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Over the last five years they've made 152 significant donations to registered charities totalling £1,091,889

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
30/11/2018 £8,500 PLATFORM FOR LIFE 3 Platform for Life provides specialist counselling and associated support to children, young people and parents / carers in disadvantaged communities who are struggling with multiple challenges, and where mental health issues are compromising the provision of a healthy and nurturing home environment for children. The project seeks to further establish "community-centred counselling" (and associated support activities) in the most deprived part of Lache, Chester and substantiate the advantages of this approach over current mental health provision. The grant funding will be used to pay the salary and associated costs of a 0.2FTE qualified counsellor for one year. The funding will directly help bring about 20 adults and children (in the funding year) to a good state of mental health; this will benefit about the same number (or more) of family members and also ripple out into the classroom and into the community. It will also enable some extra volunteer counselling input.
30/11/2018 £9,796 MOTHERWELL CHESHIRE CIO 2 We provide the women with bespoke support plans that typically include one-on-one counselling by trained counsellors or attending peer support groups which also involves a trained counsellor. We provide an environment for women to speak out about their issues, in hope to reduce these feelings and to help provide a healthier future. 
30/11/2018 £4,000 EAST CHESHIRE HOSPICE 1 1. East Cheshire Hospice Dementia Carer Well-Being Service, supporting carers of people with dementia. 2. The programme is designed to help people who are supporting a person with dementia in their own home. 3. The grant is vital in helping to fund the 8 week structured support programme, 3 time a year. Each session costs £966 to run, the £4,000 requested will enable 24 carers and their loved ones suffering from dementia to benefit from the programme over 4 Well-being days. 4. The aim is to provide a safe, relaxed environment whereby carers can share problems, concerns, learn about planning for the future, managing finances, relaxation and complimentary therapies, dietary and nutritional advise. The carer is more able to cope and gives much needed rest bite.
30/11/2018 £3,579 WARRINGTON YOUTH CLUB LIMITED 4 The project was awarded a smaller grant than requested thereby delivering half the outputs as described in the original application, delivering 2 x 12-week programmes of work, engaging 20 girls and young women
30/11/2018 £5,635 FALLEN ANGELS DANCE THEATRE NORTH WEST 2 This project will bring a group of women in recovery from addiction together to explore the interrelationship between dance theatre, wellbeing and the politics of cultural engagement. 
30/11/2018 £5,415 STOKE-ON-TRENT AND NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE THEATRE TRUST LIMITED 4 New Vic Borderlines specialise in using theatre to help individuals find new and positive ways to understand themselves, their communities and their responsibilities as citizens. Love hurts? is a project which takes a hard-hitting play and workshops to teenage children in schools and colleges. The play tackles the issue of domestic abuse (verbal, physical, mental and virtual abuse), especially acknowledging inappropriate behavior and recognizing the misuse of social media in relationships. The workshops further explore issues relating to the play and the significant change in attitudes and behavior that could help young people to recognize early signs of abuse, either in their relationships, those of family members or friends to take action. Funding will allow us to take the project to over 1,000 young people in Cheshire schools and colleges.
30/11/2018 £5,000 Cheshire West Voluntary Action 2 Develop a bespoke training package aimed at underrepresented women becoming trustees, this will dispel the myths about what being a trustee entails, it will increase the confidence of women and empower them to recognise the skills and experience that they can bring to a board and the difference that they can make. Skills based training sessions will include; governance, negotiating skills, managing meetings, how to network.
30/11/2018 £9,624 HOME-START CHESHIRE 4 We will give intense support to 6 women (parents) with extremely low levels of lifeskills and confidence.
31/10/2018 £9,924 LIVE! 3 LIVE! YAP will employ an experienced coordinator that will work with each of their activity groups and clubs suporting disabled young people, to identify a programme of activities and community action. This could include fundraising activities for the group and other local charities and projects, devising, planning and organising new exciting fundraising activities, raising disability awareness in the community, volunteering time to work with other charities or projects etc - the nature and types of activity will be shaped by the groups of young people taking part. This project will provide an opportunity for our young people to get involved in social action for the very first time. The project will work with a total of around 40 individuals from a mix of our current groups/projects (including MIMO, Next Event, YPDA (Young Persons Disability Awareness), 50 Days of Fun and our Duke of Edinburgh Award groups). This is a brand-new initiative for us and the children and young people that we work with that will create opportunities for personal development and open up doors to other possibilities. Instead of being recipients of charitable work, this is an opportunity for our young people to give something back. The grant will pay for staffing, volunteer costs, operational costs and promotional materials.
31/10/2018 £9,525 PASSION FOR LEARNING CIO 1 We aim to give older children from the Enrichment Clubs the experience of volunteering themselves, through providing a sense of responsibility and ownership for their Club. They will have the opportunity to develop some of the skills they will need later in life, such as planning and budgeting. We also plan to recruit 17-20 year old volunteers from local schools, colleges and Chester University, reaching those who may not have considered volunteering before. We’ll promote the opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop professional skills, essential to younger people looking to gain employment or further study. The grant will also be used to deliver a Junior Careers Fair in conjunction with Cheshire College South and West, enabling college students to showcase their skills to the younger participants from local primary schools. The grant will cover bespoke training for the younger volunteers, and ongoing support once they are volunteering. The training will include basic parameters around regular, timely attendance, dressing and behaving appropriately, acting as a role model to the children in the Clubs, as well as planning and budgeting skills. The grant will also be used to fund transport and resource costs, aiming to reduce potential barriers to getting involved.
31/10/2018 £5,390 NEUROMUSCULAR CENTRE 4 The grant will enable NMC to work towards hosting a two day symposium – MD Fest planned, delivered and focusing solely on young people. The symposium will have guest speakers from the md community (who are young), feature workshops on tools and techniques to encourage young people to become decision makers, be empowered to speak for themselves and enjoy greater independence. Ready for Life? encapsulates the aim for young people with a long term condition to take social action in whatever form they need to enhance their opportunities and life outcomes. MD Fest will deliver workshops and insight groups providing a platform for participants to influence and be influenced by peers on topics relevant to young disabled people and may include relationships, finding their voice to make a difference for themselves and potentially others and influencing professionals who support them. NMC has previously delivered a similar event, NMD Fest was co-hosted by NMC and a national charity. It was a successful event incorporating aspects of social action. MD Fest would be specifically for young people in Cheshire and bring together an isolated group who if brought together could be terrific influencers on many levels. The grant will pay for staff costs, volunteer activity, operational costs, publicity small capital items and evaluation.
31/10/2018 £6,887 WINSFORD YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FORUM LTD 2 `Easy` Community Action is about using the Easy Fundraising available on the web which allows on line shoppers to donate funding to their chosen Charity. Our project is about keeping the whole process easy for the y.people to participate, see the benefits, plan to use and help delivery projects which are easy for them to deliver for the benefit of the Community. The process is easy - we will engage all of our 10 - 14`s plus those of other user groups which vary from sports to s.needs etc By asking them to recruit their families, relatives friends etc to engage in the Easy Funding website , which means that any shopper will/could and able to sign up and donate to WYCF. as part of that process. Monies raised over a 9 month period would then be used by those y.people to deliver one or more community projects of their choice.
31/10/2018 £5,598 JUST DROP- IN YOUTH INFO & ADVICE LIMITED 2 Just Drop In want to continue the work of their Young Advisory Board which will enhance participation at Just Drop-In over a longer period of time. They want to do this by expanding the work of the Young Advisory Board by working in tandem towards the achievement of the the nationally recognised Investing in Children Quality Mark. Their plan is to co-produce this work with the group who will be involved in all aspects of this award. This will provide fantastic development opportunities for all young people involved. The grant will pay for staff costs, training, events and quality mark process costs.
