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National Lottery66%61%
Garfield Weston Foundation29%27%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation27%20%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation25%16%
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BBC Children in Need20%22%
The Tudor Trust19%13%
The Big Lottery Fund17%16%
Lloyds Bank Foundation16%18%
The Henry Smith Charity15%16%
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In this period they've made 283 significant donations to registered charities totalling £7,518,049

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
21/11/2019 £34,916 The Citizenship Foundation 3? Will work with primary schools in Leeds, Dewsbury and Batley to create a toolkit to help other schools engage pupils in social action and improve their local community spaces
21/11/2019 £34,920 Groundwork South Trust Ltd 4? Young people not in employment, education or training will research local community spaces, consult with local young people and campaign to improve spaces in Cornwall
21/11/2019 £34,995 The Federation of Groundwork Trusts 6? A national network of young ambassadors will advocate for young people’s voices to feed into the planning and use of green spaces
21/11/2019 £35,000 Young Lives Consortium 1? Working in collaboration with other organisations, young people will improve the design and use of unused retail space and create pop-up spaces across their district of Wakefield
21/11/2019 £34,982 Greater Manchester Youth Network 7? Young people with special educational needs and disabilities will campaign for changes to public transport in order to make other community spaces in Greater Manchester more accessible.
21/11/2019 £35,000 RECLAIM Project Ltd 6? In Greater Manchester, young people will identify community spaces that are important to them and co-design an #OurSpace Manifesto with their owners and campaign for others to get involved
21/11/2019 £14,896 OYAP Trust 3? LGBTQ+ young people in Bicester will advocate to make everyday town facilities more accessible and inclusive for them as well as other young people who have hidden disabilities
21/11/2019 £34,978 Youth Focus: North East 5? Young people in Middlesbrough will be supported to improve the design and use of a local park centre that is typically only used by adults
06/11/2019 £10,000 Beechbrae 2? Community woodland run for the benefit of local people. Beechbrae Barn will provide new indoor space to offer more activities to the community and generate income via hire of the Barn for training and conferences.
03/10/2019 £9,202 BEAVERS ARTS LIMITED 5? Create an online horticultural training programme that can be sold to generate income. Funding will also enable intensive engagement activities to increase inclusion and diversity at the farm.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Halifax Opportunities Trust 2? The group plan to carry out consultation events and produce a detailed plan to redevelop a local centre which is currently dilapidated. The conversations will feed into both the architectural feasibility and design work.
03/10/2019 £9,781 ACUMEN COMMUNITY BUILDINGS 1? Plan to consult more than 100 people through workshops and engagement days to discuss how best to use the Old Rectory and Rectory Park, in Houghton-le-Spring, as community spaces.
03/10/2019 £9,935 PRESTON MUSLIM FORUM LIMITED 2? Plan to deliver community engagement events, conversations, activities and workshops to reduce social isolation, strengthen relationships and get new ideas and perspectives.
03/10/2019 £9,825 THE YOUNG BARNET FOUNDATION 2? Will hold six meetings across three hubs to explore opportunities for utilising spaces and collaborative working. Opportunities will be taken forward with local stakeholders to widen provision in the spaces.
03/10/2019 £9,987 HOLBECK ELDERLY AID 5? Will redevelop a church building, creating a community hub to meet local needs. The group plans to facilitate local people to take the project forward by developing their skills and taking on leadership roles.
03/10/2019 £10,000 2Faced Dance Company Limited 1? Will hold conversations and consultation events with local creatives and experts to seek a solution to the lack of artistic and creative spaces within their community.
03/10/2019 £8,000 INDEPENDENT ARTS 9? They will hold a series of creative and accessible community consultations with current and future stakeholders to provide a direction for their work on underused spaces.
03/10/2019 £8,881 PORCHLIGHT 3? Will facilitate discussions with local people on how best to use community spaces and mobilise residents to take action. They will establish a steering group and regular meetings, and organise a community mapping walk.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Amber Valley CVS 1? Community engagement events and activities will explore ideas for the use of an outdoor space. A local fete will ascertain the community’s hopes and expectations of the group.
03/10/2019 £9,270 WINDMILL HILL CITY FARM LIMITED 6? Create an online horticultural training programme that can be sold to generate income. Funding will also enable intensive engagement activities to increase inclusion and diversity at the farm.
03/10/2019 £7,681 THE COLEBRIDGE TRUST LTD 2? A mapping exercise will identify under-used communal spaces. The community will then be engaged to decide how best to use these spaces.
03/10/2019 £8,750 CHICHESTER COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST 4? Community consultation and feedback surveys will help determine how a local building could be used to meet the needs of the community.
03/10/2019 £7,700 THAMES CHASE TRUST 5? Deliver community workshops to map local spaces and assets, and discuss how best to use spaces and give them better protection for the future.
03/10/2019 £8,700 HELIX ARTS LIMITED 9? Will work with local people and artists to run creative workshops and co-produce consultancy events, exploring how they can make better use of local spaces to meet cultural, health and well-being needs
03/10/2019 £6,305 WOLVERHAMPTON VOLUNTARY SECTOR COUNCIL 4? Hold consultation meetings with community groups and voluntary organisations to identify specific needs they have around community venues, and learn how to remove barriers to engagement.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Bangladeshi Women's Association Limited 3? Hold a series of workshops to explore what activities and resources are available in the local community. This will help to identify how best two spaces can bring residents together.
