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Indigo Trust

(Registered Charity No: 1075920)
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers
Sole supporter: 4% by number, 7% by value.
By ValueBy Number
City Bridge Trust18%9%
Trust for London17%7%
Comic Relief13%11%
The Henry Smith Charity11%5%
Co-operative Group10%4%
BBC Children in Need8%4%
A B Charitable Trust8%4%
United St Saviour's Charity7%2%
Paul Hamlyn Foundation5%11%
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Grants made
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In this period they've made 55 significant donations to registered charities totalling £1,788,829

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
04/03/2020 £25,000 International Senior Lawyers Project - UK 2? Core unrestricted funding.
11/02/2020 £120,000 Institute for Philanthropy 1? Unrestricted core funding.
23/01/2020 £150,000 Ealing Law Centre 5? Core unrestricted funding to support the work of the Law Centre.
23/01/2020 £10,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? Mapping the Social Sector Data Ecosystem - Undertake research and to present initial findings at TicTec 2020.
11/12/2019 £42,989 Laws.Africa Core, unrestricted, funding in order to support Laws.Africa work until April 2020.
03/12/2019 £30,000 COPENHAGEN YOUTH PROJECT 8? Core unrestricted funding.
04/11/2019 £120,000 SOUTHWARK LAW CENTRE 7? Core funding for the Lewisham Law Service.
06/08/2019 £66,751 African Legal Information Institute (African LII) To establish and incubate the LII Fund for Africa.
11/07/2019 £70,000 Laws.Africa Core funding.
07/06/2019 £20,142 Tides Center Unrestricted core funding for EYElliance.
29/05/2019 £5,250 UK CITIZENS ONLINE DEMOCRACY 4? To provide local technical teams with additional technical support and development for the and sites.
28/05/2019 £10,000 medConfidential To support some pieces of research work into Access to Justice both in the UK and globally.
24/04/2019 £15,125 MySociety To facilitate the transfer of the technical administration of a number of parliamentary monitoring sites to local, in-country teams.
14/03/2019 £24,028 Parliamentary Monitoring Group To support development and digital marketing for the People's Assembly website (
12/03/2019 £30,000 Open Data Durban Core, unrestricted, funding to support the work of Open Data Durban for 12 months.
11/03/2019 £20,000 Cumbria Law Centre Core funding.
11/03/2019 £20,000 Ealing Law Centre 5? Core funding.
07/03/2019 £12,000 Impatience Ltd To fund a Practice Study on community and frontline worker engagement in international grant-making.
20/02/2019 £20,000 Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) 7? To support the development of 'Grant Advisor'.
20/02/2019 £5,609 CHILDREN'S RADIO FOUNDATION UK LIMITED To help develop and embed an anti-sexual harassment policy.
20/02/2019 £5,609 Health-e News Service To help with the marketing and promotion of Izi Lami - an SMS-based support service for survivors of sexual violence.
13/02/2019 £23,000 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine To support their work on eye health with a focus on low-income populations.
30/01/2019 £22,033 DearSA NPC To support DearSA to become an established organisation with a strong technical base.
04/12/2018 £70,000 Laws.Africa To support the development of this new organisaition and to enhance the Indigo platform for use by Africa Liis.
25/07/2018 £42,553 International Rescue Committee 4? To support a project using technology to improve educational outcomes for refugees - Delivering improved social-emotional learning for refugees inTanzania through tablet-based video support.
22/05/2018 £150,000 360 Giving Core costs for FY18-19.
30/04/2018 £10,000 Oxfordshire Community Foundation 1? For hardware upgrades and a year’s subscription to the OCSI Local Insight Tool.
21/03/2018 £5,000 New Philanthropy Capital 9? To use data sources, including 360 Giving, to analyses homelessness and related grant/foundation activity.
20/03/2018 £40,000 MySociety Supporting mySociety's international programmes (specifically work with, but not limited to, PMG and Mzalendo) and also to cover some associated research costs.
08/03/2018 £30,000 360 Giving Core funding.
