Finance Score: 1
Governance Score: 6
Support Score: 9
  • Reasonable growth: +1
  • No PartB
  • Good trustee age range: +3
  • Dynamic board: +3
  • Grant maker support: +9
Overall GiG Score: 16 ?


We collect unwanted items such as wheelchairs and bikes and take them to prison workshops where they are restored.We then hand the restored items to partner charities for distribution to people in need who can not afford such articles.We then report to the prison workshops as to where the articles went and who benefitted.
Analysis by Giving is Great


  • The charity has received backing from multiple prominent grant makers recently
  • There has been reasonable growth in spending over the last 3 years relative to the previous period
  • There have been no material income shortfalls in recent years
  • The Board appears to be well diversified in terms of age and dynamic in terms of composition

Regulatory & Governance issues to consider:

  • Over half the Board have joined recently

Financial issues to consider:

  • A PartB annual return has not been required and so detailed financial information is not available from the online data
Established: 14 years


Charity Commission for England and WalesCompanies HouseFacebookX

Financial Data ?

Income & Spending ?
Sources of Income ?
Y/E Income
Cost £k
Funds £k
Funds £k
Staff Volun-

Highest pay bracket: less than £60,000
What it does
  • Economic/Community Development/Employment
  • Education/Training
  • Environment/Conservation/Heritage
  • General Charitable Purposes
  • Overseas Aid/Famine Relief
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty
Who works here?
  • 12 volunteers
Who it helps
  • Other Charities Or Voluntary Bodies
  • Other Defined Groups
  • The General Public/Mankind
How it operates
  • Provides human resources
  • Provides services
Where it operates
  • Bradford City, Doncaster, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Liverpool City, Manchester City, Nottingham City, Warrington,

Who's supporting them? ?

Donations from Grant Makers ?

We have details on the following significant donations. Multi-year donations are allocated to the years for which they are earmarked.

Major supporters in last 5 years
Tudor Trust£75,000
AB Charitable Trust£30,000
Leeds Community Foundation£20,000
Co-Operative Group£5,692
Allen Lane Foundation£4,000
Sir George Martin Trust£3,000
Specific Donations
Amount When
To be used for
Leeds Community Foundation - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation (MCF)
£10,000 18/12/2023
Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation (MCF)
Leeds Community Foundation - Bike To The Future
£10,000 20/11/2023
Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation (MCF)
Sir George Martin Trust - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£3,000 15/03/2023
Capital and core costs for Youth Welfare & Education
AB Charitable Trust - A grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£15,000 30/06/2022
An unrestricted grant of £15,000. Margaret Carey Foundation works both within the justice system and in the community to provide new skills that will aid offenders rehabilitation within Bradford.
Co-Operative Group - Grant to MCF Bikery, Shipley
£3,131 23/10/2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged more people to cycle as a form of transport. We supply bikes to the community at affordable prices to give more people access to cycling.
Tudor Trust - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£75,000 09/07/2021
over three years towards core costs at an organisation working to reduce reoffending and provide learning and volunteering opportunities by refurbishing bikes and wheelchairs in prisons and community ....more
Allen Lane Foundation - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£4,000 11/03/2021
£4,000 single grant towards salaries and running costs of this national organisation that supports the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders.
Co-Operative Group - Grant to MCF Bikery, Shipley
£2,562 24/10/2020
We would like to hold more community Dr Bike sessions, to help more people learn how to maintain their own bikes and keep cycling.
DCMS - Coronavirus Community Support Fund
£41,867 19/10/2020
"The fund aims to:1) To reduce closures of essential charities that provide essential services to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they have the financial resources to ....more
AB Charitable Trust - A grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£15,000 08/10/2020
An unrestricted grant of £15,000. Margaret Carey Foundation provides bike and wheelchair maintenance training workshops in prisons and young offenders institutions across the North West of England.
Leeds Community Foundation - Freewheel
£5,000 28/01/2019
Freewheel will train 30 referrals in 2 x six-month volunteering placements (15 per cohort) across three Bradford locations, in a curriculum devised for those furthest away from the labour market in a ....more
National Lottery Community Fund - Fix it and Ride!
£9,192 26/03/2018
The group will deliver a variety of cycling activities, to include cycle repair workshops and guided bike rides, for people of all ages across the community, encouraging local people to become more ....more
AB Charitable Trust - A grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£10,000 04/07/2017
£10,000 towards bike maintenance training workshop in HMP Berwyn. Margaret Carey Foundation works to advance the skills of those in prison through maintenance projects within prisons and the ....more
The Clothworkers Foundation - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£10,000 02/06/2017
purchase of van for a charity which works with prisoners and ex-offenders in Yorkshire
Tudor Trust - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£45,000 07/10/2016
over two years as continuation funding towards salary and running costs at two new prison workshops for an organisation which refurbishes bikes and wheelchairs in prisons and community settings for ....more
AB Charitable Trust - Building skills through bike and wheelchair maintenance training workshops in prisons
£5,000 26/04/2016
£5,000 towards bike and wheelchair maintenance training workshops in prisons
Tudor Trust - Grant to Margaret Carey Foundation
£60,000 18/11/2014
over two years towards salaries for an organisation which refurbishes bikes and wheelchairs in prisons for use in developing countries, which has now opened is first community-based workshop in ....more
Triangle Trust 1949 Fund - Margaret Carey Foundation - 1
£90,000 20/03/2014
To develop a community bike hub offering training to ex-offenders and selling bikes to generate an income for the charity.
AB Charitable Trust - provide meaningful work for prisoners
£5,000 29/10/2013
£5,000 towards prison based bike, wheelchair and electrical mobility aids refurbishment in HMP Nottingham and HMP Hewell, as well as continuity funding in 6 other prisons
Northern Rock Foundation - Grant awarded to Margaret Carey Foundation Ltd (North East)
£142,000 11/12/2012
To continue to employ the north east co-ordinator and develop work with offenders in the region.
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Data sourced from Donors via 360 Giving

