COALITION 5? This request is to to build on and continue the End Violence Against Women coalition's (EVAW) strategic work on tackling violence against girls and young women in schools. The 'Whole School Approach' uses a number of approaches including targeted policy change at government level, and enabling better support for grassroots involvement at a local level. EVAW have begun to do some of the top-level work already, and this funding will contribute mainly to extending the frontline involvement with local women's organisations, teachers, affected girls and their families.
03/07/2019 £18,291 BUILD UP FOUNDATION 2? The Build Up Foundation works with 6-23yr olds in London, many of whom feel stigmatised and excluded from their own community spaces. The first year of the current #iwill grant has enabled it to work with 50 young people on youth-led construction projects - building the skills of young people, and evidencing their value to the wider community. This proposal will involve some of these existing participants in recording their testimonies on film and creating an exhibition to showcase their work. Three-hundred new young people will be involved via youth-led focus groups and as exhibition attendees. The grant will also invest in evaluation support around evidencing social impact..
03/07/2019 £49,966 THE NORTH TYNESIDE CARERS CENTRE 7? The project will work in North Tyneside with young adult carers, male young carers and bereaved young carers to identify how improvements can be made in services for these groups. A Research Facilitator will recruit young carers, who will act as Experts by Experience. They will be supported to identify and communicate what improvements they want to see. The project will also engage internal and external decision makers to act on young people’s ideas. Young carers will gain confidence, skills and experience but the project also aims to make lasting change in the way these young people are engaged and supported locally. The grant will pay for staffing, activities and project overheads.
03/07/2019 £50,000 YMCA EAST SURREY 4? Younger children are increasingly experiencing mental health problems such as social anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. They often find it difficult to talk to parents/caregivers about their mental health, and parents often feel unequipped to deal with and support children at home. YMCA East Surrey has been working with older youth to help them manage their own mental health and become mental health champions, raising awareness of mental health in their communities. Those mental health champions have proposed this 'meet and eat' project to work with younger children age 9-11 and parents. As a result, children and parents will both be better equipped to deal with issues as they arise.
03/07/2019 £309,895 WOMEN IN PRISON LIMITED 7? WIP wants to harness the power of the lived experience of women caught in the criminal justice system to shift the harmful social narratives & structural inequalities that disproportionately disadvantage them._x000D_ WIP proposes to support women to develop skills & confidence to take up space in spheres of social and political influence, to engage those who hold power over the resources channelled towards meeting their needs (media, commissioners and government ministers), to bring adequate and sustainable funding to realise the Female Offender Strategy.
03/07/2019 £50,000 COMMUNITY RECORDING STUDIO 4? Weall is a creative project led by young people that will use a variety of creative genres to educate, raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health issues. The project works in St Ann’s, one of Nottingham’s most deprived inner city communities and will work over 8 months with young people to research, design and develop a combination of various creative pieces which will use hip-hop, rap, grime, spoken word, dance, film photography, poetry and podcasts. The project will develop the young participants’ skills and confidence, whilst raising mental health awareness in the wider community.
03/07/2019 £509,357 LEEDS WOMEN'S AID 3? The aim of Women’s Lives Leeds VOICES is for Leeds to become the UK’s first Women Friendly City. The aim would be to create changes to how women and girls see and experience Leeds as a place to live, across many aspects of their lives. That Leeds will be a place where women are at the heart of decision making and are influencing the design, commissioning and planning of services, and where services and activities promote gender equality. The work will be led and galvanised through two ‘hubs’ which will engage women and girls and ensure their voices are heard. A Campaign Manager will help to take forward activities and build wider support.
03/07/2019 £504,977 THE FAWCETT SOCIETY 5? The Fawcett Society will run the 'Equal Power' Project helping more women to stand for local and national elected office with a goal of having more women in positions of political power to break the current gender disparity in politics (only 30% MP's and 33% local councillors are women). The aim is to increase formal power for women in the UK. Including their #Askhertostand campaign, the Equal Power project will work with 5 other organisations in partnership to provide training, preparation and support to women to ensure they are equipped with the skills, confidence, experience and networks to succeed in running and hopefully winning local and national elections.
03/07/2019 £49,847 SUTTON COLDFIELD YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 10? The extension to the Virtually Minded project will develop the delivery method to better engage and support 10-12 year olds from the Falcon Lodge estate, Sutton Coldfield and Conker Island estate, Kingstanding. A mobile youth bus will visit the estates and weekly sessions will encourage small groups of young men to participate in range of activities. The young men will be supported to better understand mental health, and encouraged to develop their own social media and Comic-Con campaign helping them to develop a range of practical and social skills. A grant will support the costs of youth workers, consultation and delivery, plus a contribution to management and organisational overheads.
03/07/2019 £42,305 CARDBOARD CITIZENS 8? Cardboard Citizens support young people from London who have been affected by or are at risk of homelessness. _x000D_ Citz Young Storytellers is a young people-led, arts-based approach, to ensure disengaged and disadvantaged young people’s stories are heard and valued. Through workshops and performance they will develop creative, soft and transferable skills and make their voice heard on the issues that effect them. _x000D_ This grant will mainly pay for staff to support and engage the young people, including employing young people with lived experience of homelessness to support others. _x000D_ The project will support young people’s long-term independence, confidence & progression as social activists.
03/07/2019 £49,989 STONEWALL EQUALITY LIMITED 3? Across the UK, LGBT young people face discrimination, bullying and violence throughout their life: in school, their workplace, home and community. These threats can be particularly pronounced for young people who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and/or People of Colour (BAME/PoC) and those within faith groups. This project will support LGBT BAME/PoC young people in the Midlands and North of England to engage in social action within their communities. Supported by Stonewall, participants will work to design and deliver campaigns to challenge discrimination and build support for LGBT rights within their local area, bringing change in their lives and the lives of others.
03/07/2019 £51,225 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) 5? Survivors of domestic and sexual abuse can struggle to meet their mental health support needs when faced with services that are not trauma-informed; many services have long waiting lists and cannot provide support 24/7. AVA and its digital tech partner Infact will design and build an app to meet these womens' needs; the digital product will give users immediate relief through functions that could include trauma-informed-meditation, and tips around coping strategies. The project will test assumptions about what survivors want/ need through the use of a Steering Group of 'experts by experience'. This user-group will be involved for the duration of the project from scoping through to launch.
03/07/2019 £48,507 SMALL GREEN SHOOTS 2? Small Green Shoots will develop the FundaMentals projects to initially support an additional 140 young people in London who are from deprived communities, and mostly not in education, employment and training. Through arts-based projects the young people will explore mental health, developing their understanding and a range of skills whilst being supported by a freelance artist. Through this development the delivery model will also be piloted in 2 sites outside of London, supporting 60 young people, and an online toolkit will be developed and marketed by the young people, which can then be used freely by other youth-led organisations. Funding will support staffing and delivery costs.
03/07/2019 £51,500 MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY GROUP OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND 5? Muscular Dystrophy UK are the leading organisation supporting at least 70,000 people living with a range of muscle wasting conditions in the UK. The project is looking to work in partnership with Sitekit to develop an online Holistic Needs Assessment portal (HNA), where people living with these conditions can conduct their own wellbeing assessments, which will make it easier for NCAs (Neuromuscular Care Advisors) to manage their care plans, reduce the risk of side-lining issues such as mental health, and enable them to be signposted more quickly to tailored services. There are only 60 NCAs, each managing the care plans of about 500 patients.
03/07/2019 £50,000 THE JOSEPH ROWNTREE FOUNDATION 2? Joseph Roundtree Foundation (JRF) are working with an award-winning photographer and the writer to gather stories of poverty which challenge the stereotype, not through righteousness outrage, which can alienate people across the ideological divide, but by portraying poverty as everyone’s business, asking ‘what could you not live without’. The work is still ongoing, but the collection of stories so far gathered range from the extraordinary to the ordinary, highlighting the commonality between all of us as human beings. JRF would like to turn the stories into a touring exhibition to be launched in London and then travelling to key regions throughout the
03/07/2019 £255,250 YWCA ENGLAND & WALES 6? The Young Women's Trust across three years will form a national (UK) movement of young women (18-30 years old) who will tackle the barriers facing young women in accessing, sustaining and progressing in employment. This will be largely led by their youth advisory board of 30 young women driving the approach to change. This grant is towards both project and core costs, and activities will be centred around supporting young women to take collaborative and individual actions towards greater gender equality in the workplace. This is through both interaction with decision makers and media, but also through equipping them with transferable skills in leadership, teamwork & communication at work.
03/07/2019 £61,100 STEM4 1? Stem4 provides education in secondary schools in four areas of mental health. These include anxiety & depression, self-harm, eating disorders and addiction. Building on the success of their NHS-accredited ‘Calm Harm’ app (helping teenagers manage the urge to self-harm), as well as the previously Tech for Good-funded ‘Clear Fear’ app (helping teenagers manage anxiety), STEM4 will develop a third app which will use a third model of Behavioural Activation therapy to help teenagers manage symptoms of depression. The target groups of the app are those with a diagnosis, those waiting for treatment, and those turned away from services.
03/07/2019 £375,700 WOMEN FOR REFUGEE WOMEN 6? Refugee and asylum-seeking women are some of the most vulnerable women in the UK. They are often isolated and frequently dispersed into areas where they cannot access appropriate support. The majority will suffer from past trauma from experiencing gender-based violence. They have to go through the asylum process that is seen as hostile and combative, leaving them disempowered and at risk of destitution. With this investment, Women for Refugee Women and Refugee Women Connect will support women to build their confidence and skills to share their experience, advocate for their rights and to speak out for the need for a fairer asylum process in the UK.
03/07/2019 £51,500 ALEXANDRA ROSE CHARITY 5? Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg Programme (RVP) supports families on low incomes to avoid food poverty & access a healthy diet by providing vouchers for fresh fruit & veg redeemable only at local markets & community food projects. Since their first Tech for Good grant to fund the 'Rosie' trader reimbursement app, they've embarked on an exciting digital transformation journey with partners Neontribe, continually engaging users/beneficiaries to build & refine tech that responds to their needs. RVP is a proven intervention currently supporting 1000+ families through a network of 26 children’s centres in 6 local authority areas.
03/07/2019 £51,150 YOUTHNET UK 9? The Mix are looking to develop chatbot technology that allows them to create a bespoke experience for individuals that hit their channels. This is in order to ensure that they are able to serve a higher percentage of youth that reach them, that users find what they are looking for and that there is better signposting to other services/offerings, and to digitize their outreach and engagement to youth on channels that they use most frequently.
03/07/2019 £48,750 VOICES FROM CARE 6? Care-experienced young people can feel that 'corporate parents' - the term for agencies designed to support their care - fail to appreciate the challenges they face. While the first #iwill grant was about the broad recruitment of members for Voices From Care, this grant will build on the organisation's work to influence policy/ practice. The project will enable care experienced young people to come together in small groups (based on location or issue) to work on social action campaigns that will help to influence corporate parents. For example, a group of care experienced young people in North Wales may create a pod-cast aimed at changing a referral practice within a housing team.
03/07/2019 £26,115 RUILS 2? Ruils will transform its highly successful Sitting & Befriending service, which matches trained befrienders to disabled children in South-West London. _x000D_ It is currently admin heavy and based in office hours, limiting the number of children they can support and creating difficulties in engaging time-poor parents of disabled children. _x000D_ The grant will develop a new website which will empower parents, carers and children to engage directly with the service. This will remove a huge amount of admin, enabling Ruils staff to significantly expand the service, meaning more befrienders can help disabled children to enjoy activities, gain some independence & practice social skills.
03/07/2019 £40,700 BIPOLAR UK LTD 4? According to research conducted by Bipolar UK (the only charity specifically focused on bipolar) there are 1.3 million people living with bipolar in the UK. They propose a chatbot that helps users self manage but also provides critical advice. The chatbot combines machine learning with the informed research from Bipolar UK, by giving answers, prompts and signposting users to information. This funding will scale up the chatbot by installing it on the website, integrating it with services, so people can book a call with a volunteer or attend a group, and ensure staff with lived experience can keep it up dated.
03/07/2019 £505,000 WOMEN IN INFORMAL EMPLOYMENT: GLOBALIZING AND ORGANIZING (WIEGO) LIMITED 1? Home based working is a global phenomenon with millions of women producing goods or services for the local and global supply chain market from within or around their homes. They tend to earn very little, have poor working and living conditions and are isolated and unable to fight for a better deal for themselves. This project will work with home based workers in South Africa, Uganda, Bangladesh, Nepal and India supporting them to get organised, take on leadership roles, identify shared goals and needs, advocate for their rights and a fair income and connect with home based working women globally to unify, campaign for their rights and share strategies for making change.
03/07/2019 £509,994 WOMANKIND WORLDWIDE 2? The Collective Action to Realise Equality (CARE): Feminist Movement Building in Zimbabwe will support the strengthening of the women’s movement in Zimbabwe, making it more accountable to and inclusive of the women it seeks to serve, and increasing the collective leadership, voice and agency of these diverse women by working with women leaders in formal and informal decision making structures, and women in communities.
08/05/2019 £416,962 Y CARE INTERNATIONAL 3? This project builds on the success of PSPP interventions, combining consortium members’ collective expertise to deliver a joint initiative, aimed at strengthening and sustaining urban development structures/systems for improved living standards in Freetown’s informal settlements. The project has an advocacy, rather than service-delivery focus, for greater sustainability and impact and is aligned with the Freetown City Council’s (FCC) “Transform Freetown Framework”.
08/05/2019 £25,912 FAMILY ACTION 12? Currently 10% of young people in the UK are thought to have a diagnosable mental health disorder. In Hackney, risk factors for mental ill-health including family violence, homelessness, unemployment, substance abuse and gang violence are all higher than the national average. In response to this, Off Centre provides counselling, therapy, information and advice, and mentoring to young people in Hackney who have mental health needs. As part of this service, Comic Relief will fund their art therapy work, including one-to-one and group sessions. The therapy supports young people to understand themselves better, become more confident and resilient, and improve their mental health and wellbeing.
08/05/2019 £3,000,000 THE FEDERATION OF GROUNDWORK TRUSTS 6? Groundwork has been selected as Comic Relief's Funding partner to deliver grassroots funding opportunities across England. Groundwork shares Comic Relief’s vision of creating a just world free from poverty and has spent the last four decades building an infrastructure capable of addressing a diverse range of needs in the most disadvantaged local communities across the UK. The funding programme will deliver impact across all areas of England and across each of Comic Relief’s social change priorities through a responsive, demand-led system designed around the needs of grassroots groups and in which decisions are made as close to communities as possible.
08/05/2019 £450,113 MALARIA NO MORE UNITED KINGDOM 1? Of the 435,000 malaria deaths in 2017, 90% were in sub-Saharan Africa and over 53% in Commonwealth countries. This project will raise attention, political will, resources and action to strengthen health systems so that all people have access to the tools to prevent and treat malaria. It will drive Commonwealth leaders toward their commitment to halve malaria across the Commonwealth by 2023. It will introduce a ‘tracker’ tool to show leaders country-level data; profile the importance of investing in health to reduce malaria; carry out a communications campaign; and support champions in four countries to influence leaders to invest in health systems to reduce the burden of malaria.
08/05/2019 £45,529 BRENT ADOLESCENT CENTRE 6? Brent Centre are looking to develop a private service in order to diversify their income and allow them to scale the reach of their existing services to neighbouring boroughs.
08/05/2019 £414,119 RESULTS EDUCATION 1? People in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Tanzania face a high risk of malaria and other common illnesses, yet many cannot access essential health services to prevent and treat disease. This project will train and support young people to build political will to address malaria. They will take part in national, regional and global fora to push for stronger malaria control programmes, and for policies to improve access to good quality health care for all. Their work will influence leaders to invest in health systems to reduce the burden of malaria and to provide basic universal health coverage. Young people taking part will train peers to form a second generation of champions to sustain the work.
24/04/2019 £300,380 PRISONERS ABROAD 7? Prisoners Abroad support British ex-prisoners at high risk of homelessness, who are deported or returning to the UK following imprisonment overseas. Often people have not lived in the UK for many years, have no friends, family or support networks and no access to advice, benefits or housing. People come through the prison gates are put on a plane and arrive at a UK airport with the clothes on their back. Prisoners Abroad provide support to people in the period before release, as well as on return to the UK. They help newly returned ex-prisoners to access advice and emergency resources, housing and the welfare system and to start to rebuild their lives.
12/03/2019 £1,000,000 CARE INTERNATIONAL UK Comic Relief funding would allow CARE International to maintain its ongoing operations in Yemen, enabling our team to provide flexible and life-saving humanitarian assistance to meet the complex and critical needs of displaced families. CARE currently provides aid in Yemen through a Rapid Response Mechanism, which utilises multi-purpose cash transfers to quickly enable vulnerable households to address their most urgent needs. _x000D_ _x000D_ £1,000,000 would allow CARE to reach an estimated 3,571 households (HHs), approximately 25,000 beneficiaries .
06/03/2019 £200,380 Positive Action in Housing 5? Positive Action on Housing works with vulnerable and or destitute people from minority ethnic, asylum seeking, refugee or newly arrived migrant communities to access the support and services they need to avoid homelessness and poverty and rebuild their lives. This is done through a hosting scheme that provides accommodation in volunteers homes across the UK while legal issues are resolved, direct advice, support and advocacy to access benefits,and overturn wrong decisions, meeting people's basic needs for food, clothes, hygiene and travel expenses through crisis grants and training and support to improve money and life skills and access employment and sustainable and appropriate housing.
06/03/2019 £174,293 The Marie Trust 5? Many people who are homeless have experienced some form of trauma, often during childhood, and this can have a significant effect on their mental and physical health and act as a major barrier to their attempts to break out of homelessness and move forward in their lives. The Marie Trust provide access to long term counselling for people who are homeless or have experience of homelessness to enable them to work through trauma and recognise how it effects their behaviour and choices so they can resolve their past and thrive. The project provides one to one and group therapy in a range of settings and 50% of clients are women.
06/03/2019 £132,380 JUST FOR KIDS LAW LIMITED 15? The Project aims to provide specialist legal support to children and young people facing homelessness and insecure housing. Justice for Kids Law will recruit a lawyer with expertise in housing and community care law and increase the number of Youth Advocates to 11. The legal specialist will train the Youth Advocates and also provide training and share best practice in the wider voluntary sector. As part of this project, JfKL will explore opportunities for doing strategic litigation for wider reform and identify opportunities for engaging young people in advocacy.
06/03/2019 £222,202 THE BOOTH CENTRE 2? The Booth Centre is a day centre that offers advice, activities and support to homeless people in Manchester. The Comic Relief funded project 'Safe Homes for All' will support service users to find and keep a secure home, with the right support. The investment will part fund a resettlement worker, a project worker and an evaluation officer. It will also contribute towards the organisation's core costs. Peer mentors (who are or have been homeless) will be trained to work with staff; those who are homeless will be moved into supported or permanent accommodation. The centre will produce a toolkit to share best practise and influence local, national and international stakeholders.
