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Relatively small charities and social enterprises. The one thing that unites all our non-profits is the requirement for social change. TFN supports non-profits addressing human rights, health, education, livelihoods, inclusion, the environment, climate change, and crime reduction & peace building.

  • The average annual spending of grantees has been £492,054
  • The average age of charities supported has been 9 years.

Grant criteria

TFN supports grassroots non-profits whose aim is to achieve positive social change for individuals, communities and the environment.

Application procedure

To apply for funding, non-profits must be nominated by a current TFN member. Organisations do not have to be registered charities, however they must be not for profit and have a clear charitable purpose at their core.’

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Charity registered in England & Wales, No: 1088315
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Analysis of Grants Made
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In this period they've made 104 donations totalling £1,001,456 to 62 organisations

Where are the Beneficiaries?
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How old were the charities when supported?
Growth in Spending
(per annum over last 3 years)
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By ValueBy Number
The National Lottery Community Fund 26% 47%
Garfield Weston Foundation 24% 35%
The EQ Foundation 18% 18%
DCMS 15% 32%
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 13% 18%
Comic Relief 13% 18%
John Ellerman Foundation 11% 11%
Woodward Charitable Trust 11% 16%
The Tudor Trust 9% 13%
Co-operative Group 8% 13%
Sole supporter: 13% by number, 41% by value.
Grants made
When Amount Annual
Grantee To be used for
24/03/2021 £20,868 £934,233 FIVE TALENTS UK Five Talents supports rural communities in eastern Africa facing economic hardship, providing a safe place to save and borrow money along with business skills training to start a small business.
24/03/2021 £11,811 £841,055 FEEDBACK (LEGALLY GLOBAL FEEDBACK LTD.) To create a locally led alternative to surplus food redistribution as a 'solution' to food insecurity/food waste, making the case for local/national policy to improve food access and prevent waste.
24/03/2021 £19,536 HACKNEY LACES Growing our current 'off the pitch programme' particularly around confidence re-building and mental health, post covid.
03/03/2021 £6,364 £223,040 YOUTH TALK Youth Talk Counselling Service - funding to support vulnerable young people with their mental health so that they have someone to talk to when times are tough.
03/03/2021 £5,189 £65,441 YOUNG PEOPLE'S PUPPET THEATRE Unite older people and children from the same community in a COVID-safe creative way to create a show that will be performed and livestreamed for hundreds of people.
03/03/2021 £3,917 £10,383 THE DAYLIGHT CLUB The Club has been hit hard by the pandemic, many of our members have been shielding and we need to inclusively re-open the club to repair the pandemic's damage.
03/02/2021 £5,113 AIMHIRE AimHire is a programme to support young people from less privileged backgrounds with sales training and employer introductions in order to get them into successful careers in sales.
03/02/2021 £3,701 LIVING PROOF We are the youth-led ideas consultancy. We're great at turning problems into fresh ideas rooted in insight for youth-focussed businesses. We Are Living Proof that overlooked young people have THE creative and raw talent to solve urgent problems of today
03/02/2021 £3,819 SPEDAL Spedal is an urban courier service reimagining the gig economy as a force for good. We create a stepping stone for young people experiencing homelessness into long term employment by paying them a fair wage and partnering with employment organisations.
03/02/2021 £3,765 DREAM GREEN Dream Green empowers you to become a guerrilla gardener. From digital guides to physical starter kits, our resources help you transform grey, neglected corners of your neighbourhood into vibrant pockets of plant life that benefit both people and planet.
26/01/2021 £11,128 £55,080 BATH FC FOUNDATION To continue our pilot project to "reintegrate" over 60 older residents of Twerton and relieve their loneliness using a range of digital tools and face to face activities.
26/01/2021 £16,615 £328,324 THE VULCAN LEARNING CENTRE We are seeking to fund the purchase of lap tops and computer equipment to support young people affected by the coronavirus.
26/01/2021 £12,067 £737,941 ACCESS SOCIAL CARE We are responding to a pandemic related surge in demand. We are setting up regional hubs to reach into communities experiencing multiple barriers to accessing social care and accessing justice.
09/12/2020 £14,765 £48,953 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW FOUNDATION (ELF) To facilitate and empower the next generation of public interest environmental lawyers and other professionals to protect and improve our environment for the health and wellbeing of future generations.
09/12/2020 £13,181 £492,626 THE COMMITMENT After extensive research over the last 18 months we are running trials in the elections in May 21. We are seeking funding for our marketing plans ahead of those elections.
