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Over the last five years they've made 234 significant donations to registered charities totalling £2,181,787

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
31/08/2019 £9,000 INSIGHT - COUNSELLING COACHING AND SUPPORT SERVICES 1 Funding is requested for their early intervention work; funding restrictions and policy, both locally and nationally, mean that services for high risk clients are a priority, especially with statutory related sources. However, Insight know that early work either with victims or perpetrators, focusing on education, coping strategies and understanding “triggers” can prevent a crisis later. £9,000 is requested and the grant will pay for around 10 sessions of free therapy for each client, their initial assessment and supervision costs, In total 20 clients are expected to benefit from this, which is £450 per capita but reflects the specialist support provided.
31/08/2019 £18,778 WATCH (Working Actively To Change Hillfelds) Ltd 4 This project would support WATCH to develop a sustainable business plan that fulfils the needs of residents and redevelopment of the neighbourhood. The project will support WATCH to develop a more strategic alliance with local organisations and agencies and map out details of other projects and services available in the area. This will help to reduce duplication of projects and services and create new partnerships opportunities among agencies and residents groups and provide sustainable projects and services that will address issues and improve the social and economic lives of people living and working in Hillfields. Reviewing and developing the charities infrastructure will grow the day to day business of the organisation to coincide with the many changes occurring within the voluntary and public sector and encompass new initiatives for Coventry as the City of Culture in 2021. Through consultation and feedback from 85 service users, residents and local businesses they feel this project is needed to ensure the long term sustainability of this much needed support for the local community. Eight residents and three members of WATCH charity have agreed to take up roles as champion volunteers, and participate in the activities of the project. This will also creating a platform to share knowledge, expertise and experiences to ensure best practice and a joined up people centred approach is developed and implemented through community engagement.
31/08/2019 £5,000 THE TIN MUSIC AND ARTS 1 to support 3 aspects, Coventry Music Network, Boudica Festival and Deliaphonic.
31/08/2019 £6,289 SANDWELL VISUALLY IMPAIRED 2 Funding is requested for the full costs of a pilot support service, both face-to-face and by telephone, which will aim to counter the difficulties that VI people have in accessing services, particularly online services by offering practical support, for instance to complete forms. They have found that this is something they are increasingly asked for help with and that they need to offer a discrete service for this, so the staff have the appropriate training and expertise and it can be run at specific times. Volunteers will also be trained to offer this service.
31/08/2019 £10,000 Street Teams 8 unding is requested for the Family and Sibling project, which is unique in its support of families affected by sexual exploitation; helping them through the statutory process, aiming to reduce the stress and anxiety they feel, as well as helping families to identify their vulnerabilities and how to reduce the risk of exploitation.
31/08/2019 £24,531 Anawim Women Working Together 5 Anawim’s website is not fit for purpose. It exists on a platform which requires specific technical knowledge to be properly maintained, so we are unable to update its content, post regular job and volunteer vacancies, or use it to promote services and demonstrate impact. This project involves the development of a new website which can be easily maintained. Our internal CRM system, CiviCRM, which holds data for our women, will be integrated with the new site, allowing us to streamline manual processes such as referrals and course registrations, freeing up capacity for staff. We will increase our income generation through advertising new projects including renting out space at the centre and individual giving. Bringing Anawim’s work to a wider audience and an improved user experience combined with more informative and engaging content will encourage more donations and interest from potential funders, partners and volunteers, as well as women seeking support. As an organisation we are currently working to create a sustainability strategy, which falls in line with Anawim’s mission and core activities. The main focus areas are: diversifying our income streams and improving visibility within the community, supporting more women through courses, drop in and outreach services, and encouraging volunteers and service users to take more ownership of the centre through higher level responsibilities. We are considering how we can sustain a high level of service with resources already in place and how we can support more women in a cost-effective way.
31/07/2019 £9,832 Underground Lights run 10 weeks of drama workshops and 10 weeks of Creative Cafes which aim to enage with marginalised people in the city and provide a space to try new performing arts activities and share creative ideas
31/07/2019 £3,000 CHRISTIAN YOUTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICE (BRIDGING THE GAP) 2 to replace their second-hand IT system and to purchase an online booking system for their out of school provision.
