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In this period they've made 83 significant donations to registered charities totalling £3,256,500

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
02/10/2019 £10,000 Wales Millennium Centre 3? Towards a choir project bringing together children in care, the families who care for them, and care-experienced people of all ages.
16/09/2019 £30,000 Liberty Choir UK 1? Towards the salary of an Operations & Partnerships Manager in order that Liberty Choir can expand to new prisons.
16/09/2019 £90,000 Off the Record (Bristol) 10? Towards core costs to transition from a provider of specialist mental health services that treat young people to a mobiliser of young people and communities so they can look after themselves.
16/09/2019 £90,000 Jamie's Farm 11? Towards core operational costs to refine and enhance its ‘Farming, Family, Therapy and Legacy’ model.
16/09/2019 £51,000 Family Action 12? Towards trialling expansion of the Post Sexual Abuse (PSA) service in Leicestershire to pre trial support.
16/09/2019 £60,000 Royal Exchange Theatre Ltd 4? Towards the Elders Programme in order that the Royal Exchange Theatre can further develop its work with older people and share its learning.
16/09/2019 £45,000 Refugee Support Network 7? Towards a specialist education and wellbeing support programme that provides regular, personalised holistic support to young refugees and asylum seekers.
16/09/2019 £60,000 Hestia Housing and Support 8? Towards a longer-term support service to male victims of modern slavery no longer entitled to state-funded support.
16/09/2019 £57,000 Body & Soul 8? Towards ‘You Are Not Alone’ - a Graduate Group that will provide ongoing support for young people/adults aged 16-30 who have attempted suicide.
16/09/2019 £42,000 The Bluecoat 3? Towards Where the Arts Belong, a collaboration with the Belong Care Group exploring how the arts can support people with dementia.
16/09/2019 £22,200 The Clay Foundation 2? Towards artist-facilitated workshops, visits and residencies for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
16/09/2019 £45,000 Team Domenica 4? Towards the salary of a Training Mentor who will support the progression of young people with learning disabilities through an employment programme.
26/08/2019 £5,000 Jewish Museum London 3? Towards a programme that will reach out to dementia sufferers both in care homes and living independently, Jewish and non-Jewish, making the museum and its collections accessible to all.
17/07/2019 £10,000 UK Men’s Sheds Association 7? Towards the construction of a shed building at Anchor Hanover’s West Hall retirement village in partnership with UKMSA and Woking Men’s Shed to pilot a working shed in a care setting.
16/07/2019 £10,000 Manchester Jewish Museum 3? Towards addressing growing racial intolerance in Greater Manchester through the recruitment, training and support of non-Jewish volunteers from local migrant communities.
16/07/2019 £10,000 Philharmonia Ltd 6? Towards a creative music-making project for Looked After Children.
12/06/2019 £10,000 St Margaret's Somerset Hospice 2? Towards Project Echo which will share specialist palliative care knowledge wtih care staff, improving identification and care of residents approaching the end of life.
03/06/2019 £124,200 Nightingale Hammerson 3? Towards a Dietician to implement & evaluate nutritional strategies for residents and to educate more care staff around the role of nutrition in supporting quality of later life
03/06/2019 £60,000 Key4Life 8? Towardsthe salary of a caseworker in the South West team to work wtih young men on the cusp of involvement in serious youth violence or other crime.
03/06/2019 £20,000 Capital Theatres 3? Towards working with older people living with and affected by dementia and expanding the demographics of the participants who are reached.
03/06/2019 £40,000 Bluebell Care Trust 8? Towards the development of Dads in Mind, a service to support fathers experiencing anxiety and depression related to pregnancy and birth.
03/06/2019 £60,000 Caritas Diocese of Salford 4? Towards a project that tests out a community asset based model of ‘wrap around’ support to refugees to fast track resettlement and integration.
03/06/2019 £40,000 Rhythmix 7? Towards participatory music making activities for acute mental health settings for people with dementia and 2 focus group sessions with the National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare.
03/06/2019 £40,000 LIFEbeat 4? Towards the salary of an Operations and Programmes Manager to develop a London-based community hub and to seed and establish three further regional LIFEbeat hubs.
03/06/2019 £60,000 Breaking Barriers 6? Towards the salary of a caseworker supporting refugees living in London into meaningful employment, commensurate with their skills and experience.
02/05/2019 £5,000 Student Hubs 7? Towards a (pilot) project that aims to develop summer workshops for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC).
17/04/2019 £10,000 West London Mission 7? Towards resources to meet the needs of the increasing number of refugees who require support, particularly in finding accommodation and employment.
