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Over the last five years they've made 162 significant donations totalling £12,701,004

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/10/2018 £119,700 STAY SAFE EAST The funding is for Stay Safe East to employ a Benefits and Entitlements Adviser to support deaf and disabled survivors of abuse to access welfare benefits and other entitlements, provide budgeting support where needed, produce guidance on income needs of disabled survivors and to identify issues for disabled survivors in relation to benefits and poverty.
31/10/2018 £180,000 ENFIELD DISABILITY ACTION The funding is for an accessible advice and advocacy service for deaf and disabled people living in Enfield. The service will deliver advice and advocacy on welfare rights, housing, health, social care and human rights issues. Disabled peoples’ experiences and learning from the work will be shared with DDPO’s funders and service providers.
31/10/2018 £24,965 HOPE NOT HATE CHARITABLE TRUST The funding is to second a senior member of staff into the GLA Social Integration Team full time
31/10/2018 £174,660 INCLUSION BARNET The funding is for placing a full-time Peer Welfare and Money Advisor within the Touchpoint team, which is IB’s information navigation service, to provide a full-time accessible welfare and money advice, including case work and financial capability work.
31/10/2018 £169,000 DISABILITY ADVICE SERVICE LAMBETH The funding is to secure the future of DASL's Advice Service. It will cover the salary and running costs of the Senior Advice Worker with hours increased to full-time, the recruitment of four additional volunteer benefit advisers, and management costs to ensure service quality through maintenance of the AQS and effective contribution to policy work.
31/10/2018 £111,750 ACTION DISABILITY KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA The funding is for a Disability Specialist Legal Advice Worker specialising in welfare benefits and general advice and casework in discrimination, accessible transport reviews and community care. It will also provide social policy work and research to support ADKC’s campaigning role of challenging the barriers that prevent disabled people from fully participating in society.
31/10/2018 £142,000 Richmond Users Independent Living Scheme (RUILS) The funding is for an information, advice and advocacy service for disabled people in the Richmond Borough. The service will provide casework support and advice for individuals navigating the health and social care systems, specialist support and advocacy with housing issues and welfare benefit appeals.
30/09/2018 £60,000 FEDERATION OF IRAQI REFUGEES The funding is for FIR to continue providing support, advice and advocacy to London’s Iraqi refugee community, including those with the right to remain, asylum seekers and those held in detention centres. This includes immigration advice, referrals to other agencies and solicitors, advocacy work, accessing welfare benefits and promoting integration.
30/09/2018 £30,000 LATIN ELEPHANT The funding is for increasing BAME traders collective voice and influence, preventing displacement of BAME traders, promoting retention of SMEs and access to affordable retail space, engaging BAME communities and improving understanding in planning and regeneration and to present evidence of the diverse social benefits of BAME traders and economies to public policy makers.
30/09/2018 £100,000 TOYNBEE HALL The funding is for a project aimed at improving the quality of rented housing through a community-lead programme, addressing concerns around perceptions of unsafe neighbourhood environments preventing engagement and participation. We will empower social and private tenants as peer organisers to campaign for change, trial community-based solutions, share the results and create replicable models
30/09/2018 £116,800 ANTI-TRAFFICKING AND LABOUR EXPLOITATION UNIT (ATLEU) LIMITED The funding is to provide specialist legal advice to victims of modern slavery in order to regularise immigration status, and to undertake advocacy work to improve awareness of victims of modern slavery and the support victims need. The funding will also enhance protections through effective access to justice and more effective pathways to settlement. 
30/09/2018 £40,000 HOSTNATION The funding is for a small team to continue to deliver community-based social provision amongst marginalised asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in London's outer boroughs. HostNation is applying for help with running costs to maintain and develop our digital platform and for two staff salaries to deliver project outcomes.
30/09/2018 £60,000 ETHIOPIAN WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT GROUP The funding is to cover the cost of providing an advice and information service to Ethiopian women, and women from other ethnicities, who are affected by the Grenfell fire. The service will aim to improve their lives, health and confidence and to offer access to advice and information. 
30/09/2018 £74,000 CREATE STREETS FOUNDATION The funding is for Place Champions, a community capacity-building mini-course which trains local residents to better understand regeneration, urban design and ways in which communities can influence these processes to their own advantage, and to the wider advantage of London which needs to build more affordable homes.