30/06/2019 £3,000 ST VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY (ENGLAND AND WALES) 6 Donor directed support of the project.
31/05/2019 £5,000 AFRICAN COMMUNITY HERITAGE HUB LIMITED 1 to deliver 12 months of weekly football sessions. Within this 12 month period they will deliver a minimum of 12 thought-provoking and interactive gun & knife crime workshops.
31/05/2019 £4,829 DUDLEY COUNSELLING CENTRE 3 to support the provision of their Lighthouse Café.
31/05/2019 £5,000 THE SIKH COMMUNITY AND YOUTH SERVICE 1 to support BAME young people who are at risk of involvement in gangs into education and/or employment.
31/05/2019 £3,520 ROSHNI 3 We would like to provide 18 Forced Marriage (FM) and Honour Based Violence (HBV) workshops to children aged 14 -16 year olds in schools across Birmingham, focussing on schools with high proportion of South Asian children especially those with connection to Pakistan, Bangladesh and India Key areas of Birmingham to target would be Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, Small Health, Bordesley Green and Handsworth. The workshops will be delivered using a range of tools including Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence video clips and interactive activities. Each workshop will last for 1 hour and can accommodate upto 25 participants. Each workshop to have minimum of 90% attendance therefore reaching a target audience of 405 participants. The aim of the workshops is to: To increase understanding of what constitutes a FM and HBV To distinguish between a forced & arrange marriage To improve knowledge of support services available for victims of FM & HBV To increase understanding of measures that young people can take before going abroad on holiday in particular depositing key information with a support agency to enable Forced Marriage Unit to access the information should there be a problem while they are abroad. To increase knowledge about the teaching of Islam and other major religious which clearly speak about valid consent in a marriage enabling young people to challenge myths and misconceptions used by perpetrators to justify harmful practices. To increase people’s knowledge of key signs of FM & HBV to enable them to identify and support friends who may be under pressure to get married both at school and in the local communities. To reduce cases of forced marriage and honour based violence.
31/05/2019 £38,841 WATCH (Working Actively To Change Hillfelds) Ltd 4 WATCH would like to deliver ESOL workshops for Adults who speak English as a second language including BAMEs, refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers from EE countries who have settled in Hillfields, Coventry a neighbourhood of high deprivation. We would also like to deliver introduction to Radio activity-based group work sessions through our Community Radio project HillzFM, supporting young people age 16-29 who are NEET (not in employment, education or training) and may be at risk of becoming radicalised by far right groups operating in the local area such as Daesh, English Defence League and other Far Right Groups including Eastern European Nationalist Groups. The project will support 65 vulnerable young people and adults from BAME community groups who are too often disempowered but want to oppose those seeking to divide our communities and cause great harm. Workshop activities and content will tackle prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes that promote hatred towards others and activity to counter known local extremism. To achieve the outcomes of BSBT and reduce preconceived attitudes, beliefs and feelings that appose shared values each participant will receive up to 24 hours of targeted and guided learning support. Group activities will encourage residents to stand together to challenge extremist narratives and build a stronger, united and resilient community. Other activities will include employment and well-being support from our experienced advisors through 1-1 information, advice and guidance (IAG) and group based activities helping participants to get a job or into training. WATCH has supported thousands of marginalised individuals into work or training creating positive life changing benefits. Recent studies suggest that individuals actively looking for work are less likely to engage or become involved with extremist movements in contrast to the 30% who are more likely to be vulnerable to extremist messaging when disengaged from job search activities.
31/05/2019 £10,000 Birmingham Vision 1 to deliver 6 x 5 week employment support courses over a 12 month period.
31/03/2019 £7,000 NORTHUMBRIA BLOOD BIKES 1 Donor directed support for project.
31/03/2019 £5,000 RE:DISH 1 Donor directed support for project.
31/03/2019 £8,000 THE ROOPRAI SPINAL TRUST 1 Donor directed support for project.
31/03/2019 £6,000 WellChild Donor directed support for project.
30/11/2018 £10,000 Highly Sprung Performance Co. 1 funding towards their ‘City Beat’ project.