06/03/2019 £300,380 CoLab Exeter 6? The Exeter Homelessness Partnership, is a grassroots response aimed at ending homelessness in Exeter. The partnership will bring together people with experience of homelessness with statutory, voluntary, business, and community sectors to increase understanding of the issue and co design community led solutions that everyone can play a part in. This will achieve immediate changes in people's lives and the way support is designed and delivered and lead to structural changes in the way homelessness is addressed and understood. Designed and led by the local community the Partnership will create a Homelessness Charter, Action Groups, test alternative ways of giving and mobilising the public.
06/03/2019 £300,380 OASIS CARDIFF 8? Receiving refugee status can provide security and safety, but the transition from being an asylum seeker to gaining refugee status can bring its own challenges. The initial 28-day period when people have to rapidly move from one system of support to another can be difficult as they may not be familiar with the systems, may not speak good English and will have to quickly obtain housing. Oasis Cardiff has been supporting refugees and asylum seekers to integrate in Cardiff area and with this investment it will employ two case workers to provide one-to-one support to those recently granted refugee status, to help them navigate housing options, benefit entitlements and employment opportunities.
06/03/2019 £300,369 WELSH HOUSING AID LIMITED 5? Street homelessness in Wales is an increasingly visible and pressing issue. Evidence suggests there has been a 44% increase since 2015. In 2018 there were 345 rough sleepers in Wales. Shelter Cymru has an extensive track record of preventing homelessness using a rights-based approach and with this investment it will employ three Street Advisors to take legal advice and advocacy support onto the streets of Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, so that rough sleepers can have access to specialist legal advice about their housing rights. As a result, more rough sleepers can get off the streets and into secure housing as well as access other support services to meet their needs.
06/03/2019 £250,380 The Social Bite Fund 1? This Housing First Programme is a major new initiative (launched Aug 2018), which will bring 830 people experiencing homelessness with complex needs into mainstream housing with wrap-around support in five cities: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. The project aims to shift the structural response to homelessness across Scotland. This funding contributes a small proportion to a much larger project comprised of funds from the Scottish government (£6.5m over 3 years) and significant fundraising from Social Bite (£3m over two years).
06/03/2019 £218,622 CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP 7? Child poverty is rising, and housing is one of if not the most significant costs for families. The impact of poverty is insecure, overcrowded homes that deprive children and families of the space they need to play, work and live. The introduction of Universal Credit originally designed to make families better off has had a dramatic effect on the numbers of people becoming homeless. Expert welfare rights advice is crucial to resolving these issues and preventing unnecessary evictions and poverty. This project will equip the advice sector and workers with the knowledge and tools needed navigate the complex benefits system and uphold people's rights and entitlements to financial support.
06/03/2019 £80,380 STANDING TOGETHER AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 3? Domestic abuse and housing are intersecting issues; domestic abuse brings violence into the home/ causes women to leave their homes, and a high rate of homeless women have experienced domestic abuse (St Mungo's, 2014). Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV) seeks to improve the response of UK Registered Social Landlords to domestic abuse. It will do this by building on the last two-years of running the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA); this is an alliance of STADV and two UK housing associations (Peabody & Gentoo). Through the DAHA accreditation scheme, the project is seeking Social Landlords to take fast and robust action to support tenants experiencing domestic abuse.
06/03/2019 £200,380 ASYLUM SUPPORT APPEALS PROJECT 8? ASAP provide vital work assisting asylum seekers in the UK to access free legal representation at their tribunal appeals. Winning appeals for asylum seekers enables them to access safe and secure shelter, start to rebuild their lives and not be left homeless or at risk of deportation. Funding will also contribute to training other organisations in asylum support law as well as long term systemic change in asylum support policies in the UK ensuring asylum seekers are at less risk of homelessness and insecure shelter. Whilst they are based in London, their work benefits asylum seekers and organisations across the UK.
06/03/2019 £150,506 CAMBRIDGE HOUSE AND TALBOT 8? Operating out of Cambridge House, based in Southwark, the Safer Renting project offers advice and advocacy to tenants at risk of eviction and living in sub-standard rented properties. Staff work in partnership with local authorities in London to intervene in illegal evictions, support people to sustain tenancies and improve the conditions in their home or find more suitable housing, and to claim their legal rights in the face of criminal landlords. As well as preventing homelessness for vulnerable individuals, the project aims to influence policy to improve conditions for renters and offer greater protection from criminal landlords. Comic Relief will contribute to staff costs and overheads.
13/02/2019 £23,976 AMREF HEALTH AFRICA 4? In line with our efforts to make our communications more participatory, we would like to give some of the beneficiaries of the Comic Relief-funded WASH programme the opportunity to tell their own stories. We will work with a professional photographer to train key community members in basic photography skills (through a kick-off workshop and ongoing tailored support), enabling them to document their daily lives and the work they do to improve their communities’ health. This would:• Allow Amref to tell the story of this project, and capture its impact, in a new and compelling way.• Enable us to make a strong case for the link between WASH and improvements in health.
13/02/2019 £38,500 GETAWAY GIRLS 9? In 5 years we would like to be: Sustainable; Respected; Impactful and Transformational. We willcontinue to develop a strong voice for People withLearning Disabilities and Autism;promoting their equal place within society.This project will include:1.IT equipment and cyber securityenabling a strengthening ofkey infrastructure through investingin essential, highquality IT and registration to the government Cyber Essentials Plus programme, opening up opportunities to tender for relevant contracts, as well as ensuring essential cyber security.2.A range of online promotional and learning materials, co-created with our membershiptosupport our Training Centre and Marketingto both support our communi
13/02/2019 £40,000 BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET CARERS CENTRE 8? The funding will enable us to makeï‚· Professional video-stories and amateur video-stories made by carers, which show the importance of each of our organisational goals and the difference our activities can make for carers.ï‚· Short audio-conversations based on the BBC 4 Listening Project, with carers sharing their stories about how support from the Carers’ Centre has helped them.ï‚· A range of graphics and animations to illustrate our goals, showing the difference we make to the caring population as a whole as well as to individual carers.These will transform our marketing materials including promotion on our blog on our website, social media, presentations to funders.
13/02/2019 £39,970 ELY DIOCESAN ASSOCIATION FOR DEAF PEOPLE 4? The Sustainability Fund grant would go towards converting office spaceand making improvements to our building in Cambridge. This will allow us to raise more money from rental income so that we can provide _x000D_ more of our services and so the building can continue to be a central hub for the Deaf Community. The building is a key asset for the charity and the improvements we want to make with this money will have a huge impact on the financial sustainability of CDA. This will allow us to offer more support to the Deaf Community in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire
13/02/2019 £39,600 APPS FOR GOOD 5? For this project, the Comic Relief Future Labs Sustainability Fund would support the first big step in migrating Apps for Good’s platform, the backbone of its service and operations, to a leaner form of online service provision that combines custom built and third party technical elements to create a faster and more efficient experience for users._x000D_ This project will focus entirely on building a new version of the Apps for Good Educator dashboard, with a revamp of the dashboards for expert volunteers and account managers at the organisation planned for later in 2019.
13/02/2019 £40,000 THE WOMEN'S ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK TRUST 6? The Work of WEN has never been more relevant due to the headline news around women's rights and the environment funding would enable WEN to rebrand, better understand their audience, get digitally fit for the future and better show their impact.
13/02/2019 £25,200 AGE CONCERN NORWICH 5? We are applying for £25,200 from the Comic Relief Futures Lab Sustainability Fund to upgrade our digital infrastructure._x000D_ The demography of older people is changing. More people are working longer, phasing their retirement through part-time work or volunteering. Many are supporting their family to nurture grandchildren, and have care responsibilities of their parents. This is all in addition to issues of their own, from life events such as divorce, bereavements, health problems and financial pressures._x000D_ These conditions make our services ever more important, and we need to change our communication strategy to reach this audience, one which can often be isolated due to their circumstances.
13/02/2019 £39,900 THE HIGH STREET CENTRE LIMITED 6? Sexual harm is still one of the most commonly misunderstood offences. It is no secret that as a country we are struggling to deal with the issues of sexual misconduct and harassment. Organisations asked us to develop our membership to help them tacklethe issue and promotes a culture of sexual harm prevention through direct community action.  We offer an ethical response to this complex issue. We will help organisations ensure that their staff are treated fairly whilst also supporting them toput practices into place to encourage and build a transparent, safe workingenvironment.A recent survey by Slater and Gordon, the national employment law specialists concluded that one in four organisatio
13/02/2019 £39,900 THE WISH CENTRE LIMITED 3? The recent evaluation by the Centre for Mental Health, “A space to talk: An evaluation of the WISH Centre’s services with young people who self-harm”*, confirms our unique and effective service and validates our 90% recovery rate for young people who self harm. It recommends that our Self Harm Peer Support Model is replicated and shared nationally.This funding would be the catalyst to making that happen, by creating the digital transformation that WISH needs to take the replication forward. The investment would enable us to create a new website and learning hub, and by funding the essential expertise and capacity, develop our model as a digital package with licenses and training and su
13/02/2019 £36,741 THE FOXTON CENTRE 5? Funding will support the applicant to register as a social housing provider and undertake feasability and risk analysis finalising its business plan and expanding its successful Housing First offer, housing more people and generating further income for the organisation.
13/02/2019 £39,999 THE PROUD TRUST LTD 15? Funding will support expert support and input in the areas of social enterprise, capital fundraising, corporate partnerships, and PR marketing to push the planned rebuild of the LGBT centre across the line, secure final funds and develop social enterprise and income generation models for future sustainability.
13/02/2019 £39,963 THE METRO CENTRE LTD 6? Funding our MORE (Maximising Offer and Reach through Enterprise) Project will support the aspirational and entrepreneurial direction of our new strategic plan. Specifically, it will allow us to meet the needs of audiences with whom we already engage, but are currently unable to support due to funding restrictions, as well as support the engagement of new service users over a wider geography coupled with income generation.This will be achieved through the development of an e-commerce platform across all our websites with the development of three pilot stores providing affordable HIV and other STI testing kits, condoms, lube and general METRO merchandise. These stores will each be accessible f
13/02/2019 £37,300 EDBERTS HOUSE 7? NULL
13/02/2019 £17,545 ISLINGTON CENTRE FOR REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS 9? Funding will support development in 2 areas; financial policies and procedures planning and review, 5 year sustainability plan and fully emed the Peer Support group in the planning and delivery of services provide skills development and ensure services meet the needs of communities designed for. Specialist support and backfill key roles to make time for intensive period of planning, review and co-design.
13/02/2019 £34,000 THE GREEN HOUSE BRISTOL 5? Funding will conduct a thorough financial mapping exercise to better plan for growth, set up a new revenue stream through venue hire at new premises, the migration and customization of new case management system enabling more effective working and reporting.
13/02/2019 £39,796 SPARK INSIDE 10? We would utilise Futures Lab funding to fund a Freelance Project Manager to design and pilot (with support from consultants EP:IC and Spark Inside staff) a way of engaging with people who have previously participated in our services. This will enable us to use previous participants’ insight/hindsight to ensure our programmes deliver long-lasting impact on reoffending,employment prospects and life chances. This will also enable us to develop a bank of content from both existing and previous participants (e.g. impact stories, case studies and other content i.e.a film) to support our engagement with funders, major donors, the general public, stakeholders and potential social licencees.
13/02/2019 £29,000 BODY AND SOUL 8? You will fund an analyst to develop a comprehensive and scalable costing of all the support Body & Soul provides, and thereby a robust proof-of-concept and justification of our model. By including all the time/expertise we get for free, this piece of work will reveal precisely how much added-value is built into our model of service provision – all the extra pounds and pence you get in frontline service delivery for every pound you donate to us. In addition, it will detail exactly how much money our model saves government by minimising contact with police/healthcare etc, and by maximising time spent in training/employment.
13/02/2019 £22,842 B: RAP LTD 6? We are applying to the Sustainability Fund for a grant of £39900.  The funding will enable us to build on the existing business model within High Street Centre and for the first time let us be supported by and learn from a Consultant Fundraiser raising additional income to complement our existing multiple streams.  Our team will be better at gathering stories to support our work and be more efficient at capturing the impact of what we do by using technology to gather details of activities delivered, attendance and their impact.  
12/02/2019 £27,135 INDEPENDENT ARTS 9? SELFA’s five year vision is a greater voice and more independence for the young people we support.In consultation, they told us they don’t feel their needs are met by the adults who serve their local community. They want a say in the decisions that affect their lives. They want an opportunity to lead changeand give back.Decisions that are fully informed by young people’s own perspectives are more relevant, more effective and more sustainable. Agrant of £30,000 fromComic Relief will enable us to create a platform for young people to influence change and challenge the status quo, starting with takingthe driving seat within SELFA.Specifically, we will work alongside Leaders Unlocked, a s
10/02/2019 £63,676 THE BIG HOUSE THEATRE COMPANY 9? The Big House has moved into a 10-room former frame factory in the heart of Islington. We’re currently re-developing this space, previously unused for nearly a decade.  Englefield Road is the first place we can call home and once finished it will have a multi-purpose theatre space, counselling suite, library and more, enabling us to significantly expand our activities over the next 5 years. We’re seeking a grant of £38,912 to buy a lighting/sound system for our new theatre, ensuring it’s fully operational. T
10/02/2019 £40,000 TRUST LINKS LIMITED 8? Trust Links would like Comic Relief to fund two exciting projects to help build the sustainability ofthe charity. Firstly, a mobile catering van would enable Trust Links to develop a social enterprise, providing work experience, brand awareness, addressing mental health stigma and providing an unrestricted income for the charity. Secondly, the funding will enable Trust Links to undertake detailed research into its supporter base and fundraisers, enabling the charity to improveits marketing strategy, better target fundraisers, build a strong and loyal supporter base and generate significant additional unrestricted revenue income for the charityfrom regular donors, community fundraising and le
10/02/2019 £28,700 MAYFIELD NURSERIES 4? Gardening for better mental health. A plant nursery in Southampton, at its heart Mayfield's model focuses on providing a place for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities to develop new skills and be part of a supportive, friendly community & growing & selling a range of award winning plants at affordable prices. The proposal that came into The Sustainability Fund focuses on scaling up their Plants for People Project by increasing footprint in Southampton and extending this offer to other areas primarily through Local Authorities.
10/02/2019 £68,821 CHANCE FOR CHILDHOOD 2? Chance for Childhood has set out to increase five-fold to 50,000 the number of children and young people supported in their 5 core countries:The application focuses on support to the development of a social franchise model for Right2Change, their flagship juvenile justice programme through the development of a social franchise model that aims to roll out the programme throughout Uganda & in the longer term other countries in East and West Africa. The social franchise draws from the successes of the Comic Relief funded Right2Change programme (which achieved 1% recidivism rate and a 1:10 social return on investment) and understanding of the gaps in standard operating procedures and quality ass
10/02/2019 £35,000 198 CONTEMPORARY ARTS AND LEARNING LTD 7? The Factory project is focused on opening up access, diversity and equality for young people. The Factory is a creative agency and social enterprise challenging the agency world by connecting brands directly with emerging creatives from BAMER communities. A self-sustaining trading subsidiary of 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning will be piloted in 3 stages. This aims to extend work with young creatives into a completely new commercial domain and importantly includes direct support to 60 young creatives from BAMER backgrounds. This grant funding will kick in at Stage 2: pilot delivery from March - May '19
09/01/2019 £30,000 STAFFORDSHIRE WOMEN'S AID 3? There is a lack of information and understanding around violence and abuse experienced by older women. As a result, many older women are not identified as needing support or do not seek help themselves. Staffordshire Women’s Aid has a long track record of working with women experiencing domestic abuse and with this investment it will raise awareness in the community as well as with professionals so that they are better informed. It will also support older women who are survivors of abuse in getting their voices heard so that they can contribute to making services accessible and provide appropriate support.
09/01/2019 £1,500,000 WALES COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION 4? Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) is submitting this proposal as lead applicant on behalf of Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW). TSSW is a network of support organisations for the whole of the third sector in Wales, consisting of the 19 local and regional support bodies across Wales, the County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) and the national support body, WCVA. With a combined membership of nearly 8,500 third sector organisations and a physical presence in each unitary authority, TSSW has unrivalled reach and understanding of the sector from influencing national policy to supporting small community groups with governance, volunteering and funding advice.
09/01/2019 £30,054 BIRMINGHAM AND SOLIHULL WOMEN'S AID 6? Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid has a long track record of supporting women who experience domestic abuse. However, it has found that not many older victims of abuse are accessing its services. With this investment, it will employ a Violence Against Older Women Worker to help build its understanding of the needs of older women and use this to improve its services so that more women access and receive appropriate support. It will also share learning with other professionals who work with older women so that they are better informed.
09/01/2019 £69,864 SOLACE WOMEN'S AID 9? Older women who experience violence and abuse often do not disclose or seek help. When incidents are reported, they are not always handled effectively by trusted professionals as they lack knowledge and understanding of specific issues facing older women. Solace Women’s Aid in London has been working with older survivors of domestic abuse and with this grant it will employ a specialist IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) to increase awareness of violence against older women, so more women are able to disclose and receive appropriate support. It will also work to improve professional practice standards of social care teams so that they are better able to identify vulnerable women.
09/01/2019 £26,317 WEST WALES DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICE LTD 2? Older women are less likely to leave an abusive relationship than younger women. They fear there will be negative family consequences and will experience isolation. West Wales Domestic Abuse Service supports people who are affected by domestic abuse in the Ceredigion area in mid Wales. With this investment it will help older women through long term one to one support as well as reaching out to women in the community through drop-in services. It will work with agencies that support older people to raise their awareness of violence against older women and develop pathways to its service. Older women will have access to a volunteer buddy to help them rebuild their lives and avoid isolation.
09/01/2019 £69,552 RAPE CRISIS TYNESIDE AND NORTHUMBERLAND 6? The reporting of rape and sexual assault involving older women remains low. There is a significant lack of awareness among professionals and the wider community which is a huge barrier in identifying women who need specialist support. Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland (RCTN) has a long track record of supporting women and with this investment it will work with frontline professionals who come into contact with older women to increase their awareness and build their confidence to identify women who may need support. It will also increase awareness in the community so more older women are able to seek help. RCTN will use learning from this project to improve and adapt its own services.
09/01/2019 £11,650 THE ARMITAGE FOUNDATION 1? The Armitage Foundation exists to increase diversity across UK medical schools by working with students from Y9 to increase their confidence to study medicine. Data from 2015 shows that more than 50% of UK schools do not produce a single medical applicant. This grant application is mainly for a part-time staff member for the Foundation. This will free up the co-founders to focus on taking the next steps to secure the Foundation's future - including developing new courses and mentoring for students in Y11 and Y13; recruiting and training additional volunteers to run sessions; thinking about the best business model; and developing strategic partnerships to maximise impact.
09/01/2019 £34,132 SOMERSET AND AVON RAPE AND SEXUAL ABUSE SUPPORT 8? There is a silence and invisibility around sexual abuse of older women. Older women are not receiving specialist trauma-informed support they need to help them with their recovery. Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (SARSAS) is part of the South West Rape Crisis Network and with this investment it will; gather data around older women survivors in the area, raise awareness of the issue through local campaign, train specialist staff on providing support and develop referral pathways with organisations working with older women. As a result, older women who have experienced sexual violence will access support services that meets their needs.