31/08/2018 £5,000 FRIENDS OF BRENTWOOD ASSOCIATION 1 contribution to running costs
31/08/2018 £5,390 HOME-START CHESHIRE 4 Home-Start Cheshire supports families with children under 5 who are experiencing difficulties. We aim to increase the number of families we support in the areas in and around Macclesfield, Poynton, Wilmslow, Handforth. The grant funding will pay for Home-Start to run a weekly parenting course in Macclesfield called the CIRCLE programme designed to help parents with low level life skills and will contribute to the salary of a part time coordinator who will run this group and also manage a case load of families who will receive home-visiting support. This project will give parents the skills and confidence to manage their own homes, enable them and their children to live healthier lives and to engage with the resources that are available to them in the community.
31/08/2018 £5,000 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY 7 contribution to running costs
31/07/2018 £9,385 WARRINGTON YOUTH CLUB LIMITED 4 Using learning gained from delivery of a recent afterschool club programme, we will deliver a 6 month programme of Social Action activities across 2 local schools: Junior Group - Beamont Community Primary School – 7 x Year 6 pupils (aged 10-11) Youth Group - King’s Leadership Academy – 7 x Year 9 pupils (aged 13-14)
31/07/2018 £9,000 JUST DROP- IN YOUTH INFO & ADVICE LIMITED 2 To provide person centred counselling in a local high school Improving the emotional well-being of pupils so that they can succeed socially and academically Contribute to a whole school approach to emotional health
30/06/2018 £5,000 CANAL & RIVER TRUST 5 The project will recruit young people to take social action in response to the devastating breach on the Shropshire Union Canal near Middlewich. Young people will take on roles from participant to Leader, engaging in diverse activities that improve the physical canal environment but also enable them to develop skills for life/work and improve their physical health/mental wellbeing.
30/06/2018 £6,583 FRIENDS FOR LEISURE 3 The volunteering opportunity is open to all, with a three-year gap required before a former beneficiary can volunteer, to clarify boundaries. Volunteers will be recruited in schools and colleges across Cheshire East, through a rigorous process, starting in September. They will receive an induction, including safeguarding, and will be offered training and ongoing support. Volunteers will choose either a group to support, or an individual disabled young person to befriend. At groups, they can contribute to the planning process. Their role is to encourage the members’ full participation. With a one-to-one friendship, the volunteer and young person together decide on the activities they will join. The opportunity to develop life skills, and enhance their CVs and employability is a strong incentive to volunteer. They quickly learn that this volunteering role is fun, provides personal development and can lead to long-standing friendships. Friendships built between disabled young people and volunteers have a great impact on overcoming isolation and loneliness, giving disabled young people something to look forward to and enjoy.
30/06/2018 £9,260 NEUROMUSCULAR CENTRE 4 The NeuroMuscular Centre, as the Centre of Excellence for people with muscular dystrophy (MD), provides health and wellbeing services, vocational training and support and advice for its beneficiaries. ‘Who Am I?’ will create alternative coping mechanisms for young people with MD experiencing poor mental wellbeing. The grant funding will contribute towards salary costs, care, transport and assistive digital materials that will enable us to deliver: - Listening Ears – an opportunity for peer support and mentoring with other individuals with MD which will be anonymously recorded by our radio-presenting supporter with MD to raise awareness of links between disability and mental health; and - Creative Minds – workshops to enable our young people to express their feelings via creative mediums. The Project will assist our young clients to discover more about themselves, reduce emotional instability and prevent mental health crises by giving them an outlet to express, understand and control their emotions so they can accept their disability, have confidence in their abilities and lead productive lives.
30/06/2018 £6,238 YOUNG ENTERPRISE 4 Young Enterprise is a UK Charity that empowers young people to develop key employability skills and raises the aspirations of young people across England and Wales, including Cheshire. Young Enterprise has hugely valued the relationship that we have developed with Cheshire Community Foundation over the last two years and the impact it has had and we are now seeking to build on this again by providing more young people in Cheshire with the opportunity to reach their full potential. This project would see Young Enterprise deliver 8 x Company Programmes in schools across Cheshire. Company Programme is an exciting enterprise journey giving young people the opportunity to set up and run a real student business whilst learning key employability and life skills. The project is proven to develop young peoples key employability skills and raise their aspirations with support from inspirational local volunteers. Research on the programme over the last 2 years has shown that Company Programme Alumni are more likely to be in Education, Employment or Training two years after taking part, compared to those that haven't.
30/06/2018 £9,586 BRIDGE COMMUNITY WELLNESS GARDENS 1 Bridge Wellness Gardens in Ellesmere Port proves a therapeutic environment, volunteering and employment opportunity for those with mental health issues and learning disabilities and difficulties. The project aims to address lack of employment for people with learning disabilities and difficulties, giving them mentoring and training and the opportunity to gain confidence, increase self esteem, gain lifeskills and interact positively in society with the aim of them going on to permanent employment either with ourselves in a sponsored post or elsewhere in the local community. The grant funding will be used to pay for mentoring and training of two clients and will pay their wages and costs for mentor and overseer. It will also cover evaluation and resources. The most significant difference that the project will make is that for many working in our gardens, planting, growing, nurturing, selling vegetable produce and making craft items is the first time that they have been engaged in gainful activity that gives them the pride and achievement of a pay packet. This raises self esteem, promotes confidence, allows for peer interaction and interaction with the general public. It also springboards them into the possibility of further employment.
30/06/2018 £5,000 HUNTINGTONS DISEASE ASSOCIATION 5 The Huntington’s Disease Association is the only organisation dedicated to supporting families affected by Huntington’s disease (HD) – a devastating terminal neurological condition of the central nervous system. The grant will fund a Specialist Huntington’s Disease Advisory (SHDA) service in Cheshire which provides care, advice, support and information to families whose lives are turned upside down by HD. The funding will be used towards the cost of a dedicated adviser who develops and delivers the service in Cheshire. People with HD are some of the most vulnerable in our society and without our SHDA service, people with HD in Cheshire, would not receive the best possible care; they would have a worse quality of life, be more isolated and increasingly vulnerable.
30/06/2018 £3,500 RESTORE SUPPORT NETWORK 3 Restore Support Network is a national charity providing personalised 1-1 support for older people over 50 years of age in prison prior to release, as well as for those with criminal convictions in the community with physical, mental health or social care needs and also those at risk of offending due to adverse circumstances. The organisation have developed a user-friendly and personalised 'My Life My Care' approach. It involves the production of guidance to meet the personal care and resettlement needs prior to release, linked with a personal support worker to provide 1-1 support. The grant funding will be used to develop this project for people over 50 in Warrington in conjunction with a pilot supporting older offenders in HMPs Wymott, Styal and Risley and returning to Warrington. The organisation are concerned over the number of older people receiving short custodial sentences. Recent figures show an increase in the number of men and women being given sentences of less than three months for non-violent offences. This grant will enable the organisation to reflect continuity of care needs which are often more challenging in older people with multiple complex health and social care needs
30/04/2018 £4,185 OVERWATER WHEELYBOAT SERVICES 1 Overwater Wheelybus Services provide wheelchair transport so that those in need can enjoy a trip into Audlem and take advantage of the Wheelyboat and The Audlem Lass whilst also meeting some needs for transport identified by Audlem Medical Practice. The aim of the project is to improve the social experience and quality of life for local people with mobility issues. The grant will be used as a contribution towards the purchase of a suitable minibus vehicle to use for these trips.
30/04/2018 £6,000 NESTON COMMUNITY YOUTH CENTRE LIMITED 1 Neston Community Youth Centre provides, facilitates and co-ordinates a range of services and activities for the benefit of local people. These activities include Youth Work, Community Development and Adult Learning opportunities. They currently operate for more than 65 hours per week and engage an average of 2000 people per month across our services. The Community Activities project will enable the organisation to deliver and develop a range of community activities for the coming year including Neston Flicks, Neston Wildlife Festival, CH64 Big Lunch, Lights & Lanterns and to support Neston Ladies Day, Neston Village Fair and Parkgate Fest. In addition we are hoping to add at least one more event in the coming year. The grant funding will be used to partly pay the co-ordinators salary. The most significant difference the funding will make this year will be to ensure the consistent delivery of not only these events but other projects including Neston Angels and the NCYC Community Garden. Across the year this funding will support up to 93 volunteers who gave more than 3600 voluntary hours last year.
