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The Consortium is the only national second tier organisation which specifically represents and supports Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Voluntary and Community Organisations. We exist to see a vibrant, viable and valued LGBT Voluntary and Community Sector. We provide a voice for the sector, link it together, collect information and lead on developing a shared vision.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £629,451
  • The average age of charities supported has been 8 years.

Grant criteria

We are a national specialist infrastructure and membership organisation. We work to build the resource, sustainability and resilience of LGBT+ groups, organisations and projects so that they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights.

Grant details

Consortium and its Community Collaborators, working in partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund, are delighted to announce the launch of the LGBT+ Futures: Equity Fund. This Fund has been enabled thanks to National Lottery players. £465,000 is available through small grants to LGBT+ groups and organisations who are community-led and whose primary focus is one of our 5 priority targeted areas: Trans and Non-Binary people; Those facing racial injustice; D/deaf and/or Disabled people; Older people; and Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans+ Women.



Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1105502
Charity Commission for England and Wales
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In this period they've made 179 donations totalling £1,316,254 to 95 organisations

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03/03/2023 £1,300 LEARNEST CIC Would like to fund 5 x monthly Advocacy Drop-ins for trans & non-binary people in Wakefield city centre.
15/02/2023 £5,800 OUT & PROUD AFRICAN LGBTI The purpose of OPAL We Exist Dance and Voice is to build self-esteem, encourage artistic expressions and creativity, decrease isolation, and give members an opportunity to stay active. This will be done through dance, poems, podcasts, and songs. This project aims to reach 62 community members face-to-face, plus members outside London participating online. Sessions will be recorded.
30/01/2023 £1,000 RAINBOWS ACROSS BORDERS Funds towards replacing a laptop as ours crashed and organize a members convention in January 2023. The group has a standing choir and would like to purchase some sheet music for our rehearsals
25/01/2023 £5,000 TRANS HULL Funding to buy longstanding equipment/books, in a hope to widen who can attend our activities as sometimes renting/borrowing equipment is expensive.
11/01/2023 £25,000 CARA-FRIEND for a full-time salary for Trans Youth Officer to help deliver our rapidly expanding trans, non-binary and gender diverse youth services, develop local provision of support across Northern Ireland as well as training for volunteer peer leaders involved with the project
03/01/2023 £3,700 TRANS CREATIVE Trans Creative are seeking a core costs grant towards becoming a charity, including professional advice and staff time
20/12/2022 £9,000 LIVING FREE U.K CIC Afroyanga Pride Event (One-day, in-person event, capacity: 40-60pax) -Awards ceremony for Queer Africans and Asylum Seekers (One-day, in-person event, capacity: 40-60pax) -Xmas Potluck (One-day, in-person event, capacity: 40-50pax) -Food Vouchers for Queer Asylum Seekers (Service to be consumed by August 2023) -Bodily essentials for Queer Asylum Seekers (Service to be consumed by August 2023) Culturally Sensitive Therapy for Asylum Seekers (Service to be consumed by August 2023) - Previously funded in Dec 2020
20/12/2022 £5,950 PEMBROKESHIRE PRIDE Pembrokeshire Pride want to partner with BlueTits and Out and Wild Festival to host Wellness activities as part of Pembrokeshire Pride 2023. These activities will be solely for LGBTQIA+ Women and those who are Non-Binary. The activities include Wild Swimming, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Running, Hikes, Mindfulness Walks and more.
20/12/2022 £200 TRANS GRAMPIAN Trans Grampian is a social and support group by trans people, for trans people, meeting in Aberdeen. We are looking for funding for access to the space we're using, a pot to cover travel for those in the shire and printing of flyers.
20/12/2022 £1,000 TRANS HARM REDUCTION This application is to continue and expand an existing programme of testing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications used by trans people who are self-medicating. Such medications are produced by unregulated suppliers and sold online. The programme will help identify potentially unsafe suppliers and sources.
16/12/2022 £1,000 NOT ALONE PLYMOUTH Running costs until August 2023. It will cover 42 weeks (Nov-Aug) hall hire for our weekly group, 2x special buffet meetings for christmas and our group anniversary, annual webdomain hosting fees, annual indemnity insurance premium and communication materials including a new horizontal banner, flyers and business cards.
16/12/2022 £1,000 SONGBIRDS CHOIR Run a workshop day for choir members that addresses LGBT+ specific wellbeing as well as confidence building around performance.
