Finance Score: 6
Governance Score: -2
Support Score: 13
  • Liabilities <10%: +3
  • Fundraising costs low: +3
  • Narrow trustee age band: -2
  • Static board: -3
  • Gender balanced board: +3
  • Grant maker support: +13
Overall GiG Score: 17 ?



The Amber Foundation helps a key demographic of disadvantaged and/or homeless young people transform their lives by using residential centres to move them on to stable accommodation, further education and employment. The impact of these centres help to reverse a negative cycle and have proven effective in research analysis complete by the Ministry of Justice and other independent studies.

Their centres support services have been stabilised by funding from diverse sources, a major funding stream being their high-profile biannual event called Amber Rocks that benefits from patron Eddie Jordan's support. Funding pledges assisted by this event will help in their plans to expand to a fourth residential centre in the coming years.

Source: Giving is Great


Providing residential facilities and training to help unemployed and/or homeless young people back into jobs
Analysis by Giving is Great


  • This charity is endorsed by a respected charity impact evaluator
  • This charity has a robust balance sheet
  • Spending has increased over the last 3 years relative to the previous period
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
  • Fundraising costs are low relative to funds raised
  • A significant proportion of recent income was derived from major grant makers including the Government
  • The Board appears to be well diversified in terms of gender

Regulatory & Governance issues to consider:

  • The Board composition appears to be rather static and has little diversity in terms of age

Financial Data ?

Income & Spending ?
Sources of Income ?
Y/E Income
Cost £k
Funds £k
Funds £k
Staff Volun-

Financial Ratios
Fundraising Costs/Relevant Income: 7.9%
Fundraising Costs/Total Spending: 7.6%
Senior Staff Costs/Total Spending: 7%
Highest pay band: £90,000-£100,000
Liabilities/Assets: 4%
Liabilities/Income: 8%
Unrestricted Funds/Total Funds: 64%
Reserves/Spending: 13.5 months
Net Current Assets/Spending: 2 months
Quick Ratio: 2.3
Asset Split ?
Comment: Last year, 45% of their income came from charitable activities and a large proportion of this was from housing benefits young people are entitled to. The remaining 55% came from fundraising, which was raised across several fundraising streams. Funds received via grant giving trusts and foundations, companies and organisations can range in use from significant donations towards core costs to specific project costs like funding a bed space, supporting the cost a team leader or helping maintain centres. An example would be receiving significant support from LandAid to help maintain and refurbish their Farm Place centre.

The charity decided to invest in IT systems for young people during the height of the pandemic, which was not in their initial budget so they will show a resultant deficit this year. They plan to balance the budget by the at the end of the 2021 financial year, which will be achieved through a combination of programme cost savings and enhanced fundraising efforts.

Source: Giving is Great

Established: 29 years


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How you can help
What it does
Amber provides relief of young persons, particularly those who are unemployed and/or homeless, by providing opportunities and facilities for training and experience of all kinds to enable such persons to decide upon, qualify for or obtain a job, career or position.
Listed activities
  • Accommodation/Housing
  • Education/Training
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
GiG Classification
  • Technical, vocational and continuing education
How it operates
  • Provides buildings/facilities/open space
  • Provides services
Where it operates
  • Devon, Kent, Surrey, Wiltshire,
Who it helps
  • Children/Young People
  • Other Defined Groups

Who's supporting them? ?