30/04/2018 £7,000 HOME-START WIRRAL 5 Home-Start provides a weekly home-visiting service through trained volunteers to any family with at least one child under the age of 5. We provide support to local families as they grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with their children and widen their links with the local community. Funding from the Community Foundation would enable us to continue our family support work in Neston, with a view to seeking additional funding in the future to develop this. We have a proven track record (18 years) of providing quality support for families through a volunteer delivery model and this project aims support Neston families through difficult times leading to improved outcomes for both children and parents. The grant would enable one of our current/experienced part-time Family Support Co-ordinators to continue to work in the Neston area to recruit and train volunteers to support a minimum of 10 families over a 12 month period
28/02/2018 £4,065 WINSFORD YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FORUM LTD 2 Winsford Youth and Community Forum, formed in 1981 is supported by a multi agency partners group to deliver additional activities/facilities for young people in Winsford. They operate/manage 2 youth clubs, from a Community Centre and a Marina ( water sports ) plus deliver summer/school time Playschemes. They recently changed our name/constitution to include Community - so are now working with all ages, within both centres. Four years ago they took control on a temp licence of one youth centre due to be demolished and have refurbished and repaired this and put it back into use. The Local Authority have now agreed to support the use/development of the centre and are proposing to asset transfer the building, due to extremely high level of deprivation. This grant will enable the Trustees to employ someone with grant writing/application skills applicable for major funding applications, once the expected long term lease is confirmed, (expected by May 2018 ). From that date the group will be eligible for major funding for completing improvements to the building and supporting infrastructure to help increase income for one or more full time staff members. The grant award is to ensure that the have the capacity to employ someone who has the skills to enable such bids to be successful to take the organisation forward
28/02/2018 £4,775 WISHING WELL PROJECT 2 Wishing Well operates has a community centre with an adjoining playing field based in (CW2 8) an area which has the highest number of young people not in education, education or training in the whole of Cheshire East. The project will work with young people in the area to help them identify, design source and provide a range of services for young people. Young people will be responsible for designing the service/consultation/promotion/training/delivery/fund raising/monitoring/admin/record keeping/cleaning venues and seeking resources. All young people will be trained in safeguarding principles and monitoring reporting process. The project will provide volunteering activities for hard to reach young people that will also act as a diversion and reduce anti-social behaviour, with the young people setting themselves personal targets and project related targets to achieve. The grant will pay for expert resources and sessional costs, volunteer expenses, small sports items, awareness raising materials and an seed funds for an enterprise activity.
28/02/2018 £4,160 MOBILITY AND ACCESS GROUP 1 The Mobility And Access Group provide a community transport scheme for the people of Handforth. The project supports disabled and vulnerable, hard to reach and older people with shopping, social occasions and medical appointments. This project aims involve older people in activities and social occasions who would be otherwise housebound. The grant will pay for marketing, travel, entrances to activities and refreshments.
28/02/2018 £4,915 LACHE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST 1 This core costs grant will help Lache Community Development Trust (LCDT) to continue their work in employing local residents as both paid and voluntary workers and to provide services and activities which promote inclusion and cohesion. LCDT activities include both young people, older men with physical and learning difficulties, frail older ladies, some with dementia, alongside able-bodied volunteer helpers and the grant will also support the community radio, Flipside, a powerful instrument for cohesion and inclusion. They money is for rental, insurance, telephone and internet and repairs and maintenance.
28/02/2018 £9,984 CHESHIRE WITHOUT ABUSE 4 Cheshire Without Abuse - works with families experiencing domestic abuse and the perpetrators to help them to a safe place and then to overcome and recover from its effects, enabling positive life decisions and changes for better overall family outcomes. Mental Wellbeing Recovery Program aims to support and aid recovery in traumatised clients who have experienced circumstances that are extremely stressful and debilitating. The grant funding will be used to cover therapists, crèche facilities, room hire, session worker and a sessional staff overseer. It will also cover equipment and materials. This project will make significant difference in our clients lives by encouraging engagement in the recovery process or by continuing mindfulness after a more intensive recovery programme, developing self esteem and confidence which has been lost due to abuse and developing healthy coping strategies leading to better outcomes long-term.
28/02/2018 £4,000 WARRINGTON COMMUNITY TRANSPORT 1 Warrington Community Transport provide door to door transport services for the elderly and disabled residents of the Warrington area. The project aims to provide this same door to door, personal service to the outlying areas of Warrington where residents are even more isolated than others. The grant funding will pay for additional driver hours which will allow WCT to include journeys to and from the outlying areas of Warrington twice a week. This will enable those residents who do not have access to services and amenities within walking distance, or who are not able to walk any distance because of disabilities or age related illnesses to be less isolated and remain independent for longer, thus reducing the burden on health services and other family members.
28/02/2018 £8,500 THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF CHRIST CHURCH, ALSAGER 1 Christ Church Alsager run two groups for young people aged 11-18 in their local community: “Revive”, an open youth club and “Downtime”, an after-school café, with their qualified and permanently employed youth worker along with a team of volunteers. “Revive” is a free open youth group running weekly Friday evenings 7.30pm- 9.30pm and offers young people 11-18 years a positive diversionary activity and safe place in Alsager to socialise. It’s current average attendance is 40 young people from a voluntary contact pool of 160. “Downtime” is an after-school café exclusively for 11-18’s, Thursdays 3.15-4.30pm during term time. It is a safe, supportive space for young people on their way home from school. Grant funding will sustain these groups and enable both successful groups to continue as they offer positive support to young people in the local community with the safe, supportive spaces created being valued by their parents. The grant will contribute towards a qualified youth worker, refreshments, room hire, cleaning and administration and small replacement games equipment and publicity costs.
28/02/2018 £5,000 ASH-WORTH TIME BANK 2 Ash-worth Time Bank promotes health, well-being and inclusion for those who are lonely and vulnerable - through participation in social and leisure activities within their community. They achieve this through an informal network of people who are willing and able to share their skills to build the capacity of those in need - whether they are elderly, in poor health and/or vulnerable. They want to alleviate the real, practical disadvantages which arise from rural isolation within the villages of Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth, and other local villages. The grant wil contribute towards the salary of ther Volunteer Coordinator and the Time Bank office rental. Although the organisation have more than 150 active volunteers, it is essential to have at least one person with a clear overview of the entire project along with an understanding of the ever-changing legal and charitable obligations that the organisation must fulfil.
28/02/2018 £4,840 CYCLING PROJECTS 2 Cycling Projects works to provide cycling opportunities for everyone to enjoy regardless of age, gender or ability. The Give it a Go project will provide regular cycling sessions on a range of different bicycles and adapted cycles, aimed at people aged 60 and over of mixed ability often with additional health and social needs, together with their families, friends and carers. They will be able to come along to Victoria Park and engage with like minded people and enjoy cycling on their terms. Initially to do this, we may have to take the cycle to them, so for example Cycling Projects may visit day centres and support groups so that older people can try out cycling in their own settings. The grant will cover staffing, contribution to insurance, cycle maintenance, venue and a celebration event at the end of the programme. The most significant difference to participants lives, will be giving the older generations across Warrington choice and opportunity on a regular basis, when it comes to enjoying the benefits of community based cycling activities to meet the needs of all abilities. Engaged on a regular basis will lead to health improvement, both in physical fitness and mental well being.
28/02/2018 £9,619 WARRINGTON YOUTH CLUB LIMITED 4 Warrington Youth Club provides quality projects for over 4,000 children and young people from across the Borough. This project is specifically for the Mentoring Programme which supports the personal, emotional and social development of disadvantaged children, by facilitating Mentoring relationships with local adult volunteers and providing group activities. The grant funding will contribute towards the salary of a Mentor Co-ordinator who will support 40 Mentoring relationships over the course of the year. This grant will specifically be used to engage children who are on a Child Protection Plan or are at risk of becoming ‘Looked After Children’, providing a lifeline to disadvantaged children who are traversing extremely challenging periods of their lives, by encouraging respite, fun and mental wellbeing.
