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In this period they've made 357 donations totalling £8,186,468 to 156 organisations

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Growth in Spending
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Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
Trust for London 11% 6%
Crowdfunder 1% 2%
The National Lottery Community Fund 0% 1%
London Catalyst 0% 1%
Hackney CVS 0% 1%
Garfield Weston Foundation 0% 1%
DCMS 0% 1%
Co-operative Group 0% 1%
Sole supporter: 92% by number, 88% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
20/04/2023 £11,350 [FOREIGN AFFAIRS] This application is to support two FREE theatre-skills and wellbeing workshop programmes for young people (18-30) living in Hackney from culturally diverse backgrounds (first and second generation migrants and diaspora).
20/04/2023 £20,000 BEIS BRUCHA LTD Postnatal Health, Exercise and Fitness
20/04/2023 £7,700 BEIS CHANA LTD Moving Moments- Finding ways to include more movement in daily life.
20/04/2023 £7,094 COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR REFUGEES FROM VIETNAM, LAOS & CAMBODIA Back On Your Feet - activities to encourage physical & mental wellbeing, empower the Southeast Asian and wider community
20/04/2023 £18,036 DISABILITY SPORTS COACH We'll enhance lives by bringing disabled people together at our inclusive Community Club each week, improving physical and mental health.
20/04/2023 £19,820 EAST LONDON OUT PROJECT LGBTQ+ Health and Wellbeing Activity Project
20/04/2023 £19,877 EFA LONDON ESOL for Work' programme support migrant women in Hackney into gainful employment
20/04/2023 £20,000 HACKNEY DOORWAYS Hackney Night Shelter 2023-4 Routes out of Homelessness
20/04/2023 £11,000 IMMEDIATE THEATRE A theatre performance created and performed by active older people (65+) touring to lunch/social clubs and sheltered accommodation providing much needed entertainment for vulnerable older people and offering them opportunities to explore their creativity.
20/04/2023 £10,500 INNERCITY FILMS Dalstons Black Heritage
20/04/2023 £18,990 KOACH PARENTING Spreading and sustaining The Solihull Parenting Approach through parenting coaching and training of professionals
20/04/2023 £15,766 MIGRANTS ORGANISE LTD Community of Care: Wellbeing and Resilience for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Living in Hackney
20/04/2023 £20,000 MISGAV Holistic Health & Life Skills project for 20 learning disabled women delivered through weekly sessions (6.75 hours of programming per week, 132 sessions pa): healthy & cost-effective cooking, gardening and swimming to ease some of the impact of the cost o
20/04/2023 £19,926 RISE COMMUNITY ACTION Ubuntu Health and Wellbeing Project - supporting women who have experienced FGM, Domestic Violence and/or living with HIV. The project will aim to improve the physical, emotional health and wellbeing of its participants, reduce isolation and improve self
20/04/2023 £12,000 SENIORS HEALTH AND ACTIVE RETIREMENT PROJECT Physical activity has a proven effect on mental and physical wellbeing. By targeting people close to their homes and offering more than just an exercise class, ie. opportunities for community involvement, social events and interaction, and fun, we want to
20/04/2023 £14,076 SHEPHERDFOLD MINISTRY Parents Involvement Programme: Weekly workshops, group mentoring, and community activities to empower low-income families, teenage and single parents. Beneficiaries will develop parenting skills, improve relationships with their pre-
20/04/2023 £20,000 SONSHINE CLUB Healthier Together - Helping kids with SEND, and their Mums, access exercise for improved wellbeing and relationships
20/04/2023 £15,000 SUE'S ADVICE SERVICE we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we give advice to people we
20/04/2023 £18,280 TIKVA A broad programme of physical activity for ageing parent/carers of their disabled adult children to ensure they become and remain fit and well
20/04/2023 £19,995 TRIPIDEAS CIC Supple Balance Yoga: A year long programme of strength and balance yoga classes for +55yrs across Hackney Lunch Clubs inclusive of age-well education, self-practice diaries & documentary on participants' perspective of "What wellbeing means to them'
19/04/2023 £6,500 THE CATALYST COLLECTIVE ORGANISATION CIC The Catalyst Mentoring Programme - enrichment and opportunities for Black teenage girls
19/04/2023 £14,356 ARCOLA THEATRE PRODUCTION COMPANY Two free theatre training opportunities for 24 young people (18-25). Participants will be trained and mentored to create a play with and for primary school children celebrating Hackney's diverse cultures.
19/04/2023 £9,980 AVANT GARDE DANCE COMPANY 18 weeks of after-school hip hop dance workshops for young people delivered in Woodberry Down and King's Park
19/04/2023 £18,140 BLOOMING BLOSSOMS TRUST Feel Blue? Go Green!
19/04/2023 £18,402 CARIS CAMDEN Hackney Hostels Enrichment Trips Programme 2023-2024
19/04/2023 £36,000 CHINUCH UK Developing PE Provision in Charedi schools in Hackney
19/04/2023 £12,862 THE COMMUNITY HUB Financial Smarties
19/04/2023 £19,306 DIVERSE VOICES EDUTAINMENT CIO ‘Primary Concern’ educates around sensitive issues using a creative approach. Mixing arts based facilitation with digital resources, we address online safety, healthy relationships and transitioning into secondary with 8 Hackney primary schools.
19/04/2023 £15,060 GREEN SCHOOLS PROJECT CIC Zero Carbon Schools
19/04/2023 £17,551 HACKNEY PLAY ASSOCIATION To offer a weekly youth session for young people aged 10-16 years at Pearson Street and Homerton Grove Adventure Playground centred around mental health and wellbeing (term time only)
19/04/2023 £44,908 HACKNEY PLAYBUS Weekly outdoor Playbus sessions for children under five and their carers in five of Hackney’s neighbourhoods and associated outreach to enable us to encourage attendance and engagement from families who are habitually inactive.
19/04/2023 £12,419 HACKNEY QUEST Transitions Programme
19/04/2023 £19,000 HEAD HELD HIGH LIMITED The Best You behaviour-change project x 5 courses for up to 50 young people in Hackney.2h
19/04/2023 £11,349 HOXTON HALL ‘Acting Out’, our new drama group will form a consistent group of 20 young people who will work on the National Theatre Connections program (NT Connections), giving them the opportunity to perform a new play on the National stage. The NT Connections prog
19/04/2023 £16,800 MOUTH THAT ROARS STUDIO In Focus Film Project: a film & media project for young neurodivergent people to socialise in a non-pressurised, inclusive environment; gain new skills & progression routes and reduce social isolation and anxiety.
19/04/2023 £9,120 SALAAM PEACE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME SP Hackney Estates Sports Programme 23/24
19/04/2023 £18,000 SETTLE The Settle Programme in Hackney - Preventing youth homelessness
19/04/2023 £10,076 STEAMLABS HACKNEY CIC “STEAMLabs Clubs4All” is a 3 term-long, creative STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) afterschool club for 16 under-represented, pupil premium, children aged 8-10yrs. Weekly term-time sessions will be followed by a four-day holiday club
19/04/2023 £14,202 YOUNG & INSPIRED LTD Flying Colours
18/04/2023 £1,000 BOIL AND BUBBLE CIC This project will turn Jubilee Primary School’s Community Centre into a Cafe for four days. We will run a series of four cooking workshops for around 80 children, families and community members and then invite local community groups to come and share the
18/04/2023 £1,000 CANALSIDE RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION Canalside Street Party - Celebration of a Neighbourhood
18/04/2023 £1,000 HAIR & CARE C.I.C Hair we go Hackney! will run 6 courses over a 9 month period, teaching not only visually impaired women but also disabled and vulnerable women and girls in Hackney the basics of hair care and styling. These workshops will build confidence, support their i
18/04/2023 £1,000 LISA'S TEST fefewf
18/04/2023 £1,000 MIND AXIS C.I.C. “Spill the Tea” sessions empower young people with BME backgrounds to achieve mental wellness together, over a cup of tea. Participants connect during sessions through group discussions and enjoyable activities associated with improved mental health.
18/04/2023 £1,000 OZER UMAGEN This project will bring together 14 learning disabled people to meet up weekly to prepare 200 food packages to provide vital support people struggling viciously due to the cost of living crisis.
18/04/2023 £1,000 THE TREE CIRCLE CINEMA C/O MILLFIELDS USERS GROUP The Tree Circle Cinema returns! Free outdoor film for all in Millfields Park.