09/01/2019 £2,000,000 The Corra Foundation 4? Corra Foundation’s vision is for society in which people create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives. They do this in a way that puts people and communities at the heart of their four core objectives:_x000D_ • Be the best grant maker they can be_x000D_ • Get alongside communities_x000D_ • Share expertise _x000D_ • Work in partnership for greater positive impact_x000D_ _x000D_ Corra Foundation has over 33 years’ experience as a Scottish grant maker, with robust governance and well-developed systems. They work closely with those they fund, implementing a relationship-based model and was one of the first funders in Scotland to introduce capacity building for supported groups.
09/01/2019 £15,500 XAVIER PROJECT 1? Around 900 refugee children in Uganda are currently out of school and living with cerebral palsy. The project will identify 300 children with cerebral palsy in three refugee locations and provide the individualised learning they need, piloting a scalable project across Uganda. Community outreach, teacher training, and building a family support network will be core activities.
28/11/2018 £210,000 Prism the Gift Fund 5? In September 2017 RefuAid launched the first (and only) nationwide loan scheme for refugees. The loan scheme provides support to those who have be granted refugee status and have full rights to remain and to work. We offer interest-free loans of up to £10,000, for internationally-trained refugees to pay for UK accreditation, re-qualification or training, enabling them to return to employment in their prior professional fields. Loans are assessed on a character-basis, harnessing the power of human relationships to provide lifelines to individuals who have no alternative access to credit. Repayment plans are worked out on an individual basis with the applicant.
06/11/2018 £177,757 Venture Trust The project uses sport activities in a wilderness environment to address the complex needs of young people whose chaotic backgrounds have led to them experiencing, or being at risk of experiencing homelessness. Outdoor pursuits are used as a tool to promote personal development, and develop the lifeskills necessary for sustainable, positive futures. 16-24 year olds from different parts of Scotland will attend a residential and be supported in their local areas to transfer the skills learnt to their everyday lives. The grant will pay for project staff, residential costs and contribute to the organisation’s overheads.
06/11/2018 £94,378 Glasgow East Women's Aid 6? Glasgow East Women's Aid (GEWA) based in Easterhouse supports women who have experienced domestic abuse. Research shows that 75% of women accessing addictions services have experienced domestic abuse. The grant will fund a specialist worker who will support women experiencing domestic abuse and who are also misusing drugs and/or alcohol to recover from their trauma and abuse, reduce their need for self-medication and to access priority referrals to drug and alcohol services if needed. As a result, it is hoped that women and their children will be safer, healthier and better able to form positive relationships in the future.
06/11/2018 £79,983 Saheliya 7? Saheliya aims to support Black and Minority Ethnic women refugees and asylum seekers who access their Centre in Glasgow who are affected by multiple gender based abuse; including trafficking, forced marriage, child marriage, female genital mutilation, rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and domestic abuse, and are experiencing barriers to services. The emotional, practical, and advocacy support will be in first languages. Saheliya has a long and reputed track record advocating for this group of women. 50% of staff are ex-service users, with 34 languages spoken on the staff team.
06/11/2018 £490,868 Local Solutions 4? Local Solutions will offer a 12-month intensive mentoring and personal development program for 16-21 year olds who do not have a secure place to live, using watersports as an engagement tool. Regular sessions at Liverpool Watersports Centre will enable young people to take part in canoeing, paddle boarding and sailing, among other sports. This will be underpinned by intensive one-to-one mentoring, and support to gain qualifications and take part in work placements, giving young people the confidence and life skills to progress into training and employment and sustain settled accommodation. The program will run over three years.
06/11/2018 £99,270 Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Service 3? Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Service will support women who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic abuse who are also homeless or at great threat of homelessness, have severe mental heath problems or who are involved in drug or alcohol misuse. Many have experienced trauma. Working more closely with partner agencies, the project will provide long-term advocacy and support to deal with the abuse plus a mix of practical and emotional issues including housing, finances, parenting issues including supported referrals for specialist help e.g. around drugs and alcohol. It ultimately aims to help them to be safe from abuse and prevent them from becoming homeless.
06/11/2018 £109,356 Association for Real Change 2? Association for Real Change will deliver a series of awareness-raising sessions on abusive situations to women with a learning disability who at risk of abuse. These will help women to recognise abuse, report it, and access support so that they can respond appropriately and reduce their risk of further abuse. The project will also guide and train local learning disability and specialist women agencies, so that they are better equipped to identify and support women in the South West and share the good practice and learning UK-wide via its members, to improve policy and practice. The grant will cover project salaries, associated project costs and evaluation costs.
06/11/2018 £97,530 The Magdalene Group Norfolk 2? The Magdalene Group works with women and girls who are sexually exploited, either through child sexual exploitation, trafficking, coercion and prostitution. Their experiences of exploitation and earlier in life are often traumatic; 70% of sex workers have been abused as children and nearly as many are care leavers. The Magdalene Group wants to employ a new specialist member of staff to provide support to women and girls to help them to recover from, and prevent further trauma. The worker will also help other staff in the organisation to develop this approach as appropriate, helping improve services.
06/11/2018 £120,000 Pause 3? Pause works with women who have experienced – or are at risk of – repeated pregnancies that result in children needing to be removed from their care. The programme gives women the chance to pause and take control of their lives, breaking a destructive cycle that causes both them and their children deep trauma. This grant will allow Pause to use creative tools to support women to share their stories with wider audiences so that others can better understand the issues and barriers they face. Women will have improved confidence and self-esteem and services will be better informed of their needs.
06/11/2018 £454,680 Vulcan Boxing Club 6? Vulcan Boxing Club plan to partner with Giroscope to deliver a unique programme that supports youth into emergency housing and then builds their mental health and employability through a boxing-based education curriculum.
06/11/2018 £120,000 Muslim Women's Network UK 8? Black and minority ethnic Muslim women and girls who need culturally, and spiritually sensitive information and advice are less likely to approach local and national services. This is due to feelings of shame, stigma and/or that the services would not understand their situation or judge them harshly for their choices. The Muslim Women’s Network will provide a free helpline to Muslim women who are experiencing hardship offering them impartial advice and support. A counselling service will also be available to women with counsellors who are multi-lingual who can support women where English is not their first language.
06/11/2018 £105,661 Midaye 4? Women and girls who have had female genital mutilation (FGM) performed on them suffer ongoing trauma and difficulties, both physical and emotional. Midaye will work to support women and girls from black and minority ethnic groups in London who have been cut. A Project worker will work one on one with individuals supporting them with their health, social, legal and emotional needs. Midaye will also run forums with the local community to raise awareness of FGM in the hopes that it will prevent families from performing this practice on their daughters.
06/11/2018 £119,907 Women's Counselling and Therapy Service Ltd 6? Very few services specifically address older women’s needs for support after sexual violence, even though there is a clear need for services. 12% of women killed by their partner are over 65 and women can be at increased risk when children leave home. Older women are far less likely to seek help. The project will use counselling, peer support and casework to reach older women in Leeds experiencing violence, including women from black and minority ethnic communities, and women who are homeless or vulnerably housed and often have substance misuse issues. They will have improved mental health, be less socially isolated, have better resilience and reduced risk of future violence.
06/11/2018 £114,513 Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services 5? Exeter has a high proportion of rough sleepers who are women. For many of these women their experience of sexual violence was a factor in becoming homeless; for all of them, the probability of sexual violence increases by rough sleeping. Devon Rape Crisis has worked with homeless women through its support programmes, but recognises that the chaotic, high-need nature of this group requires a tailored approach. This project will create a new Trauma Worker post, and in partnership with the local hostel, the rough-sleepers outreach team and the homeless day-centre, it will engage with this hidden group of women. The focus will be on tools to help reduce trauma, and stabilise access to support.
06/11/2018 £119,996 Shakti Women's Aid 2? The Maitri Project delivered by Shakti Women's Aid aims to establish the first safe, trusted and confidential service for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women and young people in Scotland requiring support concerning their gender or sexual identity. It will involving wrap-around support and guidance, but will place particular focus on preventing and responding to common forms of violence faced by these target group, including domestic and so-called honour-based violence. They will raise awareness of LGBTI issues for this group among BME communities in Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland (Dundee, Stirling and Fife), and among service providers and decision makers.
06/11/2018 £83,330 Citizens Theatre Ltd. 6? Citizens Theatre aims to continue and develop a series of therapeutic arts workshops in Glasgow, to be run inside and in partnership with two statutory residential centres for women with multiple and complex needs. Beneficiaries are mostly women in recovery from violence, addiction, homelessness and/or contact with the criminal justice system. The project aims to reduce their social isolation, help them process past victimisation, and increase their confidence and resilience, so that they can better transition back to independent living. The project also aims to engage the women in community activities to build understanding and address stigma, including via bi-annual performances.
06/11/2018 £108,404 Together women project Yorkshire and Humber 3? Together Women Project works with women with multiple and complex needs, many of whom are involved with the criminal justice system. The majority of those it works with report experience of violence and abuse. This grant will contribute funding to a specialist Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) role at its women’s centre in Hull. This will provide tailored support to clients feel safe, empowered and resilient enough to lead lives free from abuse.
06/11/2018 £119,998 Diversity Matters North West 3? Diversity Matters North West will train volunteers from the South Asian communities in Tameside to offer culture and faith sensitive support to other Bengali, Indian and Pakistani women in crisis, providing an opportunity for women to talk in confidence to someone about mental health and domestic abuse. These women are more likely to need support, less likely to seek support, and certainly unlikely to find a culturally-appropriate service to meet their needs. The grant will pay for staff to work on the project so they can provide group and 1-to-1 activities. The project will develop the skills & experience of volunteers and support women to get help for Domestic Abuse & Mental Health issues.
06/11/2018 £109,671 National Ugly Mugs 5? Sex workers are at great risk of violence in their work but very few seek help or report incidents to the police. The impact on their mental and physical health is well known by specialist sex workers organisations. National Ugly Mugs will employ a Victim Support Case Worker (VSCW) to provide specialist support in the immediate aftermath of an incident. The project will improve their safety, support them to cope and recover when they are victims of crime, and support them to engage with the criminal justice system if they want to.
06/11/2018 £149,630 Ashiana Sheffield Ltd 4? Ashiana Sheffield and the British Red Cross will deliver awareness raising sessions in West Yorkshire and the West Midlands to women who are likely to be at risk of or have survived trafficking. Sessions will aim to empower women to access specialist support services for information, and start to gain control of their lives, increase their independence, and heal. Guidance and training will also be given to front line staff of relevant agencies, to help them better identify and support women at risk, and refer them to specialist support. The grant will cover two anti-trafficking support salaries and associated costs, along with overheads, interpreting, evaluation and accommodation costs.
06/11/2018 £95,564 Women in Prison Ltd 7? Women in Prison works with women with multiple and complex needs who are involved with the criminal justice system. The majority these women report having experienced violence and abuse, and research has drawn strong links between this group of women, histories of violence and their high risk of experiencing violence again. This grant will contribute towards a specialist domestic abuse Project Worker at its Women’s Centre in Manchester, Women MATTA, to interrupt this cycle. Women will have access to tailored one-to-one support to help them feel safe, empowered and resilient enough to lead lives free from abuse.
06/11/2018 £79,000 Kiran Support Services 7? Kiran Support Services provide Asian women who experience domestic violence, honour-based violence and forced marriage a safe place to stay while they recuperate from their ordeal. They have two refuges, one in Waltham Forest and one in Brent where women and their children are provided with a holistic level of care including financial, legal and psycho-social support. This allows women to become independent once they have escaped their violent pasts, supporting them to move on, be employed and live on their own free of abuse.
06/11/2018 £119,652 Winner, the Preston Road Women's Centre Ltd 6? Winner will work with women in Hull who are affected by violence and abuse and who have a range of complex needs which often compound their difficulties in getting help from domestic abuse and sexual violence support services which means they are at great risk of further violence. The issues they face may include substance abuse, mental health problems, having had their children removed or being at risk of having them removed, and being from minority ethnic groups. The project will support them intensively initially, building trusting relationships, helping them with basic needs and getting help and will gradually taper off support into other Winner services and through to full recovery.
06/11/2018 £116,481 Hibiscus Initiatives 1? Women in the criminal justice system often have experience of sexual violence, domestic abuse and in some case forced prostitution. The project delivered by Hibiscus will provide group and 1:1 therapy to foreign nationals, and Black, Asian and minority women who are survivors of violence, and involved in the criminal justice system. Hibiscus will work in three of the largest women prisons in the country in London, and two Immigration Removal Centres offering women mentoring, legal, immigration advice, psychotherapy and wider support to ensure they know and assert their rights, forge healthy relationships and manage challenging situations better.
06/11/2018 £113,718 WILD Young Parents Project 4? WILD's REBALANCE project will work with young mums (aged under 23 years) across Cornwall who have been affected by, or are experiencing, domestic abuse and sexual violence. REBALANCE will help them to understand the impact of their adverse childhood experiences on their adult relationships, and support them to develop protective factors e.g. healthy coping strategies, peer support, to improve resilience. The grant will fund a project co-ordinator and an 'arts and assets' worker to deliver a series of workshops and provide one-to-one support. The aim is for young mums to have healthier and safer relationships.
06/11/2018 £71,619 Quetzal 2? Quetzal will provide outreach support to Asian women in Leicester who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and who due to this face a number of issues including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide ideation. Through links with community venues they will raise awareness of CSA within these communities, the impact it can have, and how women can get support from them. They will then provide 1-to-1 counselling support to these women to help them overcome their trauma, and to help them tackle the additional issues that they face. They will also develop their website to include guides and tips for those women not ready to fully disclose or ready for counselling support.
06/11/2018 £72,663 Birmingham LGBT 5? Lesbian, bi-sexual and trans (LBT) women who are victims of domestic violence experience barriers, stigma and culturally insensitive responses when seeking support to escape their situation. Domestic Violence programmes that are on offer are aimed at heterosexual couples with male perpetrators. Birmingham LGBT will pilot a project that will introduce a group work course for LBT women. It will allow women to work together to understand what has happened to them and challenge their perceptions. The programme will be accredited, with the aim that it can be adopted by other organisations across England to provide support to LBT women.
06/11/2018 £91,774 Paws for Kids 3? Paws for Kids will provide a specialised support service for young women in Bolton aged 16 – 21 at risk of or experiencing domestic abuse in their intimate partner relationships. The young women often face multiple problems - poverty, homelessness, family estrangement - and struggle to access appropriate support. The project helps young women improve their wellbeing physically and emotionally by providing support and education to enable them to recognise abuse and leave abusive relationships sooner. The grant will pay for a worker to support the young women, a contribution to the organisation's running costs and funding activities of a young women's panel.
06/11/2018 £120,000 Southall Black Sisters Trust 3? Black and minority ethnic women who experience gender-based violence can face barriers to accessing help. Challenges include cultural pressures, sector cuts around legal aid, and language barriers. Southall Black Sisters has successfully increased the safety of many BME women by improving their access to justice and support. This grant will continue the advocacy programme and fund a full-time Advocacy Worker, with focus on providing one-to-one support for survivors from black and minority ethnic communities. The women will be supported to exit unsafe situations as well as provided with much needed long-term support to help them rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse.
06/11/2018 £102,252 West Mercia Women's Aid 1? West Mercia Women’s Aid and Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service will provide training, information and support to the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Company staff to raise understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on women offenders; improve how they include abuse in their pre-sentencing reporting and develop alternatives to custody and prison sentencing, and pre-release support. Advice, accommodation and practical support will be provided to women exiting custody to return to the West Mercia region safely, to reduce the risk of further abuse and support their resettlement. The grant will fund two link workers and associated overhead, project and evaluation costs
06/11/2018 £119,720 Latin American Women's Rights Service 9? Latin American migrant women are a community that are severely affected by in-work poverty, limited access to to social protection and public services, exploitation and have often experienced some form of violence. Latin American Women's Rights Service will support Latin American migrant women to break the cycle of violence, exit situations of abuse and risk, and gain or recover strength to assert their rights and live independent lives. They will do this by offering a comprehensive programme of support through specialist information, advice and counselling, internal and external referrals (e.g. housing, family law, health), and support to build a life post-violence.
06/11/2018 £119,100 One25 Limited 9? One 25 Limited will have an Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Adviser (SWIDSVA) to support women who are street sex-working with the trauma of violence, and helping to secure their escape from the streets. It will focus on sexual violence, to complement an existing Adviser who will focus on domestic violence. Working regularly from One25s night outreach van, the Adviser will become a trusted source of support and guidance for some of the UK’s most vulnerable women, and their link to health, psycho-social, welfare and criminal justice services.
06/11/2018 £116,477 Manchester Action on Street Health 7? The project will support women who are increasingly visible rough sleeping, begging and/or engaged in survival sex in Manchester. These women are not accessing existing homelessness support and the project will provide practical support, women-only outreach and drop-in provision. The project will support them to be safer, access services and make their own choices. Women with lived experience will also be trained to be peer researchers, which will capture the views of seldom-heard women about services in the city. The grant will pay for the salary costs for an outreach worker, the project’s travel and training costs and make a contribution to the organisation’s running costs.
06/11/2018 £80,000 Jewish Women's Aid 2? There are persistently high levels of stigma and shame around reporting of sexual violence and domestic abuse across the Jewish community. Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) will establish a pan-England sexual violence support service, to complement the work of their domestic violence service. This will include a sexual violence helpline, a casework support service via an independent sexual violence advocate as well as counselling provision. They will also deliver training and education services to raise awareness across the breadth of the Jewish community. As a result more women who have experienced sexual violence will receive the support they need to recover.
06/11/2018 £120,000 The nia project 7? Barking & Dagenham in East London have high incidences of religious and racially motivated hate crimes, as well as high rates of violence against women and girls. nia project have been working in the area through a number of services they run, including the East London Rape Crisis centre and Huggett's Women's Centre, a holistic centre with free drop in and scheduled activities and services. There is currently no specialist support for for Black and Minoritised (BME) women in the area, who have experienced sexual violence. This grant will provide an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate for BME women and girls giving them practical and emotional support to help them with recovery.
06/11/2018 £400,169 British Refugee Council 8? The project aims to reduce the vulnerability of unaccompanied asylum seeking and refugee young people in the UK to homelessness as they transition from child to adult welfare and immigration processes at the age of 18. Cricket will be used to create a safe and trusted space where they can get specialist advice and learn independent living skills.
06/11/2018 £119,903 Port Talbot and Afan Women's Aid 7? The EDGE Project, delivered by Port Talbot and Afan Women's Aid, will work in the Neath Port Talbot area of South Wales, supporting women who are marginalised for being Roma, Gypsy and Traveller, over the age of 50 and/or living with disability. The project will remove barriers to access to support services, increase personal safety, reduce the risk of harm and help women to break the cycle of domestic abuse. The learning will be widely shared with professionals and the community. The funding will pay for two specialist inclusion officers, together with core costs.
06/11/2018 £375,000 Purposeful 1? The With and For Girls Collective is a group of organizations with a common belief that girls’ voices matter, and that girls are best placed to lead and inform on issues that affect them. The Collective directly funds girl-centered and girl-led organizations through their annual With and For Girls Awards, and advocates for greater investment in these communities. Together, they champion the collective action of girls as agents for change. The Collective believes when girls organize, they and their organizations play a leading role in transforming societies and advancing gender equality.
