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28/02/2019 £200,000 REPCE 2? Our purpose is to build a diverse movement of people who challenge and renew the practice, teaching and application of economics in order to create economic systems which serve people and planet. We do this firstly, by supporting students to campaign for reform of their antiquated university economics education and create curricula that are fit for purpose. Secondly, by working to diversify the people who study economics in order to create a cohort of future economists who better represent the society they are serving. And lastly, we work to create an international community of 'rethinkers' to ensure that our members and allies are not working in isolation.
28/02/2019 £125,000 Young Foundation 6? The Centre of Community Studies is an ambitious, long-term initiative to co-ordinate a more responsive, and impactful research and action agenda for supporting strong and connected communities and supporting how communities respond and adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century.
28/02/2019 £100,000 Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) 4? CLES is the UK's leading independent member and research organisation. Our fundamental aim is to achieve social justice, good local economies and effective pubic services for everyone, everywhere. Our objectives are to: 1. Champion places and communities experiencing social, economic and environmental inequality and lack of opportunity; 2. Improve the effectiveness of local groups, agencies and government by informing policy and developing practice; 3. Educate and inform about the value and benefits to local economies of high-quality public services. 4. Achieve greater levels of fairness whilst working within environmental limits; 5. Build networks and collaborate with partners to advance our mission.
30/11/2018 £200,000 ClientEarth 4? Financial stakeholders increasingly recognise that climate change is not simply an environmental issue, but poses significant financial risks for which they have legal duties to consider and manage.The aim of this new project-phase is to consolidate the recognition of climate risk in the sector and to expand our target group to a broader range of professional advisers.Ultimately, we want to empower and create political and commercial space for financial actors to contribute to the smooth transition away from carbon intensive investments, and limit the negative impacts of abrupt market shocks in the financial system, which would otherwise have severe implications for economic resilience, both in the UK, and globally.
31/08/2018 £69,600 The Soil Association Ltd 5? This project aims to address the issues of access to quality food and environmental sustainability within food supply-chains. We will research, co-design and develop innovative supply-chain solutions to ensure that high-quality, sustainably produced food is available and affordable to all, particularly people on low incomes. We will work with processors and retailers to find innovative ways to get sustainably produced food to communities with less of a mark-up, helping achieve a fairer food system and drive the demand for sustainable farming.We will also research how to scale-up existing local models that bring food more directly from farm to consumer using online technology, shortening supply chains enormously.
31/08/2018 £75,000 B LAB (UK) 1? We have now huge demand for engagement with the B Corp movement so that now 2,100 businesses from all across the UK are considering their impact. Increasingly, we need to find more ways to engage these business leaders beyond B Corp certification - through campaigns and place-based initiatives to bring more businesses into the movement for change. The outcome of this work, supported by FPF would help us get closer to reaching a turning point in the UK; over the next decade, it will become the status quo for companies to focus on their potential to create impact, and as a result, we transform the relationship between people and planet with business for the benefit of all not just a few.
31/08/2018 £70,150 The Bevan Foundation 3? Our objective is to develop a robust programme of action to achieve a step-change in the economic resilience of the Heads of the Valleys area of south Wales, one of the most disadvantaged parts of the EU. We aim to shift thinking about and action on the local economy by working with local economic actors to strengthen community assets, harness public procurement, grow local financial instruments and maximise the role of social businesses. We will use intelligence to identify opportunities, build networks to exchange experience and good practice, and influence policy- and decision-makers with a detailed programme for change. With our outstanding track record we will achieve a major shift in approach, informing government and other action.
31/08/2018 £180,350 Institute for Fiscal Studies 1? We want to promote a much wider understanding that the UK is likely to need to raise taxes if we are to maintain public services over the coming decades and then to promote policy that makes the UK tax system fairer and more resilient to impending economic, demographic and technological change. Our focus will be to support a broad public debate about the options faced by the UK in two ways. First, we will produce and disseminate accessible analysis on how the UK could raise additional tax revenues in a fair, efficient and acceptable manner. Second, we will set up a 'tax lab' - an engaging online platform to provide access to a body of resources on how the UK tax system currently works and who would be affected by various reforms.