30/09/2018 £95,000 MIGRANTS' RIGHTS NETWORK The funding is for the London+ project which promotes the rights of migrants vulnerable to exploitation and discrimination due to insecure immigration status, by: enabling migrant-led advocacy on issues affecting them, strengthening London-wide infrastructure for organising and collaborative campaigns and developing self-help tools to access rights and entitlements.
31/05/2018 £30,000 WORK RIGHTS CENTRE (WORC) The funding for the salaries of Service Provision Manager and Service Provision Officer, and volunteer expenses, which will ensure the continuous running of our weekly employment rights clinic in the Wembley Community Library. The funding will ensure that our service remains uninterrupted and freely accessible to all EU and UK nationals.
31/05/2018 £45,000 THE VOICE OF DOMESTIC WORKERS The funding is for three years support of salary costs for The Voice of Domestic Workers' one employee - its Community Organiser Marissa Begonia who established the organisation in 2009 and has committed her life to the education and rights of migrant domestic workers in the UK.
31/05/2018 £150,000 SUSTAIN: THE ALLIANCE FOR BETTER FOOD & FARMING The funding is to provide a roadmap of policies to reduce food poverty. Our work will be two-fold: working with local authorities and key stakeholders to implement strategic and affordable actions to tackle food poverty in the capital and amplifying the voice of experts-by-experience.
31/05/2018 £25,000 CRISIS UK The funding is for a feasibility study looking at the potential for a pan London approach to procuring private rented accommodation to use to prevent or relieve homelessness.
31/05/2018 £89,000 CUSTOM HOUSE AND CANNING TOWN COMMUNITY RENEWAL PROJECT The funding is for empowering a strong group of temporary tenants in Newham to win secure, affordable and high quality housing for those in temporary accomodation. Do this by building on our current work with tenants of TANDO/Mears in Custom House and expanding to temporary tenants across Newham.
31/05/2018 £140,000 CITIZENS UK CHARITY The funding is to pilot the most effective provision of support (legal and otherwise) to children with irregular status (and their families) in primary school settings, delivered through a collaboration with a range of organisations.
31/05/2018 £42,000 THE SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATION The funding is for research that will track people educated in London and investigate how disadvantaged London children perform in the labour market. It will examine the factors that affect whether good school results are converted into successful employment outcomes and propose policies to improve social mobility in the capital.
31/05/2018 £80,000 ST GILES TRUST The funding is for a specialist Career Coach addressing the issues of low pay and poor quality jobs, as they impact on people with criminal convictions, a group that experiences significant labour market disadvantage. The project will pilot effective support for individuals and employers and share learning with wider stakeholders.
31/05/2018 £41,000 BRITISH SOMALI COMMUNITY The funding is to use the social action model to explore and challenge issues around ‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ in the community. A programme of 3 interlinked components will create a collective and connected voice, develop solutions and empower a community with the confidence to understand, challenge and deal with current problems.
31/05/2018 £45,000 BROMLEY SOMALI COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is for us to further develop the work we do which has been funded by you, around building the campaigning skills of disabled people and local Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations and strengthening our collective voice at a time of growing inequality
31/05/2018 £45,000 KONGOLESE CHILDREN'S ASSOCIATION The funding is for continuing advice for the Welfare of our clients.  We have also received people from diverse other backgrounds who joined the project.  The demand has become higher and higher, so we want to get another 3 years fund to sustain that project.
31/05/2018 £34,000 REDBRIDGE EQUALITIES AND COMMUNITY COUNCIL The funding is for re-establishing General Advice Outreach Surgeries and develop a drop-in service for people from isolated or vulnerable groups who may not know about their rights and entitlements, how to access them, or encountering barriers stopping them from accessing them.
31/05/2018 £45,000 THE MAGPIE PROJECT The funding is for a contribution towards the salary of our part-time Project Manager (0.8FTE) who is responsible for running the Project, including: co-ordinating and managing relationships with external service providers; day to day management and administration; financial management; overseeing the services, care, and support provided to our families.