16/12/2022 £800 TRANS PRIDE MANCHESTER CIC Enabling and core operational costs associated with delivering Trans Pride Manchester 2023
14/12/2022 £4,500 PROUDMINDS As a new group, the Leadership & development grant will be used for group creation and workshop exploration for a group aimed at helping neurodivergent members of the LGBTQIA+ community through coaching, workshops and online community space and information via podcasts and signposting services.
14/12/2022 £1,000 COORIE CREATIVE A fashion program for trans/non-binary people to teach them about dressing to achieve particular looks, how to express their identity, and how to alter clothing to fit their desired shapes/outlines whilst fostering intercommunity connections.
14/12/2022 £950 G(END)ER SWAP CIC Asking for funding to develop accessible and gender affirming style resources to support trans and LGBTQ+ gender non conforming individuals in Wales. We aim to build community by collaborating with trans creatives, and other marginalised groups within the LGBTQ+ Welsh community, to develop these new resources for our online platforms.
14/12/2022 £950 GIN LGBTQIA INDIAN NETWORK Help with of the cost of running GIN in the next few months. The cost of running GIN are about £400 per month (about £5,500 per annum). The £950 would help us with meeting rooms and help to cover some travel costs. Also to raise some money internally from members but is is getting harder to do that as our members are struggling financially, so any grant from outside would be very much appreciated.
14/12/2022 £1,000 OUTREACH YOUTH Support for two SOUL events, which provide a safe social space with food, music, dance and discussion, for people of colour from Suffolk’s LGBT*Q+ community.
14/12/2022 £1,000 QUEER STAGE REVOLUTION Start-up funding which would enable us to begin operation as a co-operative, specifically for costs such as a website, logo, admin, etc.
21/11/2022 £25,000 NATIONAL SURVIVOR USER NETWORK Funding to support and expand our year-long, in-person, immersive Misery Medicine: Plant Magic program - a series of monthly walks for QTIBPOC, to build community whilst learning about herbs that grow wild around us, make plant medicines for mental health, and to recover decolonised ideas around medicine, wellbeing and sustainability.
14/11/2022 £1,900 OASIS (NORFOLK) TRANSGENDER SUPPORT GROUP Oasis is a small organisation with limited resources. Funding will enable us to reach out to the trans community; provide advice, support and help and a safe place to meet. It will help those with limited income to access our help to improve their health and well-being.
09/11/2022 £3,000 LONDON CRUISERS BASKETBALL CLUB Cover basketball training costs for LBT+ women and non-binary people.
09/11/2022 £5,000 TRANS WRITES To ensure we can deliver more articles from more transgender people.
09/11/2022 £6,000 £8,434 UPLIFTED Funding to run a weekly trans weight lifting group at Uplifted. The group would for trans and non binary people who have experienced trauma. There would be a trauma support worker and experienced lifter to help facilitate the session. Everyone involved will be trans and/or non binary.
09/11/2022 £1,000 SPIRITUAL LESBIANS AND WELLBEING Funding to run a series of life-changing wellbeing events and trips from small to large, aimed at people experiencing physical or mental health difficulties. This will include the inauguration of a powerful wellness weekend / mini festival in Norfolk and appeal to LBT+ women around the country.
03/11/2022 £25,000 CLUB KALI NETWORK Funding for a 3 day week Community Engagement Worker. Community Engagement work plan funded by this grant will, support the work of club kali by bringing members together, bring together smaller grass root LGBTQ+ organisations supporting people of South Asian heritage and work collaboratively to better serve our LGBTQ+ community
02/11/2022 £20,000 DEAF RAINBOW UK Improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf LGBT+ people from young to old by providing them with accessible information in British Sign Language on topics that are important to them, by producing clips in BSL for our website.
02/11/2022 £7,000 LAST FRAME FILM CLUB Film festival for LBT women requesting funds to help us host our next festival.
02/11/2022 £15,100 LGBT UNITY GLASGOW Core costs to support LGBT Unity Glasgow - a self-run support groups for LGBTQ1A+ refugees and asylum seekers to provide community activities and emotional support for our members. Members will come together for collective for wellbeing activities such as workshops, mental health awareness and other training activities within the group.
31/10/2022 £10,000 HERE NI Salary & project costs for a worker to engage with women over 40 who are isolated. Provide a range of social activities and relevant support to connect this client group to help decrease levels of isolation and connect LBT+ women in this age range.
31/10/2022 £10,000 TRANSPARENT PRESENCE CIC Funding would allow Vocal Presence (choir) to continue to provide a safe space for transgender and non-binary people to come together: making music; exploring pitch and voice; and building a community to reduce the isolation often felt by the transgender and non-binary community in the rural county of Cornwall.
