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The Nationwide Foundation is an independent funder of charitable causes across the UK. Our vision is for everyone in the UK to have access to a decent home which they can afford and we make grants and social investments in pursuit of this vision.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £7 million
  • The average age of charities supported has been years.


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Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1065552
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Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period 88 donations have been made totalling £4,383,916 to 32 organisations

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Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
Main Overlaps with other Grant Makers ?
By ValueBy Number
The National Lottery Community Fund 23% 19%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 22% 16%
Power to Change Trust 17% 6%
BBC Children in Need 15% 6%
Youth Music 13% 3%
The Tudor Trust 10% 16%
Comic Relief 9% 9%
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK Branch 8% 9%
AB Charitable Trust 7% 9%
Trust for London 7% 13%
Sole supporter: 59% by number, 64% by value.
Individual Grants Made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
15/01/2024 £30,000 CURIOSITY SOCIETY A full evaluation of the Fair Housing Futures project to properly understand its impact and learn from the project’s successes and failures
15/01/2024 £30,000 £3,503,610 THE NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION • A six-month research project that will run two workstreams as follows: 1) Developing the business case for a new generation of social homes, 2) Building sustainable communities by placing social housing at the heart of new towns. • The project will demonstrate the viability of a social house building programme at scale; the importance of sustainable place-making and the vital role of genuinely affordable housing. It will also look at the importance of democratising housing and the role that community-led housing can contribute.
08/12/2023 £41,832 SHELTER GREATER MANCHESTER • Shelter is seeking funding to build on the current success of FHF and use its learnings and policy asks as a springboard to continue to influence change._x000D_ • To do so, Shelter will use a community organising approach. They will organise a campaign with p
07/12/2023 £36,000 FRAMEWORKS INSTITUTE Talking about Housing project, to cover the costs of a year’s additional support (December 2023-November 2024) from Frameworks UK, for mobilisation of the Talking about Housing project.
09/11/2023 £25,000 £394,620 BEVAN FOUNDATION To encourage the Welsh Government to recognise the benefits of the development of socially- and publicly- owned land for affordable housing and to adopt a more strategic approach
05/10/2023 £60,000 £13,084,537 CHURCH OF ENGLAND This work will build on the recommendation of the AHC calling on government to create a national housing strategy. This work will create a vison of what a good housing system should look like. _x000D_ _x000D_ This will feed into the development of the Foundation’s ho
07/08/2023 £60,000 CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE This project will seek to enhance the existing body of policy thinking on living rent by studying the most recent income-linked rent models and determining how this learning can be used by the social housing sector and government to deliver a new definition of affordable housing.
09/01/2023 £11,020 £11,870,565 HOMELESS LINK To cover the increase in staff costs caused by the cost of living crisis
01/12/2022 £156,000 £4,398,479 COMMUNITY LAND TRUST NETWORK Support specific outcomes relating to addressing the key barriers of finance and land faced by Community Land Trusts and the wider community-led housing movement.
28/11/2022 £105,730 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS • Building on learning from TVP1, CFPT will renew its focus on supporting tenants vulnerable to harm to directly influence powerholders. It will provide focused support with a small number of tenants, training them in their rights and empowering them to a
28/11/2022 £155,833 £151,053,000 CITIZENS ADVICE • This work is likely to include foregrounding tenants voice in the cost-of-living debate, in delivering an effective Renters’ Reform Bill, and in reforming the PRS more broadly with a focus on tenants most vulnerable to harm (e.g. property conditions, lo
28/11/2022 £159,299 GREATER MANCHESTER TENANTS UNION • GMTU will continue to engage and empower tenants. Tenants will support each other through ‘Advice Assemblies’, creating a lasting structure for tenants to share knowledge and work together to know and use their rights._x000D_ • To convert this empowerment int
28/11/2022 £76,561 £73,525,000 SHELTER • The project will work with local community organisations to engage with a more diverse group of tenants using the TVP1 project’s proven methods. This activity seeks to address a lack of diverse experiences under TVP1._x000D_ • Through this work and continued
28/11/2022 £96,238 £1,797,590 HOUSING RIGHTS • HR will continue its core group using the successful approach adopted under TVP1. At the same time, it will adjust their recruitment approach to ensure the group includes a variety of private renters who are vulnerable to harm. It will work with partner
28/11/2022 £130,727 LIVING RENT • Through community organising, tenants will be supported to understand their rights, build their confidence to assert them, and collectively campaign for reform. Tenants will be supported in two areas of Edinburgh and three areas of Glasgow. These areas
28/11/2022 £69,963 £785,735 ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST • The project will target powerholders in Westminster City Council (WCC) as their PRS strategy develops, taking advantage of an opportunity in Westminster where Labour have recently taken control of the council for the first time, with PRS already on the
06/10/2022 £26,939 £154,584 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING To continue to deliver your existing project for an additional seven months until March 2023.
