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Sole supporter: 23% by number, 24% by value.
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National Lottery37%38%
Garfield Weston Foundation22%22%
The Henry Smith Charity20%20%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation18%17%
The Tudor Trust15%14%
BBC Children in Need13%14%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation13%13%
Comic Relief11%11%
Greater London Authority9%9%
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In this period they've made 64 significant donations to registered charities totalling £1,791,589

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
19/07/2019 £29,213 Hope for the Young 3? HFTY will use The Fore's funding to meet the significant demand for its services by restructuring the organisation and growing its staff team – opening a mentoring hub in North London and growing the organisation’s capacity considerably. This will double the number of young people HFTY can support at any one time.
19/07/2019 £30,000 Young Urban Arts Foundation 5? YUAF will use The Fore's funding to roll-out its ‘Amplify’ programme – a digital platform that will host youth content (as well as YUAF support materials), while also generating income for the organisation through corporate sponsorship. This programme will revolutionise YUAF’s financial sustainability, forecast to bring in over £80,000 in unrestricted funding within two years.
19/07/2019 £25,844 Crosslight Advice 4? Crosslight Advice will use The Fore's funding to pilot a new ‘Open Advice’ work stream – a faster intervention that will make it possible for the organisation to help more people. The service will also serve as a form of triage, to identify those in need of more intensive follow-on support. This new model will significantly increase Crosslight Advice’s capacity and efficiency, enabling them to meet demand and support an additional 400 people within two years.
19/07/2019 £30,000 Head2Head Theatre 3? Head2Head will use The Fore's funding to diversify its income streams, and expand its core staff team, in order to significantly enhance the organisation’s long-term sustainability.
19/07/2019 £30,000 The Turnaround Project 2? Turnaround Project will use The Fore's funding to begin transforming Shannon House (an unused prison service asset) into a Transitional and Restorative Justice Centre, which will unlock full financial sustainability and large scale social impact for the organisation. Funding will also enable two of its projects, the Outwork and Big Loop Bikes, to become financially sustainable by scaling up their activities.
29/03/2019 £30,000 Fat Macy's 4? The Fore funded Fat Macy's to provide the necessary staff capacity to open its own restaurant, significantly increasing its revenue and the number of trainees it can support. This should enable Fat Macy’s to create a sevenfold increase in the amount contributed to rental deposits.
29/03/2019 £29,900 R-Evolution 3? The Fore funded R-Evolution to create a new horticulture training programme. This will more than double the number of people it trains and its earned income within two years.
29/03/2019 £30,000 Cody Dock 3? The Fore funded Cody Dock to enable it to instigate its ‘5-year masterplan’, continuing the development of the site, with new features such as a café, event spaces, river boat hire, school projects and apprenticeship opportunities. This will put the organisation on the path to becoming financially self-sufficient and scaling its activities
29/03/2019 £30,000 MAITS 2? The Fore funded MAITS to provide the staff capacity necessary to apply for large grants from international development funders.This will expand MAITS’ programmes to reach new beneficiaries and increase the organisation’s financial sustainability.
29/03/2019 £30,000 Getaway Girls 9? The Fore funded Getaway Girls to allow the CEO to move from front-line work to focus on scaling and strategy.This will enable Getaway Girls to expand its programme, shrinking the current waiting list for its services and expand its reach across Leeds.
30/11/2018 £29,700 Museum of Homelessness 2? A grant from The Fore will enable the Museum of Homelessness to scale, test new operating models and improve financial sustainability by developing new corporate partnerships and income streams.
30/11/2018 £30,000 Mobile Education Partnerships 1? A grant from The Fore will increase the capacity of the management team to focus on scaling and strategy. This will enable MEP to scale and meet requests for new projects across Myanmar and Southern Thailand.
30/11/2018 £30,000 The Odyssey Project 1? A grant from The Fore will increase the capacity of management team to focus on scaling and strategy from current operations. This will enable The Odyssey Project to double both the number of participants in its programmes and its geographical reach.
30/11/2018 £30,000 The Listening Place 5? A grant from The Fore will demonstrate that the Listening Place’s model is replicable and scalable and enable the charity to establish in a second location.
30/11/2018 £29,200 Wicked Weather Watch 2? A grant from The Fore will expand Wicked Weather Watch’s operating model to wider audiences, scaling the number of schools it works with and increasing financial sustainability with new income streams.
30/11/2018 £30,000 Be Enriched Elements 2? A grant from The Fore will allow the CEO to move from front-line work to focus on scaling and strategy, enabling the charity to increase its number of volunteers, develop new corporate partnerships and increase surplus food donations.
30/11/2018 £16,800 South Lakeland Mind 2? A grant from The Fore will enable South Lakeland to develop new earned income streams in a declining grant funding environment. This will transform South Lakeland to develop new community and professional services.