31/10/2022 £1,900 BRITISH ASIAN QUEER COMMUNITY FOR EAST AND SOUTHEAST ASIANS (BAQC ESEA) event planning and collecting oral history of queer East and Southeast Asians in the UK
31/10/2022 £900 FORGE MCR Help with funding the running costs of our group, as well as expanding it to reach isolated and underrepresented trans men and trans masculine individuals.
26/10/2022 £5,000 THE QUEER PARENTING PARTNERSHIP Community outreach providing information and workshops during Pride season for LGB women, trans and non binary people who are creating or expanding families.
17/10/2022 £20,850 AFRICAN EQUALITY FOUNDATION LIMITED create 8 empowerment buddy/peer mentors to support new arrivals and newly regularised people in the UK to access the education, up-skilling and employment opportunities in the UK
17/10/2022 £900 TRANS AID CYMRU Funding Meet Ups in Cardiff for 6 months
12/10/2022 £2,000 SPIRIT LEVEL TRANSGENDER ASSOCIATION Fund a series of projects and activities aiming to raise the profile of TQIA+ people, create positive opinions, acceptance and a safer environment for trans people. We also want to undertake projects 'at scale' that will build the confidence and capacity or our members the organisation itself.
06/10/2022 £25,000 BLAQ UK Core costs grants—running of the org
06/10/2022 £6,400 RADICAL RHIZOMES (MARLBOROUGH PRODUCTIONS) Fund Radical Rhizomes, QTIBIPoC social and support network, to run for 2 months while we try to secure more continued funding.
06/10/2022 £6,000 THE OPEN MINDS PROJECT Redesign of our website and logo in preparation for us to work towards charity status in the next 12-24 months. We want to increase our reach, develop a website that is antiracist and that takes into account neurodiversity. - our fixed running costs - venue hire and speaker fees for a planned LGBTQ+ POC event that we have planned for Spring / Summer 2023. We are hoping to hold a 1-day conference-style event ("Connecting our Communities"), based on a theme to share learning, best-practice, and to support networking. - refreshment fees (tea / coffee / biscuits) for our face to face events
27/09/2022 £20,000 OPENING DOORS Core costs grant for the organisation
23/09/2022 £4,000 MISS TRANS GLOBAL ORGANISATION CIC The first transgender event for activist queens who will represent different cities in the United Kingdom in Miss Trans Global United Kingdom Convention in London, which will attract majority immigrant trans women of colour.
16/09/2022 £25,000 BLACK BEETLE HEALTH Running costs, External HR Service (to continue to support our governance, manage risk, and ensure organisational compliance), Accountancy and Booking Service costs, Fundraising Support function (sessional) Projects, F2F delivery of our Health Equity and Advocacy Training (H.E.A.T.) Programme, Conversion of H.E.A.T. Programme to e-Learning modules
05/09/2022 £1,350 TRANSSOBER Core running costs
31/08/2022 £14,150 OESTROGENERATION Funding for operational costs: staffing and website expenses.
24/08/2022 £25,000 THE CLARE PROJECT Improve service provision: continue to build on our work, ensuring it is authentic to lived experience and is inclusive to intersectionality - Connecting and creating safer communities: enabling and empowering our community to take, build and develop TNBI-led space - Sustain and improve wellbeing for TNBI organisers: creation of a Sussex-wide TNBI Projects Forum for people to come together for support, insight and networking
18/08/2022 £1,700 TRANS PRIDE SOUTH WEST Support for our main Pride event day
11/08/2022 £3,150 WE'RE STILL HERE Funding to pay for BSL Interpreters so that the space can be truly accessible to Deaf LGBT+ people. We would also like to pay the facilitator's for their labour in setting up the space, administration and holding the space.
26/07/2022 £8,000 THE BLACK BOY JOY CLUB To support a programme of work with accessible resources pertaining to Black LGBTQI+ persons health and well-being
25/07/2022 £3,000 TNB CONNECT Development of structure of the organisation to revitalise organisation
23/07/2022 £7,750 LEEDS LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY CONSORTIUM Running sessional online and in person activities, events and information sessions and to recruit suitably equipped and qualified people to deliver the programme.
08/07/2022 £4,200 ECLIPSE Piloting new project in Leeds—is a collaboration across women’s, older people and trans communities. Discussion groups and roundtables to identify needs and structure forward looking plan
07/07/2022 £1,000 BUFF BAR BRISTOL Development grant to explore structure and governance
28/06/2022 £25,000 OUT TOGETHER (FRIENDS OF DOROTHY) would like to have the opportunity to support our SOUL events which we have run in the past – these events cost around £500 each, so this £1,000 would support us in running two SOUL events.