31/05/2018 £25,000 LONDON EMERGENCIES TRUST The funding is for the operating costs of London Emergencies Trust to allow it to (a) complete its grant making in London's five emergency incidents in 2017 and (b) hold a small reserve to allow for rapid response in case of future emergencies
31/05/2018 £105,000 LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS The funding is for our advocacy and policy work to increase the capacity of Gypsies and Travellers to be involved in: shaping housing and planning policies the delivery of culturally suitable accommodation (e.g. caravan sites, stopping places, low cost family homes etc.) campaigning for inclusive neighbourhoods and social infrastructure
31/05/2018 £45,000 LONDON SUSTAINABILITY EXCHANGE The funding is for London's Air Quality Action network which empowers representatives of polluted neighbourhoods to raise their voices in shaping policy. In partnership with London Citizens/TELCO, we will reach out and support residents who are most in need of this project - in East London and especially Tower Hamlets.
31/05/2018 £62,000 MEDACT The funding is to support health professionals in London to challenge new requirements for eligibility checks and upfront charging for NHS care. We propose to do this through workplace organising, research, and media interventions. This is part of our broader campaign to achieve reversal of these charges altogether.
31/05/2018 £40,000 NEW UNITY The funding is for a supervising immigration advisor (OISC Level 3) over 2 years (7 hour p/w at Legal Aid rate: £50 p/h). We are also requesting the cost of professional quarterly volunteer training, coordination and project evaluation costs and some minor office and travel expenses for 2 years.
31/05/2018 £130,000 London Unemployed Strategies Limited The funding is to set up and develop claimants self-help 'Stand Up For Your Rights' groups in boroughs additional to those already established and coaching those claimants from the SUFYR groups and other volunteers (e.g. from Unite Community,TRAs and other vol orgs) showing enthusiasm and ability in advanced claimants support work.
31/05/2018 £60,000 YOUTH LEGAL AND RESOURCE CENTRE The funding is for the salary and overheads of a housing solicitor/caseworker of supervisor standard to provide specialist housing advice in possession proceedings, disrepair, homelessness and illegal evictions having been granted a Legal Aid contract in Housing Law. Funding requirements decrease as income from the contract grows over 3 years.
31/05/2018 £50,000 THE CIVIL LIBERTIES TRUST The funding is for a campaign to stop the sharing of confidential information between public services and immigration enforcement, blocking migrants from essential services. This grant will allow us to turn a policy-focused project into the strategic, cross-sector campaign needed to dismantle this practice, before the human cost rises.
31/05/2018 £80,000 CITIZENS UK CHARITY The funding is for our highly effective advocacy team, which works from governmental to grassroots level to increase support and access to rights for refugees in the UK. The role we are requesting funding for will harness and build public and political support to promote a welcoming environment for refugees.
31/05/2018 £80,000 EVELYN 190 COMMUNITY TRUST The funding would be used for 1 full time specialist employment.advice worker. They will advise clients face to face, negotiate with third parties, assist clients to prepare for Tribunal.and Court.and represent when it is appropriate. They would raise awareness of employment rights to other agencies, employers, etc.
31/05/2018 £90,000 WORKING FAMILIES The funding is provide specialist legal advice on employment rights and in-work benefits, including casework, to disadvantaged London parents. Delivering more second-tier training to London advisers and outreach sessions to London parents. Building on our established charity partnerships and developing new partnerships, extending our reach particularly to BAME parents.
31/05/2018 £30,000 Food Foundation The funding is to work with school-aged, disadvantaged, children and young people living in London’s most deprived areas to contribute evidence and recommendations (including through developing their media and campaigning skills) to a National Inquiry into child food insecurity and to secure national policy change as a result of their engagement.
31/05/2018 £84,000 HOMELESS LINK The funding is for the development of a new London-wide homeless sector approach to understanding and challenging the impact of welfare changes on people experiencing homelessness. Expanding Homeless Link’s Expert Panel of people with lived experience, and supporting frontline organisations, to create a collective voice to campaign for positive change and practical solutions.
31/05/2018 £120,000 POLICY IN PRACTICE FOUNDATION The funding will extend the current Low-income Londoners and Welfare Reform project for a further 18 months to: Analyse, report and present on the drivers and impact of poverty on low income Londoners Include more London boroughs and track the impact of Universal Credit Advance from descriptive to predictive analysis
31/05/2018 £60,000 LASA CHARITY UK LIMITED The funding is to reach new beneficiaries and disadvantaged communities across London, developing advisers’ skills, learning and confidence, increasing capacity and effectiveness, improving public understanding and access to social welfare law advice and information, whilst growing our ability to provide free or low-cost information and support.
