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The Trussell Trust

(Registered Charity No: 1110522)
Charity Commission for England and Wales
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Over the last five years they've made 159 significant donations totalling £3,411,793

When Amount Grantee To be used for
31/03/2019 £37,065 Doncaster Foodbank new p/t food bank manager position
31/03/2019 £40,795 Dumfriesshire Foodbank new p/t food bank manager position
31/03/2019 £33,849 Kirkintilloch Baptist Church Assistant manager and suppport worker
31/03/2019 £20,867 Mustard Seed (SW) Limited Additional hours for food bank manager; project assistant; cookery course coordinator
31/03/2019 £35,967 Blythswood Care New p/t Warehouse Supervisor
31/03/2019 £89,700 Hillingdon Foodbank Warehouse provision
31/03/2019 £20,332 Kings Lynn Foodbank Employment of Food Bank Manager
31/03/2019 £66,043 Leeds North and West Foodbank Additional hours & p/t posts: Project Director; Distribution Centre Manager ; Logistics Manager; Volunteer Support Manager
31/03/2019 £50,091 Leeds South and East Foodbank new p/t Development Manager and new p/t Warehouse & Logistics Coordinator
31/03/2019 £18,837 Middlesbrough Foodbank Part-time office and warehouse co-ordinator
31/03/2019 £49,544 New Life Trust Increase of food bank manager hours
31/03/2019 £27,233 Thriving Life Church (Property) Limited New p/t Foodbank Project Manager , digital equipment
31/03/2019 £30,150 All Saints Normanton Community Project new p/t Project Manager; training costs
31/03/2019 £101,559 Norwood & Brixton Foodbank Ltd Shared warehouse for 4 London food banks
31/03/2019 £45,276 The Oswestry & Borders Foodbank Move volunteer food bank manager to paid employment
31/03/2019 £11,500 Acts Community Church Van purchase
31/03/2019 £22,123 Scunthorpe Baptist Church New food bank project manager role
31/03/2019 £24,342 Skelmersdale and District Foodbank new p/t food bank manager and Warehouse Coordinator, digital equipment
31/03/2019 £29,372 Pecan Employment of Warehouse Coordinator
31/03/2019 £51,520 Narthex Sparkhill Staffing for new community café project (2 posts)
31/03/2019 £73,005 Stoke-On-Trent Foodbank Additional hours for food bank manager; systems coordinator post
31/03/2019 £30,000 Trafford South Foodbank Employment costs for p/t FB Manager
31/03/2019 £36,541 The Coastlands Family Church additional hours for Food Bank Manager
31/03/2019 £88,752 Junction Community Trust Citizens Advice specialist advice worker
31/03/2019 £35,650 Whitburn Pentecostal Church Employment costs for charity shop staff
31/03/2019 £15,000 Strabane Community Project Food bank admin assistant
29/03/2019 £5,494 Cobham Area Foodbank Van purchase
28/02/2019 £40,825 CAN DO 4:13 Set-up costs and rent for new food bank warehouse
28/02/2019 £27,664 Barrow Foodbank  Citizens Advice service to food bank clients
28/02/2019 £89,700 Redeemed Christian Church Of God - Majesty Connections Employment of food bank manager and food bank administrator
28/02/2019 £46,024 Borehamwood Foodbank Citizens Advice service to food bank clients
28/02/2019 £21,705 Cromer & District Foodbank Additional hours for food bank manager
28/02/2019 £13,800 Deal Area Emergency Foodbank Van purchase
12/02/2019 £5,000 Abergele Community Action Ltd Digital equipment and coffee machine for food bank centre
12/02/2019 £4,745 Anglesey Foodbank Additional food bank warehouse storage
12/02/2019 £4,646 Hope Family Trust Part salary for new food bank manager
12/02/2019 £1,292 Genesis Trust Bat Additional food bank storage space
12/02/2019 £1,518 The Light Church Bradford Trus Budgeting specialist to support food bank clients
12/02/2019 £1,176 Bradford North Foodbank Warehouse equipment
12/02/2019 £3,591 Brecon Foodbank New food bank warehouse premises and equipment
12/02/2019 £4,228 Cardiff Foodbank Overhaul of foodbank outdated IT systems
12/02/2019 £2,242 Vineyard Compassion Food bank warehouse heating and insulation
12/02/2019 £3,276 Doncaster Foodbank Digital equipment; training space
12/02/2019 £5,000 Churches Together In Dorking Limited New p/t food bank manager
12/02/2019 £4,828 Edinburgh Food Project Food bank warehouse equipment
12/02/2019 £4,784 Gloucester Foodbank p/t fundraiser to lead volunteer fundraising team
12/02/2019 £5,000 Kingdom Storehouse Ltd Purchase of food bank van