06/11/2018 £349,693 Terre des hommes UK 1? This project will use kabaddi to empower girls at risk of or affected by unsafe migration (also defined as children 'on the move') in West Bengal, India. The sport is a ‘hook’ to encourage the girls’ participation, self-efficacy and agency. The project will then increase their knowledge and access to education, and bolster their support mechanisms and community integration.
06/11/2018 £250,000 DeafKidz International 2? Two out of every ten children in India are deaf. But they remain invisible and undiagnosed in the city slums, often thought to be slow or mentally ill. They are lonely and neglected. _x000D_ _x000D_ This project trains deaf coaches who will help identify deaf children. The children take part in a club twice a week where they learn sign language and other skills through football activities. They get help to enrol and attend school. The project links them to medical and counselling support and helps find foster homes if they are not safe. _x000D_ _x000D_ As a result, children can communicate better, become less isolated, gain confidence and are safer. They get an education and a chance for further training and jobs.
06/11/2018 £250,000 Y Care International 3? To establish Y Care International as a global centre of excellence in enterprise & employment, making their operating model more relevant for the future and creating more opportunities for decent work for disadvantaged young women & men
06/11/2018 £464,300 Women Win 2? The project will engage pregnant adolescent girls and young mothers from Nairobi slums without safe or secure places to live in a holistic sport-based programme. Utilising girl-centred approaches, Women Win will design and implement activities in safe sports spaces to increase the social support, life skills, health information and livelihoods opportunities needed for Secure Futures.
25/09/2018 £145,343 Who Cares? Scotland 7? The project will elevate the Reaching Higher programme by supporting Care Experienced (CE) employees in the North of Scotland. In addition, it will help Care Experienced people secure progression routes into full time employment elsewhere after the completion of the programme. This will allow for an evidence based approach which links with the Scottish Government agenda. Four new posts will be created, two in Head Office and two working regionally in the North of Scotland to extend and improve the coverage and capacity of the organisation.
25/09/2018 £123,200 Celtic FC Foundation 4? There is an ongoing need to improve community cohesion in Tower Hamlets and address negative stereotyping and attitudes towards people from different backgrounds and communities. This partnership project led by Celtic FC Foundation (CFCF) will bring young people diverse communities in Tower Hamlets together to address these issues through sporting activities, personal development and community events. Peer mentors will lead their own volunteering projects creating ongoing pathways for social integration. Funding will support the delivery of the programme over a 2 year period.
25/09/2018 £64,253 The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) 7? The Royal Society for Blind Children will work with Essex Boys and Girls Clubs and their partner youth organisations to develop their capacity to include visually impaired young (VI) people in their provision. The aim is to create inclusive environments in which VI young people have the confidence to take part in sport and physical activity sessions alongside their non VI peers to build new social circles and become fully integrated within their local communities.
25/09/2018 £64,352 Holloway Neighbourhood Group 3? In partnership with five grassroots women's organisations in north Islington, Holloway Neighbourhood Group (HNG) will use sporting activities in community venues to bring Black Asian Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) women together, encouraging them to widen their social connections and integrate outside of their family homes and with neighbours, reducing social isolation. Sporting activities will be combined with facilitating access to a range of support and advice services such as ESOL classes, IT classes and mother tongue counselling. They will be supported to access mainstream services, and community cohesion will be facilitated through community events and social activities.
25/09/2018 £117,500 Football Beyond Borders 7? Football Beyond Borders (FBB), St Matthew's Project (SMP) and Spiral will deliver 'Every Ends programme' - a programme working with 120 young people at risk of exclusion from Schools in rival South London postcodes. Every Ends will use FBB's football-themed classroom curriculum for weekly sessions to develop trust and emotional competencies along with sports-focused employability support at their centre in Brixton, South London. This project will breakdown barriers, encouraging young people to integrate with other young people from areas who they traditionally wouldn't engage with due to tensions between communities often related to gang activity and the subsequent 'owning' of locations.
25/09/2018 £87,502 Scottish National Council of YMCAs 2? YMCA Scotland want to add rigour to its QYLs 'YouthWorks Mentoring' project through a Behavioural Science approach, in order to ensure the impact of the programme as a long term fundable model for schools working with early school leavers and public & private sector employers (NHS, Local Authorities and Scottish Government) employing Modern Apprentices. This is a novel and innovative approach to a very real and challenging problem affecting many young people in Scotland and beyond today.
25/09/2018 £131,088 Groundwork London 6? There is little interaction between between different social/cultural groups in Sheltered Housing schemes in Tottenham. Groundwork London will create four activity hubs in Sheltered Housing schemes in Tottenham bringing older residents together to reduce isolation, improve health/well being and local connections through regular sporting activities. The programme will also bring residents and non-residents together to improve social cohesion and integration of residents and non residents. Funding will cover the costs of the programme over a 2 year period.
25/09/2018 £111,000 Maslaha 4? ‘Muslim Girls Fence - Communities’ tackles divisions, misconceptions and potential tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim women in increasingly segregated communities in East London. It will use fencing to bring women together from different backgrounds, and guided creative workshops to explore the different experiences and issues of each group.
25/09/2018 £1,000,000 Homeless Link 10? Safe Place To Be _x000D_ _x000D_ Homeless Link is the national membership charity representing organisations working directly with homeless people, and those in the housing, support, health and social care sectors. With over 750 members they believe that we can end homelessness, ensure everyone has a place to call home and the support they need to keep it. Through their network of members and partners across the country, Homeless Link is in a unique position to assess both the scale and nature of the challenge to end homelessness. Funding from Comic Relief will support cross-sector system change; homelessness prevention and innovation in the sector.
25/09/2018 £139,130 Croydon Voluntary Action 5? The project will tackle the barriers to social integration by upskilling individual refugees to play key roles in their communities, not just as catalysts for greater participation in mainstream sports but as connectors to Croydon’s civil society. It will build from the inside out, nurturing leaders from within communities to show the way, using peer-support networks to engage more and more people in the sporting activities, whilst simultaneously improving understanding between communities and thereby increasing social integration.
25/09/2018 £104,920 The Change Foundation 4? The Change Foundation (TCF) will support young people with learning disabilities (inc Downs Syndrome, Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder) from across London, who face loneliness and social isolation, as well as mental health problems. Young people in North, South, East and West London will access a programme of specialised mentoring and integrated sport and life skills, delivered by coaches with lived experience. Participants will then be brought together to compete in innovative employability challenges to improve their career aspirations, employment prospects and become more integrated into their communities.
30/07/2018 £567,236 Womankind Worldwide 2? Women's participation in politics in Zimbabwe is low, with only 18% of parliamentarians being women, and it is not on track to meet the country's 50% target. Additionally, violations of women's rights, including domestic violence, in the country are high. Few women run for political office, women at the grassroots lack the spaces and the mechanisms to influence politicians, and women's rights are poorly understood at all levels of representation. In an effort to make politicians and the political system more responsive to women's rights, Womankind and its partner, Women in Politics Support Unit, will increase women candidates' ability to run successful campaigns, and influence political parties' manifestos to include greater attention to the protection of women's rights. It will also support communities to link with their political representatives and encourage greater transparency and accountability between political representatives and their constituencies. Finally it will improve women parliamentarians' understanding of women's issues. As a result of their work, the project will improve representation of and by women and increase action by all parties in support of women's rights.
25/07/2018 £50,000 Hestia Housing & Support 8? On average high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for 2.3 years before getting help (SafeLives, 2015). The window of opportunity to escape an abusive relationship is often brief. Bright Sky, an app developed by Hestia, supports victims of abuse to understand their situation and quickly find help from national and local services. In response to user feedback, a third phase of development will make the app available in Welsh and Bengali and will highlight legislative differences across the devolved nations of the UK. The grant will also allow the directory of support services to be regularly updated and so will support more women to escape abuse.
25/07/2018 £270,000 Refugee Action 10? Refugee Action is the leading UK charity working with asylum seekers and refugees. We will work with allies to achieve transformational improvements for asylum seekers, persuading government to introduce key aspects of our vision for a fair, effective UK asylum system through our Stand Up For Asylum campaign, and provide the life-changing advice that vulnerable asylum seekers need through front-line services.
25/07/2018 £350,000 CAST 7? The Digital Spark Partnership will help to build the digital capacity of the charity sector, resulting in a more digitally competent and confident sector able to deliver effective user-centred digital services to people who need it most. By focusing on leadership, capacity building, supply of support and reusable tools, they will both demonstrate how charities can respond to digital change, and create the tools and support that the sector needs to do this. _x000D_ The programme is being delivered collaboratively to bring about immediate benefit to charities and the sector, as well as documenting and curating the results of this. As a collective, Digital Spark will expand and continue their commitment to this field to ensure the sector remains effective and responsive to digital developments. The vision is that all charities can find the support, advice, tools and resources that they need to build effective and responsible technology, now and in the future._x000D_
25/07/2018 £14,000 Winchester & District Young Carers 3? They will use funding to develop a strategy for consistently recruiting, training and developing volunteers. They already have a strong volunteer team, but we would like to strengthen the depth, diversity and capacity so that they have the skills to create a robust framework that supports them, to help deliver core services to young carers and their families. This will see them create partnerships with their local Community Voluntary Service and the Hampshire Volunteer Network to effectively communicate what they do, so they can attract new volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. The hope is that they will in turn be able contribute their skills and experience to all aspects of the charity (
25/07/2018 £200,429 Yorkshire Sport Foundation 3? This project will use a Place-Based funding approach (also known as Asset Based Community Development - ABCD), using sport and physical activity as a tool to create change within three communities in South Yorkshire. Using the power of sport as a driver for social change, the community will be central in deciding what social outcomes they would like to change and then design and deliver the solutions to achieve them. The project will build upon and use learning from ‘Active Burngreave’ (currently funded by Comic Relief and Sport England). It will take the work forward by focusing on creating sustainability and embedding the tools for ongoing success once the funding period ends.
25/07/2018 £46,000 Depaul UK 10? Depaul UK, who runs the national NIghtstop programme for young homeless people has experienced significant growth over the past 5 years and now needs to invest in data recording systems to enable them to collect and analyse data more efficiently from across our 100 national Depaul UK projects. With better data collection and evaluation systems in place and improved resource in this area, they will be able to better understand the young people they support and ensure services are providing maximum impact. _x000D_ _x000D_ This will also help to make a strong evidence-based case for additional funding in the areas where young people desperately need more support. We can share our results and learnings with
25/07/2018 £50,000 Chinese Information & Advice Centre 1? NULL
25/07/2018 £49,000 Medical Justice Network Limited 7? Medical Justice is the only organisation in the UK that send volunteer Doctors into IRCs to document detainees wounds, mental and physical. His information is then used to help secure their release. The aggregated data is then used to provide evidence to secure to try for policy change at the Home Office. Their successes include limiting the detention of children and pregnant women._x000D_ _x000D_ They have now recognised that valuable as these reforms are; the key policy and influencing aim for them now has to be to work to try to have IRCs closed down. Their staff are focussed on service delivery; so this funding will support them to increase their influencing and advocacy capacity to work alongside an
25/07/2018 £1,000,000 Rosa Fund 2? It is proposed that Comic Relief contribute £1m over 24 months to the Justice and Equality Fund (JEF), to be re-granted to organisations in the women & girls sector by Rosa:90% direct re-granting to grassroots W&G organisations across the UK and 10% management fee for re-granting This work aligns well with both strands of our new Gender Justice Strategy –working to eliminate violence and discrimination and doing so through building and resourcing the women’s movement to lead the change.It also aligns with our outcomes, which include both improving the practical condition of women and girls (and the organisations they run), and in challenging the structural conditions which allow for that discrimination and harm
25/07/2018 £50,000 Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit 9? Following work they did last year with TSIP (The Social Innovation Partnership) they have already identified the two key areas they need to develop to aid sustainability. Firstly the most significant gap in the organisation is their ability to communicate about the work they do and the people they work with. Immigration is a very political issue and there are complexities about the narratives and messages to promote. Basics for communication, including their website, are in place but there is so much more they have identified they need to do. Funding will allow them to develop all aspects of marketing and communications and to dig deeper into our work so they can better evaluate and demonst
25/07/2018 £50,000 The Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action 4? Soul Medicine takes complex and overwhelming information, turns it into bite-sized chunks, and delivers it via email and Facebook Messenger. This approach is particularly targeted towards migrant women who may not have access to resources, may have limited mobility and/or are on the go. This grant would pay for a number of developments: extending 'soft-skills' content that users especially value; engaging experts in creating new content around mental health issues; developing new interactive elements including a chatbot; and promoting the social engagement of users.
25/07/2018 £41,000 Just for Kids Law 15? Just for Law have a track record in delivery high quality and in demand training. Their Youth Justice Legal Centre provides youth justice training to legal professionals with young people who have real experience of the youth justice system to deliver part of the training as paid youth justice trainers. They also offer training directly to young people on their rights in interactions with the police, The Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), which merged with JfKL in 2016 also offers two main forms of training. Its Total Respect training is aimed at those who work directly with children and young people, providing an oversight on children’s rights and how to design effective pa
25/07/2018 £65,000 Just for Kids Law 15? The Change It! project is unique. It is the only campaign led by children and young people which is focused on children being housed illegally in B&Bs. No other organisations are currently working on this issue in this way, despite the growing numbers of children being affected nationally. It is a crucial moment in the lifetime of the campaign and further funding from Comic Relief will capitalise on the work done to date which has successfully gained public attention and support from influencers and decision makers._x000D_ Funding will enable Just for Kids Law to continue to support the steering group to convene to share ideas, support one another and plan further campaign activities through a residential trip and steering group meeting(s). They will also support the children to take the campaign to the next level by enabling them to meet and influence many more key decision makers such as ministers, parliamentarians (including relevant select committees), city mayors and local councillors and also to hold a national hub meeting as part of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child holding a Day of General Discussion on the theme of ‘children as human rights defenders.
25/07/2018 £49,400 Aanchal Women's Aid 4? The project will further develop an app aimed at helping South Asian women in Newham and Redbridge recognise the signs of domestic abuse and take the first steps towards getting help. It will develop new content and extend the reach through exploring new settings for using the app, for example with the police.
25/07/2018 £50,000 SafeLives 8? SafeLives is developing training for domestic abuse practitioners on online safety to address an unmet need in this fast-changing and highly challenging area. Feedback from the training and stakeholder research suggests that as well as training, practitioners also require ongoing support to help them address new or challenging digital safety issues being experienced by the women they support and so help keep women safer. SafeLives will offer a helpdesk model of bespoke support to domestic abuse practitioners around digital safety and preventing online abuse. Key learning and case studies will be shared via SafeLives' online community. The grant will fund salaries and some project costs.
25/07/2018 £13,023 Asylum Support Appeals Project 8? ASAP currently runs a very successful project for asylum seeking women who are at risk of destitution are particularly vulnerable. They do this through expert legal representation to win them support, by providing training and information on their rights to support and by lobbying the Home Office to improve their policies; which they have been successful in getting changes made. Through their work they have also identified people with mental health conditions as being another hugely vulnerable group going through the asylum and appeals process. Last year 29% of those they advised or represented through the appeals process had mental health conditions and required targeted support as a result
25/07/2018 £48,026 Bradford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Survivors Service 5? Funding will support them to work in partnership with other local agencies dealing with violence against women and girls (Bradford Women’s Aid, Staying Put, Keighley Domestic Violence Services & Anah), to develop a portfolio of dispersed accommodation housing women and children fleeing violence and abuse. They are seeking to develop a capital asset base which will generate long term sustainable funding through rental income as well as providing safe homes for women and children where support can be given to enable them to recover from the trauma of violence and abuse. A business case and an emerging partnership are already in place and the next step is to employ a development worker whose
25/07/2018 £48,000 Youthscape 9? _x000D_ We will support a nine month pilot of a ‘Centre for Innovation’ at Youthscape, to test if this can accelerate their capacity to create innovative new tools for their work with young people. 3 years ago they added a research department to their organisation, led by an experienced academic, Dr Lucie Shuker, as they realised their response to emerging issues demanded better understanding and knowledge. “A changing culture means you cannot assume what worked in the past will work in the future”. The ‘Youthscape Centre for Research’ now publishes research internally and externally; with growing partnerships with universities, an overseas collaboration with Princeton in the US, and a
25/07/2018 £48,450 Trailblazers Mentoring 8? “We are an ambitious and forward-thinking organisation. Established as the first through-the-gate mentoring programme back in 1998, we have grown into one of the UK’s best-established charities providing support to young offenders across England. Our model has continued to adapt and respond to the change needs and demands of our beneficiaries, and our unique toolset programme is helping to achieve excellent results, drastically reducing the reoffending rate and transforming young lives outside of the judicial system” A new CEO has been instrumental in starting to build a more sustainable approach for the organisation, with a view to growing the charity to meet the high demand for simi
25/07/2018 £35,000 Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau 9? “We have already taken our first baby steps towards achieving income from sources other than grants and improving our financial stability. In mid-April this year, we opened the first CAB charity shop in the UK. This is a pilot for the entire CAB service to see whether our brand translates well to retail, in terms of attracting donations, volunteers and shoppers alike” This funding support them to build upon this initial work, primarily by opening an online shop, a second physical shop to further increase sustainability and to document and share learning with other CABs of the viability. Crucially they will also aim for the shop to be “more than just a vehicle to increase income” an
25/07/2018 £20,000 The Haven Wolverhampton 2? The Haven's digital tool takes a small selection of illustrated women's stories to provide real-life experiences of abuse, drawing women in at the beginning of a journey of realising their own experiences of abuse. The stories lead to carefully selected short information pieces and encourage a call to a helpline. The tool will help them take the first steps towards getting help. This grant would allow for additional content with different experiences of abuse and for translation into community languages making the tool accessible to more women.
25/07/2018 £181,043 Women in Sport 3? In the UK, there is a workplace culture in sport that continues to discriminate against women. Women in Sport (WIS) have uncovered aspects of the culture in many sports organisations that needs to change so that both women and men can progress and thrive. Through the Beyond 30% project WIS will: 1) identify and test solutions that address barriers that prevent women from progressing and thriving in the sport workforce; 2) empower women to speak out against discrimination; 3) identify the support they need to move into leadership roles. The grant will fund direct project costs associated with the Beyond 30% project.
25/07/2018 £49,950 YouthNet 9? Their vision is that ‘In 5 years’ time they will “be internally using data in such a way as to respond quickly and efficiently to the issues that young people are facing. We will be listening to their needs and able to respond as quick as possible across all our services. Our staff will understand their need for data, and how to use the system to best visualise, evaluate and analyse the data relevant to their roles. We want to improve how quickly and efficiently we respond to young people who we talk to. This requires the necessary infrastructure to embed a way to share and disseminate our data and insights throughout the organisation. This will support the whole organisation: from our
25/07/2018 £40,100 The Bond Board Ltd 4? Funding will support 4 parts of this. Firstly to identify and attempt to cultivate new partnership agreements with other local authorities, housing providers and voluntary sector organisations across Greater Manchester. Secondly to consider the viability of establishing a subsidiary trading company. The Bond Board already operates one successful social enterprise (“Letting Out”) and is developing a second one, an on-line furniture recycling scheme called “From My Place to Yours”. Identifying the strengths and opportunities of this separate trading arm will help manage the risks and create a potential medium-term business plan in order to develop trading operations and link into the p
25/07/2018 £250,000 British Refugee Council 8? The Refugee Council is applying for a core grant of £250,000 over three years towards its support services for refugees and asylum seekers in England and it's work strengthening the impact of Refugee-led Community Organisations (RCOs) in the refugee rights movement.