30/11/2017 £9,796 TIM PARRY JOHNATHAN BALL PEACE FOUNDATION LTD 3 Provision of a series of interventions to family groups exposed the 22nd May 2017 bombing in Manchester. The project will target beneficiaries resident in Cheshire. The interventions are designed to be delivered in day-long settings, but can be adapted to work overnight using the Warrington Peace Centre’s residential facilities. The interventions will aim to increase resilience and family cohesion by (re)developing connections within families, repairing and enhancing sources of social support.
31/10/2017 £12,500 Fallen Angels Dance Theatre North West 2 FADT will support up to 15 people in recovery from addiction/and or mental health from the Cheshire West and Chester area to participate in high quality dance theatre workshops and productions at Storyhouse Chester’s new Cultural Centre in the City Centre. Over 8 months from November 2017 to July 2018 FADT will facilitate 2 artistic projects: “Creative Conversations” will explore themes surrounding the participants lives in Cheshire through dance theatre leading to a performance at Storyhouse in February 2018. The performances will be informative as well as expressive, allowing the audience to gain an insight into our Fallen Angels’ stories to gain more understanding of their personal narratives. From March the group will be supported to work towards a site-based piece to be performed in all the public spaces in Storyhouse, an immersive piece which will make use of this extraordinary new building. This project will facilitate their inclusion with other dance groups from the area to celebrate Big Dance a national dance initiative in July at Storyhouse. The project will be planned in close partnership with local addiction/recovery and mental health services in each area: Turning Point, and Richmond Fellowship as well as other local recovery groups and Arts organisations.
31/10/2017 £11,994 Carers Trust 4 All (formerly Crossroads Care Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside) 2 Carers Trust 4all is a charity with a mission to ensure unpaid carers of all ages, and the people they care for, can access the emotional and practical support and services they need to maintain their own health and wellbeing and continue in their caring role without reaching crisis or breakdown. The CT4all Young Carers Project will ensure young carers are supported to enjoy their childhood, can access the same educational and social opportunities as their peers and make a good transition to adulthood, protecting their health and well being and minimising the often devastating effects of caring responsibilities. Funding will support service delivery including; staff and volunteers costs, activities, training, venues, transport and project overheads. The difference the project will make is that young carers, who are at risk of underachievement, mental health problems, social isolation within their peer group and bullying, have the tools, information and support needed to protect their emotional and physical health and well being.
31/10/2017 £5,000 WARRINGTON WOLVES CHARITABLE FOUNDATION 2 The Warrington Wolves Foundation project will engage hard to reach young people and create a group of young volunteers linked to the foundation. The project will build upon their work with their existing young trustees, who work alongside their main board and have a non-exec role within the main trustee board. The young trustees will meet regularly to look at issues facing young people and explore what support can be provided to them. A key focus for the young volunteers will be developing and promoting Mental Health & Emotional Well Being and they will hold a conference (likely to involve 150 young people from local schools) to raise awareness of Mental Health & Emotional Well being. This project will not only raise awareness of mental health and attached stigma it will provide a mechanism for young people to reach out for support. The lasting impact of this project will be the development of empowered young people with the skills to champion further actions, it will amplify the voice of young people and connect them with relevant stakeholders to make change.
31/10/2017 £4,478 VISYON LIMITED 3 Visyon will offer opportunities for their young service users to engage in volunteering activities within Visyon itself. Visyon have an onsite café which the young people will work within, serving visitors and staff. The young people will be provided with training in food hygiene, customer service and meet-and-greet skills as appropriate. They would be supervised by Visyon’s experienced team with specialist knowledge in mental health support, and led on a day-to-day basis by the café supervisor. at the end of the project, the young people will produce an exhibition of their work to showcase their skills, which will raise awareness of the work of Visyon to a wider audience and demonstrate the positive activities young people recovering from mental health issues are involved in. This will be part of an Awards evening, where their work will be celebrated alongside other achievements to the local community, parents and carers.
31/10/2017 £2,500 THE ABBEYFIELD KNUTSFORD SOCIETY LTD 1 Knutsford Abbeyfield is a purpose built home providing independent living for 11 elderly people in a secure environment. The project is to build a front extension incorporating a platform lift between ground and first floors. The lift is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, the extension will also include a single storey extension to the existing small ground floor office.The grant will make a contribution towards the total cost of the building works and the lift. The alterations will greatly improve accessibility to the first floor for any residents their visitors and family members with mobility difficulties.
31/10/2017 £4,736 CHESHIRE DEAF SOCIETY 3 The Deafness Support Network project will pay for staffing hours and materials to prepare and deliver an 8 week training program for young people who are profoundly deaf, hearing impaired or are hearing children within a D/deaf family, to become Deaf Awareness Ambassadors and train them in delivering deaf awareness sessions in their local community. Funding will also cover the cost of branded t-shirts/hoodies for the Ambassadors to give the group a real identity and purpose throughout the project and beyond. The young D/deaf people will decide on the target audiences they will present to in settings they choose, which will enable audiences to become more aware of the barriers which prevent young D/deaf people from accessing services, enhance understanding of deafness and help communities consider how they can become more accessible to young D/deaf people.
31/10/2017 £7,070 STOKE-ON-TRENT AND NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE THEATRE TRUST LIMITED 4 The New Vic Theatre works with disadvantaged communities to target specific areas of need with innovative and aspirational projects that strike in the heart of social problems. The Reconnect Theatre Project aims to reach some of the most disadvantaged, troubled and disengaged children and families, who find themselves in a home educating situation, because they have run out of other viable options. Grant funding would pay for regular weekly sessions (20 weeks) held at the New Vic by professional practitioners, some travel expenses for those who need it most, a small snack, visits to the theatre to watch what is being studied, and the benefit of meeting visiting professionals to learn from and gain inspiration. The biggest impact that this project will provide to home educated children will be that of creating aspiration. Many children who have lost faith in the education sector need other sources of inspiration to get their lives on track. The project will focus on an end performance which will teach children that working collaboratively towards a shared goal can be achieved when there is aspiration and hard work. The grant pays for staffing and operational costs.
31/10/2017 £4,906 COURT BASED PERSONAL SUPPORT 7 Personal Support Unit (PSU) is a guidance and support charity helping people facing civil or family court cases without legal support. PSU in Chester will provide bespoke, one-to-one support to enable those facing court proceedings in Chester, to represent themselves to the best of their ability and to provide emotional support at this time of crisis. By empowering people going through proceedings with life-changing consequences (such as homelessness, bankruptcy or loss of contact with their children) they are more likely to represent themselves effectively in court and to receive the right decision – regardless of the outcome, they are better equipped to deal with their case and its consequences. The grant will make a contribution towards PSU Chester’s direct costs for one year (including salary costs, volunteer costs and office costs).
31/10/2017 £4,896 AUTISM INCLUSIVE 1 Autism Inclusive provide supportive services and events for individuals on the autistic spectrum. Currently all their trustees are on the autism spectrum and this can make certain essential aspects of running their organisation very difficult - particularly in the areas of promotion and marketing and project development, where there is normally a necessity to meet individuals on a face-to-face basis or speak to them over the telephone. This kind of contact is often very problematic for individuals on the autism spectrum and this barrier is currently detrimental to their ability to develop and grow as an organisation and continue to offer key services to those who need them. The Comic Relief Core Strengths grant will employ a part time Development Coordinator 8.5 hours per week for a period of 48 weeks to help strengthen the core operational activities of the organisation, necessary to help the organisation remain sustainable and grow in the future.