18/04/2023 £1,000 YOUNG ROTTERS C.I.C. Queer Compost Club
20/03/2023 £165,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE Fairer Hackney
18/03/2023 £60,500 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY Volunteer Centre Hackney: Brokerage
31/01/2023 £1,000 CHAIR DISCO Chair Disco X Strong and Bendy - seated exercise for everybody's body
31/01/2023 £850 LIGHTWELL PROJECTS CIC Open Day at 195 Mare Street
31/01/2023 £1,000 MOTHERS WHO MAKE Mothers Who Make - Free furniture making workshops for single mothers
31/01/2023 £996 PRETTY PLEATS LTD Pretty Pleats Warmer Winter Sale
31/01/2023 £1,000 SUCCEED 2 THE MAX Community Academy – We’ll deliver 4 x 1.5-hour workshops for 16–18-year-olds to equip them with tools to prepare them for their career journey. We’ll run sessions simultaneously for parents whose children are 16-18 years, disseminating knowledge in how th
31/01/2023 £1,000 YOUNG ROTTERS C.I.C. Queer Compost Club
01/11/2022 £1,000 ACHIEVED DREAMS Cocoa Chats is a daily breakfast club for 30 beneficiaries (disadvantage Orthodox Jewish fathers/carers and sons), advancing academic and social development by providing a safe space, nutritious food, quality father and son bonding time, information on he
01/11/2022 £980 THE BOP HUB Repurpose
01/11/2022 £1,000 CHAIR DISCO Feelgood Fridays at St Mary of Eton
01/11/2022 £1,000 KIDSHINE LTD Funding will go towards mentoring 20 YP who's circumstances have pushed them into crisis due to the pandemic, empowering and helping them overcome their loss, and maximizing their potential so that they can become the person they want to be.
01/11/2022 £1,000 ROBIN HOOD COMMUNITY GARDEN Nature Gateways
13/10/2022 £130,000 AGE UK EAST LONDON Working closely with a range of agencies to ensure their communities are aware of our service and how to access it. In particular, health partners/ social prescribers based at GP surgeries across the borough.
13/10/2022 £53,000 BREAKTHROUGH (DEAF-HEARING INTEGRATION) Providing social welfare advice to deaf and visually impaired residents.
13/10/2022 £23,000 CITY & HACKNEY CARERS CENTRE Providing generalist advice to carers living in, or taking care of someone living in Hackney.
13/10/2022 £30,000 DAY-MER Providing social welfare advice to Turkish, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Alevi communities.
13/10/2022 £35,000 DERMAN - FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE KURDISH AND TURKISH COMMUNITIES Providing social welfare advice specifically for residents from the Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot Turkish, and EU Turkish communities in Hackney since 1991
13/10/2022 £275,000 EAST END CITIZENS' ADVICE BUREAUX Providing free, impartial and independent social welfare advice in Hackney since 1969.
13/10/2022 £40,000 FAIR MONEY ADVICE Providing qualified expert financial assessment, benefit calculations and debt advice.
13/10/2022 £23,000 FAMILY ACTION Providing social welfare advice to young adults and their networks (family and friends) experience debt and benefit challenges.
13/10/2022 £26,000 HACKNEY CHINESE COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION LIMITED Providing social welfare advice to residents from the East and South East Asian community.
13/10/2022 £148,000 HACKNEY COMMUNITY LAW CENTRE Providing specialist qualified legal advice and other legal services.
13/10/2022 £15,000 HACKNEY MARSH PARTNERSHIP Based on the Kingsmead Estate since 1996 Hackney Marsh Partnership work in an extremely diverse area serving all members of the community and, indeed, having been providing advice services.
13/10/2022 £15,000 THE HOXTON TRUST Providing social welfare advice and legal support and service.
13/10/2022 £66,000 MIND IN THE CITY, HACKNEY AND WALTHAM FOREST LTD Providing social welfare advice to residents with disabilities or experiencing mental ill health and their families and friends.
13/10/2022 £47,000 PRAXIS COMMUNITY PROJECTS Providing specialist qualified support to residents at risk who have migrated to the UK or have family migration histories.
13/10/2022 £27,000 REFUGEE WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION Providing social welfare advice and guidance to refugee, migrant and asylum seeking women at RWA's offices and through outreach since 1993.
13/10/2022 £12,000 ROYAL SOCIETY FOR BLIND CHILDREN (RSBC) Providing social welfare advice
13/10/2022 £60,000 SHELTER, THE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE LTD Providing specialist and legal advice on housing concerns and preventing homelessness issues.
13/10/2022 £17,500 THE SHOREDITCH TRUST Providing social welfare advice in the Shoreditch area.
28/09/2022 £10,000 CITY & HACKNEY CARERS CENTRE Carers Relaxation and Information Days.
28/09/2022 £10,047 ECOACTIVE EDUCATION Gardening Together
28/09/2022 £7,920 HACKNEY SCHOOL OF FOOD Older people's health and wellbeing programme
28/09/2022 £9,825 MADE UP COLLECTIVE CIC Over 50’s Social Trips & Weekly Weight Training Sessions to Improve Social and Physical Mobility
28/09/2022 £9,250 MORTAR STUDIOS LTD Hackney Circle in Hackney Marsh Neighbourhood
28/09/2022 £15,000 THE PEDRO CLUB History – ‘Stories of Age’ is programme of intergenerational events comprising of interactive storytelling activities incorporating a blend of performance and visual artistic storytelling expression on the theme of ‘Ageing and what it means To-Age’
28/09/2022 £14,916 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY Our Place Hackney Marshes is an award-winning VCH initiative that supports residents to deliver social action projects, that meet community needs. These will deliver new opportunities, bring people together and increase intergenerational connections.
02/08/2022 £1,000 GASCOYNE 2 OVER 50'S CLUB Provide Chair Disco sessions
02/08/2022 £999 OZER UMAGEN This project will bring together 13 disadvantaged, vulnerable young people with learning disabilities, to prepare and deliver lifesaving packages for 180 people struggling with illness, disability, poverty, or other crisis, over a period of 4 weeks
13/05/2022 £7,323 COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR REFUGEES FROM VIETNAM, LAOS & CAMBODIA Welcome Back to Good Health – activities to encourage physical and mental wellbeing and develop resilience
13/05/2022 £19,880 EAST LONDON OUT PROJECT LGBTQ+ Mental health support programme for Hackney Residents
13/05/2022 £6,020 THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS LTD ‘A gardened Mind’. Garden therapy, nature connection and community meals. Weekly empowering garden sessions for local residents of different ages and mixed backgrounds, who experience ill health and have restricted access to safeguarded green spaces.
13/05/2022 £16,031 HACKNEY CARIBBEAN ELDERLY ORGANISATION The Cultural Arts and Events Project will provide structured, age appropriate activities including Cultural Arts Workshops and external Events for older people including Singing, Music, Creative Expression, i.e. innovative Arts and Crafts
13/05/2022 £12,967 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED Creative art classes for adults at Hackney City Farm
13/05/2022 £20,000 £306,925 HACKNEY DOORWAYS Hackney Night Shelter 2022-3 - Routes out of Homelessness
13/05/2022 £9,578 HAWA TRUST LTD Hackney Older BME Women's Yoga Project
13/05/2022 £7,615 IMMEDIATE THEATRE Hackney Social Audio is an inter-generational programme of arts activities stimulating creative exchange between Hackney’s diverse communities, including workshops for older and younger people generating original material for a series of podcasts.
13/05/2022 £8,500 INNERCITY FILMS A participatory community arts project and street exhibition with BAME (African and Caribbean) communities from (Dalston, Ridley Road and Gillett Square).
13/05/2022 £18,846 KOACH PARENTING One to one Parenting Coaching Project in Hackney, empowering parents to improve their relationship with their challenging children.
13/05/2022 £19,980 LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS Tackling homelessness amongst young families from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in Hackney
13/05/2022 £17,876 MADE IN HACKNEY Cooking with Love - Life changing cookery courses for adults and young people with caring responsibilities in Hackney to support their wellbeing as well as those they care for.
