John Ellerman Foundation

Who they support

The grants we make reflect our interest in advancing wellbeing. Our grants are made under the categories of arts, social action and the environment. We have not made any fixed budget allocations under each category. This allows us to be flexible and make judgements based on demand and quality of individual applications as they come in

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £6 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been 20 years.

Grant criteria

We aim to advance the wellbeing of people, society and the natural world by focusing on the arts, environment and social action. We believe these areas can make an important contribution to wellbeing.

Grant details

Organisations We prioritise UK-registered charities with an income between £100,000 and £10m. If your income is greater than this we will only consider a grant if you are uniquely placed to help meet our funding objectives. We call this the ‘only they can do it’ test. National significance We want our funds to make a difference, with as wide an impact as possible. This may involve creating art of the highest quality; working across a wide geographical area; or sharing, expanding or replicating successful initiatives. We also recognise it may be necessary to change the system, and that by influencing policy, campaigning or adopting other approaches more far-reaching and longer-term benefits are possible. National significance may look different in each of our categories: Arts – the creation of new work in itself has the potential to create a national or international legacy to inspire others. Using excellence as a key criterion is designed to strengthen and widen impact, thus demonstrating UK-wide significance. Partnerships, whether cross-art form, cross-sector or geographical, may also enhance this significance, and touring may contribute to a national footprint. Environment – certain species and habitats have national significance in themselves, due to their rarity. Some organisations occupy a distinctive, national niche; alternatively, the issue being tackled may be relevant to all or a large part of the UK. We also consider the biodiversity of the UK Overseas Territories to be of national and international importance. Social Action – we look to support organisations whose work is rooted in practical experience and applied at a national or UK level. This significance may result from the importance of the subject tackled or the approach taken.


Aria House
23 Craven Street

Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 263207
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period they've made 294 donations totalling £26,988,533 to 224 organisations

Where are the Beneficiaries?
How big are the Recipients? ?
How old were the charities when supported?
Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 55% 57%
Garfield Weston Foundation 38% 42%
Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport 37% 39%
The National Lottery Community Fund 33% 36%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation 21% 24%
The National Lottery Heritage Fund 19% 21%
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 18% 18%
City Bridge Trust 18% 17%
Trust for London 15% 24%
The Foyle Foundation 14% 17%
Sole supporter: 13% by number, 18% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
28/09/2023 £100,000 £1,595,153 BAT CONSERVATION TRUST Core costs of our policy and advocacy work
28/09/2023 £90,000 £1,450,393 BRITISH YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE Core costs - staff salaries, occupancy, IT, marketing & development
28/09/2023 £120,000 £3,484,720 THE LUCY FAITHFULL FOUNDATION Contribute towards the salaries of the CEO and director of policy and advocacy as well as materials and assets needed
28/09/2023 £100,000 £4,312,234 PLANTLIFE INTERNATIONAL Funding for a dedicated specialist Rainforest Advisor role for 3 years as part of our Temperate Rainforest Advisor Network.
28/09/2023 £105,000 £225,522 THICKSKIN THEATRE Core costs (staff salaries, training and expenses, day-to-day running costs, operations and communications).
28/09/2023 £75,000 £4,041,686 TREES FOR CITIES Core staff salaries within our charity, to include our Development, Marketing & Communications and Community Engagement teams.
28/09/2023 £150,000 £878,277 THE ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST - Z2K Contribution towards our core (salary, direct and indirect) costs incurred in the delivery of our national policy influencing and campaigning.
27/09/2023 £50,000 JOSEPH ROWNTREE REFORM TRUST Contribution to UK Democracy Fund
27/07/2023 £120,000 £468,351 20 STORIES HIGH We're requesting a ‘loosely restricted’ grant to support the artistic development and delivery of our national touring programme 2023-26.
27/07/2023 £100,000 £1,130,053 ACTION FOR CONSERVATION core costs
27/07/2023 £83,000 £306,816 AGENDA CIO Core costs
27/07/2023 £128,500 £250,655 CARING FOR GOD'S ACRE (CFGA) 40% of our core running costs. Core Staff salary plus office running costs.
27/07/2023 £90,000 £473,596 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK Core costs
27/07/2023 £150,000 £889,171 MIGRANTS ORGANISE Contribution to staff salaries of the CEO and Operations Manager
27/07/2023 £90,000 £173,214 OPERA UP CLOSE Fundraising & Partnership Manager (new role): enabling the delivery of our nationally significant, high-quality, innovative and collaborative programme for 2023-26
25/05/2023 £78,126 PART OF BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL Salary for Working Exhibits Manager post, providing curatorial and conservation support to our Working Exhibits collection
25/05/2023 £150,000 £1,554,977 CHINEKE FOUNDATION Core costs
25/05/2023 £38,000 £1,473,203 CLORE LEADERSHIP Interventions to support the role of diverse artists and freelancers to impact cultural and social ecology across the UK. Fellowship and Bursaries
25/05/2023 £15,000 £534,226 COUNTERPOINT ARTS Footnote-Counterpoints writing prize, to celebrate the contribution refugees and migrants make to arts, culture and society
25/05/2023 £105,000 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES Policy and Public Affairs Specialist
25/05/2023 £91,572 CEREDIGION COUNTY COUNCIL curatorial staff salaries
25/05/2023 £89,646 £2,653,493 BOWES MUSEUM Co-production Curator salary to embed a new community centred approach, working collaboratively across all collections, skills development and management costs.
25/05/2023 £30,000 £1,224,736 CLEAN BREAK Core costs
25/05/2023 £60,000 £202,230 DANTE OR DIE THEATRE We are seeking funding of £100,000 over three years (2023-26) to support DoD’s core costs including salaries & project costs.