31/10/2017 £9,360 THE WELCOME (KNUTSFORD) LIMITED 4 The Welcome is a small, grassroots charity at the heart of the Longridge & Shaw Heath estate in Knutsford; we exist to support members of the local community, who are facing disadvantage as a result of poverty, social exclusion and/or isolation. The project will launch a new youth service, which has been identified by the young people on the estate as being something that is needed, supported by Cheshire East Council, Job Centre Plus and Cheshire Police. The funding will be used to pay for a sessional Youth Worker to help deliver the project. The project will make a difference to the lives of young people by encouraging them to live more healthily and avoid making poor life choices, as well as improving their aspirations for the future and reducing their reliance on agency support.
31/10/2017 £7,600 CHESHIRE SOUTH METHODIST CIRCUIT 2 What's Happening on North Street wish to provide a range of health improvement activities, delivered in partnership with other organisations, aimed at improving the health of local residents in Crewe, Cheshire. The funding will be used to fund the activities, the main costs of which are for the delivery of the activities, costs of the rooms needed, and associated publicity to obtain participants. the grant request will focus on the creative arts for wellbeing aspect of the projet which is specifically targeted at people with low level mental health problems.
31/10/2017 £4,440 FALLEN ANGELS DANCE THEATRE NORTH WEST 2 The Comic Relief Core Strengths funding will enable Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) to initiate a relationship with UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) to develop a bespoke interactive tool that would enable FADT to measure their impact, and better understand the journey our beneficiaries as they navigate through their projects. The grant will fund the time of a core staff member and consultancy fees.
31/10/2017 £9,968 GROUNDWORK CHESHIRE LANCASHIRE & MERSEYSIDE 2 Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside will run free to access weekly sessions at their Grozone Community Garden, Northwich. Each drop in session will last for five hours and involve participants taking part in a wide variety of outdoor activities of their choosing - including gardening, food growing, cooking and music workshops. The project will improve people's physical and mental well being, increase confidence and self esteem, reduce isolation, increase resilience and help to build a stronger, more vibrant community. The project will focus on helping and supporting people experiencing a range of difficulties, disadvantages and disabilities to take an active role in their community, improve their employability and fulfil their potential. The grant will contribution to funding staff time who deliver and manage the sessions, and paying for activity materials, safety equipment and refreshments for participants.
31/10/2017 £3,000 THE NATIONAL YOUTH ADVOCACY SERVICE 4 National Youth Advocacy Service provides advocacy & volunteer independent visiting for children & young people in care in Cheshire. This project aims to improve the physical and emotional well-being of vulnerable children and young people. The grant will be used to fund positive activities for isolated children in care, to improve their confidence, well-being, resilience, skills and placement stability of the children and young people taking part.
31/10/2017 £4,240 CHESHIRE DANCE WORKSHOP LIMITED 1 The project will enable young transgender people to volunteer to work with other transgender young people to produce educational material, care packages and get involved in an event and the promotion of the event. The educational material to be produced, will be building on Trans and none-binary knowledge and acceptance in schools, colleges and organisations - with an emphasis on the rights of the young people and how to respect people’s gender identities.
31/10/2017 £5,000 YOUTH FEDERATION LIMITED 2 The Youth Federation project will develop a Graduate Programme, which encourages young people to lead and take part in volunteering and fundraising activities across Cheshire West and Chester. Using local Youth Centres as a base, the project will build on existing activities with young people, running voluntary youth club nights, drop-in sessions, volunteering for other organisations, as well as fundraising for the good causes which the young people are passionate about. The funding will provide training in safeguarding, managing aggressive behaviour and youth work skills and other courses driven by the needs of the graduates. It will also fund youth workers to support the graduates, consumables to support activities and volunteer costs such as refreshments and DBS checks.
31/10/2017 £4,121 AUTISM NETWORKS (A.N) 1 Autism Networks (A.N) provide social spaces, advice and help for people with Autism, their families and carers, giving them the opportunity to find friends and support and to raise awareness in the local community. A.N. also help service users to develop social skills, increase their self-confidence and lower their sense of isolation. The Cheshire Community Foundation grant funding will be used to provide an education advice and support service to help local families. They will provide support to parent / carers and help them to understand their rights for their child to receive the best and most relevant support within the education system. Due to the nature of the condition, the funding will also be used to provide once a week ( a Thursday ) after school club for the under 14 age group.
31/10/2017 £4,384 STICK 'N' STEP 3 Stick 'n' Step provides Conductive Education to children and young people with cerebral palsy. Conductive Education improves the mobility, speech and confidence of the children we are working with, and our ultimate aim is for them to be able to lead a more independent life. The grant will allow the group to purchase essential equipment to enable us to provide Conductive Education to children with cerebral palsy. at the new Cheshire centre. By using this equipment, children who are struggling with their mobility will be able to undertake a range of exercises that will help them to improve their standing, crawling, sitting, and walking. and also impact on their confidence and independence which in turn has a positive impact on other family members. The grant will enable the group to purchase an Easi Lift changing bench, sensory equipment (3 x Big Mack switches) 1 x small height stool 2 x wheely stools for the Runcorn centre.
31/10/2017 £3,995 ACTIVE CHESHIRE LIMITED 2 The aim of the Active Cheshire project is to work with young people to design a programme of volunteering that meets there needs and demands. The aim is not just to provide young people with training opportunities but to also to widen access to volunteering opportunities and improve transition to the community from school and vice versa. Active Cheshire have an established relationship with a local voluntary service and local school sports coordinators. This programme will help to strengthen this relationship, for the benefits of young people, by creating more opportunities for them.The young people, once trained, will then go on to support the delivery of a County-wide school sport festival in May 2018 which will see between 600-800 young people taking part, to encourage young people to become more physically active, which will in turn, support their long term physical and mental health wellbeing. The young volunteers will become part of the workforce team and following training, will be involved in activities such as, awareness raising, organising competitions, umpiring and refereeing, social media and opening and closing ceremony. The grant will pay for staffing costs, training, refreshments, certificates and awards and promotional materials.
31/10/2017 £9,994 Coram Beanstalk 8 Beanstalk recruits, vets, trains and supports reading helpers, who volunteer their time to support children with their reading, providing each child with two 30 minute one-to-one literacy sessions per week, for an entire academic year. With "Get Cheshire Reading!", Beanstalk aims to help children who are falling behind with reading in Cheshire to improve their reading skills and increase their confidence and enjoyment of reading. A grant of £9,994 will enable Beanstalk to support to 17 local volunteers who will help 53 children who are struggling with reading in primary schools across Cheshire. Beanstalk has been delivering its service for over 40 years and our results are very positive. This simple model really makes the difference. Evidence shows that children supported by Beanstalk improve their reading attainment, but also develop their confidence (both in reading and general) and are inspired to read for pleasure. This will also have long-term impact, as by intervening at this stage the project is investing in the children's future and empowering them with skills to have a successful educational and professional path.
31/10/2017 £4,863 CREWE YMCA LIMITED 4 Crewe YMCA's project "Flip The Negative" which will see young people who have experienced homelessness telling their stories through workshops, using DVD and photography. Young people will produce a a Calendar which will be for sale to the general public which will depict some of the the issue of homelessness in a different light giving out real images of young people who are positively building their lives. Their stories in the calendar will be about their assets and not their problems, to re-define some of the language about homelessness and be seen for who they are. The grant will be used to provide staff time so that young people can participate in using media particularly photography to record their stories whilst developing skills and promoting their work to the community at large, The grant will also pay for publicity, volunteer expenses, software, materials, travel project overheads.
31/10/2017 £9,442 MID CHESHIRE MIND 1 Mid Cheshire Mind are a mental health support group and drop-in centre which attracts members from Chester West & Chester and Cheshire East. Currently their services are limited to supporting members who can access the centre which is based Winsford, and this Outreach Support project aims to allow them to support those with mental health problems who are based further afield, and/or to accompany members to meetings/appointments relating to health, housing, benefits, education and training etc. The grant funding will be used to pay for the salary of a part-time Outreach Support Worker. The organisation have long been aware that many members lack the confidence to attend important, potentially life-changing appointments unaccompanied. The Outreach Support worker will allow the group to provide a service to accompany members and also to visit those who are too unwell to be able to visit the drop-in centre; this means the number of mentally ill people we can provide support to will increase significantly.
