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We make grants to non-profit organisations in order to improve the lives of people suffering disadvantage and discrimination.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £691,723
  • The average age of charities supported has been 19 years.



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Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1189523
Charity Commission for England and Wales
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In this period they've made 22 donations totalling £813,077 to 11 organisations

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Grants made
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16/11/2022 £59,856 HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE Project will increase access to high-quality solar and clean energy products plus offer repair services in Donga Mantung, North West Region.
16/11/2022 £59,076 £500,509 INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE TRUST Food security and sustainable livelihoods project using regenerative agriculture approaches. Project focuses on communities displaced by the Lords Resistance Army.
16/11/2022 £59,578 £85,982 PAPUA PARTNERS Supporting Papuan displaced communities to adopt climate resilient coping mechanisms and adapt to their new environments.
08/06/2022 £45,696 £84,532 AMOR! Project to increase the food & land security of 1500 forcibly displaced Ixil Mayans - through doubling the size of community gardens and introducing agroforestry.
08/06/2022 £60,000 £2,058,220 ASHDEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Towards the costs of the Ashden Award for Energising Refugee Livelihoods
08/06/2022 £52,000 £489,003 FORAFRIKA Food security & climate resilience project targeting refugees & host community in Imvepi Refugee Settlement. Key activities include promotion of climate smart agriculture, agroforestry, tree raising & improved cook-stoves.
08/06/2022 £45,000 SENGWER OF EMBOBUT CBO Support displaced members of the Sengwer community to improve their livelihoods and restore their ancestral forest
03/11/2021 £26,386 CAMEROON GENDER AND ENVIRONMENT WATCH Promotion of beekeeping and associated industries (manufacture of beekeeping suits, honey extraction, beewax products) in forest adjacent communities to increase incomes, reduce deforestation and promote forest conservation
03/11/2021 £29,243 COMMUNITY NEEDS INITIATIVE Food security through agroforestry project targeting 6 villages in Magwi County.
03/11/2021 £27,885 MEDICINEAFRICA LTD Supporting 1 community to clear invasive prosopis juliflora from farmland & rehabilitate the land. The prosopsis seeds collected will be used to produce animal feed, creating new income opportunities.
03/11/2021 £30,000 OFF-GRID GAS Trialling the generation of bio-gas in rural Ethiopia using invasive water hyacinth as a feedstock. This produces a triple win of reducing water hyacinth in fresh water lakes, increasing access to clean energy for cooking and powering machinery and producing a source of organic fertiliser.
03/11/2021 £27,582 PEOPLE’S PLANET PROJECT Project to empower an indigenous community to evidence their ancestral land rights and record environmental and human rights abuses through training in filmmaking and geo-spatial mapping.
03/11/2021 £28,558 £501,056 PRAGYA Project to support 10 pastoralist communities to protect water sources, conserve water use and manage water more equitably.
03/11/2021 £30,000 RURAL ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Rehabilitation of degraded lands through planting of trees, better waste management and increasing the share of the host population with an improved cook stoves,
03/11/2021 £30,000 VITA Supporting 9 villages to end use of the 3 stone fire and adopt improved cookstoves - increasing health status of women and decreasing pressure on local forest resources.
13/06/2021 £29,930 AFGHANISTAN RELIEF & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Project to increase IDP's access to clean energy by investing in solar power for community buildings and trialling improved cook stoves.
13/06/2021 £28,000 BUHAGUZI ACTION FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION Project that promotes environmental protection by engaging with 14 primary schools and their pupils in Kikuube district. Key activities include environmental education and tree planting.
13/06/2021 £29,994 £1,508,087 CLIMATE OUTREACH Project providing tailored, bespoke support to 3 refugee and migrant organisations, so that they are better able to represent the voices of impacted communities in the international and national climate debate
13/06/2021 £30,000 CHASE AFRICA Project to increase the climate resilience of 200 households (host and refugee) by training them in climate smart-agriculture, agro-forestry and the construction of improved cookstoves. 22,000 trees will be planted.
13/06/2021 £26,011 £967,080 FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY UK Food security and livelihoods project for refugees and host community through the regeneration of infertile land using regenerative approaches.
13/06/2021 £29,713 PASTORALISTS ALLIANCE FOR RESILIENCE & ADAPTATION IN NORTHERN RANGELANDS Support to the Il Chamus community to develop their own community level Integrated Climate Resilience Plan. Community members will be trained in flood management, disaster risk reduction and ecosystem-based adaptation.
13/06/2021 £28,569 £31,045 SOCIAL ORIENTATION AND RELIEF ASSOCIATION Construction of 3 sanddams in drought affected communities in Somaliland

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