Barrow Cadbury Trust

Who they support

There are four programmes: Criminal Justice, Migration, Economic Justice and Social Investment Humanitarian,BAME,Women,Social Welfare & Poverty

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £3 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been 16 years.

Grant criteria

UK only, usually national or Birmingham area, Looking for long-term solutions and structural change by addressing the root causes of inequality. The Trust is an independent, charitable foundation committed to bringing about a more just and equal society. The Trust has a Quaker heritage and looks for long-term solutions and structural change by addressing the root causes of inequality. Because the problems we address are complex we often work in partnership with others such as grant-holders, other trusts and foundations, local and national government, to identify solutions. Focusing on a small number of areas through our programmes, we aim to influence those areas by building an evidence base, advocating for change and making sure that the voices of people affected by social injustices are heard. Much of our work is directed at change on a national level but if we work locally, where we can it’s almost always in Birmingham and the surrounding area. We are a relatively small funder, with specific programme aims. We only fund work that contributes to those aims and do not respond to general appeals.

Grant details

Typically £20-100,000

Application procedure

Online enquiry form, no time limits


The Foundry
17 Oval Way
SE11 5RR

Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1115476
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Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period they've made 479 donations totalling £19,404,447 to 303 organisations

Where are the Beneficiaries?
How big are the Recipients? ?
How old were the charities when supported?
Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
The National Lottery Community Fund 49% 71%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 41% 33%
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales 35% 47%
AB Charitable Trust 35% 37%
Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport 31% 45%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation 29% 27%
The Tudor Trust 25% 25%
Trust for London 23% 32%
The Henry Smith Charity 21% 29%
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 20% 13%
Sole supporter: 5% by number, 22% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
24/10/2023 £30,000 LOCONOMY LTD Establishment of Loconomy and its Local Economy Hub in St Pauls
24/10/2023 £50,000 £740,701 PROVISION HOUSE (FORMERLY KNOWN AS LOAVES N FISHES) LTD To enable Provision House to expand its role as a hub for social enterprise and business development in the St Thomas' Quarter of Dudley
21/10/2023 £100,000 £819,713 ACTION FOR RACE EQUALITY To support a programme of work that aims to end racial inequality for children and young adults involved in the criminal justice system
14/10/2023 £60,000 £10,561,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS Co-create a data dashboard to reflect the diversity of the social investment sector.
09/10/2023 £50,000 £386,310 FOCUS ON LABOUR EXPLOITATION CIC To support advocacy and communications work.
19/09/2023 £5,000 £1,279,714 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) Support for CLES' Community Wealth Building Summit 2023
07/09/2023 £100,000 £817,964 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (FORWARD) To provide leadership support, training and networking opportunities to the senior staff in Black and minoritised community led organisation working in criminal justice
07/09/2023 £50,000 THE3MILLION LTD To continue to support the3million's communications work 2023-2025
29/08/2023 £50,000 COVENTRY AND WARWICKSHIRE CO-OPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY To support local social enterprises and develop an action and investment plan.
25/08/2023 £26,500 £731,857 BRAP To build capacity, connections and understanding between organisations working at the intersection of racial and economic injustice in Birmingham
22/08/2023 £29,600 THE UBELE INITIATIVE CIC Research to explore the barriers and solutions to black and minoritised organisations running Community Share Offers.
22/08/2023 £49,900 REPOWERING LONDON Conducting participatory research to empower more Londoners to become investors in community share offers, members of local energy co-operatives and agents for change in the energy system.
07/08/2023 £33,250 £979,001 REVOLVING DOORS AGENCY To embed knowledge of young adults and maturity in police led diversion services
03/08/2023 £3,000 £473,596 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK A membership contribution of £3000 towards providing supportive programming and resources.
31/07/2023 £52,900 PUBLIC SERVICE LAB LLP To create a blueprint and pipeline for Local Authorities to invest in social enterprises in health and social care in Mersey and Cheshire.?
31/07/2023 £64,500 SOCIAL FINANCE To grow social investment approaches within NHS Charities and Integrated Care Boards.?
27/07/2023 £30,000 SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UK Towards the costs of a general election campaign promoting an inclusive economy
26/07/2023 £30,000 £983,324 FAWCETT SOCIETY To evidence the impact of systemic harm done to women by public services, and to make a case for change
17/07/2023 £10,000 £69,662,000 NACRO Development of the Better Justice Partnership to support criminal justice reform campaigning
17/07/2023 £30,000 £1,224,817 JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS To continue to support the Forum's work.
13/07/2023 £35,240 £3,547,694 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION Developing and embedding EDI commitments and practices within GMCVO.
27/04/2023 £60,000 MIGRATION POLICY AND PRACTICE To support the transition to independence of Migration Policy and Practice.
22/04/2023 £92,250 £1,862,616 ANAWIM This grant will support Anawim's CEO to contribute in a senior leadership capacity with the criminal justice sector and provide core support for community based support of women.
22/04/2023 £58,150 £494,895 THE POLICE FOUNDATION To inform and test evidence based approaches to the policing of young adults.
22/04/2023 £106,700 £1,642,461 CLINKS To continue supporting Clinks' senior level policy and political engagement work.
22/04/2023 £75,000 £1,626,999 PRISON REFORM TRUST To support PRT's policy and communications and continue its secretariat function for the APPG on Penal Affairs.
22/04/2023 £70,000 £39,069 PARLIAMENTARY HUMAN RIGHTS TRUST To safeguard the continued engagement of Parliamentarians in the protection and promotion of human rights
30/03/2023 £15,000 £307,500 PHILANTHROPY IMPACT To support the organisation's core operations post-COVID
30/03/2023 £20,000 £570,613 EQUALLY OURS A contribution to the running costs of the Funders for Race Equality Alliance
16/03/2023 £10,000 £12,918,924 BRITISH REFUGEE COUNCIL To support research on the impact of the Nationality and Borders Act.
14/03/2023 £108,255 £286,942 ECONOMY To support people facing economic injustice in Birmingham to influence how the economy operates.
14/03/2023 £60,000 £570,613 EQUALLY OURS Contribution to CEO salary
09/03/2023 £34,300 NEW ECONOMY ORGANISERS NETWORK To develop and deliver a programme to support transformative organising for economic justice.
02/03/2023 £40,000 £6,640,000 REFUGEE ACTION To support the Stand up for Asylum campaign.
02/03/2023 £29,000 IPSOS To support polling on attitudes to immigration on a longitudinal basis.
02/03/2023 £38,200 £8,021,887 FATHER HUDSON'S SOCIETY To employ a Good Practice and Partnership Officer and develop better pathways for people subject to the no recourse to public funds (NRPF) conditions attached to their immigration status.
08/02/2023 £58,500 FOR BUSINESS SAKE The grant will fund the ‘Social Economy Investment Community Consultants’ programme with the aim of increasing the diversity of the social investment advisor market.
08/02/2023 £86,000 £1,598,335 SHIFT FOUNDATION Develop and pilot an Impact Custodian Investment Committee to embed lived experience into the decision-making processes of social investors.
07/02/2023 £83,500 £3,487,256 BARKING & DAGENHAM GIVING (BD GIVING) AND THE CURIOSITY SOCIETY To embed the participatory investment work of the Community Steering Group in Barking and Dagenham and pilot new programmes in 3 or 4 other areas of England.
07/02/2023 £65,000 CROWDFUNDER LTD Develop a Financial Passport for the Social Investment Sector.
06/02/2023 £50,000 KINDRED LCR CIC Peer Networks for social enterprises managing rapid growth in the Liverpool City Region.
02/02/2023 £48,900 £911,028 POVERTY ALLIANCE To enable people with lived experience to inform and participate in the Fair by Design campaign
01/02/2023 £50,000 £1,181,827 FRIENDS, FAMILIES AND TRAVELLERS To better understand the impact of the justice system on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young adults and their families
01/02/2023 £74,250 £325,137 CENTRE FOR CRIME AND JUSTICE STUDIES To develop a collective community voice to advocate for the safety of young adults
28/01/2023 £57,200 £300,309 MIGRANT VOICE To support the UK Migrant Voices for Change Network in Birmingham
28/01/2023 £60,000 £2,811,770 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT CENTRE To continue to support RMC's core work (2023-2025)
28/01/2023 £70,000 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, CENTRE ON MIGRATION, POLICY AND SOCIETY (COMPAS) To continue to support the Observatory's core work.
28/01/2023 £62,000 KHIDMAT CENTRES To better understand young Muslim women's experiences of the justice system
28/01/2023 £90,000 THE 4FRONT PROJECT LTD To document the impact of the criminal justice on young black people
28/01/2023 £100,000 £1,077,043 THE CENTRE FOR JUSTICE INNOVATION UK To support police forces incorporate diversion into the two tier out of court disposal framework
25/01/2023 £50,000 £1,171,827 ONE SMALL THING To enable One Small thing to use its evidence to influence policy
16/01/2023 £28,000 £167,739 TRANSFORM JUSTICE To observe how young adults are treated in magistrates courts
13/12/2022 £47,500 SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UK A research programme to improve evidence and understanding of the nature and impact of socio-economic diversity in social investing.
28/11/2022 £30,000 BIG ISSUE INVEST The project contributes to the salary of a Pipeline Development Lead, whose role will be to build the pipeline of potential investees for diverse-led ventures.