25/07/2018 £1,050,000 MIND (The National Association for Mental Health) 6? To tackle stigma and discrimination in lower middle-income Commonwealth countries (LMICs), building the capacity of local organisations and people with lived experience of mental health problems to tackle stigma and change public attitudes, adapting the evidence-based approaches pioneered in England to the cultural, and social contexts.
25/07/2018 £2,000,000 Prism the Gift Fund 5? This £2m grant to Help Refugees supports people along the route as they are forced to flee their homes and make the treacherous, journey from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe and towards the UK, routinely facing risk of physical and sexual violence and often enduring State endorsed hostility and brutality. This grant will pilot our new way of working with Intermediary funders, sharing governance and co-creating a programme of support and funding, which shifts the power to grassroots communities and reaches places and people we wouldn’t traditionally have been able to reach. Help Refugees is a young and dynamic organisation that provides direct service delivery as well as support and funding to small grassroots organisations in 10 countries. They have developed a model of practice which is effective and measurable and which above everything is able to evidence that individuals are treated with Humanity, Dignity, Respect and Hope. (Their widely recognised ‘Choose Love’ Campaign has become a worldwide movement promoting hope, unity and positivity supported by many high-profile individuals)
25/07/2018 £269,000 Twin 2? Strategic support to TWIN, TWIN Trading & partner organisations to enable them to focus on updating their proposition across charitable and trading activities in line with their current into future strategy.
16/05/2018 £45,429 Hestia Housing & Support 8? This project is to develop an app to provide information for perpertrators of domestic abuse, those who feel they may become perpertrators, and anyone supporting them or aware of this risk. Research shows that most men who commit murder in a domestic setting have previously disclosed to GPs, however there is little information for men or professionals, about what help might be possible before things escalate. As well as developing the app, Hestia hope to work with Public Health England, CCGs, the Police and Home Office to ensure that information gets to men and the services they engage with. They will consult with service providers to get full information about what is available.
16/05/2018 £46,980 WellChild 3? 24/7 medical care of a seriously ill child is stressful, time-consuming and can be confusing for parents and careres. Managing when medicines are due, what stocks you have and reorders you need to make is a burden, and WellChild want to alleviate this burden with technology. Building on the success of their website, Medicines for Children, which has has 2.2 million users in the past 12 months, WellChild and Reason Digital want to create a Medicines for Children App, providing a complete medicines management tool for families, tailored to each individuals circumstances.
16/05/2018 £47,000 The Children's Society 11? In 2017, the Children's Society saw over 8,500 children and young people (CYP) at their drop in mental health service in Birmingham, majority of whom presented with anxiety and low mood. The Children’s Society, working with virtual reality (VR) specialists Rewind will conceptualise and test the potential of VR tech to support CYP’s emotional health & mental well-being. Through the creation of fully immersive, interactive 360 degree videos, delivered via low-cost headsets, they will support CYP to better engage, experience & grow confident in some of the most common scenarios that cause anxiety and unhappiness.
16/05/2018 £46,480 Samaritans 10? The funding will be used to develop a surge notification system, using historical and real-time data to predict demand for the listening service and accurately identify how many volunteers are needed and when. This ground-breaking solution will empower volunteers to choose their shifts smartly, ‘nudging’ them to sign up for shifts when they will be most needed and alerting them immediately when there is likely to be a surge in demand so that they can help out at short notice. This cutting-edge solution will be open source and easy to integrate, so has the potential for even wider impact across the not not-for-profit sector e.g. food banks.
16/05/2018 £42,000 Elizabeth Finn Care 2? The Turn2us Benefits Calculator has been used 3.3 million times so far in 2017, but half of the people that are given advice do not go on to make a claim due to barriers such as confusion, stress, and anxiety. Turn2us want to remove these barriers to people accessing their benefits by creating an app (either web or mobile), matching people based on their benefit calculation and location, with a trained volunteer who can give peer-to-peer support through the benefits claiming and assessment process, with the aim of increasing the numbers of successful benefits claims made.
16/05/2018 £350,000 Spring impact 6? Spring Impact is convening a group of individual philanthropists to create a Scale Fund: bringing new money to the sector focused on supporting charities and social enterprises to scale the impact of their most promising programmes. Initially this will focus on organisations working in the field of mental health and wellbeing an area selected with the input of Comic Relief and a number of other key stakeholders and potential investors. Mental health was selected following analysis of the conditions necessary for scale including a clear need and increasing prevalence, increased policy and funding focus, robust evidence base and clear metrics, potential scalable interventions and commissioning bodies. The Mental Health Scale Fund will support 6-8 organisations to scale their impact during this period with an average grant size of £220,000 plus intensive wrap around support from the Spring Impact team.
16/05/2018 £47,000 stem4 1? Building on the success of their NHS-accredited Calm Harm app, which helps teenagers manage the urge to self-harm, STEM4 will develop an app to support teenagers who have anxiety. The app will be designed with young people, and based on techniques derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is intended that the app can help to bridge the gap between referral to professional mental health support and the beginning of treatment, as a companion during treatment, or as a stand-alone aid for young people with lower level symptoms.
16/05/2018 £47,000 Spice Innovations 6? Spice run a successful Time Credits scheme, based on the principle of rewarding an hour of volunteering with a ‘credit’. These ‘credits’ can be redeemed by people in a variety of ways, including at arts and leisure venues. Currently the costs involved in setting up a local scheme are high, mainly due to staff who support the scheme on the ground. Spice will use Comic Relief funds to develop “Time Credits in a Box”; an online tool which enables communities and small organisations to get involved in Time Credits with less direct staff support, and therefore at a lower cost. This tool has potential to open up Time Credits to those who were previously unable to access the scheme.
16/05/2018 £100,000 The Corra Foundation 4? The Listening Fund Scotland will support organisations to embed listening into their practice, culture and governance and strengthen their capacity to act upon the voices of children and young people in their work. In doing so, it will create opportunities for greater positive change in the lives of children and young people and, through the learning element for this work, improve our understanding of effective approaches to listening.
16/05/2018 £46,938 Hope Support Services 6? Children and young people who have experienced the serious illness or death of a loved one experience high levels of distress, and there is currently inadequate, and inconsistent support available. Children who have experienced childhood bereavement account for 25% of under 20s who take their own life, and account for 41% of young offenders. Having run a popular Facebook group, Hope Support Services want to scale their online support service, to be accessed from your own 'private island', including group chats and one to one mentoring in a safe and secure online environment.
16/05/2018 £47,000 WESC Foundation 5? WESC Foundation, a specialist centre for visual impairment currently operate 6 shops in the South-West, where people with visual impairments work. They have adapted their tills for people with visual impairment as much as they can, but these adaptations still do not fully serve somebody who is totally blind. WESC and their tech partners, wish to create a point of sale ‘Speaking shop till’ that is totally audio descriptive, from initiating a transaction to the transaction being completed. The objective of the Speaking Till is to facilitate the employment of severely visually impaired and blind till operators to enable them to be fully effective staff members.
16/05/2018 £134,063 Yorkshire MESMAC 4? Gay, bisexual and trans young people are at greater risk of depression, anxiety and suicide ideation than the wider population of young people. They often also face particular issues around body image. MESMAC's project will improve the mental wellbeing and resilience of GBT young men in Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield by offering direct therapeutic groups, building community capacity & resilience through community peer mentors. It will encourage group members into sports and physical activity by developing a buddying scheme to help them overcome the barriers to participation and working with sports clubs and facilities to help them be more GBT friendly.
16/05/2018 £46,642 Addaction 3? Addaction is an organisation working across the UK, delivering services around drugs & alcohol recovery and mental health. This proposal is for Addaction to work with Neon Tribe to develop their online support service through the implementation of a chatbot to work as a screening tool in busy times, a point of contact out of hours, and a referral service. The project will offer a better service to those accessing Addaction online out of hours,e and during busy periods; as well as freeing up staff members to focus on enquiries where a human intervention is more necessary.
16/05/2018 £400,000 ChildHope UK 3? Strategic and flexible support to Childhope UK & partner organisations to enable them to focus on and initiate quality work on child projection consultancy and training & at the same time stabilise Childhope & its partner organisations
28/02/2018 £117,513 Refugee Resource 6? Young Men's Project
28/02/2018 £150,000 Positive Futures North Liverpool 3? Psyched!
28/02/2018 £144,000 Teens and Toddlers 9? Teens and Toddlers
28/02/2018 £121,159 Middlesbrough Mind 3? #letsdoit
28/02/2018 £124,846 Coram's Fields 5? Inner Strength - Reducing serious youth violence in Camden & Islington by addressing mental health
28/02/2018 £115,399 London Community Boxing 3? In Your Corner: Phase 2
28/02/2018 £132,868 NewLink Wales 5? Suicide Stings
28/02/2018 £149,645 Young People Cornwall 3? By Us, For Us - If successful, the project will be named by young men.
28/02/2018 £150,000 Student Minds 2? Well Lads
28/02/2018 £150,000 Campaign Against Living Miserably Moving from surviving to thriving with CALM 2: Earlier Intervention project with high risk groups
28/02/2018 £149,910 Aberlour Child Care Trust 6? Building resilience in young men
28/02/2018 £147,080 Hafal 2? Engaging Young Men with Serious Mental Illness through the medium of Music.
28/02/2018 £155,300 Off the Record Youth Counselling Croydon 2? 'That's Not Me'
28/02/2018 £150,000 42nd Street 9? Film 42
28/02/2018 £150,000 British Refugee Council 8? My View: Therapeutic services for unaccompanied boys seeking refuge in the UK
28/02/2018 £128,328 Art Angel 4? A Place For Us
28/02/2018 £137,220 Streetwise 5? Safe Mate - Emotional Wellbeing Support for BAME Young Men
28/02/2018 £180,827 Mind in Haringey 5? Project Future
28/02/2018 £150,000 Off the Record (Bristol) 10? Cornermen
28/02/2018 £133,772 Brent Centre for Young People 6? Sport and Thought- Mental Health Project in Brent
28/02/2018 £149,736 Centrepoint Soho 9? Mind Your Head
28/02/2018 £149,719 Midlothian Young People's Advice Service 4? Young Mens Healthy Minds Project
28/02/2018 £149,150 Women Win 2? Play It Forward (PIF)
09/01/2018 £1,000,000 The British Asian Trust 1? This bond focuses on improving educational outcomes for primary school children in Rajasthan, India.
31/12/2017 £93,570 Sharks Community Trust 3? Sharks Team Talk
31/12/2017 £98,836 National Literacy Trust 6? Rugby Reading Champions
31/12/2017 £149,896 TackleAfrica 1? Empowering teenage mothers in Malawi through football coaching
31/12/2017 £73,652 Womenzone Community Centre 2? Giving Back
31/12/2017 £149,583 CARE International UK 2? Sport for Social Change - Empowering female advocates
31/12/2017 £75,000 The Rwandan Cricket Stadium Foundation (RCSF) 1? Helping literacy challenged females in Gahanga become leaders through cricket
31/12/2017 £79,995 Migrants Resource Centre 6? Developing and supporting volunteering & civic participation among older migrants in Haringey
31/12/2017 £42,000 Wheatley Hill Community Association 6? OWLS - Older, Wiser, Local Support
31/12/2017 £79,587 Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales 1? Alive and Kickin'
31/12/2017 £77,144 Leeds Theatre Trust 4? Pop Up Playhouse
31/12/2017 £78,600 LGBT Health and Wellbeing 6? LGBT Age Community Action Project
31/12/2017 £84,000 The Broomhouse Centre 10? Vintage Vibes - Community Adventurers Building confidence, helping local causes, creating change.
31/12/2017 £76,750 Workers Educational Association North East Region 4? Active voices
31/12/2017 £303,755 MIND (The National Association for Mental Health) 6? Time to Change Wales Phase 3
31/12/2017 £100,250 Street League Street League Rugby
31/12/2017 £100,170 Stonewall Equality Ltd Making Rugby Everyone's Game: Empowering Rugby's Grassroots to Stand Up for LGBT Equality
31/12/2017 £59,998 Netherton Feelgood Factory 3? Experts in Living
31/12/2017 £71,678 Newcastle United Foundation 4? Kick into Action
31/12/2017 £500,000 Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust 2? Strengthening capacity to transform education in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
31/12/2017 £80,000 Sensory Trust 4? Dementia Outdoors
31/12/2017 £79,969 Community Action Norfolk 3? Lily - Spark, Kindle, Glow Project
31/12/2017 £67,264 Birmingham Settlement 6? Ageing Well - Community Wellbeing Club
31/10/2017 £13,700 The Seckford Foundation 1? Woodbridge "Seasoned Voices" Combined Care Homes Choir
31/10/2017 £220,000 The Blagrave Trust 5? The Listening Fund
31/10/2017 £14,015 Cornwall Old People's Housing Society 1? iCareiMove
31/10/2017 £18,900 Order of St John Care Trust 1? Keep the Music Going
31/10/2017 £20,000 Broughton House Care Home for Ex-Servicemen and Women 2? Green Fingered Veterans
31/10/2017 £45,628 Circus Kathmandu Foundation 1? Creative anti-trafficking solutions
31/10/2017 £150,202 Street Child 1? Off the Streets and Into School: supporting street-connected children in urban Liberia to acces
31/10/2017 £17,442 Equality and Diversity Forum 6? Core Funding
31/10/2017 £353,186 Stop The Traffik 5? Disrupting Human Trafficking Through Building Resilient Communities
31/10/2017 £100,000 Clore Social Leadership 8? Women and Girls' Sector Leadership Programme
31/10/2017 £149,933 United Purpose 4? Girls Inspired
31/10/2017 £20,000 Community Integrated Care Rhythm of Life - Musical Care Homes Programme
31/10/2017 £149,372 The British Council Our Common Goal: Addressing Gender Based Violence through Football
31/10/2017 £253,397 Anti-Slavery International 5? Survivor-centred action to prevent and address trafficking of children and young people into CSE
31/10/2017 £42,891 Fawcett Society 5? Core Funding
31/10/2017 £20,000 Queen's House (Kelso) Ltd. 2? Capturing autobiographical memories using graphics , an activity to aid transition to care
31/10/2017 £91,000 CAST 7? Tech for Good programme 2018/9
31/10/2017 £19,888 Age NI 2? Memory Lane
31/10/2017 £2,456,968 Lumos 1? Supporting the delivery of Lumos Foundation’s organizational strategy
31/10/2017 £700,000 The Freedom Fund 1? Tackling the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Nepal
31/08/2017 £10,000 SELFA 5? CrowdMatch
31/08/2017 £80,000 National AIDS Trust 3? Digital HIV Advocate
31/08/2017 £10,000 Prison Radio Association 6? Sex Talk (radio show, podcast and animation)
31/08/2017 £47,591 Community recording studios 4? Windmills
31/08/2017 £148,643 Sutton Coldfield Young Mens Christian Association 10? "Virtually Minded"
31/08/2017 £200,000 Indigo Trust 1? Social Mobile Technology Challenge
31/08/2017 £320,000 Children's Radio Foundation 1? Future Positive: Youth Radio Dialogues to reduce risk of HIV among adolescents in South Africa
31/08/2017 £55,843 Plymouth Hope 4? Sport4Integration
31/08/2017 £75,685 Saving Lives 1? PrEP adherence support:
31/08/2017 £299,475 Find Your Feet Promoting mental health, well-being and resilient livelihoods in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
31/08/2017 £153,253 Health Improvement Project Zanzibar 1? Developing proven and accessible community-based mental health services in Tanzania
31/08/2017 £74,979 DIAL Great Yarmouth 2? Get Set DIAL
31/08/2017 £17,250 Amirah Foundation 5? Sports Tackling Abuse
31/08/2017 £149,157 Streetlife 4? #famsquad
31/08/2017 £49,399 Positive East 5? POV
31/08/2017 £146,541 North Tyneside Carers Centre 7? Young Carers Social Action
31/08/2017 £134,102 Leonard Cheshire Disability Can Do: Increasing involvement of YDP from deprived areas with community volunteering in Southampton
31/08/2017 £137,100 Voices From Care 6? Join Our Voice
31/08/2017 £10,000 East Durham Trust 5? CrowdMatch
31/08/2017 £62,412 Creative Youth Network 6? Creative Changers
31/08/2017 £145,386 Stonewall Equality Ltd Reaching Further Into Communities: Supporting LGBT Young People to Engage in Social Action
31/08/2017 £100,000 Buttle UK Targeted Financial Support for Child Victims of Domestic Abuse
31/08/2017 £283,446 Network for Africa 2? Providing life changing support to people with mental health issues in Sierra Leone
31/08/2017 £48,200 PSA 3? Active together
31/08/2017 £51,959 Building Change Trust 2? Techies in Residence 3
31/08/2017 £106,375 YMCA East Surrey 4? WAVES (Wellbeing, Awareness, Voice East Surrey
31/08/2017 £84,294 The Boxing Academy 3? Re-framing Education with Boxing
31/08/2017 £72,849 BIGKID Foundation 1? Boys Football Programme
31/08/2017 £80,082 Build Up Foundation 2? Build Up London (BUL)
31/08/2017 £120,000 Cardboard Citizens 8? Citz Young Story-Tellers
31/08/2017 £75,150 Medrwn Mon 1? #iwill Anglesey/ #miwnaf Môn
31/08/2017 £20,000 CAST 7? Digital support for HIV in the UK: Think Digital projects
31/08/2017 £135,357 Hot Chocolate Trust 6? Young Activists
31/08/2017 £74,643 Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum 3? Older Happier Connected
31/08/2017 £68,759 Yorkshire MESMAC 4? Online booking
31/08/2017 £79,443 Terrence Higgins Trust HIV stigma in Black African communities
31/08/2017 £51,635 The Metro Centre Ltd 6? Video Interaction on Disclosure (VID) Project
31/08/2017 £147,399 Positive Youth Foundation 6? Head Positive
31/08/2017 £138,343 Small Green Shoots 2? That thing in my head (TTIMH)
31/08/2017 £168,646 Street League Next Steps Into Work
31/08/2017 £99,997 Islington Law Centre 9? Refugee and Migrant Children's Rights and Protection
31/08/2017 £299,880 CBM Mental Health Forums for inclusive Communities
31/07/2017 £74,469 Kensington and Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau Service 3? Grenfell Urgent Action
31/07/2017 £12,156 People Potential Possibilities 2? Grenfell Urgent Action
30/06/2017 £52,500 Aanchal Women's Aid 4? Nari-Raksha - Women Protected
30/06/2017 £80,806 Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Get on Track - For women and girls facing disadvantage
30/06/2017 £50,575 YouthNet 9? Helping young women recognise abuse
30/06/2017 £20,000 Body and Soul 8? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Body and Soul
30/06/2017 £710,676 Concern Worldwide (UK) Empowering communities to TAP Malaria
30/06/2017 £250,000 Citizens UK 13? Opening routes to safety for child refugees in Europe
30/06/2017 £51,500 Chinese Information & Advice Centre 1? SWAN Project - Safer sexWork Access Network, safety for Sex-Workers + healthcare & human rights info
30/06/2017 £114,338 Football Journeys 4? Young, Gifted & Female
30/06/2017 £130,986 Global Dialogue 8? Early Action Funders Alliance
30/06/2017 £40,000 Depaul UK 10? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Depaul UK
30/06/2017 £20,000 mothers2mothers (UK) Ltd 1? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - mothers 2 mothers
30/06/2017 £50,720 Hestia Housing & Support 8? Access to support via mobile tech: domestic violence
30/06/2017 £55,908 The Bike Project 11? Refugee Women and Girls Cycling Project
30/06/2017 £200,000 Prism the Gift Fund 5? Help Refugees - Advocacy and Child Protection
30/06/2017 £50,500 SafeLives 8? Addressing E-vulnerability - a Toolkit & Support Package for Practitioners
30/06/2017 £140,000 Y Care International 3? Karate for a better life - empowering young women and men in Zambian slums.
