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Over the last five years they've made 306 significant donations totalling £23,660,457

When Amount Grantee To be used for
13/06/2019 £138,000 Latin American Women’s Rights Services (LAWRS) The funding is for the continuation and improvement of its programme of prevention, advice and evidence-based advocacy work, which seeks to achieve enhanced working conditions, employment rights and enforcement for low paid migrant women workers through specialist support, and the engagement of women with lived experiences in evidence-based advocacy work.
13/06/2019 £108,000 Breaking Barriers The funding is for Breaking Barrier’s new Aspire programme which supports refugees in London who are underemployed, experiencing in-work poverty and/or who want to develop to progress into roles which are better paid, offer longer-term career prospects, are more aligned with their aspirations and/or make better use of their skills.
13/06/2019 £86,000 Shpresa Programme The funding is for holistic services to enable members of the Albanian-speaking community who are in exploitative or precarious employment to move into better work. Services will include: one-to-one support; information about employment rights; over-coming barriers to employment (e.g. flexible childcare); and engaging/working with employers.
13/06/2019 £53,300 Elays Network Ltd The funding is for our advice and advocacy program, which aims to ensure that disadvantaged members of our local community are able to access information and support on social welfare issues through 1-2-1 guidance in drop-in sessions and monthly presentations and workshops by professionals and advocates.
13/06/2019 £40,000 Dawn (Diwa Asian Women's Network) The funding is for continuing DAWN's multilingual counselling service and social wellbeing programmes for the benefit of the BAME community, especially focused on addressing inequality, poverty and social exclusion of the socially isolated, multi-disadvantaged BAME women living in economically deprived areas and to improve their life-chances and quality of life.
13/06/2019 £60,000 Tax Justice UK Ltd The funding is for a campaign to highlight inequality in London, and the UK, and to champion smarter taxes on wealth as part of the solution, with reform to council tax as a core policy ask.
13/06/2019 £84,000 LawWorks (Solicitors Pro Bono Group) The funding is for the expansion of a pilot project which helps clients in insecure work claim unpaid wages from their employers at the Employment Tribunal. Law Centres and legal clinics refer cases to a LawWorks specialist employment solicitor who trains and supports volunteer lawyers to advise and represent clients.
13/06/2019 £38,320 Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation The funding is for the salary of two part-time Advisors in Westminster and Islington to give welfare advice, in community languages, on issues such as benefits and housing in community languages. The funding will enable it to expand the current advice service in order to meet the demand.
13/06/2019 £45,000 Doteveryone The funding is for advocacy to improve access for gig-economy workers to skills and employment support, making progression into better work more achievable in the context of increased automation. We will research workers’ needs and influence changes to practices of agencies involved in skills and employment provision.
13/06/2019 £65,000 Aspire Community Works Community Interest Company The funding is for a Better for Us Campaign to provide research, influence decision makers, organise partnerships and develop and campaign for a public procurement process that makes use of existing legal clauses to support community enterprise that provides better working conditions including the Real Living Wage.
13/06/2019 £132,000 Mary Ward Legal Centre The funding is for a full-time, specialist Welfare Benefits Caseworker for three years to provide specialist advice and representation on social security appeals to the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal. They will also help build capacity of other voluntary sector organisations through the provision of welfare benefits training and support.
13/06/2019 £150,000 Children's Society The funding is for a London pilot of the “Coordinated Crisis Support” programme to: Address gaps in emergency support provision through better networking. Prevent financial crisis recurrence by addressing underlying difficulties. We are seeking match funding from the Legal Education Foundation for this project.
13/06/2019 £30,000 Granville Community Kitchen The funding is to set up a community supported agriculture (CSA) project to increase access to affordable, culturally appropriate fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods. In year 1 it will establish a community fruit/vegetable stall. In years 2/3 we will develop a community supported micro bakery and full CSA/Market
13/06/2019 £85,000 Attend The funding is to help Acquired Brain Injured (ABI) survivors and their employers understand the barriers to progression in employment for this group of low paid disabled workers. It will develop and provide training to both groups, raising awareness and changing employment practices. ABI survivors will also receive motivational coaching.
13/06/2019 £124,000 House of St Barnabas - in - Soho The funding is to pay for the costs of a new Progression Support worker over the next three years, to support a minimum of 36 homeless people with their progression within work into better paid, more secure employment.
13/06/2019 £80,000 Stifford Community Centre The funding is to run a training programme to help low paid workers improve their job prospects, increase their pay and help employers to understand their employee needs more effectively.