31/05/2018 £150,000 EALING LAW CENTRE The funding is for a contribution to the costs of employing an Immigration Supervisor to head up the work of ELC's Immigration Unit, providing free legal advice and representation on immigration, asylum and citizenship matters to people in need in and around the Borough of Ealing
31/05/2018 £139,000 Equally Ours The funding is for strengthening the voices of London’s civil society, with a focus on Trust for London grantees, through a strategic communications programme that increases knowledge, skills and confidence to understand, engage and shift public and political attitudes on inequality, poverty and social justice.
31/05/2018 £18,000 RAINHAM FOODBANK The funding is to fund the cost of a sewing tutor, 16 hours per week equals two days per week. Contact time 6 hours, preparation time 10 hours. The aims are to break the patterns of isolation and to raise the confidence of mainly women raising families on their own.
31/05/2018 £60,000 SPID THEATRE COMPANY LIMITED The funding is for SPID’s Estate Voices. Through free weekly campaigning and networking sessions with our outreach officer and our marketing officer, we will connect estate communities and help them strategise making their voices heard. Participants will develop their communication skills to champion residents’ rights to affordable, secure housing.
01/03/2018 £80,000 THE LONDON IRISH CENTRE The funding is for a legal advocate; offering advice and representation to clients wishing to appeal decisions made about their Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments. This post will support vulnerable clients who otherwise may not obtain appropriate representations at tribunals.
01/03/2018 £36,500 CORAM FAMILY AND CHILDCARE LTD The funding it to conduct original research to understand the gaps in childcare provision for school age children and work with local authorities, schools, childcare providers and families to identify solutions. It will use this evidence to call for local, regional and national policy change.
01/03/2018 £100,000 ST JAMES'S HOUSE The funding is to establish a London Job Retention Resource to provide strategic leadership, training and advice on best practice in supporting Londoners who struggle to retain their employment due to poor mental health. The work will support employers and employees prevent the stress and cost of losing jobs.
01/03/2018 £80,000 NATIONAL LEARNING AND WORK INSTITUTE The funding it to establish a ‘Better Work network’ drawing together those involved in initiatives to tackle low pay and the quality of work in London. Resources, including learning from the network, briefing papers and toolkits, will be hosted on a website to support commissioners, providers and influencers working on this agenda.
01/03/2018 £150,000 THE ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST The funding is to continue to challenge the triple impact of cuts to benefits, above-inflation rent increases and the additional burden of Council Tax charges – through its research and campaigning, which is informed by its casework – to continue to shine a light on issues of poverty and inequality.
01/03/2018 £89,000 HARINGEY LAW CENTRE The funding is to appoint a part-time Senior Solicitor and part-time Policy & Development Worker to provide specialist casework/tribunal advice/support to 160 clients yearly on social welfare, and undertake cross partnership social policy work.
01/03/2018 £138,000 HILLINGDON LAW CENTRE The funding is for specialist employment legal advice, casework, assistance with Acas negotiations and representation at the Employment Tribunal in cases of discrimination, unfair dismissal, whistleblowing and unlawful deduction of wages, to help secure justice and wages/compensation for clients.
21/02/2018 £54,000 MERTON VOLUNTARY SERVICE COUNCIL The funding is to engage a part-time worker to build the capacity, knowledge and practice of local BAME organisations and to strengthen their ability to influence and campaign for good quality and affordable housing.
21/02/2018 £30,900 ONE PLACE EAST LTD The funding is to further develop a unique user-led People's Parliament that empowers local people with a learning disability (PWLD) to speak out and campaign for positive change.
21/02/2018 £30,000 SOUTH LONDON TAMIL WELFARE GROUP The funding it to provide a quality assured (Face-to-face and Telephone based) social welfare and benefits advice service, targeting ethnic minority communities, especially those of Tamil heritage, living in Greater London. The bilingual service will be provided three days a week and will be free at the point of access.
21/02/2018 £134,000 TOWER HAMLETS LAW CENTRE The funding is towards a specialist legal advice and representation service on immigration law for people fleeing domestic violence who do not qualify for legal aid. These people, nearly always women, are in a uniquely vulnerable situation and often have nowhere else to turn.
