Finance Score: 1
Governance Score: 9
Support Score: 13
  • Reasonable growth: +1
  • No PartB
  • Good trustee age range: +3
  • Dynamic board: +3
  • Gender balanced board: +3
  • Large volunteers +3
  • Grant maker support: +10
Overall GiG Score: 23 ?


LGBT mental health & wellbeing charity offering a range of support services, incl. counselling, crisis prevention & intervention support, workshops, support groups, events, and youth, schools & befriending programmes, plus LGBT voice, consultation, awareness raising, education programmes, and training services to professionals, education services, non-profit, public health & corporate sectors.
Analysis by Giving is Great


  • This charity has been successful in attracting volunteers relative to its size
  • There has been reasonable growth in spending over the last 3 years relative to the previous period
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
  • A significant proportion of recent income was derived from major grant makers including the Government and there are significant future grants due to be received
  • The Board appears to be well diversified in terms of age and gender and dynamic in terms of composition

Financial issues to consider:

  • A PartB annual return has not been required and so detailed financial information is not available from the online data

Financial Data ?

Income & Spending ?
Sources of Income ?
Y/E Income
Cost £k
Funds £k
Funds £k
Staff Volun-

Highest pay bracket: less than £60,000
Established: 26 years

07908 553744

Charity Commission for England and WalesCompanies House
Listed activities
  • Education/Training
  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Other Charitable Purposes
  • The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives
GiG Classification
  • Reducing racial tensions
How it operates
  • Other charitable activities
  • Provides advocacy/advice/information
  • Provides services
Where it operates
  • Essex, Throughout London,
Who it helps
  • Other Defined Groups

Who's supporting them? ?

Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
National Lottery Community Fund£499,680
City Bridge Trust£165,618
Tudor Trust£122,000
Greater London Authority£105,753
BBC Children in Need£97,084
Hackney Council£39,700
Lloyds Bank Foundation£33,000
The London Community Foundation£9,863
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
Tudor Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£120,000 16/04/2020
over three years towards salaries at a charity delivering mental health support to LGBTQ+ people across London and surrounding areas
Hackney Council - Grant to East London Out Project
£19,820 20/04/2023
LGBTQ+ Health and Wellbeing Activity Project
Greater London Authority - East London Out Project
£105,753 03/04/2023
This proposal is to support funding to deliver and expand monitoring to disadvantaged LGBT+ young people in London in order to learn about the shifting needs of LGBT+ young people in London and ....more
National Lottery Community Fund - LGBT+ Counselling Service
£499,680 30/11/2022
The funding will be used to continue providing their mental health support through their counselling service program to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The project aims to provide a safe space and ....more
BBC Children in Need - Grant to East London Out Project
£500 20/10/2022
‘Cost of Living uplift: £500 to help projects meet their rising costs and respond to increased demand 31/10/2022’
Hackney Council - Grant to East London Out Project
£19,880 13/05/2022
LGBTQ+ Mental health support programme for Hackney Residents
BBC Children in Need - Grant to East London Out Project
£96,584 03/02/2022
This project will deliver a range of support activities including counselling to LGBTQ+ young people. The activities will result in increased confidence, improved emotional well-being and reduced ....more
The London Community Foundation - Grant to East London Out Project
£9,863 29/01/2021
a programme of facilitated groups for LGBT+ asylum seekers, GBT+ men, LBT+ women and LGBT young adults (18-25s) providing emotional support & opportunity to make social connections and mental ....more
Tudor Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£2,000 22/01/2021
as an additional grant to support staff, volunteer and trustee wellbeing, to assist the organisation deliver its charitable purpose more effectively
LGBT Consortium - Grant to ELOP (East London Out Project)
£7,428 28/10/2020
Awarded from Consortium through core funds repurposed for essential grants. Increase online counselling to meet the demand for mental health support, due ot covid-19, and start a phased return of ....more
City Bridge Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£36,590 28/09/2020
towards the cost of a new post and an online training platform to design, develop and deliver a training programme to upskill counsellors and the mental health crisis team to respond to emerging ....more
City Bridge Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£99,000 17/06/2020
£99,000 over two further and final years (£49,500 x 2) for the salary of a full-time Service Administrator; costs of supporting volunteer counsellors; and overheads of a counselling service.
City Bridge Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£17,628 28/05/2020
A grant of £17,628 to fund the essential and urgent costs outlined in the application, so that the organisation can carry on providing support to Londoners.
Lloyds Bank Foundation - Grant to East London Out Project
£33,000 21/05/2020
One year core funding to support East London Out Project to sustain their work to support work addressing Mental Health Complex Social Issue (CSI) during COVID19
City Bridge Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£12,400 09/04/2020
A one-off, unrestricted grant of £12,400, equivalent to one regular quarterly payment for the organisations current grant.
Thrive LDN - LGBT Aslyum Seekers Support Service
£7,571 16/03/2020
This service addresses the gap in provision for those fleeing their homeland because of being LGBT+ and often still face discrimination here from those from their homeland. This project addresses ....more
BBC Children in Need - Grant to East London Out Project
£88,434 28/02/2019
Support sessions for up to 115 LGBT young people in Waltham Forest. Through attending sessions young people will have increased confidence, improved mental health and feel less isolated.
City Bridge Trust - Grant to East London Out Project
£147,470 22/09/2016
£147,470 over three years (£48,320; £49,550 and £49,600) for the salary of a full-time Administrator; costs of supporting volunteer counsellors; and overheads of a counselling service. The grant ....more
National Lottery Community Fund - Project Rainbow Wellbeing: LGBT Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters
£10,000 04/11/2015
The group will use the funding to deliver mental health and well-being workshops for the LGBT community. This will reduce stress and anxiety levels, leading to improved mental health.
National Lottery Community Fund - Pride in our Prime - LGBT Older Generations Network
£10,000 23/01/2014
This is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to provide an LGBT network, counselling services and ICT skills for older generations of the community. This will help ....more
National Lottery Community Fund - LGBT Family Pride
£10,000 12/01/2012
This is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest serving beneficiaries across East London. The group will use the funding to provide a range of parental and family support activities for LGBT ....more
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Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How is it governed?

Trustees (8)
Current Trustees appointed
Gender Split

Age Range of Trustees: 30-59
  • LEWIS ALLETT Appointed: 2018, Occupation: Support Service Manager
Legal constitution
  • Charitable company registered in England & Wales on 15/01/1998, number: 1067474
  • Registered at Companies House on 14/04/1997, number: 03355423
Gift Aid
  • Registered with HMRC for Gift Aid
Policies in force
  • Bullying and harassment policy and procedures
  • Complaints handling
  • Complaints policy and procedures
  • Conflicting interests
  • Financial reserves policy and procedures
  • Internal charity financial controls policy and procedures
  • Internal risk management policy and procedures
  • Paying staff
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding policy and procedures
  • Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Serious incident reporting policy and procedures
  • Social media policy and procedures
  • Trustee conflicts of interest policy and procedures
  • Trustee expenses policy and procedures
  • Volunteer management
Filing Record
20 returns made; AR15: 5 days late, AR08: 30 days late, AR07: 2 days late, AR06: 1 days late, AR05: 1 days late,
Main office

E17 9BN


To preserve and promote mental health and well-being of members of LGBT communities, in particular by:the provision of counselling, support, information and advice services; andraising awareness of mental health and well-being issues affecting members of LGBT communities.

Defined Area of Benefit:


Data Sources

Charity Commission for England and Wales
360 Giving

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