03/10/2019 £9,989 EASTON AND LAWRENCE HILL NEIGHBOURHOOD MANAGEMENT 3? Creative engagement methods will be used to map the needs of local, diverse communities in Bristol. This will increase the benefit provided by two much loved community spaces, ensuring they are sustainable for future generations.
03/10/2019 £7,280 GROUNDWORK OLDHAM AND ROCHDALE 4? Interactive and inclusive events will help collect views on the best use of a local nature reserve. The group will use home visits to reach people who cannot attend community events.
03/10/2019 £9,659 BLACKBURN WITH DARWEN HEALTHY LIVING 4? Plan to consult a group of residents and stakeholders to produce a set of recommendations to make better use of spaces within their community.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Age UK East London 4? Host a series of workshops within the local community hub to determine what local residents and young people would like to see in their area. The team will then link up with experts to help put this into practice.
03/10/2019 £8,825 STONEGROVE COMMUNITY TRUST 1? Host a two-day community workshop to map how local assets might be utilised. They will then organise meetings with stakeholders who can work to make the spaces usable.
03/10/2019 £9,415 3VA 1? Will hold public conversations through events and social media to capture the local community’s views and ideas for an under-utilised park. They will support local people to identify solutions, test ideas, and build a longer-term business case
03/10/2019 £9,922 BARNET COMMUNITY PROJECTS 3? Run engagement and consultation with residents to shape plans for the future of the group's community centre, which is being relocated.
03/10/2019 £9,990 THE THORNTON AND ALLERTON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LIMITED 4? Host consultation and engagement activities with the local community to better understand the issues of loneliness, social isolation and lack of social cohesion between communities. This will support the redevelopment of local spaces and services.
03/10/2019 £9,540 AFRICAN HEALTH POLICY NETWORK 1? Fortnightly sessions in community hubs will engage BME groups to decide how to best use local spaces to bring together vulnerable members of the community.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Voluntary Action Camden 1? Will run focus groups and events to examine how community spaces can be better used. This will lead to the creation of a Local Spaces Network to explore the potential of local spaces in Camden.
03/10/2019 £10,000 Birmingham Settlement 6? Use workshops and activities to engage local people and develop an action plan that will improve the organisation's community and youth centre.
03/10/2019 £7,518 NEWHAMPTON ARTS CENTRE 1? Will explore how their café can be a more inclusive, effective and social space through drop-in events, activities, and skills sharing sessions.
03/10/2019 £7,300 CUMBRIA ACTION FOR SUSTAINABILITY 2? Will carry out workshops, events and training of local people to facilitate conversations on how spaces could be better used to address the needs of the community.
03/10/2019 £9,894 FOREST VOLUNTARY ACTION FORUM 2? The group will research challenges faced by the local community and identify underused spaces to meet these needs. They will use their community café as a hub for hosting events and workshops.
03/10/2019 £9,810 STAA Limited Aim to run five monthly community consultation days, events and green space tours to develop a greater understanding of what the community needs in relation to its outdoor and green spaces.
03/10/2019 £10,000 THE FRIENDS OF DERBY ARBORETUM 1? Up to 24 weekly workshops will help local people decide what they would like to see happen to several buildings that would make ideal community spaces.
01/10/2019 £7,500 ELEMENT SOCIETY 2? Funding to support better disability access to Yorkshire House, a mixed-use youth and community venue supporting youth social action.
01/10/2019 £25,000 CONSTITUTION HILL LTD 1? Org that manages cliff-top attractions and the cliff coastal path in Aberystwyth - funding to support accessibility to all and increased financial sustainability.
30/09/2019 £49,755 The Garage Trust Ltd 3? Support weekly art classes in a community building dedicated to improving people’s lives through art.
30/09/2019 £40,000 Exeter Community Centre Trust Ltd 2? Help to refurbish and revamp the top floor of their community centre to open up more space for people to use and increase financial sustainability.
30/09/2019 £49,728 Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) Ltd 5? Support the refurbishment of a new community centre, completing the transformation from an older people’s day-centre to a multi-purpose community asset.
30/09/2019 £49,984 Trowbridge Town Hall Trust 3? Funding will help increase the use of the building, improve facilities and boost business sustainability planning to ensure a positive future for an historic community-run asset.
06/09/2019 £46,808 St Werburghs City Farm 8? Create an online horticultural training programme that can be sold to generate income. Funding will also enable intensive engagement activities to increase inclusion and diversity at the farm.
06/09/2019 £47,949 The Bromley by Bow Centre 7? Fund planning and infrastructure support, training for volunteer leaders and the creation of a toolkit to develop financial sustainability across the community spaces they run.
06/09/2019 £33,987 FISCUS North Limited 3? Enable a mapping exercise of local needs and priorities, support staff costs, and explore plans for a health and well-being space in a shipping container.
06/09/2019 £35,623 Cheshire, Halton & Warrington Race & Equality Centre 2? Will improve facilities at their centre, create a booking system, and fund staff at a multicultural hub.
06/09/2019 £40,343 Liverpool and Merseyside Theatres Trust 1? The grant will support increased opening hours so the community has greater access to the theatre. Funding will enable a partnership to develop with a health provider that offers social prescribing.
