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Over the last five years they've made 111 significant donations totalling £530,428

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
28/02/2018 £899 Swinemoor Christian Trust Funding for CCTV Cameras to ensure local residents feel safe.
28/02/2018 £5,000 Friends of Pelican Park Funding for a qualified instructor to deliver an exercise programme to over 55s.
28/02/2018 £3,000 Friends of Ganton School Funding for equipment to provide a range of volunteering activities for young people with special educational needs.
28/02/2018 £680 Goathland Community Hub & Sports Pavilion CIO Funds to develop a website for newly opened community hub to promote activities aimed to reduce isolation, disadvantage and improve access to local services, and to enable online training for the volunteer fire and rescue service.
28/02/2018 £2,880 Mental Health Advocacy The grant will be used to provide craft activities twice a week for people affected by mental health difficulties. This will support them in developing their skills and confidence and reduce the feeling of isolation and exclusion.
28/02/2018 £9,750 Bridlington Club for Young People Funding to provide personal development coaching to young people in the Bridlington area using boxing skills and sessions as a tool to engage with hard to reach young people at risk of offending.
28/02/2018 £5,000 Leven Playing Field Association Funding to provide CCTV at the sports hall and playing field.
28/02/2018 £5,000 Friends of Pelican Park Funding is requested to enable young, disadvantaged children gain their sports leadership award and then to encourage them to volunteer in their local community.
28/02/2018 £2,000 Rufforth Preschool Funding to contribute to the set up costs of a new parent & baby session in the village to support early education and reduce isolation of parents.
28/02/2018 £500 Kirk Hammerton Nursery School Funding to help renovate an outdoor area of a nursery school into a gardening and wildlife area. The project will be of great educational benefit to the nursery school children and the wildlife area will be used to encourage bees and butterflies.
28/02/2018 £39,947 Marton cum Grafton CE (VA) Primary School Funding for a large scale planting of hedgerows, providing a clear route and access for children to the woodland.
28/02/2018 £2,865 Friends and Family of Dunswell School Funding to establish an after school club to support young children, particulalry ones with special educational needs, in skills development and reducing social isolation.
28/02/2018 £5,000 Friends of Ganton School Funding for equipment to provide a range of volunteering activities for young people with special educational needs.
28/02/2018 £1,000 Create Arts Development Ltd Funding will support the continuation of fully accessible and inclusive music group which helps to build confidence and understanding amongst disabled and non-disabled young children.
28/02/2018 £500 Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall Funding to purchase 30 new chairs to ensure a safe and better sitting and dancing position for elderly people with health and mobility problems attending a dance activities class.
31/01/2018 £5,000 New Visuality To recruit a small cohort of 15 young people, to research various voluntary organisations within York and explore how those groups could broaden their appeal to young people to engage with them and encourage them to volunteer.
31/01/2018 £5,480 HEY Smile Foundation Funding to undertake community development work within the Rusholme area of benefit to support local residents to meet identified needs within their communities.
31/01/2018 £250 Hampsthwaite WI Funding to enable a group of women who are either isolated or have mobility issues to go on a trip to reduce social isolation.
31/12/2017 £30,000 HERIB (Hull & East Riding Institute for the Blind) Funding will help establish SocialEYES project which seeks to support visually impaired people to engage with new and existing activities in the hope to promote better mental and physical health ad wellbeing.
31/12/2017 £715 Marton cum Grafton Memorial Hall Committee Funding to restore a wall and gate post which is a heritage asset in the local community.
31/12/2017 £3,000 Gilberdyke & District Leisure Association Funding to contribute to the cost of providing CCTV to prevent criminal damage and anti-social behaviour at the sports ground which is used on a regular basis by the wider community.
31/12/2017 £4,930 Goole GoFar Funding will be used to provide transport for elderly residents living in rural villages, this will reduce social isolation and encourage them to keep active.
31/12/2017 £4,000 Gilberdyke St Stephens Scout Group Funding to contribute towards the cost of replacing the roof of the scout hut to ensure activities can continue for young people.
31/12/2017 £2,332 Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall and playing fields Funding will be used to upgrade the heating in the village hall which is used on a daily basis by the local community.
