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In this period they've made 76 significant donations to registered charities totalling £4,111,370

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31/01/2019 £100,000 ROUNDABOUT LIMITED 4? We are seeking funding for a new build project to house and support 6 young people aged 16-21 who would otherwise be homeless. In October 2016 we opened a group living scheme at a property that was originally set up to house students and whilst the property is of a decent standard it is really cramped and has one shared bathroom between the six young people and staff. We hope to create a new build project that is suitable to house these young people that have gone through very challenging childhoods. The new project will be in Sheffield and we are working with Sheffield City Council to identify appropriate land. Living in this new building will have an amazing effect on the lives of the young people, giving them quality accommodation that has en-suite bedrooms and training area will mean so much to all involved.
31/01/2019 £50,000 ROCHDALE CENTRAL CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES 1? Hillbrook House offers safe, secure and affordable accommodation for young homeless people, providing 44 self-contained bedsits and support services. It is situated in central Redhill, serving East Surrey. It supports young people aged 16-30, with around 85% aged under 25 and 70-80% under 22, and reaches 70-90 young people every year. We need to totally refurbish all the shower rooms and bathrooms; they have not been refurbished since being built in 2004. They are causing problems with water leakage affecting walls and floors, as well as looking old and in need of replacement. Residents at Hillbrook are offered support to meet their individual needs, which are wide ranging and include mental health issues, substance misuse, offending behaviour, as well as support to access education and employment. The impact on their, often chaotic, lives is to bring stability, help them move on to independent living and become able to support themselves.
31/01/2019 £66,000 YMCA FAIRTHORNE GROUP 2? This refurbishment project is to replace bedroom and communal space windows at YMCA Basingstoke, which provides accommodation and support to 83 young people at risk of homelessness. YMCA engages tenants in structured evidence-based programmes which improve their wellbeing and independent living skills. 60% are 25 or under and the grant is for this element of the costs, YMCA will fund the balance from operating surplus. We purchased the property in 2019 from its former landlord who did not replace original windows once deteriorated, despite identification in condition surveys. We wish to complete this work. The current windows cause condensation and mould in bedrooms. Many are drafty, creating high electricity costs to tenants who live on very low incomes and often in poor health. We wish to install modern, efficient, replacement windows. This will improve young people’s financial situation, and significantly increase the comfort and appearance of their homes.
31/01/2019 £100,000 SHELTER FROM THE STORM 1? This project is a renovation of a former supermarket in Archway, Islington into a new 40 bed night shelter, a community café and a shop. It is a purpose built, design led, unique night shelter supported by charities across the city, and backed by the Mayor and GLA.
30/11/2018 £50,000 YMCA WEARSIDE LTD 2? We are proposing an innovative and intensive support package delivered at Church View and this will address the accommodation and multiple needs plus provide access to education for those young people exiting The Leaving Care System. We will offer a package of tailored support and accommodation including a staged approach to independent living and will allow young people to develop the skills needed to live independently. The young people who access the service will also be offered an educational package which will include numeracy and literacy, employability etc. This package of tailored support will offer a staged approach to independent living and will allow young people to develop the social, practical, problem solving skills needed to live independently.
30/09/2018 £60,000 GRIMSBY AND CLEETHORPES AREA DOORSTEP 2? £60,000 to fully fund the renovation of an empty purpose built 2 storey block of flats to create Doorstep’s ‘Parent and Baby Unit’. There will be at least 5 bed spaces: 4x1-bed flats for teenage parents and their babies, and 1 bedsit for support staff. The 4 flats will have double bedrooms with space for 2 young parents and 1 baby. Minimum occupancy of each flat: 1 parent and 1 baby (total 4 YP plus 4 babies). Maximum: 2 parents and 1 baby (total 8 YP plus 4 babies).
30/09/2018 £72,060 METHODIST ACTION (NORTH WEST) LIMITED 1? This is phase 2 of our empty homes project in partnership with Blackburn Nightsafe and focussing on Blackburn and Darwen. The initial phase of this project has been a success and as it nears completion during 2018 we have decided to seek funding for a phase 2 development. During phase 1 we have become aware of specific needs which we would address in this second phase:- affordable, safe accommodation for over 21 years olds.- a ‘move-on’ towards greater independence for those in the current scheme.- targeting refurbishment of empty homes which require greater investment.- exploring advanced training/work experience opportunities with local colleges.Nightsafe are supportive of this further development and helps them to meet their own strategic accommodation needs. We will employ the same development and management model as currently being used in the phase 1 works. The charity will be the conduit for all delivery.