21/02/2018 £255,000 CLIENTEARTH The funding is to continue its advocacy campaign to put political pressure on key policy-makers to act and clean up the air in London - the city that has the worst air quality in the UK, and for some parts, in Europe - through more ambitious and robust policies, driving change across the UK.
21/02/2018 £32,400 CORAM CHILDREN'S LEGAL CENTRE LIMITED The funding is to second a member of staff to the Greater London Authority’s social integration team. The secondee will work on the Citizenship and Integration Initiative, specifically on the Young Londoners strand of work.
21/02/2018 £75,000 LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN'S AID REFUGE The funding it to develop strong arguments and compelling narratives that clearly evidence both problems and solution pathways for policy makers to tackle the intersecting pressures of poverty, homelessness and gender violence in London, within a human rights based approach.
21/02/2018 £80,000 LEWISHAM CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX SERVICE LIMITED The funding is towards the costs of a housing casework team to increase access to housing legal advice for disadvantaged residents. Working in partnership with Southwark Law Centre, this is the first step in a longer term plan to establish a local Law Centre.
21/02/2018 £160,000 BRENT PRIVATE TENANTS' RIGHTS GROUP LIMITED The funding is towards work to encourage early intervention; pursue compensation for disrepair; test new areas of law not covered by legal aid, including Rent Repayment Orders; challenging redress scheme non-compliance, and measures just announced on agents’ fees and landlord redress. It will also address fuel poverty using the new law outlawing energy inefficient lettings.
21/02/2018 £106,000 CAMBRIDGE HOUSE AND TALBOT The funding is for an intelligence-led special project to improve policy and practice in the 'slum rental' housing market. Building on its Safer Renting programme, the project will target cases where tenants' options are limited and a strategic approach is required. This work will improve understanding through primary research and contribute to best practice.
21/02/2018 £23,000 CENTRE FOR LONDON The funding it towards work to understand and strengthen the role of neighbourhood planning in areas of London experiencing poverty and deprivation by undertaking the first London-wide research and by building innovative peer to peer connections with existing neighbourhood planners. It will also develop the role of Neighbourhood Planners London to support this ambition.
21/02/2018 £45,000 HAVELOCK FAMILY CENTRE The funding is to employ a part-time Advice Worker to deliver quality advice and information to BME, low income families, supporting them to access entitlements and additional services, making them aware of their rights and options available to them to alleviate economic hardship, and enhance their quality of life.
21/02/2018 £16,950 IMMIGRATION LAW PRACTITIONERS' ASSOCIATION LIMITED The funding is towards the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants, making grants to support pre-litigation research and third party interventions to uphold and promote the rights of children in the UK with migrant backgrounds.
21/02/2018 £40,400 JUST FOR KIDS LAW The funding is to second a member of staff to the Greater London Authority’s social integration team. The secondee will work on the Citizenship and Integration Initiative, specifically on the Civic Engagement and Young Londoners strands of work. Also, an additional sum towards the involvement of the current secondee for 6 days in the year, to ensure continuity and knowledge sharing.
21/02/2018 £40,000 MAKE A DIFFERENCE ENTERTAINMENT The funding is for ‘Films For Change’, a community project which through the art of film-making will highlight the importance of equality and diversity. The project will provide media / campaign training and a platform to connect film-makers to those with the power to change policies at an annual film festival.
21/02/2018 £90,000 RACE ON THE AGENDA The funding is to increase BAME involvement in housing, regeneration and employment campaigns and other equalities issues. It will also assist BAME organisation's racial justice campaigns and ensure their clients get high quality public services through using Equalities Act and the Public Sector Equalities Duty and develop and support efforts to reframe messages about race equality and migration.
21/02/2018 £80,000 Refugee Action Kingston The funding is for the Immigration Advice Project (IAP) tol provide free, independent, high-quality legal advice and representation to asylum seekers and refugees who would otherwise be left to negotiate the legal system on their own. The project will reach some of the most vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers and vulnerable refugees.
21/02/2018 £31,800 CITIZENS UK CHARITY The funding is to extend the period of the secondment to the Greater London Authority for a further year. The secondee will work on the Citizenship and Integration Initiative, specifically on the Civic Engagement strand of work.
21/02/2018 £45,000 ERITREAN COMMUNITY IN UK The funding is to provide welfare benefits, housing and general advice for recent arrivals from Eritrea experiencing severe poverty enabling access to available services and support e.g. benefits, accommodation and health, leading to a reasonable quality of life. It will also engage volunteers as active contributors to the community.
