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The London Community Foundation makes a difference to the lives of Londoners by connecting people who need help with those who are willing to give. That's what we do. We are dedicated to improving the lives of London's most disadvantaged. Child poverty, unemployment, isolation, homelessness, domestic violence and gang crime are just some of the issues we are tackling through our grant making.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £772,240
  • The average age of charities supported has been 16 years.

Grant criteria

We primarily support small community groups and charities in London. We award grants on behalf of numerous donors through a range of different funding streams managed here at The London Community Foundation. As a minimum, to apply for a grant from The London Community Foundation, your group must be a constituted organisation with the following in place: At least 3 Trustees, Directors or Management Committee members (If you are a community organisation, you must have this as a minimum. Registered charities and other bodies’ constitutions may allow for less – in this instance, please contact us prior to making an application). A governing document eg. Constitution or memorandum & articles of association. Accounts or a record of income and expenditure for your group, and sound plans for managing your money (if you are a new group you will need to provide a bank statement and a spending plan). A safeguarding policy if you are working with children or young people (under 18) or if you are working with vulnerable adults.

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The London Community Foundation
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Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period they've made 984 donations totalling £12,735,660 to 658 organisations

Where are the Beneficiaries?
How big are the Recipients? ?
How old were the charities when supported?
Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
The National Lottery Community Fund 73% 77%
DCMS 58% 58%
City Bridge Trust 52% 48%
Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales 31% 28%
Garfield Weston Foundation 28% 26%
The Henry Smith Charity 27% 23%
Co-operative Group 20% 22%
Greater London Authority 20% 15%
BBC Children in Need 19% 17%
Trust for London 16% 24%
Sole supporter: 6% by number, 12% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
31/03/2021 £10,821 £216,825 WISE THOUGHTS Funding is requested to support the delivery of our programme of services and activities to support BAME / LGBTQI+ people living working studying or socialising in Haringey and London. The funding will cover salaries and fees for service facilitators, resources, marketing and management costs for a period of one year
30/03/2021 £19,989 £183,654 WESTBOURNE PARK FAMILY CENTRE The funding is for our vital˜Skills for Life project work with children and young people, 8-21 years, many from BAME and low income families, enabling them to nurture behaviours and develop skills leading to their happiness and health, and improving their life chances, particularly towards future employment.
30/03/2021 £28,000 £347,092 WANDSWORTH COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK The funding is to identify and employ 2 people from our core network partners, to embed alongside our staff team, so that they can train and upskill to be change agents within their own hubs and clusters.
30/03/2021 £26,490 £6,401,434 BATTERSEA ARTS CENTRE BAC to support 20 new young people from Wandsworth (15-25) to join its creative entrepreneurship programme The Agency & create Covid-relief social change projects for their communities.
30/03/2021 £30,000 £1,471,630 CITIZENS ADVICE WANDSWORTH The funding is for a specialist caseworker who'll provide employment advice and casework support to marginalised and low-income residents of Wandsworth. They'll deliver a programme of training and capacity-building for partners in South West London, and will use evidence and issues from clients to inform local advocacy work.
30/03/2021 £42,230 £3,170,000 CARDINAL HUME CENTRE An established, high-impact project providing access to food and advice for people suffering significant negative social and economic impacts during covid-19. 250 people facing poverty, joblessness and homelessness inc. migrants and isolated mothers will access food, information and advice on welfare, housing, employment, immigration and debt.
24/03/2021 £15,888 £153,668 HEAR US enabling the recovery of mental health service users through peer navigators listening, supporting and signposting. Purchasing 10 tablets enables provision of remote support to seriously ill people at the Bethlem Hospital. Updating our guide to Croydons mental health and wellbeing services provides information about social inclusion services and welfare services.
24/03/2021 £20,000 £24,904 NAZ LEGACY FOUNDATION This funding is to deliver our community outreach Diversity Programme over a period of 12 months, online and in face-to-face capacity, to meet the needs of marginalised BAME young people, through a series of workshops and projects.
24/03/2021 £14,500 £527,237 JUNCTION COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for 50% of a lead coachs salary for 1 year. We are seeking an experienced coach who can join the team at a challenging time. They need to be able to coach remotely and support the transition back into the centre when restrictions allow.
24/03/2021 £14,976 UNIQUE TALENT CIC The delivery of a media production course that provides a rehabilitative intervention which gives young offenders the opportunity to create video content, connect to the industry, gain work experience and/or employment and receive mentoring to develop a positive mindset, peer support and integrate into society whilst challenging the gang lifestyle.
24/03/2021 £34,562 £127,186 THE TRIANGLE ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND ASSOCIATION The funding is for 12 months salary for our Senior Playworker role. This funding will cover our most crucial core cost which allows us to continue our vital service, strengthen our sustainability and expand our fundraising and project specific grant capacity.
23/03/2021 £5,000 LAMBETH ASIAN CENTRE (LAC) Funding is for running sessions of reducing health inequalities, social isolation and increasing social inclusion of older adults. Older Asian adults will engage in link building and physical fitness activities, make connections and friendship building strong links, reducing their isolation and independent living and becoming part of a cohesive community.
23/03/2021 £15,186 £59,348 BARNET LONE PARENT CENTRE This funding is for a Peabody project to pay the annual salary, Employers National Insurance and Pension contributions of our part time Welfare, benefits and Money adviser. This post was previously funded by Trusthouse but we are not eligible for further grants under their revised criteria.
23/03/2021 £28,707 ARTBURST LTD The funding is for a Peabody project called ˜Especially for Peabody families. We will engage Peabody residents pan - London in fun, educational, creative online activities; and deliver face to face workshops for Peabody Pembury children in Hackney when lockdown eases or between further lockdowns.
23/03/2021 £22,629 £201,482 STONEGROVE COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for a Peabody project to become a œSocial Action Hub to enable residents to take the lead on those local issues they care about. The social hub will help strengthening community cohesion and resilience, building diverse and active communities and promoting better physical and mental health outcomes.
17/03/2021 £42,629 £156,083 HOME-START LAMBETH Support, friendship and practical help for parents of toddlers. Peer support and groups will reduce parental stress, loneliness and isolation and build networks for families and young children. This will support vulnerable children to develop, learn and catch up on experiences they have missed out on.
17/03/2021 £49,724 THE LAMBETH PORTUGUESE WELLBEING PARTNERSHIP The funding is for a core grant which will enable the Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership to build on our successful establishment as a vital network. It will fund overheads and capacity building so we can strengthen our sustainability and financial resilience into the future.
17/03/2021 £19,890 ICONIC STEPS FILM ACADEMY C.I.C An employability programme designed to support YP from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 16-25 from Newham and Lambeth to build personal and social resilience that will help them lead successful lives, build a professional network and get connected into the media industry
17/03/2021 £29,964 £109,419 YOUTH LEAGUE UK (YL) The funding is for an expansion of our Leaders of Tomorrow programme, to develop the skills and networks of more young future leaders, mainly from black communities. The programme will amplify their voices and provide them with the tools needed to effect systemic change in their communities.
17/03/2021 £38,000 £431,011 EASTSIDE YOUNG LEADERS' ACADEMY The funding is for: ¢ Recruitment and training of 30 graduate leadership instructors and tutors to reduce class sizes that therefore increase participation. ¢ Recruitment, training, matching of 30 mentors to improve wellbeing ¢ Mental Health First Aid Awareness trainingfor staff/volunteers ¢ Development of our˜Parent University to improve online delivery and increase participation.
17/03/2021 £10,701 £18,826 AUTISM VOICE LIMITED The funding will cover the cost of supporting 15 young people with autism and/or learning disability (age 16-35) into jobs or training courses that match their interests and will help them secure independent living. This will be delivered through weekly advice and support by qualified and experienced career advisors.
10/03/2021 £8,647 £68,494 4ALL - BUILDING COMMUNITY IN WEST DULWICH Funding is for providing a memorable "back to life" programme (within government guidelines) for our yp. We'll do this by providing fun, positive experiences to give young people the laughter-filled days they deserve alongside high-quality support with mental health, employment, schoolwork to catch up.
10/03/2021 £49,979 £200,479 NEWARK YOUTH LONDON Work-It Hub will provide 1-2-1 mentoring support to disadvantaged BAME young people aged 14-25, helping them identify their future career options/pathways; improve their employability skills, help them access apprenticeships, courses and work experiences, and support them to move into paid employment or starting their own businesses.
10/03/2021 £49,253 £490,720 GREENLEAF CHARITY TRUST/SPARK2LIFE Funding us to receive referrals from Feltham & Belmarsh prison estate through the gate targeted individual mentoring, signposting, advocacy, housing advice, employment opportunities to help BAME ex-offenders make healthy transitions into society, develop community connections, a robust safety net and to renew mindsets, building necessary skills for positive citizenship.
26/02/2021 £6,000 £147,697 CARIS ISLINGTON LTD. The funding is to support our Adult and Childrens Bereavement Services, which provide free counselling to people in Islington who are struggling with their process of grief. This is especially crucial during this time, as many people are experiencing sudden or multiple loss(es), and limited opportunities to ˜say goodbye.
26/02/2021 £3,059 9TH SOUTHSIDE SCOUT GROUP (J4Y) The funding is for ¢ Provision of laptops/resources to assist vulnerable children to access actively participate in sessions. ¢ The provision of training in mental health to leaders to identify and aid mental wellbeing in our children. ¢ Consumables/resources to ensure safety for face-to-face activities during COVID in line with SA guidelines.
24/02/2021 £10,000 £14,969 TURNING CORNERS Project name: The Peer Mentor Program Group counselling, Peer Support and mentoring for young carers whose parents/siblings suffer from serious mental health challenges who now have caring responsibilities due to Covid-19.
24/02/2021 £5,000 £19,498 TOOTING COMMUNITY KITCHEN Funding will allow us to keep bringing support to our guests and cover our monthly expenses as well as looking towards achieving our long term mission of opening a community centre
24/02/2021 £9,700 £8,369 HOUNSLOW ASIAN & AFRICAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION To deliver a weekly programme of online youth provisions over 5-months, comprising 3 sessions a week, covering health and wellbeing, social, and lifeskills development activities for young people (13-21 years) in Hounslow targeting in particular those from Asian and African background currently not benefiting from other provisions.
24/02/2021 £5,654 EVELYN COMMUNITY STORE To provide a device with data, so those who are digitally excluded have a means to be able to reconnect with family and friends. There is a strong link between digital exclusion and social isolation, our aiming is to give our vulnerable members a means to access on-line services.
24/02/2021 £9,754 PROJECT 4 YOUTH EMPOWERMENT The funding is for counselling support, food parcel and poverty support, mentoring support and a safe space where parents and families can access support, conversation, knowledge or advice on a weekly basis. This would be via a zoom session open to the community.
24/02/2021 £5,000 £173,461 MOTHER AND CHILD WELFARE ORGANISATION The funding is for support for vulnerable adults and young people from Somali backgrounds. We will target areas of poverty in Wandsworth, especially the Alton Estate in Roehampton. We will provide food parcels, payment of pressing utility bills, signposting to food banks and information targeting young people and single mothers.
24/02/2021 £5,000 £25,195 THE CEDAR HOUSE SUPPORT GROUP The funding is for continued delivery of group sessions to our London group. We wish to continue offering 3 sessions per week whilst delivery is online, returning to offering 2 sessions per week when we are able to return to face-to-face delivery.
24/02/2021 £5,000 £1,527,052 SOUTH WEST LONDON LAW CENTRES Salary costs for our Crisis Navigator and a small fund to support the immediate needs of those in crisis. The project provides a link between our housing and debt teams, helping people to stabilise their situation in the short term, to allow for better long-term outcomes from the advice.
24/02/2021 £10,000 RASTAFARI MOVEMENT UK The funding is to run an emergency food distribution and delivery project which will pay for volunteer expenses, the purchase of food; buying of IT equipment and software ; purchase of mobile phones and their running costs; buy PPE - COVID 19 Health and Safety equipment.
24/02/2021 £4,860 £545,065 OMNIBUS-CLAPHAM Story Circle participatory storytelling project engaging adults experiencing significantly compromised mental health and wellbeing as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Local people aged 60+ will take part in a series of themed storytelling workshops focused on alleviating anxiety and providing a sense of community and connection.
24/02/2021 £7,500 £58,730 COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT AND SUPPORT INITIATIVES (CESI)-UK The funding is for organising Zoom meetings with the community people to establish relationship with them and to give them important information along with other support, advice and signposting to the services provided by local service providers. They will also be able to engage and exchange information among themselves.
24/02/2021 £9,910 £629,480 YOUNG ROOTS Young Roots is requesting funding increase our mental health support through our expert partners, Off the Record, in Croydon; to provide hot meals for young people who are alone and/or destitute; and to provide data so they can access the support and services they rely on and need.
24/02/2021 £10,000 £25,556 AFRICAN FRENCH SPEAKING ORGANISATION The funding is for emerging the African French Speaking Organisation community in particular, and people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic origins in general, from the impact the Covid-19 has had on them. It is also for continuing the relief of barriers, disadvantages, then for boosting skills for life.
24/02/2021 £2,430 £95,972 WANDSWORTH COMMUNITY CHAPLAINCY TRUST The funding is for additional smartphones for men leaving prison and resettling in London, to increase their access to digital services and help maintain their support networks, including our Change for Good mentoring programme, to reduce social isolation.
18/02/2021 £9,972 ULTIMATE COUNSELLING TRAINING AND SUPPORT SERVICES CIC Funding will directly support 125 people from the BAME community including asylum seekers and refugees living London-wide, who are in urgent need of food, essential items and community outreach work aimed at addressing loneliness/isolation. The target population will include COVID-19 sufferers, bereaved, those shielding, recovering and clinically vulnerable.
18/02/2021 £8,941 ASIAN PEOPLES DISABILITY ALLIANCE (APDA) The funding is for staff & project costs to provide a more dedicated befriending & dementia support service to users who are isolated and vulnerable and living either alone or the Carers are struggling to cope with the user as their condition/health has declined.
18/02/2021 £10,000 ST MONICA'S, PALMERS GREEN The running costs of our food bank including: Food costs; Running costs (utilities); Volunteer expenses and PPE costs For a three month period
18/02/2021 £10,000 £383,550 ST CUTHBERT'S CENTRE The funding is for the packaging costs to provide up to 200 take-away meals per day to homeless and vulnerable adults five days a week, over 75% of whom will be BAME, asylum seekers and/or disabled.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £629,685 VOLUNTARY SERVICE ASSOCIATION LTD. The funding is for VSL to provide essential transport for vulnerable and older people in Lewisham, who have limited mobility and who would be unable to attend their vaccination appointments without our support. Funding will cover the cost of a dedicated transport Coordinator, running of minibuses, volunteer training and expenses.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £337,554 CHELSEA METHODIST CHURCH & PASTORAL CENTRE Extension of community outreach support to increasing numbers of people at risk - including families, single and elderly people struggling with poverty and/or loneliness, isolation, mental and physical health challenges, bereavement, fear of Covid-19, parenting issues, relationship and family breakdowns, people facing homelessness and risk of homelessness.
18/02/2021 £10,000 BERMONDSEY COMMUNITY KITCHEN The funding is for Bermondsey Community Kitchen to operate a meal service program, including providing access to ready to eat cooked meals that are healthy, nutritious, filling and homemade. These meals will supplied to those most in need and not reached by public services, including the elderly and families.
18/02/2021 £8,549 £78,530 ECCLESIA CHURCH We would like to expand our Barley Loaves food distribution service to reach more people experiencing food shortages during Covid lockdown, both through more frequent deliveries and by covering a larger geographical area.
18/02/2021 £10,000 KULAN FOUNDATION LIMITED The Funding is for Hot Halal food delivery for socially isolated members of our service users who requested this service.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £233,283 VOLUNTEER CENTRE GREENWICH To continue to deliver our Emotional and Well-Being service, providing emotional support and pathways to meet the changing needs of vulnerable residents in Greenwich. This funding will enable the continuation of referrals to this project, support current volunteers and train and support additional volunteers to meet demand.
18/02/2021 £9,000 £213,694 NORTH LONDON HILL CLUB The funding is for the distribution of tablets to disadvantaged young children that attend the after-school club. We hope to combat the educational and social lacks the children experience due to lack of funds or available digital devices at home, bringing them up to par in both these aspects.
18/02/2021 £2,989 £158,292 RIVERBANK TRUST The funding is for (1) 'school packs' (syllabus book, games etc) for our beneficiaries (vulnerable children and mothers) we serve remotely due to C19 school closures, and (2) technological costs (computers, phones and Zoom accounts) incurred by staff in delivering services remotely.
18/02/2021 £9,597 £43,572 HACKNEY PEOPLE FIRST Funding will help us continue to address social isolation and loneliness for adults with learning disabilities by running weekly online meetings to stay connected and prevent difficulties escalating. We will provide person-centred digital support and host board meetings to ensure we are effectively supporting LD adults emerge from crisis.
18/02/2021 £4,500 £189,583 RACKETS CUBED The funding is required to enhance the activity and food support. We have seen an increase in demand for the Boxes and food costs. Our recent impact work showed that many children were doing no activity, had seen material weight gain, and large drops in agility and confidence.
18/02/2021 £3,273 £328,084 UKHARVEST To deliver food to vulnerable people in Hammersmith 1 day a week and 2 days a week to Croydon.
18/02/2021 £10,000 OUR LADY OF FATIMA CHURCH, WHITE CITY the support of 90+ local families in urgent need reached through our Food Project sessions. We will supplement donated food in our parcels and cooked meals. We will buy nappies and other items for young children. We will keep volunteers safe with protective equipment and a good cleaning regime.
18/02/2021 £9,775 £78,792 OXYGEN Funding is for facilitation and delivery of remote youth work for young people requiring support with their mental health and wellbeing.
18/02/2021 £9,394 £90,241 THE BANGLADESH YOUTH MOVEMENT (BYM) "Surviving COVID", which will provide professional advice and wrap-around support including volunteering, befriending, health and skills development to vulnerable people, mainly from BAMER communities, for whom effects of COVID are disproportionately detrimental to enable them to ˜survive COVID ready to resume their lives back in the community.
18/02/2021 £7,800 £225,819 SKYLARKS CHARITY Increased counselling provisions to support more children with additional needs and their families.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £1,126,948 HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM FOODBANK If successful the entire grant would be spent on food and toiletries for the 600 to 1000 food boxes we pack each week.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £176,132 GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL) This funding is for our work with frontline voluntary organisations in London, sourcing and supplying essential items for Londoners in the greatest need. It will meet some staffing and overheads costs and provide a fund for hygiene goods, which must be bulk purchased at scale to reduce costs, and logistics.
18/02/2021 £9,906 £426,682 ROUNDABOUT The funding is for Dramatherapy sessions to help build stronger communities by improving mental health and wellbeing for vulnerable individuals. It will increase peoples resilience in coping with the continuing impact of the pandemic, develop stronger relationships, including young with old, provide effective support, and decrease loneliness and isolation.
18/02/2021 £10,000 £273,108 MENTAL FIGHT CLUB increasing and maintaining the participatory activities for the digital online Virtual Dragon Cafe wellbeing activities until we are able to meet physically.
18/02/2021 £2,411 ST PETER IN CHAINS CHURCH, STROUD GREEN support of homeless people who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society, often with underlying health conditions and mental health issues. In this time of severe national crisis, our individual and collective responsibility is paramount. We serve ca 60 beneficiaries who rely on us weekly to provide friendly support.
12/02/2021 £7,117 MOON ACADEMY CIC These funding is for Food Aid for the vulnerable groups in our community. We want to do food delivery for the elderly, and people who are shielding as well as the ones who are struggling financially at this difficult time.
12/02/2021 £10,000 £117,918 PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF MARIA KONOPNICKA POLISH SATURDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION This funding is for aiming to improve the mental wellbeing of student, teachers and parents. We will be carrying out workshops and one-to-one sessions in order to work on their confidence, emotions management, controlling stress in order to prevent deeper anxiety, loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse and even suicide
12/02/2021 £8,510 COMMUNITY CENTRE PUEBLITO PAISA CIC The funding is for workshops by zoom (for the time being at least) to assist with peoples mental health and assist with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Workshops to take the form of group therapy sessions and also dance therapy sessions.
12/02/2021 £9,100 £417,885 PCC OF ALL HALLOWS BROMLEY-BY-BOW The funding will enable us to protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children and their families in our local community during and after lockdown through: a weekly food club to increase access to affordable healthy food, weekly playpacks and advice and support for parents.
12/02/2021 £9,568 £153,293 VOICES OF HOPE 1. Project management staff costs - Brite Box and Food HUB meals 2. Food supplies, packaging and printing 3. Volunteer costs
12/02/2021 £9,325 £52,576 MINDFOOD Funding is for enhancing our MindFood @ Home programme to support people with mental health problems through the crisis: - Delivering food growing kits - Expanding our MindFood @ Home content - Befriending calls to support with loneliness - Partnering with BAME led organisations to co-deliver sessions in other languages
12/02/2021 £5,625 £259,203 REPHAEL HOUSE The funding we are requesting is to support our bereavement service that supports those who have lost a pregnancy, baby or child of any age. There is an additional impact from COVID-19 on this service due to other family losses, lack of access and support in hospitals, etc
12/02/2021 £6,480 £209,875 SETTLE SUPPORT We are requesting funding to support a total of 24 18-25 year olds who are at risk of becoming homeless with: - remote interpreter service support where young people and Programme Officers need additional support communicating remotely
12/02/2021 £10,000 £438,137 IRISH CHAPLAINCY Our successfully piloted ˜Keeping Connected project provides digital connectivity to isolated and vulnerable older Irish people in London to help them combat loneliness during the Covid-19 lockdown, and enhance mental health and well-being. We would like to extend this support to many others.
12/02/2021 £10,000 £140,625 MUSIC OF LIFE The funding is for bespoke online music-making workshops for SEND schools and specialist individual online lessons for disabled children living in London whilst schools are remote teaching
12/02/2021 £8,967 £214,560 MONTAGE THEATRE ARTS The funding will create a mental health and wellbeing programme to support all our stakeholders. We aim to train all our key staff in Mental Health First Aid and, with a registered drama therapist, establish a programme over six months that will tackle some of the struggles our students face.
12/02/2021 £8,148 £97,860 ARTBOX LONDON The funding request is for outreach one-to one pastoral support for those of our artists suffering mentally the most as a result of the isolation caused by the pandemic. This would be provided by assigning our highly experienced Studio Facilitator with personal knowledge of our artists individual circumstances.
12/02/2021 £9,900 £615,128 COMMUNITY DRUG AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY SERVICE CDARS' community kitchen where a team of chefs, advised by our Nutritionist, freshly prepare nutritious home-cooked meals and get them delivered to the door of our most vulnerable clients at higher risk of Covid-19 due to a range of physical and mental health issues.
09/02/2021 £9,852 £632,849 CHABAD LUBAVITCH CENTRES NORTH EAST LONDON AND ESSEX LIMITED The funding is for emergency food packages, phone calls and workshops to reduce isolation
09/02/2021 £10,000 £320 SOUL KITCHEN Provision of food to the disadvantaged which Soul Kitchen volunteers will prepare, pack and deliver direct to their door. The funding will pay for food and food only. We will cover our own volunteer costs and our aim is to feed up to 20,000 people over 6 months.
09/02/2021 £9,828 £127,271 COMMUNITY OF REFUGEES FROM VIETNAM - EAST LONDON The funding is for setting up a six months digital and telephone communication and outreach Covid 19 project to help our older people to remain safe, socially connected to reduce their loneliness, to have adequate supplies of food, basic essentials, online exercise, welfare benefits and health advice.
09/02/2021 £9,880 COMMUNITY COOK UP This funding is for food and crisis support for vulnerable people and those with NRPF in Northumberland Park. We want to continue and develop our support to around 150 (and increasing) households per week with cooked food, groceries, essentials and emergency support, signposting, referrals, information and health promotion.
09/02/2021 £10,000 £452,242 BLOODY GOOD PERIOD This funding is for costs associated with purchasing and distributing period products to the target beneficiaries (refugees, asylum seekers and people unable to afford period products who are having to prioritise food for the household over period products)
09/02/2021 £10,000 £93,882 KONGOLESECE CENTRE FOR INFORMATION & ADVICE Providing healthy foods, delivering fresh, cooked foods and fruits 2 days a week for 24 weeks to 90- 95 vulnerable Kongolese elderly people (aged 60+) known by the organization. They are Westminster residents and experiencing difficulties accessing nutritious food needed to help build up immune systems and fight disease.
09/02/2021 £3,600 £102,894 CHRIST CHURCH ISLE OF DOGS FOODBANK The funding is for basic food and household supplies for 140 Tower Hamlets households a week, for the costs of supplying this service (heating, lighting, power for fridges, increased cleaning, waste disposal, ppe, upkeep of premises) for 6 months, from 1st Feb 2021
09/02/2021 £10,000 £27,086 THE DROP IN BEREAVEMENT CENTRE Funding is to support a rolling programme of bereavement counselling and interactive well-being workshops (delivered in small groups via zoom) supporting grief counselling for Covid-19 related losses. Funding will cover some of the costs of engagement of 4 grief counsellors and 2 well-being therapists for 6 months.
09/02/2021 £9,050 £51,910 UNIQUE COMMUNITY CHARITY The funding is for the consistent presence of an arts therapist in all sessions to support the mental health and wellbeing of the children and young people attending our sessions.
09/02/2021 £9,984 £14,177 BLACK HEROES FOUNDATION BHF Virtual Events for the elderly, isolated and BAME community. Providing engaging, enjoyable, informative, inclusive, stimulating activities. Including history, cultural, current & present, quizzes, sing-a-longs, gentle exercise & dance led by qualified personal trainers. Keeping minds sharp, bodies strong and spirits high improving well-being and reducing loneliness.
09/02/2021 £9,978 £9,922 BRIGHTER TOGETHER The funding is for intergenerational sessions between care homes and pre-schools that will provide mutual benefit for the wellbeing and development of residents and young children. Each partnership will participate in weekly sessions that develop relationships, stimulates minds, and encourages physical movement through an engaging and innovative curriculum.
09/02/2021 £9,900 £50,086,000 BOTWELL CATHOLIC CHURCH food and other basic items for 80 families and individuals in urgent need of help. We are delivering food parcels and run sessions at our church for people to collect food. Our community has many members India, who are trusted by new immigrants. We can signpost people to other help.
05/02/2021 £9,846 £209,434 EDMONTON COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP Our families still face severe food poverty. We will target 200 vulnerable families through our schools' network and supply them with a weekly food parcel of essentials for 6 weeks [straightaway] to alleviate the added pressure that lockdown places on food provision in a family
05/02/2021 £4,764 £100,789 HOME-START HAVERING one-to-one person centred therapy which will be telephone/online support but will move to face-to-face support once lockdown has eased. The aim is to prevent parents/carers reaching crisis point and to prevent child abuse, metal health issues and domestic abuse arising from the pandemic.
05/02/2021 £2,680 £172,936 ASCENSION COMMUNITY TRUST Ten tablets to lend to the most vulnerable users of our elders project and 10 monthly data contracts so they can be used in homes that don't have internet.
05/02/2021 £9,637 £556,296 GREENWICH CARERS CENTRE online emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and social connectivity programme that supports the welfare of unpaid carers to prevent emotional and mental health crisis. This will be supported by the distribution of local COVID information and vaccine updates, newsletters and activity/opportunity programmes and online peer support groups
05/02/2021 £6,145 £16,583 MERIDIAN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION This project aims to provide food and essentials to 120 families, representing 560 people in our community and for members, service users who are struggling to get enough food to feed their families because of the effects of covid-19.
05/02/2021 £9,280 £249,827 THE MAYPOLE PROJECT The Funding is for the creation of My Place: Esssential additional groups /spaces where children and young people aged from 5 to 21 who have complex disabilities can be supported safely, express how they feel, meet others in a similar situation, learn new skills, develop confidence, find their voices.
03/02/2021 £10,000 £235,212 DH FOUNDATION To help Bangladeshi people in Newham alleviate some of the difficulties they faced this winter, mainly older people and vulnerable families who are struggling to access hot halal food easily.
03/02/2021 £9,896 £527,644 CHEFS IN SCHOOLS The funding is for nutritious food hampers for families who are struggling with food insecurity
03/02/2021 £6,200 £697,191 PLIAS-RESETTLEMENT-LTD Our request is for funding to support counselling which in some cases will be cultural appropriate to address the needs of BAME women are many are facing serious trauma. The funding will provide food parcels and top up for utility bills to give them dignity and respect.
03/02/2021 £9,900 EDIBLE LONDON CIC The funding will be to restart and enhance our Highway House Food Hub initiative which currently takes place every Thursday of which funding is about to run out. We will also relaunch our monthly Highway House Cook Up initiative to take place on Tuesday, which funding already ceased for.
03/02/2021 £8,500 AVANT-GARDENING C.I.C the development of an online community of LGBT participants who will creatively share their stories and document their experiences of the pandemic. Working with LGBT artists the participants will create unique artworks and documents that will be shown in an exhibition in south-east London
03/02/2021 £8,000 £38,774 DA'ARO YOUTH PROJECT The funding is for the cost of home-cooked Eritrean food, deliveries of that food to isolated young people (asylum-seekers and refugees) on a weekly basis and also for up to 10 laptops for isolated young people we work with.
03/02/2021 £10,000 £7,244 INSPIRITED MINDS The funding is for carrying out a series or Mental Health training online workshops targeted towards a range of demographics within BAME communities who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19.
03/02/2021 £7,766 £49,622 CASSANDRA LEARNING CENTRE Our request is to extend our meal delivery service by providing and delivering 4 hot freshly cooked meals a week to vulnerable women and fin Domestic violence households along with the associated running cost.
03/02/2021 £9,950 £64,202 DORSET COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is to continue supplying healthy meals/groceries for BAME vulnerable families, seniors and adults with disabilities in crisis from the local area to ensure they don't suffer from food poverty, malnutrition and declining health due to COVID. (
29/01/2021 £10,000 £289,078 ISLINGTON CENTRE FOR REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS 20 smart phones and 10 laptops to help 30 refugees and asylum seekers online so they can access our digital services and feel less lonely. We already have 100 clients joining us online. We also ask for funding for staff time to support all our clients with online sessions.
29/01/2021 £7,390 NEW VISION FOR WOMEN CIC The funding is for Project Wellness For You with vulnerable women, mothers who are finding it difficult to cope with current crisis. Wellbeing group for BAME women who potentially isolated due to cultural norms or low income. Providing these connections and skills helps the women stay healthy, happy and safe
29/01/2021 £5,000 £59,131 HOLY TRINITY TOTTENHAM The funding is to maintain and enhance our response to persistent food poverty and frayed community engagement and narrowing opportunities for community exchange efforts due to the pandemic. The grant will be used to purchase food supplies for distribution as part of our Foodbank Services to the community.
29/01/2021 £10,000 £851,030 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The funding is to increase our community support services to reach more at risk and vulnerable women by training community champions on support and listening skills to confidently deliver outreach support. They will signpost to online specialist support and also provide befriending support. We will purchase phones and data support.
29/01/2021 £9,863 £253,332 EAST LONDON OUT PROJECT a programme of facilitated groups for LGBT+ asylum seekers, GBT+ men, LBT+ women and LGBT young adults (18-25s) providing emotional support & opportunity to make social connections and mental health crisis prevention support through one to one work to produce individualised mental health crisis prevention & resilience plans
29/01/2021 £9,964 £286,969 ROOM TO HEAL This funding is for refugees and asylum seekers who survived torture to meet urgent, basic day-to-day needs, including food & essentials, phone/data top-ups, taxi/travel fares (e.g. to hospital) and emergency costs (e.g. overnight accommodation if made homeless). Plus Therapist & Caseworker phone costs for remote support.
29/01/2021 £10,000 £143,206 NOTTING HILL COMMUNITY CHURCH Providing weekly food parcels currently to 350-400 people. Receiving food deliveries, making up the parcels and delivering to heir homes
29/01/2021 £10,000 £559,958 BARNET REFUGEE SERVICE We are asking for £10000 funding to cover the cost of a bilingual Outreach/advice Worker, for 3 days a week for 6 months. We managed to get funding from other funders to cover this post previously for 6 months which ends in February.
13/01/2021 £8,580 £7,091 REHOBOTH COMMUNITY OUTREACH CLUB The funding will secure premises to deliver the service in a Covid-19 safe compliant way. We will also need to cover transportation costs for collection of donated food, purchasing of supplies and distribution of meals. Purchase of foods items not included in donations and toiletries will also be brought.
13/01/2021 £9,995 £270,988 TZIVOS HASHEM UK The funding is to enable us to reach out to those who are isolated and feel forgotten due the current lockdown, the restrictions that will follow and the probability of a third lockdown in the new year. With a fresh treat, a big smile and a 'virtual' hug!
13/01/2021 £9,286 £36,883 THE EMPOWERMENT GROUP A professional counselling service for 14 BME individuals in London facing mental health challenges and or a bereavement due to COVID-19, unemployed, from a low income home/disadvantaged background. Funding is to cover sessional costs for our 5 counsellors and part time project manager staffing costs for the 4 month project.
13/01/2021 £9,800 £114,862 STEP UP HUB salary of a part time additional advice and wellbeing officer, staff and volunteer training costs, consultancy for organisational development.
13/01/2021 £10,000 £164,771 TRANSLATING & INTERPRETING SERVICES (TIS) Run a 20 weeks (50sessions) Translation and Interpretation Services/activities for isolated immigrants whose first language is not English, suffering from mental health issues, offering them psychosocial support in time of COVID-19, incorporating clear mental health practices, signposting to specialist services challenging stigma around mental health issues within the community
13/01/2021 £6,534 £124,019 RESPONSE COMMUNITY PROJECTS (EARLS COURT) LTD A multi deck chiller fridge that will provide sufficient space for us to store our fruit and vegetables and alleviate waste and funds to continue providing weekly emergency supplies of essential food parcels for 13 weeks to 70 elderly and vulnerable BAME users.