13/05/2022 £16,850 NATIONAL FOOD SERVICE LONDON CIC Community Cooks E5: Cultivating community food organising in Clapton
13/05/2022 £19,000 ONE-DRUM FOUNDATION African musical heritage close to home
13/05/2022 £14,556 PARENT CLUB Hackney Hostel Families Kitchen Club
13/05/2022 £19,500 PENINIM Open-access, weekly craft workshops for Charedi adult women with physical disabilities alongside non-disabled women; to promote community cohesion, reduce high levels of isolation, improve mental health & tackle longstanding segregation/discrimination.
13/05/2022 £6,445 SOCIAL MATERIAL CIC You Are Welcome Here- filmmaking project in mental health
13/05/2022 £19,998 SONSHINE CLUB The facilitation of peer support groups for parents/carers of children with disabilities, including workshops with relevant professionals
13/05/2022 £12,098 TIKVA Our Project "I Also Matter" will provide social and integration focused activities to adults with severe disabilities, promoting their social inclusion, independence and developing their personal resilience.
12/05/2022 £10,000 ABRAM WILSON FOUNDATION FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS Future Sound: Supporting young people to unlock their full potential through music
12/05/2022 £9,361 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL ACS Heritage and Identity programme will provide weekend extra-curricular activities focused on heritage,identity, belonging and building a personal and collective voice for 30 Hackney children and young people from Black and Global Majority backgrounds
12/05/2022 £3,590 ARTBURST LTD Creative Communication for children Under 8 at Hackney Ark, the flagship centre for disabled children in Hackney
12/05/2022 £9,920 AVANT GARDE DANCE COMPANY Termly after school hip hop dance workshops for young people in Woodberry Down
12/05/2022 £9,600 CITY ESCAPE A Summer enrichment programme targeting disadvantaged children and young people.
12/05/2022 £10,000 CROHNS AND COLITIS RELIEF (CCR) Mental Health Care for IBD/S patients in Hackney
12/05/2022 £9,925 DAY-MER The Fair Future: A programme of educational and cultural support services addressing the impact of the pandemic and the immediate developmental and long term social needs of Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish-Cypriot children and young people
12/05/2022 £10,000 DRUM WORKS Drum Works at The Garden School, in Hackney. Providing drumming workshops to autistic children with severe learning difficulties.
12/05/2022 £7,790 EAT CLUB LIMITED To run 10 Eat Club courses with young people in Hackney across 2022/2023 to improve their physical, mental, and social wellbeing.
12/05/2022 £10,000 GOLDSTAR CREATIVE MARKETING Goldstar Employment Coaching & Mentoring Programme
12/05/2022 £10,000 HACKNEY JEDIS BASKETBALL CLUB Hackney Jedis Basketball Club BAME Girls Empowerment
12/05/2022 £9,915 HACKNEY PLAY ASSOCIATION To recruit, train and employ 2 young people as trainee playworkers and engage 10-15 young people in volunteer opportunities
12/05/2022 £5,000 HAPPY KIDS ‘Triumphant-Troopers’ will provide weekly therapy group sessions, to 96 deprived children(aged 5-11) displaying emotional ill-health. Cost free sessions will empower participants to come through Covid-19 stronger and more resilient.
12/05/2022 £10,000 HOME-START HARINGEY, HACKNEY AND WALTHAM FOREST LTD Recruitment of Hackney volunteers and outreach to Hackney families
12/05/2022 £8,182 KITS (KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT) Fitness Fighters
12/05/2022 £9,927 THE MENTORING LAB COMMUNITY C.I.C Game Time is a detached active youth engagement programme, developing social skills and character via sports team challenges and 1:1 mentoring for the most vulnerable.Each session 8-16 year olds take time out to complete reflective activities
12/05/2022 £10,000 MOUTH THAT ROARS STUDIO In Focus Film Club: a creative space for neurodiverse young people to socialise in a non-pressurised, inclusive environment; gain new skills & progression routes and reduce social isolation and anxiety.
12/05/2022 £8,990 NEW FUTURE COLLECTIVE LTD FUTUREHEADS – an action-packed creative summer project for 8-11s living in and around Brownswood Ward.
12/05/2022 £3,557 ODD EYES THEATRE Creative debate - Hackney young people share their opinion through drama, film and documentary.
12/05/2022 £10,000 RISE 365 CIC The Give-Back 5wk summer project, will engage YP on a food & hygiene course to support their work in the renowned community shop. The YP will develop skills, team building, etc. This will consist of social/creative action workshops on a 5-day residential
12/05/2022 £9,340 SALAAM PEACE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME SP Hackney Estates Sports Programmes
12/05/2022 £6,000 THE SAPPHIRE FOUNDATION The Sapphire Wellbeing Academy
12/05/2022 £9,828 THE SHOW CRIB Be in the know
12/05/2022 £9,425 STORE SCHOOLS & PROJECTS CIC Architecture and design two week summer school
12/05/2022 £10,000 TEEN ACTION Get Set Go - A multi-dimensional Independent Living Program for 30 disadvantage adolescents, that'll provide them with the knowledge and skills to make healthy & stable choices when moving to independent living, making them more resilient and independent.
12/05/2022 £10,000 TROPICAL ISLES Tropical Isles Young Creative Leaders programme will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Carnival Arts movement whilst building the leadership skills, well-being and personal resilience of young people adversely impacted by the pandemic.
12/05/2022 £10,000 VOYAGE Holiday programmes for 60 14-15 yr olds from low economic and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Empowering and supporting young people to take action for climate justice and the environment through transformative workshops, visits and volunteering opportunities
12/05/2022 £10,000 YOUTH SPACE Revive Alive! Summer camp 2022
12/05/2022 £1,000 THE BOP HUB ARTS on the square
12/05/2022 £1,000 CHAIR DISCO Feelgood Fridays at St Mary of Eton
12/05/2022 £1,000 WE CREATE CHANGE Women's Yoga & Sound Healing Restorative 2 Day Retreat
21/03/2022 £20,000 ABNEY PARK TRUST The grant funding enables The Trust to maintain its core objectives and activities as set out above. It is a major contribution to the ongoing role of the Trust in fulfilling its charitable objectives.
21/03/2022 £35,000 CHATS PALACE LIMITED Chats Palace Arts Centre Infrastructure Support
21/03/2022 £30,000 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED Providing the organisational capacity to nurture a community hub on a working farm in the heart of the city.
21/03/2022 £150,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE Fairer Hackney
21/03/2022 £30,000 HACKNEY FOODBANK To provide emergency food parcels (for immediate relief in moments of crisis) and connect people with local organisations who can help them to address the root causes and wider effects of poverty in their lives.
21/03/2022 £90,000 HCT GROUP To provide subsidised Group Transport and MiDAS Training to groups and residents of Hackney
21/03/2022 £35,000 THE INTERLINK FOUNDATION Project to strengthen Charedi Community's Voluntary Sector in Hackney and develop partnerships internally and externally
21/03/2022 £55,000 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY The go-to place for volunteering. We will pro-actively engage diverse communities, provide best practice support to community organisations, break down barriers to volunteering and create an engaging database of opportunities.
21/03/2022 £13,181 AGUDAS ISRAEL COMMUNITY SERVICES Advice Grant 22/23
21/03/2022 £145,287 AGE UK EAST LONDON Hackney Advice Grant Age UK East London
21/03/2022 £175,341 BREAKTHROUGH (DEAF-HEARING INTEGRATION) Hackney advice Service
21/03/2022 £26,129 DAY-MER Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Communities Advice Service
21/03/2022 £398,563 EAST END CITIZENS' ADVICE BUREAUX Journey Plan
21/03/2022 £40,317 FAIR MONEY ADVICE FMA's journey plan sets out how it will work within the advice framework, promote continual learning measure and measure effectiveness.
21/03/2022 £26,014 HACKNEY CHINESE COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION LIMITED Social & Welfare Advice Service for Hackney Chinese
21/03/2022 £35,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE Advice Transformation Using The Vanguard Person Centred Approach
21/03/2022 £47,843 PRAXIS COMMUNITY PROJECTS Praxis Journey Plan (2022 - 2023)
08/12/2021 £4,900 BLACK BOOKS MATTER UK CIO Anti Racism & Creative Delivery Workshops for youth/community leader, parents. Creative Writing Social Action Project (Film/Podcast) for young people aged 11-18. Anti Racist Superheroes, creative arts workshops for young people aged 6-10.
08/12/2021 £5,000 BOXES OF BASICS We urge the Hackney Council to join our initiative"Guiding: not merely providing" to support vulnerable adolescents with culinary skills training so they can access nourishing food while preserving their dignity and gaining vital kitchen experience.