30/09/2017 £23,322 CHAWREC (Cheshire, Halton, Warrington Race and Equality Centre) 2 We would like to develop a series of activities that tackle community cohesion from several angles - 1) from a 'whole community' perspective through actions that bring communities together in localities where there have been new arrivals to promote integration and cultural awareness such as bring and share and 'meet your neighbour' events 2) from an empowerment perspective through the development of community champions being equipped with the tools to challenge extremist views and offer alternative viewpoints and 3) from an individual perspective through activities that reduce isolation for target communities such as coffee mornings.
30/09/2017 £4,995 STOKE-ON-TRENT AND NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE THEATRE TRUST LIMITED 4 New Vic Borderlines specialise in using theatre to help individuals find new and positive ways to understand themselves, their communities and their responsibilities as citizens. Message Not Delivered is a project which takes a hard-hitting play and workshops to driving age children in schools and colleges. The play tackles the issue of distractions whilst driving, especially the use of mobile phones and the often traumatic, catastrophic or fatal consequences that can arise if things go wrong. The workshops further explore issues relating to the play and the change in attitiudes and behaviour that could prevent such dire consequences. Funding will allow us to take the project to 1320 young people in Cheshire schools and colleges.
31/08/2017 £5,000 CHESHIRE FOREST COUNTY OF THE GUIDE ASSOCIATION 1 Girlguiding Cheshire Forest is developing a new residential facility for up to 30 young people at Pettypool, Sandiway, Northwich. The organisation wish to build a new facility to take them forward into the future and ensure all members can access the residential building. Support from Cheshire Community Foundation would contribute towards Phase II capital works.
31/07/2017 £19,702 Changing Lives in Cheshire 5 Changing Lives in Cheshire facilitate the reuse of donated household furniture and electrical items at affordable and realistic prices whilst creating supported employment and volunteer opportunities for members of the local community. Creative Concepts Phase 2 aims to provide weekly craft sessions over a period of 1 year for up to 100-150 vulnerable and/ or socially isolated people (not just women) at our Winsford Creative Concepts Shop and also at our new Warrington retail site in Cockhedge Shopping Centre. Grant funding will be used to pay for the Creative Concepts Co-ordinator plus travel and materials required.
31/07/2017 £12,860 Pure Insight 1628 7 Pure Insight delivers a range of projects providing practical and emotional support to young people who have left or are about to leave statutory care in Stockport and Cheshire East. This projects focuses on care leavers in Macclesfield addressing a range of serious issues including; homelessness, loneliness and isolation, poor mental/physical health and lack of opportunities, helping young care leavers develop support networks, improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health, by providing a base where young people feel they belong and have people to belong to. The grant will make a contribution towards the salary costs of a part time development youth worker and associated activity costs.
31/07/2017 £9,500 THE ROSSENDALE TRUST LIMITED 2 The Rossendale Trust is a registered charity based in Macclesfield, Cheshire that provides accommodation and high quality, person centered care and support for adults with learning disabilities. We are seeking support for WorkTaste - a dynamic ‘in-house’ supported employment project working with local employers and community project partners to provide real employment experience for our tenants and the wider learning disabled community. The grant funding will be used to pay for some of our WorkTaste coaches who will support 30 placements, over a 12 week period and also some additional resources to support the project such as IT equipment and essential staff training on H & S, Safeguarding, Mental Capacity, Diversity & Equality, Fire Safety. This training is mandatory and forms part of their induction as well as ongoing essential refresher training.
31/07/2017 £4,241 LIVE! 3 Live! is a small vibrant charity that provides a varied programme of fully inclusive and accessible clubs and social activities for disabled children and young people. The Next Event project is a weekly independent living and social skills group for young adults aged 17 to 25 which strives to equip people with the skills and competencies they need to move towards independence during critical times in their lives so that they can fulfil their potential. Funding would contribute towards the staffing costs for the project.
31/07/2017 £3,000 PURE CREATIVE ARTS 1 Pure Creative Arts uses theatre productions, workshops and mentoring delivered in schools throughout the UK to raise awareness, break down stigma, and help young people to open up about mental health issues, which assists with early identification and intervention. The Rating Game Tour - Cheshire project will deliver a performance based programme of workshops in schools on the theme of identity. This will consist of a one-hour session comprising a topic-based theatre performance and a hot-seating workshop with the audience, followed by one hour workshops with smaller groups, which will be repeated up to 4 times in each of three schools in Cheshire West and/or Warrington. This will help to identify young people who would benefit from taking part in a separate group mentoring programme. The grant contributes towards staff for the project.
31/07/2017 £3,430 THE PROUD TRUST LTD 14 The Proud Trusts supports isolated and vulnerable Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) young people to live happier and productive lives This project aims to engage LGBT young people aged 14-25 in sport and physical activities that will culminate in a day sports event in Ellesmere Port for 80 young people who are otherwise inactive and face health inequalities. It will be an amazing day where they can make friends, try out sports that are new, and be in a safe space. Sport for many trans people is often highly gendered and not very accessible, so a project like this makes a big difference to those who can't do sport elsewhere. The funding will be used to hire facilities from Action Transport Theatre at Whitby Hall (we have an office based in the Hall and it is an ideal location for the Games). Funding will also be used to pay for sport coaching staff to deliver the activities; pay for hydration and nutrition at the event for the participants of which many have limited incomes; pay for participation medals as a form of motivation for future involvement; cover insurance and contribute to youth worker support, publicity and promotion.
31/07/2017 £5,000 BREAKTHROUGH U.K. LTD 3 Overall Breakthrough provided 1:1 independent living and employment support to 125 disabled people last year on both these programmes. By self assessing their own progression, 80% of clients saw an improvement in their aspirations and motivation and 73% felt that their job-specific skills had improved as a result of this support. In the past year Breakthrough clients achieved 97 new voluntary placements, training courses and job starts. In total, 25% of our clients have moved into employment this year, 30% of clients into volunteering and 23% into accredited training.
31/07/2017 £8,730 YOUTH FEDERATION LIMITED 2 Youth Federation provides support to young people with a broad range of programmes dedicated to improving the lives of young people in Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral. The project tackles the growing concerns around cyber security threats and the shortfall in cyber professionals and aims to inspire girls to learn more about cyber security. Through school events across Cheshire, the half-day sessions will enable over 200 female students to learn more about the cyber industry, cyber security careers and to take part in coding and encryption challenges. As a result of the events more young girls will be better informed about STEM career options. The grant will fund salary costs, resources and refreshments, transport and volunteer expenses.
31/07/2017 £9,880 JUST DROP- IN YOUTH INFO & ADVICE LIMITED 2 Just Drop In is established for the Benefit the young people of Macclesfield and surrounding areas providing a welcoming and comfortable centre hosted by volunteers from the community, providing assistance and information relating to their needs, expert advice and access to information related to education, employment, training, housing, health, benefits and leisure matters. The project will continue a project originally funded in 2016 to provide a qualified and experienced young person’s Counsellor to Tytherington High School for 10 hours a week to support young people attending the school. The grant will pay for the salary costs of the Coordinator, plus a small amount of resources.
30/06/2017 £10,000 The Joshua Tree 3 The Joshua Tree currently supports around 80 families affected by childhood cancer in Cheshire and the North West. Facing childhood cancer can be a devastating experience and its impact may last for many years after treatment ends. Every family’s experience and needs are unique and the organisation work with many families and schools to provide support that is tailored to their needs. The project focuses on the Family Support Service and will provide families with personal training sessions, nutritional advice and support, cooking therapy, pampering, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and meditation and other services. The grant will pay for the salary of the Family Support Service Coordinator and a contribution towards training costs, to ensure the appropriate level of support is given to families.