15/11/2022 £100,000 KEY FUND INVESTMENTS LIMITED Grant funding a pilot fund for social enterprises who own community assets to stabilise and reduce their energy costs with green retro-fitting.
15/11/2022 £60,000 £10,561,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS Advisor support for the Create Equity Accelerator Programme.
15/11/2022 £60,000 DINN ENTERPRISE CIC To support DINNs fundraising capacity to develop their model for black-led social enterprise support.
15/11/2022 £80,800 £1,467,979 SUSTAIN: THE ALLIANCE FOR BETTER FOOD AND FARMING Grow the infrastructural support for Community Food Enterprises to reach social investment.
15/11/2022 £58,400 £9,483,665 THE SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Developing the reach and accessibility of Match Trading to grow the resilience and representation for black and ethnically minoritised-led social enterprises.
08/11/2022 £30,000 £531,745 CONSORTIUM OF LGBT VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS To incresae support for non-binary and trans organisations within the LGBT+ Future Equity Fund
08/11/2022 £37,400 SHEFFIELD SOCIAL ENTERPRISE NETWORK CIC A programme of peer mentoring sessions, social enterprise mentoring and online networks to facilitate opportunities for social entrepreneurs and community enterprise leaders.
22/10/2022 £64,000 £376,428 MASLAHA To develop faith and community services that better meet the needs of Muslim people in prison and on probation.
22/10/2022 £90,000 FOXGLOVE LEGAL COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY To continue to support the development of tech justice cases and campaigns.
22/10/2022 £45,000 £237,707 MUSLIM CHARITIES FORUM Core funding to enable MCF to increase its support for and advocacy on behalf of the Muslim charity sector
22/10/2022 £75,000 £317,120 WE BELONG To continue to support We Belong's campaigning and youth development work.
22/10/2022 £50,000 £293,856 EACHOTHER Core funding for EachOther's work
22/10/2022 £150,000 THE MAYOR'S OFFICE FOR POLICING AND CRIME To support the extension of the Youth 2 Adult (Y2A) Hub, a pilot programme for young adults on probation in Newham.
22/10/2022 £40,000 £152,701 BIRMINGHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER To continue to support Restore's networking, advocacy and communications work.
22/10/2022 £50,000 £396,237 RAINBOW MIGRATION To support Rainbow Migration's LGBTQI+ asylum policy and campaigning.
22/10/2022 £80,000 £947,459 HOPE NOT HATE To continue to support HOPE not Hate's core charitable work (2022-2025).
22/10/2022 £75,000 THE RAMP PROJECT To continue to support RAMP's parliamentary work.
20/10/2022 £30,000 £535,552 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION To enable SMK to create a new role of Operations Manager
13/10/2022 £30,000 £992,287 VOICE4CHANGE ENGLAND Research funding to explore how racial justice can be embedded in public markets in the UK.
12/10/2022 £30,000 £1,026,196 FAWCETT SOCIETY To support the core costs of the organisation
12/10/2022 £9,000 PHILANTHROPY EUROPE ASSOCIATION (PHILEA) To support the Europe-wide Gender network
11/10/2022 £2,500 £1,319,290 ASSOCIATION OF CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS A contribution towards developing a learning series on impact investing in the main endowment for trusts and foundations.
27/09/2022 £5,000 £923,139 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) Part-funding CLES' annual Summit
26/09/2022 £33,000 UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER The research project will investigate the impact on children and young people of being placed on the Sex Offender Register.
21/09/2022 £27,500 THE JABBS FOUNDATION To coordinate the work of the CIFC to better support women in the justice system
15/09/2022 £30,000 £1,170,091 JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS To support the Cross-border Forum's work.
01/09/2022 £207,000 KEY FUND INVESTMENTS LIMITED To provide additional funding to support Key Fund Investments Limited’s operational sustainability by covering a shortfall in its income, as a consequence of Covid.
02/08/2022 £30,000 BIG SOCIETY CAPITAL To fund bursaries for Addressing Imbalance Live
01/08/2022 £3,000 £442,714 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS NETWORK A membership contribution of £3000 towards providing supportive programming and resources.
18/07/2022 £5,000 CHILD RIGHTS AND YOUTH JUSTICE C.I.C. To develop better legal representation for children and young adults with experience of justice and care systems
14/07/2022 £4,000 £865,106 INSTITUTE FOR VOLUNTARY ACTION RESEARCH To support IVAR's Open and Trusting Grant-Making initiative.
09/07/2022 £40,000 £387,518 ROMA SUPPORT GROUP To continue to support policy and campaigning work.
09/07/2022 £75,000 JONAH'S PROJECT CIC To deliver a Peer Hearing service to children and young adults in Birmingham
09/07/2022 £65,000 £2,182,319 JUST FOR KIDS LAW To continue making the case for change for 'turning 18', how courts deal with people who commit offences as children but are prosecuted or sentenced after the age of 18.
09/07/2022 £75,000 £614,234 ON ROAD LTD To support the Media Movers project.
30/06/2022 £28,920 £10,561,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To change the power imbalances between investors and investees by redesigning key terms, processes and legal documentation.
29/06/2022 £29,700 CO-OPERATIVE & COMMUNITY FINANCE Development and roll out of software systems for smaller social investors.
01/06/2022 £20,000 £2,058,220 ASHDEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS To fund a Summit and associated activities to stimulate and coordinate public engagement in activites to mitigate climate change.
10/05/2022 £120,000 £10,561,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To support the further work of the Diversity Forum, making the social investment sector more inclusive for all.
03/05/2022 £14,750 £2,261,887 ST CHAD'S COLLEGE To extend Third Sector Trends into the West Midlands
30/04/2022 £80,000 £347,089 THE EQUALITY TRUST To enable those experiencing socio-economic inequality to influence how Birmingham implements the socio-economic equality duty
30/04/2022 £90,400 ALLIANCE FOR YOUTH JUSTICE To improve young people's experiences of the transition from youth to adult justice services
30/04/2022 £75,000 £267,826 ASYLUM MATTERS To continue to support Asylum Matters' work in Birmingham.
30/04/2022 £40,000 £367,424 HOPE PROJECTS (WEST MIDLANDS) LTD To continue to support Hope's work with asylum seekers to find pathways out of destitution.
07/04/2022 £29,600 £3,547,694 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION Administration and additional support costs for the BASE Network in Greater Manchester.
30/03/2022 £30,000 £966,383 ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS To accelerate practical action in civil society to achieve race equity
29/03/2022 £30,000 TONIC HOUSING ASSOCIATION LIMITED Support towards Tonic's advocacy for LGBT+ affirming older people's care
29/03/2022 £15,000 PHILANTHROPY EUROPE ASSOCIATION (PHILEA) To support the Philea's Diversity Migration and Integration (DMI) Thematic Network
28/03/2022 £25,000 £1,392,539 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES To raise the profile and promote the "10 point Action Plan" addressing ongoing inequalities faced by BAME women in the criminal justice system.
25/03/2022 £30,000 £324,382 SETTLED To enable Settled to manage requests from those wishing to bring refugees fleeing from Ukraine to the UK.
25/03/2022 £30,000 £11,551,000 BRITISH REFUGEE COUNCIL To continue to support the Detention Forum's campaigning work to reform immigration detention.
15/03/2022 £40,000 KING'S COLLEGE LONDON To run a Citizen's Assembly on how the UK's national debt should be managed
15/03/2022 £205,000 BRISTOL AND BATH REGIONAL CAPITAL (BBRC) To support the delivery of the City Funds as Bristol and Bath Regional Capital recovers from the impact of Covid-19.
15/03/2022 £50,000 £2,727,977 INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH To support work on policy responses to the Channel crossings issue.
07/03/2022 £11,300 £6,435,318 CITIZENS UK To establish a refugee-led independent inquiry to investigate the use of institutional accommodation for asylum seekers.
23/02/2022 £30,000 £198,866 PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH CENTRE Support towards democratising narrative-building leadership and skills
04/02/2022 £2,000 BRISTOL AND BATH REGIONAL CAPITAL (BBRC) To support staff time to further develop BBRC's Covid Recovery proposal.
03/02/2022 £40,114 £992,287 VOICE4CHANGE ENGLAND To build a strategic communications movement for race equality
29/01/2022 £135,000 £1,955,478 BIRMINGHAM SETTLEMENT To continue to build and strengthen the strategic capacity of Birmingham Settlement.
29/01/2022 £72,600 BIRMINGHAM & SOLIHULL SOCIAL ECONOMY CONSORTIUM CIC To support growth of the social enterprise sector in Birmingham and the surrounding area.
29/01/2022 £100,000 £3,233,471 NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION To support the development of inclusive economies in three regions in England
29/01/2022 £50,000 BIRMINGHAM RACE IMPACT GROUP To provide core support to BRIG for a structure to hold Birmingham's institutions to account on race equality
29/01/2022 £90,000 £1,623,689 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To support MEX's work to promote a fairer immigration system.
29/01/2022 £70,000 £1,395,942 DEMOS To support transition to a low-carbon economy in the Black Country in a way that benefits all
29/01/2022 £90,000 £313,495 IMIX To support IMIX's core work.
29/01/2022 £120,000 £272,570 CRIMINAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE To support the Criminal Justice Alliance influence criminal justice policy through its collective voice
29/01/2022 £75,000 £3,469,263 CENTRAL ENGLAND LAW CENTRE To continue the development of a pro-bono network of lawyers to resolve the immigration status of migrant and UK-born children in Birmingham, and to support policy influencing work in this area.