30/11/2018 £10,000 Anawim Women Working Together 5 to support the costs of the drop-in centre, which offers a front door to Anawim’s services, and free advice and practical and psychological support for women in crisis.
30/11/2018 £10,000 Acacia Family Support 5 To contribute to the running costs of the Young Parents project
30/11/2018 £10,000 Crisis Point 3 To provide counselling and support to women in Walsall.
30/11/2018 £10,000 Sport 4 Life UK 10 To run female only versions of its Get Fit 4 Employment programme
30/11/2018 £8,006 GEESE THEATRE COMPANY LIMITED 5 to deliver two 5-day “Scratching the Surface” programmes at HMP Foston Hall, whose population are primarily drawn from the Birmingham area. The work will be with women identified by safer custody staff as being at risk of suicide and/or deliberate self-harm
30/11/2018 £5,200 THE FRIENDSHIP PROJECT 1 Funding is requested to support and increase their work with girls by funding part of the costs of the weekly joint activities and outings undertaken by the younger and older friend.
30/11/2018 £8,340 ROSA (RAPE OR SEXUAL ABUSE SUPPORT SERVICES) 6 Funding is requested to deliver Life skills Workshops to women and girls who are victims of rape, sexual abuse and violence in Warwickshire.
30/11/2018 £9,956 RESOURCES FOR AUTISM 6 To run to run a series of social groups for girls and women with autism, to increase socialisation skills
30/11/2018 £4,510 CONGENS GROUP 1 Grant to ConGens Group
30/11/2018 £6,945 THE CENTRAL ENGLAND AREA QUAKER MEETING CHARITIES 2 To pilot a 12 week Peacemaker course with a group of women
30/11/2018 £2,965 THE PRECIOUS TRUST 1 To run workshops at 3 local colleges with female students that will aim to identify young girls at risk
30/11/2018 £7,000 HEAVEN GATE CENTRE 1 Grant to HEAVEN GATE CENTRE
30/11/2018 £8,000 LITTLE HEARTS MATTER 2 Grant to Little Hearts Matter
30/11/2018 £9,500 SALUS FATIGUE FOUNDATION 4 Grant to Salus Fatigue Foundation
31/10/2018 £21,452 Small Heath Boxing Club 1 The Fit Mind Programme will identify, recruit and engage people in Birmingham that are suffering from mental health illness. The project will work in partnership with eighteen specialist mental health organisations, the Police and the Local Authority in order to identify people that are at risk of being influenced by extremist propaganda and who are vulnerable to developing extremist views. The project will use the power of sport to engage people into the project with a part time specialist project worker delivering both group and one to one interventions to reduce the likelihood of participants developing extremists views or positions. Through the project we would like to; - Provide four, twelve-week, personal development courses a year that will each cater for twelve people that are suffering from mental health illnesses. The courses will use non-contact boxing and gym work to engage participants with each session including group workshops designed to counteract extremist views and attitudes. - Organise and run a new weekly support group for people with mental health issues that bring together people from a wide range of ethnicities, cultures and religions. This will encourage understanding, tolerance and build stronger community links, promoting social inclusion. - Provide one to one support for people with mental health issues to discuss issues around extremism. - Provide personal safety workshops including topics such as internet safety, trust, understanding others and grooming. Project Aims; The project will; - Reduce the likelihood of project participants developing extremist views. - Improve the knowledge of project participants so they can recognise extremist views and online messaging. - Increase the safety of participants. - Improve mental health levels among participants. - Encourage a better understanding between different faiths and ethnicities. - Reduce the number of people holding attitudes, beliefs and feelings that oppose shared values.
31/10/2018 £4,994 THE PRECIOUS TRUST 1 to create an alternative guide to an exhibition at the Birmingham Art Gallery.
31/10/2018 £6,000 HIGHLY SPRUNG PERFORMANCE COMPANY 1 to deliver 10 workshops where through performance young people will identify a local cause that they can support and raise awareness for.