02/08/2019 £10,000 Trinity Project 1? Supporting local people in Cardiff to learn more about gardening, cooking and arts and craft
29/07/2019 £20,000 NYA 3? Joint project to influence DCMS’s proposed 10-year ‘Youth Charter’ and build wider momentum for increased future Government support for the youth sector
29/07/2019 £20,000 Social Change Agency Development of a ‘Young Trustees Movement’ aiming to double the representation of young people on charity Boards over the next five years
23/07/2019 £50,000 The Conservation Volunteers 7? Funding capacity building support to community organisations that benefit the environment in Trafford
11/07/2019 £20,000 UK Youth 11? Joint project to influence DCMS’s proposed 10-year ‘Youth Charter’ and build wider momentum for increased future Government support for the youth sector
11/07/2019 £20,000 Step Up To Serve 5? Joint project to influence DCMS’s proposed 10-year ‘Youth Charter’ and build wider momentum for increased future Government support for the youth sector
11/07/2019 £20,000 HIGHBURY ROUNDHOUSE ASSOCIATION LIMITED 5? Supporting build costs of new youth and community centre in Highbury, North London
10/05/2019 £10,000 Groundwork North East 7? Young people from Middleborough will undertake research to better understand the role that social action plays in reducing loneliness amongst young people.
26/04/2019 £35,000 Ovalhouse 1? Young people experiencing or at risk of loneliness will design and build a temporary theatre space which will then be used for summer holiday activities for young people in Brixton.
15/04/2019 £30,000 FROG 3? A newly refurbished neighbourhood centre will offer a range of activities, services and events for local people.
12/04/2019 £10,000 Off The Record 10? Young people in Bristol who have experience of youth social action and loneliness will deliver research to examine the relationship between the two.
12/04/2019 £10,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? Young people from Gateshead and Middleborough will undertake research to better understand the role that social action plays in reducing loneliness amongst young people.
12/04/2019 £10,000 Torbay Community Development Trust 4? Young researchers in Torbay will investigate the impact of social action on loneliness through focus groups and community outreach events.
12/04/2019 £9,419 YOUTHSCAPE 9? Young researchers will compare two social action projects to understand how young people in Luton respond to different types of social action and how it impacts their feelings of loneliness.
12/04/2019 £9,980 NO LIMITS (SOUTH) 3? Supporting young people through Co-research to explore the relationship between youth loneliness and youth social action
12/04/2019 £10,000 The Proud Trust 15? In Manchester, young people from the LGBTQ+ community will explore the barriers and benefits of getting involved in youth social action.
11/04/2019 £170,000 Co-op College 2? Supporting young people in Manchester, Hartlepool and Plymouth to learn about co-operative values in their community and run their own social action projects to address loneliness.
11/04/2019 £50,000 CAST 7? Year two development of the Charity Digital Code of Practice. Funding will help to expand and develop the existing code and support more charities to respond to the changes in the needs, behaviours and expectations of the communities they support.
15/03/2019 £40,000 Rotherham Rise 2? A new cafe and community space will give local people somewhere to meet and socialise, as well as raising funds for Rotherham Rise's core services to support people affected by domestic and sexual abuse.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Fat Macy's 4? Co-designing changes to their bootcamp to include consideration of wellbeing and mental health.
20/12/2018 £10,000 TDC 1? Testing a partnership approach with a tech-focused organisation to facilitate young inventor activity and develop creative approaches.
20/12/2018 £10,000 SkyWay Charity 8? Setting up social action task forces, who will be challenged to raise awareness of youth loneliness. Learning will feed into their programmes.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Daisy Chain 6? Improving their current site to increase accessible activities
20/12/2018 £10,000 Helix Arts 9? Co-designing events and improvements connected to local footpaths
20/12/2018 £10,000 Creative Arts East 4? Consulting with young people in three residential areas, looking at loneliness and how they can feel more empowered to use and own identified spaces
20/12/2018 £10,000 Rooted In 4? Developing a former library space for use by young people
20/12/2018 £10,000 Leading Link A project to take a youth club around isolated villages via a camper bus that will act as a mobile youth hub
20/12/2018 £10,000 YMCA Humber 4? Working with young people to identify which spaces they think should be improved in their community, and developing workshops around loneliness.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Groundwork Northamptonshire 4? Developing space and activities at several community centres
20/12/2018 £10,000 OPEN 2? Improving their community space to make it more welcoming and potentially generate hire income
20/12/2018 £10,000 Ideal for All 5? Supporting young disabled people to improve the spaces within the organisation and make it more welcoming to other young people
20/12/2018 £10,000 Positive Steps 2? Making improvements to their community bike shop and community space to make it more welcoming
20/12/2018 £10,000 soundLINCS 2? Co-designing improvements to their current space with care leavers to make it more welcoming and able to respond to loneliness
20/12/2018 £10,000 Positive Youth Foundation 6? Co-designing improvements to a community space used by a range of organisations supporting young people.
20/12/2018 £10,000 OSCAR Birmingham 1? Creating a dedicated social space for young people accessing their services
20/12/2018 £10,000 YMCA North Tyneside 11? Developing their digital connectors project, with young people using digital approaches to connect more isolated young people.
20/12/2018 £10,000 North East Young Dads and Lad Project 4? Investigating and co-designing solutions to loneliness for young men, including some inter-generational learning.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Become 9? Co-designing the Passport to Parliament project with care experienced young people.