30/06/2017 £52,220 The Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action 4? Soul Medicine
30/06/2017 £225,000 Body and Soul 8? 'Transforming Adversity'
30/06/2017 £65,348 Rape Crisis Scotland 1? COUNTER - Stalking App
30/06/2017 £43,400 Refuge 5? Refuge: using tech to tackle tech abuse
30/06/2017 £10,000 Street League 7? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Street League
30/06/2017 £189,956 The Sported Foundation Project 51
30/06/2017 £52,251 The Haven Wolverhampton 2? Take the power back
30/06/2017 £129,060 The Change Foundation 4? Netball for Change
30/06/2017 £183,706 Yorkshire Sport Foundation 3? Being Active; Changing Futures
30/06/2017 £250,000 APT Action on Poverty 3? Camili Project Phase 2
30/06/2017 £750,071 BBC Media Action 2? Communication for Healthy Behaviour, Achieving Reduced Malaria (CHARM)
30/06/2017 £40,000 ChildHope UK 3? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Butterflies
30/06/2017 £53,000 WITH 2? Overcoming Obstacles
30/06/2017 £415,095 Health Poverty Action 3? Improving Malaria Prevention And Control Together (IMPACT)
30/06/2017 £301,735 International Rescue Committee UK 4? Incentivizing private providers in Sierra Leone for malaria testing and effective treatment
30/06/2017 £268,510 Restless Development 6? Youth-led action research into adolescents' malaria knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in Port Loko
30/06/2017 £30,000 Laureus Sport for Good Foundation 4? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Boxgirls
30/06/2017 £300,000 The Gaia Foundation 5? Rites of Passage: Preventive & Restorative Justice for Youth
30/06/2017 £10,000 Skateistan UK 1? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - Skateistan
30/06/2017 £103,762 Brighton Table Tennis Club 2? Brighton women's table tennis development project
30/06/2017 £578,044 Women and Children First UK 2? Improving maternal, perinatal and newborn health and reducing mortality in Oyam District, Uganda
30/06/2017 £30,000 The Moira Anderson Foundation 7? British Airways voting initiative 2017 - The Moira Anderson Foundation
30/06/2017 £45,000 The Metro Centre Ltd 6? Support for LGBTQ Young People Experiencing Issues around Gender and/or Substance Misuse
30/06/2017 £6,000,000 The GAVI Alliance The GAVI Alliance for Red Nose Day 2017
30/06/2017 £9,920 MOSELEY RUGBY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION 2? Turnover: Employability skills project
31/05/2017 £83,195 vinspired 2? Loud and Proud Cashpoint programme
31/05/2017 £292,924 Network for Africa 2? Providing life changing support to people with mental health issues in Agago, northern Uganda
30/04/2017 £2,250,000 UK Community Foundations 8? Local Communities Core Strength
30/04/2017 £1,150,746 Malaria Consortium 1? Expansion of Rural Access to Community-led Services to Address Malaria and Childhood Illnesses
30/04/2017 £120,019 The Sported Foundation Increasing support to strengthen the community sport system- a proactive volunteer focused approach
30/04/2017 £1,000,000 Health Poverty Action 3? Crossborder Response for Overlooked, Stigmatized Sub-populations in Laos & Cambodia (CROSS)
31/03/2017 £30,000 Himilo Relief and Development Association 1? East Africa Famine
28/02/2017 £20,000 The Tennis Foundation 2? Serves - Transforming lives through tennis
28/02/2017 £210,500 Active Communities Network 6? Breaking Barriers
28/02/2017 £49,997 Alexandra Rose Charity 5? Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg - Tech to Scale
28/02/2017 £21,000 Action on Postpartum Psychosis 4? Establishing a quality mark framework
28/02/2017 £165,000 Beyond Sport Foundation 1? Beyond Sport Awards
28/02/2017 £313,200 Fight for Peace International 3? Fight for Peace Global Network
28/02/2017 £49,850 Depaul UK 10? The Nightstop App
28/02/2017 £100,000 FareShare 9? Driving National growth - achieving local impact
28/02/2017 £120,000 Happy Child International Foundation 1? It's a Penalty Campaign
28/02/2017 £44,878 HARV Outreach Team 7? Transition Support
28/02/2017 £41,010 Oxfam GB QuidsIn
28/02/2017 £46,900 Shelter Scotland I Need Help Button
28/02/2017 £49,150 SignHealth 4? BSL Healthy Minds Online Therapy
28/02/2017 £39,700 WESC Foundation 5? Eyelander Online: Gamified training for children and young people with vision impairment
28/02/2017 £75,000 The King's Fund 2? Cascading Leadership
28/02/2017 £50,000 Women's Aid Federation of England 9? Digital support for young survivors of domestic abuse
28/02/2017 £820,000 Disasters Emergency Committee 6? East Africa Famine Crisis
28/02/2017 £2,500,000 Save the Children UK Tuwekeze Pamoja: Working together to give children in Tanzania a better start to life
28/02/2017 £245,153 MTV Staying Alive Foundation 1? Reducing HIV infections and increasing treatment for MSM in Kisumu, Kenya.
28/02/2017 £250,000 Partners for Change, Ethiopia 1? Bridging Grant
31/01/2017 £36,446 Debate Mate 4? School Debating Activities
31/12/2016 £120,000 Action on Postpartum Psychosis 4? APP Regional Representatives Project
31/12/2016 £120,000 Best Beginnings 6? Out of the Blue
31/12/2016 £120,000 Bluebell Care Trust 8? Bluebell Devon - Little Something
31/12/2016 £349,966 emerge poverty free Transform and empower the lives of 900 subsistence farming families in rural Uganda
31/12/2016 £2,300,000 Premier League Charitable Fund 2? Enterprise and Employability Programme
31/12/2016 £100,000 Standing Together Against Domestic Violence 3? Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance
31/12/2016 £112,733 Project Harar 1? Better lives
31/12/2016 £343,421 Global One 2015 1? Repairing hope: Improving maternal and female health in Garissa County, Kenya
31/12/2016 £350,000 SUNARMA UK 1? Frankincense, Myrrh and protecting the last green belt against the Sahara
31/12/2016 £348,050 The Gaia Foundation 5? Promoting community-based, women-led development and governance systems in Africa
31/12/2016 £42,500 CAST 7? CAST (Centre for Acceleration of Social Tech) - support for Tech for Good projects
31/12/2016 £301,580 Spurgeons 4? Police and Schools, Spurgeons (PaSS) project
31/12/2016 £30,000 Make Every Woman Count 1? Capacity Building Grant for Make Every Woman Count
31/12/2016 £100,000 The British Council International Enterprise Programme
30/11/2016 £1,500,000 Scottish Association for Mental Health 3? SeeMe
30/11/2016 £250,000 Disasters Emergency Committee 6? Yemen food crisis appeal
31/10/2016 £35,328 Well Women Centre 4? Tipping Point
31/10/2016 £39,660 4us2 1? A Stronger Future
31/10/2016 £39,966 Cothrom Ltd 5? Cothrom Ltd - Towards our digital Future
31/10/2016 £74,861 Education Futures Trust 4? Mind and Motion
31/10/2016 £40,000 Break The Silence 3? Break The Silence - Evolve
31/10/2016 £36,000 Women Acting In Today's Society (WAITS) 4? WAITS Services
31/10/2016 £163,605 Childreach International Sports Initiative, Nepal
31/10/2016 £39,746 brap 6? Equality is not a dirty word
31/10/2016 £40,000 Cambridge Women's Resources Centre 3? Moving On: Sustaining & strengthening support for women in Cambridgeshire
31/10/2016 £39,690 Carers Outreach Service 2? Volunteer Co-ordinator
31/10/2016 £71,757 Centre 63 5? Active 63-Connected Communities
31/10/2016 £39,666 Bierley Community Association Ltd 6? The Life Centre, Bierley
31/10/2016 £40,000 Bread Youth Project 2? Bread Youth Project - Investing in Youth
31/10/2016 £39,757 Cambridgeshire Deaf Association 4? Increasing the sustainability of the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association
31/10/2016 £40,000 Edberts House 7? Core salary costs
31/10/2016 £40,000 Choir With No Name 5? The Choir With No Name (Birmingham)
31/10/2016 £39,123 Community in Partnership Knowle West 2? Your Community Centre in the Heart of Your Community
31/10/2016 £38,891 CASBA 5? Strengthening Foundations / Transforming Lives
31/10/2016 £30,000 Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality 4? Empowering Suffolk's Minority Ethnic Communities
31/10/2016 £39,880 Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants 9? Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants - strengthening our core
31/10/2016 £36,400 Fraserburgh Development Trust Ltd 3? Build Fraserburgh - Fraserburgh Development Trust
31/10/2016 £39,809 Kennington Association 1? Lollard Street Youth and Community Hub
31/10/2016 £35,858 East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services 4? Strengthening us for the Future
31/10/2016 £37,950 EVA Women's Aid Ltd 8? EVA' Women's Aid - Core Strength
31/10/2016 £38,746 East Durham Trust 5? Core Strength
31/10/2016 £34,580 Ebony Horse Club 4? Project 21
31/10/2016 £37,440 Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre 1? Volunteer Co-ordinator
31/10/2016 £40,000 North London Cares / South London Cares 8? The Cares Family: shoring up the centre
31/10/2016 £39,585 Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre 3? Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre Core Costs
31/10/2016 £31,274 Nottingham Central Women's Aid 3? Nottingham Central Women's Aid -Stronger Women
31/10/2016 £40,000 Oasis Cardiff 8? Warm Welsh Welcome
31/10/2016 £34,966 Independent Arts 9? Build From Strength
31/10/2016 £39,490 Island Community Action 3? Island Community Action: Fighting Fit
31/10/2016 £39,848 It's Your Choice 6? Funding the Future
31/10/2016 £40,000 Refugee and Migrant Centre 10? Refugee and Migrant Centre Wolverhampton and the black Country.
31/10/2016 £40,000 Rosmini Centre Wisbech 4? Communities Together
31/10/2016 £75,000 Maslaha 4? Muslim Girls Fence
31/10/2016 £100,000 Mayday Trust 6? Personal Transitions Service
31/10/2016 £39,620 Mayfield Nurseries 4? Helping Mayfield Nurseries to blossom
31/10/2016 £150,000 Redthread Youth Limited 11? The Teachable Moment in A&E: Supporting Girls in Gangs
31/10/2016 £39,992 Reeltime Music 3? Reeltime Music (Core Strength)
31/10/2016 £20,000 Ace Of Clubs 1? Ace of Clubs
31/10/2016 £30,700 Netherton Park Community Association 4? Engaging change
31/10/2016 £39,968 Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services 6? Core Funding Application
31/10/2016 £38,704 Pembrokeshire People First 6? Cynnal
31/10/2016 £40,000 Providence Row 3? Scaling up Providence Row Enterprise and Training
31/10/2016 £34,164 The Dracaena Centre 4? Skoodhyans
31/10/2016 £32,481 The GalGael Trust 3? Strategic and Capacity Developments
31/10/2016 £40,000 The House of St Barnabas 6? The House of St Barnabas Employment Academy
31/10/2016 £38,000 Seaview 2? Supporting Homelessness in Hastings and St Leonards on Sea
31/10/2016 £40,000 Sikh Sanjog 2? Sikh Sanjog
31/10/2016 £40,000 Skipton Extended Learning for All SELFA Core Costs
31/10/2016 £40,000 St Martin's Centre Partnership 6? St Martin's Centre Core Costs
31/10/2016 £38,185 Oblong Ltd Invest to Sustain
31/10/2016 £38,704 Pilton Community Health Project 2? PCHP Core CR
31/10/2016 £40,000 Salford Lads Club 2? Brightening Young Lives 2016
31/10/2016 £31,274 Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation 4? Nia Development Project
31/10/2016 £40,000 SE1 United Ltd 2? Back on Track
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Rainbow Centre 3? Improving the Health and Wellbeing of our Rural Elderly Community
31/10/2016 £40,000 Trust Links 8? Trust Links core strength and capacity building
31/10/2016 £39,915 Stepping Stones Luton 5? Core Strength
31/10/2016 £39,195 The Foxton Centre 5? Building a sustainable future
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Green House Bristol 5? Evidencing our impact and securing a sustainable future
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Harbour 3? The Harbour & Comic Relief - support for vulnerable people facing life-threatening illness
31/10/2016 £37,520 Community recording studios 4? Mission Studio
31/10/2016 £39,762 Crossroads Derbyshire 7? Capacity building grant to strengthen domestic abuse charity
31/10/2016 £36,048 Shire Community Services 1? Preparing for the Future
31/10/2016 £20,000 The 999 Club 5? Building a Better Future
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Proud Trust (Formerly known as LGBT Youth North West.) 15? LGBT Youth - Safer, Stronger and Empowered
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (Darlington & County Durham) 7? Sustain Sexual Violence services for Women and Girl in County Durham
31/10/2016 £40,000 Cyrenians Edinburgh 9? Homeless Navigator Pilot
31/10/2016 £40,000 Derbyshire LGBT+ 3? Derbyshire LGBT+ Invest
31/10/2016 £40,000 Synergy Theatre Project 7? Synergy Theatre Project
31/10/2016 £40,000 Thames Reach Housing Association Limited 6? IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) service
31/10/2016 £21,268 The Cara Trust 4? The Cara Trust
31/10/2016 £38,302 The High Street Centre Ltd 6? Rawmarsh at heart
31/10/2016 £36,570 The Birchall Trust 7? Survivors Support Programme
31/10/2016 £40,000 Getaway Girls 9? Getaway Girls Empowering girls and young women in Leeds
31/10/2016 £39,441 Home-Start Dover District 2? Home-Start Dover District
31/10/2016 £39,272 Hope Community Project (Wolverhampton) 5? Hope4U
31/10/2016 £39,632 Imara CIC 2? Early Intervention service for children and teenagers after disclosure of child sexual abuse
31/10/2016 £36,000 Inclusion Ventures 4? Strengthening Inclusion
31/10/2016 £40,000 The Wallich 3? WISE Project
31/10/2016 £75,000 Island House 3? Can Do Community Led Projects
31/10/2016 £39,453 JUST Lincolnshire 2? A just and fair Lincolnshire - the journey continues
31/10/2016 £151,034 Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council 4? Girls Allowed
31/10/2016 £38,840 Women's Environmental Network (WEN) 6? Building WEN's core strength
31/10/2016 £37,492 Women's Health Information and Support Centre 3? Working for Women's Health
31/10/2016 £39,768 Women's Work (Derbyshire) Ltd 7? Core Strength
31/10/2016 £40,000 Wyre Forest Nightstop & Mediation Scheme 5? Sustaining Nightstop: Supporting Disadvantaged Young People to move forward
31/10/2016 £39,160 Young Asian Voices 6? Creating New Skills and New Futures
31/10/2016 £37,319 M3 Project 3? Building Toward the Future
31/10/2016 £30,406 Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust 1? Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
31/10/2016 £40,000 Mid Wales Rape Support Centre 2? Support for Victims of Sexual Violence in Mid Wales
31/10/2016 £1,200,000 Action on Disability and Development 2? Modelling Inclusive Pre-Primary Education (MIPE)
31/10/2016 £153,726 Children Change Colombia 2? Youth leaderships and protective families: preventing and reducing risks to girls in gangs
31/10/2016 £39,873 New Dawn New Day Ltd 3? Building Resilience
31/10/2016 £40,000 New Heights - Warren Farm Community Project 5? Strengthen New Heights as a Sustainable Community Resource
31/10/2016 £75,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum Fight to Unite
31/10/2016 £49,960 Street Child 1? Education and support scheme for 200 marginalised children living and working on the streets in post-Ebola Liberia
31/10/2016 £250,000 The Stars Foundation 1? With and For Girls Awards 2016-17
31/10/2016 £36,924 pennine lancashire community farm pennine lancashire community farm
31/10/2016 £40,000 Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council 3? Strengthening PDREC
31/10/2016 £31,000 Reading Community Learning Centre 4? Survival and building long term sustainability
31/10/2016 £50,000 Retrak 1? The Provision and Strengthening of Support for Street Children, Families and Communities in Blantyre, Malawi
31/10/2016 £151,350 The Gaia Foundation 5? Girls in Gangs
31/10/2016 £100,000 British Red Cross Family Reunion
31/10/2016 £227,546 Welbodi Partnership 1? Improving health outcomes for women and children in Sierra Leone through community engagement and health systems strengthening
31/10/2016 £33,519 Scotswood Natural Community Garden 8? Strengthening Scotswood Natural Community Garden
31/10/2016 £500,000 The Power of Nutrition 1? Realising the power of nutrition for women and children
31/10/2016 £39,884 Carmarthen Youth Project - Dr. M'z 3? Carmarthen Youth Project - Futures
31/10/2016 £37,654 Caxton Youth Organisation 3? Caxton Youth Organisation
31/10/2016 £40,000 Sparkle Appeal 5? Sparkle: Performance & Quality
31/10/2016 £39,987 Support Arts Gardening Education 5? Putting down longterm roots
31/10/2016 £39,890 The Junction 6? The Junction-Nested Provision Model
31/10/2016 £49,960 STREET CHILD 1? Education and support scheme for 200 marginalised children living and working on the streets in post-Ebola Liberia
31/10/2016 £227,546 WELBODI PARTNERSHIP 1? Improving health outcomes for women and children in Sierra Leone through community engagement and health systems strengthening
31/10/2016 £40,000 Cyrenians Edinburgh 9? Homeless Navigator Pilot
31/08/2016 £1,048,300 UK Community Foundations 8? Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund 2017
31/08/2016 £117,940 MIND (The National Association for Mental Health) 6? Mums Matter
31/08/2016 £114,941 The Balsam Centre 3? Like Minds
31/08/2016 £109,693 Aberlour Child Care Trust 6? Aberlour Perinatal Mental Health Befriending
31/08/2016 £87,676 MRANG 7? Pre and Post Natal Mental Wellbeing Project
31/08/2016 £119,975 Quarriers 7? Maternal Mental Health (working title)
31/08/2016 £119,104 Relate Cymru 3? Mum's The World
31/08/2016 £86,230 SMILE Group 2? Facilitation and expansion of perinatal mental health peer support
31/08/2016 £84,816 Trelya 10? The Mammik Project
31/08/2016 £1,126,000 UK Community Foundations 8? Community Cash 2017
31/08/2016 £98,000 Yorkshire Sport Foundation 3? Sport England - Place Based Initiative
31/08/2016 £118,152 Great Yarmouth Community Trust 1? The Listening Project
31/08/2016 £494,850 AbleChildAfrica 1? Take All My Friends To School: Increasing the access, quantity and quality of inclusive education
31/08/2016 £886,365 Leonard Cheshire Disability Investing in Futures: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Tanzania
31/08/2016 £120,000 Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership 5? Hand in Hand: Supporting Mums and Babies
31/08/2016 £50,000 Prism the Gift Fund 5? Help Refugees to support Unaccompanied Minors in Calais
31/08/2016 £85,000 The GravityLight Foundation 1? GravityLight: Kenya Launch
31/07/2016 £50,000 Citizens UK 13? Safe Passage
30/06/2016 £750,000 Action on Postpartum Psychosis 4? Everyone's Business Campaign Phase 2
30/06/2016 £25,000 D2 Youth Zone 3? BA Flying Start initiative 2016
30/06/2016 £49,230 Chapter 1 1? SUPORT to break the cycle of homelessness
30/06/2016 £50,000 Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse 4? BA Flying Start initiative 2016
30/06/2016 £15,000 Factory Youth Zone 4? BA Flying Start initiative 2016
30/06/2016 £116,000 Swimathon Foundation 1? Swimathon Sport Relief 2016
30/06/2016 £10,000 The Metro Centre Ltd 6? BA Flying Start initiative 2016
30/06/2016 £100,000 Valleys Kids 9? BA Flying Start initiative 2016
30/06/2016 £1,000,000 Oxfam GB Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence to retain girls and boys in Malawian schools for improved
30/06/2016 £4,000,000 The GAVI Alliance The GAVI Alliance for Sport Relief 2016
30/04/2016 £50,000 UK Community Foundations 8? British Airways Support for flood victims and rebuilding
30/04/2016 £255,834 BBC Media Action 2? Mi stori
30/04/2016 £49,000 Common Purpose Charitable Trust 2? A blended learning leadership programme for the Diaspora ChangeMakers Alumni
30/04/2016 £160,457 Laureus Sport for Good Foundation 4? The Girls Leadership through Sport (GirLS) project
30/04/2016 £25,000 St Cuthberts Care 1? Alan Shearer Foundation to support the work of St Cuthberts
30/04/2016 £2,943,520 African Foundation for Development 1? Diaspora Finance and Remittance Investment Initiative (DFRII)
30/04/2016 £1,000,000 Concern Worldwide (UK) The Right to Learn: supporting girls to achieve their right to education and to freedom from GBV in Malawi.