25/05/2023 £35,000 HOLBURNE MUSEUM OF ART - BATH Holburne Museum Contemporary Curator's salary, recruitment costs and associated project costs.
25/05/2023 £90,000 £211,405 NORTHERN LINES CIO The grant will support core salary costs.
25/05/2023 £95,500 £323,153 JURASSIC COAST TRUST Salary for JCC Lead Officer, incl. CPD, Travel; 9% management and overheads, contribution to fossil preparation (match funded by JCT)
25/05/2023 £89,978 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Salary costs for the Museum Network Coordinator and travel costs for partner organisations.
25/05/2023 £150,000 £1,981,428 OXFORD PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Towards the salaries of both the Director and Chief Operating Officer.
25/05/2023 £150,000 £3,493,366 FAIRSHARE EDUCATION FOUNDATION We are seeking funding for core costs.
26/01/2023 £100,000 £364,447 MUSLIM WOMEN'S NETWORK UK Core costs and helpline salaries
26/01/2023 £65,000 MOTIONHOUSE Contribution to 50% artistic team salaries/fees during 15 weeks of research, development and creation of our next theatre touring production.
26/01/2023 £120,000 £887,109 THE ADVOCACY ACADEMY Contribution towards the CEO and Senior Leadership Team salaries
26/01/2023 £105,000 £649,131 THE ECOLOGY TRUST (FOR UNCHECKED UK) Core costs
26/01/2023 £90,000 IMPACT ACCELERATOR LTD core costs - specifically for campaigns advisor to support groups across our programmes & communications to reach groups
26/01/2023 £90,000 £2,058,220 ASHDEN Core operating costs of the Sustainable Towns and Cities programme
26/01/2023 £90,000 £342,450 BIRTHRIGHTS Core costs and part CEO and Participation Lead salary costs.
26/01/2023 £90,000 £1,581,923 WISE CHILDREN LIMITED Core costs
24/11/2022 £75,000 £1,516,947 SUSTAINABLE FOOD TRUST Core costs (policy advocacy and public awareness raising work)
24/11/2022 £90,000 £197,788 KAKILANG core cost for the salary of the Artistic Director/CEO and the three Associate Artistic Directors
24/11/2022 £148,500 £564,910 NATIONAL UGLY MUGS Core support for sex worker-led anti-violence/anti-poverty advocacy and campaigning, and business planning towards ‘mainstreaming’ services to underrepresented women survivors.
24/11/2022 £90,000 NEW DIORAMA THEATRE Core costs over three years at £30,000 per year for 2023, 2024 and 2025
24/11/2022 £50,000 CIVIC POWER FUND Core staff costs and MEAL support
24/11/2022 £105,000 £197,388 THE OPEN SEAS TRUST Salary costs for team plus modest overheads
24/11/2022 £100,000 £17,184,032 ROYAL SOCIETY OF WILDLIFE TRUSTS Towards the cost of a new senior, core post dedicated to transforming agriculture through influencing agriculture policy.
24/11/2022 £25,000 A BETTER WAY Cost of the co-convenors of a Better Way, plus £1,750 p.a. to Civil Exchange to manage the grant.
24/11/2022 £10,000 SUSTAINABLE WELLBEING ENVIRONMENT NETWORK Grant to Sustainable Wellbeing Environment Network
24/11/2022 £7,500 £535,552 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION Grant to Sheila McKechnie Foundation
27/10/2022 £103,000 £1,101,126 SOUTH ATLANTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE PA and Communications Officer, and Office Manager salary/ core costs.
25/10/2022 £85,000 £143,112,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Core costs, salary contributions and external assistance for an Akrotiri hydrological & wetland management study.
25/10/2022 £50,305 WILDLIFE (GIBRALTAR) LTD staff costs, development of laboratory & centre of knowledge facilities, T&S, training sessions, preparation of training session material.
25/10/2022 £76,370 £143,112,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Campaign Officer and ecological value studies to protect Cayman's unique central mangrove wetland from proposed road development
25/10/2022 £119,800 £143,112,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Salary for Conservation Officer in Montserrat National Trust (MNT)
25/10/2022 £102,000 £143,112,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Salaries for TCNT to employ a full-time Heritage Sites Operations Manager and a part-time Fundraising Coordinator.
25/10/2022 £99,425 £6,208,722 BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION Improving ocean protection and management around UK Sovereign Base Akrotiri in Cyprus
25/10/2022 £121,100 £1,019,502 FALKLANDS CONSERVATION Desktop plant studies, site -visits, leasehold/protected area discussions for Hornby and Hill Cove Mountains. Vast majority to compensation to landowner.
25/10/2022 £37,000 £6,208,722 BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION Core costs
01/10/2022 £11,454 AIM HI Climate leadership training programme for JEF grant-holders’ Trustees and staff
29/09/2022 £120,000 £146,983 SOUNDDELIVERY MEDIA Staff salary for a Team Assistant and contribution to our Media Communications Manager salary. To extend our programme UK Wide
29/09/2022 £100,000 £358,953 CHILDREN ENGLAND Core costs, including contributions to CEO and Policy Manager salaries, and youth engagement costs
29/09/2022 £90,000 £949,174 PAN UK Salaries, activity and overhead costs associated to UK programme of work
29/09/2022 £75,000 £322,686 FORWARD ARTS FOUNDATION Core costs: Directors' and Operation Manager's salaries, prize funding, communications, poets' fees and contribution to overheads.