30/09/2018 £23,616 NEWARK EMMAUS TRUST 4? The project is at an existing building in need of refurbishment. The property is annexed to three terraced houses on a large corner plot providing living accommodation for 11 single homeless young people, all under 25 years old and all having complex needs. Situated in one of three most deprived areas of Newark–on-Trent, once re-furbished the building will provide a welcoming and friendly communal space for all of the 11 homeless young people accommodated in the attached houses. As well as providing space to socialise together, it will also provide a training room and communal kitchen where the residents will receive daily support to develop their basic and independent living skills through communal cooking and healthy living workshops as well as opportunities to improve their academic skills. Linked by a communal office the property will also provide a bedroom including an overnight facility for professional staff providing 24-hour sleep-in support.
30/09/2018 £66,150 NACRO 3? This is a refurbishment project. The Cedars, based in Lincoln is part of the Lincolnshire Support Partnership (LSP), providing housing and support for young people aged 16 and 17, care leavers (8 units), young people with complex needs (2 units) and young parents (3 units) for up to 12 months (or 18th birthday) to help them return home to their family or to move on to more independent accommodation. Transforming the current bath/shower rooms and providing wet room facilities and kitchenettes will allow us to better meet the needs of those young people with mobility and health issues. Improving the physical environment for these young people with complex needs will more quickly progress them to independent living. We'll replace furniture and fittings with items more suited to young people with complex needs prone to harming themselves, helping young people feel safe and secure in their home.
30/09/2018 £60,000 OPEN HOMES NOTTINGHAM 1? Shared Lives will run shared houses with 4-6 bedrooms. The houses will have a supportive community of peer tenants who will live alongside and provide day-to-day support to the homeless young person/people moving in, in addition to support being provided by an Open Homes worker. The idea is to create a welcoming community to bring a homeless young person into, similar to Nightstop, where young people stay in a host’s home and join in with normal family life whilst there. Having the stable community around them will provide positive peer pressure to encourage them to keep up with rent payments, inspire them to start studying or working, to experience healthy friendships, and improve self-esteem. A rewards system, giving takeaways or trips out to tenants for keeping up with rent and doing chores, will encourage responsibility and reinforce the community feel of the houses.
30/09/2018 £74,980 THE CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION 6? Renovation of your existing 10 bed spaces at Painswick Inn, Stroud, for care-leavers and young people aged 16-25. Building work includes the renovation of two kitchens and four bathrooms and the creation of a new communal space for the young people.
30/09/2018 £74,879 THE BENJAMIN FOUNDATION 5? The work involves several areas of refurbishment to a 15 unit supported accommodation service for 16-25 year old homeless young people. We aim to support the young people in a safe, secure, warm and homely environment. These are essential elements to the young person being able to address their issues, to grow and prepare for independent living, a key service goal, achieved via a comprehensive support and development programme. The building had a large amount of breeze block walls left after the initial renovation work was done. This was because there was only limited funding available to undertake works post acquisition. Over the last three years, we have had an ongoing campaign to plaster and cover all the breeze block walls. We would now like to do the same in the young people's personal bathrooms and replace the bathroom suites which are over 20 years old and deteriorating.
30/09/2018 £67,228 CARDINAL HUME CENTRE 9? Cardinal Hume Centre, Westminster is home to 32 young people, aged 16-24, living for 6-12 months in single bedrooms on three floors of the building we own. Young residents arrive from care, family breakdown, gang affiliation and international violence/persecution. On site, we provide safe, stable, high-level support so residents can move forward: 24/7 staff support, English language classes and a dedicated one-to-one key worker. 70% of residents are in work/college after three months. We need LandAid’s help to improve our Centre for those who call our hostel home – from refurbishing their bedrooms and residents’ communal areas, to a bigger hostel redesign project.
30/09/2018 £75,000 SOUTHEND-ON-SEA YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 5? In 2017, SYMCA became a Registered Provider of Social Housing. We successfully secured social investment + purchased the Newlands building from YMCAE moving our work onto a more sustainable local footing. The 'Homely' Project will: 1. Increase the number of emergency bed-spaces for young people at elevated risk ( +2) by re-providing an office space + staff kitchen as bedrooms 2. Renovate 12 existing studio flats so the en-suites (comprising toilet and shower) are fit for purpose and offer young people a more homely experience. These works are informed by a recent (07.18) Stock Condition Survey 3. Reconvene wrap around (non- housing) spaces so they work better to deliver the 1-2-1 (counselling, mentoring etc) and group-work young residents need to learn new knowledge,skills and behaviours such that they can move on into independence.
31/05/2018 £75,000 ACTION HOMELESS (LEICESTER) LIMITED 2? We want to renovate an old hostel building in Leicester that is no longer fit for purpose to create modern living spaces for people who are street homeless. We're seeking funds to carry out an extensive refurbishment programme which, following Housing First principles, will see the 30 bed hostel transformed into zoned rooms with some clustered communal kitchen areas. Each living space will have its own en-suite bathroom. A proportion of the accommodation will be designed for 18-25 year olds although the project in it's entirety will cater for adults of all ages. We will also create a training kitchen/cafe which will offer volunteering opportunities which help people to move towards a more independent lifestyle whilst offering a more flexible meals option. Outdoor space will be remodeled to include recreational areas, dog kennels and a tenant allotment.