21/02/2018 £110,000 MEDICAL JUSTICE NETWORK LIMITED The funding is towards research and policy work. This work is key in using its casework medical evidence to expose how unfair, abusive and potentially lethal immigration detention conditions are and to secure policy improvements to help those in need to get released and secure their immigration status.
21/02/2018 £80,000 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION The funding it for research to gauge the effectiveness of planning in delivering inclusive communities in London, and training and engagement for communities and the public sector (councillors, council officers and GLA officials) to demonstrate the power and potential of planning in London to create inclusive communities.
21/02/2018 £150,000 CITIZENS ADVICE WALTHAM FOREST LTD The funding towards staffing and running costs for its immigration project to provide immigration advice and representation to people living in Waltham Forest from April 2018. The project has a Project Supervisor who is an immigration specialist.
21/02/2018 £78,700 NEWHAM COMMUNITY RENEWAL PROGRAMME LIMITED The funding is for a project supporting destitute vulnerable migrants in Newham. Teams of volunteers and trained specialists will work holistically offering legal advice/representation on immigration cases; destitution support; advice and advocacy on welfare, debt, and housing; plus bridging support after status is achieved, in order to provide a new pathway to settlement.
21/02/2018 £45,000 WADAJIR SOMALI COMMUNITY CENTRE The funding is for an accessible advice and guidance project to support vulnerable Somalis in Tower Hamlets who need support to resolve pressing social welfare issues before they escalate. Also to support Somalis to understand and access mainstream support and to become more empowered in resolving their own issues.
21/02/2018 £90,000 WOMEN FOR REFUGEE WOMEN The funding is to consolidate and expand its work to enable refugee women with experience of detention and destitution to speak out to new audiences, in order to improve public understanding of their experiences and build support for a fairer immigration system.
12/10/2017 £100,000 WALCOT EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION The funding is to support a 12-month extenstion of the Step Up, low pay progression initiative, a joint initiative between Walcott Foundation and Trust for london which funds five projects to test models of supporting low paid workers to move to better jobs.
12/10/2017 £30,000 NOMAD - NATIONS OF MIGRATION AWAKENING THE DIASPORA This funding is towards core costs, primarily staff costs and overheads. As a new charity we need investment in our core to help us stabilise and grow over the next two years. This will enable us to continue to deliver our weekly drop ins with young people.
12/10/2017 £150,000 BLACK TRAINING AND ENTERPRISE GROUP The funding is to support Moving on Up Phase Two who will test new approaches to improving employment outcomes for ethnic groups facing persistently high levels of unemployment. This work will focus on young black men in London, with a view to creating replicable models which can be adopted in other locations and for other populations.
12/10/2017 £80,000 MILLWALL COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is to support MCT to engage young people in low-paid jobs (both within and outside of the construction industry) in Building Futures. This flexible career progression pathway will provide the support and qualifications needed to overcome career development barriers and enable young people to progress to better-paid positions, particularly within the construction industry.
12/10/2017 £73,000 ENFIELD CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX The funding is to support a 3 year campaign to combat housing problems in Enfield, which have reached crisis point, by 1) obtaining intelligence on disrepair and illegal practice and using this to help focus council enforcement on the worst rogue landlords 2) monitor the implementation of the new Homelessness Prevention Act locally
12/10/2017 £71,000 VOYAGE The funding is towards Voyage appointing a Youth Leadership Coordinator (YLC) to implement our youth take over strategy in time for 2020. The YLC will maintain a strong focus developing Voyage; youth participation strategy; whilst implementing two specific but related work areas Transforming the nature of policing in communities Campaigning adoption strategy
12/10/2017 £93,000 EAST EUROPEAN RESOURCE CENTRE The funding is to support Outreach to Eastern European agency workers in low-paid cleaning occupations to improve capacity for self-representation, provide employment advice and advice on seeking better work. Engagement with employment agencies to improve practice, and with Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate and Gangmasters' and Labour Abuse Authority to influence licensing and enforcement standards.