25/03/2019 £10,000 Action on Elder Abuse 7? Towards operating a volunteer-led Elder Abuse Recovery Service which supports older victims of financial, psychological, physical, sexual abuse and scams each year.
11/03/2019 £20,000 Football Beyond Borders 7? Towards the salary costs of a Counsellor who can provide a specialist intervention for participants of its core schools programme who require additional therapeutic support.
11/03/2019 £50,000 Brighton Dome and Festival Ltd 4? Towards Our Place, a resident-led community programme of year-round arts activity for local people in Brighton & Hove.
11/03/2019 £90,000 Mental Health Innovations 1? Towards the salary of a Mental Health Innovations Fellow.
11/03/2019 £75,000 The Forward Trust 5? Towards the a specialist housing service enabling more people in recovery to find and sustain tenancies in the private rented sector, contributing to their wider recovery and desistance from crime.
11/03/2019 £40,000 Spurgeons Children's Charity 4? Towards a service in Greater Birmingham which uses a whole family approach to protect young girls from criminal exploitation and the dangers of gang involvement.
11/03/2019 £36,000 The Jewish Volunteering Network 3? Towards the provision of volunteering opportunities for 30 offenders, contributing to research by the University of Cambridge measuring the effect of a range of interventions on offending rates.
13/02/2019 £10,000 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Limited 3? Towards a pioneering collaborative programme, STROKESTRA, designed to enhance stroke recovery for patients and their carers using group creative music-making alongside professional musicians.
12/02/2019 £10,000 National Activities Providers Association 2? Towards a National Arts in Care Homes Day
07/01/2019 £10,000 Hospital Rooms 2? Towards commissioning 6 world class artists to co-produce highly inventive, compelling and NHS compliant artistic environments for a locked acute mental health unit in St Pancras.
12/12/2018 £10,000 Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (TIMP) 2? Towards a project that seeks to equip care staff to support people with dementia and their partners to sustain the quality of their relationships.
04/12/2018 £5,000 New Note Projects 5? Towards a multi-media project that will see a members of a 'recovery' orchestra create a new musical score and film.
03/12/2018 £20,000 Glasgow City Mission 4? Towards Glasgow Winter Night Shelters – Jan-Mar 2019
03/12/2018 £20,000 Leeds Community Foundation 3? Towards homelessness in Leeds and Bradford
03/12/2018 £20,000 St Mungo's 11? Towards Pan London SWEP provision
03/12/2018 £60,000 Safer London 7? Towards the salary costs of an Evidence and Insight Coordinator to better understand the impact its services have on vulnerable young people in London, to share expertise and to map provision.
03/12/2018 £60,000 Fine Cell Work 8? Towards establishing and embedding a new programme supporting ex-offenders after release at a textiles workshop in Battersea.
03/12/2018 £40,000 Resurgo Trust 10? Towards the salary of a Corporate Partnerships Manager (Apprenticeships) to lead a programme that aims to help bridge the gap between businesses and disadvantaged young people.
03/12/2018 £20,000 Empire Fighting Chance 16? Towards core costs that will support scaling the programme of non-contact boxing and intensive personal support in deprived communities across Wales and South West England.
03/12/2018 £60,000 Ormiston Families 7? Towards the delivery of a service that works with women living chaotic lifestyles who have had one or more children removed and placed into care.
03/12/2018 £40,000 School-Home Support Services (UK) 10? Towards the salary of the Parent Engagement Coordinator enabling SHS to be a source of expertise on how to work with parents for schools and for SHS staff.
03/12/2018 £40,000 Create London 7? Towards a pilot public programme as part of 'A House for Artists', a new residential space for artists in Barking Town Centre.
03/12/2018 £60,000 Age UK South Lakeland 4? Towards the development of 'Compass': a new approach to tackling poverty, ill-health and loneliness amongst older people.
03/12/2018 £30,000 Circles South West 8? Towards adapting the Circes of Support and Accountability for men convicted of sexual offences, providing support pre-release, 'through the gate' and on into the community.
01/12/2018 £10,000 One25 Limited 9? Towards the development of a service for women are in recovery from addiction and street sex work, to help them to secure an escape route and prevent further relapsing.
01/10/2018 £35,600 The Verbal Arts Centre (Northern Ireland) Ltd 4? Towards an evidence based pilot monitoring the impact of a 30-week Reading Rooms programme on the mental health and wellbeing of 'hard to reach' adults in the criminal justice system.
24/09/2018 £59,000 Social Finance Towards the development of two models that will be designed to improve quality of life for older people
24/09/2018 £30,000 Spitalfields Festival Ltd 5? Towards a cross-arts project in three Tower Hamlets care homes, aiming to reduce isolation, reimagine care relationships and improve the wellbeing of up to 180 older people.