30/04/2016 £1,198,295 Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development 4? TuWezesha Akina Dada- Africa UK Young Women's Leadership and Empowerment Movement
30/04/2016 £376,100 Indigo Trust 1? Firestarter Fund Sierra Leone
30/04/2016 £833,887 Signal 3? Promoting equal access to education in Malawi
30/04/2016 £417,543 Voluntary Service Overseas 3? Unlocking Talent Through Technology, Malawi
30/04/2016 £27,500 Welbodi Partnership 1? Improving Child Health at Ola During Children's Hospital SR16
29/02/2016 £148,000 Apps for Good 5? Challenging sexism in the digital sector
29/02/2016 £120,000 Anglia Care Trust 4? Money Advice Service - Domestic Abuse
29/02/2016 £124,341 Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre 8? Young Groups
29/02/2016 £30,812 British Institute of Learning Disabilities 1? Unprotected, Overprotected' CSE and Learning Disability Training Programme
29/02/2016 £52,000 Yorkshire Sport Foundation 3? Sport England - Place Based Initiative
29/02/2016 £51,000 Buttle UK Small grants programme
29/02/2016 £108,869 Caer Las 2? The ReTreat - Support Project for Sex Workers
29/02/2016 £146,657 British Refugee Council 8? Safer Refugee Women
29/02/2016 £460,014 Disability and Development Partners 1? Improving education for deaf and hard of hearing children in Ethiopia
29/02/2016 £113,414 Money Advice Trust 2? Proposed expansion of National Debtline webchat to meet growing demand
29/02/2016 £50,000 Global Dialogue 8? Thomas Paine Initiative
29/02/2016 £484,870 Health Poverty Action 3? Welbodi Women Northern Bombali Project
29/02/2016 £80,000 Muscular Dystrophy UK 5? People with muscle-wasting conditions lead the way in improving health and social care
29/02/2016 £119,913 Hamoaze House 2? Family Resiliance
29/02/2016 £117,488 First Steps Derbyshire 6? Holistic Help for Young People with Eating Difficulties & Disorders
29/02/2016 £116,087 Oxfordshire Family Support Network 2? Embolden - creating a voice for older family carers of people with learning disabilities
29/02/2016 £91,734 Hull Women's Aid 4? Young Survivors Project
29/02/2016 £123,735 2? Correcting the unfairness of people with multiple sclerosis not being able to work
29/02/2016 £99,999 Sport 4 Life UK 10? Sport 4 Life NEETs: Changing young lives through Sport
29/02/2016 £116,197 Mind in Harrow 6? Nedaye Zan Campaign: Justice For Afghan Women (Nedaye Zan means 'voices of women' in Dari)
29/02/2016 £123,910 Norfolk Community Law Service Ltd 3? Financial Inclusion Project
29/02/2016 £68,554 Regional Refugee Forum North East 4? Fairer Mental Health & Wellbeing outcomes for North East's Asylum Seekers & Refugees
29/02/2016 £120,000 The Clock Tower Sanctuary 6? Creating engagement to help young people move on from homelessness
29/02/2016 £107,595 Safer Merthyr Tydfil 5? CREA8 (Confidence, Respect, Equality, Aspirations)
29/02/2016 £95,070 Saracens Sport Foundation 3? Get Onside
29/02/2016 £112,501 The Big House 9? Supporting at-risk NEET care leavers (aged 16-24 years) through holistic intervention
29/02/2016 £120,000 The Dash Charity 6? Therapeutic Intervention for Children and Young People
29/02/2016 £149,813 The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme
29/02/2016 £168,114 The Helen Bamber Foundation 5? Refugee & Asylum Seeking Women's Programme - for survivors of complex trauma including trafficking
29/02/2016 £300,880 Chemin Neuf Community 1? Family Reunification and Re-integration of Street Children in Kinshasa
29/02/2016 £247,528 DeafKidz International 2? Signing Safe Futures South Africa!
29/02/2016 £100,000 Women's Aid Federation of England 9? Ask Me - Part of Change that Lasts - Transforming responses to domestic abuse
29/02/2016 £121,574 Yorkshire and Humberside Circles of Support and Accountability 4? Extending Circles
29/02/2016 £90,000 YouthNet 9? I get consent- an early intervention project to help young people understand sexual consent
29/02/2016 £234,534 Community Development Initiatives 1? Sustainable Livelihoods for Female Slum dwellers
29/02/2016 £767,078 Anti-Slavery International 5? Eradicating Forced Child Begging in Senegal
29/02/2016 £30,000 Heaven Homes and Children's Centres 1? Organisation development grant
29/02/2016 £388,242 Promote Mifumi Project 1? Securing healthier lives for the rural women and children of Mifumi village catchment area
29/02/2016 £122,737 North Lancashire Citizens Advice Bureau 2? CAN Help (Healthier Finances)
29/02/2016 £84,690 Orkney Alcohol Counselling and Advisory Service 2? Orkney Youth Counselling - Alcohol & Drugs
29/02/2016 £121,079 People First (Scotland) 2? Learning disability, Human Rights and the Law in Scotland
29/02/2016 £127,097 Refuge 5? Female offender outreach project - Derby
29/02/2016 £177,247 Street Child Africa Pilot supporting young street-connected mothers to improve outcomes through quality ECD in Accra
29/02/2016 £193,083 Survivors Fund (SURF) 1? HIV+ Survivors Empowerment Project (SEP)
29/02/2016 £432,833 Transform Africa 1? Improving Cassava Processing Enterprises in Northern Communities Sierra Leone
29/02/2016 £195,000 Bail for Immigration Detainees 6? Assisting immigration detainees to secure release and live safely
29/02/2016 £119,108 Birmingham and Solihull Women's Aid 6? Young Women's Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support Project
29/02/2016 £120,000 Room to Heal 8? Healing the shattered self - a community-based, integrated programme for torture survivors
29/02/2016 £104,598 Southwark Law Centre 7? Migrant Women's Project
29/02/2016 £206,500 Widows and Orphans International Supporting Widows and Orphans and Omega Foundation through transition period
29/02/2016 £100,000 Spark Inside 10? Professional Life Coaching Programme with young people, aged 15-24, leaving prison or custody.
29/02/2016 £134,275 CARERS TRUST 6? Raising the Voice of Carers
31/12/2015 £150,300 The Sharan Project Our Girl - a prevention and awareness raising campaign project on forced marriage
31/12/2015 £174,980 Toynbee Hall 10? Digital Money Mentors
31/12/2015 £142,000 VIDA Sheffield 3? Eva Women's Services
31/12/2015 £200,000 Age Connects North Wales Central 2? Speak UP
31/12/2015 £90,993 Allsorts Youth Project Limited 6? Trans Youth Support
31/12/2015 £176,099 Action for Brazil's Children Trust 1? Strikers for Peace - reducing violence and discrimination in the Mangueirinha Favela through sport
31/12/2015 £142,525 British Refugee Council 8? Age Disputes: See the Child
31/12/2015 £90,000 Fresh Start - New Beginnings 5? Funding for therapeutic intervention work for childhood victims of sexual abuse
31/12/2015 £758,846 Farm Africa 2? Sustainable Production and Marketing of Forest Products
31/12/2015 £120,000 Circles South East 8? Services for young people displaying harmful sexual behaviours (HSBs)
31/12/2015 £20,000 Centrepoint Soho 9? Upgrade Your World: Youth Homelessness UpData - future-proofing youth homelessness data, display and analysis
31/12/2015 £100,000 Faith in Community Scotland: Poverty Truth Commission 3? Nothing about us, Without us, Is for us - seats at the table
31/12/2015 £140,420 NESTAC 3? Support Our Sisters (SOS) FGM Project
31/12/2015 £131,473 Legal Services Agency 1? Women's Project, Legal Services Agency
31/12/2015 £20,000 SafeLives 8? UpgradeYourWorld: Domestic Abuse(DA) Practitioners' Platform & Register
31/12/2015 £94,562 Panjabi Centre 1? Short Changed? A financial inclusion and debt advice project.
31/12/2015 £146,537 Place2Be M-PACT Plus Extension Project
31/12/2015 £868,219 The Fairtrade Foundation 3? Building Resilient ASM Communities in East Africa
31/12/2015 £5,000,000 MIND (The National Association for Mental Health) 6? Time to Change England Phase 3
31/12/2015 £107,481 Inverness Women's Aid 1? Children,Young People & Family Domestic Abuse Support Service
31/12/2015 £120,000 Thames Reach Housing Association Limited 6? Thames Reach Safer Lives: Living on the street: Older Persons' Champion
31/12/2015 £140,744 Scottish Association for Mental Health 3? PACE (People Active for Change & Equality)
31/12/2015 £63,628 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning 7? The Factory
31/12/2015 £90,630 Age UK Norwich 5? Next Step
31/12/2015 £138,941 Alcohol and Drugs Action 1? Green Light Project (GLP)
31/12/2015 £120,000 BASIS Yorkshire 7? Specialist Independent Sexual & Domestic Violence Advisor Service for Sex Workers in Leeds
31/12/2015 £87,924 CASY - Counselling and Support for Young People 3? CASY Self Harm Young People and Family Project
31/12/2015 £78,983 Church Action on Poverty 6? Tackling the Poverty Premium
31/12/2015 £68,362 Code 7 Ltd 1? Another Way
31/12/2015 £109,773 Southside Young Leaders Academy 5? Different Futures
31/12/2015 £125,655 St Andrew's Community Network 5? Money Management Service including Debt Advice and Money Education and Training.
31/12/2015 £119,650 Staffordshire North and Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice Bureau 2? Money Skills for the Hearing Impaired.
31/12/2015 £90,000 SurvivorsUK 7? Male Survivors of rape and sexual abuse Counselling Project
31/12/2015 £91,140 Venus Centre 4? Money Management Project
31/12/2015 £47,500 ECPAT UK 9? Animated Film - Trafficked Children in the UK Cannabis Trade
31/12/2015 £113,457 Womankind 3? Safer Women's Project: increasing access and outcomes for suvivors of abuse and exploitation
31/12/2015 £108,896 Groundswell 9? From The Ground Up: a collective voice for homeless people to create positive social change.
31/12/2015 £129,653 Welsh Refugee Council 7? Women's Asylum Paralegal
31/12/2015 £153,318 Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre - Dundee & Angus 5? Young People's Support Service
31/12/2015 £174,989 AbleChildAfrica 1? Sports for Inclusion: Changing the Game for Disabled Children in Kenya
31/12/2015 £75,000 One North East London 8? Abstinence based treatment for addicts
31/12/2015 £150,052 United Purpose 4? Court of Dreams
31/12/2015 £10,000 Widows and Orphans International Support for Ahero hospital
31/12/2015 £75,000 Rio Ferdinand Foundation 3? 5 Star Active
31/12/2015 £250,000 SafeLives 8? Drive project: addressing and challenging the behaviour of priority perpetrators of domestic abuse
31/12/2015 £727,450 War on Want 1? Realising slum dwellers' rights to decent housing,basic services and tenure security in South Africa
31/12/2015 £56,952 Centre 63 5? Project Manager for the YES Project
31/12/2015 £147,460 Spires 4? Flat-based Sex Work Project
31/12/2015 £90,166 The Albert Kennedy Trust 6? National e-mentoring service for young LGBT people
30/11/2015 £150,000 UK Community Foundations 8? New beginnings: a crisis fund for refugees
30/11/2015 £250,000 UK Community Foundations 8? Support for flooding in UK
31/10/2015 £135,222 asphaleia action 4? SAFE
31/10/2015 £117,337 Affinity Sutton Community Foundation 2? Sutton Youth Sport programme
31/10/2015 £114,852 Brighton and Hove Speak Out 5? Brighton and Hove Learning Disability Voices Network
31/10/2015 £743,299 AfriKids 2? Foundations for Life; an inclusive approach to the first years of education in northern Ghana
31/10/2015 £304,307 Amos Trust 1? Completing the cycle for children on the streets: outreach - engagement - reintegration - prevention
31/10/2015 £60,000 Barnardo's B-Safe
31/10/2015 £59,656 Bath and North East Somerset Carers Centre 8? Carers' Voice
31/10/2015 £119,999 Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) 7? Transitions
31/10/2015 £55,485 Elizabeth Finn Care Strengthening income maximisation and financial capability support in North East England
31/10/2015 £923,644 Children in Crisis 1? Elimu Kwa Wote, Education for All
31/10/2015 £88,260 Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust 4? NEET Youth Digital Inclusion
31/10/2015 £295,000 CAST 7? Digital Fellowship and Underline
31/10/2015 £120,000 Citizens UK 13? The next steps for the Living Wage movement
31/10/2015 £89,885 Midaye 4? Working together: BME community engagement with health services in West London
31/10/2015 £665,558 Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development 4? Phase 2: Moblising Action to Safeguard Rights of Girls and Young Women in Tanzania
31/10/2015 £300,000 Laureus Sport for Good Foundation 4? MYSA - Creating Sustainable Change in East Nairobi
31/10/2015 £102,750 Dundee Repertory Theatre Ltd 2? Young Persons Dramatherapy Service
31/10/2015 £109,277 Multi-Cultural Family Base 6? Banyan Project
31/10/2015 £117,148 Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services 4? Adolescent to Parent Violence (APV) Outreach Project
31/10/2015 £998,862 Practical Action 1? Kisumu City Partnership for Improved Sanitation in Informal Settlements (KisumuSan)
31/10/2015 £999,424 Retrak 1? Care and protection of highly vulnerable children, young people and families in communities
31/10/2015 £10,000 Students for Malawi 1? Sintha Chisitu
31/10/2015 £210,000 Homeless Link 10? Housing First England
31/10/2015 £131,566 Roma Support Group 7? Roma Advocacy and Campaigning Project
31/10/2015 £101,863 Oasis Children's Venture 6? Right Track Project Continuation
31/10/2015 £625,489 Traidcraft Exchange 3? Juicing Justice for Farmers
31/10/2015 £682,651 Womankind Worldwide 2? Ending VAWG in Ethiopia: Strengthening services and responses for women and girls in Addis Ababa
31/10/2015 £655,697 Y Care International 3? Mobilising young people in Liberia and Sierra Leone to rebuild communities devastated by the Ebola o
31/10/2015 £75,033 Mary Ward Legal Centre 5? Financially Capable Camden
31/10/2015 £126,000 South East Essex Advocacy for Older People Finance, Debt & Money Management advice & information for the over 60's
31/10/2015 £120,000 ADHD Foundation 5? The Umbrella Project
31/10/2015 £100,715 Age Cymru Gwynedd a Mon 3? Provision of information for older people in severe financial hardship
31/10/2015 £112,206 Brent Centre for Young People 6? Treatment of vulnerable young people experiencing emotional difficulties in North West London
31/10/2015 £122,730 Carers Advice & Resource Establishment, Sandwell (CARES) 2? Tackling poverty and disadvantage with carers in Sandwell
31/10/2015 £98,827 Trailblazers Mentoring 8? Changing Futures - Mentoring young offenders
31/10/2015 £118,573 The Marie Trust 5? Trust Counselling Service for People affected by Homelessness
31/10/2015 £109,977 Sandwell Women's Aid 3? Support for victims of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) in Sandwell
31/10/2015 £117,505 Stevenage Citizens Advice Bureau 4? Get out of Debt, Stay out of Debt
31/10/2015 £211,360 Street League 7? Moving Young People Into Work Through Employer Engagement
31/10/2015 £149,646 St Giles Trust 16? Lambeth Safer Stronger Families: Reducing the Impact of Gang and Serious Youth Violence
31/10/2015 £60,000 Derby County Community Trust 3? Tackling Homelessness in Derby
31/10/2015 £101,332 FAIR 3? specialist support for people with learning disabilties to manage the changes of welfare reform.
31/10/2015 £109,880 Forest of Dean Citizens Advice Bureau 1? Budgeting Skills for Life
31/10/2015 £116,751 Freedom From Torture Holistic therapeutic support for separated asylum seeking young torture survivors
31/10/2015 £135,000 The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile 8? Supporting young survivors to cope better in the community of exile and make progress in their lives
31/10/2015 £118,822 Wheels for Wellbeing 3? Wheels for Change
31/10/2015 £90,254 Yellow Submarine 4? Bridging the Gap
31/10/2015 £530,989 AbleChildAfrica 1? Promoting Inclusive Education for Disabled Children in Uganda Using a 'Child-to-Child' Approach
31/10/2015 £120,809 West Lothian Financial Inclusion Network (SCIO) 2? Money Magic
31/10/2015 £123,000 Winchester & District Young Carers 3? Positive Futures; Enabling Young Carers To Reach Their Full Potential.
31/10/2015 £10,000 Consortium for Street Children 2? Ensuring Street Children shape the new international law on children in street situations
31/10/2015 £282,824 ACE Africa (UK) 2? Strengthening capacity and access to quality health services for people affected by HIV/AIDS
31/10/2015 £695,993 Chance for Childhood 2? LEAP from the Street - Learning, Educating and Protecting
31/10/2015 £324,028 2? An adapted framework for school health to improve the educational attainment of 16,000 children.