31/12/2017 £2,213 Laxton Victory Hall Funding will enable the group to ensure their building is accessible to all by reducing the floor level and installing a double door. This will allow more people to take part in wider community activities hosted at the hall.
30/11/2017 £30,000 Second Thoughts East Yorkshire The funding will be used to pay for minibus running costs to support people affected by mental health issues by ensuring the have transport to access support services.
30/11/2017 £1,000 Driffield & District Skate & BMX Park Ltd Funding is requested to train young volunteers in first aid and safeguarding to enable them to provide a safe skating facility.
30/11/2017 £3,850 York LGBT Forum Funding to support young LGBT to overcome prejudice and discrimination through providing worthwhile volunteering opportunities and a peer support network.
30/11/2017 £4,700 Gilberdyke & District Leisure Association Funding to provide CCTV around Gilberdyke Playing Fields in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime which has steadily seen an increase.
30/11/2017 £4,969 Rural Arts North Yorkshire To encourage young people to develop and deliver IT/Arts/Performance workshops for older residents in the area.
30/11/2017 £4,983 Hambleton Community Action (formerly Northallerton & District Voluntary Service Association) HCA will work with young people that have various disabilities to engage them with their local community and offer them volunteering opportunities that interest them.
30/11/2017 £4,992 Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust The funding will enable us to continue our work with our young volunteers and to further develop the opportunities available to them to enhance their skills.
30/11/2017 £5,000 York Neighbours Funding will be used to increase staff capacity which in turn will enable the group to recruit more volunteers to work out in the community and support their local neighbors.
30/11/2017 £4,700 Vulcan Learning Centre Funding for young people to lead the session and to help recruit other participants.
30/11/2017 £8,900 Goole Community Group Funding towards the running costs of the group to continue youth sessions and further develop youth work activity.
30/11/2017 £8,888 New Life Support Funding to provide additional youth work sessions as diversionary activities due to the increase in demand in the area.
30/11/2017 £10,000 Hull FC Rugby Community Sports and Edication Foundation To provide diversionary sports activities to engage with young people. There will also be advice sessions alongside; 'gang culture' / 'alcohol and drugs' / 'volunteering' / 'following your aspirations'.
30/11/2017 £5,000 Safe and Sound Homes To work with young homeless people providing a meaningful volunteering experience to develop their skills and increase their confidence.
30/11/2017 £4,000 Giroscope Limited Funding to support young volunteers with learning difficulties to refurbish computers and then provide computer training to the wider community.
30/11/2017 £4,917 Community Furniture Store (Ryedale) Funding for the core costs of a low cost furniture store to help them maintain their services to those on low or nil incomes in Scarborough. This will help them concentrate their resources and time more into building up the success of their volunteers and providing better resources for them in the store.
30/11/2017 £3,604 Jubilee Church Hull To extend our current provision to incorporate arts and crafts activities as requested by attendees.
30/11/2017 £4,870 Age UK North Craven Funding to enable staff to develop a programme for volunteers to help reduce lonliness in communities and understand the variety of ways in which it can be done.
30/11/2017 £5,000 Bransholme Community Arts Enterprise Ltd Funding to help cover the rent of a community venue short-term, to help them maintain and develop activities and services for the local community while they seek further funding.
30/11/2017 £5,000 WHISH - Whitby Hidden Impairments Support & Help Funding to support the core costs of the group where their primary activities are providing positive experiences for the whole community to reduce isolation and increase confidence.
30/11/2017 £2,930 Out of Character The funding will enable us to build on our converge project - where we work with people with mental health problems and give them an opportunity to develop their skills through theatre performances.
30/11/2017 £994 Whitby, Scarborough & Ryedale Disability Action Group Funding to run a programme of swimming for wellbeing sessions for older disabled people in the Whitby area.
30/11/2017 £4,853 Musical Connections Funding towards the running costs of the project which looks to support older, vulnerable people through music and dance.
30/11/2017 £3,000 The Bridge Project Tadcaster The grant will be used to run sessions aimed at young adult boys to encourage them to get into mentoring and give them increased self-worth.
31/10/2017 £300 TogetherWomen Project [Yorkshire & the Humber] Funding to support vulnerable women through the winter months.
