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Church Of England Children's Society

What it does
    Frontline services focus on 10-18 year olds who live with significant disadvantage, poverty, neglect and who have complex needs and face multiple risks. These include child exploitation, mental health, missing and runaways from home, substance misuse and children in and around the care system. We campaign about what needs to change to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people.
Who works here
  • 756 employees and 8744 volunteers.
Who it helps
  • Children/young People
Sector(s) covered
  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Education/training
  • Economic/community Development/employment
Where it operates
  • Throughout England
Financial Data ?
Y/E Income Expenditure Surplus/
Assets Months
Employees Volunteers Filed on
31/03/2018 £38,408,000 £35,983,000 £2,425,000 £44,568,000 3 756 8744 29/08/2018
31/03/2017 £41,614,000 £39,604,000 £2,010,000 £25,671,000 916 12500 25/08/2017
31/03/2016 £43,829,000 £42,678,000 £1,151,000 £35,440,000 976 10000 17/08/2016
31/03/2015 £48,453,000 £48,404,000 £49,000 £27,428,000 858 9000 18/09/2015
31/03/2014 £49,613,000 £47,214,000 £2,399,000 £25,421,000 837 11000 22/09/2014
31/03/2013 £46,294,000 £46,205,000 £89,000 £22,466,000 812 27000 20/09/2013
31/03/2012 £42,821,000 £42,254,000 £567,000 £14,036,000 748 0 21/09/2012
31/03/2011 £44,567,000 £43,574,000 £993,000 £18,996,000 728 0 26/09/2011
Donations received ?

Over the last five years they've received significant donations from 11 grant making charities totalling £10,491,408

Donor To be used for
Trust for London The funding is for a London pilot of the “Coordinated Crisis Support” programme to: Address gaps in emergency support provision through better networking. Prevent financial crisis recurrence by addressing underlying difficulties.
Lloyds Bank Foundation The Children’s Society, working with a number of other partners, are piloting a new coordinated crisis support programme to better coordinate provision of emergency financial assistance within local areas. The programme will enable the voluntary and community sector to work together with local government to better coordinate crisis provision to ensure effective support for people facing a financial crisis and stop households falling through the net. The programme aims to address gaps in emergency support provision through better networking of different local agencies (including the Local Authority) involved in the provision of emergency assistance. It also aims to reduce repeat instances of financial crisis by addressing underlying causes.
BBC Children in Need This project will deliver support to boys and young men affected by child criminal exploitation or child sexual exploitation. They will be supported to understand risk and make safe choices, be empowered and have a voice.
Co-Op Foundation A national network of "Young Carer Champions" will co-produce a programme of support and training workshops for other young carers so they can increase connections.
National Lottery Community Fund The project will support children and adults in the voluntary and statutory workforce by identifying and providing effective support for children and young people at risk of/involved in exploitation and abuse.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation The funding will support an independent evaluation of The Children’s Society’s five-year litigation/influencing campaign to reinstate legal aid for separated children’s immigration cases. This will record approaches taken, capture learning, analyse what could have been done better, whilst building confidence and capability in using different influencing approaches.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation This grant will support the organisation to explore a collaborative service model for care leavers with insecure immigration status.
National Lottery Heritage Fund Disrupting Exploitation
Lankelly Chase Development of the Systems Changers programme for the youth sector
National Lottery Heritage Fund Working in Essex, this project aims to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of young carers aged 8-19 who are experiencing the impact of caring for someone struggling with substance misuse. There will be a focus on intensive group work, providing a therapeutic environment in which young carers can explore their situation with peers to develop coping strategies. This will help build resilience, self-esteem and confidence.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This project will provide support to families of asylum seekers and refugees as well as those who have been accommodated as part of the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. Working in four areas across Lancashire, people will be empowered to successfully integrate into their new communities. The project will support 300 families on practical issues such as housing, welfare benefits and access to health services, as well as with education, family needs and mental and physical health.
City Bridge Trust £180,000 over three years (3 x £60,000) for the Boys & Young Men project in London, to fund a f/t Project Worker, 9hpw of the Service Manager, and related activity and support costs.
The Aim Foundation In 2016 another 3 year commitment was made towards the Community Hidden Harm Awareness work of the East Anglia region. This will help improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of children and young people whose paretns are misusing substances and are victims of abuse and neglect.
Samworth Foundation To develop a pilot bespoke service of 1:1 youth work for people of Nottingham
National Lottery Heritage Fund A project to support children, young people aged 10-17, and parents with experience of domestic violence. The project will include one to one intensive counselling and group sessions covering a variety of topics such as communication skills, coping skills, exploring controlling behaviours and personal support networks. The project aims to reach 240 beneficiaries.
National Lottery Heritage Fund The funding will be used to develop a social impact bond aiming to improve outcomes for young people in care through the delivery of evidence based interventions. This will be delivered in the West Midlands and commissioned by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. This will last up to a year with a staggered exit process over three months to support sustained behavioural change. The grant will fund service refinement, development and testing of the financial model, a procedures manual and technical support.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This is a continuation and development of an existing project to provide support for separated asylum seeking and migrant young people, aged 16-21, who are destitute or at risk of destitution. The project will concentrate their support in Croydon, Newham, Ealing, Brent and Hounslow, allowing for that fact that destitute people cannot be defined to a particular borough.
National Lottery Heritage Fund A project that will work with young people who go missing from home, and their families. The project will work with young people to explore the reasons for their missing episodes and to help them develop strategies to keep them safe. The scheme will explore issues around anger, sexual health and drug and alcohol awareness, and provide one to one sessions raising awareness on danger, who to go to for help, discussions around trust and relationships, and internet and phone safety.
National Lottery Heritage Fund HS Birmingham Phase 2 extension
National Lottery Heritage Fund This new project will provide therapeutic services including cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling to children and young people who are being exploited and abused or are at significant risk. Working with partners, including the police and children’s services, intensive support and a care plan intervention will be developed for each young person. The project will also engage with the child’s family to help them understand their needs and to provide additional support.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This new project aims to reduce the risk and impact of child sexual exploitation by developing better responses and support across Essex, Southend and Thurrock. It will provide specialist support to help young people manage risks as well as the emotional, psychological and environmental influence of abuse.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This project aims to improve the life chances of the poorest families living in deprivation in Newcastle upon Tyne. The service will be open to all residents but have a specific focus on supporting BME families living in poverty.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This project aims to tackle child sexual exploitation. The previous service provided intensive casework with children and young people reporting child sexual exploitation, a schools awareness programme delivered to children in the classroom, as well as training to local professionals to improve levels of understanding.
National Lottery Heritage Fund This new project will use its funding to help unaccompanied asylum seeking, refugee and migrant children and young people aged 16-21 to have better life chances. The project will offer services including holistic advice and advocacy through one-to-one support and drop-in surgeries. The chance to build confidence and make new friends through social activities will be offered. Awareness raising sessions will be held with professionals who regularly work with this beneficiary group.
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund Not Available
National Lottery Heritage Fund This new project aims to improve the social integration of disabled young people who are in need or have been looked after and/or are leaving care in the London Boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Camden. Local authorities will make recommendations to the service alongside an extensive partner network. The project includes volunteer befriending, leisure activities, travel training and the assessment of local services to determine their accessibility.
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