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Tempus Novo (meaning New Time)

Tempus Novo has attracted support from the police, prison service, Ministry of Justice, media and employers through their work in supporting former prisoners to find suitable employment opportunities as a means of rehabilitation. Their impact is spearheaded by the co-founders, who have been instrumental in growth and bring over 60 years of criminal justice system experience to shape interventions. A majority of income is currently dependant on donations and gifts but they are hoping to diversify funding from ongoing relationships with partner employers. Their programmes have had great success with aims to continue expansion to all 10 prisons across Yorkshire designated Category B or below (including 2 female prisons). These prisons will benefit from caseworkers placed in each to enable increased identification of participants and improve impact of referrals to long term employment.
Impact analysis Interventions meant 26 of the 103 ex-offenders who reached employment in 2018 were priority prolific offenders (those most embedded into the cycle of crime). Employment opportunities for those 103 beneficiaries significantly changed a large proportion of their lives, with 79 still in work after 6 months and only 1 returning to custody.
What it does
  • Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders who want to change their lives by stopping the cycle of crime. Tempus Novo has a unique strength; it’s understanding and direct links into the British prison system. Founded in 2014 by two serving Senior Prison Officers at HMP Leeds, Tempus Novo operates within the prisons to identify offenders committed to transforming their lives. Upon release, these prisoners continue to work with Tempus Novo to gain employment whilst also receiving hands on mentorship and support for a minimum of 6 months.
Who it helps
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Where it operates
  • Leeds City
Awards received

Over the last three years they've won the following awards:

  • CSJ Awards 2019 Criminal Justice Award
Financial Data ?
Y/E Income Expenditure Surplus/
Filed on
28/02/2019 £277,749 £229,149 £48,600 31/07/2019
28/02/2018 £225,477 £150,934 £74,543 16/10/2018
28/02/2017 £77,180 £53,791 £23,389 07/09/2017
28/02/2016 £13,800 £16,188 -£2,388 13/01/2017
28/02/2015 £15,700 £5,576 £10,124 14/10/2015
Donations received ?

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 5 grant making charities totalling £256,000

Donor To be used for
AB Charitable Trust An unrestricted grant of £15,000. Tempus Novo supports offenders through the gate to access employment, working to break down barriers between ex-offenders and employers in West Yorkshire.
Tudor Trust over two years as continuation funding towards salaries at an organisation supporting offenders into employment on release from prison in West Yorkshire
Henry Smith Charity towards three years' running costs of a project in Yorkshire providing support and information to prisoners who are due for release
Garfield Weston Foundation Breaking the cycle of crime through employment
Tudor Trust over one year towards salaries and some consultancy support for an organisation working across Yorkshire which supports offenders to secure employment on release
Lloyds Bank Foundation towards salary and organisational development costs for working with prison leavers in Yorkshire as they approach their release to support them into sustainable employment
How effective is it?
Tempus Novo Rehabilitation Programme

Description: All ex-offenders at Tempus Novo are known as graduates to assist with their transition back into mainstream society. The referral process is kept simple and can consist of a phone call by the offender or the person nominating, usually a probation officer, prison officer, police officer or another caseworker. At initial interview the offender is assessed and must provide Curriculum Vitae, passport ID, driving license or birth certificate, bank account and personal letter outlining their past and why they now want to change. This allows for a speedier service should Tempus Novo suddenly have a position become available. The interview is complete in such a way as to make the service personal and bespoke. A risk assessment is carried out using prison and police intelligence to ensure as far as is possible nothing can happen which could damage the reputation of companies. Once on the programme, support for both graduate and employer is provided over 12 months from the date of employment. The support consists of visits, phone calls and texts and is designed around the needs of both graduate and employer as each case is different.

Objectives: To get serving prisoners and ex-offenders into employment and break the cycle of crime

Intervention period: 12 months

Beneficiaries: Adult offenders (Tempus Novo does not work with offenders who have convictions for serious violence, arson or sexual offences)

Outputs Outcomes
103 Offenders placed in employment
79 Still in work after 6 months
761 Referrals
366 Serving and ex-offenders interviewed for admission onto the rehabilitation programme
2 Returned to custody
517 Referrals
70 Offenders placed in employment
278 Serving and ex-offenders interviewed for admission onto the rehabilitation programme71 Offenders put forward for interview
60 Still in work after 6 months
2 Returned to custody
113 Serving and ex-offenders interviewed for admission onto the rehabilitation programme36 Offenders put forward for interview
34 Offenders placed in employment
26 Still in work after 6 months
3 Returned to custody
Tempus Novo Annual Report 2019 Financial Statements Download Document
Tempus Novo Annual Report 2018 Financial Statements Download Document
Tempus Novo Annual Report 2017 Financial Statements Download Document
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Tempus Novo was co-founded by Steve Freer and Val Wawrosz. Between them, Steve and Val have almost 60 years combined experience working with offenders in prisons throughout the country, most recently at HMP Leeds.
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Swan Cottage
41 The Moorings
Apperley Bridge
West Yorkshire
BD10 0UH

Legal constitution
  • UK Charity, number: 1157079
  • First registered on 16/05/2014


George Grant (Chair) joined Tempus Novo as a Trustee in December 2015. He was a former foreign correspondent, policy analyst and parliamentary candidate who now manages estate at Stockeld Park, his family home. Gareth Bullen (Treasurer) has over 30 years' experience of working as a senior manager in the utilities sector and running his own international training consultancy. Valerie Heywood (Secretary) has been a magistrate for 23 years sitting in adult crime, youth crime, and family courts. She is also a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Leeds and has been for 20 years.