13/07/2018 £30,000 Free to Be Kids 3? The Fore’s grant will fund the salary of a sessional worker, who will support the day-to-day management of residential courses, freeing up the co-founders to expand the organisation and improve its financial sustainability.
13/07/2018 £30,000 Irene Taylor Trust 10? Funding from The Fore will enable the Irene Taylor Trust to develop its proven consultancy and training offer to major international arts organisations. The resulting increase in sustainable unrestricted income will enable increases in ITT’s capacity to contract with prisons and help secure the future of the organisation.
13/07/2018 £30,000 Refugees at Home 2? The Fore’s grant will enable Refugees at Home to professionalise the organisation’s management, developing the capacity that will underpin its future growth.
13/07/2018 £30,000 Imagine If 1? Funding from The Fore will enable Imagine If to develop new partnerships with additional prisons, increasing the organisation’s financial sustainability while expanding provision of Bird on the Wing to reach many more offenders.
13/07/2018 £30,000 WasteAid UK 1? The Fore’s grant will support WasteAid to double the number of countries for project delivery while significantly increasing its earned income.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Action on Postpartum Psychosis 4? With support from The Fore, APP will significantly expand its reach, network and impact through equipping its Peer Support Service for Skype delivery and increasing the understanding of the illness among clinicians.
29/03/2018 £28,990 E17 Puppet Project 3? Funding from The Fore will support E17PP in increasing its reach and to develop new revenue streams, particularly through ‘charged for’ services.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Reverse the Trend 1? Support from The Fore will enable the founder to develop the first contracts with clinical commissioning groups and realise RTTF’s ambitions for growth.
29/03/2018 £25,000 Seenaryo 1? The Fore will fund Seenaryo’s expansion into Jordan and enable it to develop sustainable income by increasing sales of its educational tools.
29/03/2018 £30,000 The Girls' Network 4? To be able to achieve their national scaling ambitions TGN have identified the need for a specialist Communications Officer which will be funded by The Fore.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Tiyeni 1? Tiyeni will receive support from The Fore to develop their tracking and data collection efforts, which will substantiate Tiyeni’s approach, drive adoption among government organizations, academic institutions and agricultural NGOs, and allow Tiyeni to raise funds from funders that require this type of detailed data.
29/03/2018 £28,800 in2ScienceUK 4? Following successful pilots outside London, in2scienceUK will use backing from The Fore to kick-start the charity’s expansion into social mobility ‘cold-spots’ across the UK, building lasting partnerships and funding relationships in new regions.
29/03/2018 £30,000 citizenAID 1? The Fore will fund citizenAID’s first paid member of staff as the organisation strives to meet the strong demand for its services and grow sustainably.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Josephine and Jack Project 3? The Fore’s grant will fund a significant increase of the Project Manager’s hours, enabling J&JP to better meet demand and increase the organisation’s financial sustainability. Areas of focus include developing new courses and cultivating relationships with additional licensees and other delivery partners.
29/03/2018 £29,525 Oarsome Chance 5? Funding from The Fore will enable Canvas Works to scale, involving more young people and developing a long-term business income for the charity.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Settle 5? The Fore will provide funding to free up the CEO so that he can focus on scaling existing programmes, refining Settle’s overall strategy and developing new services.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Hackney Playbus 5? With support from The Fore, Hackney Playbus will dramatically expand their volunteer programme. This will enable services to be extended and increase the resilience of the organisation in the longer-term.
29/03/2018 £30,000 Pete's Dragons 3? The Fore’s funding will enable the extension of services to north Devon and release CEO time to develop sustainable revenue streams, enhance core services and work on strategic development.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Temple Legal Centre 1? The Fore will fund an increase in the Director’s hours, which will enable her to double the number of clinics the Centre offers and increase its financial sustainability.
08/12/2017 £24,400 Tutors United 2? The Fore will fund the salary of a new Programme Officer, which will allow the CEO to focus on developing new partnerships to drive forward the organisation’s strategic growth.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Lensational 1? Funding from The Fore will enable Lensational to scale to meet the commercial demand for its images through increased staff and improved technological infrastructure for image storage.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Small Acts of Kindness 1? Funding from The Fore will enable the founder to become a full-time employee, enabling her to focus on raising revenue and driving growth in both reach and scope.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Stay Up Late 6? The Fore will support Stay Up Late to meet the high demand it has received from grassroots organisations, other charities and local authorities across the U.K. to franchise Gig Buddies by funding a dedicated Project Manager to oversee training and ongoing support for Gig Buddies franchisees, freeing Stay Up Late’s CEO to focus on strategic planning, building relationships and creative income generation.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Mindsong 1? Funding from The Fore will enable vital proof of concept work that will give Mindsong a strong chance of winning NHS cultural commissioning contracts and the ability to extend across Gloucestershire and then franchise across the UK.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Tea Leaf Trust 2? Funding from The Fore will enable the Trust to set up a central office, hire three key members of staff and develop a new teacher training programme, increasing the Trust’s capacity to raise income and ultimately scale up from two to 10 centres across Sri Lanka.