29/09/2022 £18,200 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK Philanthropy Lab
28/09/2022 £10,000 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE Grant to School of Social Justice
01/08/2022 £30,000 ASSOCIATION OF CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS Grant to Association of Charitable Foundations
28/07/2022 £120,000 £574,678 ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Core and staff costs to grow Attitude is Everything's campaigning and social justice work
28/07/2022 £90,000 £661,753 BALLET LORENT towards core costs over 3 years
28/07/2022 £90,000 £411,973 CHINA PLATE THEATRE COMPANY Executive Director Salary and Artist development programme
28/07/2022 £100,000 £736,988 THEATRE DE COMPLICITE EDUCATION LIMITED Core costs, in support of development of new touring work
28/07/2022 £140,000 £444,122 EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY FORUM Core costs, including our national policy advocacy
28/07/2022 £105,000 £81,403 MAKING RIGHTS REAL For core organisational costs to support marginalised communities use a human rights based approach in practice
28/07/2022 £120,000 £300,309 MIGRANT VOICE Core costs
28/07/2022 £75,000 £608,587 THE URBAND ORCHARD PROJECT Core costs of creating and restoring urban community orchards, to conserve orchard habitat, enhance biodiversity, and connect people to nature
28/07/2022 £120,000 £630,449 WESSEX RIVERS TRUST Core costs
28/07/2022 £30,000 £966,383 ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS Staff costs Project delivery (eg editing, venue costs etc) Expert input
09/06/2022 £120,000 THE TENEBRAE CHOIR The Tenebrae Choir - core costs for the 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons.
09/06/2022 £60,000 SUSTAINABLE INSHORE FISHERIES TRUST Core funding to support our work promoting sustainable management of inshore waters
09/06/2022 £90,000 £259,813 EATING BETTER Core costs to support research and communications
09/06/2022 £90,000 CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR FOUNDATION Core costs of the CBF Strategic Influencing and Best Practice Workstreams
09/06/2022 £100,000 £355,607 RIGHTS AND SECURITY INTERNATIONAL core and staff costs related to RSI’s promotion of rights and accountability in the UK.
26/05/2022 £75,000 £1,386,781 CENTRE FOR HOMELESSNESS IMPACT Core costs
26/05/2022 £117,000 £1,623,307 FACT (FOUNDATION FOR ART & CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY) Curator in Residence fees, Research Curator fees, Curatorial Intern salaries, overheads (FACT staff time) and project costs (travel, accommodation, research).
26/05/2022 £150,000 £2,409,919 FULL FACT Core costs
26/05/2022 £50,362 HISTORY OF SCIENCE MUSEUM, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Continuation of salary costs support for the Curator of the Collection from the Islamic World
26/05/2022 £132,806 £1,827,739 THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF LABOUR HISTORY Collections officer 4 days a week, including oncosts and IT, management costs to support, development budget for team, system costs
26/05/2022 £124,677 SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR VISUAL ARTS Curator salary
26/05/2022 £90,000 £2,455,110 TULLIE HOUSE MUSEUM & ART GALLERY TRUST Curator salaries, project costs
26/05/2022 £150,000 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION Core costs
26/05/2022 £60,000 £123,591 THE POVERTY AND ENVIRONMENT TRUST Staff salaries, mass electronic communications tools, online promotion and hard copy promotional materials, such as leaflets and inserts
26/05/2022 £30,000 VOICE4CHANGE ENGLAND Cover time for the project team and V4CE’s input, including oversight from Chief Executive, communications and finance support.
26/05/2022 £20,000 £2,058,220 ASHDEN Grant to Ashden
12/04/2022 £133,770 £462,125 ALEXANDER WHITLEY DANCE COMPANY Core funding to support three company salaries
31/03/2022 £10,000 ALLIANCE MAGAZINE Sponsorship of Alliance Magazine
31/03/2022 £10,500 BIG GIVE The Big Give Green Match Fund
31/03/2022 £43,000 MORE IN COMMON More in Common will provide support for the Foundation's grantees to reach their grant objectives across your three priority areas. We will do so by working with grantees, using our Britain’s Choice segmentation, public opinion research and analysis.
31/03/2022 £50,000 £260,840 SOUND UK ARTS Core costs to cover two part time staff
31/03/2022 £120,000 £588,194 ASYLUM SUPPORT APPEALS PROJECT Core costs
31/03/2022 £138,163 £70,885,000 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON Programme lead, project officer, travel and subsistence for CITES, CMS and ICES, fieldwork costs, proportionate contribution to overheads.
31/03/2022 £150,000 £3,729,494 ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY UK Campaign, Communications, Intelligence team salaries; Communications:creating reports and microsite
31/03/2022 £120,000 £1,452,600 FUEL PRODUCTIONS LIMITED Contribution to core costs; Director/CEO's and Head of Programme's salaries
31/03/2022 £100,000 £5,385,000 FORUM FOR THE FUTURE 90% against project costs as outlined in application; 10% of the grant towards core funding
31/03/2022 £145,000 LAW CENTRES NETWORK Core Costs
27/01/2022 £120,000 £453,737 ADVOCACY AFTER FATAL DOMESTIC ABUSE (AAFDA) Towards the costs of delivering national improvements to systems, policies and practices responding to victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse and people bereaved by fatal domestic abuse
27/01/2022 £120,000 £4,070,589 BRISTOL OLD VIC AND THEATRE ROYAL TRUST LIMITED Towards supporting the Ferment programme centred on developing, commissioning and co-producing early to mid-career artists
27/01/2022 £125,000 £235,488 THE BRITISH INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS Towards core management and operations team to support communities to secure social change through the practical use of human rights standard in practice and policy
27/01/2022 £125,000 £1,002,970 CLIMATE OUTREACH Towards supporting the organisation to grow sustainably and continue to play a crucial role in achieving a 1.5-degree world
27/01/2022 £30,000 £5,145,000 CPRE-CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT RURAL ENGLAND Towards the cost of the Countryside for All programme to support a collective of lived experience experts to highlight and challenge the barriers to countryside access in the UK
27/01/2022 £150,000 £2,337,689 JUST FOR KIDS LAW LIMITED Towards supporting the next stage of their development to bring together local advice and representation, advocacy and participation, the Children's Rights Alliance for England and the Youth Justice Legal Centre
27/01/2022 £120,000 NATIONAL THEATRE OF SCOTLAND Towards the costs of professional fees for a Digital Producer to develop a sustainable and innovative digital strand within their artistic programme
27/01/2022 £114,000 SEAWILDING Towards supporting the growth of the organisation
27/01/2022 £50,000 £2,026,881 SHROPSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST Core costs for the Communications and Development Team
27/01/2022 £120,000 £518,881 JUBILEE DEBT CAMPAIGN Core costs - primarily salaries of staff members.