30/06/2017 £11,748 Chester Schools Christian Work Trust (CSCW) 1 Chester Schools Christian Work Trust exists to promote the personal and spiritual development of children and young people in Chester schools through a range of different activities, lessons, courses and clubs. The project aims to help young people grow in resilience by challenging the stigma around mental health, giving them proven coping strategies, enabling them to make wise, informed decisions regarding relationships, helping them understand what makes a good, healthy relationship and what to expect that for themselves and helping young people to grow in confidence and to appreciate the value of themselves and others. The grant will be used to pay for staffing, project delivery expenses, line management, project administration and training.
30/06/2017 £17,000 East Cheshire Hospice 1 East Cheshire Hospice provides essential end of life care and support to adults with a wide range of diagnoses. This project is a new @Home service which aims to bring high quality care and expertise to the patient where they are at home. The project offers expert end of life nursing care in homes and care settings during out of hours, evenings, nights and weekends including bank holidays 365 days of the year. The new service will enable the Hospice to care for an additional 250 patients per year without the cost of building a new Hospice. The grant funding provides 'seed funding' which will help to launch the service and keep it running in the first five years, enabling the charity the time and space to develop other income streams to ensure that care is delivered for generations to come. The grant will pay for building alterations to allow 24 hour secure door access for the Hospice @Home team and set up costs such as branded uniforms, nurses mobile equipment bags, communication and awareness raising materials.
30/06/2017 £11,900 Young Enterprise 4 Young Enterprise is the UK's leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. We work across England and Wales and we have 13 separate Business Units, one of which covers the North West region. Following on from last years successful project (funded by the Cheshire Community Foundation), we are seeking a grant to deliver 7 x half day Launch Pad workshops and 7 x Company Programme's to 7 deprived schools in the Cheshire/Warrington area. Spread over an academic year our Company Programme is an exciting enterprise journey giving young people the opportunity to develop a real business whilst learning key employability and life skills. Following feedback from teachers during last years project, we would like to deliver an additional one day workshop (Launch Pad) alongside Company Programme to the targeted schools, ensuring students benefit from the extra support. Launch Pad is a perfect introduction to business and acts as a stepping stone towards the Company Programme. We find that Launch Pad is particularly helpful to disadvantaged young people and those who could benefit from additional support to move from generating an idea to launching their product in the marketplace.
30/06/2017 £13,900 Hospice of the Good Shepherd 1 Hospice of the Good Shepherd's Reflect Counselling Service provide a Children's Bereavement Counselling Service, not just for children and young people whose relatives may have died at the Hospice, but for any child/young person who is suffering emotional and mental distress as a result of losing a member of their family. The aim of this project is to build on the work of the past twelve months funded by Cheshire Community Foundation, to reach more children and young people who have suffered a bereavement in their lives. The grant funding will be used as a contribution towards salary costs for a counselling member staff.
30/06/2017 £22,516 St Roccos Hospice 1 St. Rocco's Hospice offers individualised care and support to Warrington patients living with a diagnosis of a life-limiting condition, whilst also offering support to their family, friends and carers. The RocOn project is a fully piloted St Rocco's Hospice project, which brings young people in class sized groups from schools across Warrington into the hospice to work alongside patients and carers in art, craft and other therapeutic activities- breaking down barriers to the 'taboos' surrounding death and dying - and promoting a healthier understanding of end of life care amongst the young, whilst supporting hospice patients with the emotional impact of living with a terminal illness. Grant funding will pay for 12 months of this project in sessional based delivery, covering the cost of the Project Leader, the induction, training and DBS clearance of the volunteers who work with the Project Leader, the uniforms and badges of the volunteers, the art and craft materials and the promotion and marketing materials produced to promote the project, plus the cost of photocopying and paper used in producing the post-project evaluation forms and feedback.
30/06/2017 £3,616 THE WINGATE SPECIAL CHILDRENS TRUST 1 We are the Wingate Special Children’s Trust, an independent Charity providing residential short breaks and recreational activities for children with special needs and disabilities for almost 30 years. Here at the Centre we are looking to pilot an independent living skills courses for young adults (aged between 16-30 years) across Cheshire with severe and multiple disabilities and learning difficulties in order to help them be better prepared for adulthood. With funding from the Cheshire Community Foundation we would like to support up to 100 children each year by enabling them to access a free of charge, 3 day course led by trained professionals, where they are encouraged to learn new, critical life skills that will make a practical difference to their every life.
30/06/2017 £8,400 WHAG 1 Women's Housing Action (WHAG) Cheshire West and Chester Service provide domestic abuse services across the borough including refuge, dispersed refuge, resettlement support, medium risk outreach and community services. The project provides play therapy for children who have experienced domestic abuse in Cheshire West and Chester. The grant funding will pay for a qualified and experienced Play Therapist to provide weekly play therapy sessions for children living in refuge, dispersed refuge or via resettlement support for a period of 12 months.
30/06/2017 £8,000 CHESHIRE FOREST COUNTY OF THE GUIDE ASSOCIATION 1 Girlguiding Cheshire Forest is developing a new residential facility for up to 30 young people at Pettypool, Sandiway, Northwich. They wish to build a new facility to take them forward into the future and ensure all members can access our residential building. Support from Cheshire Community Foundation would contribute towards the cost of a kitchen to be fitted out as a modern hygienic space suitable to cater for up to 40 people.
30/06/2017 £4,380 JUST DROP- IN YOUTH INFO & ADVICE LIMITED 2 Just Drop-In provide a range of services to children and young people who are facing multiple disadvantages and those experiencing challenges with their emotional health. This project will enable young people to volunteer their time at Just Drop-In, and get involved in raising awareness of Just Drop in services at the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival. The young people will be involved in planning workshops, will design how they will be involved in the festival parade entry and take part in a reflection celebration event. The grant will be used as a contribution towards the Project Workers salary, a contribution to volunteer expenses, operational/activity costs, publicity costs and travel expenses for young people.
30/06/2017 £7,000 HOME-START WIRRAL 5 Home-Start provides a weekly home-visiting service through trained volunteers to any family with at least one child under the age of 5, supporting local families as they grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with their children and widen their links with the local community. Funding from the Cheshire Community Foundation will enable the organisation to extend our family support work from Wirral into Neston and this project aims support Neston families through difficult times leading to improved outcomes for both children and parents. The grant enables an experienced part-time Family Support Coordinator to work an extra day a week in the Neston area to recruit and train a team of volunteers to support a minimum of 10 families over the 12 month period.
30/06/2017 £2,500 WARRINGTON UNIT 350 OF THE SEA CADET CORPS 1 Warrington Sea Cadets is a youth group working closely with the local community to provide facilities which can be used by people of all age and ability. By installing accessible shower and washroom facilities, the Warrington Disability Partnership sports groups, who currently use the facilities on a weekly basis, will be able to hold more sessions for their membership, who can enjoy the same standard of facility as their able bodied colleagues. If successful, this application will allow us sufficient funding to start the project and upgrade an existing toilet area to provide full facilities.
30/06/2017 £5,000 CHANGING LIVES TOGETHER 5 The purpose of Changing Lives in Cheshire (CLIC) is to facilitate the reuse of donated household furniture and electrical items at affordable and realistic prices whilst creating supported employment and volunteer opportunities for members of the local community. This project will work with 30 young people age 16+ helping them to become volunteers within CLIC The young people's volunteering activities will revolve around environmental impact and how to reduce the damage caused to the environment by removing items from landfill and refurbishing them and reselling to those on low incomes. The outcomes of the training for the young people will be improved self confidence and whilst also enabling young volunteers to become more socially responsible members of the local community. The grant will be spent on the provision of this training course to their younger volunteers who do not qualify for an educational budget.
30/06/2017 £5,000 WARRINGTON VOLUNTARY ACTION 3 Warrington Voluntary Action supports the development of a vibrant, thriving and sustainable third sector to meet the diverse needs of local communities. This project will work closely with CVS Cheshire East to recruit at least 20 young people, provide training and support and then place them with suitable voluntary sector organisations to either work with or alongside their Boards to enable them to gain experience of what being on a voluntary sector Board is like. The grant will be used as a contribution towards the development workers salary, travel expenses for young people, training and a contribution towards IT and the premises.