31/08/2018 £130,000 New Economics Foundation (nef) 11? Continuation of core funding in support of NEFs mission
31/08/2018 £124,900 Development Trusts NI Ltd 2? DTNI wishes to develop a new model of collaboration & partnership working for local government, statutory community planning partners and the voluntary & community sector in NI. We aim to deepen the current working relationship between local government and the third sector by establishing a 'Public Social Partnership' model designed to improve civic access to key services & VCO's role as delivery partners. We will also introduce and further develop a new social value framework[2] to maximise the retention of public sector spend within localities. The ultimate aim of the project is more resilient local economies in two pilot areas which will then serve as an example to other areas as to how this can be achieved.
31/08/2018 £150,000 Institute for Public Policy Research Limited 8? Following its establishment two years ago, the Commission for Economic Justice will publish its final report in September. This will contain the Commission's overall analysis and policy recommendations arguing that the UK needs to establish a new economic settlement.We are currently planning a major engagement and communication campaign around the report's launch. The report will be published as a book and made available in bookshops, which will greatly assist in getting the message out to the wider public. However, in order to embed the arguments and recommendations firmly in public policy debate we need to continue to work on this after the report is published. It is for this influencing strategy that we are seeking follow-on funding.
12/06/2018 £5,000 Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2? This collaboration between 4 UK trusts will support The Democracy Collaborative to have a Senior Fellow for the Promotion of Community Wealth Building in the UK for 1 year
31/05/2018 £65,450 Green Alliance Trust 3? The rapid advances made in electric vehicles, batteries, renewable energy and smart appliances, among others, has revitalised the debate on community energy, opening new possibilities to how communities can generate, consume and trade energy. Green Alliance is aiming publish a well-argued analysis that lays out these possibilities and highlights how communities can capture the economic and social value they generate. We also aim to generate momentum, by engaging local groups and relevant civil society and business stakeholders, for a renewed push on government to support community energy through progressive regulation. We will build on the narrative of creating and retaining value where it is generated.
31/05/2018 £180,000 Fairshare Educational Foundation (operating as ShareAction) 9? ShareAction's focus on changing the investment system is designed to produce tangible, positive impacts in the real economy. We promote responsible investment (RI) and want people with savings to get a better deal from the investment system, whilst their wider economic, social and environmental interests are served by investment professionals acting on their behalf. We have been successful in securing restricted funding for diverse projects, however the proportion of our core funding has not kept pace over recent years. ShareAction needs unrestricted income to respond to the policy context, build deep support for change across civil society, and develop lasting and less transactional relationships within the investment system itself.
13/03/2018 £121,000 Bath & West Community Energy Solar Streets will examine the options for community action within local electricity markets through: * A feasibility study that will test the viability of community models for generating local value within electricity markets * A practical pilot to test the degree to which a collective approach can be successful in encouraging electricity demand management at a neighbourhood level
13/03/2018 £130,700 London School of Economics and Political Science The transition to a low-carbon economy requires system-wide action so that it is both effective and inclusive. A small, but growing number of investors recognise the need to integrate the social dimension into their climate strategies to deliver a just transition. However, there is a lack of robust analytics and guidance to enable them to play an effective role. We want to develop a strategic case for investor action for the just transition and provide best practice guidance for investors in terms of shareholder engagement, capital reallocation (including place-based investing) and policy reform. Our aim is to achieve system change via the pivotal role that investors can play to ensure that high social standards are part of the transition.
13/03/2018 £193,000 Society for the Reduction of Carbon Ltd We will develop a city region scale, local economic model to improve housing sustainability, energy efficiency, fuel poverty and health & wellbeing. With a track record of delivering deep retrofit and acting as a trusted, Community Energy intermediary, Carbon Co-op will kickstart a circular retrofit economy, creating a channel for raising and offering local affordable investment, a skilled local supply chain, high quality technical expertise and facilitating a community of retrofit pioneers. Delivering 100 deep retrofits and encouraging many more over the course of the project, we will improve local housing stock, whilst reducing fuel bills & carbon emissions and innovating a radical alternative to the existing retrofit policy approach.