15/12/2021 £100,000 NATIONAL TRUST FOR THE CAYMAN ISLANDS Employment and salary for a Environmental Policy and Impact Officer (EPIO) to support the work of the National Trust.
15/12/2021 £120,000 £731,539 FALKLANDS CONSERVATION Land purchase
15/12/2021 £150,000 £121,618,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Land acquisition at the Salina Reserve Important Bird & Biodiversity Area (IBA), Grand Cayman
15/12/2021 £121,837 TURKS & CAICOS REEF FUND Executive Director and Part-time Manager salaries, plus initial nursery table set up and supplies
15/12/2021 £114,711 £58,131,000 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON Staff costs (Ascension and UK); project activities, including research, capacity-building and communication, M&E, 15% overheads. Matched funding of £36,564 confirmed.
15/12/2021 £149,145 £4,158,194 BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION BLUE resourcing 2 members of marine team staff (head of marine conservation and marine team member) Fieldwork expenses
15/12/2021 £150,000 ANGUILLA NATIONAL TRUST Land acquisition to support the enlargement, protection, and restoration of Anguilla's Fountain National Park
15/12/2021 £91,037 ST HELENA NATIONAL TRUST Developing sustainable revenue sources on St Helena Island
25/11/2021 £90,000 £678,918 CITY OF LONDON SINFONIA LIMITED Core costs
25/11/2021 £106,050 £731,539 FALKLANDS CONSERVATION core costs
25/11/2021 £63,718 £244,946 INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, LONDON Scoping study project to track divergence from current environmental law and policy in UK, involving staff costs and some overheads
25/11/2021 £90,000 £1,902,434 NORTH EAST THEATRE TRUST LIMITED Costs of creative development programme - core and freelance - for new, emerging and established writers and theatre makers.
25/11/2021 £150,000 £756,543 MANCHESTER CAMERATA LIMITED Three major new collaborative music commissions and organisational capacity and capability costs
25/11/2021 £120,000 £172,648 MYLIFEMYSAY The grant will be spent on salary costs, development for staff and digital engagement.
25/11/2021 £120,000 £1,678,420 THE NATIONAL THEATRE OF WALES Commissioning costs, Freelance Fees, Project Administration
24/11/2021 £10,000 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION Defence of Civic Space Project
24/11/2021 £13,000 SMARTER NOT HARDER Smarter Not Harder workshops for grantees
29/09/2021 £120,000 £430,705 BUXTON ARTS FESTIVAL Core Costs, Touring and Creation of new work
29/09/2021 £24,752 £390,925 HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Support of Councils project.
29/09/2021 £150,000 £7,020,061 CONTEMPORARY DANCE TRUST Funding for three artists through our Producing and Touring programme
29/09/2021 £114,000 £107,392 THE MOTHERHOOD PLAN Core costs
29/09/2021 £120,000 £18,147,000 WELSH NATIONAL OPERA Core costs to stage new and updated works during the 2021/22 season.
29/09/2021 £75,000 £8,162,744 YORKSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST Leading the way to North Sea recovery: To support advocacy officers to secure wildlife protection
29/07/2021 £100,000 £16,850,235 CLIENTEARTH Funds will be used to support ClientEarth's UK Clean Air Programme, covering staff costs, activity costs and overheads (indirect costs).
29/07/2021 £112,128 £316,252 FOCUS ON LABOUR EXPLOITATION CEO and Operations & Comms Assistant salaries, running costs, and three specific outputs: research report, worker engagement activities, new website
29/07/2021 £90,000 NATIONAL SURVIVOR USER NETWORK (NSUN) core costs
29/07/2021 £150,000 ORCHESTRA OF THE SWAN A contribution towards the Managing Director & Artistic Director salaries for 3 years
29/07/2021 £80,000 £636,138 REWILDING BRITAIN Core costs
29/07/2021 £146,978 £125,042,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS Tackling urgent habitat conservation in the islands of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago
29/07/2021 £90,000 £1,222,995 SINFONIETTA PRODUCTIONS LIMITED This grant will support the organisation's core running costs from 2022 until 2024.
29/07/2021 £105,000 £180,650 THE TRUST FOR THE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM Salaries and other costs to support community engagement, impact and resources around collaborative public interest reporting.
29/07/2021 £90,000 WE BELONG Salary/Core costs
29/07/2021 £150,000 £344,242 WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE LINK Core costs
29/07/2021 £25,000 £2,494,200 MUSEUMS ASSOCIATION Decolonisation Skills and Confidence building programme
28/07/2021 £30,000 £2,189,478 THE BULLDOG TRUST "Body Vessel Clay – Women Rethinking Ceramics" exhibition
27/05/2021 £15,000 BREAKTHROUGH Towards the costs of the new Breakthrough Accelerator programme to provide campaigners with expert support from different sectors, including law, the media, government and public affairs, and community organising.
