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Over the last five years they've made 222 significant donations totalling £3,199,397

When Amount Grantee To be used for
19/11/2018 £11,869 New Gleadless Library and Community Hub We want to make our library more vibrant and exciting and welcoming with new books and furniture.
19/11/2018 £10,405 Rhyl Primary Parent Teachers Association We want to buy a decent oven, hob and cookery equipment for our new community teaching kitchen at Rhyl Primary School.
19/11/2018 £11,446 Manor and Castle Development Trust We want to employ a professional singing tutor on a weekly basis and provide support for volunteers to run art and therapy sessions.
19/11/2018 £15,383 Friends of St Johns Upper Holloway We want to continually support every child in their journey through school by raising funds to help with their educational needs.
19/11/2018 £10,546 Eastfield Infants and Nursery School We want to develop a safe, secure,well resourced, all weather outdoor play space for pre-school age children.
19/11/2018 £12,164 Jigsaw Family Support We will use the money to buy new toys, counselling materials, office equipment and supplies, and free sessions.
19/11/2018 £14,625 Reach Learning Disability We want to offer more outdoor learning and therapy opportunities for people with learning disabilities at Flower Pod.
19/11/2018 £10,285 Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) We need funds to make Shire a better place through community development work and free projects for the benefit of all residents.
19/11/2018 £11,145 The Mary Dolly Foundation We want to get speakers/entertainers to attend our lunch clubs and provide a freshly cooked meal for each person.
19/11/2018 £10,717 Kinfest We would like to buy a van to transport items on holidays, days out etc.
19/11/2018 £10,058 Friends of Beecroft Garden Primary School We want to plant trees and make a garden to reduce air pollution in our playground.
19/11/2018 £10,610 Dover District Volunteering Centre We want to buy three new computers to replace our old and ailing ones, enabling us to sustain and develop our work in the community.
19/11/2018 £19,180 Ambition Aspire Achieve We will purchase and install outdoor inclusive play equipment to enhance disabled children's inclusion and positive experiences at the Arc.
19/11/2018 £10,375 Rccg House of Faith connections- Dagenham Foodbank We want to redecorate Dagenham Foodbank centre so its a safer, welcoming and convenient place to visit or work in.
19/11/2018 £10,007 Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure & culture We would like to develop a social area in the leisure centre which would enhance the social side of our group activity sessions.
19/11/2018 £13,727 Fawkham and Hartley Church centre Our centre is now getting tired and we would like to improve the facilities with new heating, stage facilities and refurbished flooring.
19/11/2018 £11,920 Stockport County Community Foundation We want to make a real difference to the lives of disabled people and need funds for new equipment, coaching etc.
19/11/2018 £10,916 Landywood Playgroup We want to buy new equipment, including art accessories, to promote children's needs.
19/11/2018 £10,373 The Squad We need funds so Squad members can develop creative skills and stage a weekend festival with workshops for local people.
19/11/2018 £238,193 Co-op Foundation 1 in 3 young people are lonely. Belong is a UK-wide project bringing young people together and giving them the tools to tackle loneliness
19/11/2018 £13,805 Shoreham Community Trust We would like to refurbish our main hall, stage and tech room to a modern standard for the benefit of our whole community.
19/11/2018 £15,638 Wintercomfort for the homeless We need help to provide breakfasts for homeless individuals at the weekend providing a lifeline to 800 marginalised adults in Cambridge.
19/11/2018 £12,767 Golcar Providence Playgroup Trading as Golcar Lily's Pre-School We want to improve our outside play provision in our affordable childcare setting to help our children learn and develop.
19/11/2018 £11,068 Borstal Village Hall We want to get a defibrillator installed on the outside of the hall so anyone can use it in an emergency.
19/11/2018 £10,737 The Pettifor Trust We want to make a DVD to raise our profile in the local community and educate children in the care of animals.
19/11/2018 £11,075 Brockhampton PTA We want to convert an old room into a library in the school and fill it with books.
19/11/2018 £10,403 Shifnal and Albrighton Live at Home Scheme We want to develop our wellbeing day for the over 60s, providing therapists, a meal, exercise, music, company, and a confidential chat.
19/11/2018 £10,087 Netherfield Forum We want to buy new leather sofas and seats along with additional chill out furniture for two rooms.
19/11/2018 £10,454 Wombleton Village Hall Limited We want to buy projection equipment in order to show films and make presentations.
19/11/2018 £11,856 Hollyview Animal Sanctuary We want to buy more animal housing so we can help more needy animals.
19/11/2018 £10,003 Sheep Ahoy aka Oli's Gang We want to buy proper shelters for the rescue sheep and goats instead of using old pallets and tarpaulins as we do now.
19/11/2018 £15,660 Swanage And Purbeck Development Trust Help us ensure every person with dementia and their carers have the best support from the professional services and the community.
19/11/2018 £11,129 Prudhoe Youth Club FC We're aiming for a pavilion extension and refurbishment for the benefit of our members and the local community.
