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Over the last five years they've made 4473 significant donations to registered charities totalling

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
30/06/2019 £333,543 WORKS FOR US 3 No press summary is available in this release.
30/06/2019 £121,463 PADDINGTON ARTS 2 The project will use the funding to support vulnerable young people aged 10 - 18, by offering trained mentors and offer social, creative activities and residential weekends. The activities will include photography and spoken word workshops to explore the young person’s culture and environment and the end work will feature in a final exhibition.
30/06/2019 £327,561 TUNBRIDGE WELLS MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCE LIMITED 2 The organisation will use funding to support and develop the existing work at The Hub over three years. The Hub is a vibrant well-being centre based in Central Tunbridge Wells that offers a range of wellbeing activities to improve the lives of anyone experiencing mental health issues aged 17 and over. Funding will cover the salaries of a manager and two part-time support workers, volunteer training and operational costs.
30/06/2019 £257,830 THE YOUNG LIVES FOUNDATION 1 The organisation will use funding to deliver its Positive Activities Programme through a new hub based model across Kent and Medway. The programme will provide a fun and supportive environment which will allows disadvantaged young people to engage in new opportunities and experiences.
30/06/2019 £37,500 GRAPES HILL COMMUNITY GARDEN GROUP 2 This organisation addresses health issues in the Mancroft district by providing regular opportunities for residents to take part in physical activity in the open air. It will use funding to expand their current family gardening group from 12 – 28 weeks, improve and extend the volunteer programme and introduce further opportunities for individuals to learn new skills, grow local food and be part of a positive local community project.
30/06/2019 £117,846 THE KINGS ARMS (PETERSFIELD) 2 The organisation will use funding to expand upon its concluded Youth Link project. The proposal seeks to bring together organisations and representatives working with young people to form a whole Public Sector: Local Authority network that will collaboratively work together to best serve the interests and identified needs of Young People in East Hampshire.
30/06/2019 £164,872 MILTON KEYNES CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU 1 No press summary is available in this release.
30/06/2019 £90,000 EAST LONDON BUSINESS ALLIANCE 2 The project will use the funding to expand their work with older people, reach more beneficiaries in the community and strengthen the connections and networks between community organisations working with older people.
30/06/2019 £302,596 VOLUNTARY ACTION EPPING FOREST 3 The organisation will use funding to continue its Community Clubs project, providing opportunities for over 65’s who are socially isolated to enjoy regular club activities, telephone befriending, daytrip/outings and a chance to build relationships with others in similar situations.
30/06/2019 £132,288 COMMUNITY LANGUAGE SUPPORT SERVICES 3 The project will use the funding to run their activities supporting vulnerable women, especially refugees from east Africa and other Arabic speakers to access mainstream services such as health, education, welfare, housing and legal services.
30/06/2019 £205,302 OPENING DOORS 4 This organisation is a user-led organisation which is run by people with learning disabilities, for people with learning disabilities. The project runs bespoke training courses for people with learning disabilities living in Norwich and Cromer. The group will use funding to expand the current provision, and develop a new group in Cromer. This will be enable more adults with learning disabilities to learn the knowledge and skills they need to build safe, successful, connected lives.
30/06/2019 £105,630 LATIN AMERICAN DISABLED PEOPLES PROJECT 5 The project will use the funding to help the Latin American community and support the integration process to improve their quality of life, lower levels of poverty including in work poverty, and achieve a better sense of awareness and importance of well-being and mental health.
30/06/2019 £42,572 ONE TO ONE (ENFIELD) 4 The project will use its funding to create an opportunity to conduct comprehensive restructuring to develop their user-led management team.
30/06/2019 £50,000 1ST WARLEY SCOUT GROUP 2 The Warley Scout Group will use funding towards rebuilding their Scout Hut. This will include electrics, plumbing, plastering, Internal Partitioning, Toilet Cubicles, Internal Doors, 2nd Fixing, and insulation.
30/06/2019 £153,919 CORALI DANCE COMPANY 4 The project will use the funding to grow their youth dance group, adults community class and deliver bespoke partnership projects as well as develop a new schools outreach programme.
