Finance Score: -5
Governance Score: 0
Support Score: 5
  • Multiple Deficits and declines: -5
  • No PartB
(no info on trustees)
    • Grant maker support: +5
    Overall GiG Score: 0 ?


    Analysis by Giving is Great


    • The charity has received backing from several prominent grant makers recently
    • This charity is based in an area of high deprivation

    Financial issues to consider:

    • Income has been volatile and on several occasions in recent years less than spending
    Financial Data
    Income & Spending ?
    Period ending 31/03/18 31/03/19 31/03/20 31/03/21 31/03/22 31/03/23
    Total income £75,918 £95,906 £469,383 £82,979 £51,898 £68,753
    Total spending £85,558 £96,970 £84,082 £81,617 £75,458 £127,237
    Surplus/deficit -£9,640 -£1,064 £385,301 £1,362 -£23,560 -£58,484
    Listed activities
    • It carries out activities or services itself
    • The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage
    Where it operates
    • More than one local authority area in Scotland, main operating location: Glasgow City
    • This charity is based in an area of high deprivation
    Who it helps
    • Children or young people
    • People with disabilities or health problems

    Who's supporting them? ?

    Donations from Grant Makers ?

    We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

    Major supporters in last 5 years
    National Lottery Community Fund£8,300
    Garfield Weston Foundation£5,000
    Foundation Scotland£4,000
    Virgin Money Foundation£500
    Specific Donations
    Amount When
    To be used for
    Foundation Scotland - Family Holiday Support
    £4,000 28/11/2023
    To contribute to purchasing items and food vouchers that will provide welcome baskets and additional support for families staying at the caravans at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park provided by Glasgow ....more
    National Lottery Community Fund - Caravan Ramp and Balcony Replacement
    £8,300 21/03/2022
    The group will use the funding to replace a ramp and balcony at one of their holiday caravans situated at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park Inverclyde. The caravans owned by the organisation enable 200 ....more
    Garfield Weston Foundation - Main Grants award
    £5,000 12/11/2021
    Replacement Caravan Project
    Virgin Money Foundation - Grant to Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme
    £500 15/06/2021
    Grant through the Colleagues in the Community Fund to purchase IT equipment.
    Quartet Community Foundation - Grant to Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme
    £10,000 04/12/2018
    To purchase and fit out a caravan for a scheme providing holidays to young people with complex needs.
    National Lottery Community Fund - Family Caravan Refurbishment project
    £6,000 20/11/2018
    This group will use the funding to refit one of their caravans located in Wemyss Bay.
    Corra Foundation - HDA-18/104
    £4,500 29/03/2018
    Towards running costs of the caravans.
    Robertson Trust - Running Costs
    £6,000 31/01/2017
    Running Costs
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    Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

    How is it governed?


    Sorry we have no information about the Trustees.

    Legal constitution
    • Charity registered in Scotland on 08/03/1994, number: SC022654
    • Notes: This SCIO was incorporated on 11.03.2014 as a result of a Change to SCIO application by Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme SC022654 which was an unincorporated association registred as a charity since 08.03.1994.
    Filing Record
    5 returns made; all on time
    Main office

    Suite 114, Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington St, Glasgow, G3 8AZ


    4. The organisation is established for charitable purposes only, and in particular, the objects are: 4.1 To provide holidays and short breaks for children, families and carers who otherwise would not access a holiday due to disadvantages by reason of poverty, deprivation, ill-health, disability or other adverse circumstances 4.2 To enable access to days out and activities for disadvantaged children, families, carers and organised groups of young people 4.3 To support youth organisations to access activity based breaks for groups of young people 4.4 To promote at local, regional and national level the need and benefits of holidays and breaks for children, carers and families 4.5 The area within which the organisation shall operate (in this constitution referred to as the ‘Area of Benefit’) shall be Greater Glasgow and the surrounding areas, especially areas of multiple deprivation. 4.6 The charity shall promote (but not promote exclusively) its activities and delivery operations to people within the ‘Area of Benefit’ who are disadvantaged by reason of poverty, deprivation, ill-health, disability or other adverse circumstances. Those people will be the organisation’s beneficiaries. 4.7 The charity is committed to equality and diversity and to ensure that all service users and applicants are treated equitably regardless of sex, gender, race or disability or any other protected characteristic.

    Data Sources

    Scottish Charity Regulator
    360 Giving
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