08/12/2021 £4,975 DAY-MER Together Families: A programme of social and cultural family activities geared towards addressing immediate developmental and long term social needs
08/12/2021 £3,655 LEV ECHOD CANCER CARE Butterfly play scheme and after school Club with support group session
08/12/2021 £5,000 NATIONAL FOOD SERVICE LONDON CIC Supporting low-income Hackney residents to gain the skills, resources, social connections and confidence to set up food cooperatives with their neighbours. Ensuring all members have free, affordable and better quality groceries for as little as £3 a week.
08/12/2021 £5,000 SENIORS HEALTH AND ACTIVE RETIREMENT PROJECT Reconnecting: developing a programme of new activities in face to face and digital environments to enable residents to start afresh after lockdown, start new activities, and renew former friendships and connections. Start January 2022 for 12 weeks.
08/12/2021 £5,000 SHEPHERDFOLD MINISTRY To support young people from low-income families on Kingsmead, Clapton Park Estates and Chatsworth through a youth club setting to participate in creative, social and sporting activities and develop skills, confidence and build positive relationships.
08/12/2021 £2,850 TURNING CORNERS peers versus fears
08/12/2021 £5,000 XENIA Xenia’s ‘Women for Women’ project
08/12/2021 £2,486 CYCLE SISTERS Cycle Sisters Hackney Saturday rides - set up of cycle rides for Muslim women on Saturday mornings through training a group of volunteer Ride Leaders to coordinate and lead them.
08/12/2021 £1,000 THE HAPPY AND HEALTHY TRUST Cycling Stronger is a new initiative which aims to make cycling accessible and enjoyable for disadvantaged young children.
08/12/2021 £650 HOMERTON CLAPTON WINDOW WANDERLAND Homerton Clapton Window Wanderland
11/08/2021 £4,964 [FOREIGN AFFAIRS] Theatre-skills and wellbeing workshop programme for young people living in Hackney from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups. The programme will be run by industry professionals and will conclude in a user-led performance.
11/08/2021 £10,000 GOLDSTAR CREATIVE MARKETING Goldstar Employment & Soft Skills Training Programme
11/08/2021 £5,000 THE H.O.M.E. AT SCHOOL ASSOCIATION LIMITED Vision Revision will enable 130 children aged 3-9 from the Orthodox Jewish community in Hackney to enjoy two weeks Covid-safe indoor outdoor, recreational and educational, constructive activities in the Winter holidays thereby improving mental wellbeing
11/08/2021 £3,172 ONE STEP AHEAD PROJECT (OSAP) Bird Song Hero is a game and fun way to practice the key skills you need to ID all the bird songs they’re curious about. Each week will introduce 51 identified blind and partially sighted children to over 7-9 remarkable bird songs.
11/08/2021 £4,430 PENINIM Open-access, weekly craft workshops for Charedi adult women with physical disabilities alongside non-disabled women; to promote community cohesion, reduce high levels of isolation, improve mental health & tackle longstanding segregation/discrimination.
11/08/2021 £4,970 SOCIAL MATERIAL CIC Link Street Creative Challenge
11/08/2021 £5,910 TRUE YOU TODAY Workshops for Survivors empowers women and non-binary Survivors of gendered violence to reclaim their bodies through art, movement and creativity. Sessions include dance, aerial and photography, which focus on physical and mental health and wellbeing.
11/08/2021 £5,000 YOUNG & INSPIRED LTD Treehouse Teens
11/08/2021 £10,000 YOURSTANCE Funding for 12 'Zero responder' sessions and 8 Outreach sessions within Hackney for the Pupil Referral Units and outreach sessions in collaboration with other services with the aim of reaching young people most challenging to engage.
11/08/2021 £1,000 HACKNEY SHED LIMITED Hackney Shed Slam is an annual speech competition bringing young performers from schools across Hackney together. Alongside teachers, the Hackney Shed team work with students to encourage confidence and hone performance skills.
11/08/2021 £950 LEAF COACHING CIC Hackney BAME Social Anxiety & Resilience Workshops for a Post-Covid world
11/08/2021 £996 THE MOBILE REPAIR SERVICE Stamford Hill Exercise Group for older Orthodox Jewish women.
11/08/2021 £1,000 S PINTER YOUTH PROJECT Shoshanim Cultural Event will take place prior to Succot holidays in September '21 where 110 CAYP will create magnificent crafts to enhance their festival. This will foster good relations and build a sense of pride in the children of their community.
11/08/2021 £993 ST MARYS SECRET GARDEN LIMITED Dementia & Disability Friendly Secret Garden Tea Party
11/08/2021 £1,000 THE TREE CIRCLE CINEMA C/O MILLFIELDS USERS GROUP The Tree Circle Cinema - a free, outdoor, community cinema in Millfields park, held every year since 2012 & hoping to return after all the difficulties of Covid.
30/06/2021 £3,005 CHILDREN HOPE (CIH) Drumming with Dad (DWD)
30/06/2021 £2,566 FUTURE CHALLENGES - UK Over 55’s Learning ICT project
30/06/2021 £3,964 KINGS CRESCENT TENANTS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Futureheads Summer Project 2021
30/06/2021 £3,140 CITY ESCAPE To support 150 young people to attend a two-week residential activity trip to the Colomendy KingsWood Activity Centre, Wales.
30/06/2021 £5,000 TEEN ACTION Creative Break '21 - a 2-week summer program, supporting excluded Charedi girls (11-15 yrs) through engagement in the arts; creating new opportunities, building skills & providing a mixed platform within the community for social inclusion of adolescents.
30/06/2021 £5,000 YOUTH SPACE Youth Space interactive!
30/06/2021 £6,960 INSPIRED FUTURES M.E.N.T.O.R Hackney Project.
30/06/2021 £5,000 THE OUTRUNNERS CHARITY Sprint Programme to help 140 young people in Hackney develop the skills and experience they need to progress through education and work
30/06/2021 £9,600 H.O.P.E. H.O.P.E.(Hackney Opportunity (for) Positive Engagement) provide a holiday scheme across two venues in Hackney during the six week summer holiday. Provide a safe and nurturing environment where young people can engage in positive activities and thrive.
30/06/2021 £9,030 SALAAM PEACE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME SP Hackney Parks & Estates Programme - Sport, Education, Mentoring, volunteering and training. Bringing the community together.
30/06/2021 £6,656 THE FEEL GOOD COMMUNITY A one-stop shop for people struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. We will be supporting people from the Black community to overcome the stigma of asking for help, supporting them to look after their mental health with a range of services.
30/06/2021 £4,650 STEAMLABS HACKNEY CIC Summer Science Club - STEAMLabs requests funding to help children aged 8 - 11 years explore science as they take part in fun, hands-on team activities. Children will experiment alongside local scientists and find out what careers are available in science.
30/06/2021 £1,000 NEWINGTON GREEN ALLIANCE Newington Green Unity Festival/Newington Green Birlik Festivali 10th July 2021 This is a local intercultural event of celebration, remembrance, and community-building.
30/06/2021 £1,000 PENINIM Disabled women's magazine - supporting Orthodox Jewish women to stay connected in a culturally appropriate manner and to give voice to those who are least heard from.
30/06/2021 £1,000 KIDSHINE LTD Funding will go towards mentoring 10 YP who's circumstances have pushed them into crisis due to the pandemic, empowering and helping them overcome their loss, and maximizing their potential so that they can become the person they want to be.
30/06/2021 £1,000 HACKNEY CHINESE COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION LIMITED This grant will be used to fund a day trip to Camber Sands.
23/04/2021 £10,000 GASCOYNE & MORNINGSIDE YOUTH CLUBS LTD The grant is to enable Gascoyne & Morningside Youth Club to continue providing essential food support to priority and marginalised communities in Hackney between April and June 2021.
23/04/2021 £5,000 HACKNEY COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT TRUST LTD The grant is to enable Carib Eats CIC c/o Hackney Cooperative Development Trust to continue providing essential food support to priority and marginalised communities in Hackney between April - June 2021.
24/03/2021 £33,156 ST ANNE'S CHURCH, HOXTON Wave 5 (Project): The funding is for a project that enables us to transition our ‘emergency provision’ into a community development project that addresses food-poverty and Mental Health. A community worker will develop a network of support and hospitality
24/03/2021 £49,377 THE HUDDLESTON CENTRE IN HACKNEY Wave 5 (Project): The funding is for the continued delivery of our youth project activities for 30 disabled children and young people aged 9-25years; and giving their parents/carers much needed respite on Tuesday and Friday evenings during term time.