Endorsed by:
  • Giving Evidence
Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
Garfield Weston Foundation£330,000
CHK Foundation£200,000
Dulverton Trust£170,000
Community Foundation for Surrey£128,551
Henry Smith Charity£92,100
National Lottery Community Fund£86,332
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund£86,000
Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government£80,520
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
Community Foundation for Surrey - Bed space for young homeless people in Surrey
£9,569 04/01/2024
Funding for an organisation working with homeless young adults to provide safe accommodation for 2 young adults.
Co-Operative Group - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£1,018 21/10/2023
We would like to continue to deliver mental health and wellbeing workshops for young homeless people, which are fundamental to transformation and employability.
Charles Hayward Foundation - Grant to Amber Foundation
£24,500 26/05/2023
2 bed spaces at Bythesea Lodge, Wiltshire, for young people with offending backgrounds
Herefordshire Community Foundation - Employment readiness workshops with young homeless people
£3,513 23/05/2023
Grant to The Amber Foundation
Wates Foundation - Bed Space at Farm Place - RWF 2023
£13,688 17/05/2023
We are seeking funding for a bed space at Amber's Farm Place centre in Ockley, Surrey that will give the opportunity for at least two young people from Surrey to transform their lives. Amber's goal ....more
Garfield Weston Foundation - Multi-Year Grant (3 Years) award
£330,000 15/05/2023
Over 3 years towards the core work of 4 residential centres,
Community Foundation for Surrey - Employment readiness for young homeless people
£7,000 13/03/2023
Funding towards employment readiness training for young people who have experienced homeless and/or addiction.
Dulverton Trust - Core funding 22/23-23/24
£70,000 08/02/2023
Core funding 22/23-23/24
Wiltshire Community Foundation - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£5,100 06/02/2023
Amber supports young homeless and unemployed people providing them with a temporary home and a programme of support. Funding will help with increased food and energy costs at their centre in ....more
The Blagrave Trust - Regional Partnership Grants
£36,000 31/01/2023
Regional advisers fund
Devon Community Foundation - Gas and oil cost increase
£3,250 23/01/2023
providing art therapy opportunities for people with mental health issues in North Devon, helping to increase confidence and reduce social isolation
Community Foundation for Surrey - Bed space at Farm Place, Amber Foundation
£8,378 23/01/2023
Funding for intensive work to support two disadvantaged and otherwise homeless young people gain their independence and become self supporting.
Devon Community Foundation - Positive Futures
£5,000 12/12/2022
setting up costs of a new School Pastor initiative at Tiverton High School, helping school staff to create a safe school environment and encouraging and nurturing positive behaviours amongst pupils
Wiltshire Community Foundation - High Sheriff Donor Advised
£3,500 14/11/2022
Grant to The Amber Foundation
Co-Operative Group - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£1,767 22/10/2022
We wish to develop and deliver a series of workshops that deal with ways of managing stress and anxiety to give homeless young people the tools to manage their stress going forward.
Prudence Trust - Team leader at Downsview (new centre in Kent)
£50,000 29/09/2022
Team Leader at Downsview (Kent Centre)
CHK Foundation - CHK Main Grant
£50,000 07/09/2022
towards current year running costs
Community Foundation for Surrey - Core costs
£2,500 15/07/2022
Funding towards the essential running costs of a charity that offers homeless young people accommodation and the opportunity to get into employment.
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£6,000 06/05/2022
Jubilee Grant Restricted Project Funding
Wiltshire Community Foundation - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£15,000 06/04/2022
Amber supports young homeless and unemployed people providing them with a temporary home and a programme of support. Funding will help with staff costs at their centre in Trowbridge
National Lottery Community Fund - ACE Young people's responses to the Platinum Jubilee
£8,500 01/04/2022
This project will celebrate the Jubilee at Ashley Court which is the group's supported housing centre for young people in Devon. The young people living there have all experienced complex challenges ....more
Community Foundation for Surrey - Reflections of the Past, Bringing Hope to Our Future
£7,840 01/04/2022
Funding towards a celebration of the Queen's Jubilee by producing a glass wall tile.
National Lottery Community Fund - Transforming the lives of young homeless people
£77,832 25/02/2022
The funding will support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people aged 16-30 years old to transform their lives by helping them move out of homelessness and unemployment. The project will target ....more
Henry Smith Charity - Grant to Amber Foundation
£92,100 02/11/2021
towards three years' salary of a Team Leader at an organisation providing supported accommodation for homeless young people in Surrey.
Co-Operative Group - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£1,597 23/10/2021
We would like to buy four new computers to support our young people with Amber's health and wellbeing workshops.
Community Foundation for Surrey - Training for homeless young people
£7,484 13/10/2021
Funding toward training courses for young homeless people, by a charity based in Mole Valley.
Wiltshire Community Foundation - High Sheriff Donor Advised
£1,322 06/09/2021
Grant to The Amber Foundation
Trusthouse Charitable Foundation - Grant to Amber Foundation
£4,000 29/04/2021
0.1% as running costs for charity providing temporary housing and a programme of support for young homeless people in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Devon Community Foundation - COVID19 - Vital supplies funding
£5,400 11/02/2021
Grant to The Amber Foundation
Dulverton Trust - Core funding
£70,000 10/02/2021
Core funding
The EQ Foundation - Grant to Amber Foundation
£15,000 05/02/2021
Matched via Big Give Xmas Challenge 2020
Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust - The Amber Foundation - 25/01/21