27/05/2021 £75,000 BRITISH DRAGONFLY SOCIETY Towards the core costs of conserving and awareness raising of the environmental importance of dragonflies and their wetland habitats.
27/05/2021 £100,000 £425,849 CAMPAIGN FOR BETTER TRANSPORT CHARITABLE TRUST Towards the core costs of campaigning for all communities to have access to high quality, sustainable transport that meets their needs, improves quality of life and protects the environment.
27/05/2021 £100,000 £10,591,940 GREENPEACE ENVIRONMENTAL TRUST Towards the costs of their "UK Oceans Campaign" to secure a network of fully or highly protected Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), off limits to all destructive activity, across at least 30% of UK waters by 2030.
27/05/2021 £56,250 £1,422,878 HOUSE OF ILLUSTRATION Towards the creation of the UK's first dedicated online platform for collections-led content on the history of illustration.
27/05/2021 £80,000 £438,895 JURASSIC COAST TRUST "Towards the new Jurassic Coast Collection project, specifically the salary of the Conservation Officer - Palaeontology, as well as software for cataloguing specimens, and curatorial training for museum staff and volunteers. "
27/05/2021 £94,500 MUSEUMS SHEFFIELD Towards the costs of a Curator of Industry and Metalwork who will work across the Graves Gallery, Millennium Gallery and Weston Park Museum.
27/05/2021 £89,990 NOTTINGHAM CASTLE TRUST Towards the salary of a new Assistant Curator role and guest curator fees, to work on their fine art collection.
27/05/2021 £75,000 £457,534 ON ROAD Towards the costs of their "Angles: A Different Take on Sexual and Domestic Abuse" project to improve media coverage of sexual abuse and domestic violence.
27/05/2021 £115,556 TATE GALLERY LIVERPOOL Towards the costs of a new curatorial post to embed new models of practice and become more relevant to their local audience, particularly Liverpool's Black communities and people of colour.
27/05/2021 £30,000 PRISM: THE GIFT FUND Towards the costs of evaluating the learning and development outcomes from the first phase of the Resourcing Racial Justice Fund.
27/05/2021 £120,000 £398,753 TRANSFORM DRUG POLICY FOUNDATION Towards the costs of their campaign "Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control" to allow families whose lives have been devastated by current drug laws to campaign for legal control and regulation of the drug market in order to save lives and better protect young people.
26/05/2021 £90,000 £175,074 SPOTLIGHT ON CORRUPTION LTD Core funding to contribute to longer-term financial stability to cover costs, especially those of key staff.
26/05/2021 £30,000 £52,782,695 PRISM Resourcing Racial Justice
25/03/2021 £74,000 £2,359,203 ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOUNDATION Contribution towards the second wave of pooled funding of the Community Justice Fund
25/03/2021 £10,500 £2,594,027 BIG GIVE Towards their environmental match funding programme
25/03/2021 £5,000 £795,841 CLIMATE OUTREACH Towards their Public Engagement Communications Lab
25/03/2021 £96,000 £259,718 FOYER FEDERATION Core costs - senior management salaries and operational overheads including the outsourced finance management function
25/03/2021 £90,000 £1,286,290 HEART N SOUL The grant will be spent on core costs and will underpin the Associate Director salary.
25/03/2021 £120,000 £1,577,338 HOFESH SHECHTER COMPANY Shechter II 2022 and 2024 Talent Development Programme costs
25/03/2021 £90,000 £4,143,115 STOKE ON TRENT AND NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE THEATRE TRUST Contribute to artistic core costs and continue to invest in developing new productions & touring nationally.
25/03/2021 £120,000 OPERA RARA The funds will be used to support the delivery of an artistic programme between May 2021 and May 2024.
25/03/2021 £33,000 £133,258 STOP CLIMATE CHAOS SCOTLAND Towards work on COP26
25/03/2021 £65,000 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD The grant will be spent on salaries, the cost of time-lapse cameras, and online meeting and designing tools.
25/03/2021 £100,000 £4,348,311 WHALE & DOLPHIN CONSERVATION SOCIETY Salary costs of staff assigned to the project / core costs
25/03/2021 £120,000 £1,057,200 WORKING FAMILIES Head of policy and influencing salary (a core cost)
25/03/2021 £30,000 £2,874,989 FRIENDS PROVIDENT FOUNDATION Index of Foundation Diversity, Transparency and Accountability
28/01/2021 £110,000 BRIGHT BLUE CAMPAIGN Towards staffing and projects costs of a programme to tackle climate change and biodiversity decline through nature-based solutions.
28/01/2021 £100,000 £544,520 CHEM TRUST Towards core costs of achieving protective chemicals policy at both EU and UK levels whilst raising awareness amongst UK consumers of the harm they can do to health, wildlife and the environment.
28/01/2021 £119,129 £4,921,587 CITIZENS UK Towards the salary costs for the Living Wage for Key Workers Campaign co-ordinator post.
28/01/2021 £50,000 £1,557,009 FULL FACT Towards the costs of working alongside those with personal experience of the harm caused by bad information and supporting everyone to demand a better quality of public debate.
28/01/2021 £25,000 £21,459,726 LOCAL TRUST Towards the costs of a campaigning team to support and grow the Community Wealth Fund Alliance.
28/01/2021 £75,000 £142,277 THE MARIAN CONSORT Towards commissioning costs of new work and salary costs of the General Manager and Artistic Director.
28/01/2021 £135,000 £3,611,045 MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY Towards costs of a new Blue Carbon Economist post to deliver a portfolio of ocean-based climate solutions and empower communities in blue carbon recovery action.