30/06/2019 £213,330 CHILDREN'S RESPITE TRUST 3 The organisation will use funding to cover staff costs to provide free respite care and support to disabled children and their families.
30/06/2019 £260,000 THE FIFTH TRUST 2 The organisation supports adults with learning disabilities in Kent to achieve their full potential. The organisation will use funding to redevelop its Amenity Pavilion. The new site will provide disability access and adult changing areas.
30/06/2019 £206,700 THE WAVE PROJECT 5 The Wave Project (TWP) supports young people to feel more positive and emotionally strong through surfing. Funding will be used to cover the salary cost of a Project Coordinator, as well as general running costs.
30/06/2019 £215,112 CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY CENTRE EAST LONDON 5 The project will use the funding to provide free access to their Story Centre for 0-9 year olds, working specifically with disadvantaged parents and children particularly those who are at risk of homelessness, living in temporary accommodation, refugees or have been displaced or have English as an Additional Language.
30/06/2019 £498,849 MILTON KEYNES YMCA LIMITED 2 The organisation will use funding to launch a new service, ‘Under One Roof’. The focus of the project will be to provide a personalised pathway of support to residents who live in social housing in the city. The provision will focus on three keys areas: independent living, health and well-being and employability.
30/06/2019 £249,944 READING COMMUNITY WELFARE RIGHTS UNIT 1 The organisation, which provides a specialist advice service to all sectors of the local community in relation to all welfare benefits, will use funding to hire a Welfare Rights Manager. This person will be responsible for training and managing a new team of volunteers. The funds will also pay for accommodation, running costs and ongoing training for volunteers.
30/06/2019 £160,650 ASPIRE OXFORDSHIRE COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE LIMITED 5 No press summary is available in this release.
30/06/2019 £380,160 DAISY'S DREAM 1 This organisation supports children and young people who have been bereaved or have a family member diagnosed with a serious illness. Funding will be used to continue its core work, supporting young people to move forward in a positive way.
30/06/2019 £207,630 MERTON HOME TUTORING SERVICE 3 The project will use the funding to deliver their free pre-entry ESOL classes and home tutoring service in Merton and to develop and test new approaches to their services. The funding will also allow them to reach additional groups such as migrants in low-income employment who cannot currently attend the day classes.
28/06/2019 £10,000 Tullysaran Community Association 1 The group, based in Tullysaran, Co Armagh, is using a grant of £10,000 to start monthly clubs for older people and for families who have children with disabilities or additional needs. They are also using the grant to run a range of activities and services for young people in the area, including an Easter camp, a summer camp, arts and crafts, dance, drama, and sport and fitness.
27/06/2019 £7,276 Grace Womens Development Limited 1 The group, based in north Belfast, supports local women of all ages with training, activities and events, and advice. They are using a grant of £7,276 to run a support group for parents and carers of children with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. They will also run a summer scheme and training courses in safeguarding and health and safety.
27/06/2019 £13,000 THE CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS 6 No press summary is available in this release.
31/05/2019 £3,000 Burnside Community Group 1 This group will purchase a range of equipment and materials to enable members to take part in regular arts and crafts sessions.
31/05/2019 £8,000 Portmoak Hall Committee 1 This project will enable the group to replace the floor in their Village Hall near Scotlandwell.
31/05/2019 £9,575 TRIUMPH OVER PHOBIA (TOP UK) 1 Project Summary : Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK) will provide self-help groups for people experiencing phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and other anxiety related disorders in Cardiff and South Wales. This grant for £9,575 will fund room hire, travel expenses, volunteer recruitment and training, session resources, development director salary, and administration costs.
31/05/2019 £9,975 SPINA BIFIDA, HYDROCEPHALUS, INFORMATION, NETWORKING, EQUALITY - SHINE 4 The project will use funding to see the production of a series of videos detailing real life stories of members dealing with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at key stages of life for use with other parents. This will enable them to be more informed, share knowledge and feel less isolated.
31/05/2019 £9,183 AGE UK GATESHEAD LIMITED 4 The funding will help secure a greater premises to help reach a higher number of older people in the area.