20/12/2018 £10,000 The Sycamore Project - Zac's Youth Bars 6? Co-designing a long-term vision for the current space and upskilling young people so they help work on the improvements
20/12/2018 £10,000 All Saints Youth Project 5? Developing a new space for use by young people
20/12/2018 £10,000 YMCA North Tyneside 11? Improving a digital hub to make it more interesting and welcoming for young people
20/12/2018 £10,000 SkyWay Charity 8? Developing a young person-accessible gym
20/12/2018 £10,000 Canal & River Trust 5? Creating a space outdoors that is currently underused land they own, and planning activity other organisations can deliver there
20/12/2018 £10,000 Positive Steps 2? A young apprentice will be supported to conduct focus groups exploring loneliness and developing solutions.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Whizz-Kidz 6? Exploring youth loneliness with wheelchair using young people undertaking a youth-led review of groups for older young people to creating recommendations and actionable insights.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Fat Macy's 4? Running workshops and events to ensure their new space works well for building social connections between the people who use it
20/12/2018 £10,000 Sandwell Young Carers 4? Developing a space with young carers
20/12/2018 £10,000 Himmat 2? Working with young people to co-design solutions to loneliness in a space they know, and develop a programme of activity for a newly-acquired space
20/12/2018 £10,000 Positive Youth Foundation 6? Young people will consult with other young people from a number of different local organisations and then present recommendations for tackling youth loneliness.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Darlington Mind 7? Improving their Mood Food Cafe to make it a nicer space for young people
20/12/2018 £10,000 Empowerment 4? Turning an empty space in their building in to "The Den" - a dedicated space for young people.
20/12/2018 £10,000 THROUGH UNITY 3? Running a theatre project on a number of housing estates, enabling young people to tell their story, reduce loneliness and engage in positive activity
20/12/2018 £10,000 City Arts Nottingham 3? Creating new activity and enabling young people to reimagine their venue using tech.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Libraries Unlimited 2? Project to support young people to make better use of library space and encourage others to access the space, including more vulnerable young people.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Drake Music 7? Developing ways disabled and non-disabled young people can make music together
20/12/2018 £10,000 The Sycamore Project - Zac's Youth Bars 6? Consulting with young people and looking at ways of integrating this insight into existing provision.
20/12/2018 £10,000 Lifeworks Charity Ltd 3? Working with young people with learning disabilities to develop a space that more rurally isolated peers can access and imprive health and wellbeing
20/12/2018 £10,000 Exposure 4? Working with young people to create a number of creative outputs using some key guide topics including making friends, being different, trigger times. This will raise awareness and inform their work and the work of other local organisations.
20/12/2018 £10,000 HCYC 5? Improving a mobile youth space that delivers activities to traveller sites and locations with no community space
20/12/2018 £10,000 Depaul UK 10? Improving a room within their centre for homeless young people to make it more suitable for activity
20/12/2018 £10,000 Osmani Trust 6? Developing a community digital cafe and games room for young people in their building
20/12/2018 £10,000 TDC 1? Supporting young people to audit community spaces and work with community centres to make them more accessible for young people
20/12/2018 £9,975 HULL FC RUGBY COMMUNITY SPORTS & EDUCATION FOUNDATION 5? Delivering turn up and play sport activity for young people at a number of community spaces
20/12/2018 £9,990 YMCA Dulverton Group 4? Working alongside young people as space is being developed so they can input into the final design.
20/12/2018 £9,890 Mind in Haringey 5? Developing a space within their building to make it more attractive to young people and sesigning a weekly offer.
20/12/2018 £9,929 St Giles Trust 16? Working with young people to develop their office into a space they want to access
20/12/2018 £9,941 People Potential Possibilities T/A P3 2? Working with young people at a residential accommodation project to co-design what activity should be delivered in their communal space
20/12/2018 £9,956 GETAWAY GIRLS 9? Working with a number of groups of young women to make spaces around Leeds more accessible and welcoming
20/12/2018 £4,000 Acorns Children's Hospice 3? Improving the communal space for young people at the hospice
20/12/2018 £9,808 KDYT 2? Young people will visit existing youth loneliness projects to feed learning back into the work at KDYT.
20/12/2018 £9,964 YMCA Worcestershire Limited 3? Engaging with young people to understand how to make their centre more attractive, and developing a range of activity based on this.
20/12/2018 £9,934 Foundation 2? Improving local spaces for young parents
20/12/2018 £9,677 Tees Valley Wildlife Trust 3? Involving young people in turning a woodland space into something they care about, and creating a youth Board.
20/12/2018 £9,990 St Werburghs City Farm 8? Trialling new activities at their city farm to encourage more young people to access the space
20/12/2018 £9,820 The Octagon 4? Trying to get young people engaged in the theatre, where they aren't currently represented in the audience. Developing a series of events in local areas and subsidising tickets
20/12/2018 £9,820 Building Self-Belief CIO 2? Co-designing a space to encourage teenagers to come to the youth club
20/12/2018 £9,950 Project 6 2? Engaging with young people to understand how the Tramshed community venue can be improved
20/12/2018 £9,580 Project 6 2? Focus group and taster sessions exploring how a programme could make a difference, focused on five ways to wellbeing and young people as assets.
20/12/2018 £9,605 Youth Homeless North East (YHNE) 3? Developing two youth hub spaces, informed by young people's experiences of loneliness
20/12/2018 £6,509 Kirklees Youth Alliance 2? Kirklees Youth Alliance have identified two park buildings and will co-design improvements and activities with young people
20/12/2018 £9,980 YMCA Exeter CP 1? Refurbishing a community space in a residential project
20/12/2018 £9,850 YMCA Exeter CP 1? Delivering a series of fun and team building activities to young people who will develop enterprise ideas.
20/12/2018 £9,970 ComMutual 3? Creating a digi cafe club
20/12/2018 £9,900 Greater Manchester Youth Network 7? Working with young people to design a new space that the charity has just taken on.
20/12/2018 £9,934 The Gifted Organisation Limited 7? Co-designing improvements to an existing community hub to make it more welcoming for young people
20/12/2018 £9,992 The Gifted Organisation Limited 7? Young people will map out the kind of community they want to see to inform the work they do.