28/01/2021 £120,000 £9,994,272 SCOTTISH BALLET LIMITED Towards the costs of embedding digital activity into their core operation through organisational change, creative skills development and new and original work.
28/01/2021 £150,000 £417,063 SCOTTISH ENVIRONMENT LINK Towards the salaries of a Marine Policy & Engagement Officer and Campaigns Officer who will work towards their Ocean Recovery Plan.
28/01/2021 £15,000 £334,152 WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE LINK Contribution towards the costs of a joint project by Wildlife and Countryside Link and Natural England to improve diversity in the Conservation Sector, with match-funding provided by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.
26/11/2020 £98,500 RACHEL SWART FUND Core costs
26/11/2020 £150,000 £3,620,842 BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION Core costs
26/11/2020 £120,000 £8,976 CAMPAIGN ACADEMY Core costs
26/11/2020 £150,000 £3,022,127 NATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE OF GREAT BRITAIN National Youth Theatre: Championing Theatre Creators-direct employment and support of diverse young professional creatives on our productions and projects nationally
26/11/2020 £120,000 £1,331,155 SHIFT Core funding (£40K/year for 3 years) to secure the base and plan ahead
26/11/2020 £120,000 £2,049,305 THE RIVERS TRUST LTD. Contribution to the core costs of a new role of Commercial Director
26/11/2020 £120,472 £1,262,272 SOUTH ATLANTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Salary and associated costs for a Marine and Coastal Programme Coordinator
24/09/2020 £100,000 £1,754,780 GREEN ALLIANCE Towards the costs of their Natural Environment Programme which seeks to curb the long-term decline in the health of the UK’s natural environment.
24/09/2020 £95,790 £2,694,483 LGBT FOUNDATION LTD Towards project costs related to their policy and influencing work in relation to health ineqalities faced by members of the LGBT community.
24/09/2020 £90,000 £439,733 RUSSELL MALIPHANT DANCE COMPANY Towards the salary costs of the Artistic Director and Executive Director, underpinning the creation of two new cross art form works.
24/09/2020 £60,000 £665,223 SALMON & TROUT CONSERVATION UK (ASSOCIATION) Towards the costs of a new fundraiser bringing in additional funding to deliver their work to protect wild fish and their habitats in fresh and marine waters.
24/09/2020 £105,000 £461,017 TAMASHA Towards the costs of a new Digital Producer role and facilitate regionally-based creative projects.
24/09/2020 £70,000 £324,040 THE EQUALITY TRUST Towards the costs of joining up their research, policy and communications functions in relation to their work on reducing socio-economic inequality in the UK.
24/09/2020 £149,943 £714,438 FRIENDS, FAMILIES AND TRAVELLERS Towards the costs of policy work on access to health and care services in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.
30/07/2020 £29,854 £58,636 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK Towards costs of "Safeguarding the environments of the British Overseas Territories", a joint EFN/RSPB project to increase funding sources for the UKOTs
30/07/2020 £50,000 £451,267 20 STORIES HIGH Towards core costs associated with commissioning new work
30/07/2020 £100,000 £91,250 BEAVER TRUST Towards core costs in restoring beaver wetlands across Britain
30/07/2020 £60,000 £380,042 CAPLOR HORIZONS Towards the costs of 'The Commitment' project which aims to influence and enable political leaders to accelerate action on biodiversity loss and climate change
30/07/2020 £105,000 £4,999,623 CONTACT A FAMILY Towards core campaigning costs to drive social change and tackle disadvantage and inequality with and for families with disabled children
30/07/2020 £120,000 £162,460 HUMAN TRAFFICKING FOUNDATION Towards core costs and policy change in the modern slavery sector on a local and national level
30/07/2020 £150,000 £202,353 MANCHESTER COLLECTIVE Towards core salaries of the Head of Development and Senior Producer roles
30/07/2020 £90,000 £2,405,960 CUMBRIA WILDLIFE TRUST LTD. Towards core costs and policy work to secure better managed Marine Protected Areas in the Irish Sea
30/07/2020 £88,233 £3,755,210 PLEASANCE THEATRE TRUST Towards expanding their National Partnerships Programme
30/07/2020 £35,000 ROYAL SCOTTISH NATIONAL ORCHESTRA Towards "SCOTCH SNAPS", a series of short musical pieces by contemporary composers
30/07/2020 £120,000 £669,453 SURVIVING ECONOMIC ABUSE Towards core costs of their work raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it
11/06/2020 £50,000 £2,871,504 THIRTY PERCY FOUNDATION Towards the costs of funding the Resourcing Racial Justice Fund
21/05/2020 £100,000 £3,605,417 CARERS UK Core costs.
21/05/2020 £150,000 £6,545,000 REFUGEE ACTION Campaigning team to deliver high-impact campaigns that will lead to tangible change, and long-term improvement to our beneficiaries' lives.
21/05/2020 £90,000 £10,187,870 NORTHERN BALLET Core costs to deliver new/original work and re-imagined works over a two-year period on stage, on screen and online
21/05/2020 £81,425 £2,325,087 ART UK Salary of additional Art Detective Officer, marketing, technology and administrative costs
21/05/2020 £81,423 £735,215 GLASGOW WOMEN'S LIBRARY Salary Costs for a Development Worker: Curating, Programming, Partnership and Participation and associated Project Costs.
21/05/2020 £90,000 £379,367 CHILDREN ENGLAND Core costs and activities
21/05/2020 £101,850 MANCHESTER MUSEUMS PARTNERSHIP 'Indigenising Manchester Museum' (curatorial salary, project conference, documentation and evaluation).
21/05/2020 £120,750 £1,823,833 THE ORGANIC RESEARCH CENTRE Proportion of CEO salary, a Fundraising Officer and a new Donor Database.