08/01/2021 £10,000 EAST AFRICAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION Majority of our service users are from BME communities in the borough of Barking and Dagenham. This is a deprived area of Greater London and even before the outbreak of COVID-19 majority of these communities have been struggling to cope with the hardships of daily life. Unemployment, low level of education, poor living conditions including overcrowding are among the factors contributing to this situation. COVID-19 made the conditions worse by complicating this situation further and by the fact that it has affected these communities more than the rest of the population. And now the winter, with increased house bills of heating the need for support is urgent to enable many families to cope and get through this difficult time. The most basic needs such as food and cleaning materials will enable these families to keep going hoping the situation will improve in the coming six months. Thus, the need for a food bank and emotional support to these communities. The delivery of these services need a strong management from our organisation and proper environment to deliver these services. Therefore, a support for keeping up the premises where we deliver these services, support to our volunteers in the form of training, supervision and transport will enable a smooth delivery of the services to those in need. Our organisation will work in partnership with other statutory and non Governmental organisations to maximise benefits to our service users. We will also adhere to the guidelines of the lockdown to make sure that both our service users and the service providers are safe.
08/01/2021 £10,000 MAEL GAEL MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY PROJECT The funding is for the delivery of freshly cooked vegetarian hot meals. Meals are aligned to cultural and religious practices of primarily BAME communities afflicted by food insecurity because they are financially or physically unable to access food resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic in West London during the winter.
08/01/2021 £9,440 £464,896 AGE UK WALTHAM FOREST The funding is for the continued employment of a part-time temporary staff member to co-ordinate our Covid-19 shopping service, prescription deliveries and emergency parcels for older, vulnerable people.
08/01/2021 £9,991 £315,840 LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS We wish to build on our learning from delivering differently. The funding is for: - Staff resources to deliver community support services, provide accessible information and address digital exclusion. - Support for our staff team to continue remote working and ensure their well-being - Support with organisational development and financial sustainability
08/01/2021 £9,557 £1,526,692 HOPSCOTCH ASIAN WOMEN'S CENTRE Driving forwards our floating services into even more areas than previously planned, so we can reach disadvantaged BAME women close to their homes, and provide the essential support they need to feel safe.
08/01/2021 £10,000 £51,805 JANNATY WOMEN'S SOCIAL SOCIETY A soup kitchen that we will set-up on our premises in Finsbury Park. We will serve hot and cold food including hot and cold drinks. It will operate 3 days a week by our volunteers and will be open to people from any area in London.
08/01/2021 £4,665 HOUSE OF POLISH & EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (HOPEC) The funding is for providing to at least fifty Polish and East Europeans homeless people in North London per week to offer them hot soup, coffee or tea and sandwiches to take as take away.
08/01/2021 £9,878 FTM LONDON This funding will 1. enable socially isolated, trans masculine people to alleviate dysphoria and connect with community (many are in lockdown with unsympathetic families, alone or otherwise distressed) and 2. strengthen our organisation to provide peer support into the future, improving the mental wellbeing of our community.
08/01/2021 £10,000 £212,883 MUSLIM CHARITIES FORUM A 6-week extension of the existing strategic and collaborative partnership with LCF for the following: • To ensure LCF’s grant making reflects the needs of all of London’s communities • To invest in infrastructure that support’s London’s diverse communities • To learn from new partnerships and share insights to continue to improve our mutual impact • To provide a collective voice to funding and donor partners about the needs of London’s communities, particularly now post COVID-19 Please see Annex 1 for details of the project extension outputs.
22/12/2020 £19,400 £362,118 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID LTD The funding is for development of a specialist multilingual APP and delivering related campaigning activities reaching the most isolated, vulnerable, disadvantaged women across London, affected by domestic abuse, during winter crisis and beyond, providing instant access to support, forming a safe community support network. Propagate connectivity reducing isolation through engagement. Your funding also includes the additional £10,000 requested to cover costs for: 10 tablets and data to enable service users to access online support, additional staff costs, and emergency accommodation for 8 women with No Recourse to Public Funds.
22/12/2020 £15,000 £45,540 RESPEITO The funding is for (additional) counseling sessions for victims of domestic abuse and the development of the infrastructure and organizational capacity needed to sustain this work over the longer term.
22/12/2020 £17,600 £19,731,000 CRANSTOUN The funding is for additional support for our victim and survivors of domestic abuse the funds would be used for a range of support to include but not limited to phone/data credit, food, basic winter clothing, taxi fares to refuge, additional basic household items for relocation bedding, translation costs. This funding will support 80 beneficiaries across eight Greater London boroughs.
22/12/2020 £20,699 £304,104 MOSAC The funding is to provide our helpline and counselling volunteers with the equipment needed to enable them to provide online support to parents who children have been sexually abused. They are currently having to use their personal phones and laptops or borrow from friends and family.
22/12/2020 £35,000 £481,298 HAVERING WOMEN'S AID LTD To employ a BACP counsellor up until the end of March 2021. This grant includes an additional £20,000 to provide counselling for a further 140 women, meaning the total grant would support 210 women. An additional £5,000 to contribute to the costs of an administrator.
22/12/2020 £30,000 £2,299,863 WOMEN IN PRISON The funding is for laptops, internet enabled phones and tablets to enable women we work with to be digitally connected to mental health support and engage in group work as well as funding for individual well-being packs which we are distributing by post to women we work with.
22/12/2020 £45,540 £738,465 WOMAN'S TRUST Total grant of £45,540, for five counsellors to provide c750 sessions to 70 women women who have experienced domestic abuse over 11 weeks. It will be provided by qualified employed counsellors who are DA specialists.
22/12/2020 £20,000 £85,643 AURORA FOUNDATION FOR PEOPLE ABUSED IN CHILDHOOD The funding is for premises and to cover additional counselling and supervision costs up to 31 March 2021. 20 women will be supported through the grant with one to one remote counselling sessions.
22/12/2020 £12,000 £41,601 SISTAH SPACE (SANCTUARY) The funds are for essential, hair, food, skin products, a part time IDVA and ISVA and for giving specialist support for those affected by DV and Corona Virus.
22/12/2020 £9,500 £105,303 MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN AND SOCIETY ORGANISATION The request of for data contribution, mobile handsets and tablets for women who experience domestic abuse so they can access support confidentially.
22/12/2020 £20,875 £46,177 DAWN CHARITABLE TRUST £20,875 to support 15 BAME women with 10 counselling sessions each, with costs for counsellor oversight and supervision, administration and £1,000 for a projector and screen for delivery of public health seminars
22/12/2020 £25,413 £407,065 NATIONAL UGLY MUGS The grant will pay for a full time caseworker as well as £8,750 for emergency support in food vouchers and to provide essentials such as hygiene supplies.
22/12/2020 £10,000 £86,855 MIGDAL EMUNAH LTD The funding is for the salary of our part time Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, for additional clinical and management supervision as well as tablet device to allow for remote working on a work device as opposed to a personal one.
22/12/2020 £35,000 £1,396,588 ASIAN WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE (AWRC) Developing an accredited specialist DA & Harmful practices, professionals training package (on the lines of the IDVA training) to build capacity of BME organisations by increasing the number of trained specialist advocates to respond effectively to the anticipated 100% increase in DV referrals post COVID in BME organizations. An additional £5,000 is awarded towards clinical supervision, staff and volunteer welfare costs from December 2020 to March 2021
22/12/2020 £18,750 £153,836 KURDISH AND MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN'S ORGANISATION Funding is primarily for Kurdish, Middle Eastern and North African women who are experiencing or survivors of domestic violence. The funding will relieve the distress and suffering and promote their human rights, through professional support services. It will provide opportunities for education, employment and social integration through various online activities.
22/12/2020 £19,600 £2,019,812 THE NIA PROJECT The funding will support additional staff costs for a Domestic Abuse Worker so that increased demand can be met.
22/12/2020 £30,398 £27,604 ELLA'S HOME To continue outreach work to vulnerable survivors of trafficking and exploitation across London. £12,030 for Outreach Coordinator salary * £802 for translation, cleaning and administration costs * £6,509 towards Finance Officer salary * £11,057 towards Head of Fundraising salary
22/12/2020 £39,933 £558,957 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS Providing a safety-net by extending complementary support to BME victim-survivors with NRPF to overcome disproportionate impact of dual pandemics, VAWG and covid-19. The support will complement holistic advocacy offered by SBS and be tailored to meet needs identified as critical over winter. Please note that £1500 for 15 clients - one off voucher purchase for essential winter clothing is eligible, however the £10k for immigration application costs were ineligible and therefore are not included in this grant award.
22/12/2020 £72,167 £1,294,229 BROMLEY AND CROYDON WOMEN'S AID To support staff costs, including: volunteer management; Resettlement Officer; Outreach Workers Support Line Worker and Administrator. The grant will also support the purchase of equipment for staff: 4 mobiles and 4 laptops, to support their remote working.
22/12/2020 £41,233 £4,158,579 ADVANCE ADVOCACY AND NON VIOLENCE COMMUNITY EDUCATION 41,232.93 to help survivors of domestic abuse: a) access tailored emergency support via our Crisis response and support Duty line, and b) those of who are facing financial hardship due to Covid19 and its ramifications to meet their most basic, individual and immediate needs (Hardship grants are not eligible and £6,232.93 is allocated towards emergency client welfare package which includes mobile phones, sanitary products, safe transport costs, support for fleeing domestic abuse including taxis and a small amount of food vouchers as one off, emergency provision for women)
22/12/2020 £20,000 £1,163,054 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES The funding is for the provision of hardship support for our clients facing extreme deprivation. Funds will be allocated on a need-assessed basis to enable women to secure their basic needs, including: food and essentials, including baby/child provisions, personal hygiene products, mobile phone top ups and other emergency support.
22/12/2020 £10,000 £1,399,063 SUPPORT THROUGH COURT The funding is for the Central Family Court (CFC) service based in Holborn. The CFC service supports approximately 6,000 clients per year and is a specialist family court supporting Londoners in cases such as domestic violence, divorce, contact orders, residence orders and special guardianship orders.
22/12/2020 £24,150 £3,150,396 STANDING TOGETHER AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE £24,150 to support 1,211 victims of crime, violence and abuse across London. The funding will support five MARAC staff costs, supervision, a laptop and some overheads.
22/12/2020 £54,929 £1,155,589 TENDER EDUCATION & ARTS This funding is for the piloting of an online course for kinship carers, foster carers and professionals supporting them to understand the impact of domestic abuse on young peoples lives and enabling them to help young people to form healthy, safe relationships and friendships. The funding will support: Staff costs, Staff training, Trainer costs, Resource development, An e-learning consultation, Management costs and overheads.
22/12/2020 £11,814 £139,722 STREETLIGHT UK The grant will be used to cover - frontline and administrative staff costs, van hire to enable them to do outreach work during winter, linked increased insurance costs, and outreach resources such as an urn for hot drinks, sleeping bags, coats and care packs.
18/12/2020 £9,831 £91,705 IRAQI COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is for the delivery of multilingual telephone & email advice, alongside online form-filling and disseminating relevant online information via our email list and social media platforms to allow advisors to continue to offer assistance & advice services, as a result of the lockdown and social distancing measures.
18/12/2020 £8,200 ASPIRE2INSPIRE DYSLEXIA The funding is for A2i to hire a tutor who will deliver study skills zoom sessions targeting young people with dyslexia who face exams in 2021 and who need additional support to enable them to do so confidently and achieve increased attainment levels
18/12/2020 £9,995 THE ROYAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEAF PEOPLE Remote support for Deaf people in BSL via webcam: ¢ Advice service to help deal with benefits, housing, debt, utilities, employment and citizenship, 9am-9pm; ¢ Information & Wellbeing service providing information, connection to community services, support for Deaf people struggling with isolation, physical and mental health, 9am-9pm.
18/12/2020 £9,998 £32,462 NOUR DV The funding is to extend the extra capacity counselling service up to end of April 2021 and funding to support the counselling services assessments and supervision up to May 2021 to manage complex cases, as we seek to get further funding to continue the extra capacity service.
18/12/2020 £10,000 £67,491 LEARN TO LOVE TO READ The funding is for equipment to adapt our services for digital delivery: laptops for staff to facilitate the hugely increased online workload; and tablets to lend to disadvantaged, digitally excluded families and, where required, a contribution towards their data/internet costs, so they can access our online support.
18/12/2020 £5,000 £348,905 MERTON CENTRE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING This funding is for our Craftivism & Chat project, social policy work and to provide organisational support to increase capacity and resilience. This work will promote independence and inclusion and work with Deaf and Disabled people to achieve change locally.
18/12/2020 £5,867 £18,573 ETHNIC MINORITY CENTRE The request for this grant is for "Mental and Physical Fitness Project"-This virtual project is consisted of yoga/zumba/art/culture/soft exercise/health inequalities workshops. This project will extend beyond countering the effects of COVID-19. Hence,EMC would like to apply for this grant to materialise this project/ reducing health inequalities/develop wellbeing.
18/12/2020 £9,802 THE HORNBEAM CENTRE To cover the staffing costs involved in tackling social isolation, loneliness in the community, promoting improved mental health, and wellbeing using volunteering and physical activities such as cycling and walking. Much of the volunteering will be part of the COVID-19 emergency response, providing access to free food.
18/12/2020 £10,000 £7,690 BE KIND MOVEMENT The funding is for recruiting part-time staff to build educational content for our kindness workshops which aims at boosting the emotional intelligence of children and young people from deprived families, particularly those badly hit by Covid-19 socially and economically.
18/12/2020 £7,000 £27,105 FRENCH AFRICAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION helping communities emerge stronger from the crisis, via befriending chats if feeling isolated or lonely, emotional (œsympathetic ear) support on issues and concerns, and for those facing unemployment, advice and training workshops on alternative career options post-Covid19, CVs, work-related welfare benefits, job-seeking, training opportunities, job interview practice.
18/12/2020 £9,611 £101,820 HASVO The funding is for our We Can Project, to engage 45 young people and 12 university students to engage regularly with other young people in a range of weekly activities (online and in group) to allow young people to access positive activities to support their reduced mental well-being.
18/12/2020 £9,960 £62,107 KAFEL AID Running befriending therapy over the telephone, virtual group counselling sessions and one to one therapy sessions in Tigrinya, Tigray and Arabic. This will be for single parents and carers as they are the most who feel lonely and stressed as their support network has cut due to the lockdown.
18/12/2020 £8,200 £79,739 THE COTTON TREE TRUST Regular essential food packages for members; internet access so isolated members can join support groups; staff to run new workshops in poetry, art and music; making a short film, "A Refugee's Life", for our website and distribution in schools; highspeed scanner for essential copying of lengthy legal document bundles
18/12/2020 £10,000 SUPPORTING HUMANITY This funding is for training 15 new counsellors so that Supporting Humanity can provide inhouse counselling services and not rely on external specialists which costs more and is slower. In turn, we can help more people, more quickly and make counselling more accessible to disadvantaged/excluded members of the local community.
18/12/2020 £10,000 £1,119,761 THE AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION UK The funding is for preparing, packaging and delivering hot, healthy and freshly cooked meals every day to vulnerable families, the elderly, the homeless and rough sleepers - who are struggling with food insecurity during the pandemic.
17/12/2020 £9,500 £62,831 SUSTAINABLE MERTON This funding will be used to 1) purchase essential fresh and long-life food for Merton residents living in food poverty, 2) fund the transport costs of bringing food donations to our distribution points, and 3) assist with related core costs and training.
17/12/2020 £9,280 £134,099 LEWISHAM MULTILINGUAL ADVICE SERVICE This funding is for the delivery of culturally appropriate counselling sessions and for hardship support to assist LMLAS service users who require help with utility bills due to the impact of COVID-19. The project will be led by LMLAS trained advisors.
17/12/2020 £9,980 £96,909 OYA ORGANISATION OF YOUNG AFRICANS The funding is for community education and health workshops and basic tech training for the parents of 120-150 young people of African heritage on London council estate, to help them to improve difficult family environment and support their children in catching-up with their education through and post-covid.
17/12/2020 £8,503 £26,179 QUEEN'S PARK BANGLADESHI ASSOCIATION To help alleviate some of the difficulties faced by BAME residents during the winter period, mainly older people and vulnerable families who are struggling to access food easily.
17/12/2020 £9,978 £620,415 VENTURE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding will support 12 weeks distribution of food to those families most in need. It will fund staff costs, van and delivery costs and volunteer expenses. With this money we will distribute 100 tonnes of food to over 1200 households through our food-bank (also avoiding food waste).
17/12/2020 £10,000 RYE HILL TENANTS AND RESIDENTS ASS. (FOOD BANK) The continuation of our food bank. We also will use this to fund our hot meals and food growing project as we know food security is a major concern post brexit. We can ill afford increased prices for food so will grow food for sharing.
17/12/2020 £9,980 NORTH KENSINGTON HEARTS & MINDS CIC Providing hot meals for up to 80 vulnerable people every day including those who are homeless, living in hostels and increasingly those struggling financially due to the pandemic. The demand is increasing and families struggling financially due to the pandemic are in desperate need of support.
17/12/2020 £9,982 £178,937 KANLUNGAN FILIPINO CONSORTIUM This funding is for the delivery of group and one-to-tone befriending and co-learning workshops on employment rights for Filipino migrants working in the healthcare sector.
17/12/2020 £10,000 £868,457 CARERS NETWORK WESTMINSTER This funding is for 300 unpaid carers to provide them with online access to specialist training during the current Covid-19 period and beyond. This training will help carers gain confidence in their caring role.
17/12/2020 £5,650 £609,096 MERTON MENCAP Funding is for our Carer Forum which ensures the voice and wishes of people with learning disabilities and their carers is heard at this critical time. Our Forum ensures local decision-makers (eg Merton Council) take into account the views of local people in the design and delivery of services.
17/12/2020 £9,800 ENFIELD HEALTH & WELLBEING CENTRE The funding will allow us to aid our elderly clients to access some much needed Christmas joy through the delivery of presents, a hot Christmas dinner on Christmas day and a portable space heater for those of our clients most at risk during the winter months.
17/12/2020 £9,608 £455,624 IMECE WOMEN'S CENTRE Continue providing wraparound floating support for those hardest hit BAME women who have been further victimised in addition to their VAWG crises/needs- as current Wave 3 funding covering most of this project will March 21. It is also to increase capacity of Management to ensure infrastructure supports the organisational needs.
17/12/2020 £9,970 £61,885 WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION FOR NETWORKING AND DEVELOPMENT The funding is for increased support staff costs to satisfy the growing demands for WAND's services and purchasing Winter food to complement dried foods from the local food banks. WAND's vulnerable users have grown through its food distribution programme and we need to provide a robust follow up support service.
17/12/2020 £8,844 CLUB KALI NETWORK CIC We are a LGBTQ+ BAME member led organisation, running for over 25 years. We need funding for paid p/t: - Volunteer Co-ordinator to increase our capacity (provide training, policies, support) and - Policy/Admin Community Worker to support, re-engage members to be involved in shaping needed activities.
17/12/2020 £9,840 £484,044 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION The funding will be used to develop and deliver a BAME Acceleration Employability Programme. This programme is a response to a critical community need, supporting a group that has historically faced disproportionate levels of unemployment and redundancy job loss because of the global pandemic and national economic crisis.
17/12/2020 £9,500 £91,444 DOSE OF NATURE The funding is for the training, management and supervision of 18 new volunteers to support a further 90 individuals experiencing mental health problems.
17/12/2020 £9,262 LET'S GO OUTSIDE AND LEARN CIC To bring together vulnerable families impacted by covid and at risk of isolation for nature based activities in parks. Small group activities will be designed to support mental and physical wellbeing and will be targeted to families from areas of deprivation. We shall work with partners to identify participants.
17/12/2020 £8,000 £438,251 REGENERATE-RISE We want to expand the work that we do to reach more of the 29,000 older people living in Wandsworth. We have to date helped 521 people but there is so much more that we could be doing. We want to provide more individual support across the borough.
17/12/2020 £10,000 £12,604 EALING SOMALI WELFARE AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (ESWCA) ESWCA seeks funding to offer support additional 80 identified refugee and migrant women and their families with solutions to cope with Covid-19 easing measures through open-space and online keep fit sessions while supporting them also to deal with issues such as debt, welfare benefits and addressing mental health.
17/12/2020 £6,638 £168,351 CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST AMAZING GRACE PARISH The funding is for buying a suitable fridge freezer for storing meat and chicken donations we get, for our community digital development (cv builder, back to work calculation etc). To buy non food essentials like toiletories, baby nappies, tissues etc
17/12/2020 £9,100 £16,096 LEWISHAM CHURCHES FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS The funding is for basic food supplies which are given to Refugees and Asylum seekers at our weekly foodbank. We serve destitute members of the community from BAME. Based on our experience this year we expect to see numbers increase and we need the grant to meet this need.
15/12/2020 £10,000 £759,551 INDEPENDENCE AT HOME The funding is for supporting 25-30 Londoners of all ages living with a disablity or long-term illness with independence in their homes by enabling them to access specific equipment or essential support to reduce loneliness, improve comfort, safety, dignity and quality of life.
15/12/2020 £3,640 FOOD FOR LIFE WANDSWORTH The funding is for two mentored, virtual courses, for 30 people each, organised and delivered by Food for Life Wandsworth, franchisee of Bags of Taste. Courses would run January 2021 to March 2021.
15/12/2020 £7,485 £410,985 CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF BLOOMSBURY - CENTRAL LONDON 1. Food packages for 50 people over a duration of 3 months. 2. Mental health sessions to help people with stress of continued covid social restrictions.
15/12/2020 £9,240 £14,548 WINGS OF HOPE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The finding is for programme to provide mentoring support to Arabic speaking Women who have been finding adjusting to a temporary new way of living difficult and has effected their emotional wellbeing. Through mentoring we want to help them to emerge from the gradual easing of the lockdowns to normality.
15/12/2020 £10,000 £38,195 THE SHERRIFF CENTRE CHARITY The Growth Project, a free food store that we have set up within our centre, in response to the need we identified. Our community store stocks fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and store cupboard ingredients donated by our community partners.
15/12/2020 £4,874 £1,564,699 GENERATE First want to provide Christmas dinners throughout December for all our members these celebrations be smaller in numbers than usual. We want to provide Christmas hampers and food for people that will be home alone for Christmas, new year it would also be nice to give them a gift to open
15/12/2020 £10,000 HOUSE OF RAINBOW CIC Supporting queer people of colour through Covid 19, including: refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; MSM living with HIV; and people of faith who are isolated because of religious-based homophobia and transphobia at home and from their communities at this time.
15/12/2020 £9,670 £67,858 ASSOCIATION FOR POLISH FAMILY The funding will allow us to continue to provide the community food hub, offering food parcels and essentials to Polish/EE communities twice a week at local community centre. It will provide most needed families with access to food boxes that will help them to cope with the challenging circumstances.
15/12/2020 £10,000 £49,755 WEST LONDON SOMALILAND COMMUNITY Activities: BAME tailored mentorship, advocacy and support serv.£1800 Online (Zoom/Whatsapp) perinatal mental health awareness courses £1100 Youth mentoring activities £2100 Preparing and distributing activity packs in both Somali and English £750 Elderly Yoga session classes and online when required £2000 Remote IT skill development workshops, such as coding, for youths. £2250
15/12/2020 £9,790 £199,000 BE ENRICHED Food bus project costs to enable us to bring the bus into the areas of North Lambeth to work with schools, children centres and estates in the area and provide access to food that is also healthy and nutritious.
15/12/2020 £7,715 £50,338 WASTE NOT WANT NOT BATTERSEA We are asking for funding to support our winter food sharing project and Christmas Dinner project, which will provide meals to those most in need at Christmas.
15/12/2020 £8,625 £30,099 THE BREAKING BREAD TRUST The funding is to pilot schools' food bank project with 20 local schools by establishing a mini food bank in each school which will be supported by our main food bank. Secondly, to replenish the main food bank. And thirdly, to create marketing collateral for a funding drive.
15/12/2020 £9,520 £47,670 ZEBRAS CHILDREN AND ADULTS CHARITY The funding is for our overall food for families project that provides weekly fresh fruit and vegetables to the most vulnerable in our community.The grant will allow us to expand our reach of beneficiaries.
15/12/2020 £10,000 £174,401 CHRIST CHURCH FELTHAM The funding is for food provision, essential toiletries, equipment hire and other costs incurred to run a holiday hunger project.
15/12/2020 £10,000 £182,430 KINGSTON BEREAVEMENT SERVICE .. the Saying Goodbye Project which provides 1:1 counselling to children and young people who've been bereaved. Also the provision of information and support to parents and carers of children and professionals working with them, so they can support them through a bereavement particularly as a result of Covid-19.
15/12/2020 £9,856 £575,655 SUTTON CARERS CENTRE CHARITY COMPANY for 2 workers and 2 laptops to conduct assertive, telephone/video outreach to unpaid Carers from the BAMER/BIPOC community, to assess need, offer tailored advice, information and support, and develop new forms of service - to improve mental and physical wellbeing, the ability to care, and reduce social isolation.
15/12/2020 £9,958 £311,529 SANGAM ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN WOMEN Similar to the approach taken with our Counselling project , also funded by the LCRF, Sangam would like to provide a free Immigration service that can help more people disproportionately affected by Covid afford the support they need to make their immigration applications.
15/12/2020 £9,600 £281,932 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT (GOS&D) The funding is needed to deliver a much-needed mental health service to support affected individuals from Black Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) communities. The pandemic has exposed unacceptable levels of inequalities with generic mental health services found to be inaccessible and at times inappropriate by swathes of BMER individuals.
15/12/2020 £9,898 £671,593 AFGHANISTAN AND CENTRAL ASIAN ASSOCIATION The funding is for training 8 volunteers in interpretation and technical English and paid for 195 hours of translation. This further develops and reinforces our translation and interpretation services for our Community Advice Clinic, will strengthen links with partners and is key to disseminating key messages into refugee communities.
11/12/2020 £9,835 £118,709 DESTINY COMMUNITY SERVICES A team volunteers to go out five days a week giving food and hygiene packs to homeless people and providing casework support.
11/12/2020 £9,320 £135,097 A.P.P.L.E. Staff to support and develop the Food and Meals programme.To set up off-site volunteers (we have offers of help) IT support to maintain and develop our social media. Develop ways of reaching our older group and developing specific activities/projects for them Materials/equipment Rent/utilities.
11/12/2020 £10,000 RESTORATIVE JUSTICE FOR ALL The funding is for continuing our oversubscribed COVID19 Emergency Relief "You are Not Alone" project by opening a weekly food-bank, a community Fridge and extending its mental health services to affected families and young people in SE London. Priority will be given to Rotherhithe's BAME and other marginalised communities.
11/12/2020 £8,103 £207,206 ADVOCACY IN GREENWICH enabling us to continue to provide our services and supports remotely. We need resources to connect staff with people who we support in self-advocacy groups and one to one partnerships. People with a learning disability who have paid roles within our organisation need access to technology and the internet.
11/12/2020 £5,521 £18,485 LAMBETH ELDERLY ASSOCIATION FROM VIETNAM Please note that the grant you have received from LCF covers the advice worker, Online Covid-19 talks, running costs, tablets, computer, IT training, and a Zoom licence only. It excludes a sessional development worker and web changes This funding is for core costs and costs related to our Covid-19 response. We are requesting a grant to cover: ¢ Salary and other costs associated with Covid-related advice and information work. ¢ A sessional development worker. ¢ IT training and equipment. ¢ Running costs.
11/12/2020 £7,537 £73,123 ERITREAN MUSLIM COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION To support people in the community including those with disabilities, elderly, pregnant women and other vulnerable people. The money will be sent on food parcels, food delivery, transport, equipment, resources and PPE.
11/12/2020 £9,340 £33,741 THE FRENCH CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY BETHEL At this very critical time of winter comibnee with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to support 70 families identified as being in very critical situation and going through hardship. The support will consist of food and essentials that can ease their hardship.
11/12/2020 £10,000 £118,842 LATIN AMERICAN DISABLED PEOPLE'S PROJECT To cover the post of the Family, Children and Youth Project coordinator. Please note that the maximum grants available under Wave 4: Navigating Crisis is £10,000.
11/12/2020 £9,989 £64,270 WELWITSCHIA WELFARE ADVICE CENTRE The funding is for the costs of continuing to deliver our befriending and community outreach programme remotely, and to meet the continued need for food and grocery parcels for people in most urgent need as a result of the Covid crisis.
11/12/2020 £10,000 £170,777 LIDO FOUNDATION The funding is for distribution of ready-made hot meals to 80 clients for 7 weeks.
11/12/2020 £10,000 £188,296 BENGALI WORKERS' ASSOCIATION To provide food and essentials on a monthly basis to 50 Bangladeshi and South Asian families experiencing significant financial hardship owing to loss of income due to becoming unemployed, unable to work, or reduced earning as a result of Covid-19 and associated restrictions.
11/12/2020 £10,000 £128,837 SOUTH CENTRAL YOUTH LTD This funding is to provide food parcels, toiletries, zoom workshops on budgeting, zoom workshops on untility switching, mentoring sessions and Christmas hampers
11/12/2020 £10,000 £1,971,676 THE KSIMC OF LONDON Please note: £10,000 is awarded, which includes a £9,000 contribution to the food items and £1,000 contribution to volunteer training The funding is for - Providing hot cooked food and rations to anyone who requests it - Provide bereavement, mental & emotional health support to anyone in need - Reimburse volunteers with direct costs of providing the above support and to shop for those shielding
11/12/2020 £9,900 £345,554 CHINESE MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION The funding is for the continuation of the weekly wellbeing activities LCRF funded under the Wave 2 grant to cover winter and spring 2021. The wellbeing activities will support 250 individuals from London with poor mental health.
11/12/2020 £9,762 £548,835 THE LIMES COMMUNITY AND CHILDREN'S CENTRE The funding will be used to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (CYPSEND) and their families to access vital online support and keep in touch with us, providing some level of continuity for our most vulnerable users at an unprecedented and difficult time.
11/12/2020 £9,920 £472,326 DALGARNO NEIGHBOURHOOD TRUST The funding will help us meet the increased demand for vital food supplies and the front line support needed to combat the detrimental impact the pandemic is having on disadvantaged families and communities.
11/12/2020 £3,768 £468,168 THE MANNA SOCIETY help to provide our takeaway meal service for the next 6 months to homeless people and those in need. The meal is provided 7 days a week, free of charge and consists of a hot dinner, a sandwich plus extras when available.
08/12/2020 £5,000 £14,079,076 ROYAL TRINITY HOSPICE We would be extremely grateful if the Trustees would consider supporting one of our Specialist Community Nurses with a donation of £10,000. This would fully fund the cost of one of Trinitys specialist nurses for two months this winter.
08/12/2020 £9,945 £105,580 ELEVATING SUCCESS UK This funding will be used to deliver a series of workshops and support groups tackling mental health issues in young people aged 8-24.
08/12/2020 £8,750 UNITY GROVE CIC ...... the operating and direct costs needed to run Street Kitchen, a hot meal service run by volunteers, delivered twice a week for homeless and vulnerable people in North Kensington.
08/12/2020 £8,800 £9,236 CHILDS HILL FOOD BANK We are requesting £8,800
08/12/2020 £7,988 £153,481 HARINGEY PLAY ASSOCIATION The funding is for providing food donations twice a week along with collecting small household items, used clothes, toys, dvds, books for children to donate to families in need. Used items to be handed out during our food distribution days twice a week.
08/12/2020 £5,200 SEN TALK CIC This funding will support our mental health and parent support offer increasing counselling and delivering resilience based workshops. The aim will be to support families to rebuild their lives by identifying barriers and resourcing them with stress management tools to self manage.
08/12/2020 £10,000 £1,309,624 NAZ PROJECT LONDON To support the most marginalised of our client group by increasing capacity of our food bank advocacy service post lockdown. We seek to ensure we have capacity to respond to increased presentation of hardship and support from BAME HIV/ LGBTQI communities, a significant number who are undocumented and need assistance.
08/12/2020 £9,334 £95,858 ANSAR YOUTH PROJECT The funding is for funds required to expand and sustain the Foodbank. This means staff and volunteer expenses (incl. well-being), a container from which to run the Foodbank (we are currently running out of the youth centre's gym room), additional electronic equipment, and a buffer for emergency essential items.
08/12/2020 £9,984 £97,337 MOSAIC COMMUNITY TRUST This funding is for the training and capacity building of 6 community-based BAME Advocates, to deliver a phone-based holistic health and wellbeing support service for isolated and vulnerable 50+ BAME women in the Church Street area of Westminster.
08/12/2020 £9,660 £465,843 OPENING DOORS LONDON delivery of a weekly online facilitated peer support group for older LGBT+ people living with dementia to share experiences, provide emotional support and companionship, retain and develop confidence, resilience, independence and provide access to relevant information to ensure and support compliance with recommended safeguarding and social engagement opportunities.
08/12/2020 £10,000 £243,324 SPOT PROJECT We have set up emergency food parcel delievries for those most vulneerable in the community . The food parcels have milk, bread, selection fruit & vegetables, oil, pasta, eggs, toilet roll, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Delievered to peoples doors by our volunteers.
08/12/2020 £10,000 FREE YOUR MIND The funding is for us to increase our resource: supporting our practitioners to continue working with us and recruit additional practitioners, to meet the increased demand for our services, which continues to grow. This will enable us to more effectively respond to the continued need for domestic abuse trauma intervention.
