Carbon180 works to limit climate change by facilitating a broad portfolio of carbon removal approaches through policy advocacy, business engagement and innovation support. Launched in 2015, their initial goal was to raise awareness of carbon removal solutions to a wider network of policy makers but they have now developed programmes to support carbon technology entrepreneurs with fellowships and make carbon removal a major factor within US federal climate action.

Their impact to date has been such that they have moved their offices to Washington DC, thereby positioning themselves at the heart of policy making and this has aided them in investment of resources in US congressional action. They continue to expand their work moving forward with an Environmental Justice Initiative allowing environmental justice, labour, and NGO partners to develop and socialise novel carbon removal policies to build a broad coalition of carbon removal advocates.

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To design policies that support implementation of carbon removal solutions by working with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and peer organisations across the US
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Established: 7 years
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31/12/20 $3,037,215 $2,699,933 $337,282
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31/12/18 $1,900,822 $1,570,501 $330,321
31/12/17 $861,705 $915,662 -$53,957
What it does
    Carbon180 is a new breed of climate-focused NGO partnering with policymakers, scientists and businesses around the globe to build a world that removes more carbon than it emits. They move carbon removal into the mainstream and catalyse its potential through increased funding for innovative technologies, new federal laws, and coalition building

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    How do they operate?

    Leading with Soil

    Objectives: To improve agricultural practices that store carbon and help fight climate change while also improving soil health and increasing producers bottom lines

    Description: By helping land managers to build healthy, carbon-rich soils Carbon180 are improving producers bottom lines and creating resilient agricultural systems while addressing climate change. The core of their work centres on partnering with local organisations and federal extension experts to host soil health workshops. Together with partners, they work to educate farmers and ranchers on soil health, improve the scientific rigour and accessibility of soil tests, and leverage learning to inform and develop state and federal policies

    Entrepreneur-in-Residence Fellowship

    Objectives: Fellowships prepare visionary leaders to confidently enter the trillion-dollar carbon removal industry

    Description: Carbon180 evolved from providing ad-hoc entrepreneurial support to running a top-tier programme with the launch of their Entrepreneur-in-Residence fellowship. Participants work hand-in-hand with the Carbon180 team for a period of 12 months, receiving mentorship from carbon removal and carbontech experts. Investors, corporate strategists and entrepreneurs are on-hand to help refine the technology, business models, and go-to-market strategies, resulting in a fully formed and vetted carbontech business plan by the end of the fellowship

    Policy Development

    Objectives: To use their experience working with people in the lab and on the ground to build and enact science-driven policies that will rapidly scale up the necessary carbon removal solutions while supporting communities around the world

    Description: Their policy team, under the leadership of Capitol Hill veteran Erin Burns, are directing momentum around carbon removal toward radically ramping up federal research and development on carbon removal. They have successfully advocated for the authorisation of the first dedicated research program on carbon removal, funded at $60 million, with $35 million explicitly allocated for direct air capture and negative emissions technology research at the Department of Energy. They also supported the passage of the SEA FUEL Act, which provides an additional $8 million in funding for direct air and ocean capture technologies through the National Defence Authorisation Act

    Carbon Economy Consortium

    Objectives: To build an alliance of universities, national labs, and NGOs that work in partnership with industry leaders to build a carbon-conscious world

    Description: The Consortium connects and supports individuals from across institutions and disciplines to pose new research questions, share resources, and develop pathways towards the widespread deployment of carbon removal solutions. They have brought researchers from across the US together to set an innovation agenda for a new carbon economy

    How effective are they?
    Main mission: To design policies that support implementation of carbon removal solutions by working with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and peer organisations across the US
    Y/EAppropriations requests prepared and submittedAmount authorised for carbon removal in H.R. 133, that Carbon180 had a major influence
    Y/EDirect Air Capture "Hackathons" hosted by Carbon180 to create new policy ideasFollowers across newsletters and twitter
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    Who works here?

      Co-Founder and Policy Director
    Giana is the co-founder and policy director at Carbon180, turning ideas into action and driving the team’s policy strategy. In all of her work, she is focused on connecting economic development, social justice, and climate action.
    Erin guides the team as they think big to equitably scale carbon removal and address the climate crisis. She previously worked on energy, labour, and coal worker transition issues in the Senate.
      Co-Founder and President
    As co-founder and president, Noah keeps our organisational excellence on point while championing carbon removal solutions. He is a recovering management consultant with past experience in environmental markets modelling, clean energy financing, and energy management program design. He received his M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and his B.A. from the University of Virginia.
      Chief of Staff
    Liz supports Carbon180 in all things strategic planning, talent, and internal operations. She previously worked as the chief of staff and then chief talent officer of RePublic Schools. She graduated summa cum laude from the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

    How is it governed?


    Sorry we have no information about the Trustees.

    Legal constitution
    • Not for Profit registered in USA on 01/06/2016, number: US81-2560407

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