30/06/2017 £4,000 CHAPTER (WEST CHESHIRE) LTD 6 Chapter (West Cheshire) Ltd provide a range of support services for people with mental health conditions across Cheshire. The project will run wellbeing workshops for isolated people in Neston with severe mental health diagnoses, who come from low income backgrounds, to improve their wellbeing by improving their self-esteem, confidence, personal hygiene, improve how much they look after themselves and improve their options and confidence in relation to engaging in activities around and outside of Neston. The grant will fund Activity costs, room hire, refreshments, transport and small capital expenditure items for the activities.
30/06/2017 £6,000 CHESHIRE YOUNG CARERS LTD 3 Cheshire Young Carers want to design, implement and support schools in developing two resource packs for use in Cheshire Schools. The packs will be designed to help teachers and teaching support staff to identify pupils who are young carers and how to initiate a conversation to establish their caring role and the impact it has on their school life. Additionally, they will be targeted at helping to support schools to work with parents to understand how to individually support a child and raise awareness of their caring responsibilities, exploring outreach work to benefit educational achievement for the young carer(s) The key outcomes for the packs will be; To provide information on signposting schools to additional support for young carers. To provide advice on simple strategies that can improve attendance, improve homework activity and generally improve attainment levels of young carers in education. Funding will be used for staff time allocated to the design and production of the packs and also the printing of the packs for school distribution across Cheshire. The rest of the funding will be used to directly support schools who feel that they want to train specific staff to support their young carer population.
30/06/2017 £6,500 CHANGING LIVES TOGETHER 5 Changing Lives in Cheshire (CLiC) is a social enterprise committed to delivering real environmental, social and community impact and making a difference to the people of Cheshire, providing creative solutions to social and environmental issues. The project is centred around the Repair Cafe and aims to provide work experience for volunteers and placements over the age of 50 within the workshop, learning to fix household items and return them to their owner either whilst they wait or as a drop off service in return for a donation to the charity. The Workshop Manager will oversee the training and mentoring of the workshop placements and ensure that all maintenance is properly carried out. The grant will part-fund the Workshop Manager's salary.
30/06/2017 £5,000 WARRINGTON DISABILITY PARTNERSHIP 1 Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) supports and delivers services for disabled people, their families, carers and provides and helps develop opportunities for vulnerable people who are resident in Warrington. WDP’s ‘Lavender Hill’ Project will provide ‘bespoke’ information and support to people who are aged 50 and over who are out of work and aiming to improve skills or to re-train with a view to gaining employment. The project will also enable the participants to deliver peer support and share their life skills with young people not in employment, education and training (NEET). The grant makes a contribution to a dedicated support worker for the project for 1 day per week, matched by WDP funds.
31/03/2017 £4,000 JUMP 2 JUMP Childrens Charity is a fantastic example of how volunteers and professional organisations and their people can be brought together to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people affected by life limiting health conditions.
28/02/2017 £10,000 St Margaret's Community Partnership 1 St Margaret's Community Partnership operate a Community centre in Latchford offering a wide range of activities for local residents. The project will allow the organisation to continue to improve usage of the centre and bring in new revenue streams, which can then be reinvested to keep the building running and providing much needed services in the local area for the sustainable future. The one year Cheshire Community Foundation grant will enable the organisation to continue to employ the Centre Coordinator, who oversees the work of the centre.
28/02/2017 £14,791 Cre8 Macclesfield Ltd 2 Cre8 is an independent Macclesfield charity, which empowers disadvantaged, hard-to-reach, vulnerable and at-risk young people and young adults in the local community to 'Make Change Happen' for themselves and their community through a range of established activities including youth clubs, music, alternative education, residentials, community festivals and two social enterprise businesses; Cre8 Works and Cre8 Facilities, which provide paid employment experience for individuals and income for the charity. The project Cre8 Jobs will reduce worklessness, increase self-esteem and confidence and raise employability skills by engaging NEET and vulnerable young people and young adults in doing unfunded practical tasks for community benefit, in this way Cre8 Jobs will provide work experience opportunities coupled with the guidance and support of a qualified and experienced community Youth Support Worker, channelling people towards paid employment. The grant is a contribution towards the employment costs of a Team Leader to work on the Cre8 Jobs project to supervise practical tasks in the community such as clearing and improving shared community paths and open spaces, and part-funding for the employment costs of a qualified, experienced Youth Support Worker.
28/02/2017 £10,000 LBC Lifeline Resource 1 LBC Lifeline Resource works with the various communities, groups and individuals to address issues that hinder their full participation in the economic and social opportunities that improve their welfare and quality of life. The project will mobilise and work with a community of refugees and asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda who are settled in Trafford Council. Up to 100 refugees and asylum seekers, from a French speaking background, will be supported with English language lessons to enable them to receive training in employment and enterprise development skills, assimilate in the wider community and find employment. The project will offer - two English language sessions a month for 12 months, six employment skills workshops covering areas such as writing a CV, job search, job application, interview skills, communication skills and team-working skills, four business skills workshops covering areas such as identifying a business opportunity, initiating a business activity, planning a business activity and running a business activity, other support and advice and counselling on issues relating to lack of skills for employment and business. The grant will contribute towards staff costs, volunteer expenses, activity costs, publicity and evaluation.
28/02/2017 £9,152 TURNING POINT 1 Turning Point - Young People's Drug and Alcohol Service is a 9- 5pm Monday to Friday service which provides specialist treatment to Young People under the age of 18 in Cheshire West and Chester who are experiencing difficulties due to drug or alcohol use and want help to stop using substances. The Vision for Cheshire project will enable young people to be healthy and have the chance of achieving, having better opportunities and being a positive economic influence across the county. The project will build links with already established Youth Services, to provide support to young people who access youth centres during the evening, to provide specialist treatment and targeted group work, to reduce drug and alcohol use by young people and to prevent them from entering adult drug and alcohol services. The grant funding will be used to fund a part time worker for twelve months to support the service.
28/02/2017 £7,000 HUNTINGTONS DISEASE ASSOCIATION 5 The Huntington's Disease Association is the only organisation dedicated to supporting families affected by Huntington's disease - a devastating terminal neurological condition of the central nervous system. The project is a contribution towards the Specialist Huntington's Disease Advisory Service in Cheshire, which provides, care, advice, support and information to families whose lives are turned upside down by Huntington's. The grant will be used towards the costs of a dedicated Specialist HD Adviser who develops and delivers the service in Cheshire.
28/02/2017 £7,740 Stroke Association The Stroke Association support those affected by stroke through their "life after stroke" services, telephone, online and peer support. The aims of the 'Get into Golf' project is to enable individuals affected by stroke to introduce gradual physical activity to enhance rehabilitation and also develop a social community to address isolation often experienced by stroke survivors. The grant will pay for professional golf coaching, staff support, volunteer training and marketing materials.
28/02/2017 £4,912 CRE8 MACCLESFIELD LIMITED 2 Cre8 aims to empower young people and adults in the local community to make change happen for themselves and also for their local neighbourhood. The Cre8 Jobs project will reduce unemployment, increase self-esteem and confidence and raise employability skills. The Youth Social Action Project will work with local young people in the neighbourhood to bring community benefit by improving community spaces and pathways. In supporting these young people, Cre8 also undertake a wide range of activities and projects including 'Off-beat' music and bikes, sports, arts and crafts and trips, providing healthy food, often prepared by the young people themselves. The grant will pay for a contribution towards the Cre8 Works Team Leader, volunteer costs and activity costs.
28/02/2017 £4,968 COMMUNITY AND VOLUNTARY SERVICES CHESHIRE EAST 1 Community and Voluntary Services (CVS) Cheshire East is a registered charity which provides support to other charities, community and voluntary organisations who are based in or deliver services within Cheshire East. The project will provide an opportunity for 10 young people to be put a board from a selection of 5 different voluntary organisations and experience what it would be like to be a trustee. The money allocated will go towards additional staff and training that will be required, travel expenses, a contribution towards overheads as well as a small amount going towards posters for schools and colleges.
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