05/06/2019 £28,000 Focus E15 Campaign This funding is for campaign and organisational costs for Focus E15, including the rent for Sylvia's Corner, which is used by the campaign, local residents and groups, and an inclusivity fund covering mobile phone costs, computers, travel, books and childcare for members who would otherwise struggle to participate.
05/06/2019 £78,000 IMiX The funding is for media training and support for grassroots organisations to enable better understanding of messaging and communications around migration issues. The fund will enable us to train people with lived experience of migration to have the confidence to speak to the media and advocate on their own behalf.
05/06/2019 £67,000 Wanstead and Woodford Migrant Support The funding is for speciaist immigration advice and representation. We will help vulnerable clients with their initial applications and take their cases to first-tier appeals if necessary. We are accredited to deal with judicial review work, but would normally seek to refer clients on in such cases.
05/06/2019 £160,000 Solace Women’s Aid The funding is for the salary and on-costs of Solace's qualified immigration solicitor. It will enable Solace to continue and expand its successful Immigration Legal Advice Service, funded by the Trust since 2015, and deliver OISC-accredited training, ultimately supporting women who have experienced domestic abuse to secure their immigration status.
05/06/2019 £81,000 Winchester Project - Camden The funding is to scale-up a place-based, resident-led systems change programme on three estates in North Camden. Investment will support NCZ to back residents in leading change in their neighbourhoods, convene partners to support resident goals and to disseminate learning around strengthening residents’ collective voice and agency.
05/06/2019 £40,000 Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum The funding is for the salary and costs of a Coordinator, to enable HNF to build on its successes and become a community development organisation. The Coordinator will help deliver essential community programs, organise HNF's dedicated volunteers and ensure it has the capacity and involvement required to achieve its mission.
05/06/2019 £60,000 Cardinal Hume Centre The funding is for the delivery of free legal advice and representation up to OISC Level 3 for vulnerable migrant families, children and adults and to gather evidence and build a network and referral process to increase the supply of free legal advice service within London.
05/06/2019 £87,000 Paddington Development Trust The funding is for salary and project costs to employ a community development worker to support two existing resident-led neighbourhood forums operating in highly socially deprived wards in Westminster. The forums wish to ensure that their neighbours are supported to be heard during the regeneration of their neighbourhoods.
05/06/2019 £110,000 Ealing Community and Voluntary Service The funding is for a development and campaigns officer to increase the capacity of voluntary sector organisations working with disadvantaged residents (low income, older people, younger people) or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) residents in Ealing and Hounslow and to strengthen their ability to campaign for better housing.
05/06/2019 £85,000 High Trees Community Development Trust The funding is for the salaries of Community Action Manager and Community Organiser and expenditure to work with residents across Tulse Hill to improve the living environment of social housing and other residents. Funding will also help develop a Community Action quality assurance/good practice framework for engagement of residents.
05/06/2019 £62,800 Hibiscus Initiatives The funding is for new policy work regarding safety, support and integration of foreign national, female victims of trafficking, drawing primarily from the caseload from Hibiscus' Women's Centre, highlighting the practical implications of the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) reform and the new victim care contract.
05/06/2019 £128,000 UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group The funding is for the salary of a legal officer and the Executive Director. The legal officer will give specialist advice to LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, help build capacity of lawyers and input into policy work. The Executive Director will manage the project and lead on policy and advocacy work.
05/06/2019 £30,000 Community Action on Dementia - Brent The funding is for the salary and running costs of it's Voice Project Worker. The Worker will help people living with dementia to co-design and co-deliver support services and also help remove societal barriers that prevent their full and active participation in community life.
05/06/2019 £150,000 British Future The funding is for activities that promote integration and put in place an immigration system that works for the economy, is fair to migrants and receiving communities and has greater public support. We are seeking £150,000 over three years and our overall aims are a more confident and welcoming Britain.
05/06/2019 £100,000 Sheila McKechnie Foundation The funding is to increase civil society’s understanding, appetite and capability to involve people with lived experience in social change in London. We will particularly explore what involvement could and should mean, including sharing power, amplifying voices, agenda-setting and people retaining control over their own stories.
05/06/2019 £94,000 Project Seventeen The funding is for a joint project with Southwark Law Centre (SLC), tackling poverty among families with no recourse to public funds covered by Section 17 but who also need immigration legal advice.
