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Sole supporter: 18% by number, 18% by value.
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Comic Relief40%29%
National Lottery38%26%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation35%29%
Lloyds Bank Foundation32%29%
The Henry Smith Charity30%26%
City Bridge Trust18%15%
A B Charitable Trust14%15%
The Tudor Trust14%12%
Garfield Weston Foundation14%12%
The Dulverton Trust13%12%
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In this period they've made 34 significant donations to registered charities totalling £3,513,246

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
31/05/2018 £153,071 WELL GROUNDED LIMITED 1? Pilot a 3 year accountability programme to support 3 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to enable them to ensure that the forest living communities they support are more active participants in their own development.
30/11/2017 £25,000 MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (UK) 2? Annual grant to Unrestricted Fund for Emergency Work Internationally
30/11/2017 £73,076 TEARFUND 2? Challenging Patriarchy: Raising awareness of Women's and Girl's rights in Manicaland, Zimbabwe
31/10/2017 £105,000 Rainforest Foundation UK 2? Ensuring that climate change policies respect people and forests: Campaigner position at the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK)
31/10/2017 £104,763 Women's Aid Leicestershire 2? JADA+ Project providing 1:1 support to children and young people and their non-abusing parent
30/09/2017 £180,000 SYNCHRONICITY EARTH 1? To make a significant contribution to the Congo Basin Funding Programme. This is a Devolved Grant made as part of a pool of funders supporting this programme which will be managed by Synchronicity Earth
30/09/2017 £100,000 CLIENTEARTH 4? Using the law to empower the environmental sector: programme funding pot.
30/06/2017 £80,450 TEARFUND 2? Continuation grant of capacity building for local NGO's in Zimbabwe
31/05/2017 £240,000 ANTI-SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL 5? Core costs: part funding the salary for Head of Programmes and the Advocacy, Learning and Accountability Programme Coordinator, a Grant Management Officer and a Europe Programme Assistant
31/05/2017 £120,000 End Violence Against Women 5? To make a significant contribution to the costs of the public affairs function and regional and national work that it generates.
31/05/2017 £105,000 PRISONERS EDUCATION TRUST 8? Provision of educational grants and art materials with a focus of Leicestershire and surrounding counties
28/02/2017 £50,396 Children on the Edge 1? To provide ongoing support to community based child protection work in slums, Uganda AND support COTE UK and COTE Africa to develop monitoring and evaluation systems.
31/01/2017 £136,453 NEW FUTURES PROJECT 4? Salary & on costs for a Volunteer coordinator post. Enabling the provision of more intensive services to a larger client group and also provide vital work experience for women exiting prostitution
31/01/2017 £144,968 Parents Against Child Exploitation 8? To employ a Head of Communications, Research and Policy. Longterm aim of the work is to influence current social work & police practice & better support families in protection/prevention of external abuse of children
31/01/2017 £150,000 Nia Project 7? To make a significant contribution to the core costs of the Chief Exec, enabling a new 5 yr strategy, business plan and renewed development of focus
31/12/2016 £50,000 Africa Educational Trust 2? To continue support to the Unrestricted Fundraising post. A continuation of previous 2 year funding from Samworth Foundation
31/10/2016 £90,105 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS IN EXILE 8? To cover a consultant fundraiser's costs for 3 years, including all additional costs for the development and implementation of a major donor fundraising programme for the organisation.
31/08/2016 £73,800 CALDECOTT FOUNDATION LIMITED 2? Salary costs for a therapeutic, senior mental health nurse, to support residents in a small specialised residential home for vulnerable & abused young people
31/08/2016 £150,000 ECPAT UK 9? Contribution to core costs - Partnership Funding.
31/08/2016 £133,907 CHARNWOOD 20:20 13? Final piece of investment needed to bring the Jobs to Work (J2W) model to life based on evaluation
31/05/2016 £105,000 THE BACA CHARITY 5? Grant for the development of their fundraising skills and capacity, to include salary payments over the three year period.
31/05/2016 £105,000 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION 5? To fund the core costs of the counter trafficking project.
31/05/2016 £50,000 SUSTAINABLE LAND TRUST 3? develop an environmental and land based skills centre for Melton Mowbray based young vulnerable people
31/05/2016 £34,356 TEARFUND 2? To fund Tearfund to work with some of their partners to strengthen and build their capacity.
31/05/2016 £180,000 CHURCH OF ENGLAND CHILDREN'S SOCIETY 11? To develop a pilot bespoke service of 1:1 youth work for people of Nottingham
31/05/2016 £105,000 ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST 2? Support towards the salary of a Digital Campaigner and the development of a new website
31/05/2016 £96,750 LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND WILDLIFE TRUST LIMITED 1? Encouraging wildlife champions and Natural Leaders - funding a programme to encourage volunteering from the young and amongst more experienced natural scientists to advance LRWT work.
31/01/2016 £56,151 LEICESTERSHIRE, LEICESTER AND RUTLAND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION 1? To support the development of monitoring and evaluation of impact of local giving to local causes and community based work.
31/08/2015 £90,000 FOREST PEOPLES PROGRAMME 1? To provide a flexibility in how and where FPP can respond to emerging crises and calls for support from local indigenous groups.
31/08/2015 £90,000 RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT 6? To provide greater support to women and girls who are abused and/or living with HIV/AIDS.
31/08/2015 £80,000 ANTI-TRAFFICKING AND LABOUR EXPLOITATION UNIT (ATLEU) LIMITED 5? Funding for a salary (for housing work) to help generate income to build a sustainable future for their work
30/06/2015 £60,000 BEYOND THE STREETS 5? To support Core costs working to end sexual exploitation
30/06/2015 £105,000 KALAYAAN 6? Unrestricted funds for work with exploited migrant domestic workers
31/05/2015 £90,000 THE GREEN ALLIANCE TRUST 3? To extend the capacity of developing a Parliamentary Programme - engaging MPs, forming networks and informing the parliamentary system about environmental issues linked to policy.
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