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Over the last five years they've made 337 significant donations to registered charities totalling

When Amount Grantee Donors To be used for
30/04/2019 £12,358 Centre for Underfives 1 Provision of support service to voluntary and statutory groups and families/carers of children who have additional support needs/are affected by disability.
30/04/2019 £4,307 Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association Ltd 1 Provides literacies learning for vulnerable individuals who are experiencing homelessness or enduring mental health issues and/or social isolation. This partnership of Blue Triangle (Glasgow) HA Limited, Flourish House, Glasgow Simon Community and Quarriers.
28/02/2019 £17,500 Scottish Refugee Council 4 Focuses on engagement with refugee communities, stakeholders, councillors and decision makers to map the needs and assets of refugee communities.
28/02/2019 £38,019 City of Glasgow College 1 Provides transition support for ex-prisoners to access citywide ALN provision, including signposting onto appropriate ALN opportunities.
28/02/2019 £110,250 WEA Scotland Delivers numeracy, workplace and ESOL literacies programmes to working age people, asylum seekers and refugees across the city. Engages and progresses learners through links with employers and by working closely with other organisations.
28/02/2019 £45,315 Glasgow Women's Library 2 Delivers literacies learning for women from across the city including vulnerable, working age, BME women and asylum seekers and refugees. Works with a range of partners to engage and progress the learners.
28/02/2019 £13,000 Transmission Gallery Transmission is in artists run gallery. Many of the individual artists in the collective have strong national international reputations. Tenant at Trongate 103. Artists workshops and exhibition space.
28/02/2019 £66,600 Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector 1 Provision of themed training programmes and events for voluntary sector organisations in the city on issues such as finance, governance, equalities etc.
28/02/2019 £325,638 Volunteer Glasgow 4 To provide strategic city wide services in the field of volunteering and befriending. The project also improves the quality of life for the people of Glasgow by offering opportunities to use and enhance their skills through volunteering, learning and personal development.
28/02/2019 £64,401 Glasgow Life 2 The Arts Development Scheme supports independent arts organisations in the city in partnership with other funders. It gives the opportunity for new organisations to be supported and encourages arts organisations to develop new funding streams and artistic partnerships.
28/02/2019 £61,852 Advice Direct Scotland 2 The provision of financial inclusion advice and housing information and advice services.
28/02/2019 £107,420 Bridgeton Citizens' Advice Bureau 4 The provision of financial inclusion and housing information and advice services.
28/02/2019 £36,000 Greater Easterhouse Money Advice 0 To fund a Development Officer post at GEMAP who will work in Partnership with Education Scotland and Scottish Finance Education Group.
28/02/2019 £33,000 Scottish Youth Theatre Ltd 1 Provides a theatre arts experience for a wide age range including courses and master classes, a summer school, performance projects and training.
28/02/2019 £194,633 Jeely Piece Club 2 Funds transferred from Corporate Finance to be managed/reported alongside the IGF.
28/02/2019 £130,853 Lifelink (formerly known as Royston Stress Centre) 1 Service provides community based stress services to adults across North East & North West Glasgow; stress services to young people, based on emotional literacy principles, in secondary schools within both sectors.
28/02/2019 £111,256 Glasgow East Alcohol Awareness Project 4 This is an alcohol awareness project that carries out prevention and education work as well as providing a counselling service. The projects Counselling service delivered through volunteer counsellors which are trained to the point of accreditation.
28/02/2019 £58,852 Rosemount Lifelong Learning 7 The project supports adults experiencing disadvantage and exclusion which has negatively affected their literacy and numeracy skills in North Glasgow.
28/02/2019 £12,600 Playbusters Ltd 3 Involves local parents in partnership with various agencies to work towards influencing and increasing play provision and services for children and young people in addition to increasing the capacity of parents and volunteers to become involved in the shaping and delivery of local services.
28/02/2019 £141,061 Kids & Adults Together in Sighthill 1 The project will provide nursery care, out of school care, resource centre and community management facilities to the local community.
28/02/2019 £121,923 Springburn Alive & Kicking Project 3 A range of services targeted towards the active elderly and people with a physical disability. The project is operated 5 days per week, along with regular evening and weekend activity.
28/02/2019 £35,035 The Food Train 5 Befriending day opportunity service for people aged 65+.
28/02/2019 £100,917 Glasgows Golden Generation (formerly GOPWA) 3 Operating from within the East End, the project provides a vital link for the elderly community by providing visits with advice, conversation and friendship to a section of society who would otherwise be socially isolated for long periods.