08/12/2020 £10,000 £309,487 HOME START WESTMINSTER This funding is for volunteer befrienders/therapists to provide emotional and practical support to families with young children who are facing difficulties amplified by Covid. These difficulties, which impact parents mental health and ability to meet their children's needs, include social isolation, financial insecurity, anxiety, insecure housing/over-crowding, and domestic violence.
08/12/2020 £3,240 £160,698 LOUGHBOROUGH JUNCTION ACTION GROUP Funding will enable The Loughborough Farm and The Platform Cafe to meet growing demand for outdoor gardening activities and to continue to provide free meals for those in need. There will also be support for those who can't join group activities yet and/or isolated and in need of additional support.
04/12/2020 £10,000 £406,908 COUNCIL OF SOMALI ORGANISATIONS The funding is for an Information & Support Officer post supporting 20 Somali-led Mosques in London to promote health messaging in relation to Covid-19 vaccination and to combat anti vaccine messaging on social media. Currently figures in London are showing low take-up vaccination amongst the Somali community.
04/12/2020 £5,515 £31,870 KUNSAKA The funding is for financial support to implement activities that will reduce isolation and loneliness for older people from BAME communities who are shielding as a result of restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic compounded with the usual winter crisis.
04/12/2020 £8,560 £8,010 GOSPEL TEMPLE APOSTOLIC CHURCH The funding is to enable us to continue the work of engaging with the local community through redistributing food to those who are at risk of hunger and homelessness, offer friendship advice, counselling support and pastoral care. Our reach serves areas such as Wood Green, Hornsey, Ponders End and Tottenham.
04/12/2020 £9,990 £584,074 EALING CVS Ealing and Hounslow BAME COVID Response Forum: We seek to set up a specialist network to support the work of BAME groups, to broaden inclusion and ensure that the hardest hit are BAME communities and the groups working within them are supported with resources advice, guidance and messaging
04/12/2020 £9,986 £684,611 KINGSTON CARERS' NETWORK The funding is for the provision of support, advice and advocacy for young carers most disadvantaged by the pandemic. One-to-one support will be targeted to those who are at risk of harmful or excessive caring, are struggling to engage in education or are experiencing poor mental health.
04/12/2020 £9,750 £67,433 NENE TEREZA To provide online access to education and mental health resilience to 50 children and young people by 10 trained volunteers. Active listening, critical enquiry conversations and group discussion will underpin the learning process. Being able to share and discuss concerns, family disputes, intergenerational conflict will improve their resilience and wellbeing.
04/12/2020 £10,000 £222,118 SPRINGFIELD COMMUNITY FLAT a series of small socially distanced healthy wellbeing workshops focusing on children, young people, individuals including parents and carers and senior citizens with creche facilities for those who do not have access to childcare.
04/12/2020 £4,828 £3,555,829 THE REAL JUNK FOOD PROJECT - TWICKENHAM (TRJFP) The funding is for additional staffing to ensure TRJFP operates effectively and efficiently to meet the growing demands of food poverty in our community for those most impacted by Covid-19. Funding is also required for addition consumable and PPE costs due to Covid-19.
04/12/2020 £10,000 £1,892,631 URBAN PARTNERSHIP GROUP The funding is requested for a culturally appropriate food distribution service on housing estates in Hammersmith, White City and Edward Woods supporting 600 households. Food is distributed through home-delivery and collection at community centres. This is providing a service for the most in need and affected by the crisis.
04/12/2020 £9,400 £561,476 HOLBORN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION This project will create a lending library of digital devices and WiFi internet dongles, to be shared amongst local families and older people who do not have the resources to access online projects. In parallel we will run online projects building peoples digital knowledge and confidence in accessing remote projects.
04/12/2020 £7,980 £158,045 BURGESS SPORTS To tackle food insecurity. We believe giving away ingredients and recipes, is a fun, friendly and dignified way of helping those in need. The programme has also contributed to demystifying the fact healthy food is expensive by proving it is possible to cook on a budget a healthy nutritious meal.
04/12/2020 £9,999 £456,717 HEALTHY LIVING PROJECTS The provision of food supply and freshly home-cooked meals for 100+ Rough Sleepers/ Homeless people who have been housed in temporary accommodation as a result of Covid-19, and who have limited or no cooking facilities and/or cooking skills.
04/12/2020 £10,000 £175,061 MILDMAY COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP The funding is for work that will help support, develop and sustain essential food services for families and vulnerable people in our community.
04/12/2020 £9,760 £682,932 ATLAS FOUNDATION Preparing meals and distributing them to local families and older people who are suffering extreme hardship as a result of the Covid19 crisis and lockdown, and are self-isolating due to a) suffering from Coronavirus, and / or, b) being asked to isolate by test and trace
04/12/2020 £10,000 £1,080,314 FRENFORD CLUBS We make a final request for support with food and essential supplies costs. Funding will see our food bank remain a place of support through to May 2021, when we hope there will be less of a demand. Our volunteers continue to absorb their costs and we have donated our facility.
04/12/2020 £10,000 £223,822 THE BAKED BEAN CHARITY commissioning behavioural assessments leading to intensive one to one therapeutic and emotional support for PLD's and service users highly affected by COVID. The support will be personalised, interest-led and project-based, focused on encouraging social interaction and improvement in self-esteem. It will also be offered to our staff team.
01/12/2020 £3,772 £53,806 IN-DEEP COMMUNITY TASK FORCE The funding is for providing a healthy nutritious meal for 35 isolated older people once a month. From January to March meals will be home delivered, and if restrictions are lifted, from April to June, the meal will be table service to prevent coronavirus transmission. Entertainment will be in the background. It will also provide extra administration support due to new projects such as the befriending service.
01/12/2020 £8,772 £60,046 YESHUOS SHABBOS Empowering NEET Young people not to victimise themselves by Covid 19 challenges but to utilise time to upskill, access jobs available by GOVT kickstart scheme, learn budgeting skills to stretch the pennies and access personal care essentials fortnightly so that they can be relatively comfortable and confident.
01/12/2020 £7,070 DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE (DBA) CIC We are seeking funding to launch our Male ˜Get Active & Get Creative™ project initiative as per our beneficiaries request. This consists of advice, guidance and workshops for males with a diverse range of mental health and socioeconomic challenges. We also seek to facilitate positive activities during the winter months.
01/12/2020 £9,980 £178,836 ADVICE SUPPORT KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION The funding is to help us meet the costs of providing and delivering 2 hot freshly cooked meals a week with the nutritional value to meet the cultural needs of vulnerable BME older people who are isolated, have complex health needs and mobility difficulties.
01/12/2020 £10,000 £58,221 CHRISTIAN KITCHEN The funding is for additional expenditure incurred by Christian Kitchen to serve increased numbers of homeless people we are feeding since the outbreak of COVID. We would use the funding for extra food, PPE for our volunteers, volunteer expenses, cleaning and disinfectant materials for our kitchen area and van.
01/12/2020 £9,988 £68,725 BOLD VISION The funding is for food boxes for local people experiencing food poverty due to COVID-19, to meet urgent need. We will use the funding to buy fruit, vegetables and dried goods from wholesalers, parcel it up into single person and family boxes, and distribute for free using volunteer drivers.
01/12/2020 £10,000 £105,379 DOORSTEP HOMELESS FAMILIES PROJECT The funding is to enable us to continue to provide weekly food care packages containing staples e.g bread, milk and eggs, as well as a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, to homeless families who are living in one or two rooms of a hostel and have been economically affected.
01/12/2020 £10,000 £65,836 WALWORTH GOLDEN OLDIES COMMUNITY CARE PROJECT Funding will be used to provide warm meals, fruit and toiletries for our users delivered twice weekly by our volunteers. Thus enabling us to sustain the physical and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable elders, particularly Windrush generation elders, who have contributed significantly to post-war development and now need help.
01/12/2020 £6,312 £667,540 SUDBURY NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE A new free food delivery service between January - April 2021 for isolated high needs elderly people living in Brent, of whom 82% are from BAME communities.
01/12/2020 £9,966 £636,891 THE VINEYARD COMMUNITY CENTRE The provision of free hot breakfasts for up to 50 street homeless people in the mornings as well as subsidised meals for other vulnerable people in our community cafe in the afternoons.
01/12/2020 £10,000 £135,215 UP N AWAY Funding is to prevent mental health by delivering breakfast to homes of vulnerable YP with underlying disease/health conditions and cannot go out of the house as well as those who have lost their jobs and cannot afford basic food bills.
01/12/2020 £9,020 £1,329,647 BODY & SOUL This funding is for our members most urgent needs. It will enable Body & Soul to buy and deliver food, medication, and other essential supplies to our most vulnerable families living with HIV in deprived wards of London over the winter months
01/12/2020 £6,873 £19,084 FAST58 Funding is for relieving persons of all ages and backgrounds who are in situations of need, hardship or distress exacerbated by COVID, in particular through homelessness or inadequate housing. We will use this funding to provide food and assistance in finding shelter, for those who are poor, hungry and oppressed.
01/12/2020 £10,000 £208,858 YOUNG EALING FOUNDATION The funding is for our food project in Southall. It will enable us to continue the project from January 2021-February 2021, providing fresh food for families worst hit by the crisis.
01/12/2020 £9,770 £16,332 EKOTA CARE TRUST The funding is for to enable Ekota to address the impact of the food poverty faced by vulnerable BAME older and disabled people during this pandemic crisis. The funding will be used to prepare and deliver a freshly cooked hot meal twice a week through the long winter months.
01/12/2020 £9,970 £563,617 GLOBAL ONE 2015 We will provide food which can be picked ufrom our Mosque (Palmers Green) to support 70 vulnerable households for 5 months through this current crisis.
01/12/2020 £5,122 £300,238 RE-INSTATE LTD The funding is for a mental health support group called Tea@two, offering a hot drink and a biscuit to local people isolated and struggling with their mental health due to Covid-19. The group will be held at our community hub.
01/12/2020 £9,946 THE WILD MIND PROJECT CIC Funding would enable us to run wellbeing programmes for LGBTQ youth with mental ill-health, an isolated group that are particularly vulnerable during Covid-19. Nature activities are key to our programmes. We also include art therapy to help participants express themselves both verbally and visually in a safe space.
01/12/2020 £10,000 ARC COMMUNITY SPACE Arc Community Space Foodbank to continue to feed 60 local disadvantaged families and households per week, experiencing food poverty from the impact of the pandemic. Supporting those unable to afford food, with a focus on lone parents, unemployed, with disabilities and health issues and older people.
27/11/2020 £10,000 £20,878 LIGHTHOUSE - SUPPORTING WOMEN THROUGH STORMY TIMES Lighthouse seeks a grant of £10,000 for our 'Zero Tolerance for Women€™s' rights' to provide individual counselling to women who have suffered domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships.
27/11/2020 £9,840 £565,865 KING'S CROSS BRUNSWICK NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATION (KCBNA) Crucial support services for older BAME people; including befriending and food delivery once a week between January to April 2021.
27/11/2020 £2,500 £10,916 ZAWIYAH This funding is specifically to support our Maths classes where some families do not have a computer. We are requesting funding for 5 laptops that we could loan to the families most in need.
27/11/2020 £10,000 DADIHIYE SOMALI DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION Funding will be used:- 1. Purchase food and other household facilities for 50 Households. 2. Purchase 20 tablets/IPad for 20 digitally excluded mothers and young people 3. purchase 2 Laptops for workers/volunteers working remotely, etc. 4. 2 Volunteers travel/lunch expenses 5. contribution core running costs(telephone clients communication, printing, postage, stationeries, etc
27/11/2020 £10,000 £173,511 SOMALI WELFARE TRUST The funding is to provide essential food parcels to vulnerable families living in Redbridge who are facing serious food poverty. Providing food packages will support families through the coming tough winter months, were they do not have to make a trade-off between paying their bills or feeding their families.
27/11/2020 £10,000 £699,249 THE CHICKEN SOUP SHELTER increasing the capacity of our home-delivery service, providing hot, nutritious meals to vulnerable people in the safety of their own home throughout the Covid-19 crisis. The funding will cover the additional expense required to safely prepare, package, and deliver 150 meals per week for 12 weeks.
27/11/2020 £6,000 £654,450 THE SPIRES CENTRE We request funding to help us continue our Covid19 emergency response through the winter months. Funds will cover: food parcels, deep cleanings of the Centre on a regular basis, staff transportation , as necessary, and small emergency grants to individuals. PLEASE NOTE: telephone/wifi costs and small emergency grants to individuals are note eligible as part of this grant.
27/11/2020 £10,000 £201,250 THE STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP LTD The funding is for a multilingual advocate who will support migrants from a range of backgrounds (Portuguese, Spanish and Italian speaking) to access services and benefits and improve their employability. He will also support vulnerable and elderly migrants with check-in and friendship calls.
27/11/2020 £10,000 £155,188 MESILA UK A project which will allow us to expand - to reach a higher number of people as coaching clients, develop our Covid response materials, community events and social media presence. We will use this phase of work to tailor our resources kits towards the current phase of the Covid crisis.
24/11/2020 £5,570 £43,215 FITZROVIA NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATION The funding is for equipment to enable our advice workers to work from home: computers, phones, scanner/printers
24/11/2020 £9,970 £337,997 KINETIC FOUNDATION The salary of our Safeguarding and Welfare Officer to continue to support the requests of vulnerable, BAME participants who need guidance, advice, motivation and someone to speak to whether in person, or online.
24/11/2020 £10,000 £179,985 MHDT LONDON DEVELOPMENT TRUST Developing and enhancing our current aid services to vulnerable households, i.e. food, art packs, digital devices; building community resilience by training volunteers; salaries for project coordinators; making physical adaptations to our community centre; establishing a cloud based solution to safely manage the organisation remotely and provide support to staff.
24/11/2020 £9,705 £201,660 ABILITY NORTH LONDON Warm soup, warm blanket. Warm hearts will look after most vulnerable cognitively physically disabled young adults (with co-morbid medical issues)by providing specialised meals (dietetic, warm gear, emotional health support and activities to keep them safely stimulated during isolation periods.
24/11/2020 £10,000 £38,613 HAND ON HEART (AL-MIZAN CHARITABLE TRUST) The funding is to purchase essential supplies that will be distributed to people who are homeless in Central London and local London Boroughs. To provide 1200 essential packs containing a number of items including: Sanitisers, Wipes, PPE, Hygiene Kit, Deodorants, Shower Gel, T-shirt, Underwear, Socks, Water, Snacks and rucksack
24/11/2020 £3,500 £138,001 CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF ISLINGTON The funding is for continued food packages and pharmacy delivery from March 2021 to June 2021. The funding is also for adapting our community centre to make it more covid safe which will commence as soon as we receive the funding.
24/11/2020 £10,000 £394,485 THE FOOD CHAIN (UK) LTD The provision of groceries, toiletries and other essential household goods for people referred to us in crisis, with a particular focus on infant formula milk and essential other items for HIV+ mothers we support who have new born babies and infants under 1 yr
24/11/2020 £8,133 £244,016 HEALTH EQUALITY AND RIGHTS ORGANISATION T/A LGBT HERO LGBT HERO wants to develop online digital media interventions aimed at Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans women focused on improving mental wellbeing such as anxiety/depression, tackling isolation/loneliness and increasing knowledge of services who can support LBT women in London right now.
24/11/2020 £9,776 £732,353 BLACKFRIARS SETTLEMENT Additional hours to support the Mental Health & Wellbeing and Positive Ageing services to meet increased levels of need during social distancing. Enable continued delivery of support via expanded methods: face-to-face, telephone, online and emergency deliveries, to meet diversity of need including of the 'Clinically Extremely Vulnerable'.
24/11/2020 £9,775 £283,297 CAXTON HOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE This funding will support additional costs to extend the weekly befriending service we provide for residents. It will also allow us to increase the weekly crafts sessions we are delivering and offer places to those on our waiting list by supporting additional costs for staff, space and individual equipment.
20/11/2020 £7,000 FRIENDS OF GIPSY HILL The funding is to provide meals and emergency support up to and through the Christmas period. Also to provide the social interaction for the people of SE19. Working with Christ Church and their Open Door team we will ensure families and people in need are catered for.
20/11/2020 £10,000 £30,402 POETIC UNITY The funding is for educational workshops and mental health support for young people.
20/11/2020 £10,000 £158,049 BRITSOM The funding part-time education and employment support worker, who will have had prior experience of this job requirement, and will be assisted by 2 volunteers, who will receive full training and support.
20/11/2020 £10,000 £78,410 CROYDON FOOD BANK To replenish essential food stocks and to pay for additional storage facilities.
20/11/2020 £9,568 £77,777 GROWBABY (A PROJECT OF KINGSTON VINEYARD) We would like to be able to continue to purchase baby food, formula and nappies for our families most affected by Covid19 and to fund a part time post for the next six months, in particular to support the groups for highly vulnerable young people we are continuing in person.
20/11/2020 £10,000 £55,630 SOMALI GIRLS CAN The funding is for urgent food parcel service to support and cover the cost of 100 women and their families from the Somali community who have disproportionately been impacted by Covid-19. This funding will enable us to cover additional expenditure to meet the short-term influx of needs.
16/10/2020 £9,817 £65,816 JUVENIS Grant to Juvenis
16/10/2020 £10,000 £2,406,816 SHOREDITCH TRUST The funding supports the delivery of 'Community Table'; a programme delivering nutritious cooked meals to vulnerable community members. Funding enables the adaption of our business model; meeting crisis need in the community and the continuation of our chef training programme for NEET young people in Waterhouse, our social enterprise restaurant
14/10/2020 £40,169 £615,128 COMMUNITY DRUG AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY SERVICES CDARS' community kitchen where a team of chefs, advised by our Nutritionist, prepare nutritious home-cooked meals and get them delivered to the door of our most vulnerable clients who are at higher risk of Covid-19 due to a range of physical and mental health issues.
14/10/2020 £9,950 £110,666 RELIEFUK LTD The funding is to: Offer specific therapeutic and counselling support around Covid-19 issues including stress and anxiety management, parenting, depression and dealing with isolation to teenagers and adults. Extend our therapeutic support to offer bereavement therapy. Signposting families to other support for identified needs.
14/10/2020 £35,750 £298,945 HOLLOWAY NEIGHBOURHOOD GROUP We will provide face-to-face and online counselling, telephone support, online classes and socially distanced activities at our community centre to reduce social isolation and improve mental health. Services will target people with new and pre-existing mental health issues and reduced social connections and confidence.
14/10/2020 £6,803 £988,905 SOLICITORS PRO BONO GROUP The funding is for our Voices for Families (VFF) project, which supports children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses and their families who access our legal services through referrals made from children’s hospices or via the helpline of the charity Together for Short Lives.
14/10/2020 £25,500 £978,994 SARACENS SPORT FOUNDATION This funding will reopen 14 disability sport club projects. The aim is to reconnect over 250 vulnerable young people and adults with disabilities, impacted due to shielding during Covid-19 back to their communities. This project will transition participants through a phased return to delivery over a 6-month period.
14/10/2020 £9,200 £358,369 PERSONALISATION SUPPORT IN CAMDEN We are seeking funding to adapt our service delivery in order to provide a digital based support service for new and existing clients who require support arranging, managing receipt of or purchasing support services through direct payments received from the local authority or CCG.
14/10/2020 £9,892 £12,576 POVERTY CONCERN The funding is for support and advice to children, young people and single parents living in poverty in the three most deprived wards in Enfield, ensuring that they are not disproportionately disadvantaged by the impact of Covid-19.
13/10/2020 £10,000 £337,743 AFC WIMBLEDON FOUNDATION The funding is for delivering an extension of our current summer scheme's at targeted venues in socially deprived estates in Merton and Wandsworth that combine sports, drama, dance and arts activities and food support for vulnerable young people referred by schools and community partners over the next six months.
12/10/2020 £9,999 MIND IN HARINGEY A part/time Digital Project Worker.
09/10/2020 £7,944 £9,055,000 NTCG BRIXTON COMMUNITY CHURCH Providing a digital equipment loan scheme to the most vulnerable mostly users of our foodbank who are experiencing isolation, are unable to engage with education and access essential services due to the lack of digital equipment and skills brought to the fore and exacerbated during Covid-19
09/10/2020 £9,824 FOR BRIAN CIC This funding is for core costs and service development emerging from lockdown in order to support this young organisation to survive and grow. A skeleton salary for the main CEO role and newly appointed book keeper, the website licence and support fee, and the balance of the annual insurance premium.
09/10/2020 £9,480 £18,826 AUTISM VOICE LIMITED Funding will be used to cover the cost of online and offline mental health support to BAME autistic people and families in mainly Lambeth and Southwark.
09/10/2020 £18,475 £235,296 BEXLEY MENCAP Increasing capacity to develop a wide range of virtual and local small group activities for people with a learning disability to enable them to remain socially connected with their friends and to improve mental health and wellbeing. Increasing self-advocacy capacity to facilitate people's needs and views to be heard.
09/10/2020 £4,184 £371,384 THE CORNERSTONE CHURCH Holiday Hunger project to provide food boxes and support to 15 families that have been referred to us from local primary schools. (Gwyn Jones and Barclay Primary schools).
09/10/2020 £9,900 £182,430 KINGSTON BEREAVEMENT SERVICE The funding is for delivering bereavement counselling and peer support groups for adults, also a reciprocal referral system and training for other agencies. As a response to Covid-19 we've adapted our services to include telephone and online counselling so we can meet the increased demands on our service.
09/10/2020 £9,838 WHITEFOOT AND DOWNHAM COMMUNITY FOOD PLUS PROJECT LIMITED The funding we require is to keep the PT project coordinator post running for another 6 months, as well as equipping wdcfplus with the necessary PPE, food storage and waste reduction during this time.
09/10/2020 £9,208 £135,874 YES OUTDOORS To continue delivering our Tech appeal. We collect unwanted technology from the public which we refurbish and redistribute to the most disadvantaged people across North London. To purchase new laptops as required. To continue delivering digital 1:2:1 mentoring through zoom calls with youth mentors and now a summer programme.
09/10/2020 £9,700 £365,652 REDBRIDGE CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU The funding is to provide specialist advice and casework to people experiencing domestic abuse/VAWG in Redbridge, which has increased exponentially since the onset of the pandemic. The funding will also enable our organisation to increase capacity to support these client groups by providing staff and volunteers with enhanced training.
09/10/2020 £6,000 WALTHAM FOREST ASIAN WOMEN'S NETWORK Waltham Forest Women’s Network wants to help female key workers to connect and share their stories during the pandemic. The funding will help to overcome social isolation faced by keyworkers who desperately need support and understanding and social inclusion to deal with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.
09/10/2020 £9,880 £88,513 ARTS THERAPIES FOR CHILDREN The funding is to provide weekly arts therapy sessions for 19 children over six months. These will be new clients who are suffering from mental health difficulties as a result of the Covid crisis.
09/10/2020 £10,000 £445,966 SIDINGS COMMUNITY CENTRE The funding is to enable the centre to adapt its services and space to provide an ongoing Community Food and Household Goods Bank. Funding will provide for staffing, service delivery and back up costs including adaptation of premises for storage, change of use which is reprioritised to meet need.
07/10/2020 £25,008 £1,620,462 HOPSCOTCH ASIAN WOMEN'S CENTRE us to deliver our services in an appropriate way to reach more underrepresented and disproportionately affected BAME women by moving services to where the women are, as well as more online support via a laptop at our centre where service users can access programmes staff working remotely.
07/10/2020 £19,295 INCREDIBLE EDIBLE LAMBETH We will escalate food growing across the borough and support many more people to access green spaces and food growing opportunities, thereby providing a level of food resilience, and greater sense of wellbeing
07/10/2020 £15,000 £871,349 HELP ON YOUR DOORSTEP Supporting Help on Your Doorstep to adapt and implement the necessary changes of the ‘recovery’ and post Covid landscape in order to continue engaging and supporting the hardest to reach Islington residents to support them yo improve their health and wellbeing.
07/10/2020 £21,505 £2,175,255 EALING MENCAP Adapting, enhancing and extending our service offering, so we can provide new accessible on-line activities, videos and easy read guides to improve the physical and emotional health of people with learning disabilities while our usual community-based group activities are disrupted by Covid-19.
07/10/2020 £39,502 £1,056,876 QUEEN'S CRESCENT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION This funding will pay some core costs for ‘Beyond C19’, a programme supporting one of London’s most vulnerable communities through what will be a difficult autumn/winter. We’ll provide food, advice, telephone befriending and partially re-open our community centre. 70% will go on C19 salaries, currently paid from dwindling reserves.
07/10/2020 £47,393 £1,151,712 SHARE COMMUNITY LTD The funding is for a befriending project through which we will reduce the isolation and loneliness faced by adults with learning disabilities and/or autism as a result of Covid-19, and improve their health and wellbeing. It will be complimented by a diverse programme of online activities.
06/10/2020 £5,804 £402,281 EBONY HORSE CLUB Grant to Ebony Horse Club
06/10/2020 £9,483 £718,433 MAC-UK Grant to MAC-UK
06/10/2020 £9,728 £986,137 THE WINCH Grant to The Winch
06/10/2020 £9,920 SALAAM PEACE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME C.I.C. Grant to Salaam Peace Community Engagement Programme C.I.C.
06/10/2020 £9,872 £511,458 REGENERATE Grant to Regenerate
06/10/2020 £10,000 £504,391 HEALTHPROM Grant to HealthProm
06/10/2020 £10,000 £490,720 THE GREENLEAF TRUST LTD Grant to The Greenleaf Trust Ltd
06/10/2020 £9,532 £494,272 STREET DOCTORS LTD Grant to Street Doctors Ltd
06/10/2020 £10,000 £98,820 CHRISTIANS AGAINST POVERTY (CAP) - LONDON PENGE Grant to Christians Against Poverty (CAP) - London Penge
06/10/2020 £10,000 £177,876 THE BEN KINSELLA TRUST Grant to The Ben Kinsella Trust
06/10/2020 £9,288 £468,110 ART AGAINST KNIVES Growing our digital delivery/offer - our new C19-safe blended delivery model
06/10/2020 £10,000 £1,493,948 XLP XLP Lewisham Mentoring and Community Project
01/10/2020 £9,944 £71,374 SISTER SYSTEM The funding will provide a urgently needed 6 month programme of educational and therapeutic support to 10 BAME girls who have missed out on school and vital support from keyworkers during Covid-19. This programme is vital to ensure our beneficiaries life chances are not further reduced by the crisis.
01/10/2020 £9,844 £1,069,748 THE 999 CLUB To revamp and re-open our Gateway Day Centre which is a vital hub for homeless people in South London. Here people can get a hot meal, a shower, do laundry, see a GP, get advice with benefits. We help people apply for jobs and ultimately get into stable accommodation.
01/10/2020 £10,000 £391,286 THE OAK FOUNDATION Foreseeably, our office remains closed until September as Covid-19 poses higher risks to BAME disabled children and adults. We aim to move active casework and new referrals to remote assessments so staff can advise Carers on benefits, housing, social care, employment and local services available, (translation services provided).
01/10/2020 £7,680 FREE YOUR MIND This funding is for marketing and fundraising development, with the longer-term goal of funds raised to support our efforts to continue to provide therapy for children and young people affected by Domestic Abuse in the home.
30/09/2020 £23,876 £385,556 AGE UK WESTMINSTER Funding is to scale up our Information & Advice service and to prepare for a significant increase in demand for home based advice sessions for house bound people which have been suspended since lock down and for which we expect a significant increase as lockdown eases.
30/09/2020 £9,752 £732,353 BLACKFRIARS SETTLEMENT The funding is to further develop and adapt online groups and activities which help Women, and BAME people who are facing Mental Health Challenges, cope with Covid 19 Crisis. Helping reduce isolation, build resilience and coping strategies, process and manage difficult feelings and facilitate a shared sense of community support.
30/09/2020 £35,000 £1,263,835 GIVE IT FORWARD TODAY The funding is for costs involved to supply 5000 fully kosher cooked main meals to approx. 1000 – 1250 members of the Jewish community who are vulnerable, elderly, financially struggling or who are disadvantaged with young children.
30/09/2020 £29,606 £510,894 MANOR HOUSE DEVELOPMENT TRUST Developing and enhancing our current aid services to vulnerable households, i.e. food, art packs, digital devices; building community resilience by training volunteers; salaries for project coordinators; making physical adaptations to our community centre; establishing a cloud based solution to safely manage the organisation remotely and provide support to staff.
30/09/2020 £10,000 £137,620 OVOS UVONIM Deprived families in the local area have suffered greatly during the pandemic. Families have lost their livelihoods and with large families to feed and with school out the need for food is even greater. The funding will provide a weekly package of food for locals that would otherwise go hungry.
30/09/2020 £18,696 £109,879 SOUTH EAST LONDON ARTS NETWORK Arts Network to continue deliver our Stay Connected programme, which includes: Weekly online creative tutorials Production & distribution of the Stay Connected activity pack to people with severe mental illness in SE London E-newsletters to members & subscribers Regular contact phone calls to members
30/09/2020 £25,000 £443,401 VOLUNTARY ACTION CAMDEN Salary and running costs for a new Camden Health Inequalities Network. The Network will work closely with grass roots BAME communities to connect them with health providers and policy makers, to collaborate and take action to address health issues amplified by Covid 19.
30/09/2020 £43,501 £559,581 HOME-START BARNET The funding is for 1:2:1 therapy, family therapy and parenting programmes for families experiencing a decline in their mental health or a breakdown in family relationships as a result of the C-19 crisis. Parenting programmes will also create opportunities for isolated parents to meet others in a similar situation.
30/09/2020 £9,785 £371,065 ACTION SPACE LONDON EVENTS Adapting ActionSpace's services to deliver our art programme for people with complex learning disabilities and autism. Bearing in mind the lockdown and social distancing rules we would like to adapt our provision to ensure we reach all our participants regardless of their ability and/or logistical challenges they may encounter.
30/09/2020 £9,272 £1,359,094 BARNET CARERS CENTRE Development and rollout of a bespoke app (Carers Community) for informal carers living in London (with potential for subsequent rollout across the UK). The remote app will enhance our existing services and facilitate 'stronger connections' with people at high risk of negative impacts of C-19.
30/09/2020 £18,300 £125,315 OUTSIDE EDGE THEATRE COMPANY To support the mental health/reduce isolation of recovering addicts and prevent relapse through high-quality peer-led drama sessions.
30/09/2020 £6,830 UNIQUE TALENT CIC We are requesting funding for a community centre program delivered as a preventative measure to cure the ills of deprivation and lack of community cohesion that result in youth violence caused by gangsterism and ghettoization. We will transform our communities to stop the damage caused by adverse life experiences.
30/09/2020 £38,005 £427,626 VOLUNTEER CENTRE SUTTON The funding will provide adaption of services, redesigning activities and extra staff capacity with Befriending support to people at risk, older suffering with mental health issues, complex needs. We received three times the amount of complex referrals recently and these people fall into a gap without any support.
30/09/2020 £9,478 £31,148 URBAN COMMUNITY PROJECTS The funding is for Camden Mobile Food Bank Covid-19 emergency service, which has supported 998 people in 16 weeks! Help us to make sure no one goes hungry and continue to support local people who live on housing estates, with emergency food supplies.
29/09/2020 £15,486 £289,000 FAIR MONEY ADVICE This funding is for a holistic finance, benefit and debt advice tailored to the immediate needs of service users in the current COVID-19 pandemic. We'll use existing referral channels and trusted networks to ensure vulnerable communities are not left disproportionately worse off economically as result of the crisis.
29/09/2020 £5,590 £7,091 REHOBOTH COMMUNITY OUTREACH CLUB To meet the increased demand for requests for food poverty support in the Covid-19 crisis. This includes the purchase of protective equipment, ingredient for cooked meals, to purchase dried food food parcels, utilities fuel cost for volunteers preparation and cooking, along with petrol fuel costs for volunteer drivers.
29/09/2020 £23,354 £317,170 CITY & HACKNEY CARERS CENTRE This funding is to provide support services to unpaid carers in Hackney and the City of London in the form of mental health support and information and advice.
29/09/2020 £9,500 £116,766 SUTTON VISION To help our beneficiaries that are being forced to self-isolate and to ensure a that a new form of our outreach and social activities are developed and delivered. This will allow our vulnerable beneficiaries to continue leading an independent life.
29/09/2020 £19,144 £255,215 TELEGRAPH HILL CENTRE GROUP We need financial assistance to deliver post-COVID-19 community support services. Using the Centre's network of therapists and teachers, these free video-link sessions are aimed particularly at isolated older adults and members of MIND. This will be the start of an on-going project and partnership with MIND.
29/09/2020 £14,406 £244,786 FULHAM GOOD NEIGHBOURS Support in the home&garden, community&online for older&disabled Fulham residents, reducing the impact of isolation&loneliness,poverty&deprivation;& promoting access to services&well-being including: gardening/befriending service for those that cannot pay; digital inclusion/befriending service;Good Neighbour Scheme(shopping,prescription delivery,dog walking etc);&online social clubs (chair based exercise,art,reading&gardening).
29/09/2020 £10,000 £107,426 HEALTHY GENERATIONS The funding is to continue our long-term ‘hybrid’ plan to maintain online classes while resuming live classes after lockdown: Re-developing social media platforms, working with new classes for specific medical conditions with NHS and the local council, and building our administration to further develop our client delivery systems.
29/09/2020 £4,805 £728,178 ONE WESTMINSTER The funding is for IT and equipment support to enable the OW staff to continue to work from home effectively and comfortably.
29/09/2020 £8,581 £214,359 SOUTHWARK IRISH PENSIONERS PROJECT a person to provide appropriate and tailored support to people who are caring for someone in their own home with a focus on those who are looking after people with dementia and other mental health issues.