29/01/2022 £120,000 LEADERS UNLOCKED To support the development of Leaders Unlocked Youth Justice Advisory project.
12/01/2022 £30,000 £1,399,082 CHARITY FINANCE GROUP (CFG) To support CFG until it can rebuild its income streams.
10/01/2022 £20,000 £1,641,616 HOWARD LEAGUE FOR PENAL REFORM To identify the reality of the lived experiences of young adults on remand, key areas for improvement in policy and practice and develop a model to deliver legal education in prison.
09/12/2021 £19,800 BIG ISSUE INVEST To enable Big Issue Invest to carry out a review of its financial modelling and redesign its operations.
03/12/2021 £7,360 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL A research project looking at the impact of the poverty premium at a local level.
16/11/2021 £100,000 £3,547,694 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION To enable GMCVO to retain key financial, marketing and development skills to support its work in the social investment sector.
16/11/2021 £9,000 £79,154 SENTENCING ACADEMY To examine deferred sentencing regarding its current applicability for young adults through literature research and a case law review.
25/10/2021 £25,000 £6,194,606 BIRMINGHAM VOLUNTARY SERVICE COUNCIL (BVSC) To increase and maintain awareness of the Living Wage Employers scheme among Third Sector organisations in Birmingham
23/10/2021 £50,200 £230,100 ASYLUM SUPPORT & IMMIGRATION RESOURCE TEAM (ASIRT) To employ a Good Practice and Partnership Officer and develop better pathways for people subject to the NRPF condition attached to their immigration status.
23/10/2021 £100,000 £457,435 FINANCE INNOVATION LAB Building an advocacy infrastructure that will support civil society organisations to influence financial policy and regulatory decision-making
23/10/2021 £90,000 £1,170,091 JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS To support JCWI's policy, advocacy and communications work.
23/10/2021 £59,000 £412,843 THE POLICE FOUNDATION To test evidence based approaches to the policing of young adults.
23/10/2021 £40,000 UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE To assess the impact of the new Community Custodial Units for Women in Scotland.
08/10/2021 £3,000 £923,139 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) A contribution towards CLES' fourth annual Community Wealth Building summit
08/10/2021 £28,500 £20,562 LONDON PRISONS MISSION A contribution towards the continuation of LPM Safe Homes for Women Leaving Prison initiative
27/09/2021 £20,000 £616,232 AFGHANISTAN AND CENTRAL ASIAN ASSOCIATION To fund ACAA's media co-ordination in response to the crisis in Afghanistan.
21/09/2021 £25,000 £9,197,000 TOYNBEE HALL The poverty premium from the perspective of people with lived experience.
07/09/2021 £43,500 £371,340 BEACON FELLOWSHIP CHARITABLE TRUST To set up a commission which will explore the reasons for the lack of capital from HNW individuals into social impact start-ups and propose actions to grow impact investing from HNW individuals.
07/09/2021 £120,000 £10,561,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To support the Equality Impact Investing project's core activities for two years.
24/08/2021 £30,000 £7,169,000 LOCALITY To produce a research report and practical guidance materials focused on assets and enterprise in the context of Covid 19 recovery and community organisation business models.
20/08/2021 £10,200 £1,395,942 DEMOS Scoping the potential for a research project exploring an inclusive transition to Green manufacturing in the Black Country
30/07/2021 £5,200 UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, CENTRE ON MIGRATION, POLICY AND SOCIETY (COMPAS) To fund research on challenges in moving from pre-settled status to settled status.
10/07/2021 £50,000 £14,821,428 BUSINESS IN THE COMMUNITY Part-funding of BiTC's Place Taskforce to explore how business can best contribute to place-building
10/07/2021 £38,300 £1,456,271 FAIR TRIALS INTERNATIONAL To examine decision making, plea bargaining and young adult maturity.
10/07/2021 £100,000 NETWORK OF EUROPEAN FOUNDATIONS To support EPIM's core work and its strategic communications thematic fund.
10/07/2021 £101,200 £859,676 THE SWITCHBACK INITIATIVE To develop resettlement policy and practice to be more responsive of the needs of young adult prison leavers.
05/07/2021 £7,500 BRIGHT BLUE CAMPAIGN Funding an event at COP26 to explore how a socially just transition to a green economy can be achieved.
05/07/2021 £30,000 £115,389 CRIMINAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE A contribution towards the annual CJA Awards and Media Awards over the next three years.
09/06/2021 £30,000 £658,263 HATCH ENTERPRISE To build connections and collaboration across enterprise support and capacity building providers under the Collective Leadership Group (CLG).
24/05/2021 £24,670 £788,086 THE CENTRE FOR JUSTICE INNOVATION UK To produce a feasibility report for children and young adult problem-solving courts in the West Midlands
29/04/2021 £30,000 £96,656 UNITED KINGDOM ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY FORUM To improve support for young people (aged 17-25) with acquired brain injuries making the transition to adult justice services.
24/04/2021 £55,000 £444,122 EQUALLY OURS To provide core support, including a contribution to the CEO post
24/04/2021 £62,900 £316,252 FOCUS ON LABOUR EXPLOITATION CIC To support FLEX's policy and communications work.
24/04/2021 £70,000 £260,896 KALAYAAN To continue to support Kalayaan's policy and campaigning work.
24/04/2021 £65,000 £39,069 PARLIAMENTARY HUMAN RIGHTS TRUST Core support for the coordinator/advisor post
23/04/2021 £30,000 £21,459,726 LOCAL TRUST To deliver a campaign to advance the progress of the Community Wealth Fund.
31/03/2021 £25,000 £1,163,054 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES To review ongoing inequalities faced by BAME women in the criminal justice system, develop and publish an "Action Plan" to address these issues.
31/03/2021 £30,000 JOSEPH ROWNTREE REFORM TRUST LTD The creation of an inclusive electoral system in which everyone can participate and which is fit for the 21st Century
26/03/2021 £30,000 £1,416,536 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To support a network of foundations working to improve the migration and integration debate.
24/03/2021 £48,000 £1,586,782 HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS CHARITABLE TRUST To fund an evaluation of the trial stage of the Rent-flex Scheme.
19/03/2021 £65,930 COVENTRY UNIVERSITY To co-create a culturally appropriate resource to help people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim communities to understand and manage their finances
19/03/2021 £15,000 £15,370 WEST MIDLANDS FUNDERS NETWORK To enable WMFN to continue developing and delivering support to funders
16/03/2021 £53,500 £424,001 BLACK TRAINING AND ENTERPRISE GROUP To support a programme of work that aims to end racial inequality for children and young adults involved in the criminal justice system
16/03/2021 £80,000 £228,959 ECONOMY To support people, particularly those further from power, to influence decisions about the economy.
16/03/2021 £250,000 KEY FUND INVESTMENTS LIMITED To support Key Fund’s operations as it continues to provide finance to charities and social enterprises through the Covid-19 recovery period.
16/03/2021 £60,000 £602,005 WOMEN FOR REFUGEE WOMEN To continue to support Women for Refugee Women's empowerment, influencing and movement building work
11/03/2021 £10,000 NATIONAL PRIVATE TENANTS ORGANISATION LTD To deliver the first ever Renter's Rights Awareness Week
11/03/2021 £30,000 THE PIONEER HOUSING AND COMMUNITY GROUP LTD To enable members of the Anchor Community Wealth Building network to expand and extend their project linking people to opportunities
22/02/2021 £30,000 IPSOS MORI To support polling on attitudes to immigration on a longitudinal basis.
22/02/2021 £30,000 £478,158 SHEILA MCKECHNIE FOUNDATION Core funding to enable SMK to realise its ambition of a stronger more confident civil society sector working for change
19/02/2021 £21,300 £229,836 COMMUNITY INFOSOURCE To establish a refugee-led independent inquiry to investigate the use of institutional accommodation for asylum seekers
18/02/2021 £30,000 CO-OPERATIVES UK To develop guidance for Shariah compliant community shares and pilot Shariah compliant share offers.
12/02/2021 £25,000 £212,883 MUSLIM CHARITIES FORUM To map Muslim organisations in the UK, their contribution and challenges with a view to strengthening the sector as a whole.
09/02/2021 £38,000 CERT LTD To produce a series of business factsheet style resources to enable infrastructure organisations to support the development of new health and social care services and social enterprises.
09/02/2021 £59,800 £4,186,033 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION To develop an innovation co-operative to support the sustainability of the Greater Manchester BAME Social Enterprise Network.
09/02/2021 £40,000 IMPACT HUB KINGS CROSS LTD To deliver an accelerator programme for food and drinks social enterprises and develop a toolkit to support adapting business models and pivoting during times of crisis and recovery.
09/02/2021 £60,000 £17,620,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To support the continuation of the Diversity Forum’s work, addressing the lack of diversity within Social Investment and the Social Investment Intermediaries.
26/01/2021 £15,000 £1,524,492 THE FUND FOR GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS UK To support the incorporation of the Vanley Burke Archives in to the ‘Black British Material Culture’ programme of work.
23/01/2021 £200,000 £779,907 BRITISH FUTURE Core funding to enable British Future to pursue its mission
23/01/2021 £45,250 £483,681 CENTRE FOR CRIME AND JUSTICE STUDIES To examine the prosecution of joint enterprise cases following the Supreme Court verdict in 2016
23/01/2021 £75,000 £481,467 DETENTION ACTION To support Detention Action's advocacy and campaigning work.