20/12/2018 £9,950 Refocus Project Ltd 2? Co-designing improvements to a community hub space to make it a space for young people in the area.
20/12/2018 £7,062 Youth Genesis 3? Developing work around loneliness and increasing opening hours
20/12/2018 £7,304 The Tetley 4? Developing their provision, including for young parents
20/12/2018 £3,953 Soft Touch Arts 6? One- to-one and group conversations with young people to understand how they can better consider social isolation in their existing programmes.
20/12/2018 £8,404 SESKU Academy 2? Creating a youth board to steer the development of the community space
20/12/2018 £9,715 Torbay Community Development Trust 4? Trying to bring a studio space back into use, and develop a communal space at a residential project for young people
20/12/2018 £9,950 Pedestrian 3? Working with young people to improve their access to a currently underused arts venue
20/12/2018 £8,850 Pedestrian 3? Bringing together young people to explore issues through creative activity and create and pilot solutions to youth loneliness.
20/12/2018 £3,915 NE Youth 2? Working with young people to design an accessible space in an existing youth centre
20/12/2018 £9,984 Speakers Trust 3? Training groups of young people to go into communty spaces and give advice on how they can make it more welcoming to young people
20/12/2018 £9,972 Leaders in Community 5? Exploring loneliness with their young people and considering how their existing provision could address young loneliness before piloting some of their ideas.
20/12/2018 £9,938 Leaders in Community 5? Improving a community space/cafe and making more opportunity for young people to access skills development activity
20/12/2018 £9,885 Fitzrovia Youth in Action 7? Workshops and activities to enable young people to design the programme that will run in their new space
20/12/2018 £9,846 All Saints Youth Project 5? Focus groups to help understand loneliness and inform their ongoing programmes.
20/12/2018 £9,960 Blackpool FC Community Trust 3? Engaging with young people in consultation on redevelopment of the space in the stadium
20/12/2018 £9,900 A New Direction 5? Research and advocacy work to help improve young people's use of a local library, with a focus on care leavers
20/12/2018 £9,995 Refugee Forum 8? Updating a church basement which they use for a project for asylum-seeking young people
20/12/2018 £9,768 AYP 3? Developing indoor gym provision to enable young people (particularly young women) to access positive activity
20/12/2018 £9,500 N-Gage 4? Considering improvements and how they can reach more young people in their centre in Burnage, Manchester.
20/12/2018 £9,125 Doncaster Alcohol Services 4? Making a space for adults more young-person friendly and extending opening hours
20/12/2018 £9,673 Herts Mind Network 4? Engaging young people to see how wellbeing centres can be more appealing to young people
20/12/2018 £9,900 Groundwork South Yorkshire 2? Supporting young people to develop services they would like to see in a community hub
20/12/2018 £9,812 GYROS 3? Improving a cafe space they run in a local library to make it more suitable for young people
20/12/2018 £9,998 KEY Project 7? Developing and piloting provision for residents and the community at their new project space
20/12/2018 £9,920 Imago 4? Working with young carers to explore the issue of social isolation, and integrating learning into their support services.
20/12/2018 £9,889 Bury Blind Society 3? Focused work co-designing how they could use their space in the evenings for blind and partially-sighted young people
20/12/2018 £9,976 Warrington Youth Club Limited, WYC 5? Developing evening activity in a local park, making use of a rangers cabin
20/12/2018 £7,025 Power2 9? Transforming a meeting room into a space where activity for young people can be delivered
20/12/2018 £9,993 The Limes 8? Working with young people, including a steering group, to co-design improvements to their current space
20/12/2018 £9,142 CEYP (Isle of Wight) 3? They have been given a building by the local council on the Isle of Wight, and will be co-designing activity to turn it into a youth hub.
20/12/2018 £9,900 BEAP 4? Young people will lead discussion on what changes can improve access to their current space.
20/12/2018 £9,890 KRAN 7? Piloting extended opening hours to their culture club and other activities for young refugees and asylum seekers
20/12/2018 £9,810 Rathbone 2? Developing a quieter youth environment for young people who might struggle with the noise at open access provision, including disabled young people. This takes place at an old library space.
20/12/2018 £8,984 Rathbone 2? Consulting with young people with disabilities on how they could tackle loneliness and extending their reach to consult young people in schools as well as their own clubs.
20/12/2018 £9,581 Challengers 7? Providing support to disabled young people to access a range of community spaces and venues they might not otherwise go to.
20/12/2018 £9,907 Community Action: MK 2? Co-designing a programme of activity for The Hub, a community space recently acquired by a residents group.
20/12/2018 £8,700 VINCENT DANCE THEATRE (VDT) 3? Working with young people in care to gain insight into their experiences of loneliness, and advocating for consideration of this issue and informing their own program. Working closely with Children in Care Councils.
20/12/2018 £9,984 No Limits 3? Young people exiting their service would create and participate in social action, carrying out loneliness research designed by young people. They will also co-design a "talk to us" campaign.
20/12/2018 £9,992 CDA 1? Co-designing activities and resources for their community space to make it fit the needs of deaf young people in Cumbria.
20/12/2018 £9,631 RegenerateUK 7? Developing green space around a youth centre for community use
20/12/2018 £9,987 Reach 4? Making an adult day centre more accessible for young people with learning disabilities, developing specific work addressing loneliness
20/12/2018 £9,792 Centre 33 2? Exploring how one of their current services can better meet the needs of young carers experiencing loneliness and improve their accessibility.
20/12/2018 £3,000 RCT 9? Consulting with young people who currently access their service to understand how they can integrate tackling loneliness into their existing work.
