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The Foundation has a strict policy of being proactive grant makers and does not respond to unsolicited applications.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £15 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been years.

Grant criteria

The Samworth Foundation commits its resources to address issues of social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. As the Foundation continues to grow and develop, there is a greater opportunity to make a substantial difference to the lives of those in need locally, nationally and internationally. Our grants address sexual exploitation and the environment by supporting organisations who tackle the root causes of these issues both in the UK and internationally. From time to time the Foundation may operate a specific Special Interest Grant Programme.

Grant details

Sexual Exploitation We aim to address the root causes and effects of sexual exploitation. Within this there is a recognition that: - Specialist providers and large national campaigning organisations play a complimentary role. - Legal reform is an important element in making the system more accessible to people seeking justice and in holding those who harm/exploit to account. - The Samworth Foundation is interested in addressing the root causes of forms of sexual exploitation, rather than funding organisations who only offer therapeutic support. - The concepts of ‘Demand’ and ‘Supply’ are equally valid in addressing the root causes of such sexual exploitation and abuse. - There is a need to focus interventions with those under, as well as over, 18 years old. - We seek to fund work nationally and internationally. - We value the principles of a Contextual Safeguarding approach Environment and Climate Change We aim to champion environmental recovery and combat climate change and its effects. Within this there is a recognition that: - Climate Change can be understood as a human concern and not just an environmental one, (recognising the crossover of social and environmental issues). - Legal frameworks, policy reform and lobbying can work to prevent environmentally destructive practices. - Evidenced based research and rhetoric plays an important role in influencing change. - Environmental degradation such as soil quality, erosion and a loss of biodiversity are inextricably linked to climate change. - To champion the recovery of biodiversity and combat climate change, there is a need to tackle and reverse pollution, habitat loss and harmful land management practices. - Building a strong evidence base will encourage permanent change and the uptake of good management practices. - We seek to fund work nationally in the UK, particularly around ecology and habitat. - To combat climate change, the Foundation may incorporate international work and approaches.

Application procedure

Proactive Grant Maker The Samworth Foundation dedicates its resource to combat social and environmental inequality; aiming to support organisations who address the root causes of such UK and global based issues, particularly those which affect the most marginalised and vulnerable. We intentionally search out organisations to work with and therefore do not consider unsolicited applications. The Samworth Foundation recognises that applying for a grant requires plenty of preparation and research by the beneficiary and therefore does not operate an open application process. Organisations that best match our core criteria are carefully researched by the Foundation team and are then invited to submit a funding application for approval by our Board of Trustees. No applications will be accepted outside of this approach.


Samworth Foundation
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Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 265647
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period 115 donations have been made totalling £12,690,263 to 50 organisations

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Growth in Spending
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By ValueBy Number
54% 50%
48% 36%
37% 32%
35% 24%
24% 16%
23% 12%
21% 22%
21% 14%
19% 8%
19% 12%
Sole supporter: 18% by number, 15% by value.
Individual Grants Made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
29/03/2023 £65,310 £835,399 PARENTS AGAINST CHILD EXPLOITATION Core funding.
30/11/2022 £225,000 £8,799,401 RIPPLE EFFECT Funding to support a project in the Wonchi district, Ethiopia to improve land management practices which will benefit nature, reduce hunger, and improve dietary diversity for local communities.
30/11/2022 £375,000 £693,659 ATLEU Core funding.
30/11/2022 £400,000 £1,615,986 BACA Unrestricted funding.
30/11/2022 £600,000 £2,623,546 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Unrestricted funding and fundig to support the development of a Trauma Centre.
28/09/2022 £198,825 TRADE JUSTICE MOVEMENT Funding will support TJM to secure UK trade deals that work for the environment.
28/09/2022 £100,000 £102,414,000 WWF UK WWF, RSPB, and the National Trust came together to mobilise the general public to deliver a ‘People’s Plan for Nature’ with the aim of protecting and restoring nature, stopping climate change, and ensuring an equal and healthy food system in the UK. 
28/09/2022 £4,500 £397,265 ASSOCIATION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE'S HEALTH (AYPH) Funding to bring together a youth advisory panel to explore the implications of environmental change for youth health
28/09/2022 £300,000 £11,875,365 HOPE FOR JUSTICE Funding to support a research, policy, and structural/systemic and capacity building project.
