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Over the last five years they've made 22 significant donations totalling £312,964

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31/10/2017 £12,500 FALLEN ANGELS DANCE THEATRE NORTH WEST FADT will support up to 15 people in recovery from addiction/and or mental health from the Cheshire West and Chester area to participate in high quality dance theatre workshops and productions at Storyhouse Chester’s new Cultural Centre in the City Centre. Over 8 months from November 2017 to July 2018 FADT will facilitate 2 artistic projects: “Creative Conversations” will explore themes surrounding the participants lives in Cheshire through dance theatre leading to a performance at Storyhouse in February 2018. The performances will be informative as well as expressive, allowing the audience to gain an insight into our Fallen Angels’ stories to gain more understanding of their personal narratives. From March the group will be supported to work towards a site-based piece to be performed in all the public spaces in Storyhouse, an immersive piece which will make use of this extraordinary new building. This project will facilitate their inclusion with other dance groups from the area to celebrate Big Dance a national dance initiative in July at Storyhouse. The project will be planned in close partnership with local addiction/recovery and mental health services in each area: Turning Point, and Richmond Fellowship as well as other local recovery groups and Arts organisations.
31/10/2017 £11,994 CROSSROADS CARE CHESHIRE, MANCHESTER & MERSEYSIDE LIMITED Carers Trust 4all is a charity with a mission to ensure unpaid carers of all ages, and the people they care for, can access the emotional and practical support and services they need to maintain their own health and wellbeing and continue in their caring role without reaching crisis or breakdown. The CT4all Young Carers Project will ensure young carers are supported to enjoy their childhood, can access the same educational and social opportunities as their peers and make a good transition to adulthood, protecting their health and well being and minimising the often devastating effects of caring responsibilities. Funding will support service delivery including; staff and volunteers costs, activities, training, venues, transport and project overheads. The difference the project will make is that young carers, who are at risk of underachievement, mental health problems, social isolation within their peer group and bullying, have the tools, information and support needed to protect their emotional and physical health and well being.
30/09/2017 £23,322 CHESHIRE, HALTON + WARRINGTON RACE AND EQUALITY CENTRE We would like to develop a series of activities that tackle community cohesion from several angles - 1) from a 'whole community' perspective through actions that bring communities together in localities where there have been new arrivals to promote integration and cultural awareness such as bring and share and 'meet your neighbour' events 2) from an empowerment perspective through the development of community champions being equipped with the tools to challenge extremist views and offer alternative viewpoints and 3) from an individual perspective through activities that reduce isolation for target communities such as coffee mornings.
31/07/2017 £19,702 CHANGING LIVES IN CHESHIRE Changing Lives in Cheshire facilitate the reuse of donated household furniture and electrical items at affordable and realistic prices whilst creating supported employment and volunteer opportunities for members of the local community. Creative Concepts Phase 2 aims to provide weekly craft sessions over a period of 1 year for up to 100-150 vulnerable and/ or socially isolated people (not just women) at our Winsford Creative Concepts Shop and also at our new Warrington retail site in Cockhedge Shopping Centre. Grant funding will be used to pay for the Creative Concepts Co-ordinator plus travel and materials required.
31/07/2017 £12,860 PURE INSIGHT 1628 Pure Insight delivers a range of projects providing practical and emotional support to young people who have left or are about to leave statutory care in Stockport and Cheshire East. This projects focuses on care leavers in Macclesfield addressing a range of serious issues including; homelessness, loneliness and isolation, poor mental/physical health and lack of opportunities, helping young care leavers develop support networks, improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health, by providing a base where young people feel they belong and have people to belong to. The grant will make a contribution towards the salary costs of a part time development youth worker and associated activity costs.
30/06/2017 £10,000 THE JOSHUA TREE HOLIDAY HOUSE AND SUPPORT CENTRE FOR COURAGEOUS KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES The Joshua Tree currently supports around 80 families affected by childhood cancer in Cheshire and the North West. Facing childhood cancer can be a devastating experience and its impact may last for many years after treatment ends. Every family’s experience and needs are unique and the organisation work with many families and schools to provide support that is tailored to their needs. The project focuses on the Family Support Service and will provide families with personal training sessions, nutritional advice and support, cooking therapy, pampering, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and meditation and other services. The grant will pay for the salary of the Family Support Service Coordinator and a contribution towards training costs, to ensure the appropriate level of support is given to families.
30/06/2017 £11,748 CHESTER SCHOOLS CHRISTIAN WORK TRUST Chester Schools Christian Work Trust exists to promote the personal and spiritual development of children and young people in Chester schools through a range of different activities, lessons, courses and clubs. The project aims to help young people grow in resilience by challenging the stigma around mental health, giving them proven coping strategies, enabling them to make wise, informed decisions regarding relationships, helping them understand what makes a good, healthy relationship and what to expect that for themselves and helping young people to grow in confidence and to appreciate the value of themselves and others. The grant will be used to pay for staffing, project delivery expenses, line management, project administration and training.