24/09/2018 £75,000 OpenUp Music 3? Towards the expansion of Open Orchestras enabling more young people to improve their music skills and to develop musical progression routes.
24/09/2018 £50,000 Redthread Youth Ltd 11? Towards teh Youth Violence Intervention Programme at Homerton University Hospital.
24/09/2018 £30,000 Film Nation UK 3? Towards a pilot project that will engage a cohort of young people in care in a bespoke, intensive, immersive, youth directed film watching and making intervention.
24/09/2018 £60,000 TLC: Talk, Listen, Change 6? Towards the extension of the Striving to Change Project, delivering awareness and motivational work with perpetrators of domestic abuse, both male and female.
24/09/2018 £60,000 Children and Families across Borders 5? Towards improving the lives of unaccompanied children arriving in the UK by piloting a programme of tailored post-placement support to families for up to 12 months.
24/09/2018 £25,000 Family Lives Ltd 7? Towards a Support Worker to support parents of young carers in their parenting role.
24/09/2018 £29,500 Mind the Gap Limited 5? Towards the development and roll-out of Anna, an interactive forum theatre piece looking at people with learning disabilities as parents.
03/07/2018 £10,000 Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind 1? Towards a programme for young people leaving care that will include wellbeing workshops, creative therapies and 121 support to help them manage their emotions and build resilience.
02/07/2018 £5,000 Shepherds Bush Families Project and Children's Centre 4? Towards the costs of Parent & Child family support services.
26/06/2018 £10,000 Dementia UK 3? Towards a two-year pilot Admiral Nurse service to provide specialist family centred support to people living with a diagnosis of young onset dementia.
21/06/2018 £5,000 The West London Synagogue of British Jews 2? Towards the Wall of Memory at West London Synagogue
07/06/2018 £175,000 The Place2Be 7? Towards a new centre of excellence for children’s mental health.
07/06/2018 £60,000 Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd 6? Towards the Art Therapy Programme in North Ayrshire providing one-to-one art therapy, therapeutic group work and dyadic therapy to children and families affected by adverse childhood experiences
07/06/2018 £50,000 Hijinx Theatre 8? Towards Hijinx' Acting for Screen and Television course to improve the work opportunities for learning disabled actors and to address the under-representation of learning disability on our screens
07/06/2018 £45,000 LGBT Healthy Living Centre Towards the continued delivery of the Glasgow Transgender Support Programme.
07/06/2018 £60,000 Bounce Back Foundation 5? Towards the operational costs of the community training centre where ex-offenders will gain skills in construction, furniture-making and upcycling.
07/06/2018 £60,000 SignHealth 4? Towards digital transformation of its specialist face-to-face psychological therapy service for Deaf people ‘BSL Healthy Minds’ and developing an on-line facility.
29/05/2018 £10,000 Academy Concerts Society 2? Towards the creation of an integenerational orchestra in Newham for older and younger learners to epxlore classical music together.
04/05/2018 £10,000 NHS Confederation: Mental Health Network 1? Towards an in-depth review of some of the most promising voluntary sector services for people with severe mental health problems.
05/04/2018 £10,000 Grampian Hospitals Art Trust SCIO 4? Towards the development of work with older patients and carers.
05/04/2018 £10,000 Action Foundation 12? Towards the development of a model of informal social English classes for vulnerable migrants delivered through community groups and churches.
15/03/2018 £60,000 Scottish Ballet 4? Towards the delivery of Dance for Parkinson’s sessions in five new areas of Scotland, creating a total of seven regional hubs.
15/03/2018 £45,000 The Baobab Centre for Survivors in Exile 8? Towards core costs in order to provide psychotherapy and practical support to young people who are survivors of extreme violence, trafficking or rape, and who are refugees or asylum seekers.
15/03/2018 £60,000 Barnardo's 16? Towards a network of CSE prevention advocates operating in the night-time economy who will know to recognise and respond to CSE with ongoing support from a Specialist Nightwatch Co-ordinator.
15/03/2018 £30,000 Leap Confronting Conflict 11? Towards the Data and Impact Manager Post.
15/03/2018 £60,000 St Mungo's 11? Towards a palliative care service to help homeless people die with dignity in a place of their choosing.
15/03/2018 £45,000 Ambitious about Autism 6? Towards the part-funding of a Project Manager to increase the employability of young people with autism by raising awareness of autism through training employers/ education partners, and providing wor
15/03/2018 £30,000 Future Frontiers 4? Towards a school programme that aims to build an ethos of aspirations and achievement among a selected year group of young people through face to face coaching, aspirational assemblies, workshops and
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