Tracked Donors

Grant maker Total grants* Criteria Beneficiaries
3 Guineas Trust40£3,657,222Autism, climate change, disability & violence. Trustees prefer to support schemes that can become self-sustaining. Other organisations
AB Charitable Trust421£6,186,225ABCT supports UK registered charities working where human dignity is imperilled and where there are opportunities for human dignity to be affirmed. ABCT does not normally fund charities with large national or international links. ABCT tends to support charities with annual income between £150k and £1.5m that do not have substantial investments or surpluses.Applications are particularly welcomed from charities working to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, criminal justice and penal reform, human rights, particularly access to justice.
Barrow Cadbury317£14,201,822UK only, usually national or Birmingham area, Looking for long-term solutions and structural change by addressing the root causes of inequality.There are four programmes: Criminal Justice, Migration, Economic Justice and Social Investment
BBC Children in Need133£9,732,614Organisations focused on outcomes for children and young people, Addressing disadvantage, Safeguarding (Working with Children), Enabling participation of children and young people in the project, Avoiding statutory overlap or substitutionUK charities supporting young people
Big Issue Invest30£2,750,099
Birmingham City Council82£3,046,515
Camden Giving36£2,440,287Various depending on programmePeople who live, work and play in Camden.
Cheshire Community Foundation47£847,005
City Bridge Trust675£63,962,117There are three themes: Connecting the Capital, Positive Transitions, Advice & Support supplemented by priorities to Reduce Inequalities and Enable Voice & RepresentationPeople living and/or working in London
Clothworkers Foundation467£12,922,920Grants are awarded towards capital projects which we define as: Building, Fittings, Fixtures, and Equipment, Vehicles. We are unlikely to fund the total cost of a new vehicle.UK registered charities, CICs, and other registered UK not-for-profit organisations (including special schools) serving any of nine defined areas of disadvantage.
Cloudesley82£2,147,942Through our health grants programme we give grants to address physical and mental health issues and financial hardship. We give small grants to Islington residents who have health problems, or who are disabled and in financial need, and also fund organisations and projects that support them. Our church grants programme supports the Church of England churches in Islington, helping to repair the buildings and maintain services within them. We work closely with other local funders and are one of the core partners of Islington Giving.People, organisations and churches within the London Borough of Islington
Co-Op Foundation157£6,160,250
Co-Operative Group222£3,199,397
Comic Relief938£250,435,872Priority for organisations seeking long term funding to scale up proven solutions. There are four core themes: Children Survive & Thrive, Global Mental Health Matters, Fighting for Gender Justice, A Safe Place to Be. 50% UK, 50% Africa & Asia. Predominantly UK charities with income of £250k>£10m (Or £75k in other countries). Small or start-up organisations are funded via local partners.
Community Foundation for Surrey431£2,343,338We currently have two funds that award grants to individuals. Surrey Supported Employment Fund – supporting people with disabilities or mental ill health to overcome the barriers to work. Surrey Young People’s Fund – supporting disadvantaged young people in Surrey to gain access to training and employment. We also award grants to community and voluntary groups that make a genuine difference to the lives of people in Surrey.
Community Foundation serving Tyne & Wear and Northumberland2078£13,633,526
County Durham Community Foundation1373£6,497,434
David & Elaine Potter Foundation82£3,474,509Education: projects that work on improving policy, improved practices and techniques and sustainability. We favour grants directed at education in support of economic and social well-being in the UK and South Africa only. Civil society: our main areas of interest are in transparency, accountability, anti-corruption and good governance, but we are also interested in, for example, human rights, drones, investigative journalism, the rule of law, democracy, citizenship, equality, and the misuse of natural resources.Charities involved with Education or Civil Society
Department for Transport42£2,358,032
Devon Community Foundation239£2,230,668
DfID1452£735,578,252DfID is responsible for allocating aid provided by the UK government under its pledge to allocate 0.7% of GDP
Dulverton Trust384£20,253,741Priority areas: Youth Opportunities, General Welfare, Conservation, Preservation, Africa, and Peace and Humanitarian Support. Minor grants up to $5,000 made through selected Community Foundation PartnersUK registered charities with income of £200,000-£10 million operating at a national or regional level in the UK
Dunhill Medical Trust81£3,463,467
Environmental Finance26£12,517,000
Esmee Fairbairn1520£224,361,959They do not fund capital costs or individual salaries or research. Grants <£60k for one-off projectsUK charities and social enterprises with annual revenue >£50k in the following sectors: Arts, Children & Young People, Environment, Food, Social Change
Essex Community Foundation766£7,956,526
Garfield Weston Foundation3102£138,935,377Preference for charities in these sectors: Arts, Community, Education, Environment, Faith, Health, Museums & Heritage, Welfare, Youth. Prepared to support capital, revenue/core or project costs.Broad range of UK charities
Gatsby Charitable Trust59£99,466,489Six areas: Plant Science, Africa, Neuroscience, Public Policy, Education, ArtsUsually education establishments and charities
Greater London Authority554£90,692,210
Guys & St Thomas Charity182£30,270,867
Heart Of England Community Foundation681£2,837,403
Henry Smith Charity1704£127,965,010Priority areas: Help at a critical moment, Positive choices, Accommodation & housing support, Employment & traninig, Financial inclusion, Support networksUK organisations (incl social enterprises) with revenue £50k-£2m.