09/12/2020 £19,876 £286,397 BEAVER TRUST National programme to establish buffer strips along rivers where cultivation and chemicals are pushed back by 20m and give space for rivers to regenerate and flow naturally with beavers help.
01/12/2020 £12,086 £101,332 FARMERS OVERSEAS ACTION GROUP Running Conservation Agriculture Training at 4 Centres and with their local community of farmers to increase food security, restore soil fertility and make farming sustainable again.
01/12/2020 £13,127 £736,288 OMNIBUS THEATRE Omnibus seeks support for its participation programme; a series of projects engaging marginalised adults and young people, tackling issues such as food insecurity, social isolation and community segregation.
01/12/2020 £14,830 £52,212 PARALLEL HISTORIES Connecting school communities in inner London, the South and North West of England through an online history debating programme for disadvantaged students.
24/11/2020 £4,359 £111,171 CHERWELL THEATRE COMPANY To create an accessible, interactive "Elves and the Shoemaker" theatre experience to bring younger and older people together in Banbury's Castle Quay shopping centre, with participatory opportunities for all. This project changed to "Peter Stays Home" a Covid response, supporting children to adjust and process the crisis.
24/11/2020 £4,452 £377,904 SOUNDABOUT Inclusive Choir bringing together people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and families, to make music with a community of mixed ability singers with a diverse range of life experiences.
24/11/2020 £4,323 £75,914 OXFORDSHIRE BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT To provide virtual support to Oxfordshire families during the Covid-19 pandemic, via Zoom, phone calls, Facebook and virtual antenatal sessions.
10/11/2020 £10,394 WITH INSIGHT EDUCATION With Insight Education's social mission is to increase the number of black-heritage pupils successfully applying to top universities as a gateway to a more prosperous future. Their online mentoring programmes match black-heritage state school pupils aged 14-18 to black-heritage student mentors from leading universities, e.g. Bristol and UCL. They also train company employees to become Career Mentors. This funding request is for core funding.
10/11/2020 £11,012 £71,374 SISTER SYSTEM Sister System is a charitable organisation delivering programs to young, female care leavers. Sister System?s mission is to bridge the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society, by working alongside them to ensure they have the same opportunities everyone else has - at home, school, work and within communities. This funding request is for the salary of our Operations Coordinator.
10/11/2020 £10,595 ELEVATED MINDS The focus of Elevated Minds is to give young people alternative strategies to improve Mental Health & Wellbeing, to build self-esteem, to build emotional intelligence, to increase self-value and to significantly improve the belief that they can have a better future. The IDENTITY project is a 16-week course designed to build their improve social and emotional skills and shape them as growing adults to think actively for themselves. This is done through planned activities that support the PSHE curriculum and ties in with the promotion of British Values through the provision of SMSC Education.
04/11/2020 £13,748 FOUNDERVINE We are seeking funding to expand the Vine Fellowship, a leadership resilience program for diverse professionals.
04/11/2020 £16,049 £94,884 BOOK CLUBS IN SCHOOLS Our aim is to build and implement a marketing strategy to reach more schools, because this will make us more financially sustainable.
04/11/2020 £18,442 £94,859 CHILDREN OF THE MOUNTAIN To upscale our current operations by extending and developing our network of highly skilled trainers who support the early years teachers in schools in four key regions of rural Nepal.
14/10/2020 £6,405 L'UNION FéMINISTE LIBRE UFL exists to defend and advance the human rights of women. This project aims to able to secure an emergency shelter for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, particularly in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.
14/10/2020 £6,239 UHAI EASHRI UHAI is an innovative, accessible, inclusive and responsive activist-led fund working to achieve equality, dignity and justice for sexual and gender minorities and sex workers across Eastern Africa.
14/10/2020 £5,917 £560,225 OPENING DOORS LONDON The Befriending Service is a life-line to many older LGBT+ people, providing companionship and access to services and support they otherwise might not.
14/10/2020 £4,874 BLKOUT_UK LTD We will design and distribute a peer-led online course on personal finance and entrepreneurship, creating engaging, relevant content that motivates individual and collective action that builds resilience.
24/09/2020 £17,962 £164,614 A PARTNER IN EDUCATION To ensure teaching and learning continues despite school closures in Rwanda - supporting teachers to continue delivering remote learning and providing quality education to the world's poorest children
24/09/2020 £15,690 ACTION FOR COMMUNITY ORGANISATION REHABILITATION AND DEVELOPMENT (ACCORD) To develop livelihood opportunities for tribal youth through the creation of an Adivasi Innovation Hub which will provide business planning and ongoing operational support and mentoring for their community-owned micro-enterprises.