24/03/2021 £20,000 CITY & HACKNEY CARERS CENTRE Wave 5 (Core): The funding is for core running costs so that we may continue to offer information and advice, emotional support, counselling and coaching, wellbeing sessions and group activities to unpaid carers, building resilience and community strength
24/03/2021 £30,000 IMMEDIATE THEATRE Wave 5 (Core): This funding will enable us to better support young BAME people by providing expert therapeutic support / clinical supervision for frontline staff working with young people in trauma, and contribute to the salaries of our Artistic Director
24/03/2021 £38,980 Z.S.V. TRUST Wave 5 (Project): Developing an extensive referral system for our beneficiaries who are suffering long-term from COVID, yet have limited access or awareness of culturally appropriate support. We will partner with welfare and employment agencies. Funding i
24/03/2021 £39,942 VOYAGE Wave 5 (Project): The development and initial pilot of Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities, which will help address the racial imbalance within the environmental sector while providing educational, mentoring and employment opportunities for black young p
24/03/2021 £20,000 THE CHICKEN SOUP SHELTER Wave 5 (Core): Our Family Support Programme, a new team of staff and volunteers dedicated to supporting families with young children who are unable to provide for their daily food needs through a combination of fresh meals and food parcels, with tailored
24/03/2021 £30,000 HACKNEY MIGRANT CENTRE Wave 5 (Core): The funding is for support to vulnerable migrants during and after Covid-19, including emotional support and food, and for casework capacity to resolve underlying issues. Funding will enable HMC to invest in building new processes, referral
24/03/2021 £28,964 HAPPY KIDS Wave 5 (Project): The funding will deliver holistic support to 288 children disproportionately affected by Covid19 through an after-school support hub. Children will attend homework club and reading/writing groups to ensure a well-rounded education and ar
24/03/2021 £30,000 CLAPTON PARK UNITED REFORMED CHURCH Wave 5 (Core): The funding is for a grant to contribute to the cost of core salaries and overheads not covered by project funding for one year: Centre Manager - partnerships, finances, governance, line management. Development Manager - fundraising, com
24/03/2021 £30,000 THE LITERACY PIRATES LIMITED Wave 5 (Core):The funding is to ensure the security of our main office and learning space (based in Hackney) by supporting its rent and utilities, and the salaries of two vital and senior roles – the CEO and Head of Fundraising.
24/03/2021 £46,655 NEW FUTURE COLLECTIVE LTD Wave 5 (Project): A year round project to reduce isolation and form bonds across our estate and surrounding areas, particularly focussed on over 50s. - A weekly lunch club - A monthly lunch club with bingo & a live show - Weekly befriending for over 5
24/03/2021 £12,500 EAST LONDON CARES Wave 5 (Project): Providing connection for 700 older and younger people at risk of isolation and loneliness. Our activities will be responsive to government guidelines and the needs of our community, with Virtual Social Clubs, Phone Friendships and Activi
24/03/2021 £15,000 THE HOXTON TRUST Wave 5 (Core):The funding is for a core grant to cover the costs of the Executive Director (ED) whose salary is not covered by project grants Our service users have been significantly impacted by Covid 19 and we want the ED to focus on developing the orga
24/03/2021 £14,870 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED Wave 5 (Project): The funding is for a Food Hub that forms a key component in the local response to the urgent food poverty crisis. It enables community organisations to access a range of free food items that are desperately needed by households experienc
24/03/2021 £33,730 HACKNEY QUEST Wave 5 (Project): The funding is for project costs. The funds will cover the salary of our Employability Manager and give time to develop our offer for older young people and develop their voice, their skills and work experience opportunities which will b
24/03/2021 £28,709 ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM (AMURT) UK Wave 5 (Project): Aim: Improve Hackney and Islington residents’ mental health and wellbeing. Goal: Strengthen Volunteering Hub: engage, train, upskill and coordinate 300 volunteers, who will perform meaningful duties for their community, serving pressin
24/03/2021 £36,568 THE MOBILE REPAIR SERVICE Wave 5 (Project): The funding is to enable two successful existing projects using a co-production model and an asset based community development approach, working with older people and with older men to continue. Both projects support excluded individual
24/03/2021 £1,620 READ EASY HACKNEY Wave 5 (Project): Tablet computers and SIM-cards for these devices, which we will lend to adults who struggle to read and write. This should allow them to digitally meet their coach twice a week through a video calling app and to access educational resour
10/12/2020 £40,000 LONDON COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION This project will re-establish a community credit union in Hackney
10/12/2020 £20,000 ABNEY PARK TRUST The project will pay towards our core costs to ensure Abney Park is kept open and freely accessible at no charge to the general public, and the grounds are maintained as a local green resource.
10/12/2020 £115,000 HACKNEY COMMUNITY LAW CENTRE We provide specialist legal advice services including level 1 advice, casework and representation in all areas of social welfare law to residents in Hackney who experience poverty and disadvantage and who require legal advice to assert their rights.
10/12/2020 £20,220 DAY-MER An accessible advice service for Turkish and Kurdish residents in Hackney
10/12/2020 £55,000 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY Act as infrastructure lead on volunteering initiatives across Hackney always taking steps to maximise inclusion, explore new ways of engendering volunteering and improve community cohesion.
10/12/2020 £35,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE For an organisation to develop their knowledge and skills in systems thinking and use this learning to support grant funded advice providers and commissioners to develop a person centred advice service that builds community resilience
10/12/2020 £150,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE To build the Third Sector Infrastructure in Hackney
10/12/2020 £133,989 BREAKTHROUGH (DEAF-HEARING INTEGRATION) An accessible Advice Service as part of a consortium by deafPLUS, visionPLUS, City & Hackney Mind, Refugee Women's Association, Royal Society for Blind Children and Money A&E to meet the needs of mental health and disabled residents of Hackney.
10/12/2020 £37,024 PRAXIS COMMUNITY PROJECTS We propose to work with Hackney residents who, due to immigration issues, are in crisis or at risk, to unpick and resolve the immigration issue while providing advice and support on related issues including access to accommodation and services
10/12/2020 £35,000 THE INTERLINK FOUNDATION This project will promote cohesion and prevent the marginalisation of Hackney's Charedi community in line with Hackney's sustainable community strategy.
10/12/2020 £262,000 EAST END CITIZENS' ADVICE BUREAUX Hackney CAB provides Advice, Advocacy, Info on Welfare Benefits, Housing, Debt, Employment, Consumer, Immigration. Partners: Off Centre, City & Hackney Carers Centre, Hackney Marsh Partnership, Hoxton Trust, Derman, North London Muslim Community Centre.
10/12/2020 £90,000 HCT GROUP Provision of a range of community transport services and representation and promotion of Social Enterprises within the London Borough of Hackney.
10/12/2020 £31,200 FAIR MONEY ADVICE Prevention and relief of poverty through the provision of impartial debt advice to members of the public
10/12/2020 £66,000 AGE UK EAST LONDON Delivery of advice in Health settings and outreach locations focusing on the most deprived areas with the greatest need for increased advice provision
10/12/2020 £30,000 HACKNEY FOODBANK Towards core costs
10/12/2020 £49,563 SHELTER, THE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE LTD Shelter will deliver a service that is driven by the needs and goals of clients, built on over 20 years’ experience of delivering housing and homelessness advice, support and guidance to Hackney residents. We will offer housing and homelessness advice
10/12/2020 £35,000 CHATS PALACE LIMITED This grant will support the continuation of Chats Palace's role as a social hub and resource for Hackney,
10/12/2020 £10,200 AGUDAS ISRAEL COMMUNITY SERVICES Delivery of Advice with a focus on the Charedi population, which lacks access to generic services
10/12/2020 £30,000 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED Provision of informal and educational opportunities in support of sustainable living, learning and leisure activities based around food, farming and the environment
10/12/2020 £20,132 HACKNEY CHINESE COMMUNITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION LIMITED The provision, promotion and improvement of educational, social and health services to the local community of Hackney and primarily to the Chinese and Vietnamese communities.