21/05/2020 £60,000 £457,027 OUTSIDE IN project costs, including salary contribution
21/05/2020 £60,000 £40,568 THE BRITISH GLASS FOUNDATION Freelance Projects Curator
21/05/2020 £99,579 £2,151,241 THE BLUECOAT Recruitment, salary and research for Project Curator; part-time backfill for senior curatorial staff; commissioning, public programme including exhibition and interpretation
21/05/2020 £81,960 £1,128,789 THE DOVECOT FOUNDATION AND DOVECOT STUDIOS LTD Project Curator and Curatorial Programme Assistant
21/05/2020 £100,000 £145,550 BIRTHRIGHTS Core costs for CEO, policy and support staff plus additional resource on community engagement
21/05/2020 £60,000 CIVIL EXCHANGE The Better Way network project, which is hosted by Civil Exchange, including the costs of its co-convenors and other support.
26/03/2020 £120,000 £1,663,825 GLOBAL ACTION PLAN Salaries of the air quality team and campaign costs including event, design, PR and paid promotion costs
26/03/2020 £150,000 £2,164,754 GLOBAL CANOPY PROGRAMME Core costs and investments in research, engagement and communications, e.g. Finance Sector Lead, Senior Research Analyst & CEO Salary Costs.
26/03/2020 £150,000 £2,273,352 ADOPTION UK Core costs, to cover policy officer time and communications to support the advocacy of the adoption community.
26/03/2020 £84,168 £502,777 SYLVA FOUNDATION costs of Sustainable Land Management programme
26/03/2020 £118,656 £4,841,097 WHO CARES? SCOTLAND Salary costs for a Policy and Participation Officer, and associated costs to embed a national engagement program with our members
26/03/2020 £132,000 £222,784 ORA CHOIR Core costs
26/03/2020 £100,000 £2,560,319 INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH Core costs for the Environmental Justice Commission and to support delivery of the associated citizens juries.
26/03/2020 £65,000 £2,399,976 UK GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL Staff salaries; event and workshop costs including venue, food & beverage, local travel; communication and promotion; outputs and document production.
03/03/2020 £10,000 £21,459,726 LOCAL TRUST costs to support the creation of a Community Wealth Fund
30/01/2020 £133,327 THE OPEN UNIVERSITY Salaries, conference, workshop, travel and subsistence
30/01/2020 £114,600 £626,450 AVA (AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE) Staying Mum project
30/01/2020 £120,000 £228,262 ENGLISH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CEO salary, support for our contemporary music initiatives, particularly the 21st Century Symphony Project and the "John McCabe Composer-in-Association Chair"
30/01/2020 £149,970 £488,821 RIGHTS OF WOMEN Core costs of the Senior Legal Officer team
28/11/2019 £60,000 £1,436,970 HEADLONG Commissioning costs
28/11/2019 £105,000 £552,394 MONEY AND MENTAL HEALTH POLICY INSTITUTE Core costs
28/11/2019 £105,000 £599,231 MIGRANTS ORGANISE Core costs
28/11/2019 £90,000 £1,894,161 CHANGING FACES Campaigning costs including salary of a Campaigns Manager
28/11/2019 £120,000 £21,032,000 NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BUREAU Costs of policy and participation activities
28/11/2019 £90,000 £481,715 ECOLOGY TRUST Towards costs of Unchecked
28/11/2019 £60,000 £263,503 FUTURE TREES TRUST Core costs
28/11/2019 £5,000 £465,046 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION Grant to Sheila McKechnie Foundation
28/11/2019 £90,000 £58,636 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK We are requesting unrestricted funding to cover the three elements of our work: Expanding environmental philanthropy: Improving the effectiveness of environmental philanthropy: Improving the effectiveness of the environment sector:
28/11/2019 £90,000 £332,889 OPERA UP CLOSE Core costs
28/11/2019 £60,000 SOCIAL FINANCE Grant to Social Finance
28/11/2019 £60,000 SHARED ASSETS Towards core costs/salary of Executive Director
28/11/2019 £170,000 HULL CULTURE AND LEISURE LTD Grant to Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd
04/10/2019 £5,000 £58,636 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK Towards the Annual Membership Fee of the network.
30/09/2019 £90,000 £740,506 REVOLVING DOORS AGENCY Towards the core costs of implementing a strategy of development models and policy reform to improve outcomes for those trapped in the cycle of crisis and crime.
30/09/2019 £105,000 £2,760,453 ENGLISH TOURING OPERA Salary of a Reach Coordinator
30/09/2019 £105,000 £1,490,323 ENGLISH TOURING THEATRE costs of a commissioning programme to develop new plays for mid-scale touring
30/09/2019 £101,474 £2,228,455 ASHDEN Salary of a Liveable Cities team member to coordinate the Just Transition project
30/09/2019 £90,000 £128,728 COMMUNITY OF ARRAN SEABED TRUST Core costs
30/09/2019 £90,000 £586,811 THE CLIMATE MOVEMENT Core costs
30/09/2019 £20,000 £1,970,180 BULLDOG TRUST Grant to Bulldog Trust
25/07/2019 £30,000 £380,042 CAPLOR HORIZONS Towards the costs of 'The Commitment' project which aims to influence and enable political leaders to accelerate action on biodiversity loss and climate change
25/07/2019 £60,000 £1,331,155 SHIFT FOUNDATION Towards the costs of their work which aims to improve people's lives by ensuring meaningful relationships are at the heart of services, neighbourhoods and institutions
25/07/2019 £150,000 £4,210,438 CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP Towards the core costs of their policy and advocacy work which aims to bring about positive change for families on low income and amplify their voices
25/07/2019 £100,000 £5,423,000 FORUM FOR THE FUTURE Towards the costs of a 'Scale Lab', to develop networks of retailers, farmers, producers and landowners who adopt farming practices which restore and enhance soil health.