30/06/2017 £17,000 EAST CHESHIRE HOSPICE East Cheshire Hospice provides essential end of life care and support to adults with a wide range of diagnoses. This project is a new @Home service which aims to bring high quality care and expertise to the patient where they are at home. The project offers expert end of life nursing care in homes and care settings during out of hours, evenings, nights and weekends including bank holidays 365 days of the year. The new service will enable the Hospice to care for an additional 250 patients per year without the cost of building a new Hospice. The grant funding provides 'seed funding' which will help to launch the service and keep it running in the first five years, enabling the charity the time and space to develop other income streams to ensure that care is delivered for generations to come. The grant will pay for building alterations to allow 24 hour secure door access for the Hospice @Home team and set up costs such as branded uniforms, nurses mobile equipment bags, communication and awareness raising materials.
30/06/2017 £11,900 YOUNG ENTERPRISE Young Enterprise is the UK's leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. We work across England and Wales and we have 13 separate Business Units, one of which covers the North West region. Following on from last years successful project (funded by the Cheshire Community Foundation), we are seeking a grant to deliver 7 x half day Launch Pad workshops and 7 x Company Programme's to 7 deprived schools in the Cheshire/Warrington area. Spread over an academic year our Company Programme is an exciting enterprise journey giving young people the opportunity to develop a real business whilst learning key employability and life skills. Following feedback from teachers during last years project, we would like to deliver an additional one day workshop (Launch Pad) alongside Company Programme to the targeted schools, ensuring students benefit from the extra support. Launch Pad is a perfect introduction to business and acts as a stepping stone towards the Company Programme. We find that Launch Pad is particularly helpful to disadvantaged young people and those who could benefit from additional support to move from generating an idea to launching their product in the marketplace.
30/06/2017 £13,900 HOSPICE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD LTD Hospice of the Good Shepherd's Reflect Counselling Service provide a Children's Bereavement Counselling Service, not just for children and young people whose relatives may have died at the Hospice, but for any child/young person who is suffering emotional and mental distress as a result of losing a member of their family. The aim of this project is to build on the work of the past twelve months funded by Cheshire Community Foundation, to reach more children and young people who have suffered a bereavement in their lives. The grant funding will be used as a contribution towards salary costs for a counselling member staff.
30/06/2017 £22,516 ST ROCCO'S HOSPICE St. Rocco's Hospice offers individualised care and support to Warrington patients living with a diagnosis of a life-limiting condition, whilst also offering support to their family, friends and carers. The RocOn project is a fully piloted St Rocco's Hospice project, which brings young people in class sized groups from schools across Warrington into the hospice to work alongside patients and carers in art, craft and other therapeutic activities- breaking down barriers to the 'taboos' surrounding death and dying - and promoting a healthier understanding of end of life care amongst the young, whilst supporting hospice patients with the emotional impact of living with a terminal illness. Grant funding will pay for 12 months of this project in sessional based delivery, covering the cost of the Project Leader, the induction, training and DBS clearance of the volunteers who work with the Project Leader, the uniforms and badges of the volunteers, the art and craft materials and the promotion and marketing materials produced to promote the project, plus the cost of photocopying and paper used in producing the post-project evaluation forms and feedback.
28/02/2017 £10,000 ST MARGARET'S COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP St Margaret's Community Partnership operate a Community centre in Latchford offering a wide range of activities for local residents. The project will allow the organisation to continue to improve usage of the centre and bring in new revenue streams, which can then be reinvested to keep the building running and providing much needed services in the local area for the sustainable future. The one year Cheshire Community Foundation grant will enable the organisation to continue to employ the Centre Coordinator, who oversees the work of the centre.
28/02/2017 £14,791 CRE8 MACCLESFIELD LIMITED Cre8 is an independent Macclesfield charity, which empowers disadvantaged, hard-to-reach, vulnerable and at-risk young people and young adults in the local community to 'Make Change Happen' for themselves and their community through a range of established activities including youth clubs, music, alternative education, residentials, community festivals and two social enterprise businesses; Cre8 Works and Cre8 Facilities, which provide paid employment experience for individuals and income for the charity. The project Cre8 Jobs will reduce worklessness, increase self-esteem and confidence and raise employability skills by engaging NEET and vulnerable young people and young adults in doing unfunded practical tasks for community benefit, in this way Cre8 Jobs will provide work experience opportunities coupled with the guidance and support of a qualified and experienced community Youth Support Worker, channelling people towards paid employment. The grant is a contribution towards the employment costs of a Team Leader to work on the Cre8 Jobs project to supervise practical tasks in the community such as clearing and improving shared community paths and open spaces, and part-funding for the employment costs of a qualified, experienced Youth Support Worker.