£1,000 03/02/2021
Core Funding
Community Foundation for Surrey - Team Leader
£7,000 22/01/2021
Funding for a Team Leader post at the Surrey centre of a charity supporting homeless young people.
Charles Hayward Foundation - Grant to Amber
£24,000 27/11/2020
Two bed spaces with support for 4 ex-offenders in Farm Place, Surrey
Cheshire Community Foundation - A series of workshops and accredited training units for troubled young people
£5,000 04/11/2020
The Amber Foundation houses and supports troubled young people empowering them to leave their pasts behind them and move on to bright independent futures. This project, an integral part of our ....more
CHK Foundation - CHK Main Grant
£75,000 09/09/2020
to support specified work
Community Foundation for Surrey - COVID19 - Homelessness
£20,132 28/07/2020
Funding to provide support for 4 disadvantaged, homeless young people following the Coronavirus pandemic
£4,912 08/07/2020
NET, Comic Relief and Children in Need will use this funding to provide: increased support to vulnerable people and hidden groups, thus reducing the burden on public services; reach local grassroots ....more
Wiltshire Community Foundation - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£4,912 07/07/2020
To provide wellbeing courses for young people, and purchase computers and gym equipment.
Devon Community Foundation - COVID19 Improving IT and connectivity for troubled young people
£4,775 01/07/2020
Grant to The Amber Foundation
DCMS - Coronavirus Community Support Fund
£63,918 30/06/2020
"The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to ....more
Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government - MHCLG Homelessness Fund
£80,520 07/05/2020
Organisations supporting homelessness
Wiltshire Community Foundation - Transforming Young Lives
£5,000 06/05/2020
The Amber Foundation provide temporary accommodation, support and life skills training for homeless people. The grant requested is to support the costs of a Team Leader post based in Trowbridge. ....more
The Blagrave Trust - COVID19
£10,000 30/04/2020
Support for young people with housing and jobs
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£20,000 17/04/2020
Emergency Covid Additional Grant unrestricted core costs
Wates Foundation - Amber Foundation (Farm Place Ockley)
£10,000 16/04/2020
Towards the salary of a Team Leader role at Farm Place.
Devon Community Foundation - COVID19 Response
£3,991 07/04/2020
Grant to The Amber Foundation
Wiltshire Community Foundation - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£2,386 01/04/2020
To provide cleaning and protective equipment to increase safe living in their hostel for homeless and unemployed young people in Trowbridge
Community Foundation for Surrey - Grant to Amber Foundation
£4,000 26/03/2020
Funding towards the essential running costs of an organisation that helps homeless young people gain employment and accommodation based in Surrey.
Community Foundation for Surrey - Transforming a Young Woman's Life
£10,000 07/02/2020
Transforming a Young Woman's Life
Community Foundation for Surrey - Team Leader in Surrey to help Homeless Young People Transform their Lives
£29,648 07/02/2020
Funding for a Team Leader post at the Surrey centre of a charity supporting homeless young people.
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund - Grant to The Amber Foundation
£60,000 04/12/2019
Main Grant unrestricted core costs
CHK Foundation - CHK Main Grant
£75,000 04/12/2019
to support specified work
Devon Community Foundation - Core Costs - Team Leader Salary and on costs
£4,500 31/10/2019
core cost contribution for the costs of a development programme Team Leader, supporting former young homeless people to move forward positively and independently
Dulverton Trust - Team Leaders
£30,000 23/10/2019
Team Leaders
Community Foundation for Surrey - Opportunities to transform the lives of homeless young people
£15,000 07/10/2019
Funding for a programme of activities that provide the emotional and practical support for homeless and disadvantaged young people in Surrey.
The Clothworkers Foundation - Grant to Amber Foundation
£21,500 16/07/2019
refurbishment of residential home for a charity which works with homeless young people in Devon
Youth Music - The Amber Music Project - Reaching Out
£27,816 08/03/2019
The Amber Music Project - Reaching Out
Community Foundation for Surrey - Essential training for young people in crisis
£6,981 22/01/2019
Essential training for young people in crisis.
The Blagrave Trust - Young homeless people in Wiltshire
£90,000 20/11/2018
Supported housing and preparation for employment
Community Foundation for Surrey - Farm Place Team Leader
£26,500 01/10/2018
Support for salary costs for one of three Team Leaders at Farm Place, in Surrey.
LandAid Charitable Trust - Building for the future
£72,257 25/06/2018
Grant towards renovating a purposefully located building in a semi-rural location, giving homeless young people the space they need to rebuild their lives. The building has a warmth and a character ....more
Community Foundation for Surrey - Team Leader Salary
£2,646 11/12/2017
Support for salary costs for a team leader
Youth Music - AMP - Amber Music Project
£25,953 17/03/2017
AMP - Amber Music Project
Community Foundation for Surrey - Team Leader Salary
£14,000 15/03/2017
Support for salary costs for a team leader
National Lottery Community Fund - Green Gym
£9,974 15/03/2017
Outdoor gym equipment, including an air skier, leg press, exercise bike, hip twister and cross trainer, will be installed at a residential centre for homeless people. This will improve the physical ....more
Community Foundation for Surrey - Team Leader Salary
£10,000 08/09/2016
Support for salary costs for a team leader
Dulverton Trust - the core costs of the Team Leaders
£90,000 21/10/2015
the core costs of the Team Leaders
Tudor Trust - Grant to Amber Foundation
£50,000 20/08/2015
over two years as continuation funding towards the core costs of this organisation which supports vulnerable young people in the South of England
Henry Smith Charity - Grant to Amber Foundation
£77,200 14/03/2013
towards three years' salary of a Team Leader at a residential programme for disadvantaged young people in the south-west of England
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Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How is it governed?