29/09/2020 £20,000 £207,257 TOUCAN EMPLOYMENT Emotional Support, Advice, and Training for Vulnerable Londoners with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities and Autism
25/09/2020 £7,250 £1,499,290 POSITIVE EAST This funding is to provide much-needed food and essentials for Bengali LGBTQ refugees and people seeking asylum who are living in East London. During Covid 19 we have had to shift from our usual peer-support role to crisis intervention and we require emergency support
25/09/2020 £7,300 £11,362 ST LAURENCE'S LARDER AND OPEN KITCHEN food, electricity operating expenses and basic provisions including soap and underwear for those in need. PPE and additional cleaning products required to operate safely
25/09/2020 £10,000 TRANSGENERATIONAL CHANGE LIMITED ("TCL") The funding will enable us to work in partnership with Richard Atkinson Primary School in Tulse Hill to help our established community of disadvantaged families minimise the damage that the Covid-19 lockdown has done to the mental health and wellbeing of their children.
25/09/2020 £4,790 £115,844 UAFC GOSPEL CENTRE The funding is to supplement our limited public donations to enable us to be more responsive to the COVID-19 crisis by continuing to provide adequate nutritious food, sanitary and cleaning supplies which are needed by our clients. For operational reasons we include a dedicated part-time paid staff member.
25/09/2020 £9,990 £147,506 THE WOMEN'S CENTRE SUTTON Extend our current services, 12 week Freedom Programme, Counselling and therapy courses from face to face contact by Zoom or telephone for victims of domestic abuse. Funding would enable us to employ counsellors and facilitators for evenings or weekend to women who are self-isolating or working during the day
24/09/2020 £40,040 £322,264 HOMELESS ACTION IN BARNET To employ 2 full time 'Critical Time Intervention' workers to work with people who had been rough sleeping to help them transition from temporary accommodation to a more permanent setting and to support volunteer involvement in the project.
24/09/2020 £24,842 £1,489,117 EQUAL PEOPLE MENCAP The provision of an œout of hours Emergency Support Worker to ensure the safety and care needs of individuals with learning disabilities, autism or complex needs who are unable to receive immediate support due to carers or families being impacted by COVID-19.
24/09/2020 £31,852 £366,029 HAVERING MIND Delivery of a telephone and online Bereavement and Isolation Support Service for the Barking and Dagenham community whose mental health and wellbeing has suffered as a direct result of COVID-19, providing early intervention and supported signposting to additional services and programmes designed to reduce future mental health crises.
24/09/2020 £10,000 COMMUNITY ASSETS FOR SOCIETY AND HOUSING (CASH) To provide free weekly food parcels and other forms of support to 500 people. It would help to enable us to assess and further meet the individual needs of all members, ensure we build just and equal power relations between members receiving and offering support, and build long-term sustainability.
24/09/2020 £10,000 £273,108 MENTAL FIGHT CLUB the continuation of digital online Virtual Dragon Cafe wellbeing activities.
24/09/2020 £44,175 £1,309,624 NAZ PROJECT LONDON This funding is to increase our free counselling service from 2 days to 4 days a week to support BAME and BAME LGBTQI communities. We want to recruit a 3 LGBTQI sessional staff and a Digital Communications Engagement Officer for the next 6 months.
24/09/2020 £9,870 £147,697 CARIS ISLINGTON LTD The funding is to expand our Adult Bereavement Service to support people through any type of loss or trauma due to Covid19. Temporarily broadening our definition of loss to account for the range of traumatic experiences people are struggling with will enable us to more effectively support our community's recovery.
24/09/2020 £8,925 £187,783 HOME-START SUTTON increased capacity to intensively support families with children under 5 and with complex needs who are in crisis
24/09/2020 £3,105 £175,028 HOPE FOR SOUTHALL STREET HOMELESS 50% of part-time salary for Assistant Case Worker role now switched from Volunteer Coordinator, providing daily support to shelter beneficiaries dispersed from shelter through phone support in accessing health, addiction and immigration services and general well-being especially through shared (Punjabi)language
24/09/2020 £7,369 £314,072 ABBEY COMMUNITY CENTRE This funding is for sustaining, expanding and maximising the potential of our online activity offer for older and vulnerable members of the Abbey Community Centre, Kilburn, throughout the Covid-19 crisis.
24/09/2020 £5,445 £176,424 HOME-START HILLINGDON Costs associated with adapting our support service to social distancing restrictions imposed by government. We need the funding to help us to train new volunteers but while maintaining social distancing and having safety measures in place to ensure that volunteers and staff are kept as safe as possible.
24/09/2020 £8,020 £58,179 AFRICAN WOMEN GROUP The funding is for a family support worker to provide continuing support over the next 20 week to the vulnerable Arabic speaking refugee and migrant families for help with coping practically and emotionally during the Covid-19 and help them to recover and to feel better as the lockdown eases.
24/09/2020 £34,221 £913,735 AGE UK SUTTON 2 Community Support Officers to deliver front line advice and long term casework support to vulnerable older people helping meet the 200% demand increase for our ongoing help, and coordinate our Food Programme, developed during COVID, delivering freshly made meals and vegetables to highly vulnerable older people We (LCF) note the recruitment of 6 months posts. By signing this agreement, you are committing that this grant will be spent by the end of March 2021. In addition to this , we expect that any advice given on debt is given by suitably qualified and certified individuals.
24/09/2020 £9,400 £27,105 FRENCH AFRICAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FAWA) To increase our telephone-support service for befriending and confidential advice; increase our online resources and recruit young volunteers to guide older residents on computer basics; prearranged face-to-face meetings at residents’ front-doors introducing them to our services and how to access them; befriending park-walks with residents
24/09/2020 £29,418 £141,999 COPLESTON CENTRE building on learning and successes from our delivering differently programme and community consultation by developing: meal deliveries to include socially distanced lunches, online classes and digital inclusion support to centre users with counselling services a safe return to our centre with risk assessed activities partnership work with Albrighton Centre, LevelSix, ArtInThePark increasing volunteering opportunities
24/09/2020 £9,900 £94,968 HOUNSLOW MULTICULTURAL CENTRE Requesting grant to support the dietary needs of those who are older, homebound, disabled, frail, widowers and living alone with many health-related issues and to prepare meals for them. These people are absolutely dependent on us as they are unable to cook food for themselves.
24/09/2020 £9,984 £702,527 DRAGON HALL TRUST Project OPAL (Older People after Lockdown) Dragon Hall will provide weekly activities to support older people regain their confidence to leave their homes safely, classes to improve their physical and mental health wellbeing and provide social and learning opportunities for people to retain their current networks and make new relationships.
24/09/2020 £38,840 £394,485 THE FOOD CHAIN (UK) LTD The funding would help us with • the direct service delivery costs arising form the threefold increase in referrals to the essential groceries service • the additional staff costs incurred as result of the increased referral level • the development of online nutrition education cookery classes and recipe demonstrations
24/09/2020 £10,000 £113,220 HAVELOCK FAMILY CENTRE The funding is for the salary of a Support Worker to oversee children's contact with an absent parent after separation and parental conflict, including cases of domestic violence. The worker will be responsible for arranging family support sessions and supporting children to re-establish their relationship with a separated parent.
24/09/2020 £9,545 £192,047 LEWISHAM IRISH COMMUNITY CENTRE We want to adapt the way we work with our older community to reduce social isolation and enhance physical and mental health by the provision of digital classes and fitness classes onsite /offsite and online to meet changing needs of our community as we move out of lock-down.
24/09/2020 £9,200 £87,542 HILLINGDON REFUGEE SUPPORT ORGANISATION The funding is for; extra staff hours to enable us to cope with the increased demand and number of new referrals; internet access to enable 10 of the most vulnerable to access our online services supporting and empowering vulnerable young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers aged 16-21 in Hillingdon.
22/09/2020 £6,390 CLUB KALI NETWORK CIC This funding will enable us to partner with other organisations to deliver a range of online & physical events for BAME/South Asian LGBT+ members in London to provide vital support as we emerge from Lockdown. We need Paid Workers 6 days monthly, Volunteer costs, laptop, PPE /event/venue materials & costs.
22/09/2020 £30,337 £1,039,532 BLINDAID Continued support to 1000+ isolated blind and visually impaired people, via weekly calls and virtual social groups, ensuring the safety and continued wellbeing of our beneficiaries, who need our staff and their specialist expertise now more than ever. Funding will help us to avoid redundancies and ceasing support services.
22/09/2020 £9,330 BREAD N BUTTER CIC The creation & distribution of Recipe Meal Kits to tackle food in-security, food waste & provide an educational platform where beneficiaries receive food but also learn new skills. The kits aim to empower beneficiaries (those shielding, on free school meals, unemployed, NRPF) to cook balanced, nutritious meals at home.
22/09/2020 £10,000 £32,726 COUNSELLING MATTERS BEXLEY The funding is for our charity to be able to continue to provide a flexible counselling service to as many clients as possible by using a range of delivery methods, including phone and online counselling as well as some face to face counselling when it is safe to do so.
22/09/2020 £10,000 £57,850 AFRICAN REFUGEE COMMUNITY Advice, guidance, case management and support on state benefits, employment, training, housing, immigration, well being and mental health. Individual support and group activities workshops
22/09/2020 £9,353 £464,896 AGE UK WALTHAM FOREST The funding would be used for the employment of a temporary Administrative Assistant to support our expanded Befriending Project.
22/09/2020 £45,600 BIKEWORKS CIC implementation of the cycling on prescription model, introducing new partnerships made with GP’s, NHS and Pharmacies, during the Covid-19 Cycle Delivery service. Using our expertise in engaging people experiencing significant health, economic, and social inequalities to meet increased demand from people who face the highest risk of negative impacts.
22/09/2020 £46,190 £1,641,318 BODY & SOUL …boosting the capacity of our HIV Programme’s Team to manage increased demand for our casework and advocacy services and to provide increased access to one-to-one and group-based mental health interventions to support our members (service-users) living with or affected by HIV (MLWH).
18/09/2020 £9,995 £428,180 ACHEINU CANCER SUPPORT The funding will enable cancer patients who have been in isolation for many months to improve their emotional well-being through different therapeutic mediums.
17/09/2020 £8,500 £224,196 THE DISABILITY FOUNDATION TDF has now looked at developing a Wellbeing Hub which will deliver its services in a new capacity. This is a new and transformative way of working and delivering our service to our patients.
17/09/2020 £9,998 £14,962 SOMALI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST Upgrading our services to the community to take advantage of digital/social media platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp. The current equipment is ageing and needs upgrading. The money will be used to buy digital equipment such as laptops, PC, a digital camera, hiring an instructor, volunteers and supervision costs.
17/09/2020 £9,475 THE UBELE INITIATIVE To deliver our 8-week programme to BAME communities to support them to start their own businesses and projects providing hope out of this isolation crisis. An initial research phase will establish a new approach in delivering BUD™s successful programme in order to clarify content and make it accessible.
17/09/2020 £10,000 £28,083 LATITUDE CARE NETWORK LIMITED Funding is for: People - Volunteering Expenses + Miscellaneous Service - Practical assistance limited financial assistance in the form of occasional food vouchers and non-perishable food items. Equipment - Desktop and Laptop Computers, Portable Remote Printers, Tablets and Smartphones. Overheads - including administration, working from home and Miscellaneous.
17/09/2020 £4,800 CONTROLLING CHEMSEX CIC The funding is specifically for our Pandemic Support programme to help people who are struggling with Chemsex addiction, at a time when this problem has escalated and demand for our services has increased dramatically. This will include fees for sessional workers and the purchase of one laptop
17/09/2020 £30,130 £101,587 THE ZAHID MUBAREK TRUST The funding will be used for delivering our bespoke emotional and practical support service to prisoners, prison leavers and their families from BAME, including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities with whom we are in contact through our ongoing campaign 'A Record of Our Own' (
17/09/2020 £10,000 £88,991 SUNBEAMS LONDON LTD The funding is for a part of the rent of a larger, Covid-secure space, for mental health focussed mentoring sessions for vulnerable girls and staff & volunteer development costs, associated with the restructuring of services: increase in volunteer coordination to better support mentors and 6 training sessions.
17/09/2020 £23,785 £1,208,951 BEDE HOUSE ASSOCIATION An additional qualified and experienced Domestic Violence caseworker to enable us to manage an increase in referrals as lockdown eases.
17/09/2020 £2,136 £767,018 CONSORTIUM OF LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER VOLUNTARY & COMMUNITY ORGS Re-starting TransLondon's monthly support group meetings at Gays the Word bookshop and live-streaming the meetings for those who can't attend - either because of the restricted space imposed by social distancing measures, or because they are vulnerable members who are still shielding. Meetings provide vital social support.
17/09/2020 £8,259 £767,018 CONSORTIUM OF LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER VOLUNTARY & COMMUNITY ORGS The funding is to deliver online events to keep the community connected, and to re-establish real time events such as music, arts, discussions, and wellbeing activities. This will provide both virtual and real life safe spaces for isolated lesbians in London to meet, connect and interact with others.
17/09/2020 £9,225 £112,312 HEAR WOMEN/GARGAR FOUNDATION This funding is for the equipment and professionals needed to create an online platform to bring our mental health programs online. We aim to provide BAME women and children with the mental health support and advocacy services and resources we are known for virtually, now and in the future.
17/09/2020 £34,000 £1,321,061 BROMLEY MENCAP ...adapting our service delivery model to offer new Covid-19-safe activities to people with disabilities in Bromley and surrounding boroughs.
17/09/2020 £19,433 £1,154,143 THE BIKE PROJECT ¢ Bike donations delivered directly to refugees with one-to-one follow-up support. ¢ Cyber Cyclists. Online programme providing activities and support for refugees ¢ Volunteer programme for people wishing to support refugees and asylum seekers ¢ Virtual Dr Bike service for refugees and NHS workers.
17/09/2020 £31,493 SALAAM PEACE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME C.I.C. Our funding request is for delivering social-distance incorporated community sports programmes in Waltham Forest, Hackney, and Haringey. These sport programmes will be supplemented with nutrition workshops delivered by City Dietitians and counselling sessions to support addressing well-being and mental health requirements.
17/09/2020 £32,994 £548,003 HOUNSLOW CITIZENS ADVICE The funding is for one FT Money Adviser to assist with the soaring demand for our help with financial problems directly resulting from the devastating impact of Covid-19 on jobs and businesses in Hounslow, leaving thousands of residents with insufficient income, at risk of further hardship, indebtedness and homelessness.
17/09/2020 £5,975 £1,058,811 BRENT COMMUNITY TRANSPORT The funding is for the cost of providing two additional minibuses and its associated running cost to deliver food parcels for an extra run.
17/09/2020 £9,940 BURGESS PARK FOOD PROJECT allow us to re-open the garden safely, provide training for our volunteers and develop our potential as a space for diverse members of the community to learn about organic gardening, permaculture and growing food. We want to incorporate as a charity and improve our governance
17/09/2020 £4,200 INTO THE LIGHT COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT FOR SURVIVORS CIC supporting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse with advise, signposting, psycho-educational courses and workshops and providing more in-depth one to one counselling support for 8 identified survivors.
17/09/2020 £25,400 £945,408 AGE UK BARNET Development of a dedicated short-term outreach resource to forge links with small local groups in order to identify and target personalised support at the most vulnerable and isolated older people who are excluded from existing support services due to the digital / online delivery of many current support services.
17/09/2020 £32,649 £213,034 BELL FARM CHRISTIAN CENTRE To meet the changing needs, our projects have to adapt to provide face to face support to smaller numbers more often, we seek funding to expand our staff capacity to do this. We require funding to invest in technology and new protective screens to deal with the growing demand.
17/09/2020 £5,049 £385,684 CARAS (COMMUNITY ACTION FOR REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS Volunteer training, recruitment and ongoing support for online activities.
17/09/2020 £49,578 £1,179,842 CLEAN BREAK Essential equipment and infrastructure expenditure to begin our phased return to on-site work, supporting women who have experienced the criminal justice system or are at risk of entering it.
17/09/2020 £25,000 £462,287 NL CARES LIMITED providing connection for 2,727 older and younger people who are most at risk of isolation and loneliness. Our transitioned programmes provide connection at a distance and now incorporate Virtual Social Clubs, 1-2-1 Phone Friendships, monthly activity packs and weekly calls to older neighbours and subsequent referrals.
17/09/2020 £43,619 £1,539,622 MICHAEL SOBELL HOSPICE CHARITY The funding is for our new Remote Support and Wellbeing Service which will support local people with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones, helping them to combat loneliness and isolation and avoid them spiralling into a crisis situation as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.
15/09/2020 £9,922 £9,785 AFRICAN FRENCH SPEAKING ORGANISATION The funding is for a social responsibility the leaders of "AFSOR" have to keep delivering the services, and skills for life training the organisation does. Also for preventing difficulties arising from the COVID-19, in hope to enable our service users and skills for life trainees to emerge from crisis.
15/09/2020 £10,000 THE HORNBEAM CENTRE Develop volunteer and outreach program expanding our emergency response offer to people affected by Covid19. In particular, we will target BAME and other marginalised communities. Both volunteers and service users will benefit from training and activities with improved mental and physical health, reduced isolation, accessing food and saving money
15/09/2020 £10,000 £36,947 WEST LONDON WELCOME We are seeking funding to take on a full time support worker and administrator in response to growing case work due to the pandemic. We are also applying for money to pay for therapeutic sessions for our staff and volunteers who are doing frontline support work.
15/09/2020 £5,492 £31,800 PERSIAN ADVICE BUREAU Provide asylum seekers/refugees with information, advice, and advocacy, and provide counselling sessions on the phone/ face-time or via Skype. Particularly the asylum seekers who speak little or no English and have become somehow lost or forgotten during the first stream of lock down.
15/09/2020 £35,000 £68,050 AFRICAN RAINBOW FAMILY The funding is for promoting and improving the mental health of LGBTIQ+ refugees and people seeking asylum, including reducing their isolation. This is specifically for our London branch members.
15/09/2020 £10,000 JOPADHOLA COMMUNITY UK The Black and minority ethnic communities have been disproportionately affected by the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. By coming to their aid through this funding, their welfare and general wellbeing shall be positively impacted.
15/09/2020 £7,350 £17,985 MANJU SHAHUL-HAMEED FOUNDATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH The funding is for the delivery and support of a Mental Health First Aid programme working with those most vulnerable needing early intervention support, guidance and advocacy.
11/09/2020 £5,000 £80,419 ENDEAVOUR CLUB The funding will be used for the re-opening the Endeavour youth club after 6 months of lockdown due to Covid-19 and to offer support and guidance to our members and young people and to use the clubs facilities to engage them in physical activities.
11/09/2020 £10,000 £42,905 UPTOWN YOUTH SERVICES This funding is to run sessions at the youth club for young people to help them with Covid-19 related anxiety, family issues, going back to school transition and supporting those particularly vulnerable to grooming, gangs, drugs and anti-social behaviour.
11/09/2020 £9,203 £269,396 JAMYANG BUDDHIST CENTRE The funding is to provide free access to BAME and LGBT+ communities to our Fall 2020 mental well-being programmes. Our current model of suggested donation by tiers acts as a barrier to marginalized populations. We would like to make them free to them to encourage access and participation.
11/09/2020 £5,000 £1,336,542 CROYDON VOLUNTARY ACTION Start-up costs for Croydon COVID-19 Mutual Aid, including: volunteer expenses (e.g. petrol), leaflet printing, postage costs, Mutual Aid helpline set up cost to direct individuals to their local mutual aid group, software costs (upgrades e.g. zoom, digital mapping tools etc).
11/09/2020 £6,830 £35,322 THE RAGHUVANSHI ASSOCIATION The funding is for providing a food cooking & delivery service for elderly and vulnerable, bereavement prayer services via Zoom, elderly support and digital skills classes. Provide online exercise classes (Yoga and Chair Based exercises) and Spiritual sessions via Zoom. Some funds used for language specific CV19 communication videos
11/09/2020 £9,998 CODE1 COMMUNITY GROUP LTD We will provide and deliver free healthy, balanced meals and groceries for vulnerable, in-need African Caribbean people living in Wood Green/Hornsey area. The food will be distributed by volunteers, who also provide a chat, signposting or referrals including to our befriending service where required for those who are isolated.
11/09/2020 £7,955 £1,633,728 THE BACK-UP TRUST (BACK UP) The funding is for our remote services for Londoners affected by spinal cord injury. Through mentoring, telephone support and online support groups, we help people rebuild their confidence and independence, and offer a strong support network. During the pandemic, we are focused on tackling isolation and preventing difficulties from escalating.
11/09/2020 £17,780 £72,369 SOMALI WELFARE TRUST The funding is for the provision of mental health counselling support using talking therapy for Somali Women who faced intense stress, depression and anxiety as a result of the isolation, family struggles and the emotional strain during the lockdown which has a serious toll when trying to keep homelife together.
11/09/2020 £9,984 £1,286,290 HEART N SOUL The funding is for essential equipment and additional, personalised support that will enable more people with learning disabilities to engage with Heart n Soul's activities online, enjoy an enhanced quality of experience and inspire others to take part though sharing their creativity.
11/09/2020 £6,750 £71,233 SHEMA KOLI The funding is to expand our specialist support services (via our telephone helpline, abuse-prevention educational programmes and telephone counselling) to support victims of domestic violence in the orthodox Jewish community who have been adversely affected by the impact of the extended, enforced COVID-19 lockdown.
09/09/2020 £9,747 £26,179 QUEEN'S PARK BANGLADESHI ASSOCIATION The funding is to provide a range of of online and phone-based activities to support BAME women during the current Covid crisis. The project aims to maintain and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of women. Our project will provide support to 90+ women.
09/09/2020 £8,095 POSITIVE ROLE MODELS Structured activities aimed at BAME boys aged 13yrs-17yrs, most at risk of youth crime. Taking place at Haringey Sixth Form College. Combining fun basketball sessions with interactive workshops, learning new skills, mentoring & group conversation based learning, to foster greater educational attainment and engagement.
09/09/2020 £9,682 £76,098 HOLY TRINITY (C OF E) PARISH CHURCH PHILIP LANE, TOTTENHAM LONDON N15 4GZ This funding is to continue to maintain our parish’s response to increasingly evident food poverty and fraying community engagement and exchange efforts among the often economically deprived and diverse (and by no means exclusively migrant) communities around us.
09/09/2020 £9,980 DIABETES ACTION CIC The funding is for innovative Wellness and Independence Program. The plan is to increase our capacity to provide food parcels and toiletries to those that cannot afford them due to severe financial hardship.
09/09/2020 £9,282 £22,080 APHASIA RE-CONNECT Funding is for people with Aphasia, helps them recover the ability to talk by group meetings that practise the lost art of talking. This also provides companionship, overcomes loneliness & builds self confidence. Project will adapt operations to incorporate internet technology, create "Virtual meetings," assisting more people with aphasia
09/09/2020 £9,578 £124,019 RESPONSE COMMUNITY PROJECTS (EARLS COURT) LTD PPE equipment e.g protective screens, etc, which will help us to prepare a safe and friendly environment for the re-opening of our community facilities and for us to continue providing weekly emergency supplies of essential food parcels for 26 weeks to 70 elderly and vulnerable BAME users.
09/09/2020 £9,940 £93,169 ETHIOPIAN WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT GROUP The funding will be used to: -Hire a project worker and support three volunteers -Purchase food vouchers for our most vulnerable members -Hire massage therapists -Cover running costs -Purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our staff and members
09/09/2020 £4,857 £1,421 CYCLE SISTERS The funding will enable us to restart led rides safely and in line with government guidelines including training our volunteer Ride Leaders to transition into a new way of working. It will also fund the delivery of cycle skills lessons which are an essential complement to our led rides
09/09/2020 £5,407 FREE2B ALLIANCE The funding will enable us to re-open our face-to-face LGBTQ+ youth support in a Covid-Secure way, alongside a continued online provision.
09/09/2020 £9,787 £49,622 CASSANDRA LEARNING CENTRE Digital Transformation of support services for women and children living/fleeing in Domestic Violence relationships. T o move services on line and provided blended wrap around services.
09/09/2020 £9,684 £67,858 ASSOCIATION FOR POLISH FAMILY PYZA The funding will allow us to continue run the community food hub, offering food and essentials to Polish/EE communities twice a week at local community centre. It will enable us to distribute and deliver food boxes that will help to cope with the challenging circumstances.
09/09/2020 £10,000 STROKE & APHASIA MINORITIES SUPPORT GROUP LTD The emergency grant will help to address their needs especially those isolated without family support. And we will improve their well being to stop the risk of death. We would be making sure those our vulnerable member has everything they need while they are unable to leave the house .
09/09/2020 £9,763 £162,609 POSITIVE CARE LINK The funding is to enable us to train four cohorts of volunteers in financial and benefits literacy so that they, in turn, can provide first aid advice to our service users who are from the BAME community a community that has been hardest hit by COVID-19.
09/09/2020 £9,786 £541,666 HER CENTRE We are requesting for 14 laptops to give our 14 staff to continue to work effectively from home with women in crisis. We will then use our 8 older laptops to set up virtual meetings for those women needing support without internet in the community centre we are based in.
09/09/2020 £7,802 £61,953 HILLINGDON WOMEN'S CENTRE The development of a domestic abuse recovery program consisting of online workshops delivered over a 6 week period, supported with 1-2-1 introductory sessions and follow ups post the workshops as required.
08/09/2020 £582 FTM LONDON The funding is for the services required to successfully and securely move our organisation online, making sure our members can still access support from their peers, and for hiring speakers to facilitate engaging activities to combat the negative impact of Covid-19 on our members' normal lives and wellbeing.
03/09/2020 £10,000 £68,766 MOSAIC COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for a phone-based service for BAME men to manage anxiety, stress, depression and fear also offering self-help management tools for long term health conditions. The service will encourage and enable BAME residents to seek help and support by facilitating signposting, referrals and connection to services.
03/09/2020 £9,864 £46,192 KWAAFRICA The funding is for project that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of BAME communities including those recovering from a COVID-19 diagnosis as well those managing their long term conditions such as HIV, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.
03/09/2020 £6,000 £29,221 BANGLADESHI PARENTS ASSOCIATION IN NEWHAM The fund is for food assistance support through the provision of food parcels to very vulnerable BAME families who have been serious impacted by the Covid-19 who find themselves economically vulnerable and food insecure find themselves battling illness, hunger and debt.
03/09/2020 £10,000 ISLINGTON TURKISH KURDISH CYPRIOT WOMEN'S WELFARE GROUP The funding is to support Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot women, living in the Islington area and isolated because of Covid-19, through a telephone based qualified advice service, in community languages, to improve mental health, reduce loneliness and provide support around welfare issues, employment and domestic violence.
03/09/2020 £9,845 £71,706 CLUB SODA The funding is to actively engage with our community of people with learning disabilities, digitally. To achieve this, we have to increase staff capacity to understand digital access needs and exclusion issues through digital skills training, and deliver online workshops to increase digital skills of our community.
03/09/2020 £10,000 £1,095,515 DEMENTIA CONCERN The requested funding is for additional equipment needed for staff to continue working effectively. We are asking for funds for laptops, so staff are able to work remotely and adapt to not being able to work from their office desk. We will also be providing extra IT training for staff.
03/09/2020 £9,784 £42,267 DEAFROOTS The funding is for to provide virtual support to Deaf and Hard of hearing people who have lost their jobs or at risk of losing their jobs due to the effects COVID19 pandemic on businesses. Advice Guidance, CV, sign posting for Benefit advice support will be provided digitally.
03/09/2020 £10,000 £53,591 MAXABILITY The funding is for reopening the studio after having closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. In July 2020, three new staff members have been hired, as it is no longer possible to rely largely on volunteers. Maintenance work needs doing, and health and safety precautions are needed for reopening.
03/09/2020 £9,700 £90,593 STREET TALK The funding is for practical support for vulnerable migrant women including those who have been trafficked asylum seekers and those with no recourse to public funds as well as further support with their mental health with additional counselling sessions.
03/09/2020 £9,287 £17,700 UGANDA CROYDON CATHOLIC COMMUNITY The funding is to support the Ugandan community living in London during Covid-19. Funds will be directed towards services to support those in the community of all ages who are most vulnerable and at-risk, providing food parcels, essential items such as Vitamin D Supplements and counselling services. Condition of award : This grant excludes the cost of a motivational speaker
26/08/2020 £9,926 £1,067,696 SOUTHWARK DISABLEMENT ASSOCIATION The funding is for assisting individuals in dealing with the isolation caused by the pandemic, staying independent safely, navigating and providing practical help and finding their voice in dealing with the changes in the welfare system due to COVID 19 and its impact on social care and their daily lives.
26/08/2020 £3,569 £2,481 THE SOMALI TEACHING GROUP The funding is community recovery from the effects of Covid-19
26/08/2020 £9,948 £61,885 WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION FOR AFRICAN NETWORKING AND DEVELOPMENT WAND UK This funding is for providing a well being programme for disadvantaged women who have faced physical and emotional challenges during COVID19 .Sadly, many of our women cannot access our on-line programmes as they neither have resources nor skills. Combating Digital exclusion in communities is the focus of this project
26/08/2020 £7,840 CARIBBEAN SOCIAL FORUM The funding is for cultural related bereavement, dementia, and health & wellbeing bespoke workshops and 1-2-1 counselling. Members will learn how to support each other long term on Zoom using Action Learning sets (structured method enabling small groups to address complicated issues by meeting regularly and working collectively)
26/08/2020 £10,000 £12,604 EALING SOMALI WELFARE AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION ESWCA seeks funding to offer support additional 43 identified refugee and migrant women and their families with solutions to cope with Covid-19 easing measures through open-space and online keep fit sessions while supporting them also to deal with issues such as debt, welfare benefits and addressing mental health.
26/08/2020 £5,280 £24,143 AWAAZ - REDBRIDGE EDUCATION & SOCIAL WELFARE SUPPORT GROUP People: Staff and volunteers Equipment: Hardware and software, laptop,phone and tablets for our service users. Resourses, training costs, vouchers, food costs Services: Professional fees, organisational development etc Core costs: Rent, admin, utilities.
20/08/2020 £7,174 £1,242,151 TURKISH CYPRIOT COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION We are seeking funding in order that we can provide support to vulnerable Turkish Speakers as lockdown measures are eased. We want to provide cultural, linguistic and religious sensitive weekly advice service, a weekly television information program and coordination of befriending for housebound over a 20-week period.
20/08/2020 £4,681 £25,333 MUSLIM WOMEN'S WELFARE ASSOC. This funding is to develop and enhance our services via Zoom, training volunteers, PPE equipment for staff, staff costs, to re-open and make our centre/office safe/clean for staff, volunteers and users, 2 laptops, rent of office, petrol, home working costs, composing manuals, usage of car for delivering homework. Grant Condition:  This excludes the office rent and cleaning request but includes at 10% core cost contribution
20/08/2020 £4,655 £254,640 WEST HAMPSTEAD WOMEN'S CENTRE The funding is for PPE, sneeze guard and partition, equipment, additional cleaning materials and extra cleaner's hours to enable West Hampstead Women™s Centre to deliver activities safely and securely.
20/08/2020 £9,593 £231,339 IPOP Supporting parents out of lockdown, reducing isolation, building self esteem, confidence, reflective time and respite activities to build confidence in reintegrating parents back into their communities. The wellbeing of parents with a disabled child or children is paramount to ensuring that they can effectively and efficiently care for their children.
20/08/2020 £9,151 £46,232 SOUTH LONDON TAMIL WELFARE GROUP With this funding, the project coordinator would identify, for families affected, resources and help to assist their difficulties during this crisis, making a real difference in their lives and assisting with translation services for those seeking employment, writing letters on their behalf and explaining correspondence received that requires urgent response.
20/08/2020 £9,576 £80,347 COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR REFUGEES FROM VIETNAM, LAOS AND CAMBODIA contribution to salaries and core costs as we re-open our centre and reinstate activities for our Vietnamese elders; plan how to rebuild our hire income which, in a normal year, subsidises these activities and our overheads; plan activities for the wider community such as an annual well-being day.
20/08/2020 £9,977 £189,453 MARYLEBONE BANGLADESH SOCIETY a part time COVID-19 Information and Support Worker post to help us restart our activities in accordance with government guidelines. Also funding for increasing the cleaning of our centre as we restart more activities, providing essential PPE pack (extra masks, hand sanitisers, gloves) to all our users.
20/08/2020 £9,341 £24,073 FEDERATION OF IRAQI REFUGEES To assist our clients during the pandemic we have set up an Iraqi and Kurdish mutual aid project providing: Medical advice in our clients language, shopping for grocery and medical supplies, setting up video chats via zoom, issuing updates from World Health Organisation and other channels re current advice
20/08/2020 £5,600 WOMEN OF WANDSWORTH This fund is for free weekly food parcels for elderly in local lodges, who are self-isolating and cannot go to the shops and telephone conversations for lonely elderly. "LCF is committed to being a living wage funder and we would encourage you to pay your staff the london living wage which is £10.75. You may want to reduce hours or consider this wage for future grants. Funding must be used towards food, petrol costs, and co-ordinator time only."
20/08/2020 £10,000 RESTORATIVE JUSTICE FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE The funding is to enable us to respond to an increasing number of appeals from disadvantaged children and young people whose mental health has been affected by COVID19. The funding will cover support for their wellbeing and tackle loneliness as well as cover them access to free food and PPE.
20/08/2020 £4,994 £724,441 KATHERINE LOW SETTLEMENT Our summer project will focus on young people’s resilience and wellbeing using a mixture of reflective activities, creative projects and sports. Working face-to-face during the holidays and virtually when schools resume we aim to get them ready to reengage with school and learning, reducing the impact COVID disruption.
19/08/2020 £9,804 £1,232,763 BAYIS SHELI The funding is for the extra costs incurred for the six week period of school holidays , where our residents would usually have gone to camp, or organised outside activities . The lack of volunteers due to Covid will have to be replaced with paid staff .