20/12/2018 £9,043 My Life My Choice 4? Supporting disabled young people to access community spaces
20/12/2018 £9,900 Reaching People 2? Developing three community spaces and the links between them
20/12/2018 £9,960 Young Somerset 2? Informing the redesign of the library space in Wellington
20/12/2018 £9,991 Young Somerset 2? Investigating contributing factors to loneliness and using this insight to pilot new approaches.
20/12/2018 £7,940 SING 1? Developing a space within their own centre and a programme of activities to be delivered for young people
20/12/2018 £6,395 Southside Family Project 6? Co-designing changes to a former MOD space to make it more welcoming to young people
20/12/2018 £9,950 Octavia Foundation 2? Co-designing improvements to a mixed age space
20/12/2018 £7,284 Barefoot 4? Making small improvements to a space and their resources to make their centre more welcoming and able to meet the needs of young people who attend
20/12/2018 £9,995 Carers' Centre 8? Improving their current center and provision for young carers
20/12/2018 £8,420 Carers Trust Tyne and Wear 4? Project targeting young carers to co-design changes to a library space
20/12/2018 £7,425 Harrow Club 6? Creating a space within their centre specifically to deliver work on loneliness and to be a space for friendship
20/12/2018 £9,400 Scarborough and Ryedale Carers Resource 6? Developing "living with..." learning workshops for young people with a focus on delivery to young carers around loneliness.
20/12/2018 £7,330 The Change Foundation 4? Working with young people who already engage to interact with young people not currently using the service to see how they could improve the use of space, increase use by other organisations and deliver employability skills.
20/12/2018 £9,992 YMCA Bradford 2? Improving a currently unused cafe space at their centre
20/12/2018 £9,840 Missing People 3? Working with young people to co-design materials targeted at young people who may be lonely and thinking about running away.
20/12/2018 £9,946 TVYMCA 5? Targeting young people in their open access services (including homeless young people) to develop approaches to tackling loneliness, which can be taken forward by their youth team.
20/12/2018 £9,926 Raw Material 7? Equipping their studio space so it can be used independently by young people outside their core hours
20/12/2018 £9,861 Stockport CP Society 1? Working with young people to develop ideas on how their space can be better used to connect disabled young people, and how their future space can be better used to meet the needs of disabled young people
20/12/2018 £9,788 YMCA Sutton Coldfield 10? Consulting with young people to develop their understanding of youth loneliness, then co-designing a "digital hero" campaign to raise awareness of young carers' loneliness.
06/12/2018 £78,142 RSBC 7? Supper clubs for visually impaired young people across London, developing their networks and building confidence and skills through talks and workshops.
06/12/2018 £75,111 Scotswood Garden 8? Sessions for young people aged 9 to 13 years old and 14 to 18 years old will explore what it means to be lonely and create opportunities to find solutions.
06/12/2018 £79,750 Ideal for All 5? Disabled young people will co-design and run activities that offer improved social and learning time with peers experiencing similar barriers, develop new skills and improve mental wellbeing.
06/12/2018 £67,854 Gaddum Centre 3? Working in partnership Manchester Metropolitan University, using music, digital tools and AI to connect young carers and help them discuss their feelings.
06/12/2018 £79,828 Barnardo's 16? The "Care Leavers Unite Bristol" (CLUB) project will grow a programme of social activities for isolated care leavers to engage with peers and develop skills and confidence.
06/12/2018 £72,843 DEBRA 3? Epidermolysis Bullosa (a rare skin condition) connection groups, supported by young panel members, will connect young people to mentoring and peer support, creating safe places to develop ambitions and discuss difficult topics.
06/12/2018 £79,802 The Children's Society 11? A national network of "Young Carer Champions" will co-produce a programme of support and training workshops for other young carers so they can increase connections.
06/12/2018 £39,812 Ourside Youth Association 2? An expanded series of "Pop-up Youth Clubs" in places where young people go will help develop young people's confidence, resilience and understanding of loneliness.
06/12/2018 £79,969 YMCA Bradford 2? Unemployed young people will work together to co-develop ecotherapy activities, including walks, conservation and other outdoor activity, to reduce loneliness and explore barriers to employment.
06/12/2018 £77,058 MAP 6? Developing a life-coaching and group work programme and co-designing a campaign raising awareness of youth loneliness with young people.
06/12/2018 £77,388 Boxing Futures 2? This social connection programme will support 40 young women from disadvantaged communities to use Boxercise as a tool to explore emotions and develop peer mentoring skills.
06/12/2018 £43,170 CHIVA 2? Work with Turtle Arts to bring young people with HIV together to build friendships, create music and record podcasts that will be showcased online.
06/12/2018 £73,970 St Werburghs City Farm 8? This volunteering and enterprise-focused outdoor programme will help local young people with mental health difficulties come up with fun business ideas together, building connections and confidence.
06/12/2018 £79,823 Edward's Trust 3? Building a community of bereaved young people to develop training for employers, run peer mentoring schemes and provide outreach to their peers to tackle youth loneliness.
06/12/2018 £79,755 New Horizon Youth Centre 12? Young people will design and develop the "Together Project" to help them feel better connected to the community and develop good quality relationships.
06/12/2018 £63,219 Chain Reaction 1? "Action4Gasgoigne" will support young people to plan and deliver youth social action events for their peers to overcome problems they've identified on their local estate.
06/12/2018 £78,707 Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity 3? A beatboxing and vocal coaching project for hospitalised young people with cystic fibrosis will reduce the negative impact from hospital stays. Extra tools will be created for those needing remote support.