Trustees (6)
Current Trustees appointed
Gender Split

Age Range of Trustees: 61-76
Commentary:Each trustee has wealth of experience that they bring to the Board that they apply to the running of the charity. Penny Marland is a Probation Officer and works on the frontline with their beneficiary group, Steve Lyall has a vast amount of property experience and advises on their estate management, Richard Oldfield has a financial acumen to advise on funding distribution and Sir Nicholas Soames was a member of parliament until recently, which is helpful in advising in the direction of government policy on housing and employment. They are currently looking for someone with ‘lived experience’ to join the Board, who is likely to be younger in age.
Lucy has a keen interest in supporting young disadvantaged people and is chair of the endowment fund for the Kensington Aldridge Academy at Grenfell Tower
Until recently, a Member of Parliament and holds various Directorships
Wealth Management
Property company owner
Legal constitution
  • Charitable company registered in England & Wales on 13/12/1995, number: 1051388
  • Registered at Companies House on 21/12/1994, number: 03004111
Gift Aid
  • Registered with HMRC for Gift Aid
Policies in force
  • Bullying and harassment policy and procedures
  • Campaigns and political activity policy and procedures
  • Complaints handling
  • Complaints policy and procedures
  • Engaging external speakers at charity events policy and procedures
  • Financial reserves policy and procedures
  • Internal charity financial controls policy and procedures
  • Internal risk management policy and procedures
  • Investing charity funds policy and procedures
  • Paying staff
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding policy and procedures
  • Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Serious incident reporting policy and procedures
  • Social media policy and procedures
  • Trustee conflicts of interest policy and procedures
  • Trustee expenses policy and procedures
  • Volunteer management
Filing Record
20 returns made; all on time
Main office

EX18 7EX



Defined Area of Benefit:


Data Sources

Charity Commission for England and Wales
360 Giving

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