Impetus PEF43£8,709,634UK charities focusing on education and employment
Indigo Trust185£4,836,470
John Moores Foundation76£1,101,120
Joseph Levy Foundation11£731,790
Joseph Rank Trust88£2,518,500
Joseph Rowntree Foundation234£19,361,065There are five areas for priority: - Peace and Security - Power and Accountability - Rights and Justice - Sustainable Future - Northern IrelandIn the main UK charities operating in the areas of priority
LandAid Charitable Trust32£1,904,419
Lankelly Chase143£14,490,740Longstanding UK charity. Preference for Birmingham area
Lloyds Bank Foundation2044£93,849,582UK Charities >1 year old, with income >£25k and <£1mPeople aged 17+
London Borough of Barnet4£57,300
London Borough of Southwark154£6,492,482
London Catalyst7£86,000
London Councils14£24,877,478
Masonic Trust124£7,751,598
Millfield House Foundation8£765,373
Ministry of Justice208£24,195,708
National Churches Trust87£1,354,000
National Lottery12654£2,244,796,239Projects based in England, Scotland, Wales or northern Ireland. Our priorities are: bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across communities improving the places and spaces that matter to communities enabling more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.
Nationwide Foundation12£1,418,567
Northern Rock Foundation22£1,539,166
Nuffield Foundation45£7,323,888
Oxford City Council41£1,607,461
Oxfordshire Community Foundation416£2,826,183
Paul Hamlyn Foundation644£74,447,730
Pears Foundation470£69,555,000
Power to Change578£42,265,013
Quartet Community Foundation1296£4,867,402
Road Safety Trust28£1,819,985
Robertson Trust1724£64,040,750Scottish charities
RS Macdonald Charitable Trust83£2,938,945
Samworth Foundation53£4,734,732
Seafarers UK105£6,668,129
Somerset Community Foundation324£2,816,274
Spirit of 201277£24,473,663
Sport England1006£256,473,769
Staples Trust25£987,787
Suffolk Community Foundation49£979,182
Sussex Community Foundation278£1,571,606
Tedworth Charitable Trust59£1,277,302
The Blagrave Trust64£5,229,165
The EQ Foundation51£710,663
The Fore24£574,231
The Funding Network17£267,747
The Joffe Trust28£1,276,885
The Key Fund10£595,527
The Trussell Trust159£3,411,793
The Welcome Trust
Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment54£1,858,611
Triangle Trust 1949 Fund62£4,690,897
True Colours Trust79£9,262,502
Trust for London306£23,660,457
Tudor Trust1313£82,189,144Umbrella and capacity building through skill sharing & mentoring.Mainly smaller community led UK charities spending less than £1m
Tuixen Foundation76£2,257,139
Two Ridings Community Foundation140£1,062,781
United Saviours Charity41£2,086,877
Virgin Money Foundation124£6,683,113
Walcot Foundation117£4,731,728
Wates Family Enterprise Trust38£829,715
Wates Foundation35£503,027
Wiltshire Community Foundation207£1,209,091
Wolfson Foundation463£83,987,560
Woodward Charitable Trust12£394,400Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour. Prisoners and ex-offenders. Projects that help the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders are supported as well as requests to help prisoners’ families Disadvantaged women, covering refuges, domestic violence and parenting. Disability projects, which can include rehabilitation and training for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled. Arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people. Projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers.Charities with income <£300,000

* Over the last 5 years, excluding smaller grants by large grant makers