19/08/2020 £9,336 £17,200 WILLIAMGIFTCARE We are seeking funding to assist local isolated, single women and older people who have just been discharged from hospital after a long period of sickness caused by COVID-19. After the discharge their are on a strict medical guideline to stay isolated for some time.
14/08/2020 £10,000 £74,465 BREAKING OUT OF THE BUBBLE This funding is for support to adapt and develop our essential befriending service, mentalhealth training, tablets to help at-risk clients stay engaged with our work. As well as support to increase online engagement and effectiveness of services through digital channels so that positive activities and outcomes can be maintained.
14/08/2020 £9,359 £74,871 COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT & SUPPORT INITIATIVES (CESI) - UK The funding is for supporting the older ex-British Gurkha veterans to reduce their isolation and loneliness due to COVID-19 pandemic.
14/08/2020 £9,900 £490,895 THE REDEEMED ASSEMBLIES TRUST The funding is to help supply over 100 families with food and essentials specifically vulnerable, people in need, those shielding, low income and people who cannot access Public Funds-- NRPF LCF recommends the organisation connects with PECAN who are coordinating food distribution in the area.
14/08/2020 £9,220 £151,601 AIMING HIGH LONDON The funding will provide disadvantaged children and young people from low income families with daily nourishing cooked lunches as well as stimulating activities during the summer holidays.
14/08/2020 £41,340 £828,322 ZSV TRUST Continued distribution of Kosher food parcels to financially struggling families who have suffered from COVID, particularly those with school-aged children and teens. Funding is sought to cover the cost of weekly food parcels for 390 families over 26 weeks, as well as the salary of the Project Manager.
14/08/2020 £40,692 £556,957 AGE UK WANDSWORTH A) 6 month salary of part-time coordinator of COVID-related services (food provision, alleviation of loneliness, chair-based exercise) B) 6 month salary of part-time volunteer coordinator C) 6 month salary of part-time advice worker D) 6 months salary of Digipals coordinator E) equipment to enable home, out reach/distance working.
14/08/2020 £10,000 £162,966 MESILA UK The funding is for an enhanced and extended project to help those who have fallen into financial difficulties as a result of the covid crisis, via educational methods such as webinars and individual coaching, to enable them to emerge from crisis resilient and financially healthy, preventing issues from becoming worse.
14/08/2020 £9,450 £138,001 CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF ISLINGTON The funding is for continued delivery of crisis response. A. regular co-ordinating volunteers to pick up & deliver pharmacy. B. Weekly free delivery food packages to shielding people.
14/08/2020 £9,980 £130,943 EMPOWERING DEAF SOCIETY Ensuring deaf people get access to all necessary information via video messaging platforms / social media, in BSL. We will offer support for older/vulnerable deaf with shopping, medication, arranging deliveries and appointments and translation of essential letters and documents. We will support people who are grieving or isolated.
14/08/2020 £9,992 £155,394 ALLIANCE FOR INCLUSIVE EDUCATION The funding is for ALLFIE to provide administrative and strategic support and capacity building for our newly formed Disabled Black Lives Matter pressure group. The group aims to address racial and intersectional inequality, and under-representation of disabled people of colour in the work of London’s Disabled Peoples Organisations.
14/08/2020 £8,175 £119,546 CENTRE FOR ARMENIAN INFORMATION & ADVICE (CAIA) The funding is to enable disadvantaged London Armenians such as refugees/migrants, Carers/men/women subsisting on low incomes in work/out of work/self-employed to overcome the impact caused by Covid 19 such as financial/employment uncertainty to strengthen their social/economic resilience via timely advice/information support, improved digitals skills and training opportunities.
14/08/2020 £9,950 £64,202 DORSET COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is for supplying hot healthy meals for BAME vulnerable children and families, seniors and adults with disabilities in crisis from the local area to ensure they do not suffer from food poverty, malnutrition and declining health due to COVID (19.
14/08/2020 £1,000 £37,288 22ND WIMBLEDON SCOUT GROUP The funding is for the purchase of the necessary equipment required for us to be able to safely reopen our services to the young people and to make our Headquarters as safe as we can so that we can open it for community use again too.
14/08/2020 £9,589 SISTERS OF FRIDA This funding is to improve the accessibility of our digital platforms’ and extend the reach of our work to support more Disabled women across London. We will also use the funding to create a toolkit on how to run effective and accessible online training focused on Deaf and Disabled women.
14/08/2020 £9,884 £57,745 AUTUS The funding is for personalised (remote) one to one coaching support for 30 young Autistic people who are unemployed, socially isolated and whose mental health (due to challenges with anxiety, depression, loneliness and coping with change) has deteriorated significantly since Covid19.
14/08/2020 £9,884 £602,871 RICHMOND ADVICE & INFORMATION ON DISABILITY Advice and Information service for disabled adults (benefits advice, housing, money and debt advice) across Richmond and Hounslow boroughs. We will extend our currently commissoned Information Navigation, Benefits Advice and Money Advice services into the Hounslow borough as well as increase the support we provide in Richmond.
14/08/2020 £9,360 £41,988 WALWORTH GOLDEN OLDIES COMMUNITY CARE PROJECT The funding is for the costs towards of our Project Co-ordinator, who will co-ordinate digital services for vulnerable older people as they transition out of lock-down to the new norm. The project will provide support for 120 older people with mental health difficulties to re-access services.
14/08/2020 £9,997 £106,437 ENFIELD SAHELI The funding is to support isolated, vulnerable and marginalized women who have had an acutely negative impact on the existing mental health challenges e.g. financial instability, escalating domestic tensions, bereavement for our BAME Clients who make up 95% of our clients by providing online activities and telephone support & Counselling.
14/08/2020 £10,000 £45,540 RESPEITO Providing support for Portuguese speakers, women, victims of domestic abuse and violence, providing one to one support, employment support, interpreting.
14/08/2020 £6,600 £88,278 ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH, MOTTINGHAM The funding is to: Ensure that food and other basics eg cleaning and washing products, can continue to be provided. Provide safeguarding, listening and advice training for volunteers. Increase the administrative capacity of the project. Fund more publicity as the service develops.
14/08/2020 £9,800 £91,262 ADVICE SUPPORT KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION DIGITAL REVITALISE: Digital and telephone support services for isolated older people during lock-down and the transition to the New Normal of everyday routines
06/08/2020 £10,000 £311,159 MISGAV To address the isolation and its mental health impact on 18 disabled women and 80 of their caregivers through targeted, practical support and 1:1 activities to help users learn life skills needed for adjusting to a new reality in public spaces.
05/08/2020 £8,079 £117,215 THE ST LUKE'S MISSION INITIATIVE employment of a part-time Foodbank co-ordinator to enable our foodbank to continue once lockdown eases and our volunteer co-ordinators return to their other work commitments
05/08/2020 £9,997 £394,281 MERTONVISION Providing a specialist counselling service from an empathetic visual impairment background to tackle the growing feelings of anxiety and depression our service users are experiencing brought on from Covid19 isolation which is directly blamed on their visual impairment. In addition, the worry from fall out after lock down is over.
05/08/2020 £8,900 £24,143 ST CUTHBERT'S CHURCH NORTH WEMBLEY To set up Memory Café at Home. A tailored memory café delivered to people’s door, phone or computer. It tackles social exclusion and loneliness and replicates the health and wellness benefits of the café. We are expanding our service and helping those most impacted by Covid-19.
05/08/2020 £10,000 £33,224 HEADWAY WEST LONDON LIMITED To refocus our work & establish new working methods via virtual platforms &virtual support to ensure West London’s brain injury survivors & their families feel discharged safely from hospital and have access to targeted advice, support and signposting so they become more independent self-resilient and reconnect with their communities.
05/08/2020 £9,945 £262,863 ROOM TO HEAL The funding is for essential food and provisions to help torture survivors meet basic day-to-day needs during the ongoing pandemic. It's also for equipment, software, wifi and training so staff can provide remote, specialist trauma-based therapy and casework services (housing, healthcare, welfare, etc.) for these vulnerable people.
29/07/2020 £9,996 LAMBETH ASIAN CENTRE Combat increased elderly abuse caused by COVID-19 crisis among Asian older people and support victims to recover from emotional and psychological effects of their experiences; regain confidence, self-esteem, independence, and meaningful and purposeful in life; reintegrate into their local communities and be able to protect themselves in future.
29/07/2020 £8,500 £641,341 LAMBETH LEARNING DISABILITY ASSEMBLY Providing support to enable isolated people with Learning Disabilities to maintain their friendships using social media ( especially smart phones, Zoom) to stay in touch with friends, run their own meetings and have access information and services, by providing on loan pre-setup Tablets and 1 to 1 support.
29/07/2020 £9,918 M&C FOUNDATION LTD We are seeking funding to continue supporting refugees and and asylum integration service which was interrupted due to the pandemic and financial difficulties. They are also one of the social group in our communities who have been seriously hit by the disease due to poverty and this continues.
29/07/2020 £9,970 £435,553 CENTRE FOR ADHD & AUTISM SUPPORT The funding requested is to allow us to improve our IT infrastructure to make remote working simpler for our staff, and to allow us to improve and expand our online training offer for parents/carers of young people diagnosed with ADHD/autism.
29/07/2020 £9,950 £191,000 DEPTFORD METHODIST MISSION DISABLED PEOPLE'S CONTACT This funding is for equipment and materials to make our Day Centre COVID-safe for our elderly disabled service users when we reopen later in the year. It includes part-funding of the Day Centre Manager salary to implement these changes, facilitate a deep clean, and re-start the centre.
29/07/2020 £10,000 £130,604 ABILITY NORTH LONDON Serious Play is a 21 day play scheme geared to special needs adolescents with a two pronged approach of learning executive functional skills through recreational activities in a vibrant and exciting environment.
29/07/2020 £10,000 £174,401 CHRIST CHURCH FELTHAM The funding is for a Holiday Hunger Project. To support vulnerable school aged children during the school holidays. There is a large shortfall in the number of children who receive free school meal vouchers and those that live in poverty, we are trying to bridge that gap with this project.
29/07/2020 £2,554 £237,920 HARINGEY MENCAP Due to Covid19 many of our clients are having to isolate at home. The grant will help fund the weekly wellbeing activity packs that we are creating and delivering to them e.g. arts and crafts materials, colouring pages, word searches and sports activities.
29/07/2020 £9,941 BROMLEY EXPERTS BY EXPERIENCE CIC The funding is to support extra work needed to quickly adapt our delivery, enabling flexible, safe and compliant services through the longer term Covid environment: temporary operations practical support for disabled staff with remote working, enhanced health/safety processes, adapted project delivery; additional management and consultancy hours for further organisational improvements.
29/07/2020 £9,800 £38,359 CHRISTIAN KITCHEN The funding is for extra costs that we have incurred feeding 75% more people each night during the COVID-19 lockdown compared to the period immediately before. This is extra food and employment costs, PPE, cleaning materials and increased costs we have had to pay for our waste removal contract.
29/07/2020 £8,762 £214,218 PEPPER POT CENTRE The funding is for purchasing food items , August 2020 - January 2021, volunteer expenses for volunteer driver to deliver meals to housebound, those unable to come to centre. Purchase one door freezer to enable centre to buy, store frozen items, purchase sanitary items for housebound, contribution towards petrol,mobile phone costs.
29/07/2020 £1,880 £47,242 NEW LODGE RIDING FOR THE DISABLED us to start back up with our valuable therapuetic riding sessions. We have children who can't wait to get back and have had their confidence and self esteem dented during lockdown. Funds will be used to help cover the costs of keeping safe, reliable, specially trained horses.
29/07/2020 £5,000 £24,223 ILAYS The funding is to buy food and essentials for the some of the most deprived members of the BME community (mostly Somalis), who face many barriers including poverty and lack of knowledge of how to access available resources within the borough, and have also been disproportionately affected by coronavirus.
29/07/2020 £10,000 £291,552 BOOKS BEYOND WORDS CIO This funding is for the development of a series of free wordless story resources to help adults with learning disabilities / autism to support their mental health recovery through the COVID-19 pandemic and to support the costs of organisation to provide support and resources to people with learning disabilities.
21/07/2020 £8,180 £73,845 FAST PROJECT The funding is for additional staff costs to provide socio-emotional support for the young people who use our services and reach more of them in the area.
21/07/2020 £15,054 HOUSE OF RAINBOW CIC Supporting queer people of colour through Covid 19, including: refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; MSM living with HIV; and people of faith who are isolated because of religious-based homophobia and transphobia at home and from their communities at this time.
21/07/2020 £36,000 COMMUNITY AFRICAN NETWORK Enhancing organisational capacity, developing new digital channels and providing food packages and household items to 300 low-income, no recourse to public and undocumented African and Caribbean families within Hackney.
21/07/2020 £4,650 £71,706 CLUB KALI NETWORK CIC The funding is for a mobile phone so that a Volunteer can support our members remotely (using whatapp/SMS etc), and for Paid Help to improve online platforms. Many of our service users are not ÔoutÕ and use mobile phones to engage with us for help/support/contact. Please note that this grant is awarded on the condition of receiving updates to supporting documents as follows: governing document asset log to be restricted for charitable organisations only and a submission of a finalised safeguarding policy that must include recruitment, definitions, reporting procedures, safeguarding procedures and responsible people. This will need to be a condition before release of funds.
21/07/2020 £17,579 £1,527,455 LONDON IRISH CENTRE Redeveloping the London Irish Centre’s services in response to the pandemic to deliver Befriending, Advice, Wellbeing and Cultural services digitally and by phone, and to bring nutritious food to those who are in need via a Community Kitchen and Community Fridge for vulnerable families through an expanded and revamped volunteering programme.
21/07/2020 £25,022 £365,992 HAMMERSMITH AND FULHAM COMMUNITY LAW CENTRE To redeploy two members of our staff, who are legal aid housing solicitors, to respond to a changed need in our service delivery. We have an increased need to advise on non-legal aid housing advice, an increased need for welfare benefit advice and a new need for employment advice.
17/07/2020 £44,970 £484,044 AFRICA ADVOCACY FOUNDATION Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £15,992 £52,070 AFRICAN WOMEN'S CARE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £21,061 £220,269 BEXLEY WOMEN'S AID Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £20,190 £1,294,229 BROMLEY & CROYDON WOMEN'S AID Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £25,310 £116,991 CLAUDIA JONES ORGANISATION Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £28,304 £19,731,000 CRANSTOUN Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £42,748 £46,177 DAWN CHARITABLE TRUST (DIWA ASIAN WOMENS NETWORK) Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £7,764 £61,953 HILLINGDON WOMEN'S CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £84,466 £61,953 HILLINGDON WOMEN'S CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £45,968 £1,163,054 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £13,524 £27,604 ELLA'S HOME Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £103,557 £1,522,388 GALOP Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £18,703 £82,206 HAVEN - THE SURVIVORS OF ABUSE NETWORK Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £5,655 INTO THE LIGHT Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £19,328 £304,104 MOSAC Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £6,000 £47,090,000 THE RICHMOND FELLOWSHIP Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £69,574 £189,412 ONE IN FOUR Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £50,585 £1,262,521 EACH COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £31,660 £94,757 EXCEL WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £15,697 £541,666 HER CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £27,268 £3,150,396 STANDING TOGETHER AGAINST DV Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £75,461 £1,620,462 HOPSCOTCH ASIAN WOMEN'S CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £87,661 £7,776,530 HOUSING FOR WOMEN Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £7,656 LEGAL ADVICE CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £51,680 £464,479 LONDON BLACK WOMEN'S PROJECT (LBWP) Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £45,136 £32,462 NOUR Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £13,000 £592,917 PLIAS RESETTLEMENT Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £11,749 £350,884 WOMEN AND HEALTH Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £36,959 £535,842 EAST EUROPEAN RESOURCE CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £6,590 £111,314,000 THE NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN, NSPCC Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £23,428 £1,121,201 RESPOND Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £32,038 £2,983,823 SAFER LONDON Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £14,831 £43,629 STREETLIGHT UK Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £20,205 £52,024 SURVIVORS TOGETHER Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £3,200 £344,278 BEYOND THE STREETS Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £36,796 £281,409 STAY SAFE EAST Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £8,260 £304,188 THE MAYA CENTRE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
17/07/2020 £153,454 £18,102,554 REFUGE Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note that your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £142,113 £4,158,579 ADVANCE ADVOCACY AND NON-VIOLENCE COMMUNITY EDUCATION Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget. Please note your application has been part funded as confirmed with you by MOPAC.
17/07/2020 £7,600 £85,643 AURORA FOUNDATION FOR PEOPLE ABUSED IN CHILDHOOD Additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown until end of October 2020 as outlined in your application budget.
13/07/2020 £20,600 £212,883 MUSLIM CHARITIES FORUM The funding is for the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) to continue our campaign for national solidarity, #TogetherWeCan, bringing together local, national and international NGOs. This collaborative programme manages the pooling of expertise and resources between charities to support those affected by COVID-19 in the UK.
10/07/2020 £10,000 £230,822 THE WICKERS CHARITY We are aiming to combat Holiday/COVID-19 Hunger. With children and young people unable to attend school where most will be given school meals, many low-income families are struggling to feed themselves. The funding is to provide weekly care packages of essentials to help families through these difficult times.
10/07/2020 £7,860 £125,511 CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST AMAZING GRACE PARISH To continue to provide food necessities for vulnerable people in our geographical area of Peckham and Nunhead. We are currently supporting 50 people to a 3 meals a day.
10/07/2020 £10,000 £22,900 CAME WOMEN AND GIRLS DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION As the coronavirus pandemic continuous spreading and the stay home advice is giving rise to more women/girls experiencing abuse, Our organisation will continue collecting food from Tesco and getting essential supplies from INKIND DIRECT to deliver to some of Greenford’s elderly population and vulnerable women and girls.
10/07/2020 £10,000 £655,514 NORTH LONDON FOODBANK We apply for funding to continue delivering Foodboxes to individuals and families in financial crisis, and to expand our service to provide ready-cooked meals for vulnerable families(including families living with illness, bereavement, post-partum mothers, single parent families).
10/07/2020 £9,990 £2,097,768 QUAGGY DEVELOPMENT TRUST Getting Through It Together Ð a 3-month series of targeted, online wellbeing/engagement workshops for mums/carers at risk of peri-natal depression, vulnerable families and older people. Practitioner-led Sessions will be recorded and Q and As offered to give participants scope to get prompt support/follow up support for their specific issues.
10/07/2020 £8,992 £87,060 STREATHAM DROP-IN CENTRE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS AND REFUGEES Extend hours of 4 part-time staff members to meet increased need for 3-month period. Purchase IT equipment, mobiles, and laptops to boost efficiency and ensure good practice. Contribute to internet connectivity cost to facilitate IT provision / laptops for families experiencing exceptional poverty and further disadvantaged by digital divide. Please be aware we are unable to support the "user connectivity cost internet" element of your request with the funds we have available to distribute
10/07/2020 £3,405 £490,702 THE MANNA SOCIETY our food takeaway service. The majority of the funds will cover the cost of takeaway containers and the cost of meat & veg. If we were to reopen the centre we could only see 20 people at a time. With our takeaway service we can provide 120 meal per day (on average) 7 days per week.
10/07/2020 £11,525 £72,369 SOMALI WELFARE TRUST The funding will enable us to determine in detail the impact of Covid-19 on the Somali Community so that it enable SWT to be better prepared in terms of having a stronger online infratstructural support and resources in place to tackle community needs more effectively even when in mobile in any future lockdowns. Please note that this partial grant is because we are unable to fund the project evaluation consultancy and can only fund three months for MS Office, Anti Virus and Teams software costs.
10/07/2020 £7,923 £545,065 OMNIBUS - CLAPHAM The survival/adaptation of Omnibus’ participation programme. Six weeks of activity including: - Tripling Routes output, - Kitchen Table - pilot project tackling social isolation in adults, - Clapham Companions - pilot project offering conversation/stories to isolating seniors, - Making/delivering lunches to children on FSM who cannot access food vouchers. Please note that this partial grant is for the FSM Project solely
10/07/2020 £16,500 £255,080 SPITALFIELDS CITY FARM increasing provision of free food parcels to those in our community who need them. Supporting this with virtual cooking classes, demonstrating how to prepare quick and nutritious meals from the ingredients supplied. Continuing to grow fresh seasonal produce for the community and providing access to seeds and soil for growing.
10/07/2020 £10,000 £621,279 SKYWAY CHARITY The funding is to help us to provide immediate relief to vulnerable families and individuals in the local community and transition from supporting people face-to-face into offering effective online and remote support
10/07/2020 £10,000 £215,306 ROBES PROJECT The funding is to provide support to our 23 guests who are in emergency accommodation and 14 ex-guests. This includes food, laundry and mobile phone costs; making and delivering care packages; and providing advice and mental health services.
10/07/2020 £10,000 THE PEOPLES CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP To sustain and increase our supply of food, and our capacity to distribute. We aim to meet the growing demand for non-perishable food items as well as ensuring adequate staffing levels to manage the project and volunteers.
09/07/2020 £10,000 £62,107 KAFEL AID Setting up a Covid-19 mental health Support Programme. We will pay therapists and counsellors to run online anger management and parenting classes on how to protect children against online abuse and radicalization during the lockdown. We will finance two days of Mental health first aid training for our staff and volunteers.
08/07/2020 £24,950 £458,334 HARROW CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU The funding is for a Coronavirus specific advice line dealing with emergencies in Harrow stemming from the pandemic. This will include immediate crisis advice on issues such as domestic violence and destitution. We will also proactively contact those local residents known to be vulnerable/isolated to ensure they are accessing full the range of available local support.
08/07/2020 £5,000 ASPIRE2INSPIRE DYSLEXIA The funding is for us to secure support from a specialist in ICT to enable us to reach more people through the creation of podcasts and facilitate our live online support sessions for our vulnerable clients with dyslexia who struggle with day to day tasks, isolation and low self esteem.
08/07/2020 £9,315 £11,870 ARTHRITIS SELF-HELP NETWORK (LONDON) IT infrastructure to enable us to carry on remotely and to pay someone to co-ordinate and facilitate our volunteer involvement. Emergency response to help our clients live healthy whilst shielding.
08/07/2020 £8,541 MOON ACADEMY CIC We will move our support services for children online and loan laptops to our most vulnerable families. We will continue supporting vulnerable members with food aid or shopping support as well as being a trusted source of health information on Covid-19 in community languages.
08/07/2020 £6,500 £65,267 COLLIERS WOOD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION • To set-up a viable, fully staffed and functioning virtual Community Centre for a minimum period of 6 months. • To ensure that vulnerable members facing multiple challenges (loneliness, food poverty, language barrier and digital illiteracy) have access to support and advice during the coronavirus crisis.
08/07/2020 £14,000 £308,035 NOTRE DAME REFUGEE CENTRE a) Provide Hygiene Pack for migrant rough sleepers, destitute migrants and asylum seekers with no recourse to public funds b) Restart cancelled ESOL Classes and Job Club on-line c) Extend Counselling Service online to provide befriending & Listening service
08/07/2020 £9,980 £56,294 DESTINY COMMUNITY SERVICES The funding is for food that we distribute to the homeless and other vulnerable people in East London, and for personal protective equipment for our volunteers to do this work safely.
08/07/2020 £15,500 £171,956 ADVOCACY NOW An Operations Coordinator to transform delivery to provide accessible, accurate, information and support remotely. Creating a dedicated phone line and collating basic digital skills training we will help users through the process of understanding both their presenting issue and basic IT to address it in partnership with their advocate.
08/07/2020 £16,479 £153,668 HEAR US satisfying the increased demand for advice and support for welfare related issues such as benefit claims. It will tackle social exclusion of isolated and vulnerable people with severe and enduring mental illness. It includes welfare surgeries and a pilot online open forum to reduce deterioration in mental health and wellbeing.
08/07/2020 £9,347 £7,318 KEVIN KARARWA LEUKAEMIA TRUST The funding is for KKLT to continue to provide and adapt needed services to blood cancer patient’s especially Leukaemia sufferers and their carers. We aim to provide a range of digital forums and engagement activities to inform, support and offer emotional support to reduce isolation and anxiety.
08/07/2020 £5,300 £57,850 AFRICAN REFUGEE COMMUNITY - Fresh Food cooked one to distribute to our vulnerable service users - Cleaning products to distribute -10 laptops and 15 smartphones for our staff / volunteers and service users to help work remotely - Cost of internet data and top up calls - Cost of Personal Protective Equipment for our staff / volunteers reaching out - Safeguarding and Risk assessment training for staff and volunteers
08/07/2020 £7,482 £58,179 AFRICAN WOMEN GROUP The funding is enable Refugee Families and their Children to have vital mentoring, befriending and resources support that will help to strengthen the family environment and help them to cope better during the Covid-19 outbreak.
08/07/2020 £26,100 £114,862 STEP UP HUB (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS HELP SOMALI FOUNDATION - HSF) The funding is for upskilling members of the community in technical skills (and providing some with additional technology resources), uploading new and different (relevant) material and supporting individuals, family units and communities through additional telephone and virtual platforms (WhatsApp, Zoom, facetime, etc.)
08/07/2020 £20,000 £1,190,957 THE CLEMENT JAMES CENTRE To accommodate the increased demand for our Advice and Guidance Programme, we have deployed staff from other areas. This grant will enable us to address the funding deficit created by the redeployment of staff.
08/07/2020 £10,000 £170,674 GOODS FOR GOOD (GLOBAL) The funding will enable us to supply new and gently used essential goods like nappies, hygiene products and household goods to people in need in Barnet and Camden including homeless people, refugees, users of food banks and those living in temporary accommodation.
08/07/2020 £8,000 £644,957 HILL HOUSE ST. HELIER COMMUNITY CENTRE (PART OF COMMUNITY ACTION SUTTON) Is to enable us a centre to meet the immediate needs of our local communities, from food and essentials, and cleaning products short-term staff costs
08/07/2020 £7,920 NEW ART STUDIO The funding is for new art materials to uphold sanitation guidance; for food vouchers to give to our most vulnerable members; and for an urgent temporary wage to secure the continued services of our two supporting art therapists during this difficult post-lockdown transition.
08/07/2020 £10,000 £105,379 DOORSTEP HOMELESS FAMILIES PROJECT The funding is to purchase tablets for children without devices, for digital inclusion, distance learning and a budget to top up non perishable food packages with fresh food such as fruit and vegetables and emergency needs for hygiene items e.g nappies, sanitary products, cleaning products, baby formula, calpol etc.
08/07/2020 £9,640 £725,977 NAM PUBLICATIONS The funding is for Zoom workshops, group discussions and presentations for people living with HIV across London, particularly those from African and other BAME communities, with the objective of better supporting them to self-manage their health and decision making; strengthen their networks and reduce worry and stress about COVID.
08/07/2020 £9,261 £153,836 KURDISH & MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN'S ORGANISATION The funding is for: Improving clients' accessibility to VAWG services through online portals in different languages; Digital consultancy & training for staff; Cleaning office; sanitary and disinfectants to resume services; Basic needs for (6 women and 4 children) survivors of domestic abuse and have No Recourse to Public funds.
08/07/2020 £12,000 £1,606,990 TAPESTRY CARE UK The continuation of newly established, innovative emergency care and support services for older people, people with disabilities and long-term physical and mental health conditions who have been adversely affected by the Covid 19 virus. The establishment of new services dealing with the mental and physical long-term effects of the outbreak.
06/07/2020 £15,000 £153,293 VOICES OF HOPE We are requesting funding for infrastructure support to maintain, expand and secure our offer to local vulnerable people for the provision of food parcels and cooked meals (so far over 900 food requests have come through the Council and our mutual aid food group have met over 830 requests).
06/07/2020 £10,000 £383,550 ST CUTHBERT'S CENTRE The continuing provision of a hot food takeaway and delivery service totalling 500 meals per day, mental health counselling service and housing/ practical advice case work.
06/07/2020 £7,500 £1,210,269 PECAN- SOUTHWARK FOODBANK The funding is for delivery of support packs to beneficiaries of our Women's Services (supporting women in the Criminal Justice System) and HourBank (supporting the most vulnerable members of our community). Beneficiaries normally receive in-person support up to three times a week. We will post support packs two times a month to improve mental health, reduce isolation and address food poverty. This grant award covers 3 months costs which is in line with eligibility criteria.
06/07/2020 £10,000 LIFE CHANGERS FOUNDATION This funding is to enable us continue to provide food items, toiletries and other household essentials to families and individuals who are shielding, vulnerable, those unable to work or lost their jobs and struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This grant is conditional on the clarification of the organisation;s asset lock.
06/07/2020 £9,950 £1,162,344 DA'WATUL ISLAM UK & EIRE • Buying food and essentials for people in need of support. • Temporary staffing costs helping to respond to needs of the community quickly. • Buying goody packs that will enable isolated residents to be occupied with positive activity • Purchasing 2 laptops that will enable remote working to respond to this pandemic
06/07/2020 £9,200 £24,550 DIASPORA IVOIRIENNE UK We are seeking financial support to help 38 older people and single mothers from the Ivorian Community affected by the crisis who need urgent support to be able to go through the crisis.
05/07/2020 £25,000 BONNY DOWNS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (BDCA) Funding for Corona Relief Coordinators to develop digital and frontline support services in London Borough of Newham – worst hit place with highest death toll in the UK. We will expand our foodbank, online socials/ courses, phone-based befriending/ advocacy, outdoor sports, volunteering schemes and remote activities for vulnerable elders and children.
05/07/2020 £16,000 £26,274 COMMUNITY ACTION ON DEMENTIA - BRENT This funding is for additional work to reach out to people living with dementia and their carers in Brent who, since the lockdown, are no longer able to access vital services through our 14 local Dementia Cafes, and who continue to need essential emotional, psychological and practical support. the amount awarded covers 3 months costs for volunteers and staff which is in line with LCRF requirements.
05/07/2020 £9,900 AFRICAN EQUALITY FOUNDATION This funding is for African Equality Foundation. To provide food, medicine, cleaning materials (preventive measure), provide mobile telephone facilities. Online support, provision of sanitary pads The following additions are required to your safeguarding policy: All people within your organisation working with children and/or vulnerable adults are subject to relevant background checks i.e. Disclosure & Barring Service AND you must add a staff/volunteer recruitment procedure. You should also add information on having an asset lock to your governing document.
30/06/2020 £25,000 £548,835 THE LIMES COMMUNITY AND CHILDREN’S CENTRE Emergency funding to support vulnerable children and young people with special educational needs and autistic spectrum disorder aged 0-25 and their families to reduce the risk of harm, family breakdown and poor mental health. We’ll provide remote family support including signposting, youth/toddler clubs, one-to-one help, advice and activities.
30/06/2020 £27,913 £49,116 WELLBEING CONNECT SERVICES The funding is to enable us provide rapid response services as a result of Covid 19 pandemic by providing protective office screens /desktops for one to one advice and advocacy support; masks; protective clothing for our front line staff, telephone outreach to clients, to engage an interim talking therapy / specialist supervision for staff, purchase of additional mobile phones and other overheads.
30/06/2020 £4,388 £234,518 S.T.O.R.M FAMILY CENTRE LTD S.T.O.R.M would like to run online Art Therapy Classes and private online one to one counselling sessions (run by a senior trainee Integrative Arts Psychotherapist (Senior trainee IAP), to support existing and new service users who are struggling with DV, low levels of depression, anxiety and of course due to the current situation, those who are now isolated and in need of support
30/06/2020 £5,000 £44,729 POSITIVE NETWORK COMMUNITY PROJECT Provide temporary call centre/outreach provision would help us to meet the immediate needs of the predominantly BAME elders regarding food, medication, supplies and arrange for it with our outreach service. We will deliver food, medication and supplies to the elderly and vulnerable. Tablets to assist members to keep in touch with family/friends through social video conferencing. Memorial event.
30/06/2020 £9,900 £68,766 MOSAIC COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for providing a phone-based service to 50+ BME women to manage their anxiety, stress, depression, worry and fear including offering self-help management tools to manage long-term health conditions and encourage and enable residents to seek help and support through facilitating sign-posting, referrals and connecting them with relevant services.
30/06/2020 £5,715 £201,478 WEST EUSTON PARTNERSHIP The funding is for moving all our services online/virtually and the costs that this will incur. It will target those furthest from employment and work with them to create an action plan that will improve their employability through addressing their mental health and/or wellbeing needs. It’s a proven fact that those who find it hardest to get work are more likely to suffer from poor physical and m
30/06/2020 £10,000 £28,021 FIRST STEP ACTION We are applying for second wave funding to offer consistent service to our service clients, who we are reading providing to them with the first wave basic necessity food etc and and staff cost to enhance our services. They deliver online and build our capacity in the organisation of Covid-19 lock-down. First Step Action is ready to respond to needs of our service users.
30/06/2020 £30,460 £1,069,748 THE 999 CLUB This funding is for new work in response to Covid-19 supporting 110 homeless people through 12 weeks of lockdown with emergency poverty relief, outreach and digital infrastructure. Costs for three months include: emergency weekly food supplies; essential digital resources for benefits/asylum liaison, physical/mental health information and access to employment/training/education qualifications.
30/06/2020 £7,500 £37,777 SOUTH LONDON COUNSELLING SERVICES -Culturally sensitive loss and bereavement counselling and support. -Emotional and mental health support arising from confinement. -Provide readily accessible advice, guidance and information on Covid-19 and public health measures in different languages for communities whose first language is not English. Signposting people to other useful service providers.
30/06/2020 £15,000 £424,001 BLACK TRAINING & ENTERPRISE GROUP (BTEG) The funding is for additional capacity to support BAME community organisations to have the capacity to ?think differently and strategically? and source relevant funding and resources to accommodate change and transition during Covid-19, submit quality applications and have access to the required supporting documents.