31/05/2019 £9,500 ORMSIDE MILL RESIDENTIAL CENTRE LIMITED 2 The funding will be used to provide residential adventurous activities, for young people from low and no income households, where participants will learn new skills, whilst socialising and engaging with people from different communities, with the aim of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour amongst young people.
31/05/2019 £9,000 CLUB 66 BOYS CLUB 1 The funding will provide a lead youth worker to manage a club which is used extensively by young people in the local community who are at risk of anti-social behaviour. The project aims to provide positive diversionary activities to enable these young people to fulfil their potential.
31/05/2019 £9,390 SPRINGHEAD MANAGEMENT COMPANY LTD 1 The charity will relay badly damaged paths which provide access to the rear of the building and to an annexe, with the aim of ensuring access for all to the full range of activities at the centre.
31/05/2019 £10,000 RAIN RESCUE 1 The funding aims to provide emotional support for people drawn into volunteering in response to personal circumstances.
31/05/2019 £9,951 ST ELIZABETH HOSPICE (SUFFOLK) 2 The organisation will provide a weekend respite service, providing short breaks for young people transitioning from children hospice care to adult hospice care.
31/05/2019 £9,957 BEIS YAAKOV LONDON SEMINARY 1 The project will use the funding to deliver a programme of interactive activities, promoting wellbeing and healthy nutrition, and a health retreat trip for local young people.
31/05/2019 £9,600 HIGHGATE UNITED REFORMED CHURCH CHARITY 1 The funding will be used to update and make the kitchen safe in the local community hub.
31/05/2019 £10,000 Birmingham Open Spaces Forum The funding will be used to deliver a range of events for young people. The project aims to develop positive attitudes towards the use and care of parks in the local areas by young people.
31/05/2019 £10,000 HOME-START HIGH PEAK 1 The funding will be used to employ a part time administrator. This will enable the organisation to expand its range of support services and improve the efficiency of the organisation.
31/05/2019 £9,570 BART'S CITY LIFE SAVER 1 The project aims to train people on how to effectively use defibrillators and deliver first aid to save lives and the funding will be used to subsidise first aid training for people unable to pay.
31/05/2019 £8,988 ZEST-HEALTH FOR LIFE LIMITED 4 The funding will be used to deliver a programme of cooking sessions for people of all ages from diverse backgrounds. This will enable people to get together and share positive experiences while building new friendships.
31/05/2019 £10,000 ACTA COMMUNITY THEATRE LTD. 3 The funding will be used to deliver creative workshops for elderly people at risk of social isolation. The project aims to reduce loneliness and improve mental health and wellbeing.
31/05/2019 £242,091 Home-Start in East Lancashire 3 This project will expand the existing activities of Home-Start Rossendale, Burnley and Hyndburn supporting parents with at least one child under five struggling with financial deprivation, isolation, mental illness, disability, domestic violence and engaging with services. Volunteers with parental experience will provide support in family homes.
31/05/2019 £200,000 BRADFORD CYRENIANS LIMITED 4 The funding will provide services such as housing and support for men experiencing domestic abuse, people with a history of rough sleeping/homelessness, and people with a history of offending. They aim to help individuals break negative cycles and raise their aspirations.
31/05/2019 £10,000 GUJARAT HINDU SOCIETY, PRESTON 2 The company will deliver open sessions at their temple and at community venues including schools. The sessions will help non-Hindus become more aware of what it means to be a Hindu in terms of religion, culture and identity with the aim of establishing mutual respect between communities.
31/05/2019 £9,950 THE WALK TO FREEDOM FOUNDATION 1 The organisation will use the funding to run new activity sessions and social groups to help bring people together and reduce isolation in the community.
31/05/2019 £10,000 WONDERFULLY MADE WOMAN 1 The funding will be used to train women from black and minority ethnic communities who have experienced domestic abuse to interview others with a focus on celebrating women and their achievements. Participants will produce two magazines to share the things women want to celebrate about their lives. The project aims to help women to improve their resilience, reduce isolation and celebrate womanhood.