25/07/2019 £150,000 £10,898,000 CITY OF BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Towards the costs of 40 new commissions by emerging and established composers, to mark CBSO's centenary
25/07/2019 £165,000 £6,067,052 SAFELIVES Towards the costs of their work to strengthen the law, policy and practice on domestic abuse, including building a movement where survivors can use their voices to bring about change
25/07/2019 £150,000 £949,280 PHOENIX DANCE THEATRE Towards core costs associated with creating and touring innovative work from a culturally diverse range of established and young choreographers
25/07/2019 £105,000 £401,687 EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY FORUM Towards the core costs of a national network of organisations committed to equality, human rights and social justice, to join up research, policy and communications to shift public opinion and policy in positive ways
25/07/2019 £90,000 £121,665 ANCIENT TREE FORUM Towards the salary of a new CEO to develop their work specialising in the conservation of ancient and veteran trees and their habitats
25/07/2019 £84,000 THE INSTITUTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND ASSESSMENT Towards the costs of the 'The Broadway Initiative', a collaboration between key stakeholders to develop ideas and consensus for strong environmental governance in the future
25/07/2019 £55,000 BRIGHT BLUE CAMPAIGN Towards core costs, specifically their work around environmental protection and conservation
25/07/2019 £100,000 £228,959 ECONOMY Towards the costs of launching a national network of citizen economists to develop multi media content enabling people facing disadvantage to understand and challenge the economic system
23/05/2019 £146,907 £1,658,982 FRG LTD Towards the core costs of their work with children at risk or in the care system, and their families
23/05/2019 £95,000 £2,827,504 LAKELAND ARTS Towards the salary costs of a Collection Management Assistant and Curatorial and Programming Assistant to safeguard and develop curatorial skills during the capital development of Abbot Hall
23/05/2019 £104,000 £2,899,197 THE MAC (METROPOLITAN ARTS CENTRE) Towards the costs of four connected, curatorially-focused initiatives to further develop their role as an incubator for curatorial thinking and practice in Northern Ireland
23/05/2019 £84,667 £3,975,805 THE HEPWORTH WAKEFIELD Towards the salaries and professional development of the curatorial team who will contribute to the installation and curation of outdoor sculpture in the new THW Garden
23/05/2019 £49,790 £32,529,000 NATIONAL MUSEUM WALES Towards the costs of expanding the online Mollusca types database to 12 additional partners in the UK and Eire
23/05/2019 £135,000 £739,114 FORWARD THINKING Towards the costs of the 'Building Bridges' programme, which promotes equality and inclusion by supporting Muslim communities to engage with the establishment
23/05/2019 £100,000 £1,520,472 SAFFRON HALL Towards core costs to increase commissioning and enable new work to become integral to Saffron Hall
23/05/2019 £100,000 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD - THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE MUSEUM Towards the salary of a new Islamic Collections Curator to develop and strengthen the skills and expertise in the curation of Islamic objects within the museum, whilst working with local volunteers and communities to integrate the curatorial role with community engagement
23/05/2019 £126,000 £205,687 HEREFORD CIDER MUSEUM TRUST Towards the salary of the Director and partner costs, to increase capacity for curation and interpretation and deliver an ambitious exhibition programme in partnership with the National Trust and Brightspace Foundation
23/05/2019 £82,200 MUSEUMS WORCESTERSHIRE Towards the salary of a new Curatorial Officer to research and contextualise the Worcestershire County Museum’s unique Vardo (Romany caravan) collection
23/05/2019 £90,000 £1,107,731 CORNWALL MUSEUMS PARTNERSHIP Towards the costs of a 3-year Trainee Curator programme in 5 partner museums with collections of social history, visual arts and natural sciences
23/05/2019 £100,000 £1,090,794 CHINEKE FOUNDATION Towards the costs of their touring programme featuring new and previously unperformed work by Black minority ethnic composers
28/03/2019 £99,561 £3,577,723 CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP Towards the costs of the national ‘End Child Poverty’ coalition,which aims to hold the UK Government to account for its promise to end child poverty by 2020
28/03/2019 £120,000 £3,058,188 ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY UK Towards the costs of a programme to significantly reduce the use of plastics by supermarkets and influence government policy on this issue
28/03/2019 £90,000 £1,383,192 ACADEMY OF ANCIENT MUSIC Towards core cos, specificlly the re-discovery of little or unknown repertoire in order to present it in innovative ways based on rigorous research
28/03/2019 £90,000 £908,595 SIOBHAN DAVIES DANCE COMPANY Towards the costs of the Continuous programme, a new model for dance in galleries based on collaborative working between visual arts organisations and dance artists
28/03/2019 £75,000 £1,776,000 YOUNG WOMEN'S TRUST Towards the costs of expanding their Advisory Panel of young women and increase their involvement in the Trust's advocacy and influencing work
28/03/2019 £118,619 £1,164,719 BUGLIFE Towards the salaries of Country Managers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to drive forward their conservation of invertebrates
28/03/2019 £90,000 £758,644 ROBERT PACITTI COMPANY LIMITED Towards core costs to create, commission and produce new work s part of a year-round programme of activity
28/03/2019 £75,000 £838,469 NEW DIORAMA THEATRE Towards core costs of supporting new and emerging theatre companies from outside of London to create new work
28/03/2019 £90,000 £217,240 MAHOGANY OPERA GROUP Towards core costs of creating and performing new opera in original ways to stretch the boundaries of what opera can be and who it is for

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