06/12/2018 £79,044 Health for All 4? Groups of care leavers will come together to develop activities and workshops that build connections. A school group will help prepare young people for life after school and care.
06/12/2018 £79,120 St Luke's CARES 9? "Young Commissioners" will create a Connection Commission to research youth loneliness with their peers and work with adult co-commissioners to report back findings and solutions.
06/12/2018 £79,450 A New Direction 5? Working with London's Virtual School to support young people in care to develop a programme of arts-based activity that helps build connections with their peers.
06/12/2018 £80,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? "Community Hosting" will help build relationships between groups of unemployed young people from urban and rural environments, creating connections and tackling isolation.
29/11/2018 £136,250 Youth Cymru 4? Young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds will work across Wales to tackle loneliness through youth social action and support to embed learning into national decision making.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Whizz-Kidz 6? A national personal development programme to help young wheelchair users make friends, learn skills and take on leadership roles that boost their confidence.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Carefree Cornwall 5? Opportunities for care-experienced young people to volunteer as peer mentors, running drop-in sessions and support groups to help others better understand loneliness.
29/11/2018 £70,000 KIDS 8? A secret shopper programme with disabled young people in Islington to tackle loneliness, evaluate how inclusive local venues are and improve community accessibility.
29/11/2018 £93,750 Youth Action Northern Ireland 4? Young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds will develop skills and confidence by co-leading activities, including campaigns and employability workshops. Learning will help local youth organisations get better at tackling loneliness.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Mencap 6? "Gig Buddies" will match young people with learning disabilities with volunteers who help them plan and attend nightlife activities together based on mutual interests.
29/11/2018 £70,000 The Proud Trust 15? Work with LGBTQ+ young people to run awareness campaigns that improve community cohesion, and support schools with peer support groups and LGBTQ+ resources.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Make Some Noise 4? Older secondary school pupils will deliver loneliness workshops in primary schools and a family music festival to help tackle loneliness among younger children starting secondary school.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Detached Youth Project 2? Outreach work to boost young people's work skills and confidence and encourage them to get involved in volunteering in their community.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Southend YMCA 5? "Youth Ambassador" programme helping local young people learn new skills and work with artists, tutors and other professionals to raise awareness of youth loneliness.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Youthscape 9? Bringing together disadvantaged young people to learn how to cook and help them to organise a community cooking event that builds connections with local people.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? "Big Days" will give young people the chance to attend events they may otherwise feel excluded from, such as alternative school proms and Valentine's Day get-togethers.
29/11/2018 £210,000 Young Scot 3? A Design Team of young people from more disadvantaged areas will run events and develop campaigns and resources that embed youth loneliness as a key national issue.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Torbay Community Development Trust 4? "Together Days" will support community partners to co-design youth social action events that boost the confidence and skills of local young people.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Groundwork North East 7? Young people previously not in employment, education or training will become "Northern Navigators" supporting their peers to access health, wellbeing and employability services.
29/11/2018 £70,000 TwentyTwenty 13? "Journey to work" is a six-month programme of peer guidance and one-to-one support that will help young people struggling with employment be better prepared for work.
29/11/2018 £70,000 BYDP 2? "Mind the Gap" will support disadvantaged young people, including refugees and asylum seekers, to learn new skills and deliver campaigns that help tackle loneliness during the move to secondary school.
29/11/2018 £70,000 YoungMinds 8? The "Youth Activist Programme" will train young people with mental health difficulties to deliver workshops that boost their own skills and confidence and raise awareness of mental health among peers.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Off The Record 10? "Freedom" and "Mentality" will support young people who are LGBTQ+ or who have experiences of mental ill health to co-ordinate and deliver campaigns that help their peers.
29/11/2018 £70,000 No Limits 3? Train young people who have accessed No Limits’ Advice Centre as "Youth Ambassadors" and helping them to deliver campaigns aimed at addressing youth loneliness.
29/11/2018 £70,000 Aquarius 6? Creating a youth-led network of mentors to run face-to-face mentoring, training events and youth groups for young people who have experience of substance misuse.
08/11/2018 £5,000 The Children's Foundation 4? Grant to support the development of their #iwill project.
08/11/2018 £5,000 The Children's Foundation 4? Our programme centres on the provision of the delivery of a twice weekly; Footsteps Youth Wellbeing offers a Teen Health Clinic, every Tuesday and Thursday, between 3.30pm – 6.30pm that offers a gap in provision for young people. It provides a safe and co
22/10/2018 £10,000 11th Folkestone Scouts 1? A Scout group that owns its own building and is carrying out improvements and refurbishments including accessible, gender neutral toilets and a new community space for groups to use and hire so that the building is more of a full-time community hub.
06/09/2018 £70,000 Become 9? Offering a coaching programme to young care leavers in London and the South East, helping them to navigate through the challenging transition to independence.
06/09/2018 £70,000 Changing Our Lives 2? Common Ground twin special schools with mainstream schools to connect and empower young people and start a conversation around youth loneliness amongst young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
05/07/2018 £165,000 Envision 5? Envision’s ‘Community Apprentice’ project builds young people’s skills and helps them tackle social issues they care about in their local communities. The project will be developed and delivered in partnership with ten Co-operative Academy Trust schools.
05/07/2018 £65,000 Envision 5? Envision will deliver ‘Community-Apprentice – The Health Challenge’ in schools in Birmingham, where they will harness the 70th anniversary of the NHS to improve young people’s health and wellbeing through peer-led youth social action.