24/09/2020 £24,466 £24,153 THE ARMITAGE FOUNDATION To provide a series of comprehensive programmes which will inspire and equip able students from low socioeconomic and ethnic minority backgrounds, giving them the skills and self-confidence to study medicine.
16/07/2020 £6,343 KITCHIO A low-cost meal subscription box that improves access to healthy food for low-income, time-poor families.
16/07/2020 £2,894 PLATFORM APPRENTICESHIPS LTD Platform (previously Press Start) is an apprenticeship programme for the games industry which supports young people from under-represented backgrounds into the gaming sector.
16/07/2020 £4,818 POWER WITH Aims to improve homelessness services and policies by facilitating ethical and professional co-production.
16/07/2020 £2,568 100DAYSOFNOCODE An online learning community and educational platform with a mission to democratise software creation and address lack of diversity in tech.
16/07/2020 £4,706 VOICES OF COLOUR Voices of Colour is a transformative community action and leadership development programme for South Asian girls (15-18). We provide them with the platform and necessary tools to make a meaningful change within their communities and connect them to a network of South Asian female leaders
16/07/2020 £5,362 POCKET POWER Provides a telephone advice service that empowers people on lower incomes by supporting them to switch to cheaper providers for household bills.
18/06/2020 £14,750 £88,593 LIGHTYEAR FOUNDATION We break down barriers to get more disabled children into STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Maths Medicine) through: 1. Active learning 'Sensory Science' workshops 2. Role model programme, highlighting disabled scientists 3. Work Inspiration Trips 4. SEN in STEMM - creative roundtables to share best practice across the sector To overcome the big global challenges, scientists and engineers need to come from all walks of life, bringing different experiences and problem solving abilities. Those with SEN often have an affinity with STEMM, many 'disabilities' are in fact advantageous e.g. fine attention to detail / comfort in repetition are skills of a successful coder and common to those with autism.
18/06/2020 £23,268 £963,184 PUMP AID While poor access to safe water affects everyone, it disproportionately affects women and girls, who bear the burden of water fetching, and children and young people, whose education and life chances are too often blighted by wholly preventable water-borne disease. While the Malawi government and larger NGOs rightly focus their efforts on the larger population centres, we work in the small and remote rural communities that are often left behind.
18/06/2020 £16,026 THE 4FRONT PROJECT The 4Front Project is a member-led youth organisation empowering young people and communities to fight for justice, peace and freedom. We support members with experiences of violence and the criminal justice system to create change in their own lives, communities and society. 4FRONT has pioneered an approach that empowers those most directly harmed by violence and the CJS to be at the forefront of a grassroots movement for change- transforming the way peace and justice are understood by centring healing. We provide specialist support to address immediate crisis needs and activism training to empower members to lead systemic change.
12/05/2020 £15,656 £273,008 LUMINARY LTD Investing in strategic leadership - employing a Programmes Manager to focus on impact monitoring, scaling, supporting frontline staff, and ultimately ensuring Luminary programmes are providing women with the best opportunities.
12/05/2020 £12,002 £293,386 TEACH2TEACH INTERNATIONAL Support the expansion of our CVT teaching programme using our proven teaching methodology to pivot our front line education response to COVID19 in remote communities in sub-saharan Africa.
12/05/2020 £15,922 £264,202 THE KIDS NETWORK To establish a long-term impact measurement tool, in order to asses and evaluate the sustained impact of our intervention and allow us to refine our approach accordingly.
23/03/2020 £7,218 JUST TREATMENT (HOSTED BY NEON) To build a powerful new group of NHS patients and their families, trained up and empowered to fight for fair access to physical and mental health services they've been denied.
23/03/2020 £11,177 £206,809 THE DANIEL SPARGO-MABBS FOUNDATION Pilot extending our work to Scotland by bringing our Theatre in Education production to Edinburgh schools in June 2020, building our network for workshops, parents' events and drug education lessons.
23/03/2020 £6,997 £61,376 OBLIQUE ARTS We aim to enrich the lives and enhance the capabilities of the disadvantaged groups we work with, giving them pleasure, hope and a stronger place in society.
28/01/2020 £6,860 CURO CarersPlatform is the only on-demand support for carers in the workplace - providing information, networks and respite care.
28/01/2020 £4,498 FLEDGLING FUTURES LIMITED (CHATTI) Chatti is a digital service inspiring parents everywhere to build the habit of high-quality interactions with their preschool children.