28/02/2019 £160,301 Geeza Break 7 To provide: respite care for children and dependants of drug addicts giving children a positive family experience and helping to improve their confidence, self esteem and social interaction skills; a club for primary school children during school holidays providing a safe and supported environment; a family service with one-to-one and group support; and a service for grandparents and extended family members.
28/02/2019 £438,358 Glasgow Kelvin College 2 Project provides activities with a focus on ICT Network, Youth Access Youth Employability and community based learning including literacy and numeracy provision.
28/02/2019 £50,460 Connect Community Trust 3 Supporting young people in their education, health & well being, employability prospects, confidence and skills.
28/02/2019 £73,144 Royston Youth Action 5 To deliver a variety of social, sporting, recreational, educational and volunteering opportunities for young people.
28/02/2019 £40,348 West of Scotland Housing Association 2 To support youth services as part of the Thriving Places approach in Parkhead, Dalmarnock & Camlachie.
28/02/2019 £41,528 YoMo (Glasgow) 3 This project engages young people in the regeneration of their communities in a way which is meaningful to them and the communities they live in.
28/02/2019 £41,741 Drumchapel L.I.F.E. 2 The organisation provides a range of opportunities and activities for local people aimed at improving their health, well being and future prospects which will engage them in positive community life. In addition local people are supported to improve their financial capability and sustainability by securing a range of key financial products and services.
28/02/2019 £65,256 North Glasgow Healthy Living Community 1 To deliver community based health improvement in the Wyndford Health Hub programme under the brand of the Axis Health Hubs. The target group is adults 16+. The main objective is to improve the health and wellbeing of participants around the key themes of physical activities, food and health and community capacity building.
28/02/2019 £29,783 Annexe Communities 2 Service will work in 6 neighbourhoods across central and west Glasgow. Activity will include walking groups, stress management activities, positive lifestyle workshops including budgeting and financial awareness. Community capacity building will be a key feature with training and support provided for volunteers.
28/02/2019 £18,000 Drumchapel Arts Workshop 1 Provides facilities to allow people of all ages to come together to learn, enhance and pass on artistic skills on a recreational, educations and vocational basis.
28/02/2019 £104,533 Glasgow Clyde College 1 A co-ordinated programme of information and learning activities, focused on literacies and numeracy across the North West.
28/02/2019 £136,387 Knightswood Community SCIO 1 To manage and operate Knightswood Community Centre (KCC) for and behalf of the people of Knightswood. To strengthen Knightswood's sense of community through the provision and programming of affordable and accessible social, cultural, recreational, educational, health and fitness services and facilities.
28/02/2019 £25,839 Momentum Scotland Integrated community based rehabilitation programme which targets individuals who have misused drugs and/or alcohol.
28/02/2019 £49,147 Maryhill Mobile Children's Services 3 To provide respite care provision for vulnerable families with children aged 0-3yrs and provide creche facilities for children aged 0-16yrs across the North of the city.
28/02/2019 £34,267 Volunteer Glasgow 4 Home visiting/lunch club befriending services for older people.
28/02/2019 £15,000 Dumbarton Road Corridor Generations 1 Match funding for peer mentoring programme for ages 11-19 years for activities including staff, residential, transport, volunteer, travel and printing costs.
28/02/2019 £13,622 Dumbarton Road Corridor Generations 1 Provision of youth activity club, information and awareness club for local young people.
28/02/2019 £49,495 Shakespeare Street Youth Club 2 Provision of a comprehensive range of services and opportunities for young people, particularly in the 11-16 age group. Services are also provided for a wide range of groups in the community with a view to encouraging social inclusion.
28/02/2019 £67,629 G15 Youth Project 3 The project is involved in strategic planning with partners in the area to improve services for young people and to promote the inclusion of young people in decision making processes and in the wider community through innovative and varied programmes of activity.
28/02/2019 £26,581 Celtic FC Foundation 2 Delivery of a series of sessions aimed at providing diversionary activities for young people. This will include a range of activities around education, culture and sport as part of the Youth Programme in the West LCPP area.
28/02/2019 £41,954 Park Villa Football Development 1 Park Villa Football Development uses football as a means of providing productive activity for young people.
28/02/2019 £34,417 Govan Community Project 6 The Govan Community Project aims to meet the identified needs of asylum seekers, refugees and the wider BME community in the local community and in Greater Pollok and promote integration with the wider community. It intends to meet the needs of asylum seekers, refugees and the wider BME community around socialisation and integration, advice and basic language skills.
28/02/2019 £83,178 Glasgow Clyde College 1 Taster sessions provides informal learning opportunities in a variety of subjects to residents of the South West of Glasgow. To provide the co-ordination of ALN and ESOL provision in the south-west of Glasgow.