05/06/2019 £150,000 Council of Somali Organisations The funding is for the post of the Director to raise voices of the Somali VCOs in the London area and develop networking. It plans to introduce thematic engagement structures for raising the collective voice by providing the expertise in voices, policy, development and training.
05/06/2019 £140,000 Refugee Action The funding is for empowering people seeking asylum and refugees to play a leading role in the design and implementation of the UK’s most successful ever asylum campaign, securing changes to national policies and the asylum system so that it is fair, effective and treats people seeking asylum with humanity.
05/06/2019 £90,000 Freedom From Torture The funding is for continuation of our UK policy and advocacy work, including survivor activism, supporting the rehabilitation of torture survivors and that they receive effective protection. We will seek to ensure decision-makers correctly assess (and are accountable for) claims and that torture survivors are not inhumanely detained.
05/06/2019 £100,000 On Road Limited The funding is for our Talking About Poverty network which aims to train and support London-based groups of people who have experienced poverty.
05/06/2019 £74,500 Here for Good The funding is for the employment of a full-time immigration caseworker, who will be a fully qualified lawyer with EU immigration experience. The caseworker will be seconded to South West London Law Centres (SWLLC) in Croydon. The caseworker will provide free, in-person advice to vulnerable EEA citizens in London.
28/02/2019 £25,000 Centre for London The funding is for a research project on Transport and Equity. It will explore how transport shapes the life chances of poorer Londoners. We will consider the cost of travel, degrees of connectivity and the distributional impact of travel externalities (air pollution, road danger) on health and wellbeing.
28/02/2019 £120,000 Creative Society The funding is for the salary of a new Programme Manager to scale up the Creative Job Studio across three boroughs to support low paid workers in the creative sector into better or more secure employment.
28/02/2019 £179,000 Child Poverty Action Group The funding is for a London Campaign Manager for two years to inform London's policymakers about child poverty, influence them to adopt policy solutions to address it, support and practically equip them to take action, and to ensure the voices of low income families are enhanced in policy debates.
28/02/2019 £90,000 Asylum Support Appeals Project The funding is for a contribution towards the running costs of our duty scheme which provides free legal representation for destitute asylum seekers appealing to the First Tier Tribunal (Asylum Support) against a refusal of accommodation or support. The contribution requested reflects the proportion of service users living in London.
28/02/2019 £90,000 Citizens Advice Sutton The funding is for a Universal Credit (UC) project including advice, support with appeals and Research & Advocacy work. Sutton was the first UC full digital service area and has many long term UC claimants. We expect Sutton to be one of the first areas to undergo UC managed migration.
28/02/2019 £40,000 Resolution Foundation The funding is for a major new research project on working hours and time use in London and the UK. It will bring involve quantitative analysis, qualitative research and an expert seminar, and culminate in a research publication and event. The grant would cover half of the total project costs.
28/02/2019 £120,000 Paddington Law Centre The funding is for the salary and overhead costs of a part-time Employment caseworker for three years, providing free, specialist advice, casework and Employment Tribunal advocacy to low paid, marginalised workers, aimed at addressing inequality issues at work, protecting workers' rights, securing correct pay/benefits, and obtaining redress/compensation on wrongful terminations.
28/02/2019 £46,500 Third Generation Enviromentalism Limited The funding is for persuading the Government to adopt an investment programme that ensures UK homes are decarbonised, using energy efficiency and heating improvements, in a socially just (prioritising fuel poverty) and geographically balanced (empowering local authorities) way. London has historically missed out - adopting our proposals would redress this.
28/02/2019 £122,000 Citizens Advice Redbridge The funding is for the continuation of our employment legal advice service providing assistance and representation on all aspects of employment law and practice for people who live and work in Redbridge. This will empower Redbridge residents, especially vulnerable workers, to ensure their employment rights are respected and grievances heard.
28/02/2019 £150,000 Maternity Action The funding is for a policy and campaigning project to reduce pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace, to strengthen legal protections for pregnant women and new mothers in precarious employment, and to increase maternity pay and benefits.
28/02/2019 £10,000 Paddington Development Trust The funding is “to test the feasibility of securing a share issue from FTSE 250 companies to build an endowment to invest in London’s most stressed communities, tackling needs identified by those communities. This grant will enable the London Communities Commission to make the business and secure business champions”.
28/02/2019 £12,750 Citizens UK The funding is to cover the cost of calculating the Living Wage rates in London and the UK annually, based on the best available evidence for the cost of living pressures facing employees and their families, to ensure the ongoing credibility and independence of the real Living Wage rates.