28/01/2020 £4,923 BREAKTHROUGH Breakthrough is the UK's first apprenticeship provider to recruit from prison. We break the cycle of re-offending through meaningful employment.
28/01/2020 £3,594 IMPACTFUL Impactful is a social innovation agency that unlocks the social impact potential of commercially driven businesses in the technology sector.
28/01/2020 £5,967 PIVOT Pivot is a brand with a difference. We hand-make British goods in hostels, creating meaningful employment to those experiencing homelessness.
22/01/2020 £8,152 CYBERTRACKER CONSERVATION Employment creation to ensure that the tracking expertise of indigenous Kalahari San is passed on to the younger generation.
22/01/2020 £7,440 £86,145 THE MUSCLE HELP FOUNDATION We want to deliver between 4 - 6 unique Muscle Dream interventions, moving closer to our goal of fulfilling 657, one life-changing experience for every muscle in the human body.
22/01/2020 £6,409 RECOGNIZE BLACK HERITAGE & CULTURE We lead a consortium launching the inaugural Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) in Brixton's Windrush Square on June 22, with screenings in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle and Cardiff.
22/01/2020 £9,736 £65,745 WATSAN UGANDA To reduce the spread of disease and improve the quality of life for people in Kihihi Hill, by building three rainwater harvesting tanks, 17 new toilets, and washing facilities.
05/12/2019 £7,504 PAHICHAN Nepal now has policies for single women, small social allowances for the most disadvantaged women (disabled, old, and widows), women's committees and an established women's movement. However, women are still expected to make homes and babies, and support social and cultural norms. Visually impaired disabled women are in a double bind - they are generally considered unmarriageable, but independent living is not acceptable. Bearing the double burden of patriarchy and the stigma associated with disability, they are disregarded, victimised, denied social and economic opportunities, and largely unrepresented in women's rights organisations.
05/12/2019 £6,325 £32,724,661 THE AMELIE AND DANIEL LINSEY FOUNDATION Our project is to reform the trauma care system in Sri Lanka and reduce mortality rates from traumatic injury, through training of medical professionals and the provision of medical equipment.
05/12/2019 £8,568 £96,847 SUITED & BOOTED The aim is to provide our clients who are outsized with appropriate clothing and so achieve success in their job interviews although we may not have donated stock available.
05/12/2019 £8,466 £179,568 HUMAN MILK FOUNDATION We currently turn down milk donations due to a lack of resources. This project would enable us to screen more of the women who want to donate their milk.
13/11/2019 £30,571 FLAMINGO CHICKS CEO salary for 1year (pt,2 days a week) – to transition the organisation into a charity plus enhancing capacity building through projects such as ‘calming clothes’ to encourage self-sustainability.
13/11/2019 £26,825 CRACKED IT Emerging from our 2019/20 strategic objectives, we’re seeking funding for a Training and Progression Officer to strengthen our Transitional Employment Programme and free up our CEO’s sales capacity.
13/11/2019 £15,089 £227,748 MUSIC IN DETENTION A major investment in digital infrastructure and skills, to build a platform for detainees' voices, an audience for their music and stories, and a community of supporters for MID.
08/10/2019 £4,739 £115,112 HERTS INCLUSIVE THEATRE To provide affordable activities for learning and physical disabled people, and those from deprived areas of the community, where isolation or lack of provision can lead to anti-social behaviour.
08/10/2019 £5,202 £27,336 HERTS WELCOMES REFUGEES Develop our volunteer network to increase opportunities for refugees to practise English and build confidence in functioning in their communities. Countywide co-ordination and training of volunteers is essential for this.
08/10/2019 £4,459 £79,278 DACORUM COMMUNITY TRUST Provide families with young children who have been victims of domestic violence, formerly homeless and allocated an empty local authority property with floor covering, curtains and fittings for one room.
02/10/2019 £3,304 £63,918 FUNDATIA ADEPT This project, for which we seek Giving Circle support, is to equip a former school house in the valley of Angofa, close to Sighi?oara, as a nature school, farmer training centre, and tourist visitor centre.
02/10/2019 £3,670 £25,144 OXFORD FOR ROMANIA Every year, 24 talented Romanian teenagers with modest financial backgrounds receive valuable guidance and support in choosing their future careers. This effort leads to successful university applications, as some of them are being offered places at prestigious universities, including Oxford. Many students upon their return to Romania will start community transforming projects benefitting hundreds of people from the area where they live.
