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Registered Charity No: 1161209
Charity Commission for England and Wales
Grants & Impacts Statement for The EQ Foundation
Total grants made: £714,850
Main Charities supported
Where are the Beneficiaries?
Who are the Beneficiaries?
How big are the Charities?
UN Sustainable Development Goals supported
Donated Outputs* Outcomes*
4FRONT PROJECT LTD4Front is a social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and build peace. We address violence by delivering specialist programmes that support personal development, legal empowerment and social action in community, educational and criminal justice settings.
£1,000 No impact reporting available for the donation

ADVENT OF CHANGEAoC was set up, in 2017 and has already become a major supplier of Advent calendars to the John Lewis Group.
£35,000 Target is to raise at least £250,000 for charities in 2019

AFRICAN PRISONS PROJECT Improvement in the welfare, health and education of detainees in Africa.
£75,000 334 Prisoners with improved access to health and legal services
3 Prisoners studying for law degrees

27 Prisoners released
BATES WELLS FOUNDATIONThe charity runs the Stephen Lloyd Awards, established in memory of inspirational lawyer Stephen Lloyd who died in August 2014. The aim of the awards is to find and nurture innovative ideas and projects that can lead to practical, sustainable social change (see The charity is also a grant giving trust that will support charities and charitable projects of all kinds.
£5,000 Award winners receive £20k + pro bono support

CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICEThe CSJ is a leading think tank focused on eliminating poverty.
£50,000 Report produced
Main conclusions incorporated in Select Committee report
Comment: The CSJ has been having significant impacts on Government policy in multiple areas.
EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDExcellent Development supports rural dryland communities to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Working with local partners, we support rural communities to gain access to clean water close to their homes and to invest in climate-smart agriculture. We promote and support the application of sand dam technology by key stakeholders in drylands.
£3,500 Contributed towards Sand Dam Water Yield study
Results promising, with one community abstracting over 90,000 litres from a sand dam during a month
Comment: Sand dams have the potential to transform lives in arid regions at a reasonable cost. Initial data is encouraging.
JAMIE'S FARMJamie’s Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. We do this through a unique residential experience and rigourous follow-up programme, combining farming, family and therapy
£15,000 5 Teachers trained by Jamie's Farm staff
9 Children attended residential farm weeks

82% of pupils no longer at risk of permanent exclusion, 49% significantly improved their behaviour, 65% significantly improved engagement with school in their attendance and attainment, 60% significantly improved self-esteem
£3,000 No impact reporting available for the donation

LIFEBEAT Lifebeat provides holistic training programmes via summer camps for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and for adults via weekend workshops.
£25,000 No impact reporting available for the donation

MY LIFE FILMS LIMITED We create FREE biographical films for people living with dementia by capturing their unique story in a film to help celebrate and remember their lives. The films help to improve the quality of life of the person with dementia and act as an innovative care tool during all stages of the disease.
£500 Contributed to delivering a film package and helped to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their families

NORTH LONDON CARESOur objectives are to: - Reduce isolation and loneliness amongst older people and young professionals alike - Improve the connection, confidence, skills, resilience and power of all participants so neighbours can feel part of our changing city rather than left behind by it - Bring people together to reduce the gaps across social, generational, digital, cultural and attitudinal divides.
£3,000 28 Young professionals using the community network
2 Social Clubs hosted

23 Elderly neighbours using the community network
356 Interactions created across social and generational lines

7 Face-to-face conversations held with older neighbours in the Winter Wellbeing programme
2 Older people helped to connect with local activities and Council services
OLMECDeveloping the capacity and sustainability of community based organisations and social enterprises. Promoting community led initiatives. Brokering business support and investment into local communities. Delivering employment, training and work placement opportunities. Enabling local people to develop appropriate skills to influence change. Facilitating sharing of best practice.
£5,000 300 Minority led social enterprises provided information and online resources through the Step Ahead programme
A resident of Arhag Housing association benefited from a 10 week employability programme
Contributed to a jobs fair bringing training, employment and work placement opportunities to local people

3 People supported into work through the Solid Foundations programme in partnership with Metropolitan Housing job coaching
A person was supported into work through the Solid Foundations programme in partnership with Arhag and Viridian
RESURGO TRUST Resurgo aims to create a better society by combining talents, resources and skills. It offers 6 week intensive programmes to prepare disadvantaged young adults for employment or further education.
£121,500 40 Persons enrolled
24 Persons become employed
Comment: Data for Spear is encouraging although it does not measure the incremental impact compared with no intervention
THE ACCESS PROJECTThe Access Project works with high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing in-school support and personalised tuition to help them gain access to top universities
£125,000 135 Students received individual tutoring and university application support
111 Volunteer tutors
1646 Hours of tutorials provided