31/05/2018 £75,000 AMICUS TRUST 1? Through the renovation of 2 double storey flats (currently unusable), this project will aim to create a 7 bedroom supported accommodation communal areas for young people in Wellingborough. The project will have an office (and staff on-site) and provide 24 hour cover and support for the service users resident in the property. Whilst staying at the projects young people will be given a respite from homelessness amd chaotic life and create a Personal Development plan to build on strengths, overcome barriers and work towards personal goals and ambitions. Through Key work the project will empower the young people to access the kind and depth of support and additional activities needed to work towards an independent life, this may include support in education and employment, mental health, Life Skills, managing medical or beneficial appointments, participation in suitable community activities, volunteering, re-connecting with friends and family and re-settlement & housing.
31/05/2018 £60,000 CAYSH 1? LandAid can help ensure a smooth transition to full independence for young people leaving care in Croydon Care. Establish Croydon will provide affordable, high quality shared accommodation with final-step-down support that helps care leavers avoid stepping out on their own in the world already having amassed rent arrears and other debts. Establish Croydon will generate 3/4new bed spaces for care leavers and provide expert into-work support for young people who would likely otherwise face significant financial and tenancy sustainment challenges when turning 21.LandAid’s grant will help fund building and refurbishment required to bring a Croydon property (house) up to a relatively high standard, making it an attractive as well as financially pragmatic move-on option for care leavers while they take their first career steps.Establish Tenants will be independence-ready at move-in and support will focus on into-work activities which ready young people for sustainable independence.
31/05/2018 £72,257 THE AMBER FOUNDATION 6? Grant towards renovating a purposefully located building in a semi-rural location, giving homeless young people the space they need to rebuild their lives. The building has a warmth and a character that is central to our approach but there are challenges associated with an older property. We have completed phase 1 of our renovation plan and we are now seeking support to complete phase 2, which involves some priority infrastructure work, including a new treatment plant and removal of lead plumbing, the renovation of 5 bathrooms and new flooring in the communal space. This project will make a real impact on the day to day lives of those who call Amber home. It will not only make a difference to the way our residents feel about being here, but will ensure that the building is sustainable so that we can continue to transform the lives of young people in to the future.
31/05/2018 £25,000 XLP 8? The grant will go towards the 2018/19 salary of the Greenwich XL-Mentoring coordinator.
31/05/2018 £45,000 ST CHRISTOPHER'S FELLOWSHIP 2? Howard House is a St Christopher’s run young people accommodation service within the borough of Camden. Since it was opened as an Assessment Centre in 2006, Howard House has played an integral part in the network of provision which comprises the London Borough of Camden Young People’s Pathway. Currently we provide10 assessment spaces for young people and 5 Specialist Progress beds. There is also an emergency bed space available. Howard House offers a safe and supportive environment for single homeless young people between the ages of 16 – 21 years old. Assessment is the first stage in the Pathway. At this stage their accommodation and support needs are comprehensively assessed in order to progress either within, or out of the Pathway.
31/05/2018 £15,000 ST BASIL'S 6? This grant is for the extension of the Youth Voice project and to create a Peer Advisor scheme within their already established Youth Voice programme. The scheme will train 12 Youth Voice mentors to be Peer Advisors – senior members of the programme who are to support their newer peers. This gives the Peer Advisors mentoring and leadership skills and the newer members role models and something to aspire to. The Peer Advisors will also have the opportunity to gain a qualification, helping them to move towards their brighter futures.
31/05/2018 £75,000 CROSSROADS DERBYSHIRE 7? The Harmony Project provides safe accommodation for young women aged 16-24 and their children who have been forced to flee their homes to escape domestic abuse. The project is located just outside Greater Manchester. We have operated a refuge in the property since 1983 and reopened as the Harmony Project since 2013. The building is a Victorian terraced property and is leased on a 200-year lease from High Peak Borough Council, at a peppercorn rent of £1 per year. The property needs modernising to make it more welcoming to young women. It also needs a full rewire, changes to the layout and a full redecoration. We will also include more energy saving features and a more economical heating system, to reduce our ongoing costs. The new kitchen will incorporate a central island which will encourage shared cooking to help improve budgeting and healthy eating.
31/05/2018 £45,000 CITY OF EXETER YMCA 2? LandAid awarded a grant of £45,000 to YMCA Exeter for the renovation of one 4-bed house (Project 1) and two 2-bed flats (Project 2).