23/01/2021 £20,000 £444,122 EQUALLY OURS To continue to provide the secretariat for the Funders for Race Equality Alliance
23/01/2021 £60,000 FOXGLOVE LEGAL COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY To support the development of tech justice cases.
23/01/2021 £75,000 LOCALISE WEST MIDLANDS Core support maintain local economies work
23/01/2021 £80,000 £1,625,017 PRISON REFORM TRUST To support PRT's secretariat of the APPG on Penal Affairs Group and policy, communications development
23/01/2021 £100,000 £2,408,031 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT CENTRE To support RMC's core work
23/01/2021 £70,000 £670,274 SPARK INSIDE To influence prison policy and practice to better support the wellbeing of young men in prison
23/01/2021 £100,000 THE INNOVATION UNIT LIMITED To support young adults with care and custody experience resettle in the community
23/01/2021 £100,000 UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD To support the development of an identity focused approach into police, prison and probation services for young adults to reduce re-offending.
23/01/2021 £80,000 WOMEN'S BUDGET GROUP To sustain public affairs capacity at the Women's Budget Group.
22/01/2021 £16,000 £3,823,427 KEYRING LIVING SUPPORT NETWORKS To better understand the experiences of young adults with learning difficulties in the criminal justice system
22/01/2021 £25,000 £786,480 KHULISA To deliver a feasibility study for working in a trauma informed way with young adults in Birmingham
22/01/2021 £19,600 £133,274 TRANSFORM JUSTICE To reduce the number of prosecutions while people are in mental health crisis.
12/01/2021 £7,500 £5,342,000 LEARNING AND WORK INSTITUTE To fund the dissemination of research on English language provision.
24/10/2020 £100,000 £232,922 AGENDA CIO To support Agenda’s work to ensure the needs of women and girls facing multiple disadvantages are reflected in policy and practice.
24/10/2020 £40,000 £164,500 BIRMINGHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER To continue to fund Restore's networking, advocacy, communications and co-ordination work.
24/10/2020 £90,000 £246,894 BLACK SOUTH WEST NETWORK To fund a policy post to support the change towards race equality in Bristol
24/10/2020 £71,580 £787,670 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) To further progress an Anchor Institution Network in Sandwell and the surrounding Black Country
24/10/2020 £70,000 HIGH PAY CENTRE To sustain core activity and campaigning at the High Pay Centre.
24/10/2020 £45,850 £728,610 OSMANI TRUST To investigate the experiences of young adult Muslims in the criminal justice systems and identify enablers to sustain progress towards rehabilitation.
24/10/2020 £44,600 £741,583 RELEASE LEGAL AND EMERGENCY DRUGS SERVICES To develop good practice in the implementation of diversion schemes, with reference to racial over-representation in the justice system.
24/10/2020 £120,000 £2,840,140 SHAREACTION To expand the Living Wage campaign to explore and campaign on poor work practices within large companies.
24/10/2020 £75,000 TAX JUSTICE UK LIMITED Continued support for campaigning and network building for progressive tax reform in the UK.
24/10/2020 £20,000 £45,952 THE FLOWHESION FOUNDATION To provide bi-lingual counselling and support to newly arrived Punjabi and Somali women
24/10/2020 £50,000 £298,853 UK LESBIAN AND GAY IMMIGRATION GROUP To continue to support UKLGIG's policy and campaigning work.
21/10/2020 £20,000 £33,876,000 ELIZABETH FINN CARE TURN2US Develop and improve data collaboration to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on those on low incomes and to demonstrate how charities can use “big data”.
15/10/2020 £50,000 £424,519 THE BEAM FOUNDATION To provide training and support for refugees and migrants who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness with the aim of finding stable employment.
14/10/2020 £15,000 £117,008 AFRICAN REFUGEE COMMUNITY To deliver employability training and support to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants living in London Borough of Barnet.
14/10/2020 £16,675 £64,963 AKWAABA To fund and expand a storytelling project and a children’s project for refugee and migrant families.
14/10/2020 £50,000 £168,118 ASYLUM AID (PART OF HELEN BAMBER GROUP) To respond to the increased need for legal support in the COVID pandemic
14/10/2020 £5,000 BAOBAB WOMEN’S PROJECT To support office costs and equipment to enable support and advice to be delivered safely.
14/10/2020 £22,305 BEYOND THE PAGE LTD To enable the re-opening of the United Mothers programme.
14/10/2020 £3,250 £50,000 BOLTON COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Providing crisis services in the form of a food bank for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants
14/10/2020 £39,800 £164,727 C4WS HOMELESS PROJECT To support migrant and refugees to access accommodation and support during the winter.
14/10/2020 £35,241 CITY OF SANCTUARY To enable the charity to increase the support it provides to migrants and refugees through its online work
14/10/2020 £33,000 £3,193,924 CORAM CHILDREN'S LEGAL CENTRE To enable the MCP to adapt and expand its practice improvement work to target issues arising as a result of the Covid-19 crisis
14/10/2020 £50,000 £535,842 EAST EUROPEAN RESOURCE CENTRE To develop digital communications capacity to be able to reach out and help more vulnerable Central and Eastern European nationals
14/10/2020 £3,700 £16,701 EDUCATIONAL LEARNING SUPPORT HUB To make ELSH’s building Covid-secure and enable its students to access an online learning platform to further their qualifications.
14/10/2020 £22,000 £281,932 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT To expand its mental health and advocacy support to vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees.
14/10/2020 £29,140 £95,858 HEAR WOMEN For ongoing general support, and to move resources and services online during the COVID-19 crisis
14/10/2020 £32,300 £230,021 HOPE HOUSING (BRADFORD) LTD To provide supported housing for homeless asylum seekers and refugees, transition support for those moving into independent accommodation as well as advice and support with benefits and employment.
14/10/2020 £36,900 £24,357 IPSWICH COMMUNITY MEDIA AND LEARNING To provide ESOL, health advocacy, employability and IT training as well as advice and signposting for refugees and asylum seekers living in the Westgate area of Ipswich.
14/10/2020 £29,820 £1,534,645 KING'S ARMS PROJECT to continue to provide support for refugee families, advice for vulnerable migrants, assist with accommodation for refused asylum seekers and English classes.
14/10/2020 £20,000 £322,057 LANCASHIRE BME NETWORK To support a pilot project for effective mental health intervention for refugee men
14/10/2020 £16,500 £38,425 MERSEYSIDE REFUGEE SUPPORT NETWORK To increase capacity to meet increased demand for support, and to secure the future of the charity
14/10/2020 £16,910 £105,303 MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN AND SOCIETY ORGANIZATION To pay the salaries of two part time domestic violence advisors and a small contribution to running costs.
14/10/2020 £33,700 NEW EUROPEANS ASSOCIATION LTD To increase capacity to provide advice and signposting support to EU migrants going through the EU Settlement process during the pandemic
14/10/2020 £14,760 £787,880 ONE20 TRADING AS TIMEBANK To provide mentoring for asylum seekers and refugees living in Birmingham.
14/10/2020 £50,000 £249,542 OPEN DOOR NORTH EAST To provide core support and additional capcity to enable Open Door North East to continue to provide accommodation and support to vulnerable asylum seekers.
14/10/2020 £42,000 £199,274 PATIKO BAKER'S FORT PROJECT To enable PATIKO to continue supporting migrants, refugees and vulnerable undocumented migrants who are greatly affected by the impacts of COVID-19
14/10/2020 £29,100 £418,626 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT FORUM OF ESSEX & LONDON To provide additional support to asylum seekers and refugees facing homelessness or destitution
14/10/2020 £50,000 £160,080 REFUGEE WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION To enable RWA to continue and increase its advice services and establish a digital training facility for its clients.
14/10/2020 £33,875 £458,079 RETAS LEEDS To safely reopen its drop-in and ESOL services and increase service delivery via remote services adaptations.
14/10/2020 £8,500 £192,257 RETHINK REBUILD SOCIETY IT Skills, Integration and Education support
14/10/2020 £38,500 £343,238 ROSMINI CENTRE WISBECH To continue provision and increase capacity for Information, Advice and Guidance support to migrant workers in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.
14/10/2020 £20,050 £143,227 SALFORD REFUGEES LINK Costs towards emergency food provisions for the most vulnerable beneficiaries, a contribution towards remote working and creating accessible CV-19 and mental health related information.
14/10/2020 £9,950 £128,631 SEPARATED CHILD FOUNDATION To provide core and running costs to enable Separated Child Foundation to maintain the educational, cultural and social programme for vulnerable separated refugee children.
14/10/2020 £9,750 SPEAKING OUT UK COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY To support homeless refugee and asylum seekers during the pandemic
14/10/2020 £21,210 £87,060 STREATHAM DROP-IN CENTRE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS AND REFUGEES To support asylum seekers and refugees access essential services and provide education and IT support.
14/10/2020 £10,800 THE BILLY PROJECT To deliver exercise classes and provide gym access for isolated women from the asylum seeker, refugee and migrant community living in Blackburn.
14/10/2020 £19,012 THE BRIDGE PLUS+ A contribution to three staff salaries to meet the additional demand for emergency advice and advocacy services, together with some financial management and software costs.