10/12/2020 £5,000 ST ANNE'S CHURCH, HOXTON LCR Wave 4: To enable us to make our 'pop up' food bank more sustainable through the building of capacity. Covid-securing our buildings, development of our volunteer team, provision of better storage and improving delivery systems with IT solutions.
10/12/2020 £5,000 ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST BROWNSWOOD PARK LCR Wave 4: Continuing to provide emergency food provision and general support to the homeless, those affected by COVID, and to those struggling financially.
10/12/2020 £5,000 THE HUDDLESTON CENTRE IN HACKNEY LCR Wave 4: To provide 50 healthy meal packs with recipe cards for our most higher risk, vulnerable and deprived users and their families to have at least one healthy balanced meal a week which they prepare themselves to eat as a family.
10/12/2020 £5,000 AGE UK EAST LONDON LCR Wave 4: To deliver approximately 4,450 delicious, nutritious hot meals to 650 at-risk older people over three months. Food will be delivered to people’s doorsteps and each delivery will double-up as a welfare check.
10/12/2020 £5,000 MADE IN HACKNEY LCR Wave 4: For the provision of 900-1000 cooked, nutritious meals per week to >150 people in Hackney without access to regular food. Six meals/week are provided that cater to the cultural diversity in the borough and are all delivered by cycle couriers.
10/12/2020 £5,000 ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM (AMURT) UK LCR Wave 4: Towards salaries of our Volunteer Coordinator and London Programme Manager, to expand our production and distribution of warm nutritious meals and specially formulated Nutritional Support Packs (NSPs) to the homeless and vulnerable
10/12/2020 £5,000 CONNECTING ALL COMMUNITIES CIC LCR Wave 4: To continue our weekly emergency food provision for over 150 households (300+) people and also for a temporary accommodation hostel all in Hackney.
09/12/2020 £40,000 LONDON COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION Core funding grant
09/12/2020 £20,000 ABNEY PARK TRUST Core Costs
09/12/2020 £55,000 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY Core grant funding
09/12/2020 £150,000 HACKNEY COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE Core funding grant
09/12/2020 £35,000 THE INTERLINK FOUNDATION Core funding grant
09/12/2020 £90,000 HCT GROUP Core funding grant
09/12/2020 £30,000 HACKNEY FOODBANK Core funding grant - continuation from 19/20
09/12/2020 £35,000 CHATS PALACE LIMITED Core funding grant
09/12/2020 £30,000 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED Core funding grant
12/11/2020 £24,170 HACKNEY MARSH PARTNERSHIP CEV funding 3 wards
12/11/2020 £16,420 HACKNEY MARSH PARTNERSHIP T&T:The consortium consists of 3 community organisations all based in Hackney. Hackney Marsh Partnership who run a Youth Hub in the area around which this proposal encompasses, Day-mer a Turkish/Kurdish Community organisation and Newington Green Alliance.
12/11/2020 £53,615 THE SHOREDITCH TRUST CEV funding 4 wards
12/11/2020 £27,900 THE SHOREDITCH TRUST T&T: South Hackney Food Consortium - Led by Shoreditch Trust, Hackney City Farm, Round Chapel, Made in Hackney, SkyWay and the Feel-Good Community CIC will partner to respond to food referrals in South Hackney wards.
12/11/2020 £33,826 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL CEV funding 3 wards
12/11/2020 £20,140 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL T&T: The Consortium consists of three organisations African Community school (ACS), Kanlungan Filipino and Community African Network. The partners will cover food referrals in three wards - Hackney Central,Dalston and London Fields.
12/11/2020 £42,089 MANOR HOUSE DEVELOPMENT TRUST CEV Funding for 3 wards
12/11/2020 £13,810 MANOR HOUSE DEVELOPMENT TRUST T&T: The north Hackney Food Consortium is led by Manor House Development Trust and consists of Boiler House; WD Mutual Aid; St Johns Church. It will cover wards in the north of the Borough with both ambient goods and cooked meals delivered via our netw
12/11/2020 £50,779 THE BOILER HOUSE COMMUNITY SPACE CEV Funding for 3 Wards
12/11/2020 £21,674 THE BOILER HOUSE COMMUNITY SPACE T&T: The consortium is led by the Boiler House, it consists of three organisations Boiler House, North London national food services and the Round Chapel Old School Rooms.
12/11/2020 £77,778 HACKNEY QUEST CEV funding 4 wards
12/11/2020 £20,000 HACKNEY QUEST T&T: South East Hackney Food support, a consortium of 5 community-based partners varying in size and focus led by Hackney Quest. All partners have long and reliable track-records of working with the community to address local need/represent the community.
10/09/2020 £6,117 VOLUNTEER CENTRE HACKNEY DEFRA: Supporting Volunteer Costs
10/09/2020 £6,010 THE SHOREDITCH TRUST DEFRA: ST seeks funding for our emergency food programme. We are delivering cooked food and essentials to Hackney residents who are seriously unwell, lacking social support and/or access to safe cooking facilities.
10/09/2020 £3,000 NEWINGTON GREEN ACTION GROUP DEFRA: We have been running a twice-weekly Food Hub for over 100 households since mid-April. A good amount of the food comes from donations but we also buy in approximately £600 of food and cleaning products every week. This funding would help with that.
10/09/2020 £9,454 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DEFRA: To cover costs incurred for the provision of culturally appropriate food and household essentials for vulnerable BAME Hackney families with complex needs and multiple deprivations on low incomes and in isolation. The families we support have been further
10/09/2020 £4,999 WOODBERRY AID (WITH AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL AS FUNDING HOST) DEFRA: Woodberry Aid requests funding for food shopping, running costs, and befriending for local vulnerable families and individuals. There are many people in our local community in need of basic food and befriending especially the elderly.
10/09/2020 £9,880 SKYWAY CHARITY DEFRA: We are providing a weekly care package of food and essential items to nearly 100 vulnerable people and families in Hackney each week. Funding will assist with the cost of food and staffing
10/09/2020 £6,010 THE CHICKEN SOUP SHELTER DEFRA: We are looking for a grant of £10,000 which will contribute towards the cost of our home-delivered food parcels program. This amount will cover the cost of 1200 food parcels.
10/09/2020 £7,999 CLAPTON PARK UNITED REFORMED CHURCH DEFRA: Seeking funding to cover the cost of our emergency food response to vulnerable adults and families. Provision includes: Daily delivery of cooked meals, food parcels and other essentials. Cooking and managing a delivery and take away service of hot meals.
10/09/2020 £6,010 AGE UK EAST LONDON DEFRA: 1. Retrospective funding for providing an emergency food service to 650 people from 07 July to 04 September 2020. 2. Funding to support a further 60 people with food supplies in Hackney from 04-30 September 2020.
10/09/2020 £8,698 THE BOILER HOUSE COMMUNITY SPACE DEFRA: We are requesting funding to pay for food supplies and hygiene products for families and children. We are also asking for volunteer costs; this is to cover the petrol use used for delivering all the food parcels. Also, the cost of a part time cleaner.
10/09/2020 £5,200 COMMUNITY SAFETY PATROL DEFRA: Funding for costs incurred supporting vulnerable families with hot meals July-September 2020. Fresh hot meals prepared or purchased and delivered to families of the elderly, vulnerable and those in quarantine during the crisis time of COVID-19.
10/09/2020 £6,804 MADE IN HACKNEY DEFRA: To provide 900 cooked meals a week to those without regular access to food in Hackney. Beneficiaries include the elderly, those with serious illness, and those on very low incomes.
10/09/2020 £6,930 YOH LTD DEFRA: We want to ensure all Hackney residents have easy access to basic food and essentials and our team and centre has adequate PPE to continue working with vulnerable people.
10/09/2020 £3,140 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED DEFRA: Since the start of the pandemic we supported Food Cycle to provide food relief. In September we are setting up a Food Hub where surplus food can be sorted and distributed to other community groups. This funding will support Food Cycle and the Food Hub.
10/09/2020 £9,204 HACKNEY COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT TRUST DEFRA: In a very practical sense, Carib Eats alleviates families’ economic and emotional situation by providing them with a weekly food delivery. We cook Caribbean food and the residents enjoy it.