31/05/2018 £14,000 ST CHRISTOPHER'S FELLOWSHIP 2? This project is aimed to help support young people aged 16 - 18 coming out of the care system. It is situated close by to existing children's homes, all within walking distance. The building is an existing empty property that we have a long term lease on from the Worshipful Company of Girdlers. There are no planning constraints as it is already classed as social housing. The aim is to provide the young people with independence but with the knowledge they can always pop home - for a meal, a chat, support. The project will overcome the cliff edge that these young people often face once they leave care. So support will be on-going, they have friendly faces to celebrate successes with and they will know that someone still cares. Our Skills for Life team will help them develop the skills they need for independent living.
28/02/2018 £40,485 GIROSCOPE LIMITED 7? Giroscope is proposing to run a 12 month project to renovate 5 empty properties. We will target some of the most difficult empty properties that are in need of extensive renovation. On completion, our project will provide 5 shared houses (14 bedroom spaces) to young people who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.
28/02/2018 £75,000 YMCA THAMES GATEWAY 5? An affordable move-on housing scheme for residents from the YMCA. Providing self contained one bed flats for residents who are able to live more independently and are entering the employment market.This will be a new build scheme made from modern methods of construction. Tenants will be able to access the YMCA for support and facilities and a worker will be assigned to the scheme The scheme is designed to assist young people who are entering the employment market as the rents will be approx 65% of market rents and below the housing benefit local housing allowance for one bed property.
28/02/2018 £25,000 ACTION HOUSING AND SUPPORT LIMITED 2? Grant is towards refurbishing and converting a derelict building in Rotherham into 3 large 1 bed flats. Each flat will be given to a 16-25 year old who will live in the flat with the support from staff. This accommodation will give the young people the independence to live by themselves, with the comfort that they have a support worker to help them when required. The residents will be supported with living skills, benefit support, college applications, training needs, emotional support, signposting to specific agencies and anything else the young person wishes to address.
28/02/2018 £60,000 HUMANKIND CHARITY 4? We propose to purchase & refurbish five empty properties in Co Durham & Darlington, bringing them into use as social, affordable high-quality housing. Properties will be a mixture of 1-3 bed accommodation, purchased using externally-secured funding; we are currently working with local authorities to identify suitable properties. LandAid funding will contribute to refurbishment of the properties. Tenants will be young people under 25, who are homeless/at risk of homelessness, likely be impacted by welfare reform. They will receive needs-led support via our existing young people floating support in Co Durham & Darlington, supporting them to build living skills, address holistic needs, and achieve independence. Young people will have opportunities to become volunteers within the project, gaining skills/experience, supporting them to access further training, education or employment; where possible, young people will be given the opportunity to rent the property they have helped refurbish.
28/02/2018 £60,000 MANCHESTER SETTLEMENT 2? The project is based around refurbishing properties in Manchester to house young people who have left care. The properties we have provisionally identified in north Manchester and we are looking for property that can have three bedrooms in the north of the city. We will place care leavers into the property with the aim of them developing their ability to live independently, therefore move on to their own independent tenancy and sustain this into later life. We support the residents through one to one sessions where we look at their strengths and weaknesses and help them make plans to build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. This includes helping with independent living skills, finances accessing education or employment; we would also connect them into other services and support providers helping them to access them independently.
28/02/2018 £35,000 NEW HORIZON YOUTH CENTRE 12? The PRS Project (and New Horizon Youth Centre’s work in general) specifically supports young people who are at risk - rough sleeping due to family breakdown/leaving care/leaving prison/have issues around drugs/alcohol or have mental health needs. The overall aim of the PRS project is to give previously marginalised and disadvantaged homeless young people a productive and tangible step into the ‘real world’ of housing, providing them with legitimate landlord references and enabling them to move forward with their lives. The grant will fund the salary of a Housing Support Worker.
28/02/2018 £27,840 WHITEHAVEN COMMUNITY TRUST LIMITED 2? 11 bedrooms for Supported Accommodation. Closed in June 2016 due to changes in council funding, we reopened the hostel in December 2017 owing to increased demand. The project will support vulnerable young people aged 16-24 years with complex needs, to enable them to move on into permanent, stable accommodation; taking with them the skills and knowledge required for living independently and successfully managing their own tenancy. The support staff will deliver core group activities such as Budgeting, House-keeping, Healthy eating, Basic DIY, Health & Safety, Fire Prevention, Personal Safety, Positive Risk Taking and Careers and Training Advice. Funding would enable us to create a further 1 bedrooms and bathrooms, alongside other necessary refurbishment work.