05/07/2018 £70,000 Clean Break 8? Clean Break are using theatre to help young women with experience of the criminal justice system or at risk of entering it through their Artist Development Programme where they will explore youth loneliness through theatre and performance.
08/05/2018 £40,000 Heeley Trust 2? Heeley Trust manages a park and runs several social enterprises around it to pay for park maintenance
08/03/2018 £40,000 Friends of Stretford Public Hall Ex council building taken into community ownership and is now being developed as a mixed use community space with events and activities for local people.
09/02/2018 £7,000 Small Charities Coalition 7? The Charity Digital Code of Practice aims to develop charities’ digital skills, improve take up of digital activity in charities, and create a level playing field for all organisations by increasing digital motivation and confidence.
31/01/2018 £21,500 UK Youth 11? A piece of research to better understand how youth work contributes to addressing youth loneliness, and what additional support they could benefit from to better address the issue. the final report can be found here:
29/01/2018 £35,000 Ovalhouse 1? Building on their pilot project, Ovalhouse will tour their 'Random Selfies' production around England and will also deliver their 'Find a Friend' initiative in schools.
21/11/2017 £70,000 Royal Exchange Theatre 4? Theatre workshops with young people both from SEN and mainstream schools to break down barriers and support new friendships._x000D_ Developing a SEN schools theatre festival that will take place in 2018 and 2019
20/11/2017 £70,000 The Prince's Trust 9? Delivering skills workshops in the South of England, including one with young offenders, followed by up to 6 months of individual support.
20/11/2017 £30,000 Young Scot 3? Working with young people in Scotland to explore ideas and information on youth loneliness that will be shared nationally.
20/11/2017 £20,000 Youth Cymru 4? Creating 3 ‘Youth Hubs’ in Wales to support and train young people to get involved with and deliver campaigns, volunteering and fundraising.
16/11/2017 £35,000 Make Some Noise 4? In Stoke-on-Trent, older pupils will be running a family music festival to support younger pupils entering secondary school.
16/11/2017 £35,000 Youthscape 9? Bringing disadvantaged young people from Luton together, to learn how to cook and showcase their new skills by cooking for their local community.
16/11/2017 £35,000 Off The Record 10? Running projects in Bristol to support groups of young people who are LGBTQ+ or have experiences of mental ill health to deliver youth-led campaigns.
16/11/2017 £35,000 YoungMinds 8? Delivering a ‘Youth Activist Programme’ in London aimed at training vulnerable young people to raise awareness of mental health through photography.
16/11/2017 £35,000 TwentyTwenty 13? Supporting young people struggling with education in Derby by matching them with a network of local mentors.
16/11/2017 £35,000 The Proud Trust 15? Working with LGBTQ+ young people in Manchester through 1 to 1 support, community work, volunteering, social groups, and campaigns.
16/11/2017 £25,000 Co-op College 2? Supporting young care leavers in Greater Manchester to set up their own Co-ops which aim to understand and tackle youth loneliness.
16/11/2017 £35,000 BYDP 2? ‘Mind the Gap’ is supporting disadvantaged groups of young people in Bradford to learn new skills and deliver campaigns to raise awareness of youth loneliness.
16/11/2017 £35,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? Launching a ‘Young Volunteers’ network in the North East of England, enabling young people to volunteer and befriend lonely people on key days of the year.
17/10/2017 £70,000 Envision 5? Envision’s ‘Community Apprentice’ project builds young people’s skills and helps them tackle social issues they care about in their local communities.
17/10/2017 £70,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? Building on their ‘Fast Friends’ project, Youth Focus: North East are introducing new drop-in sessions for young people to meet and make new friends.
25/09/2017 £15,000 Youth Action Northern Ireland 4? Working collaboratively with four regional partners to tackle loneliness through LIFEMAPS, an approach that focuses on mental health and participation in community activities.
17/08/2017 £50,000 42nd Street 9? Equipping local community groups in Greater Manchester with the skills and confidence to support young people who have experienced trauma following the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017.
02/08/2017 £20,000 Changing Our Lives 2? Working with disabled young people, taking a Community Connecting approach to facilitate friendships and relationships that enable them to experience every day opportunities.
02/08/2017 £20,000 Carefree Cornwall 5? Providing opportunities for care-experienced young people in Cornwall to volunteer as peer mentors, helping others navigate their transition out of care.
21/07/2017 £20,000 Whizz-Kidz 6? Running a national leadership programme for young wheelchair users to increase their skills, confidence and aspirations.
19/07/2017 £20,000 Become 9? Offering a coaching programme to young care leavers in London, helping them to navigate through the challenging transition to independence.
18/07/2017 £20,000 Clean Break 8? Using theatre to help young women with experience of the criminal justice system or at risk of entering it.
03/02/2017 £20,000 Ovalhouse 1? Working with award-winning children’s playwright Mike Kenny to develop a play about youth loneliness, with input from workshops in South London schools.
20/10/2016 £20,000 Royal Exchange Theatre 4? Supporting young disabled people in Greater Manchester, through local schools, to explore loneliness through creative arts.
13/10/2016 £20,000 Envision 5? Envision’s ‘Community Apprentice’ project builds young people’s skills and helps them tackle social issues they care about in their local communities.
13/10/2016 £20,000 The Prince's Trust 9? Delivering Art workshops in the South of England, followed by up to 6 months of individual support.
10/10/2016 £15,000 Youth Focus: North East 5? Youth Focus: North East delivered a fortnightly ‘drop-in’ in Newcastle, which offered a safe space for young people who may be lonely or isolated to come together and explore the issues and solutions around youth loneliness.
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