30/06/2020 £5,525 SOUTHWARK DYNAMOS FOOTBALL CLUB Our funding proposal is to help the people at risk during the pandemic including Elderly people, disability and especially people with Physical, mental conditions with food supplies including essentials to help them through the countries pandemic. Funds will be used over a period of 3 months leading to September.
30/06/2020 £15,732 £107,667 SKILLS & TRAINING NETWORK LIMITED o continue delivering our wide range of support services and virtual training programs remotely. The funding requested to achieve the transition to switch using digital tools; to train our staff/volunteers and pay other ongoing costs to increase the capacity of our work in most need locally.
30/06/2020 £10,000 £1,139,278 CAMDEN CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU SERVICE The funding is for robust cloud-based digital platforms to support remote working. Our current server-based IT has limited remote access which has caused particular challenges during lockdown. Improved IT functionality would help us operate more efficiently with ready access to the tools needed to deliver advice remotely.
30/06/2020 £9,300 £322,264 HOMELESS ACTION IN BARNET The funding is to equip my staff to work remotely. We are usually Centre based but staff need to be able to work at home and in other locations. This means we will have to equip them with laptops and mobile phones with a data plan.
30/06/2020 £6,381 £452,459 MAGIC ME The funding is for the set up and additional costs of adapting Magic Me’s regular intergenerational arts projects, to deliver our new At Home Together programme. This will serve 400 people, many 70+, living individually or in care homes, combatting social isolation through interactive artist-led creative activities on and off-line.
30/06/2020 £20,000 £461,479 SOBUS an on line training and support system to build the capacity and resilience for local VCS organisations. The Charity Learning Consortium online learning system will enable us to deliver tailored and targeted support to groups as their needs, capacity and objectives require. The online facilities will allow us to provide comprehensive support and training whilst maintaining social distancing.
30/06/2020 £38,300 £114,753 THE BOW FOODBANK LIMITED We have seen such a dramatic increase in numbers that we have had to move to larger premises ( temporary use while their project is closed). We believe that the numbers in food poverty and seeking support from us will remain high in the post-pandemic period and we are seeking funding to help us cope with supporting families through this critical time .
30/06/2020 £27,925 £261,571 THE BOILER HOUSE COMMUNITY SPACE The coordination and translation of current, evolving grassroots needs. Enabling delivery of immediate and medium term crisis response, particularly around food poverty, signposting, loneliness. To develop an alliance of local civil society groups/ orgs to communicate, share resources and inform higher level policy. Adapt health/wellbeing activities for social distancing measures.
30/06/2020 £9,720 £9,985 DALGARNO SUPPLEMENTARY SCHOOL We would like to request funding for educational resources, laptops and IT support to enable us to develop online education support for 30 children and young people BAME communities Kensington and Chelsea
25/06/2020 £40,000 £325,791 CLOCKHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE Our Community centre closed its doors to all of our user groups on March 20th. Therefore, we are not receiving any rental income. It is vital that we continue to be proactive supporting the most vulnerable local residents by providing food deliveries and telephone support to the most isolated.
25/06/2020 £2,170 £149,557 HAMPTON & HAMPTON HILL VOLUNTARY CARE … increasing the capacity of our organisation to respond to the demand for help to people affected by COVID-19 by providing welfare parcels, shopping support, prescription deliveries, expanding our virtual community connections/wellbeing activities and provide us with essential equipment to help in the delivery of these services safely.
25/06/2020 £24,865 £814,133 AGE UK REDBRIDGE, BARKING AND HAVERING The funding is for developing digital channels to reduce loneliness for local older people, increasing our capacity/speed to respond to heightened demand (currently a 30% increase) :- a. A Social Inclusion Development Worker to oversee the new service delivery model; b. P/T Advice Worker to increase Information/Advice provision in Havering c. Volunteer costs d. Laptops/Wi-Fi costs
25/06/2020 £12,306 £134,998 AFRICAN HEALTH POLICY NETWORK Building on crisis-work over 9months we'll: *Up-skill AHPN staff in additonal mental health/wellbeing/ bereavement issues *Develop a culturally sensitive/replicable mental-wellbeing risk assessment tool *Carry out mental-wellbeing health checks/assessments with 65 beneficiaries alongside essentials/food drops *Develop/deliver a flexible mental-health support programme including bereavement support
25/06/2020 £33,936 £633,323 HARROW CENTRAL MOSQUE & MASOOD ISLAMIC CENTRE supporting the operation of Helping Hands initiative which was started in direct response to COVID- 19 1to help the vulnerable and needy with essential items & providing food parcels/cooked meals for those in financial difficulty. Supporting the operation of our funeral service by setting up bereavement counselling, assistance with Mental Health and addiction.
25/06/2020 £18,750 £429,770 BEYOND FOOD FOUNDATION The funding is to adapt our training programmes and support services for people who have been or are at risk of homelessness. We are also providing online advice, counselling, grant support for phone, internet etc, and food parcels in partnership with other agencies and have established a new crisis helpline.
25/06/2020 £5,040 £44,728 BARNET AFRICAN AND CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION (BACA) The funding is for purchasing e-tablets for service users to participate in supervisor-led chair-based online exercises, access GP telemedicine services and maintain contact with other services users. The funding would also cover the costs of training and ongoing support, including how to use the internet safely.
25/06/2020 £10,000 ARC COMMUNITY SPACE Emergency food deliveries to local families experiencing food poverty, with increased food bills due to children out of school and parents sick and unable to work. we will need to see a copy of the organisation's CIC confirmation statement to ensure compliance with our due diligence processes.
25/06/2020 £25,806 £25,479 MINARET COMMUNITY CENTRE COVID-19 response service offering a range of blended services - Food Bank, community outreach providing essentials/ food delivery, check in and chat service. Extended home-care support for Sheltered Category individuals, virtual services including 1-1 check in, counselling, women’s support group webinars, translation services, prayer meetings, home tutoring and essential equipment provision
23/06/2020 £19,780 £120,348 THE EVELYN OLDFIELD UNIT The funding will enable EOU to support BAMER organisations across London to more effectively meet the needs of the communities they support during the pandemic. We will provide bespoke training to meet the challenge of Covid-19 including support on funding, new ways of working, digital technology and collaboration.
23/06/2020 £10,000 £342,642 LIVE AND LEARN Our organisation will be supporting people who are at high risk from COVID-19. The 5-a-day fruit & veg will all be delivered to people in the community who are over 60 years and need to be isolated to keep safe. It brings the community together by involving the young people to do acts of kindness to the elderly in their community.
23/06/2020 £9,519 LOVAGE PROJECT CIC Over the next two months, the funding will enable us on a weekly basis to continue and expand our provision to a total of 420 emergency meals for Kings College Hospital staff, the Outside Project, and the Buses4Homeless project, as well as to provide 40 vulnerable families with ingredients boxes.
23/06/2020 £6,250 £17,985 MANJU SHAHUL-HAMEED FOUNDATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH The funding is to support the development and implementation of a foodbank and accompanying befriending service to elderly residents living in Croydon. The service will target those who are most vulnerable and likely not to be able to access shops and/or support arising from being isolated.
18/06/2020 £5,523 £851,030 FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ( FORWARD) The funding is for staff, volunteer and digital services delivery costs to reshape our support and outreach services for BME women in London. Partnering with two BME women’s organisations to deliver bespoke online services and peer to peer outreach by adapting training, advice and counselling services and developing digital resources
18/06/2020 £9,250 £563,617 GLOBAL ONE We will provide food which can be picked up from our Mosque (Palmers Green) to support a 60 vulnerable households for 3 months through this current crisis. This will ensure many do not go without or face dire decisions and are forced to make trade-offs at this time.
18/06/2020 £9,854 LEWISHAM MULTILINGUAL ADVICE SERVICE The funding is for three months staff costs (June to August). This will enable the continuation of the Advice Line Telephone Service Coordinator role and an additional part time Telephone Advice Line Assessor, IT support and home-working costs incurred because of COVID-19.
18/06/2020 £6,996 £17,358 ZEBRAS CHILDREN AND ADULTS CHARITY Each week our charity provides fresh fruit and Vegetables to vulnerable families who are referred to us via the Local Authorities and families who we have been supporting already for over 3 years.
17/06/2020 £9,780 £527,644 CHEFS IN SCHOOLS A food hamper service which provides five days’ worth of nutritious lunches for vulnerable families including those eligible for Free School Meals in London.
16/06/2020 £9,328 £88,991 SUNBEAMS LONDON LTD Extending our mental health focussed mentoring support and parent engagement services to 130 (105 current users+25 new intake) emotionally vulnerable girls age 7-16 in Hackney?s Charedi community. Costs include more Volunteer Coordinator hours, distribution of activity and literature packs, volunteer training and supervision and clinical guidance to parents
16/06/2020 £7,600 £12,604 EALING SOMALI WELFARE AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION ESWCA seeks funding to offer to support nearly 85 identified women from minority communities especially disadvantaged women and their families with solutions to deal with the fallout from Covid-19 pandemic such as dealing with domestic violence, challenging welfare/benefits decisions, dealing with debt and addressing mental health.
16/06/2020 £9,350 SAMAFAL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is for equipment, food and extra volunteer capacity because of huge demand created by the pandemic. We will invest in extra capacity and resources to help disadvantaged BAME residents with online form filling, advice provision, engaging in volunteering, food shopping and drop-offs and buying IT equipment.
16/06/2020 £9,970 £1,230,708 CITIZENS ADVICE HARINGEY A crisis coordination and navigation service for those in crisis due to Covid-19. This will include issues around food, employment advice, welfare benefits and debt. Our service will provide at risk adults in the borough with a navigation support to access crisis provision safely without making multiple journeys across the borough.
16/06/2020 £10,000 £105,075 ELAYS NETWORK The funding is for a full time advisor post to support us with providing advice support specifically on Covid-19 related issues. The advisor will support clients via telephone calls & online platforms, gathering data on the support needed and creating materials to send out and post on our social media platforms.
16/06/2020 £8,500 £65,696 FEAST WITH US This funding will help: FEAST! adapt its service delivery to continue to use surplus food to provide nutritious meals to targeted vulnerable adults; increase capacity so that FEAST! reaches more vulnerable adults across London; enable research examining appropriate malnutrition prevention strategies amongst vulnerable adults.
16/06/2020 £6,360 £27,105 FRENCH AFRICAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION (FAWA) The funding will cover the cost of essential equipment, staff time and , volunteer expenses that FAWA needs to deliver remote put necessary client casework, support services, information, advice and guidance for over 150 beneficiaries we support who have been affected by COVID-19 for the next 3 months
11/06/2020 £5,200 £372,892 BARKING MUSLIMS ASSOCIATION CIO To continue providing counselling and bereavment support for those struggling with anxieties, domestic abuse ,mental health and impacted by bereavement & Parenting support offering advice to parents and youngsters. To keep our food bank supporting the vulnerable with essentials To continue to support the local authority as a partner serving 3 wards with responsibility for vulnerable residents
11/06/2020 £7,420 £29,221 BANGLADESHI PARENTS ASSOCIATION IN NEWHAM The funding is required to provide essential support to very vulnerable families in Newham and Barking and Dagenham who are facing a multitude of crisis which is affecting their health and emotional well being as a result of the lockdown due to Covid-19.
11/06/2020 £5,000 £192,047 LEWISHAM IRISH COMMUNITY CENTRE To continue to expand and develop the provision of befriending and essential food boxes to those who are elderly, living with disabilities and/or in poverty. The project would run for a further three month period from July to September 2020 within the London borough of Lewisham and specifically the Rushey Green ward.
11/06/2020 £7,200 £70,438 LIGHT HOUSE ASSEMBLY HACKNEY Improving digital channels, providing food packages and household items to 100 low-income families from black ethnic minority community.
11/06/2020 £39,410 £1,892,631 URBAN PARTNERSHIP GROUP The funding is for a culturally diverse food distribution service on housing estates in Hammersmith, White City and Edward Woods. The project brings together UPG, Nubian Life and Lido Foundation to offer a range of food including halal & Afro Caribbean options through home delivery and collection at community centres.
11/06/2020 £39,450 £699,249 THE CHICKEN SOUP SHELTER This funding is for transforming our soup kitchen into a home-delivery service, providing hot, nutritious meals at meal times to vulnerable people in the safety of their own home throughout the Covid-19 crisis. The funding will cover the additional expense required to safely prepare, package and deliver the food.
10/06/2020 £10,000 £629,685 CHART (CHINBROOK ACTION RESIDENTS TEAM) The funding is to supply urgently needed food and essential household products to residents (including families) who need extra support during Covid-19. This includes people who have been instructed to isolate for 12 weeks, senior and disabled residents and those with other vulnerabilities including mental health and/or financial problems.
10/06/2020 £8,325 £67,212 ACTIVITEENS The funding is to provide an exciting, culturally-appropriate games club over a 16-week period to 64 underprivileged 15-16 year-old Orthodox-Jewish girls for whom the impacts of Covid-19 have been particularly harsh. The funding will cover: the salaries for the game-moderators and games; the design,production and distribution of a weekly newsletter.
10/06/2020 £7,000 £169,471 UP N AWAY Funding is for delivering breakfast to homes of vulnerable YP with underlying disease/health conditions and cannot go out of the house as well as those who have lost their jobs and cannot afford basic food bills. Also to purchase mobile phones, for the YP which they did not previously have.
04/06/2020 £9,432 £347,092 WANDSWORTH COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK The funding is to enable us to provide hands on support to voluntary, community and faith groups who are on the frontline of providing self-help support to their own communities. We are in contact with over 40 groups who require our support, specifically around building their own capacity to meet needs.
04/06/2020 £4,700 £137,855 EDUCATION AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT GROUP We are applying funding to respond to the effect of Covid 19 on the community we work with, we secured small grant to provide food parcels but is now drying up and that is we are asking for this to continue supporting clients who are isolated and in dire need
04/06/2020 £4,323 £697,069 SURVIVORSUK The funding is to purchase 8 laptops for the counselling staff to assist them in delivering the most needed services during this lockdown period.
04/06/2020 £5,000 £220,761 LIVES NOT KNIVES The funding requested would provide hot food to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Hackney. The combination of your funding with our volunteer chefs and delivery assistance, will provide warm and nutritious meals to those most affected by Covid-19.
04/06/2020 £9,990 £410,993 HERE 2 HELP Operation FOOD: We we will purchase a variety of staple foods in bulk, directly from wholesalers and will distribute these to families in struggling to afford basic food. Through this method, we will make prudent use of funds to help the money provide more value/ food than the families would be able to get in their local grocery.
04/06/2020 £6,215 £213,034 BELL FARM CHRISTIAN CENTRE This funding would cover additional costs due to the expansion of our older people's work from April-June. We provide ongoing support and telephone outreach to 150 vulnerable local people currently shielding. Providing food, activities, encouraging letters and poems from the local community to help reduce loneliness during this time.
02/06/2020 £6,300 £395,373 WESTBOURNE GROVE CHURCH Providing food bags to people who are homeless, twice a week
02/06/2020 £7,900 £83,147 CITY CHAPEL The “COVID 19 - Care In Crisis Project” is designed to combat the continued surge of urgent basic and food needs combined with a ‘Confidence Building Back To Work’ initiative for a minimum of 30 BAME Single Parents & hard to reach individuals/families within the Barking & Dagenham area.
02/06/2020 £9,414 £49,622 CASSANDRA LEARNING CENTRE The provision of 60 meals a week to women and their children who face Domestic Violence and older women who are isolated and in need of support. In addition the provision of access to counselling services remotely and workshops for children living in difficult conditions with parents who need support in order to help their children.
02/06/2020 £10,000 HUMDUM CIC We at HumDum CIC have seen a 200% increase in demand for our services in the current lockdown period. We wish to continue to serve more than 300 COVID impacted vulnerable persons and help them get through this tough period.
02/06/2020 £49,671 £127,822 NORTH PADDINGTON FOOD BANK Continuing to operate at a higher level as the main component of the areas food aid response, including expansion to work across more locations to increase accessibility, whilst laying the foundations for operating with continued higher demand and potential changes to said demand and the operational environment.
02/06/2020 £10,000 £1,119,761 THE AKSHAYA PATRA FOUNDATION UK The funding is for preparing, packaging and delivering hot, healthy and freshly cooked meals every day to vulnerable families, the homeless, the elderly and the stranded students - who have no access to food while they observe 'stay at home' directive by the UK Government.
02/06/2020 £10,000 £1,163,054 HIBISCUS INITIATIVES This funding is to meet the needs of current clients under our WrapAround and Diversion Projects (funded by MOPAC through Advance and Women in Prison) to respond to urgent and emerging hardship situations and to provide the technology and services that can ensure our foreign national clients can access the support they need.
02/06/2020 £9,839 £63,661 GURNELL GROVE COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for the necessary staff costs and equipment to run an emergency food distribution centre for the next 3 months. We are working with Ealing Council and the Felix project (charity) to provide food packages for 600 plus individuals each week.
02/06/2020 £24,020 £828,322 ZSV TRUST 1. Distribution of food parcels to financially struggling families with school-aged children and teenagers. 2. Training a team of volunteers to support the elderly and vulnerable with their errands. Volunteers will be required to be fluent in English, Yiddish/Hebrew.
02/06/2020 £8,950 £432,396 CAIUS HOUSE The funding is for a coordinated programme targeted at providing activities for year 11 students in Battersea, keeping them engaged in positive activities. The project will create a digital 'Battersea - Class of 2020' yearbook celebrating their achievements. This will be in partnership with local youth organisations.
02/06/2020 £5,000 £76,098 HOLY TRINITY (C OF E) PARISH CHURCH, TOTTENHAM This funding is to maintain and enhance our parish?s response to increasingly evident food poverty and fraying community engagement and exchange efforts among the often economically deprived and diverse (and by no means exclusively migrant) communities around us.
26/05/2020 £9,970 £45,347 COMMUNITY EDUCATION FORUM Many of our clients are already isolated, financially disadvantaged and working low income jobs (carers, cleaners etc.) or self-employed (taxi-drivers, sole traders etc.) before the pandemic and currently struggling. We are requesting funding towards the costs of a community outreach worker offering coronavirus advice & information and to establish a community accessible food bank
26/05/2020 £15,000 £2,983,823 SAFER LONDON This funding will make sure we can deliver our remote interventions safely, securely, and reliably. With all of our work now dependent on high levels of connectivity we have an urgent need to migrate our delivery to a Cloud based system and reduce the demand on our already stretched systems.
26/05/2020 £10,000 BREAD N BUTTER LONDON CIC The funding is for our 'Donate a meal' project to further our output of home cooked, nutritious meals to beneficiaries across Enfield and Brent. We wish to ensure that those in isolation (elderly, poorly, in recovery), food insecure and those impacted by the crisis have access to 1-2 meals a day.
26/05/2020 £20,500 £626,450 AVA-AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE The funding is for support for frontline staff working with domestic abuse survivors who are currently having to manage vulnerable service users and high risks remotely. The funding will enable us to provide training and support to help staff cope with remote working and vicarious trauma.
22/05/2020 £10,000 £1,080,314 FRENFORD CLUBS We kindly request funding support for food parcels and essential items for vulnerable people. Mutual Aid Redbridge are currently delivering 100 food parcels a week to vulnerable people throughout the borough who have been unable to receive support from the government/ local goverment or suddenly find themselves in financial hardship. All have been vetted through the charities we work with.
22/05/2020 £50,000 £586,605 ASIAN WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE (AWRC) Additional worker capacity to assist with increased demands ; installation of extra telephone line; zoom/web subscriptions ; purchasing computers, lap tops, chairs; smart phones, non managerial /supervision for staff; cleaning costs for AWRC premises; travelling costs for staff using public transport when lockdown is eased. Smart phones for women and sim cards.
22/05/2020 £10,000 £65,153 BOLD VISION The funding is for food boxes for local people experiencing food poverty due to Covid-19, to meet urgent need. We will use the funding to buy fruit, vegetables and dried goods from wholesalers, parcel it up into single-person and family boxes, and distribute it for free using volunteer drivers.
21/05/2020 £9,220 £2,237,532 NORTH ENFIELD FOODBANK This funding is for the running-cost of handling the over 168% increased demand for our services. We need the fund to ensure: -Continual availability of food -Foodbank operates 6-days a week instead of our usual 3-days to handle the increase -Maintaining and expanding our new home-delivery service to the most vulnerable.
21/05/2020 £10,000 £174,401 CHRIST CHURCH FELTHAM The funding is for a food bank delivery service for the local community. The need has grown as a result of Covid-19 and the food bank must operate a delivery service, using volunteers. Financial support is needed to provide stock for the food bank and personal protective equipment for volunteers.
21/05/2020 £6,727 £1,428,054 ASHIANA NETWORK The funding is for the purchase of 8 laptops for staff who are working remotely to enable them to continue with their work supporting our advice, counselling and refuge clients.
19/05/2020 £9,020 DADIHIYE SOMALI DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION Food for 70 families and their children/young estimated 150 and 30 elders. Most of the Somali Community and some BME in our area did not access the local food banks due to cultural and language barriers and we would buy food and other supplies for those 50+women isolated at home. We also need to use the money for volunteers expenses, telephone communication costs, transportation, computers, etc
19/05/2020 £15,150 £90,593 STREET TALK We want to provide telephone helplines for all the women in the six hostels where we usually work, seventeen other hostels for homeless people Bronzefield Prison and the two Covid Protect Hotels in Camden where the rough sleepers have been placed. Our partner organisations, have requested that we provide this service to their women.
19/05/2020 £24,513 £1,610,337 RESPECT The funding is for adapting training courses for online delivery and offer them to London's Domestic Abuse Practitioners who engage with perpetrators, male victims and young people. Accessing online training will upskill Frontline Workers, enabling them to support London's communities affected by domestic abuse during Covid-19 and after.
19/05/2020 £38,371 £407,065 UKNSWP/NATIONAL UGLY MUGS (NUM) Sex workers who are currently experiencing extreme hardship as a result of Covid-19. NUM will provide the resources necessary to support this marginalised population to isolate, stay safe and stay alive, while many will experience grief and loss.
19/05/2020 £14,727 £223,439 WHY ME? The funding is for the development of Restorative Justice resources for people affected by crime and the professionals supporting them in London so that online services are accessible, safe and meet the needs of all victims and offenders, especially the more vulnerable and those with protected characteristics.
19/05/2020 £6,500 £130,604 ABILITY NORTH LONDON Providing Breakfast, Lunch and Supper and virtual dance and exercise sessions. As well as mental health therapy virtually one-to-one.
19/05/2020 £10,000 £311,542 CAP FOUNDATION (COMMUNITY AGAINST POVERTY) CAP Foundation to continue the delivery of needs-based food and non-food items to identified vulnerable families in London (elderly, single parent, poor households, those with affected family members, etc.)
19/05/2020 £6,452 £38,613 HAND ON HEART (AL-MIZAN CHARITABLE TRUST) The fundraising is to provide 500 hygiene and essential packs to homeless in Holborn, Trafalgar Square and Brent (end May). Each pack will consist of : Hand Sanitisers, Wet Wipes, Deodorants, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Underwear (3prs), Socks (3prs), Snacks, Water and Cup Cakes. All items are new and placed in a drawstring bag.
19/05/2020 £8,415 £16,192 IBN ABBAS ISLAMIC CENTRE We are applying for the provision of 70 hot meals per day for forty five days to disabled and people affected by the coronavirus pandemic
19/05/2020 £18,244 £334,343 CALM (CONFIDENTIAL AND LOCAL MEDIATION) The funding is for a telephone helpline and Coordinator to answer calls supporting people in the community living with conflict. The support will help break down communication barriers and resolve issues. In addition, it is for 4 laptops to assist staff to work from home efficiently and effectively using video.
19/05/2020 £9,860 £702,527 COVENT GARDEN DRAGON HALL TRUST The set up, management, development and ongoing administration of Covent Garden Food Bank with partner organisation Covent Garden Community Centre for the relief of food poverty & hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Holborn, Covent Garden, Soho & south Bloomsbury areas of central London
15/05/2020 £9,360 £94,757 EXCEL WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION (i) Collect food/medication from supermarkets/food banks/GPs/chemists & take to homes of vulnerable, isolated people (ii) Cook food for vulnerable people with mobility issues & those struggling to source faith-specific food (e.g Halal), (iii) Provide multi-lingual phone advice re: benefits, bill/rent/mortgage holidays etc and phone befriending to isolated people; (iv) Help women to get online
15/05/2020 £9,791 £83,618 HILLINGDON BRAIN TUMOUR GROUP The grant would assist us in providing: • Food for our clients who are not able to afford it themselves • Mailings to members • Delivering groceries and prescription to homebound members • Virtual support mechanisms for clients • laptop, software for supporting from home • transportation • Increase hours of counsellor • Increase hours of support worker
15/05/2020 £6,872 £630,517 INDEPENDENT LIVING AGENCY we are working remotely and gaining extra costs our work load has changed we are supporting people who have isolated and unable to get medication go to food backs go out to get advice for benefits we are working to support these residents via our floating support teamall our payroll officers are working from home we have had to bring in extra staff to deal with the Hugh amount of phone calls
15/05/2020 £10,250 £107,985 HOME-START HAVERING The funding is for online/telephone support which will be one-to-one person centred therapy. The aim of which is to prevent child abuse, domestic abuse and mental health issues arising from the lockdown. We want to upskill our current staff and volunteers training them to support the changing needs of families with an emphasis on the needs of the children.
15/05/2020 £6,455 £176,424 HOME-START HILLINGDON Costs associated with adapting our support service to social distancing restrictions imposed by government: equipment (laptops, printers & phones) to enable staff to work effectively from home, plus additional staff hours to establish & continue safe remote support to our volunteers & vulnerable families. In addition, to purchase materials to make up family activity packs for isolated families.
15/05/2020 £23,528 £1,330,640 ELLINGHAM EMPLOYMENT SERVICES The funding is to help us reshape our services, provide equipment for staff to do this from home. We work face to face in a training centre and have lots of technology set up in our offices, but none of this is suitable to be used by our delivery staff to run any services from home. We are also asking for funds to help us pay for an essential staff member due to a huge drop in income.
14/05/2020 £10,000 £763,109 HOPE CHURCH ORPINGTON FOR TRANSFORM BROMLEY BOROUGH COALITION The funding will enable the TBB coalition of food banks to work with Fare Share to store and use fresh, frozen and chilled foods that would otherwise be wasted. This will allow the participating food banks to offer a wider range of healthier foods to those accessing foodbank services.
14/05/2020 £16,776 £304,104 MOSAC Mosac must adapt our London based services to support sexually abused children and their protective families remotely. We will transform our helpline, counselling, therapy and advocacy services to operate virtually so that families can access specialist support to be safe, heal and move forward together at this time of crisis.
14/05/2020 £46,877 £2,206,735 WOMEN AND GIRLS NETWORK The funding is to ensure that women and girls can continue to receive responsive and innovative support services that help them to heal and recover from all forms of gender based violence in the context of Covid-19 and respond to the complexity of need and increase in demand.
14/05/2020 £31,000 £6,067,052 SAFELIVES The funding is required for three adaptations: (1) Additional office space and PPE to enable safe face-to-face work (2) One additional case manager to meet rising demand (3) The spot purchase of temporary emergency accommodation for perpetrators to ensure the safety of victims/survivors whilst alternative accommodation is secured via statutory or other routes
14/05/2020 £21,640 £755,401 WOMEN@THEWELL The funding is for the way we are planning to deliver services differently for the coming six months; recruitment of a Support and Advice Team Leader, reception support so the team can deliver doorstep triage and one-to-one support, adjustments at our centre in and PPE for front line Outreach workers.
14/05/2020 £15,000 £189,412 ONE IN FOUR A telephone and online counselling service providing specialist support remotely, including clinical supervision, enabling us to continue to provide: - Support for our current clients and clients on our waiting list - Respond to and meet the rapid rise in demand for our services - Continued advocacy work with our clients
14/05/2020 £4,175 THE REAL JUNK FOOD PROJECT-TWICKENHAM (TRJFP) The funding is to enable us to increase our capacity to deliver fresh and healthy food up to 7 days per week to vulnerable and isolated people in Richmond and Hounslow. We have transformed our pop-up Community Cafes into food redistribution to other projects and a food care package delivery service, using our food collections and volunteers.
14/05/2020 £9,763 £153,481 HARINGEY PLAY ASSOCIATION Providing food, hot meals and play resource packs and equipment for disadvantaged young people and families
14/05/2020 £8,500 INNER STRENGTH NETWORK CIC • To cope with the increase in demand to coach and support our vulnerable women and girls who have suffered domestic abuse and trauma. • To provide extra training online for volunteers • To develop the online course/service on domestic abuse • To cope with increase demands from girls
14/05/2020 £8,550 £221,911 HOWBURY FRIENDS We would like funding to buy a fridge, a chest freezer, to create two new phone lines as a help line number, a laptop for volunteers to access so that anyone working can get on line to download the forms. We then want to purchase more food.
14/05/2020 £5,000 £24,223 ILAYS The organisation is seeking funding to cover the cost of buying food and essentials for the some of the most deprived and disadvantaged BME community mostly from the Somali community, who face many barriers including poverty, language barrier and lack of knowledge of how to access available resources within the borough. This project will in no way duplicate an existing services.
14/05/2020 £10,000 WHITEFOOT AND DOWNHAM COMMUNITY FOOD PLUS PROJECT LIMITED The funding we are asking for is essential to keep what is now an emergency food relief service operational for the next 3 months. We are already in crisis over how long we can run with an already 100% increase in demand, which is most likely to continue to rise. Without it, we can only plan on a week-by-week basis at present, with no surety on how long we can keep supporting those who need it.
14/05/2020 £22,857 £464,479 LONDON BLACK WOMEN'S PROJECT (LBWP) … transforming the way we safely support additional BAME women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse by improving telephone and on-line systems through WiFi in refuges; providing safe, new and creative ways to provide counselling, legal advice and children’s education via digital channels during and after the lockdown.
14/05/2020 £36,517 £592,917 PLIAS RESETTLEMENT This funding is for redesigning our systems and services for delivery via digital channels and the costs associated with the staff/volunteers, equipment, training, resources and overheads necessary to effectively support service user needs remotely. This will increase our capacity, reach and accessibility and maintain our positive relationships, activities and outcomes.
14/05/2020 £9,979 £157,716 THIRD AGE PROJECT The funding is for the provision of telephone befriending and support, talking therapies, an emergency Food Bank, home deliveries of essential supplies, newsletters, community learning programmes delivered remotely and the supervision of volunteers to support 500 high risk older people self-isolating as a result of vulnerability to contracting Covid 19.
12/05/2020 £6,000 £159,770 BRENT IRISH ADVISORY SERVICE increased costs to our charity in delivering our services differently. We can no longer provide a face to face service, and have increased communication costs (phone/letters). Our client group is a hard to reach group and are there are difficulties in engaging with them in a non-face to face manner. We have adapted our services to telephone services and we need to be able to increase this support.
12/05/2020 £9,820 £67,433 NENE TEREZA Nene Tereza charity is established since 2009, runs three schools every weekend and every other week holds meetings with over 55 years olds. Covid- 19 has affected many people in different ways. Our charity's aim is to provide support to elderly people and those that are self isolating and are unable to get food supplies delivered to their homes.
12/05/2020 £9,646 £78,458 BARNET COMMUNITY PROJECTS … fully adapting our services to provide local frontline support and where possible remotely: running an upscaled foodbank, including food/meal/essentials and activity distribution to families usually using our holiday lunchclub; running money advice and counselling services remotely whilst having the means to maintain the centre and our organisation.
12/05/2020 £12,213 £118,779 LATIN AMERICAN DISABLED PEOPLE'S PROJECT This funding is to enable LADPP to provide work-related advice and mental health support during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to increase our capacity to help people who have lost income to apply for Universal Credit and other government support.
12/05/2020 £11,000 £2,078,618 NEW HORIZON YOUTH CENTRE We are requesting £11,000 to allow us to deliver remotely our previous face to face support and range of interventions with the most vulnerable and marginalised young people.
12/05/2020 £10,000 £629,685 VOLUNTARY SERVICES LEWISHAM The funding is for purchasing food for vulnerable Lewisham residents who are self-isolating, are unable to shop themselves, and do not have others to shop for them. VSL will source, pack and deliver essential and bespoke (according to specific dietary requirements), food to their door.
12/05/2020 £5,191 £1,179,842 CLEAN BREAK WiFi and devices to allow our Members (women who have experienced the criminal justice system, or are at risk of entering it) to access the internet; phone credit for Members to contact us; a laptop and Zoom to enable our Members Team to deliver our programme & Member Support remotely.
12/05/2020 £7,400 £141,001 ISLINGTON BANGLADESH ASSOCIATION The funding is for IBA to provide essential support in terms of access to basic food provisions, access to digital equipment and resources and networking to vulnerable and low income families, single parent households and women experiencing mental health illness to make who are facing crisis resulting from unemployment, poor physical and mental health.
07/05/2020 £6,725 £537,855 THE UPPER ROOM (ST SAVIOUR'S) A counselling service four days a week to improve the emotional wellbeing of homeless and/or vulnerable adults who have been directly affected by Covid-19 through isolation, bereavement and/or unemployment.
07/05/2020 £10,000 £2,607,953 WIMBLEDON GUILD OF SOCIAL WELFARE The funding is for supermarket vouchers and to cover running costs of our van being used to collect supplies, make shopping trips and deliver essential items to vulnerable people. Volunteers will use vouchers to buy items for people at risk unable to leave home and withdraw cash during lockdown.
07/05/2020 £10,000 WELWITSCHIA WELFARE ADVICE CENTRE The funding is for: - laptops, phone credit to enable us to continue to deliver our advice service remotely - food and essential supply packs, volunteer expenses, and a Zoom licence so our befriending and social support can continue, and we can provide emergency support for people experiencing crisis due to CV19.