12/10/2017 £90,000 FASHION AWARENESS DIRECT The funding is towards the continuation and development of FAD's INTO Fashion project (funded by Trust for London 2014 and 2017), which equips young people who are stuck in low-paid shopfloor work with the skills, confidence and networks they need to move into better-paid, more fulfilling and sustainable careers in the fashion retail industry.
12/10/2017 £82,000 HOPSCOTCH ASIAN WOMEN'S CENTRE The funding is towards recruit, train and support carers and other low paid workers to improve their skills and confidence and help them to move into better paid conditions and/or job. Develop recommendations that can inform the commissioners of care services about the barriers faced by and potential progression routes for carers.
12/10/2017 £27,000 JUST FOR KIDS LAW The funding is towards the support Influence policy and practice to improve the treatment of children by the police in London; particularly BAME children; Facilitate the campaigning of London (VSOs) and equip organisations with better knowledge and understanding of how to use childrens rights arguments in their work.
12/10/2017 £60,000 ROADPEACE The funding is to support the gathering of evidence and campaign to improve traffic law enforcement and justice, holding police to account in their duty to deter law-breaking on London's roads and protect life, especially vulnerable road users. To achieve this, we will coordinate calls and joint actions together with victim advocates and transport campaigners.
12/10/2017 £64,250 GREATER LONDON VOLUNTEERING The funding is to support a Policy and Project Manager to take forward and build on LVSC's current work on employment and skills in London, including carrying out research, influencing strategic regional policymakers, engaging with sub-regional employment and skills structures and opening discussions with other sectors over VCSE sector service delivery.
12/10/2017 £23,300 CREATE STREETS FOUNDATION The funding is to support Place Champions a pilot community capacity-building mini-course training local residents better to understand regeneration (pros and cons), urban design and ways in which communities can influence these processes to their own advantage and to the wider advantage of London which needs to build more homes and more affordable homes.
12/10/2017 £96,000 DOCTORS OF THE WORLD UK The funding is to support and establish a formal network of medical professional bodies to better affect migrant healthcare policy debates Train healthcare professionals in London, increasing their understanding of migrant’s healthcare needs entitlement and barriers to services. Further develop our advocacy work in London.
12/10/2017 £58,000 EALING CENTRE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING The funding is to support the development of a service which will gather data, information and experiences collected by advice services in Ealing to: influence local government policy; inform decision makers and the public about issues that vulnerable people face; and campaign to improve the lives of Ealing residents who have disabilities and/or additional needs.
12/10/2017 £30,000 NATIONAL AIDS TRUST The funding is to support NAT who will campaign against unlawful practice by providers and recruitment agencies (specifically the use of pre-employment health questions, outlawed by the Equality Act 2010) affecting people living with HIV. We will focus on the care sector as a case study which could become a model approach for other industries.
12/10/2017 £59,500 THE REVOLVING DOORS AGENCY The funding is towards the support of our successful Capital Gains influencing project, working with key London decision makers to change policy and improve services for individuals facing multiple and complex needs (including combinations of poverty, poor mental health, substance misuse, homelessness and repeat contact with the criminal justice system).
12/10/2017 £99,000 THE RUNNYMEDE TRUST The funding is to support the building on our previous work Runnymede will work with the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) to understand and improve public discussion and policy on race and class in London. The research will centre the voices of London's diverse working class communities to ensure it achieves these aims.
04/10/2017 £120,000 FREE REPRESENTATION UNIT The funding is to support and continue the Employment Self-Referral project employing a Legal Officer and Self-Referral Manager supporting our work over three years. We will build on previous success from funding from TFL, developing the work to provide capacity to assist additional claimants following the declaration that tribunal fees were unlawful.
04/10/2017 £45,000 ACTION FOR REFUGEES IN LEWISHAM The funding is towards AFRILs advice service provides non-judgemental, professional advice from qualified bilingual advisers in a range of languages to refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants on healthcare, welfare,housing, employment, immigration and education; enabling clients and service users to live with dignity, rebuild their lives and play an active part in the community.
04/10/2017 £47,000 ASSOCIATION FOR THE POLISH FAMILY/ STOWARZYSZENIE NA RZECZ POLSKICH RODZIN PYZA The funding is to support continued advice, information and support in the fields of welfare rights, housing, education, health, social and economic inclusion in order to prevent worsening of immediate needs and to improve opportunities of our beneficaries, enabling them todevelop skills and knowledge that will increase their ability to be self-sufficiency.
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