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  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £4 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been 20 years.


The Sainsbury Family Charitable Tru
5 Wilton Road

Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1040323
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period they've made 121 donations totalling £4,011,466 to 42 organisations

Where are the Beneficiaries?
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Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 38% 33%
J J Charitable Trust 37% 50%
Garfield Weston Foundation 23% 29%
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK Branch 19% 10%
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 16% 14%
Trust for London 15% 21%
John Ellerman Foundation 13% 10%
The Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund 11% 7%
Woodward Charitable Trust 11% 5%
The Linbury Trust 10% 7%
Sole supporter: 21% by number, 43% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
04/12/2023 £16,000 CARBON TRACKER for staff capacity to engage regulators/wider stakeholders with the findings of its ‘Loading the Dice’ report.
16/11/2023 £50,000 £1,471,449 BECOME - (FORMERLY KNOWN AS WHO CARES? TRUST) Core funding
16/11/2023 £7,000 INTEGRITY SOILS to contribute to the fees of a participant on the UK CREATE course.
16/11/2023 £50,000 ASHDEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS rowards core costs
16/11/2023 £5,000 £4,987,979 SAVE THE RHINO INTERNATIONAL towards the Follow the Money Investigation
16/11/2023 £40,000 £649,131 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS' NETWORK Core funding
16/11/2023 £12,950 REGENERATIVE FARMING UK CONFERENCE BUDGET towards the Regenerative farming UK conference
24/10/2023 £13,033 £1,086,256 ORGANIC RESEARCH CENTRE For a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of crop science relating to regenerative agriculture.
12/10/2023 £12,300 INTEGRITY INITIATIVES INTERNATIONAL For staffing needs on the IACC
12/10/2023 £56,061 £771,412 PLATFORM Towards their partnership work on UK Divest
12/10/2023 £7,667 £1,364,685 CHARITY FINANCE GROUP To develop the Charity Investment Governance Principles
12/10/2023 £8,000 BATES WELLS & BRAITHWAITE LLP Towards the costs of Bates Wells and other legal firms producing legal opinions on charity reporting duties.
12/10/2023 £56,061 £13,431,783 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH CHARITABLE TRUST Towards its partnership work on UK Divest
12/10/2023 £11,212 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH SCOTLAND Towards its partnership work on UK Divest.
12/10/2023 £100,000 GREEN FINANCE INSTITUTE Towards the Local Climate Bonds project
12/10/2023 £15,000 £825,420 HEARD ORGANISATION LTD (FORMERLY ON ROAD MEDIA) Towards the core climate team in 2024/25.
19/09/2023 £20,000 PR BUDGET To support PR, comms and market research in 2023/24
02/08/2023 £5,061 IMAGINATION DESIGN LIMITED For the expenses associated with Imagination Design’s woodland design and community engagement with local residents around Preston Candover
21/07/2023 £2,295 £649,131 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS' NETWORK To engage One Thought and Lila Turner’s Executive Leadership course
25/05/2023 £15,000 AGENCE FRANCE-PRESS To support the development of AFP’s ‘Future of the Planet’ hub. 
25/05/2023 £14,000 MISSION KITCHEN Towards the first event of Tomorrow’s Table Event Programme
15/05/2023 £20,000 ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA To support Requiem in Motion
21/03/2023 £10,000 GOOD LAW PROJECT Towards its work to develop new legislation which would oblige judges to consider and protect the environment when adjudicating cases and/or interpreting legislation.
21/03/2023 £18,333 £1,051,751 GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION NETWORK (GLAN) Towards its consortium of trans-national litigation organisations.
21/03/2023 £15,000 INFLUENCE MAP To investigate lobbying against biodiversity and land use policies in Europe and globally.
14/03/2023 £1,071 £771,412 PLATFORM towards cost of living contribution
14/03/2023 £1,044 £13,431,783 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH CHARITABLE TRUST towards cost of living contributions
14/03/2023 £371 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH SCOTLAND towards cost of living contributions
27/02/2023 £10,000 £156,490 TURKEY MOZAIK FOUNDATION Turkey Earthquake Emergency Fund
06/02/2023 £18,750 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY For a retreat on transforming teaching on agriculture
09/01/2023 £10,000 £174,807 SOUTH LAKES ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE For its legal work in challenging the development of a coal mine in Cumbria
09/01/2023 £500 NAPIER FRIENDS Christmas Rucksack Appeal
24/11/2022 £25,000 MISSION KITCHEN Towards the costs of the Future of Fat event taking place in March 2023.
24/11/2022 £15,800 £3,670 FAIR SHOT Towards funding Fairshot’s move to Covent Garden and core costs
24/11/2022 £40,000 THE HOUSE OF FAIRYTALES Core costs
24/11/2022 £40,000 REAL FARMING TRUST Towards the mentoring budget for LEAF 2.
24/11/2022 £8,846 CANTERBURY OAST TRUST To cover the gardener’s salary
24/11/2022 £5,000 £3,265,272 SAVE THE RHINO INTERNATIONAL towards the follow-the-money investigation
24/11/2022 £5,000 £859,676 SWITCHBACK INITIATIVE - (KNOWN AS SWITCHBACK) Christmas fundraising round
24/11/2022 £7,000 £263,641 IN PLACE OF WAR Towards the Arctic Sonic project.