31/05/2019 £9,778 NEW NOTE PROJECTS 2 The project will use funding to deliver rehabilitation programme for a self-help group of people recovering from the effects of drink and drugs addiction, mental health issues, homelessness, prison and social isolation by being taught to play the guitar and give a live performance with a group of people affected by similar struggles in their life and personal circumstances.
31/05/2019 £9,630 DOVER SMART PROJECT 2 The funding will be used to work with six local communities to design and create artworks that will improve public spaces that are often neglected and affected by anti-social behaviour. The project aims to work with the community including schools and community centres to enhance the local area through positive creative activities.
31/05/2019 £9,989 YAPTON AND FORD VILLAGE HALL 1 The funding will be used to set up a community cinema within their village hall. The project aims to improve the facilities they provide for local residents, provide an opportunity for people to socialise and reduce isolation.
31/05/2019 £10,000 THE DAVENHAM PLAYERS 2 The funding will be used to extend the theatre building and replace toilets with disabled-compliant ones. The project aims to reconfigure the space to meet an identified need for more community accessible facilities in the village.
31/05/2019 £10,000 HORWICH HERITAGE 2 The charity will run an after-school project for older primary age children to explore the towns heritage and construct a model of the town as it is now.
31/05/2019 £9,949 BRANDON CARRSIDE YOUTH AND COMMUNITY PROJECT 2 The funding will be used to continue to deliver a programme of summer activities for young people, and involve them in helping to deliver community events.
31/05/2019 £9,950 OXFORD AGAINST CUTTING 3 The funding will be used run workshops in secondary schools covering the topic of Honour Based Abuse to school staff and pupils in year 7 and 8. The project aims to raise awareness of subject and influence change.
31/05/2019 £250,446 NETWORK FOR AFRICA 2 No press summary is available in this release.
31/05/2019 £9,948 WINGS OF HOPE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 2 The funding will be used to deliver extra-curricular educational support activities that are designed to meet the needs of homeless children from minority communities. The project aims to improve life chances and opportunities for learning.
31/05/2019 £9,643 SOUTH WYE DEVELOPMENT TRUST LIMITED 1 The funding will be used to purchase new IT equipment to improve the facilities for the local community.
31/05/2019 £10,000 WELSHAMPTON PARISH HALL 1 The funding will be used to replace the windows and doors at the parish hall to create a safe and warm community space.
31/05/2019 £9,840 CONNECTED CHARITABLE FOUNDATION 1 The funding will be used to deliver leadership workshops for young people. The project aims to improve participants’ interpersonal skills and encourage them to build community relationships.
31/05/2019 £9,800 BROMSGROVE & REDDITCH CIRCUIT OF THE METHODIST CHURCH 1 The funding will be used to create a community garden. The project aims to provide a space where local people can participate in events and activities.
31/05/2019 £8,950 DANCE IN DEVON LIMITED 2 The funding will be used to run dance sessions for older people and intergenerational events. The project aims to improve physical fitness and build social relationships.
31/05/2019 £9,240 TORBAY ADVICE NETWORK 1 The funding will be used to train volunteers to help support people through the different stages of claiming disability benefits. The project aims to improve independent living.
31/05/2019 £9,180 ASPLEY PARTNERSHIP 1 The funding will be used to deliver a programme of activities and social excursions for older people. This will enable participants to get together, share experiences and create new friendships.
31/05/2019 £9,520 POSITIVE WEST MIDLANDS 1 The project will train people with lived experience of the difficulties people with HIV face to become peer mentors. Alongside this, the project will maintain an accessible and safe space for their members, and provide activities to improve wellbeing and bring people together.
31/05/2019 £10,000 THEATRE ORCHARD PROJECTS LIMITED 4 The funding will be used to deliver community puppetry workshops and performances based on the local environment. The project aims to bring people together and empower people to take action to protect nature.
31/05/2019 £10,000 KIN CYMRU 1 Project Summary : Kin Cymru in Swansea will use the grant to provide advice and support to families and children with disabilities. This grant for £10,000 will fund office rental, utilities, office supplies, and volunteer expenses.