28/02/2018 £25,000 EAST CLEVELAND YOUTH HOUSING TRUST 7? The building work will bring a disused, long term empty property back into use. The property will be tenanted by a young person/couple aged 18-25. Through one-to-one personalised support, our Tenancy Support Worker provides each tenant with a varying level of support depending upon their needs. For example; we aim to help tenants become more financially secure by helping them budget effectively and reduce debts. We improve self-esteem and build resilience that helps to reduce stress, isolation and the development of long term health issues arising. Ultimately our goal is to create an environment where people are well informed, motivated to change, feel empowered and confident in their own abilities.
28/02/2018 £50,000 HOPE COMMUNITY SERVICES 4? To provide 8 self-contained flats for young people, each with en-suite facilities and a small kitchen area. The accommodation will be for those who have been homeless, and have now began to deal with the challenges and barriers in their life.
28/02/2018 £70,000 OASIS AQUILA HOUSING 9? Refurbishment of supported accommodation project for homeless young women aged 16-21 in London. The building works will include feasibility work for energy efficiency options for the roof, kitchen refurbishment, 2 new kitchenettes, plastering and re-decoration throughout. The accommodation is a shared house for women under 25 in Peckham. The renovation works would support the residents in providing a better living environment through improved facilities and shared communal spaces.
28/02/2018 £40,000 BRIGHTON HOUSING TRUST 2? The project involves refurbishment of four properties that make up BHT Young Peoples Service in Hastings. All 33 (31 existing/ 2 newly created) clients living in the properties (and their children in some cases) will benefit from the improvements, as will clients coming into the service in the future. The service comprises three houses of shared accommodation and one block of 12 self-contained flats for young people aged 16-25 who are care leavers or homeless. The refurbishment work will make the buildings fit for purpose, will create two new bed spaces, new IT and learning suites, a family play area, an outdoor space for health and wellbeing activities, improved communal areas and laundry and living facilities. All clients are allocated a dedicated support worker and are supported to engage in the Pathway to Independence programme which includes budgeting, work and learning and health and well being.
28/02/2018 £11,865 YMCA Glenrothes 4? We will renovate a 2/3 bedroomed property for young people to share as “Move On” accommodation following a stay at a YMCA homeless hostel. The renovated property will be located nearby to help young people through their next transition stage – occupation of their first flat/house and preparation for a tenancy of their own. Young people must be statutorily homeless to qualify. Prior to “moving on”, we identify and match young people, firstly enabling them to share effectively within a YMCA hostel. We will provide practical, emotional support for sharing as well as independent/life skills training which are delivered through our “Y” Academy. "Y" Academy focusses on achieving positive outcomes for each young individual’s emotional, health, financial, learning and other personal needs. Funding for Y Academy is sourced separately and includes staff from other partnering support agencies eg Penumbra for mental health, ABE for literacies and numeracy.
28/02/2018 £75,000 EVOLVE HOUSING + SUPPORT 4? Using modular construction methods we are looking to build new high quality, affordable accommodation in Croydon for single homeless people in employment to move on to after completing our programme of support, homeless families identified by LB Croydon, who may otherwise be in poor quality, temporary accommodation, and chronic rough sleepers.
28/02/2018 £68,000 Hope into Action UK 9? This project will involve the refurbishment of 6 domestic houses, each located near to the supporting partner church. The accommodation will be refurbished to a high standard and equipped and furnished to house up to 4 young people. They will each have their own bedroom and share a kitchen and bathroom. We will target young people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and/or who are at risk of offending or have served custodial sentences.
28/02/2018 £30,000 SINGLE HOMELESS: ACTION INITIATIVE IN DURHAM LIMITED 4? Shaid new project needs refurbishment to convert 30 bedsits into fifteen self-contained flats. However the building fire alarm, heating and electrical are old and in need of upgrading. To achieve government standards and comply with HSE health & safety guidelines. Young homeless ex-service personnel and early service leavers will be able to access the organisation new project. While living in the organisation projects they will receive support from the projects tenancy support workers.
28/02/2018 £17,050 YOUNG DEVON 4? Projects in two parts. The first project will be the creation of an additional self contained training flat within our existing 4 bedroom supported housing unit. This will be done by removing and relocating the existing office to a more suitable space in the adjacent building. The second will involve the development of a new build house which has already been funded into 4 separate pods. Needs assessments show that we are likely to have vulnerable young people unable to cope in shared environments and therefore the cost of converting a house into 4 'pods' will enable us to deliver the correct support.
28/02/2018 £13,500 ROC SOLID LIMITED 3? The project involves the conversion of a 3 bedroom house, in Burnhope Newton Aycliffe, into one single bedroom flat and one two bedroom flat which will provide accommodation for 2 people under the age of 25 who are at risk of homelessness.Safe, comfortable and affordable housing will have a positive effect on the lives of residents and support to gain training, education or employment will increase independence and self confidence.