19/11/2018 £11,234 C.A.T.S CLUB We would like to buy a minibus to transport the children to school from the breakfast club.
19/11/2018 £10,174 Community Resources for Change We want to meet local need by expanding our opening hours and buying new equipment that will help us run the store.
19/11/2018 £12,077 Friends of Plymouth School of Creative Arts We want to develop our rooftop into a growing, learning and socialising space for young people and the community.
19/11/2018 £10,445 THE ROTARY CLUB OF BILLERICAY MAYFLOWER TRUST FUND Funds would cover materials and labour to ensure that bathrooms are restored to properly functioning facilities.
19/11/2018 £10,410 Barons Court Project Limited We need carpet, curtains, chairs and cushions to refurbish the drop in centre, creating a comfortable communal space that feels like home.
19/11/2018 £11,989 Caris Camden Help us run a winter night shelter that offers immediate accommodation to up to 100 people with nowhere else to go.
19/11/2018 £10,130 The Rock Centre We wish to provide daily activities and services aimed at improving the health and well-being of the elderly and those over the age of 55.
19/11/2018 £10,763 Wakefield Riding for the Disabled Association We want to improve our facilities so we can give more disabled people the opportunity to ride and learn about horses.
19/11/2018 £15,374 Warrington Animal Welfare Paying for veterinary costs will help us to reduce the amount of stray and unwanted cats, dog and rabbits in the whole of Runcorn.
19/11/2018 £13,489 Prebend Pre school We want to re-invigorate our outdoor learning space and buy iPads to enhance our children's learning experience.
19/11/2018 £10,115 St Teresa's Hospice We want to invest in new equipment and staff training which will allow more people to access high quality Lymphoedema care and support.
19/11/2018 £13,994 BUCKINGHAM EVENTS Our aim is to regenerate a school playground, originally designed for 8-11 year olds, so that it is safe and suitable for 4-7 year olds.
19/11/2018 £10,874 ECPAT UK We want to run supportive youth group sessions for 35 children who have been trafficked to and within the UK. Each session costs us £250.
19/11/2018 £15,162 Historic House/Art Scentre We want to provide regular sessions for young people to work with artists to explore changes resulting from redevelopment.
19/11/2018 £16,593 Scotts Project Trust We would like to buy additional equipment' so that we can welcome more adults with learning disabilities to our development centre.
19/11/2018 £10,350 The Coastal Scout Group We would like to replace our camping equipment and buy a trailer to transport it to the camp sites.
19/11/2018 £11,550 Children's Respite Trust We want to turn the old Friday Ad print-works into a day centre for disabled children
19/11/2018 £13,499 Cambridge Community Church We want to continue to run a weekly Community Open Lunch Cafe and host a Christmas Party with quality food and presents in a great setting.
19/11/2018 £10,484 Cranbrook Primary School PTA We need cooking and gardening equipment for our garden to fork cooking programme.
19/11/2018 £11,142 abcfund We want to take 400 children and their carers/families to the pantomime. The pantomime dame is our patron.
19/11/2018 £10,547 Cranbrook Primary Out of School Club We need to replace our 14 year old mini-bus which is used to transport children to and from club and outings. It needs extensive repairs.
19/11/2018 £11,825 Havering Street Pastors We want need to provide training and uniforms to be a presence on station platforms and care for the vulnerable.
19/11/2018 £10,870 amlwch war memorial institute We want to buy new chairs for the use of the community and provide kitchen facilities in another part of the building.
19/11/2018 £13,489 The Globe Community Library, Stokesley We want to develop our library into a place that is a centre for community activity, including a programme of arts and craft activities.
19/11/2018 £11,472 The Peel We want to run a befriending scheme for older lonely people living in Clerkenwell
19/11/2018 £10,636 Thatcham Youth We want to fund weekly youth clubs, a Family Movie Evening and a roller disco.
19/11/2018 £10,816 King's Church Darlington Limited We want to cover the ongoing salary costs of running of the Foodbank.
19/11/2018 £12,179 Booth Centre We need funding to provide free, healthy and nutritious meals for homeless people in a fun and friendly café environment.
19/11/2018 £10,298 The Bilton Community Centre Funds will help us provide social and recreational facilities for local Bilton and Harrogate residents.
19/11/2018 £12,029 Pure Insight 1628 We want to train and support more mentors to provide practical, emotional support to young people leaving children's homes and foster care.
19/11/2018 £14,141 The Cogwheel Trust CIO We want to make counselling available to families and individuals on low incomes. Money will pay for building and training costs.
19/11/2018 £16,918 RSPCA Staffordshire North Branch We want to provide a free pet neutering service for those animals whose owners are on benefits or low incomes.
19/11/2018 £10,080 Witton Gilbert Village Hall Association We want to returf and level the outside garden area to a safe standard and apply advance wall solutions to the hall exterior.
19/11/2018 £11,101 Roundwood Park PTA We want to supply a new table for every child in every classroom at the school.