30/09/2022 £4,243 £154,584 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING To cover an overspend for the period February 2022 to August 2022
15/09/2022 £420,052 £1,729,704 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE As part of this funding, a new communications post will be created within KWMC. We will work with the postholder and others to help shape the development of a communications and influencing strategy. _x000D_ _x000D_ The strategy will largely be implemented by KWMC
13/09/2022 £14,250 £785,735 ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST This funding will contribute to the salaries of the staff involved in project delivery and tenant involvement expenses.
02/09/2022 £21,975 SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY Funding research to provide robust evidence on community-led housing affordability
11/08/2022 £39,947 GREATER MANCHESTER TENANTS UNION This funding will enable GMTU to continue their activity to influence decision-makers through tenant voice and empower disadvantaged private renters in Greater Manchester.
20/07/2022 £20,000 £4,398,479 COMMUNITY LAND TRUST NETWORK To fund the first two phases (of a four phased project) of a service design review process for community-led housing infrastructure
19/07/2022 £73,108 £11,870,565 HOMELESS LINK To allow the project team to stay focused on the delivery of the project that we fund the funding gap of £46k for years four and five. _x000D_ _x000D_ The last two years of the project will now focus on influencing, as it has established good partnerships with key st
19/07/2022 £20,301 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS This funding will ensure that the project is able to continue its relationship-building and strategic engagement with local authorities in London, in order to ensure that councils provide more effective information and support to renters.
06/07/2022 £88,000 FRAMEWORKS INSTITUTE So far, the project team has consisted of JRF and TNF colleagues across policy, research, business support and_x000D_ strategic comms, who all contribute to the project in line with their specialism._x000D_ • Whilst the project will continue to need close collaborati
04/07/2022 £32,756 £1,729,704 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE We Can Make is seeking additional funding of £32,756 to fund three months core staff team to continue to deliver the project and to allow the director extra time to develop the next stage of the project so that a comprehensive proposal can be taken to the
15/06/2022 £12,742 LIVING RENT To fund a full-time staff member to mange the project and coordinate the national steering group and two caucuses working with vulnerable renters.
09/06/2022 £408,539 CWMPAS 1) Building on its knowledge and growing reputation so that more groups take forward community-led housing schemes across Wales. Evidence gained from the project will be shared as a model of infrastructure support _x000D_ 2) Delivering a pilot capital grant
09/06/2022 £431,390 NATIONAL PRIVATE TENANTS (GENERATION RENT) The funding will allow the continuation of the coalition’s work to shape and amend the bill until it reaches Royal Assent. To achieve this, the coalition’s campaign needs to win the support of influential MPs and government. It will do this by:_x000D_ o Buildin
09/06/2022 £320,291 HOUSING JUSTICE To fund the expansion and development of the Faith in Affordable Housing Project (FIAH) in order to create a sustainable and replicable model of working with faith organisations to facilitate the disposal of surplus land for the creation of new genuinely
18/03/2022 £73,714 SHELTER GREATER MANCHESTER Extend FHF by nine months so that strong influencing and legacy work for the project can be delivered using the evidence gathered.
17/03/2022 £11,513 £154,584 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING A three month extension of staff costs to allow SOSCH to continue, whilst we develop our plans for the BCLH programme under DAHS3. This includes our approach for supporting (or not) DAHS2 funded projects, which includes SOSCH
17/03/2022 £11,499 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS An additional three months funding at this point will provide the project with some breathing space while the Foundation develops plans for the TVP under DAH3. Once these plans are decided by the Foundation and communicated, Renters’ Rights London will be
16/03/2022 £21,600 LEEDS COMMUNITY HOMES To create new research that will explore and seek to explain the barriers that black and minority ethnic communities encounter in developing community-led housing in England.
10/03/2022 £404,482 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION To build on the momentum generated in phase one of the Healthy Homes Campaign. The Healthy Homes Campaign seeks to ensure that all new homes are of a decent quality and support people’s health, well-being, and life chances by securing legislative change a
14/02/2022 £5,000 LIVING RENT to deliver a communication, mobilisation and engagement strategy supporting private tenants to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the rented sector, which closes 15 April 2022._x000D_ • This work would take place between February and April 202
08/02/2022 £56,934 COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS FOR LANCASHIRE AND MERSEYSIDE • The pandemic had an unavoidable effect on the ability of each TLGF projects’ deliver planned activity. All projects had to adapt their approach, with some delaying start dates._x000D_ • All were scheduled to begin in January 2020 for two years, apart for Just
14/01/2022 £11,418 £154,584 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING A three month extension of staff costs to allow SOSCH to continue, whilst we use the decision making framework recently developed for pillar one and two funding to decide how we continue (or not) to support this project.
19/10/2021 £20,940 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION Funding a 3 month extension to the Healthy Homes Act campaign
08/10/2021 £19,646 HOUSING JUSTICE A three month extension of staff costs to allow the project to continue while the decision making framework for further funding is being developed.
30/09/2021 £16,278 LIVING RENT To provide additional seven-months’ Covid-19 support funding
23/09/2021 £11,807 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS Six month project extension
23/09/2021 £64,348 £1,729,704 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE Covid 9 month extension to get the project back to the end of phase 2 as if covid didn't happen.