21/06/2022 £7,500 PLANET NATION Updating and revamp of the website and organisational focus
17/06/2022 £4,000 LESBIANS TALK ISSUES REVISITED Digitisation of key resources produced by the organisation (currently only in written form)
16/06/2022 £4,000 OUT IN THE CITY Core costs grant for the group and allow them to continue putting on activities for older people
16/06/2022 £9,500 SAPPHO EVENTS 4 events across the country to engage LBT women in arts and cultural activity, connecting more women across the country
16/06/2022 £25,000 TRANS PRIDE BRIGHTON & HOVE Support creation of new community space for TNB activity in B&H. Salary costs for part time member of staff plus associated costs for 18 months
16/06/2022 £7,450 TRANS4ME Would like funding to support the following; Local Pride stall (promoting Trans4Me and welcoming new members). Advertising group. Activities - trips to cinema, educational visits and visiting other groups in the East Midlands. Supporting the parent/carer workshops. Supporting the needs of individuals in the group - masculinising/feminising (binders, wigs, make-up, new passports etc)
16/06/2022 £1,350 QUEER CHINA UK Core costs of org plus a development grant to support growth of org and leadership skills
14/06/2022 £9,950 UNITED PRIDE FRIENDS Part time group coordinator plus on costs and some running costs
10/06/2022 £10,950 SAFE AGEING NO DISCRIMINATION Campaign and resources to raise additional awareness of older LGBT+ people’s needs
07/06/2022 £950 KAIROS NOTTINGHAM LESBIAN IMMIGRATION SUPPORT GROUP Mental health and wellbeing support activities for group
31/05/2022 £23,000 LIVE THROUGH THIS Recruit and fund fundraising and comms officers (part time), plus core office costs
31/05/2022 £25,000 TRANSACTUAL UK Part time 2 day per week worker (first employee). Will focus on core functions of orgs to increase output Run series of sessions on trans people receiving support from their GP Develop “Know your rights” workshop and deliver series of sessions Expand website and resources
31/03/2022 £500 KEMPTOWN WAVE Allow basketball team to expand on their current goals and increase new players and support to existing players
07/02/2022 £1,000 TRANS+ ON SCREEN Funds to help us update our website and run workshops
16/01/2022 £7,700 Q:ALLIANCE Developing a trans led, and a neurodiverse LGBTQ+ led group in MK to lead on action to meet specific needs. Local evidence shows the importance of this work. These groups would help to improve understanding of specific issues by communicating lived experience to decision makers/service providers to affect change.
13/01/2022 £9,550 IMAAN LGBTQI+ MUSLIM SUPPORT Funding for therapy and event.
13/01/2022 £16,000 SQIFF: SCOTTISH QUEER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL A six-week filmmaking workshop in Glasgow organised in partnership with LGBT Unity and aimed at LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees based in Glasgow.
06/01/2022 £2,000 TAGS SWIMMING Support to market our events. This would include the distribution of flyers, posters, and travel costs as well as developing a new website. Also, tags would like to get some new volunteers to run the social media side of Tags. Tags previously ran Aqua Aerobics which was very popular with our swimmers because of the obvious health benifets.
03/01/2022 £1,000 SCOTTISH BI+ NETWORK Funding to provide in-person neurodiverse meetups, events and activities throughout the year, including regular monthly social meetups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and a monthly day trip or outing.
03/01/2022 £1,000 UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH EAST AND SOUTHEAST ASIAN QUEER SOCIETY Raise the visibility and sense of belonging for the ESEA LGBTQIA+ students and Anti-Asian Hate at the University of Edinburgh, by hosting events related to identity liberation, providing the support needed to express ideas, and promoting a sense of pride in the community.
22/01/2021 £4,500 £357,962 LGB&T DORSET EQUALITY NETWORK Continue activities and services during the covid pandemic, including core admin and phone/email support, virtual meetings and strategic networking, training and advisory.
22/01/2021 £3,000 £1,309,624 NAZ PROJECT LONDON Awarded partially from Consortium through core funds repurposed for essential grants. Spoken word events, platforming women and non binary people of colour, and writing workshops for BAME LGBTQI people, to imporve wellbeing and self esteem during the covid pandemic.
22/01/2021 £13,000 HOUSE OF RAINBOW Online sessions and webinars for BAME LGBTQ people of faith who face increased incidences of homophobia due to lockdown/coronavirus.
22/01/2021 £5,000 £1,135,603 LGBT YOUTH SCOTLAND Digital youth work service and an online learning service, in response to lockdowns/coronavirus pandemic preventing face to face groups.
