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Over the last five years they've made 36 significant donations to registered charities totalling

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
31/05/2018 £153,071 WELL GROUNDED LIMITED 1 Pilot a 3 year accountability programme to support 3 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to enable them to ensure that the forest living communities they support are more active participants in their own development.
30/11/2017 £25,000 MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (UK) 2 Annual grant to Unrestricted Fund for Emergency Work Internationally
30/11/2017 £73,076 TEARFUND 2 Challenging Patriarchy: Raising awareness of Women's and Girl's rights in Manicaland, Zimbabwe
31/10/2017 £105,000 Rainforest Foundation UK 2 Ensuring that climate change policies respect people and forests: Campaigner position at the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK)
31/10/2017 £104,763 Women's Aid Leicestershire 2 JADA+ Project providing 1:1 support to children and young people and their non-abusing parent
30/09/2017 £180,000 SYNCHRONICITY EARTH 1 To make a significant contribution to the Congo Basin Funding Programme. This is a Devolved Grant made as part of a pool of funders supporting this programme which will be managed by Synchronicity Earth
30/09/2017 £100,000 CLIENTEARTH 4 Using the law to empower the environmental sector: programme funding pot.
30/06/2017 £80,450 TEARFUND 2 Continuation grant of capacity building for local NGO's in Zimbabwe
31/05/2017 £240,000 ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL 4 Core costs: part funding the salary for Head of Programmes and the Advocacy, Learning and Accountability Programme Coordinator, a Grant Management Officer and a Europe Programme Assistant
31/05/2017 £120,000 End Violence Against Women 5 To make a significant contribution to the costs of the public affairs function and regional and national work that it generates.
31/05/2017 £105,000 PRISONERS EDUCATION TRUST 7 Provision of educational grants and art materials with a focus of Leicestershire and surrounding counties
28/02/2017 £50,396 Children on the Edge 1 To provide ongoing support to community based child protection work in slums, Uganda AND support COTE UK and COTE Africa to develop monitoring and evaluation systems.
31/01/2017 £136,453 NEW FUTURES PROJECT 4 Salary & on costs for a Volunteer coordinator post. Enabling the provision of more intensive services to a larger client group and also provide vital work experience for women exiting prostitution
31/01/2017 £144,968 Parents Against Child Exploitation 7 To employ a Head of Communications, Research and Policy. Longterm aim of the work is to influence current social work & police practice & better support families in protection/prevention of external abuse of children
31/01/2017 £150,000 Nia Project 5 To make a significant contribution to the core costs of the Chief Exec, enabling a new 5 yr strategy, business plan and renewed development of focus
31/12/2016 £50,000 Africa Educational Trust 2 To continue support to the Unrestricted Fundraising post. A continuation of previous 2 year funding from Samworth Foundation
31/10/2016 £90,105 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS IN EXILE 7 To cover a consultant fundraiser's costs for 3 years, including all additional costs for the development and implementation of a major donor fundraising programme for the organisation.
31/08/2016 £73,800 CALDECOTT FOUNDATION LIMITED 2 Salary costs for a therapeutic, senior mental health nurse, to support residents in a small specialised residential home for vulnerable & abused young people
31/08/2016 £150,000 ECPAT UK 9 Contribution to core costs - Partnership Funding.
31/08/2016 £133,907 CHARNWOOD 20:20 13 Final piece of investment needed to bring the Jobs to Work (J2W) model to life based on evaluation
31/05/2016 £105,000 THE BACA CHARITY 6 Grant for the development of their fundraising skills and capacity, to include salary payments over the three year period.
31/05/2016 £105,000 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION 5 To fund the core costs of the counter trafficking project.
31/05/2016 £50,000 SUSTAINABLE LAND TRUST 3 develop an environmental and land based skills centre for Melton Mowbray based young vulnerable people
31/05/2016 £34,356 TEARFUND 2 To fund Tearfund to work with some of their partners to strengthen and build their capacity.
31/05/2016 £180,000 CHURCH OF ENGLAND CHILDREN'S SOCIETY 11 To develop a pilot bespoke service of 1:1 youth work for people of Nottingham
31/05/2016 £105,000 ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST 2 Support towards the salary of a Digital Campaigner and the development of a new website
31/05/2016 £96,750 LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND WILDLIFE TRUST LIMITED 1 Encouraging wildlife champions and Natural Leaders - funding a programme to encourage volunteering from the young and amongst more experienced natural scientists to advance LRWT work.
31/01/2016 £56,151 LEICESTERSHIRE, LEICESTER AND RUTLAND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION 1 To support the development of monitoring and evaluation of impact of local giving to local causes and community based work.
31/08/2015 £90,000 FOREST PEOPLES PROGRAMME 1 To provide a flexibility in how and where FPP can respond to emerging crises and calls for support from local indigenous groups.
31/08/2015 £90,000 RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT 6 To provide greater support to women and girls who are abused and/or living with HIV/AIDS.
31/08/2015 £80,000 ANTI-TRAFFICKING AND LABOUR EXPLOITATION UNIT (ATLEU) LIMITED 5 Funding for a salary (for housing work) to help generate income to build a sustainable future for their work
30/06/2015 £60,000 BEYOND THE STREETS 4 To support Core costs working to end sexual exploitation
30/06/2015 £105,000 KALAYAAN 6 Unrestricted funds for work with exploited migrant domestic workers
31/05/2015 £90,000 THE GREEN ALLIANCE TRUST 3 To extend the capacity of developing a Parliamentary Programme - engaging MPs, forming networks and informing the parliamentary system about environmental issues linked to policy.
31/01/2015 £90,000 WELL GROUNDED LIMITED 1 Support towards the organisational capacity development of 5 Civil Society Organisations in Cameroon, all of whom are concerned with social and environmental justice.
31/01/2015 £40,000 CLIENTEARTH 4 Contribution towards core costs
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