31/10/2017 £2,500 Accessible Arts & Media Funding to run iMuse workshops with people affected by early onset dementia.
31/10/2017 £500 Peasholme Charity Funding to support vulnerable people through the winter months.
31/10/2017 £200 Supporting Older People CIO Funding to support vulnerable people through the winter months.
31/10/2017 £500 East Riding Voluntary Action Services Funding to support vulnerable people through the winter months.
30/09/2017 £1,000 Ryedale & District Mencap The funding they have requested will allow the organisation to run Zumba classes which hopes to combat social isolation and increase or maintain mobility in disabled service-users in an area of rural deprivation.
30/09/2017 £1,200 Aislaby & Middleton Village Hall Funding to run a series of community art sessions to promote community cohesion and encourage participation in the arts.
30/09/2017 £1,000 Door 84 Funding for an Inclusive Creative and Social Group for Adults with disabilities which aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness.
30/09/2017 £2,500 Rethink Mental Illness - The York Group Funding is required to offer a social club once a month for people who have experienced mental ill health in order to reduce isolation and exclusion through peer support. There will also be a carers group run alongside that will enable carers to develop their skills, share their experiences and support each other.
30/09/2017 £500 York & District Citizens Advice Bureau Funding to support vulnerable people through the winter months.
30/09/2017 £2,000 Art Therapy Yorkshire Funding to provide a short programme of art therapy sessions to individuals who have or are experiencing crisis.
30/09/2017 £5,000 Bridlington, Amateur, Operatic and Dramatic Society Funding to install a new stage lighting system that volunteers can use in the production of shows which promotes community engagement.
30/09/2017 £500 Hambleton Community Action (formerly Northallerton & District Voluntary Service Association) Funding to support vulnerable people through the winter months.
30/09/2017 £1,000 Caring Together Whitby Funding is requested to run a series of trips for carers in order to provide respite and reduce isolation.
30/09/2017 £2,000 North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre Funding to provide music therapy sessions to young people to support them with their personal development.
31/08/2017 £2,843 St Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre Funding to offer computer skills courses available for 42 weeks in the year broken down in short courses, to lessen the digital divide.
31/08/2017 £5,000 Age UK Selby District Funding for a member of staff who will set-up befriending circles within the Selby district.
31/08/2017 £1,500 Hillside Rural Activities Park Funding for education courses for volunteers to promote life long learning and encourage community participation in a rurally isolated village.
31/08/2017 £5,280 The Ashes Funding to hire in skate facilities to promote safe skating and gather evidence to develop a longer term skating project.
31/08/2017 £5,000 Inspire Communities Ltd Funding towards to the running costs of the organisation which supports the local community through proving activities and skills development workshops.
31/08/2017 £4,768 Door 84 The grant will enable Door 84 to expand their volunteering opportunities for young people who may not usually engage with volunteering.
31/08/2017 £9,433 TogetherWomen Project [Yorkshire & the Humber] Funding to enable Together Women to expand their work in to the East Riding enabling them to support more vulnerable women.
31/08/2017 £2,000 Friends of St Nicholas Fields The funding would enable 50 Ecocraft sessions to take place, including 12 specialist ones with a freelance tutor. These sessions will enable people to develop different art skills, mainly through using recycled materials.
31/08/2017 £1,000 Sinnington Village Hall Committee To purchase demountable staging to provide a performance area to be held in the Village Hall for the benefit of the immediate and wider community for social interaction and as a benefit to the ongoing revenue stream of the Village Hall to ensure its maintenance and feasibility for future generations.
31/08/2017 £529 Cruse Bereavement Care, Craven and Bradford Area Funding is required to purchase materials that will help the group promote themselves and their volunteering opportunities. The group provide vital one to one support sessions for bereaved adults and children and young people.
31/08/2017 £5,000 Scarborough YMCA The funding will enable us to expand the volunteering opportunities available to young people that access our services, particularly in theatre.
31/08/2017 £5,000 York Mind Our project will establish a Young People's Steering Action Group within York Mind. The YPSAG will shape and influence the existing Young People's services we deliver, link into work being undertaken by National Mind, campaign for local early intervention and prevention services and support and promote Mental Health awareness and champions in schools.