28/09/2022 £50,000 £3,138,382 NIA Core funding.
28/09/2022 £225,000 £852,426 NWG NETWORK Unrestricted funding.
29/06/2022 £150,000 £2,292,207 CLIMATE OUTREACH Core funding
29/06/2022 £330,000 £20,760,000 SOIL ASSOCIATION Funding is supporting work which advocates for agroecological farming that can deliver for climate, nature, and food security across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
25/03/2022 £23,000 ABIANDA Funding to support the completion and evaluation of the Young Voices participation work
25/03/2022 £100,000 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Emergency funding in response to the war in Ukraine
25/03/2022 £12,740 NATURE FRIENDLY FARMING NETWORK Funding will support the upgrade and implementation of a database to help NFFN to reach and support farmers and the public throughout the UK
23/03/2022 £50,000 £69,386,612 MSF UK This donation will go towards MSF unrestricted funding to respond to Ukraine and existing global emergencies
21/02/2022 £2,000 CLIMATE EMERGENCE To pilot the provision of a Wellbeing Budget for organisations working in the environment sector
01/01/2022 £203,081 £2,937,097 ANTI SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL Improve partner capacity to respond to such shocks as COVID and climate change in their response to preventing slavery
01/01/2022 £190,428 £215,130 BEYOND THE STREETS To address gaps in the support and services women sex workers experience
01/01/2022 £300,000 £1,811,965 GREEN ALLIANCE To fund their climate leadership programme and sector convening
15/10/2021 £189,394 ABIANDA Toward building sustainability and income generation strategy
15/10/2021 £120,000 £705,320 CHEM TRUST To support the organisational structure needed by Chem Trust to effect and advise on policy change in an area that although essential is not currently viewed as being central to the climate debate.
15/10/2021 £210,000 NATURE FRIENDLY FARMING NETWORK To support the core costs of the network over the next 3 years and kickstart their reserves
15/10/2021 £70,000 £1,096,207 POSSIBLE To cover core costs
15/10/2021 £87,582 £2,265,408 REACH LEARNING DISABILITY To provide funding to improve the outside space and environmental impact of the Reach Leaning Centre
15/10/2021 £145,317 £77,756,000 TEARFUND To fund two new technology projects to facilitate rural communities using online platforms to make their produce business more efficient by making hubs available for processes that would otherwise be too expensive to undertake on an individual basis.
29/09/2021 £15,000 £362,770 ASSOCIATION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE'S HEALTH (AYPH) Funding to support the completion and evaluation of the Young Voices participation work
29/09/2021 £151,000 £289,440 DONNINGTON DOORSTEP FAMILY CENTRE To provide funds for Donnington Doorstep, as head grant holder to explore with Waste3~Taste and Ark-T3 opportunities for merging/pooling of administrative resources.
24/09/2021 £11,049 £553,055 NEW FUTURES PROJECT To address the additional costs the organisation has faced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis
02/08/2021 £58,000 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Funding for increased costs as service users are experiencing new and increasing vulnerabilities exacerbated by Covid-19
02/08/2021 £7,204 £3,008,978 THE LUCY FAITHFULL FOUNDATION Covid Emergency Grant to cover the cost of purchasing additional IT equipment for staff working from home.
02/08/2021 £252,800 £18,774,046 WILDLIFE TRUSTS To support the digital transformation of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT), which has been identified as critical to enabling them to achieve the next 10-year ambition to tackle the climate and nature crisis
02/08/2021 £1,000 CLIMATE EMERGENCE Funding to support: Funders Roundtable, organised by Climate Emergence, to bring funders together
26/07/2021 £200,000 £1,811,965 GREEN ALLIANCE To pump prime a pilot initiative to broaden Green Alliance’s (GA) approach, to embed economic analysis into their staff skill set and policy campaigning and messaging.
26/07/2021 £39,200 £2,015,295 RAINFOREST FOUNDATION UK To support the organisational strategic review process to ensure the organisation can embed the learning from the pandemic and meet the needs of the staff team and indigenous community groups they work with globally
16/07/2021 £20,000 £445,818 ATLEU 12 month grant extension: Resource Capacity
01/07/2021 £120,000 £505,728 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS FROM EXILE To support fundraising costs to help establish and develop the in-house funding team to increase sustainability
01/07/2021 £240,000 STEPHEN LEWIS FOUNDATION To deepen the impact of community-based organizations’ integrated responses to gender-based violence and HIV
01/07/2021 £300,000 £38,946,000 THE CHILDREN'S SOCIETY To continue supporting the Nottingham based ‘Next Gen’ programme; which supports the most vulnerable young people across the City/County with a long term, holistic programme of support
01/06/2021 £201,400 £445,818 ATLEU Funding a new policy team: to enable ATLEU to feed their learning, and survivors voices, into critical policies.