31/05/2019 £10,000 CYLCH MEITHRIN BAE CINMEL 1 Project Summary : Cylch Meithrin Bae Cinmel in Conwy will use the grant to set up childcare play sessions, offering a Welsh language service to those who would not otherwise be able to attend due to rurality or low income. This grant for £10,000 will fund wages, room hire, outdoor and indoor equipment, marketing, refreshments and office supplies.
31/05/2019 £10,000 PELHAM HALL 1 Project Summary : Pelham Hall in Monmouthshire will use the grant to make their building more accessible for the whole community. This grant for £10,000 will fund the installation of the lift.
31/05/2019 £9,950 YSTALYFERA DEVELOPMENT TRUST 1 Ystalyfera Development Trust in Swansea will use the grant to offer accredited courses to increase the employment skills of people leaving school, people who are currently unemployed, and those who wish to improve their confidence. This grant for £9,950 will fund tutor wages and computers.
31/05/2019 £380,019 FOCUS CHARITY 4 This project will bring together young people aged 13-16 from different backgrounds, experiences and communities for a year-long personal development programme that enables them to build trust, develop skills and help to identify goals, ambitions, interests and passions.
31/05/2019 £46,860 HIGHFIELDS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 3 Through a combination of strategic planning, community consultation, stakeholder engagement, commercial and service development, this organisation will use the funding to plan the long-term future of its work and services taking place at the Highfields Centre.
31/05/2019 £51,160 DERBYSHIRE CARERS ASSOCIATION 2 Derbyshire Carers Association will set up a telephone befriending service to combat the loneliness and isolation of carers living in rural areas across Derbyshire.
31/05/2019 £413,882 TAKE 1 STUDIOS LIMITED 1 This project will tackle issues of knife and youth violence, anti-social behaviour and gang criminality in Nottingham. Take 1 Studios and Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges will do this work through an intensive, bespoke mentoring programme for vulnerable young people (aged 14 - 24) who are at risk from or already involved in youth violence or criminality. It will also involve outreach work, positive diversionary activities and a programme of workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions with young people.
31/05/2019 £12,816 MAC MULTIPLE ABILITIES CLUB 2 This grant will support initial work to develop the group’s aspiration to create a sustainable community hub for people with a range of disabilities.
31/05/2019 £14,160 EMMAUS STAFFORDSHIRE 1 This grant will pursue its ambition to create an Emmaus community in Stoke-on-Trent. The long-term aim is to create a community in which up to 30 homeless people can be offered a sustainable route out of homelessness undertaking meaningful work in Emmaus’ furniture recycling business and being housed on the premises.
31/05/2019 £278,246 THE COLEBRIDGE TRUST LTD 2 The project will deliver a personal development project for young people aged 13-18 to improve the life chances of young people in Solihull. The project will deliver employment and skills programmes whilst working with people of all ages who often face multiple and complex issues affecting their ability to get into work or other positive future pathways.
31/05/2019 £498,459 ST HELENS CARERS CENTRE 2 The organisation provides a range of support and advice for Adult Carers and Young Carers in St Helens. Funding will go towards staff costs for the organisation’s young carers hub, which provides a single point of access for young carers to get information, advice and a wide range of support services.
31/05/2019 £9,730 BURNSIDE CENTRE 2 The charity will hold a community event to mark the centres Golden Jubilee, celebrating its past and launching their future direction. The project aims to celebrate everything good and vibrant about the local area, the people within it and the contribution of the centre.
31/05/2019 £9,300 MS THERAPY CENTRE, NORFOLK LTD 1 The organisation will use the funding to install LED lighting in the facility to help save money to be spent on improving the activities and services for people with neurological conditions.
31/05/2019 £10,000 SPIRAL SUSSEX 1 The project will use funding to purchase new laptops. The project aims to improve IT facilities at their centre for disabled adults.
31/05/2019 £8,970 ST MARK'S (MILLFIELD, SUNDERLAND) COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 2 The funding will be used to run a weekly drop in for young people, where they can access advice, information and support, including support relating to employment or training goals, as well as IT facilities and fitness activities.
