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Sole supporter: 30% by number, 24% by value.
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National Lottery44%37%
The Henry Smith Charity26%20%
Co-operative Group23%22%
Lloyds Bank Foundation17%10%
BBC Children in Need10%10%
The Funding Network8%5%
Garfield Weston Foundation6%7%
Essex Community Foundation5%5%
The Fore4%2%
Coop Foundation4%2%
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In this period they've made 87 significant donations to registered charities totalling £757,013

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
27/03/2019 £5,000 TRING YOUTH PROJECT 1? Grant to Tring Youth Project
27/03/2019 £5,000 STEVENAGE CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU 4? Grant to Citizens Advice Stevenage
27/03/2019 £4,642 HOME-START HERTFORDSHIRE 2? Grant to Home-Start Hertfordshire
28/02/2019 £4,983 CARING HAIR 1? Grant to Caring Hair
28/02/2019 £5,000 SPACE 3? Grant to SPACE (Supporting Parents of Autistic Children in East Herts)
28/02/2019 £3,750 THE DAYLIGHT CLUB 1? Grant to Daylight Club
28/02/2019 £3,852 IRISH NETWORK STEVENAGE 3? Grant to Irish Network Stevenage
28/02/2019 £4,712 BISHOPS STORTFORD YOUTH PROJECT LIMITED 2? Grant to Bishops Stortford Youth Project
21/02/2019 £10,000 THE RECOVER TEAM LIMITED 5? A programme of intensive workshops to support those leaving treatment programmes for addiction and mental health issues. Participants will learn skills to help them into independent living and employment.
21/02/2019 £9,637 GROWING PEOPLE 2? Expansion of an existing service aimed at supporting those with a chronic mental health condition.
21/02/2019 £9,611 HOME-START WATFORD AND THREE RIVERS 2? A project providing support to those with mental health issues who are parents of young children. 'Time to Talk' will provide parents with weekly professional counselling and weekly home visits with volunteers who will also provide childcare during the counselling sessions.
19/02/2019 £4,000 WEST WATFORD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 1? Grant to West Watford Community Association
12/02/2019 £4,000 GROWING PEOPLE 2? Grant to Growing People
31/01/2019 £3,964 ST ALBANS AND DISTRICT FOODBANK 1? Grant to St Albans and District Foodbank
31/01/2019 £10,000 Electric Umbrella 2? Music for adults with learning disabilities charity, seeking funding to expand a community choir and hold a one-off concert
31/01/2019 £9,990 SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS TRUST 1? Funding for warm in winter gift bags and project costs for a pilot scheme of Small Acts of Kindness ambassadors to promote the gift bags.
31/01/2019 £10,000 Trinity Community Project (TCP) 2? To employ a part time sessional worker and to expand the hours of the Activities Coordinator and recruit additional volunteers in order to meet a growing number of referrals which include those who formerly attended 'Meeting Point'.
31/01/2019 £9,583 THE WAY INN CHRISTIAN CENTRE TRUST 1? Christian charity running a community outreach centre in Berkhamsted are seeking funding to provide signposting services and run activities aimed at reducing loneliness
31/01/2019 £9,899 NORTH-HERTS MINORITY ETHNIC FORUM 2? A outreach project to support older BAME people in North Herts and reduce social isolation.
31/01/2019 £9,952 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ACTION HERTFORDSHIRE 2? to fund a part-time Field Worker to work with Village Hubs and the Rural Loneliness forum to address rural isolation and loneliness in practical ways.
31/01/2019 £10,000 Herts Disability Sports Foundation 1? To develop the independence and social engagement of physically and/or learning disabled people through a supported cycling programme at Stanborough Park, using the social prescribing model.
31/01/2019 £4,000 THE RED TRUST BUSHEY 1? Grant to The Red Trust Bushey
31/01/2019 £10,000 Future Living Hertford 2? Domestic abuse and addiction charity requesting funding for a project lead for group therapy sessions.