17/09/2021 £29,150 £1,729,704 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE Support to develop a comms strategy campaign - £3850 saved from original budget that is put towards this funding of 29150
09/09/2021 £6,560 £2,140,095 COMMUNITIES HOUSING TRUST To create a set of marketing materials
02/08/2021 £8,899 £11,870,565 HOMELESS LINK Three months of staff costs - not three month extension.
12/07/2021 £67,505 NATIONAL PRIVATE TENANTS (GENERATION RENT) To fund the staffing of the Renters’ Reform Coalition for an additional ten months.
06/07/2021 £18,528 SHELTER GREATER MANCHESTER Fair Housing Futures has offered all its test and learn funded projects an additional three months’ time to deliver their work and funding if necessary. This means all the projects will now be finished by September 2022 and this three-month Covid extensio
06/07/2021 £12,500 £785,735 ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST To allow the project additional time to make up for some of the lost time during the pandemic to do in-person work with clients.
06/07/2021 £17,144 £1,797,590 HOUSING RIGHTS To allow the project additional time to make up for some time lost during the pandemic
06/07/2021 £9,137 £73,525,000 SHELTER This will allow the project additional time to make up some of the lost time during the pandemic doing physical outreach as part of their community organising model testing
02/07/2021 £10,000 £2,140,095 COMMUNITIES HOUSING TRUST Pro rota contribution of the total salary costs for three months is paid to CHT for the delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
25/06/2021 £18,910 GREATER MANCHESTER TENANTS UNION The main purpose of the project is to develop a renters’ manifesto to influence the elections across Greater Manchester. These were originally scheduled for May 2020 but were pushed back to May 2021 because of the pandemic. The extension enables the proje
28/05/2021 £19,464 HOUSING JUSTICE 3 month extension
11/05/2021 £41,750 INDIGO HOUSE The grant will allow Indigo House to conduct a short research study to the impact of Covid legislation on renters and landlords
30/04/2021 £3,934 FRAMEWORKS UK RESEARCH AND COMMUNICATIONS to fund the costs associated with the design and delivery of two bespoke workshops as part of the dissemination of the recommendations from Phase one of the Talking about Housing project.
22/04/2021 £12,547 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS Three month project xtension
21/04/2021 £10,479 £154,584 SOUTH OF SCOTLAND COMMUNITY HOUSING To cover salary for 3 month extension to Project Officer due to covid delays
20/04/2021 £14,074 EAST MIDLANDS CLH To cover salaries for 3 month extension to project due to covid delays
08/04/2021 £29,613 £1,729,704 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE For ongoing funded work on the People's Plan project.
06/04/2021 £45,888 £151,053,000 CITIZENS ADVICE Extending the PRS project by nine months allows us to ensure that we make the most of this project to enhance the Renter’ Reform Coalition and gives us more time to take advantage of the strategic link with CA.
01/04/2021 £10,000 THE SMITH INSTITUTE To fund the development and delivery of number of blogs and events over the period of March – June 2021 that will continue to raise the profile of the findings of the AHC and keep momentum of engagement among the AHC stakeholders.
26/03/2021 £22,892 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION covid support 3 months £20,940 and laptops £1,940.
17/03/2021 £2,000 £21,648,751 HOMELESS LINK Wellbeing support
15/03/2021 £11,955 GREATER MANCHESTER TENANTS UNION The main purpose of the project is to develop a renters’ manifesto to influence the elections across Greater Manchester. These were originally scheduled for May 2020 but were pushed back to May 2021 because of the pandemic. The extension enables the proje
04/03/2021 £6,350 £724,735 COMMUNITY LAND TRUST NETWORK To understand the impact of a reduced Community Housing Fund for 2021/22
23/02/2021 £2,000 £785,735 ZACCHAEUS 2000 TRUST Wellbeing support
23/02/2021 £2,000 £1,822,933 HOUSING RIGHTS Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 EAST MIDLANDS CLH Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 YMCA GLENROTHES Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 £2,140,095 COMMUNITIES HOUSING TRUST Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 £71,571,000 SHELTER Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 HOUSING JUSTICE Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 £71,571,000 SHELTER Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 £168,822,000 CITIZENS ADVICE Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 GREATER MANCHESTER TENANTS UNION Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 CAMDEN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE TENANTS Wellbeing support
12/02/2021 £2,000 LIVING RENT Wellbeing support
09/02/2021 £6,722 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION To fund a parliamentary monitoring service over the next 12 months to support the HHA campaign.
02/02/2021 £2,000 £3,577,190 THE NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION Wellbeing support grant
02/02/2021 £2,000 CWMPAS Wellbeing support
02/02/2021 £2,000 £724,735 COMMUNITY LAND TRUST NETWORK Wellbeing support
01/02/2021 £2,000 WESSEX COMMUNITY ASSETS LIMITED Wellbeing support
26/01/2021 £2,000 £1,679,984 KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE Wellbeing support
26/01/2021 £2,000 NATIONAL PRIVATE TENANTS (GENERATION RENT) Wellbeing support
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