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Lankelly Chase Foundation

(Registered Charity No: 1107583)
Charity Commission for England and Wales
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Longstanding UK charity. Preference for Birmingham area

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Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers
Sole supporter: 10% by number, 8% by value.
By ValueBy Number
National Lottery56%54%
Comic Relief47%41%
The Tudor Trust47%37%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation44%46%
Trust for London31%30%
Lloyds Bank Foundation19%24%
City Bridge Trust19%17%
Garfield Weston Foundation15%11%
Greater London Authority15%10%
A B Charitable Trust14%11%
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In this period they've made 87 significant donations to registered charities totalling £9,113,703

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
19/03/2018 £6,000 Arts at the Old Fire Station 7? Contribution to Marmalade 2018, fringe event to the Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurs
19/03/2018 £154,545 Hope into Action 9? Core funding
28/02/2018 £104,400 The Children's Society 11? Development of the Systems Changers programme for the youth sector
31/01/2018 £43,717 Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 1? Love Barrow Families project
31/12/2017 £247,272 The Young Foundation - Agenda 6? Core funding for AGENDA
30/11/2017 £10,000 Public Law Project 4? Exploring the use of strategic litigation as a tool for systems change.
30/11/2017 £118,004 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 1? To support operational costs of the Birmingham SEMH Pathfinder .The project demonstrates a trauma-informed and multidisciplinary approach to working with disadvantaged children and their families.
31/10/2017 £20,000 Social Innovation Exchange 1? To be one of a number of funders supporting the International Funders Node for one year, to deepen existing connections and relationships and expand the network
30/09/2017 £121,200 Our Sorority 2? Core funding for Our Sorority to continue supporting women and girls facing SMD in Birmingham and inform the response of services interacting with them
30/09/2017 £200,000 Corra Foundation 4? To continue to support Corra’s People in Place work across 9 areas in Scotland.
30/09/2017 £112,500 National Survivor User Network 5? ‘Re-igniting the space’ for BAME mental health service user and survivor voice, building support and momentum through networks of community organisations, groups and activists.
30/09/2017 £278,181 Homeless Link 10? Three year core costs support to Expert Link to develop their training programme, build their network and engage with wider audiences
31/08/2017 £400,000 Family Rights Group 3? To continue support and development of the 'Your Family, Your Voice' alliance - a mixed alliance of families who have had contact with the child protection system and professionals working in the system.
31/07/2017 £48,362 Public Law Project 4? To explore the use of strategic ligitation as a tool for systems change.
31/07/2017 £223,875 National Survivor User Network 5? Core funding for the Insight project who support organisations to develop their service user involvement infrastructure through an in-depth consultancy model, from audit and assessment of current operations through to designing and implementing recommendations for improvement.
30/06/2017 £284,011 Leeds GATE 6? A grant to cover core costs for Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange, building on their Asset Based Community Development work a
30/06/2017 £122,757 Revolving Doors Research Network 6? To continue to host the Research Network on SMD for three years
30/04/2017 £138,652 Local Solutions 4? Final phase of work with Local Solutions, to feed their work into their wider organisation for change and out into local networks and providers, and to collect and share their learning though a 'guide to support'
30/04/2017 £92,724 Public Law Project 4? Exploring the use of strategic litigation as tool for systems change, and to commission a learning partner and support to help other organisations engage with the work.
30/04/2017 £250,000 Arts at the Old Fire Station 7? 5-year core funding whilst exploring together how to create the conditions for place based change.
30/04/2017 £20,000 The Young Foundation 6? Scoping work with AGENDA, part of the result of which will include a publishable paper reviewing gendered approaches to place-based work
31/03/2017 £15,800 York Road Homeless Project 2? Human Language' project - Rewriting organisational signs and policy documents to help change mind-sets and internal language.
31/03/2017 £273,542 BAC-IN CIC Two years support for Project Ahryzen, including support for a learning partner
28/02/2017 £10,000 The Barrow Cadbury Trust 8? To continue to support joint work between funders and race equality organisations to discuss practice and priority areas for action
28/02/2017 £233,677 The Winchester Project 10? To support the development of the North Camden Promise Zone/Children's Zone
31/01/2017 £10,185 Arts at the Old Fire Station 7? To support the Marmalade 2017 social change festival
31/01/2017 £15,000 Centre for Local Economic Strategies Limited/CLES 4? To support additional time for the participating partners of the ‘Elephants’ series of conversations bringing together local stakeholders from different levels and perspectives.