08/12/2017 £29,562 Disability Africa 1? The Fore’s funding will support Disability Africa to expand from two country hubs to five and take steps toward local replication.
08/12/2017 £30,000 Empire Fighting Chance 16? Funding from The Fore will enable Empire Fighting Chance to take its first step toward scaling by expanding into a second site, in neighbouring South Wales.
08/12/2017 £30,000 On Your Bike 4? Support from The Fore will enable On Your Bike to expand to a second site in Bridgewater, doubling the charity’s size and impact while dramatically accelerating its progress toward financial self-sufficiency.
17/07/2017 £29,232 North East Wellbeing 1? The Fore provided funding for back office support in specialist marketing advice, development and delivery of a marketing plan. This will make it possible for North East Wellbeing to disseminate its model by franchising and reduce the organisation’s reliance on grant funding.
17/07/2017 £30,000 SoSAA 2? The Fore has provided funding to cover an increase in staffing, which will enable the CEO to focus on scaling the organisation.
17/07/2017 £25,000 South London Cares 4? The Fore has provided funding to set up and run a new customer relationship management system to improve retention, facilitate expansion and transform operations at South London Cares and its affiliated organisations.
17/07/2017 £24,268 Wellgate Community Farm 2? The Fore has provided funding for a Development Manager to steer the organisation through the development of a new sustainable housing project adjacent to the farm site, which provides a unique and exciting opportunity for the Farm to improve its facilities and increase capacity.
17/07/2017 £30,000 London Football Journeys The Fore funded the salary of a part-time Programme Assistant to deliver project work, in order to free up the CEO’s time to take the organisation to the next level of development.
17/07/2017 £25,000 Groundswell 9? With Groundswell’s existing funding largely restricted, The Fore provided much-needed support for the salary of the organisation’s first COO. The role is expected to transform Groundswell’s financial systems and operating processes to facilitate national scaling of the model.
17/07/2017 £7,500 MUDDY FORK 1? Funding from The Fore will allow Muddy Fork to diversify its income streams by piloting a new paid-for service aimed at employers seeking to use gardening to improve employee wellbeing.
17/07/2017 £30,000 StreetDoctors 6? Following a successful grant from The Fore in 2012, which enabled StreetDoctors to employ a CEO for the first time, StreetDoctors has rapidly expanded and is now operating 18 teams in 14 UK cities. This second grant from The Fore provided funding for the salary of a part-time community fundraiser to pursue fundraising opportunities that have been identified but which StreetDoctors has lacked the resources to develop, in order to build the organisation’s long-term financial sustainability.
17/07/2017 £25,400 The Harbour 3? The Fore funded additional staff time that will enable The Harbour to secure new contracts and increase income from other grant-makers.
30/06/2016 £19,745 MENTORING PLUS BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET 6? Grant funded the development and launch of a new in-school mentoring programme called My Mentor enabling Mentoring Plus to scale its provision beyond the boundaries of its local authority area, for the first time in its 18-year history.
30/06/2016 £30,000 FOOTBALL BEYOND BORDERS 7? Grant funded the salary of the Head of Communications and Community to deliver its Youth Voices strategy; a structured programme training participants to be at the forefront of the planning, creating, editing and sharing the organisations digital output, to double people’s engagement with the organisation.
30/06/2016 £18,000 THE GIFTED ORGANISATION LIMITED 7? Grant funded the strategic development of the organisation to strengthen its longer-term sustainability.
30/06/2016 £30,000 DATAKIND (UK) LIMITED 3? Grant funded a Community Manager post for two years, with the aim of this post becoming self-funded.
31/08/2015 £26,000 CIRCLE COMMUNITY LTD 7? Grant funded the salary of a Training Coordinator for a year to enable the organisation to expand and to diversify its income generation.
31/08/2015 £27,000 RECYCLING UNLIMITED 3? Grant funded the salary of a part-time City Farm Trainer to work evenings and weekends, boosting the overall social impact of the project and its potential to achieve its targets to be self-financing by year five.
31/08/2015 £20,000 SHIVIA 2? Grant funded the expansion of its Poultry Development Service beyond West Bengal. Expanding the model increased Shivia’s potential to generate more trading income, which is key for its longer-term sustainability.
31/08/2015 £27,510 ART AGAINST KNIVES 8? Grant funded the strategic development of the organisation to strengthen its longer term sustainability.
31/08/2015 £20,000 CREATIVE FUTURES (UK) LIMITED 3? Grant funded the training and capacity building within the organisation to establish systems that can measure, quantify and communicate Creative Futures' social impact in preparation for making bids for large-scale local authority tender contracts.
31/08/2015 £30,000 WEST LONDON ZONE 8? Grant funded its shared data management system, which is at the core of the operational and financial models.
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