02/10/2019 £3,057 £58,261 LOVE LIGHT ROMANIA The education program for our Roma community is now in its 8th year, depending on the individual achievements and needs, the programs are changing each school year depending on the achievements and the needs. The learning centre has a professional salaried teacher providing after school hours programs, there is now a need for an educator to work with a group of children with special needs. This group, because of their learning difficulties cannot access school and education, the focus will be teaching them early years learning, eye/hand coordination, building their confidence. Therefore they will be able to be included in normal school life.
26/09/2019 £7,991 £30,947 LIGHTYEAR FOUNDATION To transform how science is accessed by disabled children, a worryingly underrepresented audience in STEMM. 'SENinSTEMM' brings together science organisations + visitor attractions to collaboratively improve access whilst inspiring STEM careers.
26/09/2019 £8,511 £648,623 BLACK CULTURAL ARCHIVES Continuing our mission to use the past to move forward: we will help people affected by the 2018 Windrush Scandal to receive professional advice, especially on the Windrush Compensation scheme.
26/09/2019 £8,394 PRESSPAD LTD We seek funding to launch our digital pilot - a marketplace website which will enable us to match young disadvantaged people to hosts four times more efficiently than currently possible.
26/09/2019 £7,018 EL CLUB DEL ESPENDRU To make positive-image black dolls with Afro-Cuban girls - using recycled materials: 8 community-based workshops culminating in one 2 day event: Exhibition/doll-making workshops/educational sessions. To explore longer-term possibilities of making such dolls to sell.
23/07/2019 £3,380 UNTOLD Untold is a creative programme for residents in temporary accommodation. We support participants to create pieces of art about the things that matter to them. Those things range from squatters' rights to Arsenal FC, from Afghan cuisine to pet dogs. In creating artworks, residents grow in self-worth and agency; two qualities key in the journey towards independence.
12/06/2019 £7,567 £56,283 WAVE MUSWELL HILL CIO While we seek a permanent venue, we are running weekly creative cafe evenings. Our 'with' not 'for' ethos is unique in our community in promoting mutual support rather than charity.
12/06/2019 £6,278 £478,799 MIGRATION MUSEUM To enable young people to understand the complexities of UK migration debates ? building empathy and knowledge that will empower them to engage with this often controversial and challenging topic.
12/06/2019 £6,466 £243,601 HARPENDEN SPOTLIGHT ON AFRICA To start a “Boda-Boda**” Ambulance Transfer service at a Village Health Clinic in Bukasakya sub-county, Mbale District, Eastern Uganda ** local term for motorcycle taxis
12/06/2019 £7,231 £58,091 TEA LEAF TRUST To deliver practical and meaningful educational programmes at six Reconciliation Centres around Sri Lanka. By helping young people develop their skills and providing a counter-narrative to radicalisation through hope.
04/06/2019 £20,165 BALKAN RIVER DEFENCE Balkan Rivers Tour aims to expose remaining wild/healthy Balkan rivers using adventure sports, supporting local river conservation efforts and promoting sustainable tourism as an alternative economic opportunity to unnecessary dams.
04/06/2019 £30,571 £162,874 HOPE FOR THE FUTURE The project aims to respond to climate campaigners' training needs, offering support to those who need it the most and where local lobbying will have the greatest impact.
04/06/2019 £16,812 £481,715 UNCHECKED (HOSTED BY THE ECOLOGY TRUST) Unchecked is a brand new initiative being incubated by The Ecology Trust. Unchecked aims to build a counter-narrative to calls for a ‘bonfire of red tape’ by showing the human costs of failure to enforce the law, and demonstrating public demand for strong enforcement of the rules that protect us all.
21/05/2019 £5,198 GENDERED INTELLIGENCE At the centre of our Work in Education is mentoring, a highly intensive, personal support service for individual trans and gender questioning young people. Young people in need of mentoring are often extremely isolated. Complementing the mentoring, we deliver workshops and assemblies to young people at a range of educational establishments. Gendered Intelligence works with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives, including parents, teachers, policymakers, employers, service providers and other organisations.
21/05/2019 £4,947 £191,209 NEW FAMILY SOCIAL New Family Social provides peer support, improves the treatment of disadvantaged LGBT+ adopters and foster carers, encourages inclusion, and actively works with agencies to find families for children in care. We create over 160 events each year for adopted and fostered children and their LGBT+ families. Each summer we turn a campsite into a place where they can feel safe and happy.