28/02/2018 £100,000 RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) 6? The RSA will launch a 'Future Work Centre' programme to bring about a better world of work. Combining active engagement with innovative research, we will present a fresh account of what 'good work' means in a modern economy and articulate how it can be realised through pragmatic but ambitious interventions in both policy and practice. Most commentators agree that the 'social contract' underpinning employment is becoming untenable. We believe it is time for a wide-reaching enquiry into the nature of the social contract and how it should evolve to ensure good and fair work prevails. We will consider interventions from across the spectrum, calling upon large employers, policy makers, unions, educators, consumers and others to play their part.
28/02/2018 £123,500 The Equality Trust 4? A report on the FTSE 100, with trade union involvement, analysing pay ratios, union recognition, pay rises, gender pay gaps, subsidies, outsourcing and Living Wage, sector-by-sector, to provide a like-for-like comparison. Mandatory pay ratio reporting may not be introduced or two years, so this work could provide engagement opportunities for investors and enable trade unions, employees and other stakeholders to assess and hold companies accountable, when high pay, pay ratios and fairness are high on the agenda. A first year interim report will analyse indicators and provide case studies from several sectors. We aim to encourage increased transparency, greater consumer/employee ethical choice, reduced pay ratios and better pay at the bottom.
30/11/2017 £100,000 ClientEarth 4? Financial stakeholders now recognise that climate change is not simply an environmental issue, but it poses financial risks to states, assets, companies and the global economy. The aim of this project is to deploy a series of strategic legal interventions to mainstream awareness and management of climate risk by key professional advisors to empower them to advise businesses and investors of these risks. Ultimately, this will accelerate the shift away from carbon intensive investments, strengthen the transition to a low-carbon economy and limit the negative impacts of abrupt market shocks in the financial system.
30/11/2017 £120,000 Scottish Environment LINK 3? Building on our previous work we will promote an economic system that has environmental sustainability at its heart. The Circular Economy (CE) concept has potential to help address this, if it has targets to reduce overall consumption of natural resources. There is a commitment to a Scottish CE Bill in this Parliament. We request support to influence this Bill to ensure it is a strong bill that drives real change in our economic system and to work with local stakeholders in two local authority areas on studies and action plans for increased circularity. We will work with others, influencing the economic 'mindset', gaining broader support to change policy and practice to reduce consumption and foster an economy with a fairer footprint.
31/08/2017 £180,000 Friends Provident Charitable Foundation 1? A fellowship to encourage journalists to engage in our objective to build more resilient economies by producing accessible output on key Foundation themes.
31/08/2017 £118,000 Transparency International UK 4? Political lobbying in the UK operates behind closed doors in one of the most opaque systems in the developed world. There are increasing concerns about the influence of corporate lobbying over the government, and that privileged political access undermines the resilience of the UK economy. Anticipating increased corporate lobbying during Brexit, we want to change corporate behaviour in political engagement and seek longer term regulatory change. We'll do this by assessing and ranking the transparency of the political activities of up to 85 of the largest UK companies. We'll use the process of collecting this data, and the resulting index, to engage with companies and policy makers and advocate for transparency over corporate lobbying.
31/08/2017 £168,000 Public Interest Research Centre 2? This work will equip new economy campaigners to tell world-changing stories. We will do this by building on the success of our Framing the Economy collaboration with NEF, NEON and FrameWorks Institute, specifically this grant will support PIRC to: Develop a New Economy Framing Network - Establishing a community of new economy campaigners who will have access to research findings and methods, benefiting from framing advice and support. Provide participatory and accessible training sessions to develop new stories about the economy: particularly to lower-income and grassroots groups with limited financial resources. Carry out further research to support the movement's creation of effective stories about the new economy.