How is it governed?

Trustees (8)
Current Trustees appointed

Age Range of Trustees: 31-73
  • TOSEEF KHAN Appointed: 2022, Occupation: Company Director
Legal constitution
  • Charitable company registered in England & Wales on 14/07/2010, number: 1136858
  • Registered at Companies House on 03/09/2009, number: 07008298
Gift Aid
  • Registered with HMRC for Gift Aid
Policies in force
  • Bullying and harassment policy and procedures
  • Complaints handling
  • Complaints policy and procedures
  • Conflicting interests
  • Financial reserves policy and procedures
  • Internal charity financial controls policy and procedures
  • Internal risk management policy and procedures
  • Investing charity funds policy and procedures
  • Paying staff
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding policy and procedures
  • Safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Serious incident reporting policy and procedures
  • Social media policy and procedures
  • Trustee conflicts of interest policy and procedures
  • Trustee expenses policy and procedures
  • Volunteer management
Filing Record
13 returns made; all on time
Main office

MCF Bikery
30 Westgate
West Yorkshire
BD18 3QX


The charity’s objects (”Objects”) are specifically restricted to the following:i) To advance the education of offenders and ex-offenders in the United Kingdom, for the benefit of the public, by the provision of vocational training ii) To relieve the needs of individuals, anywhere in the world, who are in need due to their youth, age, financial hardship, disability or social or economic circumstances by the provision of goods, items and equipment with the object of improving the conditions of life for those individualsiii) To promote community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the public by the provision of cycling activities and facilities. To advance amateur sport for the public benefit by providing facilities and support for cycling training and cycle maintenance to make bicycles safe to ride. iv) To advance the education and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged community of Bradford in such a way that they are better able to identify and meet their needs, and to participate more fully in society, through group activities, volunteering and training in cycling and cycle maintenance. v) To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment by promoting cycling and active travel activities and infrastructure as alternatives to fossil-based and fuel-based modes.

Defined Area of Benefit:


Data Sources

Charity Commission for England and Wales
360 Giving
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