14/10/2020 £9,300 £50,780 TRIANGULAR To provide online and face to face training and advice for refugees and asylum seekers living in Gateshead.
14/10/2020 £3,020 ULTIMATE COUNSELLING, TRAINING AND SUPPORT SERVICES C.I.C To cover core costs and training for volunteers to maintain services
13/10/2020 £36,920 £146,223 MIGRANTS' RIGHTS NETWORK To support migrants, in particular those with NRPF to access goods and services through adapting a 'Know Your Rights' guide to an on-line tool
07/10/2020 £50,000 £484,044 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION To provide advocacy and emergency food and essential items for vulnerable migrants.
07/10/2020 £23,774 £134,998 AFRICAN HEALTH POLICY NETWORK To support local migrant communities in Newham, with a focus on mental health
07/10/2020 £50,000 £559,958 BARNET REFUGEE SERVICE Enhancing BRS capacity to respond to increased demand for advice and support arising from the crisis.
07/10/2020 £50,000 £1,277,825 BREAKING BARRIERS To provide staff and other costs to enable Breaking Barriers to continue to provide support for client group in finding suitable employment.
07/10/2020 £8,400 BRIDGE2 (LIVERPOOL) CIC To enable Brdige2 to safely re-open its building and maintain online support services
07/10/2020 £33,000 £130,978 BRIDGES FOR COMMUNITIES To continue providing befriending, wellbeing and training activities for newly arrived and isolated refugees living in Bristol.
07/10/2020 £40,000 £762,467 BRISTOL MIND The funding will pay for a qualified therapist from the BAME community to provide refugee and migrant clients one to one counselling.
07/10/2020 £19,550 £385,684 CARAS (COMMUNITY ACTION FOR REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS) This grant will allow CARAS to continue to deliver casework support to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and improve its use of the digital offer it provides.
07/10/2020 £8,200 £77,232 CARING AND SHARING ROCHDALE To cover staffing costs to allow Caring and Sharing Rochdale to continue to provide opportunities to connect and coordinate emergency supplies.
07/10/2020 £17,000 £722,565 CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ACROSS BORDERS To provide emergency support to asylum seekers and their families during the crisis.
07/10/2020 £6,100 £38,774 DA'ARO YOUTH PROJECT To recruit a Head of Youth Services to create and manage a programme of activities for children and young people from the Eritrean community in London
07/10/2020 £50,000 £481,467 DETENTION ACTION To expand frontline services in response to the pandemic.
07/10/2020 £25,000 £120,553 EUROPIA To create and disseminate appropriate public health messaging to East European communities
07/10/2020 £3,792 £37,686 HUMANITY CONCERN PROJECTS To ensure the organisation is able to continue to provide support to isolated and bereaved members of migrant and refugee communities who are on low incomes and/or with NRPF
07/10/2020 £19,540 £70,791 HUMBER ALL NATIONS ALLIANCE LIMTED Staff costs and purchase of equipment to support vulnerable migrant communities
07/10/2020 £37,725 £153,836 KURDISH AND MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN ORGANISATION (KMEWO) To maintain and increase domestic violence, HBV, befriending and counselling services to refugee and migrant women together with a wellbeing support group for staff.
07/10/2020 £8,940 £357,036 LOVE146 To provide additional support to children and young people who have been or are at risk of being trafficked
07/10/2020 £15,000 £178,149 MANCHESTER REFUGEE SUPPORT NETWORK Creating a safe and secure storage area for donated items to distribute in lockdown and beyond.
07/10/2020 £34,000 £452,547 MATERNITY ACTION This grant will ensure pregnant women with low incomes and from migrant communities will have legal support and be provided advice to help them navigate affordable healthcare.
07/10/2020 £19,400 £115,862 MEDWAY PLUS To enable Medway Plus to continue supporting communities hard hit by C19
07/10/2020 £17,413 £253,528 MIGRANT ACTION A grant to allow Migrant Action to continue to respond to needs arising from the pandemic
07/10/2020 £10,080 MIGRANT ADVOCACY SERVICE LTD To enable Migrant Advocacy Service to provide support for refugees and asylum seekers in Kinston upon Thames.
07/10/2020 £50,000 £1,945,032 NOAH ENTERPRISE To enable Noah to continue to provide welfare services to increasing numbers of migrants who are sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness
07/10/2020 £20,610 £738,588 POSITIVELY UK To provide core support and contribution to programme costs to enable Positively UK to enhance its core peer mentor training to refugees and migrants living with HIV.
07/10/2020 £5,000 £21,305 RAINBOW HOME (NORTH EAST ENGLAND) The grant will provide essential winter clothing to beneficiaries.
07/10/2020 £45,530 £2,408,031 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT CENTRE To increase service capacity, covering costs for additional caseworkers, IT equipment, office space and interpreting Covid literature.
07/10/2020 £35,270 £374,791 REFUGEE WOMEN CONNECT To provide project funding for additional capacity to enable Refugee Women Connect to deliver support to vulnerable refugee women housed temporarily in hotels.
07/10/2020 £23,000 £85,252 REFUGEEYOUTH LIMITED To enable service continuity and adapt services to increase safety.
07/10/2020 £17,620 £122,821 RIANA DEVELOPMENT NETWORK Volunteer engagement, staffing and improving data capabilities.
07/10/2020 £36,200 £418,508 SHPRESA PROGRAMME Costs for psychotherapist to support women experiencing mental health problems
07/10/2020 £12,000 £55,962 SOMALI ADVICE LINK To provide extra capacity to respond to increase demand as a result of the crisis.
07/10/2020 £48,630 £222,118 SPRINGFIELD COMMUNITY FLAT To enable SCF to reach refugees and asylum seekers in south London who have been disproportionally affected by Covid-19.
07/10/2020 £50,000 £378,068 SUFFOLK REFUGEE SUPPORT LTD To help Suffolk Refugee Council secure and adapt current services for COVID-19.
07/10/2020 £20,350 £137,704 THE ARC PROJECT BLACKBURN To provide core support to enable the ARC Project to put in place mixed support of remote and face to face to vulnerable refugees in Blackburn.
07/10/2020 £10,770 £102,393 THE CENTRE PROJECT To provide youth club services to young asylum seekers and refugees
07/10/2020 £19,000 £117,054 THE COMFREY PROJECT CIO To provide core funding to enable Comfrey to continue supporting refugees and vulnerable migrants through the pandemic
07/10/2020 £4,400 £12,734 THE SIR TOM FINNEY PRESTON SOCCER CENTRE To enable the Soccer Centre to continue providing opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers during the pandemic
07/10/2020 £7,000 THERAPY 4 HEALING To do outreach work to support vulnerable migrant and refugee communities through therapeutic one to one and group work support.
07/10/2020 £7,330 TJ TRAINING & CONSULTANCY To provide project funding to TJ Training and Consultancy to increase its ESOL support to isolated refugees whose first language is not English in Hull.
07/10/2020 £4,100 WEST MIDLANDS ANTI-SLAVERY NETWORK To extend the working hours of a Health and Wellbeing Specialist supporting survivors of modern slavery living in a safe house in the West Midlands.
07/10/2020 £28,825 £543,722 WIRRAL CHANGE LTD To provide casework and activities to newly settled asylum seekers in West Wirral.
07/10/2020 £10,000 £34,562 WYCOMBE REFUGEE PARTNERSHIP To continue to meet local needs by providing food and essential items to refugee and asylum seeker families in the community.
07/10/2020 £41,700 £629,480 YOUNG ROOTS To enable continuation of enhanced and adapted services and activities to support young refugees and asylum seekers
30/09/2020 £40,000 £347,636 AFRUCA To enable AFRUCA to respond to increased family support referrals through greater staffing capacity
30/09/2020 £7,010 £46,163 AFTER18 To provide face to face social and educational activities for young unaccompanied asylum seekers.
30/09/2020 £49,986 £222,528 BELONG NOTTINGHAM To support refugees and asylum seekers with employment advice, health advice and activities for social interaction
30/09/2020 £30,000 £171,732 BRISTOL HOSPITALITY NETWORK (BHN) To provide funding for the expansion of Bristol Hospitality Network’s work in supporting asylum seekers.
30/09/2020 £5,000 £39,502 CAMBRIDGE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT CAMPAIGN Resettled families will be supported with bicycles, training and laptops to support independent living during the crisis.
30/09/2020 £32,000 £220,567 CHESHIRE, HALTON & WARRINGTON RACE & EQUALITY CENTRE This grant will provide ESOL classes to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and provide tutoring to refugee young people who have missed out on schooling during the crisis
30/09/2020 £13,315 £61,447 FRIENDS OF THE DROP IN FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS AND REFUGEES To provide indoor and outdoor multisports sessions for men and women with local specialists Young Asian Voices, and a women’s dance group.
30/09/2020 £50,000 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Helen Bamber Foundation will needs to adapt 3 key services to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a vulnerable refugees and migrants, particularly survivors of human trafficking.
30/09/2020 £46,750 £236,067 HILLINGDON LAW CENTRE To provide a specialist legal advice service to refugees and migrants on housing, social services, health, immigration status and protection.
