Overall Score: 2 based on 6 data points
Finance: -5
Governance: 0
Support: 7
(no PartB)
Dormant: -10, Future income +5,
Good trustee age range: +3, All male board: -3,
Supporters: +7


We provide through-the-gate mentoring to people leaving custody, throughout the London area. We also run behavioural change programmes, helping people involved in crime to make better decisions and reduce the number of people who re-offend, improving lives, lowering crime rates and reducing the cost to the tax payer. We know that people will only change if they want to. We listen in order to understand the reasons that people offend in the first place, then provide help to enable them to create new lives, free from the anxieties of their past.
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  • The charity has received modest backing from several prominent grant makers recently and there are significant future grants due to be received

Regulatory & Governance issues to consider:

  • The Board is completely male

Financial issues to consider:

  • This charity appears to be dormant

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Established: 11 years
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This Charity appears to be dormant
Financial Data
Income & Spending ?
Income Spending Surplus/
31/12/19 £91,919 £95,835 -£3,916
31/12/18 £132,297 £99,648 £32,649
31/12/17 £95,722 £107,413 -£11,691
What it does

    Who's supporting them? ?

    Donations from Grant Makers ?

    We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

    Major supporters in last 5 years:
    The Tudor Trust£90,000
    The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund£64,800
    The National Lottery Community Fund£10,000
    Woodward Charitable Trust£1,000

    Specific Donations

    Amount When
    To be used for
    Woodward Charitable Trust
    £1,000 31/10/2022
    Core costs
    Greater London Authority
    £29,550 19/10/2022
    We will work with 20 young people involved in crime, matching them with an aspirational mentor who will work with them 1:1 with weekly contact to support behavioural change for as long as needed. ....more
    The National Lottery Community Fund
    £10,000 16/04/2021
    The funding will be used to deliver more therapeutic support to ex offenders as part of an existing mentoring programme. The project aims to help offenders impacted by poor mental health or childhood ....more
    The Tudor Trust
    £2,000 07/01/2021
    as an additional grant to support staff, volunteer and trustee wellbeing, to assist the organisation deliver its charitable purpose more effectively
    Woodward Charitable Trust
    £1,000 19/10/2020
    Core costs
    £20,714 29/07/2020
    "The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to ....more
    City Bridge Trust
    £15,500 17/06/2020
    £15,500 towards three months of costs, excluding core costs.
    The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund
    £64,800 19/03/2020
    Social franchising as a route to greater organisational resilience and impact.
    The Tudor Trust
    £90,000 04/10/2019
    over three years towards a case worker's salary at an organisation supporting offenders on release from custody in London
    Walcot Foundation
    £65,000 19/07/2016
    The Reasons Why - Lambeth
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    How is it governed?

    Directors (4)
    Current Directors appointed
    Gender Split

    Age Range of Directors: 30-63
    Commentary:The Board is all male
    Legal constitution
    • Registered at Companies House on 11/07/2012, number: 08139339
    Main office

    Office 4 @ Change Up, 11 Sancroft Street, London London SE11 5UG

    Data Sources

    360 Giving
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