10/09/2020 £6,269 ANANDA MARGA UNIVERSAL RELIEF TEAM (AMURT) UK DEFRA: 1) Produce and distribute specially formulated Nutritional Support Packs for the homeless, vulnerable youth and families to bolster their nutrition and immune systems 2) Produce and distribute warm nutritious meals to vulnerable youth, families and kids
10/09/2020 £6,459 CONNECTING ALL COMMUNITIES CIC DEFRA: We would like to apply for the grant to cover the cost of support provided to vulnerable families/individuals who have been affected by COVID19. This would cover the cost of petrol (food collection & delivery), food containers, electricity, food ingredien
10/09/2020 £5,815 PROJECT FOODHALL CIC DEFRA: National Food Service London prepares and delivers between 700 and 1,000 meals and 150 grocery packages every week to people in need of access to food in North Hackney.
26/08/2020 £5,000 HACKNEY MARSH PARTNERSHIP LCRF Wave 3: Provision of 1300 hot meals and delivery of 150 bags of food per week to residents in need on Kingsmead and Clapton Park estates.
26/08/2020 £20,000 THE CHICKEN SOUP SHELTER LCRF Wave 3: The expansion of provision to deliver food parcels to families and individuals in need.
26/08/2020 £10,000 HACKNEY MIGRANT CENTRE LCRF Wave 3: Ongoing costs of food and essentials to asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants who are experiencing destitution, exclusion from welfare support and social isolation during Covid-19 and its aftermath.
26/08/2020 £20,000 MANOR HOUSE DEVELOPMENT TRUST LCRF Wave 3: Development and enhancment of the current aid services to vulnerable households.
26/08/2020 £20,000 CLAPTON PARK UNITED REFORMED CHURCH LCRF Wave 3: To establish an alliance between three North-East Hackney community anchors in the post-Covid environment, with a focus on food poverty, advice and guidance.
26/08/2020 £20,000 FAIR MONEY ADVICE LCRF Wave 3: To fund a holistic finance, benefit and debt advice tailored to the immediate needs of service users in the current COVID-19 pandemic.
26/08/2020 £8,700 RCCG CITY OF VICTORY LCRF Wave 3: Provision of food and essentials to local community members.
26/08/2020 £9,975 CHILDREN WITH VOICES LCRF Wave 3: Four community food hubs we have been delivering across Hackney in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
26/08/2020 £9,620 HACKNEY COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT TRUST LCRF Wave 3: Funding to extend Carib Eats food delivery and befriending service.
26/08/2020 £10,000 CONNECTING ALL COMMUNITIES CIC LCRF Wave 3: "continue cooking food for communities in Hackney significantly impacted by COVID19. We’re working to build community resilience by supporting East African, Arabs and hard to reach minority with in minorities."
26/05/2020 £4,950 BETHEL ADVISORY AND BEFRIENDING GROUP LCRF Wave 2: Food and essentials for the homeless
26/05/2020 £3,300 CHATS PALACE LIMITED LCRF Wave 2: Supporting Hackney elders online
26/05/2020 £4,950 CLAPTON COMMONS LCRF Wave 2: Clapton Commons Drop-in Service to support community outreach
26/05/2020 £5,000 COMMUNITY SAFETY PATROL LCRF Wave 2: For food provisions and public safety in Stamford Hill
26/05/2020 £4,700 MORNINGSIDE RESIDENTS ESTATE COMMITTEE LCRF Wave 2: Provision of food and essentials to residents
26/05/2020 £5,000 THE OUTRUNNERS CHARITY LCRF Wave 2: To deliver mentoring and fitness online and tackle food and digital poverty
26/05/2020 £4,466 THE PARISH OF ST PAUL WEST HACKNEY LCRF Wave 2: Partnerhip with local Mutual-Aid groups to support the provision of food and essentials
26/05/2020 £4,825 SONSHINE CLUB LCRF Wave 2: Home-gardening club
26/05/2020 £4,927 ST JOHN OF JERUSALEM CHURCH LCRF Wave 2: Community Digital Hub
26/05/2020 £3,410 TEEN ACTION LCRF Wave 2: To deliver wellbeing support remotely to young people and provision of activity packs
10/12/2019 £5,000 GASCOYNE 2 OVER 50'S CLUB Following a successful 6 month pilot we plan to continue delivering a weekly free and healthy community meal at Gascoyne 2 Community Hall delivered by local volunteers throughout the year.
10/12/2019 £4,836 KINGS CRESCENT TENANTS AND RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION A weekly homework club for Kings Crescent kids providing a safe space; nourishing food; supportive study environment; ESL provision to improve learning and well being outcomes for some of the most deprived children in Hackney.
10/12/2019 £5,000 HACKNEY YOUTH ORCHESTRAS TRUST A summer school offering exciting orchestral, instrumental and vocal workshops, alongside sports activities. The project?s concert will feature Beethoven?s works, whose 250-year anniversary falls in 2020, with a spoken narrative and audio-visual material.
10/12/2019 £4,998 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL African Community School plan to organise two weeks educational free play onsite and off-site summer activities from Monday to Friday targeting 45 disadvantage children aged 6 to14 years managed by experienced youth workers
10/12/2019 £4,992 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL We plan to run weekly Digital Inclusion and Awareness Programme embedded with accredited functional English E2/E3 to 24 disadvantaged unemployed women living in poverty,without qualifications to address high percentages low functional English and digital
10/12/2019 £4,998 HACKNEY YOUNG PEOPLES UNIVERSITY We are proposing to run a Summer Camp targeting 50 students aged 9- 13 from low income or unemployed families in Hackney. for 2 weeks during August 2020 9 - 3 PM Monday to Friday.
10/12/2019 £4,987 TEEN ACTION Innate Health will develop young peoples' personal resilience through exploring the power of the mind, setting them up for a better future where they will be able to deal with any challenges thrown at them.
10/12/2019 £5,000 TEEN ACTION Creative Break - an opportunity for 90 OJ high school girls to choose from a range of 5 creative programmes during the summer break, make new friends and uncover talents in a welcoming environment.
10/12/2019 £5,000 ABILITY NORTH LONDON Serious Play is a 12 day play scheme geared to special needs adolescents with a two pronged approach of learning executive functional skills through recreational activities in a vibrant and exciting environment.
10/12/2019 £5,000 SONSHINE CLUB WHO DO YOU SEE is a 10-week pilot project to help 20 children with disabilities aged 8-13 and 10 young volunteers to explore visual arts as a tool for self-expression and social inclusion
10/12/2019 £4,420 ACTIVITEENS "Cook Happy; Cook Healthy" will be an after-school cookery club empowering 60 Charedi young people who are leading unhealthy lifestyles and are/at risk of becoming overweight to prepare healthy meals and snacks while acquiring AQA-qualifications.
10/12/2019 £4,992 HAPPY KIDS "I-love-to-play-my-way" will provide a holiday play-scheme during the Easter school holiday for one week to approximately 230 disadvantaged Chareidi Jewish girls in Hackney aged 3-11 years, with a focus on promoting a healthier lifestyle.
10/12/2019 £4,400 NEWHAM NEW DEAL PARTNERSHIP @online club network programme for Hackney elders. Monthly drop in sessions for older people, mainly in their 70s and 80s, to update, maintain or increase their confidence in using tablets or smart phones
10/12/2019 £3,571 THE BOILER HOUSE COMMUNITY SPACE Up-skill staff and volunteers to promote and support improved community cohesion for Hackney residents by providing residents and local organisations with free community mediation, community support drop-in surgeries, and conflict resolution services.
10/12/2019 £4,543 HACKNEY PLAYBUS Hackney Playbus will strengthen our connections with the social prescribing link workers based in Hackney?s GP surgeries and build strong referral pathways into Playbus services where socially isolated families can become part of a community.
10/12/2019 £5,000 URBAN MBA New Tech Enterprise' is an opportunity for people from Hackney to learn how to set up their own enterprise, obtain an academic accreditation and enhance their employable skills. A combination of vocational and life skills.
10/12/2019 £5,000 SUCCESS STORIES `Ever Achievers`- our weekly homework club for children with learning difficulties, with an emphasis on improving social skills.
10/12/2019 £5,000 ONE-DRUM FOUNDATION To run one 5 day (one week) African drumming and dancing playscheme, from 10am-3pm each day with a performance on the 5th day. Scheduled for 2020 Easter break.
10/12/2019 £4,989 GASCOYNE & MORNINGSIDE YOUTH CLUBS LTD Joint 3 month pilot project with Future Generation After School Club to provide homework club, music sessions, sports/healthy lifestyle sessions at three venues in Hackney. On Gascoyne & Morningside Estates and Methodist Church Chatsworth Road.