30/09/2020 £5,650 £122,355 HOPE FOR THE YOUNG LTD Costs towards developing a more efficient referral process to meet increased demands and making adaptations to bring services online
30/09/2020 £12,168 £62,206 HUMBER COMMUNITY ADVICE SERVICES LIMITED To provide core support to enable H-CAS to deliver information and advice, as well as interpreting and translation services to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Hull
30/09/2020 £35,200 £413,307 IRAQI WELFARE ASSOCIATION To allow IWA to continue and expand its support and community outreach services in London and Manchester.
30/09/2020 £4,720 £16,704 KAALMO WELFARE TRUST To enable KWT to continue and expand its education and advice services in response to COVID
30/09/2020 £46,200 MICRO RAINBOW CIC To provide safe house accommodation and 1:1 support for LGBTI migrants with no recourse to public funds
30/09/2020 £48,600 £268,828 MIGRANT VOICE To support Migrant Voice's response to the pandemic.
30/09/2020 £20,000 £764,057 MIGRANTS ORGANISE LTD Enable Migrants Organise to fund emergency accommodation and provide mental health support in response to needs arising from the pandemic.
30/09/2020 £23,280 MY FOSTER FAMILY To provide project funding to expand the Arise Mentoring Programme for refugee and unaccompanied asylum seeking children to achieve their potential in education.
30/09/2020 £48,480 £267,365 NEW ROUTES INTEGRATION Contribution to staff salaries and adjustments to make environment Covid-19 compliant
30/09/2020 £45,000 £872,382 NOTTINGHAM AND NOTTINGHAMSHIRE REFUGEE FORUM Staff costs to increase support for client group and restart face to face activities.
30/09/2020 £16,500 £80,601 PREMIER LEARNING Three months’ delivery costs for up to 8 ESOL classes for around 80 asylum seekers, migrants and BAME community in Rotherham.
30/09/2020 £25,240 £170,420 REVIVE CIO To provide project funding and contribute to running costs to enable Revive to increase delivery of its advice, advocacy and casework.
30/09/2020 £20,000 £731,036 ROTHERHAM & DISTRICT CITIZENS ADVICE To recruit a full time Advisor for 6 months to provide advice and support to vulnerable migrants over the phone and via video call.
30/09/2020 £22,500 SAFETY4SISTERS NORTH WEST To fund a worker for a refuge for women survivors of gender-based violence .
30/09/2020 £20,000 £101,396 SETTLED TTo enable Settled to cope with increased requests for advice from EU migrants experiencing barriers to settlement and affected by the pandemic.
30/09/2020 £18,040 £89,889 SOLA ARTS To continue delivering food supplies and art therapy, employability and advice sessions for asylum seekers living in Merseyside.
30/09/2020 £34,500 £114,862 STEP UP HUB To employ a Welfare Rights Advisor and a Mental Health Support Worker supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Brent.
30/09/2020 £7,590 TAS CENTRE To provide free tuition and support to overcome anxiety to children from refugee and asylum seeker families
30/09/2020 £32,220 £654,437 THE BOAZ TRUST To ensure destitute asylum seekers have access to safe accommodation.
30/09/2020 £6,650 £49,108 THE CONGOLESE ASSOCIATION OF MERSEYSIDE To enable CAM to continue to operate its information and support drop-in service by phone
30/09/2020 £26,900 £280,238 THE EAST MANCHESTER COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (TEMCA) To continue delivering a food parcel delivery project and an at home wellbeing project for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants from Greater Manchester
30/09/2020 £13,500 £103,789 THE GOOD SHEPHERD CENTRE, KEIGHLEY To build organisational capacity to support refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and to build community cohesion
30/09/2020 £19,500 £198,343 THE HAPPY BABY COMMUNITY To further develop, adapt and expand Happy Baby’s English Programme classes making them available online
30/09/2020 £20,000 £206,216 THE HARBOUR PROJECT FOR SWINDON REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS Salary costs of CEO and Advice Coordinator, running costs for new outreach centre.
30/09/2020 £40,000 £2,083,493 THE HAVEN WOLVERHAMPTON To provide bed spaces to women migrant women fleeing domestic violence
30/09/2020 £50,000 THE OTHER PERSPECTIVE CIC Contribution toward salary costs and core costs
30/09/2020 £31,000 £416,165 THE SNOWDROP PROJECT To fund IT infrastructure to enable The Snowdrop Project to continue its work in the COVID era with survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery.
30/09/2020 £24,690 TORANJ TUITION To provide online and face to face employment skills training to Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
30/09/2020 £33,100 £503,469 UPBEAT COMMUNITIES LIMITED To support the delivery of English language classes to refugees and migrants following the social distancing guidelines.
30/09/2020 £20,035 £118,721 WE BELONG To support We Belong's outreach work in response to the pandemic.
30/09/2020 £20,000 £36,947 WEST LONDON WELCOME To recruit a Deputy Manager for a drop-in centre as well as hot food and essentials for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Hammersmith.
30/09/2020 £4,920 £20,621 WOLVERHAMPTON CITY OF SANCTUARY To provide resources to children of asylum seekers to support them back to school
30/09/2020 £21,880 £60,693 WORK RIGHTS CENTRE To enable Work Rights Centre to respond to its increased employment support caseload from vulnerable EU migrants
30/09/2020 £20,000 £208,858 YOUNG EALING FOUNDATION To provide food parcels for refugees and migrants disproportionately affected by the pandemic
30/09/2020 £40,000 £326,419 ZINTHIYA GANESHPANCHAN TRUST To enable ZGT to continue to provide support to women refugees and migrants experiencing domestic abuse.
21/09/2020 £23,600 £476,984 ABIGAIL HOUSING To provide equipment and capacity to ensure safe provision of accommodation and services to homeless and destitute asylum seekers and refugees
21/09/2020 £20,000 £239,514 ACCESS - SUPPORTING MIGRANTS IN EAST ANGLIA To continue services to vulnerable migrants at a time of increased need and to ensure that face-to-face work is conducted safely
21/09/2020 £20,400 £418,756 ASSIST SHEFFIELD To support long term accommodation for asylum-seekers in Sheffield
21/09/2020 £15,625 ASYLUM SUPPORT & IMMIGRATION RESOURCE TEAM (ASIRT) To fund a crisis prevention service for migrants affected by the pandemic.
21/09/2020 £12,300 £47,342 COMMUNITIES WELFARE NETWORK To help beneficiaries who are financially insecure and/or have lost jobs due to Covid-19 to meet basic needs and get back into work
21/09/2020 £50,000 £307,786 EFA LONDON Support to enable EFA London to continue its ESOL provision and other support to refugees and migrants
21/09/2020 £48,690 £27,604 ELLA'S HOME Salary costs and translation services
21/09/2020 £21,900 £192,250 ENTRAIDE (MUTUAL AID) To expand organisation's capacity during the pandemic and explore business model post-Covid.
21/09/2020 £13,200 £55,889 FAIRBEATS MUSIC To enable Fairbeats to expand its work with refugee and asylum seeking children
21/09/2020 £10,000 £39,745 FIGHTBACK (SOCIETY FOR DISABLED REFUGEE AND ASYLUM SEEKERS) Increasing staff capacity to enable Fightback to support disabled refugees and migrants and combat isolation and depression
21/09/2020 £5,000 £31,301 GROWING TOGETHER LEVENSHULME To employ a worker to deliver remote support, including referrals and assessments of need, to asylum seekers and refugees.
21/09/2020 £14,500 £86,606 HILLINGDON REFUGEE SUPPORT ORGANISATION To adapt HRSO's office space and purchase PPE equipment to enable the return to face-to-face support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people in the London Borough of Hillingdon.
21/09/2020 £16,765 £247,661 HOPE PROJECTS (WEST MIDLANDS) LTD To improve the safety of the temporary accommodation Hope provides and update its fundraising strategy in light of the pandemic.
21/09/2020 £26,500 £248,426 INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ORGANISATION OF SUNDERLAND To provide core and project support to maintain and adjust its advice and advocacy services to meet the needs of vulnerable migrants and refugees.
21/09/2020 £13,000 £151,433 JUSTICE FIRST LTD To fund a caseworker to deal with the backlog of cases caused by the pandemic, as well as PPE equipment to allow for face to face meetings to resume.
21/09/2020 £4,980 £20,171 LANCASTER & MORECAMBE CITY OF SANCTUARY To reduce isolation and loneliness and improve access to learning, in particular English language, through providing access to wifi to asylum seeking households
21/09/2020 £6,600 MAFWA THEATRE CIC To provide project funding to maintain its provision to vulnerable women refugees and take forward plans to secure its future finances.
21/09/2020 £19,000 £60,070 MANCHESTER CONGOLESE ORGANISATION (MACO) Salary costs for a part-time coordinator and contribution towards essential items and office adaptations
21/09/2020 £13,400 £26,864 MIGRANT SUPPORT To enable service adaptation and continuation mainly in employability and language skills.
21/09/2020 £49,300 £434,336 PETERBOROUGH ASYLUM AND REFUGEE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (PARCA) To provide core support and additional capacity to enable PARCA to deliver activities and support to vulnerable refugees and migrants
21/09/2020 £18,000 £72,766 PHOEBE Core support and additional capacity to enable PHOEBE to continue support to women and children at risk of domestic abuse.
21/09/2020 £9,600 £33,123 PIERS ROAD NEW COMMUNITIES CENTRE ASSOCIATION Contribution towards core costs to enable Piers Road to continue to support its communities during the pandemic.