22/01/2021 £5,000 £71,088 PINK SALTIRE Increased hours for Community Engagement Worker, to enable them to reach more LGBT people facing hardship due to coronavirus.
22/01/2021 £10,000 TRANSGENDERNI Core funding, to enable organisation to focus on support work during the covid-19 pandemic.
22/01/2021 £5,000 £4,606,000 NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES To create high quality multigenre content for LGBT+ people, in the welsh language to help tackle isolation and mental/social wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.
22/01/2021 £257 LEEDS LGBT+ BOOK CLUB Funding to pay for half of Zoom costs for the year, enabling monthly LGBT book club to continue and promote social inclusion during the covid pandemic.
22/01/2021 £858 £16,839 BI PRIDE UK Core funding towards difficult to fund essential costs at a time when income has dropped due to the covid-19 pandemic, including financial costs.
22/01/2021 £600 £12,769,951 STONEWALL CYMRU Ensure the LGBTQI+ Wales Forum is accessible for those with access needs, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Funding will be spent on BSL interpreters for meetings to accommodate members' needs.
14/12/2020 £3,200 QUEERSPACE (HELD BY CARA-FRIEND) To enhance virtual drop-ins, (held online due to covid-19) attended by around 25 members, including a mental health sessions and social groups.
14/12/2020 £3,004 £375,419 CATHAYS AND CENTRAL YOUTH AND COMMUNITY PROJECT (IMPACT LGBT YOUTH GROUP) Digital youth worker to run group sessions online, and help create and send out activity packages to young people during the covid pandemic.
14/12/2020 £3,500 £1,219,641 GISDA Funding for an LGBTQ+ club for young people in Pwllheli, in response to need during the covid pandemic in a poorly networked area.
28/10/2020 £5,000 JUICE BELFAST Funding towards volunteer equipment and running costs affected by Covid, including support towards running the second annual "Juice1038 Mental Health Month"
28/10/2020 £5,400 AFRICAN EQUALITY FOUNDATION Asylum/refugee support meetings plus core costs of a Project Co-ordinator to ensure continued support to participants, during the Covid 19 pandemic.
28/10/2020 £2,500 TAGS SUPPORT CIC Inclusive walking and swimming events for trans people to help with wellbeing during the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £2,900 £20,812 RAINBOW FOUNDATION Work targetting mental health and LGBT+ people, including online resources and a new sessional worker to help with increased demand due to covid-19.
28/10/2020 £7,000 PROUD 2 B PARENTS Digital support to LGBT+ families, and resource for the additional precautions needed, due to covid-19, for when physical meetings take place in the future.
28/10/2020 £5,000 £21,305 RAINBOW HOME (NORTH EAST) Providing food parcels and covid safety equipment, along with activity resource packs to LGBT+ asylum seekers.
28/10/2020 £7,428 £253,332 ELOP (EAST LONDON OUT PROJECT) Awarded from Consortium through core funds repurposed for essential grants. Increase online counselling to meet the demand for mental health support, due ot covid-19, and start a phased return of face to face delivery of counselling and mental health support for those unable to access online support. Purchase of equipment/PPE.
28/10/2020 £3,000 £470,896 ALLSORTS YOUTH PROJECT Expansion of BAME/Poc LGBTU+ work during the covid-19 pandemic, specifically supporting a Youth Support Worker, running allyship workshops, and provide BAME/Poc LGBTU+ young people with dedicated support.
28/10/2020 £4,900 £2,792,269 DYS SPACE LTD (SPACE* YOUTH SERVICES) Online and socially distanced (when allowed) Xplore sessions for LGBTQ+ young people across Devon, in response to the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £10,000 £179,120 LEICESTER LGBT CENTRE Fundraising and Development manager and help with the costs of delivering additional support sessions for LGBT+ people during the coronavirus pandemic.
28/10/2020 £10,000 £38 STONEWALL HOUSING Awarded from Consortium through core funds repurposed for essential grants. Core funds to secure the foundation of this organisation, during the covid pandemic, working with homeless LGBTQ+ people of all ages.
28/10/2020 £8,899 £912,826 THE FAITH AND BELIEF FORUM Awarded from Consortium through core funds repurposed for essential grants. A national online support network for LGBT+ People of Faith reaching 200 people, to help with support and isolation during the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £4,550 CURIOUS ARTS LIMITED A digital space for LGBTQ+ young people in the NE, where they can take part in creative activities and reduce social isolation during the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £4,000 TRANSACTUAL CIC A series of 24 health-focused empowerment workshops for trans and non binary people to help with issues arising due to the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £9,500 £121,339 SUPPORT U LTD Two front line officers, providing additonal helpline cover due to increased demand from the covid pandemic, wellbeing sessions, and various other duties.