24/11/2022 £40,000 ASHDEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS For core funding
16/11/2022 £11,667 GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION NETWORK (GLAN) Towards a communications coordinator role
16/11/2022 £8,181 CARBON TRACKER Towards its project to challenge the flawed advice that is endangering people’s pensions
16/11/2022 £20,000 £6,317,000 NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS (NCVO) Towards its fossil fuel divestment campaign
31/10/2022 £325,000 THE PARAORCHESTRA & FRIENDS Creating and building a new, beneficial ecology within the cultural sector for disabled musicians and building ParaOrchestra’s staffing and capacity for impact
20/06/2022 £5,000 REGENERATIVE VITICULTURE FOUNDATION Towards staff costs
20/06/2022 £45,000 FLYING SEAGULL PROJECT Towards the development plans of the Flying Seagulls Project
20/06/2022 £50,000 SUSTAINABLE RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION For the development of the online platform for its new rating system
20/06/2022 £120,000 £750,976 CHEFS IN SCHOOLS Core funding
05/05/2022 £63,333 THE SOCIAL CHANGE NEST Unrestricted funding
05/05/2022 £33,333 £771,412 PLATFORM Kick Fossil Fuels out of Football campaign
05/05/2022 £20,000 CIR BUDGET Towards the next phase of the CIR work for briefing notes, PR support and staff attendance at event
05/05/2022 £600 PEOPLE & PLANET Towards cost of living contribution
14/02/2022 £5,000 BRITISH INSTITUTE OF FLORENCE Towards Jane Roberts Memorial Fund
14/02/2022 £2,500 ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS GROUP Towards the communication work and developing their conservation plan.
14/02/2022 £2,500 JUMBY BAY FUND INC Donation
09/02/2022 £52,067 £771,412 PLATFORM Towards their core work on the UK fossil fuel divestment movement and their partnership with Friends of the Earth Scotland and Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland
09/02/2022 £23,814 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH SCOTLAND Towards their core work on the UK fossil fuel divestment movement and their partnership with Platform and Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
09/02/2022 £54,913 £14,494,449 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH CHARITABLE TRUST Towards their core work on the UK fossil fuel divestment movement and their partnership with Platform and Friends of the Earth Scotland.
09/02/2022 £50,000 £614,234 ON ROAD MEDIA Towards delivering its strategic climate change communications project.
09/02/2022 £20,000 GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION NETWORK (GLAN) For its legal work to establish the facts and develop a legal case to challenge the environmental destruction of Barbuda.
07/10/2021 £60,000 LAUDATO SI’ MOVEMENT To deliver their Catholic Fossil Fuels Campaign 2.0.
07/10/2021 £30,000 PEOPLE & PLANET To fund staff to deliver and expand on its university climate campaigns
07/10/2021 £25,000 C40 CITIES CLIMATE LEADERSHIP GROUP To continue the work of C40’s Divest Invest Forum
07/10/2021 £15,250 STOP ECOCIDE FOUNDATION To attend and host events at COP26.
07/10/2021 £6,000 GLOBAL CANOPY To run an event with the New York Times at COP26.
07/10/2021 £8,750 FLEETWOOD STRATEGY LIMITED To conduct market research and develop media messaging for Uplift, making ecocide an international crime, and the Nature Premium.
07/10/2021 £80,000 GREEN FINANCE INSTITUTE For a member of staff and communication campaign to encourage UK local councils to set up Local Climate Bonds.
07/10/2021 £22,000 THE CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF EXISTENTIAL RISK Towards a research post within the Sustainable Finance Team.
07/10/2021 £11,666 INFLUENCE MAP To develop a report on lobbying efforts to halt transitioning the Energy Charter Treaty to become aligned with international climate agreements
20/09/2021 £1,000 £53,543 STUMP UP FOR TREES Planting One Million Trees in the Brecon Beacons area
07/09/2021 £60,000 GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION NETWORK (GLAN) towards core funding.
07/09/2021 £10,000 PURPOSE DISRUPTORS For its Scope 3 project to develop and gain acceptance for a methodology for advertising firms’ net zero plans to include the emissions from the sales resulting from the campaigns they design
27/08/2021 £8,333 ARTICULATION OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF BRAZIL (APIB) Towards APIB’s efforts in preventing the roll-back of indigenous rights.
27/08/2021 £3,333 INSTITUTO SOCIOAMBIENTAL (ISA) Towards the ISA’s Fund for the Defence of People’s Rights.
27/08/2021 £3,334 AMAZON WATCH Towards the Amazon Defence Fund
22/07/2021 £60,000 PEERS FOR THE PLANET Core funding.
23/06/2021 £30,000 FLEETWOOD STRATEGY LIMITED National Food Strategy Communication Campaign.
26/05/2021 £10,000 THE PASSAGE, VICTORIA towards the capital appeal for the upgrade of Passage House
26/05/2021 £5,000 TORTH Y TIR To support its local marketing campaigns and staff costs.