21/09/2020 £32,500 POLISH EXPATS ASSOCIATION CIC To support survival and well being of CEE nationals through continuing and adapting services to reduce isolation and provide information
21/09/2020 £22,725 £55,944 RECONNECT To provide project funding and contribute to core costs for Reconnect to increase its capacity to secure its future and expand its higher educational support programme to refugees.
21/09/2020 £9,950 £33,967 REFUGEE ROOTS To enable Refugee Roots to continue and expand its befriending and social activities and ensure access to advice
21/09/2020 £9,250 £183,444 REFUGEE SUPPORT (DEVON) LTD To provide staffing, training and IT equipment to enable RDS to continue its Education and Employability project for refugees and asylum seekers across Devon.
21/09/2020 £30,000 £109,710 REFUGEES IN EFFECTIVE AND ACTIVE PARTNERSHIP (REAP) For a refugee-led local organisation to redesign delivery methods for a variety of activities/services, mainly related to interpreting, ESOL and employability.
21/09/2020 £23,000 £351,767 ROMA SUPPORT GROUP To increase advice work in order to meet the demand caused by the pandemic.
21/09/2020 £6,510 £30,959 SLOUGH IMMIGRATION AID UNIT To support continuing specialist legal advice to those in Slough with difficulties caused by UK immigration, nationality and refugee law; and to enable the development of new IT infrastructure
21/09/2020 £42,150 £554,909 SOLACE- SURVIVING EXILE AND PERSECUTION Expansion of provision of mental health support, by employing a 1.5 FTE therapist(s) to deliver online therapy and group work sessions with refugees and asylum seekers.
21/09/2020 £14,400 SPEAK STREET To enable Speak Street to develop innovative mixed methods materials for learning English
21/09/2020 £44,350 £332,718 ST AUGUSTINES To fund refurbishment to make the building safe in a COVID climate, and to continue its advice and welfare work.
21/09/2020 £36,900 STUDENT ACTION FOR REFUGEES (STAR) To maintain STAR's student volunteer services supporting refugees and asylum seekers.
21/09/2020 £50,000 £377,888 STUDENTS AND REFUGEES TOGETHER This grant will enable Students and Refugees Together (START) to provide its specialist support and advice services to increasing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in Plymouth.
21/09/2020 £40,000 £1,154,143 THE BIKE PROJECT To support cycling services for refugees and asylum seekers, including bike provision and training
21/09/2020 £11,000 £79,739 THE COTTON TREE TRUST To provide essentials of life, mental health support and activities
21/09/2020 £28,400 £88,317 THE HUMMINGBIRD REFUGEE PROJECT To enable Hummingbird to meet increased needs and ready it for the next phase
21/09/2020 £3,300 £3,375 TOOLS FOR INNER PEACE To enable Tools for Inner Peace to train women refugees as yoga practitioners with child refugees.
21/09/2020 £19,500 TRANSITIONS LONDON CIC To remodel its approach so that refugee professionals can continue to be supported into more suitable jobs thereby improving better integration outcomes
21/09/2020 £2,500 £14,700 UNIVERSAL EASE TO REDRESS To enable the provision of hot food and other help for people isolated because of COVID-19
21/09/2020 £4,700 £92,050 WAKEFIELD DISTRICT CITY OF SANCTUARY To provide shoes for newly arrived asylum seekers in Wakefield.
21/09/2020 £25,000 £233,933 WARM HUT UK To provide additional befriending support to elderly asylum seekers and refugees
21/09/2020 £13,810 £68,174 WATFORD & THREE RIVERS REFUGEE PARTNERSHIP To purchase food, IT equipment and other essentials
21/09/2020 £3,250 £7,400 WOMEN WITH HOPE To provide mobile phone topups to reduce isolation and loneliness
10/09/2020 £60,000 £17,620,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To advance and embed Equality Impact Investing (EII) principles in the market through capacity building with investors.
25/08/2020 £39,625 £671,593 AFGHANISTAN AND CENTRAL ASIAN ASSOCIATION To maintain the organisation's services for young people, under threat due to income lost through COVID
25/08/2020 £9,550 £68,050 AFRICAN RAINBOW FAMILY Volunteer and associated costs to enable African Rainbow Family to continue to support its members.
25/08/2020 £29,295 £601,380 ASYLUM WELCOME To provide core support and additional capacity to enable Asylum Welcome to continue and maintain its services and support to asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants in Oxfordshire
25/08/2020 £49,900 £691,436 BAYTREE CENTRE Salary costs for an Advisor and a Coach, continuation of ESOL classes and support for staff to meet increase demand
25/08/2020 £40,000 £212,849 BORDERLANDS (SOUTH WEST) LTD. Continue to provide food and hot meals and safely reopen Drop-in services
25/08/2020 £33,400 £483,174 BRISTOL REFUGEE RIGHTS Salary costs for additional staff support
25/08/2020 £21,320 £320,351 CARRIERS OF HOPE COVENTRY To adapt and increase food distribution and provision including activity packs for children over the holidays
25/08/2020 £32,450 £162,162 FAMILY REFUGEE SUPPORT PROJECT A continuation of trauma counselling and psychotherapy services using horticulture to support refugee and asylum seeking families to help manage their mental health and adapt to life in the UK.
25/08/2020 £50,000 GREATER MANCHESTER IMMIGRATION AID UNIT To provide core support to enable GMIAU to maintain its core service to high risk asylum seekers, refugees and migrants of destitution and social exclusion.
25/08/2020 £40,070 £232,420 GT YARMOUTH REFUGEE & OUTREACH SUPPORT LIMITED To enable GYRO to increase its advice provision and provide new support services
25/08/2020 £35,000 £466,617 KENT REFUGEE ACTION NETWORK To provide core support and additional capacity to enable KRAN to continue and expand its support to young refugees
25/08/2020 £49,400 £283,594 LEEDS ASYLUM SEEKERS' SUPPORT NETWORK Support to enable LASSN to continue and adapt its services.
25/08/2020 £48,284 £649,511 LEWISHAM REFUGEE AND MIGRANT NETWORK To provide core support and additional capacity to enable LRMN to meet the increased demand for services
25/08/2020 £21,000 £86,098 MAP MIDDLESBROUGH To enable core staff to continue to deliver activities during a period of financial uncertainty due to COVID-19.
25/08/2020 £13,000 £84,538 MIGRANT WORKERS SEFTON COMMUNITY To increase capacity to meet growing need amongst migrant workers who have been detrimentally affected by COVID-19
25/08/2020 £50,000 £585,307 NORTH OF ENGLAND REFUGEE SERVICE To maintain services by replacing the Covid related funding shortfall
25/08/2020 £8,500 £33,728 NORWICH INTERNATIONAL YOUTH PROJECT To cover core costs to enable Norwich International Youth Project to continue to deliver regular group activities and support young refugees and asylum seekers in Norfolk.
25/08/2020 £26,750 £455,000 REFUGEE ACTION KINGSTON Rent of a safe space to meet clients and improve system to manage donated goods
25/08/2020 £49,600 £578,119 REFUGEE SUPPORT NETWORK To enable the Refugee Support Network to remodel its services in response to the COVID pandemic
25/08/2020 £46,400 £286,969 ROOM2HEAL To enable Room2Heal to continue providing its therapeutic and support services
25/08/2020 £13,600 SHROPSHIRE SUPPORTS REFUGEES To build SSSR's capacity to increase delivery
25/08/2020 £39,355 SOUTH LONDON REFUGEE ASSOCIATION To provide additional capacity and cover core costs that enable SLRA to continue and increase its services to vulnerable migrants and refugees
25/08/2020 £19,000 £76,458 TAMIL RELIEF CENTRE To enable TRC to continue to provide its advice and education services
25/08/2020 £50,000 £329,363 THE NOTTINGHAM ARIMATHEA TRUST To enable NAT to continue delivering its supported housing service
25/08/2020 £10,650 £285,266 WEST END REFUGEE SERVICE Support to enable additional capacity for delivering COVID-response activities, IT support for remote working, and PPE.
20/08/2020 £20,000 BRIGHT BLUE CAMPAIGN Research to better understand the challenges of home working and to enable the production of effective policy responses to address inequalities.
11/08/2020 £20,000 £2,874,989 FRIENDS PROVIDENT CHARITABLE FOUNDATION To create an index to measure Foundations' performance on diversity, equity and transparency.
10/08/2020 £8,100 £787,670 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) To scope and develop an Anchor Institution Network in Sandwell
11/07/2020 £82,000 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCE ASSOCIATION (CDFA) Ongoing capacity building support for Responsible Finance.
11/07/2020 £55,000 FAIR TAX MARK To provide core support and enable the Fair Tax Mark to weather a period of financial instability due to COVID-19, and continue to deliver outreach and localities workstreams in the UK.
11/07/2020 £60,000 £1,764,249 JUST FOR KIDS LAW This grant will investigate the legal support provided to young BAME people and make recommendation for an improved service.
11/07/2020 £57,300 £268,828 MIGRANT VOICE To continue to support Migrant Voice's Birmingham network.
11/07/2020 £75,000 £62,579 STOPWATCH The grant will develop StopWatch’s policy capability, expanding and deepening the dissemination and impact of its research and advocacy.
11/07/2020 £79,000 £788,086 THE CENTRE FOR JUSTICE INNOVATION UK To facilitate the adoption of diversion schemes by police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners to reduce numbers of vulnerable young adults, women and BAME people entering the justice system
23/06/2020 £16,375 NEW LOCAL GOVERNMENT NETWORK To consider the changing relationship between local public services and the community sector.