28/10/2020 £8,000 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE Additional staff capacity within the Youth and Communiities team to support greater numbers of trans, non binary and gender diverse young people during the covid pandemic.
28/10/2020 £5,250 £190,121 NEW FAMILY SOCIAL Funding will be used to help with the associated costs of delivering a series of courses (moved online due to covid-19) focused around adoption and fostering, in relation to LGBT+ issues.
29/09/2020 £4,940 SPORT4HEALTH Weekly, socially distanced Badminton sessions for older LGBT+ people to help lessen the impact covid has had on their already established badminton group.
29/09/2020 £5,000 £1,517,113 ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST Funding for young LGBT+ people who are homeless, to help lessen the impact of Covid, enabling them to buy essentials, such as food vouchers, mobiles and also to help them to access emergency accomadation.
29/09/2020 £9,685 LEARNEST CIC A series of online workshops aimed at LGBT+ people who's employment has been impacted by covid, with the aim of boosting confidence and wellbeing.
29/09/2020 £7,233 £43,626 THE KITE TRUST Funding to increase the capacity of the youth work team, in response to increaded demand for services and support from young people, due to covid.
29/09/2020 £2,688 £182,412 DROP ZONE YOUTH PROJECTS This funding will enable Furness LGBT+ youth group (a project of Drop Zone Youth) to continue running it's weekly group, in response to increased need due to the impact of covid.
29/09/2020 £5,000 MICRO RAINBOW CIC Emergency accomadation for homeless LGBTI migrants who are unable to access public funds, in response to Covid.
29/09/2020 £9,798 £210,892 JUST LIKE US Ambassador programme, which recruits, trains and supports LGBT+ young people aged 18-25 to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, in response to increased challenges young people are facing during the Covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £4,550 DEAF RAINBOW UK Core activities to maintain community contact through the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling the production of webinars and a documentary about being trans and deaf, with the aim to help provide members with social opportunities and a change to feed into the organisations future.
29/09/2020 £13,510 BLACK BEETLE HEALTH Continuation of a digital health awareness programme for LGBTQ+ people of colour, supporting people and communities facing chellanges due to the impact of covid.
29/09/2020 £5,000 LIVING FREE CIC Funding for counselling sessions for Black LGBT+ people and monthly food parcels, in response to the impact of the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £9,912 £738,588 POSITIVELY UK Workshops and podcasts, based on topics identified through consoltation with LGBTQ+ people living with HIV, in response to community needs during the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £3,700 FREE2B ALLIANCE Funding for room hire and PPE equipment (masks, cleaning supplies etc to protect against covid) to enable one to one work with LGBTQ young people to continue.
29/09/2020 £5,000 £24,922 MARLBOROUGH THEATRE PRODUCTIONS LTD Funding for the Radical Rhizomes project, who run a programme of social gatherings and community development to help people stay connected and supported during the covid pandemic, by and for queer, trans and intersex people of colour (QTIPoC) in Brighton and Hove.
29/09/2020 £4,914 £200,070 UK LESBIAN AND GAY IMMIGRATION GROUP (UKLGIG) Laptops that will enable workers to continue to deliver their work with LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees, both remotely and securely, during the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £9,329 £337,463 SAYIT Increase youth worker capacity to enable continued delivery of LGBT+ youth groups, specialist SEND provision and one to one support for young people during the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £9,773 £418,228 DIVERSITY ROLE MODELS Core costs support during the covid pandemic, to enable development and delivery of digital versions of the charity’s schools workshops, about challenging HBT bullying in schools.
29/09/2020 £10,000 £1,041,326 MERMAIDS A series of 12 podcasts, focusing on everyday issues faced by trans children and young people, helping to tackle anxiety and isolation during the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £4,929 £64,329 MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN AND SOCIETY ORGANIZATION Funding to provide phone/digital support for Middle Eastern LBTQ+ women experiencing mental health issues and isolation resulting from the lockdown/covid along with digital art therapy classes, to help with mental health and isolation issues.
29/09/2020 £4,830 £118,448 PRIDE IN NORTH CUMBRIA Funding for the development of a community garden project to enable LGBT+ people of all ages to safely meet while safely distancing and get involved with community gardening, to help with wellbeing during the covid pandemic.
29/09/2020 £6,000 HIDAYAH LGBTQI+ Trustee and volunteer development for a charity focused on LGBTQI+ Muslims to increase capacity to meet increased demand and complexity of needs supported due to Covid-19.