30/11/2016 £100,000 Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland 4? To support Place-based work in Scotland
30/11/2016 £10,000 Social Innovation Exchange/SIX 1? To support the 'Unusual Suspects' collaborative events bringing together social innovators, practitioners and experts to accelerate social change
30/11/2016 £24,205 New Philanthropy Capital 9? To research whether theories of change affect or facilitate systems thinking
30/11/2016 £165,000 Together for Mental Wellbeing 4? To support Together with building relationships in York to encourage systemic change in responding to complex distress, and deliver their Pathway model
31/10/2016 £179,426 Edinburgh Cyrenians 9? To continue to employ a keyworker to provide direct support to individuals; to embed and mainstream change in the organisation; and to influence wider systemic change
31/10/2016 £150,866 Cumbria Partnership NHS FT/Love Barrow Families 1? To support the second year of the Love Barrow Families partnership, working with families where children are at risk of child protection orders
31/10/2016 £100,000 Justlife Foundation Ltd 10? To support the first year of developing a team dedicated to UK-wide system change in the area of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation over the next five years
31/10/2016 £40,500 Locality (UK) 9? To engage Locality to work in two areas supporting place-based system change initially over 6 months
30/09/2016 £65,000 Our Sorority CIC 2? Core funding to support the development of their Theory of Change, explore and develop relationships in Birmingham and continue to work to improve the lives of women
30/09/2016 £22,305 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Operational support to the local Pathfinder project on educational exclusion
30/09/2016 £90,000 Homeless Link (host organisation for Expert Link) 10? To continue to support Expert Link’s leader to develop an initiative on lived experience and leadership, raising awareness and capturing feedback on the tools developed thus far
31/08/2016 £28,040 Healthwatch Lambeth 1? To support the consolidation phase of the Lambeth Black Wellbeing Partnership addresing ethnic inequalities in the mental health system
31/08/2016 £20,000 WomenCentre Limited 3? To continue to build on activity and learning of recent years, including Vanguard method practitioner training.
31/08/2016 £16,412 The Hull Lighthouse Project 6? Publication of a collection of writing and art taken from a qualitative research project with women street sex workers in Hull
31/07/2016 £147,000 National Survivor User Network (NSUN) for the Insight project 5? To complete and build on the work of the pilot phase of Real Insight's work to audit and enhance the level of service user ownership and empowerment within services for people facing multiple disadvantage
30/06/2016 £15,000 End Violence Against Women Coalition Ltd 5? To support a targeted piece of policy work on domestic abuse and the Troubled Families programme, in partnership with AVA
30/06/2016 £133,265 Advice UK 1? Systems change work using the Vanguard method and to integrate learning into the Promoting Change Network - 2 year grant
30/06/2016 £44,155 Centre for Local Economic Strategies Limited/CLES 4? To facilitate events bringing together people with lived experience of disadvantage with local decision makers to tackle negative perceptions held by both sides and meaningfully engage
30/06/2016 £197,987 Domestic Violence Intervention Project/ DVIP 4? Towards the continuation and expansion of the ‘men and masculinities’ programme working with men in drug/alcohol treatment who are/have been in violent relationships.
31/05/2016 £185,000 Holy Cross Centre Trust 4? To support an organisational restructure at Holy Cross and to evaluate the impact of the process
31/05/2016 £35,620 BAC-IN CIC The development phase of an action research and practice project which examines the key elements of a culturally specific service model working with BAME people facing multiple disadvantage, and explores the real and potential influence of such specialist practice on mainstream systems
31/05/2016 £160,000 Local Solutions 4? To fund two core salaries and support travel, relationship building and convening activities for a group of ‘generalists’ and ‘specialists’ to explore gaps in practice and interventions with young people facing disadvantage
30/04/2016 £20,000 The Forum for the Future 5? To develop a platform which shares existing and ground-breaking systems change thinking; and to transfer knowledge and tools to organisations working with people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.
30/04/2016 £53,648 The Winchester Project 10? To continue development of the North Camden Promise Zone (NCPZ) to improve the life chances of local children and young people facing multiple disadvantage, and change the way in which these children are supported and enabled to fulfil their potential.
30/04/2016 £247,825 St Mary's (Bramall Lane) Community Centre 6? To build and expand St Mary’s existing community-run projects; examine the optimal organisational foundations which can provide ‘just enough’ structure to projects set up and run by community members; and to frame St Mary’s approach in an ‘understandable and respectable’ way which will support uptake by the local statutory system
31/03/2016 £60,000 Depaul International 1? To establish and launch the Global Research Hub to allow researchers, practitioners and decision-makers to share effective practices to address homelessness among people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage
31/03/2016 £43,000 The Public Law Project 4? To enable the appointment of two senior lawyers to strengthen Public Law Project’s staff team, and therefore invest in their capacity for strategic litigation to address the issues and inequalities faced by people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage
29/02/2016 £33,000 Birth Companions 8? An extension of Lankelly Chase’s existing grant to enable Birth Companions to complete a review of their strategic and operational plans to ensure the provision of effective support for new mothers and babies facing severe hardship.
29/02/2016 £140,000 Family Action 12? To deliver the Open Doors Grants Programme and support Family Action's dissemination, influencing and future planning work.
29/02/2016 £50,000 Homeless Link 10? To develop a nationally representative platform which builds the voice, power and influence of people with severe and multiple disadvantage.
29/02/2016 £297,773 Homeless Link 10? To enable the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) coalition to establish a national agenda for policy change informed by frontline voices and to support areas to influence local policy; and to improve the coordination of policy work across the MEAM partners.
29/02/2016 £249,829 Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network 3? To use coproduction as a methodology to build a whole system, community-centred approach to addressing inequalities in health and social care, through shifting early intervention and prevention initiatives into enabled social networks.