21/05/2019 £6,497 EQUALITY FOR ALL FOUNDATION JAMAICA LIMITED (J-FLAG) The aim of the organization is promote respect for and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Jamaica. The aim of the project is to raise funds to restore the operations of the J-FLAG following a fire that destroyed its base on 30th December, 2018.
21/05/2019 £7,577 CENTRE FOR LAW AND POLICY RESEARCH We are a not-for-profit trust that was started in 2009 as a legal research organisation dedicated to the rule of law and defence of constitutional values through public impact lawyering, public education and high impact research. We have been engaged in groundbreaking litigation and law and policy research that shapes the field of transgender rights in India. In 2018 we were involved in landmark Supreme Court litigation which held Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalised same sex conduct as being unconstitutional for consenting adults. We have set up the South Asian Translaw Database: a novel online resource, which makes available all law and policy materials on transgender rights in South Asia.
09/05/2019 £5,628 £73,292 COMMUNITY ALBUMS To address a range of issues experienced by disadvantaged young people in Bretch Hill, including: low self esteem, isolation, lack of technical skills, poor social and communication skills.
09/05/2019 £5,403 UNIVERSIFY EDUCATION We are aiming to recruit more students from deprived areas of Oxford with low participation rates to higher education to boost school attainment and chances of applying successfully to university.
09/05/2019 £7,339 £86,735 BLACKBIRD LEYS ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND We welcome local people who originally lived further afield to teach our young people how to cook food from their home countries. Children are loving the experience and the food!
09/05/2019 £8,866 £60,847 AT THE BUS AT The Bus is a double-decker bus that will offer a transformative programme of interventional art as therapy to support the mental wellbeing of young people at schools. Our charity has a bus generously donated by Stagecoach. We need funds to launch. We hope the initial bus will serve as a pilot for a scalable nationwide platform.
07/05/2019 £14,511 £108,041 MAITS A Project Assistant to expand our disability programmes. Our CEO coordinates all programmes, through 400 qualified volunteers, as we have no paid project staff. Demand has increased, help is needed!
07/05/2019 £21,275 £286,892 THE CHOIR WITH NO NAME This project will develop our resources and expertise to enable us to support communities to start up their own franchised choir for homeless and marginalised people, under the CWNN umbrella.
07/05/2019 £16,303 £310,696 LONDON RECLAIMED Goldfinch Lines aims to employ, train and mentor young people in our furniture workshop, and builds a new, more accessible training program into our existing business.
21/03/2019 £4,891 £471,268 CECILY'S FUND The expansion and development of entrepreneurship training of parents/guardians and their daughters affected by HIV/AIDS as a route out of poverty, through increasing livelihoods to feed families/pay school fees.
21/03/2019 £6,057 DESIGN CLUB CIC Deliver 30 after school design clubs in 2019, reaching 300 children from diverse backgrounds. Through partnerships and targeted outreach we plan for 50% of clubs to run in deprived areas.
21/03/2019 £6,605 KITCHENETTE KARTS An ambitious pilot to develop our sustainable social enterprise model; delivering high-impact training to young adult offenders in our truck, finding them employment & moving towards our 50% trading-income target.
21/03/2019 £7,874 FOUNDERVINE We deliver an immersive entrepreneurship lab called Startup54, so called because of it?s simple model -60 participants, 54-hours to build a startup. We're raising funding to launch in West Africa.
13/03/2019 £4,625 £185,393 CAXTON YOUTH ORGANISATION Caxton supports young people to lead independent, meaningful, happy and healthy lives - exactly what every child should be entitled to, disabled or not. This is a youth-led piece of work designed to engage 16 young women in developing skills and practical experience in community engagement in order to encourage independence.
13/03/2019 £3,700 CRACKED IT Cracked It trains and employs young offenders and those at risk to repair smashed smartphones as a positive route away from crime. Our mission is to engage marginalized youth, and support those furthest from the labour market to take responsibility, develop their skills and take their first steps toward employment.
13/03/2019 £4,625 £189,608 DOWNRIGHT EXCELLENT (DEX) To enable young people at DEx aged 10 – 14 with DS to manage transistions such as moving to secondary school; coping with puberty; achieving a degree of independence. We call this age group the Tweens and they develop new skills using a technique called smiLE Therapy (not actually a therapy though – more a learning methodology).
13/03/2019 £3,700 £1,287,671 LUMINARY BAKERY (KAHAILA) To empower the UK's most disadvantaged women to gain independence and fulfil their potential - through training, employment & community.
13/03/2019 £3,700 FLAMINGO CHICKS We want to launch our work experience programme as an integrated part of the Flamingo Chicks model.

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