28/02/2018 £75,000 ST BASIL'S 6? 48 bed unit provides support to a mix of young people, including mothers and babies. At present, the building is not energy efficient which has a significant cost impact to the organisation and the young people we support. This has caused a huge increase in costs for the building, which affects our ability to provide quality support to those that live there. The property provides support to all young people by providing access to education, employment and training. There is also wrap around support for young people with mental health issues. The purpose of the project is to prepare young people for independent living so that they can break the cycle of homelessness and have successful and fulfilling lives.
28/02/2018 £50,000 Simon Community Northern Ireland 2? 10 emergency one-bed flats for young people who are homeless and in severe need. The build will include a mix of both refurbishment and new build attached to the current 242 premises to create a new multipurpose space (property extension). The space will be used by our young people to develop their independent living skills. This would support the young people who reside in the accommodation, and those in the future, a space to study, apply for jobs, and learn the skills to share a communal space. The young people will also participate in the planning, design and build. Promoting a sense of ownership, team building, and improving social development.
28/02/2018 £75,000 BRIDGWATER YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 4? A 1842-built hotel which was repurposed as rail engineering offices in 1950 has been empty since 2015, and is being disposed of by Network Rail. We will renovate the property and reinstate it as an operational hotel with 20 rooms, café and restaurant, meeting and function rooms and start up office spaces. There will be 8 ensuite rooms with a shared kitchen accommodating homeless or at risk of homelessness young people who are paid apprentices. In total the social enterprise will create 10 new jobs, 12 apprenticeships and 10 traineeships. The project will be key in the regeneration of this area of Taunton, and in specific the Railway Station site, and in doing so will ensure that not only are jobs and apprenticeship opportunities created but they are sustained in the long term.
28/02/2018 £75,000 BARNARDO'S 16? A Gap Home is a transitional home plus support – designed for care leavers and other vulnerable young people. It will provide quality, manageable and affordable accommodation and the time and space needed to make a positive transition to independent living. A Gap home is owned by Barnardo’s and rented to a young care leaver for whom we provide a consistent relationship underpinned by practical and emotional support. We will enable young people to develop resilience and the practical skills required for managing any future tenancy, and securing employment, training or education. Each Gap Home is a new build and will provide much needed additional accommodation to existing provision for young care leavers. Each will be built on small pockets of unused land – gap sites – within communities. This is achieved by adapting innovation in house building, enabling us to design a house to fit the space available.
28/02/2018 £30,000 ST GEORGE'S CRYPT 1? To redevelop a workshop/storage unit into a 2 bedroom house. The property will be for under 25 year old's who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness. This is a pilot project for this age group to trial supporting a specific age range that has seen an increase in homelessness. This will tie into our ambition to create 150 bed spaces by 2021. We will offer tenancies to people wanting to develop living skills, independence and work readiness aiming to sustain their own fully independent, unsupported, tenancies. The residents will have access to our furniture restoration project, the drug/alcohol rehabilitation project, support at our main centre, access to our catering and retail training. We have 87 years of experience working with homeless individuals and will actively work with the residents to ensure they have access to and are supported in engaging with services, communities, volunteering and training.
28/02/2018 £75,000 WALLICH-CLIFFORD COMMUNITY 3? We are looking to renovate an existing property in Rhyl to develop a multi-use Hub for our services across North Wales. One of the primary drivers for the Hub is to address a key aim of Denbighshire Local Authority, preventing as far as possible, young people having to come into contact with statutory services. The Hub will address the shortage of suitable housing in Rhyl for Young People with complex needs by providing self-contained accommodation units, offering 24-hour on-call support. It will also provide a dedicated, supportive and confidential environment to carry out assessments, offer advice, support, counselling and mediation sessions in a suitable and welcoming environment. A designated training facility will also be developed for the delivery of accredited training courses, offering young people a chance to engage in education and employment opportunities and ultimately, a chance to progress to independent living within their communities.
31/12/2017 £18,000 HOPE HOUSING, TRAINING AND SUPPORT LIMITED 6? The project will involve i) creating an additional six bedroom spaces for homeless adults within our main hostel site in Bournemouth, to help us to meet the ongoing and significant need; and ii) creating a modular office space which would accommodate all of our core staff and provide a new dedicated Counselling Room. Support staff currently occupy six of the rooms within the building, so the project would enable us to make more bedrooms available, improve the working arrangements and effectiveness of the organisation. The new accommodation will be made available exclusively for young people aged 18-25, enabling us to meet the growing need from this age group. We will provide a wide range of additional, personalised support services.
30/11/2017 £48,000 GROUNDWORK OLDHAM AND ROCHDALE 4? This project enables us to improve the choice of accommodation for care leavers in Rochdale by converting existing housing stock into self-contained trainer flats. Young people referred to the project will have been assessed (usually spending time in a ‘taster’ flat) by Children’s Social Care Services, information distributed via personal advisers/social workers.
