What it does
    Barnardo?s helped improve the lives of more than 240,000 vulnerable children, young people and their families. We help children including those who have been sexually exploited, young people leaving care, children with a parent in prison and provide early intervention for families struggling to cope. We find adoptive homes and foster placements for children in care and campaign to change policy.
Who works here
  • 8128 employees and 23400 volunteers.
Who it helps
  • Children/young People
Sector(s) covered
  • Education/training
  • Disability
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
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Legal constitution
  • UK Charity, number: 216250
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Financial Data ?
Y/E Income Expenditure Surplus/
Assets Months
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31/03/2018 £304,271,000 £299,807,000 £4,464,000 1 8128 23400 30/01/2019
31/03/2017 £312,847,000 £301,136,000 £11,711,000 £2,153,000 8199 20000 24/01/2018
31/03/2016 £298,660,000 £294,193,000 £4,467,000 £14,844,000 8342 18079 23/12/2016
31/03/2015 £295,964,000 £291,593,000 £4,371,000 £18,208,000 5533 16000 02/02/2016
31/03/2014 £285,774,000 £278,422,000 £7,352,000 £21,340,000 5354 15858 24/11/2014
31/03/2013 £258,112,000 £251,922,000 £6,190,000 £21,417,000 5171 15106 07/01/2014
31/03/2012 £245,183,000 £240,589,000 £4,594,000 £16,163,000 5025 17175 17/12/2012
31/03/2011 £244,984,000 £247,330,000 -£2,346,000 £29,510,000 5299 13000 27/10/2011
Donations received ?

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 12 grant making charities totalling £9,994,699

Donor To be used for
Co-Op Foundation The "Care Leavers Unite Bristol" (CLUB) project will grow a programme of social activities for isolated care leavers to engage with peers and develop skills and confidence.
National Lottery This project will be delivered in partnership with Dundee Women’s Aid and benefits male and female victims of domestic abuse and their children who live in Dundee. It aims to ensure that people are supported emotionally and practically to become survivors of domestic abuse.
National Lottery Anglesey Wellbeing Project
National Lottery This group will, over five years, use the funding to re align family support services ensuring families are provided with direct and targeted support at the time they require it and by the correct service. They will achieve this through a fundamental system change at the point of interface between social work, third sector, education and health and will place families at the centre of the process so that they become more empowered to take control of their lives.
National Lottery This group will use the funding to provide support for children and young people (CYP) in East Ayrshire who have experienced bereavement, trauma and loss. Between 25 and 30 CYP aged 11-18 years will engage in one to one support sessions and group work each year to build resilience, capacity to manage and personal growth. Between 40 to 60 parents, carers and professionals will be offered capacity building development each year to build an understanding of how to support CYP who engage in activities.
Essex Community Foundation To provide specialist courses and support for teenage girls across Southend and Thurrock to reduce their risk with regard to drugs, alcohol, gangs, sexual exploitation and anti-social behaviour
Community Foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland As a contribution to the work of your organisation in combatting the sexual exploitation of children and young people in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland only
National Lottery Unveiling the hidden LGBT heritage in North Tyneside
Oxfordshire Community Foundation Activities: Encourage young people to create a forum addressing the needs or replacement of the ramps and also address the needs of other young people. Empower young people to be heard by and work alongside local authorities, such as the town and district council, housing associations and other services, including other young people and members of the community. Support the forum organise regular meetings to discuss ways forward to improve the ramps and increase activities for other young people in their communities. Plan a strategy to raise funds to repair the ramps and the possibility of a shelter for other young people, including contacting local businesses for support and raising the profile of young people in the area. Create an online group. Meeting other groups who have succeed in creating skate forums such as Oxford Wheels project. Services: Training for the forum to lead on initiatives to improve their environment and develop new life skills, through community action and fund raising. Organise Skate Jams. Develop a volunteer programmes and work towards creating more spaces for young people through community development and social enterprise.
Nesta Join In Stay In programme grant to Barnardo's Grant Ref AC00589
Virgin Money Foundation The grant pays for a housing worker. Their role is to help around 80 young vulnerable parents each year to find and to keep a home.