31/10/2015 £105,000 Jamie Oliver Food Foundation 1? Fifteen Apprentice Programme salary costs
31/10/2015 £131,012 Just for Kids Law 15? See It, Say It, Change It
31/10/2015 £80,854 Youthscape 9? Alumina in Schools - a new approach to online support for teenagers who self-harm
31/10/2015 £365,943 Mali Development Group 1? Strengthening the Yanfolila Mutual Health Insurance Scheme and reducing risks to women's health
31/10/2015 £100,086 Laureus Sport for Good Foundation 4? Creating change through mountain biking and education in South Africa's townships
31/10/2015 £120,000 Kingston Carers' Network 8? Improving Outcomes for Kingston's Young Carers
31/10/2015 £393,662 African Future Development 1? Quality Education Programme in the DRC
31/10/2015 £665,087 Plan International UK 2? Empowering PLHIV and marginalised groups to improve access, quality and accountability of services.
31/10/2015 £553,940 Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind 3? Leave no child behind: Improving Early Childhood Development in Malawi
31/10/2015 £10,000 Make Every Woman Count 1? Consultation on Capacity Building for Women's Rights in Guinea and Sierra Leone
31/10/2015 £205,000 Northern Ireland Youth Forum Emerging Young Leaders Programme
31/10/2015 £739,242 The Near East Foundation UK 2? Empowering women in Kordofan through non-wood forest products for income and food security
31/10/2015 £1,473,295 Twin 2? Gender and generational empowerment with Vuasa Cooperative Union, Tanzania
31/10/2015 £138,094 African Community Centre 3? The Amani Project
31/10/2015 £1,480,197 Tropical Health and Education Trust 2? Building national training capacity to implement the CBHPSP (2015-2020) in Tanzania
31/10/2015 £90,502 Promoting Autonomy and Change 3? Young people's access to therapy and counselling
31/10/2015 £996,987 Oxfam Novib A quality teacher for every child in Mali
31/10/2015 £816,083 United Purpose 4? Pathways to BRiDGES
31/10/2015 £83,000 Bluebell Care Trust 8? Bluebell Place
31/10/2015 £150,000 Scarborough & District Citizens Advice Bureau 4? Good Finance = Good Health
31/10/2015 £668,932 Trust for Africa's Orphans 1? Agri-Enterprise in Sunflower, Soya bean, SIm sim and Sorgham for Small Scale Farmers
31/10/2015 £104,802 Colchester & Tendring Women's Refuge 5? Essex Domestic Abuse Partnership Project
31/08/2015 £130,632 Adoption UK The Role of Policy Manager
31/08/2015 £150,967 Africans Unite Against Child Abuse 6? Safeguarding Victims of Child Trafficking in England
31/08/2015 £100,000 British Red Cross Immediate material needs and resettlement support
31/08/2015 £117,408 Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit 9? Somewhere To Go
31/08/2015 £81,000 Crewe YMCA 5? '411' Young Women's Homeless Project" - 2.4 a couple of hard progressions at the end of the middle
31/08/2015 £120,741 Citizens Advice in North and West Kent 2? Building Financial Confidence in Vulnerable Adults
31/08/2015 £130,629 Living Options Devon 6? Deaf Campaigning Service
31/08/2015 £129,461 Coram Children's Legal Centre Limited 5? The Migrant Children's Project
31/08/2015 £129,800 Dandelion Time 5? Restoring Hope to Young Lives
31/08/2015 £123,000 Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association 3? Fitzrovia Advice and Community Support
31/08/2015 £114,176 Gwent Domestic Abuse Services 7? Youth Respect Officer
31/08/2015 £143,076 Hamara Effectively engaging South Asian Families on Child Sexual Exploitation
31/08/2015 £150,000 Off Centre 4? Art therapy & integrated support for young people in Hackney struggling with mental ill-health
31/08/2015 £123,814 Prison Advice and Care Trust 10? Hear our Voice: The Charter for Children and Young People With A Family Member in Prison
31/08/2015 £50,000 Refugee Action 10? Asylum Crisis Project
31/08/2015 £50,000 Scottish Refugee Council 8? Emergency support - Syria refugee crisis
31/08/2015 £55,624 Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham 3? "Local and Vocal", Hammersmith and Fulham Older People's Consultative Forum (HFCF)
31/08/2015 £104,548 Narthex Sparkhill 7? Debt Advice Project Expansion
31/08/2015 £128,429 National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux 4? Breaking the Silence- Gender Violence and Abuse (GVA) Routine Enquiry Programme
31/08/2015 £60,000 Muslim Women's Council 4? Fragile
31/08/2015 £151,950 Raw Material Music and Media Education Limited 7? Raw Sounds
31/08/2015 £84,175 The Bond Board Ltd 4? Young Persons Progression Coach
31/08/2015 £120,000 Respond 9? Specialist Therapeutic support for young people with Learning Disabilities.
31/08/2015 £115,500 Rochdale Connections Trust 9? Strength to Change
31/08/2015 £120,000 Straight Talking Peer Education 6? Supporting disadvantaged teenage parents to reach their potential
31/08/2015 £161,045 The Moira Anderson Foundation 7? A SAFER FUTURE - CSA Survivor Support and Awareness
31/08/2015 £104,863 Contact a Family Alleviating the financial hardship of families with disabled children in the North East
31/08/2015 £98,000 Street Talk 1? new parrtnership
31/08/2015 £91,553 West Lancashire Womens Refuge 3? West Lancashire Childrens Independent Domestic Violence Advisor
31/08/2015 £120,000 Ignite Trust 6? Excel Sports
31/08/2015 £113,756 Toonspeak Young People's Theatre 8? SHINE - A Creative Lifecoaching Project for Socially Excluded and Vulnerable Young People
31/08/2015 £120,000 Independent Academic Research Studies 3? The Gender & Justice Empowerment Project
31/08/2015 £1,470,000 International Development Enterprises (UK) 2? Smallholder Market Access
31/08/2015 £50,000 Happy Child International Foundation 1? It's a Penalty Campaign - Rio 2016
31/08/2015 £112,044 Lewisham Speaking Up 3? People's Parliament for People with Learning Disabilities
31/08/2015 £113,565 Llanelli Women's Aid 4? The Cocoon Programme for young people
31/08/2015 £300,000 Oxfam GB Repair and Rehabilitation of WASH Facilities in Households in Jordan
31/08/2015 £287,616 Save the Children UK Supporting kindergartens for Syrian children in Jordan
31/08/2015 £244,874 Save the Children UK Providing education to refugee and displaced children and youth in South Sudan and Ethiopia
31/08/2015 £103,625 People First Dorset 5? Speak Up
31/08/2015 £50,000 British Refugee Council 8? Refugee Crisis Grant
31/08/2015 £123,240 RISE (Refuge Information Support Education) 4? RISE Safer Futures: Addressing Complex Trauma in Domestic Violence
31/08/2015 £122,838 ShARP (Shiney Row Advice and Resource Project) 7? (Advice on Prescription) Community & Financial Advice in Health Settings in Sunderland Coalfields
31/08/2015 £60,000 St Luke's Community and Regeneration Enterprises 9? The Shine Nail Bar Collective (SNBC)
30/06/2015 £99,320 The Who Cares? Trust 9? Passport to Parliament for children in care
30/06/2015 £114,753 ADFAM National 9? Peer Support - Child to Parent Violence
30/06/2015 £35,812 Age UK Islington Predicting for Winter: identifying vulnerable older people in our community
30/06/2015 £145,691 Argyll and Bute Rape Crisis 4? TESSA Youth Support and Prevention Programme
30/06/2015 £157,689 Anawim Women working together 3? Specialist Money Advice and Financial Literacy
30/06/2015 £118,751 Enfield Citizens Advice Bureau 9? Heat and Eat!
30/06/2015 £102,903 Asylum Support Appeals Project 8? Reducing asylum seeking women's risks to violence and personal harm by tackling their destitution.
30/06/2015 £65,648 Arvon 5? Writing the Game
30/06/2015 £120,000 Bradford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Survivors Service 5? Refugee & Asylum seeking women & girls (RASW&Gs) - Advocacy & Support service
30/06/2015 £80,000 Fylde Coast Women's Aid 7? WIRED: Ways to Identify Risk of Exploitation and Danger
30/06/2015 £133,185 Integrate Bristol 5? Everybody's Business
30/06/2015 £122,107 East End Citizens Advice Bureaux 5? Newham Money Smart
30/06/2015 £72,294 Citizens Theatre Ltd. 6? 'Women's Own': transforming the lives of vulnerable and at-risk women through drama, music and art.
30/06/2015 £109,556 D2 Youth Zone 3? Alcohol Awareness Peer Education Programme
30/06/2015 £85,800 Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Services (CDAS) 3? Be better @ budgeting, Three B's project
30/06/2015 £85,000 Circo Kernow 1? TREI (Cornish for three) CIRCUS ALL FOR ALL COMMUNITY TRAINING PROJECT
30/06/2015 £115,743 Financial Fitness 2? Emergency Advice Service
30/06/2015 £90,000 Depaul UK 10? Get up and Go!
30/06/2015 £203,849 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 1? CSE Hub and Spoke Project - London (NSPCC)
30/06/2015 £109,736 Oasis Aquila Housing 9? Healthy Resilient Lives
30/06/2015 £410,000 Media Trust 5? Transforming Hidden Talent: supporting young people in London, Birmingham and Manchester to develop meaningful and fulfilling careers
30/06/2015 £149,613 Mind in Croydon Ltd 2? To provide a financial literacy service to people experiencing mental health problems.
30/06/2015 £31,215 Kiveton Park Independent Advice Centre Vulnerable Client Inclusion Project: 2015/17 Financial Years
30/06/2015 £133,500 Public Service Broadcasting Trust Giving voice to marginalised young people
30/06/2015 £35,371 RLSB 7? WAYFINDR
30/06/2015 £120,000 Mentor UK Breaking Out Phase 2
30/06/2015 £87,033 Action East Devon 8? The Project - Young People's Mental Health Peer Support
30/06/2015 £66,700 National Ugly Mugs 5? SafetyNets app
30/06/2015 £144,877 The Boaz Trust 6? Female Asylum Seeker Support Programme
30/06/2015 £120,835 Booth Centre 2? Safe Homes
30/06/2015 £127,568 Positive Action in Housing 5? Money Skills Project for BME, Refugee and new Migrant Communities
30/06/2015 £34,150 Relate 3? Separating Fairly: groundbreaking online dispute resolution service for separating families
30/06/2015 £1,048,300 UK Community Foundations 8? Sport Relief 2016 Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
30/06/2015 £50,282 Centre for Mental Health 2? Up My Street: building mental health resilience of young African-Caribbean men.
30/06/2015 £400,000 Cwmbran Centre for Young People 2? The Progression Project
30/06/2015 £43,500 SEAP 1? Assessment Assistant - Beta Support
30/06/2015 £1,154,150 UK Community Foundations 8? Sport Relief 2016 Community Cash
30/06/2015 £116,406 The Whitechapel Centre 3? Homeless Welfare Rights Advice Service
30/06/2015 £96,452 Direct Help and Advice 4? Families in Crisis
30/06/2015 £138,536 The Great Initiative 2? Great Men Value Women - extension
30/06/2015 £119,023 WILD Young Parents Project 4? WILD Change for the Future
30/06/2015 £400,000 UpRising 8? A Helping Hand into Employment
30/06/2015 £399,237 Who Cares? Scotland 7? Reaching Higher: Employability Programme for Care Experienced Young People
30/06/2015 £114,493 YCSA 5? Ebara - Inspiring Identity
30/06/2015 £162,717 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 1? CSE Hub and Spoke Project - Luton (NSPCC)
30/06/2015 £70,000 Common Purpose Charitable Trust 2? 2016 Grand Challenge Pilot
30/06/2015 £72,060 Media Trust 5? Radio Africa Initiative - Project Everyone
30/06/2015 £363,083 NYAS 3? Peering Ahead
30/06/2015 £212,062 Save the Children UK Creative support to action/2015 and Project Everyone
30/06/2015 £55,000 Skateistan UK 1? Enabling South African Youth through Skateboarding and Education
30/06/2015 £165,000 Women Win 2? Let's Coach and Let's Lead
30/06/2015 £386,762 Scottish National Council of YMCAs 2? YouthWorks Mentoring
30/06/2015 £180,000 Combat Stress Military Veterans' Mental Health - Anti-Stigma
30/04/2015 £11,909 Age UK Wirral 5? My Life Counts
30/04/2015 £19,881 Anchor Developing an LGBTI inclusive environment for older people living in care homes
30/04/2015 £18,990 Action For Elders Trust 5? Improving the Quality of Life of Older People in Care Homes
30/04/2015 £16,595 Advocacy in Barnet 3? Creating connections and meaning between care staff and residents for closer relationships
30/04/2015 £988,455 Africa Educational Trust 2? Speak Up 2
30/04/2015 £165,000 Fight for Peace (UK) 7? Fight for Peace
30/04/2015 £118,709 Glasgow East Women's Aid 6? Domestic Abuse Family Financial Support Service (DAFFSS)
30/04/2015 £150,000 Laureus Sport for Good Foundation 4? Waves for Change: Surf Therapy for Communities of High Violence
30/04/2015 £127,000 Fair Shares Gloucestershire 5? Co-producing Gloucestershire: Dementia Friendly Activities and Communities
30/04/2015 £118,899 Community Housing Aid 6? Nightstop Devon
30/04/2015 £18,634 NAPA 2? Care Home Choir Buddies Connecting with Communities
30/04/2015 £120,000 Medaille Trust 1? Specialist supported accommodation for trafficked families
30/04/2015 £10,000 Nepal Youth Foundation UK 1? Earthquake Relief Phase 2. Rebuild & Restore
30/04/2015 £275,055 Pump Aid 1? Small scale business development and community mobilisation for healthy and clean urban slums
30/04/2015 £154,118 ONE PARENT FAMILIES SCOTLAND 4? Lone Parents Financial Capability Project Glasgow
30/04/2015 £232,138 The Global Fund for Children UK Trust 1? Reaching the most vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic
30/04/2015 £590,719 War on Want 1? To improve the quality of life of street vendors and marketers living and working in slums in Kenya
30/04/2015 £104,916 Meridian Centre 4? Khamoshi Ko Towrna (Breaking the Silence)
30/04/2015 £103,920 NEPACS 9? Youth Project - supporting young people with a parent in prison
30/04/2015 £126,000 The Jason Roberts Foundation 2? Respect Brent
30/04/2015 £109,202 Shelter Scotland A Safe and Sound Future
30/04/2015 £147,778 Southall Black Sisters Trust 3? Freedom: Advocacy for Abused BME Women and Girls
30/04/2015 £25,000 Standing Together Against Domestic Violence 3? Domestic Homicide Reviews - Lessons Learnt; Turning Words into Action
30/04/2015 £121,060 Safe and Sound Group 5? Working to end child sexual exploitation
30/04/2015 £277,500 The WISH Centre 3? Community-based therapeutic model roll-out
30/04/2015 £5,062,500 UK Community Foundations 8? Local Communities grant funding 2015-17
30/04/2015 £51,050 The Arthur Rank Centre 3? Extending Access to and use of Credit Unions in Rural Areas
30/04/2015 £20,000 The Brendoncare Foundation 2? Ladder to the Moon: creating a vibrant and caring community for our care home staff and residents
30/04/2015 £124,670 Cornwall Refuge Trust 4? Our 'Care Around the Family' project.
30/04/2015 £145,000 Unchosen 1? Film campaigns against slavery - extending the reach of our work.
30/04/2015 £20,000 Thrive 5? Gardening Together
30/04/2015 £123,681 Street Teams 9? Keep Safe
30/04/2015 £1,036,084 Amref Health Africa 4? Improving WASH in the slums of Addis Ababa
30/04/2015 £120,481 Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Cornwall) 6? Pattern Changing Programme for Women & Girls/ POWER (Programme of Women's Empowerment and Recovery)
30/04/2015 £108,181 Zacchaeus 2000 Trust 7? Advice and representation project
30/04/2015 £134,910 Hull FC Rugby Community Sports & Education Foundation FC Employment through Sport
30/04/2015 £19,995 The Reader Organisation 10? Shared Reading groups in Barnet Care Settings
30/04/2015 £779,883 Catholic Institute for International Relations Amplifying the voices of people affected by HIV in Zimbabwe
30/04/2015 £419,807 CODA International 1? END AIDS portal: Scaling-up HIV and AIDS support services in Zambia through SMS
30/04/2015 £250,000 Disasters Emergency Committee 6? Nepal earthquake emergency appeal
30/04/2015 £110,000 Kenya Community Support Network 1? Scaling up HIV/AIDS Service Provision in Homa Bay Town
30/04/2015 £150,000 Medical Justice Network Limited 7? Lessening harm of medical mistreatment of immigration detainees and securing their safety
30/04/2015 £126,331 Motocross Challenge Project 3? Today's the day!
30/04/2015 £689,029 ChildHope UK 3? Protecting the rights of street connected children and young people in Nairobi
30/04/2015 £320,083 mothers2mothers (UK) Ltd 1? Strengthening m2m systems for improved retention of mother-baby-pairs in PMTCT care and treatment.
30/04/2015 £432,178 LifeLine Network International 2? Extension of the Betteh Tumara Freetown Vocational Training project
30/04/2015 £149,517 Fight for Peace International 3? Combining B&MA with pyscho-social services to support at-risk young people in inner-city JHB
30/04/2015 £10,000 Himilo Relief and Development Association 1? Primary and secondary education needs assessment in Gedo region of Somalia
30/04/2015 £960,000 Leonard Cheshire Disability Improving Life Chances&Household Income of People with Disabilities in 8 Subcounties-Northern Uganda
30/04/2015 £277,657 Lumos 1? Ending the institutionalisation of children in Haiti
30/04/2015 £549,912 Malaria Consortium 1? Strengthening Healthcare Delivery in Iyolwa Sub-county of Tororo District, Uganda
30/04/2015 £6,000,000 The GAVI Alliance The GAVI Alliance for Red Nose Day 15
30/04/2015 £617,858 Twin 2? Securing forest community livelihoods through sustainable smallholder cocoa development
30/04/2015 £10,000 SUNARMA UK 1? Green-growth income initiatives for forest people
30/04/2015 £66,700 The Aletheia Foundation 1? Kids in Camp school fees
30/04/2015 £687,839 The Cecily Eastwood Zambian AIDS Orphans Appeal 1? Connecting Communities:Learning for Life
30/04/2015 £365,800 Skillshare International Financial inclusion for HIV positive people facing discrimination in Mozambique
30/04/2015 £300,971 The Sabre Charitable Trust 1? Improving the quality of pre-primary education in Ghana through a network Model Practice Classrooms.
30/04/2015 £781,058 WaterAid 3? Building entrepreneurship for water, liquid, and solid waste management in slums of Dar es Salaam
30/04/2015 £711,347 Y Care International 3? Protecting and rehabilitating vulnerable and at risk young people in Togo
30/04/2015 £119,246 Castlemilk Youth Complex 7? One Shot
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