31/12/2018 £24,000 Irish Network Stevenage 3? A matched savings scheme for the Christmas Club
17/12/2018 £6,708 Home-Start Watford & Three Rivers 2? Grant to Home-Start Watford & Three Rivers
13/12/2018 £5,000 St Albans and Hertsmere Women's Refuge 2? Grant to St Albans and Hertsmere Women's Refuge
30/11/2018 £10,000 Future Living Hertford 2? Grant to Future Living Hertford
30/11/2018 £5,930 NORTH-HERTS MINORITY ETHNIC FORUM 2? Grant to North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum
30/11/2018 £6,708 THE COUNSELLING FOUNDATION 2? Grant to The Counselling Foundation
21/11/2018 £5,000 Watford Sheltered Workshop 1? Grant to Watford Sheltered Workshop
21/11/2018 £5,000 Groundwork East 2? Grant to Groundwork East
21/11/2018 £5,000 Groundwork East 2? Grant to Groundwork East
15/11/2018 £5,000 Herts Young Homeless 5? Grant to Herts Young Homeless
31/10/2018 £12,000 GRATITUDE 1? Grant to Gratitude
31/10/2018 £5,000 STEVENAGE FOOTBALL CLUB FOUNDATION LTD 3? Grant to Stevenage FC Foundation
31/10/2018 £4,600 THE PHOENIX GROUP FOR DEAF CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS 1? Grant to Phoenix Children Group for Deaf Children and Young Adults
25/10/2018 £5,000 Royston & District Community Transport 1? Grant to Royston & District Community Transport
25/10/2018 £3,700 Citizens Advice Stevenage 4? Grant to Citizens Advice Stevenage
25/10/2018 £4,220 Home-Start Hertfordshire 2? Grant to Home-Start Hertfordshire
25/10/2018 £24,305 The Gifted Organisation Limited 7? Grant to The Gifted Organisation Limited
25/10/2018 £24,714 Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter (DENS) 5? Grant to Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter (DENS)
08/10/2018 £56,033 Mudlarks Community Garden 4? Grant to Mudlarks Community Garden
08/10/2018 £49,400 CAB St Albans 2? Grant to CAB St Albans
30/09/2018 £24,284 Resolve 5? Grant to Resolve
30/09/2018 £30,395 Home-Start Hertfordshire 2? Grant to Home-Start Hertfordshire
30/09/2018 £10,000 Heather Club 1? Grant to Heather Club
30/09/2018 £34,553 THE PHOENIX GROUP FOR DEAF CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS 1? Grant to Phoenix Children Group for Deaf Children and Young Adults
30/09/2018 £5,000 TRINITY COMMUNITY PROJECT 2? Grant to Trinity Community Project (TCP)
30/09/2018 £5,000 THE RED TRUST BUSHEY 1? Grant to The Red Trust Bushey
30/09/2018 £5,000 HEMEL ACES FOOTBALL CLUB 1? Grant to Hemel Aces Junior Football Club
30/09/2018 £5,000 STEVENAGE AND NORTH HERTFORDSHIRE CHILD CONTACT CENTRES 1? Grant to Stevenage and North Herts Child Contact Centres
25/09/2018 £5,000 Mind in Mid Herts 6? Grant to Mind in Mid Herts
25/09/2018 £4,902 CAB East Herts 2? Grant to CAB East Herts
25/09/2018 £3,300 Autism Angel South Centre 1? Grant to Autism Angel South Centre
25/09/2018 £4,045 Cruse Bereavement Care Grant to Cruse Bereavement Care
07/09/2018 £5,000 Headway Hertfordshire 4? Grant to Headway Hertfordshire
31/08/2018 £5,000 THE PHOENIX GROUP FOR DEAF CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS 1? Grant to Phoenix Children Group for Deaf Children and Young Adults
31/08/2018 £5,000 THE COUNSELLING FOUNDATION 2? Grant to The Counselling Foundation
31/08/2018 £4,548 HACRO 2? Grant to HACRO
31/08/2018 £5,000 FUTURE LIVING HERTFORD 2? Grant to Future Living Hertford
07/08/2018 £9,465 The Gifted Organisation Limited 7? Grant to The Gifted Organisation Limited
03/08/2018 £4,354 The Recover Team Limited 5? Grant to The Recover Team Limited
03/08/2018 £4,950 Peace Child International (also known as Peace Child) 1? Grant to Peace Child International (also known as Peace Child)
31/07/2018 £5,000 HERTS MUSICAL MEMORIES 1? Grant to Herts Musical Memories
31/07/2018 £5,000 DSACHIEVE 2? Grant to DS Achieve