31/08/2017 £1,406 Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service A grant would be used to set up nine ‘Acorns and Oaks’ activity sessions over a minimum of nine months. This will enable 10-12 elderly clients to meet the nursery children every 4 weeks for 9 months.
31/08/2017 £4,500 Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource Funding will enable the Young Carers Youth Council to collate issues and thoughts of young carers and share this information, raising awareness of the good, the challenges and the barriers of being a young carer.
31/08/2017 £1,990 Out of Character Funding to enable 5 performances to take place in Autumn 2018 which aims to support those who have been affected by mental health to express themselves through theatre and educate the public about mental health.
31/08/2017 £1,000 Parents for Parents - North Yorks (working name Parents4Parents-NorthYorks Funding for training workshops to support parents who have struggled with their mental and emotional well-being.
31/08/2017 £1,631 Whitby In Bloom The Whitby in Bloom Group aims to promote and encourage community spirit and also use horticulture to enhance the environment. They have requested funding to cover staff, volunteer, transport and running costs, as well as publicity costs to encourage and support people with additional needs to engage in their community projects.
31/08/2017 £4,860 Friends of St Nicholas Fields Funding to promote volunteering to young people aged 16-20.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Special Smiles Funding to continue the work of offering opportunities to Special Needs/Disabled children.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Goole Community Group Funding towards core costs for the group so activities can be provided for young adults to develop their skills and provide diversionary activities.
30/06/2017 £900 Mental Health Advocacy The funding will be spent on volunteer expenses, our volunteers support people affected by mental health problems.
30/06/2017 £500 Men in Sheds Hull Funding to provide research trips to encourage skills development and shared learning amongst Men in Sheds groups.
30/06/2017 £940 Eggborough Methodist Church The funding would be used to buy in two theatre performances and two film showings. This is to promote stronger communities and community participation which is important in a small village.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Best Hope CIC We plan to provide access to musical instrument and recording studio, creative activities per groups to enable young people get together to communicate ideas, share skills, explore writing songs, make decisions and plan joint youth musical gig engaging with wider community groups.
30/06/2017 £1,000 St Hilda's Scout Group Funding to support the Scout Group provide activities for disadvantaged young people; including rock climbing, swimming, going to the cinema along with other skills development activities.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Vulcan Boxing Club Funding for two computers to launch a new 'After School Club' in September, this will enable us to support attendees with their homework and develop their computer skills.
30/06/2017 £910 Freedom Road Creative Arts Funding to run a peer mentor and volunteering scheme to support young people in accessing arts and theatre.
30/06/2017 £500 Christ Church Community Centre Funding to improve the facilities so that CCCC can be a day care centre to support the elderly living with dementia. Also to develop the garden area by building raised garden boxes.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Bransholme Community Arts Enterprise Ltd Funding is required to deliver a weekly computer club to over 50's to support them with computer basics and develop their technological skills.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Special Stars Foundation Funding to hire a dance tutor to provide inclusive dance sessions for isolated disabled children.
30/06/2017 £1,000 The Downright Special Network Funding to extend our current range of social events to being suitable for older children up to age 18 and to pay for 4-6 age-appropriate outings such as bowling, rock climbing, pottery painting or pizza-making.
30/06/2017 £1,000 Dynamix Funding for venue hire to enable the group to continue to run activity sessions for young people in a rurally isolated area.
31/05/2017 £16,374 Kingfisher Trust Funding to support the core running costs of the cafe, which supports homeless and vulnerable people.
31/05/2017 £2,500 Matthew Nelson Braithwaite Educational Trust Funding to refurbish a heritage clock sited on the school building at Dacre Braithwaite.
31/05/2017 £30,000 Men in Sheds Hull Funding to help establish a second Men in Sheds in Hull to ensure the group can continue to meet the increasing demand for support from the group.
31/05/2017 £5,000 Pioneer Projects (Celebratory Arts) Ltd Funding to extend the amount of art sessions on offer to people with dementia. This will provide social interaction opportunities and provide respite for carers.
31/05/2017 £2,500 Darley Memorial Hall Funding to replace the carpets throughout the hall to ensure continued use by the local and wider community.
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