12/02/2019 £4,997 Hartlepool Foodbank New additional services drop-in centre for food bank clients
12/02/2019 £5,000 Blythswood Care Food bank warehouse dollies and new PC
12/02/2019 £1,651 Hinckley Christian Community Action Food bank warehouse scales, volunteer wear and tablet computers
12/02/2019 £4,910 Kings Lynn Foodbank Holiday club costs; digital equipment and furniture to improve signposting
12/02/2019 £724 Leicester South Foodbank Establish social media/online fundraising activities
12/02/2019 £3,827 Levenmouth Foodbank Community Support Projec New p/t food bank administrator
12/02/2019 £2,231 Liskeard & Looe Foodbank Food bank warehouse shelving and equipment; office chairs
12/02/2019 £4,353 Llandrindod Foodbank Additional hours for food bank manager
12/02/2019 £1,847 Hope Magherafelt Ltd Laptops and other food bank equipment
12/02/2019 £5,000 Morecambe Bay Foodbank Food bank warehouse equipment
12/02/2019 £5,000 New Life Trust Racking for new warehouse facility
12/02/2019 £3,763 All Saints Normanton Community Project Purchase of food bank van
12/02/2019 £5,000 Church Of The Nazarene Ardrossan Community kitchen pilot project sessional worker and equipment
12/02/2019 £5,000 ACTS West Wales Install lift to food bank centre; digital equipment
12/02/2019 £4,992 Freedom Church Romsey New part-time food bank administrator
12/02/2019 £1,520 Hope 4 (Rugby) Ltd Heaters and other equipment
12/02/2019 £2,645 The Philadelphia Network Limited “Mini-festival” fundraiser event
12/02/2019 £5,000 St Leonard's Youth and Community Centre New warehouse worker
12/02/2019 £1,488 Southend Foodbank Food bank centre screens and laptops
12/02/2019 £1,307 Southport & Formby Churches Debt Centre Laptop, WIFI and warehouse storage tubs
12/02/2019 £3,381 Pecan Van hire for distributing food
12/02/2019 £851 St Albans & District Foodbank Food bank warehouse equipment
12/02/2019 £625 Stamford Foodbank Food bank warehouse shelving
12/02/2019 £2,502 Stockport Foodbank Digital equipment
12/02/2019 £635 Oasis Community Hub Waterloo Benefits training for volunteers
12/02/2019 £4,992 Emmanuel Group Of Churches p/t fundraiser
12/02/2019 £4,815 Whitchurch Foodbank New food storage shed
12/02/2019 £5,000 P.C.C. St Nicholas & All Saint's Worcester Food bank warehouse equipment
12/02/2019 £483 Thurrock Christian Fellowship Trust Emergency storage
03/02/2019 £7,871 Wetherby & District Foodbank Increase hours of Foodbank Manager
01/02/2019 £6,138 Liberty Christian Family Centre Trust New Foodbank Development Officer
31/01/2019 £75,095 Emmanuel Group Of Churches Three new p/t food bank posts
31/01/2019 £42,699 Apex Scotland Additional hours for Foodbank Manager
31/01/2019 £36,742 P.C.C. St Nicholas & All Saint's Worcester New food bank van
31/01/2019 £56,901 Wrexham Foodbank p/t Foodbank Manager and p/t Warehouse Manager
31/01/2019 £10,000 Leeds South and East Foodbank Additional staff
25/01/2019 £7,745 Southend Foodbank Additional warehouse space and shelving
18/01/2019 £7,449 Vineyard Community Centre Set up new food bank distribution centre
10/01/2019 £4,857 Parish Of St Mary's Lutterworth Food bank warehouse equipment
04/01/2019 £1,753 Kingdom Storehouse Ltd Food bank warehouse storage cages
31/12/2018 £34,732 Rotary Foyle Foodbank Foodbank Manager post
31/12/2018 £78,488 R.C.C.G. Life Start Connections New part-time PR staff, and additional hours for foodbank manager
31/12/2018 £65,620 Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank New food bank Operations Manager
31/12/2018 £25,546 Reach Community Projects New food bank warehouse
31/12/2018 £16,834 Larne Foodbank New food bank warehouse facility
31/12/2018 £22,297 Leicester South Foodbank Purchase food bank van
31/12/2018 £17,669 Acts Trust Additional hours for Foodbank Coordinator, and p/t fund raiser
31/12/2018 £12,806 Liskeard & Looe Foodbank New part-time food bank administrator post
31/12/2018 £59,800 Hope Magherafelt Ltd Employment costs for four new food bank part-time posts
31/12/2018 £37,922 Midlothian Foodbank Additional hours for Deputy Foodbank Manager and new p/t Warehouse Operative
31/12/2018 £36,701 St Andrew's Community Networ New food bank post focused on development and partnerships; extra warehouse capacity
31/12/2018 £55,545 ACTS West Wales Additional hours for foodbank manager plus admin assistant
31/12/2018 £30,000 Hope (Portsmouth) New warehouse facility
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