26/02/2018 £14,950 National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) 8? To support their Research Project linking 360 Giving data to their annual Almanac.
08/02/2018 £15,000 The Philanthropy Workshop To support core costs and likely cover areas such as pilot programmes, member engagement and member recruitment.
01/02/2018 £34,153 Amandla.Mobi To support four key activity areas to improve functionality of, enhance and integrate campaigning tools and grow their membership base.
26/06/2017 £15,000 North Kensington Law Centre 5? Unrestricted funding to assist NKLC in providing free or subsidised legal advice to the West London community, in light of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
04/05/2017 £30,000 MySociety To begin to integrate the EveryPolitician dataset into Wikidata.
20/03/2017 £10,850 Localgiving Foundation To support Localgiving's Smarter Grants Initiative, which aims at improving the relationship between charities and grantmakers.
23/02/2017 £40,000 MySociety To support parliamentary transparency and public services delivery work.
25/01/2017 £50,000 360 Giving To help cover the core costs of 360Giving, the organisation supporting UK donors and philanthropists to publish their grants data in an open, standardised way to support decision-making and learning across the charitable giving sector.
04/01/2017 £45,000 Copenhagen Youth Project Core funding for three years (£15,000 in each financial year 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19) to this youth organisation which offers a variety of activities and programmes for young people in this King's Cross area.
10/11/2016 £30,000 Transparency International UK 4? To enable them to distribute small grants to organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa who are using technology to improve transparency in the pharmaceutical and health sector.
04/08/2016 £20,000 Publish What You Fund To redesign the Publish What You Fund website in line with their new strategy and to provide clearer information on their work.
02/08/2016 £20,738 Odekro PMO Foundation For core costs which will contribute towards supporting the Odekro team, improving the Odekro parliamentary monitoring site and supporting citizen engagement, with a focus on the upcoming elections.
13/07/2016 £17,250 Centre for Global Development in Europe 2? To contribute towards research work into the effects of the EU referendum on UK development and aid policy.
09/05/2016 £15,000 New Philanthropy Capital To support their research work into data and philanthropy.
27/04/2016 £10,000 Localgiving Foundation To enable them to support ten London-based community groups and charities through their fundraising development programme.
25/04/2016 £15,000 Paladin NSAS - National Stalking Advocacy Service Unrestricted grant to cover core costs.
23/03/2016 £10,000 Transparency International UK 4? To cover the costs of three of Indigo’s grantees to attend the Anti-Corruption Summit in London, taking place in May 2016.
11/03/2016 £30,000 360 Giving Towards core costs to help make philanthropic spending more transparent and effective..
11/03/2016 £15,000 The Philanthropy Workshop Towards core costs.
16/09/2015 £10,000 Medecins Sans Frontieres 2? To support MSF's Missing Maps work in South Kivu, DRC. The project seeks to map communities and infrastructure using the OpenStreetMap platform to provide MSF teams and others with accurate geographical information on South Kivu.
14/09/2015 £15,000 Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology (CAST) 7? To cover the salary costs of the lead developer (for 6 months) for BeeHive, a platform which helps to match donors to potential grantees and vice versa. This platform aims to utilise 360 Giving data and is also a useful tool to support advocacy in this space.
29/07/2015 £40,000 MySociety To cover core costs for their team to work with partner organisations in African countries to develop and improve upon civic websites for parliamentary monitoring and citizen feedback.
29/04/2015 £30,000 Truppr Ltd An interest free concessionary loan of £30,000 to Truppr. The loan will be used to support a mobile platform which has the charitable objective of assisting Nigerians to connect to events and people associated with them, in order to encourage them to make regular exercise part of their lifestyle, with the long-term aim of improving the health of users.
16/04/2015 £30,000 Publish What You Fund This organisation campaigns for greater aid transparency. This grant will help further PWYF advocacy work in the US and to pursue registration as a 501(c)(3) organisation..
16/04/2015 £10,800 First Give To work with schools to identify a social issue within their community and a charity working to address it. The first project will be Parliament Hill School.
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