Overall GiG Score: 21 based on 19 data points
Finance: 1
Governance: 8
Support: 12
Poor Liquidity: -1, Reasonable growth: +1, Deficit latest year: -2, Fundraising costs low: +3,
12+ Trustees: -1, Good trustee age range: +3, Dynamic board: +3, Gender balanced board: +3,
Supporters: +12



The Justlife Foundation supports vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness or inadequate housing by providing practical assistance, advocacy, and community engagement, aiming to improve their living conditions and overall wellbeing.

They have refined their impact measures to benefit programmes, focusing on health and wellbeing outcomes that influenced the creation of a volunteer befriending service to reengage beneficiaries in socialising and community activities.

Their biggest challenge is to build awareness of unsupported temporary accommodation, but they are putting major strategic goals in place to combat this issue. Learning from those with lived experience, they are engaging with action groups across the country to form a strong collaborative network and bring cohesion to all levels for widescale prevention.

Source: Giving is Great


Ensuring those living in temporary accommodation are safe, healthy and can transition to living independently as quickly as possible
Analysis by Giving is Great


  • There has been reasonable growth in spending over the last 3 years relative to the previous period
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
  • Fundraising costs are unusually low relative to funds raised
  • A significant proportion of recent income was derived from major grant makers including the Government and a Community Foundation and there are significant future grants due to be received
  • The Board appears to be well diversified in terms of age and gender and dynamic in terms of composition

Regulatory & Governance issues to consider:

  • There are 13 trustees whereas the Charities Commission recommends a maximum of 12
  • Over half the Board have joined recently

Financial issues to consider:

  • Liquidity appears to have been slender at the latest year end
  • Income was lower than spending in the latest year
Established: 13 years



0161 285 5888

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How you can help

Financial Data ?

Income & Spending ?
Sources of Income ?
Y/E Income
Cost £k
Funds £k
Funds £k
Staff Volun-

Financial Ratios
Fundraising Costs/Relevant Income: 4.2%
Fundraising Costs/Total Spending: 3.8%
Liabilities/Assets: 12%
Liabilities/Income: 10%
Unrestricted Funds/Total Funds: 62%
Reserves/Spending: 2.3 months
Net Current Assets/Spending: 7 months
Quick Ratio: 6.7
Asset Split ?
What it does
  • Accommodation/Housing
  • Economic/Community Development/Employment
  • The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
Justlife Foundation provide one-to-one healthcare, housing and wellbeing support for people living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation. Although they have a roof over their head, the people Justlife work with are homeless, and need this professional support to improve their chances and move away from homelessness
Who works here?
  • 33 employees
  • 40 volunteers
Who it helps
  • The General Public/Mankind
How it operates
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Provides services
Where it operates
  • Brighton And Hove, East Sussex, Manchester City,

Who's supporting them? ?

Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
The National Lottery Community Fund£390,637
The Henry Smith Charity £264,400
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales£106,448
Garfield Weston Foundation£75,000
The Dulverton Trust£70,000
The Tudor Trust£62,000
The Clothworkers Foundation£50,000
The EQ Foundation£38,000
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
The Henry Smith Charity
£180,000 15/03/2023
towards three years' continuation funding of the running costs of a project providing a befriending and peer-support group for people in temporary accommodation in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.
The EQ Foundation
£8,000 14/12/2022
Big Give Pledge
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
£2,250 14/12/2022
One off gift to support with the cost of living crisis
Charles Hayward Foundation
£15,000 25/11/2022
Targeted Referrals Partnership Project
The National Lottery Community Fund
£225,000 25/07/2022
This funding will support Justlife Foundation Ltd to continue their work supporting people in unsupported temporary accommodation (TA) engaging with landlords and advocating for systems change in ....more
Trust for London
£147,000 29/06/2022
The funding is to establish Temporary Accommodation Action Groups (TAAGs) in 5 London Boroughs, with support from local strategic partner/s. This will amplify the voices of TA residents, connect them ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£10,000 08/04/2022
The funding will be used to redevelop the centre to include a more welcoming entrance and divided areas providing people in temporary accommodation the opportunity to access confidential guidance and ....more
Garfield Weston Foundation
£30,000 18/03/2022
Creating Change for the ‘Hidden Homeless’, Vulnerable People in Temporary Accommodation
£3,500 10/01/2022
To help vulnerable people and families cover the cost of essentials with a one-off gift payment of either £100 (for households/families with dependent children aged under 19) or £70 (for ....more
The EQ Foundation
£10,000 15/12/2021
Big Give Pledge
Charles Hayward Foundation
£13,500 29/11/2021
Targeted Referrals Partnership Project
The Tudor Trust
£60,000 26/08/2021
over two years as continuation funding towards national work to improve standards of accommodation for vulnerable and 'hidden homeless' people in the private rented sector
Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity
£25,000 13/07/2021
Continued support for the 'mobile' JustLife Team reaching people in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (COVID-19 response)
£457 11/05/2021
Big Change MCR, awards to pre-vetted applicant organisations on behalf of individual people escaping homelessness
Manchester City Council
£10,000 10/02/2021
to offer a more regular/planned digital programme of activities including social activities and accessing online support. Priority groups: Unspecified
The Tudor Trust
£2,000 13/01/2021
as an additional grant to support staff, volunteer and trustee wellbeing, to assist the organisation deliver its charitable purpose more effectively
The EQ Foundation
£10,000 15/12/2020
Matched funding programme
Sussex Community Foundation
£5,000 19/11/2020
Funding was provided for core and project costs.
One Manchester
£5,000 01/11/2020
To adapt the delivery model to ensure support is provided for people living in unsupported temporary accommodation across Manchester.
Garfield Weston Foundation
£30,000 30/10/2020
Mobile Justlife – reaching more unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) residents across Greater Manchester.
£3,843 01/10/2020
"The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to ....more
Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity
£25,000 30/07/2020
To support the 'mobile' JustLife Team reaching people in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (COVID-19 response)
£30,800 29/07/2020
"The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to ....more
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
£4,198 24/07/2020
Grant to Justlife Foundation Limited meeting the additional costs of adapting services, premises or implementing other safety measures in response to the Covid pandemic.
Lankelly Chase Foundation
£20,000 16/06/2020
Justlife Foundation Ltd
The Clothworkers Foundation
£50,000 27/05/2020
refurbishment of Centre and surrounding land for a charity that works with Homelessness in Greater Manchester
The National Lottery Community Fund
£59,129 26/05/2020
The organisation works with vulnerable people who are currently living in unsupported temporary accommodation. Funding will allow the group to ensure supported individuals get food hygiene items and ....more
Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity
£10,000 14/05/2020
To help fund an additional staff member to reach more Unsupported Temporary Accommodation residents and landlords. (COVID-19 response)
Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
£25,000 07/05/2020
Organisations supporting homelessness
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
£25,000 05/05/2020
towards unrestricted costs as a COVID-19 Fast Response grant
Crisis UK
£10,151 29/04/2020
Funding of specialist support lead worker for people in unsuitable temporary accommodation.
Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity
£6,500 15/04/2020
Supporting initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sussex Community Foundation
£5,000 14/04/2020
Just Life provide innovative responses to community needs, working particularly to raise aspirations for vulnerable adults. Funding to provide 25 homeless people currently in temporary accommodation ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£9,761 07/02/2020
The project will deliver a series or wellbeing activities to those living in unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) and have mental health issues or complex needs.
The EQ Foundation
£10,000 15/12/2019
Matched via Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019
Sussex Community Foundation
£5,000 18/11/2019
Funding was provided towards project and staff costs.
The Dulverton Trust
£70,000 23/10/2019
Housing Resettlement Project
The Henry Smith Charity
£84,400 11/09/2019
towards three years' continuation funding of the salary of an Engagement Worker at the Activities Programme and Support Project, supporting people in unsupported temporary accommodation in Brighton ....more
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
£100,000 16/07/2019
Justlife Foundation supports people living in unsupported, temporary accommodation and homelessness into appropriate, longer term accommodation. The funding will contribute to their core costs.
The National Lottery Community Fund
£86,747 01/02/2019
The aim of the project is to support people in unsupported temporary accommodation. Funding will go towards activity costs, practical support for clients, travel, staff training, external staff ....more
Garfield Weston Foundation
£15,000 25/01/2019
One-to-one specialist support alongside a weekly drop-in and a range of activities to improve the life chances of people living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA) in Brighton.
Sussex Community Foundation
£5,000 16/11/2018
Funding was provided towards core costs.
The Tudor Trust
£100,000 05/10/2018
over three years towards the development of a national network to improve unsupported temporary accommodation for vulnerable and 'hidden homeless' people
The Dulverton Trust
£32,000 13/06/2018
Housing Resettlement Project
The Dulverton Trust
£5,545 13/06/2018
Support to People in Temporary Accommodation - Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018
Lankelly Chase Foundation
£90,000 21/05/2018
Core funding for two years
The Segelman Trust
£50,000 17/04/2018
To support the core costs of the organiation
The National Lottery Community Fund
£9,490 26/03/2018
The project will run a series of workshops and provide studio space for those experiencing homelessness. The aim of this is to engage them in positive and creative activities which will help build ....more
John Ellerman Foundation
£75,000 25/01/2018
Towards the costs of expanding their work with people living in unsupported temporary accommodation to ensure their stay is as short, safe and healthy as possible
Sussex Community Foundation
£5,000 20/11/2017
The Artist Collective is for people who are homeless who make art and also artists who want to make art as part of a supportive community-centred around those experiencing homelessness. This mix of ....more
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
£150,000 11/10/2017
Towards the salary of the strategic lead and project costs to explore and improve locally and nationally the response to those who are in unsupported temporary accommodation and ensure their stays ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£494,561 11/01/2017
This project aims to raise the aspirations and life chances of people living in unsupported temporary accommodation in Openshaw and Ardwick, Manchester. Working across two hubs in these locations, a ....more
Lankelly Chase Foundation
£100,000 14/11/2016
To support the first year of developing a team dedicated to UK-wide system change in the area of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation over the next five years
The Henry Smith Charity
£65,500 09/06/2016
towards three years' salary of a Project Worker for the 'Creative Change Project', a support project for homeless unsupported temporary accommodation tenants in Brighton and Hove
Lankelly Chase Foundation
£37,770 16/03/2016
To scope the possibility of a collaborative initiative that would improve the health and wellbeing of tenants in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation
The Tudor Trust
£60,000 25/02/2016
over two years as continuation funding towards the salary of a worker supporting homeless and vulnerable people into new tenancies, linked to research on unsupported temporary accommodation, at the ....more
Lankelly Chase Foundation
£3,000 01/09/2015
To support a member of staff to attend the Systems Changers development programme for frontline workers
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales
£73,034 07/01/2015
Justlife Foundation supports adults who are vulnerably housed or living in homeless temporary accommodation in East Manchester & Brighton. It delivers a range of services that build the skills of ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£480,108 21/07/2014
Not Available
The Tudor Trust
£60,000 24/01/2014
over two years towards the salary of a worker to support homeless and vulnerable people in East Manchester into new tenancies
The National Lottery Community Fund
£430,373 05/08/2013
This is a continuation and expansion of a BIG funded project by Justlife Foundation Limited (JFL) to raise aspirations and life chances for people living in temporary accommodation (with many having ....more
The National Lottery Community Fund
£381,639 08/09/2010
This project works with vulnerable adults in temporary housing. A health and enterprise centre will be set up which will be open five days per week. The centre will provide support groups for ....more
Show more rows

Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How do they operate?

Manchester - Health and Enterprise Centre

Objectives: To make people’s experience of housing vulnerability as short, safe and healthy as possible

Intervention period: Dependant on the needs of the individual

Beneficiaries: People at risk of falling into homelessness

Description: The centre provides one-to-one support, activities, workshops and referrals to empower adults housed in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA). Typical services provided include help setting up bills, budgeting, accessing benefits, help with funding applications, connecting with local services e.g. bank accounts, help with first food shops and support in buying furniture. This allows them to move towards employment, independent living and improves their overall health and wellbeing.

Brighton & Hove - Activities and Support Programme

Objectives: To make people’s experience of housing vulnerability as short, safe and healthy as possible

Intervention period: Dependant on the needs of the individual

Beneficiaries: People at risk of falling into homelessness

Description: The programme works holistically alongside other agencies to connect people with the appropriate support services they require. These could include support in accessing and maintaining accommodation, relevant benefits and engagement with the wider community. Weekly activities and support build people using the services confidence and social networks, as well as improving skills and work opportunities.

Research & Policy

Description: Justlife's research and policy team work alongside homeless sector leaders to identify and advocate for much needed long-term solutions to hidden homelessness. This involves publishing reports to raise awareness of people's experiences of temporary accommodation, and co-ordinating a national temporary accommodation network that advocates for change

How effective are they?
Y/EPeople supportedPeople moved into more suitable accommodation
See what you could achieve with a donation of: £
How do we calculate this?

Who works here?

Simon has been working for Justlife as Regional Operations and Hub Manager in Brighton since 2012, and took over as CEO from Gary Bishop in January 2020. Prior to working at Justlife, he was Operations and Finance Director for a London based youth project and has worked extensively in the voluntary sector and with vulnerable people over the past 18 years.
    Head of Services - Greater Manchester
    Head of Services - Brighton & Hove
    Head of Research, Policy and Communications
    Business Support Manager
    Head of Income & Development

How is it governed?

Trustees (13)
Current Trustees appointed
Gender Split
Based on 11/13 persons

Age Range of Trustees: 30-62
  • ANDREW MAN Appointed: 2021, Occupation: Managing Director
  • CHARLOTTE MICHAEL Appointed: 2023, Occupation: Chief People And Sustainability Officer
  • EMMA GARNER Appointed: 2023, Occupation: Charity Worker
  • JACK SHAW Appointed: 2022, Occupation: Research
  • OLIVER HEATH Appointed: 2020, Occupation: Public Affairs Manager
Legal constitution
  • Charitable company registered in England & Wales on 17/03/2011, number: 1140822
  • Registered at Companies House on 04/02/2011, number: 07517887
  • Registered with HMRC for Gift Aid
Policies in force
  • Complaints handling
  • Conflicting interests
  • Paying staff
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Volunteer management
Main office

1479 Ashton Old Road
M11 1HH



Data Sources

Charity Commission for England and Wales
360 Giving

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