Over 50% of students obtain places at selective universities
Comment: 90% of TAP students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, 85% apply to Selective universities and over 50% are admitted. This is encouraging although it does not measure the incremental impact compared with no intervention
THE BIG GIVE TRUSTThe Big Give is one of the foremost promoters of Matched Giving
£30,850 £13m raised in aggregate
£11m raised in aggregate
£2.6m raised
£7m raised in aggregate

THE BROKERAGE CITYLINK To provide a 'pathway' of opportunity for state school students in London to access careers in business or the financial services and improve their employability skills. This includes delivering awareness raising workshops for students in local schools, bringing groups of young people into the City to visit City companies and matching inner city young people with work placements.
£8,500 40 Young people supported
Contributed towards a young person progressing in their mentoring programme
Contributed towards a young person progressing in their sixth form work experience placement
Contributed towards a young person progressing in their interview coaching

THE FORWARD TRUSTThe Forward Trust (formerly RAPt and Blue Sky) is a social business with charitable status that empowers people to break the often interlinked cycles of crime and addiction to move forward with their lives. For more than 25 years they have been working with people to build positive and productive lives, whatever their past.
£16,000 Contributed to a service user engaging with family work in prison or the community

Contributed to a service user being supported in a Hub across East Kent

Contributed to a service user completing the Family Ties programme
Contributed to a service user completing a 12 step structured programme
Contributed to a service user accessing clinical interventions
THE LISTENING PLACEThe Listening Place was conceived in 2015 and set up in 2016 in London, by a group of volunteers with a great deal of experience in supporting the suicidal. They had recognised that there is little on going face-to-face support available for many people with chronic suicidal feelings, and that some of this support can be given by well trained and professionally supervised volunteers
£12,000 217 Total referrals made, 62% from NHS
30 Volunteers recruited and trained
113 People given regular support

Comment: The Listening Place is currently averaging 200 new referrals every month, and this is expected to grow into 2019/2020. The service costs less than £300 a year compared to £550 a night for a bed on an acute NHS ward
THE PANATHLON FOUNDATION LIMITEDThe Panathlon Challenge is a national charity which provides sporting opportunities for over 17,500 disabled young people each year. Panathlon has been benefiting young disadvantaged people since 1995 – with a focus on disabled young people since 1999 – and has invested over £8 million in opportunities for young people to compete in sport during this time.
20 Event or competition days delivered
2 Swimming competitions delivered
1456 Competitors in sporting events
209 Young Leaders trained
62 Swimmers competing
Comment: Panathlon is the major provider of physical activities for disabled children
THE SUTTON TRUSTThe Sutton trust aims to improve educational opportunities for young people from non-privileged backgrounds and increase social mobility, in particular by supporting projects, policy advocacy and undertaking and commissioning research.
£50,000 32 Young people directly helped by programmes
2 Teachers directly helped by programmes

Comment: Sutton Trust is the most influential think tank in the education sector
THRIVE YOUTH TRUST LTDWe research, develop and pioneer projects that empower disadvantaged young people to thrive in work and life. We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to succeed regardless of their start in life. We work tirelessly to find ways to make that happen for as many young people as we can.
£7,500 No impact reporting available for the donation

WATTS GALLERYWatts Gallery Trust is an independent charity with many opportunities to get involved, as a Friend, Volunteer, Patron or Donor. We rely on this generosity to give Watts Gallery - Artists' Village and its unique Collection a future that is as valuable and inspirational as its past.
£7,500 86 Participants at Watt Gallery activities
10 Primary school pupils learned from activities
WEST LONDON ZONEWLZ is a partnership of organisations and individuals in the local community working together to support young people and families. It has a number of innovative features, including the structure of its funding and the way in which services are tailored carefully to the needs of each person.
£40,000 30 Children supported on average for 61 hours over 153 interactions
15 Children showing improvement, 69% progressed in Maths, 66% in English, 85% had Increased positive relationships, 51% had Improved confidence and aspirations, 68% had Improved emotional and mental well-being
Comment: West London Zone's reporting considered a completed two-year programme from one cohort (2016-2018) against a mid-programme survey taken from another cohort (2017-2019). The two cohorts’ surveyed indicate young people who were previously 'at risk' have now improved or met targets. These positive outcomes were achieved from the second cohort in a shorter intervention period which demonstrates the programmes progress
* Data for Outputs and Impacts is adjusted to reflect the size of each donation