31/08/2017 £140,000 Economy 3? Learn' is an online educational resource which takes a pluralist approach to providing accessible explanations of the economic concepts underlying people's daily lives. Within 'What Just Happened?!' we produce regular, reactive content demystifying the economics behind current affairs and trending stories across news and entertainment platforms. With this grant, over the next two years we would like: to become a rigorous pluralist resource peer-reviewed by 5 academics per field annually, to become the number 1 trusted & visited, multimedia online education platform, which facilitates conversation, covering a full glossary of economic terms, told in a user-centered narrative and the creation of printed, child and accessible versions.
31/05/2017 £99,500 Community Energy Plus 2? The project will develop, test and promote a new business model for increasing the accessibility and benefits of low carbon heat in rural communities. It will focus on heat pumps as the main low carbon heat solution for off-gas communities and how issues around affordability, social inclusion and fuel poverty can be addressed through business models involving collective ownership, collective procurement and the establishment of local revolving funds. A pilot community-owned heat pump test case project will be implemented to prove the business case needed to stimulate wider roll out and support the community energy sector to transition into the heat market.
31/05/2017 £38,500 Pure Leapfrog 3? - Currently no agreed standards exist for the monitoring and evaluating of Community Energy projects. This hampers the sector in raising funds, lobbying and community outreach. - Pure Leapfrog is working in collaboration with Community Energy England (CEE) and South East Community Energy (SELCE). - We are creating an adaptive monitoring system for community energy groups that distils the key social and environmental information about their projects. - The tool will create a sector-wide standardised way for community groups to measure, monitor and evaluate the impact their projects have. - This will help the sector to report with confidence to key stakeholders including government and support groups to improve the impact they have.
31/05/2017 £20,000 Friends Provident Charitable Foundation 1? At their 2017 Away Day Trustees were asked to bring forward 'pitches' - their ideas of areas where the Foundation could have more impact, develop new activities etc. These were discussed on the day and a number identified as having potential for further development. This designated funding has been put in place to allow staff to further explore or develop these ideas.
28/02/2017 £190,000 REPCE 2? Economics is failing to answer to the pressing social, environmental and political challenges we face today. Rethinking Economics' (RE) first aim is to equip economists with tools to build fair and stable economies by campaigning to reform education and economics more broadly. RE's second aim is to make economic discussion and decision making inclusive through public education in economics; we work with journalists, policymakers and politicians to make economics accessible and campaign for reforms to economic institutions. In the next two years we plan to expand our work in these areas through campaigning for curriculum reform and understandable economics, alongside continuing to develop our internal organisational systems and processes.
28/02/2017 £180,000 Forum for the Future 5? We will conduct the R&D required to create and launch a new online 'Community Energy Asset Bank' (CEAB) where asset owners enter details of land and buildings, a team curates the bank, and genuine community energy (CE) groups can search through potential sites knowing that the owners are willing. Currently it can take even the most successful CE groups forty meetings to find one viable site. Our aim is to deliver at least a tenfold reduction in this cost for community groups, massively boosting the new projects and building economic resilience in communities across the UK. The CEAB will also help asset owners - e.g. the National Trust, Crown Estate and M&S - to tackle climate change, manage energy better and connect with local communities.
28/02/2017 £200,000 Institute for Public Policy Research Limited 8? The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice will conduct a comprehensive, participative research programme into how the UK economy creates and distributes income and wealth, and make recommendations on how it can be reformed. It will undertake a continuous programme of communications, stakeholder engagement and coalition building to disseminate its ideas and proposals over a period of two years.The Commission on Economic Justice's goal is a UK economy that generates a fairer, more broadly-based and more sustainable form of national prosperity.
28/02/2017 £20,500 St Paul's Cathedral Foundation 2? This project is intended to bridge the gap between sector-based evidence, political rhetoric and public sentiment in an authentic way, renewing levels of trust by focusing on a shared vision for change.