19/11/2018 £10,562 Camberwell After School Project (CASP) We want to offer 15 free places and 20 subsidised play scheme places to families within the SE5 area who are economically disadvantaged.
19/11/2018 £11,305 Banana Enterprise Network We want to create two part time Community Enterprise Champions who will train as tutors and provide support to clients for one year.
19/11/2018 £12,242 TOGETHER WITH MIGRANT CHILDREN We want to provide migrant and refugee families with access to fun, play and opportunities.
19/11/2018 £10,487 Horbury Community Centre Trust In summer 2018, we will produce and present a carnival style parade. Funds will pay for materials, tuition and legacy.
19/11/2018 £11,034 Waltham forest community hub ltd We need to cover the costs of running a weekly Social Club (46 weeks) for older people living in sheltered housing.
19/11/2018 £11,531 Redbourn Scout Group As a very active and growing scout group we need to buy more camp cooking/dining equipment to cater for all our young people on camps.
19/11/2018 £12,078 Hubbard Hills Trust The original Edwardian ironwork on the entrance bridge is badly in need of replacing to ensure public safety and to tidy up the entrance.
19/11/2018 £11,811 Billericay & District Branch Parkinsons UK We want to finance a weekly exercise group to help members with Parkinsons slow progression and improve symptoms of this incurable disease.
19/11/2018 £10,652 Nottinghamshire Search and Rescue We would like to train five new team members to become fully operational in lifesaving missing person searches.
19/11/2018 £10,652 Dragon Tale Theatre Group The purchase of extra equipment will help us produce a fabulous pantomime for the benefit of our members, their families and the community.
19/11/2018 £10,510 Carers Lewisham We want to develop a respite service to offer Lewisham carers a break from caring, reducing social isolation and the risk of crisis.
19/11/2018 £10,090 Say Aphasia We want to buy a mini-bus for our drop-in centre because some people that have aphasia can't get a bus or a car and can't go out.
19/11/2018 £10,551 Hanover School Association We want to buy a grand piano to give our kids musical opportunities and to enrich the cultural life of our inner-city school and community.
19/11/2018 £10,755 Keen London We want to provide weekly sports and activity sessions for disabled children in East London and need to hire a venue and equipment.
19/11/2018 £12,553 Roseberry Academy Friends and Teachers Help us improve and redevelop our outside play and learning areas for all children and families, such as the installation of astroturf.
19/11/2018 £14,783 Kira Gwillym Foundation We plan to spend the money on promoting asthma awareness within the community and the importance of asthma reviews.
19/11/2018 £10,633 Mapperley Plains Recreation & Social Centre We want to give our older members a great Christmas Party and money will spent on food and entertainment.
19/11/2018 £11,335 The Archway Project Ltd We want to buy laptops to expand our IT courses for disadvantaged and disabled young people.
19/11/2018 £11,941 Oakerside community centre We want to replace toys and improve the quality of our provision for young people and their carers.
19/11/2018 £13,106 Friends of Bushmead School (FOBS) We would like to give the children an outdoor multi user gym to enhance their mental, social and physical experience.
19/11/2018 £10,467 Friends of Kingsdown Play Park We want to install new play park equipment suitable for older children, providing an exciting community space and promoting outdoor play.
19/11/2018 £14,341 'Something To Look Forward To' We require funds to deliver our service and provide ‘gifts’ and ‘experiences’ to families affected by cancer poverty in Cambridgeshire
19/11/2018 £12,611 Alzheimer Cafe IW We want to commission an internationally renowned educator to provide specialist dementia training for all members of our community.
19/11/2018 £15,734 Runcorn and District Foodbank We wish to continue to feed families in crisis during the Universal Credit rollout which leaves people on benefits in crisis.
19/11/2018 £11,279 Action for Stammering Children Funds will pay for a detailed assessment and therapy plan for children who stammer, their first step to overcoming the setbacks.
19/11/2018 £12,302 Stoke Youth and Community Centre Association We need to replace our centre's external UPVC cladding due to a hollow section exposing sharp edges after an attack by vandals.
19/11/2018 £10,815 St Giles Trust With your help, we will help 50 of the most disadvantaged people in society for 12 months, transforming their lives.
19/11/2018 £10,823 Daisy Chain Project Teesside We will buy new equipment to teach young people with Autism more about the environment and recycling through fun educational methods.
19/11/2018 £11,810 George House Trust We need funding for essential basic items to improve the health and wellbeing of HIV positive people in Greater Manchester.
19/11/2018 £10,406 The Clock Tower Sanctuary Help us cover costs to provide homeless young people in Brighton & Hove a safe and supportive place to get the essential help they need.
19/11/2018 £10,032 Dewsbury Young Diabetics We want to provide safe, educational trips and support our children and their families.
19/11/2018 £13,683 Adur Community Leisure We want to refurbish the existing changing facilities at Wadurs with a new disabled toilet, changing room, hoist and changing bed.
19/11/2018 £14,764 Swanage Railway Trust We wish to redesign and rebuild the public toilets at Swanage Station so they are fully accessible to all including wheelchair users.
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