30/11/2017 £51,600 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE YMCA 3? The building work will focus on renovating existing rooms at the YMCA’s supported accommodation in Goole as well as a new adjacent house to provide transitional accommodation. The building houses young people that would otherwise be homeless, aged between 16-24 years of age. Whilst Goole YMCA has supported this vulnerable group for over 20 years, we have recently commissioned a new house to provide move-on accommodation for those that have developed the desired level of independent living skills. This new home needs substantial refurbishment, including improved security as well as new windows and doors. The new house will offer added features for young people to become more independent – whilst being separate to the hostel, it will continue to offer activities such as functional skills and other training required to live an independent life as well as empowering them to take the lead on establishing their home and moving on.
30/11/2017 £60,000 YMCA CORNWALL 6? Last year, in response to our waiting list of 35 homeless young people, we decided to convert our old, unused gymnasium on-site at YMCA Cornwall into 20 new flats for young people on three floors. We have now completed the top floor and this is now occupied by 7 young people aged between 16 and 25 who were either homeless or care leavers living in Bed and Breakfast accommodation. We are now fundraising to continue with the next two floors. We are using the costs associated with converting the top floor to inform our budget for the next two floors. Young people arriving here have usually suffered trauma so the stability, safety and support the young people receive here is key to them being able to progress into college or training/employment. Last year two of our residents, who had arrived from being street homeless, were accepted onto University courses.
30/11/2017 £24,000 YMCA NORFOLK 2? YMCA Norfolk has purchased an eight-bedroom property. The property has 2 additional two-bedroom flats which were built in 2005 with the original house built in the 1920s. We intend to convert the main house into 2 four-bedroom flats and 1 two-bedroom flat. This will provide 14 units of accommodation in total. The project will create space in Hall Quay for additional young people to be housed, addressing the over-subscription of the service in Great Yarmouth.
30/11/2017 £31,604 CARLISLE KEY 5? The housing project Carlisle Key is currently working on is the development of a 11-bed hostel for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless. Carlisle Key has purchased a property and has been awarded all the funding to complete the renovation project. The accommodation will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The aims of the accommodation project are to Provide high quality supported accommodation to young people in Carlisle, support young people to develop skills so they are able to break the cycle of homelessness, develop a sustainable future for the charity, create opportunities for young people who are homeless, the accommodation will be shared.
30/11/2017 £51,042 CENTREPOINT SOHO 9? Centrepoint is purchasing 10 Move On Properties in Manchester, we are applying for funding from LandAid for 3 of these. Each property has 2 bedrooms, creating, in total, accommodation to support 20 homeless 16-25 year olds in Manchester. This accommodation will be rented to homeless 16-25 year olds at an affordable rate, enabling them to get a foot into the rental market with a landlord (Centrepoint) who understands the particular challenges the demographic can face. Young people will be supported by Centrepoint's floating support team, giving them access to support for any tenancy related issues they may face - including support with budgeting, employment, education etc, Young people will have access to Centrepoint's offices in Manchester City Centre or Wythenshawe where our 'House Trained' course is offered, as well as access to support from volunteers/mentors to help them transition from living in our Move On accommodation to true independent living.
30/11/2017 £36,000 ST CHRISTOPHER'S FELLOWSHIP 2? This project is aimed to help support young people aged 18 coming out of the care system. It is situated in the middle of five existing children's homes all within walking distance, the furthest away being 3 miles. The building is an existing empty property that we own and there are no planning constraints as it is already classed as social housing. The aim is to provide the young people with independence but with the knowledge they can always pop home - for a meal, a chat, support. The project will overcome the cliff edge that these young people often face once they leave care. So support will be on-going, they have friendly faces to celebrate successes with and they will know that someone still cares. Our Skills for Life team will help them develop the skills they need for independent living.
30/06/2017 £50,000 ST BASIL'S 6? The project is the renovation of empty former nurses accommodation to provide 18 bed spaces arranged in nine flats on three floors in a student style block. Each flat will have two en suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen. The tenants will be young workers who are undertaking/have completed apprenticeships or who are working in their first jobs and are unable to afford local rents. St Basils aim to maintain rents at a genuinely affordable level so that the young people can live without benefits and are able to save for their next step in life. The tenants will have access to St Basils development and support programmes.
31/05/2017 £10,493 DALLAGLIO RUGBYWORKS 3? Dallaglio RugbyWorks is an intensive, long-term skills development programme based on rugby, through which we aim to get teenagers outside of mainstream education into sustained education, employment or training.
31/08/2016 £100,000 DEPAUL UK 10? Refurbishment of former Kid’s Company building to become Depaul UK’s ‘Daystop base for DePaul UK’s Nightstop service’, daytime training and activities for young people in Depaul supported accommodation. Range of services and other providers in the premises. E.g Depaul’s Get Up & Go health and employability project which involves The Running Charity, Accenture, Cardboard Citizens.