National Lottery This new project will deliver LGBTQ support to children and young people aged between eight and twenty four in North and West Yorkshire, delivered from a central base in Leeds. Activities, workshops and support groups will be aimed at raising awareness and empowering individuals, professionals and communities to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.
Tudor Trust as continuation funding over three years towards the salaries and core costs of the National Independent Visitor Network
National Lottery This is an expansion of a project that aims to support families with children of primary school age who are affected by issues of domestic violence and abuse, mental health issues and substance misuse. Beneficiaries of the project will have access to weekly sessions with a key-worker, networking support groups for parents and family activity days, which will run during school holidays.
National Lottery Invisible Walls Accord (IWA)
National Lottery Over 1,500 young people in Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon will be given the opportunity to turn their lives around having been involved in serious youth crime. Over six months they will receive tailored support to help them be better able to manage their lives and be less influenced by risky peer groups. They aim to give them the skills to make more positive life choices and support them into sustainable employment and education.
National Lottery This project aims to reduce the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) by providing support to those who are at risk of becoming NEET. They will focus on hotspot areas and target participants from priority groups. These include the long term unemployed, lone parents, people with disabilities, BAME communities and those with housing and substance misuse issues. The project will work with high profile employers, with some work placements already agreed.
National Lottery This project will develop a new service which will provide early intervention and intensive support to families in Inverclyde with children up to the age of five who have been diagnosed with, or are awaiting diagnosis of a disability. Barnardo’s Inverclyde Support Team will support the project which seeks to engage with families who are less likely to access services and are most at risk of isolation.
National Lottery The funding will be used to develop a social impact bond (SIB) to reduce the impact of parental mental health issues, domestic abuse, and substance misuse on children aged five to eleven. The intervention will be delivered across Manchester. The four month grant will fund identification of cashable savings, analysis of the existing model, co-commissioner engagement, identification of costs, and other technical support. The SIB will be commissioned by Manchester City Council.
National Lottery This grant will be used to develop plans for a project to support young people who are not in employment, education or training. The development funding will be used to fund a project coordinator to develop the partnership, undertake consultation with stakeholders and young people and to develop a system to facilitate sharing of materials between partners.
National Lottery The aim of this project is to develop a sustainable hub and spoke delivery model to tackle unmet need around child sexual exploitation awareness, prevention and support work. The applicant will work with Barnardo’s and focus on three areas each, delivering 1:1 assessment, support and group work to children and young people, awareness raising workshops for parents and professionals and linking with small voluntary organisations to offer expertise to build their confidence and understanding of the issues.
National Lottery Positive Destinations
National Lottery This project will use its funding to expand the support for victims of child sexual exploitation across the Avon and Somerset area. Working with a range of partners, staff will provide individually tailored packages of support to young people combining intensive one to one support and counselling with a range of other interventions. The project will take a holistic look at the young person’s family life and will ensure they can access support 24/7 in the event of an emergency.
The Blagrave Trust Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
National Lottery Breaking The Cycle
Tudor Trust over two years towards the salary and associated costs of a two year apprenticeship based within the National Independent Visitors Network, working with young people in care_x000D_ _x000D_
National Lottery Not Available
Northern Rock Foundation To continue the evaluation of Circles 2 which works with familes affected by domestic abuse
National Lottery Not Available
National Lottery This project will reclaim and develop for community use five small areas of difficult to access disused land to the rear of the residential area. A park, community growing, social spaces, play facilities and educational opportunities which will be safe and inclusive and designed to meet the needs of the entire community. The amenities will meet an immediate need for people living there who have few opportunities.
National Lottery Threads - Connections
The Blagrave Trust Reduce child sexual exploitation (CSE) across Hampshire, IoW and Reading.
Northern Rock Foundation Toward extending the Child Sexual Exploitation Hub and Spoke service to Stockton.
National Lottery BG Community Connections
Samworth Foundation Strategic support - part funding the Lead on CSE for Barnardos.
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