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Over the last five years they've made 65 significant donations totalling £13,685,282

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When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/08/2018 £1,100,000 ShareAction Dialogue to establish an investor-led campaign to reduce sugar consumption
30/06/2018 £53,280 Shift Design development funding for everyday takeaway business plan
30/06/2018 £276,465 Soil Association Co-design and pilot phase - Food for Life programme _x000D_ (Schools)
31/05/2018 £37,794 Citizens UK A project to set up weekly gatherings of local parents and children where people – at no cost / low cost – can come and cook and eat together, take part in workshops in how to tackle the barriers to healthy living, and go home with cooked food or prepared ingredients so that they can eat healthily, cheaply and easily for several meals in the coming week
31/03/2018 £118,580 Sustrans Bike It plus: behaviour change programme for six schools in the area
28/02/2018 £169,900 Burgess Sports Part of Faraday MVP, this project aims to increase physical activity of children
28/02/2018 £20,000 Pembroke House Feasibility study into Walworth Living Room
31/01/2018 £199,250 The Florence Nightingale Museum Trust Developing the future of the Florence Nightingale Museum through a business plan and 2020 project officer
31/01/2018 £498,100 Healthwatch Lambeth Evaluation of Black Thrive initiative
31/01/2018 £107,296 Oasis Charitable Trust 18mth pilot to run multi-activity programme across Oasis Hub Waterloo
31/12/2017 £41,327 Family Mosaic Lambeth Mental Health and Supported Living Partnership
31/12/2017 £1,815,589 Thames Reach Living Well Network - Phase 3
30/11/2017 £237,273 Alexandra Rose Charity Rose Voucher Scheme part of the Faraday Ward MVP Layering up activity
30/11/2017 £431,198 Pembroke House To develop a pilot Place Based Demonstrator over 2 years in East Walworth using Pembroke House as a gateway organisation.
30/09/2017 £38,500 Sustrans To run the Sustrans Bike It behaviour change programme for 3 schools in Southwark, aiming to normalise riding a bike and to increase the number of pupils regularly cycling to school.
30/09/2017 £149,968 Clod Ensemble To develop Circle of Care Staff Well-being and Development programme at GSTT
31/08/2017 £29,936 Citizens UK A participatory Listening Exercise in its existing network of Camberwell & Walworth primary schools to explore perspectives on childhood obesity with professionals and parents.
31/07/2017 £87,595 Mental Fight Club Development of Re:Create Psychiatry at the Dragon Café - Mental ill health is a significant local and national issue. We wish to tackle it by specifically addressing the difficulties of the patient-psychiatrist relationship, which are deeply affecting the system’s ability to support recovery from mental ill health.
31/07/2017 £85,650 Shift Design Shift Design will facilitate ethnographic research with families in Lambeth and Southwark to explore behaviours around food and physical activity. They will identify opportunities and implications for programme design across home, street and school environments.
30/06/2017 £50,000 Pembroke House Whole systems approach the Walworth Triangle QHS
30/04/2017 £10,000 Macmillan Cancer Support Research into scoping phase of Richmond Group 'Doing the Right Thing' project
28/02/2017 £313,414 Redthread Youth Limited Evaluating Redthread's King's College Youth Violence Intervention Programme
30/11/2016 £17,950 Rosetta Life To support Stroke Odyssey Peer Ambassadors Initiative as part of Stroke Odysseys
31/10/2016 £162,884 Healthwatch Lambeth Black people in Lambeth experience significant inequalities in mental health and wellbeing. This well-documented issue has persisted for years, despite repeated efforts to address it, and there remains a lack of trust between the ‘system’ and the black communities. The Black Wellbeing Partnership (BWP) seeks to change that, bringing together community and system stakeholders to work collaboratively.
31/10/2016 £97,450 Clod Ensemble Piloting Arts-based Learning in Long-term Conditions
31/10/2016 £20,000 Age UK Facilitation, co-development & engagement work for Consortium the of Older People’s Services in Southwark (COPSINS)
30/09/2016 £100,000 Magic Bus Through early intervention and an integrated PE & PSHE primary school curriculum the Explorer programme aims to develop children and young people’s social and emotional learning skills which would build their resilience and maintain their social and emotional well-being.
31/08/2016 £20,000 Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action Involving patients and their online communities: A Scoping Project
31/08/2016 £50,000 Ronald McDonald House Charities The Evelina House will provide accommodation and quality care and support to families with seriously ill children at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.