28/02/2019 £90,000 Good Law Project Limited The funding is for the recruitment of a Director of Engagement to increase awareness among civil society organisations of the work of the Good Law Project and of how public interest litigation can be used to improve governance and alleviate poverty.
28/02/2019 £140,000 North Kensington Law Centre The funding is for the salary of the current Senior Employment Caseworker and supporting costs to train and supervise volunteers to continue to meet the high demand of people seeking help in a range of employment matters. This include initial advice, written submissions, advocacy and representation in tribunals.
20/02/2019 £60,000 New Europeans Association Ltd The funding is to support vulnerable EU Londoners to transition smoothly to the new Settled Status, to ensure they continue to thrive, avoid becoming undocumented and are able to contribute to their communities. It will ensure they have the support needed by working with community organisations and EU citizen groups.
20/02/2019 £42,500 University of York The funding is for a research study that contributes to better management of the PRS in London by working with key stakeholders to agree the principles guiding good PRS management, and to collate information on practice interventions that London boroughs can introduce to meet those principles.
20/02/2019 £112,000 Haringey Migrant Support Centre The funding is for the continuation of specialist immigration advice delivered by a solicitor from Islington Law Centre (2 days/week) and on costs of delivering the service.
20/02/2019 £90,000 National Aids Trust The funding is for policy work to reframe the narratives on HIV and migration; improve the lives of migrants living with HIV; and to challenge current practice in relation migrants with HIV and their access to welfare and other entitlements.
20/02/2019 £120,000 Camden Community Law Centre The funding is for specialist immigration advice to people living in the London Borough of Camden and surrounding areas. This funding is necessary to maintain access to non-asylum immigration advice due to increased pressure following legal aid cuts and the impact of Brexit on EU nationals in Camden.
20/02/2019 £36,000 The Hoxton Trust The funding is to provide free advice from trained advisors to the most vulnerable residents of Hackney who are economically and socially disadvantaged.
20/02/2019 £89,000 Anti-Tribalism Movement The funding is for empowering and skilling up residents, particularly Somali community members, of White City and South Acton areas to become informed, active stakeholders in regeneration schemes which have a direct and potentially life-changing impact on their housing, livelihood, education, social networks, health and leisure choices.
20/02/2019 £90,000 Southwark Law Centre The funding is for the salary of our Specialist Housing Solicitor who will provide casework and representation for destitute migrants, enabling them to access housing and financial support. It will continue to co-ordinate the Housing and Immigration Group, providing consultancy support to increase capacity of other organisations supporting destitute migrants.
20/02/2019 £60,000 St Paul's Money Advice Centre The funding is to help fund the core running cost including the salary of the Centre Manager, who is the only full-time employee, in order to continue to provide debt and money advice to those in need and provide good support to volunteers.
20/02/2019 £60,000 Sutton Parent Carer Forum The funding is for peer mentoring support for parent/carers of children and young people with SEND. We will provide timely information, advice and support to strengthen family resilience and empower all parent/carers to access benefits and services to best provide for their disabled child and family, ultimately becoming more independent.
20/02/2019 £52,128 Project Seventeen The funding is to second a member of staff to the Greater London Authority’s social integration team. The secondee will work on the Citizenship and Integration Initiative, specifically on the Tackling Barriers and inequalities strand of work.
20/02/2019 £33,400 New Europeans Association Ltd The funding is to extend the secondment of a member of staff to the Greater London Authority’s social integration team. The secondee will work on the Citizenship and Integration Initiative, specifically on the Tackling barriers and inequaiities strand of work.
20/02/2019 £50,000 Barnet Lone Parent Centre The funding is for part of the salary and on-costs for the Family Welfare Advisor who runs the Help with Money project. This provides advice to lone parents and local people in need.
20/02/2019 £171,000 Partnership for Young London The funding will build the skills and capacity of youth organisations and young people to conduct their own peer-research, take forward youth-led campaigns and put youth voice at the core of practice and policy. This approach will focus on economic inequality issues for young Londoners, based on their lived experience.
20/02/2019 £150,000 Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants The funding is for continuing the legal helpline for undocumented migrants, outreach work with the Red Cross and to continue to deepen the link between this work and its growing campaigning and advocacy against the Hostile Environment & support for new approaches to regularisation.
20/02/2019 £100,000 Latin American House The funding is for continuation of our specialist level immigration advice service supporting settlement for vulnerable members of the Latin American community in London.