30/11/2016 £50,000 B LAB (UK) 1? A B Corporation is a new type of company that makes a commitment to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
30/11/2016 £180,000 FINANCE INNOVATION LAB 4? Since 2013, Finance Innovation Lab has convened the Transforming Finance Network, a growing community of civil society groups focused on finance reform. Over the next two years, we want to build in three areas:Deepen the co-ordination of the core network by developing mechanisms for sharing resources, to maximise our collective impact on media narratives and financial policyBroaden the wider network to include more civil society organisations in finance reform and those working on issues closely related to finance, such as housing, climate, small business Extend our reach and build alliances in policymaking, think tanks, media, academia and alternative finance practitioners.
30/11/2016 £24,480 THE FORUM FOR THE FUTURE 5? Forum for the Future is proposing to work with Friends Provident Foundation to convene their Wisdom and Insight for Sustainable Energy - 'WISE minds' - in a series of dinners through the autumn and winter of 2016 to make sense of the current energy system transition, set out the key questions for its future and enable a broader set of powerful actors to participate in generating answers that work.
31/10/2016 £20,000 Demos 5? A discussion based approach to tackling key questions outlined in the brief from the Foundation. Demos will add value in ther ability to convene and facilitate well attended, balanced events, drawing on their networks, experience and breadth as well as their experience of writing policy-focused material.
31/08/2016 £95,000 ClientEarth 4? The long-term goal of this project is to establish climate change as a material financial risk under existing laws. Such an innovative concept has become crucial to achieving a resilient economic system. By using the law in practical ways, this project intends to transform current corporate behaviour towards managing climate change and minimising its disruptive economic and social impacts. With the 2015 Paris Agreement signalling that the fossil fuel era is at an end, science-driven climate law, liability and litigation are key to reducing the dominance of carbon and shifting investment to clean energy. Ultimately this will result in a more fair, just and resilient economic system for generations to come.
31/08/2016 £15,000 Platform (London) 4? Despite the UK-wide policy enthusiasm for municipal energy, there's a gap in development work on how city energy can address fuel poverty. Municipal energy can foster local economies and tackle inequality, by investing into housing stock renewal, and introducing fairer tariffs. But the policy levers for this remain unclear. This project will deliver a targeted innovation process, involving key stakeholders and voices in developing viable and ambitious proposals. To that end, we will: (a) run policy roundtables, (b) bring in voices of communities and individuals in fuel poverty, (c) advise institutions, (d) conduct financial modelling, (e) disseminate learning.
31/08/2016 £130,000 New Economics Foundation (nef) 11? Flexible funding will enable key staff to work on strategic, cross-cutting and movement-generous projects (like developing and testing media frames), and reactive media. We will secure more high-impact broadcast media appearances. Together, these will increase civil society, public and political pressure for policies that advance change to a fairer and more sustainable economic system.
31/08/2016 £154,000 Centre for Sustainable Energy 6? Local economic resilience depends on people understanding - and changing - the way energy is supplied and used in their vicinity. Our action research project will explore different ways to achieve this transformation, focusing on deprived areas where such initiative is rare. Our aim is to increase community capabilities to identify and tackle local energy vulnerabilities like cold homes, energy waste and financial outflows from current energy supply arrangements. Working in three deprived locations with local and community institutions, we will test practical, knowledge-building and policy-based approaches. The resulting resources will support successful replication in other deprived communities.
31/08/2016 £52,500 FAIRSHARE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 9? (Project title has changed - check it is still in line with Project Description) Savers in the UK increasingly want pension products that address both their financial and ethical interests. This need is not well met through existing products. Our strategic goal is to "disrupt" the market and develop next generation "social pension products" that meet this need. Key steps on the way to our goal and work we will undertake: 1) recruitment of a diverse partner team to innovate new products 2) market research and product innovation workshops 3) creation of project report and customer education resources 4) communication to spread practice across the industry and develop next steps towards our strategic goal.
31/08/2016 £15,000 TRANSITION TOWN TOTNES LTD 2? Our health is at the heart of our personal resilience, on which our community's economic resilience rests. Public budget cuts and growing demand are putting unprecedented pressure on our health and care systems, and people are falling through the cracks - in this we see economic opportunity and a heart-felt desire to respond. With local partners we will co-design new models of commissioning community welfare and health services which can reduce overall costs; improve on health outcomes; and stimulate a more vibrant, independent marketplace, including new procurement models that enable local enterprises to compete for public contracts. These models will underpin a business plan for a community-led enterprise that commissions local services.