29/09/2020 £8,864 £768,320 BIRMINGHAM LGBT Funding is to enable the continuation of Birmingham LGBTs counselling service to help meet the needs and support of LGBT people during Covid-19.
29/09/2020 £4,800 £152,963 OUTSPOKEN ARTS SCOTLAND LIMITED 32 creative skills workshops to support LGBT+ young people’s employment prospects and health and wellbeing during the covid pandemic. Workshops will based around Painting, Drawing, Photography & Photoshop, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles, Jewellery, and Film.
29/09/2020 £10,000 £272,530 LEAP SPORTS SCOTLAND Core costs grant towards a fundraising post within LEAP Sports Scotland, in response to covid and the impact it has had on LGBT communities.
29/09/2020 £11,744 £533,866 EQUALITY NETWORK A Community Development Officer post who will support LGBTI groups and organisations in Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic.
29/09/2020 £7,970 GAYDIO CIC Radio skills training for 15 LGBT+ people from Manchester to increase their resilience during the covid pandemic, by creating content for broadcast and signposting the wider community to support services for addiction and other health needs.
29/09/2020 £10,000 £1,469,669 OFF THE RECORD (BRISTOL) Specialist counselling support for LGBT+ young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, in response to increased demand due to covid.
29/09/2020 £4,800 CONTROLLING CHEMSEX CIC Online outreach service, which has had an increased need due to covid-19, providing advice, information, referrals to one-to-one support, and signposting to specialised services, such as sexual health, with a focus on GBT+ men.
29/09/2020 £9,980 £465,843 OPENING DOORS LONDON Expansion of a tele-friending support service connecting isolated older LGBT+ people with telephone befriender volunteers in response to the covid pandemic crisis.
29/09/2020 £9,124 £261,993 DERBYSHIRE LGBT+ Increased staff capacity, due to covid, to deliver a varity of online support groups , including 5 online LGBT+ youth groups a week, an online GBT+ Men's group, an online LGBT+ Women’s group and a telephone service.
12/05/2020 £3,000 £768,571 THE PROUD TRUST The grant will be used to pay the salary and on costs for two LGBT+ youth workers of colour to develop the COLOURS network, young LGBT+ people of colour leadership programme, enhance the COLOURS festival and support local LGBT+ young people of colour across the ten areas of Greater Manchester
30/04/2020 £2,700 £912,826 THE FAITH & BELIEF FORUM Grant to establish a new solidarity network with and for LGBT people of faith (LGBT PoF) in London.
05/06/2019 £8,388 THE KITE TRUST ‘Springboard’ youth leadership programme, recruiting and training 8 young people leading into a research project.
04/06/2019 £8,145 PARAPRIDE Support for a winter showcase including performances by LGBTQ people with disabilities.
04/06/2019 £4,812 £21,305 RAINBOW HOME (NORTH EAST ENGLAND) Prepatory work towards the creation of a development plan for engaging LBT women in this organisation supporting LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees.
04/06/2019 £6,500 OUT OF THE CAN Creation of new youth sessions in Wiltshire including creating a community café run by young people.
03/06/2019 £6,566 PROUD2BE CIC ‘Us Included’ project giving young LGBT+ people the opportunity to record their experiences of growing up in rural Devon
03/06/2019 £7,650 £80,886 Q:ALLIANCE Expanding youth provision by creating three age-appropriate youth social groups
03/06/2019 £7,770 LEARNEST CIC Confidence workshops and one to one employment advice for LGBT+ people, particularly trans and non-binary people.
03/06/2019 £4,500 LCR PRIDE FOUNDATION Dedicated Youth Zone at Liverpool Pride 2019
03/06/2019 £8,767 £124,499 SPACE YOUTH PROJECT Organisational Sustainability
31/05/2019 £2,826 FREE2B ALLIANCE Support to LGBT+ school forums to improve their effectiveness and increase membership, particularly among BAME students.
31/05/2019 £2,897 £165,687 TRADE SEXUAL HEALTH Workshops, craft sessions and participation in the Leicester Pride parade by LGBT+ people from a range of cultures.
31/05/2019 £9,788 £191,209 NEW FAMILY SOCIAL Organisational Sustainability
31/05/2019 £3,630 £91,445 KESHETUK Implementation of new volunteering strategy with a focus on underrepresented volunteers: older Jewish LGBT+ people and those from BAME and Orthodox Jewish backgrounds
31/05/2019 £6,500 LGBT BRISTOL (BRISTOL LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER FORUM) Organisational Sustainability
29/05/2019 £2,933 £33,978 YORK LGBT FORUM Creation of new social activities to expand provision for LGBT+ communities in York and surrounding rural areas.