28/02/2019 £109,721 Daisy Project 1 Developing a programme of response to domestic abuse across the South East Glasgow area.
28/02/2019 £17,226 Arden Community Hall 1 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £52,000 Birgidale Complex SCIO 1 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £17,125 Early Years Scotland 4 To provide early intervention activity as part of a Health Improvement Programme.
28/02/2019 £24,665 Toryglen Community Hall 2 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £55,500 Plantation Productions 4 To co-ordinate and secure delivery of a Community Based Culture & Arts Participation Programme.
28/02/2019 £36,400 Riverside Hall 2 Provision of a community facility
28/02/2019 £14,000 The Senior Centre Castlemilk 3 Community based facility which assists elderly people to live independently within their own homes.
28/02/2019 £56,338 Jeely Piece Club 2 Provision of a holistic developmental service for children and adults, through the operation of a Nursery, Play Centre and Adult Learning Centre.
28/02/2019 £209,076 The Indigo Childcare Group 1 The proposal will contribute towards overcoming key barriers to employment by providing access to a range of good quality childcare services.
28/02/2019 £10,000 South West Arts and Music Project 1 Enhance current training provision by providing additional work-place based qualifications relevant to the local labour market with dedicated staff support for employer engagement.
28/02/2019 £42,122 Govan Home and Education Link Project 3 Provide services which support parents and their children to work in partnership with the school, become involved in school activity and to provide parents with skills which will enable them to assist children with school work.
28/02/2019 £36,008 Castlemilk Youth Complex 6 Streetwise delivers a comprehensive Streetwork programme engaging with young people aged 12-25 who are often excluded from other provision. The project signposts young people to provision offered by local partners in the area.
28/02/2019 £60,324 Glasgow Clyde College 1 To provide support services to young people who have been unsuccessful with applications for education, training or employment.
28/02/2019 £71,435 YWCA Scotland To support women to shape their own life journey and fulfil their potential.
28/02/2019 £17,000 RNIB Scotland To increase the number of blind and partially sighted people participating in the city's labour market.
28/02/2019 £45,000 Glasgow Film Theatre 2 Facilities include a cinema as well as a dedicated education space. The programme comprises 500 films and moving image events each year.
28/02/2019 £15,500 Birds of Paradise Theatre Co 2 BOP focuses on creating inclusive theatre arts. The company tours one production nationally each year. Runs education and training events.
28/02/2019 £72,000 Project Ability Ltd 6 Visual arts and exhibition programme for adults and children with learning difficulties and adults with mental health problems.
28/02/2019 £10,000 Glasgow Women's Voluntary Sector Network 1 This project will provide discussion events and awareness raising sessions for women across Glasgow on issues particularly pertinent to women.
28/02/2019 £55,101 City of Glasgow College 1 Riverside ALN timetable offers a range of specifically developed ALN courses designed to meet students' needs within the current focus on employability, lifelong learning, achievement and progression. In addition, adult literacies learning takes place in four community settings: Rainbow House, Phoenix Futures Recovery Hub, Glasgow City Mission and the Marie Trust.
28/02/2019 £25,000 Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector 1 The Equalities Information Service is produced on behalf of Glasgow Equality Forum. It is a unique, high quality, specialist, equalities and human rights current awareness and knowledge management service.
28/02/2019 £16,000 Outspoken Arts Scotland 1 This project is the year round curation, development and staging of an annual programme of work featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists.
28/02/2019 £14,620 Rape Crisis Centre 4 To provide direct support to women and girls who have experienced sexual violence in a setting that is most suited to this support. To train and educate to a high standard women as support workers. To raise awareness among workers in Glasgow about the issue of sexual violence, and in the general community.
28/02/2019 £33,763 Glasgow Kelvin College 2 Delivers specialised literacies learning for vulnerable women within the Criminal Justice system. A partnership project primarily with the 218 project, Liberated Prisoners Link Project, YWCA, BULB and Lodging House Mission.
28/02/2019 £14,395 Hemat Gryffe Women's Aid 1 Provides safe temporary accommodation and support to women, children and young people primarily from the black and ethnic minority communities.
28/02/2019 £130,500 Tron Theatre Ltd 3 Producing and receiving theatre in the Merchant City. Main theatre and studio plus cafe bar and restaurant.
28/02/2019 £62,000 Centre for Contemporary Arts 2 It represents work by new Scottish and international visual artists. Also provides space for a range of cultural tenants.