30/09/2018 £5,000 BARDSLEY YOUTH PROJECT 1 Grant to Bardsley Youth Project
31/08/2018 £7,000 My Life Films 5 Grant to My Life Films
31/08/2018 £8,000 Better Pathways 2 Grant to Better Pathways
31/08/2018 £9,947 Wriggle Dance Theatre 1 to develop of a full-length interactive dance theatre show for young children (ages 2-7) and families that will premiere at Warwick Arts Centre in early 2021 before then engaging on a national tour promoted as ‘Made in Coventry’. The development stage includes working with local schools in areas of recognised deprivation to bring arts activities to those who would not normally have access to them.
31/08/2018 £5,000 The Movement Centre 2 Grant to The Movement Centre
31/08/2018 £5,000 Doorway 4 Grant to Doorway
31/07/2018 £4,849 Aaina Community Hub 3 Grant to Aaina Community Hub
31/07/2018 £3,000 Valley House 2 Grant to Valley House
31/07/2018 £6,000 Birmingham Scouting 2 Grant to Birmingham Scouting
31/07/2018 £7,915 Hope Community Project Wolverhampton 5 Grant to Hope Community Project Wolverhampton
31/07/2018 £10,000 Community Action Wyre Forest 2 Grant to Community Action Wyre Forest
30/06/2018 £5,000 The Feast Youth Project 3 to support the young people to improve the environment on a stretch of the Grand Union canal in Birmingham by painting locks, tidying up alongside the canal, gardening and grappling.
30/06/2018 £4,970 Coventry Peace House Education Trust 3 Grant to Coventry Peace House Education Trust
30/06/2018 £2,590 Amblecote Community Church 1 to support the provision of a social action week
30/06/2018 £24,268 Sifa Fireside 5 We are an established provider of day services to homeless adults. The numbers seeking support has doubled in recent years: we now see approx. 150 people daily in Drop In centre where we provide hot meals, showers, and health clinics. Approx. 20 people each day wait for Shelter’s emergency accommodation appointments, often for several hours and sometimes in distress. We are seeking funding for a Support Worker, to engage with these clients at this time of crisis, to provide a listening ear, to ensure they are aware of the services available to help them beyond a referral to an emergency hostel, so they can return to us or other providers to access the help they need to avoid repeat homelessness.
30/06/2018 £4,900 Doorway 4 to support the costs of making a short film to raise awareness around homelessness.
30/06/2018 £4,606 Sport 4 Life UK 10 to run 12 projects across 3 areas in Birmingham.
30/06/2018 £3,176 New Heights - Warren Farm Community Project 4 to run 3 x 6 week sessions where young people will supported in delivering social action projects
31/05/2018 £4,000 Central England Lipreading Support Trust (CELST) 2 Lipreading courses for people with hearing loss in Kenilworth and Solihull
31/05/2018 £10,000 Walsall Bereavement Support Service (WBSS) 3 Part-time counsellor to help to deliver outreach and out of hours support to vulnerable bereaved children within local schools.
31/05/2018 £7,550 The Friendship Project for Children 1 Friendship Project connecting young people with older friends.
31/05/2018 £4,003 Sandwell Deaf Community Association 1 Summer play scheme for children in Sandwell who have hearing loss.
31/05/2018 £4,583 Bardsley Youth Project 1 Weekly drop-in for young people (aged 16-24) at a supported housing project.
30/04/2018 £3,300 Caldmore Village Festival Group 2 Grant to Caldmore Village Festival Group
30/04/2018 £4,650 Wildside Activity Centre 3 Grant to Wildside Activity Centre
30/04/2018 £20,000 Home-Start (Tamworth) 3 training to the young mum's 16 years to 19 years who live with us in a variety of parenting styles including positive parenting, Triple P and the Solihull approach to enable them to form a positive life long bond with their baby.