28/10/2019 £11,860 CAUSEWAY IRISH HOUSING ASSOCIATION Creating an awareness of healthy relationships to young refugees and care leavers, through counselling and lifeskills, in preparation for the freedoms and pressures of independent living.
28/10/2019 £4,000 THE LEASIDE TRUST Outdoor activities (canoeing, kayaking, biking and Nordic walking) in addition to keep fit classes gym and circuit based fitness sessions promoting healthy lifestyle choices for young people, families, over 50's and the Charedi Community.
28/10/2019 £15,000 THE HUDDLESTON CENTRE IN HACKNEY Huddleston Youth Project will provide user-led social clubs for young disabled people 9-25years in Hackney, to socialise and engage in various activities to build their confidence and personal resilience, whilst giving respite to their families/carers.
28/10/2019 £7,954 DAY-MER A diverse programme of structured social and cultural activities in community settings during the 2020 summer holiday targeting Turkish and Kurdish children and young people aged 10 to 15
28/10/2019 £41,807 THE SICKLE CELL SOCIETY To embed a community volunteer led/run programme to enable adults & young people affected by Sickle Cell Disease to better manage their condition & support one another to live healthier, happier & more independent & fulfilling lives.
28/10/2019 £7,500 SENIORS HEALTH AND ACTIVE RETIREMENT PROJECT To provide 14-18 hours per week of user-led activities for older people. We will develop volunteer led activities and peer support for socially isolated older people to support them to become more active and to connect with others.
28/10/2019 £59,660 LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS The Step Forward Project is aimed at Hackney's Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community to support and promote social inclusion, help build resilience and independence, and promote greater understanding between Gypsy/Roma/Travellers and the wider Community
28/10/2019 £15,000 AFRICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL To work with 6-16years identified as at-risk from school exclusion to improve their educational attainments through extra support in English,maths,science,booster class also to provide opportunity to students with interest in science to participate inSTEM
28/10/2019 £49,495 TROPICAL ISLES Tropical Isles wishes to run a two year programme for 100 disadvantaged and BAME CYP aged 9-25 years to collaborate with professional artists, receive tailored advice and guidance from a case-worker in order to build employability skills, independence an
28/10/2019 £12,600 SKYWAY CHARITY SkyWay Futures will support young people aged 8 to 14 to develop their skills, confidence, resilience and independence so they can engage positively with the community and increase their expectations about what they can achieve in life
28/10/2019 £49,864 IMECE WOMEN'S CENTRE Improve the safety and wellbeing of older (55+) Turkish, Kurdish, Cypriot-Turkish women in Hackney experiencing VAWG including elder abuse through a dedicated programme of linguistic, culturally, gender and age sensitive community-based interventions.
28/10/2019 £15,000 S PINTER YOUTH PROJECT Out-of-school programme in term time for CAYP aged 9-11 years, to prevent the NEET's problem and encourage young people to remain in education and have better future job prospects by offering academic support, recreational/educational courses.
28/10/2019 £9,000 S PINTER YOUTH PROJECT 3 Annual Holiday playschemes for CAYP and youth volunteers aged 5-16, including a wide range of age appropriate recreational/educational/health activities to embrace and interest all children regardless of abilities/disabilities and backgrounds.
28/10/2019 £52,456 TIKVA Tikva is planning a two pronged programme providing activities and opportunities to adults with severe disabilities, and to their ageing and burnt out parent-carers, two unique and desperately needed projects in the community.
28/10/2019 £50,834 MOUTH THAT ROARS STUDIO In Focus: a weekly film club providing young people with special educational needs & mental health issues, space to socialise in a non-pressurised, inclusive environment; gain skills & progression routes and reduce risks associated with social isolation.
28/10/2019 £19,968 MISGAV A new project complementing our "integrating disabled young women into the workforce" project by providing training in work related skills, such as travelling to work (cycling) people skills, cooking (for kitchen work) and horticultural training.
28/10/2019 £29,735 CLAPTON PARK UNITED REFORMED CHURCH The Clapton Community Drop In works to improve the lives of homeless and vulnerably housed Hackney residents with complex needs who struggle to navigate existing services, supporting them to build a more secure and fulfilling life.
28/10/2019 £28,200 HACKNEY SHED LIMITED To deliver inclusive theatre workshops in Hackney as a tool to integrate young people with disabilities and access needs with their mainstream peers, thus raising confidence, tolerance and social inclusion amongst our members.
28/10/2019 £15,000 HACKNEY PLAY ASSOCIATION Free play provision and additional support for children and families from Clapton Park, Millfields and Nye Bevan estates and surrounding areas of Hackney. Monday - Friday, 3.30 - 6pm, term time. Monday - Friday, 10.30 - 5.30pm, during school holidays.
28/10/2019 £14,360 UNIVERSAL BOARD GAMES PLUS Positive Games for Change using the power of play in public spaces to empower young people and families to engage, communicate, gain confidence and personal resilience to build positive relations in their communities.
28/10/2019 £19,300 MIMBRE LTD Mimbre Youth is a community based programme using acrobatics, street dance and performance to build confidence, aspirations, engagement and community connections, improving the life chances of young people and their families in deprived areas of Hackney.
28/10/2019 £39,524 SUNBEAMS LONDON LTD Early intervention volunteer mentoring with cultural insight for 50+ OJ girls with mental health/trauma disadvantages in transition (Yrs 6/7), coordinated with parents, teachers, & stakeholders to unite efforts & improve futures effectively & economically
28/10/2019 £55,780 HACKNEY PLAYBUS Hackney Playbus will deliver a minimum of 440 Playbus sessions across Hackney 1/4/20 to 31/3/22 for children 0-4 and their parents & carers, alongside a comprehensive outreach programme to promote inclusion, overcome isolation and strengthen communities.
28/10/2019 £24,180 KOACH PARENTING 1:1 parenting sessions for disadvantaged parents who experience challenges; run by qualified parenting practitioners, using the Solihull Approach. Parents will improve relationships with children; communicating more effectively, using valuable techniques.
28/10/2019 £49,878 YOH LTD Detached youth workers will engage 80 young people in gangs due to poverty and isolation. A Key worker will develop resilience and support beneficiaries to overcome challenges, introduce inspirational places/people for motivation and provide accreditation
28/10/2019 £14,972 XENIA Delivery of weekly Saturday workshops, 10am ? 1pm at Hackney Museum, bringing together 120 women learning English and fluent English-speaking women over one year. Participants will connect over similarities and differences, and learn together.
28/10/2019 £40,562 FAMILY ACTION Project Indigo is a social support group for young LGBTIQ+ people and young people who are questioning their sexual or gender identity. The group gives young people a safe and supportive space to meet other young LGBTIQ+ people.
28/10/2019 £14,636 HACKNEY CITY FARM LIMITED We aim to transform the lives of young people through working with farm animals in Hackney, giving them the skills, strength and resilience to realise more opportunities in their lives.
28/10/2019 £8,000 COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR REFUGEES FROM VIETNAM, LAOS & CAMBODIA A programme of activities to improve the quality of life of our older users, supporting them to stay physically and mentally active, encouraging their confidence, their social interaction with peers and the wider community.
28/10/2019 £8,290 HESTIA HOUSING AND SUPPORT Funding will support children and mothers affected by domestic violence by providing a holiday playscheme encompassing free play, outings and trips that would rebuild mother-child relationships and self-esteem - in a safe, trauma-informed environment.
28/10/2019 £60,000 ST GILES TRUST The St Giles Trust SOS Project works to support gang affected individuals or those at risk of violence and criminal exploitation, who want to move away from that lifestyle into mainstream work and training opportunities.
28/10/2019 £60,000 HACKNEY CO-OPERATIVE DEVELOPMENTS COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY Gillett Square People Project will facilitate a safe space where residents of all ages & diverse backgrounds can participate in positive activities, access support services to tackle their problems, and interact with each other, developing social cohesion
28/10/2019 £60,000 DUCKIE LTD This grant will fund the continuation of Duckie's flagship anti-loneliness older peoples' project The Posh Club - supporting the company to run 60 events, 16 dance classes and 2 community based Pop-Ups a year between April 2020 and March 2022.
28/10/2019 £29,123 ARTBURST LTD Artburst will deliver fun, creative education activities at Hackney Ark, the centre for disabled children and special educational needs, to increase their quality of life and to complement the range of clinical interventions they receive.

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