28/02/2019 £33,645 Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector 1 The GCVS Connect project will ensure the voluntary and community sector in Glasgow is well linked in to public affairs and is informed, supported and engaged in order to maximise its contribution to the Council's agenda to tackle poverty and social exclusion in the city.
28/02/2019 £125,664 Faith in the Community (Scotland) 2 A multi-disciplinary team working through faith communities to close the opportunity gap for people living in Glasgow's poorest neighbourhoods.
28/02/2019 £222,660 Govan Law Centre 1 The provision of financial inclusion and housing information and advice services.
28/02/2019 £278,727 Glasgow (Central) Citizens Advice Bureau 1 The provision of financial inclusion and housing information and advice services.
28/02/2019 £175,472 Greater Pollok CAB 2 The provision of financial inclusion and housing information and advice services.
28/02/2019 £35,000 Radio Clyde Cash for Kids 1 A summer grant-making scheme targeted at community groups working with the most vulnerable children in their communities. It is intended to provide financial support to organisations who work with children for whom summer holidays can mean even greater neglect in terms of physical activity, social interaction and nutritional well-being. It will fund activities that provide alternative opportunities for children who would otherwise be at enhanced risk. It will be delivered in addition to the Christmas grant making programme and will utilise the main elements of our existing application, selection and awarding structures. The funds will support the redefining of the online grant system to enable capture of relevant data required to make awarding decisions and allow tracking/monitoring of targeted young people.
28/02/2019 £41,900 One Parent Families Scotland 3 Services to lone parent families. Advice information, group work, welfare rights, childcare at home, kids plus.
28/02/2019 £73,488 Action for Children The project provides lifelong learning opportunities for young offenders on a city wide basis. Opportunities focus on construction skills and increasing employability prospects. Youthbuild is a 39 week construction training project specifically designed and tailored for young people who are already in touch with intensive services, such as social work, criminal justice or formal care settings.
28/02/2019 £26,728 Bridgeton Citizens' Advice Bureau 4 To link Citizens Advice Bureau services to Recovery Initiatives in the North East to individuals and their families engaged in alcohol recovery
28/02/2019 £26,430 Cranhill Development Trust 1 To co-ordinate and deliver services enabling the integration of refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and the wider community residing in Cranhill and the surrounding area.
28/02/2019 £18,000 Visual Statement 2 Based at the Bridge in Easterhouse. Offers dance classes and activities for young people in the area and undertakes a range of performance projects.
28/02/2019 £13,000 Whiterose Community Hall 2 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £14,600 Easthall Residents Association 3 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £20,557 Rosemount Lifelong Learning 7 The project assists families with problem drug or alcohol use to have an improved standard of living, improved life chances and to develop and enhance parenting skills. It delivers Triple P parenting support and interventions for children and families affected by addiction.
28/02/2019 £78,774 Family Action in Rogerfield & Easterhouse (FARE) 3 To deliver a programme of activities with an emphasis on tackling alcohol misuse, youth unemployment and engaging with vulnerable groups.
28/02/2019 £153,499 Glasgow East Women's Aid 4 Support project for women experiencing domestic violence, providing access to support, information and refuge.
28/02/2019 £78,428 Helenslea Hall 4 To deliver structured activities for young people to improve their confidence, communication and social skills.
28/02/2019 £30,210 Parkhead Youth Project 2 To support young people to improve their quality of life, promote social inclusion, peer interaction and positively contribute to the overall regeneration of the local area.
28/02/2019 £35,120 St Paul's Youth Forum 4 To develop young people's skills in broadcasting, including making jingles, interview skills and working with editing software.
28/02/2019 £18,901 Drumchapel Community Business Ltd 1 A learning and skills development project, in conjunction with the Thomas Fortune Centre, targeting adults with learning disabilities. The project undertakes environmental improvements whilst providing training to the participants to improve their skills.
28/02/2019 £45,601 The Coach House Trust A learning and skills development project undertaking training and volunteering opportunities in horticulture, hard and soft landscaping, recycling and retail to assist people with multiple barriers move into employment, education or training.
28/02/2019 £57,977 Glasgow Clyde College 1 Community based adult learning programmes delivered throughout the North-West Area.
28/02/2019 £207,405 Momentum Scotland Provides a programme of lifelong learning opportunities, skills and training which targets the long term unemployed including individuals with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health issues.
28/02/2019 £44,800 Drumchapel L.I.F.E. 2 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
28/02/2019 £15,000 Drumchapel Sports Centre 2 Provision of sporting facilities and delivery of programmes for the local community and surrounding areas.
28/02/2019 £34,000 Community Central Halls 3 To provide a community facility which offers varied services to the local community.
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