29/02/2016 £37,770 Justlife Foundation Ltd 10? To scope the possibility of a collaborative initiative that would improve the health and wellbeing of tenants in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation
29/02/2016 £24,508 Welsh Women’s Aid 5? To support shared learning and strategic alliance between the work of Women’s Aid, Welsh Women’s Aid and Lankelly Chase on place-based systems change and ensure equality-, gender- and rights-based approaches are integrated into systems change work across sectors.
29/02/2016 £24,597 Women’s Aid Federation of England 9? To support shared learning and strategic alliance between the work of Women’s Aid, Welsh Women’s Aid and Lankelly Chase on place-based systems change and ensure equality-, gender- and rights-based approaches are integrated into systems change work across sectors.
31/01/2016 £50,000 Baring Foundation 4? To establish an independent enquiry into the future of civil society in England.
31/12/2015 £12,000 Homeless Link (MEAM project) 10? To support costs of the 2017 Multiple Disadvantage summit
30/11/2015 £10,000 Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN) 3? Additional grant to support the evaluation of the existing co-production initiative
30/11/2015 £10,000 Providence Row 3? Project evaluation relating to existing grant aiming to build the input of people with lived experience into local policy & practice
31/10/2015 £262,057 Centre for Criminal Appeals 2? To use strategic litigation to challenge the overuse of custodial sentencing of women for minor, non-violent crimes and to set legal precedents which other professionals in the field can use to implement widespread changes in practice that result in fewer women being sent to prison.
31/10/2015 £154,000 Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust 1? Continuation of the strategic partnership designed to improve the way that adult and children’s health and social care services work together to meet the complex needs of families in Barrow
31/10/2015 £302,129 Revolving Doors Agency 6? Core grant for three years to support Revolving Doors' operations in the field of severe and multiple disadvantage
31/10/2015 £133,978 LGBT Foundation 6? To research what constitutes severe and multiple disadvantage for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people; and to use this developing evidence to drive more inclusive design and delivery of services for LGBT people at the extreme margins.
31/10/2015 £200,000 Mayday Trust 6? Core funding to assist Mayday Trust over the next 2 years as they change their business and delivery models to build on what they learned through the asset-based Mayday Inspire proof of concept (part-funded by Lankelly Chase) in Oxford.
31/10/2015 £40,000 Nia Project 7? To support the transfer of policy and research functions of Eaves Housing For Women, following its closure, to The Nia Project, for a period of 12 months; and to transfer, capture and extend learning from a grant made to Eaves in 202/13 to explore the criminalisation of women involved in sex work.
30/09/2015 £21,000 Our Sorority CIC 2? Piloting an approach to training in job centres so workers understand and sanction fewer young women living with severe and multiple disadvantage.
30/09/2015 £125,386 National Survivor User Network (NSUN) 5? To host and support Real Insight to create and test a transformational co-production model led by a group of people with lived experience of multiple and complex needs, which aims to redefine power and influence in service provision, and reposition service users from being passive recipients to active shareholders in services
30/09/2015 £15,000 National Survivor User Network 5? To provide additional support to Real Insight as part of the hosting agreement,
31/08/2015 £15,000 Aspire Oxfordshire Community Enterprise Ltd (for Camerados) 5? Development funding to scope potential for an approach to supporting people facing severe and multiple disadvantage that is based on the core principles of friends and purpose.
31/08/2015 £50,000 Children England 6? To create a brand new form of public resource ownership for children under 18 years of age.
31/07/2015 £45,150 Centre for Local Economic Strategies Limited 4? To work in Manchester to explore how economic regeneration and growth can be inclusive of, and focus on, people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.
31/07/2015 £13,900 Homeless Link 10? Development funding to scope a potential role for a national umbrella organisation that represents people affected by homelessness, mental illness, substance and alcohol misuse and re-offending.
30/06/2015 £120,345 Hope into Action 9? To expand over three years the Hope into Action model of community-based supported housing through a social franchise in new towns, increasing the number of supported houses available for those facing homelessness and extreme exclusion.
30/06/2015 £90,000 Black Training and Enterprise Group 8? To drive the implementation of the Young Review recommendations to address ethnic inequalities in the criminal justice system.
30/06/2015 £291,000 London Pathway 6? Extend the impact of the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health so there is increased recognition across the NHS of the complexities of working with people facing multiple disadvantage and the importance of engaging with the social determinants of health.
30/06/2015 £218,631 Homeless Link 10? To create a movement to encourage the spread of Housing First as an approach to address homelessness.
30/06/2015 £47,992 Just for Kids Law 15? To undertake developmental work for a campaign to change the youth justice system from one which penalises and stigmatises young people to one which nurtures and protects them.
30/06/2015 £20,500 Nelson Trust 4? To provide contingency funding for one Sex Worker Project Worker post from September 2015 until the end of March 2016
31/05/2015 £74,500 National Children's Bureau 5? To undertake research into children missing from education in order to understand the pathways which cause young people to become absent from education, and act as a springboard for greater awareness, understanding and practice.
30/04/2015 £25,000 Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) 8? To carry out a research project that sets out a variety of models for how a ‘Troubled Lives’ programme could be delivered and funded
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