28/02/2017 £10,000 LBC LIFELINE RESOURCE LIMITED LBC Lifeline Resource works with the various communities, groups and individuals to address issues that hinder their full participation in the economic and social opportunities that improve their welfare and quality of life. The project will mobilise and work with a community of refugees and asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda who are settled in Trafford Council. Up to 100 refugees and asylum seekers, from a French speaking background, will be supported with English language lessons to enable them to receive training in employment and enterprise development skills, assimilate in the wider community and find employment. The project will offer - two English language sessions a month for 12 months, six employment skills workshops covering areas such as writing a CV, job search, job application, interview skills, communication skills and team-working skills, four business skills workshops covering areas such as identifying a business opportunity, initiating a business activity, planning a business activity and running a business activity, other support and advice and counselling on issues relating to lack of skills for employment and business. The grant will contribute towards staff costs, volunteer expenses, activity costs, publicity and evaluation.
31/10/2016 £12,350 JUMP JUMP Children's Charity provide a unique service to children with life limiting illnesses by arranging professional photographers to capture special moments that are presented in beautiful and personal Memory Books and Films. The charity identified a need to expand their work with Hospices/Hospitals in order to reach more children and their families. In order to achieve this they needed a sessional worker to develop the relationship with these organisations to work more closely in partnership and also to work more closely with families to plan their special memories. The grant pays for the salary of the sessional worker.
31/10/2016 £24,500 PAPYRUS PREVENTION OF YOUNG SUICIDE PAPYRUS is the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide in the UK, providing confidential support to young people and anyone worried about a young person - whilst engaging with communities, and training individuals and groups in suicide awareness. The Cheshire Self Care and Suicide Prevention project, is an innovative project that engages young people, parents and the wider Cheshire community . The project will promote and practice the art of of self care which will involve the recruitment and training of 60 Cheshire wide suicide prevention first aiders and the delivery of free awareness suicide prevention sessions to parents. The grant will pay for staffing and running costs for the project.
31/10/2016 £17,000 THE NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN The NSPCC exists to listen, help and take immediate action to protect any child in danger of abuse.The NSPCC Schools Service and “Speak out. Stay safe” programme will ensure that an entire generation of children throughout Cheshire has the knowledge, the confidence and the understanding to prevent abuse and to keep safe from harm. A partnership between the NSPCC, Cheshire schools and a team of local, trained volunteers, will ensure that primary schools in the region are provided with key safety messages direct to the children themselves. The project will accomplish a real step change in the fight to protect children in our community from neglect and sexual, physical and emotional abuse. The grant makes a contribution towards staffing, running and volunteer costs to deliver the project.
31/10/2016 £12,000 MAKING SPACE Making Space provide mental health support services in the heart of local communities, in the comfort of people’s own homes, and specialist care and support services.Using their experience of training and using volunteers the project will support young adults through a computerised cognitive behavioral therapy (cCBT) programme. Currently young people in the Warrington area who struggle with low mood or anxiety, lack to knowlede of available support services and can also be resistant to seeking treatment . The project will reach out to this cohort, who may, for the first time, be experiencing life challenges. Through the cCBT programme they will gain coping skills which they can apply both now as well as for years to come. The grant will fund staffing, running and volunteer costs.
30/06/2016 £11,081 HAMPERS OF HOPE Hampers of Hope run a food bank, responding within 24 hours to referrals made by over 40 agencies - with 'Befrienders' delivering 3-5 day food hampers to people in crisis. The project supports families living on the Colshaw, Spath Lane and Lacey Green estates in the SK9 area of Knutsford, through the provision of weekly drop in sessions. The grant will contribute towards the Hope Centre Coordinator and Assistant salaries, volunteer expenses, a small publicity budget, activity costs and refreshments.
30/06/2016 £10,000 FALLEN ANGELS DANCE THEATRE NORTH WEST Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) is a non-discriminatory dance theatre company that works with people to support them in recovery from addiction in all its harmful forms, through promoting creativity and self-expression,The project will support 12-15 disadvantaged adults recovering from addiction to participate in a creative contemporary dance workshops and performance. The grant will pay for staffing, performers, venue hire and materials.
30/06/2016 £10,000 VISYON LIMITED Visyon is a Congleton-based charity that supports the emotional health of children, young people and their families, improving their mental health and enabling them to develop the skills and toolkits to sustain and manage positive mental health for the future. The project provides training in solution-focused techniques and group facilitation to parents, whose children receive direct mental health and wellbeing support from Visyon, to help parents to feel more supported and develop improved coping strategies and have an ongoing support system for themselves and ultimately have improved ability to support their children. The grant will pay for a staffing to oversee the groups, recruitment, volunteer expenses, rent and insurance and a laptop and phone.
31/12/2015 £13,800 CRE8 MACCLESFIELD LIMITED Cre8 are an independent charity based on the Moss Rose Estate in Macclesfield. They provide projects and activities for young people and their families. Their work is aimed towards empowering young people and adults in the local area to make change happen for themselves and also for their local neighbourhood. Funding enabled the continuation of to develop to the existing project for the salary of Support Workers.
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