30/04/2018 £4,050 Friends of Cotteridge Park 3 Grant to Friends of Cotteridge Park
30/04/2018 £50,000 Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 1 Grant to Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
30/04/2018 £4,158 Access in Dudley 1 Grant to Access in Dudley
30/04/2018 £2,800 E R Mason Youth Centre (Trading as CCS (Birmingham) Ltd 1 Grant to E R Mason Youth Centre (Trading as CCS (Birmingham) Ltd
30/04/2018 £2,598 ConGens Group 1 Grant to ConGens Group
30/04/2018 £4,789 Wolverhampton Elder Asian and Disabled Group 1 Grant to Wolverhampton Elder Asian and Disabled Group
31/03/2018 £4,550 The Friendship Project for Children 1 Grant to The Friendship Project for Children
31/03/2018 £5,000 The Stonehouse Gang 1 Grant to The Stonehouse Gang
31/03/2018 £3,000 ABACUS Counselling Services Ltd 1 Grant to ABACUS Counselling Services Ltd
31/03/2018 £5,000 The Learn2 Education Centre (LEC) Ltd 1 Grant to The Learn2 Education Centre (LEC) Ltd
31/03/2018 £3,000 Southam Church & Community Project 1 Grant to Southam Church & Community Project
28/02/2018 £5,000 Birmingham PHAB Camps 1 Grant to Birmingham PHAB Camps
28/02/2018 £5,000 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity Maxillofacial Software for new 3D printing for Orthopaedics and Renal etc
28/02/2018 £8,000 Greenholm Primary School Grant to Greenholm Primary School
28/02/2018 £6,000 The Lawscot Foundation 1 Grant to The Lawscot Foundation
28/02/2018 £3,000 St Vincent de Paul Society 6 to hold a birthday for the homeless
28/02/2018 £7,000 Dreams Come True 2 allow young people with terminal or life limiting conditions to become less dependent financially and socially.
28/02/2018 £5,000 Fair Football 2 Grant to Fair Football
28/02/2018 £4,930 WATCH Ltd 4 Grant to WATCH Ltd
31/01/2018 £4,980 Black Country Touring 2 Grant to Black Country Touring
31/01/2018 £4,893 All Saints Youth Project 5 Grant to All Saints Youth Project
31/01/2018 £5,000 Imagineer Productions Ltd 2 Grant to Imagineer Productions Ltd
31/01/2018 £2,500 Coventry Haven 3 Grant to Coventry Haven
31/01/2018 £5,000 Entraide 3 Grant to Entraide
31/12/2017 £15,000 Allens Croft Project 2 Grant to Allens Croft Project
31/12/2017 £27,410 Bardsley Youth Project 1 Grant to Bardsley Youth Project
31/12/2017 £15,000 New Heights - Warren Farm Community Project 4 Grant to New Heights - Warren Farm Community Project
31/12/2017 £12,760 Sandwell African Women Association - [SAWA] 1 Grant to Sandwell African Women Association - [SAWA]
31/12/2017 £15,000 You Can Flourish (known as "Flourish") 1 Grant to You Can Flourish (known as "Flourish")
31/12/2017 £14,991 Craftspace 1 Grant to Craftspace
31/12/2017 £13,488 Doorway 4 Grant to Doorway
31/12/2017 £15,000 Rugby ROSA 6 Grant to Rugby ROSA
31/12/2017 £14,985 Urban Devotion Birmingham 2 Grant to Urban Devotion Birmingham
30/11/2017 £27,000 Bangladeshi Women's Association Limited 3 We would like to use ‘celebration of cultural food’ as a starting point to engage, connect, break down barriers and empower Muslim Women with the aim to create a sense of belonging in the western society and tackle extremism from within. We will work with ten different community groups (including Muslim Groups) in creating ‘networks of social support’ with the aim to bring women together to share unique knowledge on different cultural food and promote integration and awareness of western cultures and values towards generating social values such as economic, wellbeing, citizenship and capacity.
30/11/2017 £15,000 United Religions Initiative UK 1 Our project, Sharing our Lives, will develop new inter-faith materials for discussion in religious supplementary schools (e.g. madrassahs). These would explore the commonalities between religions as they are lived in people’s daily lives, demonstrating that “we are not so different after all”. They would be written in an attractive format aimed at 11 to 14 year olds – we have chosen this age group because we believe individuals will have not yet have finalised their world views but will be open to a variety of influences (positive and negative). The learning would be approved by religious authority figures and parents.
30/11/2017 £6,500 All Saints Youth Project 5 Grant to All Saints Youth Project
30/11/2017 £2,500 Karis Neighbour Scheme 2 Grant to Karis Neighbour Scheme
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