07/05/2020 £9,988 £455,624 IMECE WOMEN’S CENTRE the funding is for boosting the Advice and management capacity to ensure the needs of the communities we work with are met.
07/05/2020 £26,472 £578,000 WOMEN'S RESOURCE CENTRE To increase our support to London Women’s organisations in response to heightened and different needs as a result of COVID-19, by moving training into webinar format, increasing our online forums with members, increasing our mailouts and social media activities, in order to keep members abreast of the rapidly shifting environment and to increase our policy and strategic advocacy capacity ensuring the concerns and specific impact of this emergency on women across the protected characteristics and their organisations is captured and represented to decision and policy makers in London. Beneficiaries are: Direct -45womens organisations and groups in London Indirect- service users of those organisations who benefit because of the maintained sustainability of their service providers, approximately 5,000 over the three month period
07/05/2020 £6,690 £95,953 KINGSTON MENCAP The funding is for iPads for our members who are socially isolated. We want to connect people who at the moment are relying on telephone calls, the post or resources/information being hand delivered. The funding would also cover the cost of WiFi for 12 months for a year, the funding would cover cost of remote training.
07/05/2020 £23,306 £605,667 ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST combining casework advice and support with wrap around support that enables us to combine our help to individuals to include - 1. emergency help such as relief of poverty, 2. stabilising longer term income through benefits, 3. longer term challenges such as ESOL or skills training
07/05/2020 £19,580 £450,954 LONDON FRIEND The funding is for us to adapt and our mental health support for LGBT people to deal with the current issues and increased demand the pandemic and lock down are causing. It will allow us to increase capacity for counselling, groups, and making mental health resilience plans with clients.
07/05/2020 £27,395 £559,170 THE VINEYARD COMMUNITY CENTRE The funding is for the development of a new integrated service, working remotely, providing advice and support and delivering food parcels and precooked meals to vulnerable people. Funds are needed for the temporary appointment of new staff, increased transport costs and a massive increase on our previous food bank service.
07/05/2020 £6,565 £252,395 SAFE GROUND We want to be able to generate a range of new services and materials that can offer immediate practical support to the vulnerable women we work with through the Minerva Wrap Around project across London. We will create enough materials for 500 women (roughly the number of women assessed to be involved in the Minerva project).
06/05/2020 £20,600 £907,444 JEWISH WOMEN'S AID Office equipment for staff to homework, laptops, printers, extra IT support and security to enable remote working for staff. We need funding to supply women and their children with electronic devices for home schooling and aid in helping reduce social isolation and domestic abuse, in addition costs for emergency relocations.
06/05/2020 £11,876 £348,905 MERTON CENTRE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING developing a response to the increased levels of Hate Crime in our community as a consequence of isolation and vulnerability as well as providing befriending and mental health support to our service users. We also want to empower our team to work effectively from home and prepare ourselves to come out of lockdown.
06/05/2020 £19,239 £49,506 WESTPOINT-SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Introduction of a programme to develop new ways of delivering programmes to targeted communities given the current crisis and ‘lockdown’ which will include outreach and on-line services / activities to maintain existing activities and develop new projects to support and develop disadvantaged and excluded Somali & BAMER communities.
06/05/2020 £7,831 £310,696 LONDON RECLAIMED The funding is for us to provide food, through our cafe, to those who have been identified as being at high-risk financially during the Covid 19 pandemic. In partnership with Peckham Foodbank, run by Pecan (charity no. 801819), we plan to deliver 140 healthy lunches each day, Monday to Friday, utilising the foodbank network.
06/05/2020 £4,620 TRUE ACCESS CIC The funding is for to provide online therapy, physical activities and social events for young adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.
06/05/2020 £32,369 £1,165,198 SUZY LAMPLUGH TRUST The funding is for additional capacity to ensure we are able to support stalking victims across London during Covid-19 and work effectively with services across the VAWG sector who come into contact with victims, including promotion of the service so that everyone knows that we are still open.
06/05/2020 £6,650 £50 CENTRAL LONDON YOUTH DEVELOPMENT TRUST Create a unique and effective initiative which supports the mental and emotional well-being of disadvantaged BME children (aged between 4-16 years old) in North Westminster, during this current Covid-19 pandemic.
06/05/2020 £10,263 £166,237 ACTION FOR REFUGEES IN LEWISHAM The funding is for reorienting our services to better support asylum seeker, refugee, and NRPF families struggling to overcome crisis and resolve longer-term issues during and beyond Covid-19 lockdown. This includes remote provision through staff redeployment, improving the co-production of services, and building and maintaining improved partnerships locally.
06/05/2020 £12,255 £214,724 AFRUCA - SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN The funding is for a six month grant of £29,806 to recruit family support worker providing remote positive parenting training for BME families in child protection system referred to AFRUCA, retrain volunteers to work digitally in the community, meet set up costs of delivering work digitally, contributions to management and over-head costs.
06/05/2020 £6,605 £258,047 HOME-START CROYDON This funding is to provide the equipment, knowledge and training to operate effectively during the current health emergency and cover the cost of remote working. The basis of our support model has always been face-to-face, either 1-1 or group-based; we are now transitioning to providing telephone, online and virtual support.
06/05/2020 £35,454 £69,587 LIVING WELL BROMLEY The appointment of a Project Coordinator to adapt and introduce new services to meet the needs of increasing numbers of vulnerable and socially isolated people during Covid 19. The provision of a telephone support service to meet the increasing emotional and mental health needs of our service users.
06/05/2020 £5,856 £87,095 MAA SHANTI The funding is for 3 smartphones, mobile phone costs, data, contribution to home Broadband and utilities, increased management and staff support needs, 3 laptops, zoom pro, increased clinical supervision over 3 months, accountancy and technical support.
06/05/2020 £21,885 AFGHANISTAN AND CENTRAL ASIAN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION To meet the additional costs of coordinating and delivering tailored and holistic online and telephone advice, translation and interpretation, emotional support and befriending to the most vulnerable Afghan refugees and recent migrants across London.
06/05/2020 £31,100 £556,957 AGE UK WANDSWORTH A) the continued delivery of food + other essential supplies to shielded older people, including those not previously reached B) relief from isolation for/befriending of older people in long-term shielding C) specialist advice work relating to COVID19 D) volunteer-provided telephone home/chair-based exercise for the long-term shielded E) provision of the above to elders in sheltered housing
06/05/2020 £11,939 £145,676 BEXLEY MOORINGS PROJECT Additonal equipment to enable out staff to work from home. It is also for salaries for qualified staff to work extra hours to meet the increased demand for our services resulting from COVID. Ultimately the funding will maintain and develop well-respected support for the most vulnerable people within Bexley
06/05/2020 £13,258 £516,269 REFUGEE ACTION KINGSTON RAK to ensure refugees and asylum seekers have every support they need with new ways of accessing services during social-distancing restrictions. With the funding, RAK will be able to maintain our priority to resolve clients' issues, that have arisen due to the crisis while providing usual support.
06/05/2020 £17,000 £199,491 SKYLARKS CHARITY ...Skylarks to increase its number of counsellors to provide positive mental health services to children with disabilities who are struggling with the change in routine, such as children with autism. We have also had a surge in requests from parents of children with additional needs to receive counselling and would like to deliver our service differently to include parents within the service.
06/05/2020 £10,000 £779,230 BISHOP CREIGHTON HOUSE New & creative safe ways of working with people learning disabilities & mental health challenges and providing extra emotional/anxiety help from a counsellor to those most affected; as well as repointing the way we work to provide emergency/well-being support to older and other socially isolated people.
06/05/2020 £14,692 £1,126,385 HARROW CLUB W10 THE HARROW MISSION We will run a 3 month detached and outreach project across RBKC to engage young people who are out on the streets during this period of restriction and social distancing. The project is especially needed if schools are not open or working in a reduced way as well as the lack of regular youth and sport club activities. The team will be formed of workers from youth/community organisations in RBKC.
06/05/2020 £9,500 PLAY PLACE INNOV8 CIC The short term grant will enable them to meet the immediate needs of the community by continuing to provide urgent supplies including food and essentials (Such as baby care products) and ICT hardware to the most vulnerable residents including those with families, older residents, isolated people and those who have SEND related issues.
04/05/2020 £2,787 £80,429 RAPHA CHRISTIAN CENTRE The funding is for a food and basic essentials distribution along with a comfort line for our users and local community. we would like to provide a food and basic essentials such as toothpaste, nappies etc, this will happen twice a week .
04/05/2020 £4,316 £46,410 INGESTRE ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE The funding is for food supplies , containers, cooking utensils and two part time workers , one cook and one support worker to be able to supply those in need with cooked meals especially the elderly and isolated. Dried and fresh food will also be delivered to families suffering food poverty at this time.
04/05/2020 £10,000 £675,237 SICKLE CELL SOCIETY Services we can support remotely including our Telephone Helpline & Online Advice/Information service, Volunteer training/support, South London Gives (project to increase the number of blood donors registering of black African/black Caribbean heritage) and development of online resources including live workshops for people in South London subsequently uploaded for wider access.
04/05/2020 £32,343 £1,259,085 MIND IN HARROW The funding is to set up transformed mental health information, support and services AND increase our reach and capacity for local people experiencing poor mental health, exacerbated by the impact of Covid-19, through (i)digital channels (ii)Befriending, (iii)user-led support/advocacy and (iv)Harrow’s only Mental Health Helpline.
04/05/2020 £7,000 £19,569 ENFIELD CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION To buy basic food items to meet the immediate needs of the African Caribbean Covid-19 at risk group - age over 70 or under with underlining health conditions and those experiencing financial hardship during the social isolation period of three months.
04/05/2020 £9,100 DIGIBRIDGE CIC The funding is for us to pay for additional staffing, the purchase of a new chest freezer and the purchase of an e-cargo bike for us to carry out food collections from local food stores and food delivery to local Newham residents who are vulnerable and self isolating.
04/05/2020 £9,740 £345,554 CHINESE MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION adapting our systems and services to help us meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in Barnet with mental health conditions during the lockdown period.
04/05/2020 £5,000 £51,805 JANNATY WOMEN'S SOCIAL SOCIETY To ensure our most vulnerable members (blind, disabled, single parents, long term health conditions, refugees and asylum seekers) continue to receive the support needed which includes food packages, clothing, mental and medical health and wellbeing advice in their respective language (most of our members are Arabic or Somali).
01/05/2020 £17,628 £182,532 PADDINGTON LAW CENTRE The funding is for (i) capital purchases to facilitate remote/ digital service delivery to allow us to support vulnerable people who are shielding and retain experienced (10+ years at the centre) staff and (ii) project costs for advising/representing vulnerable people experiencing intensified income/tenancy/ employment related problems because of the pandemic.
01/05/2020 £19,491 £298,945 THE HOLLOWAY NEIGHBOURHOOD GROUP We will support the mental well-being of local residents by redeploying staff who ran our community centre to run a new telephone support service “A Friendly Chat”, increasing our capacity to offer counselling, and delivering online well-being classes.
01/05/2020 £10,683 £110,091 REFUGEEYOUTH This funding is for ensuring vulnerable young refugees and asylum seekers are effectively supported during this pandemic. We will achieve this by developing our new online programme, increasing 1:1 support, engaging with external facilitators and community partner organisations, and expanding the capacity of our staff.
01/05/2020 £11,992 £741,583 RELEASE LEGAL EMERGENCY AND DRUGS SERVICE The funding is to support people who are drug dependent, this a highly vulnerable group, who are a high risk category in relation to COVID-19 - we will advocate for their health and legal rights. We are also seeking support to ensure our IT systems can work effectively.
01/05/2020 £27,225 £684,611 KINGSTON CARERS' NETWORK ...the additional expenditure needed to meet the needs of Kingston's young and adult carers by providing much-needed advice, advocacy, practical help and emotional support. The funding would allow us to continue supporting carers and their families who are among the most isolated and financially disadvantaged in our society.
01/05/2020 £9,980 £91,739 LUMINARY BAKERY We seek funding to continue and adapt our life-changing vocational training and progression support to be delivered virtually to survivors of gender based violence.
01/05/2020 £15,489 £1,054,413 MIND IN CAMDEN The funding is for increased hours to specific posts and associated costs to enable socially distanced provision, mainly focused on responses to supporting people who are distressed by hearing voices, seeing visions, having unusual beliefs or experiencing other unusual cognitive experiences - particulary children and young people.
01/05/2020 £23,036 £687,549 SOMERS TOWN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The funding is to meet the costs of delivering children and young people's services differently in south Camden, including in partnership, and to support a shift in the way we are delivering interventions for the whole community in response to Covid-19.
01/05/2020 £7,978 £1,011,148 ABBEY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LTD The funding is for remote support to vulnerable service users to maintain their mental and physical health, and for the provision of emergency help, such as food and other necessary supplies, where needed.
01/05/2020 £9,994 £61,547 GIRLS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT We seek funding to run a gender and culturally sensitive support, for young girls aged (16 to 18)years affected by hunger and stress due to Covid-19 outbreak. This new initiative will provide; 1) food and necessities 2) online and telephone support services offering tips to keep safe and self-manage stress and anxiety
01/05/2020 £10,000 £353,468 KENTISH TOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE This funding is to a) Continue to provide 'Happiness Hampers' for the 240+ low income families from schools in the Kentish Town Area. b) To maintain stock levels in our food bank c) To increase our free legal aid provision and introduce debt advice
01/05/2020 £9,500 £649,511 LEWISHAM REFUGEE & MIGRANT NETWORK We would like to purchase laptops and mobile phones for our advisers and volunteers who are now working from home.
01/05/2020 £4,989 £224,060 STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP The funding is for a part-time bilingual worker to support Spanish speakers to access services, benefits and support, including help with employability, during the coronavirus crisis.
01/05/2020 £4,468 £8,698 SUDANESE NUBIAN ASSOCIATION UK The funding is for 2 mobile phones (including sim cards and top-up credit for 3 months), costs for home essentials for 60 of our most isolated and vulnerable community members and transport costs for home delivery of these items.
01/05/2020 £4,800 UNIQUE TALENT CIC In response to the pandemic and as a way of making sure we provide our vital interventions for ex-offenders and those they work with we are immediately diversifying our services. We are doing this by online service delivery to professionals/guardians and zoom/phone mentoring.
01/05/2020 £9,899 £40,281 LATIN ELEPHANT The funding is for recruiting additional staff to cover increased demand and for moving our services online by meeting costs of additional equipment, software and subscription to online services for staff to work remotely.
01/05/2020 £4,030 £53,806 IN-DEEP COMMUNITY TASK FORCE The funding is for to provide online support for children with SEND and isolated older people. Monthly music and movement sessions will be delivered to families. We are also posting videos of our choir songs on our Facebook site for older people to practice. We will also provide educational materials to help support parents homeschooling as many have severe difficulties.
01/05/2020 £5,000 £337,743 AFC WIMBLEDON FOUNDATION AFC Wimbledon Foundation is working in partnership with a recently formed fans mutual aid organisation the Dons Local Action Group, who are a collective of volunteers who have established food distribution hubs in two boroughs Merton and Kingston and are delivering 800 parcels per week to vulnerable adults and families - the funding is to support this work and help our expansion into Wandsworth.
30/04/2020 £40,816 £283,297 CAXTON HOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE This will support up-front costs to enable us to adapt to a digital approach for delivering our services/activities and supporting staff with essential equipment/training needed to meet these changing circumstances. Set up a weekly hot meal delivery to 150 vulnerable residents and increase the amount of care/food support we deliver.
30/04/2020 £7,730 £298,720 ABILITY BOW A specialist exercise instructor to create condition-specific exercise livestream sessions for disabled people and people with complex health issues, and to support them to be active at home with remote one-one coaching sessions. To mitigate serious loneliness and inactivity for people most at risk of worsening mental health and mobility.
30/04/2020 £28,714 £366,029 HAVERING MIND ... the purchase of equipment and to create a “remote” IT infrastructure to support Havering Mind to provide our Mental health services across Havering and the local community. It will enable us to extend our Gateway service to respond to the increase in requests for mental health support.
30/04/2020 £5,350 £56,344 THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME FOR MILL HILL AND BURNT OAK The loss of income because of the suspension of regular services and so not covering following costs: salaries (3 months), internet/phone 6 months) and a replacement laptop, all to aid in delivering food and befriending more effectively, a huge logistical challenge.
30/04/2020 £34,188 £346,980 HIGHBURY VALE BLACKSTOCK TRUST Elizabeth House to sustain and step up its coordinated crisis response in the local community by providing substantial and reliable food/care parcels to vulnerable people, as well as remote support through a programme of activities targeting elderly, families and young people, working in partnerships with statutory and community organisations.
30/04/2020 £4,250 £181,718 HOME-START MERTON A new service delivery offering support to parents struggling with mental health. To buy in a professional counsellor who will provide counselling support to parents who are not coping well. We will also provide a service for children. The service will offer support in the families own home or in a private room within our office premises.
30/04/2020 £7,500 £119,546 CENTRE FOR ARMENIAN INFORMATION & ADVICE (CAIA) The CAIA requires support to ensure vulnerable people are still able to access essential statutory services and to receive high quality advice over the phone and other practical support. We also need funding to deliver essential supplies to housebound elderly and vulnerable.
30/04/2020 £10,000 COMMUNITY NETWORK GROUP CIC The funding is to carry on contributing towards the purchase and delivery of food, essential items and medicine for the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating Farsi speaking migrants alongside providing interpreting, online education, welfare, advice and consultancy for those with a language barrier.
29/04/2020 £14,500 TAG YOUTH CLUB FOR DISABLED YOUNG PEOPLE The funding is to purchase iPad pro’s for staff to use for online communications with disabled children and young people and online personal development when not engaging with service users. We would also like to provide devices for those who do not have access to one at home.
29/04/2020 £7,950 £277,497 BARONS COURT PROJECT The funding is for the salary and on-costs associated with employing a Project Worker working from home for three months. Our Project Workers are doing the vital work of maintaining contact with and offering support to 60 of our guests through regular calls and texts. Funding will enable us to strengthen our team and improve the support we can offer by bringing one Project Worker out of furlough.
29/04/2020 £6,000 SAMAFAL SOMALI FAMILIES ASSOCIATION The project aims to support families from BAME community who have lost employment (zero Contract) and self employed as a result of Covid 19 access bilingual information and practical support in applying Universal Credit and other hardship fund offered by the government. We aim to bridge the gap between mainstream service providers such as Department of Work and Pension and the community as whole.
29/04/2020 £4,895 £456,717 HEALTHY LIVING PROJECTS The funding is for the provision of food supplies and freshly home-cooked meals for 100+ Rough Sleepers/Homeless people who have been housed in temporary accommodation as a result of Covid-19, and who have limited or no cooking facilities, many of whom have limited cooking skills.
29/04/2020 £9,990 £16,583 MERIDIAN WOMENS ASSOCIATION This funding will enable us to provide foodstuffs and toiletries to families that have been significantly affected this pandemic, especially women who are struggling to support their family and the elderly who are most at risk of the effects of COVID-19.
29/04/2020 £9,633 £1,051,070 DEAFPLUS Delivering advice and health and wellbeing services digitally. Producing video's in BSL with sub titles on a range of topics and training staff in this, providing on line workshops and changing to on line advice and information service, plus an increase in staff time to coordinate the above.
29/04/2020 £24,021 £561,476 HOLBORN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION This funding will maintain the new activities and support offer we are delivering across our community – this includes Doorstep Help (delivering food, prescriptions, essentials for older/vulnerable people), our Phone Befriending scheme and apArt an online arts and engagement programme for everyone from under 5’s through to older people.
29/04/2020 £10,468 £273,108 MENTAL FIGHT CLUB The funding is for connecting with & providing creative opportunities for The Dragon Café Patrons & Volunteers via weekly live broadcasts; arts & health activities via Zoom and an interactive blog. We will arrange safe delivery of printed resources to those without access to the Internet. We are in individual contact with our Volunteers; our most vulnerable Patrons and those digitally excluded.
29/04/2020 £9,780 £401,968 CALTHORPE PROJECT The funding is will enable our organisation to provide a food bank collection/delivery hub providing food parcels as well as preparation of cooked food to be distributed via a network of community centres providing support for vulnerable people living in South Camden.
28/04/2020 £9,980 £368,679 JAN TRUST The funding is for essential items for staff and staff equipment (mobile phones, laptops, data, training ) to provide a signposting and helpline support service to BAMER women in Haringey and Enfield isolating suffering mental health issues and depression as a result. The signposting element will involve us informing BAMER women of food delivery and medication services available to them.
28/04/2020 £8,000 £728,178 ONE WESTMINSTER The funding is to enable us to sustain our work delivering a new "Wellbeing Chat" service and in supporting the local Foodbank by deploying staff into new areas of work.
28/04/2020 £10,603 £559,746 EVERGREEN CARE BEXLEY To help with the core costs of running the charity and to help with remote working / IT needs to launch a Telephone Befriending Service
28/04/2020 £5,000 £62,052 RACKETS CUBED We are providing essential Food, Personal Hygiene, Activity and Educational supplies “Community Boxes” to young families identified as the most vulnerable. We aim to provide weekly deliveries (to 200 families) containing • Healthy Food Content • Personal Hygiene; eg Soap, Toothpaste, Toilet Paper • Activity; colouring, pencils, games • Education; reading, maths books
28/04/2020 £30,940 £1,039,532 BLINDAID Support with temporarily changing our outreach visiting service to a telephone based service instead of furloughing staff, for the safety and continued wellbeing of our beneficiaries. Our blind and severely sight impaired beneficiaries need our staff and their specialist expertise now more than ever.
28/04/2020 £10,833 £181,061 HARINGEY MIGRANT SUPPORT CENTRE The funding is for purchasing cloud-based Case Management software and mobile phones to enable HMSC staff and volunteers to work remotely. HMSC would also like to request a contribution to the salary of a temporary caseworker supporting the Destitution Coordinator with the Covid19 related increased number of visitor cases of homelessness and destitution.
28/04/2020 £10,090 £32,726 COUNSELLING MATTERS BEXLEY Helping us to adapt our service so that we can continue to provide counselling to our clients either by phone or online rather than face to face.
28/04/2020 £10,000 £1,287,671 KAHAILA The funding os to provide emergency food parcels for member so fat homeless community and other vulnerable people.
28/04/2020 £9,208 £184,579 LEWISHAM FOODBANK The funding is to support the massively increased capacity needed to respond adequately to Covid-19. In particular salaries - our part time Project Manager is now full time and we have recruited a part-time Volunteer Co-Ordinator to work 2 days a week to manage over 100 volunteers. Funding also to cover hall hire for our warehouse.
28/04/2020 £34,406 £540,177 CLAREMONT PROJECT Setting up new ways of delivery to enable physically isolated older people at risk of a decline in their mental health to participate in a rich and social cultural life, as well as exercise and wide social contact, during and beyond this crisis.
27/04/2020 £22,500 £41,601 SISTAH SPACE Extra support to adapt our service to enable us to be able to provide a 24hr online services to victims London wide. 4 laptops for four key workers to be able to support DV clients from home. 4 mobile phones for those key DV workers to extended to an after hours online service. (We need to provide a 24hr service) One admin support Online Supervision for team Accounts support.
27/04/2020 £44,231 £273,057 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS adapting our service due to Covid-19 crisis. It has impacted our work and our users, compelling us to make major change to the way we we deliver services particularly advocacy and counselling. We noted increased demand in existing users who are experiencing heightened forms of isolation/anxiety due to uncertainty. We strive to respond to their emerging needs while also adapting to remote working.
27/04/2020 £25,609 £1,620,462 HOPSCOTCH ASIAN WOMEN'S CENTRE A response to the urgent increase in rates of domestic abuse and poverty due to isolation, with increased risk rate coming through to us daily. We need help with matching infrastructure to need so we can carry out support with our cultural expertise and community languages.
27/04/2020 £29,825 £393,019 WOMEN'S HEALTH AND FAMILY SERVICES Developing online training for volunteers/staff (moving to telephone support), counselling for staff/volunteers (supporting pregnant women with COVID and FGM/COVID), develop appropriate information digitally in several languages to help with alleviating stress for isolated pregnant women and adapt our monitoring and evaluation for COVID.
27/04/2020 £27,808 £177,876 THE BEN KINSELLA TRUST Creating a series of online interactive anti-knife crime lesson plans based on the materials used at The Ben Kinsella exhibition. Each lesson will consist of a video or cartoon and a lesson plan which young people can complete online and work on together with a teacher or parent.
27/04/2020 £25,780 £447,312 YOUNG ROOTS Young Roots is requesting funding to support changes and access to our adapted service delivery; to respond to emerging and escalating needs; enhanced mental health support in collaboration with our expert and trusted partners; advice on changes to legislation impacting on our young people; clinical and technical support for staff.
27/04/2020 £37,426 £468,110 ART AGAINST KNIVES … fully adapting our services for effective remote/online delivery and to reach more young people. We need to set up digital/IT infrastructure and content, upskill staff, boost communication systems, increase staff hours, provide young people with resources to access support, increase core staff capacity to ensure safe delivery/ longer-term sustainability
25/04/2020 £10,000 £164,122 KAG ADVOCACY CIO To be able to provide an accessible, efficient and effective response to the needs of vulnerable people during the Covid 19 crisis, so that they are able to access their support, retain their benefits and resolve debt issues in order that they are economically stable and improve quality of life and well-being.
25/04/2020 £5,500 £55,202 MERTON VINEYARD CHURCH The funding is for costs related to the increase in referrals to Merton Growbaby from GP’s, statutory bodies and other local charities, to help with emergency supplies for families with 0-5 year old children in crisis, as well as providing a wider range of goods than which we previously provided.
25/04/2020 £3,200 £116,766 SUTTON VISION The funding is for additional costs associated with delivering our services in this crisis. Our befriending services are being delivered remotely at additional cost. We also anticipate that the need for our services will be increased in the months after COVID - 19, and we should see a surge of low vision clinic and hospital appointments and increases in social activities at additional costs
25/04/2020 £10,425 £147,550 THE VIP - VIOLENCE INTERVENTION PROJECT This funding is for us to continue to connect to; keep safe and work innovatively with our beneficiaries using various digital platforms
25/04/2020 £10,000 £170,947 STREETS OF GROWTH Additional costs to fully transition our regular youth coaching and parenting support to digital remote-working formats - including mobile phone, digital software costs and information resources that will enable us to continue supporting over 130 ‘at risk’ young people and their families.
25/04/2020 £4,662 £337,838 HAVERING CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX The funding is for the purchase of equipment needed to be able to introduce and deliver telephone advice to the community in Havering, initially whist we are in lock down, but also after we are able to return to work. We are currently only able to provide advice by email. This is marginalising people who do not have access to IT facilities.
25/04/2020 £5,000 £94,968 HOUNSLOW MULTICULTURAL CENTRE Requesting grant to support the dietary needs of those who are homebound, disabled, frail, widowers and living alone with many health-related issues. These people are absolutely dependent on us as they are unable to cook food for themselves. We are the only Centre in the borough providing them freshly cooked food according to their cultural and religious needs.
23/04/2020 £7,524 £19,207 HANDS FOR YOU We are applying for funding to continue supporting local people financially and socially. They are a mixed population composed of older people, women, men and refugees
23/04/2020 £9,958 £130,943 EMPOWERING DEAF SOCIETY Ensuring deaf people get access to all necessary information via video messaging platforms / social media, in BSL. We will offer support for older/vulnerable deaf with shopping, medication, arranging deliveries and appointments and translation of essential letters and documents. We will support people who are grieving or isolated.
23/04/2020 £21,500 £362,118 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID The funding is to transform service provision, requesting equipment, buy training/consultancy, fund a new community facing information sharing digital platform development, to deliver services in new ways, providing wider and flexible support to women and girls affected by domestic abuse, responding to social distancing, evolving in solution based sustainable service development models.
23/04/2020 £4,000 £188,246 MID MEDIATION AND COUNSELLING Supporting the staff's salaries who are answering phones and emails during this time. Many people who are facing a divorce or separation are struggling even more at this time especially if they are unable to see their children and are desperate to speak to us to get answers or arrange counselling or mediation.
23/04/2020 £14,026 £244,016 HEALTH EQUALITY AND RIGHTS ORGANISATION T/A LGBT HERO Strengthening how LGBT HERO can deliver our services online while increasing peer-support for LGBTQ+ people in London through online community forums and groupwork. To do this we need to upgrade our systems, hardware, software, and prevent extensive furloughing so we can support our community.
23/04/2020 £26,392 £105,960 HENNA ASIAN WOMEN'S GROUP This funding will be used towards an online portal for delivery of services, which include equipment for classes, mobile phone top-up costs, stamps and postage alongside deep cleaning of products being posted to vulnerable users, additional staffing costs, staff laptops, virus protection for laptops and user tablets, cost of video conferencing license.
23/04/2020 £11,256 £64,329 MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN AND SOCIETY ORGANISATION The funding is for a new reporting system, staff training, external supervision, translation to community languages, additional hours for domestic violence advisor, laptops and phones for service users.
23/04/2020 £10,465 £262,863 ROOM TO HEAL The funding is for staff costs, laptops, mobiles and associated costs, to enable us to change the way we deliver therapy and casework support. Previously we supported survivors face-to-face, now we need to support them online so they can continue to get the support they desperately need.
23/04/2020 £9,141 £23,231 YOUTH LEARNING NETWORK The funding is to support the further roll out and development of our pilot ‘online’ tutoring classes programme for 100 children aged 5yrs to 16yrs, who are currently at home while schools are closed
23/04/2020 £9,900 £428,180 ACHEINU CANCER SUPPORT We have already been approved for £4500 from Wave 1 which will cover the costs to deliver warm meals to cancer patients. We are seeking additional funding to deliver weekly grocery supplies to families of cancer patients as well as care packages.
23/04/2020 £5,000 £223,454 FINSBURY PARK MOSQUE The funding is for the local community members who have been affected badly by Coronavirus pandemic especially the most vulnerable like the elderly, disabled. Also our homeless project has to be suspended because of that and this fund would help us to start again, also we started the meal distribution at the local hospitals for the NHS staff and volunteers.
23/04/2020 £10,000 £51,549 BROMLEY BRIGHTER BEGINNINGS The funding will allow us to purchase basic essentials such as Moses baskets, cots, children's and baby clothing and prams for families living in poverty who are unable to buy the items themselves.
23/04/2020 £5,000 £108,019 HAVERING VOLUNTEER CENTRE to help those most vulnerable and elderly during this crisis with food, prescriptions, befriending. There are some very lonely, scared, isolated people with no support network and no help or hand to make them feel valued - we are doing that and need resources to continue
23/04/2020 £10,297 £314,072 ABBEY COMMUNITY CENTRE - KILBURN GOOD NEIGHBOURS The funding is for helping our centre to continue providing 600+ already vulnerable local older and elderly people with our social and practical community support services but in new and appropriate ways. To tackle increases in isolation, loneliness, and deceases in independence due to social distancing during the Covid-19 crisis.
23/04/2020 £2,670 £277,497 BARONS COURT PROJECT The funding is for 6 laptops and 4 phones with credit to enable our team to work from home, 10 basic phones with credit for guests without phones to allow us to stay in touch, 1 office chair to enable a member of staff to work from home, 1 colour scanner for our online arts sessions with guests, the cost of using the TextMagic service for 3 months to enable us to send regular texts to all guests.
23/04/2020 £13,500 MONEY A+E The funding is for boosting our staffing capacity to deal with an increasing demand for debt/money advice and to adapt our advice service delivery via telephone / digital channels.
22/04/2020 £49,780 £373,117 TIME TO HELP (UK) Time to Help (UK) aims to restructure its major services based on the recent Covid-19 related public measures preventing the organisation from delivering its usual programmes on site. New delivery structure will focus on digital technology, over the phone services and bridging beneficiary needs with the community volunteers, resources and support services.
22/04/2020 £10,000 MESILA UK The funding is to allow Mesila to meet the high demand for financial coaching and guidance as a result of the crisis. In addition, we need to invest in electronic and digital delivery-methods due to the lockdown restrictions.
22/04/2020 £6,996 £45,976 AFRICAN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND INFORMATION CENTRE The project aims to help local single women and refugees facing financial hardships and isolation during this current situation. We are targeting poor households who are self-isolated and confined. They need help for daily life, food and basic items to survive.
22/04/2020 £28,228 £162,617 IRANIAN & KURDISH WOMEN'S RIGHTS ORGANISATION (IKWRO) We need funding to make sure that the staff is equipped to work from home which includes laptops, mobile phones, frontline staff to receive calls, on phone counselling service, service manager to supervise all the work and funds to provide emergency accommodation, travel and food to the clients fleeing Domestic violence.
22/04/2020 £19,850 £308,690 GASWORKS DOCK PARTNERSHIP We are organising and training community volunteers to provide telephone befriending for vulnerable and isolated residents identified by our local authorities. We are also converting our community space to enable collections and deliveries for essential food parcels and providing training to community volunteers.
22/04/2020 £6,749 £67,858 ASSOCIATION FOR POLISH FAMILY • To expand provision to digital advice, guidance and information that supports Polish and EE communities to cope with the challenging circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. • To cover short term extra core costs and equipment cost (mobile internet connection, smartphones/tablets) that would enable us working remotely and be fully operational.
22/04/2020 £12,505 £21,938 KANLUNGAN FILIPINO CONSORTIUM Setting up an improved digital communications system with trained staff for the management of services to meet greatly increased demands for basic needs, information, and advice in the Filipino language, while in the conditions of the COVID19 crisis. Organising vulnerable migrants for resilience, and advocating for those with no recourse to public funds or restricted immigration status.