31/07/2018 £8,666 HACRO 2? Caring Dads course participants have had allegations of domestic abuse made against them. Many have had contact with their children restricted or denied by their former partner, Children's Services or the Family Courts. Caring Dads is a 17 week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy parenting programme which focuses on developing the father’s relationship with the child and mother to reduce impact on both, beginning the process of healing. It is also to encourage child centred parenting, reduce conflict in family life and enable men to become better fathers. The programme challenges denial and minimisation and uses intervention strategies adapted from motivational interviewing, psycho-educational, cognitive-behavioural and emotion-focused approaches. Referrals are mainly received from social workers with some coming via the family courts and CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) . CAFCASS is unable to Commission Caring Dads courses as HACRO is too small an organisation to be registered with the Ministry of Justice. In previous years HCC's Targeted Parenting Fund has supported two courses/year. HCC are in the process of a new commissioning round and in the interim have agreed one course for the summer of 2018/19. However HACRO receive enough referrals for six courses across the county per year. Caring Dads facilitators are highly skilled, specially trained Offender managers and social workers who work on a sessional basis. This application is to cover the cost of one course.
31/07/2018 £4,839 THE GUIDE ASSOCIATION 5? Grant to Girlguiding Hatfield District
31/07/2018 £5,000 GRATITUDE 1? Grant to Gratitude
31/07/2018 £5,000 JUBILEE HOUSE CARE TRUST LTD 1? Grant to Jubilee House Care Trust
31/07/2018 £5,000 THE COUNSELLING FOUNDATION 2? Grant to The Counselling Foundation
19/07/2018 £5,000 Druglink 3? Grant to Druglink
30/06/2018 £26,975 NORTH-HERTS MINORITY ETHNIC FORUM 2? To pay for the salary of an Advocacy Worker to provide guidance in ethnic languages on housing, benefit, education, training, employment, health and other matters.
30/06/2018 £5,000 THE LIVING ROOM 2? Grant to The Living Room
30/06/2018 £8,416 IRISH NETWORK STEVENAGE 3? INS are applying for funding to continue their Wednesday Christmas Club, a savings club in partnership with Stevenage Credit Union. The scheme works by encouraging members to save small regular amounts throughout the year. The money saved can then be paid out in November to be used for Christmas or to contribute towards winter costs. What they spend it on is their choice and will be kept private as some vulnerable members would be reluctant to let it be known they are struggling. The Club also provided the opportunity for INS to spend time with members discussing various benefits they may be entitled to, talking about utility bills and generally getting a more detailed understanding of their financial circumstances. They were then able to work with specific individuals to look at claiming additional financial help. They helped 23 people in this way in 2017. The Club also helps to promote a culture of saving and introduce members to the Stevenage Credit Union as an alternative to loan sharks. The amount requested here (£8416) covers two years provision of the service.
30/06/2018 £5,000 TRANSITIONS UK 6? Grant to Transitions UK
30/06/2018 £4,978 HERTS PEOPLE FIRST 1? Grant to Herts People First
25/05/2018 £2,843 Grove Cottage Bishop's Stortford Mencap 7? The funds from this grant will help to fund a proportion of the group's new Volunteer Coordinator role and will help to fund a proportion of their annual volunteer training costs. Their Volunteer Coordinator will aim to increase volunteering opportunities and recruit at least 50% more volunteers across all departments within a year; this would take them to around 150 active volunteers. Currently 42 of their 106 volunteers are under 25 and live in Hertfordshire (40%). The Coordinator will also aim to manage the volunteers to ensure that they get the most out of the opportunity. This will involve holding regular volunteer events and putting in systems to monitor their progress and fulfilment within their role.