01/06/2021 £244,445 £1,002,970 CLIMATE OUTREACH To fund a Public Engagement Lab which will work to positively engage the public in Climate Change
01/06/2021 £103,742 £987,633 GAIA FOUNDATION Funding to transform how Gaia work; including reducing to a 4-day week; investing in technological capability; creating new entrant opportunities for young people and developing an ‘Act local’ plan for their staff wellbeing
01/06/2021 £35,000 £2,177,644 WOMEN'S AID LEICESTERSHIRE 12 Month Grant Extension to support WAL through the effects of Covid
07/05/2021 £40,000 £625,622 END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN 12 month grant extension to an existing grant around Public Campaigning
06/05/2021 £50,000 £2,447,361 NIA 12 Month Grant Extension contributing to the salary costs of the Chief Exec, enabling a new 5 yr strategy and business plan
03/05/2021 £86,457 £362,770 ASSOCIATION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE'S HEALTH (AYPH) To recruit a new Senior leadership post (Head of Education) who will be responsible for transforming AYPH’s outward facing work through a new youth led programme of education
03/05/2021 £160,000 CLIMATE ALLIANCE CIC To fund the creation of a Green News Agency to provide media stories to raise the public’s awareness on Climate Change
27/04/2021 £191,490 £16,058,000 SOIL ASSOCIATION To test, learn and pilot a new way of engaging their members (existing and potential) to increase the impact and effectiveness of their policy and campaigning work as part of their new 10-year strategy
06/04/2021 £150,000 £3,008,978 THE LUCY FAITHFULL FOUNDATION Funding to support core costs and increase unrestricted income by 5% to enable them to improve their financial position
29/03/2021 £127,080 £112,503,247 NSPCC To provide 2 years of funding to cover the salary and IT costs of a new ‘Virtual Childline Base’
29/03/2021 £212,840 £428,013 WELL GROUNDED LIMITED To provide 2 years of funding to radically improve their internal processes and systems through a digital transformation
03/03/2021 £25,000 £140,185 SUSTAINABLE LAND TRUST Providing financial support towards one staff salary to develop new areas of work and strengthen existing work streams
03/03/2021 £8,018 £2,177,644 WOMEN'S AID LEICESTERSHIRE Funding to enable Domestic Abuse Children’s Services to continue
25/01/2021 £195,000 £6,650,629 HOPE FOR JUSTICE To provide the Year 1 costs of designing and developing a new digital learning platform which will be utilised across their global operations in the prevention of modern-day slavery
21/01/2021 £10,000 £987,633 GAIA FOUNDATION To fund the costs of transitioning to home-working due to the COVID-19 pandemic
07/12/2020 £300,000 £16,850,235 CLIENTEARTH To fund greater capacity for Client Earth to deliver their work on environmental law and governance in the UK
07/12/2020 £25,759 £1,821,120 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Funding to reduce the vulnerability and prevent re-trafficking due to the pandemic, by increasing staff hours to work on much needed protection for vulnerable people
07/12/2020 £48,687 £578,876 NWG NETWORK Funding support to design and develop a new digital platform to deliver their core services (training, events and consultations)
07/12/2020 £225,000 £1,844,816 RAINFOREST FOUNDATION UK Core funding to increase their unrestricted income and provide stability to their financial position
07/12/2020 £30,000 £2,965,000 SYNCHRONICITY EARTH To scale up work which addresses overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems
01/12/2020 £19,690 £2,447,361 NIA 6 months funding for a Domestic Violence and Abuse Referral and Case Worker
30/11/2020 £60,000 £505,728 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS FROM EXILE Contribution towards crisis response project, meeting the practical, mental health and developmental needs of vulnerable young asylum seekers and refugees
20/11/2020 £5,850 £215,130 BEYOND THE STREETS Resiliency coaching for staff to prevent burnout and to build resilience
18/11/2020 £70,000 £2,965,000 SYNCHRONICITY EARTH To provide additional support to help their partners fight the current and future impacts of COVID-19 on both their own organisations and the local communities/indigenous peoples they work with
05/10/2020 £297,568 £18,774,046 WILDLIFE TRUSTS Funding to support the employment of two additional roles to lead their Nature Based Solutions Campaign
01/10/2020 £50,000 £1,002,970 CLIMATE OUTREACH To fund toward the next step in the Public Engagement process, a place where civil society organisations (CSO’s) can share research, learning and skills
01/10/2020 £100,000 STEPHEN LEWIS FOUNDATION To support the development of and transition to a new virtual monitoring and evaluation approach
28/09/2020 £60,000 CLIMATE ALLIANCE CIC To help fund the core costs to enable the organisation to grow and expand its' work
28/09/2020 £140,000 £82,613,000 WWF UK Funding to scale up a pilot seagrass restoration project in Wales and to assess potential sites around the UK for further expansion
14/09/2020 £40,000 £16,058,000 SOIL ASSOCIATION Covid-19 Emergency Grant
18/08/2020 £14,015 £111,314,000 NSPCC Funding to support the re-opening of three service centres and to sustain COVID-19 response activities.