29/05/2019 £9,417 £164,560 LGBT+ SERVICE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (FORMALLY OPERATING AS THE CENTRE PLACE) One-to-one support for trans young people and creation of LGBT+ safe spaces and groups within schools and youth spaces in Nottinghamshire.
29/05/2019 £7,959 £209,663 BRIGHTON AND HOVE LGBT SWITCHBOARD Development of Trans Survivors Project for trans and non-binary people affected by sexual, domestic and intimate partner violence.
28/05/2019 £2,750 £30,713 WARWICKSHIRE PRIDE Improve accessibility of Warwickshire Pride festival
28/05/2019 £5,980 DEAF LGBTIQA Consultation work to establish Deaf LGBTIQA to be responsive to the needs of the community and ensure it is user-led from the start.
28/05/2019 £9,560 £92,980 BREAKOUT YOUTH Organisational Sustainability
10/03/2019 £5,080 £13,693 ENCOMPASS NETWORK Fund the development of the Queer Qandi Fest 2019 in June, a festival for LGBTQ+ people of colour in the LGBT movement.
10/03/2019 £9,475 £8,553 MARLBOROUGH THEATRE C.I.C & NEW WRITING SOUTH Funding to run "The Coast is Queer", an LGBTQ writers festival in Brighton over 3 days.
10/03/2019 £8,000 HOUSE OF RAINBOW Strategy days and follow up to strengthen this organisation supporting BAME LGBTQ+ communities.
10/03/2019 £9,899 £132,580 LANCASHIRE LGBT Organisational Sustainability
10/03/2019 £10,578 £200,070 UK LESBIAN AND GAY IMMIGRATION GROUP (UKLGIG) Funding for translating and subtitling legal information videos and text on website.
10/03/2019 £2,500 CURIOUS ARTS LIMITED Organisational Sustainability
09/03/2019 £4,202 £36,138 BI PRIDE UK To ensure that the first Bi Pride amplifies marginalised voices within the UK’s bi communities, with a specific focus on people with disabilities
09/03/2019 £3,200 £122,979 EDUCATE & CELEBRATE Organisational Sustainability
09/03/2019 £8,000 £13,807 THE CLARE PROJECT Extension to their current monthly drop-in offer in Brighton called TNB in to Hastings in East Sussex
09/03/2019 £12,864 £394,319 OPENING DOORS LONDON (ODL) Employ 2 part-time sessional workers for 12 months to establish two new strands of engagement
09/03/2019 £7,551 STONEWALL HOUSING Ambassadors’ Coordinator and Fundraiser to provide ongoing direction for the ‘House of Stonewall’ ambassadors programme.
09/03/2019 £18,698 £198,172 LEICESTER LGBT CENTRE Organisational Sustainability
09/03/2019 £5,500 MANCHESTER VILLAGE SPARTANS RUFC Develop guidance for trans inclusion in rugby clubs to be rolled-out to the other 16 LGBT Rugby Clubs in England and to the RFU and Sports England.
09/03/2019 £9,958 £2,111,927 LGBT FOUNDATION To launch of the Men’s Programme, a tailored programme of support for gay, bisexual, and trans men
08/03/2019 £8,869 PRIDE IN SHEFFIELD To improve accessibility and inclusion at the 2019 Pride in Sheffield event
08/03/2019 £14,643 £159,244 SAYIT Employ a new member of staff to allow the organisation engage with young LGBT+ SEND people and ensure those young people's needs are met within their own, and others services, across Sheffield
08/03/2019 £9,500 £360,412 LONDON FRIEND Organisational Sustainability
08/03/2019 £15,810 £355,386 THE INTERCOM TRUST Organisational Sustainability
08/03/2019 £18,558 £62,299 MOSAIC LGBT YOUTH CENTRE Organisational Sustainability
07/03/2019 £2,500 SALFORD PRIDE Improving inclusion and broadening participation at the annual Pink Picnic event
07/03/2019 £14,226 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE Funding for our Under 18’s Summer Camp for 40 young people
07/03/2019 £12,525 £329,447 ALLSORTS YOUTH PROJECT Employment of a part-time BAMER/PoC inclusion worker for 12 hours a week.
07/03/2019 £10,961 £377,782 MINDOUT LGBTQ MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE Organisational Sustainability
06/03/2019 £8,000 £11,830 X2Y YOUTH GROUP Organisational Sustainability

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