20/02/2019 £100,000 Platform-London The funding is for a community organising project that will ensure City Hall listens to the voices of Londoners with lived experiences of climate injustice and poverty. As a result the social ambition of the Mayor’s climate policy will significantly increase and several key demands will be won.
20/02/2019 £130,000 Kensington and Chelsea Social Council The funding is to enable positive change through increasing the skills and knowledge of civil society organisations based within Kensington and Chelsea through training and development to improve facilitation, input and control over the recovery of North Kensington.
20/02/2019 £124,000 Island Advice Centre The funding is for the salary of an existing Housing Caseworker, to deliver housing legal advice and casework for those not eligible for legal aid; deliver training; produce factsheets; and advocate on specific issues with appropriate authorities.
20/02/2019 £45,000 Community of Tigrayan Refugees in Britain The funding is for welfare benefits, housing and general advice information and casework including links with health and specialist services through a new, part-time Advice Worker.
20/02/2019 £60,000 Living Well Bromley The funding is for a new, part time Advisor (24 hours per week) to lead and develop a comprehensive advice and advocacy service and volunteer team on issues relating to housing, welfare benefits and debt.
20/02/2019 £147,000 Just for Kids Law The funding is for JfKL's holistic representation of young people through the provision of specialist immigration (non-asylum) legal support across London. It will take the evidence from our casework work to fight for reform through lobbying, influencing and campaigning to achieve a more humane, just and fair immigration system.
20/02/2019 £30,000 Prisoners' Advice Service The funding is for our on-going work to address the inequality of treatment of Foreign National Prisoners (FNPs) with a London connection by providing advice and advocacy support.
31/10/2018 £119,700 Stay Safe East The funding is for Stay Safe East to employ a Benefits and Entitlements Adviser to support deaf and disabled survivors of abuse to access welfare benefits and other entitlements, provide budgeting support where needed, produce guidance on income needs of disabled survivors and to identify issues for disabled survivors in relation to benefits and poverty.
31/10/2018 £180,000 Enfield Disability Action The funding is for an accessible advice and advocacy service for deaf and disabled people living in Enfield. The service will deliver advice and advocacy on welfare rights, housing, health, social care and human rights issues. Disabled peoples’ experiences and learning from the work will be shared with DDPO’s funders and service providers.
31/10/2018 £24,965 Hope not hate Educational Limited The funding is to second a senior member of staff into the GLA Social Integration Team full time
31/10/2018 £174,660 Inclusion Barnet The funding is for placing a full-time Peer Welfare and Money Advisor within the Touchpoint team, which is IB’s information navigation service, to provide a full-time accessible welfare and money advice, including case work and financial capability work.
31/10/2018 £169,000 Disability Advice Service Lambeth The funding is to secure the future of DASL's Advice Service. It will cover the salary and running costs of the Senior Advice Worker with hours increased to full-time, the recruitment of four additional volunteer benefit advisers, and management costs to ensure service quality through maintenance of the AQS and effective contribution to policy work.
31/10/2018 £111,750 Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea The funding is for a Disability Specialist Legal Advice Worker specialising in welfare benefits and general advice and casework in discrimination, accessible transport reviews and community care. It will also provide social policy work and research to support ADKC’s campaigning role of challenging the barriers that prevent disabled people from fully participating in society.
31/10/2018 £142,000 Richmond Users Independent Living Scheme (RUILS) The funding is for an information, advice and advocacy service for disabled people in the Richmond Borough. The service will provide casework support and advice for individuals navigating the health and social care systems, specialist support and advocacy with housing issues and welfare benefit appeals.
31/10/2018 £180,000 Merton Centre for Independent Living The funding is for increased capacity in Welfare Benefits and Community Care casework, in particular, support with the transfer from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), and new PIP applications. It will also provide support with Community Care needs assessments, reassessments and charging issues.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Federation of Iraqi Refugees The funding is for FIR to continue providing support, advice and advocacy to London’s Iraqi refugee community, including those with the right to remain, asylum seekers and those held in detention centres. This includes immigration advice, referrals to other agencies and solicitors, advocacy work, accessing welfare benefits and promoting integration.
30/09/2018 £30,000 Latin Elephant The funding is for increasing BAME traders collective voice and influence, preventing displacement of BAME traders, promoting retention of SMEs and access to affordable retail space, engaging BAME communities and improving understanding in planning and regeneration and to present evidence of the diverse social benefits of BAME traders and economies to public policy makers.