18/08/2020 £9,880 £369,698 THE FRIARY DROP IN CENTRE To support the reopening of the centre safely within Covid guidelines
29/07/2020 £25,000 £380,042 THE COMMITMENT Urgent funding to bridge a gap caused by the pandemic
29/07/2020 £20,000 £353,421 END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMENT (EVAW) To cover funding gap due to Covid-19
29/07/2020 £31,000 £52,557,000 THE CHILDREN'S SOCIETY To ensure the Next Generation Project is delivered at full capacity to 15 young people at risk of harm, neglect, abuse and poor life chances. The funding will enable us to deal with the urgency in responding to the impact of Covid-19 on service users lives,
29/07/2020 £2,500 £275,709 ASSOCIATION OF YOUNG PEOPLES HEALTH (AYPH) Support the purchase of two additional laptops to replace the two desk top computers we have in our office while we are working remotely and to support access for all staff in the transition back to part time office based work.
29/07/2020 £4,244 £264,352 FOOTPRINTS CEC To support the reopening of the centre safely within Covid guidelines
23/07/2020 £8,000 £795,841 CLIMATE OUTREACH Seed funding for the development phase 1. To pay for a role to conduct the follow up work, manage relationships and work with a consultancy to develop the plans ready to implement phase 2 and ready for funders.
10/07/2020 £15,000 £3,544,743 RAINFOREST FOUNDATION UK Funding would support their direct salary & IT costs and would mitigate lost unrestricted income as a result of the crisis.
10/07/2020 £30,000 £6,410,695 HOPE FOR JUSTICE Funding to support unrestricted funding to cover loss of income caused by COVID-19.
01/07/2020 £1,720 £916,773 BACA To support the purchase of IT equipment for Art Therapy
26/06/2020 £80,000 £2,876,340 ANTI SLAVERY INTERNATIONAL 12 month grant extension to Grant 2 - Programmes and Advocacy Project
26/06/2020 £28,028 £78,371 WE R HERE To support the employment of a Children and Young Persons Service Lead for 25 hours per week for one year
23/06/2020 £7,772 £304,452 NEW FUTURES PROJECT Grant to support the Directors to prioritise the operational demands of the organisation.
23/06/2020 £14,050 £2,392,030 REACH Funding to continue supporting over 100 family carers of people with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire during the Covid-19 pandemic.
22/06/2020 £40,000 £353,421 END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMENT (EVAW) 12 month grant extension to Grant 1 - Public Campaigning
16/06/2020 £228,000 £1,754,780 GREEN ALLIANCE To bring together environmental organisations with powerful business voices, to agree a concise list of asks, supported by robust economic analysis, and co-ordinated advocacy to deliver the political leadership necessary to ensure that a green renewal is delivered by this government.
16/06/2020 £35,000 £320,480 DONNINGTON DOORSTEP Financial assistance while they reconfigure services to react to the new and changing landscape of family support services.
16/06/2020 £15,000 NEON (NEW ECONOMY ORGANISERS NETWORK) To joint fund, with four other funders (see below*) Neon’s work in the next year to keep the Climate Change message on the public agenda, providing a platform for healthcare workers to be key messengers; speaking out on the links between climate change, environmental degradation and public health.