31/08/2016 £20,000 Mental Fight Club Continued strategic and capability development to make the Dragon Cafe commission ready
31/07/2016 £19,986 Mindapples Mindapples training for public health
31/07/2016 £26,228 Time and Talents Association Get Healthy in The Pub: Pop Up Health Hubs for Older Men
31/07/2016 £15,500 Sunday Assembly Ltd Engaging the Portuguese community of Stockwell in Sunday Assembly
31/07/2016 £14,400 The Florence Nightingale Museum Trust External support to FNMT & Lord Brock Trust for options appraisal joint working
30/06/2016 £18,500 Age UK To develop a sustainable Southwark version of the Food Train initiative
30/06/2016 £160,000 Medicinema Support for cinemas on the GSTT sites
31/05/2016 £1,981,359 Thames Reach Living Well Network - year 2
31/05/2016 £15,225 Suzy Lamplugh Trust Personal safety solution for NHS healthcare professionals working in the community.
31/03/2016 £20,000 Mental Fight Club Strategic and capability development to make the Dragon Café commission ready
29/02/2016 £10,000 AESOP Arts and Society Limited Connecting health decision-makers and arts in health programmes
29/02/2016 £18,050 Clod Ensemble Clod Ensemble animation project
31/12/2015 £19,550 Age Exchange Creation of the post of RADIQL Commissioning Lead
31/10/2015 £61,480 Blackfriars Settlement Address the physical health inequalities and improve wellbeing opportunities.
30/09/2015 £19,652 Best Beginnings Evaluating how best a voluntary sector organisation can work with NHS
31/08/2015 £77,585 Cooltan Arts Creative Wellbeing Advisors for social prescribing
31/08/2015 £19,850 Mindapples Wellbeing and resilience training for 1st Year students
31/08/2015 £20,000 Oasis Charitable Trust An integrated and holistic approach to community health care for 14-25yr olds
31/08/2015 £19,980 The London Pathway Kings Health Partners Pathway Medical Respite Unit
30/06/2015 £33,311 UnLtd Southwark Adult Health and Social Care Awards
30/06/2015 £49,000 Artsadmin Ltd Design & deliver arts residency focusing primarily on parents of babies on NNU
31/03/2015 £50,000 Mary Seacole Trust We wish to erect a full size statue of Mary Seacole in the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital, London, which will act as a permanent memorial of this important historical black Briton, particularly in relation to her life's work caring for the sick.
28/02/2015 £245,940 Rosetta Life A primary objective of this project is to develop creative dance and music interventions in the post-stroke environment that focus on the emotional well-being of stroke survivors, their carers, and families by giving them the opportunity to explore their experiences is a series of dance and music workshops, with an option of being part of subsequent public performances.
28/02/2015 £685,519 London Citizens UK Strengthening babies' futures by community led action
28/02/2015 £20,000 Community Action Southwark Establishing a health and social care Social Innovation Lab
28/02/2015 £37,338 AESOP Arts and Society Limited Dance to Health responds to the challenge of older people's falls and challenges faced by current services: patchy provision; older people's low take-up, adherence and follow-up
31/12/2014 £20,000 Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action Investigating the potential of Massive Online Disease Oriented Communities
31/12/2014 £151,040 Dance United Early Intervention in Psychosis; building the case for the Dance United Y model.
31/10/2014 £1,943,251 Thames Reach The overall aim of the Living Well Collaborative is to improve the outcomes for people with mental health needs to enable them to recover and stay well, make their own choices and participate on equal terms in daily life.
31/10/2014 £19,930 Dance United Embed dance intervention within the environment of the clinical teams.
31/08/2014 £26,100 The Florence Nightingale Museum Trust Visoning Study for a development strategy after lease expires in July 2021
30/06/2014 £19,900 Clod Ensemble Research & development at King's College London 2020 curriculum review
30/06/2014 £19,920 Redthread Youth Limited Redthread & King's Large Bid Development
31/05/2014 £61,440 Selfless Ltd Junior Doctor feedback smartphone app
31/03/2014 £28,500 London Citizens UK Strengthening babies; futures: communities and health co-producing a local plan
31/01/2014 £1,377,349 Thames Reach Creating Psychologically Informed Environments in Homeless Accommodation
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