30/09/2018 £100,000 Toynbee Hall The funding is for a project aimed at improving the quality of rented housing through a community-lead programme, addressing concerns around perceptions of unsafe neighbourhood environments preventing engagement and participation. We will empower social and private tenants as peer organisers to campaign for change, trial community-based solutions, share the results and create replicable models
30/09/2018 £116,800 Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit The funding is to provide specialist legal advice to victims of modern slavery in order to regularise immigration status, and to undertake advocacy work to improve awareness of victims of modern slavery and the support victims need. The funding will also enhance protections through effective access to justice and more effective pathways to settlement. 
30/09/2018 £40,000 HostNation The funding is for a small team to continue to deliver community-based social provision amongst marginalised asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in London's outer boroughs. HostNation is applying for help with running costs to maintain and develop our digital platform and for two staff salaries to deliver project outcomes.
30/09/2018 £60,000 Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Group The funding is to cover the cost of providing an advice and information service to Ethiopian women, and women from other ethnicities, who are affected by the Grenfell fire. The service will aim to improve their lives, health and confidence and to offer access to advice and information. 
30/09/2018 £74,000 Create Streets Foundation The funding is for Place Champions, a community capacity-building mini-course which trains local residents to better understand regeneration, urban design and ways in which communities can influence these processes to their own advantage, and to the wider advantage of London which needs to build more affordable homes.
30/09/2018 £95,000 Migrants’ Rights Network The funding is for the London+ project which promotes the rights of migrants vulnerable to exploitation and discrimination due to insecure immigration status, by: enabling migrant-led advocacy on issues affecting them, strengthening London-wide infrastructure for organising and collaborative campaigns and developing self-help tools to access rights and entitlements.
30/09/2018 £120,000 Groundswell UK The funding is for a three year Insight and Action project: Benefits for Health – improving access to welfare and health for people experiencing homelessness. It will place welfare benefits on the radar of health bodies, identify barriers and implement practical changes to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness.
30/09/2018 £78,000 Voluntary Action Camden The funding is for a Development Manager salary, running costs, and fieldwork which will build relationships between civil society and council for neighbourhood stability, support civil society to promote environmental justice, deliver new amenities (legal protections and a community company), support residents to challenge negative perceptions and tackle threats to social housing (through housing conservation and a residents’ charter).
30/09/2018 £90,000 Islington Law Centre The funding is for strategic legal action and public legal education to effectively protect and promote the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants.
30/09/2018 £84,000 New Economics Foundation The funding is to demonstrate a new approach to worker organising in London, by partnering with trade unions and other allies to coordinate strategic campaigns targeting specific employers in sectors of low pay and insecure conditions, with an aim to win better work conditions for precarious workers.
30/09/2018 £50,000 Institute for the Future of Work The funding will allow IFOW to deploy the civic enterprise method of research and policy development in two major sectors in which significant disruption is anticipated in London: transport and retail. The IFOW will use the method to identify and co-create solutions to key challenges faced by workers in those sectors.
30/09/2018 £45,000 Bangladesh Youth Movement The funding is to provide general advice on issues including welfare benefits, housing and health issues for BAMER and Bangladeshi communities experiencing severe poverty. The funding will enable access to community centres and supports for individuals and families, which will lead to an improved quality of life. Volunteers will also be engaged as active contributors to the community. 
30/09/2018 £60,000 Eastside Community Heritage The funding is for the development, piloting and implementation of pral history activism training for those seeking a voice in the regeneration debate. Eastside will support beneficiaries to use stories past and present to influence the future and promote community organising through shared heritage activities.
30/09/2018 £90,000 Migration Museum Project The funding is for scoping, designing and delivering a public engagement programme aimed at reaching a wider audience, in particular engaging with the persuadable ‘anxious middle’, in order to increase understanding of the UK's long migration history and more effectively contribute to improving the accuracy and depth of conversations about migration.
30/09/2018 £72,000 High Pay Centre The funding is for the High Pay Centre to undertake research, commentary and policy analysis and recommendations in relation to pay, arguing for better checks and balances on executive pay and power, more equal pay distribution and more say for workers in corporate governance structures.
30/09/2018 £100,000 Justice 4 Grenfell The funding is for 1.5 FTE posts. We expect the campaign to run beyond 2020 and securing salaries for the foreseeable future is intrinsic with the campaign continuing. The posts will give the campaign stability and financial security; two dedicated workers can focus fully on the campaign’s work.
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