31/08/2016 £60,762 XLP 8? Continuation and development of effective individual and group mentoring programme currently running at full capacity with a waiting list.
31/08/2016 £86,000 METHODIST ACTION (NORTH WEST) LIMITED 1? Refurbishment of five empty houses to provide a total of 12 en-suite bedrooms in shared houses for young people, so they can move-on and leave their previous fully supported accommodation. Project is in partnership with local homeless charity Nightsafe supporting vulnerable young people aged 16-24 for who there is a lack of suitable, semi-supported, move-on accommodation on leaving fully supported accommodation.
08/03/2016 £72,000 HOPE INTO ACTION: EAST OF ENGLAND 9? Refurbishment four empty houses in four different cities (Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Ipswich and Norwich). These will house a total of between 16 and 20 young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
08/03/2016 £40,000 HFHGB (HOMES) 3? Refurbishment of an empty property above a shop in the centre of Barking to create accommodation for 3 care leavers.
08/03/2016 £117,000 YMCA NORTH TYNESIDE 11? Conversion and refurbishment of six empty flats above shops on West Percy Street in North Shields to provide 9 x 1 bed self-contained flats, as move on semi-independent accommodation.
29/02/2016 £65,000 HFHGB (HOMES) 3? For the ‘Accommodation for Young People leaving Care in Barking’ project to refurbish an empty property above a shop, c.125 square metres, in the centre of Barking to create a shared house for care leavers. It will provide 4 bedrooms, shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen-living room. The site will involve construction training and volunteering opportunities, for disadvantaged unemployed young people, and for corporates participating in volunteering days. 
29/02/2016 £85,640 GIROSCOPE LIMITED 7? ‘Hull Young Futures Project’ in the West Hull wards of Newington and/or St. Andrews. LandAid funding will provide £64,000 for the renovation of two large four bedroom houses which will provide emergency/short-term accommodation for eight young people in severe housing need. Giroscope aims to house young ex-offenders in these houses, who would otherwise experience homelessness following their release.
29/02/2016 £130,000 GRIMSBY AND CLEETHORPES AREA DOORSTEP 2? £100,000 for the renovation of six properties: one three bedroom shared house (£35,000), two one bed flats (£20,000) and three two bedroom family houses (£45,000). These six properties will provide 11 bedrooms which will accommodate between 11 and 16 young people in severe housing need, including young parents and their children. LandAid will also provide £6,000 for legal fees for the purchase of the properties and £24,000 for the project coordinator for 18 months.
19/01/2016 £150,000 ACTION HOUSING AND SUPPORT LIMITED 2? Conversion of a disused council office in Rotherham into 24 hour supported accommodation for young people in crisis with multiple needs. On-site construction training opportunities.
31/12/2015 £27,000 YMCA FAIRTHORNE GROUP 2? Renovation and conversion of empty holiday accommodation at YMCA premises on the Isle of Wight to create a mother and baby unit for young women at risk of homelessness.
31/12/2015 £70,000 Fencehouses and District YMCA 1? Conversion of an empty pub in Fencehouses near Sunderland into a shared house with training facilities. Fencehouses YMCA and Sunderland YMCA are working together on this project, which provides 24 hour intensively supported accommodation for young people with multiple needs who are at severe risk of homelessness.
24/11/2015 £10,000 ST BASIL'S 6? Develop, support and facilitate four National Youth Reference Group members from across England to tell their stories of being homeless and to share the lived experiences of other young people from across England who are experiencing homelessness to property professionals.
31/10/2015 £20,000 SUSSEX COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION 5? Contribution to design and development costs of a new building: the Newhaven Youth Centre. The project includes innovative and sustainable elements, and is a collaborative community effort to design and build a facility to meet the needs of local disadvantaged young people.
31/10/2015 £20,000 KINETIC FOUNDATION 2? Homework support sessions alongside evening football training to disadvantaged young people at risk of exclusion from school. 
31/10/2015 £55,500 Crossroads Youth and Community Association 6? Replacing the windows and fitting a new roof to make The Barn Youth Centre in the Gorbals, Glasgow weathertight and functional.
07/09/2015 £36,819 CHARTERED SURVEYORS TRAINING TRUST 1? Towards the apprenticeship programme providing opportunities for young people from deprived areas or those who face personal disadvantage to become qualified surveyors and gain employment
19/05/2015 £20,000 W4 YOUTH 1? Contribution to the design and development of the W4 Youth and Community new build project in Ealing, London.
19/05/2015 £20,000 THE E C ROBERTS CENTRE 2? Contribution to design and development costs for renovation and new build to expand premises in central Portsmouth to provide more space for counselling, children's day care, family support and living accommodation.
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