26/05/2021 £50,000 ASHDEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Unrestricted funding
13/05/2021 £30,000 EUROPEAN CLIMATE FOUNDATION (ECF) Communication campaign for the National Food Strategy.
06/05/2021 £83,334 £21,635,509 CLIENTEARTH To fund a lawyer within the Climate Finance Initiative
06/05/2021 £10,000 THE SOCIAL CHANGE NEST Towards Uplift’s legal work on challenging the Oil and Gas Authority’s ‘Maximising Economic Recovery’ strategy
25/02/2021 £20,000 CITIZENS UK Support phase 2 of its new community-based programme on climate change
25/02/2021 £27,000 GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION NETWORK (GLAN) Towards the cost of its ground-breaking human rights legal case at the European Court of Human Rights.
25/02/2021 £15,000 £1,103,279 STUDENTS ORGANISING FOR SUSTAINABILITY Towards phase 2 of SOS’s work
25/02/2021 £20,000 £652,450 PLATFORM Towards its on-going Divest Invest programme.
25/02/2021 £7,457 £14,494,449 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH CHARITABLE TRUST towards Friends of the Earth to enable it to continue its collaboration with Platform London on its divestment work.
25/02/2021 £20,000 THE SOCIAL CHANGE NEST Towards core costs
12/01/2021 £30,000 £614,234 ON ROAD MEDIA Phase 2 of Strategic Communications Work
05/11/2020 £8,667 CARBON TRACKER To investigate the scale of primary finance lending flowing from banks to fossil fuel projects and companies
05/11/2020 £3,334 THE COMMITMENT Towards its marketing activities
05/11/2020 £12,000 SYSTEMIQ To provide advice to As You Sow on Project Kairos
29/09/2020 £25,000 C40 CITIES CLIMATE LEADERSHIP GROUP First year of a second phase of the C40 Divest Invest Forum
29/09/2020 £8,334 350.ORG To provide ‘the outside track’ to C40’s work
28/07/2020 £138,000 £612,981 SWITCHBACK INITIATIVE - (KNOWN AS SWITCHBACK) core costs
23/06/2020 £5,000 MISSION KITCHEN Towards Mission Meals
05/05/2020 £35,000 CITIZENS UK Support phase 1 of its new community-based programme on climate change
05/05/2020 £6,176 FRAMEWORKS INSTITUTE to cover the costs of the supplementary research by Frameworks Institute and YouGov
09/04/2020 £5,000 THE PARAORCHESTRA & FRIENDS Hardship fund for its self-employed orchestra members (COVID-19 relief aid)
07/04/2020 £5,000 £1,754,197 HOUSE OF ST BARNABAS-IN-SOHO Towards an emergency fund for out-of-work graduates from the catering and hospitality Employment Academy, in response to the loss of livelihood as a result of the COVID-19 national lockdown.
07/04/2020 £3,000 CLINKS RESTAURANT, THE CLINK CHARITY Towards an emergency fund for out-of-work graduates from the prison restaurant chain, in response to the loss of livelihood as a result of the COVID-19 national lockdown.
07/04/2020 £3,000 £2,840,575 HOSPITALITY ACTION Towards the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal
18/02/2020 £10,000 CENTRE FOR LONDON Towards the College of Food project.
22/01/2020 £34,000 GLOBAL WITNESS Towards its UK Oil and Gas Campaign
22/01/2020 £36,000 GREENHOUSE PR LTD Towards PR and media support
22/01/2020 £250,000 £231,255 IN PLACE OF WAR towards core costs
22/01/2020 £33,320 £457,534 ON ROAD MEDIA Towards strategic communications work in collaboration with Frameworks Institute
22/01/2020 £33,333 MAKE MY MONEY MATTER Towards a strategic communication initiative
05/11/2019 £53,582 £9,758,050 FRIENDS OF THE EARTH CHARITABLE TRUST Towards its Divest Invest programme
05/11/2019 £15,000 OIL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL Towards the planning for Success and End Game Ambition projects
05/11/2019 £5,000 FORESTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS Towards tree planting in the Carpathian Mountains within Romania.
24/09/2019 £240,000 SUSTAINABLE RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION Towards core funding and to develop key projects and communication work.
01/05/2019 £30,000 PEOPLE & PLANET To continue the DivestInvest Campaign with universities in the UK
01/05/2019 £50,000 £14,198,480 CLIENTEARTH to continue support work on pensions, especially on innovative and transformative pension legal cases.
01/05/2019 £40,000 £461,207 PLATFORM To continue the DivestInvest Campaign with local authorities in the UK.
01/05/2019 £40,000 GLOBAL CATHOLIC CLIMATE MOVEMENT (GCCM) To continue its DivestInvest Campaign among Catholic institutions around the world
04/04/2019 £190,000 £125,256 CHEFS IN SCHOOLS For participation in the Trustees' Porffolio of Venture grants
28/03/2019 £10,000 DISASTERS EMERGENCY COMMITTEE (DEC) Towards the Cyclone Idai Appeal.
26/03/2019 £200,000 £210,757 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDERS' NETWORK For participation in the Trustees' Portfolio of Venture grants

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