31/08/2016 £239,500 THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL FOR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY (ECCR) 2? 1) accelerate our work with the churches, develop new partnership opportunities and increase the effectiveness of our dialogue with companies 2) improve membership recruitment, experience & management and breadth & quantity of financial support 3) promote our activities more widely & effectively through social media, website and press 4) expand our network of local groups and engagement with 'grass root' churches, congregations and other groups.
31/08/2016 £75,000 INSTITUTE OF WELSH AFFAIRS 2? Re-Energising Wales is a project to re-energise the Welsh economy by developing Wales' comparative advantages in renewable energy. The IWA is seeking support to devise a practical blueprint for making Wales a net exporter of renewable energy, setting an example within the UK and internationally. The project is divided into a range of work packages to deliver clear outcomes, primarily a number of economic focused work packages which provide a detailed assessment of the economic green growth potential of developing a robust, fit-for purpose, modern and sustainable renewable energy supply for Wales. The project will provide a fully worked out plan to enable Wales to meet its projected energy demands entirely from renewable sources by 2035.
31/05/2016 £100,000 3D Investment Foundation 2? The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a new, systems-science based, open-source tool that we have developed over the last two years to measure - and as a consequence influence and accelerate - corporate progress toward a truly sustainable future. With the help of Friends Provident Foundation over the last year, we have proven that it is possible to create such a tool and begun to achieve incredible traction with global corporates, investors and service providers. We now need help to continue developing and improving the benchmark and to promote knowledge and usage of it across all stakeholder groups.
31/05/2016 £75,000 Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming 7? Mobilising Sustain's influential alliance and advocacy we will: Establish a UK target of 1 million good jobs in better farming and land-use; Systematically address barriers and opportunities: corporate, government, funding, training, planning, land.
31/05/2016 £113,000 Locality (UK) 9? Develop an understanding of the transformative role that public service commissioning can play in supporting local economic resilience and explore solutions to the specific barriers facing local authorities when commissioning local services. Working closely with three local authorities, via a combination of new and existing research, we will develop groundbreaking learning about effective ways for local communities to create sustainable community organisations able to deliver effective services, drive economic resilience and retain more wealth in local communities. We will use this to develop a range of learning resources for local authorities and community anchors, which we will share via a comprehensive dissemination programme.
31/05/2016 £65,000 openDemocracy Ltd 2? openDemocracyUK (oD-UK) will publish a prominent two year series to stimulate new thinking on transforming Britain's economy. We will drive tangible change of our economic system by building an online space for the informed debate of ideas for a more resilient, sustainable and democratic economy. We are seeking £59,700 from the Friends Provident Foundation over 2 years for this work.
31/05/2016 £112,320 Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) 4? The project will work in five core cities in the UK to action and embed 'resilient city' policies.
29/02/2016 £100,000 FAIRSHARE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 9? The aim of the project is to transform the rules, governance and incentives of the investment system by ensuring the voice of the saver is heard by their fiduciaries, policymakers and regulators.
30/11/2015 £125,000 RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) 6? The RSA's Citizens' Economic Council is a two year project in which a representative group of citizens working with high levels of public engagement will explore and debate economic issues, develop a set of recommendations for reform.
31/08/2015 £120,000 NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION 11? To improve the resilience of the UK financial system, focussing particularly on the banking system, by encouraging the adoption of policy solutions to improve key determinants of system resilience such as diversity and transparency.
31/05/2015 £20,000 B LAB (UK) 1? A B Corporation is a new type of company that makes a commitment to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
31/05/2015 £70,075 FRIENDS PROVIDENT CHARITABLE FOUNDATION 1? A fellowship to encourage journalists to engage in our objective to build more resilient economies by producing accessible output on key Foundation themes.
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