31/05/2019 £9,950 WELWYN PEGASUS FOOTBALL CLUB 1 The organisation will use the funding to run health and fitness sessions for young people in the area in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and promote healthy lifestyles.
31/05/2019 £9,880 Dunmurry Community Association 1 The organisation, based in Dunmurry, supports people living in the local area by running events and activities to bring people together and learn new skills. They are using a grant of £9,880 to run a multicultural event in the village, including food, a marquee, a DJ and music, face painting and bouncy castle, refreshments and stall hire.
31/05/2019 £10,000 HOPE AT HOME 2 The funding will be used to provide accommodation for people living with the effects of modern slavery and human trafficking. The project aims to offer stability, raise awareness and promote life skills.
31/05/2019 £9,850 QUINBORNE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LIMITED 2 The funding will be used to carry out refurbishment works to the community café. The project aims to create a safe space for local people to come together and build relationships.
31/05/2019 £10,000 ST LUKE'S HOSPICE (HARROW AND BRENT) LTD 3 The funding will be used to run physiotherapy sessions for residents of a hospice. The project aims to improve wellbeing and confidence.
31/05/2019 £10,000 BODY AND SOUL 8 The project aims to improve the services offered to people who use the community centre, by purchasing new equipment.
31/05/2019 £8,386 ST ANDREW'S PARISH CENTRE TRUST 1 The funding will be used to upgrade the sound and audio equipment at the community centre. The project aims to create a more accessible space for local people.
31/05/2019 £9,861 GLOBAL ACTION ON RELOCATION AND RETURN WITH KIDS 1 The funding will be used to recruit a coordinator to manage a team of volunteers who will provide information and peer support to parents unable to lawfully leave the UK. The project aims to improve efficiency of the organisation and reduce waiting lists.
31/05/2019 £9,206 OPENING DOORS LONDON 8 The funding will be used to develop a telephone befriending service for elderly members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. The project aims to provide a support network as well as reduce loneliness.
31/05/2019 £6,020 THE WOMEN & FAMILIES RESOURCE CENTRE 3 The funding will be used to deliver a summer play scheme for children in the local area. The project aims to empower young people through fun activities and create an environment to develop skills and new relationships.
31/05/2019 £9,890 SCHOOL GROUND SOUNDS 1 The project aims to develop music and employability skills to create better futures for participants and the funding will be used to deliver a music project for young men.
31/05/2019 £10,000 HORN OF AFRICA DISABILITY AND ELDERLY ASSOCIATION (HADEA) 1 The funding will be used to deliver an advice service for people from ethnic backgrounds, older and living with disabilities. The project aims to support them with welfare rights, debt, digital exclusion and homelessness.
31/05/2019 £1,500,000 THE PREMIER LEAGUE CHARITABLE FUND 2 No press summary is available in this release.
31/05/2019 £174,919 DROITWICH SPA MEETING CENTRE 1 This project will provide a welcoming place for people living with dementia to come together and adjust to the changes that a diagnosis brings, in a way that will help them live as well as possible. The funding will provide continuity of service provision and a stable environment that will improve the health and wellbeing of both members and their carers.
31/05/2019 £129,650 SIMPLY LIMITLESS 2 This project aims to combat the effects of social isolation amongst older people in Wyre Forest, so that the longer-term negative health effects of loneliness can be prevented at an early stage. The funding will provide three part-time case workers to interact with people on a one to one basis, creating a plan with them to know how best to enable them to make progress towards becoming more independent.
31/05/2019 £121,926 HOME-START WALSALL 3 The project will provide a holistic family support service to disadvantaged parents and their children across Walsall. The support will be provided through peer to peer home visiting, group support and social activities. The project will recruit and train local volunteers who will be key in helping to shape and deliver this project.
31/05/2019 £424,140 WARWICKSHIRE YOUNG CARERS 3 This project will support over 1,500 young adult carers living across Warwickshire, helping them transition from school into adulthood and further education, work or training. This will support those aged between 14-16 and 17-21, to deliver activities and interventions that will support them to achieve their goals, improve their resilience and empower them to make informed choices about their future.
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