Our mission is help make philanthropy more impactful and rewarding for donors. One way we can do that is to highlight how to identify effective charities.

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Effective charities achieve 100x more impact
In all walks of life the best run organisations achieve more than those that are just average but the differences are often quite modest. Why? Because the commercial marketplace is brutal - inefficient....more

So you want to volunteer?
Helping others fulfils a deep need in our souls and usually results in a feeling of connection and self worth. There are tens of thousands of opportunities to volunteer, in this article we suggest how....more

Tythe creates Climate Action Charity Portfolio
The G7 summit in Cornwall has helped to remind us that averting catastrophic climate change is a massive challenge, requiring concerted efforts by all of us. Modifying our own lifestyles is the best place....more

Pros and Cons of Matched Giving
Double your donation is generally how the message goes. If you give £10 to a certain charity another party will add the same amount. Sounds great, what's not to like about it? Well - in some cases that....more

Making charitable bequests in Wills
Many people make bequests to charities in Wills, partly because it can be highly tax efficient but to make best use of these incentives there are a few things to watch out for. Gifts fall outside of....more

Tythe launches with Environmental charity focus
Tythe is the latest initiative from the EQ Foundation - bringing a curated list of 9 highly effective Environmental charities....more

What is Effective Altruism?
In this article we explain the basics of Effective Altruism, which seeks to combine the instincts of our hearts to support charitable causes with hard evidence that allows our brains to support those decisions.....more

Why we rate For Baby’s Sake
The latest addition to our list of Selected Charities is For Baby's Sake. We've been monitoring this charity for some while....more

The Big Give breaks record (again)
The 2020 Big Give Christmas Appeal was the most successful yet - raising £20.1 million, £4.5 million more than in 2019.....more

Advent of Change keeps on impressing
We first met Kristina Salceanu, founder of Advent of Change, in 2018. We were immediately taken both with the genius of the....more

How to become a Philanthropist
In this Blog we outline a strategy to help people who are new to philanthropy and for those who feel dissatisfied with the impact they are having. Effective philanthropy is immensely rewarding for donors,....more

How We Select Charities
There are thousands of highly effective charities in the UK and so we've tried to make the Giving is Great search engine efficient for finding them. When it comes to selecting charities that we wish to....more

Why we created Giving is Great
In 2018 I became increasingly frustrated that most of the organisations that we were supporting had been referred through contacts. I decided to try and look proactively for effective charities and immediately....more

What is Theory of Change?
ToC is a relatively new concept that helps to define how a programme or intervention will achieve the desired result. It involves a careful examination of each step in the process and of the evidence supporting....more

Measuring Impact
When profit is not available it becomes difficult to measure effectiveness, so most charities don’t bother; at best they....more