07/05/2020 £30,000 SINGLIFY To pilot a partial subsidy to social investment intermediaries for Singlify to carry out MIS implementation work
30/04/2020 £30,000 £1,416,536 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To support Global Dialogue's core costs.
25/04/2020 £40,000 £247,661 HOPE PROJECTS (WEST MIDLANDS) LTD To continue to support Hope's work on finding pathways out of asylum destitution.
25/04/2020 £75,000 £844,406 INQUEST CHARITABLE TRUST To support INQUEST's Director to undertake high-level policy activities and investigate and report on areas of concern.
25/04/2020 £100,000 £7,503,000 LEGAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION To increase access to justice on immigration issues in the UK.
25/04/2020 £35,000 £6,545,000 REFUGEE ACTION To contribute towards the Covid-19 aligned fund (migration)
25/04/2020 £40,000 £351,767 ROMA SUPPORT GROUP To continue to support RSG’s policy and communications work.
25/04/2020 £90,000 £138,954 THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL FOR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY To launch and deliver the Money Makes Change national programme.
24/04/2020 £20,000 £7,999,000 TOYNBEE HALL Insight and advice from people with lived experience to both the Fair By Design Campaign (FBD) and FBD Venture Fund.
01/04/2020 £20,000 OPERATION BLACK VOTE To provide support to OBV during a time of change
30/03/2020 £30,000 £379,177 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY ACTION (NAVCA) To provide NAVCA with additional funding to respond to the Covid- 19 emergency and maintain member services during the crisis.
30/03/2020 £10,000 NEW POLICY INSTITUTE To enable consultation by NPI to shape the design and focus of the second State of Economic Justice in Birmingham and the Black Country.
27/03/2020 £30,000 £1,416,536 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To support Migration Exchange's role in emergency responses to the Covid19 pandemic
27/03/2020 £30,000 £1,277,250 ASSOCIATION OF CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS Support and develop ACF's policy forum
25/03/2020 £20,000 BRITISH RED CROSS To support a new asylum reform initiative.
25/03/2020 £15,200 £260,881 UNLOCK (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EX-OFFENDERS) To support continued engagement on settled status and criminal records.
24/03/2020 £30,000 HEART OF ENGLAND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Small emergency grants for community organisations in the Foundation's area of benefit
17/03/2020 £60,000 £156,087 IMIX To support IMIX's core communications work on migration.
17/03/2020 £75,000 THE CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE The project will research how the prison and probation system can facilitate a whole person, family centred approach to reducing re-offending.
16/03/2020 £100,000 BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Citizen engagement in development of a long term vision and strategy for Birmingham.
10/03/2020 £15,000 CO-OP CULTURE To build a network of co-operative advisors and capacity builders to strengthen and support the co-operative movement.
28/02/2020 £30,000 £767,018 CONSORTIUM OF LGBT VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS To test the Common Outcomes Framework and encourage its adoption across the LGBT+ sector.
25/02/2020 £12,000 £4,210,438 CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP To undertake a Citizens Jury to support a blueprint for an improved social security system.
17/02/2020 £50,000 KING'S COLLEGE LONDON To contribute towards the direct costs of fieldwork for the World Values survey in Britain.
14/02/2020 £25,000 KEY FUND INVESTMENTS LIMITED To develop simple, plain English standard documents to aid social investment
06/02/2020 £21,660 NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY This study will document the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women in English Crown and magistrates’ courts and produce recommendations for change.
31/01/2020 £6,000 SOCIAL ENTERPRISE EAST OF ENGLAND To share learning and expertise from the first phase of the Bridges to Social Investment project across the East of England region.
25/01/2020 £105,000 £502,031 BRAP Embedding the Civil Society Future report's PACT approach (Power, Accountability, Connection and Trust) in communities
25/01/2020 £58,500 £787,670 CENTRE FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC STRATEGIES (CLES) To develop new areas of work within a community wealth building agenda
25/01/2020 £150,000 £1,565,854 CLINKS To support Clinks' senior level policy and political engagement work.
25/01/2020 £59,000 £288,530 MASLAHA To develop voluntary and community sector services that better meet the needs of Muslim people in prison.
25/01/2020 £80,000 £6,545,000 REFUGEE ACTION To continue to support Refugee Action's campaigning work.
25/01/2020 £50,000 £3,345,640 NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION Policy work in support of a shift in UK economy and practice to a more democratised and decentralised approach
25/01/2020 £90,000 £2,299,863 WOMEN IN PRISON LTD To enable Women in Prison to deepen embedding participation into the organisation and campaign in a meaningful way that is safe and empowering for women.
25/01/2020 £40,000 BAOBAB WOMEN’S PROJECT To support advocacy and policy work.
25/01/2020 £35,000 LEADERS UNLOCKED To support the development and expansion of Leaders Unlocked young adults and criminal justice advisory activity.
25/01/2020 £60,000 NEW POLICY INSTITUTE To design, research, produce and disseminate the second ‘State of Economic Justice in Birmingham and the Black Country’ report.
25/01/2020 £41,000 THE NEW LEAF INITIATIVE CIC To support the users of HMP Birmingham’s Visitors Centre. COVID19 variation to switch part of grant from restricted to core funding
20/01/2020 £30,000 £10,838,000 BRITISH REFUGEE COUNCIL To support the Detention Forum's campaigning work to reform immigration detention.
13/01/2020 £30,000 £923,195 PETERBOROUGH COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE To embed enterprise development skills and increase the uptake of social investment in Peterborough.
18/09/2019 £30,000 £9,743,610 MEDICAL FOUNDATION FOR THE CARE OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE To support a mapping and convenings of informal migrant-led groups in the UK to explore how to increase their impact.
12/09/2019 £3,546 £6,929,482 NATIONAL ENERGY ACTION (NEA) To support a report on the 'State of the Energy Market' and the poverty premium.
05/09/2019 £50,000 £1,416,536 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To support a leadership development programme for the migration sector in the UK.
20/08/2019 £30,000 £5,354,959 GREATER MANCHESTER CENTRE FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION To establish a Greater Manchester BME social enterprise network (GMBME SEN) to better connect BME organisations to social investment support and advice.
19/08/2019 £29,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To advance diversity in the UK social investment sector
19/08/2019 £30,000 SOCIAL INVESTMENT BUSINESS To advance and extend the work of the Equality Impact Investing Project (EIIP)
06/08/2019 £30,000 MIGRATION POLICY INSTITUTE EUROPE (MPI EUROPE) To provide policy input regarding the status British citizens living in the EU after Brexit.
02/08/2019 £10,000 £5,980,604 COMMON PURPOSE CHARITABLE TRUST Seed-fund a free on-line leadership course for young leaders
02/08/2019 £30,000 £922,374 FAWCETT SOCIETY To sustain activities relating to the Make Devolution Work for Women project.
02/08/2019 £30,000 £245,880 THE FAIRBANKING FOUNDATION To continue to support credit unions to access the Fairbanking Mark accreditation process.
30/07/2019 £30,000 £177,194 SUMERIAN FOUNDATION To engage a wider number of trusts and foundations to build a learning platform for philanthropic capital
29/07/2019 £14,730 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL A research project looking at the impact of the Poverty Premium on people using Turn2Us' services.
23/07/2019 £10,000 £2,021,531 THE YOUNG FOUNDATION To engage end user beneficiary perspectives in social investment
13/07/2019 £55,000 £401,687 EQUALLY OURS Continuing contribution to CEO salary
13/07/2019 £60,500 £279,573 FOCUS ON LABOUR EXPLOITATION CIC To continue to support FLEX's communications work
13/07/2019 £50,000 £2,560,319 INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH To explore a new approach to immigration enforcement policies.
13/07/2019 £70,000 £260,896 KALAYAAN To continue to support Kalayaan's policy and campaigning work.
13/07/2019 £75,000 £272,975 ON ROAD LTD To support the Media Movers project on migration.
13/07/2019 £35,000 £782,683 PRISON RADIO ASSOCIATION The grant will produce six programmes facilitating a dialogue between BAME people, women and young adults with lived experience and policy leads in the Ministry of Justice.
13/07/2019 £86,652 £221,425 RACE ON THE AGENDA (ROTA) Allocation of pooled fund to provide a secretariat for the Coalition of Race Equality Organisations
13/07/2019 £53,000 UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER The research project will investigate the impact on children and young people of being placed on the Sex Offender Register.
21/06/2019 £30,000 £138,954 THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL FOR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY To further embed and test the Ethical Money Churches network within the West Midlands.
11/06/2019 £15,000 £3,332,595 NEW PHILANTHROPY CAPITAL A contribution towards the second iteration of npc's State of the Sector research.
09/05/2019 £30,000 £1,158,294 JOINT COUNCIL FOR THE WELFARE OF IMMIGRANTS To develop a longer-term vision for comprehensive immigration reform.
27/04/2019 £135,000 £1,406,487 BIRMINGHAM SETTLEMENT To build and strengthen the strategic capacity of Birmingham Settlement.
08/04/2019 £30,000 £1,552,916 GLOBAL DIALOGUE To provide core support to Global Dialogue
08/04/2019 £4,000 EUROPEAN FOUNDATION CENTRE (EFC) A contribution towards the running costs of the Gender learning network .

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