22/04/2020 £22,490 £158,816 BREADWINNERS This funding will fund the development, technology, equipment and training we need to redesign our two programmes to be delivered remotely ongoing. We are now selling and delivering bread online. We will use this new model to continue to offer employment, mentoring and training to our beneficiaries.
22/04/2020 £8,785 £153,594 DIVERSITY LIVING SERVICES (DLS) The duration of this project is 6 months and will be delivered by the Project Coordinator, two community workers e. They will work 14 hours a week. The main project activities are: •Identifying and contacting BAME people to assess what their needs are •Providing information and advice through video conference system( and online through our e-newsletter that reaches 1,800 subscribers.
22/04/2020 £17,620 LIVING BANKSIDE The funding is required to support our efforts in supporting those vulnerable and facing hardship as a result of the current crisis and also to ensure we can continue our non-contact based services, adapt any contact based services where possible and make preparations that ensure our services can continue post crisis.
22/04/2020 £37,644 £452,547 MATERNITY ACTION The funding will support partnership working to increase our capacity to deliver advice on employment rights and benefits to pregnant women and new parents, a new email advice service, new online resources translated into community languages, and video resources and webinars for community groups.
22/04/2020 £8,254 £294,273 REFUGEE AND MIGRANT FORUM OF EAST LONDON (RAMFEL) ...the provision of mobile/remote working technology and resources to enable current vital services across our homelessness, foodbank and welfare advice services to be delivered to clients in a way that doesn't increase their risk of contracting Covid-19.
22/04/2020 £49,680 RIPE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Re-configuring our weekday only physical classroom delivery to a 7 days per week online and telephone support service. Our Tutors, Advisors and volunteers will provide online English, Maths & Digital Skills tuition, welfare advice and guidance services. Beneficiaries are high disadvantaged migrant and refugee lone parents, mothers and women carers.
22/04/2020 £19,286 VOLUNTARY ACTION HARROW LIMITED This funding is for increasing the capacity of local VCS organisations to increase voluntary action, efficiently safeguard vulnerable people, help with digitising services, implement or adapt effect policies and procedures and respond to the changing needs of the local community whilst ensuring the sustainability of their organisation.
22/04/2020 £11,005 £219,944 VOLUNTEER CENTRE GREENWICH We are looking to expand our transitioned befriending service to meet current demands. The funding would enable us to rapidly recruit, train and supervise additional volunteers. These volunteers will provide emotional support and pathways to meet the changing needs of vulnerable residents in Greenwich.
22/04/2020 £25,000 LEGAL ADVICE CENTRE The funding is to create an 'advice portal'. This will be linked to our webcam platform and include an electronic booking system that will be aimed at local generalist advice bodies, and administered also by them in order that they may book free specialist advice and support from us.
22/04/2020 £27,272 £584,074 EALING CVS Adapt and Maintain Infrastructure support Services and Volunteering Services for the voluntary and community sector in Ealing, Hounslow and Hillingdon-Youth Local Network.
21/04/2020 £4,000 £1,262,521 EACH COUNSELLING AND SUPPORT The funding is to address the immediate needs of the women and children we support in our 3 domestic violence refuges in Brent caused by COVID19. The funding will be used for emotional support, food and cleaning supplies and installing/enabling broadband/wifi connection and cpaability
21/04/2020 £9,570 £281,932 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT (GOSAD) GOSAD is seeking funding to offer critical support to between 80 and 90 at-risk and vulnerable Ealing residents. The support to be provided will include practical advice on welfare rights issues, ensuring that Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing is observed, moral and pastoral support to those contracting covid-19 and their families, etc.
21/04/2020 £5,000 £33,322 HOPE & RESTORATION We work with Enfield residents age 25+ who are, lone parent families and from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) that are living in poverty and experiencing mental health. We need the funding to enable us to provide a one-one support, life coaching over the phone due to COVID-19.
21/04/2020 £7,659 MAY PROJECT GARDENS CIC This funding is to ensure physical and mental health for the most vulnerable, in particular young refugees who live alone without families, and other, local youth from low socio-economic households. We’re distributing healthy food, sporting and digital equipment to ensure connectivity and in good health and then offering counselling, homework help, ESOL, fitness & cooking classes online.
21/04/2020 £22,620 £1,326,018 GROUNDSWELL The funding is for training and technology to deliver a peer led health and welfare ‘call and check’ service for homeless people during covid-19; and the salaries of Peer Caseworkers to carry out covid-19 testing for all homeless people being moved into hotels across London over the next three months.
21/04/2020 £5,000 WILLESDEN GREEN TOWN TEAM a distribution and service providing hub for food and necessities parcels for the areas of: Willesden Green, Dollis Hill, Dudden Hill, Mapesbury and Brondesbury, plus areas on their outskirts not covered by other food banks.
21/04/2020 £4,740 £90,711 WHEELY TOTS This funding is for PPE safety and hygiene equipment, toiletries, and bicycle parts which will enable us to regularly provide food and other essentials to residents at Broadwater Farm and Northumberland Park Estates, Haringey over the next three months.
21/04/2020 £5,000 £1,336,542 CROYDON VOLUNTARY ACTION The funding is required to support our emergency response for the most vulnerable. We are receiving donations and delivering them to individuals or groups but need specific foods (gluten free etc.) and hygiene items not part of regular donations. We urgently require PPE, mobile phone data, lunch and petrol expenses for volunteers.
21/04/2020 £5,000 £307,786 ENGLISH FOR ACTION The funding is for direct support to 450 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with low English. Translating urgent information from the government and the NHS, getting basic needs to vulnerable people including - food, nappies and baby items, medicine, mobile data, phone credit, wifi, gas and electricity short-term payments, toiletries such as soap, cleaning products and sanitary products.
21/04/2020 £5,000 £1,139,278 CAMDEN CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU SERVICE For delivery of advice by phone and by email to clients; in particular those with Universal Credit, employment and housing claims. Last week we dealt with 247 clients of whom 216 were benefit claims.
21/04/2020 £4,946 £548,003 HOUNSLOW CITIZENS ADVICE Our volunteers numbers dropped from 66 to only 10. the demand for our telephone advise sored 4 folds. we will use the money to buy laptops mobile phones and staff additional hours to allow more volunteers to work from home so we are able to meet the surge in demand.
21/04/2020 £4,420 £143,113 ST ETHELDREDAS, FULHAM The funding is for provisions for isolated / vulnerable people in our community who are unable to go out or have no money to buy food. Mostly we buy basic food, but occasionally medicines, toys and school supplies. Provisions are purchased and delivered by volunteers without personal contact.
20/04/2020 £10,017 £321,044 LEARN ENGLISH AT HOME changing our delivery model to a confidential ESOL 'Keeping in Touch' and 'Emergency Signposting' service via a confidential phone system and online video. Recruiting additional volunteers by developing online volunteer recruitment procedures and materials as well as reaching additional clients via referral partners to access the hardest to reach.
20/04/2020 £9,142 £47,342 COMMUNITIES WELFARE NETWORK The organisation is looking for funding to provide financial assistance to local homeless people hardly hit by the effect of the crisis. They need help for food, essential items, interpreting and domestic support. They live in isolation especially holder people. Part of the grant will be allocated to the community support worker to keep the centre running and be in contact with clients .
20/04/2020 £5,000 £16,545 THE SHERRIFF CENTRE CHARITY The funding is for the continuation and extension of our debt advice service, to meet our costs and to allow our advisor to continue to provide advice to at risk groups. Demand for our service which is normally very high has increased in the past month due to the crisis.
20/04/2020 £10,000 £189,070 SOUTHWARK DAY CENTRE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS The funding is for delivering an emergency relief service to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Southwark who are in great need during the crisis. We will provide food, clothing, toiletries, nappies, phone and travel cards and more.
20/04/2020 £5,000 £362,118 AANCHAL WOMEN'S AID The funding is to cover one month's financial help to support women, girls and children affected by domestic abuse, by provision of emergency food, travel costs, toiletries, safe accommodation (particularly NRPF) and mobile phones enhancement packages for those at escalation of risk.
20/04/2020 £4,650 £72,369 SOMALI WELFARE TRUST The funding is for to help vulnerable and lonely asylum refugees, Single Parents and families with mental health illness to have access to basic food provisions that will help in restore independence and make life feel a little more normal at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic situation.
20/04/2020 £3,240 £9,785 AFRICAN FRENCH SPEAKING ORGANISATION (AFSOR) The funding is for a hunger to help and for a social responsibility the leaders of African French Speaking Organisation have, to continue to work remotely and social distancing with their community people, so they can keep supporting those who need it in the community due to Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic.
20/04/2020 £5,000 £15,694 OLDALONE UK The funding requested will secure the supply and delivery of 50 food parcels and toiletries for 12 weeks for elderly beneficiaries from the most disadvantaged, poorest backgrounds, who are in isolation due to Covid-19 and whose language barriers hinder their ability to access help and opportunities.
20/04/2020 £5,000 FATE ACADEMY Helping and Supporting the old, children and parents, people at risk and vulnerable ones buy their shopping of food/essential needs (cleaning products). Responds to new needs, advice and signposting to the right place, delivering the shopping and telephone/staff costs. We need laptops to go fully digital and quicker response.
20/04/2020 £10,000 £22,307 EAST AFRICAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION • Buying food and other household essentials and delivering them to people in need of support. • Buying a laptop to adapt to online access and communicate to volunteers and users. • Meeting increased telephone costs to ensure increase telephone communication to and from users and online support to volunteers • Help with mailing.
20/04/2020 £5,000 £237,617 SHOREDITCH TAB CENTRE (PART OF SHOREDITCH TAB CHURCH) To enable us to continue our support of the elderly and vulnerable with deliveries of practical food and hygiene, help setup temporary broadband services to those not connected and get them electronic tablet devices to do this if needed. Provide top ups for crucial utilities such as electric and gas. In the long run we hope to access support to also help continue our pastoral support activities.
17/04/2020 £5,000 £1,527,455 LONDON IRISH CENTRE The funding is for people who are in need but not currently supported through the government’s ‘shielded’ programme during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will set up a community fridge in response to food bank closures and increased poverty, alongside online benefits advice, health and wellbeing advice and telephone befriending.
17/04/2020 £9,959 £188,296 BENGALI WORKERS' ASSOCIATION (BWA) Our BWA priority remains the welfare of our clients and colleagues. We intend to offer following activities: • Arranging food pack deliveries to vulnerable and needy households • Calls to those at risk and our regular members to check how they are doing • Providing free information and advice on the pandemic • Advocacy work to help with entitlements and debt management
17/04/2020 £24,500 £284,379 BELONG: MAKING JUSTICE HAPPEN Adapting our interventions in prisons to address critical needs emerging as a result of COVID-19. We will (a) design, produce and deliver three resources to help offenders in the prisons we work from within to cope, and (b) tailor/enhance our mentoring offer to address COVID-19 to keep offenders, ex-offenders and our communities safe.
17/04/2020 £5,000 £62,351 COMMUNITY OF S EGIDIO UK CHARITABLE TRUST This funding is for us to buy food and basic essentials for homeless, elderly and vulnerable people living on their own.
17/04/2020 £5,000 £38,359 CHRISTIAN KITCHEN To comply with govt rules we can no longer serve sit down meals so we will change to take away food.
16/04/2020 £4,988 BIKEWORKS CIC The essential items - personal protective equipment, ID and communication, required by the team, for Bikeworks to scale its COVID-19 cycle delivery service, that provides vital supplies to our most vulnerable and isolated across London, as we repurpose ourselves as a community cycle social enterprise to address this need.
16/04/2020 £4,863 £19,207 HANDS FOR YOU The purpose of this application is to help local people living on low incomes including the elderly to go through the current crisis
16/04/2020 £4,850 £352,178 RIVER HOUSE TRUST The funding is for ensuring that our poorest, most health-vulnerable and isolated members have enough food to eat, and don't have to put themselves at extra risk through using public transport to visit our foodbank. We want to scale this up to meet the extra demand that already faces us.
15/04/2020 £4,350 £455,624 IMECE WOMEN’S CENTRE the funding is to provide financial support to vulnerable women and their children in the BAMER communities for food and essentials. We will prioritise those whom are on low income, single mothers, women with children, older and disabled women and have NRPF.
15/04/2020 £4,200 £1,641,318 BODY & SOUL Our members’ most urgent needs, enabling Body & Soul to buy and courier food, medication, and other essential supplies to our most vulnerable members living with HIV who live alone, with no support network and have been advised to self-isolate for 12-weeks.
15/04/2020 £5,000 £170,860 SUPERKIDZ COMMUNITY TRUST The funding is for essential food and supplies for the most at-risk and needy families. These will be delivered to those who are most vulnerable to infection or have other difficulties shopping for themselves, and for others gift cards from food stores. We are hoping to provide reading, creative craft and art materials to children who lack resources at home.
15/04/2020 £4,859 £16,776 SEWA DAY For the provision of 2000 hot meals a day for 8 weeks to vulnerable people In isolation and volunteers helping at West Middlesex Hospital and care homes within London.
15/04/2020 £5,000 £1,287,671 KAHAILA Providing 75-100 meals per day for members of the homeless community currently emergency accommodati
15/04/2020 £5,000 £60,162 GO DHARMIC WELFARE UK This funding is for providing food and assistance to vulnerable individuals who are isolated, health workers and carers to ease some of their stress in this uncertain time. We are currently operating in Islington and Harrow, and hope to expand to other London Boroughs with this funding. We are currently feeding approximately 500 people a day through our volunteer network and charities.
15/04/2020 £5,000 £244,864 THE MARGINS PROJECT The funding is for food, Personal Protection Equipment and Mobile Phones to provide to services users and other vulnerable members of the community
15/04/2020 £4,300 £987,792 ST MARY ABBOTS REHABILITATION & TRAINING (SMART) We require funding for food and the cost of delivering the food, as we have set up a food Distribution centre for vulnerable people as defined by the Government. Many of these people do not have internet connection, so we wish to buy more tablets to reduce the risk of social isolation.
15/04/2020 £5,000 £61,644 BE ENRICHED The funding will expand our current service of a weekly hot food and grocery box delivery service to the vulnerable communities we serve, including the elderly, socially isolated, those with chronic diseases, etc. We anticipate that as this crisis continues, more and more people will be self isolated and/or out of work and will need support.
14/04/2020 £5,000 THE SMILE BRIGADE The funding is for us to provide a free meal delivery service to vulnerable and at risk residents within Hammersmith & Fulham and surrounding areas.
14/04/2020 £4,770 £1,080,314 FRENFORD CLUBS The funding is to support the most vulnerable people we know and their families, by helping them with food pick up and deliveries as well as providing emergency parcels of supplies for them to utilise. We have equated these to be so far 53 families who will be struggling to get support they need through this time. We aim to support them over the next few weeks.
14/04/2020 £5,000 £114,753 THE BOW FOODBANK LIMITED Providing food and essential hygiene items to those in need. We are also supporting other local organisations who have approached us for help. We see the need to establish ourselves as a hub for the distribution of food in the coming weeks to the smaller, less organised, local groups who are also trying to establish support systems for vulnerable families and adults known to them.
14/04/2020 £3,900 £88,278 ST. EDWARD'S CHURCH, MOTTINGHAM The funding is to keep the food bank supplied, to provide food parcels, hot meals to those who cannot cook due to mental illness or disability, IT facilities to help with payments online, telephone costs of those ringing people and petrol costs of volunteers shopping, collecting prescription and delivering food.
14/04/2020 £5,000 £325,791 CLOCKHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE Our Community centre closed its doors to all of our user groups on March 20th. Therefore we are not receiving any rental income. It is vital that we continue to be proactive supporting the most vulnerable local residents by providing food deliveries and telephone support to the most isolated.
14/04/2020 £5,000 £427,677 VANBRUGH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION basic food parcels, domestic essentials, transport, distribution and travel & telephone expenses for volunteers, technical support for online activities
14/04/2020 £5,000 £223,822 THE BAKED BEAN CHARITY The purchase of " life-enhancing " resources to benefit vulnerable service users who are now confined to their homes through self-isolation. All clients previously attended services and classes and enjoyed social interactions and education in a classroom setting or were in receipt of intensive educational support on a one to one basis with their education adviser.
14/04/2020 £4,500 £2,055,295 BOUNCE BACK FOUNDATION The funding is to enable us to buy smartphones, sims and mobile data for 3 months for 50 participants whose support has been interrupted due to Covid-19 restrictions and who do not currently have access to these facilities.
14/04/2020 £5,000 £424,519 THE BEAM FOUNDATION The funding is for emergency items such as food, toiletries, baby supplies, personal hygiene items and educational resources for homeless London residents. Beam will be personalising each package to the needs of the individual or family and coordinating their purchase and delivery.
14/04/2020 £5,000 £192,047 LEWISHAM IRISH COMMUNITY CENTRE We are setting up cooked meal delivery service once per week and in the process of getting some council funding to run this project . We would like to scale up this project to include a food parcel of basic food essentials to support each vulnerable/older isolated person from week to week . We would have volunteers to drop off food delivery service which we could avail of to drop off food parcel.
14/04/2020 £4,930 £128,837 SOUTH CENTRAL YOUTH LTD To provide essential food and hygiene items to our teenage parents (nappies, baby food etc)
14/04/2020 £4,800 £2,700,257 UNITY WORKS SOCIAL ENTERPRISES essential catering equipment, such as hot food transport trays, to deliver hot meals from our social enterprise kitchens to feed the most vulnerable in our communities. We have begun feeding 450 people per day in hostels across the city from our Westminster kitchen but could do more with more equipment
14/04/2020 £5,000 £87,911 LEWISHAM COMMUNITY TRANSPORT SCHEME The funding is for fuel, vehicle maintenance, cleaning products for vehicles and PPE and expenses for 4 volunteers
14/04/2020 £5,000 £779,230 BISHOP CREIGHTON HOUSE Help! Emergency food packages and other essentials to be delivered by our fabulous (and socially distancing!) DBS-checked volunteers to those already socially isolated older people that are shielded at home, and to whom we currently provide a daily telephone safe & well service conducted by our volunteers with emergency staff support.
14/04/2020 £4,800 £464,479 LONDON BLACK WOMEN'S PROJECT (LBWP) The funding is for essential food, cleaning products and mobile phone top ups for the 29 BAME women in our four refuges in Newham. They are all on Universal Credit and are struggling to support themselves with these essentials.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £187,782 WOMEN’S INCLUSIVE TEAM (WIT) To provide urgent support, information, guidance, interpreting and foods to the most venerable residents in Tower Hamlets Hamlets.
09/04/2020 £1,400 £271,486 ACE OF CLUBS The funding is for Ace of Clubs to continue with its hot food takeaway service - accessed from a hatch in its kitchen, and complying with all Government protocols & guidelines (e.g. social distancing). As one of the few (if only) outreach projects still preparing & serving hot food, demand for our food service has rocketed - serving on average 110 meals per day (but up to 150).
09/04/2020 £5,000 KURDISH ASSOCIATION FOR NEW GENERATIONS ABROAD This fund will be crucial as we can use it for multiple purpose’s; Food, cleaning products, hygienic supplies, medical supplies and finally travel expenses for the volunteers. This helps CYP and their families who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and on low income to receive healthy food and essentials that if they don’t have will put their life at risk during this pandemic.
09/04/2020 £3,750 £24,393 LAMBETH SOMALI COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION We are trying to support many elderly that are confined to their houses and families with children that are either in isolation or getting little income as their members who were working on zero hours contracts have now lost their jobs. Our volunteers are calling them whenever possible and advising on where to turn to for support, support with shopping and collecting medical items from pharmacy.
09/04/2020 £2,820 £118,847 SPORT AT THE HEART This funding is to buy essential household and food items for vulnerable families who we work with. Since 20/3/20 we have moved to directly support our community at this time. We deliver food on Fridays to 54 households, this number growing. We are collecting food from the Felix project but also need to bump up the food parcels with items such as cereal, milk, soap and bread. We also hire 2 cars.
09/04/2020 £5,000 THE POPLAR PARTNERSHIP We have set up with the support of Magic Breakfast, Felix Project and Lehman Foundation two food hubs at Bygrove Primary School & Stebon Primary School These hubs are staffed and supplying food to families of the most vulnerable, approximately 200 per day for Free School Meal children
09/04/2020 £5,000 £404,834 THE BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS IN EXILE For supporting young asylum seekers and refugees with managing their mental health through ensuring their connectivity with the therapeutic support that Baobab is offering online and over the phone and to support the young people in fostering health behaviours to promote positive mental and physical health whilst living in isolation.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £55,837 LIVE UNLIMITED Pay As You Go Wifi dongles and sim cards loaded with three months data for care leavers living alone with no home wifi.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £130,604 ABILITY NORTH LONDON Providing food, essentials and activity packs as well as one-to-one virtual and phone befriending services.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £57,850 AFRICAN REFUGEE COMMUNITY Assisting our service users with food parcels, cleaning products, hygienic pack, mobile phone , laptops,boosting their mega / data as all our work is now online or by calls given the social distancing measures. Many of them are self isolated with very little access to services. We will have to use delivery services to reach out to them. Relief payment to some of them who have no income.
09/04/2020 £4,500 £1,993,147 MIND IN TOWER HAMLETS The funding is to support our clients to access online information, resources and services and maintain contact with friends, families, providers during isolation. Many of our clients have no access to data, no WiFi and limited calls and texts. We want to purchase Sim cards to ensure they get connected.
09/04/2020 £4,800 £89,985 ISLINGTON SOMALI COMMUNITY ISC urgently needs funding to fully move our essential services – particularly the ISC Advice Service online. Until now our advice service and other projects helping the most vulnerable people in our community have been provided face to face. Now we need to respond to increased demand by phone and email.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £388,162 BRITISH ALEVI FEDERATION The funding is to support the most vulnerable within our community. Funding will be used to buy and distribute food, hyginic/toiletry products and help with transportation.
09/04/2020 £4,981 THIS NEW GROUND We are applying for a grant towards equipment and resources needed to deliver creative activities using virtual platforms which will enable Hammersmith and Fulham's learning disabled community to stay connected and creative whilst in social isolation. This project is paramount to improving the quality of lives & positively impacting the wellbeing of our community during these unprecedented times.
09/04/2020 £4,980 £814,133 AGE UK REDBRIDGE, BARKING AND HAVERING The funding (£4,980) will help us provide food for 166 older people; the older people we are supporting now and those who approach us in food poverty in the future. We will give older people who may or may not be self-isolating, nutritious food and support during the Coronavirus crisis.
09/04/2020 £4,800 £199,274 PATIKO BAKER'S FORT PROJECT Basic food/essentials for 10 weeks for 120 vulnerable families with no recourse to public funds.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £592,917 PLIAS RESETTLEMENT The funding is for food/basic necessities/basic smart phones/toiletries for our clients impacted by coronavirus. It will increase access to vital support including health services, reduce the need to go out and risk catching the virus, reduce ill-health/mental health, re-offending and prevent financial crisis if unable to work and the interruption in claiming or receiving benefits on time
09/04/2020 £5,000 FOR BRIAN CIC The request for funding is to establish online support by smartphone or tablet for 10 vulnerable people currently without internet access to address people's wellbeing, security, and mental health.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £284,876 ALL PEOPLE ALL PLACES The funding is for essential items to be used in our homeless shelter. We need basic equipment for newly established self-contained accommodation units (enabling service users to retain social distance and self-isolate), protective equipment, cleaning products, and resources to practically support guests’ health and welfare through the Covid-19 crisis.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £77,777 GROWBABY (A PROJECT OF KINGSTON VINEYARD) The funding is for the purchase of nappies, baby food and baby formula. Growbaby has traditionally provided some of these items but we are now the distribution point across the Borough for these products. The Council runs a triage system and all requests for these items are now passed to us. This means we are supporting not only our regular families but many more who might not normally need us.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £273,057 SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS The funding will provide life saving supplies to our most vulnerable, marginalised and destitute users who are suffering a multitude of difficulties and barriers to access during COVID-19 outbreak. The funding shall be used to buy data plans and basic smartphones for those with mental health needs/isolated users and purchase food and medicine for vulnerable/poor/self-isolating users.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £1,722,343 THE HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION This application is for funding to provide internet enabled devices and online access for vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers who are survivors of human trafficking and torture, which will have a significant impact on their safety and wellbeing during this crisis.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £312,646 CLAPTON PARK UNITED REFORMED CHURCH The funding is for the provision of emergency support to our existing service users both vulnerable adults and families, to provide some continuation of support, to pay for food, mobile phones, mobile phone top ups, energy top ups and overnight emergency accommodation and transport.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £621,279 SKYWAY CHARITY Providing a weekly care package of food and essential items to 50 vulnerable families in Hackney for 4 weeks
09/04/2020 £4,520 MOON ACADEMY CIC we need this funding for food, masks, gloves and other essentials for corona virus disease.
09/04/2020 £4,800 £160,698 LOUGHBOROUGH JUNCTION ACTION GROUP The Platform Cafe, LJAG's community cafe, to deliver cooked meals for free to families living in poverty and the vulnerable using surplus food and food grown at the Loughborough Farm, our community food growing project run by volunteers.
09/04/2020 £4,800 £207,045 YOUTH ACTION ALLIANCE The funding is to provide traveller and other vulnerable families we already work with, with access to vital food and other resources.
09/04/2020 £4,959 ANIMA YOUTH C.I.C. The funding is for providing sanitary & wellbeing parcels, which will be sent to girls who would have had access to our projects, and those in need of them. We aim to send 100 parcels each month for the next 3 months. The parcels will include: enough sanitary pads to cover a 5-7 day cycle, packs of dry food eg.Noodles, and daily gratitude/positive affirmation cards to promote mental wellbeing.
09/04/2020 £4,950 £281,932 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT (GOSAD) Social distancing and isolation to combat the prevalence and spread of Covid-19 has prompted GOSAD to identify 23 isolated and vulnerable Ealing residents that are in danger of starvation. GOSAD is seeking funding to ensure the survival of the identified vulnerable residents by providing them with vital food products.
09/04/2020 £5,000 £438,533 HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM FOODBANK the purchase of food, and hygiene products for families who can no longer afford to purchase these items for themselves
09/04/2020 £5,000 £57,108 LIVING WATERS CHRISTIAN CENTRE (LEWISHAM TRUST) FOOD SERVICE (LWCC FOOD SERVICE) Mainly for the purchase of non-perishable foods, masks, gloves, carrier bags, mobile phone data and petrol for drivers to deliver food to customers and also for the collection of perishable foods from Waitrose depot in Coulson (we are part of the Esther community enterprises that has access to Waitrose perishable foods e.g. Fruits, vegetables, milk etc
08/04/2020 £1,744 £536,660 CARERS SUPPORT MERTON Subscriptions to zoom & mail chimp so we can stay connected and provide activities such as support groups and workshops for Carers online. Sign request so we can continue to get documents such as consent forms for work with young Carers and grant applications signed remotely. Mobile for calls support calls to Carers.
08/04/2020 £5,000 £556,957 AGE UK WANDSWORTH This funding is for food and household items to ensure we can sustain our emergency food parcel service for the duration of the pandemic.
08/04/2020 £5,000 BONNY DOWNS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (BDCA) After two weeks of delivering our rapid response crisis hub, our crowdfunding is almost depleted. We urgently need funding to replenish stocks of food/toiletries, cover fuel costs and purchase eco-friendly carrier bags so we can continue distributing emergency relief parcels to vulnerable adults, struggling families and isolated elders in Newham.
08/04/2020 £4,800 £221,911 HOWBURY FRIENDS We are putting together emergency packs for the elderly, isolated and vulnerable in our community and delivering out to the community, we are putting together 110 packs per day currently. We are also putting together activity packs for families to help them with their children and information packs for all which includes numbers such as Women's Aid, Solace, emergency numbers
08/04/2020 £3,000 £194,666 CARIS HARINGEY To purchase dried food (pasta, rice, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, dried milk) and tins of soup, vegetables, fruit, nappies, baby food & formula milk, toiletries and household essential items
08/04/2020 £3,000 £313,866 SHEPHERDS BUSH FAMILIES PROJECT (SBFP) supporting families who are having difficulties financially and are unable to access support. We will provide food, nappies and other essential items as well has ensuring families have items to keep themselves safe, such has disposable gloves, aprons. We work with approximately 80-90 families a year
08/04/2020 £5,000 £19,128 YOUNG LADIES CLUB essential items required by individuals which include; food, cleaning products, toiletries, mobile phones and data.
08/04/2020 £5,000 £154,958 WHITEFIELD CHARITY SK CORPORATION This emergency funding will be used to cover the monumental increase in food and supply costs. As our numbers have skyrocketed and other places have closed, we have had to increase the amount of food we purchase. We also now operate a takeaway only service and have had to purchase all new supplies in order to facilitate the new service.
08/04/2020 £5,000 £4,592,783 SPEAR HOUSING ASSOCIATION LIMITED (KNOWN AS SPEAR) Helping to find and make safe 250 people who are rough sleeping and homeless in South West London. We need: emergency health and safety (PPE) equipment to keep frontline staff and people who are homeless safe; mobile phones for people who are homeless to keep in touch with support; food.
07/04/2020 £4,300 £41,601 SISTAH SPACE to meet the increased demand for food, hygiene & toiletries to support DV victim for those in hiding
06/04/2020 £4,995 MIND IN HARINGEY Mind in Haringey to provide food bags and hot meals to those with more severe enduring mental health issues that will start to struggle to maintain caring for themselves , by providing food . The vast majority of clients we work with are already isolated and their response to the chaotic scenes in supermarkets and now the social distancing will be to withdraw or / and to spiral into crisis
06/04/2020 £5,000 £738,465 WOMAN'S TRUST 1. Essentials for women who have fled to new unfurnished accommodation, sometimes with children (today we bought duvets, 3 air mattresses, a sleeping bag for a homeless client sleeping in a van, a TV Ariel/remote for an isolated client). 2. Equipment/data for clients, to facilitate their access to our support over telephone/video-conferencing
06/04/2020 £5,000 £649,511 LEWISHAM REFUGEE & MIGRANT NETWORK hardship fund for clients who have no recourse to public funds, to buy baby milk, nappies and feminine products, to buy extra food to give away to clients, to pay for hostel/accommodation,
06/04/2020 £4,950 £394,485 THE FOOD CHAIN The funding is for the provision of emergency grocery deliveries to vulnerable people living with HIV, low immune system and greatest risk of COVID-19; having complex needs including physical and mental health, multiple long-term health conditions, isolation and poverty. This will be supported by dietetic support and one-to-one befriending.
06/04/2020 £4,800 £16,096 LEWISHAM CHURCHES FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS Food parcels to give to our 20+ individuals/families who use our Foodbank. Due to Covid 19 we are unable to replenish our food supplies from churches as the churches are closed. Food normally comes from individuals attending one of our 20 supporting churches. Our clients are referred by London Refugee Council and Lewisham Refugee Migrant Network.
06/04/2020 £4,970 £694,134 LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN'S AID REFUGE This funding is to add to our COVID-emergency fund for the following 4-6 months, to provide food/basic products (toiletries,sanitary products,nappies,baby milk,etc.) to the black & minoritised women survivors of domestic violence living now in our refuges, as they are finding themselves with no income & to increase the online support capacity.
06/04/2020 £3,100 £1,007,032 HIGH TREES COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST Funding will be used to equip staff, tutors and volunteers with mobile phones to carry out our existing and new emerging services remotely during this time: -check-in service for all service users coordinating access to food-distribution and support -weekly 1:1 telephone/facetime mentoring for young people who use our services -remote employment advice and welfare support -remote learning
06/04/2020 £4,000 WELL GROUNDED JOBS CIC To provide basic care packages to the high risk adults we work with who have lost their jobs across the hospitality sector. We need to make sure they can; access the internet to apply for new work or access benefits, feed themselves and their families, and fund travel to new work.
06/04/2020 £5,000 £105,960 HENNA ASIAN WOMEN'S GROUP Due to the COVID-19 emergency Henna has had to transfer all its services online, our services are mainly directed towards the elderly in order to help them deal with isolation and loneliness. The funding will be used to buy 33 tablets that would be distributed to vulnerable users via post so thay they are included within weekly sessions with tutors who will be providing a variety of activities.
06/04/2020 £4,000 £235,910 FAMILY FRIENDS To provide the costs of 100 sets of food and essential items to vulnerable families. Family Friends already has a roster of DBS and reference-checked volunteers who will shop on behalf of families. They will buy items following a shopping list that the family has drawn up of essential items up to a value of £40. They will deliver them to the family home.
06/04/2020 £4,800 £447,312 YOUNG ROOTS The funding is for food & mobile vouchers, and essentials for our most vulnerable young people
03/04/2020 £5,000 £3,376,820 CARITAS ANCHOR HOUSE The funding is for our initial response to Covid-19 to provide food and additional cleaning.
03/04/2020 £3,030 £64,329 MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN AND SOCIETY ORGANISATION The funding is for mobile phones/data/petrol/sanitising products for our staff and volunteers.
03/04/2020 £4,900 £684,798 THE SPIRES CENTRE To cover additional costs incurred to pay for taxis for key workers to get to work safely Additional cleaning costs due to Covid19. It is essential that staff remain on site to meet needs of people desperate for food and escaping domestic violence. Additional food supplies to supplement what is donated to us to ensure a balanced diet
03/04/2020 £5,000 £481,298 HAVERING WOMEN'S AID LTD The funding is for cleaning products and emergency food for families that are living in our refuge/community. We currently have 23 flats and work with between 60- 80 families in the local community. Some of which are experiencing financial hardship due to additional costs incurred for living or/and breaks in income. Additional products are also required for cleaning communal areas/homes.
03/04/2020 £5,000 £322,264 HOMELESS ACTION IN BARNET The funding is to provide weekly food parcels and other essentials to over 50 people who were rough sleeping and are now in TA in Barnet. Unlike Central London these are not in hotels but scattered across the Borough and beyond.

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