24/05/2018 £4,750 Young People's Puppet Theatre 3? Grant to Young People's Puppet Theatre
02/05/2018 £5,000 CAB East Herts 2? Grant to CAB East Herts
30/04/2018 £4,974 CARING HAIR 1? Grant to Caring Hair
30/04/2018 £4,020 ACTONE ARTSBASE 4? We respectfully seek funding towards ActOne ArtBase’s project UV, which is a series of events for learning disabled young people. UV is overseen by a Board of 7 young learning disabled people and is an opportunity for other learning disabled young adults to come together as a community, to enjoy a themed and creative event with a DJ in a safe and supportive environment. The events are accessible for young people with multiple needs and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to input into the evaluation so that the UV events can develop and respond to the needs of the participants. A laser light board is a piece of equipment that the participants can access to give their feedback during the event which helps with evaluation – captions, quotes and drawings are captured and exist for a few short seconds before they fade away, providing a blank space to receive the next comment. In the past the young people have created a temporary laser light board. This funding would enable the group to purchase a permanent light board that is fit for purpose. The young people are also keen to promote their work to harness further funding investment and interest in UV events. To do this, they plan to make a short film that profiles their involvement and demonstrates the benefits of being involved in UV. The young people will write their own scripts and help to produce the short film and they have negotiated free use of a film studio. Funding would help to pay for travel and subsistence costs for the young people and supporting volunteers.
30/04/2018 £3,000 THE LONDON HORSEPLAY CENTRE 3? Grant to The London Horseplay Centre
30/04/2018 £4,988 BISHOPS STORTFORD YOUTH PROJECT LIMITED 2? Thirst Cafe have committed adult volunteers who develop strong relationships with the young people who attend. It's a space for them to drop in immediately after school and a place over the weekend, where they can engage with positive role models, talk through issues and chat over games. Over a session, we can have 70 young people drop in. We are open 4 sessions and wish to open more, increasing to an evening slot so that young people will have a safe place to be in the evening, and create specific events to tackle the needs highlighted above. We want to give young people a) the space to discover their unique ideas, creativity and voice, b) a sense of belonging through team work and shared identity c) help them to see the impact of powerful and healthy decision making in growing confidence. SoundBox is an electronic questionnaire, taken onto the streets by 11-14yr olds, to find out how youth culture impacts them. This will lead to reflection, and a development of specific events to address these needs. Young Ambassador Role is for 15-18yr olds, as a link to their school, to develop belonging, confidence through public speaking, mentoring and support.
30/04/2018 £4,950 STAND-BY-ME BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT SERVICE FOR CHILDREN 2? This application builds on the current YA project and on feedback given by the children/young people involved. They told us this type of activity gives coherence to their experience and provides them with a more confident voice to educate and influence others to bring about change that is important to them. They have also told us of their desire to become involved in understanding and delivering the work of the charity. The continuing project will offer a range of opportunities to enable YA to understand how charitable organisations are formed, governed and can influence local society. This will include establishing a Young Ambassador Forum, representing the views of peers to Trustees. The continuing project will seek to enhance the skills and confidence of the existing group of YA to act as mentors to new ambassadors and take part in our Contact-me (schools’ training programme) to further promote the importance of youth social action. The grant will be spent on: Specialist training; Cost of YA involvement in public events e.g. room hire, volunteer supervision, travel expenses; consumables; Staff costs – including project management and clinical supervision; Other project costs e.g. YA tee-shirts, publicity, general office costs, volunteer costs.
30/04/2018 £5,000 KEEP PLAYING 4? Grant to Keep Playing trading as Level Water
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