16/06/2020 £100,000 GREEN NEW DEAL UK To fund the core costs of the organisation, as they build the volunteer network to develop hubs around the country
16/06/2020 £150,000 £996,968 THE GAIA FOUNDATION Seed Sovereignty Programme is to increase the production of open pollinated and locally produced seeds in the UK and Ireland.
16/06/2020 £150,000 £763,018 POSSIBLE To provide core cost support to Possible to develop new ways of engaging communities in initiatives to promote a better, carbon free, environment.
11/06/2020 £5,390 £591,034 WELL GROUNDED LIMITED To cover very specific costs that the organisation are facing to provide the technical online expertise to the community groups Well Grounded are supporting in the Congo.
11/06/2020 £10,000 £361,099 ATLEU Emergency Fund Application to support core costs of organisation due to increased demand
11/06/2020 £20,000 £361,099 ATLEU 12 month grant extension to Grant 1 - Resource Capacity
03/06/2020 £19,750 £162,874 HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Financial support for the purchase of IT equipment and software during the COVID-19 pandemic.
03/06/2020 £30,105 £404,834 BAOBAB CENTRE FOR YOUNG SURVIVORS FROM EXILE 12 month grant extension to Grant 1 - Fundraising Capacity
03/06/2020 £100,000 STEPHEN LEWIS FOUNDATION 12 month grant extension to Grant 7 - Mitigating Against Sexual Violence
03/06/2020 £20,000 £85,210,000 TEARFUND Covid-19 Emergency Fund to support Tearfund's partner organisation, ZOE, to deliver emergency aid and support to some of the most vulnerable rural families in Bulawayo during the Covid-19 crisis.
03/06/2020 £35,000 £1,680,140 WOMEN'S AID LEICESTERSHIRE (WAL) 12 month grant extension to Grant 1 - JADA + Project
27/05/2020 £60,000 £52,557,000 THE CHILDREN'S SOCIETY 12 month grant extension to Grant 4 - Next Generation Projet
26/05/2020 £40,000 £806,535 NWG NETWORK To support the lost income from training and consultancy
19/05/2020 £50,000 £2,019,812 NIA PROJECT 12 month grant extension to Grant 1. Business Strategy
30/04/2020 £25,000 £59,417,195 MSF Covid-19 Emergency Response Campaign
21/04/2020 £30,000 £672,448 THE A TEAM FOUNDATION (FARMING THE FUTURE) Collaborative emergency fund to support organisations in the food and farming sector who are experiencing unprecedented demands and pressures during this health crisis.
21/04/2020 £14,900 £1,722,343 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Financial support to equip organisation to work from home; moving to remote working to enable our vital services to be delivered with minimal impact and disruption to clients has been our primary concern.
11/03/2020 £150,000 £304,452 NEW FUTURES PROJECT Transitions Programme - Core Costs
11/03/2020 £180,453 £650,811 PARENTS AGAINST CHILD EXPLOITATION To cover the employment costs of the Head of training, partnerships and development.
11/03/2020 £250,000 £1,506,598 SUSTAIN: THE ALLIANCE FOR BETTER FOOD AND FARMING core funding to support their climate and nature emergency work
11/03/2020 £270,000 £85,210,000 TEARFUND Challenging Patriarchy: Raising awareness of Women's and Girl's rights continuation of project
07/11/2019 £300,000 £795,841 CLIMATE OUTREACH Driving Public Concern for Climate Change
07/11/2019 £240,000 £1,722,343 HELEN BAMBER FOUNDATION Prevention: keeping survivors and potential victims safe
07/11/2019 £195,000 £16,530,000 SOIL ASSOCIATION To provide core costs funding to support policy work to campaign for a transition to agroecological farming and land use over the next 10 years.
07/11/2019 £180,000 £916,773 BACA Prevention of Exploitation and Building Resilience in young people
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Cumulative Grants
Amount Grantee
£626,400 ATLEU
£581,720 BACA
£435,317 TEARFUND
£313,687 NWG NETWORK
£240,000 WWF UK
£220,000 POSSIBLE
£212,394 ABIANDA
£169,690 NIA
£141,095 NSPCC
£120,000 CHEM TRUST
£75,000 MSF UK
£28,028 WE R HERE
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